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Oiti OIom Lower, bat All Other Oraina Rise
on Board of Trade.
tttn Scramble t t Des)ler Con
and Send Prlees Soaring In
Morning, with Reaction
l.ater On.
.CITTCAOO. Nov. 14 There was a
v.h in whAt tndav And nrlces
iiiahap rtAMmhpr dnsine? U'ic hlcher. Ix
eembor com o higher and oats a shade
lower. January provisions cloned 2c
lilgher to 7fH0: lower.
Unfavorable weather, strength In corn,
with higher markets abroad and a good ex
tort demand were responsible for the
strength In wheat. Trading during the
tlret part of the session waa on an enor
mous scale, but later In the day there waa
a quieter feeling, although the market waa
active right up to the close. A leading
bull operator waa credited with Belling a
large line, but It waa atated that his buy
ing greatly exceeded hla sales. Realising
Bales were on a large acale, but the de
mand h always heavy enough to bring
about a rally after a momentary decline.
The clone was strong and near the top
fcrlce. December opened 'ir9c higher at
72e to 72c, nd after selling at 72o ad
vanced to 72e. The close was W'W
higher at 72j72c. Clearances of wheat
'and flour were equal to 38.000 bushels.
JHradstreet's exports of wheat and flour
t'lor the week was 4,440,000 bushels, against
tj,716.O0O bushels last week. ITtmary re
ceipts were 1.127,000 bushels, compared with
1.137,000 bushels a year ago. Mlnneapolle
and Duluth reported receipts of 732 cars,
hlch with local receipts of 102 cars 16 of
krontract grade made the total receipts for
the three points of 834 cars, against 1,083
ears last week and 82 cars a year ago.
There was a wild scramble to get Deeem
fber corn, and aa a result the prfce went up
to le over yesterday's closing figure dur
ing the first half of the session. There was
liberal realising at the advance and a re
action followed, but the close waa strong.
Met weather and light receipts, with pre
dictions of continued ralna today, caused a
tampede among shorts, who ore beginning
to entertain doubts as to their ability to
icure enough contract stuff to fill orders
for December delivery, as grading con
tinues extremely poor. December opened
40 to lc higher at 62c to 33e anil sold
up to 63c, declining late In the day on
iocal selling and closed So higher at 52c.
,ocal receipts were 161 cars, with only 6 of
contract grade. ....
Oats were dull and featureless, with
Trices firm In sympathy with other grains.
The close waa steady, with December a
shade lower at 2c, after aelllng between
SSc and 29c. Local recelpta were 148
Provisions were quiet and about the only
feature to trading was a fair demand for
rork. The strength In grains helped pro
visions and the close was steady, with lard
and ribs a trifle weak. January pork closed
Sc higher at 316.12, January lard 7Hfl0o
lower at 18. 97 end ribs 2e lower at 37.8,.
Estimated rerelpts for tomorrow: Wheat,
16 cars; corn, 176 cars; oats, 190 cars; hogs,
18,000 head.
The leading futures ranged aa follows:
(Articles. Open. H!gh. Low. Close. Tafy.
Wheat I I
Dec. nn 72 7272, .72
May 74&:5 T&H 74 76
Corn '
Nov M 63
Dec. 52H-S 63 62H K 62 V,
May 41642 42(jp 1 416. 41
tNSv! T 29 914 28t,(8-
May 81 O SI 81 31
Jan. 15 10 15 15 16472 16 12 16 10
May 14 35 14 46 14 85 14 40 14 37
Nov? 10 12 10 26 10 17H W 26 10 26
Dec 9 42 9 50 83 60 9 62
Jan. 806 8 97 8 97 i VT 07
May ' 8 45 8 52 8 63 I 60 860
Jan. 7 85 790 788 7871,790
Mar 7 62 766 7 62 7 65 7 63
No. 2. tNew.
Cash quotations were as follows:
FLOUR Steady; winter, patents, $3.40
J3 50; winter straights, $3.10jj.80; spring
BatantB. 13.40tte.70; spring .straights, $2.90
f.20: bakers, $2.8603.76.
WHEAT-No. 2 spring. 7aa7So; No. t, 66H
BWo: No. 8 red. 71itr7240.
CORN No. 2, 64Hc; No. t yellow, BBo.
OATS No. t, 284c; No. 8 white, Q2o.
BARLEY Good feeding, 8686o; fair to I
gjholoa malting 43348c. a.
cm, 81.21. prime timotny, . a . ctover,
contract grade, $10.76.
PROVISIONS Mesa pork, per bbl.. 818.87V4
17.00. Lard, per 100 lbs.. 10. 56-3X10, 80. Short
ribs sides (loose), 310.0OfJ10.2O. Dry salted
nhoulders (boxed). 89.60jtS.67H. Short clear
idea (boxed), I10.0O&10.26.
The following were the receipts and
Shipments of the principal grains yesterday:
Receipts. Shipments
Flour, bbla..
Wheat, bu..
Corn, bu..,.
Oats, bu....
Hye. bu
Darley, bu..
17.2TO 19,310
. 19.800
On the Produce exchange today the but
ter market waa firm; oreamertes, 172flc;
dairies, 15iU22c. Egga, firm, loss off cases
returned, 22c. Cheese, steady, 172c.
of the Day
n Tsviiona
NE5W TORK. Nov. 14. FLOUR Receipts,
12.167 bbls. ; exports, 38,136 bbls.: market was
firm, with a continued fair demand from
Jobbers; winter patents. $3.60g3.90; winter
ktralghts. $3.4668.65; Minnesota patents, $8.90
B4.10; Minnesota bakers, t3.2wjiJ.H6; winter
extras, $2.803.10; winter low grades, $2.80
1.90. Rye flour, steady; fair to good, VS.Oo'tp
I 40; choice to fancy, $3.603.56. Buckwheat
Dour, steady, $2.2041 2.26, spot and Uarr!ve.
CORN MEAL Quiet; yellow western, $1.27;
city, $1.86; Braodywlne, $3.40(m3.66.
RYE Steady; No. 8 winter. 59c, f. o. b.,
afloat; No. 2, UfAftc; track state, W3Uc.
e. I. r., iNew tora. ...
BARLEY Quiet: feeding, 41c ' c. 1. f.,
3uffalo; malting, 4S60c, o. I. f.. Buffalo.
W H EAT Receipts, 186,150 bu.; exporU,
301,979 bu.; sales, 1.856,000 bu. futures, 130.000
bu. Spot. Spot, firm; No. 9 red, 77Sc, ele
vator; No. t red, 7&o, f, o. b. afloat; No.
1 northern, Duluth, 7l7i, f. o. b. afloat;
yio. 1 hard, Manitoba, 820, f. o. b, afloat.
Options were quiet but Arm generally all
day on the light Interior receipts, heavier
seaboard clearances, tlrm cables, covering
and the advance In corn. The close was
.firm at He net advance. . Sales Included No.
i red. May, 78 18-liJT9Vie; closed at 79c;
fpaccmber. 7SS'517c; closed at TS'tc
CORN Receipts. 24,660 bu.; exports, 16.327
tnj. Spot, Arm; No. X 6c. elevator, and
Katoo. f o. b. afloat; No. 8 yellow, 6c; No.
whits, 86c. In the option market Decem
ber corn waa again strong and active, with
(May following at a slower pace, as an out
come of continued wet weather and further
alarm among shorts. Near months closed
'o net higher and May unchanged;
January closed at 62c; May, 48 U-lj47c :
closed at 4ic; November closed at 63c;
December, baMioJc; cloeed at UHc.
' OATS Receipts. 96,460 bu. ; exports, 8.756
feu. Spot, steady: No. 8, &4c: No. 3. S3c;
itandard white. 87e; No. 8 white, S7c; No.
white. 3Sc; track, mixed western, nomi
nal; track, whit western, 3tk337c; track,
mhlte state, SfctJo. On a fair speculation
trade oata ruled firm all day with corn;
Xecember cloned at 8M40.
HAY Steady; choir shipping, 66970c;
good to choice, 95c81.00.
HOPS Firm; state, common to choice,
J903, S0lc; 1901, 2428o; olds, 712Hc; Pa
clflo coaat, 1902. 28(i2c; 1901. 23C27C; olds, 74
HIDES Quiet: Galveston. to 26 I be.,
JSo; California. 81 to 86 lbs., 19c; Texas dry,
84 to 8u lbs., 14c.
LEATHER Steady; hemlock sole, Buenos
Ay res. light to heavy acid. 24Q25I..C.
PROVISIONS Beef, quiet; family, $1600i9
18 00; mesa. $10 00 10.60; beef hams.
91.60; packet, 814.0u4j 16.50; city extra India
rneaa, 82.n'i8.00. Cut meats. Irregular;
pickled bellies, tll.60Ul3.60; pickled ahoul-
rs, $8-J6i.60; pickled Hams. 112 00-'i 12.26.
Idird, easier: western steamed, 310.7510.86;
jeflned. easy; continont, 811.10; South
America. $1176; compound. $7.VH(7 7S. Pork,
ateady: family, $20; short clear, $21.tO23.00;
inrss, $lk.0odl8 0.
TAIJXW-Iull and weak; city, fvic;
country, SStlc.
