Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 15, 1902, Page 12, Image 12

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! Batirday's Bargains Women's, Children'!,
j Man's, Boj's lositiry and Underwear.
Special Asrema lor Mnn.lna; I
wear Indira IMerk Wool Hoar,
Doable Heel and Tor, llfm Top,
Aleo Heavy Fleeced Hoar,
Ladles' Mark cashmere hose, merino beet
and toe. a regular fine quality. 3Be, J for $1.
Ladle' black rasSmere hose, with black
and oxford foot, elastic top, a very fine
quality, tomfortable and warm, for Satur
day 60c
Ladles'' out sl rashwre and allk fleered
hose, ribbed top, double neels and toe, extra
length, Mic.
Children' fine ribbed black wool hone,
double knee, heel and toe, genuine herms
dorf, dye. 2.'iC.
Boys' heavy ribbed wool hose, double
knee, heel and toe, a Rood strong school
hose for boya, all sizes, from 7 to 10. 35c,
t for $1.00.
Ladles' silver gray fleeced vest, finished
with crochet edge and tape, drawers to
match, with gathered bands, soft and warm,
Ladles' allk fleeced vest and drawers, me
dium and heavy weights, cream, silver gray
a .id ecru; drawers finished with yoke bands
and tape, also tlghta to match, for Satur
day r.Oo each.
Ladles' heavy fleeced union suits, open
fronts, also drop seat, a good value, 60c
Ladles' black wool vest and pants,
wool, also tights to match, a good black
that will not crock, special $1.25 each.
Ladlea' Munsing pleated union suits. H
wool, tpen front, also open across bust, the
best wearing as well aa the best fitting
garment, special $1.50 each.
Ladles' vagssllk vest, high neck, long
aleeve with cuff, cream, pink and blue,
tlghta to match, $1.00 each.
Children's Jersey fitting cotton fleeced vest
and panta, a warm and comfortable gar
ment for glrla.' 25c each.
Children's Jersey ribbed natural color,
est and pants, warm, serviceable and non
shrinking, 50c each.
Ladles' and children's black wool legglns,
heavy ribbed and extra long, also children's
and Infanta' drawer legglns, black and
white. KELLEY, STIGER ft CO.,
Corner Farnam and Fifteenth Streets.
Proprietor of Tallorlnsr Eata.bllab.meBt
Laavti the City with Ma
terial Ml. alas,.
L. Rosensteln, who until recently con
ducted a women'a tailoring establishment
Jn the Victoria hotel, baa left the city and
several women who had dealings with him
are mourning his departure. Among these
Ms Mrs. Sinclair, head of the millinery de
partment of the Boston atore. Mrs. Sin
clair sent material for a dress valued at
$30 to the tailor. She called for It Thurs
day and discovered that Rosensteln had
left the city. Four other women who had
left material for dresses there called dur
ing the day.
Rosensteln came to Omaha about six
weeks ago and purchased two machines
Ifrom the Slpger Manufacturing company on
the Installment plan. Since his departure
ha wrote to the company from 839 West
Third street, Dea Moines, giving It au
thority to take possession of the -machines.
Cbrlalmaa lavlngi.
Special arrangements will be made for
those who desire to open accounta for
Christmas aavlngs. Each depositor who,
desires it will be loaned one of our little
home safes free of charge.
Bank la open until 9 p. m. on Saturdays.
V?t cash checks on all banks.
J. L. BRANDEIS ft Sons, Bankers.
' A Good Move,
i r
I The-members of the Conservative Savings
and Loan association calling at the new
offices, No. 205 South Sixteenth street, ex
press themselves well pleased with the new
location. The room 1b light and airy and
well adapted to the needa of the association,
and, mora Important still, Is centrally lo
cated In the retail district of the city. The
officers feel that within the next few months
:the buslnesa of the association will run
,past the one million point, the present as
sets being considerably In excess of $900,000.
Tha thrifty buyer knowa that. the Big
Store la the money-saving spot. Read our
ad on Page T. Hayden Broa.
1S-K wedding ring's. Kdholra, Jeweler.
Crippled Foree la After - Perpetrators,
I ( a Namber of
I Small Jobs.
