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Omaha Detective Gog to Relief of Kan Up
for Highway Robbery.
Vomplalnlns Mlnra Positively Klrif
llflra Ihe oprrt, hat Omahan
Satisfies thr lonrt that Wis
lakr Wnn Hern Mmlr,
Illinois penitent lary doom were about to
win wide to admit M. Wicks for a long
confinement, for highway robbery and as
sault with Intent to wound, when W. H.
Hoffman, a private detective from Omaha,
arrived In Chlrago and saved the tremb
ling suspect. Hoffman atatea that it cost
him Just 160.40 to lay the Rood Samaritan,
but that he feels well repaid.
"It was another of those bad rases of
mistaken Identity," said the detective yes
terday. "There was present in the court
room a man who had been twice shot and
then robbed by thugs In Chicago, the night
of July 8 last, and who swore that be rec
ognized tn Wicks one of the men who com
mitted the crime. It was known In ad
vance what his testimony would be and
there seemed a certainty that Wliks would
go to the penitentiary for a long term.
"The first I knew of all this was when I
received from Attorney I). M. Elliott of
Chicago a letter he had written at Wicks'
request, stating the circumstances of his
trouble and appealing to me to assure the
court that Wicks had been in Omaha at
the time of the holdup. I remembered
Wicks well, for he was one of the several
colored men I had In charge in the Market
comralpsary department for a time last
summer and was an exceptionally well be
haved fellow.
Vlnkea ".are of Dates.
"News of his detention surprised me and
I went at once to the company's books lo
make sure of datrB and found that he bad
been with us and had receipted for pay
July 9, so he could not have been In the
slugging business In Chicago the night be
fore. I wrote at once the details of his
history here during that early part of July
and forwarded It to Wicks immediately.
Then came the Information from his attor
ney that the testimony of the complaining
witness would be so strong that only my
personal appearance and submission to
cross-examination could save Wicks.
"Well, I didn't have any pressing invita
tions to use free railroad mileage at that
time and I was busy, but the more I thought
of letting that honest colored man spend
yours In a penitentiary when I knew him
to be guiltless of the crime charged was
more than I could stand. I defy any man
to sleep soundly under such circumstances.
Finally I got to even dreaming about It,
and I decided that when a fellow's good In
stincts are working that hard on him It's
up to him to do something. So I went to
Chicago, armed with my own credentials
and the affidavits of prominent people In
Omaha who had known Wicks aa I had
Vnown him, and I went on the stand for
Contradictory Testimony.
"My positive testimony was so contra
dictory of that of the Chicago man, equally
positive, that tbo court Itself put me
through a cross-examination that was
searcher. With two men swearing certain
knowledge of the colored man's having been
t two different points 600 miles apart at
one and the same time, the court conceded
that It was a knotty problem. But I had.
the advantage in that I had seen Wicks
often in the daytime and the Chicago vic
tim only during the struggle at night, and
I won out.
. "When the Judge finally said: 'Prisoner
discharged,' It was worth going a long way
to soe that darkey's face. It was ona great
mile, though there were tears In his eyes.
He shook the hand of everybody he could
reach, and wound up by exclaiming to me:
'Jess you watch dls boy get back to Omaha,
quick as ever he know bow. Dis heah Chi
cago place ain't got no more chams fob. me.
I been in jail three months now and I'se had
muff more'n enuff. I'm most skeered to
go outside de doab for fear somebody else
will recognize me for murdah.' "
Detective Hoffman returned yesterday
from Chicago and expects Wicks to arrive
by slow freight at an early date.
'Nothing ao Good tor Coli and Colds.
Mr. J. N. Perkins, druggist of Lawton,
Okl., who has been in business eleven
years, says of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy that during all thia time he baa never
bad a bottle of this remedy returned aa
not having given satisfaction, proving con
clusively that this preparation will do all
that is claimed for it. There ia nothing
o good as thla remedy tor coughs, colda and
croup. It is pleasant to take and. as it
contains no injurious substance, may be
given to a child with perfect confidence,
(isd Position Open,
Good opening tor a newspaper or maga
flne solicitor. Permanent position for a
competent man. Address Twentieth Cen
tury Farmer, Bee Building, Omaha.
