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    The Omaha Daily Bee.
Factions Agree and the Stockholders'
Strlington Railroad Company 6ays Com
missioner's Fignrei Are Too High.
Contends that Oity Has Authority Ouly
Outside f Ei?ht of Way.
Realty exchange files a complaint
It Asks for Raise of Burlington Assessment
to $14,996,142.
Board of Review Is Asked to Tat Pall
Value of Tangible Proper! r and
Franrhliri In Railroad
In contemplating the siihject of railroad
taxation the Board of Review finds a now
complication In a protest llled yeaterday
by the Burlington company in which that
corporation respectfully but firmly de
nies the authority of the tax commissioner
or the board Itself to make any adjust
ment of the assessment on certain portions
of Its property. This document Is signed
by Ortcno, Brcckenridge A Klnsler, as at
torneys, and was filed by them late yester
day afternoon. Ii is addrfased to William
Fleming, tiz commissioner of the city of
Omaha; Victor Rnsewator and William J.
Hunter, constituting the Board of Review
In the matter of assessments of property
within the metropolitan city of Omaha. In
part tt reads as follows:
Gentlemen: You are hereby notified that
the properties returned for assessment and
luxation within the state of Nebraska
under the name of the Omaha & Southwest
ern Railroad company and the Omaha A
North I'latte Railroad company, and which
are held under perpetual lenses and oper
ated by the undersigned as a part of its
railway system, consisting of railroad and
telegraph lines, Including roadbed, right-of-way,
main and sidetracks, and turn-outs,
depot proline!" and buildings, section and
tool houees, repair shops, warehouses, roll
tag stock of all klniU and descriptions,
tjlegraph lines, furniture and fixtures and
other peraonnl property belonging to the
undersigned necessary for the construction
and repair of its lines of rotid, but not in
cluding property of the following character
within the county of louglas, vlx., machine
nd repair shops, general olilce buildings,
lorehouses and real and personal property
tulslde of its rlght-of-wuy and depot
Irounds. have been assessed for taxation
within the- stale of Nebraska by the State
Uoard of Equalisation in ttie manner pro
Meeting; l.iati for Ji
teea IWIaate.
Witnesses Tell of Thousands Offared for
Besalntion to iesume.
DENVER, Dec. 10. In accordance
the agreement reached late last night be,
tween the proxy committees of the three
factions who have been contending for
the control of the Colorado Fuel and
Iron company, the following dlrectori
were unanimously elected at the stockhold
ers' meeting today: James H. Hyde, H. E.
Huntington, E. H. Harriman, J. A. Kobler,
J. M. Herbert, A. C. Cass. George J. Gould,
J. I Jerome, Edwin Hawley, John H. Mc
Clement, Frank Trumbull, Charles H. But
ler and J. C. Osgood.
Messrs. Gould, Herbert. McClement and
Butler were named 'by the Gould committee;
Messrs. Huntington. Hawley, Harriman and
Trumbull by the Hawley-Harrlman com
mittee, and Messrs, Kobler, Cass. Jerome
and Osgood by the Osgood committee and
James H. Hyde waa named aa the thirteenth
member of the board by mutual agreement.
A roll call developed the alrrngth of the
aeevral factions. J. H McClement, repre
senting Mr. Gould and frlecda. held proxies
for 65,314 shares. Edwin Hawley, repre
senting E. H. Harriman and others, held
proxies for 64,403 shares and J. L. Jerome,
representing Mr. Osgood and friends, held
proxies for 90,257 sharea.
A meeting of the new board was held
this afternoon, at which officers and mem
bers of the executive committee for the
ensuing year were unanimously elected, as
Chairman, J. C. Osgood president, J. A.
Kebler, first vice president. A. C. Cass;
second vice president, J. H. McClement;
third vice president, J. L. Jerome; secre
tary. D. C. Beaman; treasurer, J. I
Jerome; executive committee, George J
Oould. J. H. McClement, J. C. Osgood, J
A. Kebler. A. C. Cass.
TRINIDAD, Colo.. Dec. 10. The news of
the retention of the old management in the
Colorado Fuel and Iron company waa re
ceived here and In the surrounding camps
with much joy and the air waa filled with
loud reporta of dynamite from every dlrec
Teh scene Is one of wild (hilarity and the
mines have been closed Until the celebra
tlon is over. '
Delaware A Madaoa Swear to Paying;
Miners Over Six Hundred and La
borers More Than Four Han.
dred Dollars Yearly,
SCRANTON, Pa., Dec. 10. The most ln-
erestlng. If not Important, evidence before
he coal atrlke commission today waa to
the effect that a former mine foreman at
tempted to bribe two presidents of miners'
local unlona to get ten men to paas a reso-
utlon ordering the men back to work.
Each president was to receive 12,500 and a
St. I.oula Terminal Association Electa
Rook Island and Increase
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 10. At the stockholders'
meeting of the Terminal Railroad assocla
Wded by law, und a report has been made I tlon of St. Louis today It waa voted to
ay the auditor of public accounts of Ne- j npprove a contract to conatruct the Levee
araska to the . county clerk of Douglas i . , th ,, , ,, .w.
jounty, Nebraska, of the amount of the " - .-..-w -"
nlleage of uald propertlea taxable within i city and to Increase the capital atock from
jougias county. Nebraska, and tne assess- t 2.000.000 to S50.000.000 and the bonded In
nent thereof, as follows:
The Oinuha & Southwestern Pailroad
fompany. 4.M miles at $6,500 per mile, and
he Omaha ft North I'latte Railroad cum
;any, 8.17 miles, at I5.0U0 per mile.