( Several' email burglaries were pulled off
Thursday night and the aixteen policemen
en the beats today are making atrenuoua
efforts to locate the perpetrators. The
arneae abop of M. R. Weirs, 1924 Vinton
jatrset, waa entered and fifteen buggy whips
were taken. Officer Inda discovered that
the burglars had entered through a rear
window, which had been broken out. A room
In the Royal lodging house at Sixteenth
ad Chicago atreeta occupied by Ben Holt
and Dan Carter was entered while the men
lept and Carter waa robbed of $15 and Holt
lot a watch. At the barber abop of Wil
li lam Klrklna. 2 Pacific street, burglars
took several razors, clippers and other bar
,bar auppllea. Tom Casey reported that he
went to aleep, he didn't remember where,
aad waa robbed of $7.
I -
It is therefore useful
because it is symmet
rical, and fair"
is in every case sym
metrical and fair, but
it is useful not alone
on this account but by
reason of the workman
like adaptationof every
giece to its purpose,
ymmetry in design,
skill in fashioning, ster
ling quality in material
are assured by the Gor
ham trade-mark.
kasp It tV
Assessment Life laaaraaee Aeeoela
tloaa Oolnc lato Reeelverai Handa.
The Chicago Tribune of November 12,
"Receiverships are numerous for sssess
ment Ufa Insurance companies. The Rail
way Taasenger and Freight Conductors, Mu
tual Aid and Benefit association was placed
in the hands of Philip J. Maguire as re
ceiver yesterday by Judge Hanecy, and this
morning a receiver will be appointed for
the Marquette Mutual Life association.
"Special Interest attaches to the latter
because of the prominence of the men con
nected with It. William Tenn Nixon was
Its president, Ephralm Banning was vice
president and Ihe late A. F. Seeberger was
treaaurer. While started aa an assessment
company, the Intention was to develop It
Into a legal reserve company, but In the
attempt to do this without the promoters
putting up the $100,000 required by law, the
concern became Involved In complications
which have plunged Mr. Nixon and his as
sociates into litigation. The association had
reinsured the Western Reserve Life associ
ation, and had done some business for itself,
at the legal reserve rate, and the Insurance
department required that this Insurance
should be taken care of. At a conference
held yesterday It was announced that noth
ing would be done by the association, and
so a receiver will be appointed today."
A recent Issue of the New York Sun notes
that "There are more than 6,000,000 mem
bers of benevolent fraternal organizations
In the United States, but the sums applic
able to payments to members In alckness or
to their beneficiaries after death are less In
amount than waa the case twenty years ago.
Life Insurance companies, on the other
hand, are steadily increasing the number
of the Insured and steadily reducing the
premiums charged for Insurance and - they
have a constantly growing surplus, the
accumulations of which are a positive pro
tection agalnat thoso financial disasters
which occasionally overtake even carefully
managed benevolent orders.
"The chief obstacle which bars the suc
cess of the benevolent orders Is the fact
that when they are started the original
members are yonng men, 'good risks' in
insurance parlance, and during the first
yeara of the organization, the members
are all or nearly all young men. Through
prompt payment of premiums the reserve
fund then rapidly Increases. After ten
or fifteen years, however, it Is almost In
variably found that the drafta on the sur
plus begin to exceed the premiums col
lected. Deaths outnumber the admissions
to membership and as the surplus la de
pleted, there la less Inducement for new
members to Join. Aa a consequence either
the organization languishea or by specu
lative investment Ita permanence la Im
perilled." Read the ad first on Page 7, then come
and bring your pocketbook to carry home
the money you save In buying here. Hay
den Broa.
Rew Arranft-ements la Rooms
Grades to Be Made by
the Board.
An Important meeting of the teachers'
committee of the Board of Education will
be held Monday afternoon for t. le purpose
of rearranging the rooma and i-radea In
some of the buildings. It la proposed to
close one of the rooms at the Columbian
school and to open one at the Saundera
school. At preaent a number of pupils
who really live In the Saundera school
ward are attending the Columbian achool.
It la believed that If they are returned
to their own building there will be a large
enough number to warrant the opening
of another room, while one at the other
achool may be closed. Tha transfer of
these pupils baa caused the gradea In both
achoolB to be greatly disarranged, and satis
factory results. It Is said, are not being
secured under existing conditions. As aoon
aa they are sent back. the gradea In both
buildings will be rearranged.
