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    Daily Bee.
Eernlt of Election Show Uiqnectioned
Endorsement of Administration.
Tight 8ternert of leoent Yean tad Vote
Deciiiye in All DiitrioU.
Cinrai Mftkodi Not Enough to Sumpede
Sturdy Backej e Voters.
XlecU Entire Repoblioan 8ute Ticket by
Satisfactory Majeritiee.
Great Trio Bring! Forth Support foT Na
tional Administration.
Their Totrrt Giro Urrr,r Majori
ties for Mate Ticket aad Mem
hers of Cona-res to Show
Whore They Stnnd.
NEW YORK. Nov. 4. In spite of phe
nomenally large votes In New York and
Kings county for Bird S. Coler (dem.) the
return up to a late bour Indicate the re
election of Benjamin J. Odell (rep.) to the
governorship of New York atate by from
6,000 to 9.000. Coler'a plurality In Greater
New York exceeded 116.000. a aurplus of
3,000 above the claim made by Cbarlea F.
Murphy, leader of Tammany hall, but even
that large vote wss not aufflclent to over
come the republican majorities from up
the state.
Odell's vote in the country districts waa
lighter than two years ago, but Coler's was
also lower than Stsnchfleld's. In New York
cjty Coler's plurality was approximately
117,500, made up as follows: New York
county, S3, 000; Kings county, 26,500; Queens.
1,500, and Richmond, 2,800.
Oyster Bay, where President Roosevelt's
country home is situated, and where he
voted today, was carried by Coler, his
plurality being 131. Two years ago Odell's
plurality was 12.
Revised figures received up to 2:45 a. ra.
take Odell's plurality In the atate 11.240.
MONTGOMERY. Ala., Nov. 4. Alabama
democrats today returned a solid demo
cratic dalewaioa-to eongre,.ond xe-elctl
Governor William D. Jelks by a majority
of 25,000 ever J. W. Smith (rep.).
The negro voters remained away from
the polls, ths republican state convention
having proclaimed a "Illy white party."
The vote was very light.
LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Nov. 4. Less than
CO per cent of the normal vote was polled
in the election tor congressmen in Arkansas
today. All the seven democratic nominees
were elected by majorities ranging from
1,000 to 8.000. In six districts there were
republican nominations.
In some placea the negro voters re
mained away from the polla. Rains and
confidence of a democratic victory seemed
to keep many votera at borne. At tbe elec
tion in September last, for state, county
and township officers, the vote was 121.000.
The total vote today will hardly exceed
SAN rRANClSCO. Nov. 4. Only a few
scattering returns have been received from
the city and state. These indicate that tbe
governorship is very doubtful. Lans (dem.)
la running ahead of his ticket. He will
carry ths city of Saa Francisco by 10.000
plurality aLd la developing strength
throughout the state.
The legislature will probably be repub
lican. Tbe vote on congressmen in the
Fourth and Fifth districts Is close. Re
turns at hand indicate that Kahn (rep.)
will be elected by, a amal plurality.
In the Fifth district Loud (rep.) is run
ning behind In tbe strong labor districts
In this city. In the Second district the
returns Indicate the probable defeat of
Combs (rep.).
DENVER. Colo.. Nov. 4 Returns from
the state Indicate that Colorado baa elected
a full republican ticket by small majorities.
This la conceded by leading democrats
though not by Chairman Smith. The dem
ocratic congressional candidates are claimed
to have run ahead of their ticket and one
or more of thera may be elected.
The legislature will undoubtedly be dem
ocratic on Joint ballot, as there are seven
teen democratic bold-over senators. This
Insures the return of Henry M. Teller to the
I'nited States senate.
The democratic county ticket in Arapa
hoe county is elected by from 2.006 to 4.000.
It Is believed the constitutional amend
ment consolidating the city of Denver and
the county of Arapahoe aad giving the riiy
boms rule haa been adopted, while the
Australian land tax amendment baa been
NEW HAVEN, Conn.. Nov. 4 Connecti
cut today elected the full republican ticket
for stata offices, and all the Ova republican
candidatea for congresa. Returns received
from 150 of the 168 towns in the state, not
including tbe important citlea of New
Haven, Hartford. Bridgeport and Water
bury, indicated that the plurality for Cham
berlain, republican candidate tor governor,
would bo at least 15.000, an Increass of 1.000
over tmo years ago.
The lepubllcaa candidate for congress
man at large. George Lilly, la elected by
approximately the same plurality, while
the four congressional districts are also re
publican by aafa figures.
