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Supreme Court Ortnti New Triali to Throe
Convicted of Murder.
flat of Krtrntr t'anilMatra Only Klght
trn Ttecrlre Prrmlatloa to Mia
Medicine Kla Dor SHabtlr
fFrom Staff Correspondent.)
ES MOINES. Dec. 20. (Special.) The
Iowa supreme court llDlshcd Ita work fnr
the present special session today and did
considerable Interesting business In the way
of granting new trials for men who have
killed other men. Three such get new
trials, now serrlng a life sentence, and the
other two with sentences of execution hang
ing over them. In both cases the reversals
of the lower court were on technical
ground, not affecting the merits of either
case, and there Is nothing In the decision
. of the court which will prevent repeating
the convictions on second trials.
In the caae of A. M. Hunter, who killed
Hoitier Holland at Mnunt Ayr, November 9,
1901, after a quarrel over a gambling debt,
IB which Hunter received a life sentence
on second degree murder. Judge 1'arrluh,
who presided at the trial, committed a
grievous error In regard to challenges of
Jurors. The defendant had waived the
ighth challenge, the state did the same,
and the court refused to entertain any
more challenges. The supreme court says
the waiving of one challenge did not waive
all that followed, and this was reversible
error. The court erred In one Instruction
la regard to the effect of acquittal, leaving
the Impression that If the Jury erred In
finding him guilty the error could be
remedied, while If error was made In ac
quitting there was no remedy. This preju
diced the case against the defendant. Be
fore a verdict was reached the Jury asked
for special Instruction as to whether mur
der In the second degree could be com
mitted In a heat of pnesion and blood. The
trial Judge, went too far In answering the
Erred In Haling; on Intent.
Albert O. rtillllps, colored, and Lewis
Brooks, who had been sentenced to hang
last Thursday, get a new trial In Buena
Vista county. They killed John Sundblad
November 18, 1901. They had been sur
rounded In a depot at Albert City by a
posse headed by Marshal Lodlne and a
running lire was going on. After they were
driven from the depot the floor waa cov
red with empty cartridges. They were
pursued and finally arrested. Dolan, an
accomplice In their bank robberies, waa
killed. Lodlne was wounded, but recovered.
Sundblad died anon after. The most Im
portant feature of the reversal relates to
the Intent of the murderers. Judge Ballle,
who presided. Instructed that If a man.
In shooting distance of another, la seen to
take aim and fire and kill his man, such
taking aim and tiring would be of Itself
prima facie evidence ha Intended the re
sult of his act and it would therefore be
deliberate and premeditated killing. Tha
supreme court refusea to take this view, but
savs such an act would presume malice
only and therefore second degree iturder.
Especially where there la battle and ex
change of ahota, the premeditation and de
liberation must have positive proof and
cannot be presumed. There was alao error
la admitting as evidence the statement of
undblad's wife that Sundblad said "the
nigger had shot him," when It was not
shown he thought be was dying., Testi
mony regarding a bottle of nltro-glycerlne
was wrongly admitted, because it was not
Identified as one taken from the defend
ants. There was no error In showing that
revolvers, etc., were taken from the men.
Conversations in Jail relating to the bank
robberies were properly admitted. An In
struction in regard to the dJubt which
would Justify acquittal waa bad, because It
Implied that the Jury was under obliga
tion to convict unless there was strong
doubt. There was much said about the un
lawfulness of the arrest without warrant
nd by an armed posse, but the court holds
that the posse was Justified In taking the
action It did. Judge Deemer dissented from
the majority view in regard to tha dying
declaration of Sundblad.
Court's Decisions.
The following are the other decisions ren
dered by the supreme court today:
Mrs. William Andrews against Marshall
Creamery company, appellant, Marshall
county. Judge Burnham; affirmed by Mc
Claln. Mrs. Mary A. Murray against Mary E.
Qulgley. appellant, Allamnkee county.
Judge Hobson; affirmed by Sherwin.
