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Game Between Creighton and Haskell
Provides Lota of Ysried Eport
Hrilataarc of the Omaha Tram Prove
Grnwtne Mwrrrle to the ftedaklna,
Who I'lir Heeoeralely All
?MlirVea: a 'tau hialolosi! Haskell
Indian 17. Creighton .
Whenever the more or Icsb Immediate de
scendenta ot the "auld aod" and the only
partially trammeled Bona of the warlike
rrdekin get together there la something do
ing. It was done yesterday. Thrice It wee
only the cool head of the byatander which
averteM a generl row, and there was, be
sides, a fight In the grand stand, which had
nothing to do with game or players. Mul
alley of Creighton played dirty ball until
put out of the game, and the Indian Du
bois was so enraged at being retired that
be deliberately smashed Welch In the face,
nearly knocking him out. The Indian prob
ably did not know or care who he struck,
tnd Ms action was without excuse.
Although Creighton caught the Indians at
tbelr worst, when they were Just from a
drubbing at Lincoln Saturday, and Red-
water, their star guard, and Captain Falllt
wero out of the lineup, yet the local team
made an unexpectedly good showing, and In
the first half there was little to choose be
tween the teams. The Indians showed a
superior hardness, either acquired or In'
herltrd, and never required time out. for in
Juries. They showed much tenacity In puah
Ing through the line and tackled well. A
number of Crelgbton'a best gains snd only
score were made on the delayed pa trick,
which seemed to fool the red men every
time. For Creighton Callahan was excellent
at dodging and tackled finely. Eddie Creigh
ton did the kicking well. Welch and Walker
were good for ground most of the time.
Bain and Arcihquette, the Haskell half
backs, ran awiftly and eluded tackier
deftly, and hit the line hard. A large crowd
watched the game with interest.
Me Work or Crihtoa.
At 3:40 Dubois, the India rlgh tackle.
kicked off for Haskell, Creighton defending !
the south goal. The ball Bailed for thirty
five yarda and was returned to the forty
yard line. On the first down Callahan got
sixteen yards around left end on a delayed
pass. Crelgbtou made the neeearary five
' yards la the next three downs through the
line. A try to circle right end was a fail
ure. Then Wek-h hurdled the line for four.
Walker got three through right tackle,
Welch good lor four feet against the
line and the next try netted enough for
Brat down again. Mustain tried right end
and was downed for a two-yard loss. The
' next down gave the Indiana the ball be
cause ot holding In the line. The red men
fumbled on the first plsy. but fell on the
v pigskin. liaueer 'only made two yarda
through renter and Haakell was forced to
punt, the ball going forty-five yards. One ot
the Indian, end waa down the field like a
atreak of lightning and threw Welch just
as the ball touched his hands, for which
Haskell eas penalised fifteen yards. Creigh
ton got the ball at the next play through
The Cost of Repairs
la reduced to a minimum when a Jaa. Bna Watrh
(tw prolan the works of lb wairb from dual aod
aanipuaas. Jolt and Jux.
ias. boss
e as
S .fie 0" .a
a fumble and lost It Immediately In the
same manner. A brave broke through left
guard for eight yards and waa downed by
Callahan. The next two downs added one
yard through right tackle and four on cen
ter. Then Bain, taking the chance ot a
fine hole between light end and tackle, and
cleverly dodging along, carried the ball to
within four feet of the goal line. Next play
he carried it past left end for a touchdown
after, twelve minute of play. Dubois kicked
the goal. Haskell 6, Creighton 0.
Crelantoa Ties the Score.
Eddie Creighton kicked off forty-five yard
for Omaha and the ball waa returned ten
yard. Then the red men took aix yards
around Hobbs end eight more past Roney.
Then Creighton waa penalised ten yards
tor off side play, but got the ball next down
on a fumble. Welch pushed ahead for two
yards, Eddie Creighton and Walker made
abort gains, but on next the Indians held
and took the ball on their five-yard line.