The state legislature will be republican,
thus Insuring the retura of O. H. Piatt to
the I'nited Stales senate. The greatest
surprise lo the election waa tbe vol of
New Haven, ebich, though normally a dem
ocratic city. has. according to official re-
He-suits of the election f hrmicliout the country yesterday show that the
a dm ill liit ration of I'lvsltlt-nt Itoosevrlt and the republican party la well ap
proved by tbe iteopK The next congTVss will lie republican in both
btaucliee by m pood working majority, thus Insuring a continuation of
the Kdicy of that party. In New York, whjf'; the democrats had bullded
lilph hofw on hilHir ditsturbanceR and other; "'f. tJovernor Odell s
re-elc ted by h majority ran;lnfr around 10,u Ohio Tom Johnson
Ik defeated. Illinois la safely republican. Min. '"Vy.'vts the entire
republican Mate ticket. Massachusetts (rives a bitf, v for the re-
puhllcau ticket. In Iowa the republican leaders aecoti e fact
that the plurality for that party is only 70,i"i by saying thai ' due to
the lack of Interest on part of tbe voters In the election. In l Third
Iowa district, where Horace Boies was running for congress, the republi
can majority Is reduced somewhat, but Boles Is lieaten. Tbe vote in the
econd Iowa district will be close, but all the other districts are republican
by safe majorities. Colorado has elected the entire republican state ticket
by small but safe majorities. From all states come reports of republican
turns, returned a plurality for the repub
lican state ticket.
NEW HAVEN. Conn.. Nov. 4 The demo
cratic state organization conceded the elec
tion of the entire republican ticket In Con
necticut, with the general assembly safely
republican on joint ballot.
With complete returns from 140 of the
168 towns In Connecticut, the republican
plurality Is conservatively estimated at
WILMINGTON, Del., Nov. 4. In addition
to the evident election of Buckmaster, in
the first representative district, the demo
crats have also elected their candidatea
In the Fourth and Fifth representative dis
tricts. Both districts were represented by
democrsts In the last legislature. This
gives them three of tbe five districts In
George W. Sparks, regular republican,
who waa endorsed by the democrats, Is no
doubt elected in the fifth senatorial dis
trict of Wilmington over James W. Rob
ertson, union republican.
James P. Jones, (union republican). Is
apparently elected In the Second repre
sentative district of Wilmington. He is
the only Addlcks republican to be elected
In tbe city. There are two senatorial dis
tricts and five representative districts in
Wilmington. In the Second senatorial dis
trict Frank P. McNulty. democrat, holds
The returns from the state below Wil
mington are coming In slowly.
ATLANTA. Ga.. Nov. 4. Georgia today
elected a solid delegation of eleven demo
cratic rorgressmen. So little interest wee
taken in the election that the figures In
the eleven districts were not collated to
night. Except In the Seventh district, the
democrats had no oppoaltion and In that
district It was Inconsequential. The vote
polled was very light. The election waa
for congressmen cnly.
JACKSONVILLE, FLA.. Not. 4. A light
vote waa polled throughout the state. Con
gressmen Sparkmsn and Davis are re
elected from the First and Second dis
tricts without opposition. Attorney W. B.
Lamar la elected In the new Third dis
trict. There Is no opposition to the demo
cratic ticket, state or congressmen.
The legislature elected today will, elect
United States Senator Mallory, to succeed
himself, he already having been nominated
by primary.
The proposed constitutional amendment
providing for three new members of the
supreme bench was carried.
CHICAGO. Nov. 4.-Meager return, pre
vented anything like an accurate state
ment of tbe result In Illinois, although
here Is every Indication that the repub
lican ticket ha sbeen elected by a good
majority. The next legislature will be re
publican without a doubt and the suc
cessor to United States Senator Mason is
certain to be a republican.
In the Sixth congressional district, where
ex-Congressman William Lorimer has been
making a desperate fight to recover the
position be lost in the last election, the
contest is exceedingly close. Lorimer with
two-thirds of his district to hear from
had a lead of forty-one votes, and it will
be impossible to arrive at the result be
fore tomorrow.
The fight in (be Third district Is also
very close, but Wilson, tbe republican has
a lead of 200. with half of his district yet
to report. The chances are that he will
In Chicago the election was full of sur
prise. The republicsns triumphed in dem
ocrstlc strongholds and the democrats re
turned the compliment in tbe fullest meas
ure. The head of the republican ticket, Buxr,
the candidate for nat. trA. v..
ried Chicago and the county' of Cook
" pyrunniaieiy n.ttoo, and at tbe as me
time Barrett, tbe democratic candidate
for sheriff, has undoubtedly beaten the re
publican nominee by about 16.000. Peter
Klolbossa. the do
county treasurer, haa also carried tbe city
v about 1.000. and the tepubllcans rely
upon their ususl majority In the county,
outside the Wit tn .!. UaK..r.
candidate, but tbe aspect at present favors
I .. 1
, iui
The election for members of the legis
Isture from Chicago has reiulted as fol
lows, five districts hivlnr rr,.,l n.
l,le, report: Sensior. republican. 10: sen
ators, democrstlc. 4 Representatives, re
publican. 22; representatives. denio
cratic. 14.
INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.. Nov. 4 -Indiana
went republican today by from 23.000 to
40.000. The congreasional delegation re
maina the same, with nine republicans and
four democrats. The legislature will be
about twenty-Ore on Joint ballot and Sen
ator Cbarlea W. Fairbanks will be re
elected to tbe lulled States senate.
Throughout the state the republican leg
ialatlve ticket led the local candidate.
This waa due to ths strength of I'nited
States Senator Fairbanks, whose re-election
depended upon the result, and whose
strong campaign added much to tbe
chances of republican victory.
