Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 26, 1902, PART I, Page 4, Image 4

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"ip ;rrM -
s V
Have You Uric Acid, Rhcumntlwm or Bladder
Trouble V
To Prove what SWAMP-ROOT, the Great Kidney and Bladder Remedy
will do for YOU all our Readers May Have a Sample Bottle
Sent Tree by Mall. , " '
Pain or dull antie In the bark U un
nletahably evtdenne of kidney trmilila. I(
fa nature's timely warning to show you
thai the truck nf health I not clear.
1( thee danger algnals sre tinheedd
snore eartntte rMiilt or sure to followi
firlght'a disease, which In the worst forrq
of kidney trouble, may moil upon you.
The mild and the eitranrdlnnry effni'f
f tha wnrld-famnua kidney and bladder
remedy, Pr. Kilmer's ".wamp-Hont, U eonn
realised. H gland tha highest for lt
wonderful rum of tlia most dltrea:iig
raaaa. A trial wilt convince anyone and
ynu mar have sample bottla trim, by
Haehar-he, Vrl Aela and Vrlnary
Amoni tha man
llltv fntnmia aiiraa nf flaramn.
Ttnot liivatlKl4 l.v The I'allv Ilea th
na wa nub lull Imlnv fur Ilia lit.ii.fli of
ttr readers speaks In lha tarm
cif the wnndarrtil curative properties of
thla greet hldnav remedy i
OKNTI.KMKNi When I wrola ynil
laal March for a eatntiln Imltl nf awainii
Itont, my wife was a great aiifTerar from
backache, rhiumaiUm anil urinary Iron
hie, alau esoeaa of nrln arid. After try.
In lha sample buttle, alia bought n Inra
buttle hrra at the clnia atora. That 1ld
hr an much a I aha bought timre, Tha
affari f Hwnuultoot waa wonderful and
Imnet Immediate. Nha haa fait nit ra
(urn of tl.a nld troulila lm-a
""t, int. r tiiomah,
4!T llaat Ht.. llurTaln, N. V.
1 lama bark la only ona aynintotn of kid
tajr trouhla nna of many, nthar aymp.
1oma ahnwlni that you nd H amp-Hoot
ra, nbllgad to paia watar ofian during Ilia
ay aud to (at up many t Intra at ulaht,
Inability to bold urine, amarlltiR or Irrlla
4lon la paatlni. brlik duat or axllmant In
tb urlua, catarrh nf tha bladdar. uric add,
Kotx BaparU Lagul Butui of Panama
rropertj nid Owinrt.
Mailer fnmillralad kr Many Ira a a
(era, kal Not na Barlow.. ly aa Mlhl
Uat (Iwlng; lo Mpaelal I. am.
Kranoa Uaa I'aaaad.
WAHIIINUTON, Oct. I& Attorney lien
ere! Knn haa decldad that If the I'nlted
(Hat ahould purchaaa the new Panama
canal for 40,UOO,0(M) It would receive
through the partlea In Interest a valid aud
tiklmeuuibei ed lit la to tha property.
Tht following la a aynnpala of the opin
ion ;
Tha principal ehjecttona which have been
made In I hla country lo the title resolve
thrmeelvea Into raone In support of tha
following propositions:
t. Thai Ilia new Tanniua Canal company
haa nut power lu aell the caiihI nod rullwuy
V. That tha lliiuldator of the old 1'anama
Canal comiiany ha. not power to consatit
la such aalw,
I. That tha r'rench Courts have not power
lo authorise tha lluulilatnr and the new
company, or either of them, to enter Into
the aale.
4 1 hat at all etant tha flitted Htat.s
weuld lake tha property a. a truet fund,
eut)acl to Die lolal olil . to Die
etockhiiMrra, the lioiolliohlcra niut the
ulnar credllMia of both companlea.
Aaamer. All Ute4'lluwa.
These objections are dlecuaaed aerlaluni,
and Mr, Ken eoucludca;
t. The new 1'anama company la quite
eolvaul and there la lui law torPKIdlua It to
I The atM khuldara derived from the
arliteisht aaieauieut ample power lo all,
IS lhay plopoaa to do.
1 The i(nl.ttor of the old company,
whan he turned over the aaacta lo the new
company, attpulaivd for pr cent of the
pruilt. of the canal when tluuhed. ami
under the genrral law or r'raooa end the
epeolel eel of tJJU concerning tha H. nitra
tion of hla company, he ha. full power I.)
tllepoee o( the aMla end coiiaeui uil to
ruiMarnl l the sale of the ax' per cent which
le pari cr tnoae aaaat
4 The in
thunal of the H.-tn baa approved
lha ronarnt of (he
ttuuliietor lo the ale
and on appewl bv a tHioilholdar of tha old
company the com I ol appeal of l aiia con
fttnied the iteclaion
a It la not perceived bow thi-r could ha
any law or ihiuiiv for auhtecilua a pur-
vhaaar of an article eoM aa la i f a I
falling partnarahltt. euch as the out com
,pany, lo the debts of the iMrtoerahip If
eueh were the law thei ol,t no por
ch. aaia Of euch aaaeia. aiHt lh cieoltora
Would ictve lui pameul of their olta
Vol of the pltM-ead. nor atockhnl.tar. any
Mlvtdand vf a realdue.
mm .ee,le Hallraad.
Neverthetese, the opinion exhaustively
eenaldera all osalMe inert gagea affecting
tke fre party, real or personal, under rten.h
ar Columbian law. ll saya there have been
mortgagee and slie.s In detail what be
came at them.