Andrew Duree, appellant, against Chi
cago, Milwaukee & Bt. Paul railroad, Keo
kuk county. Judge Seott; action for dam
ages: affirmed by Ladd.
Peter Rellly against City of Fort Dodge,
appellant, Webster county. Judge Weaver;
reversed by Weaver.
Robert T. Young against A. W. Lohr,
appellant, Sioux county. Judge Hutchin
son: damages for defective abstract; af
firmed by Sherwin.
Helen E. Dillon against Iowa Central
Railway company, appellant, Franklin
county, juuge wnitsner; reversed Dy mc
Claln. Catharine Goodwin against Merchants and
Bankera Insurance company, appellant.
Polk county. Judge Bishop: affirmed by
Weaver. 14
Jamea W. L4u-kln against Chicago Great
"w Peepl Kw Row TJsvfal It is la
Preserving; Hoaltk auasl Beanty.
Nearly everybody knows that charcoal Is
the safeat and moat efficient disinfectant
and purifier In nature, but few realise its
value when taken Into the human system
(or tha same cleanslnr curoo...
Charcoal la a remedy that the more yon
Uks of It the better; it la not a drug at all,
but simply absorbs the gases and lmpurl
ties always present in the stomach and In
testines and carries them out of the system.
Charcoal sweetens the breath after amok
Ing and drinking or after eating onions and
ether odorous vegetables.
Charcoal effectually clears and Improves
the complexion, it whitens the teeth and
further acta as a natural and eminently
safe cathartic.
It absorbs the Injurious gaits which col
lect In the sumach and bowols; it dlsln
fscts the mouth and throat from the po'son
f cstarrh.
All druggists sail charcoal in one form or
another, but probably tha best charcoal and
the moat for tha money is Stuart's Ab
sorbent Lcsengss; they are composed of the
finest powdered willow charcoal and other
harmless antlaeptlcs in tablet form, or
rather. In the form of large, pleasant tast
ing loxenges, tha charcoal being mixed with
The dally use of these loienges will soon
tell In a much Improved condition of t
general health, better complexion, sweeter
breath and purer blood, and the beauty rt It
Is. that no possible harm can result from
their continued use, but, on the contrary
great benefit.
A Buffalo physician, la speaking of tha
benefits of charcoal, aays: "I advise
Stuart's Absorbent Losenges to all patlsnts
suffering from gas la the stomach aad bow-
- sis, and to clear the complexion and purify
the breath, mouth aad throat; I also be
lieve the liver la greatly beaeflted by the
dally use of them; they coat but twenty-five
cants a bog at drug stores, aad although la
soma sense a patent preparation, yet I be
lleve I gat more better charcoal la
Stuart's Asaorbaat Lasaagos tkaa la aay ef
tea ataar chareeal taMata."
Western rnllroad, sppellnnt. t'nlnn county,
JmlKf Teilfcrd: nnwipr for personal In
jury; sfPrmou' bv ;ivir.
Annie Prhnchtscbiibel nsalnM W. F. F I
r"ll, HpT'eMnnt. Woft'ii.nry county, Juthjj
Oliver; affirmed by th? court.
Hasan M rtiurnmii as unst W. F. Stur
msn, appellant, Madison county. Judge Ap
llrste: revrsed r.y Mrt'lnln.
Nleholns Meyer a'g.ilnst Stnrrlnrrl Tele
t hone nmpnny. appellant Dubuque county,
Juuge Matthews; nflirmcd by I.add.
K. K. Kox. appellant, against O. J. Piper,
Arl'ims county. Judge Wilkenson; reversed
by the court.
Oeorge P. Oorham against Ploux City
Ptock Yards company, appellant, Woodbury
county. Judre Oliver; affirmed by Pherwln.
H. H. Hlehards against Javett Hros., ap
pellants, O'l'.rlen county, Judge Wakefield;
reverserl bv Hberwin.
Charles Vasey, appellant, aaalnst Sarah
Parker, Jasper county. Judge Dewey; re
versed by Deemer. r
Ida County Ravings bank against C. J.
