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Are Caoaed. .-. m U'Mk, likrkllhr
d Irion of th Kidneys, vrhlrh
v"il rn Fatal If Rot, At-. .
tended fa.
A Trial Hot lie of K'lrarr'i afo fare,
I law tv arm ...... .
t at Afcsalntely Fr Etrr
', Reader - Th Omaha Bee nkl
' Sailers from Kidney ar Bladder
Bright' disease, diabetes, rheumatism,
; rheumatic gout, uric a-td poison, Jaundice,
gravel, catarrh of the bladder, painful pas
saga of the urine, frequent desire to urinate
especially at night; a dull, drubbing; ache.
In the amall of your bark, pain lu your
groin and the lower bowels, aore Joint and
muaclea, dlaslneM, palna in the back ef your
neck, torpid liver, ecsema and scrofula, yel
low, aallow complexion, coated tongue, tired
; ncMrous, worn-out feeling, lack of energy
, and ambition, are ail canned 1y a weak,
' unhealthy condition of the kldneya.
If you have any of thee lytnplomi, or If
.you feel badly, take Bafe Cure, which haa
f a record of over yeare of successful cures
of all thee diseases; a free trial will, con
vince you that It will cure you.
If in Doubt Make This Test.
i Vet your mrmlng urine stand for twenty
four hours In a sTnas or bottle: If there I
a redd Inn pediment In the bottom of the
glass, or If the urine la cloudy, or If you aee
' parttoW-s or germs floating; about in It, your
I kldneya are diseased. If. after you have
made thla teat, you have any doubt In your
mind aa to the development of the dlaeaae
! In your system. Bend a sample of your urine
in Medical Dept.. Warner's Bafe Cute Co..
(Rochester. N. i .." and our doctors will
'analyse It and send you a, report, wlth-ad-Vloe
free of any coat to you. , "
All letters from women read and an
swered by a woman doctor. All corres
pondence Irl ctrlctwH commence.
la what you need. You can buy it at any
drug store, two aires,. $0 cents and $100 a
Beware of so-called addaer earea,
fall of sediment and of bad odor, far
from relic-Tin- ta slelc, tfcey are posi
tively harmlal.
Be sure you ' ret 'Warner's Sfe Cure;
subatltutea contain dangerous druKS. There
la none "Just aa good'- aa Warner's Bafe
Cure, .
bowela gently, and aid a apeedy cure.
To convlnon every sufferer from dlsesses
of the kldneya, liver, bladder and blood
that Bafe Cure will cure them, a sample
bottle of thla treat kidney cure will be
sent absolutely free, post paid ; also a sam
ple box of "Bafe f'llla" and a valuable
medical booklet which tella all about the
dineaaaa of the kidneys, liver and bladder,
with a preemption for each dlseaae, and
many of the thousanda of testimonials
received dally from grateful patients who
nave born cured by Bafe Cure. All you
have to do- la to write Warner's Safe Cure
Company, Rochester, N. Y.. and mention
having; read thla liberal offer in the Omaha
Fee. The genuineness of thla offer is fully
guaranteed by the publishers.
Tha only double-track railway
from the Missouri River to VJ
Splendid service1 and direct
connection (or all points on the
Chicago & North-Western
. railway:
Th9 Csst of Everything
Far ticket and Information apply
to office of General Agent,
U01 an. 1403 Farnam Stmt.
Its Secret
Th choicest of teiecr rain and
thorough maturlnf Is the secret of
tha purity, the perfection and the
excellence of
It Is the only one
ef its kind and
nothing Gke it,
' It Is particularly
rscommended to
' women because of
its age and ex
cellence. id l all inwilut '. mi) by fcthi.
k. uiiiik.1 a Sun, lUiuwon, ad.
Weak Nerves
People cannot help worrying when
their serves arc weak. Tti.t f.ttiag cf
languor, dailne ui cxhauxtoa la
Ibo tearful condition which olui pre
cede inMiiiiv The pnwer te work or
etuily diminish ml dopomicacy d
pnrMr Ilia intnd night and da.
If yu are uSeriU! tlte torture of
hcrvoua letriliiy, Ihi it i no kuuwing
iiow soon you ywv decline to Mmeihing
tore hrilb',. tint yon ran artvelf
Tee yonthlul otrcugta. buuycury acd
aapiIuGaa) l tauured ty Iht aac of
They hare cured thousand. Sad we
have o much ronliacnv In tiinu that
we rive in iroa clad guataatce wtia a
to. 00 oidtr.
entaaywhrrcla plain package. It 00
yti tKa. boaci for saOu, Bocik free.
- w t - . -:
Tor aale by Kunn o. OmaSx
onion Inue burre. South Muanav
ivia Lrutf Co.. Cejoui ttiuttsv ia
Indicstioni of Practically a Vornal Output
fths Bwtet Prodnot
Cm Predaeere fVIII rreaaklr Hare
at gllht Rxceae Blaaea O'Oer
aaaa Retaraa te tha Wt
at Karly Date.