At midnight 800 precincts la the state,
outside of Marion county (Indisnapolisi!
show a republican gala of 2.740. which
would carry the slat by 40.000. Marion
county will be republican by between 4.0o0
aad t.OoO on the state, congressional and
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Both House Will Bnppart Eooserelfi Ad
ministration This Tear.
Desnorrats Gala Thirteen Seats, hot
Fall to Sera re Coatrol of I.e--Islatloa
la Spite of Hard
WASHINGTON. Nov. 4 Although the
returns from the doubtful congressional
districts were alow In arriving, the Indi
cations at midnight were that the repub
licans would control the next house of rep
resentatives by a narrow margin. In the
present house, with a membership of 357.
the republicans have forty-eight majority.
Vnder the new apportionment the Fifty
eighth house will consist of 88 members,
a majority of which is 194. The thirteen
southern ststes. not counting West Vir
ginia, but including Missouri, hsve 125 rep
resentatives. The democrats have carried
118 of these districts and the republicans
probably five, two tn Tennessee, one In
Kentucky and two in Missouri, with two
In North Carolina and one in Virginia. To
obtain a majority In the next house it was
necessary, therefore, for the democrats to
secure seventy-eight votes in the north and
west. In this territory they have at pres
ent fifty-two representatives. The latest
returns Indicate that this strength has
been held with the exception of one seat
each from Idaho, Montana and Nevada, as
to which the returns at this hour are In
conclusive. Adding 49 to 116 gives the
democrats 165.
The democrats show they have made a
gain of three la Pennsylvania, one In Ne
braska, one In Delaware, one in Wiscon
sin, two In Maryland, one in Colorado and
probably four in New York, swelling the
total to 178. This leaves them sixteen
short of a majority, Ub the .result In four
doubtful southern districts (o be heard
from and doubtful districts tn the north
and west front which the returns are as
as yet inadequate, as follows: West Vir
ginia. !: Ohio. 1; Indiana, 2; Illinois, 2;
Iowa, 1; Nebraska, 1; Kansas, 1; Minne
sota, 2; Michigan. 1; California, 2. and
Utah, 1, a total of 21.
Returns at 1 o'clock add one democrat
In New Jersey, one In Minnesota, one in
Illinois, one in Alabama and two In North
Carolina, a total of six. But two of tbe
gains credited to tbe democrat In Penn
sylvania should properly be set down as
fusion republicans, making tbe democrats
actually elected 184, with the doubtful dis
tricts In Minnesota having gone demo
cratic, tbe one in Kansaa republican, Kan
sas hsvlog gone solidly republican and the
one in Iowa republican. Three of the four
doubtful southern districts went demo
Receive Majority of Sixteen
at Least aad Possibly
WASHINGTON. Not. 4 The next United
States senate will be republican by at least
16 majority, against the present majority
of 20. The present senate containa fifty
four republicans and thirty-four democrats
in a total of ninety seats, there being two
vscancles from Delaware, where the re
publican legislature failed to elect. The
terms of thirty senators expire with the
present congress. There is also a vacancy
from Michigan, cauaed by the death of
Senator McMillan.
Of these thirty-one seata to be filled, not
including the two from Delaware, but In
cluding the McMillan vacancy, nineteen are
now republican and twelve are democratic,
Wellington of Maryland being classified as
a republican and Harris of Kansas. Mc
Laurin of South Carolina and Teller of
Colorado as democrats.
Seven states have already elected sena
tors to take their seats March 4, 1903.
Maryland has chosen Gorman, a democrat,
to aucceed Wellington, a republican; Ken
tucky, McCreary. a democrat, to succeed
Ieboe, a republican; loma has re-elected
Allison, a republican: Ohio has re-elected
Foraker, a republican: Louisiana baa re
elected McEDery. a democrat; Vermont has
re-elected Dillingham, republican, and
Georgia today re-elected Clay, a democrat.
Four democrats and three republicans,
therefore, "are already elected, leaving six
teen republican and eight democratic aeats
to be filled. The legislature la Oregon,
which will choose a successor to Simon,
has been elected and is ' republican. In
cluding Delaware, therefore, twenty-five
senstors mill be elected by the legislatures
chosen today.
Of tnese the republicans have surely car
ried thirteen. Indiana. New u.,,,v.
North Dakota. South Dakota. Illinois. Penn- I
sylvanla. t alifornia. Connecticut. New York.
Michigan. Kansas. Wisconsin and Washing
ton. and the democrats seven, vlx. : North
Carolina. Delaware (probably), Arkansas.
South Csroltna. Florida. Alabama and Mis
souri. This insures fifty-two republicans
and thirty-four democrats la the next
The result of the contests Is still in doubt
in Nevada. Idaho. Utah and Colorado, with
the chances favoring the election of demo
cratic legislatures in Colorado. Idaho and
Nevada, and a republicaa legislature in
Utah. If these probabilities should be
realised, the senate will stand fifty-three
republicans and thirty-seven democrats,
with a loss of four majority to tbe repub
licans compared with the present political
If the present republican legislature in
(Continued oa Fifth Page.)
First K. 3. Birkett (rep.t.
...O. M. Hltchcook idem. I.
Thlr.1 . . .
.l. J McCarthy (rep.).
