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MFfFFIn IIF&1K I KT kt wi tbt . rr k. w.i u.xim
IIIMiLi.UUU HLAUJ 1.1.3 1 , .dcmy. Ilr mti tkit oHtbrr Knot
nor Nebraska are governed by tbe con
ference regulations anyhow, and that Ne-
To Be Tint Kan Executed in Hebrasia braska simply voluntarily adopted them.
Penitentiary Under Hew Law.
Nebraska t atvemlty flora Laaklasr far
Hard liinif Today with fae Kaas
Crowd .Robrork I Morleii.
sea's Uepaty.
OPre-m a Btaff Corrrsnondent.)
LINCOLN. Nov. 14. (Special.) Oottlleb
Nelgcnflnd, the Fierce county murderer, re
cently convicted of the killing of his wife,
bids (air to be tbe first man to be executed
vnder the law enacted by the last session
of the legislature, requiring that all ex
ecutions In the state shall take place at
the penitentiary. He was lodged to the
atate'a prison several daya ago under com
mitment to remain until his execution,
which Is set for Mart h 13. next. The honor
of being the first murderer to meet death
tinder the new law la accorded to Nlegcn-
f.nd by reason of the fart that Governor
Favage postponed the execution of William
Rhna from the 2Mb. of last April unto the
first Friday In July, next. Thus, It Is that
Nlegenflnd will get about four months the
tart of his fellow criminal, and that Gov
ernor-Elect Mickey will have tbe friends
of two condemned men bombarding his
susceptibilities soon after he Is Inducted
Into office. The commitment papers of
Oottlleb Nlegenflnd disclose that he was
bora In Nebraska, Is 28 years old, fanner
by occupation, and a Lutheran In religious
affllllation. They also show that he Is
temperate In his habits and has not been
addicted to tbe use of tobacco.
Babcork Selected.
H. A. Babcock, at present deputy for the
Insurance department of the auditor's of
fice, has been selected by State Treasurer-
Elect Mortensen as bis deputy. The po
sition pays the same 11,800 a year as the
one he now holds, but Is less confining and
leas exacting. Mr. Babcock was a former
business partner of Mortensen and was
clerk of the Valley county, when the lat
ter was county treasurer. Mr. Babcock
ays the position came unsolicited. Mr.
Hancock was state auditor four years, and
waa Insurance deputy under Auditor Ben
ton, Moore and Weston.
Think It la Wrnasr.
A brief lo behalf of Sarah and Louis
Flgg was Bled in supreme court today. In
Neither Chicago nor Northwesters, against
whom Knox haa played, objected, and he
thinks Nebraaka ought not to. Both are
star playera and without them, Knox would
be out of It.
Bay They Give It tat.
N. W. Bush, assistant superintendent at
Kansas City of the Plnkerton agency, who
haa had charge of the pursuit of tbe rob
bers who held up a Burlington train hero
on October V, waa in the city today to
notify tbe local officers that every clue
had been run down and that there was
nothing left but to abandon the chase.
The Impression Is growing that local talent
did the trick, and it will simply be a wait
ing game on tbe part of the officers.
Gaardsraea Maat Be Prompt.
Adjutant General Colby Is determined.
evidently, that officers In command of com
panies in the National guard shall be
punctual In making the reports required by
the department and in pursuit of that de
termination haa lasued an order for their
The resignation of Captain William U
Holland of the South Omaha cavalry troop
has been accepted, conditionally upon his
making satisfactory Invoice of the effects
of the department within his charge, and
the commander of the troop Is directed to
assemble his command at the first regular
meeting after the receipt of thla order and
proceed according to law to elect a new
Ortllrslei of Kleetlea Espeases.
Certificates of election expensee have
been Bled by Secretary of State George
W. Marsh, showing that he expended 185.50.
while J. Phlpps Roe of Omaha, socialist
candidate for the same office, paid for
what he got nothing. The certificate of
A. C. Shallenberger. candidate for con
gress In the Fifth district, shows that ho
spent $430, of which the democratic com
mittee received $300 and the populist com
mittee but $130. M. P. Klnkald, repub
lican candidate for congress In the big
Blxth district, spent $28; W. L. Stark put,
up In hla race for congress $265.23 to the
democratic committee and $225.75 to the
populist committee in his district; Charles
q. DeFrance, fusion candidate fbr auditor,
claims to have spent $86.25.