(From S Btaft CoTTeerondent.)
WA8HINOTON, Not. 11 (Special.)
Hrnry, W. Dlederich, consul at Bre
men, . has sent to the State depart
ment a number of estimates of sugar crops
for the present year. lie gWee figures on
the beet sugar crop of Europe and the
cane yield In Cuba and the remainder of
the world.' The statistics sre especially Interesting-'
at this time In their possible
bearing on the attitude to be taken by con
gresa toward Cuban reciprocity. He says
the European cr6p will be short, but ap
parently the world's supply will be ample.
"It la, of course,, too soon to get definite
data and figures,',' Mr. Dlederich says, "but
these early crop conjectures form the basis
for gradually obtaining flnr.l results. Mr.
Gleseker, a Belgian statltlclan, was among
the first to Issue hts crop figures for this
year, whim are not very sanguine and
rather below those now current In com
mercial circles. They follow: Germany,
1.730,000 tons; Austria, 976,000; Prance. 880.
000; Russia, 1,130,000; Belgium, 215,000;
Holland, 110,000, and other countries 330,
000. Total, B.WiO.OOO tone.' .
"Otto LJcht, the retera publisher. Is
probably more nearly correct. Hla eetl
matea for 1002-1963, compared with the
actaal results of previous years, are given
below: Totals, 8,864,000-tons In 1902-1903;
8.848.038 tons in 1901-1902. 8,048,618 tons in
1900-1901 and 6,618,048 tons ' In 1899-1900.
This would show shortage of 992,000 tons
from last year, but all estimates are
merely approximate." 1
Diedrlch'g estimate of the world's cane
sugar crop Is for a total of 3,470.000 tons.
compared with 8,862,806 tons last year. Of
this total he estimates the Cubsn crop to
be SSO.OOO tons, as compared with 8S8.812
tons last year. The United States crop
be estimates at 425,000 tons, as compared
with 400,000 tons last year. The Hawaii
crop he estimates to be 840,000 tons, as
against the same crop last year.
W. E. Andrea-, auditor of the treasury
for the State department, and wife have
returned from Nebraska.
O'Gormaa Klraply Vlaltlagc.
, Bishop O'Oorman of Sioux Falls, 8. .D.,
said tonight that he expected to remain
In Washington until the 17th, when -he
leaves for Lead, 8. D. "I am. here simply
to meet old friends and hare no connection
whatever with the meeting of the trustees
of the Catholic university, many of whom,
however, are warm friends of mine," ssld
the bishop. "I used to be stationed here
and am visiting among my friends. I will
leave Washington not later than the 17th
for Lead. S. D., to Install John N. Star
riha as bishop of Lead on Sunday. Novem
ber 23. South Dakota was recently divided
Into two dioceses, I remaining at Sioux
rails and Rev. Mr. Starrlha taking the
Black Hills diocese, with headquarters at
Lead. Rev. Mr. Starrlha was consecrated
bishop at St. Paul on October 28 and It
will be my duty to install him at .Lead.
Iateraatloaal Cnnmltiloa Farmed to
' Aid America a Arekaeloar' 1
' leal Wrk.
- i, . '' ', ' ''I1-'1
. y-
WASHINGTON, Nov. , 12. W. McGee,
president of the bureau of American eth
nology, was today appointed to represent
the United States on the American Inter
national archaeological commission. Each
of the American republics will appoint One
or more members of the commission. 1
The idea or the commission la to pre
serve the ruins of the principal, pre-hlts-torlcal
cities, establishing at each a
museum to contain objects of Interest found
In the locality.
An attempt will also be made to estab
lish an American International museum In
some city, to he selected by the majority of
the republics. , ...
Waolea Mill Strike at Bt. Joseph May,
. However, SoM-Be Settled
by Arbltraftoa.
8T JOSEPH, Mo.,, Nov. 13. (Special
Telegram.) The 8 tat e1 'Board of 'Arbitra
tion has been called In ta settle the strike
of weavers at the Buell Woolen mills. All
efforts to effect' a compromise between
the atrikers. and mill management have
During the last week a number of small
riots have occurred and five or alx girls
were Injured as a rosult. The situation
has grown so serious that aa armed guard
Is kept about the mills day and night.
Ros Tea - Soldiers ad -Afterwards
v, .Woaad . Theaa la,
Vtmht. '.
. SPOKANE. ' Wash.. Nov. 12. Privates
Lewis and Stevens of Company M, Seven
teenth Infantry, were shot in a battle with
footpads in the suburbs early thla morning.
Lewis was wounded in the arm and Stevens
In the hand.