Archlquette slipped past left and ran forty
yarda, but lost the ball when thrown.
Creighton fooled the red men with a de
layed pass and Callahan circled left end
and eluding tacklers, ran forty five yards
for touchdown. This was seven minutes
from the second kickoff. Walker kicked an
easy goal. Haskell, 6, Creighton, .
Mustain returned Dubois' thirty-five yard
kickoff eighteen yards. Welch bucked the
line for three yards. but Mustain was
thrown back of the line on a try at right
end. Creighton punted forty yards, ball
run back fifteen. The Indians lost on first
down and had aix to make on third. Punted
thirty yards out ot bounds. Ball brought
In; Walker hit the line for three yards
end Eddie Creighton two. Indians got ball
on fumble and Bain circled left end for ten
Next four yards around Hobbs. Archl
quette slipped past Roney for fifteen yarda
on double paas. lost ball, but fell for It.
Creighton stood nobly and held Indiana for
downa. Omaha's ball two feet from line.
Time called. Score for half, Haskell, :
Creighton. .
eoa4 Half gee Slaaalaa.
Eddie Creighton kicked off forty yards;
Archlquette brought it back twentyfiv.
The Indians' first down was for no gain,
Felix then bucked left tackle for eight
yards, then Bain ran across the field, but
could not gain. Creighton held for two
downs and Haskell punted, ball rolling to
line and being brought back to the twenty
five yard line by Callahan. Next down
Mulalley of Creighton and Dubois ot Has
kell were ruled out for slugging. Dubois,
very angry, knocked down Welch. Kennedy
and Lugo were substituted. Plsy resumed
after much wrangling. Callahan took twelve
yards on a delayed pass, five yards were
added through the line and Walker lost
three. Creighton punted thirty yards and
the buck who returned the ball ten yards
dropped, but fell on It. The red men
made four yards through center, but failed
to add to this, so punted. Callahan caught
the oval at the goal line and by excellent
dodging carried it twelve yards. Creighton
tried the line three times, but were held
for downs. The Indians only made two and
a halt on two downs. Then Bain made a
beautiful place hick for goal from the thirty-five
yard line, the ball sailing squarely
between the upright. Ilaakell. 11; Creigh
ton. .
Indiana riaylaa; Hard.
At Omaha's kickoff, Eddie Creighton sent
the ball aoroh the goal line, where an In
dian fell on It. After this touchback it
VJatch Case
ar lar stronger than solid gold roars, abso
lutely i'Ium r.tung. ilODul get out of uap,or
lua riaridli). Fully guaranteed lor 'J&
yaors. No matur how mucu )uu pay for a
tutiuiiui, W IU U. . W lb
pru'.eriod wllii a Jaa Boos taw.
Ilit o i(i Dal goid n.led com and
the ouly one proved by as years of
rrvtc. Writ u lor a buokiet.
This Mark is StaaaM
ta Ery Boas Cast.
a m
Best 6 ot a 1
waa brought to the twenty-five yard lino
for a kick. Indians punted forty yards,
Roney running it back aix. Walker made
his distance through center, and after a
down for no gain went around Guyon at
right end for seven yards on the next play.
Two line bucks netted six yards, but next
two downs failed to gain, the last being
a fumble. Eddie Creighton then tried for
a field goal from the forty-five yard line.
The ball went true, but fell short, Lamotte
catching it on the five-yard chalk and run
ning twenty-five yarda. The Indiana then
raced the ball down the field making heavy
gains at every down, going through and
over the line and about the ends. Creigh
ton carried off ita feet. Walker hurt and
Keppes put In. i After .five elujies .through
the line, the Indiana put Silvas (who had
replaced Miguel) over the line. . Bain kicked
goal. Score, Hukell, IT; Creighton, S.
