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Made in pale
shade of tan)
NEW YOnK. Oct. 1.-New coats for
mall malda lean toward quaint cuta and
few trimmings. Sometimes with a plain
cloth box coat fur sets, separate from the
garment, will be worn. A little t.ppet of
"ry grown-up atyle and a huge muff give
I wee girl aometblng of the look of an old
TlAgarn. older gtrla will ahow on their cloth big square cuff, and turn-over col
)ara that haw a distinctly masculine air.
These are In the aame fura aa are used on
the ovcrcoata of boy., brown bearer and
Peralan lamb. moBt often, with
two long silt pocket, at the front of the
coat edged with a roll of the fur.
r,ir.M,rsoue model for a girl of waa
lately eeen on Fifth avenue
vi.-... ,-ioth aha faintest
UIDUUv .av -
three bias shoulder capea was the smartest
feature of thl. little rig. which " ,n "
loose, box cut. Above tbeae M flat col
lar of light brown beaver and
down the eklrt of the coat three deep .tucks.
Many cape effect, are seen on '
coat., lust a. on those of their elders, one
.ort. below a yok. piece of some descrip
tion, sugge-tlng no more than a
frill. Bleetes of all are patterned after
those of matorer garment., the
the big bottom puff being, a. In the adult
u ntiiiAti fAvoritei.
The' length of the coat depend, upon the
age of the girl, and the younger bub
ahorter her skirts.
A brunetta little lady trotting yesterday
ji-n nrrmrtwa wore her .klrts at the cor
rect French length, which leaves the knees
exposed. Tha spindling legs below these
abbreviated aklrts are often only clad in
silken hose, and If the whole get-up Is
white the effect la very charming. Leggings
re not considered as Btyllsh as uncovered
stockings, but since many children cannot
endure the blaats of winter they are seen
In various material.. White cloth ts a
favorite material for them, though coat, of
velvet and corduroy have uaually leggings
to match.
A tnmolBK Coat.
A stunning little coat for a maid of 8 was
t sapphlra blue velours with logglnga of
the same, fastening with white button.. A
deep collar of lrlah lace trimmed the shoul
dera of tha elegant garment, with which
wa. worn a ahlrrad hat of blua velvet, edged
with a curtain flounce of lace".
All headgear for the younger generation
la very picturesque, and one encounters on
11 sides puffy silk creation with lace and
feather deckings that are appallingly dear.
Even In the unmade atata child millinery Is
woefully expensive.
"You want a feather?" says the young
lady who presldea over the counter; and
ahe shows you an angelic white thing which
the ostrich bird has contributed for amall
fry. You turn pale at the price, for the an
gello white thing eosta 112 In Ha sprawling
unsewed state.
Cheaper fixings are .oft, wide, aatln rib
bons, which are tow put upon Juvenile
headgear with very smart effect. If only
bow is to bo used, the girl who aells the
ribbon will fashion fine fly-away thing for
26 cents. Back atreamera are much seen
When the hat la flatly trimmed the ribbon,
draped over the brim and held In place
with alidea and plna. The enda tie in a
big bow Just below the Una of tha crown,
with one streamer abort of the waist and
' the other reaching to it. This unevennes.
In the back end. 1. everywhere ob.erred.
The newest gloves for small girl, are In
white wash leather, with lap seams double
tltched. These have very solid and al
most boyish look, and tbe .omewhat high
price of them 1. atoned by the fact that
h.v are ao eaally cleaned. For the ablu
tion the child puts on the glove., which
are fastened to the last button; thus held
In shape, well aoaped brush and warm
water doea the real. A point of aupremest
Importance la that the gloves are dried
without wringing. t . Gown.
Once upon a time ready-made gown was
the recognised symbol of poverty and un
ophlstlcatlon. Today it la otherwise, and
to declare yourself a devotee of prltate
makera la to admit being behind the timea.
Few women of even large fortune can with
stand the charma of the models shown by
the big stores, each of which atrlvea to
outdo the other In point of style and low
ness of price..