The soldiers were held up toy four men
while on the way-4e- Fert Wright. They
gave up .their money, but afterwards at
tacked the robbers. A. rough and tumble
fight followed, the soldiers being vrounded
and put to flight.
Teaapcratare te Mild aad 3iAaatac
la Reported to Stork: oa
the Raas;e.
ABERDEEN. 8. D.. Nov. . 12. (Special
Telegram.) A hard rain and. aleet storm
today .was followed by saow, which covers
the ground over an Inch deep. Tbe weather
Is still thieatentng. - -
PIERRE. 8. D-, Nov. 12. (Special Tele
gram.) Over an Inch ef anew tell here to
day, the flrat heavy fall of the season, fol
lowing a light rain last nlgnt. The tem
perature Is mild and no damage has been
dons to range Interests. ,
Jadge Dealos Kow Trial tor Doteotlro
t Marderor aad Fiaea Ee-
Ilea Pate.
CHEYENNE. Wye.. Nov. 12. Judge Scott
today denied the motion tor a new trial for
Tom Horn, the cattlemen's detective, con
victed. o( the murder of Willi Nickel at
Iron mountain.
The date of the execution was Sxed for
January .$ ' . , t
Prrtle Sprtaera B,allah Kow.
WARREN8BURG. Mo.. Nov. 11 -An Eng.
Hah pr baa Utusht Hula riprlnga. a iuu
Birr morl or berc, (ur
ArgBsaeata Beajlat Today stad Altered
nrlber Will Soow Kaow
HI Fate.
COLUMBIA, Mo., Nov. 18. When the
trial of Colonel Ed Butler, Indicted on a
charge of attempting bribery, was resumed
today Dr. Albert Merrell. a member of the
Bt. Louis Board of Health, was put on the
stand by the state.
Witness testified that' Butler had come
to hla house In September, 1901, previous
to the approval of the garbage act by the
Board of Health, and offered his 12,400
to secure its pssssge.
Joseph L. Horasby, president of the
St. Louis city council. Max C. Starkloff,
health commissioner, and a number of
others called by the defense to show that
the sanitary company, with which ths da
fendant is Interested, had no competition
for the garbage contract.
Claude C. Wetmore, reporter, identified
an article in a St. Lou la paper, containing
an Interview with Dr. Chapman. In it
Dr. Chapman said he saw no reason why
Butler should wish to bribe him.
In cross-examination witness said he also
Interviewed Butler, who said:
"Well. .1 guess I offered hla a present,
hut I did not have to bribe him."
The prisoner himself wan then called,
and dented visiting Drs. Merrill and Chap
man. V. .
"Didn't you make your general business
the passage of ordinances through the
assembly T" asked Mr. Folk for the state.
Butler half rose from his chair.
"I want to answer that queetton. Judge,"
he said, as his attorney objected, and turn
ing te Mr. Folk, he added, "if you mean
to ask whether my business had been gen
eral bribery, I say emphatically no."
"Not your general business, .but haven't
you ever endeavored to secure certain leg
islation?" "Not unless I was directly Interested In
the legislation."
. "How interested T"
"As a stockholder."
After some testimony In rebuttal the de
fense closed Its case and the court ad
(Continued from First Page.)
cesslty of a proper legal provision for
aa emergency currency. The present cur
rency was barely sufficient for trade, and
Indications were that with a continuation
of the present prosperity there would be
a still greater demand for currency. The
government obligations, due to the recent
prodigality of congress, would shortly fall
due, and that would require a great deal
of currency. He Suggested a highly-taxed
emergency - currency, which would be re
tired as soon as the emergency ceased.
Stockholder of tko Korthweatera) to
Hold Meetlaa; to ' Talk tbe
Matter 'Orer. .
NEW YORK, Nov. 12.---A circular letter
has been Issued to stockholders of the Chi
cago tt Northwestern .Railway company,
calling tor a special meeting February 10,
at which it is proposed to Increase the
capital stock of the company by Su.arlslng
aa additional number of common shares so
that the capital stock shall be $300,000,000.
This same meetlnr wfll chnMee l
question of acquiring the franchises ' and
property of the Fremont Eikhorn V Mis
souri Valley Railroad 'company.' The di
rectors hare decided that stockholders shall
be . Invited . 4o subscribe to the .Increased
stock to tbe .extent of 15 per cent of their
present holdings.
Foreign makes of champagne all take oft
their hat to the leader Cook's Imperial
Extra Dry- American made, pure, and de
licious. FIRE RECORD.
Meat Market la Daaaaared. -
ORAND ISLAND, Neb.. Nov. 12. (Spe
cial.) Fire caused a lpas of several hun
dred dollars' worth of meats for Meyer
Wlese. meat market men, last night. It
evidently originated from sparks from the
stovs, alighting between the building oc
cupied by the meat market and that next
adjoining. The building la a frame, In the
heart of the city. '
Palace Is Baraed.