Announcements af tha Theaters.
Klaw ft Erlanger's big beauty snow "Tha
Liberty Belles" numbering 100 will bo aeen
i--., a lODioircw and Sunday nights.
No matinee will be given because of the
company's Inability to reach Omaha In time
from Denver. Tha comedy la In three acta.
The first act Is shown In tha dormitory of
young ladlea' seminary, the aecond in the
room of a cocking school and tha third on
tha lawn of a faabionabla hotel In Florida.
Harry Ollfoll heads the company, which In
cludes Violet Dais, Catharine Carr. the
MoCoy sisters, Maude Napier and others.
Tha Orpheum will give a mattnes today
and the women. and children will be af
forded an opportunity to see the fifteen
ockey club glrla, who headed by tha Coun
tess von Hattfeldt, have the honor of
breaking the record for the aeaaon. Next
week opening with a matinee tomorrow
promises some very good things. The lead
ing features will be Miss Lillian Burk
hart, who with her company preaent her
new comedietta, entlteld, "The Salt Cel
lar." Another prominent number and a
senaation and novelty la Rlccobouot, "Good
Night Horse."
Hot bargains all day Saturday at Hivdin
Bros. Read about them on Page 7.
Wet Weather Caases Treaehea
Cava la Before Work la
Tha rain and anow of the last few days
have proved a serious drawback to the
work upon the underground conduits of the
Thomson-Houston company, which it haa
been expected would be finished some time
In the . coming week. In a number of
places the street excavations and embank
ments have been caused to fail
In by tha wet weather and tho
condulta have been filled with mud and
water. One place where particular damage
has been done la tha alley between Harney
and Farnam atreeta. It Is estimated by
the general superintendent In charge of the
work that the damage In the last three
days has reached $500, or perhaps $600.
Naturally tbla destruction will delay tha
completion of the work.
PI as; Poasr Gallery C usages Hands.
Tha l$'e bulldinc pins; pong gallery haa
been transferred to new proprietors. The
young men who established It and made a
success of It have found that It takee more
lime and personal attention to run an
amuaement nailery than anticipated, and
have sold their Intervals to Dr. Usantner
and Mr. Byrnes, former attendants. The
latter will devote all their time and energy
to pushing the game this winter, and prom
ise a soud bunch of tournaments and ping
pong parties. With the arrival of Cold
weather, the popularity of tha a-ame and
of the only gallery In town la expected
iu greatiy increase.
Mortality statistic-..
TV. I wi-.w- - J .u-
iiniwwiiig inrini aim ursim ri s im
ported at tha office of the Board of Health
during the twenty-four hours ending at
Utrthe Uene T. Wilbur. ?1 Harne;
street, boy; Charles H. Doer. 415 Walnu
street, boy.
Deatha Murv Vrtrrtuin. TV.ii rntint'
hiitl, kited S7 years; John lxody, U
North Seventeenth atreet. ased &i yeara;
Kdward O Conner, UuS Jaxksun street, aged
aJtMawBajspssassarawawes. i i ii.iii m
. 1 98
at -
On Bargain Squares
3,000 pairs ladies' fancy
welt sole and extension
edge pole?, hand turn, flex
ible Shoes made to retail
for up to $4, go at $1.98
and $2.50.
Bis Sale Men s Welt
sole, vici kid and box calf
Shoes, made to rt-tail at ?3
and $3.50. Ail sues, go
at $2.50.
Having Been Discharged, He Bays Oonpany
Has Been Whipped.
StrfVe Leaders, However, beay that
Captain of Shop Gaarda Haa Beeo
la Collastoa with Them
at Any Time.
"The company la whipped. I don't know
why It does not give In. The conditions
at its shopa are something awful." said
W. H. Esterline, who has been oblet of
the Union Pacific's private guarda at the
shopa since the strike begun, last June.
Mr. Bsterllne's services have been dis
pensed with and he haa packed his effects
preparatory to leaving for his home in
St. Louis. Mr. Esterline does not deny
that hla resignation waa enforced.