Creighton kicked off forty yards. Archl
quette caught the ball and ran forty yards
right through the white men, being finally
downed by Callahan. Time called. Final
score, Haskell, 17; Creighton, 6. The
Ouron R- K. L. E Itoner
I'utioii R. T. L T Craifhtim
Oliver R. O. L. C . Loot borough
'arl cJc Cm
Ellis L. O. R. O Mulill.r
Hauaer h. T ;R. T Walkar
F.ill L. K R. T. Hobhs
Lamotta Q. H Q B Callahan
Antuuuatta R. H. L. H XlcGor.rn
Bain L. H H. H Mualain
Hml F. B. 1 P. B
Touchdowns: Bain, Callahan. Silvas.
Field anal: Bain. Goals: Hub,, In Walker.
Bain. Time of halves: Twenty and twenty-
nve minutes, rtereree: c. o. McDonald.
Vmpire; H. Tukey. Lineman: J. Lund.
Timekeepers: Shaw and Misted.
Korb'ea, Baatam Melifht Champion,
Defeats Coaple of Opponents
la Oae Kveolna.
CHICAGO. Nov. 3 Harry Forbes, the
bantam weight champion, met two men in
the name ring here tonight and defeated
both. His opponents were Cieorge llalli
day of New York and Billy Finuranc of
Chicago. Each contest was rclieduled for
six rounds. Halliday met Foro. first and
waa knocked out after two minutes of the
first round. Halliday was badlv outclaased
and succumbed to a right swing on the
After Forbes had rested few minutes
his second opponent. Finucane, faced him.
Finucane managed to last the six rounds,
but was in bad ehupe and Forbes wus
given the verdict. Finucane Is young and
had fully five pounds the better of the
weight, but Forbes' cleverness easily off
set this advantage.
Forbes used a left Jab. coupled with a
right hock to the Jaw, that had hl oppo
nent in trouble before the end of the sec
ond round. Finucane was put down for
a count of nine In the third round. The
lie II saved him from a knockout in the
next round. Finucane waa knocked down
twice in the next round, but resorted to
clinching find succeeded la lasting.
In the last Forbes tried hard to finish
him, but Flnucune Just managed to stay
through. He was all but out when the
final tiell rang and had to be asvlsied to
his comer.
Baiter Klrvrs Will lait ('allfurala
ana flay Tsa Games oa
MADiSOX. Wis.. Nov. S The Wisconsin
rulveraity foot ball team will make a trip
to the Pacific coawt for games with Iceland
Stanford and the I'liiverait v of California
! during the Chrixtmas vacation.
Kighteen men will make the trip, starting
on Ivimlier 1. and returning n January
6. It is planned to play trie flrt game
un t'hriftmaa day with the t'niversity of
" illf irnla and on New Year's the team
will battle with the Stanford ag
gregation ai t asaaena.
With the Bowlers.
At Ints A Williams' Ian night the St.
fliarle took three straight from the
Int. I'd. M. Total
Kee.1 147 1M US 444
Aver IK 17r. f,ld
ljiwler 14M 14S 1 4C,i
H Heck 1ST Hi, 4M
Ktnolus 1 Ml 1Z 4b3
Totals 741 9 T7 ;,TT7
1st Id. fct Total.
Frltscher 11 1m 132 41
Willie U4 12 . 4 4J
Foscutt 151 ISA 110 4!ni
Keller 1 1C 11 4t
Schneider Z-U ii 175 i!;
Totals 'i4 . KM KS 2.54
I'BStllal I Booad Over.
WATEHBl'RY. "onn.. "Nov. S Austin
I Itii-e, the piicllist, w itn was arrested Sjtur
I dav on a h-e allrtring Intent in reak
the pea. by i iiaaaloa In a Ituajna niMlcll
Iwlth "VoMtig "'..rtn-it" on next Thursday
night, was uxt.iy txiund over under
bvuoa to a-ecp lh lt ac.
From the field to your breakfast
table, the story of Quaker Oats is
a story of being different.