State Hoard's Flarures.
Th only lawful assessment which can be
rtade on th propertlea in question for the
uses of 1D4 by the commissioner of the
)ty of Omaha I' $17,815 upon the property
vsaessed in tne name of the Omaha &
-.southwestern Railroad company, and $11,310
Ipon the property assessed in the name of
he Omaha A North Platte Railroad com
any. Nevertheless, the tax commissioner arbitrarily and without any semblance
mt authority pretended to make an ussess
i ent upon said properties of a much larger
um, to-wlt., ltiu times the amounts men
lOnod; that Is to say, a gal net the property
Tited tn the name of the Omaha A South
western Railroad company, $1,761,600, and
I train! the property listed In the name of
I :a Omaha & North Platte Rullroad com
lny $1.131,(xio, and this company Is ln
lurmed that you, claiming to be authorized
i the premises, threaten to act on aald un
authorised and arbitrary assessment m
nade by aald WHllam Fleming, pretending
ii act as tax commissioner, and determine
whether same in your Judgment is the
-alue to be placed upon said properties for
i'.ie purpose of taxation for the yev.r 1SW3
lthfn the metropolitan city of Omaha.
This company denle your power and au
thority In the premises. The usenment
tiade by the State Hoard of Equalization
,ipon all the propertlea ot tne undersigned
n either the name of the Onviha & Nortrl
clatte Railroad company or the Omaha &
:outhweetcrn Railroad company, except
machine and repair shops, general ntllt-e
tuiminga, storehouses and real and personal
property outside of lis right-of-way and
fepot grounds. Is the only assessment which
the tax commissioner of the metroolltan
5lty of Omaha has any power or authority
lo make, and there Is nothing with reaper t
thereto which you, sitting as a board of re
view, have any authority to review or act
upon. , .
Please take notice and be governed ac
cordingly. Complaint Agraiast Borllnajton.
A dooument also bearing upon the affairs
of the Burlington road, but very different
in Its tenor, waa died aoon after this pro
test. That waa the complaint of the tax
committee ot the Real Estate exchange, the
purpose of which is to effect an increase of
the railroad company's assesament even !
above the figurea named by the tax com-
missloner. Tho aggregate amount at which
this complaint appraises the Burlington
propertlea In this city la $14,998,142.30.
The complaint la similar In form to that
fled on the previous evening In relation to
the assessment .of the properties of the
Vnlon Pacific road. It Is drawn by J. H.
Mcintosh as attorney, la sworn to by
George T. 'Morton as complainant and la
dealgnated as relating to the Chicago, Bur
lington A Qulncy Railway company, the
Burlington A Missouri River Railroad com
pany In Nebraska, the Omaha A Southwest
ern Railroad company and the Omaha A
North Platte Railroad company. Like the
petition' In rtgard to the Union Pacific
road. It la drawn tn aeparate sectlona, each
section dealing with a different portion of
the property and each in itself commuting
The first complaint relatea to the passen
ger station, which, tt Is set forth, cost
1600.000, and which, with the grounds. Is
said to be worth $300,000, at which figure
the board la asked to. assess it.
The main double track Is the subject of
the second complaint and thta portion ot
the ccmpany'a holdings, embracing the
right-of-way and other tangible appurte
nances, la appraised at $2,111,000. To this
la added $4,222,000 for the franchise and the
board Is asked to assess the property at
the aggregate amount of $8,333,000.
Another complaint la devoted to the ter
tnlnals of the Burlington road, which are
considered aa to tbeir earning capacity and
their- present and prospective value aa an
Item of property, and upon which Is placed
a valuation of $7, 883.14!. 30, which the board
la urged to accept as Its basis of taxation.
This petition concludes with the prayer
that the board assess the different proper
tlea enumerated In the aggregate sum of
$14. m, 141. 30.
Extreme Told Weather, Together
with Hard Times, Causes gof
fering; In Germany.
BERLIN. Pec. 10. The extremely cold
weather prevailing In Germany. In con
nection with the bard times, la causing
touch Buffering. Many peraons bave been
fro ten to deal la the western Industrial
jrovtucee. .v
debtedness by the same amount.
The Rock Island waa formally voted
member of the terminal association and
each of the nine interests lo the terminal
has a one-ninth interest In' the company,
Preaent today were: . .
Julius B. Walsh, president of the terml
nal; W. 8. McC'hesney, Jr., iyle - president
ana general manager;. ti. u. Warner, vlei
president: Russet Harding, general man
ager, and Alexander Cochran,, general so
licitor ot tne Missouri faewe; h.. r . Os
borne, secretary 141 Four: W. H. Greene,
vice president and general manager of the
Kaltimore & Ohio southern; Milton Smith,
nresirlent Louisville A Nnshville: 9. ft
Llggette, secretary Pennsylvania lines west
of Pittsburg; H. I. Miller, general manager
Vandalla. and It. L.. YVlnchell. vice presi
dent and general manager of the 'Friaco.