ROCEN, France, Nov. 12. The lire which
broke out at tbe Chateau d'Eu, the seat of
the duke of Orleans, yestsrday evening
practically destroyed that building. Only
one wing, the chapel, and the art treas
ures were saved.
St. Joseph Hoaalay Mills.
ST. JOSEPH,' Mo., Not. 12. The Hndnut
Hominy mills were destroyed by fire early
today. Loss, $100,000. The origin of th
llfs Is not known.
Follows Her Haakaad.
PLATTSMOUTH, Neb., Nov. 12. (Spe
cial.) Mrs. Samuel Richardson, aged 65
years, died In this city this forenoon. The
funeral services will be held at tUo r:-si-dence
of D. - C. Dwyer Friday forenoon.
Her husband died .est spring. Tbey were
among the earliest settlers in Cass coun'y
and were highly respected by all whi kne
Dr. A. G. Masoa.
TOLEDO, O.. Nov. 12. Dr. A. G. Mason,
secretary of the National Boa Keepers' as
sociation, and a well known write? on the
subject of bee culture, Is deal thla city.
Ha was 74 years of age and has been la
falling health for some time.
. Jast Like Other People..
Bad food and overwork wreck many a
life, but the right food makes sure and com
plete happlneaa, for ons must be happy If
perfectly well. ...
"Grape-Nuts saved my life aad changed
me from a nervous, sick, despondent woman
to a healthy, strong and cheerful one,"
writes Mrs. Alice Rlegel of Pont lac. III.
"I had not been well for several years and
I thought, as did my friend, that 'my days
were numbered.' My 111 health was caused
from drinking coffee, eating Improper food
and overwork In the school room; I had be
come very weak, tired and nervous and
nothing I ate agreed with me. Medicine
made me more nervous and Impaired my
digestive organs. v '
"It was with difficulty that a neighbor
Induced me to try Grape-Nuts, and I liked
It from the first with thick cream and
sugar. , I lived on It exclusively, with
Postum Food CoSee, until my digestion
waa so much improved I could eat other
foods. .My friends Boon noticed the Im
provement in my looks and I an now
healthy, strong and happy, I attribute the
change in my health eelely to the -change
of diet.
"Husband and I both like Grape-Nufs and
Postum. I think they are the most health,
ful and strengthening ef all foods and
drinks snd suitable tor the weak as well
as for the strong."
Valuable Statistics of Valuable Metal by
Mint Director.
Brltlah Kaaplro, However, Take as
Wkole, Dlara Moot Gold, aad
, Mexico More Silver Tha a
Aay Other Coaatry.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 12. George E. Rob
erts,, the director of the mint, hss com
pleted his report on the production of pre
cious metals for the year 1901.
The final figure a of the world'a output by
countries are aa follows:
1 Commercial
Gold. Value.
Tnlted States $ 7S.fW.700 3 83.lM.4nO
Mexico 10.284.810 34.fWi.9H)
Canada 4,li,&'0 8.14o,u0
Afrtoa 0.099,600
Australasia ;4,8,200 7.829,500
Russia . 22,850no 94 !0
Austria-Hungary 2,134,7m 1.198,ono
Oermany 69,800 8,818.000
Norway 99.500
Sweden 41.700 82,400
Italy go,) 460.8)
Ppaln 8,0 1,911.200
Portugal 1.J00 2)
Greece 892 .WW
Turkey 2.80Q 7.&i0
Finland .7...... 't,)0' 4,7i0
France j.: " 271.8iO
Ureal Britain ....(...... .. 27.30 133,000
Argentine ; 80,000 27.000
Bolivia IIS.) 8.1S2.MO
t'hiir 1.087.200 i,Bo3.100
Colombia 2,l.3 1.U9.000
Ecuador 110,000 4.0JO
Uraill 2,77B,4iO
Venesuela 28,200
British Guiana 1,771. 6"0
rwitrh Guiana 46.6i0
French Guiana 2,0i0.ono
Peru 1,329.200. .3,860,600
(.'ruguay m.7 600
Central America " 610,500 -537,800
Japan 1,037,800
(.'nina, d.ori.MO
Korea 4.600,000
India (British) ,35.900 ,
East Indies (British)... 8B1.700
Kant Indies (Dutch).... 446,000 48,600
..63,374,7O0 $104,999,100
The total number of fine ounces of gold
produced was 12,740,748 and of silver 174,
998,773, ths coinage "value of the latter be
ing $228,280,700.
Hnglaad Imports Moat.
The Imports and exports of precious
metals by the principal countries during
1901 are exhibited In the following table:
f Imports. Exports.
