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Psvl ifll druir.
Btntkert Mils carpets and rugs.
Kl'ant new Xmas photon at Schmidt's.
Kxpert watch repairing, Leffert. B'way
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. William Slyter
laat evening, a son.
Picture framing. C. E. Alexander & Co.,
133 Hroadway. Tel. 3C6.
Muffn tins, holds nine muffins, only 10
cents each at Howe's, all) Broadway.
For rent, nicely furnished front room,
resaonable price, inquire Mi North First
street. ,
Mrs. Dell O. Clark will leave today for
Ban l)i-to, Cal., where she will spend the
Wanted, at once, carrier with horse for
route on The Bee. Apply at the otlice, No.
10 fearl street.
Harmony chapter. Order of the Eastern
tar. will liuid u special meeting this even
is; for initiation.
Abs LJnCuln pust. Oi'and Army of the Re
public, will hold Its annual election of offi
cers this evening.
Ws are headquarter for glass of all
kinds. 6efl us beore you buy. C. li. Paint,
011 and Ulnae to.
Mr, and Mrs. Quttau of Treynor, la.,
jrers In the city yesterday on their way to
Los Angeles, t al., where they will pass the
Winter months.
A social dance will be given by Com
panion court Wacomlah at Woodmen of
the World lia.ll Saturday evenlnK. Leccm-.
ber 6. Tickets, 25 qents; extra ladles, 10 cts.
I have many new style photos ami offer
this month my M photos for t2.5o und 13
photos for 13 nd ti.'M. Call and examine
the work. Btlgleman, 43 and 45 South Main
street, upstairs.
Saturday, December 8, will be the last
of the special candy sales at the Purity
Candy Kitchen, 54t Broudway. All frrsh
candles will go on this day at lt cents a
pound. Oet there early.
Mrs. Emma V. I'hlman, r.-lfe of Paul
Vhlman, died at midnight Thursday at St.
Bernard's hospital, aged 31 years. The re
mains will be taken to 8t. Joseph. Mo., this
mornlnc, where the funeral will De heid
Mrs. Elisabeth Rohr, aged 43 years, died
yesterday atternooii at SI. Bernard's hos-
Sltal from heart trouble and dropHy. four
aughters and two sons survive her. The
funeral will be held Monday at noon from
the Kvanzellcal church at Treynor elation.
The Elks of Council Bluffs have accepted
the Invitation of the Omaha Klks to attend
the latter a memorial services Sunday
morntiig and a special car has been char
tered tor the trlii. Ihose intending to at
tend the services will meet at the club
house at 8:46 a. m.
Charles Smith, the negro who attempted
to make away with a pair of rubber over
all oeu from in trout of Hamilton's shoe
Store on Broadway Thursday evening and
was captured by Mr. Hamilton and Fire
Chief 'i'empleton, will have a hearing In
polios oourt this morning.
The Associated Charities was generously
remembered by the public schools of the
Olty with Thanksgiving offerings and also
received a number of baskets of vegetables
from Individuals, and as ay organization
desires through The Bee to acknowledge
these donations and express sincere thanks
to the kind doners.
Go Over Railroad Ordinance.
The olty council met yesterday morning
at a committee ct the wholo and went over
the ground covered in the ordinance pre
sented by the Mason City & Fort Dodge
Railroad company, in which it asks the va
cation of a large number of allevs along
Its right-of-way from Third street to ,
Twenty-seventh street and for a portion of
Seventeenth street, between Ninth and ,
Tanth avenues. The vacation of Seventeenth
street will be opposed by several of the
aldermen, but the vacation of the alleys, it
Is said, will lis granted. The committee
will make its report at the meeting of tho
city oouncll Monday night.
Bernhardt Gets a Medal.
Frits Bernhardt, proprietor of the Grand
hotel barber ahop, Is the proud recipient of
a medal from the empercrr of Germany,
which reached htm yesterday through the
German consul at Chicago. Bernhardt was
a soldier in the German army from 1864 to
1871, serving during the Franco-Prussian
war. William I, who was emperor at the
closs of Mr. Bernhardl's service, made a
request that on the 110th anniversary of
bis birth these medals be given one to
each of the soldiers who served in that
war. The medal is of bronze, made from
cannon captured from the French In 1871.
and Is attached to a yellow silk ribbon.