The grain difference is only
Step by step, day by day, we
show why Quaker Oats is the
best food.
It is best because it is differ
ent at every, point where
difference counts.
Ordinance All light for the Carnegie Offer
to Library Fund.
Record Shows that Coaacll Pae
Ordlaaae Take Care of
tatloa Balldlaa; After It
Mention was made yeaierday in The Bee
of the fact that Mr. carnegie (
further data In relation o in CUu.j...
of the city with hie proposed contribution
for a public library here. At first It was
though the city had neglected to maki .any
provision for maintenance ot the library
after Its construction. A Investigation of
the records shows that on January 7, 190..
the city council passed an ordinance pro
Tiding for the annual levying ot a tax suffi
cient to bring to the library the aum of $5.
000 each year, this amount to be used for
the support of the Institution. It. appear" that
A R. Kelly, who waa mayor at the time
refused to sign the ordinance. This was
because there was some controversy about
the appointing of a library board. The
mayor wanted the appointive power wholly
in hi bands, while the council wanted
to have aomethlng to say. The matter
hung fire for some little time. Finally the
ordinance was amended so a to permit
the council to name the board and the
mayor waa Ignored.
However, the failure of Mayor Kelly to
sign the ordinance doea not Invalidate
It as section 76 of the city charter, which
was In force at that time makes allow
ance for Just such cases.
A Kelly did not present a veto the or
dinance became a law without the signature
of the mayor and the document is held to
be good and binding.
Officers of the library board eecured a
copy of the ordinance In question yesterday
and after having It certiBed to Dy me euy
clerk, sent It to Mr. Carnegie at his Xew
York address. The finding of this record
will greatly ejpedite the securing of the
proposed donation.
t amoalaa Closes.
' Th. oil nmnilnl nf 1MI rloSed lSBt
night. While the republicana were putting
in their time doing good, hard work in every
one of the twelve precincts in the city the
democrat were busy holding a couple of
rallies. Quite a number of prominent re
publicans expressed the opinion laat night
that the republican state and county tick
ets would come out on top. All of the elec
tion booths are in position and the judges
and clerks have been notified, so that there
will be no delay in opening the polls at I
o'clock this morning.
ev Holla; Goes.
The ruling of Judge Baxter in connection
with the sweating in of votes will be ad
hered to by City Clerk Sbrigley today. Iu
cases where voters who have failed to reg
ister desire to be sworn in the clerk will
insist that two freeholders frem the pre
cinct In which the voter resides vouch for
him. This will be quite a change from the
old method and it Is .hought that on ac
count of the ruling the number ov votes
sworn In will fall below the ordinary.
j Heavy Feeder Ostsst.
i Report from the Vnton Stock Yards com
pany show that October broke all previous
records In the shipment of feeder cattle
and sheep. Buyers from a dozen state
were almost constantly on this market with
orders to send young stuff to feed lots. The
result was that the output was the largest
ia the history or the yard here. Xow that
the heavy feeder movement la about over it
will not be long before the rattle aod sheep
aent out of here will be coming back In
fine ihape aud will be sold for fat stock.
Iowa and Nebraska were the heaviest pur
chasers of feeder for the last tw months.
During September Iowa was the heaviest
buyer of cattle feeder", while last month
Nebraska led. taking over half the entire
Maale City Uoaalo.
The city council
Is billed to meet on
Thursday night.
Mrs. J. J. Ryan is rapidly recovering
from her recent severe illness.
Saloons In South Omaha will be closed
today from k a. m until p. in.
The remains of H. C. lfler were taken to
Ppringneta yrsieraay aiKruoon for inter
ment. The Christian Endeavor society of the
Ckriaiiau vburco, wui men leuight wliu
Cereta Coupon is
Miss Anita Bergqulst, 618 North Twenty
second street.
Election returns wilt be displayed at the
corner of Twenty-fourth and N streets to
night. On account of e lack of a quorum the
city council put off Its meeting laat night
until later In the week.