RICE Firm ; domestic, fair to extra, 4Vt0
Vc; Japan, 4Vtjic. -
BUTTER Recelpta, 4.458 pkgs.; firmer;
tate dairy, 19&2&o; extra creamery. 2tVfcc;
common to choice creamery, JftiSijc
CHEESE Receipts, 5.1 pkgs.; firm;
. fancy large, white and colored, ok), 13c;
new, llc; fancy small, white and colored,
Old. 12tll3c; new, iaH:C.
F.GG& Receipts, 4.04i pkgs.; firm: stats
and Pennsylvania, average best. 2?-otc;
Western, poor to fancy graded, 20j27c.
Pt)ULTRY Alive: Irregular; spring
chickens, 9VQ10c: turkeys. Kk:; fowls, S'tf
10c. Dresand: Firmer: western chickens,
1313Hu; western fowls, llViiiUc; spring
turkeys, 11 2Sc
MBTALB Tin declined 15d In London to-
j day spot closing at 116 lus and futures at
aiis ia va. iu ioreigo wfainui was
shared by the local market, which ruled
weak and cloaed about 80 points lower at
A.MtC Copper apparently fela tba
welaht of the sunrMes. the production dur
ing the, month of October being 2.lo8 tons.
compared with 24.09 tons for the corre
sponding month Inst year, the production
for the ten months of this year being 244.533
tons, compared with 223.724 tons for the
same perlotl In l'"'- Minoon wm at 'i
lower, with spot at T1 7s M and futures
at 51 12s l. The New York market was
weak but unchanged, with the exception of
LianHnrH whirh was nuored at IVi.76 nomi
nal: lake remained nominal at IlLfi" 11.76
and both electrolytic and casting at lll.30f
11 nil ind was unlet and jncharigewi at
homo and abroad, the local market being
dull at 84 U and lxmdon closing at 10
If, Ritelter ru unrhanaed and dull here
at 15 aiKai.40. and also in l,ondon. where the
prices remained at 19 Km. Iron declined
slightly In the English markets, Olaiegow
closing at Se 4d and MlcVllcsborough at 6s
7'1. Locally Iron was aulet and unchanged;
No. 1 northern foundry Is quoted at 32.1.00
625.00: No 2 northern foundry, iso. l souin-
ern foundry and No. 1 soft southern foun
drv at 322.004i'.U.OO. Warrants remain nom
Condition of Trad and floatation
Staple aad Fancy Prodnee.
EGGR-Candle,l stock. 20Sr21c.
LIVE POULTRY Hena, kVu9c; old roost
ers, 4c; tirkeys, l912c: ducks. flflfc; geese.
bfiHr: snrlnic chickens Der lb.. SWaH'C.
young chickens, UiullHc; turkeys, 16c;
ducks and geese. Kr&lUC.
BUTTER Pscklng stock. 15c; choice
Adrv In tubs. ISf.'Or: senarator. 2C&
FRE8H CAUGHT FISH Trout, 910c;
herrln. 7c: nlckerel. 8c: Dike. 10c: tierch. tc;
buffalo, dressed, 7c; sunflsh, 8c; bluefins, 8c;
whltensr. V)c: salmon, ic; naaooca, nc;
oodflsh, lie; redsnapper, loc; lobsters, boiled,
nor Ih itin- lobsters vreen. Der ID.. 25c:
bullheadti, 10c; catflah. 14o; black bass, 20c;
halibut, 11c.
OATS 31c.
WHEAT No. t hard, 6e.
RYE 43c.
KR1N-Per ton. 114.
HAY Prlcea auoted bv Omaha Whole
sale Hay Dealers' association: Choirs No. 1
upland, 89.60; No. 1 medium. 88.60; No. 1
coarse, 88. Rye straw. 86 60. These prices
are for hay of good color and quality. De
mand fair: recelDts light.
OYSTERS Standards, per can. !8c; extra
selects, per can, 35c; New York counts, per
can, 42c; bulk, extra selects, per gal., $1.75;
bulk, standards, per gal., 31.99.
NEW CELERY Kalamaioo. per dos.. 25c;
Utah, per doc, 45c; California, per dox. for
talks weighing from 1 to l's lbs. each, 45
POTATOES New. per bu.. 26086c.
SWEET POTATOES Virginia, per btU
83; home grown, per bu., $1.
TURNIPS-Per bu., c; Canada ruta
bagas, per lb., lc.
BESTS Per basket. 40c.
CUCUMBERH Hothouse, per doa.. $1.60.
WAX BEANS Per bu. boa, $1.60; string
beans, per bu. box, ii.wj.
CABBAGE Home grown, new. lc.
ONIONS New home grown. In sacks, per
bu., bofywc; Bpanisn, per crate,
NAVY BEANS Per bu., $2.60.
PEARS Fall varieties, per box. $2; Kle-
fers, per bbl.. 83.76; Colorado, per box. V4.u.
APPLES Cooking, per bbl.. $2.36: eating,
$2.2ft2.60; Jonathans. $3.60; New York stock.
GRAPES New Tork. J2c; Tokavt per
crate, $1.75; Malagas, per keg, $3.00g6.50.
CRANBERRIES Wisconsin, per bbL,
$8.60; Bell and Bugles, 89.50; per box, 3.00.
QUINCES Pet box, $1.60.
BANANAS Per bunch, according to alae,
LEMON8 California fancy, $4.04.60;
choice. 83.76.
ORANGES Mexlcana, any alas, $8.76;
Florida Blights. 83.75.
DATES Persian, In 70-lb. boxes, per lb.,
8c: oer case of SO-lb. pkgs.. $2.26.
FIGS California, per 10-lb. cartons, H;
TurKian, p;r jo-id. dox, J4roic.
HONEY New Utah, per 24-frama eaas
CIDER New Tork, $4.80; per -bbl., $2 7.
baukr K-KAIjT Wisconsin, per ft ddi.
82.26: Der bbl.. 83. 76.
HIDES No. 1 green. 7c: No. 1 green. 6c;
No. 1 salted, 84c; No. 3 salted. 7c; No. 1
veal calf, 8 to 12ft lbs., hhir.. No. 8 veal calf,
12 to 16 lbs., 6c, dry hides, 8Q12o; sheep
pelts, a4f7tc; horse hides, ti.wxtsa.w.
POPCORN-Pek lb.. 3c; shelled. 4c.
kT.ttra n'i . . k.ll 1 w
13c; hard shell, per lb.. 12c; No. 2 soft
shell, per lb., 12c; No. 8 hard shell, per lb.,
11c: Braalls. oer lb.. 11c: filberts, per lb.,
12c; almonds, aoftshell, per lb., 16c; hard
shall, ner lb.. 15c: Decans. lars. per lb..
12Ho; small, par lb., 13c; cocoanuts, per doa..
U4o:.roasted oe&nuta. oer ib.. 8o: black wal
Due; cnesuiuis, per id., idc: iwtnuii, pvr id.
nuts, per bu., $1, hickory nuta, per bu..
81.36: cocoanuts. Der 100. 84.
OLD METALS A. B. Alpim quotes the
following prlcea: iron, country mixed, per
ton, 311; Iron, stove plate, per ton, $8; cop
per, per lb.. 8Hc; brass, heavy, per lb., SHc;
brass, light, per Id., 6Hc; lead, per lb., c;
alnc. per lb., Zftc; ruDDer. per id., smc
St. floats Grain and Provisions.
ST. LOUIS. Nov. 14. WHEAT Weak;
No. 9 red. cash, elevator. 88Uc asked: traok.
effalc; December. 6(tSWo asked; May,
72(jT2c asked; No. 2 hard, 6H&c.
CORN Higher; No. 2 cash, 46c bid: track.
tbVtf'-tfcc; December, tec Dia; May, tsvto Dia,
OATS Higher; No. 2 cash, 30c bid; track,
80&32c; December, 2ia bid; May, 24c
bid; No. s wnite, S4c
RYE Steady at 48c
FLOUR Steady ; red winter patents, $8.80
(30.60; extra fancy ana straight, 3.wff3.H;
clear, 32.6if2.8&.
SEED Timothy, steady at 82.6063.40.
CORNMEAL Steady at 82.70.
BRAN Firm; sacked, east track, 68070s.
HAY Firm; timothy, $10.0031300; prairie.
BAGGING 5-K,i&7 l-16c.
HEMP Twine. 9c.
PROVISIONS-Pork, steady; lobbing,
standard mesa. $16.80. Lard, ateady at $10.06.
Dry salt meats, quiet; boxed extra shorts.
$10.87i; clear ribs, 310.87ft; short clears,
$11.25. Bacon, quiet; boxed extra shorts.
$12.26; clear rlba, l2.a; abort dear, iiz.CTft.
MSTALs leaq, ateaay at t.uu. opener,
dull at S5.12A.
POULTRY Quiet; chlckena, 8c; aprlnga,
9c: turkeys. 84c: ducks. 11 Wc: geese. 7c.
BUTTER Firm; creamery, 20(U26c; dairy,
EGGS Easier. 20c loas off.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls 8,000 10,000
Wheat, bu 107,000 90.000
Corn, bu 67,000 26,000
Oats, bu 47,000 41,000
Liverpool Grain and Provisions
firm; No. 2 red. western, winter, 6s t'fcd;
No. 1 northern, spring. 6s 7d: No. 1 Califor
nla, Cs 6Hd; futures, steady; December, 6s
10Hd; March. 6s lld; May. 6a Ud.
CORN Spot, quiet: American mixed, 6a
Id; futurea, ateady; January, 4a 4d; March,
4a lVd.