( hanare of Time.
On and after November 3 Rock Island
train No. 24 will leave Omaha at 4:30 p. m.
instead of 6:20 p. m., and train No. 6 at
.1:35 p. m. Instead of 6:05 p. m.
8. Burns, fine white china for decorative
, work.
Crystal clear cut glass. Edholm.
lbs 25c. King Cole Whole Wheat Flour.
Uovember G to 9.
Splendid opportunity to visit the Southland
Excellent service all the way. Only one
change of cars via. the Burlington.
tienrral Committee Will Insist oa
tlavlaaj dome )arllona
Passed I on.
The general committee or the Order of
Railway Telegraphers, Vnion raclfle di
vision, which araembled In the city last
week, got down to actual business yesterday
morning. The gentlemen say their delib
erations are merely continuations of the
meetings held In the city during the sum
mer and that nothing will be made public
until the differences, whatever they are,
are passed up to officials and by them acted
upon. It has been learned on what Is re
garded as reliable authority, that the men
and the company are not on bad terms, but
that telegraphers have a few matters which
they are very anxious to have settled their
way and that their refusal to drop things
when they failed to get a satisfactory hear
ing with General Manager Dickinson when
they were here before, may be taken as evi
dence of their determination In the matter.
It was said at President Burt's office that
the telegraphers had presented no claims
there and that their affairs probably would
come before Superintendent of Telegraph
Korty. f
For some time 'there '"iave been rumors
of dissatisfaction among, flip telegraphers
on other H'arrlman roads Jtvraides the Union
Pacific, especially the Southern Pacific. But
it seems that the men on the latter road
will be successful In reaching amicable ad
justments of all their affairs and avoid
any open hostility. .
The Hontetter Company of Plttabnrar.
Pa., Scorn Another Victory
Aminit Infringement of
Their Trade Mark.
The United States Circuit Court of Ap
peals of San Francisco, Cal., recently
handed down an opinion affirming the de
rision of Judge Morrow of the United
States Circuit Court of San Francisco, who
had granted a personal Injunction against
Samuel Bros. & Company, who with a
large number of other dealers on the Pa-
clflc coast had been engaged for some time
past In making and selling a counterfeit
article purporting to be Hxistetter's Stom
ach Bitters, and advising purchasers to
obtain the genuine bottle of The Hostetter
Company with the label affixed, refilling
them with their goods, and selling same
as the genuine article.
This comprehensive decision being final,
prohibits all unfair dealers, from manu
facturing or selling any article of Stomach
Bitters, either la bulk, or by the gallon or
otherwise, or In any way making use of
the name of HOSTETTER, except In connec
tion' with the sale of the genuine article,
and also prohibits the sale of any Bitters
In bulk, though the name HOSTETTER be
not used. If the suggestion and advice Is
made to the purchaser, that he shall put
the article Into the genuine empty HOS
TETTER bottle, and sell them for the gen
This decision establishes the Hostetter
Company in the exclusive use of the name
HOSTETTER, and the ownership In the
trade mark and trade name in connection
with either the manufacture or sale of
Stomach Bitters In any manner whatso
ever. Announcements of the Theaters.
"Sis Hopkins" comes to the Boyd
Wednesday and Thursday nights and Mlea
Rose Melville will play the title role. This
most delightful comedy drama has been
given a most elaborate and picturesque
production this season. The portrayal of
the awkward and uncouth "Sis Hopkins,"
la a .Mi.1,1. unarming bit uf character acliug
and this with the simplicity and purity
of the story makes the play most enjoy
able. So that patrons will be kept posted with
the latest election news, the returns will
be read from the stage of the Orpheum
tonight. The bill Is an excellent one this
week, one of the most pleasing presented
In quite awhile, and the dual attraction
should draw a full house which is evidenced
by the advance sale.