United States
864.Ml.fW0 367,7!.99
1.695,969 . . 9.713.5S8
3.7:rt.8r.5 ' .587,5X3
4,674. m 24,744.890
Costa. R1t
36.7 560,510
Ttenmark &4.000
Faypt ......i...... ....... l4.T7.4tJI 11.971.274
France ........... J- 82,7MWi 27,.009
Federated Malay States l.70.lii8 87.ii
Germany fa,12C,iW 12.278.5"9
Great Britain J04.0TO.fW 67,91.962
India 26.9oa,(09 2O.fl,069
Italy 914.904 2,607,740
Jnpan S,308.68 5,720.6fi2
Korea - 1.290 2.450,737
Mexico , .5WU4
Netherlands ,xui,uw
Nicaragua 456,000
Norway r 519.R8S i-
Plam tr.,..ivrf,. 2,351,t!S0 , r 79,700
Sweier ...vJU 721,603
Switserland 18.4t7,332 4.009.S9I
Himrta 4.469.6X6 84,870.237
Portuaral J.322,31.7,9f
AiietraaaaIs...A..'iM'..... ,, 78.8NJJW
Chlnv..aji4V"--'r : ' ..
United States 81.140.782 65,838.368
Africa w. .veft5. -1,?44,M7 -66.94
Argentine ...... ' 28.99$- M.K
Austrta-HungarjTTS.,.. 993,975 1.2fi3.8S2
Bolivia f.'.lft...; li.esi.a
Canada' ; a. ;.j.;.. 242,215 . 2,U6,26
Costa Jlca fi.te.. .. v r 47.943
Dutch Gularia 62,560 28,097
Ecuador .......
Egypt 676,007 60,973
France 18.8K5.438 '27.119.8W
Federated Malay States 11.063.647 9,4:t2.2
Germany .... wn
Great Britain . . u Bt.i4i.uni m,mi,!:
India 3!.f5.1T ' 16,M9.st4
Italy .., .....V...v... 1,4.707 1,B,994
Japan 164,Ki6 .. -1,261.509
Korea 450.5.'7 100.473
Mexico 2.279,875 50.M9.emi
Netherlands ............. 3.27S.OH8 89.557
Nicaragua 6f.0O0 . 60,720
Norway ..; 1S7.1!64
Peru .7: M.712
Slam 77 186,91
Swltserland .. .;.i..V...: " 8.429,628 2,278,443
Ruaala 4.818,854 1.906.930
China .' 4,334,047 148.310
Hong Kong 7.K3,ei 3.747
BtralU Settlements 18,787,004 167.833 Africa. ' 806,610 ' 82,227
Arabia (17.226 266.8U5
Ceyon 1.011.2X0 1,154.470
Persia SS3.217 286,105
Turkey 8S6.462
Auatralasla (net) ' 6,089,868
Mr. Roberts says the Industrial consump
tion of the precious metals In tbe world Is
estimated In round numbers at $80,000,000
gold and $67,000,000 silver.
i tllver flees - Lower.
' The silver market Vas depressed through
out tbe year:" The highest quotation on the
London market being 29 pence on January
t and the lowest 24 15-18 )a December. The
purchases on account of the government of
India fell off heavily from tha proceeding
year. The coinage of the Indian mltrts for
the eleven months ended ' February, 1902,
was only -48,(07.600 rupees, against 150,780,.
751 In the same' month of tbe previous
The demand for China also declined on
account or the Boxer troubles of 1900.
While the troops were there the shipments
of silver were exceptionally large and after
their retirement silver bars and Mexican
dollars accumulated at the seaports In .un
usual smounts, , rendering further Imports
for the time unnecessary. The European
demand for silver tor coinage purposes was
light, as tho governments are, pursuing ths
policy of supplying needs for subsidiary
coins recolnage of full legal tender
coins. . , i
About 10 per cent of' the silver 'output of
the United Statics was from silver ores, the
remainder being produced In conjunction
with lead and copper.
After allowing for Industrial mnanoip
tlon the Increase In the gold stocks of ths
principal countries for 1901 are estimated
approximately as follows:
United States. $63,800,000; Austria Hun
gary, $27,600.0001 Belgium, $2,900,000; Great
Britain. $17,000,900; India, . $5,8o0,000;
Francs, $40,400,000; Germany. $41,700,000;
Italy, $3X00,000; Japan, $1,700,000; Nether
land. $5,600,000; Portugal. $2,300,000; Rou
manla, $1,800,000; Sweden, $1,800,000; "vlu
erland, $3,500,000. , ..
The only countries showing a losa are
Norway, $1.(00,000, and Russia, $1,900,000.
Metkodlst Episcopal la a Decide Ap
portloaaacat of Fa ad a at Uosao
ptad Atreai.,
ALBANY, N. Y.. Nov. 11. The general
missionary conference of the Methodist
Episcopal church began In this city today
and wilt continue for ons week. During
that time ' the various appropriations for
missionary purposes will be decided on and
reports will be presented from tbe mis
sion districts. Nearly all the bishops of
ths church aad delegates from every con
ference district are In attendance.
