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United 6tsts than that of The Hague
If President Castro evades payment under
President Roosevelt's award the people of
tb United Stales, It la claimed bore, would
with posture pleasure aee the allies compel
him to par up.
The United States In considered here as
merging from the affair with all credit.
Tbe Monro doctrine has been ackuowledgeri
by two of the greatest powers of Europe.
President Roosevelt has been accepted a
arbitrator by all the powers conccrn'-d, and
the South American states have been per-
uaded by tbe events that the United Statea
la the only power between them and Europe.
The only annoying thing to the German
government has been the alleged readiness
of Americana to -suspect Germany of secret
designs. The reported extraordinary dis
trust of Germany has been a painful sur
prlse to the emperor and the cabinet.
The notea of Germany and Great Britain
formally Inviting President Roosevelt to
ct as arbitrator ID the Venezuelan dispute
were handed to the l'nlted States ambas
sador here and to the t'nlted States charge
In London today.
Drrlnrn State of War.
PORT OP SPAIN, Trinidad. Doc. 22. Offi
cial announcement Is made here that Sir
Courtney Knolils, the acting governor, will
Issue today a' special royal decree declaring
a state of war against Venezuela. This act
la on formally taken with the intention
to legalize the proclamation of tbe block
ade. The Mirror, in an Inspired article, says:
All commercial Intercourse between ihe
two people Is Interdicted. When hostile
vessels capture a neutral the property on
board In not affected. A free ship makes
free goods. They may capture the enemy s
ships and the enemy's properly on board,
but they must spare neutral vessel and
all goon's therein, whether belonging to the
enemy or to neutrals, and also neutral
goods found in the enemy's vessels.
Th declaration will have the effect of
legalizing th seizure sf Venezuelan war
shlps. Castro Is Hot 111.
CARACAS, Dec. 12. There Is no truth In
the report published in the t'nlted States
that President Castro Is suffering from a
mysterious Illness. The correspondent of
th Associated Press saw the prealdent to
day. He Is enjoying his usual health. -
The blockade is proving prejudicial to
American trade. Fifteen importing houses
In Caracas have stopped placing orders in
the United 8tates.
Boulton ft Co. are the only Importers of
American flour who have declined td In
crease the price of this article.
It is estimated that the food supply in
Caracas will not last much longer than a
fortnight. ,
Meataaa Senator Will Close Deal for
Part of Orrgsa Short
LOS ANGELES. Cal., Dec. 22. Thomas
Ross Clark and Thomas E. Gabbon, re
ipectlvely second and third vice presidents
of the Ban Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake
railroad, will go to New York, to be pres
ent with W. A. Clark and R. C. Kerens at
a conference with E. H. Harrlman.
Th meeting has been called for the pur
pose of closing the option held by Senator
Clark on the 300 miles of the Oregon Short
Lin operated from Salt Lake City south
west toward California. The price has been
put as low as $6,000,000 and as high as
$12,000,000. but part ot the consideration
will, it la said, be stocks and bonds. Insur
ing a protective interest to the Harriman
syndicate in the Clark railroad enterprises.
Llnet Two Hand red Miles Long to
Connect Spokane with the
Canadian Pacific.
SPOKANE, Wash.. Deo. 22. Th Spokesman-Review
will say today:
From sources which admit of no ques
tion th Spokesman-Review learns that
Senator George Turner and C. C. Corbtn
have made arrangements for the construc
tion of a road from her to the Canadian
boundary line, in northern Idaho, where
it will join th Crows Nest Pass system of
tbs Canadian Pacific, railroad.
Interest friendly to the Canadian Paciflo
will furnish all funds with which to build
the 200 miles of road. D. C. Corbln will
probably be the president and Senator
Turner will be chief counsel.
Trainmen Decide to Demand Increase
from Great Northern and
' Northern Paciflo.
ST. PAUL, Minn.. lec. 22. Contrary to
first reports, the Great Western and North,
cro Pacific ars among the roads asked to
Increase their trainmen's wages. The de
mands were served upon them on Satur
day. It Is understood here that all tho roads
will act Jointly upon the request, and that
their answers will b Identical. The men
irobably will receive th Increase asked
Woman's Temperance I'nlon Asks
Laws Prohibiting Saloons
Near Camas.
CHICAGO. Deo. 22.- At a meeting of th
national W. C. T. U. boards In th various
states which do not have a prohibitory
law wer cited to take immediate sept to
secure legislation abolishing saloons within
tour miles of United Statea forts, army
posts, camps and premises used for mil
itary purpose.
Eeseasa. No Car, fto Pay.