1 1
Diamonds $15 to $300. Edholm, jeweler.
A Good Move.
The members of the Convervatlve Savings
and Loan association calling at the new
offices. No. 205 South Sixteenth street, ex
press themselves well pleased with the new
location. The room Is light and airy and
well adapted to the needs of the association,
and, more important still, is centrally lo
cated In the retail district of the city. The
officers feel that within the next few months
the businesa of the association will run
past the one million point, tbo present as.
sets being considerably in excess of $900,000.
ttolrk Time to the Southwest.
Leave Nebraska points in the forenoon
to take the palatlally equipped "Meteor" of
the 'Frisco System leaving Kansas City
daily 7:15 p. m.. reaching Oklahoma City
7:30 a. m., Denlaon 11:10 a. m., Sherman
11.30 a. m., Dallas 2:30 p. m.. Fort Worth
2:65 p. m., Waco 7:35 p. m. Passenger of
fice, 205 South 14th St.
To ftevv Orleans and Return.
On November 7th, 8th and 9th, the Il
linois Central Railroad will sell tickets to
New Orleans and return, at rate of one
fare plus $2.00, with long limit returning,
arcount meeting of American Bankers' as
sociation. For reservations and full par
ticulars, call at City Ticket Office, No. 1402
Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
Publish your legal notices) In The Weekly
Bee. Telephone 23$. ; .
Lockets and charms. Edholm.
1502 Farntn St
Secretary Morse Makes fteturi to the City
Tax Commissioner.
Property and Franehlaea Within City
of Omaha lrf to Re Worth
Three Million. Three Hon
ored Thousand Dollrrs.
The Omaha Street Railway company, by
lis secretary, W. V. Morse, made Its re
turn to the tax commissioner yesterday
of Its personal property for purposes of
taxation. Following is the exact text of
the return:
I make return o William Fleming, the
commissioner, as the fair cash value of all
the property ami franchises of the Omaha
Street railway . within the corporate limits
of the city of Omaha, excluding only its
real estate, of the sum of three millions
and three hundred thousand dollars, ($:),
au000.) W. V. MuKSK, Secretary.
The company paid taxes last year upon a
personal property valuation of $1,300,000, on
the basis of 40 per cent of the true value,
which would make the true value of that
properly, accepting those figures as being
accurate, $3,250,000.
' A member of the Real Estate Exchange,
upon bring Informed of the amount of the
return made, said to a Bee reporter that
he did not see how the company could re
concile those figures with the well known
fact that It has $5,000,000 of stock quoted at
90 cents on the dollar, and $2,500,000 of
In a Few Mlnatea Today.
The Nebraska Clothing company have en
gaged Miss Rheda of New York, the great
Japanese magician, to give her unique per
formance of Japanese magic and Hindoo
black art In their display wlndowa for six
days, commencing at 10 o'clock this morn
ing. Miss Rheda performs all the acta of
the Hindoo fakirs of India, Including her
world famous blooming rose tree trick in
the display windows, in full view of all.
The performance Is free to all and the Ne
braska Clothing company extends a cordial
Invitation to the general public to attend.
Commissioner Jones Makes Rnllnar
Whleh Will Do Away with
Conrt Fees.
Senator Millard was advised yesterday
by Commissioner Jones of the Indian bureau
that In future the bureau would not re
quire the natural guardians of children of
Omaha and Winnebago Indians to file a
bond before the share of the allotment
made to them would be paid.
This action is the result of an earnest
protest made by the Indians against what
they considered an injustice. When the
rules for the payment of the allotment
were made public It woa found that In case
of mlnorB guardians should be appointed
by the count" court of Thurston couuty and
bond given ijy them efore the money
should be , Id to the guardians. When it
came to getting these appointments it was
discovered that It would require from $25 to
$30 In fees in the case of each minor. The
share of the allotment is about $80, ao that
more than 25 per cent would have to be
paid in fees.
