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" By eating Force.' "
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Superintendent of Industrial Echool forBoji ,
Explains Its Purpose,
Sensational Stories About Nebraska
City's Water Supply Injare
the City.
NEBRASKA CITT, Neb.. Dee. 11. (Spe
cial.) The people of this city take excep
tions to the sensational stories sent to
some papers regarding the water situa
tion. The. truth Is that a change in the
rhannnl of the river tendered the supply
short snd made It necessary to dig a ditch
to the main channel, but at no time has
the city been without wster end at the
present time this difficulty has been reme
died. The stnrl?s that every man who
could handle a shovel had been pressed
Into service and that they were working
lay and night, while the women encouraged
thorn by carrying coffee and food while
they workea, are ridiculous. These exag
ferated stories have brought Inquiries from
Insurance companies, who bsve threatened
to rslse Insurance rates. While the condi
tions have been aanoylng, there has been
nothing to cause a panic or undue alarm.
22 and continuing throughout the week. A
splendid program la being prepared for the
occasion. The Jeffrey twins of Wymor
have been secured for one of the attractions.
Large Additions to Be Made to Shops
and Other Facilities at
Parallel for MeCormaek Case.
NEBRASKA CITT. Neb.. Dec. 11. (Spe
cial.) Considerable Interest is manifested
by the local attorneys on the opinion of
the supreme court In the MeCormaek case.
In 1875 there was almost a parallel de
cision rendered. W. H. Dodge of Chase
county, then unorganized, was tried here,
convicted of murder and sentenced to be
hung. On error to the supreme court by
tho defendant the precise Question as In
the MeCormaek case was raised and the
prisoner was remanded for notification of
the verdict and sentence. In this case,
before judgment of the court was executed,
the prisoner was shot In the Jail by un
known parties, supposedly friends of the
murdered man.
Killed by a Trala.
SiaUW-jNeb,. . Dec-ll. (Special.) John
Thompson, a Polander who' has been work
ing as a farm hand In this county for the
last ten years, was killed at midnight last
night by a train on the Elkhorn, one mile
west of Blair. He was in town last night,
badly Intoxicated, and It Is supposed that
he was making his way to his brother's,
a half-mile from where he was killed. His
head was split open across the back and
most of the bsck part wss gone.
Sons Surprise Their Father.
MEAD. Net., Dec. 11. (Special.) Wll
lard Williams of Ashland, who has been at
the Mead hotel tor a few days, was sur
prised last evening, while seated at the
desk, by his sons, Herbert and Albert,
whom he had not seen or heard from for
fifteen end twenty years respectively. The
boys, or rather men, are located In Cuba,
N. Y., and are prosperous and well-to-do
residents of that town.
Contest for Prise at Crete.
CRETE. Neb., Dec. 11. (Special.) The
Sanborn prise declamation contest of Crete
academy occurred at the Congregational
church last night. There were seven
contestants, the successful one being Vf.
E. Jlllson, jr. For second place there was
the unusual spectacle of a tie between
three persons. R. U McMillan. R. B.
Douglas and A. K. Shedd.
Beatrice Property Chances Hands.
BEATRICE, Neb., Dec. 11. (Special.)
C. H. Calkins, a prominent farmer of east
ern Qage county, yesterdsy purchssed the
Clemmer property In this city, for which
he paid $3,000 rash. Mr. Calkins will take
possession March 1 and will make Beatrice
his home.
Barned by Explosion ef Stave.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Dec. 11. (Special.)
Miss Gertrude Eolow. a teacher la the
public schools of this city, had her face
and hands badly burned yesterday after
coon during school hours by the explosion
of a coal stove.
lea Five laches Thick.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Dec. 11. (Soeclsl.l
Ths Ice on the Blue river at this point is
live inches thick and It the cold weather
continues our local dealers expect to begl
harvesting Ice soon.
Beatrice Firemen's Fair
BEATRICE. Neb.. Dee. 11. (Special.)