Tour druggist will refund your money It
PAEO OINTMENT fat's to cur ringworm,
tetter, old ulcers and sores, p'.mpl s and
blackheads on- th face, and all akin dis
eases. (0 cents.
More rjold for rrr Orleans.
NEW TORK, Dec, 12. Th subtreasury
today announced a transfer of $425.oi to
New Orleans for local bunks. Presumably
th money la being used to mov the cotton
H Her Infinite variety M
- Shaksspsar
Cleopatra "infinite varictr"
is comparable only to that of
which may be procured in
a thousand and one vary
ing forms and stylet. Yet,
whatever the form or style,
the sterling quality is ever
the same.
New Englandert Celebrate Pioneers' Land
ing by Dinners and Speeches.
President of Brown lalverslty Seeks
to Separate National aad Stat
Wirepullers from Participa
tion In Pnrelr Civil Affairs.
PHILADELPHIA. Dec. 22. The New
England society of Pennsylvania observed
"Forefathers' day" by giving the usual an
nual dinner tonight at Horticultural ball.
General James M. Deck, president of the
society, acted aa tosstmaster. Senator
Hoar answered the historic toast, "Fore
fathers' Day," Charles Emory Smith told
of New England men In the presidential
cabinet, Senator Foster of Washington re
sponded to the toast, "New England an the
West," Senator Piatt of Connecticut spoke
on "New England In the Senate" and Con
gressman Llttlefleld on "New England In
the House."
ST. LOUIS', Mo.. Deo. 22.--One hundred
and sixty natives of New England, compris
ing the New England society of St. Louis,
held a banquet to night In commemoration
of the ?82d anniversary of the landing of
th Pilgrim fathers. Cyrus P. Wslbridge
was tosstmaster. Among those present
were William H. P. Fsunce, president of
Brown university, and Winston Churchill,
the author.
Improve Municipal Politics.
W. H. P. Faunce, responding to the
toast, "Production of th Pilgrim Spirit,"
said In part:
In no place are the sons of the Pilgrims
more needed tod-ay than In the life of our
great cities. Our national government IS
the admiration of the world. Our stste
governments are for the most part upright
and efficient, but American Intelligence and
character have not been equal as yet to
mtmicipHl success.
The sons of the Pilgrims should see to
It that we maintain total separation of
municipal administration from national
ftm' rurms of tyranny must be met by
the resurrection of the old spirit. Let John
l o l,,wn a-am open his Blole and let the
mighty spirits of Hrewster, Carver and
Wtnslow speak again from the soil of old
Plymouth and tell us that liberty, civil,
religious and Industrial, Is their bequest
and our birthright.
In response to tbe toast "New England
of Today" Winston Churchill said, in part:
In a hundred years an empire has sprung
into existence One of the most typical
Americans that ever lived. General William
Tecumseh Sherman, said the Mississippi
valley was the sest of a comtpg empire.
The largest of New England has resigned
Itself to Its fate not an unpleasant one of
becoming a park for the rest of the Unltfld
States. All our legislation in New Hamp
shire Is tending this way. We have a pro
gressive party in our legislature, which Is
gradually gaining ground, and we hope
soon to build roads so that we may sell
our abandoned farms and take advantage
of th new class of citisens which this
latest evolution has brought about.
Admirers of Martyred President Asked
to Wear Carnntlons to Com
memorate His Death.
CLEVELAND. O.; Deo. 22. The "Carna
tion League ot America" is the name of a
new patriotic order .proposed to the trus
tees of the National McKloley Memorial
association. ' ;,'S.
7 Th Idea originates wlthwLewis O. Rey
nolds of Dayton, O., who suggests that the
league shall have a creed framed from
some notable words of Mr. McKlnTey. Ev
ery member is to carry a carnation on
each recurring 14th of .September, th an
niversary of the" lt president i death,
and the league will aim to keep alive In the
hearts of the people their love and admira
tion for the principles and policies he ad
vocated. Tbe famous Primrose league ot Eng
land, the political order formed to honor ,
the memory of Lord Beaconsfleld, sug
gested the Carnation league to Mr. Rey
nolds. Tbe proposal meets with tbs hearty co
operation of Judge Da, president of the
natlonat association, of the treasurer,
Myron T. Herrick, and Senator Hanna.
Former Adjutant Genernl of Iowa
Makes Charge Acalnst Chi
cago Man.
CHICAGO. Dec. 22. William W. Bristol
was sentenced today in th federal court
to a year In the county Jail for fraudulent
uae of the malls in connection with th
Surety Guarantee and Trust company, of
which he was manager.