K. H. Hlnhnw (rep).
O. W. Norrt trep.t.
M. P. KinkHld trep).
Little Karllemeat Soted as Itetaraa of
Kleetloa Wen Made
It was only a raw wind that made elec
tion night disagreeable, but the crowd on
the streets was not abnormal nor particu
larly demonstrative. In fact, considering
how repeatedly the district has been as
sured that the retirement of David Henry
Mercer would be a great and eternal ca
lamity, the people seemed to bear up with
remarkable fortitude when his defeat be
came generally conceded.
Bulletins favorable to Mickey were
cheered, and so were those favorable to
Thompson, but the one kind followed the
other tn such constant succession that the
crowd soon realized that definite results
would not be forthcoming before the morn
ing, and the midnight cars carried home
all but the Hitchcock celebrants and tbo
young man who likes to stay up just for tbe
novelty of the thing.
The republican county headquarters were
crowded all evening, as special reports by
telegraph and telephone were being re
ceived there. Special reports wero being
received at the state fusion headquarters
at tbe Dellone, but the crowd there was
only a baker's dozen or two and news
meager. Cliff Cole had installed a special
telegraphic service and was making up his
bets from the bulletins received.
The Jacksonlsn club and County Democ
racy quarters were comfortably filled, but
there was "nothing doing." as one of them
had tried the special returns service in
years gone by and quit $37 loser by the
The Mercer organ, which at 4 o'clock had
declared Mercer elected, distinguished itself
by a punctilious flop five hours later and
conceded that "it looked like Hitchcock."
During the evening there were many
whose hats were on one aide and probably
won't fit at all this morning, but there was
no exchange of physical discourtesies.
Neither had there been any arrests during
tbe day. The railroad colonizers sent two
men to East Omaha as "feelers," but when
they found four sheriff's deputies there and
were put through a cross-examination that
unearthed their history back to tbe fourth
generation of ancestry tbey carried back
to the grading camps a report that resulted
In no more attempts being made.
Government Report Final Victory
aad Consequent End of
. CARACA6, Venetaela, 3!ot. 4. The gov
ernment reports a decisive victory over the
revolutionists last week. ' ,
Government troops dislodged" the rebels
from, their , last Pipe.--nsr
San Mateo, alx miles from La Victoria,
The revolutionary leaders, Rolando Terres,
and others have been r scattered and the
disbanded rebel army passed through Villa
De Cura last 6unda? night. The rebel
general, Rlera Is reported killed.
The victory claimed by the government
was celebrated in Caracas yesterday with
salvos of artillery, fireworks snd the ring
ing of church bells.
The governments declares the revolution
ended by this victory and aays peace haa
been secured in Venezuela.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 4. Upon complaint
from United States, Consular Agent Ignaclo
Baize, at Barcelona, Venezuela, that he
had been subjected to a forced loan, the
cruiser Marietta has been sent to Guanto.
The consular agent has suffered before
from extortion during the progress of the
rebellion in Venezuela, and has been re
lieved as a result of the Intervention of
tbe State department.
Americans at Work striving: to Raise
Caaboat Sank hy Revola.
PANAMA, Nov. 4. There Is much satis
faction in government circles over Rear
Admiral Casey's decision to allow the
transportation of government troops across
tbe isthmus on special cars. Large num
bers of Colombian soldiers are at present
encamped along the railroad line.
A survey Is being made of the sunken
steamer Lautarao, in order to see if it can
be raised. This work is In charge of an
American engineer from California, who is
being aided by four expert divers, also
Americans. The divers are the same men
who were employed by United States au
thoritlea in raising Isla De Luzon and
other Spanish gunboats after the battle of
Manila Bay.
The steamer Lautarao belonged to tbe
South American Steamship company. It
was seized by the Colombian government
and sunk by the revolutionary gunboat
Padilla on January 20.
Troop ton let with Civil Authorities
la tbe Town of Port
a a Prlare.
PORT AU PRINCE. Nov. 4. A troop of
100 Fourhardists mhlcu entered the capital
yesterday, returning from the campaign
against General Flrmin, had a conflict with
the civil authorities.
There was heavy firing during all the
night. Seven persons were killed and many
vers wounded. Tbe situation is grave,
threatening s new civil war.
The disorders continued during the day,
another conflict occurring before tbe na
tional bank at 11 o'clock. There were sev
eral victims. The entire population is very
much alarmed and the foreigners are claim
ing protection. It is believed that the arri
val of General Nord with 10,000 men, which
Is ezpected within the next few days, will
put an end to tbe disturbances.
peelol Inspectors Appointed la Gaard
C'aaadlaa Border Against
I ndealrablrs.
MONTREAL. Nov. 4 Special Inspector
Walchorn of tbe United States Immigra
tion board leaves for Vancouver tonight.
H will appoint fifty special inspectors
bet s een that place and Montreal to pre
vent undesirable Immigrants from entering
in t nited States by wsy of lb western
In Poujrlns county party lines were almost obliterated at the xl!s yes
terday as a result of the republican revolt against Mercer and tlie other
candidates on the republican ticket snMVrod with him, aud in udditimi were
victims of his desperate attempt to trade every one else off to save liiinwlf.