The firemen of Beatrice will bnM thalr
fair here tola year, beginning December
SIDNEY. Neb.. Dee. 11. (Special Tele
gram.) President Burt, Superintendent of
Motive Power McKeen, Superintendent
Ware and Chief Engineer Berry of the
Union Pacific were here today Inspecting
the shops and roundhouse. Orders have
boen Issued for the Immediate building of
an additional ten stalls to the roundhouse,
a new boiler bouse with a battery of three
boilers of 250 horse power, a large new
well near the ice house and electric light
ing plant, a large sandhouse, an addition
to the machine shops and a complete re
modeling of the T'nlon Pacific hotel to be
modern in every particular.
H. E. Cos of North Platte has been ap
pointed chief dispatcher and train master
from Cheyenne to Sidney, Including the
yards here, with three assistants. The
business at this point has become so large
as to necessitate all these Improvements.
The stsnd taken by the people here during
the strike has done much toward the cor
dial relations existing between them and
the railway officials.
Abeess Forms In Drain of Man Who
Was Shot Three Yearn
ATKINSON. Neb.. Dec. 11. (Special.)
While working in hla cornfield yesterday
Clark Ouy suddenly dropped to the ground
In a spssm snd in a short time was dead.
Other men working near hastened to him
and found blood and pus running from his
mouth, esrs and nose. About three years
ago Mr. Ouy was shot through the brain,
and his remarkable recovery at that lmo
created great Interest in the medical fra
ternity. Death resulted from the bursting
of an abscess Inside his head, caused by
the old wound.
Governor Istbi Explains How the
State Happened to Raise the
' Price on Thirty Carloads
of Coal.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Dec. 11. (Special.) In his
biennial report to the governor of the In
dustrial School for Juveniles (boys) at
Kearney Dr. J. V. Beghtol, superintendent,
desires to correct the Impression thst the
Institution Is a "reform school." It Is an
Industrial training school, the report said,
"and It Is an unfortunate error that the
Idea exists that an odlom attaches to tho
name of the boy who Is sent there. Boys
are not sent there for punishment, but for
"Some ambiguity of the law exists which
renders commitment Irregular In certain
cases and it Is hoped the legislature will
mske the law7 plain," Dr. Beghtol adds.
Of the religious training at the school
the report ssys the services are conducted
by five chaplslns, who are residents of
Kesrney snd who alternate. Sunday school
Is held each Sunday morning and tho
church service each Sunday afternoon.
At present there are 145 boys in the
school. On February 1, 1897, there were
225 boys and on February 1. 1901, there
were 125 boys. The superintendent ac
counts for the decrease by Indiscriminate
parole, regardless of demerits cancelled or
home environments.
The total appropriation for the two years
was $92,700 and the amount expended from
April 1, 1901, to June 1, 1902. was $62,572.67.
The average monthly expenditure was $4.-
469.47. The balance on hand to pay ex
penses from June 1, 1902, to April 80, 1903,
Is $30,127.33.
Dr. Beghtol estimates that it will cost
$99,000 to conduct the affairs of the in
stitution during the next btennlum.
Norfolk Asylum Report.
Dr. Frederick F. Teal of the Norfolk
Hospital for the Insane In his report filed
with the governor calls sttentlon to the
success of the homeopsths snd their treat
ment of disease at that institution. The
death rate since homeopathic treatment has
been Introduced, said the report, was the
lowest In tho history of the institution,
being only 8.05 per cent. TheTe were 265
Inmates in the hospital December 1, 1901,
and sixty-nine new ones admitted during
the year. A total of 369 cases were treated
during the year.
The report contains a complete history of
the fire and to that attributes the In
creased cost per csplta to $236.02. At pres
ent on the roll of the hospital there are
three names and these persons are at their
homes on parole. The disposition of the
patients has been as follows: Lincoln hos
pital, 128; Hastings, 135; discharged as
cured, 84; died, 19; home on parole, S.
Dr. Teal reports the value of state prop
erty at Norfolk to be $125,000, and he rec
ommends the hospital be rebuilt to accom
modate 250 persons.