The state Board of Educational Lands
and Funds will go to Stanton tomorrow to
look after some school landa In that section.
State Engineer Dobson has completed fof
the guidance of the aecretary of state a
support of their appeal from the Judgment
of a Sarpy county jury, which gave Albert I new plat of the houae -of representatives
Donahoe $7,500 damages because the Flggs I and aenate chamber whereby seats will be
alienated his wife's affections. The ault I awarded to members of the legislsture. It
arose out of the snread of the Flactte cult I u understood that It will be Drat come
few years ago. Mrs. Donahoe was one 1 first served." Several of tha members
of the women who wss attracted by the I elect have already been at tbe state house,
doctrines Breached bv the Fleas snd left I Kut it ! stated In the secretary's office
her home and followed them. He took 'her
out of the Flgg home and locked her up
several times, but she maintained that It
was a sin for her to live In the married
state with a man who did not belong
to her religious faith. Ia thla Dona
hoe declares ahe was supported by the
Flggs. The latter assert that the verdict
was the result of a passion, and prejudice
fanned by religious prejudice and the un
principled and untruthful accounts of their
actions In the public press.
Hard Game Tomorrow,
Nebraska will have the hardest game of
the season . tomorrow, when It lines up
against tbe husky crowd from Knox col
lege, Galeaburg. The Knox eleven, with
a dosen substitutes and a small baftd .of
rooters arrived today. Coach McLean aaya
bis men are all In good trim, but ex
pressed doubts .whether they would win.
Only a little money has been wagered on
tta result, the Knox crowd wanting odda
of $ to 1. They want the better of It too
on a wager that Knox will score. Ne
braska's goal line has not been crossed this
scaaon and a touchdown would cause al
most as much heartburn aa a defeat.
McLean Insists that Knox Is a lighter
ti-am than Nebrakka, and Insists that the
stories that have gone out that the four-
)jar rule is not enforced In his college
are untrue. All of his men are bona fide
students, he says. Knox has won all of Us
games save one thla year. It beat Kansas
to 0, whereas Nebraska whipped the
Jayhawkers when the latter had Improved
and while Nebraska was In poor condition.
16 to 0.
There will be two colored boys In the
game tomorrow, Johnson, left end for Ne
braska, and Hopkins, left halfback for
Knox, are the men. Both are expert
dodgers and good ground-galnera, Hopklna
having a big reputation aa an end runner
and trick player. Sbedd, Nebraaka's star
end, is out of It for tbe rest of tbe season
and Johnaon takes his place. Mason was
tried last game, but waa not equal to It.
The team practice the last week has
been very satisfactory. The scrubs could
do nothing with the 'varsity and the mom-
be ra of, the latter are back la the fine con
dltlon they were when they beat the In
Manager Wyer of the university athletic
board filed a protest tonight against the
playing by Knox In tomorrow's foot ball
game of Martin, right guard, and Hopklna,
right half, on the grouDd that the former
Is playing for a salary and that the latter
has been playing for Ave years, contrary
to the conference regulations as to tbe
length of service of a man upon a college
team. Manager Elliott of Knox said he
would pay no attention to the proteat and
would play hla men anyway. Ha denies
that Martin receives a salary, although the
Nebraska, management have a totter from
blm. In which hs refused to corns here
without a regular stipend. He admits that
Hopkins has played firs years on the team.
that no allotmente of seats will be made
until next Monday.
to people who are honestly
striving;, aod thereby urges
them to greater exertions.
So the many good words that have
been said of The Illustrated Bee only
lead to added efforts to make that
paper what It haa been from the
beginning, the best In the west. It
Is without rivals except itself, but its
record is s constant Incentive to
sdded endeavor. Ita readers have
become accustomed to thla, and are
never disappointed in their antici
pation of a treat each Sunday when
the paper comes out.