Hand Bulky Roll to Man Who Offer
AdTlce When They Drink
Too Mnch.
Secretary Wilson Aaka Tno.mH) to
Stamp Oat' Foot and Moatk
WASHINGTON, Dee. 10 Secretary ot
Agriculture Wilson appeared before the
house committee on agriculture today to
explain the urgent necessity for an
emergeny approprflrTlon to enable his de
partment to stamp out the foot and mouth
disease now prevalent In some of the New
England states.
Mr. Wilson advised the committee of
conditions In the quarantined districts and
aald It had been 'found necessary to kill
all Infected cattle and be had ordered
their slaughter.
He estimated that It would cost about
$700,000 to stamp oat the disease. The
committee also wag asked to secure leg
islation which will give the secretary of
agriculture autnority, after an Inspection
Eonse Committee 8mothers Bill to Bepeal
Several Provisions.
Bartlett Richards Haa Interview with
Secretary Hitchcock Lindsay
ad Millard. Do Kot
good position aa mine foreman and each of ! of live atock. to give a certificate to the
the ten men from $100 to $200. The name ahlpper which will permit of the transpor
of no company waa mentioned In connec
tion with the scheme and none of the law
yers cross-examined the witness.
The large coal companies took notice of
tatlon from one atate to another and
through states without any further Inspec
tion by state authorities.
By .a recent decision of the aupreme
the testimony presented against the Coxes i court cattle may be stopped at any atate
and Markles, when David Wlllcox, first I line. It as explained, thus affording a
vice president of the DeUware A Hudson, I aerlous Interference to Interstate commerce
protested against the commission blaming j In cattle.
his company for conditions that exist at A draft of a bill covering this proposed
other mines. He was quickly stopped by j provision of law was taken under advlae
the chairman, who aald the commission i ment by the committee. The committee
did not Intend to hold any company reapon- will report to the house tomorrow a bill
sible for whatever special conditions might carrying an emergency appropriation of
exist In other parte of the coal fields. $1,000,000 to meet the requlrementa of the
Two check watchmen produced figures j department to eradicate the disease
tending to show that at two Delaware A
Hudson collieries the miners produced 115.
839 tons of coal more than they were paid
for. The miners had to bring up 3,136
pounds to make a ton of 2,240 pounds of
pure coal, and the union claimed that the
company got more than 2,240 pounda of coal
out of each "mlnera" ton and produced offi
cial figures to prove It. .
The Delaware A Hudson presented its
flgura today, thus being the first to offer
certified statistics. They show the averago
earnings of each miner In 1!01 to have been
$622.68. and of his laborer $449.47.
Offer Camulatlre Kvldenee.
The mlnera announced that they were
prepared to pile up cumulative evidence on
their claim that membera of the union were
being discriminated against by the com
panies, but they did not wish to take up
the time of the commission. Mr. nar
row asked that tn case the companiea, when
they present their aide of the controversy,
piled up cumulative evidence on this point
that the unfon might call more witnesses
on the same line of evidence.
Mr. Terry, for the Delaware A Hudson,
aald that company had a large number of
witnesses to testify to violence practiced by
the union, a aubject which had direct bear
ing on the recognition ot the union.
The chairman, in reply, aald he hoped
both atdea would So the beat they could not
to produce too much cumulative evidence,
and concluded by saying:
"I think that matters growing out of the
mere exhibition of feeling will not have
much wetght with this commission."
, O. W. Philips, city superintendent of tho
public achoola of Scranton, waa then called.
He teatified that children of the mine work
era left achool earlier than children of par
ents engaged In other occupations.
John Archibald of Hazleton, who la ,65
yeara of age and who had worked In and
about mines for fifty-five yeara, said soma
of the miners employed in the Lehigh Valley
mines received only $1 a day.
After the superintendent of schools tn
Lackawanna county, J. C. Taylor, and
Superintendent of Schools M. W. Cum
mlnga of the borough of Ollphant bad told
the commission that 27V per cent of the
children In the mining region were out
of achool, a sensation was caused by the
testimony of John Early, a check welgh-
man, employed at the Gypsy Grove col
liery of the Erie company, who waa presl-
Rockefeller and Others Tina Gigantic
Scheme to Edncato Colored
WASHINGTON. Dee. 10. The bill for
the incorporation of a general educational
board which recently passed tho bouse of
representatives is Intended to pave tho
way for the establishment of an educa
tional center of extensive proportions.
The measure waa Introduced at the in
stance of John D. Rockefeller and other
persons of wealth, who, It now develops,
Intend to create a fund to aid existing
schools and colleges, without any restric
tion aa to the age, sex or color of attend
ants. The measure ia also without limitation
aa to the section ot country In which the
achoola shall be located, but It la known to
be the especial desire of the promoters
to provide facilltiea in the aouth. Including
those for the Improvement of eolored youth.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Dec. 10. (Special Tele
gram.) The house committee on public
lands today put a quietus on the bill In
troduced by Powers of Maasachusctts pro
posing the repeal of the desert land act.
timber and atone act and commutation
clauae of soldiers homestead act. The bill
waa discussed 'nformally, but thoroughly
and waa opposed by all membera from the
arid and aemt-arld states. Messrs. Sbaf
roth and Mondell contended that the repeal
of the present land acta would greatly re
tard development In Colorado and Wyom
ing. It was admitted generally by all the
membera of the committee that the preaent
laws a:e adequate and if rigidly adminis
tered by land office officiate frauds would
be reduced to a minimum. If any change
should be made It should be that timber
lands west of the Rocky mountains uhould
be Increased in price in proportion to their
greater value over timber landa east of the
range. Chairman Lacey, who had intro
duced a bill to repeal the desert land act
and commutation act ot the homestead
law, said he had done eo under a misap
prehension of facta and gave notice that he
would not press it. While no formal vote
was taken, the committee practically
agreed that there would be no bill reported
by it this session to disturb present laws,
tiovernment to Pay the Rill.