With the more expensive costumes one
purchasea as well the priceless promise
1 that they will not be duplicated, so It ts
not astonishing that the smartest dames
re going to the stores for their fineries.
In comfortable, lamp-lit chambers, filled
with an Important silence and the odors
Of cut flowers, one aeee the girl of fashion
choosing her evening effects. Outalde. in
a long carpeted room, her day clothea
walk, worn always by the best looking
saleswoman In the place, whom, by some
r.nrrthBhi maa-lc. the gown Ots and
suits to a T.
Th heat thlncs. however, are never
looked upon by the eyea of common mor
tals. They are Imported tor Individuals,
lights high up in the social acale, whoo
tastes the shop buyers know, and from
whom they have a standing order to bring
over anything that is wonderful. Less ex
lted persons are driven to things at which
all the world mar gate, but with careful
selection and some times a trifling change
even these may be made to appear rare
blossoms In the garden of dress. In sub
stantatlon of this statement here are three
sweet frocks.
A gown of black ilbellne has the aklrt
and bolero trimmed all over with "aclssor"
appllcatlona of satin duchesse. The bo
lero laps at the chest with three silk frogs
over a ecarlet cloth vest; the sleeves are
puff shape, with band cuffs, and the crush
girdle is of black panne. Only, allghtly
trained the aklrt hangs loosely over pet
ticoat of scarlet silk.
A "toilette de casino" (vleltlng as well)
is of Sevres bluo cloth, with taffeta appli
cations In the same shade. These show in
a skirt and body yoke and girdle effect,
shaded embroideries covering the silk. Yel
low lace. In the deep brownish shade, orna
ments the Gibson bodice, which shows
pointed stock and cuff bands of the same.
A band of tbe embroidered silk surrounds
the top of the sleeves, and cream taffeta
aupplies an elegant lining.
The third gown Is perhaps the most use
ful of the three. It is of black cloth, with
bias strappings of the same, put on In what
did not endow you with that appropriating
disease knew kleptomania. Otherwise
It would surely be your.
Sliver belts of massive workmanship and
Russian peasant clasps tor fastening tha
blouses now worn, are two thlnga in
Jewelry which cleverly Imitate old and
valuable designs. These are llkewlsa worn
by the faddish, and only by them, tor In
Jewelry, aa In everything else, tha ordinary
world prefers the conventional.
Nevertheless very frivolous llttl trifle
la feeling Its way Into the conventional
market. This la a sweetly foollah French
bracelet, conalating of a hoop of gold, set
with a large oval miniature. When a
spring Is touched the painted face flies back
and lol a fragment of downy white In a
ahallow box beneath. A powder puff, mes
damea! Numberless pretty and Inexpensive trifles,
which contribute to the comfort and adorn
msnt of woman, may often be picked up at
out-of-the-way placea. For example, one
little store provldea thin washed gold hair
pins, warranted not to tarnish, for blonde
locks. Shell pins for auburn hair at the
same place have red tinge, the fancy
women. The daughter of a wealthy resi
dent of New York, she wedded Sir Michael
when he was merely secretsry of legation.
She returns to the American capital a
Lady Herbert, and as the wife of the lead
ing foreign ambassador takes her place as
tha leader of the diplomatic set there. She
will be attired aa befits her station.
Lady Herbert heart a strong resemblance
to her sister, Mr. Cornelius Vanderbllt,
Jr. She Is very fond of red and finds It
very becoming to her, and It Is her sister's
oolor also. One of her gowns ts made of a
material appropriate for either summer or
winter, crepe de chine, and tbe .tint la a
vivid red on tha coral order. Its atyle Is
remarkable for novelty.
The skirt, ' which Is extremely long all
the way round. Is figured with black lace
appllcatlona sewed on at close Intervals.
Instead of being skin tight at the hips It
la full and clinging, falling In natural lines
at the figure. It Is absolutely without
trlmmtd. The waist Is round one ot
the shirt waist variety, and there Is a lit
tle Jacket In white taffeta to wear with It.
This la bordered with a coral red silk
A feature of the dress, ita main point, ts
the belt, which la a band of black velvet.