The Injustice of the proceeding was made
the subject of a communication to The
Omaha Bee at the time the payment waa
begun and the Indians protested to Wash
ington and appealed to Senator Millard.
When the matter was first brought to his
attention Commissioner Jones said that the
requirement jof the bond was for the pur
pose of protecting the department, to make
certain that the money would reach the
proper person. He has now decided that
the parents of the minors may receive the
money without giving bond, which in the
case of minors will save a considerable por
tion of the allotment to the Indians.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 3. (Special Tele
gram.) W. A. Jones, commissioner of In
dian affairs, today wired Instructions to
Agent Matthewson to pay money due minor
heirs of Omaha Indians to parents without
guardianship papers when In his judgment
the parents are capable of caring for the
funds, but In cases of orphan minor heirs
money due them will be returned to the
United States treasury to be held In trust
until they become of legal age.
Drink a bottle of Cook's ImDerlal Extra
Dry Champagne with your dinner. Physi-
ians recommend it lor tne digestion.
City Rnarlneer Gives Some Facta He-
aiardlna; Pay Roll of In
spectors. 'If the pay roll of the engineering de
partment is Incorrect, why should Comp
troller Westberg approve It under any
consideration; and, having approved it,
what ground has he for any objection?"
This was the question asked by City
Engineer Rosewater yesterday as apply
ing to the statement of Mr. Westberg, pub
lished in an evening paper, charging that
the number of inspectors employed In tho
department of engineering was excessively
large and that the salary, roll for the last
month was unreasonable.
"This is a regular thing with Mr. West
berg at this particular time of year," con
tinued Mr. Rosewater, "and it ia all for po
litical effect. He knows as well as anybody
Just what the duties of all of those men are
and if he did not he would not be a con
scientious member of the Board of Public
Works, for he has approved the payment of
their salaries many timea before. One of
the very men he has mentioned haa been
on the pay roll of this department for no
less than six years and Mr. Westberg has
regularly appioved payment of hla salary
and included his name In the appropriation
ordinance. That man is Mike Lee.
"I notice that Mr. Westberg is quoted as
having said that be agreed tn the pay roll
because I promised that I would cut oft
three men. That Is not true, for I made
him no promise at all; I simply told him
that two of the men whose names were on
the pay roll had been notified some days
ago that their services would not be re
quired after the first of this month, and
therefore they would not appear on the
next pay roll.
"But supposing that Mr. Westberg bad
agreed to the pay roll under that under
standing, what Justification could he have
for that? If the pay roll ia incorrect it
should not be paid, and cutting three names
from It In the future Is not going to make
the roll for last month correct."
Wright wrongs no man. Wright's old
fashioned buckwheat flour Is pure.
Limited train via MILWAUKEE Railway.
Leaves Omaha Union depot daily. Magnifi
cent equipment, latest palace sleepers,
library-bullet car. dining car, new coaches.
City office, 1004 Farnam street.
F. A. NA8H.
General Western AgsaL
Lilamond broochta. EdAOlm, Jelr.
Money in
Our Bank
$5.00 Golf Skirts at $2.98
300 lioavv golf skirts niatlo in pretty prays and
blwn, with the slot seams ami
value, on sale tomorrow at
$12.50 Kersey Coats at $7.50
45-inch loiig kersey coat, lined throughout with guaranteed
lining, trimmed with satin stitched straps Cri
the large turn back cuff special $7.50 J
regular $ 12.50 value, at
$3.50 Trimmed Hats at $1.00
Five hundred trimmed hats for ladies and misses, made of
fine velvets, braids, feather breasts, maline anil ornaments,
and trimmed in most excellent styles. These hats are
offered at this price for the reason that we have bought
largely of materials from importer and manu- nn
facturers at a small fraction of cost an actual I
?3.50 value at J.