It was decided that tbe money 'at ths
disposal of the conference for missionary
purpose should be apportioned in ths rstio
t H per cent for foreign snd 42 Vi per
cent for boms missions.
Police Flad RTldeaeo roaaootlas;
es;ro wltk Jaek Ike Slaaaer
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 12 The police
spent today Investigating the past life and
movements of George L. O. Perry, ths
young negro who yeeterdsy on the release
of Alan O. Mason was charged with the
murder of Miss Clara A. Morton at Waver
ley. Tonight they found his swettaeart - and
got her to exhibit Jewelry sbs received from
Perry. Among the trinkets wss a gold
chain which was Immediately recognised
as having belonged to Miss McPhee. Pri
vate marks on the chain proved the Identi
fication and the Jeweler who sold It later
described his own marks upon It.
The officers next secured letters written
by Perry, .In which, there Is. a reference
to a chain and the Injunction not to say a
word about It.
When Miss McPhee wss In the hospital
she asked, "Where la my .chain?" At the
time there was an abrasion on her neck
caused by the forcible tightening of a chain.
All Perry's clothes were taken from him
today, because an officer thought he de
tected a blood spot on a shirt sleeve.
Perry admitted the spot was blood, ssylng
he hsd hsd a bleeding tooth. ' ' ,
Tonight all his clothing at Ms 'home was
setxed. Some of it bears stslns which
look like blood and will be exsmlned by
Prof. Wood of Harvard.
(Continued from First Psge.)
earnings without any regard to the Inter
ests or wishes of their employers and In
total disregard of the earnings and welfare
ef every other class of employes."
He declared that the men In mines do
not work to exceed four or five hours a day.
All other charges msde by Mr. Mitchell are
combated and on the. question of miners'
unions Mr. Fowler-says: -
"We deny that agreements between em
ployers and employes through worklngmen's
organisations are beneficial and successful
In the bituminous coal fields or elsewhere,
and asaert that any such agreement as a
method of regulating production would be
and is Injurious to the best Interests of tho
The statements msde for the Lehigh
Valley and tbe Pennsylvania companies use
the same ground as the other statements. '
SCRANTON, Pa., Nov. 12. The answer
of the Independent operators of tho Lack
awanna and Wyoming region follows sub
stantially the ssme lines as that taken by
the other, companies and concludes with
reference to the declaration of the miners
that labor unions Improve the morels and
discipline of their members, saying:
This may Te true when applied to'some
organisations, but when applied to the
miners' union we enter a most emphatic
denial and propose to Introduce evidence
showing that prior to the advent of the
United Mine Workers of America U waa
considered bad form to kill or . maim a
cltlsen who, attempted to exercise his con
stitutional right to sell his labor, and thnt
the vast number of brutal mtirdera and
beatlnas during the last live months phow.
that the teachings 'of the United Mine
Workers haa brought about such mnrnl
obliquity that Its members believed them-
seivea .Justified In these acts, also that
officers ot the union Justified this course
by furnishing ball snd counsel for those
who have been guilty ot these atrocious
We believe we will "be abto to' prove such
tremendous losses of life nnd money as
the direct results of the methods of this
particular union as to convince your honor
able commteslnnf that It Is Inexpedient to
do any act whtch -may contribute to Itn
continued existence. .' . -t
Presfdeat MltrWell sal "a! Half butts
'. ' Lawyer Busy ' Making- Up " .
. Mlaers' ' Case., .
WILKESBARRE, Pa., Nov. 12. President
Mitchell of the United Mine Workers and
several -members of the executive board of
the third anthracite district were' In ses
sion at headquarters today.
Later they were Joined- by half a dozen
attorneys whom Mr. Mitchell has employed
to look after the legal status ot the miners'
case before the arbitration committee.
There was a general discussion, of the sit
uation. This afternoon a big delegation
of miners from Shamokln were examined at
the office of a local attorney as to their
knowledge of the conditions of mining In
their region, tbe wages paid and the cost
of living.
Mayor E. E. Schmltz of San Francisco
and W. ' J. Hughes, congressmsn-elect of
the Sixth New Jersey district, called ' on
Mr. Mitchell today. The visitors said they
called to pay their respects. Mayor Bchmlts
Inquired as to labor conditions In general
In tho anthracite region and left, town this
afternoon loaded with statistics which Pres
ident Mltcbel gave him.
Palter Calls It Mistake.
DULUTH. Minn., Nov. 12. Bishop Potter
la commenting on the decision of ths mine
operators to refuse to recognize the United
Mine Workers of America, said tonight:.
"It Is a great mistake, a great mistake,
and one which will become apparent sooner
or later. The labor unions of this country
have come to stay."
gradient . Acsjalrco Lara; Part of
Callforala Cttras elt and
, .' (lope ' for More.'