At the back there lire sash end. in red
crepe de chine, folded so that they come
down to a point at .the foot ot the dress.
They are bordered with a narrow band of
coral red silk passementerie to match the
Jacket. A private letter, describing a
French walking gown Just made for Lady
Herbert In Parla, says:
"The costume Is fine broadcloth in the
metallic shade of green. Its skirt clings
to the figure to the very foot and la made
without a flounce, the skirt widening by
skillful cutting until It Is very full around
the bottom. Down one aide there are
strappings of black velvet an Inch wide,
and about three Inches long. These are
put on horizontally and begin at the belt
and go down to the foot, gradually grow
ing wider. The result I. a trimming that
looks like a panel. The sleeves are court
sleeves, perfectly Immense and silt from
tha wrist to shoulder, ith the slit on the
Inside of the arms Instead of the outside.
Through this opening you can see a big
soft white chiffon sleeve. Tbe bodice Is in
white Irish lace over white aatln with
underarm . pieces ol the green broadcloth.
The lace has the wide vested effect."
Lady Herbert's dreasea are made up in
costume, this authority writes, and are ac
companied, each one, with an outer gar
ment of some kind, be it little cutaway or
Eton or long coat. The long cloaks are
Decoming immensely important and are
made up In canvas and In silk pongee and
In other materials besides.- One ot the long
cloaks to be worn by the wife of the Brit
ish ambassador will be In white taffeta,
trimmed' with long bands of i-erslan em
broidery. The collar la on the sailor order,
rather high In the throat, and trimmed with
bands of Persian trimming.
In thla woman's Washington trousseau
there will be found many silk gowns, one
of the most novel ot which I. an olive green
silk, trimmed with band, of deep red cloth,
an Inch wide, and put on around the skirt,
ln.tead ot up and down. There are fifteen
of theae bands, laid very close together. A
trimming of oriental silk lace In many
sbadea trims the skirt In three panels from
belt to hem. Around the foot the lace ts
put on In big curves, but Is only across the
front breadth, the back being plain.
Rheumatism and Neuralsia.
It makes no difference) how tnanv kinds of medicines yon have tried, what treatments yon have takso or what tha
doctors say; we know positivelyjthat "i-DROPS" will cure Rheumatism or Neuralgia in any of their forms or stages of devel
opment. Our letter hies are filled with testimonials from grateful people who write us that "5DR0PS" cured them avsn
iter other methods of treatment had failed. It is the only positive cure for these diseases that has ever been discovered,
"5 DR0PS" is an Internal and external remedy. Applied externally, it Rives quick relief from Rheumatics or Neu
ralgic pains. Taken internally, it cleanses the blood of all poisons and restores the entire system to a perfect healthy
condition, thus insuring a permanent cure. This is the only correct method of treating these diseases and the only way
in which a complete cur may be effected.
Wm. Hubbard. Kan Rlehford, Vs.. write: "Three years are I
was taken with severe pains in the face. Tbe doctors told ma It
wm Neuralg-la of the facial nerves. For three years I suffered
untold agonies, trying one kind of s medicine after another, but
none save relief. I was unable to Bleep or do any work. Tbe
doctor said only an deration would help Die, One day I aaw
your 'ad' and was persuaded to try a bottle of l-DW$." It save
ine relief and I felt bettor than I had for a longtime. I have used
Owen Mclntvre. Pswtucket, R. I., writes: " I received your
ample bottle ot "J-D'OPS" and had only taken a eouple of doses
until I fouid relief. Since then I got a large slse bottle from my
drugglBt. Before using your "I DKOPS-' I oould not put my coat
on. I am aure I would have to lay off work for a while. I could
not eat or sleep. Now. I can do both and use my arm as well aa
ever. I will say to evcrrone troubled with Rheumatism, be It
ever ao bad. that "I DKOPS" will cure lu I have recommended It
to all of my friends."
only two bottles and feel that I am cured.
in praise of f DROPS,"
I cannot aay enough
Ho. S19.