Seldenstlrkef. aprellnnt, Ida county. Judge
Church; affirmed bv Rlshnp.
Wllllim He'd nga!nsi Robert Jwgenhelmer,
appellant, Keokuk county. Judge Dewey;
affirmed by Deemer.
Sere Corporations.
Three big corporations formed In Water
loo filed their articles of Incorporation
with the secretary of state. These were:
Waterloo motor works, capital $."00,000, by
Thomas Casraden and others.
Waterloo gelf-Feeder company, capital
$50."iO, by Thomas Cascaden and others.
Waterloo Threshing Machine company,
cspltrtl IKiO.flno, bv J. D. Hawes and others.
The Cltv Book and Stationery company of
pes Moines filed articles, with $1B."00 capi
tal, by William Archer and C. A. Neldlg.
The Cambridge Independent Telephone
company of Story county has Incorporated,
with $10,000 capital, by Frank Thompson and
The Home F.lectrlc company of Correc
tlonvllle has Incorporated, with $10,000 capi
tal, by M. H. Harter.
An amendment to the charter of the Na
tional I.lfe and Trust company of Des
Mn'nes wis filed providing that no Indebted
ness fhall ever be Incurred exclusive of the
risks of the company.
Klghteen ctv PrnKliti.
Out of a class of over seventy which
took the examination for pharmacy certifi
cates recently but eighteen were granted
certificates by the board, their names being
as follows: Charles E. Pratt, Cedar Falls;
W. R. Mulltns, Crlnnell; Alva L. Seamonda,
Akron; A. Y. Burson, Fonda; Albert Os
weller, Ashton; Alfred H. Elbert, Wall
Lake; E. E. Calle, Knorvllle; R. L. Harris.
Museatlne; L. J. Wallace, Melbourne;
Henry E. Roth, Dyersvllle; B. T. Beach,
Shenandoah; F. M. Bone, Grand River; U.
G. Long, Iowa Falls; Otto Altfellsch. Bello
vue; L. H. Brown, Lamont; Carl E. GUI,
Havelock; Roy Seney, Thornton; C. E.
Voas, Mlnburn.
Flaaj Dnr Observed.
This is flag day In Iowa, according to the
proclamation of Governor Cummins, Issued
on behalf of the Louisiana Purchase expo
sition people. The day was designated as
one on which to display the flags, because
it has been Just ninety-nine years since
Louisiana was added to the United States
as contiguous territory properly belonging
to the states. In tha stats house the
atate'a flags were displayed and on a few
public buildings, and many of the state offi
cials were seen wearing little flags. The
proclamation bad been on such short no
tice that not all were aware of the same.
Two Candidates for 'Speaker.
Already there are two active candidates
for speaker of the next Iowa house in the
Held, though the legislature will not be
elected until next November, and not one
candidate has been renominated. Two of
the present members expect re-election.
and If they are successful they will be can
didates for speaker. These are George W.
Clarke of Dallas and N. E. Kendall of Mon
roe. Both are identified with the Cummins
wing of the party and anticipate that the
next legislature will be composed largely
of the same persons who were In the as
sembly which met last January. Both men
have stated that they will be candidates
and are soliciting support. -a
The State Board of Control today re
elected B. J. Miles, superintendent of the
State Reform School for Boys, for four
Governor Cummins appointed Al Parson
Judge of the superior court at Keokuk,
vice Hughes, resigned. Parson was the re
publican candidate at the late election,
but was defeated. The term commences In
April. He also appointed ' E. L. Elliott
Judge of the superior court Just estab
lished at Oelwein.
Woman Who Finds It Leases Lars
Tract af Land in gaa
DES MOINES, la., Dec. 20 Oil has been
discovered Issuing from the banks of the
Coon river near Grant City in Sac county.
A quart of the oil was sent to Ames col
lege for analysis and found to be 80 per
cent pure. The discoverer, a woman, has
quietly leased 6,000 acres In the locality.