Bibles Now Ready.
Those who are entitled to the Bible, given
as a premium by The Bee, can gel same by
calling at the Council Bluffs office. Kindly
call as soon as possible.
Gravel roofing. A. H. Rold. 641 Broacwar.
Real Estate Transfers.
These transfers were filed yesterday In
th pbt"""t tll and loan office sf J. W.
Squire, 101 Pearl street)
Anton Unrig and wife to Mrs. Mallnda
iiayuen. tot ia, in Tur ley's aubdiv. of
outiot 7, Jackson s add., w.
t 360
Oeorge Wright and wife et al to WU
Ham H. W right, ne1 ne 4 and
nwU'w 8. and lot I. Auditors
subdlv. iwU nw e-78-43. s. w. d 1,600
Ruth Butler and husband to Mary B. i
Duncan, lot I in Metcalfe aubdiv. of
a St ne4 W-74-40, w. d
Iowa Towtihlte company to Maggie
Blumrr. lots M and 27, block 1, Great
Western add., Minden, w. d
Robert Bleakly and wife to Iowa Ixian
and 'Trust company, ' lots 1 and 2,
block 1, Myneter s add., s. w. d
Iowa Loan and Trust company to P. L.
Harmel, lots 1 and 2. block 1, Myn
ster's add., w. d., :
Big transfers, total..
Little Liver PUls.
Must lanature f
Taay aasatt sa4 a
rot BizziMcss.
nx uuew tut.
rounetl Htufr
a) Pearl "t
Phor tn
Iai nrrr-rVnl
It I lYrb
..---il..aj J
Institutes Habeas Corpus Frooeediags to
Secure ll-Year-Old Child.
Child Formerly Lived with Aant, Who
Insists She Is the Proper Per
son to Raise) and Edna
cate Him.
Mrs. Lillian M. Balfour of Chattanooga,
Term., commenced habeas corpus proceed
ings in the district court yesterday t6 se
cure possession of her nephew, Edwin Hub
bard, the 11-year-old son of Henry F. Hub
bard of this city, who died last Bunday.
The father of the boy had married a second
time, his second wife having three chll-
dren by a former husband, and for a time
after his father's second marriage young
Hubbard made his home wltb his aunt and
uncle, the latter a prosperous business
man of Chattanooga. In her petition Mrs.
Balfour, while casting no reflections on the
WJ B Dirfjiuuiuci, Blair, iu ouc O.UU ui l .
nusoana are anxious to aaopt nim, ana mat
Mrs. Hubbard, who since the death of her
husband is said to be dependent on ber own
resources, is not able to support and edu-
cate the lad in a proper manner. Pend- ; Anderson; vice chancellor. Mrs. Viola Stan
ing the hearing Judge Green ordered young : ner. pafit chancellor, William Beezler: re
Hubbard placed in charge of Sheriff Cous- j corieTt Mrs. Ida E. Glttens; treasurer C
Ins. If Judge Macy Is In the city today on storm; chaplain, William Swanson: con
hls way home to Harlan from Glenwood, ductor, Mrs. George-Anderson; guard Mrs
Judge Green will ask him to hear the case. ' Emma Plpper: sentinel. Albert Smith- mn-
Receives Permission to Condemn
Brewing; Company Prop,
The controversy between the Mason City
ft Fort Dodge Railroad company and the
Aoheuaer-Busch Brewing, association, over
the condemnation of a lot on Eleventh av
enue, Just aoutb of the Wabash freieht
house, has been decided in favor of the rail
road company by the stats railroad com
missioners. The commissioners were In
Council Bluffs Tuesday and heard the evi
dence In the case and yesterday an order
was received granting the Mason City &
Fort Dodge Railroad company the permis
sion to bring condemnation proceedings
against the lot in question, the commission
ers holding that the property was neces
sary to the Great Western railroad for ad
ditlonrj depot purposes, as contended.