IWANSON'I "S-DROPS" will our La trlppe, Catarrh. Asthms. lumbago, lotsHos, Bout, Liver and Kldnsy Trtunlst, Nsrvsaintts.
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Paralysis, Oreeping Numbness, Sleeplessness, and Blood Dlsestes.
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Write to-day.
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If "(-DROPS" is not obtainable in your locality order direct from us and we will
end it prepaid on receipt of price, $1.00 per bottle.
be, mailed to you at once.
Cat thl OQl AtMl tWrBd rt
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Miit buttlA of '.WDRoPrV
fit, postpaid. TftAJ.f At4
Frtlla f
In request
la described by the French as "tooth" bor
ders. An odd skirt yoke of this trimming
sends down a deep point immediately In
front, and the smart little bolero displays
a beautiful double collar, with stole epds
extending to the waist. Ecru lace trims the
upper one, and yellow, black and pale green
embroidery the lower. The sleeves sre ;n
Cowing shape, and the bolero Is worn over a
white satin shirt with a lace button band.
Odd Jewelry.
. The Jewel box of the faddy girl has lately
acquired a new treasure. The Jeweled
chains and oval lockets she once adored
have been depoaed, and In their etead ahe
wears a long croaa strung on a black velvet
ribbon. Qettlng wind ot the freak, which
was doubtless started by some maiden of
Inherited trinkets, a well known Jeweler
haa laid In a supply ot these ornamenta In
many quaint designs. Some of tbe crosses.
Indeed, are genuine antiques, beautiful old
Spanish and Italian relics, which once rose
and fell on the bosom of beauty long passed
away. In the olden tlmos they listened be
hind the lattice to serenades, and caught
the tears which fell at masses for departod
uoldlers; for In the olden times the cross
was as much an ornament of coquetry as It
waa an emblem Of faith.
Soma exquisite old silver designs sre
deeply 'Imbedded with crystals, the stones
nicked and shining no more, but all the
more precious for that. Crosses ot sandal
and olive, wood, carved and trimmed with
gold and silver, are also seen, but the faddy
girl Is not addicted to these. 8he prefera
the Jeweled variety, and if ahe is not rich
enough for the real antique she gets some
thing to Imitate It, or buya a coral cross,
with the stiff roses of the present day.
A wonderful antique was bought by a
knowing girl at a Parla pawnshop aale,
which supplied her aa well with a splendid
belt buckle (Medusa heada in silver gilt)
and a Spanish gold bracelet rich enough for
a queen. The find waa a cross soma Inches
long -pale topas stonea set in a MoorUh
frame of dull gold. This she wears with a
blue velvet gown, against a cream lace veat,
and as you aee it dangling from Its thin
gold chain you thank the Fstes that they
combs, now necessary for the rest of the
Coiffure, matching. MARY DEAN. -
1 i
A Prophecy- that the Fvtnre la Likely
to Bee Fulfilled.
The Farmers' National congress con-
greesed at Macon, Oa,, last week and pon
dered matters aud passed resolutions of
great pith and moment. Of all the sincere
milk of rural and worldly wisdom there on
tap,' saya the New York Bun, we select that
of the Hon. John 0. Stahl, secretary of the
congress. He deplored, In the arood old
White caracul Is greatly
coats, linings and millinery,
A corded white silk purse covered with
ducheBse lace and mounted with gold
makes a charming bridal gift.
uragon files, butterflies and humming
icimui auiiia new enecis in nair
ornaments that are pretty as well as Inexpensive.
sort bowi of ribbon are used as eubstl
tutes i ror fancy buttons or cord ornamenta
on the latest shirtwaists ot broadcloth or
similar material. -
PlncuBhions are conspicuous for length
and narrownesa, one of the most recent
models being twenty-eeven Inches long and
From Germany comes the suggestion ot
the use of glues tubs In the bathroom. The
iiiuuain oireauy aaopiea are translucent,
, . " iiii.'iieB mien ana an
nealed so aa to be durable.
ventlonal white satin, but It ts decorated
with numberless little paintings, chiefly
allegorical and appropriate to the occasion
and all painted by her father's friends.