The appropriation received was $174,000;
expenditure from December 1 to April 1,
1901. $18,521.71; from April 1, 1901. to De
cember , 1902, $36,709.35.
garplas from Oil Inspection.
State Oil Inspector Hayes hss filed his
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f "
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semi-annual report wltb the gofernor,
showing the receipts and expenditures of
bis office monthly for the last half year.
The report shows a decided Increase In
the matter of receipts over the last re
port. It Is as follows:
Receipts. Expenditures
..$1,063 00
1,312 l
1.M1 HO
1.926 80
, 1.2&; io
$ 896 94
920 07
21 89
970 SJi
860 38
Totals $9,616 00
Frotects the Coal Dealer.
$6,642 83
The buying of thirty cars of coal as an
emergency at a rate greatly in excess of
the contract price for the various state in
stitutions by three members of the Board
of Purchase and Supply, at a called meet
ing, Insofar as the price Is concerned, was
a matter of sentiment and not necessity,
according to the statement of Governor
Ssvsge this afternoon.
The Wbltebreast Coal and Lumber com
that he objected to taking the coal at
a price lower than that which the com
pany had paid for It. but In view of the
scarcity of coal the thirty car loads should
pany, which haa tho contract to furnish j b" Purchased. at the price paid for It by
coal for a majority of the state lnstltu- j Jhe company. The coal was bought, and
tlons, through Its representative, stated ln tho meantime tho Whltebreast company
that it was getting to bevnore difficult to ePt to " "s contract Ju.t the same,
secure coal, and the conditions would be ! Governor Savage said this afternoon that
wnm after the ft rut of the vear. He. uc V"""'" mo in-
however, was willing to 011 hla conttact
with the state and Informed the board
that he would do so if he had to search
the United States for the coal. The rep
resentative of the company then said he
had thirty car loads on hand which he
had purchased at prices sbove the con
tract price, but which he was willing to
furnish the board at the contract nrlce.
Oovernor Savage stated this afternoon
Woman's Work in Club and Charity
Telephone Company Prospers.
YORK. Neb.. Dec. 11. (Special.) At a
meeting of the subscribers of stock to tha
Consolidated York County Independent
Telephone company the following directors
and officials were elected: Captain George
Holdeman, president; C. N. Beaver, vice
president; J. M. Bell, treasurer; Edwin
Bell, secretary and manager; George Holde
man, Alfred B. Christian, W. L. Klrkpat
rick, J. B. Erwlne of Waco, Dr. Straight of
Benedict, J. M. Bell and C. N. Beaver,
directors. The new company starts out
with a paid up capital of $20,000 and has
a network of wires over the north and
northeast part of the county. The new
company la a consolidation of the York
Telephone company, the Waco Telephone
company and the Benedict Telephone com
pany, which have large exchanges and at
present can scarcely build lines as fast
as telephones are wantsd.
The next meeting of the local chapter P.
E. O. will be held at the home of Mrs. A. W.
Buchanan, 3862 Charles street, on Satur
day afternoon. The business session will
be followed by a literary session, "An
cers of the Women's Christian association
was held on Tuesday morning In the par
lors of the Young Men's Christian associa
tion and was well attended by members and
interested friends. The effort of the asso-
delegates and even committee women who
will. In spite of their obligation, allow
outside attractions to interfere with their
being ln the meetings. This nuisance has
always been sufficiently great to make the
Afternoon with Mary Wllklns." Miss Lucy elation Is now being concentrated upon thd experienced ones tearful of an attraction
Ana Iain red In Corn Shelter.
FREMONT, . Neb.. Dec. 11. (Special.)
Rufus Hook, a farmer living near Glencoe.
had his arm caught, la the cogs of a corn
shelter yesterday and sustained serious
Injuries. Hook was worklug about the
sheller when ln some way his coat sleeve
caught in the cogs. He called out to
stop the machine, but before It could bo
done his arm was drawn lato the cogs and
the flesh torn off to the bone. His arm
Is so badly Injured that he will never re
cover the full use of it.
Fair Association Electa Officers.
TECUMSEH, Neb.. Dee. 11. (Special.)
