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I BtaLment of His Campaign Eipemet
Tiled With Oomtj Clerk.
Law Haye Ktatrmrn Must Be Filed
la County In "W hich andldate
ResMesi Therefore Mercer
B1ay Rxempt.
County Clerk Pn'inl hns turked away In
toe office vault cabinet the financial state
ments of tb campaign filed with him by
those who wore candidates, or at least
thought they were, at tho recent election,
and la tome Instances these reports tell
tales of coatly disappointments.' The candi
date had to make such filing w'.ihln ten
days after the election and the treasurers
ot the. committee within twenty daya.
The time being expired. It was supposed
that all had compiled, but this morning In
running through the bunch there waa dis
covered an Important omission which raises
an Interesting question of law for those
who can bear to discuss the affairs ot the
Section 4 of article III of the corrupt
practices act states that "every person who
hall be a candidate for election to the
office of representative In the congress of
the United States or to any office which
tjnder tho laws of the constitution ot this
state la to be filled by popular election
except township, precinct or school dlstrlci,
ffloers or Tillage trustees, shall within ten,
daya after the election held to All suh
fflce, maka out a statement In writing tyiA
file the same with the clerk of tho county
la which he resides and make out and file
a duplicate thereof with the board of tffl
eera. If any, empowered by law. to Isjue
the certificate of election to such office.
Such statement shall set forth In detail
each and all sums of money and other
things of value contributed, disbursed, ex
pended or promised by him and (to' tho
best of his knowledge and belief) by. any
ether person or persona by his procurement
In his behalf."
Penalty Is Heavy Fine.
The section immediately following reads:
"Any person falling to comply with tho
third section or the fourth section of this
act shall bo liable to a fine not exceed
ing 1,000, to "be recovered with costs,
brought In the name of the state by tho
attorney general or by the county attor
ney of ths county of the candidate's resi
dence, the amount of said fine to be fixed
within such limit by the Jury, and to be
paid into the school fund of said county."
Notwithstanding these provisions of the
Statutes, there Is not In the filing box any
Statement from the late David Henry Mer
cer nor from any of the eminent counsel
ors who spoke and acted for him during
hla campaign for another term In con
gress. And since these learned jurists
must certainly have known ot this law,
there la at the court house the Inference
that David Henry must have been, as some
Insinuated at the time, really a resident
of some other section than Douglas county
during the late campaign and prior thereto.
Tie law question that arises Is as to
whether David Henry will have , to file at
ail, since Washington Is In a district, not
a county, and Minneapolis is In a state
whose laws may not be so exacting as
Neither has there been any filing here
by the republican congressional commit
tee, but that may be because the treasurer
la an evanescent being whose location
seems as hard to learn as that of the con
gressman himself. Mr. Blackburn would
be appealed to, but Is out of town. ' Mr.
Ourley wouldn't tell; Mr. doss couldn't. '
nitcbeoclc's Expense Aceonnt,
Mercer's opponent has filed and so has
the treasurer of the democratic committee.
Gilbert M. Hitchcock reports that he gave
Treasurer Burkley for the congressional
committee $200, that he paid $200 more for
"sundry" needs recommonded by Burkley
and $58 in hack hire and for ward vigilantes,
making a total of $458.
Burkley's report shows contributions ot
(100 from John A, Creighton, $100 from
W. S. Poppleton and $200 from Hitchcock, or
a total of $400, as against a total expend
iture of $395.90 for printing, stenographers'
hire and secretary's needs.
Secretary Cosgrove reports that bis larg
est expenditure was $42 for postage and
the next largest $15 for Hebrew circulars,
paid Philip Stein. The other disbursements
listed were In sums of $1 to $5 for furnish
ing "lists of voters."
Bernard McCaffery, socialist nominee, re
ports that his expenses amounted to "not
one red cent." ..
A. W, Jefferls, republican candidate for
county attorney, reports that be gave the
central committee $50 and spent enough
more tor printing cards and advertising to
make bl total $148.50. J. P. English, fu
sion nominee, reports his total as $167.25.
Aniens; Legislative Tandldate..