A representative of the Pennsylvania Oil
company and of Des Moines capitalists have
been endeavoring to buy the lease contract.
Mrs. Ella Gallans;her Will Glva Her
self V Soon as Ball Caa
' Be Arraasje.
DES MOINES, la.. Dec. 10. Mrs. Ella
Gallaugher of Iowa Ctty, a fugitive from Jus
tice sines her Indictment for perjury, grow
ing out of her testimony in her trial for the
murder of her husband, has notified the au
thorities through her nearest relative
George Colwell, that she is near the Canada
Una and is resdy to glvs herself up as soon
as satisfactory terms aa te ball can be ar
Drops One Child from Window, Walls
Another Suffocates la
FORT DODGE, la., Dec. 20. With one
child under each arm, J. J. Hlirglns of Cm
tsna fought bis way through smoke and
flames In his blazing home today. He
finally reached a window and dropped one
of the children, a boy. Throwing the other
Into the snow, he returned for the bay, to
find him dead.
Higglns then escaped with difficulty.
Qaarret Ends ia a Rhoatlns;.
HASTINGS. Is., Dec. 20. (Special Tele
gram.) Aa the result of an altercation
lasting all day a chicken picker In Swift's
establishment named Hearing waa shot by
William Martin, living south of town Both
men had been drinking heavily and bad
other quarrels during the tarly evening.
Martin entered Vanorall'a barber shop and
began abusing Hearing, who knocked him
down. Martin drew a revolver, ahootlng
Hearing in the mouth. It is thought Hear
Ing Is not seriouusly injured.
Makes Present ta Louisiana, Mlsaaarl,
Where Ha Spent Days al
His Yoath. ' v
LUiisiANA, mo., Dec. 20. it Is an
nounced that General John B. Henderson,
member of the house of representatives
who began his career In Louisiana, has
made a gift to the city of two blocks of
city property overlooking the Mississippi
river, to be ooaveried lata a park.
Methods Emtloved to Prevent Ncnmion Men
from Working.
Anthracite t'oal Strike Commission
Holds Last Session Before 'Holi
days and Mill Meet In Phila
delphia January 6.
8CRANTON, Pa., Dee. !). The anthra
cite coal strike commission held Its last
session of the year today and adjourned to
meet In Philadelphia on Tuesday. January 8.
In order to permit the commissioners and
others connected with the orocecdlngs to
catch Vralns, today's session began at 9
o'clock. The attorneys for the nonunion
men continued calling witnesses from
Lackawanna and Luzerne counties for the
purpose of proving that violence. Intimida
tion and boycotts were employed to prevent
the nonunion men from going to work.
Everett Warren, counsel for the Lehigh
Valley Coal company, filed the wage state
ments of the company.
John H. Otto, the first witness called,
said all -.he merchants In Archibald, Pa.,
were compelled to boycott him because he
worked In the mines.
The second witness was a boy who was
forced to leave the store when he was em
ployed on account of his father being a
nonunion man, and the next witness testi
fied that strikers tried to have him forced
out of the volunteer company, to which he
belonged, because he continued at work as
a mine engineer during the strike.
Woman Telia of Itumlng Honae.
Mrs Rhoda Snyder of Wllkesbarre, with n
baby In her arms, took the stand and with
tears running down her face told of the
burning of her home by strikers.
Her husband was In the mines and could
not come home because he feared bodily
harm. She and her children were so abused
that she moved to another part of the city.
Her reception In. the new home was hostile
and she decided to move to her mother-in-law's
house. Strikers prevented her mov
ing and the same night the house and its
contents were destroyed by Are.
James D. Lewis, a mine foreman, who
said yesterday that he had been held up by
a crowd near Ollphant, was called In re
buttal by the miners, and .a photograph
showing him with a large crowd around
posing for a picture was placed In evidence.
James Dolan told a story of persecution
because he worked during the strike. His
children were beaten and Insulted on the
Holiday Vacation Bring; Many Tonna
People Home from School
The members of the Woman's Whist club
met Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Bender.