In dlscusBlon of the matter Chairman
Lacey made a significant statement that
at aome future time that clause of the Irri
gation bill passed at the last session pro
viding that Bettlers pay for water rights
will be repealed and that the government
will atand the entire expense of reclama
tion projects without requiring settlers to
pay any abare of the same.
The committee authorized Mr. Mondoll
to report favorably a bill passed by the
senate, introduced last-session by Senator
Warren, providing for the resurvey of alx-ty-four
townships of land In Big Horn
county, Wyoming, with an amendment
adding sixteen additional townships.
Chairman Lindsay of the republican
committee waa unable to aee Senator Mil
lard today in regard to bia candidacy for
Forecast for Nebraska Snow Thursday;
Friday Fair.
Temperatare nt Omaha Yesterday!
Hoar. Dear. Hour. Dear.
5 a. tn :t. 1 t. m '2
II s. n HI It . nt 21
T a- nt 84 H p. ih Ut
a. m .It 4 p. m KO
1 a. nt .11 n p. m It
10 a. tn at l p. m 1
11 a. m 23 T p. m IT
12 nt 23 sr." 1,1
n p. m in
Pinna, Will Re Definitely Settled
Within Thirty Days
KANSAS CITY. Dec. 10. It Is announced
at the offlcca of the Kansas City, Mexico
A Orient that the entire line from Kan
sas City to Port Sllllwcll will bo definitely
located within the next thirty days. Less
than 600 miles remains to bo located, In
cluding 1!2 between Kansas City and
Wichita ,lu Kansas; 300 In southwest Texas
and 100 In Mexico. Surveys have been
made for these parts and It only remains
to select the route and secure right of
The Orient la planning to use sixteen
mllce of Missouri Pacific track between
Milton and Wichita, Kan. The remainder
of the 1,500 miles will bo new track. Con
struction between Kansas City and Wichita
may be begun within a
weather permlte.
Britons and Germans Land Marines
at La Quayra.
Tells Venezuelans to Take Up Arms Against
European Powers.
Compels Raleaio of More Promiaent Prison
ers Captured in Capital
eri ti ii n V..MSI .
ou.ming up united States district attorney, the Ben
educational Inaltution at any one place. I tof ha othef mnttefa to ,ook after
tnougn tne neaaquartere ana omcea w Whleh made It Impossible for him to hold
corporation will be located In Washing- tne conference mnnounced yeaterday. Fen-
ator MUiard waa in conference with uuy
The Incorporator named In the act are:
Daniel C. Oilman. George Fester Pea
body, Morris K. Jemup. Robert C. Ogden,
William H. Baldwin, . Jr., Jahea L. Mc
Curry, Frederick T. Gates, Walter H. Page
and Albert Shaw.
. The understanding her la 'that the In
stitution will be put .Into To4r buaf
ness soon after the bill receives the presi
dents Bignature.
by two Btockmcn, who said they were from
South Dakota.
The men had been drinking and because
Kirkbrldge gave them aome wholesome ad
vice In the hope that they would not fall
Into evil hnnda and be robbed the strangers
thrust Into hia handa tha roll of bills and
insisted that he keep It. Today Kirkbrldge
made Inquiries at the atockyarda tor the
ownera of the money, but they could not be
Railroad Seeks to Prevent Swift and
Armour CSettlas; 'St. Joseph
Belt Lino.
ST. JOSEPH. Mo.. Dec. 10. The Burling
ton railroad today inaugurated a bard fight
againat Swift and Company and the Ar
mours, who are at the bead of a company
endeavoring to get a belt line railway
operating over the tracka ot the projected
ehort line between this point and Kanas
The new railway wants a large part ot
the Burlington right-of-way and roust bave
It It preaent and important plana are to be
carried out. The Burlington aaka tha fed
eral court to protect its Interests.
Jary Finds Recent Explosion Was
Dno to Careless Opeslag
of Valve.
CHICAGO, Dec. 10. A coroner's Jury
today decided that the boiler explosion at
Swift and Company'a Ice plant waa caused
by some employe opening the main valve of
one of the boilers too suddenly.
The Jury Included in the verdict a recom
mendation thst engineers, firemen and
water tenders employed by the company be
given shorter hours. The testimony showed
that they were compelled to work twelve
houra a day.
It. Loots Fair Company Refuses ritl-
matam and Loses Railway
ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Dec. 10. Jamea Kirk
bridge, a resident ot South St. Joseph. Is
the custodian of a roll of bllle amounting L,n, . ,h. nn.v n.nv. ..,-,
to $6,000. which waa given him last night , ,d he wa, lntroduced t0 , formeP mine
foreman named Michael Grimes, at the
Lackawanna Valley hotel, Scranton.