Among the legislative candidates J. A, C.
Kennedy, the only fuslonlst who won, re
ports $124.50, and John Wallace, the repub
lican who lost, $60, ot which $50 want to
the county committee. Other legislative
emlneei report as follows: F. W. Koetter,
$81.76; E. M. Morsmen, Jr., $120; Pat Mc
Ardle, none; H- F. Mcintosh, $96; C. U
Saunders, $17$. JO, of which $1M) went to
the county committer; J. H. Rlggs, $120.25;
W. B. Ten Eyrt, $77; George C. Martin, $!;
M. A. Hall, $2(9.75, of which ths eommlttee
got $1M; W, T. Nelson, $78.75; J. P. But
ler, $114.25: .Frank Planck, $10.30; D. W.
Gilbert, $121.50; Peter Mangold, $120; R. B.
linwell, $197.40, of which $75 was by assess
ment. To be cotnmlssloner from the Fifth com
missionerdistrict Henry McDonald states
that he jld $42 for hall rent and to get
his picture1 In a paper and on some cards,
but nntblsg for the committee nor to oth
ers. C 0 Lobeck. his opponent, reports
$50 paid,' the democratic central committee
and a fetal expenditure of $10S.50. Peter
HofeldtL; successful In the Third commis
sioner district, reports a $50 assessment,
$26 fori (cam hire and $2.50 for cards, noth
ing mtWe.
Jurite Read gave the Judicial committee
$100 iii Judge Day gave that amount here
and 110 in Washington county.
It a RrrtMary that the Dandruff Germ
J Be Eradicated.
rf)estroy the cause, you remove the ef
tJJt." Kill the gprm that causes dandruff,
fajllng hair and baldness, you will have no
mfire dandruff and your hair must grow
luxuriantly. Herpiclde not only contains
(he dandruff germ destroyer, but it is also
?most delightful hair dressing for regular
ollet use. No other hair preparation is on
this scientific basis of destroying' the dan
druff germ, and none other claims to be,
for the simple reason that It la only re
cently that a destroyer of the germ has
beeij discovered Newbro's Herpiclde, the
only hair preparation that actually kills
dandruff. , .
The prices we make for Saturday will
loosen up the purse strings of every per
son. Read our ad on page 6. Hayden
Diamond rings, $20 to $500, Ed holm. jpnnsng"-"
Old! Ago
"I suffered for sis years with con.
stipatiou and indigestion, during
which time I employed several phy
sicians, but they could not reach my
ease," write Mr. U. Fopplewell, of
Bureka Springs, Carroll Co., Ark. 'I
felt that there was no belD fur me.
could not retain food on my stomach ;
bad vertigo and would Call helpless to
the floor. Two years ago I com
menced taking Dr. Pierce's Colaen
Medical Discovery and little ' Pellets. 1
and improved from the start After
taking twelve bottles of the ' Discov
ery ' I was able to do light work, and
have been improving ever since. I
am sow in good health for one of my
ge -co year. I owe it all tu Doctor
ncrcc, a meaicinca.-
Speetal Eacnrsloa ' .
In connection with
Sterling, Colo.,
December 2, ' '
Leaving Omaha '
5:10 p. m.,
' Special Train
' Round Trip $15.30.
For full particulars call at city ticket
office, 1324 Farnam street. '
Announcements of the Theaters.
The Orpheum will present a matinee this
afternoon which, like that ot the past sev
eral weeks, should prove decidedly attrac
tive for women and children, as It em
braces well-calculated ' entertainment for
them and particularly will the Juveniles be
pleased for Galettl's troupe of performing
monkeys cannot help but strike their fancy
with tbjelr many clever "tricks. The" little
clown monkey, who pulls: off hie coat to
demand1 satisfaction for bis wounded dig
nity frm his big companion is a big laugh
ing hit. They are the first and onljr
monkeys that bave ever been here that
play a musical instrument. Two of the
nutdber succeed quite well on chimes.
alck Time to the Southwest. .