The king of Annam has about 100 wives,
who are divided Into nine classes, accord
ing to the station of life In which they
were born. Five of them act as his assist
ant personal attendants, and one of their
most Important duties l the care of his
majesty's finfrernalls, which are as long as
ine nngera tnemseives.
Mra. Q. H. Gilbert, the ramoue aciresa,
now playing in tne Hanem opera nuuno.
New York City, celebrated ner za Dirm-
day on the 2l8t. Messages of congratula
tion came to the veteran player from all
parta of the country and her dressing room
was simpiv nuea wiin nuwern wueu ono
arrived there in the evening. Mrs. Gilbert
Is In capital health and aays: "I look for
ward to years of active stage life. I shall
not retire ae long as I am able to act.
Klnar Edward's second daughter. Princess
Churl!. nf Dpnmark. Is making a Buccees
In literature from a royallBt standpoint. She
has written a booK, Dut 11 nas not oeen
nrintcd. It Is circulated In manuscript
among the crowned heads of Europe. Not
to be outflone ny ner ruyiti kuih.
Queen Helena of Italy hns written a poem,
which Is to appear shortly In the German
review, Berliner LieDen. ii i enuuea.
"Tri ottier frown, anu kivpb mo reverse
of the medal of royalty aa usually seen by
popular eyes.
Members of the faculty of Vaeear College
are negotiating Inr ine purcnase oi me
house In Nantucket, the birthplace of Maria
Mitchell, tne astronomer. It tne property
In secured the Nantucket Maria Mitchell
arsoclatlon will be formed to preserve this
For Shading the candles. whIMi ha... k.
faahion. the tnd.n, r h. ... 3. " 7. " . l.u.1" OI Plnn" table
, -w w . . . "vi iv i urigi.imn, rven on iniormal occasions
prefer evening dress to overalls, the auto- I tnero, ar 'oll1 'bes of paper sweet peas,
mobile to the nlnw th ow. th. ...... mingled with a few moss rosebuda.-
cTue.C nent h'T 5 W"" Wott
cities pent has bucollo dreams; tbe country tlon In stained glass effect, one such pair
dreams of the town; so runs the world l". e"ct copy of a famous memorial
away and so the stream of
the world
population la
window, even tha "leads" being Imitated.
Wit I
Are Unequalled In
DE8IGNArllti ornamentation, beauty of outline and
harmonious ruturttua.
FINISH-moothneas of eastings, perfect fittings and nickeled
CONVENIENCK-The many labor-saving devioea which
ink uleir uae a pleasure. 1
ECONOMY Scientifla ooostractic that seenres best results
with least fuel.
DURABILITY Las tiagqnallty rendering few re pairs neoeasary.
Every "OAKLAND" Sold with a Written Guaranty by
Leading Merchants Throughout the Country,
rices nap Irea H ts Me. Sets sy PrerrMtrvs Steve Morckthts Everywhere.
Made only by The Michigan Stove Company,
Largest Makers Of Stoves and Kanges in the Y orld.
Fee. sals tj Milton Rogers & Sons Co-, 14th and Farnam Streets-
J .-ft'S
Very beautiful is an evening gown of
lace that is combined with flowered velvet
The velvet la white, and It shows flowers
of delicate shades In squares In the lower
edge of the skirt. More of the velvet ap
pears In the low-cut bodice, which Is edged
with sable.
A long stole collar for the woman who
weara black Is made of rows upon rows of
cloae plaltlngs of chiffon running around
the neck and down the long enda, close to
gether and separated only at the ends
where the rowa of ruchlngs form some
thing like fringe.
The Increasing popularity of the cosy
corner haa brought about the manufacture
of a corner aofa which suggests the mUBion
furniture In Its plain straight lines, and Is
called the mission cosy corner, although
the backs of acme of these sofas are up
holstered and the true mission furniture
lacks this decorative touch.
for and About Women.
A new woman's bank, opened In Thirty
fourth street. New York City, recently,
ended its first day's business with deposits
aggregating 11K.0OO.
uiu u.rv Cotnntnn of West Plttston.