Mercer, republican for congress Is badly beaten by Hitchcock, democrat,
by a majority through the district which, when completely tabulated will
run upward of l.Otio and may reach J... "(.
For governor. Mickey was seriously cut and Thompson, his democratic
opponent will carry tbe county by a majority approximating l.snn. Re
publican candidates for other offices will fare Utter thau the head of the
At the hour of Koing to press, no sufficient data are at hand to Justify
estimates on candidates for legislature and county attorney. Apiarently
the rote Is clot-e ami a mixed legislative delegation probable.
The school board election In Omaha seems to have been carried by tbe
Betmrni Indicate Average of Three More to
Precinct Than Dietrich.
It Ratio Indicated by Present Retnrns
Is Malatnlned Mickey Will Come
to DooaJa with 4.SOO
At 2 o'clock returns were still decidedly
Incomplete, but represented prsctlcally
si) portions of the state, and can reason -
sbly be taken to represent the trend of
the voting. They show a net gain of prac
tically Ave to the precinct for Mr. Mickey
over the majority given for Dietrich in
these same precincts two years ago. If
this ratio of gain continues throughout
Mr. Mickey will come to Douglas county
with a plurality of about 7.650.
At 11:45 p. m. Chairman Charles B. Scott
of the democratic state committee said:
"Eighty-two precincts outside Douglas
county show a net democratic gain of three
to the precinct over the vote of 1900. Es
timating that Douglas county will give
Thompson 1.E00 majority and that that rate
of gain continues, Tbompscn will be elected
by from 6,000 to 10,000. Hitchcock Is safely
1.500 to the good, and Robinson will be
elected congressman from the Third dis
trict by a much larger majority than here
tofore. The vote, as anticipated, shows a falling
off of about 124 per cent from that of two
years ago.
County and Number Thomp- Die- Poyn
of Precinct Mickey, son. irich. ter.
Adams, g out of 2S
Antelope, t out of 27 ..
Blaine, t out of S ....
Brown, 4 out of
Box Butte, 4 out of 12.
Boyd. 1 out of 10 ....
Buffalo, 19 out of 29..
Burt. 4 out of 12
Chase, 1 out of 15 ....
Clay. 3 out of 20
Colfax, t out of IS....
Cuming. 7 out ot 19..
Custer. 10 oat ot t :;,
Dawes, 1 out of J3...,
Dixon, out of 17 ..
Dodge. 13 out of 21..
Fillmore, 2 out of 19..
Furnas, 1 out of JO ....
Hall. out of 1
Hamilton, 4 out of 20.
Harlan, 4 out of lb....
Hitchcock. 6 out of 20
Holt, 9 out of 34
Howard, 4 out of IB..
Jefferson, 4 out of IS..
fr26 liiSK J047
294 4l4 37$
53 67 R7 5!
181 140 222 157
164 157 178 211
17S 137 137 140
131 ior.8 152 12
6 ye 707 2X1
50 44 K .17
275 2a4 2W 2H7
S78 653 627 X51
32 467 403 s78
901 en 1021 1.W 1
45 " 22 20 " 17
425 3f 4.-I8 XW
1140 1497 1890 1914 I
314 191 313 lfi I
161 123 163 144
6: 1024 13M K4
245 213 2:o 193
2-Vt 252 279 270
183 2h2 2;3 231
M: 677 623 &!
IW 32S 224 ."!94
279 219 2M 283
1344 WS 34.iT. 116
134 H7 142 126
356 3.16 6 I 4H
459 3s2 Ci 47s
M 71 i5 -,8
395 :2 4( 3m;
655 6W !.V 793
4tiO 247 4s6 2(
377 331 4iS 421
128 60 ltil 78
44 344 416 2.17
404 223 393 242
554 92 67 1(,3
6"7 5u5 e;1 ii7
128 KSI y.H us
2S5 196 199 2"4
37 4.1 46 67
26 24H 498 615
116 6S 1(0 S5
710 6s0 7o 654
133 149 Vu W7
1273 1257 34f 673
115 lis 1M 2S6
349 14 3X8 -JH
313 272 416 2M
41 251 433 293
1479 1041 13a 1114
Johnson, complete .... 1344
Kearney, i out or 16 ..
Knox. out of 27
Uncoln, 10 out of 42..
lup, 2 out of 6
Madison. 4 out i t 21..
Merrick. 10 out of 13..
Nance, i out of 14
Nemaha. 4 out of 1..
Nuckolls, 1 out of 1..
Otoe. 4 out of 23
Pnv.-nee, 8 out of 13..
Platte, 8 out of 20 ...
Phelps, 7 out of 17 ..
Pierce. 1 out of 14
Polk. 1 out of 9
Red Willow, 2 out of 23
Richardson 4 out of 22
Rock, 2 out of 13
Saline, 7 out of 22 ..
Sarpy, I out of 11
Saunders, 13 out of 25..
Sheridan. out of 28..
Washington. 5 out of 15
Wayne, 5 out of K ...
Webster. out of 18..
Tork. 12 out of 20 ....