Leave Nebraska points In the forenoon to
take the palatlally equipped "Meteor" of
the 'Frisco System leaving Kansas City
dally 7:15 p. m., reaching Oklahoma City
7:30 a. m., Dentson 11:10 a. m... Sherman
11:30 a. m., Dallas 2:30 p. m.. Fort Worth
2:55 p. m., Waco 7:35 p. m Passenger Of
fice, 205 South 14th St., Omaha, Neb.
Harrison ft Morton advertise a special
bargain In today's paper. Read their ad
in the special column.
We keep step with the pace ot progress.
Read our ad on rage S and come Saturday
and see. Hayden Bros..
Hawks cut glass bowls, ,$5. . Edholm.
Quitman Company Snea J. L. Carey
to Recover Loss by Texas '
. . ' Fever. .
In the United States court ths case of
the Quitman Land and Cattle . company
against John L. Carey la on trial. This is
a suit for $4,580 damages arising from the
death of a number of cattle owned by the
plaintiffs. It is alleged that the plaintiffs,
residents of Missouri, purchased from the
defendant and C. J. Hysham of Omaha 304
bead of cattle from Texas, which the de
fendant and Hysham said were not contam
inated with Texaa fever, but which did
communicate the disease to a number ot
northern cattle which were placed on pas
ture with tbem, so that sixty-eight bead of
tho northern cattle and two head ot the
Texans died, with a damage to the others
amounting to the sum sped for. '
Ths answer ot the defendant Is to the
effect that he did not sell the cattle to the
plaintiff, he and Hysham having divided
their stock before It reached St.- Joseph,
where the sale waa made, and the stock
sold to the company was the property of
Hysham and not ot both; that if any dam
age resulted to the stock, of plaintiffs it
was due to their1 own carelessness, as they
should have known that Immune Texas cat
tle might communicate the disease to
northsrn stock.
Vsur Money
In 0r lank
Books & Stationery
From a well known New York retail book and stationery house, retiring
from business, we bought nearly their entire stock on hand and will offer
tomorrow most Immense bargains In books snd stationery.
Saturday we will place on sale over 10,000 volumes of all kinds of books.
These are by all the well known publishers and a great many copyrighted
titles. Tomorrow In lots:
25c books for, each.. 10c 75c books for, each... 25c
50c books for, each.. 15c A'&.tawffiM
TAii is the Biggest Book Event Omaha Has Ever Known
Writing Paper at Great Bargains
We will place on special sale one big counter of finest quality writing paper.
Hurd's and Crane's best papers In all the fancy novelties, such as Hurd's
satin wove, Crane's chiffon vellum, Crane's linen. Crane's parchment, linen
Swiss, In all the late tints snd new novelties. These papers are put up In one
and two pound boxes and are made to sell for $2.00 a box, through a for
tunate purchase we are able to offer you these big a class writing -4 '
papers at ISo a box. Never before was there such a bargain IOC
One big lot of these same papers, tbe miscellaneous kinds, that Is, the loose
papers, we will sell 12 sheets ot the best -f
grade, for IC
Twelve sheets of mourning psper for 1 cent, envelopes to 1
. match, at, package w2v
All tbe fancy box writing papers and envelopes to match from this purchase,
and there are thousands of them in all styles, kinds and grades, made for
the holiday business, we will sell all tbose that formerly sold d P
for 60c a box, at IOC
All the $1.00 box papers with envelopes to ' match. These are in handsome
boxes and the best quality of paper, you would expect to pay $1.00 for
them in the regular way, we offer them tomorrow In this big OC
book sale and stationery sale at, a box ,OC
Special Sale at Doll Counter
An Immense line ot kid body dolls placed on special sale tomorrow. Buy
them now and have plenty of time to dress tbem for the boltdsys.