JAMES f. WALLACE, the uew gen
oral manager of the Illinois
Central railroad system. Is another
line example of the self-made man
of affairs. Ho began railroad life
thirty-three years ago In a position
that paid but $40 a month. Since
then he haa rlaen steadily until to
day he occupies one of the most
responsible positions In the railway
world. A fine picture of Mr. Wal
lace will be found on the front page
of the next number of The Illustrated
Bee, and with It a short sketch of
his busy career.
Hekrstka Jk Gall Seeares Koiotri
the Ysaktoa A Norfolk
. RtTTTON. Neb.. Nov. 14. (Special.) The
general manager of the Nebraska Quit
railroad, H. L. Miller, nae recently pur
chaaed for his company seventy-five miles
of completed roadbed, extending irom a
t lust south of Yankton, 8. v., to
Norfolk, Neb., built by the Yankton. Nor
folk st Southwestern railroad. Thia pur
chase will be a part of the through line
to the gulf. Contracts have been entered
Into by responsible psrtles to complete
the line from Yankton to Concordia, Kan.,
by January 1. 104. The contrast supu--lates
that it shall be In complete running
order, to Include rails and rolling stock
read- for business. A reorganixatlon nas
been effected, which consolldatea the two
roads Into one, to be known as me i ana
ton, Norfolk ft Southern railway. The
officers of the new organisation are n.
Leone Miller, president and general man
ager: W. W. Oraham, vice president; W.
E. Hachedorn, general solicitor.
- a a
m Wanaat Haa Beta
NEBRASKA CITY. Neb.. Nov. 14. (Spe
cial Telegram.) The 16-year-old daughter of
William Lempkey went berore juatice u.
p. West of Syracuse laat evening and swore
to a complaint against her father, charging
him with criminal assault. The father as
soon as he learned that a complaint mo.
been filed, mounted one. of the farm horses
and fled. He waa traced to Berlin, from
which village he started eaat. The author
ities at all the river towna have been no
tified and a close watch la being kept lor
him, and be cannot escape. The girl saya
that for four months the father haa forced
her to submit to him and she was forced
to apply to the law to save herself. The
people of Syracuse are greatly worked up
over the matter and If Lempkey Is brought
back they threaten to lynch him.
Modera Wttdats Sard.
Is the title of a special article
which desls briefly but entertainingly
with some of tha most Interesting
characters of modern history.
Women who have not only been
notable, but who have actually left
the Imprint of their lives on the
time In which they lived, are the
ones told about. For illustrations,
photographs of -several of the best
known of these are used.
HISTORIC M0NTICELL0, the home of
Thomas Jefferson, and Its sur
roundings. Is the subject of a special
article by Hon. R. W. Richardson,
who spent several weeks In tbe
vicinity of Montlcello and the Uni
versity of Virginia during the sum
mer. Mr. Richardson tells very
entertainingly of the home of tho
great author of the Declaratioa of
Independence and Ita present envir
onments. Illustrations are from
photographs taken during the sum
mer for this article, and the com
bination Is certain to prove of inter
est to all.
the extent to which chi..a paint
ing Is practiced by the women of the
state, with especial reference to the
Nebraska Ceramic club, ita aims and
achievements. Some account of tbe
origin and growth of tbe art la also
given. Illustrations are made from
splendid photographs of the beauti
ful vases the Nebraska club baa
decorated as Its season's regular
schedule work, and show aa well as
black and white can be mads to show
the beauties of the finished work. ''
Mr. Frank G. Carpenter a
theme for his weekly letter. It Is
treated In Mr. Carpenter's customary
entertaining way, giving a great deal
of useful and atatlsttcal information
in a moat acceptable manner. Mr.
Carpenter aays the French farmers
are the most thrifty In tbe world, and
tells why and how they merit this
distinction. Illustrations are made
from photographs taken in France by
Mr. Carpenter.
YORK Neb., Nov. 14. (Special.) Theo- j
philea Kerwood haa brought suit against
tbe Modern Woodmen and A. U. pruitt
of this city, for services rendered In nurs
ing a member of the Modera Woodman of
America. At the same lime Sterling L.