$1.50 Beaver Flats 39c
60 dozen cardinal, light blue, brown, castor, green and all th prevailing shade
of the season, all the best quality Imitation beaver hatB on the market. They'
are In two shapes, a large fiat brim and a pretty rolling brim, y f
both are either suitable for misses or children worth easily - JUP
11.50 our price, while they last
$7.00 Silk Waists at $3.98
A new lot of silk waists, tmked and hemstitched, in black and
all colors, all sizes, ever; one this fall's styles
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50c Double Width Wool Serges at 25c Yard
A 11 trend serges in the new shades of heUos
40 inches vide on sale on bargain square
Special Basement Bargains
One counter of standard apron check gingham, the kind you
have always paid 8'4c for, at, yard
One counter of finest quality white cambrics, muslins, etc..
In long mill lengths, at, yard
One counter of all kinds of muslins and cambrics that generally
sell up to 6o a yard, go in mill lengths at
One big table of unbleached muBli n the 6c kind
Extra heavy table padding, the kind that generally sells for
40c a yard, goes at, yard
Heavy canton flannel, worth up to 8'c a yard
goes at
I Watch Our J
J Windows
Yonnar Svoda Sentenced to Spend
Seven Tears at the
At the request of his father and appar- :
ently with the unanimous consent of all
who knew him, Frank Svoda, "that tough
kid" from 6outh Omaha, was sentenced by
Judge Baxter yesterday to spend the
next seven years, or until he Is of age, at
the Industrial school at Kearney. Frank
la the youth who confessed to packing hla
pant legs, tied up at the bottom, with to
bacco he had stolen, and 'who, when the
police Judge of South Omaha bound blm
over, called the magistrate sundry and
diverse names that marked him as one of
great boldness and some badness.
Arthur Buckner, a colored boy who was
too handy with a pistol during a Fourth of
July picnic, was allowed to plead guilty to
a charge of assault and battery and was
sentenced to spend another two months In
county jail and to pay costs.
These pleaded not guilty: George Alex
ander and Stewart Knouse, forgery; Maurice
Burton, mule stealing; Harry Burk, assault
on Mary Taylor; James M. Caasady, Jr.,
embezzlement as the agent of the White
River Savings bank; Georgia Russell, stab
bing with Intent to wound W. N. Waggoner;
Joseph Warrick, theft.
Before taking up the grind yesterday
Judge Baxter bad some heart-to-heart talks
with "Stump" Garth and Samuel Goldsmith,
who engaged In a "scrap" In the Judge's
court room during his absence last Friday.
As Garth was the one who struck the first
blow the Judge removed him from the Jury
LtrlTes All Berore It.
Aches and pains fly before Bucklen's
Arnica Salve. So do Bores, pimples, bolls,
corns and piles, or no pay. 25c. For sale
by Kuhn 4 Co.
Insane Man at Depot.
Christian Rlx. a middle aged German
speaking good Knglish. Is detained at the
police station, being mentally unbalanced.
Rlx arrived at the I'nlon station yester
day afternoon and hung abmit the depot.
His actions attracted the attention of at
tendants who questioned him. He said that
he had come from Suit Lake City and had
left there two months ago and did not know
how he got here. He had a railroad ticket
from Salt Ioke City to Fort Calhoun,
which was issued October 30. He Bald that
lie. had been In ill health for a long time
and It is thought that tne altitude or tne
divide may have affected his mind. In
quiry will be made in Fort Calhoun, where
the man may nave relative.
Haa Hlns la Bootless.
At 5:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon Clar
ence I-slle, who refused to give his place
of resilience, and Art 1fMunyon, who
claims Wyoming as his home slate, were
arrested on suspicion. It being thought that
tlkey were the persons who took a dold
ring set with pearls and valued at $t. from
Hrodkey'a shop... They denied the theft.
They were searched and the ring found In
one of U Munyon i boot legs.