Mr. and Mra. W. F. Sapp of Oakland ave
nue entertained at dinner Monday evening
a number of friends.
Miss Emma Morehouse la home from
Peoria, 111., to spend the holldaya with her
parents on Fourth avenue.
Miss Adah Sargent and Miss Edna Kee
llne are home from St. Mary's, Knoxvllle,
III., to spend the holidays.
The art department of the Council Bluffs
Woman's club met Monday evening. Mrs.
Katherlne Cook led the program.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Wles entertained a num
ber of friends Informally at their home
east of the city Monday evening.
Miss Nora Brown will arrive Mondey
from New York to spend the holidays with
her parents, Mr. and Mr. J. J. Brown.
The Council BlufTs Rowing Association
Dancing club will give a dancing party at
the Grand hotel ball room Christmas night.
Mrs. V. K. Bender and children of Fifth
avenue have gone to Galesburg, 111., to
spend the Christmas holidays with Mrs.
Bender's pprents.
Lieutenant I. Beers Rohrer has returned
from Mexico (Mo.) Military school to spend
tho holidays with his parents. Mr. and
Mrs. M. F. Rohrer.
Mr. and Mrs. W. 8. Craig were pleas
antly surprised Thursday evening by a
number of their friends In honor of their
wedding anniversary.
A large dancing party will be given Mon
day evening at the ball room of the Orand
hotel by Mrs. B. W. Hart. About 100 In
vitations have been issued.
Miss Marlon Tyler will arrive this morn-
nit from New York, where she Ik attend
ing school, to enend the holidays with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Tyler.
Mtas Millie Graham entertained the mem
bers of the Euchre club at her homo Tues
day afternoon. Prizes were won by Mrs.
win Mutier ana Mrs. cnaries Bayies.
Miss Lizzie Drake was pleasantly sur
prised by a number of friends at her home
on Nortn avenue Thursday evening. Miss
Drake will leave after the holidays for St.
Miss Marian Benton will arrive home
today from Washington, D. C. where she
la attending the National Park seminary,
to spena tne innstmas nouaays will her
Miss Genevieve Baldwin returned home
Wednesday" from Red Oak, where she was
guest of honor at a large dancing party
given there by Judge and Mrs. Smith Mc-
Robert Swalne. Miss Asmes Robinson.
Miss Nellie Showalter, Avery Jennings and
Adam Hess are home from the University
or lowa. Iowa City, to remain durlna- the
Mlsa Josephine Jennlnas has returned
from Rockford, III., where she has been
attending school this year, and will spend
ths holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mra.
victor Jennings.
The literature department of the Council
Bluffs Woman's club held an Interesting
meeting Thursday afternoon at the club
room. Mr. II. A. Mrssmore was in charge
of the program tor the afternoon.
R. E. Wlatt of the Western Iowa Busi
ness college and F. L. Thomas of the high
school faculty left yesterday for St. Louis
to join HuntTintatHlent (.iirrord and the
party of teachers on the southern trip.
Mrs. B. M. Webster and Mrs. Charles
Woodbury gave a six-handed euchre party
Monday afternoon at tne nome or Mrs.
Woodbury on Willow avenue. Prizes were
awarded Mrs. S. T. McAtee and Mlm Hill.
A large fencing class has been organized
by Mis Florence Denny, physical director
of the t ouncll KiurTs w Oman s ciuu. ne
class meets every Friday afternoin and
tho members have taken up the art with
much enthusiasm.
Miss T.lzzle Drake of North avenue en
tertained Thurrday evenlnn a number of
her schoolmates. Music and games fur
nished the evening's entertainment. Ml
Drake will leave shortly fur St. Louis to
spend the winter with relatives.
Members of the Royal Highlanders
fathered Tuesday evening at the home nf
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Drake on North
avenue In celebration of their twenty-first
wedding anniversary. As a memento of th
auKitelous ocear'on the visitors presented
Mr. and Mrs. Drake with a handsome chini
dinner set.