Mra. George Parks and Miss Ullle Storm
have returned from BU Joseph. Mo., where
they visited friends for a week.
Section A of the Ladles' union of the
Christian church will meet this afternoon
with Mr. Leander Lne, J010 1 street.
The polling place In the Second precinct
of the Third ward has been changed from
the Eagle house, Thlrty-necond and T
streets, to the place where voters regis
tered at Thlrty-eecond and U streets.
Ed Dougherty, one of the old residents
of the city and already a cripple by the
loss of a leg, was run over by a trolley
oar at Twenty-fourth ml N about 11 Jo
last nignt. tio was taken to the South
Omaha hospital, where he was attended
It is thought by the doctor he will lose
his other leg.
A bottle of Prickly Ash Bitters kept In
the house and used occasionally means
good health to the whole household. -
At the Boyd.
Almost half a century has been sdded to
the past since "Vncle Tom's Cabin" was
first presented as a play; every condition
that called the atory Into existence has
vanished. Slavery no longer exist. Cncle
Tom and Simon Legree, Llxa and Topsy
have long since passed from everything but
memory. But sympathetic hearts still yearn
with pity or swell with Indignation as the
tale of the good old darky is unfolded
through the action of the play. Tear flow
as freely In response to the dying words
of Little Eva as ever And laughter springs
as spontaneously in response to the prank
of Topsy. As. a literary production the
story is beyond criticism; as a play It la
equally exempt. It baa a place very near
the heart of the people, a place from which
neither flight ot time nor change of cus
tom seems potent to dislodge It Last night
at the Boyd theater not a seat nor box
was left unoccupied, and many people stood
while the AI Martin company gave Its mod
ern production of the old play. Teara and
laughter, applguse and biases greeted the
actor as they went through their mimicry
ot the actions described In Mrs. Slowe'a
stcry. Viewed from the standpoint of
either atfdience or management, the per
formance was a success.
A special matinee will be given today for
the school children, the curtain being held
until J: 30. Another performance this
evening will close the engagement.
If Urn m "Hafiaat."
That' all yeu need to know about a stove
or range.
Voocher for Fire aad Police f'om.
ml.sloaer- Salaries Are .l
The city council met In special session
yesterday afternoon for the purpoae of
passing the appropriation ordinance to pro- '
vide for the payment of salaries ot city offi
cers and employes for October The vouch
ers for the salaries of the members of the
Board of Fire and Police Commissioners
were stricken from the Hat by advice of the
city attorney, the maudamus case In the
district court being at that time, undecided.
The physical ills and needs of an expectant
mother havo been the them of thought and
study for ages, and all physicians know that
her peculiar condition pen aires an additional
aid to Bator , an leaticiner for the expand
icjr muscles ends gtrengthener for the sinews
upon which is brought the strain of child
weight; so that the little one shall have per
fect health and symmetry of form ; a lubri
cating balm that will enable her to go about
with grace and ease; quiet and steady nerves,
and her whol being acting harmoniously
for the rood of herself aad child.
MOTHirS rRli.N0, if used diligently through
out gestation, will soften toe breast, thereby
preventing cracked and sor nipples. AU
tissues, muscles and tendons straining with
burden will soften, relss, become soothed,
supple and elastic from its continuous appli
cation. All a ore in the abdominal region
will respond readily to the expanding cover
containing the embryo if MOlHlt'S I BUND is
Ot rurrt fl. Mr hot "a.
A rraati MMhmtm fEfC Vrua.
Trie ftKAOf I8L0 stBOULATOI CO.. AUaata, Oa.
in every package.
riTllisatloo goread Disease aad 1
Whisky Amoasr Natives of
Far worth.
SAX FRANCISCO, Nov. S. Thousands of
natives of Hererhal island and along the
Arctic coast are dying from measles.