10-inch tall, open and close eye, Joined One big lot of 26-inch tall best grade
limb, kid body dolls, with fancy kid body dolls, shoes and stockings,
open work stockings, sewed wigs and sewed wigs and long, flowing balr.
long, wavy balr. These are Just the Just the kind of dolls that generally
kind of dolls that generally sell for sell for $2.98, we will sell them to
$1.00, we will sell them C morrow at the doll coun- -4 CS
tomorrow for OvC ter In the-basement for .'. 150
One big table of fanoy dressed dolls. These dolls are clothed In silk and woolen
dresses, one doll In a box and generally sell for 50o each, OC
they go tomorrow at, each , nOC
Special for Saturday Only
A set of table tennis, just like PIHQ POHQ wia burnt wood
raciest, green net This ii equal to any ping-pong tetin Omaha fold g"V
for $1.98. We offer thi let for Saturday only, at O VC
I Windows LMfWfli3g 1,0,3 Windows
We are specialists in the protection 'and adornment of
children. Did we not excel, .we would not be specialists.
There is satisfaction in fhe use of LILLIPUTIAN Clothe.
They're cleverly cut from dependable fabrics and put to
gether to stay, made in sanitary work-rooms, and sold on
the satisfaction plan money back if wanted.
You can get as good at some eastern stores. We guar
antee if you get as good elsewhere, you'll pay more money.
Just now every table, every rack and every shelf, offers
great inducements in the way of special values. Take our
word for it, and buy nothing for the boy, girl or baby to
wear, until you see the LILLIPUTIAN LINES.
Benson & Thome.
1515 Douglas Street.
Iaatltntlon (or Benefit, ot the Pea.
teat to bo Conducted by
There bave been sent from Harlan county.
Nebraska, to be filed with tbe clerk ot Doug
las county, articles of Incorporation for the
Mpther Lee, Good Will Mission for Peni
tent Fallen Woman. Tbose who algned tbe
articles were John W. Thomas, J. W. Ed
ward and Li. O. Chljda ot Orleans. Neb..
and Richard A. Lee and Mary E. Coffey of
Omaha. The corporation. Is to exist thirty
years from December 1, 1902, with a staff
of officers and five trustees. Its business
will be' "the helping ot penitent women, to
restore them to boms and friends where
possible; when not, to provide tbem with
a home and employment until such time
as the? are able to care for themselves."
Also, "to bold any snd all property procured
by purchase, donation or otberwlse in trust
te tbe use and benefit ot the said . home,
the same to be occupied and used as a
home tor penitent fallen women for a
period of thirty years, and for no other
purpose." '
The chief offices and places of business
are to be at Omaha and Orleans, and all
persons are eligible te membership in the
corporation upon the recommendation of
the superintendent of tbe home and the
approval of the trustees.
Tbe Peril at Oar Tlase
Is lung disease. Dr. King's New Dis
covery for Consumption, Coughs and Colds
cures lung troubles' or ao psy. 60c. $L
For salo by Kuhn A Co.
Tbe new kind of General Arthur cigars
Jid( Manser Continues Hearings of
Strikers to Nest Monday
i The contempt case against tbe Union Pa
cific strikers, which was to bave been called
in tbe United States district court yesterday
morning, was continued by Judge Munger
until Monday, at which time be will an
nounce further orders.
When the time for bearing came the court
room waa filled by the men under attach
ment snd their friends, all seemingly snx-
ous to have the hearing proceed. Some of
the strikers think that the . continuance
means an amended bill of complaint to be
filed before the bearing and they would not
be surprised to find an attempt made to
connect some of them with tbe fire at tbe
Union Pad 11 o shopa Wednesday night.
A DraaaTlet's Advice,
Mr. C- L. Thompson, a druggist of Dan
ville, Ind-, gives the following wholesome
advice to bis customers: "If you should
ever need a remedy for croup or whooping
cough, get Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
It absolutely has no equal for the preven
tion and cure of croup, and if taken la
time and according to directions. It la a
most excellent remedy for whooping cough
and all throat and lung troubles. I would
recommend that a bottle of this medicine
be kept in tbe borne at all times, especially
where there ore children in the family."
Special Caution
Our prices are ao low as to stamp tbem
the greatest kind of bargains. Hayden
Bros, with a big ad on page 6.
Silver salad bowls, $20 to $35. Edholm.
Chlcaao and Heturn, aie.TS,
Via Milwaukee Ry.