Miss Kliznbeth Peno srvd Miss Helen Wal
lace, who are undents at Ijtuielle seminary.
Aubumdnle, Mhsr, will spend the hi'.llava
In New York 1tv. Ms Helen Foley, whs
Is a student a the Washlr.Kton university,
Wiuhlrton. D. C. will spend the holidays
In lioRton. Mao Haneheil, who la atter l
Irg Harvard university, will also spend
his vacation In Boston.
AH the women's clubs of the city have
S'ljouriif .1 until after the holidays. Amnrg
the eluba to give entertainment d iring
the holidays are the Oakland Aven;:e Head
ing club, which wlM give an Informal re
ception Friday evening. January 2. The
Ideal rljb will give a euchre party Wednes
day evenlrvg December 31. at the home of
Mrs. T. B. Mstcalf. The Tuesday History
club will give a "watch party'' the same
evening at the home of Dr. and Mrs. J. H.
Cleaver, ar.d the regular reception of the
Council Bluffs Woman's club will be held
the evening of January i-
Oeena. Vasiderltllt.
8CHN KCTADT, N. Y.. Dec. 20 John F.
Deems, superintendent of the Schnectady
branch ef the American Uocomoilre works,
has accepted ths position "at superintend
ent of motive power of the various rail
roads comprised la the Vandirbllt lines.
Mr. Deems cams here from ths Chicago,
Burtlngtoa 4 Qulacy.
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prices, considering value.
Gifts for Men
Fine linen Initial Handkerchiefs, 25c
each, or half dozen In fancy box for $1.50.
An all linen Initial Handkerchief at 15c
A handsome line of all linen Handker
chiefs, In , Si, H and 1-Inch hems; prices,
15c each, or two for 25c; 25c each; 35c, or
three for $1.00; 60c each and 75c each.
A white 811k Initial Handkerchief at 25c
and 60c; without Initial 60c and 75c.
Mufflers, Umbrellas, Military Brushes,
Toilet 8ets, Pocket Knives, Traveling
Cases, Shaving Mirrors, Collar. CufT and
Tie Boxes, Clipping Cases. Ink Wells, Pen
Wipers, Shaving Rets, Calendars, Pocket.
Dill, Address and Memorandum Books.
Novelties in Jewelry
The new Bend Chains, in black, carved,
teak and bogwood, pearl, turquoise, coral,
etc. Brooch Pins, In cameo, Rhinestone,
Solid Gold, etc. Variety of Muff and Boa
Chains; Infants' Gold- Pins, solid and
plated; Stick Pins, Button Sets. Sterling
Silver Manicure Pieces In new Frenh gray
finish; Paper Cutters, Files, Shoehorns.
Toofh Brushes, etc. New styles In
Charms and Lockets, gold, silver and gun
metal. Hair Ornaments and Combs, In
real and Imitation shell. Fancy Garters,
In round and side.
Big Cut in Prices of Chil
dren's Cloaks
$12.00 Coats reduced to $8.50; $10.75 Coats
reduced to $6.87; $8.50 Coats reduced to
$5.87; $5.50 Coats reduced to $3.87; $3. SO
Coats reduced to $1.95; $2.60 Coats reduced
to $1.50.
Children's Caps
Our line of children's headwear takes in
every kind. Handsome Silk Bonnets, best
Angora Hoods, $1.00 up. Red and Brown
Angora Hoods, $1.25 and $1.60. Handsome
Tam O'Shantera, Tocques, etc
Handsome Dress Skirts
Silk or wool, for house or street. New
est in Silk or Mercerized Petticoats.
Wrist Bass and Chate
The finest line
In Omaha.
Leathers in
Mexican carv
ed, walrus, eea
Hon, real seal,
alligator, un
dressed kid, ta
pestery, etc.
Prices 60o to
Newest styles in alligator, seal, morocco.
anake, lizard, etc. Price, lowest to best. -
Horse Blankets,
Lap Robes and
Carriage Heaters.