Early and a miner named O'Hara, who
was also president of a local union, were
each offered $2,500 to get ten men to pass
a resolution ordering the men from the
two locale they represented back to work.
Story ot Attempted Bribery.
lie met Grimes in a hotel through another
peraon. In the course of conversation
Grimca asked him how he atood In politics.
Early replied that be had not made up hia
mind, and Grlmea aald that being president
of a local union be bad much influence
among his friends in Dunmore and
that If be worked for William Connell for
congresa he would give hint $1,000. This
was on September 23.
After making this proposition. Grimes
"How about the atrlke? Don't you think
the men are weakening?" To which Early
replied that he did think they were waver
ing Juat a little. Grimes then told him
that be knew a break waa coming In the
tanka of the men and that they would be
defeated. Grlmea recognized that the men
bad grievances and that they bad put up a
good fight, and aa long aa they were going
to be defeated by the operatora Early ought
to get aomethlng out of it. Grlmea then
made tbla proposition:
"If Early .could get ten men to have a
resolution passed by bis local Grlmea would
give nine ot them $100 each, the tenth man
$200 and Early $2,600 and all expenses
necessary to carry out the acheme. He
further added that Early need not apply for
work for three months and that be would
then be gven a foremanshlp.
During the three months bis expenses
were to be paid and there would be no
trouble in getting a mine foreman'a cer
tificate, aa the mines controlled the board
that lsaued them.
Later in the conversation Grimes
amended bis proposition by offering to give
two ot the ten men $200 each and at the
aame time offered Early $100 for current
expenses.. Early refused the money and
told Grlmea he would aee him later. He
reported the matter to District President
Nicolls of the Miners' union and It waa
decided to aee how far the bribery acheme
would be carried.
Proposition Is Repeated.
Another meeting waa arranged and aa
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 10. In accordance with
their ultimatum, the Missouri Pacific,
'Frisco and Colorado roada today withdrew
their englnea from the fair grounds. .
The roada demanded that the Louisiana
Purchase Exposition company either organ
lie a terminal system and supply englnea
and crews of Its own to do switching on
the world's fair site or pay the railroads
for doing it.
Saspected Robber Arrested.
BLOOMINGTON. 111.. Dec. 10.-John
Iyovrtt and Arthur Aldrlae of Onarga wcru
arretted at Huckiey by t nlted elates mar
shals. churned wilh robbing tha uuaturnce
at Huckley on July 11 of f?u. Hall was
Axed at S'i.ouo in each rasa. Tha sovern
ment officials are looking up evidence
agutiait certain t'hicajto crooks who ar
uoctcd ot bouuj luivucaioo.
Named by the President to Handle
tho Malls at Fremont,
WASHINGTON. Dec. 10. The president
today eent the following nominations to the
First Lieutenant John F. Wild, to be
captain In revenue cutter service.
Postmasters: Illinois John E. Thomas,
Belleville; Benjamin McKeen, Colllnsvllle.
Iowa Jamea E. Wheelock, Hartley; Ben
J. H. Tamplln, Hull. Nebraska Daniel
8wanaon, Fremont. Kansas Jonah E. Nick
oils, Atwood.
Indian Inspectors: Jamea McLaughlin
of North Dakota, Cyrus Beede of Iowa, re
appointments. The senate confirmed the following ap
pointments: Mason Mitchell, consul at Zanzibar.
C F. Lloyd, marshal for district of Mon
Registers of Iand Offices Davis R.
Crosby, at Montrose, Colo.; Peter Camp-
rtll a AVmn f'nln - Tnhn IT irmstrntiff
at Sacramento, Cal. ; St'lwyn Douglas, at
Oklahoma City, Okl.
Receivers of Public Moneys Richard
Fysh, at Independence, Cal.; G. W. Warner,
at Akron, oio.
Kansas J. B. Callen, Junction City; H.
8. Glvler, Kakeeney.
Missouri J. W. Scott. Moberly: A. J.
Slebert, St. Genevieve; N. B. Pette, War
saw; J. u. Hone, Hprlngneld.
Illinois R. C. Boehm. Whitehall: H. 8
Huntl, Houshne; J. C. Louden, Lebanon;
J. A. leader, t artersvllle.
Kansas E. Fostpr, Independence: D. E.
Mcuieiiand, Uhanute; A. Clay Whitman,
Iowa C. A. Carmodv. Maoleton: A. J,
Weeks, Correctlonvllle;. C. C. Pugh, Adel;
U. A. Danforth. Hamburg.
Leonard M. Thomas of Pennsylvania, to
be second secretary of the embassy at
Richard P. Clarkson, to be pension agent
at Des Moines, la.
George W. Kills of Kansas, to be secre
tary oi legation at Monrovia, unerla.
Told Department Will Not Make Ree
ommendationa to Congrress for
Necessary Legislation.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 10. Frank T
Rogera of Chicago and W. A. Hlckey of St
Paul of the United Association of Post
Office Clerks today dlacuesed with the first
assistant postmaster general the policy of
the department toward the reclassification
of clerka. '
Mr. Wynne told them that the policy was
not to auggest legislation to congresa, but
almply report on the merits of the bills In
troduced and referred to the department
The delegation aaked leave for clerka to
come to Washington and appear before the
poatofflce committees of congress to advo
I cats legislation, but Mr. Wynne told them
such action could not be allowed under the
prealdent'e recent order.