Parker also brought suit against the Wood
men Snd Amos Johnson, claiming $10 dua
for services ss nurse for caring tor a
member of the Modern Woodmen. It Is
said that tha members nursed belonged to
other camps, who will remit but bare not
yet done so. The parties who are sued
Jointly wtth the -Modern Woodmen are of
the commutes appointed to look after ths
sick, who are members of ths Woodmen.
Little Liver PUls.
CSwrt aar SlgnMuro trf
Cbarstes Wtaaa wit a Bls-amy.
SEWARD, Nb.. Nov. It. (Special Tele
gram.) Mrs, Eva Neely Moody waa arrested
last night for bigamy. Ths complaint waa
sworn out by Daniel North of Fillmore
county, who clalma that oa September t,
1900, he married Mrs. Moody, she then
claiming ber nans to be Merlah Wilson.
Ia May laat ahe came to Seward and run
screws Thomas Moody snd three or four
days later they were married and have
lived here alnse. Daniel Nortb ia a man
about 70 years of age and bla wife Is abcut
$0. The complaint waa filed Is Justice
court and Mrs. Moody waa bound over to
appear. In district court, which la now In
I v success in life as compared with
those of a man with college train
ing are debated by Hon. Thomas L.
James, former postmaster general.
It la one of a series of articles on
educational topics which Mr. James
has written, some of which have
already been printed In The Bee, and
others are yet to come. It will be
found of much value and Interest to
educators and people alike.
be found a number of beautiful
and Interesting pictures of people
and events of more than passing
moment. The usual chatty comment,
gossip about noted people, short
stories and miscellaneous articles
are Included, and the paper will be
found complete In every particular.
If you are not now a subscriber, you
should leave your order with your
newsdealer today.
Several People Injured, but Fortunately No
Lives An Lost.
Five Separate Casualties la the Hrrord
for Tweaty-Foar Hoare la the
Ylrlaltr at Craad
GRAND ISLAND. Neb.. Nov. It (Spe
cial.) Yesterdsy waa a day of accidents
for the Union Pacific in this vicinity and
through all of them, there ran the good
luck that no lives were lost.
Archie Campbell, while shutting oft the
air and tnakltig a coupling on freight No.
27 at Wood River yesterday morning, had
his foot caught under the wheel, and In
falling struck his head on a tie. He was
unconscious until last night. . The car
stooped with the wheel on his foot. It is
believed the foot can be aaved.
J. J. Brosko, a fireman for another east
bound freight, almost at tbe Identical place
at Wood River, fell from the engine while
lighting tbe beadlight and Buffered con
cussion of the brain. He was brought to
thla city and during tbe night recovered
consciousness. No serious results are ex
pected. The engine was taking water at
the time and was not moving.
Engineer Fonda and Fireman Bailey of
the cast bound passonger. arriving here at
S a. m.. Jumped in time to save them
selves from injury aa the engine left the
track on a split switch. The engine lies
on Its side, the flywheels of one side being
completely burled In the ground. Tbe
tender was wrenched from Its trucks. The
baggage car and mall car left the track,
but were not damaged.
An old man named Boyer. picking up
coal in tbe Union Pacific yards this morn
ing at 5 o'clock, waa atruck by an engine
and run over. An employe In the ;ards
saw the accident and gave the alarm to the
engineer. The locomotive waa moving
slowly and waa at once brought to a stop.
The enginemen stepped oft to look for the
presumably dead man, under the monster
machine, but he had crawled out from un
der, on the opposite side. Aside from a few
severe and profusely bleeding scratches, be
bad remained uninjured, though the engine
for Its entire length, had run over him.
J W. Morris of the yard gang, had his
band crushed while making a coupling on
No. 8 last evening. Three big holes were
crushed into the member.
Falrbary Defeats Beatrice.
BEATRICE, Neb.. Nov. 14. (Special Tele
gram.) A very interesting game of foot
ball was played here today between the
Beatrice and Falrbury teams, the latter
winning by a score of 30 to 0. About 100
rooters from Falrbury. accompanied the
visiting team, returning home this evening
on a special train.
Methodists to Balld Parsoaaace.
YORK, Neb., Nov. 14. (Special. ) The
Methodists of York have one of the largest
and finest stone churches In the state and
this week they have let the contract for
fine new parsonage, to be built on tbe
lot adjoining the church. The building la
to be a modern ten-room residence.