John R. Prime, former adjutant general
ot Iowa, claimed to hav.- been swindled
cut of $1,500 through th false representa
tions made by Brlstoi as to the financial
standing of the concern.
Aids 11 angaria a Project to Place
Washington . Statna la
CLEVELAND, O., Dec. 22 During the
recent unveiling ot'ths monument to Louis
Kossuth in this city a project was In-
formally ' started by representative Hun-
garlan Americans to erect a statu ot
Qeorge Washington in Budapesth by popu-
lar subscription.
E. T. Kohany, editor of a local Hungar-
Woman's Work in Club
In a number ot th Sunday schools tho
children are to glv instead ot receive
Christmas presents this year. At some
there will be th tree and th candy, bui
the children will bring tho gifts that will
go to other children who would otherwise
havs little. These things will b dlstrlb-
uted chiefly among th children in th
gospel missions. -
Owing to ths failure of a number ot
women's organisations to resum th sup-
port ot soma of th million classes this
fall th children hav become scattered
and will have little except what they re-
celv through th Sunday schools. Though
It Is well known that 'bess clsssos almust
double in numbers at this seaaon of th
year, there are still many children who
will not be included and who, for lack ot
means of reaching them, will receive little,
AU ot th department .meetings ot th
Woman's club that should hav met this
week havs been post pons until after th
first ot ths year. Th regular meetlnc of
ths Woman's Christian Tsmperanc union
will also ! omitted, but tbe Woman'
Christian association will meet as usual on
nsxt Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock in th
Young Men's Christian association rooms.
Ths Omaha Equality club will bold its reg-
ular meeting on Friday evening in th
audlenca room ot th publU library.
Th f 'ogram has been Issued ' tor th
third ginual convention of th Missouri
Federa' on of Colored Women's Clubs,
whlua ,s to convens in St. Louis on Friday
od faturday of this . air. Busao
Ian paper, has taken up th suggestion aid
has received enthusiastic support from
many prominent statesmen, as well as from
his own countrymen.
The list Includes Senator Hanna, Gov
ernor Nash of Ohio. Senator Chauncey M.
Depew, Governor Pennypacker, Governor
Bliss, Senator Hoar, 8enator Fairbanks,
Congressman Hick, John Wanamaker, Oro
ver Cleveland, W. J. Bryan, Congressman
Burton, Tom L. Johnson, Perry S. Heath,
Senator Frye and Carter Harrison.
lateraal Collections Fall OsT Nearly
Poor Million Dollars Dnrlnsr
WASHINGTON, Dec. ll The monthly
statement of tbe collections of Internal
revenue shows that the total amount for
November, 1&02, was $19, 285, 357. a decrease
as compared with November, 1801, of $3,893,
693. The receipts from the several sources
of revenue are given as follows:
Spirits. $12,150,208; Increase, $69,395.
Tobacco, $3.. 179. 192; decrease, ISS5.508.
Fermented liquors, $3,333,450; decrease,
Oleomargarine, $G3,1: decrease, $149,627.
Adulterated butter and process or reno
vated butter, $14,517; law not in force in
November, 1901. '
Miscellaneous. $344,801; decrease, $1,602.
33. For ths last Ave months the receipts show
a falling oft of $20,903,470, as compared
with the corresponding period In 1901.
Revolutionists Seeking- to Secede
Softer Serloos Reverse by Gov
ernment Troops,
WASHINGTON, Dec. 2. Senor Jorge E.
Balles, the Bolivian charge d' affaires in
Washington, today received a dispatch an
nouncing that Nicholas Suares defeated the
revolutionists at Bahia and Nazareth on
th Acre river. The dispatch also said that
Mr. Suares Is advancing triumphantly
toward Port Alonso. The Utter place Is
the Bolivian custom house on the boundary
line between Bolivia and Brazil.
The Acre country la that portion of
Bolivia which was granted aa a concession
to an Anglo-American syndicate and Is rich
In rubber production.
The revolutionists have sought to make
an Independent republic of It with a view,
it Is said, of ultimately securing annexation
to Brazil.
Army Uniform Board Selects Union
Color in Preference to
WASHINGTON. Dec. 22. The special
army board on the new uniform bad a
meeting at the War department today and
decided In favor of blue facings for the
uniforms Instead of white facings, aa had
been suggested.
Tbe action of the board -was based mainly
on the fact that many officers had gone to
the expense of having their new uniforms
mad with the blua facings, and It Was
thought that the work had gone too far
to Justify a change, simply to gratify , a
taste in th matter of color. There is a
strong sentiment in fsvor ot white facings
in the army and the matter will not be
Settled Until Anally passed on by. th sec
retary of war.