The annual meeting of the Johnson County
Fair association was held la Tecumseh res
terday afternoon. The reports of the sec
retary and reasurer were read and then
officers elected for next year as follows:
President, Israel Carman; vies president,
A. C. 8ullivan: treaaurer. T. J. Pierson;
secretary, E. H. Grist. The Indebtedness
of the association was somewhat reduced
during the last year.
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For sale by Kuha Co.
Roys will read a paper on "Mary WllklnV
and Miss Laura Brunner will read selec
tions from her work.
Old People's Home, formerly known as the such as the exposition promises to be
Old Ladles' Home, the organisation having
recently re-incorporated to Include this
broader work. The report from the homo
showed 143 applications tor admlueion- dur
ing the year, three deaths, ten regular In-
Among the chief matters considered by
the first annual convention of the North
Carolina Federation of Women's Clubs, held
last month in Winston-Salem, were rural
The following announcement has been
made for the meeting of the law depart
ment of the Woman's club December 18 at mates, two of which have come In as life schools and village Improvement,
j o'clock p. m. Mr. F. H. Gaines will members, and a number of transients shel- ..
speak on "The Law of Real Estate." This tcred for a few days. The treasurer re- It nM been left wUn Mrg May bright
will be followed by a review of the pre- ported $3,000 In cash toward the proposed geweJi to decide whether the next meeting
vlous lectures by Miss Boss, Mrs, A. K. new Dulldlng ana ii.uou ror current ex- of tne international Council of Women will
penses. The election rollowed, resulting in
the re-election of Mrs. George Tllden as
president; Mrs. P. L. Perlne, first vice
president; Mrs. G. W. Clarke, second vice
president; Mrs. Edward Johnson, recording
eecretary; Mrs. C. S. Lobtngler, correspond
ing secretary; Mrs. Frederick Clarke,
treasurer; trustees, Mesdames L. L. Bolts.
Csdet Taylor. O. H. Pratt, Isaac Carpenter.
W. B. Taylor. Chetwood Hamilton, David
Cole, 8. V. Fullaway and T. V. Moore; hon
orary vice presidents, Mesdames J. B. Jsr
1ln T T MnPUIn M. R. Klllntt Horace
Luddington and L. O. Coman. The regular lU8t enterert 00 ,u twentieth year of work
meeting of the board of directors will be
Gault and Dr. MUlen. The library com
mittee will furnish for the use of the de
partment Miss Msry A. Green's Woman's
Manual cf Law, which has recently been
Mrs. Hannah O. Solomon of Chicago has
again been elected president of the Na
tional Council of Jewish Women.
Again the Chicago Woman's club has
fallen under the disfavor of the other cluba
of the state and this time for no other
reason than that It happens to Include in
Its membership two women whose ability
be held in Berlin or in Dresden. It is
thought the meeting should be held in
Germany, as the qulntennlal convention is
to be held in Berlin, and taking advantage
of this fact some contention has arisen be
tween fsclions.
The Omaha Equality club will meet Fri
day evening, December 12, at 8 o'clock, In
the assembly room of the public library. .
' The Woman's Christian assoclstion has
It Is tho oldest charitable organization that
has conducted Its work continuously In
Omaha. Many of Its members have been
with it since its founding and are well
known women. Beginning in three small
rooms and caring only tor transients, the
has made them 'valuable te the General nc,a " lu ""''"'"
Federation to the extent of occasion- tne YouD Men' Christian association
ing their appointment to positions en parlors.
national committees, an, honor that the .
. . . . . Th tinuaa rnmmlttea of the Youna
Adams and Mrs. Lydla Avery Conley Ward
are tha honored women, and, while there Is
no question of their ability, the fact that
Mrs. Wiles, also of ths Chicago Woman's
club, was appointed to the program com-
r'"'"r.T.. ... r usually Interesting and profitable, in fact charge feel this to be positively dangerous
It, .....on ... ... branches ha. a. many member, of the sr. feeble
offered unu.ual Inducement, this year that and ought not to have the care of fires or
It hopes to extend to at least 2,000 young lamps, besides being helpless In case of
to furnUh a membershlD Darlor where aemanaing eignieen rooms anq giving
members may go and be away from the oth- permanent home to many dependent, or
era when they desire. The present plessant partially dependent, aged people. The house
creased price because the coal company
was doing its best to 011 Its contracts, and
because of that he saw no reason to take
advantage of the company and cause It to
lose money.