HOPS At London, Pacific coast, firm at
CI 12M t7 tS.
FLOUR St. Louis fancy, winter, quiet.
as 3d.
PEAS Canadian, steady. Is 7d.
PROVISIONS Beef, strong; extra India
mess, 116s. Pork, strong; prime mess, west
ern, 95s. Hams, short rut, 14 to 16 lbs..
quiet at boa. Bacon, Cumberland cut.
2 to 30 lbs., dull, 67s; short ribs. II to 21
lbs., easy at 62s; long clear middles, light,
28 to 84 lbs., quiet. 61s 6d; long clear middles,
heavy. 35 to 40 lbs., quiet at 60s; short clear
bellies. 14 to II lbs., ateady at 68a. Should
ers, square, 11 to 13 lbs., steady. 62s 6d. Lard
prime western. In tierces, strong, 60s 6d;
American reiuicu, 111 van", urin, vus.
CHEESE Strong; American finest white
68a td: American nnest colored. 68a Cd.
TALLOW-Firm; prime city. Es Id; Aua
trails. In lxmdon. 34a Id.
Recelpta of wheat during the last three
days. 370.000 centals, including 210.000 Amer.
Iran. Receipts of American corn during the
laat in re uays, stv centals.
Kaasaa City Grain aad Provisions.
cember. 4Q64c; May, 6',tiS9c; cash. No
3 hard, 64fl6ic; No. I, 6364c; No. 2 red
66c; No. 3, 64c.
CORN December. 3838Hc: January
3c; May. 36c; cash. No. 2 mixed. 414)
vc; no. 2 wnue, 42yaa.ic; no. I. vq-41c
OATS No. 2 white, S2S33C.
RYE No. I. 45c.
HAY Choice timothy, 110.504711.00; choice
prairie. iv. fixnii.zn.
BUTTER Creamery, 24625c; dairy, fancv,
EGG 8 Firm ; fresh Missouri and Kansas
took, 18c, loaa off, cases returned; new
No. I whits wood cases returned. 19c.
Receipts. Shipments
Wheat, bu 62 4"0
Corn, bu 78,6.10
Oats, bu 24.0U0 33,000
Mllwaakee Grain Market.
Higher; No. 1 northern, 75c: No. 2 northern,
73i7tc: December, 77H'a'2c.
RYE Steady; No. 1. 51c.
BARLEV-oteady: No. 2. 6tf2rtc: aamnla
CORN December, aZc.
laatapoiii viicai, near aad Bra a.
cember, 71Sj71c; May, T3t7Jc: on
track. No. 1 hard. 74cr No. 1 northern.
73c: No. I northern, 72c
LOUK First patents, W 86; second
patents. $3.4fcS : first clears, 13 9173. 10;
second elcnrs, 2 9C1 ).
HRAN Market quiet and prices weaker;
bulk. IU.5i1ill.76.
Toledo Grain nnd Reed.
TOLEDO, Nov. 14. WHEAT-Dull
steady; cash, !6'c; December, TT'nc;
t UK.N-1 airiy active ana strong; ueerm-
ber. 4SHc; Mny. 42c.
OATS Dull and unchanged; December,
SIVi May. 3:'ic.
H T ft o. 2. 5HtC.
SEEP Fairly active and lower: Novem
ber, $11.75; January, $ 6 bid: March, $.S0
bid; prime timothy. $1.i5; January, $1.);
prime alslke, $x.70.
Philadelphia Prod nee Market.
Firm, good demand; extra western cream
ery, Sfi'tc; extra nearby prints, 2:
rjUS nrra, good demand: iresn nearny.
2Sc, loss off; fresh wextern, 27iii2!tc; frch
southwestern, 2Bc; fresh southern, 24(g25c.
CHEESE Steady, fair demand; New
York full creams, prime small, 12'al3c;
fair to gooi' nmsll, 12'a 124c; fair to good,
prime large, 12Hi12c; fair to good, large.
Duluth Grain Market.
DULUTH. Nov. 14.-WHEAT-Cash. No.
1 hard, 744c: No. 2 northern, 71c; No. 1
northern. November, 73c; December, 7oc;
May, 73'c.
OATS December, wc.
Peoria Market.
PEORIA. 111.. Nov. 14. CORN Steady :
good demand; No. 3, 63c.
oats tirm; rxo. a wnite, aw,c. Dinea
Heavy Llqaldatlon and Disorderly
Slamp Bring; Low Price of Week,
NEW YORK. Nov. 14.-A renewal of
heavy liquidation In the stock market this
afternoon and a violent drive by an or
ganised bear party caused a disorderly
slump to the lowest price or the week.
Even a final rally due to a scramble among
bears to cover their short contracts, which
lifted prices l(g3 points above the lowest
for the week and the active stocks, the
prices of not a few Important stocks are
lower than before the week. At the ex
treme declines which were made early in
the final hour losses of from 3 to 714 were
shown by the stocks which bore the brunt
or the bear attack. BL Paul lea wun a 7Vi
decline from yesterday. Rock Island the
preierrea 7, Baltimore fc onto ana Louis
ville 6H, Canadian Pacific 6, Northwestern
4S, Colorado Fuel i, Reading 4, Pennsyl
vania 3 and a number of the Pacifies,
coalers and other stocks 8 points or over.
The fierceness and suddenness of the raid
came aa a surprise, owing to the character
of the support given to rne market at the
opening decline ana tne eagerness snown
by the bears, who sold short yesterday to
cover and take their profits, rne rapia
tumbling of prices gave a distasteful crop
of rumors of financial difficulties and prob
able failures, which gave active employ
ment to some of those pointed at In the
making of denials. The wiping out of mar
gins and the uncovering of stop-loss orders
dislodged a greaj. mass of securities which
have been oThanging the market. No
doubt verv heavy speculative losses were
Involved In soma of thin selling. The knowl
edge of the precarious situation or some
very extensive long accounts doubtless fig
ured In the formation of the powerful bear
party which broke the market. Some of the
selling today was auegea to do noiaers oi
stock who have maintained their hearings
for a long time and through all the period
of the late advances. These holders have
seen Immense paper profits melt away with
the disintegration or prices ana were ariven
to sell out to avoid losses. There was no
Immediate news on which to base the at
tack upon values beyond the prospect of a
poor bank return tomorrow. n,ven tnis
prospect was ratner iavoraoiy moaineu to
day by the disclosure of a return flow of
currenoy from the Interior on the regular
express movement of over $1,000,000. Now
York's exchange at Chicago also rose to 10c
premium on subtreasury account on a large
amount and ia therefore modified to the
amount of over $1,000,000. Sterling exchange
was also lower, and there seemed to De
offerings of loan bills In the market, but
the general sentiment In Wall street was
one of depression, owing to the apprehen
sion that a stringency of money may recur
heforn the end of the vear. The recent cir
culation of pessimistic utterances by lead
ing banking authorities on tne sudjoci oi
bank credits and the currency has had a
notable Influence on Wall atreet sentiment.
Yesterday 'a announcement of the Pennsyl
vania comnanv of a 10 Der cent Increase In
wages, which would be equivalent to a large
proportion or tne amount ai present paiu
111 IUTIUCIIIH, M m. hid. u. va.aB ......... , ...
view of the recent discussion of this very
subleot. which caused Pennsylvania and its
affiliated stocks In the market to show acute
weakness. The announcement or a Dana
suspension In Boston was also taken advan
tage of by tne Dears ana speculators ai mai
center were supposed to be actuated by the
raiding tactloa In soma stocks.
Bonus were weaa in sympamy wii.ii
stocks. Total sales, par value, $4,665,000.
United States old 4a declined 14 per cent on
the last call.
The following are the closing prlcea on
the New York Stock exchange:
. tl-4 So. Psolflo ,
. 1 So. Railway ,
. 7S do pM
. J Tnu fc Paclne
.1214 Toledo. St. L. A W
.71 I do pfd
. 444 Union Pselflo
41 V
do pfd
Bal. A Ohio-.-....
do pfd
Canadian Paelfio ..
Canada Bo
Chea. A Ohio
.. 4b
.. 10
.. 43
.. 24
.. 4
.. 2:t.
.. 41
.. 43
.. 14
.. 14
.. 43
.. 41
Cbloaso A Alton...
II do (H
do ptd
. U
,. 71
.. 1
Chlcaso. Ind. A 1
do pfd ,
do pfd
Wheeling A L. E
Chicago A O. W..
.. 25
,. SO
do Id pta
do let pfd
do id pfd
Wla. Central ....
,. 7'4
,. 16V!
do pfd
Chicago A N. W..,
Chlcaso Tor. A Tr.
Adama Ex
American Ex
do pfd
United States Ex...
Wells-Pargo Ex....
Amal. Copper
Amer. Car A F
C. C. C. A St. I...
Colorado So
do let pfd ,
do Id pfd ,
.. 43
do pfd
Del. A Hudson.;..,
Amer. Lin. Oil ...
Del. U A W
Denver A B. O....
do pfd
American 8. A R..
do pfd
Anae. Mining Co...
Brooklyn R. T
Colo. Fuel A Iron.
.. an.
do sfd ,
.. u
.. II
. tl
, 84
. 64
, 2
do lrt pfd
do Id pfd
.. 441,
Great Nor. pfd....
Cone. Oas
Hocking Valley ..