The lot is not only owned by the Anheuser-Busch
Brewing association, but it
occupies and has on it a large storage ware
bouse. The Wabash has a spur track to the
lot and was made party defendant in the
proceedings. Before commencing con-
demnation proceedings for depot purposes
the railroad was required by law to secure
permission from the Stats Railroad com-
mission. The attorneys for the Mason City
at fort Dodge rosd expect to begin con
demnation proceedings today. As the prop
erty involved is of considerable value to
the brewing company, it Is expected that
the case will finally find Its way Into the
district court.
A Free I eat In Stove.
Before you buy your coal see Wo, Welch
st 16 North Main street and he will ex
plain to you bow you can get a fine Round
Oak heating stove without costing you a
penny. 'Phone, 128.
N. r Plumbing Co., telephone 256.
Seventh Day Adveat Would Not
Saturday and la Kscnsed
From Service.
Judge Green, before whom is being tried
in the district court the insurance suit of
Petrus Peterson against the Des Moines
Fire Insurance company and which has oc
cupied his attention for the entire week,
was confronted with a condition yesterday
which in all the years he has been on the
bench he has never met.- C. Hansen, one
of the twelve Jurors Impanelled in the case,
notified the court that he was a member of
the Seventh Day Adventist church, which
observes Saturday as its Sabbath and that
on that account be would be unable to serve
The law provides that a person whose re
ligious faith requires him to keep the sev
enth dsy of the week as his Sabbath can
not be compelled to attend as a Juror on
that day. The law being on Juror Hansen's
side it looked as if the trial, would have to
be postponed aver Saturday, but as both
sides appeared anxious to get the esse to
the Jury as soon as possible a compromise
was reached. By mutual agreement it was
decided to release Hansen, from the jury
and continue tho further trial of the caao
before eleven men. Accordingly at the
noon recess yesterday Jaror Hansen was
excused from further service in this case.
Indications at adjournment of court last
evening were that the trial would last sev
eral days into next week.
Rlblea Now Ready.
Those who are entitled to the Bible, given
as a premium by The Bee, can get same by
calling at the Council Bluffs office. Kindly
call as sooa as possible. :
Plumbing and heating. Ixby V Son.
Work for Insane Commission.
Lars Peterson of 1903 South Eighth street,
against whom an Information charging him
with being Insane was filed Thursday, was
yesterdsy committed by the commissioners
to St. Bernard's for. observation.
William Fox filed an information before
the board yesterday charging bis father,
Mltfhael Fox. a well-to-do farmer of Hardin
townBhlp. with being mentally deranged.
He was placed In St. Bernard's hospital last
night and will bave a hearing before the
commissioners this morning.
James and P. H. Lane have applied to ths
commissioners for a parole for their Bister,
Mrs. Mary Simpson, who was committed to
the atate asylum at Clarinda last February.
A. T. Fllcklnger, Dr. Baratow and F. L.
Reed, comprising the Board of Insanity
Commissioners, wUl Bake their ananal visit
to the stats Insane asylum at Clarinda to
day for ths purpose of Investigating the
condition of ths patienta aent up from this
Well FUed lor m Hobo.
Whea Edward Kenyon applied for lodg
ing at the city Jail Thursday night bs was
absolutely penniless aad did not even pos
sess a jackknlfe or a plug of tobacco. He
sought the protection of ths city's free j
lodging house again yesterday afternoon,
but In place of being assigned to a bunk tn !
the hoboes' room was locked up so a charge
pf vagrancy. Hs will be held while the ,
police investigate how bs cams In posses- j
slon of 'two watches, one gold and the I
ether aUvsr; two pockatbooka, ana contaia- J
lng $1.55 and a gold ring, with ruby and
emerald setting. On the Inner case of the
gold watch Is inscribed "R. E. to L. E."
Kenyon Insists be had the money, watches
and ring when he was given lodging the
first time, but that the officers omitted to
"frisk" him, as they did when he applied
yesterday afternoon.
Minstrels Make
The high school boys scored an unequivo
cal success last night with their minstrel
show, and the performance developed tho
fact that there Is considerable latent tal
ent In this direction among the members
of the Cadet and Athletic associations. The
auditorium was crowded to the doors by an
appreciative audience, which enjoyed two
solid hours of fun. The "minstrels" were
ssslsted by, Jackson Cady at the piano and
John Clark and Harry Evans, comprising
the mandolin and guitar trio. One of the
hits of the evening was Albert Trevnor's
impersonation of a ballet girl. Those tak
ing part in the performance were: Chnrles
Baldwin, Harry Baldwin, Lon Byram. Clav
Cochran, Will Cornelius, Charles Campbell.