Mr. Wynne today Issued the following
I order to the rural free delivery service
I The attention of rural free delivery letter
ur lines naa spoxen ot naving approacned ' carriers is cauea o tne oruer or tne preHt
O'Hara. the latter went alone. The asms ' ".'nl. Directing inai letters ana petition
i snouia not re aaaressea oy mem to mem
prupuBiuuu - uw iw - ni. i ne ; bers of congress or committees of conitres
imi nlrht there k.i tn h a tnlnt : reauestlnK increase In tht-lr SRlarls nr rntn
,n. of ail the local. In the vicinity of Dun- ' ZZlVSJ! STl'S fl?.d pS.'mu".!
mora auu unities warned urm to psss tne I ter Kenerah to be transmitted by h m to th
proper committee of congress ir in his Judg
ment such course should be taken. It Is ex
Ducted that all rural free delivery letiei
carriers will strictly comply with this
resolution that night, but the two cresl
dents could not see their way cleaV to do It.
Grlmea then proposed that they alxe up
the men In the meeting, get thirty of them
Interested, and if the resolution wss passed
the thirty would each receive $200.
Early went on to aay that the minlaters
of tbs vicinity were to be approached, but
they were not to get aa much aa the miners
for breaking the strike. President Nloolla,
he said, then gave out a public statement
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Finds New Sort of Bill.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 10. The United
States secret service today announced th
discovery of a new counterfeit $20 gold cer
It State, act ot July 13. 1862. check letter C
Lyons, register; Roberts, treasurer, por
trait ot Garfield. The note la a poor photo
(ray hie reduction.
Crowd Gathers and Parades Streets,
Shootlna;, singing aad Waring Pi
trloflc Banners, Afterwards
Sllnglnai Rocks.
LA GUAYRA. Dee. 10. The combine.
Anglo-German fleet is entering this harbor
and the first vessels are not 800 feet from
the custom house. The landing ot marines
has begun.
Nothlns; In the Letters Written by Her
to Show that She Intended
WILLEMSTAD, Curacao, Dec. 10. There,
was a great imtrlotlc demonstration in
month if the J Caracas last night when the newa arrived
that the Hrittsh and German warahlpa had
acized the Venezuelan vessels,
A crowd quickly gathered In the etreets
and squares, displaying bannera and sing
ing patriotic songs. The populace marched
to the palace and the president ad
dressed it.
Then the mob moved on the German
legation, shouting "Death to the Germans."
Tho windows were shattered with stones
and attempta made to force the doors, but
LEAVENWORTH, Kan.. Dec. 10. (Spe-
tln1 TalnnwnM t Tn el. fnss1 Mmit K I sS
- a vrurp, i niu. 'i u luc irtirioi tuuii i
morning the case of Mary Lindenberg of , the latter resisted, and Mme. von Pllgrlm
Falls City, Neb., wss dismissed. She was i Raltazzi, wife of the German charge d'af-
charged with fraudulent use of the malls, j fairs, who haa been 111 In bed for two
Present In court were a number of let
tera written by Mre. Lindenberg from
Falls City. Thoy showed that ahe had
answefed a marriage advertisement in an
Omaha paper inserted by C. M. Conrad,
but there was nothing In them to Indicate
that she had ever promised to marry him.
The money which she obtained from Con
rad was given her. She has not yet
secured a divorce from her husband.
Conrad asked her to live with him until
the divorce was secured and tho woman
refused. The arrest followed.
Barton and counsel for the street rail
way company, John L. Webster, In rela
tion to the reorganization of the Omaha
street railway system, which baa been pur
chased by an eastern syndicate. It la un
derstood that: Frank Murphy will remain
at' the head or the vt-orgntCTd '"fompUDy
and that there will be little or no change
In the management. Mr. Webster Bald to
day that Just as Boon aa the organization
waa perfected the new company would
spend in the neighborhood ot $200,000 for
ew equipment and betterments.' There
still remains, however, a great deal of work
to be done before the company la In a posl
tlon to do business, the final arrangements
having to be made in New York City, for
which place Mr. Barton and Mr. Webster
will tn all probability go tomorrow.
Richards Ienles Complicity.
Bartlett. Rlcharda of Nebraska, one of tho
biggest live atock owners in the country,
together with C. J. Greene,' attorney for
the cattlemen, had quite an extended con
ference today with Secretary Hitchcock
In regard to certain homestead entries
which have been attracting very great at
tention by reason ot the public allegation
cf fraud made against thers- The question
of fences on the public domain waa also
discussed and Mr. Greene Intimated to
the secretary that be would submit a draft
of a measure to him before leaving Wash
ington which he believed wouhr be Just
and equitable to both the cattlemen and
the government. Mr. Richards told the
secretary that he had no band whatever
In Inducing the soldiers' wldowa to make
fraudulent entries on public lands In Ne
braska. Mr. Rlcharda left this afternoon
for New York, but will return to Wash
ington early next week.
Beebo Gets Another Term.