"The oompany haa suspected my loyalty
for aoma time; the officials have accused
me of being In collusion with you fellows,"
Esterline is said to have remarked to
"William Richelieu and other strikers aa
he left the shops. "But," he continued,
"that accusation la false. Just aa false aa
It can be. I have tried to do my duty
and have been loyal to the Interests of tha
Union Faclflc."
William Richelieu has charge of the
strikers' pickets and has been one of tha
most active promoters of the strike all
along. He haa incurred the special dis
favor af the company by his constant vlgl
lence. Mr. Richelieu says, with other
strike leaders, that If Esterline haa been
false to the trusts Imposed In him by tho
Union Paclflo It never became known to
the strikers. They have found In him a
atrong champion of his employers' Inter
Eleven more men were sdded to the shop's
force hers yesterday, while fifteen more
went out. The force now at the shops la
aald to number a little over 200. Reports
from Cheyenne say twenty more men hava
given up the ghost there and walked out.
It Hid a Liasarlant Salt of straight
aad Very Dark Hair.
Tha father of hla country concealed a
luxuriant ault of hair beneath his queue
wig. Many now wish the old fashion waa
In vogue, to conceal thin hair or baldness.
Yet no one need have thin hair or ha bald,
if he cure the dandruff that causes both.
Dandruff cannot be cured by scouring tha
acalp, because It is a germ disease, and
the germ haa to be killed. Newbro's Her-
plclde kills the dandruff germ no other
hair preparation will. "Destroy tne cause
you remove the effect." There's no curs
for dandruff but to kill the germ. Sold
by all druggists. Send 10 cents In stampa
for sample to The Herplclda Co., Detroit,
Hayden Broa. are offering bigger Satur
day bargains thsn ever. Read tha ad on
Page 7.
Reed and Barton silver. Edholm. jeweler.
Dixie Flyer.
A through train to Jacksonville, Fla.. via
St. Louie or Chicago and Naahvllle, Chat.
tanoora, Lookout Mountain, Atlanta and
Macon. Round trip tourist tickets now on
sale, permitting stopovers both going and
returnlcg and limited until June 1, 1V03.
Write or call on ua for full Information
regarding rates, etc, and copy of our beau
tiful Illustrated Florida booklet, at 1402
Farnam atreet, Omaha. W. H. BRILL,
District Passenger Agent Illinois Central
Railroad, Omaha, Neb.
7 renivii
If H 1 w InsVP-SJfo
ll-K gold match Bates. EUbolm, jeweler.
PublUh your legal notices in The Weekly
Bee. Telephone 238.
King Cola 8elf-Rlstng Buck wb. at.
ic Storm a
Rubbers j
m n Minim 'it'll MB
Men's $2.50 Shoes
light and 1 K Q
heavy soles .Jj?
Boys' Shoes, fQn
sizes 9 to 13
Women's Slippers, 20
different styles 40c, 50c,
59c, 75c, 89c.
Girls' Shoes 89c
Ladies' Shoes Bar
gains 89c, $1.25, $1.39
and $1.50.
Shoes .
Girls' Foot Form Shoes
Extension edge and
welt soles, Si to 104, 1.39
and 1.75.
11 to 2, 1.59 and 2.25.
N LXal9
Has Ever Been .Found
in the Enamel of
Protectse by Deottloa rf Uattad Sbrtsi Court
Pasted on Every Piece
If substitutes are offered .write us
This trademark Is on every piece
of genuine Agrate Ware.
Sold by Flrst-cliis Department and Housa.
furnishing atone. Sand for new Book Int.
nw toii aosToa chioaoo
Ideal Kid
Tha new welts In patent viol kid
are certainly things of beauty and
when properly titled are a Joy for
Price $3.50 Always
We have received In all widths, from
triple A to E widths In this patent
kid shoe. It hua more style and
character In It than la shown In any
line of fine alioes for women In this
Some ask Just twice our price others
svll for lb and )ti. The difference Is
the profit made by the retailer.
Sorosis Are $3.50
Sorosis Shoe Store
203 S. 15th St.. OMAUA,
Band for Catalogue,
At Last is found to
cure sweaty, clamy,
bands and feet,
never falls.
611 Bee Bids.. Omaha. Neb.
(ioo Foaltloa Opea.
Good opening tor a newspaper or maga-
ilne solicitor, permanent poaltion for a
competent man. Address Twentieth Cen
tury Farmer, bee Building, Omaha.