York Has Issw,
YORK, Neb.. Nov. 14 (Special.) The
first snow of the season .came last night
covering the ground to a depth of about
one Inch. Before the snow quite' a heavy
rain fell. Thia morning waa bright and
pleasant, and before noon- the snow bad
disappeared. '
Wilt Goverameat to Par for
Wealth Taken from the Black
Miss Crow Says: "I Have Had
Catarrh Ever Since I Can Re- FM
memberPe-ru-na Cured Me." (Js
1 1! j
MISS Nellie Crow. 1114
Edith Place. Mem
phis, Tenn., writes:
"As I was cured of a chronic case of
catarrh of the head, I am only too glad to
recommend Peruna. have had more or
less catarrh ever since I can remember,
and have tried numerous remedies and
doctors' prescriptions, and while some
things would help me for the time being
It Is to Peruna that I owe a perfect cure.
It was recommended to me by a friend
who had been cured through its use, so I j Nearly everybody has had It more or
gave It a trial and it not only cured tho less. A majority of people who have
uiarru, uui loaeo. up me entire sys
tem." Nellie Crow. '
have tried one
doctor, they
generally try
mother, Sometimes three or
iour. As a rule, however, they
are generally obliged to resort
to Peruna at last. In Peruna they find
what they have been seeking a perfect
cure. A cure that lasts. A host of peo
ple have spent tboucands of dollars to get
rid of catarrh and afterward were cured
by a half-dozen bottles of Peruna.
Many Have Catarrh and Don't Know It.
Catarrh Is almost a national curse.
Catarrh la a Disease- that Does ot
Care I tacit.
There are a vast multitude of people
who can subscribe to the above state
ment. In the first place catarrh is a life
long disease unless cured. Catarrh Is a
disease that does not cure Itself and is
not easily cured by the beet of reme
dies. The doctors all try to treat ca
tarrh. Their remedies generally fail to
cure. The people first go to a doctor and
give blm a faithful trial. After they
catarrh In Its incipient stage don't know
it. Catarrh will produce so many dif
ferent conditions that It Is no wonder
that it Is so often not recognized.
Catarrh will produce deafness. Will
affect the eyesight.
Catarrh will enlarge tbe tonsils and
will make the throat sore.
Catarrh will cause consumption, dys
pepsia, kidney disease and eo many other
maladies that it Is no wonder that doctors
fail to recognize It.
Female tatarrh Very louimoi AmoagtVo.
men Peruna Care Catarrh Wherever
Mrs. M. E. Jenkins, nresldont Victoria
! lodce. Queen's Daughters. In a letter from
133 Goyean street. Windsor, Ont., Can.,
"I heartily endorso Peruna as an ex
cellent tonic for a weak and broken
down woman, for such I was before I
began taking Peruna and It really workcil
wonders with my system, fly health is
excellent now, and whenever 1 feel Ian-
. guld or nervous I take a few doses of
Peruna and it goes right to the spot.
A number of my friends have taken it
and are universal in its praise." Mrs. M.
E. Jenkins.
Peruna cures catarrh wherever located.
Peruna cures catarrh In whatever form.
Accept no substitute for Teruna. Peruna
is the only systemic remedy for catarrh
yet devised.
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruna
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a full
statement of your case and he will be
pleased to give you bis valuable advitb
Address Dr. Hartman, president of Thu
Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O,
Guaranteed Cure Contagious BloodPoison
No Matter How Long Standing, in 10 to 20 Days
fishing yesterday snd while be wss gone
his wife sold ths family cow to a promi
nent grocer In town. The cow proves to
be mortgaged to the butcher In Papilllon.
Mrs. Perrln also sold one of his horses,
which proves to be mortgaged to the same
HOT SPRINGS, S. D. Nov. 14. (Special.)