Clarence Hennlnger, Perry Honack. Alf
Hanchett, Harry Joslin, Phil Organ, Glen
Ra.iI Rolf PnHnrtann PnHnrr CnramiA 11.
bert rh.r, 'Tllv,nr a v. n,.
and C. Woodward.
Gen. Chas. King's Rooks, TBe.
"An Army Wife," 75 cents; "Found in
the Philippines," 75 cents; "Noble Blood."
75 cents. DeLong, Tho Printer, 307 Broad-
Secret Society Elections.
Council Bluffs district Court of Honor has
elected these Officers, ChanneMnr n.n,mi
slclan, Miss Pearl Swanson; delegate to
state court, Oeorge Anderson; alternate, F.
Frlcke; directors, F. G. Frlcke, H. L. Pryor,.
A. J. Brooks.
Pottawattamie tribe. Improved Order of
Red Men, has. elected these officers:
Sachem, U Patterson; senior sagamore, L.
Christian; Junior sagamore. Will Vorhls;
prophet, Harry Mallck; chief of records, A.
D. Van Horn; keeper of wampum, F. De
Groat; trustee, E. X. Edgerton.
Bibles Now Ready. '
Those who are entitled to the Bible, given
as a premium by The Bee, can get same by
calling at the Council Bluffs office. Kindly
call as soon as possible.
File an Old Deed.
Among the deeds filed In the office of
County Recorder Smith yesterday was one
dated March 23, 1865. Although made thirty-seven
years ago it had never been re
corded. It was a warranty deed from Ruth
ana j. a. Butler to Mary Duncan, con
veying for the consideration of $100, a tract
of five acres In Metcalf's subdivision in
Lewis township. The property is now prob
ably worth more than 8100 an acre.
Games at DrLong'i.
Attractive games at Be, 10c, 15c, 25c, 85c.
DeLong, The Printer, 307 Broadway.
Horltnarton Makes Changes 1 the
Operation of Minor Lines
in Iowa.
BURLINGTON, la., Dec. 5. (Special Tele
gram.) It is officially announced that after
January 1 the Keokuk & Western railroad
will be operated in connection with the Bur
lington system under the management of C.
M. Levey at St. Louis, A. C. Goodrich, the
present manager, still continuing in charge
or the road's affairs at Keokuk. He will
also have charge of the Chicago, Burlington
& Kansas City road. After January 1 the
Burlington ft Western road will be operated
as a part of the Burlington system, under
the superintendence of H. C. Nutt of the
Iowa lines, with offices in Burlington. Rob
ert Law, the present manager, will take
charge of the construction of the new ex
tension from Oskaloosa to Des Moines. The
changes will result In a reduction of cler
ical forces.
Jadge Gives Confessed Murderer the
Severest Penalty Allowed
Inder His Plea.
IOWA CITY, la.. Dec. 5. (Special Tele
gram.) Judge Wade today sentenced
Charles Holada to the penitentiary for life
for participation in the murder of James
Holada pleaded guilty to murder In the
second degree to the extent that he con
fessed aiding and abetting the murderer.
Judge Wade said ths murder was one of
the most cold-blooded ever committed in
the state, that either Mrs. Gallauaher or
Holada were guilty, or both; that the wo
man had been acquitted by a Jury, and that
he could but give the limit allowed under
the plea which had been accepted by the
Mrs. W. H. Stevens of Sioaa City' lea
der Indictment Threatens to
Kill Herself.
SIOUX CITY. Ia., Dec. 6. Mrs. William
H. Stevens of this city, under Indictment
at Madison, Wis., for sending obscene lit
erature through the malls, loft four letters
last night, saytng she was going to kill her
self. She left t"he house thinly clad dur
ing sero weather and cannot bs found.
The police believe she Is In tho Missouri
river. Her first husband, Thomas Hoover
of Pittsburg, secured her indictment, but
she has maintained that he wrote the ob
scene letters himself. She said he threat
ened to kill ber if she ever married again.