"The march of civilization baa increased
the death rate from Nome, north, said an
old whaling captain today. Two years ago
the devastation began. When the natives
began to wear civilised men's clothing
and drink white man's whisky their de
cline began. Diseases unheard of attacked
them, and, Hot knowing how to care for
themselves, they died rapidly. Pneumonia,
rheumatism, grip and every conceivable
malady made their appearance and spread
all along the coast with appalling results.
Rev. K. rotable jtaltk of Leaveaworth
Aeeept Call to Work la
Rev. E. Conible Smith of Leavenworth,
Kan., has accepted a call to the First
Methodist church of Omaha, his pastorate
to begin on Sunday, November 16.
Rev. Smith has been pastor of the First
Methodist church of Leavenworth uai has
been very successful In bis work there. He
preached at the First Methodlat church in
Omaha on Sunday morning ar.d made a very
favorsMe impression. Last evening the ex
ecutive board of the church held a session,
and after a short discussion decided to ex
tend Mr. Smith a call. He was notified by
telephone and accepted.
A Wooderfol rnaaae.
Weak, sickly invalids are soon changed
by Electric Bitters Into healthy men and
women. They cure or no pay. 60c. For
sale by Kuhn Co.
Marrlase l.leease.
Marriage licenses were Issued yesterday
as follows:
Name and Residence.
Charles P. Mortarty. Omaha
Catherine Rush, Ofnaha
James W. Stroud, Des Moines ..
Ella Fisher, Des Moines
Christopher A. Prous, Reels. Ia.
Ethel C. PeUraon. Reel. Ia
Raymond W. Duff. Omaha
Irene I Patterson, Omaha
Andrew Peterson. Omaha
Augusta Anderson, Omaha
Daniel T. Coatello, Omaha
Rebecca Primes u. Omaha
Ira A. Stevens, Omaha
May U Beldlng, Omaha
Race at I. A teles.
LOS ANGELES, CL. Nov. I.-James W.
Brooks, manager ff the Los Angeles Racing
association, announces that on January 81,
i:wS. racing will begin here and continue for
forty das. The opening handicap will be
w-orth 11.000 added money to the winner
and it ia te Intention or the attsociation
to give no lees than five purse of this
amount during the meeting. Mr. Brooks
ststes that the minimum purse will be t3m.
and for handicaps gjuO purses will be hung
Arraaamlte Have "octal stesaloa.
Members of Omaha council, Royal Ar
canum, enjoyed a social sesaion at their
lodg room In The Be building last night.
James P. Connolly acted as chairman and
the entertainment wa furnished by Bax
ter. Sundblad and Hurkhari. Instrumental
music; Frank Dunlap. Carl Reiter and
Frank Furay. stories; Will Manchester,
vocal solo: Judge F.stolle and Frank L.
Weaver, speeches.
It ensures an enjoyable, invigorating-
bath ; makes every pore
respond, removes dead ski':.
surts the circulation, and leaves a
flow equal to a Turkish bath.
t ' -t
Inimitable t
i Gentleman's X
Whiskej $
! t
14 at all JirU-eimMM aafaa a4 y ttMan, I
. LAXaSAB a BOB, BalUaaor, . I
Strong Nerves
are the true source of good, bealtby
appears ace.
rersotis with half-starved nerve al
ways look worried aad "dragged-out."
You cannot be happy without acre
vigor; yon caaaot be natural without
all tht powers which nature aueaat yoa
prod ace a healthful glow which art
cannot imitate. They invigorate every
organ, put new force to the aervra,
elasticity to the step aad round out the
face and tona to line of health aad
1 00 per hex : hoars (with written
guarantee), i00. Buok free.
Per sale by Conn aV .' . Omaha.
Union Drug 6 Lore, Bouth omana.
Davis Drug Co.. Council BluCa la.
l-erty Hlrci. 10c to Sor. h
RICHARDSON IjRUO Co.. Dlslrlb.iicl-e.
( A