Congressman Martin held a conference here
today with twenty-three Sioux chiefs of
the Ogallala tribe. They have been led to
believe that the government haa not lived
up to Its treaty agreement wherein they
ceded the Black Hills region In 18T. They
contend that not three-fourthe of the In
dians signed the treaty In the first place,
as was represented would be done, and that
they never intended to cede the land lying
between the "pine trees." as they refer
to the edge of the Hills proper, snd the
Cheyenne river, but that the government
has appropriated the land, as well as the
Black Hills, and now they want pay for It
all. They desire that Congressman Martin
present their claims at Washington and
see It they cannot aecure payment for all
the wealth that hag been taken from the
Hills. At the conference here Edgar Fire
Thunder, a well educated and bright In
dian, acted as interpreter. The various
chiefs sat In a circle, with Congressman
Martin at the head of the circle at the side
of the interpreter. Each chief spoke and
the interpreter repeated what he said, sen
tence by sentence, as they proceeded, while
Stenographer Shepherd took it down In
shorthand. They all seemed to have the
utmost confidence In Congressman Martin
and several times inquired of Mr. Martin
to know if those present (a few spectators)
were friendly to them, and upon being In
formed that they were would proceed with
their remarks.
The conference lasted about three hours
and not until each had expressed bis opin
ion did tbey adjourn. The argument of
"Plenty Bear," cne of tbe leaders of the
tribes, waa probably as complete and as
much to the point as any of the arguments
It is thought by some that one cause of
complaint on the part of the Indians is
that a new order requires all able-bodied
male Indians to work and earn their own
livelihood as far as possible. These chiefs
seemed to be in the best of humor snd one
would Judge thst tbey think they may be
able to obtain money by putting In such a
claim and, that they really realize that
they have no Juat claim.
THE HILL MEDICAL CO. has the services of the most bklllful specialist in Arnei i-a.
They unhesitatingly state that worst form of Blood Poisoning can be cured. They invite all per
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advice and xamitintlnn and will cure you to stay cured. If you have been treated elnewhere and
are disappointed at the failure of a cure or the slowness with which your cure Im accomplished
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are cured. We treat successfully all forms of diseases and the price la within the reach of all
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Syphilis, Rheumatism or any impurities of the Blood, Kidney and Liver Troubles
We have treated with marked success hundreds of cases. If you cannot come to us write Our
system employed for home treatment is successful. You cure yourself at home, and the beauty of
It is you will Ktay cured. ' '
Note Our Guarantee. Call today for tomorrow may be too late.
Office Hours 9 a. m. to 8:30 p. m., Every Day.
KILL MEDICAL CO., Kooma --H Patterson Block. 1633 Fa mam St.. Omaha, Neb.
Write us today full particulars of your case and matter will be sent la plain envelopes at once.
at some point that will be more satisfactory
to tbe people, and thus settle the matter
for all time.
I to tafcs ss sa4
In a nrrrrfr
roi iusaxsl
ret uzziKtts.
re i tiueumtta
fci TCtna uvul
rca ccisTirATioi.
res iiuiw tvtL
rca Tt com run ci
Baalaaas CUs at Wrasrt,'
WTJfORE, Neb., Jioi. 14. (Special.)
Ths Rust-Owen Lumber company, which
has dons business In this city tor many
years, has been purchased by local men,
who have Incorporated under tbe name of
ths Wymore Lumber company. Ths In
corporators are: J. G. HUder, F. H. Bart-
lett and B. N. Kautfman.
JflULl lOK JitAfiACstsV
Saaw at Paptllloa.
PAPILUON. Neb.. Nov. 14. (Special.)
Tha first snow of ths season Is falling here
today. It started with rata and tha weather
twrnlng colder tamed Into snow. It Is still
snowing and looks ss if t wou'd keep It up
all day.
Wiru Bella Marl cased rroperly.
PAPILLION. Neb.. Nov. 14 (Special. )-
W. 6V Perrta west to tha Plaits river
Lover Is laalateat.
YORK. Neb., Nov. 14. (Special.) Mies
Nora Hilton, a young woman living near
Thayer, does not want to marry William K.
Smith, a young man of the asms place, and
she complains that becauae she refuses to
marry him be haa made threata of killing
her and that her life la In danger. A war
rant was sworn out tor tbe arrest of W
R. Smith, who will be tried in county court
Both tariles are well known around
What Makes rtatay l.lps.
The pure, rich blood, made by Dr. King's
New Life Mils. They promote beauty. .