.. 171 Cout. Tobaoco pfd
.. M Oen. Electric .....
..14 'Hocking Coal .....
.. 37V4) Inter. Paper
.. 47 I do pfd. ,
.. 44 Inter. Power .....
..Hi National bead ...
..1H No. American ....
do pfd
Illlnola Central ..
Iowa Central
. . 17
do pfd
... 71
... 43
... 14
... 43
... I7H
... r
... 5
... 0
... 13
... 74
Lake Erie AW...
do pfd
L. A N
Manhattan L
Met. fit. Ry
..1st Faclno Coaat ,
..1364 Pacific Mall
.. 23 People's ties
.. 14 .Preaaed 8. Car
..104 i do ' pfd
..104'4 Fullman P. Car....
.. Republic Steel ....
.. M4 do pfd
..170 Sugar
..1404, Tenn. Coal A Iron
.. a t'nion Bag A P....
..HI V. 6. Leather
.. 214 da pfd
..lMC. S. Rubber
.. H do pfd
.. 14 U. 8. Steel ,
.. 70 do pfd ,
.. T0t Weatern Union ...
.. It Amer. Locomotive.
..70 do pfd ,
... MT4 K. O. Southern....
.. 11 do pfd
..170 Rock
..IM do pfd
Max. Central
Max. National ....
Minn. A St. It....
Mo. Pacific
it.. K. A T
do pfd
N. J. Central ....
N. T. Central ....
Norfolk A W
. U
. 12
. lii
. ia
. H
. 42
. 14
. M
. M
. 24
. 0
. 23
. II
. 43
. 71
do pfd
Ontario A W
do lat pfl
do M pM
St. L. A S. P....
do lat pfd
do d pfd
at. L. a. W
de pfd
St. raul
do pfd
New york Money Market,
NEW YORK, Nov. 14.-MONEY-On call.
Arm at 63 per cent; closing bid and offered
at 6 per cent; prime mercantile paper, 6
I per cent.
decline, with actual business In bankers'
bills at 14 )16876 tor demand and at I4.S3625R
4.8371 for sixty-day bills; posted rates, 14.85
ti-t ax; commercial bins, xt.M'fit.ra.
B I LV KK oar, 4c; Mexican dolla
rs, 39c.
BONDS Government, weak;
weak. .
The closing quotations on bonds are aa
V. s. raf. Is,
IM L. A N. unl. 4a lot
101 Mei. Central 4a 30
4o roupoa
4o fa. re(
do coupon . . . .
so sew 4a. ret
4o coupon
do old 4a. ref.
do coupon ....
. ..1
i do la Inc
... K
Minn. A St. L.
... ill
...IS! .
...13 I
...lie ,
...110 1
M.. K. A T. 4a..
do 2a
N. Y. Central la.
do gen. 3sa
N. J. C. gen. Lm.
No. Pacific 4a....
do Sa
. . . u-
do la. reg
do oouooa
Atchlaon (ea. 4a...
do adj. 4a
N. A W. con. 4a.
. . .10O
... 17 V
Bal. A Ohio 4a ...
.100 Reading gen. 4a..
do la
do eone- 4a
. M St. L. A 1. M.
.107 St. L. A 8 r.
Canada So. Se
.107 St. L. S. W. la
IU4't do la
. 7 . 8. A. A A. P. 4a....
.Iu5 iSo. Pacific 4a
. TW So. Railway la
. S Tfiii A Pacific u..
.1111. T . Bt. L. A W. 4a.
.144 il'nlon Pacific 4a
.101 do conv. 4a
.101 Wabaah la
.11 I do 2a
. IS I do deb. B
.l'' Went Shore 4a
. 17 tWheel. L. K. 4a..
. 14 Wla. Cvulral 4a
. 17
Central of Oa. Is.
do Is toe
. So1
. II
Oiee. A Ohio 4a.
Chlcaxo A A. Sa.
C. II. A Q. a. 4a.
C. at A St P (. 4e
C. A N. W. c. la.
C. R. I. A P. 4a.
C C C A 81 L . 4
. 7
Chicago Ter. 4a...
Colorado So. 4a...
. 75
Denver A R. U. 4a
Erie prior Hen 4a.
. S3
do Koneral ae....
r. W. A D. C. la
liaVCoa. Tobacco 4a
Hocklos Valler 4s..lu1
Bask Clearings.
CHICAGO, Nov. 14. Clearings. 29.552,l'!7;
balances, 12.820.649; New York exchange, loc
Dremium: foreign exchange, unchanged;
sterling posted at 14.84 for sixty days and
at ft 8 for demand.
BALTIMORE. Nev. 14. Clearings, 81.425.-
127: balances. fr38.448: money, I ln-r cant
rHlLADELPUIA. Nov. 14. -Clearings,
r--n.11S.6l8; balances. $2,267,297; money, 8 per I
BOSTON. Nov. 14. Clearings, $26,007,13;
balances. 82.117. ici.
NEW YORK. Nov. 14 Clearings, $322.-
970.H62; balances, $H.977.34.
ST. IjOUIH. Nuv. 14.-Clearings. $8.31.750:
balances, $l.(t,TM; money, sKady at 6f
per cent; New York exchange, loc premium.
CINCINNATI. Nov. 14 Clearings, 83,900.
1.V1; money, ftU per cent; New York ex-
cnange, jofgax: premium.
91 nek Market.
14. Closing quotations:
Consols, money
do srrount...
N I II Ni Tork Central..
a ! 11 Norfolk A Western..
.. !' do pfd
.. 144 Ontario A Western..
. .1004 Pennsylvania
..102 Hand Mines
..Ill iReadlns
. SO
. 4
, MS
, lit
, M"4)
do pfd
Baltimore A Ohio...
Canadian PerlBc
Chesapeake AY Ohio.
Chloso O. W
U do lat pfd
..17 00 zq pin
. .lsnii Southern Railway...
. . I2Mii do pfd
. . 4hj Bouthern Pacific
M. e St. P
Denver Se ft. 0...
do pfd
. . tiVj.l ntoo racinc.
do pfd....
do lrt pfd
do Id pfd
t nlted States Steel.
it do pfd
Illinois Central...
lxulvllle A Nash
. .144 Wabaah
ir 00 pia
MlMOurl, K. A T
HATl SllA'KR Steady at 22d tier ounce.
MONKY 2(j724 per cent. The rate of dis
count In the open market for short bills la
3 n-lGi.lV per cent and for three-months'
bills Is 3',4i&34 per cent.
Doston Stock Quotations.
BOSTON. Nov. 14 Call loans, 6 per
cent; time loans, 66 per cent. Official
closing of stocks and bonds:
Atrhlaon 4s.
...lnnvt Alloiies
... t7a Amalgamated
. .. 4V Hlngham
...II Calumet A Hoc la.
... 7'4 Centennial
...IM Copper Rant
...1M 'pomlnloa Coal ....
...HI lule Royals
...142 Mohawk
... t Old Dominion
... :2 Oaceola ,
...1H",4 Parrot
. ..114V Uulncy
...ll Santa Ke Copper....
... U4 Tamarack
... SSV, Trinity
... h'nlted States
... 10 I Victoria
... S4 I Winona
... M Wolverine
... UHDaly West
(! la
Mr-x. Central
.. lHSs
do pfd
Boaton A Albany.,
Boston Elevated .
N. V.. N. H. A H.
Kltrhburg pfd
L'nlon Pacific
Mei. Central
Amer. Sugar
do pfd
American T. A T.
Ilomtnlon I. AS.,
Maaa. Klectrlc ....
do pfd
l;nlted Krult
t'nlted Copper ....
U. 8. Steel
do pfd
.. US
.. ii
.. i:4
.. la
.. ID
.. I
.. H
. 41
New York Mining; ((.notations.
NEW YORK, Nov. 14. The following are
the closing prices on mining stocks:
Adama Con
Hrunawlck Con...
Comatock Tunnel.
Con. Cel. A Va...
Horn Sliver
Iron Stiver
Ueadvllls Con
.. 16
.. IS
.. 45
.. 6
.. t
.. 7
.. TO
.. I
l.lttle Chief ..
Rterra Nevada
Small Hopes ..
... 1
... I
... 14
... I
... !
... IS
Foreign Financial.
LONDON, Nov. 11 Money waa In mod
erate demand today and rates were easy.
One reason for the abundance Is believed to
be the employment of funds being collected
here to make the necessary payments con
nected with tne marine snipping combine.
Discounts were higher, owing to the con
tinuation of foreign bill buying. Prices on
the Stock exchange were quietly firm.
though somewhat affected by the flatness
of Kaffirs. The ease of money Induced a
demand for Investment securities. Consols
were supported. Home rails reacted. Amer
icans opened weak and inanimate, due to
the Immediate future being regarded un
certain, and closed quiet. Orand Trunk
was Arm. The depression In Kaffirs was
attributed to a big bear attack with the
view of recovering the stock before Colonial
Secretary Chamberlain's departure for
South Africa. The selling was supposed to
emanate from Germany. Rio tlntos were
offered on Paris advices and the flatness In
copper, buyers of which were afraid to
operate owing to the stringency of money
In the United States, The withdrawals of
gold from the Bank of England were 6.000
for shipment to South America and 200,000
lor Egypt.