Precincts. 289 22664 203"7 262U 24439
NEBRASKA CITY. Neb.. Nov. 4. (Spe
cial Telegram.) The vote In this cily was
about 200 below normal and through the
county the vote waa very light. The fine
weather kept the farmers In the field and
they could not be persuaded to go to the
polls. Tbe Indications are that Hanks haa
carried the county and Mickey will have
only a small plurality. The republican
state ticket appears to be In the lead.
KEARNEY, Neb.. Nov. 4 (Special Tele
gram.) Second Ward. Kearney Mickey,
1C5; Thompson. 58; Kinkaid. 1C2; Barry, 55.
Third Ward Kinkaid. 146; Barry, 48; Diet
rich, 1G9; Poynter. 109. Gibbon precinct
gives Mickey 157; Thompson. 91. Armada
precinct gives Mickey 54; Thompson, 48;
Dietrich, 19; Poynter, 200. Third ward of
Kearney gives Mickey 137; Thompson, 54;
Dietrich, 15"; Poynter. 75.
OSCEOLA, Neb.. Nov. 4 (Special Tele
gram.) Osceloa gives Mickey 265; Thomp
son. 196; Poynter. 224; Dietrich, 199.
PAPILLION, Neb., Nov. 4. (Special Tele
gram.) Papilllon precinct gives Mickey 133;
Thompson. 149; Mercer. 127; Hitchcock. 163.
Indications favor St archer (dem.) for legis
lature and Davidson (rep.) for senator.
Dietrich. 155; Poynter. 167.
FREMONT. Neb., Nov. 4 (Special Tele
gram.) The election was a quiet one and
the vote cast la the city is much smaller
than two years ago. A big vote was polled
In Platte precinct on account of the fight
on supervisor. Mickey will run consider
ably behind the ticket here, and it is
claimed he waa traded for votes for Mc
Carthy. Tbe Second ward of Fremont gives
Mickey 177, Thompson 107, McCarthy 17S,
Robinson 103, Dietrich 192. Poynter 112.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb.. Nov. 4 (Special
Telegram.) Tbe first returna sbbw a con
siderably heavier vote than last year. Sec
ond district Grand Island. Mickey, 72:
Thompson, 186. Third district. Grand Is
land, Mickey, (5; Thompson, 143. These
two districts comprise Thompson's home
ward, but Indications are he will carry
every precinct In the county and have at
least 400 majority. In 1900. Dietrich, 268;
Poynter, 233. Fifth precinct, Mickey, 157;
Thompson, 193. Second district, McGiltoc,
119; Gilbert. 117. Dietrich, 235; Pornter,
164. Returns for congressional and legis
lative tickets slow. Legislative ticket badly
cut. Hall county, Fourth precinct, gives
Mickey (8, Thompson 153. Dietrich, 135;
Poynter. 111.
Third district. Grand Island: Norris, 103,
Shallenberger, 105.
ADAMS COUNTY Juniata and Roseland
precincts give Mickey 264, Thompson 2"1,
Dietrich 227, Poynter 235.
ANTELOPE COUNTY Four precincts
give; Mickey, 243; Thompson, 155. ton-
I condition of the weather
Forecast for Nebraska Fair and Warmer
In West Portion; . W inds Becoming Vari
able. Temperature at Omaha Yesterday
. . AO
. . 4H
. . 4S
. . 47
. . 4H
. . 4H
. . nt
.. 4H
1 P.
a p.
3 p.
4 P.
r. p.
T p.
t P.
. . 47
. . 47
.. 47
. . 47
. . 4t
. . 4.
. . 44
. . 41
. . 41
5 a. an.
B a. m.
T a. m.
8 s. n,
t a, tn.
1 a. so.
11 a. tn.
12 m....
m .
ni .
pressman: McCarthy. 242; Robinson. 15S
Indications favor Herron, republican, f or j
legislature; uurwrii, republican, for Btute
BOYD COUNTY Butte precinct fives:
Mickey, 175; Thompson, 137. Dietrich, 137;
Poynter, 140.
BURT COUNTY Everett. Tckamah. Krrl
and Oakland precincts give: Mickey, 629;
Thompson, 302; McCarthy. 610; Robinson,
307. Indications favor Harrison and Fears,
republican, for legislature; Hall, republi
can, for state senator. Dietrich. 707; Povn
ter. 395.
CASS COUNTY Four wards In riatts
mouth give Mickey 282: Thompson, 294.
The First ward 'in Weeping Water gives
Mickey 69; Thompson, 53. Six precincts
sire juicKey i nompeon. 3.i8. Indica
tions favor the election of Williams. Delse,
Dernier and M. U Friedrich trcps.) for
representatives of Seventh representative
district; George L. Sheldon (rep i for sen
ator of Fourth senatorial district; George
M. Spurlick (rep.) for float representative
of Eighth representative district.
CUMING COUNTY West Point, Logan,
Elkton. Monterey and St. Charles precincts
give Mickey 326; Thompson, 467; Mc
Carthy. 848; Robinson, 462. Indications fa
vor Schinstock (dem.) for representative
and Weborg (rep.) for representative and
Miller for state senator. Dietrich, 403;
Poynter, 573.