Proclamation of Secretory Wilson, So
Par as It Affects Connecticut,
la Recalled.-
WASHINGTON, Dec. 22. The secretary ot
agriculture will this afternoon remove the
quarantine against the state of Connecticut
established last month owing to the preva
lence of the foot and mouth disease,
Admiral Wildes Condemned.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 22. Admiral Frank
Wildes, the Junior squadron commander of
the Asiatic station, has been condemned by
a board of medical survey and, having been
ordered home, sail next Friday. Captain
Sperrln has been temporarily assigned to
the command of the southern squadron in
plac ot Admiral Wildes.
Counsel Haa Family Sickness to Con
tend with and bets Postponement.
ST. PAUL. Dec. 2S. At th request ot ,er disease-at th age ot 68. H suc
M. D. Drover, counsel for ths Great North- ceeleJ Judge Shayne, who also died on
ern, the next hearing et the merger case bench twelve years ago. H was prom
has been postponed until January 6 at i 1" ,n tte polities.
New Tork. I
Th hearing which was to hsvs been re- I
sumed on December 29 was postponed on
account of illness in Mr. Grover'c family.
Protection for Nation' Wenlth.
in order to obtain better protection tor
the nation a wealth the Treaaury depart-
ment has decided to add, to lta masslv
vaults and complicated locks a novel elec
tric burglar alarm. While the government
i. .miA.vni'fn. in nnrii th nation's wealth
it Is very Important that w should n-
' de.vor to protect our health from th In-
roads ot disease. Then Hostetter'a Stomsch
; Bitters Is needed. It will strengthen tbe ,
stomach, purify the blood and cur In-
I digestion, dyspepsia, constipation, bllous-
ness and malaria. Try it today.
P. Vashon, who is president of ths organlza-
tion, expects that this will be the largest
meeting that has yet been held and will
includa th most prominent colors! women
ot Missouri and visitors from adjoining
states. Th session is to last two days and
will b held' in the auditorium of Bt. Paul's
chapel. It will be opened with prayer by
Rev. D. P. Roberts. Mrs. Hayde Camp-
bell, chairman of th executive committee,
will deliver th address of welcome to the
: delegates, and Mrs. J. Bllom Tates of
Kansas City, president of th National
- Association of Colored Women, will msk
1 tbs responss for the visiting women. Mrs.
M. L. Harrison, stats organlxer, will read
a paper on "How to More Thoroughly Or-
ganli for Better Concerted Action;" Miss
Anna H. Jones ot Kansas City will spevk
on "How to Advance Moral, Intellectual
. and Material Status;" "Th Anti-Cigarette
Movement" will b th subject ot a paper
by Mrs. F. H. Ingalls; Miss Lavlna Carter
will deliver an address on "Th Importance
of th Tsmperanc Caus as a Factor In th
Elevation ot Womanhood," and "Tbs Fu-
tur ot Our Girls from an Educational
standpoint win ds aiscussea by sirs. m.
F. Pitt and Miss Helen Burrell.
Thanks to thoss who, la addition to their
own preparation, still find tlm for others,
about 160 children attending and la th
vicinity ot Tenth Street City Mission r
to enjoy a merry Christmas that is to In-
eluds toys aad candy and th sort ot things
that children really crave, as well as those
practical things la ths wsy of clothing
and th Ilk that no matter be necess-.r,
rideral Court Reveries Jud jaunt Catered
by Iowa Supreme Csart
Packaa-es Conslsrnrsl C. O. D. Become
Property of Purchaser Directly
Selllagr Hoose Hands Them Over
to Conipnny for Delivery,
KEOKUK. Ia., Dec. 22. Judge McPher
son of the tedersl court today overruled
th decision of the state supreme court,
which held that the Adams Express com
pany was carrying on the business of a
retail liquor dealer when it delivered
liquors ordered outside tbe state. The fed
eral court decided that as the express com
pany was only an agent of ths vendors, it
was not engaged In the business of a liquor
Tbe packages of liquor which led to ths
charge were sent by a Ilquot house at
Dallas, 111., to parties at Birmingham, C.
O. D. Tbe government claimed that title
was transferred to thu company when it
received C. O. D. packages. Judge Mc
pherson, however, says:
The only question to be considered In the
case is where and by whom the liquor was
sold. If In Illinois, the court Is without
Jurisdiction. If by the Dallas company In
Iowa, then the grand Jury has erreil In
naming the defendant In this indictment.
Did the Adams Express company carry on
the business of liquor dealer In Iowa?