Candidates for Adjutant General. I
Among the men who would be willing
to spend most of their time looking after 1
tiie duties of the office of the adjutant gen- I
eral. friends of Dr. R. W. Olden of this j
city have added bis name. Dr. Olffen dur- j
Ing the Spanish-American brush was ap-
pointed by - President McKlnley as chief
surgeon of volunteers, in which position
he established a good reputation among
military men. Among the other candl-'
dates who have been announced some time
sre: Msjor T. F. Wilson of Geneva, Major
Lyons of Norfolk and Frank Ringer, cap
tain of Company F, Second National
Guards. And ln the meantime Governor
Mickey Is saying nothing.
Plans (or Federal Building.
L. L. Llndsey, custodian of the federal
building, has received the plans and speci
fications of the new federal building, to be
erected If the plans to buy the present
structure do not materialize. The pioposed
new structure will comprise two additions
to the present building, oue at each end,
running in tbelr longest dimensions north
and south. They will be twenty-five feet
wide, so that they will Increase the present
length of the building about fifty feet. Each
w'.ll extend back some thirty-five feet be
yond the present north well, and the spsce
enclosed between their northern extremi
ties will become part of the main work
room of the Each of these now
wings will extend upward four stories, the
height, of the present building. As con
structed the federal building will bo 138
feet and 8 Inches long esst and weft and
100 feet and 8 Inches deep. It will com
prise four stories and a basement.
Labor Commissioner's Iteport.
The report of Labor Commissioner Wat
son is being placed in the bands of the
printers as rapidly as possible and it Is
expected it Vlil be published by tho first
of the year. It will cover, about 400 pages,
being smaller than the report two years ago j
ana not one-third as large as the one four
years ago.
I -Jacksonville. Kin.
1 l rcrmsvllle, 1 la
!-; Orleans. La
! Vlokshtira. Miss............
I Hammond, La..;.'
1-Daylona. Fla.....
I Tunipa. KJn.,
1 Pfilm Hearh. Fla......
1 Havana. Cuba
1 Jackxon, Alius..
1 St. Auiiur.Une, Fla
If- Ml. Clements, Mich........
2 trench isck Springs, Ind.
H Chicago, HI
... 4H."'I
..... ax. '
I...: 43
71 M
Change In Xewspaper Proprietors.
M'COOK. Nob., Dec. 11. (Special. )-
parlors are,to continue open to all. The now occupied at 2718 Burt street has few ' r ,n9 Ha
entertainment series outlined by the edu- conveniences. Each room Is heated by a Ccnt R.publlcan for e,ghteen yeara.
catlonal committee for the winter Is un- small stovo and lighted by lampa. Those in
Spaulding S Co.
Goldsmiths, Silversmiths and Jewelers
Importers of
' Diamonds, Precious Stones
Watches and Art Goods
Producer, of
Rich Jewelry and Silverware
Our patrons will find here thepportunity for
deliberate selection which is only possible in
shops having an unlimited range in variety.
Special and artlatt. Correct aad latest forma
designs rurataasd. la Fla. Stationery.
Our "Sugge.tloa Book" mailed oa application.
Spaulding & Co, Jackson Blvd Corner State St, Chicago.
esty for the occasion and call attention to
the fact that there are aeveral score, of
other large clubs In Illinois among which
aa occasional woman might be found cap
able of representing the federation even
ln the national committees.
The Sunshine club at South Branch Is
planning a Christmas party for December
Mrs. William Todd Hlmuth of New York "nd the mothr re t0 be the gueU-
has returned from her summer's trip . .
abroad and will take up her work a. prc.l- Mr' , Robert Burdet te of Los Angeles,
dent ct the National Council of Women. " ' ',1
Mrs Mary Wood Swift of Sa. tlon ot Women's Clubs, was in the city this
has been acting president during Mrs. Hel-
muth's absence.