Jury Finds Smith Gailty.
AVOCA. Ia.. Dec. 6. (Special Telegram.)
The Jury in the case of Lewis Smith,
charged with the murder of Charles Ed
wards in this city on September 18 last,
returned a verdict of murder in the second
degree at midnight, after having been out
since 3:30 this afternoon. The attorneys
for Smith Immediately signified their in
tention of filing a motion for a new trial
and the Judge set Monday next for a bear
ing of the "same. Smith changed bis plea
of not guilty and admitted the shooting,
but claimed self-defense. This finishes
the work of this term of court, several
cases being put over to the next term.
Saves the Fast
Mall Train.
BURLINGTON, Is,, Dec. 6. (Special Tel
egram.) Frank H. Jordan of Burlington
was walking along the main Una of ths
Burlington road this afternoon between
BlggsvlUe and Gladstone when be dlscov-
ered a broken rail, caused by a passing
train. Hs knew that the Burlington fast
mall No. 13 was due, and by quick work he
succeeded In having the train stopped after
It had left the last station before the
broken rail. The train was ten minutes
lata and thus gave Mr. Jordan time to give
ths warning;.
Lengthy Program Prepared for Aniual
Meeting of State Association
Southwestern Iowa llortlrwltarat So
ciety Plana to Have an Interesting
Meeting: at Clarlnda on De
cember 18 to 18.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, Dec. 6. (Special.) The
program for the forty-eighth annual ses
sion of the Iowa State Teachers' associa
tion, to be held in Des Moines commencing
December 30, was Issued today. The pro
gram Is a long one, as usual, there being
over 150 topics assigned for the general
association and auxiliary meetings. A
number are on the program from other
states, such as Superintendent Schaeffer
of Pennsylvania, County Superintendent
Bright of Chicago, Lorado Taft of Chicago,
Dr. George E. Vincent, University of Chi
cago, and Mrs. Mary B. Page of Chicago.
The state superintendent will deliver his
annual address on the afternoon of January
2. President Shelton's address will be de
livered on Wednesday evening, December
31. The president has introduced a novelty
this year In the matter of committees, hav
ing named them In advance and made them
public with the program, as follows:
Resolutlons-F. T. Oldt, Dubuque; D. M.
Kelly, Kails; W. H. Norton. Mount
Vernon; Mary M. Hughes, Washington:
Martha Stahl. lndl.mnln r n M Kiiintt
Corning; P. R Voelker, Ackley; E.'j. Hook,
ueraran; r . ensign, council Bluffs; W.
C. VanNeffl, Denlson.
President's Address George W. Mullln,
Fort Dodge, O. L. Adams, bes Moines: Z.
C". Thomburg, Des Moines: A. V. Storm.
Cherokee; Mary Zelk, Cedar Rapids.
i ewnpra oil
situations W. F. Cramer,
v averly.
Legislation H. H KhAHkW Tloe Vfnlnaat
li. li. Carlisle, Nevada.
Necrology Thomas Nicholson, Mount
Vernon; Amos Hlatt, Des Moines) W. A.
Crusenberry, Des Moines; O. H'. Cessna,
Ames; S. J. Finley, Oskalooea; S. M. HolU
day, Inillanola.
Finance Charles Carter, Corydon.
There will be an abundance of good music
for the convention. The Minntslngers of
Cedar Falls will attend, and there will be
other music. Governor Cummins delivers
the welcoming address. Nearly all the col
lege presidents and prominent members of
the college faculties are on tho program.
The subjects for the consideration of the
educational council are: "The Teaching of
English" and "The Sequence of Studies,"
the latter being the third year of discus
sion. Indicted for Block Marriage.
Walter E. Stone was Indicted today for
misleading Miss Alice Donahue by a mock
marriage. The case baa many features of
unusual Interest. Stone bad been manager
of an automobile company here and while
here went to Ohio and was married. They
lived together here but a few weeks, when
she got a divorce. Last June he took Miss
Donahue, according to ber story, out riding
on Sunday and he introduced her to a man
representing himself to be a minister who
performed a mock marriage ceremcny.