Give clear skin, rosy cheeks. I5c. For
sale by Kuhn ft Co.
Five Hasdrel at the Valveraltr of
Colorado Go Oat oa
a Strike.
BOULDER, Colo., Nov. 14. Five hundred
students of the University of Colorado ar?
on strike. They have revolted over lessons
during the quarto-centennial celebration,
now in progress.
The students beld class meetings and
voted unanimously not to attend classes
during the celebration. Girls who attend
are .threatened with ostracism and boys
have been told that they will be ducked In
tbe lake. Today not a boy or girl reported
st classes.
There is some talk of President Baker
taking drastic measures with tlie leaders
as an example of discipline. However, ss
ill the students are Involved, It Is gener
ally believed that no action will be taken.
The new kind of General Arthur clgara
ars now on sals.
One Way Colonist Excursions
at Half Rate Plus S2
November 18th December 2d and 16th to many
points in Kansas, Oklahoma and Indian Territories, New
Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Arkansas and Louisiana.
Ticket Office
1323 Famam
Omaha, Neb.
WYMORE. Neb.. Nov. 14. (Special.)
The firemen's fslr opened Isst evening
for a season of five dances at the opera
house. The hall waa appropriately dec
orated with flags and boss and many valu
able articles have been contributed by tbe
business men to be given ss prises.
Plaaalaa- for Saaltarlaaa.
HOT SPRINGS, S. D., Nov. 14. (Special.)
Captain H. E. Palmer, one of the board
of managers of the National Soldiers'
homes, who has the immediate aupervlsion
of the planning for the National Sani
tarium at thla place, arrived here Tuesday
evening, in company with Thomas R. Kim'
ball of Omaha. Mr. Kimball came to look
over the grounds here to prepare his de
signs for the National aanitarlum. The
were also accompanied by Major A. B,
Hull, chief surgeon of the Leavenworth
National home, who came to advise aa lo
the sanitary arrangements of the sani
tarium here. He la a aon of Congressman
Hull of Iowa. They selected the exact lo
cations for the buildings and Mr. Kimball
will Immediately prepare his dslgns for
the buildings.
Colorado Company May Start Baalaesa
Ascala Waea Klaaaees Are
Sir. fattened.
DENVER, Nov. 14. Receivership pro
ceedings against the first company to man
ufacture beet sugar In Colorado were filed
In the district court today.
The corporate name of the defendant la
the Colorado Sugar Manufacturing com
pany snd Its plant la located at Grand
Junction. The ultimate purpose of the
suit Is to straighten out the finances or
the company and to resume operations.
The plaintiff is tbe International Trust
company, which is trustee under the 1 100,
000 mortgage standing against the defend
ant. The plant has been shut down for
two seasoua.
" Follow the Flag.
Isrh at Saaw at Hearaa.
HEBRON, Neb., Nov. 14. (Special.)
About one Inch of snow fell here last
nlcht. This Is the first for the season.
Ths weather Is warm, and It Is melting
quits faat under tbe beat ol this morning's
Talk at Capital Resnaval.
HURON. S. D.. Nov. 14. (Special.) One
of tbe moat enthusiastic meetings In tbe
history of this city was held laat evening
for tha discussion of the capital removal
question. Speeches were made by repre
sentative bualneas snd professional men of
the city and county, and the sentiment
waa unanlmoua for the removal of tba aeat
of government from Pierre to some more
accessible point. The question Is not so
much as to where the cspital of the stste
shall bs located as It is to bavs It plactd
In comparing Grain-O and coffee
remember thai while the taste U .
the same Grain-O give health and
strength while coffee shatters the
nervous system and breed disease
of the digestive organs. Thinking
people prefer Grain-O and it ben
efits. TRY IT TO-DAY.
At gretars every antra; lie aad Hie per jtks.
plus $a.o.
The Wabash R. R.
EOUHBAST at above rats oa ths 1st sad 4 Tuesdays ot each month. Tickets
sold dslly to all ths winter resorts of ths south at greatly reduced rates.
For rates and descrlptlvs matter call st WABASH CORNER, 1401 Famam
street, or address
HARRY F. MQORES. Ca1. Act. Faaa. Deri, Osaabsw sWa.