The South Omaha members of the Home
accident or fire, which may occur at any
time. The association has been considering
for some time the plan ot securing more
desirable quarters, but has' not as yet had
anything very desirable offered. There
should be three or four acres of ground and
a house that can readllly be converted into
one suited to the needs ot the growing
work. The placo should not be more than
a block from the car line, as the aged ones
cannot walk far, but must be able to get
out at times. It should be within walking
An organisation said to be the qldest
womsn's club In America has recently cele
brated Its eightieth anniversary In Bald
wlnsvllle. New York, and its name the
Female Charitable association, would seem
to Justify Its claim of continuous work
since 1822.
The reform department of the Chicago
Woman's club has projected the building
of a hospltsl for children and a meeting, of
the entire club haa been called to arrange
the details of the enterprise.
Queen's Circle club entertained at a card distance of a church, have a nice lawn, with
plenty of shsde trees, garden and poultry
and cow yards. Some of those living ln
the home are anxious to do some outdoor
work and with large grounds this can be
encouraged. The association has never
been ln so good a financial condition as at
biennial In 8t. Louis Is being discussed present, having about $3,000 on hand for a
party on Wednesday afternoon, ths pro
ceeds of which are to go to the circle.
The announcement ot the decision of the
executive committee of the General Federa
tion of Women's Clubs to hold the next
with satisfaction not unmixed with severe
criticism. Ordinarily St. Louis would af
ford exceptional advantages as a meeting
place, owing to Its location, facilities and
Its strong local clubs, but with an exposi
tion oa In the city at that time the wisdom
of the board's decision is to be questioned.
As a matter of fact, the exposition Is the
new buildlcg and $1,000 for current ex
penses. The property on Burt street is free
from Incumbrance, aa are the two lots ln
Dundee belonging to the organization. These
can be tOrned account in securing another
place It necessary. Is there not some lib
eral hearted man or woman who will either
donate In full or in part the property
A large number of women wha did serv
ice as nurses In the Spanish-American war
were In attendance last week in Washing
ton, D. C, at tha annual convention of the
SDanlsh-American War Nurses' association.
The meeting was held ln the red parlor of In It will a reduction of rates thst will dent of the sssoctatlon, Mrs. George Tllden
bone ot contention. It Is pointed out by needed to carry on this good work? Will
some that the fair will only be an addl- aome ons willing to sell ground answering
tlonal attraction and advantage, occasion- these needs communicate with the presl-
ths Ebbltt House and Dr. Anita Newcomb make the convention possible to hundreds
McGee presided. In addition to tbe women clubs and delegates who could not other
there were a number ot distinguished vis, lse aord the trip, snd will ensble tbe
I'ors representing the srmy snd navy, women to embrace two great educational
Greetings were received from the Daugh- feature.. Instesd ot one, while the mis
ters of tbe America Revolution and other aionary work In the cause of women will
prominent women's organizations. The
nurses were received at the White House
and were taken tor a number of pleasant
sxcurslons about the city.
Tha annual so eel. g and election of offi-
be Invaluable. All of this Is true enough,
but there are those who are viewing the
matter from another side. There are few
who have attended tbe previous conven
tions who are not familiar with the Incon
venience and annoyance occasioned by those
124 South Nineteenth street, or with the
chairman of tho Old People's Home, Mrs.
P. L. Perlne, 1920 Dodge street, and It will
be considered at once? Donations toward
a suitable building are solicited, so the
trustees may know how valuable a property
they can purchaae. As this Is for a perma
nent home the association will not con
sider anything but desirable property, ln a
good neighborhood.
epubllcan for eighteen yeara,
Judge M. J. Abbott has been compelled to
relinquish the paper to tho mortgagee, H.
May of Hayes Center, who will run the
paper until he can realize on his mortgage.
Gives Perjured Krldencc
Morrison Csm and
to Jnll.
In Fa moo.