The president today nominated Cyrua
Beebe of Dubuque, la., to be Indian In
spector. This is In the nature of a re
appointment, Mr. Beebe having served one
full term as Indian Inspector, with head
quarters In Indian Territory.
He was originally recommended by Sen
ator Allison.
Howard H. Baldrige of Omaha waa ad
mitted to practice before the supreme
court today. Mr. Baldrige arrived from
New York thla morning and left for Ne
braska tonight.
Congressman Burkett today recommended
the appointment of A. A. Hyers to be post
master at Havelock, vice G. S. Copeland,
resigned. Mr. Copeland'a resignation will
take effect February L
Secretary Shaw to Giro Dinner.
Secretary and Mrs. Shsw are In New
York, making a number of purchases for
their home on Mause avenue. The secre
tary and Mra. Shaw will give their first
cabinet dinner January 10. The secretary
goea to Chicago on December 20. He ia to
deliver an address before the Bankers'
club at lta annual banquet on that even
ing.. His aubject will be finance. In view
ot the recommendations the secretary haa
made in hia report, hia speech ia being
looked forwsrd to with much Interest.
The South Dakota delegation upon the
recommendation of Representative Martin
has agreed to the appointment of Willis
H. Bonham, editor of the Dead wood Pio
neer-Times, aa postmaster ot that city.
Sale of Indian Lands.
Bishop C. C. McCabe of Omaha and N
J. O'Brien, formerly of Omaha, now a resi
dent ot Cheyenne, are registered tonight
at the Ebbltt.
Representative-elect Hinshaw today
called upon Commissioner Jones st the In
dian bureau to -advocate the framing of a
bill to provide for the sale of the aurplus
land belonging to the Otoes and the dia
tributton of the proceeda among the In
dlana. Mr. Hinshaw waa Informed by Com
missloner Jones that the department would
recommend auch a measure and in fact a
bill of this character bad been frequently
York Wants Public Bolldlasr.
Desperate Kncoonter Between Two
Men at Roaendale, Mis
souri. , MARYVtLLB, Mo., Dee, 10. (Special Tel
egram.) After engaging in a desperate
fight with hia father-in-law at Roaendale
laat night R. H. BeaU.: one of. the moat
prominent stockmen In this . section,
wounded acd, bh'ed.trigV dragged himself to
Is own -hornet ne ibok aconlte' aid
died at midnight.' v : 'C' " ''
Beall had not been Uvlug with hia wife
for two yeara. Last eight he went to see
ber. armed with a Winchester. Her father
met him at the door and the trouble en
sued. The father-in-law Is aald to have grabbed
his shotgun and the load waa discharged
in Beall'a leg.
Rescues Father from Pointed Pistol
and Scares Marandera
DEKALB, Tex., Dec. 10. A daring and
fatal attempt to rob the bank here was
made by four men about 2 this morning.
Over the bank ia the local telephone ex
change, operated by W. L. Dodd and his
son, Marvin, 20 yeara of age. One of the
robbers knocked at the door and when Mar
vin Dodd responded a pistol was pointed
at his head. Young Dodd grappled with tho
man, wrenched the weapon from him and
with It shot the bandit, killing him. A
months and therefore unable to 'cave
Caracas with her husband, wae saved from
The crowd then marched to the German
consulate and to the residence of Dr. Koeh
ler, again atoning the windows and at
tempting to force an entrance. The police
made no effort to disperse the demon
st rat or s.
The excitement wae still intense when at
10 o'clock the government ordered the ar
rest of all German and English residents.
One hour later 205 persons prominent la
social and commercial life were crowded
together in the police station. All the
British residents were arrested except Al
bert Cherry ot tLe Venezuelan (British
owned) Central railway and Mr. Wallace, .
manager of the telephone company, who
Foreigners Cast Into Jail. .
Ninety-seven German residents were ar-,
rested, among . them the .German, consul.
Valentin. Blohm, and Herr Knott, manager
of the German . Central ralway.' Herr .
8tamroe, chancellor, ot the .German lege- !
tlon. was met "by" th police near Bolivar X, i
square and arrested. '-' v ' . :
Amid criea of "Death to the Germans"
and "Down with the the foreigners" the
populace directed its way to the Oe.msn
residence quarter and gathered outside the
Hotel Kllndt and the German club, vocif
erating end vttcrlog Insults.
On learning of these incidents the United
States minister and hts secretary, W. W.
Russell, went at once to see President
Castro and after a long conference suc
ceeded in obtaining the release of Dr.
Koehler, Mme. von Ptlgrim-Bnltaszla phy
sician, and Herr Valentin Blohm. Mr.
Bowen also obtained official reaction to
represent British and Oerman lntereata
during the trouble.
The government haa placed an embargo
on the British railroad to La Ouayra and
on the German Central railroad to Caracas
from Valencia.
The populace ia still Intensely excited
and the situation la regarded aa critical.
The British and German flags bave been
publicly burned.
Venesuelan Ships Sunk.
La Guayra, Venezuela, Dec. 10. Ten Ger
man and four British cutters who captured
fusillade followed and young Dodd was shot the Venezuelan fleet yesterday without a
twice, but not aerlousiy wounded. Tho "hot being fired broke up two of the tee-
three aurvlvlng band'tB escaped. ; 8cla, which were undergoing repalra, and
took the othera outside the harbor.