4 per cent
Paid on
side tabs, $3
and carnation colorings
Watch Our g
Goea to Kansas City to Tnke I'p
New Work with Orient
Edward Dickinson, former general
manager of the Union Pacific, vice presi
dent and general manager of the Kansas
City, Mexico & Orient, left the city last
night for Kansas City, where he enters
at once upon his new work. Mr. Dickin
son says no time will be lost in getting the
construction work of the new road in full
swing and then operations will be pushed
until the road Is completed, which prob
ably will be two years or more hence. Mr.
Dickinson will have full charge and di
rection of the construction work.
It was given out at President Burt's
office yesterday again that no further
plana for the filling of Mr. Dickinson's
office had been made and that In accord
ance with the president's recent announce
ment he would assume charge of it. The
report from Denver that the president
would appoint a general superintendent
within a few days to assist him was pro
nounced a canard.
The presence of W. L. Parks, superin
tendent of the Wyoming division, around
headquarters Inspired a report that hn
was being considered In connection with
the mooted general superintendency, but
this rumor Is said to have no foundation
In fact. Mr. Park came to Omaha, as the
superintendents of other divisions of the
road did, to attend the complimentary din
ner given by President Burt to Mr. Dick
inson Saturday night.
The kidneys are small but Important or
gans. They need help occasionally.
Prickly Ash Bitters Is a successful kidney
tonic and system regulator.
Quick Time to the Southeast. ,
Leave Nebraska points in the forenoon
to take the palatlally equipped "South
eastern Limited" of the 'Frisco System
leaving Kansas City daily, 6:30 p. m., reach
ing Memphis 8:00 a. m., Hot Springs 8:15
p. m.. New Orleans 7:40 p. m., Atlanta
10:15 p. m.. Savannah 7:00 a. m., Jackson
ville 8:30 a. m. Through sleeper Kansas
City to Jacksonville. Passenger office, 2)u
South 14th St.
Pension Vouchers Await Elton A.
Taylor, Who Disappeared
Last Jane,
Inquiry is being made as to the where
abouts of Elton A. Taylor, late a private
In Company L, Forty-fifth United Statea In
fantry. Taylor, It is said, left Chicago last
June for the west with the intention of
taking up a land claim, and since that time
has not been heard from by his parents,
who live at Michigan City, Ind. He was
wounded in the left Jaw In the Spanish
American war, and alnce ha left home a
pension has been granted him and the
vouchers aie in charge of hla father.
Franklin Taylor, 319 West Boston street,
Michigan City, Ind. Young Taylor bad his
full name tattoed on bis left arm.
Rult for Tea Thousand Dollars Asalast
Stoek t arda Company
A Jury in Judge Slabaugh's court bas
found tot the defendant In the 110.000 dam
age suit ef Michael Hlgglns against the
Union Stoek Yards company of South
Omaha for malicious prosecution. The tes
timony disrlosed tbat on September 21, 1901,
the company bad Hlggins arrested on a
charge of stealing lumber because the lum
ber had been traced to bia borne by the
trails it U-ft as it waa dragged there
over plowed ground, and that Ulcslns' wife
bad then told that she took U. eflsr which
Higjtns sued tar damigwa.
Take Off Your Hat
i v tsr K1 111
yi If
trade mark in it, it may have cost you
any were from 75c to 85.50, for the trade
mark in our hats doesn't designate the
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they will pay two fifty for a hat when
they can buy a "Nebraska Special" for
one fifty. They wouldn't if they knew it,
and we're trying to make them know it,
so they won't. There arc no three hat
stores in Omaha that can show you an
assortment of hats as we can, and it's
easier to save money "on hats than it is
to earn it, if you will come to our men's
hat store.
A Cold Proposition- positively cures coughs and
colds. For sale at all drug stores at
F. M. Russell
Reading Lamps, Electric,
Oil and Gas.
Electric & Gas Fixtures.
il S. 15th St. Telephone 501.
Sweaty Feet, Bunions,
Corns, etc.