On sale Nov 30 and Deo. 1 and S.
1604 Farnam St.
King Cole Belf-Rlslng Buckwheat's ths
Publish your legal notices la Tbs Weekly
Bee. Telephone tit.
Turn right to page 6. Hayden Bros.
Military brushes, $5 to $10 pair. Edholm.
HUAW-Mn Maude Minnie, at Clarkaon
Memorial hnaultal. aged S3 years.
Funerul Sunday, November SO. at 1 o'clock
p. m. from H. K. Burket's chapel, 411 North
ttlxteenth street. liurUl at Cuuncll Bluffs,
m " ' -1, ; Mi'u iu. .jn mi 1 1 .i J, 'J BBBTSffiK M
Consumers of drugs snd proprietary med
icines should use apeclal care to see that
the article they, buy la Intact that la, that
wrappers have not been removed, corks
drawn, numbers erssed or the package
otherwise tampered with to prevent Its
Identity from being at once recognised.
100 pure -graln Quinine Pills for 2Bo
Yfkn Vf annan'a T1nn mm. x) .a
Z. - "- a taituui runuer iur lie
o-.w "ium: niuuuu uiquor nemeoy,
evw Wl JbC
doien White Ribbon Liquor Remedy,
we sell ...19 00
Ths fihftVsn Mtnaitv nranalil Kms II 1 '
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Write for catalogue. Perfumes, Rubber
Goods and Patent Medicines at cut prices.
Sherman & McGonnell Drug Co,
Wholesale and Retail Druggists,
from A. R. Bremer Co., Chicago, 111.,
manufacturer of Coke'a Dandruff Cure,
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"Chicago. III., Nov. 26. 1902 8chaefer's
Cut Price Drug Store, Omaha, Neb. Gentle
men: We are in receipt of your order of
the 15th insi. for one gross of COKE'S
)ANURUFF CURE. We have been In
formed that you have been cutting prices
continuously on our goods and have been
jne cause or MICH Dlsn KUAME in
OMAHA. We must therefore decline to Mil
your orders. L0 NOT CAKE TO HAVE
CURE AT ALX Very Truly.
"A. R. Bremer Co.."
We are nleased to sell the 11. uO size of
Coke'a Dandruff Cure (and we have It) at
76c. and we will see If the STATE LAW OF
NEBRASKA cannot take a band In this
business of Interfering with our style vf
dividing profits with our customers. Watch
papera or results of a right.
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Boys' Overcoats
Boys' Overcoats at $4.00
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One Lot Boys' Reefers .
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sizes 8 to 15 years m4JJ
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Long Monte Carlo
Made of all wool kerseys and zibelines,
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3'Quarter Length Coats
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oxford gray cheviots, heavy, satin lined,
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?20.00 VALUES, 1 A 7 ET
For shoes when you can deal with
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OSS? $ ka
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is here again, with its
long evenings.
Twinflith Century
I. check full of Ih. Id...
of tb. men in
th. couuuy well knows
nu, Mlectcd aiwritaifc
bactuu thr know how
to mlt. firming WT.
Oo. id. xnarb. worth
1 huudxmti dollars teou.
t to 49 p.(M. weskly.
1.00 lr r..r.
Writ. twin. ImU CT
tai ItMkM.
1701 FarawDSOaukha.MsBk
Asm. aaatoS at mvmrj P. ,
Has Ever Been Found
in the Enamel of
. PrshMta. by Dwli Us if Usn. State Court
Pasted on Every Piece
If substitutes are offered, writ us
This trade-mark Is on every piece
of genuine Agate Ware.
I j.rr: iMAKEi . :.
1520 V
gold lr Flr.t-cl.H lJrp.rtm.nt and Houa.
(uruUUtc( Storm, tbmd for sew Booklat.
At Last is found to
cure sweaty, clamy
hands and feet.
never falls.
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f" '
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Tit. faulty ruy., not aUutfle ftlure; Uuji. Uiu
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will please you if you care for good clgara.
la. t nanas wviiea.
Tel. f 4f. a. W. Cor. ls mm CsUve.