Tha new kind of Uaneral Arthur cigars
Infanta '""!! iW'a.
fRDCy sVtl
sole J
Shoes. . !""'",m''cJ
Over jniimiSlfl
new I T
styles. I
vr-mJ kinds siiii-
srs now on sale.
Price Slnshltta
Talk Is Cheap.
Prices Knock
How Do You Like tho
Sound of These?
New Uprights.
0 Ftanoe- $110
sale price. .......-.... r m m v
236 Pianos- S1 18
sale prtoe
1275 Pianos- 5148
sale price . -"
1300 Pianos- $165
fl&lt) prtCliM.MiH.iatata.aaMast'T
$S60 Pianos- S198
sals price
$875 Plsnoa $2lS
sals price. .. M
M00 Pianos- $237
sals prloe...
1460 Pianos- $262
sale price.................
r. $298
MSSE: $347
T.0cr. $362
Used Uprights.
When Naw. Worth. Bale PTloe.
$280.00 $100.00 $90
800.00 SOO-00 $118
SO0.00 $13S
880.00 225.00 $148
400.00 276.00 $160
450.00 800.00 $198
600,00 860.00 $348
Among these are such wall known
makea aa Steger Sons, Emerson,
Qramer, Vose A Bona, Knabe, Chlok
erlng, Bverett, Smith ft Barnes.
Ivers A Pond, Bcblller, Arion and
Btory A Clark.
Used Organs.
Boms at 112.00. $18 00. $20.00. $18. 00,
$28.00. $80.00, $38.00, $42.00, on terms
of 50a per week.
Among these are such old familiar
names aa Western Cottage, Chicago
Cottage, Royal. Kimball, Starling,
Epworth. Schults, Palton. Btory s
Clark, ato.
Payment Plan.
Parties with good characters and
ability to meet the small waekly
paymenta can secure a piano from ua
without any caeh payment.
Planoa on $1.00 weekly paymenta. .
Organa and Squares at 25c, 50o aad
?5o per week.
Schmollor & Mueller
1813 Faraam Street.
802 Broadway, Council Bluffs.
The Boys' Shoes
Should be without any taolea this
kind of weather. Our $1.60 ahoes
will wear longer before there are
holes In them than any shoe ever
aold at this price no matter where
you buy them.
They're made of good honest leather
with good solid soles that keeps the
feet dry and at the same time gives
comfort and satisfaction.
Bring the boya' In Saturday, we
have plenty of shoes and help and
give your money back If you are not
OmohVs lu-to-Date Shoo House.
Send for New Tall Catalogue.
mm -sr a i ei u m
111,1 'nfftrgnTi?"""
Worth Looking Over.
BAiTMSaVHlAi.. ..X.' ,", 1 11 IfT'WI "' "1-3a
This list Is low. Read It over sndl If vou
can buy the articles for as little or less
money, go where you can buy them; If
not, let us know your wants and we will
deliver any place In tha olty, day or night,
without extra charge j If out of town, we
deliver to depot.
Remember these are OMAHA'S ONLY
11.00 Perunay genuine 61 o
S6o Genuine Caatoria ,,.SHo
$1.00 Pierce's Remedies , .64a
Allcocke Plasters ,,.,,, .12c
buo Cutlcura Salva 89a
5a Doan's Kidney Pills , ,,,-iHo
zoo carter a unit iiver t-uis ,.i5c
Too Mailer's Cod Liver Oil ,,,,,, ,.,.S4o
6 "Catarrh Rem" guaranteed. ....... ..3oc
$1.00 Her s Walt Whisky ....Uo
$1.00 Canadian Malt Whisky.. ,,,,..75o
$1.00 Temptation Tonic, ,..,...,..26o
$1.00 German Klmmell Bitters. ..75c
$1.00 Miles' Nervine .79o
$2.00 Chester's Pennyroyal Pills $1.00
1 el. T4T. . W. C, Jltk CBleao.
Cohasset Punch
prepared, ready tot use
add a little cracked tea and
erva. Just tha thing for
rsosptlons, parttsa, ato.
Bav.s time, trouble and si
pense always Just right.
Price, par quart, $1.00.