We carry mora blankets and Lap
Robes, with a greater variety of styles
and at lower prices, than any firm
In Omaha.
Andersen, Millard Go.
1516-18 Capitol Ave.
Dr. Burktiart's Wonderful Offer.
From far and near the gladsome tidings
come that Dr. Burktiart's Vegetable Com
pound Is the world's famoua remedy. It
cures Pains In the Back, Hide, Shoulder and
Head, Dizziness, Sleeplessness, Night
Sweats, Stiffness in Limbs snd Joints, Poor
Appetite, Sick, Sour Stomach, etc. 10
days' trial ire. All druggists.
DR. W. 8. fURKHAHT, t Inelsaatl, O.
Treats all forms of
f? Tears Exporlencs,
17 Years In Omaha.
Wla HmirVili. iua.
iufejlniv' cess ha. never been
equaled and every day bring, many flatter
ing report, of the good h. Isadolng, or ths
relief he has given.
Hot Springs Treatment for Syphilis
And all Blood Poisons. NO "BREAKING
OUT" on the skin or face and all external
algns of ths disease disappear at once.
Curn guaranteed la
. u.i I mhi curea 01 nsrv
UtfLti OUiUUJ ous deowiiy. loss of
..-..., uiatbsrsa., Mtriciurs,
U.oct- lUuney kuu biauer umea.e., xi
Treatment Dy mall. f. O. tiox .a, times
over ii b. lain street, between Jfarnam ana
Douglas streets, uMAliA. isaitl.
neves Kidney !
& Bladder!
tioublc t once.
Cures In
Each Caiw
lewir rf u'-t ronnferl-i...
CHRISTMAS TRADE as wc arc having
Kid Gloves
Perrln leads them
all for beauty and dur
ability. Prices, $1.00,
$1.50. $1.75 and $2.00.
In light or heavy
weight, dressed or un
dressed. Moha Gloves,
$1.00 to $1.60. Silk
lined Mocha Gloves,
$1.50 and $2.00. Best
Misses' Gloves, $1.
Trettlcst Golf Glove
rasde; price, 25c, 60c
and S3c.
We know we are
showing the finest
line ' of Christmas
Handkerchiefs ever
shown in this city,
and at prices that
are bound to sell
from two for 25c
up to $5.25.
Finest French
Embroidered Hnndkerrhlefs at Just HALF
FORMER PRICE $10.60 for $5.25, $8.75 for
$4.37. $6.60 for $3.25. t
A sheer, all linen hand embroidered
Handkerchief, 15c or two for 25c, or 85c for
fancy box of half a dozen.
A fine quality Initial at 30e each; $1.30
per fancy box of half dozen.
A handsome French Linen Handkerchief,
hnnd hemstitched. Initial, sheer quality, 60c
each, or $2.75 for half dozen.
rialn hemstitched linen Handkerchiefs,
from 5e to the sheerest fine French linen
for $1.25.
' Pretty lace trimmed Handkerchiefs for
25c, 35c, 60c. 75c. $1.00 and up to $10.00.
Dainty French hand embroidered Hand
kerchiefs, from 60c up.
A large line of real Duchesse and Point
Duchesse Lace Handkerchiefs and Real
Point. $1.25 up to $18.50.
Children's Inltlsl Hsndkerchlefs, 2Be a
box of three.
AH linen. 6c up.
Embroidered and hemstitched, 16c, 26c
and 50c.
Lacs trimmed, 25e and 60c.
Cut Price on French
Flannel Waists
AH colors, $5.60 and $5.00 quality for
$2.87; $3.60 Waists for $1.87.
Handsome line of black Peau de Sole and
Taffeta Waists.
Fancy Stationery
We have a grand line of Stationery, plain
and fancy, put up in elegant boxes for the
Christmas trade. Prices, 10c up to $2.00 a
Beautiful boxes as low as 38c and 60c.
New styles in Powder Boxes and At
omizers. Always
New to
I'll Liu
r;-v I Haw
All tha late 11.60 fiction; this Includes
everything In our Immense stock. Come
now before the best are gone.