Three months ago Stone left and went to
Cleveland, O. Miss Donahue heard be was
about to be married, to another and then
made the discovery. tor the first time that
Stone bad never got a marriage license and
no such minister lived as tbe one who per
formed the mock ceremony. She caused
Stone's arrest and an officer was sent after
him, but found him In Detroit, whore be
had gone on a wedding journey with a
young woman of Cleveland be had just
married. Stone was taken away from bis
bride and brought here. He denied the
whole story, but admitted he bad lived
with Miss Donahue and haJ represented
her to be his wife. Upon the representation
of Miss Donahue to tbe grand jury bs has
been indicted. Stone was popular while
here and was engaged In big business en
terprlses, but left mysteriously.
State Fair Date Fixed.
The date for the Iowa atate fair for next
year has been fixed for the last week In
August, commencing the 22d. This will be
the first of tbe western state fairs for 1903.
New Corporations.
The Post Publishing company of Shenan
doah has filed articles of incorporation with
the secretary of state. The company Is
formed by II. E. Dealer, J. M. Husaey and
others and Is capitalized for $10,000.
The Jayne Furniture company of Boone
filed articles of incorporation, by S. J.
Jayne, and others, capital $12,000.
The Rural Union Telephone company of
Ottosen has given notice of lncease of cap
ital stock to $50,000.
Southwestern Iowa Fruit Men.
The program for the meeting of tha
Southwestern Iowa Horticultural society at
Clarinda is out. The meeting will be in
Clarinda December 16-18. J. H. M. Ed
wards of Logan is president and W. H.
Bomberger of Harlan is secretary. The
program for the three days Is an extended
one. F. W. Taylor of St. Louis, connected
with the agricultural and horticultural ex
hibit of the exposition, is to be on hand.
There will be a paper by George H. Van
Houtcn of Sitka, on the flora of Alaska.
Among others who are on the program are:
J. M. Bechtel, Burlington; A. F. Collma,
Corning; Silas Wilson, Atlantic; Dr. F. M.
Powell, Glenwood; O. H. Barnhlll, Shenan
doah; George S. Bacon, Des Moines; Prof.
A. T. Erwin. Ames; M. C. Wragg, Waukee;
John Moore, Albla; Prof. A. E. Parsons,
Creston; Samuel Holmes, Hamburg; Hugh
Mcintosh, Omaha; Wesley Greene, Daven
port; A. L. Plummer, Altoona, and O. F.
Frltch, Exeter, Neb.
Grand Champion Carload at Chleaaro
Show Owned by C. Esher
of Volney.
CHICAGO, Dec. 6. Today Is Livestock
Association day at the International Live
stock association, and the newly elected
boards of directors of tha various associa
tions held their first meetings.
This afternoon competition of six-horse
draught teams to harness was one of tbe
most attractive features of the entire show,
and this evening's parade of prize winners
will be exceptionally fine.
Tomorrow will close ths exposition, wltb
final awards In a number of important
classes, the announcement of tha winners
In the agricultural college students and
farmer boy judging contest to wind uo with
a grand parade of alt the prize wlnnera In
the evening.
Shamrock, champion of the show, was
sold today at auction for 56 cents a pound
on ths boof to Richard Weaver of New
Figprune Cereal
A grain and fruit Coffee nourishing and invigorating.
1 "v
e . -1.
York City, 6 cents higher than last yenr.
At Shamrock's weight of 1,805 pounds, his
selling price was $1,010.80.
The grand champion carload was sold to
the Pittsburg Provision company at 14
cents a pound. This carload consisted of
fifteen Angus steers owned by C. Esher of
Volney, Ia. Their combined weight was 22,
650 pounds, making a selling price of
One of the incidents of the morning's
judging was the capture of chief honors In
the shorthorn female class by D. R. Han
na's Village Belle II, 'over Colonel Mc
ABey's Ruberta, which has won firsts all
over the country this year. Village Belle
captured first honors In the senior cham
pion female class and In the competition
for the best cow of any age.
Eight special prizes, offered by the Amer
ican Percheron Horse Breeders' associa
tion, were awarded as follows:
Best American bred etalllon, 8 years old
and under 4. to be selected from class en
tries: Denmark. E. O. 6heldon, Clifton,
Best American bred stallion, 2 years old
and under 3: Dlogorus, McLaughlin Bros.,
Columbus, O. ,
Best American bred mare, 2 years old and
under 3: Brenna, Taylor & Jones, Wll
Uumsvtlle, 111.