Pa , is about to start for India, where she
will labor in the Guseratt field as mis
sionary for the Christian Alliance.
Mrs. George Vanderbllt would seem to be
doing her best to prove the truth of Max
O' Kail's charge that "In America there are
no children. Bhe has ordered that her
servants shall touch their hats to ner 1-vear-olJ
child, and according to a New
York paper they are actually obeying the
A wonderful bridal dress Is being made
for a RuBstun bride-elect, the daughter of
a famous artist. The gown ts of the con-
hepUrV.h.-We7ybVdy want's t wTat he fff.WA
lsn t; and Sfter all, the seal with which tbe n.d fhe mlnk Arming two broad tails.
hrn.'T' trhn Mh' PU M' m0De' ,M0 't tiT." mlnr?.Cc,arr.e"dr0uU2.a and TO
pwoiicM mm King com- i ciueeiy ana Decon.ingiy.
pensation ror the trooping of the farmers'
sons Into town. In a way, the whole coun
try grows urban, but there will always be
farms enough. Tbe city folks have to have
them; and the city turns to farming as
eagerly aa aome of the young farmers turn
their backs on It.
The cream of Mr. Btahl'g remarks relates
to a different and more gracious breed of
agriculturists. jne ruture," be Is sure,
"will see mny woman farmers." It is
fashionable for glrls-to be sthletlo snd sun
burned. Why may It not become the
faahion for them to be farmers? Hear the
plausible seoretary:
"Very much of farm work Is no more tir
ing on ths muscles than operating a type
writer; it Is much less wearing on tbe ner
vous system, and It Is certainly much more
healthful. Woman has tsken man's clacs
to a large extent In the school room, the
store, the office, even the pulpit and tha
courts. Why not on tbe farm? The psit
harvest quite a number of women worked n
tbe fields and liked It. There are some very
successful women farmers. The farmer
may. Indeed, much prefer seeing his daugh
ter helping htm In the field, operating ths
mower or the harvester or hayrake or corn
planter than tempting fate amid the arti
ficial, unwholeeome and dangeroua condi
tions of the city."
A new race of Faithful Shepherdesses may
pring up snd the glories of the paatoral
romances, Spanish, Italian and Arcadian,
may bs revived. And by ths side of or la
competition with the courtly and luxurious
rursllsts with their hooped petticoats and
dlamond-atudded crooks, a set of sovereign
solid agricultural divinities may arise, the
clear-eyed business women making a busi
ness of farming. Man Is pretty well de
throned already. There Is not much ot him
left except pretenses. The women are drlv
Ing htm out. and some stern feminine econ
omists even advise that he be exterminated.
We hope the movement will not go so far
aa that, at least in our time, but the rascal
will be taught to know his place and he is
coming to know that the eulet but relent
less women will leave mighty few placns
for him by ths time they have done with
him. If they set their hearts to farming
they will be good farmers; and as they are
more intelligent thsn the men, ths Utter
will be allowed to do the hard werk on tha
farm. We may be permitted to doubt If
hoeing potatoes la aa easier Job than play
ing the typewriter, but the women folks
will suit themselves.
There Is one consoling reflection to be
made: If the girls "gravitate" toward the
country, the men will "gravitate" thither
also. Men cannot live la cities by tnem
seives; and those unfortunsts spots may be
come altogether depopulated when tha
women have taken up farming.
Wardrobe ( the Brltl.h Aba..ader's
Wile a Marvel of EUsaset,
Lady Herbert, wife of Sir Michael, the
new British ambassador to the United
6 ta'ea. Is ons of the most fortunate of
SMART COAT FOR LITTLB GIRU.! i.nrfmBrlr In thA Interest of Va
sar college. The present owners are rela
tives of Maria Mitchell and have given the
society an option of H.oou on the house and
lard. The house waa built in 1790 and has
been In the Mitchell family for eighty-live
Undoubtedly the most wonderful old lady
In the peerHge at the present time IB the
dowager duihess of Abercorn, who has
hi.. uiiii t.lnhrluv. and whose son.
the present duke of Abercorn, was 64 last
week. Six years ago the dowager duchess
had 130 direct descendants, and since then
the number hHS Increased. The dowager
dutheas had fifty-three years of happy
...t.A.ici lit hnfnrn hr hiiHhand. the nrnt
rinka nf Aheii'orn. died, ill 1885.. The
wnerRt'ln neereBs nouseEses the Order of
Victoria and Albert.