CUSTER rnrvTT nrnk.n
side: Mickey, 169; Thompson. 116.' North )
side: Mickey. 114; Thompson, SI; Bigelow,
; Davis 2. K-ilfoil precinct: Mickey, 97;
Thompson, 107. Algernon precinct: ilickey,
95; Thompson, 107; Davics, 8; Bigelow, 4.
Ansley precinct: Mickey, 119; Thompson,
89. Berwyn precinct: Mickey 57; Thomp
son, 63. Sargent No. 1: Mickey, 122;
Thompson, 91. Delight: Mickey, 103,
Thompson, 63. Victoria: Thompson. 92;
Mickey, 50. Wood River: Mickey, 65;
Thompson. 68. Dietrich. 1,021: Poynter,
1,066; Mickey, 991; Thompson, 877.
DAWES COUNTY Whitney gives
Mickey 4; Thompson, 22. Congressman:
Kinkaid. 43; Barry, 25. Indications favor
Frank Curry for the legislature and W. C.
Brown for state senator. Dietrich, 20;
Poynter, 17.
DIXON COUNTY' Ponca City. Newcastle,
Wakefield and Concord, six precinct, give
Mickey 425; Thompson, 309. Congressman:
McCarthy, 475; RobinBon, 275. Indications
favor T. J. Ryan (rep.) for legislature and
W. P. Warner (rep.) for state senator.
Dietrich. 438: Poynter, 399.
Geneva townshio give: Mickey, 314; Thomp
son. 191; Dietrich. 313; Poynter, 182.
FURNAS COUNTY' Beaver City precinct
gives: Mickey, 161; Thompson. 123. Con
gressman: Norris, 173; Shallenberger, 113.
Indications favor Perry (rep.) for legisla
ture; Hasley (rep.) for state senator. Diet
rich. 163; Poynter, 144.
GRANT COUNTY Hyannis precinct
gives Mickey 38; Thompson, 32. Congress
man: Kinkaid, 49; Barry, 18. Indications
favor Doran (rep.) for the legislature and
Giffin (rep.) for state' senator.
HALL COUNTY Maxwell, Osgood. Myr
tle, Sutherland, Brady and Fairview give
Mickey 175; Thompson, 100. Congressman:
Kinkaid, 176; Barry. 99. Indication favor
McAllister (rep.) for the legislature and
Giffin (rep.) for state senator. Mickey,
459; Thompson, S82. Dietrich, 628; Poyn
ter. 478.
HOLT COUNTY Atkinson, Conley, De
loit, Grattan. Sheridan and Stuart pre
cincts and First, Second and Third wards
of O'Neill give Mickey 545; Thompson,
677; same last year gave Sedgewlck. 567;
Hollenbeck, 636. Dietrich, 1900, 523; Poyn
ter. 588.
Falrbury. Plymouth, Cub Creek and Endl
cott precincts give Mickey 279; Thompson,
219. Congressman: Hinshaw, 239; Stark.
195. Dietrich, 281; Poynter. 283.
complete. Mickey, 134: Thompson, 87; Nor
ris for congress, 142; Shsllenberger, 94. In
dications favor Oscar Bloom, republican,
for legislator, Frank A. Dean, republican,
for atate senator. Dietrich 112, Poynter
LANCASTER COUNTY Fifteen precincts
in city of Lincoln give: Mickey, 2.401;
Thompson. 1 271. Net republican loss of 61.
Mickey v. ill carry Lancaster county by from
2.000 to 2.100. All but four precincts In
county heard from. Burkett's majority will
exceed 2.70J.
LINCOLN COUNTY First. Second and
Third of tbe city of North Platte give
Mickey, 284; Thompson, 262. Congressman:
Kinkaid. 316; Barry, 236.
LOUP COUNTY Taylor, Sawyer and
Ptrohl precincts give Mickey 8; Thompson
71; Kinkaid, 86; Barry, 72. Dietrich, 65;
Poynter. 78.
NANCE COUNTY Genoa township, Ful
lerton township and Fullerton city precincts
give: Mickey, 40; Thompson, 247. Con
gressman: McCarthy. 466; Robinson, 238.
Indications favor Scott, republican, for leg
islature: Umsted. republican, for state sen
ator. Dietrich. 4S6: Poynter, 306.
NUCKOL8 COUNTY Second precinct,
Superior, gives: Mickey. 128: Thompson!
69. Congressman: Norris. 121; fchallen
berger. 76. Indications favor Tut ker (fus.)
for legislature; Day trep.( for state sena
tcr. Dietrich. 161; Poynter, 78.
OTOE COUNTY Berlin. Syracuse, First
dlstritt; McWilliama. First district, and
(Continued oa 6econd Page.)
Kon-Beiident Congressman No Langer to
Represent Sooond Diitricr.
Returns 8bow How He ii Estimated bj
Cititeni of Omaha.
Mercer's Local Newspaper Organ Ooneedei
Hitchoock'i Election.
Hi Unlimited Boodle Tnnd. Availi Our
Dare Nothing.
Too Early to Give Any Dellnltr FIb
ares oa the Contest Rrtneeu
Other Candldnte on
the Ticket.