Something naw sweet
stuffed olives a delicious
and dainty relish nothing
Uka It all the go back asst.
Pries, bottle, 75c.
1 9
Cackley Bros.,
Quality counts and wa give you quality.
Opp. P. O. 'Phone 1148.
Agenta tor Hunter's Rye and Wilson Bja
f n
Saturday we place on sale 350 men's over
coats, made of Cambridge oxford gray chev
iots, cut 42 to 46 inches long, extra heavy
weight farmer satin lining. They QQQ
are exceptional values and are Cji
worth $12. They go on sale Saturday
F 0R B O Y S
Boys' Knee Pants Suits $2.50 Made of all wool
cheviots and casslmerea many p attorns to choose from. They come In Nor
folks. In Blfs 4 to 12 years and two-ploce suits size 8 to 50
18 years $3.50 values on sale Saturday mam
Boys' Knee Pants Suits $4.00 Made of the best
of worsteds, cheviots and casBtmer es. Including the new "coronation" cloth
the very best of workmanslp and trimmings made In Norfolks, elies 4 to
12 and two-piece, two and three button double breasted A OO
Jacket suits ACTUAL VALVE $6.60 CX
Boys' Overcoats at $4.00 Made of fine grade all
wool cheviots. In medium and dark gray and fancy overplald colors, well
made and well trimmed, ages from 8 to 15 years A QQ
Boys' Overcoats at $6.50 Made of the best cam
bridge cheviots In oxford gray and black colors, lined with the most durable
farmer aatln lining for boys ages 8 to 16 years BiQ
Young Men's Suits at $7.50 Made of the new
"coronation" cloth, fancy cheviots and cassimcres, cut In tha new three
button single-breasted sack, and also the three-button 750
double breasted sack. They have have hand foiled collars and g
padded shoulders they are actual $10 values, for
flEN'S SHIRTS AND DRAWERS- -in nil wool floeee AZmWr
in blue, yaeger and brown mixed 75c values, tlM
for W
flEN'S SHIRTS AND DRAWERS-in heavy roerlDO, in yg '
camel's hair and natural colors, non-shrinkable and an ex- g ajLT
, t; . , I 1 1 L 1 11 f 11 1 111 U L , ITUI 111 fl.UV,
BtoajiiieBgirei3P HI!
November 18th.
December 2nd aud 16th.
To points In Oklahoma and Indian Territories and
Texas and to many points In Arizona, Georgia, New Mex
ico, Arkansas, Kansas, North Carolina, Alabama, Ken
tucky, Tennessee, Colorado, Louisiana, Utah, Florida, Mis
sissippi, Virginia.
Douhbs Dally
Train Serwlca
via tha
Louisville &
Nashville Railroad
Cincinnati, Louisville
Chicago and St, LouU
NaahTilla, Memphis
Atlanta, Birmingham
Mobile, Naw Orleans
Florida and
Gulf Coast Points
Throuah Sleeping Cars aad Chair Care
Aa Cnsaoslled Dining Ca Berrloe
First and Third Tuaaday each Month
Tot raise, maps, foldara and Urns
tablaa, Addreaaj
C L STONE, Gea. Pass. Art.,
Louisville,' Kr.
values Today jj
place to buy your overcoat is
here. Not because of the preater
quantity we carry, not because of the
greater variety Ave show you, not even
because of the lower prices we quote,
but because of the SAFETY of buying
here. It is absolutely impossible for
you to pay too much or to pet a poor
coat no matter what yon pay. You
don't need to be ''posted." You don't,
need to be la judpe." You don't need
to know anvthinp at all about over-
coats except to know what style you
want and what price you want to pay.
v e take your money on deposit you
take our overcoat on approval and
'we stand ready to trade back when
ever you think you might have done
better somewhere else.
. 1' 1
One Fare
Plus $2.00
for the
Round Trip
Ticket Office
1323 Farnam Street
Omaha, Neb.
ON I M 0 D
e . .
No other shoe sold la
Omaha can give tha genuine
satisfaction that la obtained
from wearing the "Onltaod"
Bhoe for men.
Our prlcea of 11.50 and
$2.50 are always ths same.
We manufacture TS styles
of fall and winter shoes
and for men only.
seeajaeeas - e - eers - are - e - e. -
203 8outh 15th St.