A common carrier may exact carrying
charges In advance, or may waive prepay
ment, In which event it has and retains
a lien on such merchandise for carrying
charges, payment of which by consignee
removes the Hen In such case the carrier
has no Interest or profit In the transac
tion, other than as a carrier. It receives
no commission or the sale of liquor.
Judge McPherson holds that title to the
liquors passed from the Dallas company to
the consignees when It was deposited in
the express office at Dallas.
Secretary of War Contemplates Open
Ins; Niagara River for Big
BUFFALO. N. T.. Dec. 22. Th comple
tion of the breakwater from Stony Point
along Buffalo's water front, a distance of
4.8 miles, was celebrated by a banquet to
night under the auspices ot the Merchanta'
Representative Burton announced that
the secretary of war' had ordered Major
Symonds to make a detailed survey of ter
ritory embraced In the project to construct
a deep ship canal along tbe Niagara river
so as to avoid the rapids at th headwaters
ot the stream.
Saloon ' at Dakota City.
DAKOTA CITT. Neb., Dec. 22. (Special.)
A the church hells were catling people
to the houses of worship last evening
flames burst from the saloon owned and
operated by Earn A. Coates, situated cast
of the court bouse square. In a few mo
ments the entire building was ablaze.
Every effort was then put forth to save the
row ot business fcouie located south and
east of the burning structure, occupied by
Attorneys M. Warner, L. A. Wood and J.
J. McAllister, . Barber C. E. Doollttle,
Henry Krumwjede, saloon, and Fred
Schrlener, hardware. Th entire content
were removed fom these buildings, and at
one time i it -seemed th entire rewovas
doomed ti gb, .'but heroic efforts on the
part of citizens saved them.
A strong northwest wind was blowing,
but th streets furnished plenty of suow
and. watsr to keep th buildings well cov
ered. Mr. Coates waa absent at supper
when the fire started and Is totally Igno
rant of Its origin. He estimate his loss
at $2,800; insurant) $1,800.
Half Million la Lost.
NEW YORK, Dec, 22. Fir that started
from an unknown cause tonight in the big
seven-story piano factory ot Ernest Qab
ler ft Bros., In East Twenty-second street,
did damag to the extent of nearly $500,000.
The factory was almost entirely destroyed.
A watchman was somewhat burned and a
pedestrian waa struck by a truck and re
ceived a fractured skull. This la the third
time th firm has suffered from fir.
Jndge Jam D. Olffln.
MARION, la.. Deo. 22. (Special Tele-
gram.) Judge James D. Olffln of the dls
trlct court died suddenly this morning of
James D. Olffen.
CEDAR RAPIDS, Is., Dec. 22. James D.
Olffsn, former dlstrtot Judge, and a promi
nent politician, lawyer and republican, died
suddenly today at his home at Marlon from
neart w, H wa, 83 ,
President Iowa Bar Association,
ORINNELU Doe- 22. R. M. Haines,
a , leading lawyer of this city, died last
nlht- hsd been a resident here many
" president of th Stat Bar
; t ' ' '
MARSH ALLTOWN, la., Dec. 22. Robert
M. Hayes of Orlnnell, president of ths
and Charity
are altogether commonplace and prosaic
aa Christmas gifts, even to th children ot
th city poor.
In speaking of th plans at th mission
Hiss Mags said yesterday: "People bavs
sent things this yesr without our having
to go out and solicit everything, and w
will be abl to glv our boys and girls as
merry a Christmas as any ot ths uptown
children will enjoy. Th plan of dlstrlbu-
tion is to b different this year, however,
Todsy and tomorrow everything will be
sorted and the packages made up for tbe
various children. Everything Is to be
wrapped and each bundle will b marked
with ths nam of the child for whom it ia
intended. Th distribution will b mad
on Christmas morning, th girls coming at
o'clock and tbe boys at 10, and Santa
Claus will himself glv them out. As
nearly aa possible Miss Msges hss tried
to glvs tbs children what they most wsnt.
but the donations hav been so liberal
this yesr that thr promises to be plenty
for all. About $65 in cash has been con-
trlbuted. a good part ot It having been
desicnatsd for shoes, as this is at present
the greatest need. One young woman, a
socletr slrl. is larselr resconslbl for this
splendid provision, sh having personally
presented th matter to her friend and
last evening reported 127.(0 toward th
ho fund.
On Friday evening th mission chlUren
are to hav a atsreoptlcon entertainment.
with a program that they themselves will
furnish. Ther a 111 b recltationa and
songs spproprlst to tbe seaaon aad th
faxe&tg f lo b invited U b present.
Iowa Stat Bar association, died today,
aged 63.