We have greatly reduced the price on
table tennis and have the finest set for the
price. Our holiday special No. 6: Two
full red leather covered rackets, nickeled
extension posts, green net white bound,
six Imported balls, rules for playing, In a
nice box. This Is a snap..
We have 75 different styles of rackets and can furnish you any ef tha
parts to complete your old set.
Table tennis tsbles
not In use; they
amount of space.
will not warn, and
handle easily.
Lv. Omaha, Daily,
Ar. St. Louis
5:55 P. M.
7:00 A. M
rpeclsl rstes dally to all winter re
sorts. City office, 1D1 Farnam Street.
Q. A. f. D., Omaha. Hb.
Rave in !, sjfc. Msaeuajgajejaaa
teen saiatiissisl. wiaai aaasi. leaf
ra, . TlUMm, e.f "f
rrM f sCMBl alllipn wlHlfesjrl
Uaw'sa s)if1eBlt. SS.M
tars asr laviaael a at fcemfA. aVSI
a. ' ' aaaa.
H. P. Emmit, N-4W1 Ooo4 Elk.. IDTr, Col
suitable for Christmas
Christmas Counters
On these we have all the new styles li.
Toilet and Manicure 8ets, in antique. Ivory,
cocabola, burnt wood, real ebony, ebonold.
porcelain and silver. Trices, 60c to $15.00.
Collar, Cuff. Handkerchief, Tie and Work
Boxes, Traveling Cases, Smoking Sots and
Military Brushes; burnt leather goods In
Music Rolls, Shaving Tads, Clipping Books.
Address, Golf. Score and Memorandum Book
Address, Golf, Scorn and Memorandum
Books, Book Marks, Hair Receivers, Match
Receivers, Atomizers, Perfume, Sonp and
Powder Boxes. Whisk Holders and Tlcture
Frames, all kinds of Hand and Standing
Mirrors, Opera and Shopping Bags.
Entirely new and very artistic Hand
Sketched end Decorated Calendars In High
Art. representing Ping Tong, Golf anj
Bottles In fancy boxes, filled with choice
perfume. 58c. 7oc, $1.00. $1.25, $1.50. $2.00
and up to $3.00.
In bulk or bottle: Single bottles, 25c,
60c, 75c. $1.00, $1.50.
Ladies' Neckwear
All the pretty new styles that are made.
Dressing Sacques
We have a handsome line of lamb's wool
and eiderdown Dressing Sacques, with ap
plique and other trimmings.
Pretty Underwear In silk, wool or cotton
makes a nice Christmas present.
Silk and Fancy Hosiery are pretty pres
ents. Fans
From 60c up to $15.00.
Elegant line of Aprons, fancy and plain,
from 25a up.
For the Baby
Infants' handsome Dresses, Silk Bibs,
Bootees, Caps, Cloaks, Jackets, Shawls,
Carriage Robes, Baby Pins, Rings,
Rattles, Toilet Seta, Brushes and Combs,
Infants' Baskets, Hampers, etc.
Show You.
017 PU
made to fold up when
only occupy a small
Neatly made, durable,
sra not too heavy te
Farnam St. Open Evenings
SEND US $3.20
and we win ship, express
Is made st our ows dis
tillery, which (OT.ra.
ment reports show Is tb
only raal distillery w
ef ths Mississippi RJv..
Shawhan Whlakey mi
bees sold for ever 1 00
yaws snd Is ths very
best for medicinal pus
boms. If. upon trial, you
so sot find It tha old 10-ysar
whiskey yoa evsr taxied,
lust send It back at our
eipenas, snd your f 3.20
will bs promptly ra.
svsva (u, amrjlu
for 1903 snd llluauaud
booklet ob Shawhan
Whlakey. sent postpaid
(Msaiusry M Waatoa, ato.)
ll til
m: -J
! 101 IAI1B lUlLBlRO. 1AR3A3 CITY. Ma