In Omaha the fight against the attempt
of the combined corporations to foist Da
vid II. Mercer upon this district for a
fclxth term in congrees hss resulted in the
oveimbelming defeat Of the nonresident
and the election of G. M. Hitchcock, dem
ocratic candidate, by a plurality that will
reach betweeu l,20ti and 1.600 this In a
district that tno years ago gave Mercer
1.600 plurality. Mercer's local newspsper
orpan conceded his opponent's election
early in the evening.
Despite the lavish expenditure of barrels
of boodle, the revolt against Mercer as
serted Itself all over hi district and re
publican strongholds have given msjorltlea
for his democratic opponent. The Fifth
ward in Omaha, for example, that gave
Mercer 177 majority m 1900. this year
gives Hitchcock a majority of 154.
Upturns from fifty-four, or more than
half the precincts in Douglas county, ex
clusive of South Omaha, trive Mercer 6.183
as against 5.532 for Hitchcock, when the
same precincts two years ago gave Mercer
7.356 as against G.Of.5 for Edgar Howard.
In other word, in these precincts, mostly
republican, the majority for Mercer in 1900
of 1,301 has been transformed Into a ma
jority for his opponent of 350. Three wards
of South Omaha, tbe democratic strong
bold, already heard from, but not Included
In these figures, lve Hitchcock a majority
of 185.
While considerably lighter than It waa
two years ago, the vote on governor seems
to follow that on congressman, Mickey
(rep.) running If anything behind Mercer
and Thompson (fua.) running ahead of
Hitchcock throughout Douglas county. Fifty
precincts completed, exclusive of South
Omaha, Bhow 4.557 for Mickey and 6,376 for
Thompson, a majority for the democrat! o
candidate of Sl, where th same prow
rincts In 1900 gave Dietrich (rep.) a major
ity of 907. If the same rats ot gain Is
maintained, Thompson will have some 1,100
majority In Douglas county.
No definite figures are yet obtainable on
other offices. The vote on many promises
to be so close a to require complete re
turns to tell which are elected.
Blsrkssrs Hope Against Hope.
Shortly after midnight, when Chairman
Blackburn of tbe Mercer congressional com
mittee was about to close his office for the
nicbt, he gave Tbe Bee this statement -
"Forty-nine precincts of the district. In
clusive of Blair and Fontanelle in Wash
ington county, give Mercer a majority of
30G. Sarpy county gives Hitchcock a ma
jority of 285. reducing Mercer's lead in
Sarpy county, and forty-nin precincts In
the balance of the district to 21. Our
figures satisfy us that Mercer will be
elected by about 500 majority, though it
may take the official count to settle th
contest. We have twenty republican pre
cincts and seventeen democratic precincts
in the city to hear from. We hav returns
from only six of the fourteen country
precinct and returns from only three of
the South Omaha wards. South Omaha will
not go more than 300 against us. The
balance of Washington county can be
counted on safely for an additional 100 for
Mercer's msjority. I concede th defeat of
no one."
Shortly after 11 o'clock Chairman Goss
of the republican county central committee
said: "The indication are that the county
ticket. Inclusive of the legislative ticket,
is elected. There seems to be no such
cutting on It as on Mercer and Mickey.
Reports would indicate that the vote la
the county is about a atandoff between
Mickey and Thompson. While not in such
close touch with the congressional situa
tion aa Is the congressional committee, we
do not concede Merr's defeat."
Hitchcock's Claim Way 1'p.
At midnight Mr. Hitchcock smilingly said
goodnight to the friends in his office and
started home. His last statement was: "I
believe my majority will be nearly t.000.
I believe, too, that Thompson will pull
through all right, but I have no figures
here in my office to baae an estimate on."
Two hours earlier he had said: "I believe
I have a majority of l.iOO. for 600 of which
I am Indebted to South Omaha." The
South Omaha calculation he later revised
to 50.
Vice Chairman West of the democratic
county central committee gave this as his
final statement for- the nlgbt: "I think
Thompson has carried the county by 2.000
to 2,500, but I am not getting direct stste
returns and cannot speak tor other counties
further than to stand on my first predic
tion of a state majority of 10.000 to 15,000.
Hitchcock is elected by 1.500 snd the legts
lstlv ticket and county attorney will hug
that majority very closely. So will Lobeck.
but I am not in position to estimate the
showing of the other candidates."
Merrerile Money Vanishes.
Early in the evening tbe little Letting
that was dune was at even money, but at
11:30 the board at Cliff Cole's had been
decorated with odds of 25 to 10 on Hitch
oock. 60 to 30 on Thompson, 60 to 30 oa
English, with takers for only the latter two.
Movement of Ocean Vessels, So v. 4.
At New York Arrived: Bremen, from
r.remen; Bovlc. from Liverpool; Hesperl
from Utnoa. Siied: Kui-er Wilhelm d'-r
Gr'jes-. fur Firemen.
At Plymouth Arrived: PennsvaiU
Ironi New Yi.rk
At ilagow Arrived: Furnessla, rrom
New Yolk.
At t-onrion Arrived: Minnehaha,
New York
At Koiterdam Arrived: Bvndhom. from
New York.
At Khimntioaeki Hailed ' lndruveili for
foruonu ore.
At Antwrrp Arrived: Sjutbwark. from
New Vurk.