- LOS .ANGELES, Nov. 12. C. C. Eppers
of Chicago ssys a corporation known as tbe
Southern California Trust company, with a
ready capital of $4,500,000, haa secured an
option on 7,000 acres of orange groves and
proposes to absorb under trust mortgage a
heavy portion of the southern California
citrus belt.
"The object of this syndicate Investment,"
aald Mr. Epperf, "Is to systematically Im
prove tho- orange Industry of southern
CaiiiuriiU and bring tfcs citrus - belt Into
the highest possible state ot cultivation by
sclentlOo planting, growing and shipping.
'The syndicate will largely obliterate tb
middle man, who eats up the profits, by
being Itself both grower and dealer. W
obtain the land by direct purchase from the
rancher. With the money he thus receives
It Is expected he will buy more land, plant
fresh orange groves, bring them to bearing
and then dispose ot them to the trust for
spot cash." '
Vast Sasas of Moaey Aro Expeaded ky
Botk gldes la tko Mi t.
stsx Case
NEW YORK, Nov. 12. It hss been esti
mated that the trial of Roland B. Mollneux
has cost mors thsn any other for a capital
Sense In any country where the English
aystem of Jurisprudence Is In vogue.
The cost to tbe county ot New Tork In
the first trial amounted to 1 250,000. This
was expended In various directions, largely
In fees tor handwriting experts who were
brought distant states aad for de
tectives who endeavored te trace Molineux's
movements from bis fifteenth birthday, to
the time cf his arrest.
The defense expended about $75,000 fa
the first trial and It Is sst'mated that the
total on both sides for the two hearings
will lookup nearly $500,00.
".4 '--' -
. )'"Vh
'. ta H
Jim Dumps asked In a friend to tea.
A vegetarian friend was he.
Thus argued Jim i "Now 1 prefer
To be a Forcetarlan, sir.
I'm sure It Is a better whim.
Because by Force ' I'm Sunny Jim.' "
" "
' The
a good fad
better food.
SwMt, crigf Haiti f
wttt and milt.
THE Food of tho Day.
"1 hare ased Fore' Food
all asasMr. 1 regard it aa th
M paw allrs food of tb day
contain sll ths aoarisblng cle
bmbis known.
"Cas.T. Loean."
M- -.' --..
Merged Bailwajs Saj Offenses Predate
Anti-Trust Law.
lolleltor General Declares that Early
. Combines t'aaaot Affect Locality of
Mortkera Seearltle Com pa ay
aad Its Opcratloaa,
NEW YORK. Nov. 12. The Northern Se
curities merger suit was continued today
In this city.
Tho defense presented papers designed
to show that for' years prior to 1800 many
of the principal railway companies had full
control of competing lines, and that this
fact' was reported to the government and
kndwn to congress at the. time the Sher
man anti-trust act was passed.
The solicitor general objected the official
reports of railroads being accepted In sup
port, of this- statement, but they went to
the record..
Csptaln John P. Meany, editor of a rail
road manual, was called and Mr. Richards
objected to .his testimony on the ground
that It wss Irrelevant. He argued that the
anti-trust law undoubtedly reforrcd to rail
roads and railroad combinations, and that
If other railroad companies had restrained
trade, even before the passage of the Sher
man act. It was no defense for any present
violation of the law.
Captain Meany's evidence was, however,
accepted. . He told bow the railroad man
unl, of ,Whicb. ho t sdltor, .was .compiled,
snd Mr. 6riggs p'ui In evidence' the manual
for the years from 1871 to 1901 Inclusive,
add the statistic of railways published by
.th4, Interstate. .Commerce .commission... , . '
The commission then adlourned until Fri
day, November 2C When the case ot Mln- '
nesota against the Northern Securities com
pany will also be' discussed. '
- Aaiwer Wasklagina Mate. '
.. The answer' of . the Northern Securities
compsn'y and the Great Northern to the
suit Instituted by' the state ot Washington
were filed In thj supreme court today.' They,
are practically duplicates ot the answor of
the Northern Pacific filed yesterday.
Jn Its Btslement the Securities company
admits It. has ' no agent In the state of
Washington upon whom a legal process may
be served, and that It owns no property
whatever In that state.
It denies "that any of the. matters al
leged la subdivision 12 of the bill of com
plaint tend to or do create a monopoly In
railway traffic in the state of Washington
or elsewhere. , .
It also denies that It. Is a carrier or a
railroad, company, or that any of the acts
complained of violate or evade the settled
public laws 'of. the state of Washington. .
, It is further stated that the Securities
company Is .tho owner and holder of a large
amount ot and ' stocks In other
corporations than the defendant railway
Caloa-Plokerlaa. '
Ths ' marriage of "Mr. Charles H. Gulou
and Miss Harriet B. Plnkerton was sol
emnized at 4 o'clock on Wednesday after- i
noon at the 'home or 'the bride's mother,!