PARIS. Nov. 14. Prlcea on the bourse
today opened Irregular. The official list
was steady. Induatrlals were strong and
Kaffirs declined on liquidation In London,
but Improved slightly later. During an
other hour Industrials reacted, the official
list was heavy and Kaffirs sagged on fresh
offers. Foreigners were fairly Arm. Rio
tlntos were dull. The private rate of dis
count was 2 13-16 per cent. Three per cent
rentes, 99f 320 for the account. Exchange
on Lionaon, zbi iao tor tne account. Bpanisn
4s. 86.12.
HbKLilN, imov. M.-roces on tne bourse
today were depressed. There waa a sharp
break In mines on London advances. This
was followed by a temporary improvement.
wnicn was lost on western course reports.
Discount rates: Short bills, 24 per cents
three monina- Dins, ai par cent.
Condition of the Treaenry.
WASHINGTON Nov. 14. Today's state-
ment of the treasury balances In the gen
eral fund, exclusive of the 1150,000,000 gold
shows: Available cash balances. 1203.638.074: .
Cotton Market.
Easy; sales. 8,000 bales; ordinary, 60; good
ordinary, 6c: low middling, 7 3-l6c; mid
dling. 7c: gooi middling. 8 1 -16c: middling
fair, 8c: receipts, 18.152 balea; stock, 288,6o3
bales. Futurea steady; November, 7.60$
7 82c; December, 7.6oy7.66c; January, 7.68fri
7.69c: February. 7.7Mu7.75c: March. 7.767.77c:
April. 7.77(ii7.79o; May, 7.80"87.81c; June, 7.S2
7.84c; July, 7.84&7.86C. Secretary Hester's
statement of the world's visible supply of
cotton shows total visible 3,045,730 bales, of
which 2.670.730 is American cotton.
NEW YORK. Nov. 14. COTTON Market
opened easv at a decline of from 2 to 4
fiolnts. Subsequently the market waa very
rregular and governed almost entirely by
speculative Influences, more especially the
weakness In the stock market. Many wall
street operators sold their cotton. This led
to a decline, which, brought on the market
scattertrur. selling, and while fluctuations
were frequent and sometimes violent, the
general tendenoy waa lower until a net loi
of Hftl5 points was reached. The market
closed barely steady, with the decline Anally
a matter of lWt'14 points. Cotton sold on
the break was largely absorbed by the
shorts and Investment demand. Toward the
close while long cotton came out very freely
the market showed some resistance on tne
huylng of parties who have of late been
operating for a reaction, the market now
having sustained a decline of more than lc
since the llauldatlon period set In. The
future sales reached 300.000 bales. Relative
stability of tho cotton article Is attracting
attention, especially as tne movement at
present current Ib not on a scale to con
firm the large cror estimates.
ST. L,OUi. Nov. 14. Lviiun uuiet
middling. 74c; sales, 267 bales; receipts,
7.220 bales; shipments, 7,020 bales; stock,
20.135 balea.
quiet; prices 4 points lower; American mid
dling lair. 4.00a; good miaaung, e.uiu; mia
dllnir. 4.44d: low middling. 4.34d; good ordi
nary, 4.22d; ordinary, 4.10d. The aales of the
day were 8,000 balea, of which 600 were for
speculation and export and included 7.500
American. Recelpta, 16.00V bales. Including
2.100 American. Futures opened and cloeed
steady: American mldd Inat. g. o. c. Novem
ber, iSlfaMd; November and December,
e.fillfl.-otl , A'ri;TMIlljer eviiu ,.uuni j, i..ou,
January and February. 4.26d; February and
March, t.zoa; March ana Apni,;
Anrll and Mav. 4.254i4.26d : May and June.
4 2td; June and July, 4.26d: July and August,
4 2nd.
Wool Market.
BOSTON. Nov. 14. WOOL The Commer
cial bulletin will say in tomorrow's report
on the wool trade of the United States: The
market Is strong and about a per cent up
over last ween s figures; saiea are to con
sumers this week: the speculating In me
dium scoured wools lias stopped, but deal
ers w no Dougm laat weea nave rvnoia 10
manufacturers: best Texas twelve months'
wools have advanced, with sales at too
for choice; Ohio delaine, 33c. I he accu
mulation at Kerrvllle of all Texas wools
of boo.ouo pounds goes directly to the mills
for consumption at a cost, for scoured.
of 66c laid down; even higher prices
are asked for fall wools now in
Boston; 40.0U0 pounds of Buenos
Ayres crossbreds were aold at 26u23c
for lustre; prlcea In Buenos Ay res are now
40 per cent higher than a year ago and a
further advance thia week of c on medium
and lc on fine wools In Melbourne dlaoels
the fear of any danger of heavy Imports
caused by depression In foreign mameta.
The receipts of wool In Boston since Janu
ary 1, 1&"2, have been 2S9.478.903 pounds.
against 237.796,734 pounds for the aame
Derlod In laOl. The Boston shipments today
are lA.74.6Jli pounds, against ahlpmenta of
22ti.03O.335 pounds for the same period in
1901. The stock on hand In Boston January
1 1902, was 77.84v.4a pounds; the total atock
today Is 127.S44.739 pounds. The stock on
hand November 16. l'JOl. waa 37.743,873 Iba.
ST. LOUIS. Nov. 14. WOOl Strong; me
dium sradea and combing. 15&lc; light
fine. 13(il7c: heavy tine, lojltc; tub
washed, ltii27c.
NEW YORK, Nov. 14. WOOL-Flrm.
Dry Goods Market.
The apot demand for both cotton and
woolen goods haa been alow today, but
mail orders hnvw averaaed UD business
Prinui In demand for spring In both staple
and fancies. Borden bought further quan
tities of regular i.rlnt clotha at tc. Linens
are quiet but firm. Burlaps decidedly
firmer: Calcutta mivtrea strona.
Cloths and fevrus quiet and steady.
x; imm liiu jivvu ni.iitiiua
Cattle Wen Slow, with Tendanor of
Price. Downward.
Very Light Receipts of Sheep aad
Lambs aad Fat Mall Sold Readily
at Steady to Strong; Prices
feeders laehaaged.
Recelpta were:
Cattle. Hogs. Bheep.
Official Monday
Otllcial Tuesday
Official Wednesday.
, 8.746
, 8.644
Official Thursday...
Official Friday
Five dava this week.. 34.125 28.744 63,92
Same days last week.... 23,340 7ti,'J0
Same week before 29,823 83,940 73,!X3
Same three weeks ago...3o.tx8 20.588 tk.SM
Same four weeks ago.. ..31. 943 17.346 M.l5
Same days last year 25.186 44,7s 65.27
The following table shows the receipts of
cattle, hoga and sheep at South Omaha for
the year to date and comparisons with last
year. 19o2. 1)1. Inc. Dec.
Cattle 879.112 714.110 165.002
Hogs 1,934.348 1,985.822 49,474
Bheep 1,479,122 1,198,548 280,574
The following table siiowa the average
price of hogr sold on tne South Omaha
market the laat aeveras days, with com
parisons with former years:
Date. I 1902. 101 . U00. 1S. 1898. i97. 118N.
Oct 16... 7 on lg 4 821 8 C9 8 all 8 1
Oct. 16... 6 91 ( 22 4 72 4 20 2 69 3 21
Oct. IT... 7 1 I 30 4 Ml 4 14 3 70 333
Oct. 13... 701 I 17 4 U 4 10 I 17 I Hi
Oct. 19... I 21 I il I U I 71 I 40 I !l
Oct 80... K 41 414 371 354 3 J7
Oct. 21... u (26 111 IK 1(2 ia
Oct. 22... 70O34(21 866363826
Oct. 23... 6 76V 6 99 4 1 4 16 8 5.1 8 2d
Oct. 84... 6 7441 6 01 4 61 4 14 8 M lit
Oct. 25... 71V0C4484 U 36834
Oct. 24... 004684 18 I641 41 226
Oct. 27... t 61 4 64 4 10 1 47 3 38 3 17
Oct. 28... 161 189 4 40 3 51 3 42 3 11
Oct. 29... 16144 6 81 462 16413116
Oct, SO... (69 67246040 I 81 3 17
Oct. 81... S 614, t (7 4 47 4 03 8 66 111
Nov. 1.... b 6 73 4 51 4 01 3 63 I 29
Nov. 2.... 572 460 404 3 50 8 41 321
Nov. I.... I 61 4664O6I45I4S380
Nov. 4.... 1 49 6 82 4 02 1 61 3 43 1 31
Nov. 6.... 161)4 6 71 4 66 I 62 3 44 8 21
Nov. .. 62 6 71 464401 I 46 3 17
Nov. T.... 166 1(9467420806 123
Nov. I.... 44 6 67 4 71 4 03 1 62 8 54
Nov.!.... 6 74 4 68 4 00 8 45 8 41 128
Nov. 10... 35 4 74 4 03 3 471 3 31 3 27
Nov. 11... (26 173 4 02 I 46 3 82 3 17
Nov. 12... 6 10 6634 84 1 44 1 38 3 22
Nov. 13... 21 6 4 74 8 94 3 34 3 23
Nov. 14... I 28 S69 4 67 3 92 8 41 3 25
Indicates Sunday.