Thla morning General Crespo, TUtmo Snd
Margarita were sunk, Ossun Was the only
vessel spared. In view of the protest made
by the French charge d'affaires, H. Qulev
reux, who notified the commodore of the
allied fleet that It was the property et a
BLOOMINGTON, 111.. Dec. 10. In a heavy ' At iv o ciock last evening iso uertnan
fog a passenger and freight train on vthe aallora were landed and proceeded to Car-
Ilinoia Central met in, a bead-end collision donai, a suburb of' La uuayra. in which Is
tonight near Blrkbeck. John Roberta, con- altuated the residence Of the general coun-
ductor, and Thomaa Duke, baggageman of aul, who, with hia family, they eacorted
the passenger, were painfully injured, back to La Guayra and placed On board a
Harry Padden of Chicago, engineer of the warship. On their way the Germans met a
freight, and Robert Oxley of Clinton, engi- party of Venezuelan aoldlers, but no colll-
Four Illinois Central Men Are Injured
and Two of Them May
Mr. Hinshaw la greatly Interested In se
curlug an appropriation for a public build
ing at York, rltizena of that city having
sent him a petition for auch buildlog
It ia possible Mr. Hinshsw will ask aoiue
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slon took place.
At 5 o'clock this morning a landing party
of thirty British seamen went to the Brit
ish consulate and conducted the British
consul, R. Schunck, and family on board
The German and British residents at La
Guayra bave been arrested, with the ex
ception of Messrs. Fleldwlck, Prince and
Le Page, the English directors ot the har
bor projection, who barricaded their
bouses. Later In the day they were res
cued and taken on board Retribution.
The Englishmen'a houses were sur
rounded by Venezuelan policemen, but
when a party of 320 aallore marched to
their release no resistance was offered, al
though the German and British warahlpa
had cleared for action.
The torpedo boat destroyer Quail ar
rived here at 2 o'clock thla afternoon. The
German cruiser Panther left this morning
At New York Arrived : Oceanic, from In ih dlroptlnn nt Cimlinn ! tr.iko tn-
IJverpool and -yueenatown; Manltou, from t) , . .. . ... ,
London. Sailed: Philadelphia, for kou.h- Puorto Cabt,I1 on aearch for the re
mainder ot tne Venezuelan neet.
neer of the passenger, were crushed under
the wreckage and may die.-
All of the forty passengers escaped
aerlous Injury.
Life Savers Attempt to Reach
Wrecked Schooner Off
Atlaatle City.
ATLANTIC CITY, N. J.. Dec. 10. The
wreck of a schooner, with men lashed to the
rigging, can be seen off thla city.
The wrecked vessel Is thought to be the
two-masted schooner Jamea W. Lee of
Brldgcton, N. J. It carries a crew of six
men. The life savers bave not yet reached
Movements of Ocean Vessels Dec. 10.
ampton; Teutonic, for Liverpool; Georglc,
lor uverpooi.
At Kinsale Passed: Georgian, from New'
York, for IJverpool.
At IJverpool Arrived: Havarlan, from
St. Johns and Halifax; Sylvanla, from
Boston. Sailed: Cymric, for New York;
Westernland. for Philadelphia.
At Antwerp Balled: Pennland, for Phila
delphia. At yueenstown Arrived: Celtic, from
New York, for IJverpool. and proceeded.
Bulled: lvernla. from IJverpool, for Hoston.
At Hook of Holland Arrived: Pottsdum,
from New York, for Rotterdam.
At Yokohama Salkd: Lyra, from Port
Arthur, etc., for Tacotna.
At Llzurd Passed: Bt. Louis, from New
York, for Southampton; Memnon. from
Montreal via Sydney, C. B., for Iv.ndon.
At Browhead Passed: Celtic, from New
York, for Liverpool.
At Glasgow Arrived: Victoria, from
New York.
At Hamburg Arrived: Pretoria, from
New York.
At Inlstrahull Passed: Sardinian, from
New York, for Glasgow.
At Belfast Arrived: Ramorehead, from
Montreal. t
At Heachy Head Passed: Hafls, from
San Francisco.
At Bt. Vincent. C. V. Arrived: Klntuck.
from Seattle, Tacoma, etc., via Coroncl, for
It la believed Indefatlguable la on lta
way to Cumana, the port ot Barcelona,
where the Venezuelan gunboat Restaurador
is now lying. Troops are expected from
Caracaa, aa the government la credited
with the Intention ot repulsing any landing
forces. All the stores and banks are cloaed.
Great excitement prevails, as the popula
tion fears the town may be shelled or other
action taken tonight.
PARIS, Dec. 10.-An official Venezuelan
communication to He repreaentatlve here
protests that Great Britain and Germany,
acting in concert, bave committed an act
of hostility in a manner aa arbitrary as
it Is unprecedented by the seizure of Vene
zuelan vessela lying at La Guayra.
At the aame time Prealdent Castro has
appealed to the Venezuelan people to take
up arms. He baa decreed a general am
nesty for all political offenses and has or
dered the restitution of the confiscated
property of Venezuelan ellizena.
Knalaud Has No News.
LONDON, Dec. iu. The admiralty haa