Mrs. Mary J. Plnkerton. Rev. John M. Ross
of Central United Presbyterian church offi
ciating. The bride wore her traveling
gown, a dark green tailor suit with trim
mings of gold cloth and a bat ot old rose
velvet and ' green wings. Mr. and Mrs.
Gulou left Immediately after the cere
mony for a month's trip through ths south
and upon their return will be at home In
their new residence at Twenty-first and
Douglas streets. ' Mr. Gulou Is of ths Guiou
Ledwlch Lumber company and baa been a
business msn of Omaha for many years.
'.' ".The heart
Givcth grace to every
.r . Lonjtcllotr,
It b the heart of . ,
namely, the beauty
which permeates it,
thatdistinguishes it -above
ordinary silver
ware and gives it a
grace which is univers-'
ally attractive. Apart
from its, beauty, its .
Sterling quality, guar
'anteetT bv - the . trade
. mark, and its moderate
price are distinguishing
features. .
V 3flHBgBnnlaBnV$aSBffiBl!alE
t , ,
Ready-io-Serv Certel .'
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l-Thomnsville. Fla
1 New Orleann, La
1 Vlrksburtr, Miss..... - ..
1 Hammond,! A
1 Day tone, Fla.......
1 Tampa, Fla
1 Palm Beach, Fla
1 Havana, Cuba
1 Jackson, Miss.'.
1 fit. Augustine, Fla
2 Mt Clements, Mich
2 French Lick Springs, Ind...
3 Chicago, 111
.... 48.80
... JW.00
... 43.00
.... 69.10
.... HS.20
.... 71.M
.... 88.00
.... 8.14.1ft
.... W.0
Column - (1) Tickets on sale daily;
return limit June 1. 1903.
Column !) Tickets on sale dally;
return limit 00 day.
Column (3) Tickets on sale. Nov. SO,
Dec. 1 and 2; return llrqlt Dec. 8.
Round trip tickets on sale te nearly
all points in the south and southeast,
fitopovers allowed both going and re
turning. ..
- Attention la called to the "l5lxl
Flyer," a through train via Nashville,
Chattanooga, Looktiut Mountiiln, At
lanta and Macon, to Jacksonville, Fla.
Homeeeeknrs' tlcketlr-, at rate of one
fare, plus 82.00, on sale tirst and third
Tuesdays of each month, fn point In
Tennessee, Kentucky, Mlsii-:lppi,
Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, etc.
Correspondence Hi vlted and' tnforrha
Hon cheerfully given. Get copy of our
beautiful. Illuatrsned lookle, ddvf rhig
points of lntefrtBt ill Vie r4i.-jJv Mbuth,
at 1402 -Farnam St., Omiilit., Neb., or
write W. if. mkim
Diet. Pass. AgL, 111 Cent. IV. R,
Omahn, Keh.
-mr Tn. Plmplai.
rrscktt. Moth r.uhra.
Bus, SklB file
mm. an4 vrr
blunlih on buty.
nd delle 4tetlw.
It has stood tb t
ot attr-sv yMn.
aai i ao twratlM
uat 11 to l
iun it to roprljr
,u.H. so
A. H.rr st4 t
tad ol .
iua U tUsOi
"As you ladles will uso them. I recom
mend 'UOUKAUD'8 CREAM' as the least
harmful of all the skin preparationa. or
sale by all druagiat end fancy goods deal
ers in tho U. 8. aad Europe. : '..."'
KERU. T. HOPKINS, Prtfp'rv
87 Great' Jones 8t.. N., Tr '.;
All Qrocen mad Drvzxltta
r ft r O J Woodward A Burgess.
tSUYU O r ; Managers.
The Bensalional MclQ-Drama
The Tide of Life"
Prices 25c 50e snd T5o.-. , .
Friday and 8at. Mat. and Night
-. -in -
"IK I WKRB Kla."
Prices, Mat., tie to $1.60; Night, Sic to It
Curtain rises at sharp. All ars requested
to be seated at that hour.
. ' Telephone U31. i '
VUtinee. -T
Ked Wsyburn's Jockey Club, headed by
Couutesa Ilatateldt; Harry LeClalr, , O . K.
lato X'tlphlno and I'elmor Rose Ia
TyWr. Dan and DolHe Mann,- Ka-chetia
Broe. and the Klnidrvmss , . ,
JTlcesWtv , . -i : ; .
OMAHA, klt.
Omaba's Leading llotsi.
12 M to I p. m.
BUXDAT. ' :M f- m. blKNlCR.'3tc '
Steadily lacreasin tulnsa ha necessi
tated an nUfntiit o( Lata, duutiling
It tuinier ca()aclty.
hi IHiw I?
(wjc irns i-
ne ilB as,. ,..,