Mlaaonrl Paclflc Train la Kansas Goes
Into Ditch nnd No One Se
riously Hart.
OTTAWA. Kan., Dec. 23. Missouri raclflc
train No. 14, known as the Colorado flyer,
due her at 9 o'clock last night, left the
track Just east of Rantoul and the whole
train, with the exception of the sleeper,
turned Into the ditch. Nobody was killed
and only alx persona slightly Injured.
The train had nntv a fa w n -
hosrd A trnrh i. hnin h..n ........... .v.
wreck, and It Is expected that service will h,k,"n l"r ,Bn Dreyfu case has the coun
bs resumed this afternoon Spreading rails ,rr b"'n ,nto""p,'r Interested as It Is
caused the wreck. The escape of the
passengers Is slmost miraculous, as the train
was making about forty miles an hour.
Kew York Firm Demands Money for
Goods Which Never Were
postofflce officials have received 2 000 let- are 'monS tnc heaviest creditors of tho
ters from a New York collection agency ad- Humb,r,. nd that l"1 H,ReJ tt ex
dressed to residents here each of which ercl"e1 n Important influence In the hlgh
contalns a claim for $1.20 said to be due Bt government quarters during the Drey-
for the purchase of Jewelry. A suit Is ,
threatened In rase of non-remittance.
The authorities say the letters were sent
by blackmailers, who hope to frighten per
sons into remitting.
Dunn Receives Sentence for Harder
Committed Folly Year
ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Dec. 22.-Mark Dunn.
aged SO, was today sentenced to be hanged
In this city on February 10 for the murder !
of Alfred Fenton In Rushvllle one year ago. .
Dunn, In a speech before sentence was
pronounced. Instated that he was innocent.
The Best ore for Colas
Is Dr. King's New Discovery for Consump
tion. Sure, pleasant, safe and guaranteed
to soon cure or no pay. SOc, $1.00. For
sal by Kuhn A Co.
Wife of Missouri Governor SnlTcrs
from Ilnd Attack of Hcnrt
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Dec. 22. Mrs.
A. M. Dockery, wife of the governor, was
taken critically 111 this afternoon. She Is
suffering from heart trouble, and her con
dition Is considered serious.
A Beantlfnl llooklrt.
The Keystone Watch Case company of
Philadelphia, whose advertisement appears
elsewhere in this issue, Is sending out to
applicants nn illustrated booklet of 34
pages which Is one of the most artistic of
the year. It exploits the merits of the
James Boss Stiffened Gold Cnse relates
Its history, explains Its construction, tells
how to Identify It and warns against the
substitution of a "Just as good." A folder
in the back of the book Illustrate some
The unusual quality of the engraving and
printing In this booklet, the harmony In
lta "color scheme" and its artistic ex-
cellence throughout, no less .han the qual
Ity of its reading matter, will well repay
those who send for It. It is eent free,' on
application to the Keys ton Watch 'Case
company. Philadelphia.
Fair nnd Warmer Today la
Parts of Nebraska irnil
WASHINGTON, Dec. 22. Forecast:
Nebraska Fair and warmer Tuesday;
Wednesday probably snow.
- 1 . - . . . ...
Iowa Fair Tuesday; warmer In north-
west portion; Wednesday cloudy, probably
rain or snow; warmer In central and east
North and South Dakota-Fair
warmer luvsusy; r cuueoua j iiivubui;
Wyoming Fair Tuesday; warmer in west
portion; Increasing cloudiness; Wednesday
probably snow In north and west portion.
Local Record.
Omaha, ucc. z..-uine ai recora or ieni-
perature and precipitation compared with
the corresponding day of the last three
j ears;
, . Wf- 190,V 19d":
UfnlK HSS.: S S
Mean temperature 21 3 3tf 42
Precipitation T , tw .15 00
Record of temperature and precipitation
at Omaha for this day and since March 1,
Normal temperature 27
Deficiency for the day...... ,
Dt-ncluncy ior the day 03 Inch
Precipitation since Mrch 1 29.61 Inches
Deficlency since March ........... M inch
tive ency or cor.' Md." imrM-ncn,
K.pori. from action, at T P. M.
: c
Omaha, cloudy
Valentine, clear
North Platte, clear
Cheyenne, clear
Salt Luke, cloudy
Rapid City, cloudy
Huron, clear
WilUston, clear
Chicago, cloudy
Bt. IjOuU, snowing
St. Paul, snowing
Davenport, cloudy
Kansus City, cloudy....