The followlnr. list shows tne number of
cars oi reeaers shipped to the country yea-
leraay ana tneir destination:
Cattle Cars
J. H. Motte. Ashland. Neb. B. M 1
ROV Ford Rertrshrl Kah R A- M 3
C. D. Harrison. Olltner. Neb. B. ft M.... 1
Hamilton Bros., Ord, Neb. B. M 4
O. Relmers, Palmer. Neb. B. M 4
J. M. Kyle, Palmer, Neb. B. St M 2
J. F. Mundhenke. Mllford. Neb. B. M. 1
T. H. Miller, Crete. Neb. B. A M 1
Johnson Bros. Sc. H., Wakefield. Nob.
M. St O a
Olson A II.. Wausa, Neb. M. aV 0 2
Peter Anderson, Wausa, Neb. M. A O.... 1
George Whitehead, Wayne, Neb. M. & O. 1
J. Peterson, Oakland, Neb. M. St 0 1
t. weioie, winsiae, net).-M. A 0 1
A. H. Hlllls. Ponoa. Neb. M. St 0 1
Charles Phllpot, Murray, Neb. M. P 1
J. A. Allls, Ord, Neb. U. P 8
tay mate Farm, Bay State, Neb. D. P.. 3
M. Efiokson. Wahoo, Neb. TJ. P 3
William Fear. Sutherland Neh f T. x i
W. M. Fay, Kearney, Neb. U. P 1
W. R. Alderson, Humphrey, Neb. U. P.. 2
T J. Nethery. Ord. Neb. U. P 1
Earl Kroeger. North Bend. Neb. U. P.... 1
Mike McMamey. Howell. Neb. F. n: i
J. H. Clark. Arlington, Neb. F. E 1
n. u. uuaiset, Newman orove. Neb. F.E. 1
John Ehlers, Scribner, Neb. F. K 2
A. Segman, Rapid City, 8. D. F. E 1
E. W. Thome. Stanton. Neh V. V. 1
J. C. Von Seggern, Wlsner. Neb. F. B.... 1
rerry ox t, wanoo, pjeb. y. b i
A. L. Barr. Stanton. Neb. F. B l
T. B. Alderson, Creston, Neb. F. E. ....... 4
P. Parkest. Hooper, Neb. F. E 1
E. T. Graham, Creston. Neb. F. E 1
D. Rankin. Tarklo, Mo. K. C ...20
George Pretty man, Fairfax, Mo. K. C
J. O. Lane, Blanchard, la Wab
W. 8. Robinson, Shelby, Ia. R. I
George Crandall, Dow City, la. I. C...
w. ugnt. wuimoy, ia i. c..
S00."" Bothby. Qulmby, Ia.-I.C...
5LK?r JJuniap, la.-i. u....
G. W. Lewis. Woodbine. Ia I. C.
Thomas Murphy, Low Moor. Ia. N.
otto uraaert, Bryant, la. N. W....,
A. B. Smith. Onawa. Ia. N. W
.... 1
.... 3
.... 2
.... 1
.... 1
.... 4
A. S. Paul, Henderson, In. Q ,
W. H. Owen. Henderson. Ia Q
C. E. Otte, Anderson, Ia. Q ,
A. G. Otte, Anderson, la. Q ,
J. K. Dennis, Red Oak. Ia. Q., ,
Clark ft J., Marquette, Neb. B. ft M 4
M. Rlordan, TJpton, Wyo. B. ft M I
x. . Miner, urete, web. B. ft M 2
B. W. Collins, Vernon, Mich. Mil 1
Tho official number of atock hmua-ht In
today by each road waa:
Ron da Cattle. Hoars. Rh'n TT'
C M. ft 8t P. Ry .
Wabash Ry 1
Mo. Pacific Ry 1
Union Pacific System 28 14
C. ft N. W. Ry 6
F., B. A M. V. Ry.... 81 19
C, St. P., M. 4 O. Ry 4 4
is. at M. ny i 12
C. B. ft Q. Ry 1 I
C, R. I. ft P., east.. .. T
C, R. L ft P., west.. ..
Illlnola Central 1 1
Total recelpta .... 89
The disposition of the day's receipts was
a follows, each buver nurchaalnar the
number of head Indicated:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Omaha Packing Co.
ewirt ana company
Armour ft Co
Cudahy Packing Co
Vansant ft Co
Lobman ft Co
W. I. Stephen
William Underwood ....
Livingstone ft Shaller..
H. K. Hobbick
Dennis ft Co
Other buyera
Totals 4,624 5,231 6.295
CATTLE There wss a fairly liberal run
of cattle here today for a Friday, and the
market waa In rather bad ahape. The rain
and snow during the night and early morn
ing made tne cattle appear in bad form, so
that the natural tendency was to pound
mere were not enougn cornrea steers of
fered to tell anything about the condition
of the market. It was very evident, how
ever, that packers were not much disap
pointed over the short supply, and the mar
ket could not be quoted any more than
steady with yesterday.
The cow market took another drop this
morning, as a good proportion of the offer
ings constated of cow stuff, and the demand
was limited. Trading waa slow and gener
ally 64J10C lower than yesterday. Aa com
pared with the close or laat week the mar
ket is light around S5t?60c lower. The de
cline affects all kinds, the comfed stuff
suffering fully aa much as the grassers.
Bulls were also alow and weak today, but
not much change waa noticeable In veal
calves and stags.
There were only a few stockers and feed
ers on sale this morning, so that although
trading was very dun. the better grades
did not seem to be much of any lower than
yesterday, 'jne weatner was, of course,
unfavorable to the selling Interests, as it
hurt the appearance of the cattle, and, be
sides that, it would have a tendency to
keep buyera at home. Speculators carried
over a good many cattle from Thursday,
which waa another reaaon for their being
cautious this morning. The common stuff
In particular was hard to dispose of at any
price. Tne aecune tor ine weea amounts
to about 20juc.
There were comparatively few weatern
range steeta on sale, and the market could
be quoted Just about steady with yester
day on anything at all dealrable. The com
mon kinds were, of course, extremely slow
sale. Range cows were aoout rxoioc lower
than yesterday, or 3660c lower for the
week. Stockers and feeders were slow sale,
but about steady with yesterday. For the
week, however, they show a decline of
254340c. Representative sales:
Ae. re. Mo Af. Pr.
hoi i to l iiio I it
im II 1 loa i
Ml I 70 7 1071 I 71
no I ad
Ml I 71
1 atag....
2 6
1 feeder... 680
I 00
I 76
1 86
4 oo
4 80
11 cowa...
. 803
. 9t2
. M
1 75
2 00
2 15
2 36
44 cowa 93
1 cow lmirt
41 feeders.. 871
42 teedere.. Ill
4 cowa...
1 cow....
22 cowa..,
25 cows 1032 IM $ feeders.. TT I 00
I cows Vi3 I 30 1 feeders.. 730 2 40
1 cow W m 14 feeders.. 974 3 fc
1 stag l;.0 t 60 7 calves... 37 i (
1 stag 1 3 50 4 calves... 340 3 50
6 rows 80 1 90 1 bull l.V) 1 90
22 oowi lojfl 2 85 I steer...... 970 S 15
1 row 7J 1 50 18 ateers.... 942 3 15
2 cows 1 1 76 4 cows 7S7 I 50
I cows 8" 2 00 1 cow l'ifiO i 75
1 cow 1130 2 75 2 cows 775 2 50
27 cows 9r7 2 t cows 9r4i 2 35
2 cows 940 2 35 1 cow 990 2 36
6 cows f8 I 75 1 steers.... 9iVt 2 75
19 cows 8.3 1 85 3 steers.... 8M 3 75
3 cows 9 1 85 29 steers.... 8 4 10
24 cows 879 2 60 feeders.. 91 2
1 cow 9."0 3 25 17 feed era., loss 3 00
13 cows 1134 3 75 If feeders.. 73 3 eo
1 stag llito 1 80 1 calf IK) 6 00
2 calves... 210 6 (HI 6 bulls 1217 185
1 calf 150 3 25 9 cows 892 1 60
10 feeders.. 920 IW 6 ateers.... 770 2 25
32 feeders.. 74 3 35 9 steers.... 9.M 3d)
41 cows 912 2 70 87 cows 89 2 70
22 cows 763 1 80 2 bulls 1490 1 80
82 cows 815 2 10 1 bull 1130 1 85
2 cows 8W 3 00 1 bull 1270 1 85
4 cows 877 3 00 1 cow 790 2 10
C. B. West Wyo.
24 cows 832 1 75 42 feeders.. 904 3 06
1 cow 670 1 75 1 feeder... U 3 05
1 cow 620 1 75 1 feeder... 810 3 06
3 cows 806 1 75 1 bull 1190 1 SO
M. Qualey Wyo.
78 feeders.. 60 2 90
A. O. Banks Wyo.
1 Steer 1020 8 35 6 steers... .1088 185
1 bull 1720 3 35 t steers... .1020 8 35
1 steer 1380 4 00 1 steer 1170 S 35
Steve Bank Wyo.
20 feeders.. 962 3 2S 1 bull 1220 2 26
T. Davis Wyo.
22 steera....U6S 3 66
H. Lawthen Neb.
61 feeders.. 60S 3 30 24 cows 867
62 feeders.. 964 1 20 6 cows 170
2 70
2 40
T. Wilson 8. P.
16 cows m 160 S bulla.... 666 2 SS
1 cows 976 2 60
E. E. Nichols-Neb,
23 cows..... 1102 3 40 lcow...
J. M. Gentry Neb.
15 cows 922 1 90 j steer.