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A Bee want ad is a good investment.
Telephone 238. The Omaha Bee.
Whtre Did You Get It Chimmie?
It's an Uncle Oecar, Cigar, and
he enjoys it.
This cigar is good way down to
the end. You hate to throw it
away unlees you have another in
your pocket and there is no reason
why you shouldn't always have a
supply when we sell these cigars
at five cents. The best cigar for
the money you ever smoked
HEINE & CO. nakers, Omaha,
E. E. BRUCE A CO., Distributers
Ljn Cures Sweaty feet, corns, bunions, etc.
It, address
It your druggist hasn't
A. MAYER, 518 Bee Bid., Omaha, Neb.
R.moTM T.b, Pimples,
i ... iuin PttcbM,
Utah and Skin Uls-
Mtmn, and vrr
no deSM detection.
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counterfeit ol slni'
lr seme. DT. L.
A. 6rre
Udr of the hut
ton ( patient):
"As you ladies wtll use them. I reeom
mend 'bOURAUD S CREAM' as the, least
harmful ot all the skin preparations. t or
sale by all druggist and fancy goods deal
ers In the U. 9. and Europe.
SI Great Jonea St.. N. T.
a i e, c mr- j,
Dr. Burkhart's Wonderful Offer.
wv g sc. n as sr nn IIS rW as, aw , w
A positive curs Is afforded the sick In Dr.
Burkhart'a Vegetable Compound, the great
est remedy of the age. Cures Kidney, I.lver
and Htumach llseasee, Rheumatism,
Catarrh, Malaria, Palpltatlm of the Heart,
Headache, Pain In the Bide, iivk, -"6r
Bhoulder Blade and Lariipei W daye' trial
frte. All druggists.
UK. Vi. . BCKKMAHT, Claelaaatl, O.
four Fortune Toltl Free
ear wnn'ir) Aetrolorr iml
Hi mi aUUISU. lUeeiTe.H
rltfe. We
mao ah vi or KTiTiim, ig.Tiiuast...t. city.
Nu taate, No odor. Can bs given In glass
ot Water, tea, or coffee without patients
White Ribbon Remedy will cure or de
stroy the diseased appetite for alcohollo
stimulants, whether Ine patient Is a con
firmed Inebriate, a "tippler," social drinker
or drunkard, impossible for anyone to
have an appetite fur alcohollo liquors after
using White Ribbon Remedy,
ludorsed Ur Members ot W. C. T. V.
Mrs. Moore, press superintendent of Wo
man christian Temperanoe Union. Ven-
Californu, writes: "1 have tested
White Ribbon Remetly on very obstinate
en many.
and ths cures have
In many cases the Remedy waa given se
cretly. I cheerruiiy recommend and Indorse
White Ribbon Rrmedy. Members of our
Union sre delighted to find an economical
treatment to aid us In our temperanoe
Lrugglsts or by mall, tl. Trial package
free by writing Mrs. A, M. Townsend (for
years secretaiy of a Woman's Christian
Tsmperaios Union), til Tremont St., Bos
ton, Mass. Bold In Omaha by
Phone TC7, 8. W. Cor, lslh and Chicago.
Goods delieered VRUJfl to aay part at tuty.
Farmers Attention!
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Umt. The beautiful Sea Lui. Veller oSera Ue taoet
promising Indaoeaeela In which Sue iimi ess be
bought t Irea (l. te IU per acre Tieaarlptlro ad
llluMrated prtatod Biauer aeot rSCB. Write for
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or Alsaivaa. Cole.
I InlEC u Monthly Regulator never falls.
LAUICa BOX i-Rfi.E. pr. If. MAY, lilooav
Ington, I1L