Havre, cloudy
2fi 00
81 00
341 40
IN 24
34 30
2 3o
k! io
Ml M
Helena, cloudy
Hismari k.- clear
12; 2
Oalveaton, clear
M 68 00
Indicates sero. i
T Indicate trace of precipitation.
L. A. WEI.Pn.
Local Forecast Official
ysS k a Guarantee V
7 of 25 years
'kf"''"" behind every V
$pilJ& Watch Caso j
If T Ji jJr(t6r 2 I It's ths eoly gold Bllsd esa ths bs provsd
If II , 7??Tl,rl ' 'jr ' 1 wearing quality I. UM lit llms. Mad, II
ll 5 Vf Wic T' I S"1 s worn uacm iaU. fUDircuber thka H
lir.f Viu T4-jr Jr I wlio tHiytnf a watch, snd In.tai on hav- igf
"Ziaaiy -JJ fi TO ' Bnacaaawiib lb Keystone trade-
' flf 7 fcarS nsmpaa Inside. faff II
V -YI f J s4 j booklet. flTy A'
V VAfMO'" Vv PM4lRl.
Arrest of Alleged Safe swindlers Renew i
Interest in Famous Captain.
Assertion Is Made that llumlierta and
Suspected Spy Owed Finch Other
IHnch Money nnd Sensations
Are Promised.
PARIS, Dee. 22. Not since France was
by the developments of the' Humbert case.
m papers assert mni me arrest ot me
; Ml,l(, fugitives is' ouly a prelude to even
mure sensational Developments, invomni;
personages In the foremost rank of polit
ical, Judicial and social affairs.
The indications sre tbst the Dreyfus
matter will again be dragged before the
public and that there will be a renewal of
the animosities of the antt-aemlttc discus
lion. M. Gauthler has taken the Initiative
,n asserting that the relatives of Dreyfus
When the Chsmber of Deputies resumes
the Humbert question probably will becomo
one of the chief elements In politics. Al
ready the matte hss swayed mlniateries
and It caustd a recent sensational tumult
In the chamber.
Plans have been formulated for tbe re
turn of the Humbert party to Paris aud
a number of the best men in the depart
ment have been detailed to conduct the
prisoners across the frontier. The utmost
precautions will be taken to prevent their
",cpe . 8nd suat(l ",n,t the Possibility
ct"jr ? )Mm om"" uiciaa
A " " mde. lh,
"non on tM" ! Mmo' , "unDP"
"--""" """".
lease ana committal 10 ino custuuy oi ncr
grandmother, but this motion was re-
Canadian Government Sends Marconi
Telegram from Ottawa to the
London Times.
ROME, Dec. 22. King Victor Emmanuel
this Morning received a wireless message
from 'Marconi forwarded from Cape Breton
vl" Cornwall, and sent a congratulatory re-
: LONDON, Doc, 22. The second edition ot
tho Times today prints the text of a wire
less Marconi message received from the
Canadian government; as follows:
OTTAWA, Deo. 21. The government of
Canada, through the TlmeB, desires to con
grattilatn the Hrltlsh peop'e on the ac
compllehment b Mnrconl of the greatest
feat modern science hua yet achieved.
. CARTHIOHT, Acting Premier.
Tbe representatives of Marconi say they
have been receiving transatlantic messages
for a week. They add . that the messages
to King Edward and others came through
without a hitob and practically. Instantan
eously.' ; It la calculated that tbe company will be
able to handle 1.000 . words per hour. As
?n, aB U ' Lbla to "iwlh" ."v8!,'
thorltles to conasct Poldhu with the Inland
telegraph the company will commence reg
ular commercial business between Corn
wall and Nova Seotla.
Marconi has expressed mild satisfaction
with th results' recently obtained, but th
manager here- said the -inventor was air
ways so sure he would be able to aohtev
his aim that they did not expect him to be
QLACE BAY, N. 8 Dec. 22. To his
wireless message transmitted from Canada
to King Edward VII, Marconi has received
tbn following reply:
have had the honor of submitting your
.nluufttm f.a 1.111. .. .. .1 I am m ..... n H .
. ,fnnirratulaie vou sinwrelv on th
cessful issue of your endeavors to develnpe
your most important Invention. The king
has been much Interested In your experl-
menta. as he remembered that the Initial
ones were commenced by you on the royal
yht Osborne In vw. yNLLYa.
I ;
Sixteen Thousand Houses Reported to
Have Been Destroyed by Earth
tasks In Russia.
LONDON, Dec. 22. A dispatch from New
Margho an, Russian TurkeBtan, reports tbst
..'.. i-m! viii. Knn
the earthquake at Andijan killed 2,500 people
In and near that city and destroyed 16,000
houses. The rumbling continue.