2 76
4 15
2 bulla 860 1 66
S. S. Sears-Neb.
25 cows 1106 I 25
C. Mataon Neb.
44 COWS $64 2 76
J. H. HUbert Neb.
46 cowa 997 2 76
Pfelfer St Copps Wyo.
64 cows low 3 15 1 steer 1200 I 00
17 cows 1102 2 60
B. E. Vall-Mont.
11 feeders.. 1000 3 60 1 ateer 880 2 60
t feeders.. 683 I 76
J. J. Hunter Colo.
23 feeders.. 860 S 55
Swan L. St C. Co. Wyo.
129 cows. ... 932 3 00
Kenneberry St Fisher Colo.
29 cowa 860 2 00
C. Nlchola Neb.
44 feeders.. 1234 I 90
W. C. Cameron Neb.
6 feeders. . 800 I 26
II. liother Neb.
13 heifers... 678 2 25 1 calf 130 1 60
E. A. Bromley Colo.
69 feeders.. 1 20 22 feeders.. 1007 120
1 feeder... 840 I 20 1 feeder... 1030 I 20
6 feeders.. 991 2 60 8 cows 812 2 15
C. M. Lamsen . D.
45 steers... .1138 I 16
HI P. Pollard Wyo.
67 feeders.. 779 I 66
J. M. Carey ft Bros. B. D
2 steers... .1540
1 steer 1250
1 steer 1200
2 steers.... 1210
1 steer 1200
2 steers.. ..1140
4 25
1 steer 1320
4 26
4 25
4 25
4 25
3 60
8 60
4 26
4 25
4 25
8 50
8 steers.. ..1120
1 steer 1060
I ateers.. ..1210
1 ateer 1140
1 steer 920
I 60
J. Jenkins Idaho.
cows 1106 2 35 1 cow 1050 2 85
Hacklcy ft T. Neb.
4 cows 762 1 60 1 cow 600 1 60
4 cowa..... 762 1 60 lcow 820 1 50
J. J. Hunter Wyo.
21 Bteera....ll07 3 70 1 ateer 670 2 60
1 steer 1170 8 00
Larsen ft O. 8. D.
84 cows 894 1 85 2 bulls 1230 1 75
1 cow 1060 1 85
HOG8 There was not a very heavy run
of hogs here this morning, and as the de
mand on the part of packers continued of
?ulte liberal proportions the market opened
airly active and 6010c higher than yester
day's average. The bulk of the hogs sold
from 36.25 to 16.30,' and the choicer loads
sold mostly from 16.30 to 86.36. Practically
everything that was offered on the morn
ing market was disposed of In good sea
son, but there were several late trains.
The advances of yesterday and today
have made up just about half of the de
cline for the week, but the market Is still
about 15c lower than at the close of laat
The late hogs that arrived sold at fully
aa good prlcea as were paid earlier In the
day, as there did not seem to be any too
many hogs to meet the demand.
sentattve sales:
at. sh. r"r.
Ka. At. St. Ft.
IS to 0 t M
m w 1 n
i U Sot 10 30
I JS 2 340 10 SO
3 SO I 40 4 SO
I 3ft 4 371 ... 4 10
I H 33 M0 I 10
t SS IS 37 00 10
I 31 IS 171 40 I 10
I 31 300 I 30
I 36 U SS 40 I 10
I t7 41 371 SO 4 SO
. 40
6 37 40 4 37 61 tS 40 10
I 37 I SB n III
I 11 71 33 10 I 10
I It 4 too 10 I tO
rr sit . to to
I 37 IS 314 40 I 10
37 70 341 40 S
I 17 SO SSO ... I SO
I 17 0 S7 100 I 10
I 17 S3 21 40 SO
37 18 34 40 I SO
I 17 44 333 40 SO
S7 73 341 40 I SO
137 It 370 ... I SO
I 37 70 373 1 30 I SO
I 37 II 336 440 4 10
I 37 71 334 40 4 SO
10 II 35 10 I 10 .
SO 74 t3 10 4 10
I 30 47 3M ... 4 10
I SO II 331 toft I IS
SO 44 SM 10 S3
t SO 76 SSI 40 4 S3
I 30 M 1 130 4 IS
I 30 M 341 ... IM
f SO 41 3SS tO iS
I 10 11 310 ... I M
II. .
ra .
.... SOS
.... 801
. ...SKI
SHEEP There was only a small supply
of sheep and lamba here today and as the
demand was in gooa snaps tne maraei on
killers ruled active and steady to strong.
Fed sheep and yearlings, mixed, of fair
quality sold st 83.60 and fed yearlings
brought 83.76. Grass stuff also sold freely
at fully aa good prices ss were paid yes
terday. Several trains were late in arriv
ing, but packers bought up the desirable
grades about as fAat aa they were onerea
on the, market.
There were only a -few feeders on saie mis
morning, so that the good stuff held about
taadv. Tne commoner ainas. tnougn. were
extremely dull and weak, aa buyera were
Quotations: uooa to rnoice yearungs, h w
C8.75; fair to good, 33.26$8.50; good to cholco
wethers. So 0 oo; rair to gooa wemere,
13.104fl.40; choice ewes, 12.764SOO: fair to
f ood ewes, 12.25(32.66; good to choice lambs,
4.50I&4.76: fair to good lambs. ft.004 60;
choice native lamba. 85.00436.25; feeder weth
ers, 82.76tJ3.16; feeder yearungs, t2.wxa3.zo;
feeder lambs, .004 00; cull lambs. 1 Ik AS
t.00: feeder ewes. 31.26412.25: cull ewes. 75cM
11.25; stock ewes, 82.6003.26. Representative
No. A v. Pr.
50 fed ewea io z jz
39 Idaho ewes 96 2 60
30 Idaho ewea f z so
1 Idaha ewea 75 2 50
20 Nebraska ewea 82 2 65
161 fed ewes 204 2 90
85 Idaho feeder wethers ta 10
1H5 native twea 87 8 26
tw native ewea iu a
69 Idaho feeder lambs II 8 35
S native ewes 153 3 50
434 fed wethers snd yearlings.. 116 3 60
91 Idaho wetnera rs vi
124 fed yearlings 115 I 76
30 native wernera i is
14 native lambs 81 4 76
3 Wyoming ewes 86 8 10
0 Wyoming wethers 105 I 60
71 Wyoming wether lot 3 60
68 Wyoming wethers lot 3 60
I western feeder ewes 66 2 75
201 western feeder ewes 61 2 76
280 western feeder wethers 76 8 10
Cattle aad Sheep Steady Hosts Strom
to Higher.
CHICAGO, Nov, 14. CATTLE Receipts.
2.500 head. Including 600 head westerns:
market ateady; good to prime steers, t 00-3
6.65; poor to medium. fl.0oif6.76; stockers
and feeders. t2.(j&4.6tj; cows, 8140t4 60;
heifers, 82.005 76; canners, tl.4093 40: bulls,
82.UOi84.50; calves, 83 fOW.OO; Texas fed
steera. f3.0O4i-4.OO; western steers. U.6036.50.
HOGS Receipts, 21,000 head; estimated to
morrow, 15.000 head; left over, 6.000 head;
market strong to 6c higher; closed easy;
mixed and butchers. fS.90fa6.40; good to
choice heavy. t8 if't.W; rough heavy, 15
1 .20; light, 86.964js.36; bulk or sales, 8615
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 12.000
head; market steady to lower; good to
choice wethers, 83 404J3.80; fair to choice
mixed, 32.60ja.40: western sheep, !2 754j3.75:
native lamba, 3.6ij6 26; western lambs, 83. 75
tjd 76
Official yesterday:
Recelpta. Shipments.
n.ntri .or,2
24.9x6 2.021
19,446 10,148
New York Live Stock Market.
relpta, 2,704 head: market rather slow, but
steadv; bulls nrm; native steers. 84 76tr :
westerns, ft 40, oxen, 84 00104. 6b; bulls, 2.5u9
4 25; cows. .1.501 .1.80; extra fat. $4 35. Cables
quoted live cattle steady at tl'n'li-c,
nrt-SKed weight; sheep selling at littlJc,
oressea weignt; refrigerator teri, mm at
lo'tjllc. rihlpments, none; estimated to
morrow, 2.271 head rattle, 2,217 head sheep
and 3,770 quarters of beef
CALVES Receipts. 80 head; vests
steady: steers lower: western. o lower:
more than hend unsold; veals. ! (snirS 00;
graswers, M4ia .10; little calves, H.onyt.oti;
westerns. H.4f 3 60.
HtKlfl Receipts. 1.602 head; market weak;
stnte, fs.4utjtl.6ii: pigs. fS.f; no westerns.
HHKKI AND LA M Hie Receipts, 6.3
head; sheep slow and livolftc off; lambs, Ia
taZtXi lower: 8 oars unsold: sheen. !2.2,'i
86C; export grades. H.IMM.ih); lambs, 84.50
U6 7h: extra, Io-HkuS Rir Canadian lambs,
fo.26dj6.66; culls, 84.oiyu4.25.
Kaunas City l.lvc Stock Market.
KANSAS CITY, Nov. 14-CATTI,E-Re-celpts),
4.5) natives. 60 Texans, ion Texas
calves. Ml native calves; corn cattle and
quarantine steady; native cows dull; choice
cxp.irt and dressed beef steers, f6.fiOiiiti.7i,;
fair to good, f3 8ii".95; Blockers and feed
ers, $2.2M4.25; western-fed steers, I.V7.VH
6.11; Texas and Indian steers. IJ.90ruM (;
Texas cows, f.'.25t3.'X): native rows. 8l.7ii'
4.25; native heifers. 2 65$i3.75; canners II. w
n.: bulls. f2.ltXU3.ft0: calves, 2.n(ttn.75.