Beet group of five stallions: Organist,
'"fnir, juinmHiip. eroero, fyrrnus, Mc
Laughlin Bros., Columbus, O.
Best group of three mares: Dunham,
Fletcher & Coleman, Wayne. 111.
Best American bred stallion, 1 year old
and under 2: All II, Dunham, Fletcher &
Liiifmin. ayne. in.
Best American bred mare, 3 years old and
under 4: Valkyrie, Dunham, Fletcher &
Coleman, Wayne, 111.
The prize for the best carcasses of steer
or spayed heifer. 2 years old and under 3.
was awarded to the Iowa Agricultural col
The prize for the best carcasses of steer
or spayed heifer, 1 year old and under 2,
was awarded to A. P. Grout of Winchester,
Other first prizes were awarded as fol
lows: Senior champion male Shorthorn, 2 years
old or over. Choice Goods, G. M. Casey,
Clinton, Mo.; Junior champion male Short
horn, under 2 years old, Ceremonious
Archer, George Harding & Sons, Wauke
sha, Wis.; senior champion female Short
horn. 2 years old or over. Village Bell II,
D. R. Hanna, Iiavenna, O. ; junior cham
pion female Shorthorn, under 2 years old,
competition limited to class designated,
Queen of Beauty, E. W. Howen, Delphi,
Ind. ; best Shorthorn cow or heifer, any age,
competition limited to first prize winners
In rlassee designated, Village Uelle II, D.
R. Hanna; Aberdeen-Angus heifer, 2 years
old and under 3, Queen Mother VII of
Frumferque, M. A. Judy & Son, Williams
port, Ind.; Aberdeen-Angus heifer, 18
months old and under 2 years, Blackbird
24th, M. A. Judy & Son; Aberdeen-Angus
heifer, 6 months old and under 1 year,
Blackbird Mcllenry 44th, W. A. Mcllenry,
Denlaon, la.; Aberdeen-Angus heifer, 1
year old and under 6 months, Barbara of
Woodlawn II, Staley K. Pierce, Creston,
III.; Aberdeen-Angus heifer, under 6 montlm
old, Rose Gays Pride, C. II. Gardner,
Hlandlnsvllle, III.; senior champion Aber-rteen-Angue
male, competition limited to
classes designated. Black Woodlawn. P. J.
Donahue, Holbert, la.; Junior champion
Aberdeen-Angus male, competition limited
to classes designated, Lucy'e I'rlnce, V.
Bradfulte & Sons, Cedarvtlle; O.; exhlbl-1
tors Hprffnrri hprrlfl fmitilKHnir hull ? vnra'
out or oer, one cow A years ol(l or oxer,
one cow or heiter 2 years old. and under 3,
one heifer 1 year old and under 2 and one
heifer under 1 year old, O. Harris. Harris,
Mo.; young Hereford herd, consisting of
one bull under 2 years old, two heifers I
year old and under 2 and two heifers under
1 year old, all except bull being bred bv
exhibitors and made up from animals in In
dividual classes, (i. Harris; Hereford calf
herd, consisting of one bull and four heif
ers under 1 year old, all animals to be bred
by the exhibitor, C. A. Stauuard, Emporia,
Ths fifty prime lambs that took first
prize sold today at $7 per 100 pounds, their
average weight being 120 pounds. Russell
Conley of Marshall, Mich., was the seller.
Tomorrow will be children's day, aa well
as tbe laat day of the show, and the man
agement has made special preparations for
caring for tbe youngsters and giving them
the full measure of the educational advan
tages of ths exposition.
James Fltssrerald, One of the Oldest la
the Service tn Critical
CAIRO. II!., Dec. 6. Captain Jamea Fitz
gerald of Peter Lee, one of the oldest river
men now in the service here, was taken oft
his boat here today In a delirious condition,
having been taken sick during the trip. His
condition la considered serious.