ELDORADO, Kan., Dec. 11. J. C. Brown
field, convicted of perjury in the Jessie
Morrison murder case, wrs today refused
a new trial and sentenced to seven yesrs
in the penitentiary.
Brownfleld waa the stsr witness for Miss
Morrison, who was found guilty and given
a ten-year sentence.
OMAHA. Mill.
Column tl) Tickets on sal. dally;
return limit June 1. 1903.
Column Ht nckeia oil sale dally;
ituirn limit (W ttays.
Column U Tieitets on sale Nov. 30,
Dec. 1 and i; rcluru limit Dec. K.
itounu trip tickets on Jaie to nearly
sll puintk .11 tne south :iU soutneasL
mopuJera uilutveU both, suing aim re
turning. Audition Is called to the 'Dixie
Flyer, ' a ihrougii train via Nashville,
i.liauaruiofcu, Lookout Mountain, At
lanta and Macon, to Jacksonville.. k'U.
iiomeaeekers tickets, ut rule of onu
tare, plus U-W, on able first snd third
Tuesdays ol each month, to points in
Tennessee, Kentucky,, llissib-jippi,
Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, etc.
CorieHiiondcncu invllutt and mtonna
tion cheerfully iclvet. Uet copy ot our
beaut'.fu1. Illustrated booklet, covering
points ot Interest 111 tns Sunny (South,
t 1402 Karnam St.. Omaha. Sab., or
Difct. Pass. Agt, III Cent. R. R,.
Ilmnhll. Nfh.
In Pullman sleeper, on fast
trains, tri weekly, personally
New cars, courteous employes, satis
tying meals. The cheap and Com- -
fortable way to go.
Chicago to Los Acgeles and Ban
Why stay at home?
The California tear described In our
books; mailed for 10c In stamps. .
Address Psssenger Office,
Atchison, Topeka ft Santa Fa
Railway. Des Moines, la.
Santa Fe
Rant Fe Meeting Delayed.
TOPEKA. Kan.. Dec. 11 The annual
meeting of the directors and stockholders
of the Atchison. Topeka & Santa Fe Rail
road company was not held at noon, as
scheduled. No. 5, containing President 1
Klpley snd other directors, Is very late,
ix-ins; aeiayea east 01 iansaa v ity dv orna
engines." A special trsln will bring the
directors from Kansas City to Topeka for
the meeting upon tne arrival of no. .
What Shall We
Have for Dessert?
This question arises in tha family
every day. Let us answer it to-day. Try
a delicious and healthful dessert. Pro
pared In two minutes. No boiling I no
baking I add boiling water and et to
eooL Flavors: Lemon, Orange, Rasp
berry and Strawberry. Get a package
at your grocer, to-day. 10 ct.
In all UlSEAata
of MEN.
12 years of atiJ
ccsslul practice In
II rp cur4 , j esrs, oaauki . uuu., f,u
ILLO !om ef ilia lsi srDia la mm
foil or inonsr rfus.4.
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dlrfllLid taaroashlr 1mi:4 (ram tk
nUat. Seoa 'n " symptom 4iipia
aaawiMslr tss ( Ms "BHEAKINO OUT'
Us sis sn ths skin sr Us. Trwuissot contslss
ss Ssossrau ims UlKas nsdlclass.
IMP IF lirtl 'ran Kcssrs at VICTIMS T
lit AH lilLll NIHVdt tfcUlL.lTY OH r.x.
bBCaT is VoLN'i ss4 sUDUUt AC.aU; l of ..
titot ss strsasth. wtU srasss tststcA sua sus.
faxes ftisranlsse.
CTnlATIISC sareS Hh s bsw fcsm trsst.
srlnlulwilX sk ri. so teumiise
If rOQ b tal LssrSJSJi.
JIUNAHV. KlSa sb Blsatst TssnWss. JTsaa
sa.k. biu-uIds Unas. Vm" VriBsiias. Vnam
Miak Colors, or wtta s:ikjr sslsjl sa suis
luasaltatlon re. Treatment l.r ftiall.
Call sr aiiarrss. 11 a, 14th St.