HOGS Receipts, 7.01 head; market Mi 10,.
higher; top, f.40; hulk of sales, fti.liofrvg);
heavy, 6.2tift.40; mixed packers,;
light, i4.20411i.30; yorkers, f6.2jtfti.30: pigs.
S.K.tJS 20.
BHEEP AND LAM RS Receipts, 2,M
hend; market steady; native lambs, $3.HPf
6.26; western lambs. 83.00S'5.2o; fed ewes.
!3.1rV3.70; native wethers, f3.0..tN.10; west
ern wethers. f3.O0jJ4.Oo; stockers and feed
ers, fl.9Mii3.2o.
at. Loala Mrs Stock Market.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 14 -CATTLE-Receipts,
3.5 head. Including 2,700 head Texans; mar
ket steady: native shipping and export
steers, I.ViaHiff.flO; dressed beef and butcher
steers, II t"i7 50; steers under 1," lbs., 14 00
16.00; stockers and feeders, 83.00j-l.t3O; cows
and heifers, 82.26ffi5.00; canners. I2.0nfr2.85;
bulla, t2.25ti4.oo; calves, t4.0tii7.Oo; Texan
and Indian steera, f3.10si-o.00; cows and
heifers. 32.30433.30.
HOGS Receipts, 7,000 head: market
strong to 5c higher; pigs snd lights,,p
6.16; packers, IB.10T.25; butchers, fA.156 45.
SHEEP AND LA M HH Receipts. 1.200
head: market steady; native muttons. 13.40
(i4(i; lambs, ll.ZiKu j.4'1; culls and bucks,
fi.00tj4.00; stockers, ll.60tj 3.00.
At. Joseph Live Stork Market.
ceipts. 1.9S9 head; corn fed. active, stronger;
natives, 83.85iti7.15: cows and heifers, fi.60t
o.2.i: veals, 2.j0tj6.75; stockers and feeders,
IKK'.S-Receipts, 3.M8 head; opened Rc
higher, cloFed 10c higher; light and light
mixed, Ifi.o0'ii6.3.r; medium and heavy, $ti.3(itj
6.40; bulk, fti.32V(I.40.
SHEEP AND LA M BS Receipts, 4S2head;
best active, steady; others slow and
Sioux City Live Stock Market.
SIOUX CITY, la., Nov. 14 -(Hpeclal Tele
gram.) CATTLE Recelpta, 500 head;
stockers dull and killers weak; beeves, f4.50
li.76; cows, bulls and mixed, 2.2.'34.0O;
stockers and feeders, 32.50,ij'4.5O; yearlings
and calves. f2.50fi4.00.
HOGS Receipts. 4.500 head; strong to 5c
higher, selling ct 36.O5CiJ6.20: bulk. t8.10&.15.
SHEEP Receipts, 100 head; Bteady.
Stock In Sight.
The following were the receipts of live
stock at the six prlncipul cities yesterday:
Cattle. Ifoas. Sheen.
umana z.jw
Chicago 2.5(iO
Kansas City 4.500
St. Louis 3,500
St. Joseph 1,969
Sioux City 500
...15.269 4S.338 20.782
Coffee Market.
NEW YORK. Nov. 14. COFFEE Spot.
Rio. quiet; No. 7 Invoice. 6c. Mild, dull:
Cordova, 7til2c: the market opened steady.
with prices unchanged to 5- points higher
on demand from shorts, Eurtqie and com
mission houses, for a time prices held
steady around Initial figures, the demand
easily absorbing offerings of local snd Bal
timore importers; later there waa a halt In
the buying movement and a renewal of
llauldatlon by long Interests and values lost
their partial advance, cloning net unchanged
to o points lower ana easy in tone, j ne
feature of trade waa the "switching" out
of December and other nearby positions
Into later options. Total sales reached 6,750
bags. Including: November, 4.fi5c; Decem
ber, 4.66(h4.70c; January, 4.75c: March, 4.95c;
May, 6.10c; July, 6.25tj6.30c; September, 6.35
06.40c. 1
Evaporated Apples and Dried Frnlta.
APPLES Easy, owing to freer offerings,
though well cured fruit Is readily absorbed
at the quoted range; common range from
6c to 6c; prime, 6h4JV.c; choice, 6ti6.c;
fancy, 7370.
larger sixes of spot prunes are in good de
mand and all descriptions are Arm, with
quotations ranging from 3c to 7c for all
grades. Apricots are In good lobbing re
quest and steady at 7(ftl2o for boxes and
7$10c In bags. Peaches are also moderately
active and firm, with peeled at 12&17c and
unpeeled at 610c.
Oil and Rosin.
OIL CITY. Nov. 14. OIL Credit balances.
11.39; certificates, no sale; shipments, 93.920
bbla.; average, 92.788 bbls.; runs, 198,657
bbls.; average, 75.5S9 bbls.
SAVANNAH. Nov. 14. OIL Turpentine,
firm. 61c. Rosin, firm; A. B, C, D. 81 .40; E.
11.45; F, 11.50; G. 81.60; H, 81.80; I, 12.06; K,
82.55; M, 13; N. 83.60; WO, 83.75: WW, 83.45.
TOLEDO, Nov. 14. OIL Unchanged.
NEW YORK, Nov. 14. Oil Cottonseed,
firm. Petroleum, firm. Rosin, firm. Tur
pentine, firm, 63&64c.
lONDON, Nov. 11. OIL Linseed, 22s.
Turpentine spirits, 3Ss.
LIVERPOOL, Nov. 14. OIL Linseed, 24s.
Sugar and Molasses.
NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 14. 8UOAR-Flrm
and active; open kettle, 2Sj3c; open ket
tle, centrifugal, 8i(j3 7-16c; centrifugal,
white. S 13-lii-(i3 15-16c; yellows, 3W 13-16c;
seconds, 2V3 ll-ltto.
MOLASSES Steady; open kettle, 2ft35c;
centrifugal, 10fj20c; syrup, 20ff'28c.
NEW YORK. Nov. 14. SUGAR Raw,
firm; fair refining. S3-16c; centrifugal, 96
teat, 811-16c; molasses sugar, 2 15-16c. Re
fined, quiet.
LONDON. Nov. 14. BUOAR Raw, Mus
cavado, 8s 3d.
Whisky Market.
CHICAGO, Nov. 14. WHISKY-Steady at
1? K.ewM vv a nftTTflf'V Cia.J . A
BT, LAJKJiBt aWOV. 11,-nnioi.i-oicBuy .
tl 32
PEORIA, Nov. 14.-WHISKY-On the
basis of 31 22 for finished goods.
CINCINNATI. Nov. 14.-WHISKY-Distll-lers'
finished goods. Arm on basis of 21.32.
Charged with Blackmail.
NEW YORK. Nov. 14. William Becker,
who waa arrested In connection with the
sending of threatening lettera to a number
of wealthy persons of this my, wss held
today In 31.000 on the charge of attempt
ing to blackmail. The letters purported to
come from Russian nihilists and demanded
31 000. Fifteen persons received them, but
none of the recipients was a noted man
of wealth, aa reported. One letter con
tained a threat of death In red ink.
INSTRUMENTS filed tor record Friday,
November 14:
Warranty Deads.
Amelia Bolts and husband to R. 3.
VanNees, lot 4. Allen s sub I 260
N D Todd to H. 8. Ballon, trustee,
lot 8. Archer Placo... ...... ........... 1.600
John Srhroeder to Aug Llesche-, lot 2,
Kensington sdd 812
South Omaha Land company et al to
Jennie Rock, lot 15, block 4, Spring
Lake park 400
T O. Turner and wife to C. E. Pries.
'lot 13, block 2. Summit Place 1
Omaha Realty company to R. A. Wil
liam., a tract In a se 18-15-13...... 1
R A Williams and wife to Hans Nlel-
son a tract In se se 19-15-13 43.000
Adelia J. Jennings and husband to B.
8 Able, lot 9, block 8, Jetter's add.. I.0OO
Christ Sekler and wife to Adam Kun-
dert, n43 fret lots 1 and 2, block 12,
Orchard Hill 701
W D. Beckett to Ella Beckett, 1-81
acre In ae ne 12-15-12 8.000
V. H. Whitman and wife to G. T. Mor-
ton, lot 14. block 13; lota 19 and 20.
block 14, Omaha View 10
Irene Hart to U. T. Morton, lot C,
block 13. Carthage add 50
Fannie I, Farnaworth and husband to
Charles Kickush, lot 42, Luke ft T.'s
add 1 2,000
tgalt t'lalaa Deeds.
D. H- Wheeler, Jr.. and wife to L. D.
Morse, lot 16, block 1. Clarendon 165
Maria Donlon to Mary C. RlitgwalC
und lot , H'llaide Reserve 1
E. E. Hart and wife to J. Y. Stone et
al. e23 feet lot 3, block 352, Omaha... 1
First National bank of Council Bluffs ,
to C. K. Price, aub lot 7 in tax lot
29 In 4-15-18
E C. Perkins et al. executor, to Mart
Donlon. lot I, Hillside Reserve
Total amount of transfers..