If your druggist hasn't
it, address
618 Bee Bds.. Omaha, Neb.
Committee Chairmen Would I.Ike
Election Boards to Count
from Top.
Though formal Instructions or requests
have not. been prepared aa yet for the
election boards it is tho preference of both
Chairman Goss of the republlca county
committee and Vice Chairman C. L. West
of the democratic committeo that the count
of the ballota Tuesday night after the polls
close be made systematically at all polling
places, the count beginning with the state
ticket and going down the list in us reg
i.. dr Thla will facilitate the com
pilation of statistics by the newspapers aa
well as save confusion at the various head-i,irian-i
lesson tauKht In previous years
when the public was kept in doubt concern
ing all tickets because some or tne election
boards were counting the congressional
ticket while others were Ignoring It until
the state ticket waa disposed of, and still
others counting some of the minor tickets
In which they chanced to be Individually
Chairman Goss states that he anticipates
quite a demand to have the congressional
ticket counted first, but that In view of the
fact that the early morning editions of the
newspapers go out Into the state be favors
herlnnlnc the count with the governor and
going down the list In regular order.
Climates wearout. Kmokesand sprays
do Dot cure. Tliey relieve symptoms
luKtesd of removing causes; wlM'mta.
we take Athma mi UionuiKhly out uf
Hie nytteiu Unit nothing remains
which run produce ao attack; minYrein
are kouii able Ut work, cut, sleep and
fclaud ex pot. u re without Die cllitliteKt
return of Aatbiim. lMiip rlKht in
principle our treuimeni aoen wnai,
reliefs" cannot do. Wecuro to stay
cured severe, lone-tsiidlirK and pro.
nounced "incurable" cafes. If you are in berauiie you are linomnt
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tretr&!,0fO Autumn and Htty Fever
sufferers. If you denlre complete re
lief, health rentored, and no return of
Asthma, write for our Book 79 Frs.
Touars not paying for CUROMOS. SCllfcMtlS. UttL DEALS, ETC., but
V, M. KICB HKRCAjmUO CIQAR CO, Mof lb Louis. Vnioa Mad,
Look in tho crown of it,
and see what make of
hat you're wearing.
If it says "Nebraska
Special" you're wear
ing as good a hat as
anvhody sells for 82.50
it has our neculiar
K i '
Women's $2-50 Welts
Genuine welts only $2.50 Where
else have you ever beon offered a
genuine welt for $2.50 We have no
hesitancy in offering theso women's
Bhoes, lor we know they are right
We have them in all sizes and widths,
that makes it easy for us to give a
perfect fit Thla adds to tho wear of
the shoe as well aa the comfort For
an all around every-day shoe theso
genuine welts have never been
equalled at the price You take no
risk, for we give you your money
back If you want it.
Omaha's Up-to-Date Shoe House,
Send for New Fall Catalogue.
if you live out of town, and don't pay the
old-tlmn prices for LiKl'tiS, patent medi
cines, rubber goods Hurgtcal Instrument),
or HnvthiiiK eixe whli li should be found In
order from a catalogue, UKCAl'HR NO
Make up a llHt with your friends
and nelnhbors and send to us for prices
and if ours are not the LOWKST we
wont exmct your orders. VK WISH
;c Genuine Camora all you want .... Jle
Jl on l'eruna all you want 6tic
Jl.tH Tierces Prescription all ; you
want 7!c
$1. Hutler s Female Regulator guar
anteed 76o
AHcock s Planter's all you want U'c
'j.r)C Mcnnen's Talcum I'owder all you
want 12o
Jic Uoan's Kidney Pills i'Jc
Thic Cramer's Kidney Cure guaranteed tc
-,oo "fatarrh Item" guaranteed 3k German Klmmell lillters guar
anteed ' 7Hc
$1 mi HoHsack's Harsaparilla 7,"
Chester's Pennyroyal Pills , $l.u)
Tel. 747. U. W. Cor. J'Ub and Caloaaro.