Th. authorities M far hav. not been ab.e
to cope with the destitution of the starving,
unsheltered populace.
" .
' : Ne, n.lllA Cabinet.
PORT AU PRINCE, ( Hay tl, Dec. 22. Th
new naytlan ministry Is constituted as
ollo Bot V-. minister of
th Interior; General Cyriaac, minister of
war; M. Jeremie, minister of foreign af-
far8; m. Paulin, minister of .public Instruc
"on: M St Amand, nlnl.ter of public
mniKt" .
. To Observe sieutral Position.
THE HAGUE, Dec. 22. The government
of tbe Netherlands haa decided to observe
d a strictly neutral attitude In the Vens-
S suelan trouble. , Ships of the blockading
powers will be prohibited from calling at
port of the Dutch colonies.
Mart museum is opened
IKew Bulldlna- la New York City is
Handed Over to th
NEW YORK, Dec. 22. The new building
of the Metropolitan Museum ot Art was
formally opened today. Bishop Batteries
of Washington offered prayer and Park
Commissioner WIIIcox then delivered the
building over to tbe trustees, remarking
In hli address that it wss ths fourth dedi
catory service held since 1S50, when tbs
museum began its history.
Mr. Rhlnelander accepted th building
for th trustees and Mayor Low declared
It open to th public.
kittle Liver Pills.
Must Boar Signature) of
Fac-Slmlls Wrapper Below.
' I Tory small
and as easy
as a far.
tit?, I Poraty Testam
Outdoor Sports
May bs Indulged In ths year round,
golf, tennis, automoblllng, sailing,
kodaking, fishing.
No cold weather. ' ' '
Take the luxurious California
Limited, Chicago to Los Angeles
and San Francisco. You will enjoy
th dining-car service.
Why frees at home?
The California tour described in our
books; mailed for 10c In stamps.
Addreas Passenger Office,
Atchison, Topeka A Santa F
Railway, Des Moines, la.
Santa Fe
r i J rn. PlmplM,
tl.mish os bssotir.
nd denw SstM""1
U a nw4 'to3
of nftr-A
m..A 1. Ml D . "
ur ll is wuiwriy
ieouut.rltt ol si""-
Ur aims. U'-
'A. Sr ' "
Lay oi m.
i. natlut):
as you laaie win wr-o , . " .
mend 'UOURaUB'8-CREAM' s .te least
harmful o all the skin preparations. or
sale by all druggist, and fancy goods deal
ers in tho U. s. md Kurope.
FLHD. T, MOPKihs. Proo'r, .
7 Great .Tones St.. N. Y. ,
It ensures an enjoyable, Invigor
ating bath ; makes every port
respond, removes dead skin,
starts the circulation, and leave a
glow equal to a Turkish bath.
Tim Biff SI t rarnist
tlfcbariM.lnu , ....iloi a,
Irritations r ulceration)
ol mo oo oa m.irbranaa.
PaiulMS, aod DutSAUisa
fAiit or rmsoovue '
Xlk) Uragaist
or saut in plain wrausev.
Prices-Mat., 25c, 60c; night, 2oc. 60c, 75c,
1 00. n
Fivs performances, openliiK '
The Greatest and Most Successful of All
Musical Comedies . -
Secure seats early. Prices Mat,,,iuC to
11.00; night. 2ic to 1.60.
in concert at
BOYD'S. DEC. 23d
Prices 25c, 60c, 76c. 11.00, 11.60.
Beats now on sal at the box offlo. .
Telephone 1631.
ELK'S NIGHT-Tubs a , Cec 23
Webb's Peals and Bea I. ions, Jules and
Ella tiarrlHon, Htuart Karnes, Harris' and
Walters, Carson and Wlliutd, Wartunberg
Itros., Adel PurvU Onrl and the. Klnodroms
HrUea. loc, 2Ac and btic.
The milLAROVmV,,---
Illy lliawnilllum1M Leading Hot
SI'Kt I At, t- m i l IIK.
12. 3o to 2 p. m.
SUNDAY. o:u p. m. D1NNKR, TU)
riteadily Increasing business has necessl
tsied an enlargement 9! this cafe, doubling
lis former capacity.
thf nni iiATni high
Finest Cafea West of New York.
IjO.oijO tn Kecent Improvements.
Open Jan. Ird to May lMh.
Luder New Management. '
J. IL ilta. C. A. Lit nut, Leasees.
''y niai tar a
ftS M ic .trielam m
C J tnrwll tte.
KalTHt likJl pHtaJUl Qp
4Tp r omiaMTON