Life out of doors and out of the Rames which they play and the enjoy
ment which they receive and the efforts which they make, cornea the
prcater part of that healthful development which ia so essential to their
happiness when grrown. When a laxative is needed the remedy which is
given to them to cleanse and sweeten and strengthen the internal organa
on which it acts, should be such as physician would sanction, because its
component parts are known to be wholesome and the remedy itself free from
every objectionable quality. The one remedy which physician and parents,
well-informed, approve and recommend and which the little one enjoy,
because of it pleasant flavor, it gentle action and its beneficial effect, ia
Syrup of Figs and for the same reason it la the only laxative which ahould
be used by fathers and mothers.
Syrup of Figa is the only remedy which act gently, pleasantly and
naturally without griping, irritating, or nauseating and which cleanse the
system effectually, without producing that constipated habit which results'
from the use of the old-time cathartica and modern Imitations, and againtit
which the children should be so carefully guarded. If you would have thera
grow to manhood and womanhood, strong, healthy and happy, do not give
them medicines, when medicines are not needed, and when nature needs
assistance in the way of a laxative, give them only the simple, pleasant and
gentle Syrup of Figs.
Its quality is due not only to the excellence of the combination of the
laxative principles of plants with pleasant aromatic ayrup and juices, but
also to our original method of manufacture and aa you value the health of
the little ones, do not accept any of the substitutes which unscrupulous deal
ers sometime offer to increase their profits. The genuine article may be
bought anywhere of all reliable druggista at fifty cents per bottle. Pleasa
to remember, the full name of the Company
the front of every pack
age. In order to get ita
beneficial effects it ia al-
waya necessary to buy r"iw4 "fciV'
the genuine only. V '
. j
fcwisMfc. i.
Simple Homo Treatment Which flever Fails
to Restore Full Strength and
Vigor of Youth,
Tilers Is Be loofr sny dh4 for man to suffer
from lost vitality, night loasas. Ttrtcoc). etc.,
h It ran h cvr4 almost like magic tn tha
privacy of youi swn noma and raatora amall vaak
organs to full strangth ana vigor of youth by a
slmpla ramtd; which any man can uaa. Simply
, Me)ll(.al c ,4,45 HuM Bulilldlng. Datrott. Mion ,
.,, lh.. ,fi ,.ni ,! ,m tha DocWa full era-
orrlptlon frao and OTarjrthluc aacoaaanr for a quick
lid lasting cura.
Ths following, taken tram thstr daily mall, shows
what man say who kavo takea adraatago of this
rand tree oBsr. ......
"Dear Sirs: Ploaao tenant my aHwara thanks for
roar at moot Sato. 1 hare given yew traaiauut
It ensures an enjoyable, invigor
ating bath ; makes ever pore
respond, removes dead skin,
I starts the circulation, and leaves a
flow equal to a Turkish bath.
Charter OkStovesRanseGa
CO. - la printed a
s " "SJ!s. nVtf""
a thorough taat and tha psnaBt baa base artraardl
nary. It has completely braced mo up. I am uat
aa vigorous aa wnea a boy and you eanaot realise
how bappr 1 am."
"Dear Mrs Vour method worked beautifully. Re
sults wsre eisctly what I needed. Strength and
vigor bsvs completely returned end enlargement la
entirely aatlefartory.'' s .
"Dear Sirs Tours wsa reeelved and I kasT ne
trouble In maali.g oae ot the receipt as directed,
and caa truthfully say It Is a boon to weak mea."
lon't stop and wonder bow they can afford to
do all this, but send today; the Oder la gentlne.
And the nraacrttjtLon will be oent by return mall In
a oertoctly slain envelope abeolutelr tree lust aa
V'rlte teds and aaou yevj-U aw baPT.
Go to winterless
Where roaea jtow outdoor at
C'liriHtmas time, uiid there Is always
perfect weather.
The luxurious California Lim
ited will take you there in less
tlutn three days from Chicago.
Finest dining-car service in the
world, All you could ask for In
comfort, speed and scenery. '.
Hotel accommodations at principal
resorts better than ever before..
The California- tour daacribeel in
our books; mailed for 10c In stamps.
Address Passenger Office, j
Atchison, Toeka & Snnta Fe
Railway, Des Molndx, Ia.
Santa Fe
Wkea Wrttfaf to AdvertUm
Ahrars Meattai The Bet.