At m the prepeeltloa, thai the I nlted
Uelee rennet take title to Ike shares of
ate-k af the t'aaante Kallread comiany, a
,New Tork eerportl.n which the Tanama
eeAfay srHeea to aell with the caaal,
the aplalea hoMa tha giveinnieal can take
aag TaeU aay klad af preperty It may have
ee4 af
A t tfca anstla that lha lulled
(innatant badarha, dti;.lnaaa, alaaplaaanaaa,
rlnrynuanaia, Irracular haart bnatlni, rhau
tnatlain, blnatlna, Irritability, wornout
t"U, Jack (if ambition, loaa nf hih,
low coniirilon.
If your aater whrn allowed to ramaln
tindlalurhad In a Rlaia or bottla for twrnly
four Tioura, forma a ardlmaot or aattllng
or haa a iloudy appaaranoa It la avldaot
I hat your kldnaya and bladdar naad tm
madlata attnntlon.
In taking ftwarnp-Ront you afford natu
ral halp to Datura, for flwainp.Root la tha
moat parfrrt balar and ntla aid to tha
kldnaya that la known to madlcal arlanea.
Ilwamp-Rnnt la tha groat fltanorary of
lr, Klltnar, tha tmlnrnt kldnay and blad-rii-r
aparlallat. Iloapltala uaa It with won
darful aurtiaaa In both alight and aavara
raaai. Dontora rammmand It to thair
patlnnla and un It In thalr own famlllaa,
brraua thay raongnlaa In ftwamp-Root tha
graataat and moat auaoaaaful rrniady.
If you hava tha allghtaat aymptoma of
kldnay or bladdar troubln, or If thara la
traca of tt In your family hlatory amid at
oura to Dr. Klltnar Co, ninghamton,
N. Y., who will gladly aand you fraa by
mall linmadlataly, without roat to you, a
anmpla bnttla of Swamp-Hoof and a book
nf wondwful rlwamp-ltont taatlmonlala.
tin aura In aay that toy rtad thta aauar
oua offnr In fha maba Hutulay lira.
If ynu ara alraady conrtuced that
Hwatnp-ltuut la what you naad, you can
purrhatf tha ragular flfty-eant and ona
dollar alia bottlaa at drug atom avary
whara. Ikin't maka any mlatake, but
ramambar tha namn, fiwatnp-Hoot, Dr. Kll
mpr'a Pwamp-Koot, and tha addraaa, Ding
hatuton, N. Y., on ovary Jottla.
Htalea at all events could not destroy tha
railroad, ll la pointed out that It waa evi
dently not the Intention of the Krench, If
they built the canal, to dlapenae with tha
Aa In lha objcrtlnn that rnngreaa haa
authorised a purchase from tha new com
pany only and not from thn llnuldator, ha
opinion aaya: "In view nf the condition of
the title Ihe purchase will be from the new
company, and the consent of tha liquidator
will be at once g waiver of rlghta aa to
property transferred to tha now company."
The opinion rloaaa: "Kor lha reasons
have given I am of Ihe opinion that the
I'nlted Htatea would receive a good and
valid unincumbered title,"
llrdar.toN Orrtera Will leave
Aboal Ilaaere
WAftlllNOTON, Oct. tS.-The genrral or
der for Ihe reduction of the army appllea
to the I'orto Rico provisional regiment of
The I'orto Rico regiment la composed of
natives of that Island officered by officers
of the regular army, with Colonel Ruchanan
In command. The effect of the order la to
reduce the strength of lha eight companies
composing the regiment to slity-flve en
listed men each, making lha total strength
Mi). ,
Kealkrra l'rle Will Not tea Coal 1st
guile of relauleweVa Draw,
OAKLAND, Cal , Oct. t&.-Tfce published
statements that the Southern Pacific In
lenna changing naca to coal aa fuel are
discredited by officials at lha West Oak
land jarda.
It haa been aald that oil burus out lha
Are bones and rloaea tha flues with bitu
minous deposits. The statement haa some
truth In It, but It docs not Juattfy the aa
aertton that Ihe present experiment will
be abandoned.
Chtcaae t Atlas) Holler Jaa
Wreak, tare ea laye
eiploelon todav of the boiler of a lovoiuo
Hit on the Chicago A Alton railroad near
here Iwo man will die.
Harvey Hhoedee, firemen, of Vmtlhvtlle
Ta , waa killed.
J. Conuelly of Slater. Mo, an engineer
aa probably fatally Injured and eighteen
care were wrecked.
Weal aaa Will Dwell la Wekaa.
YOKK, Nek . Vt fk - t'peclal t-Rrar
Kel.vr. a Wakt rttlsei, and Mlaa Oltv
Nerla of Mtrnaisburg. Neb., were waited U
wiarriaae )eeterd.y. Tky will stake their
future home U Wafcoe
Tntlini Add Bit Vim to AothruiU
Arbitrati'm Batri
( analila af Aarraaxaala
Ihay r
Aakrit in a lBn aa May Thay Ulll
t t.m flark Till rtaatrla.
Haa la Raanatral.
WABHINflTON. 01. 2S. At tha rajuaat
of tha mainWa of lha anthra'ita airlka
rommlHlon, and with lb aaant of both
tha oparatora and mlnre, Praaldant ftoola
valt haa appolntad Carroll I). Wright, ra-"rd-r
of tha i ommlanlon, a mamlx-r of that
Tha rrrrondnca landing up to tha ap
point man t of Mr. Wright waa tnada public
at tha tamporary Wblta 1 1 on a today. Tha
following alf -aiplanatnry talagram waa
aant yaatarday:
WAHIIINtJTON, (u l, 24 -Mr Oaorga K.
It: Am rhalrrnnn of tha arithrarlt c.ohI
atrlka rmnmlaalon, r-otly a-M.luid t.y
tha .raaif-f)i. am ltiatrurt-"l to In'tulra
whrllirr It Would ha rr.atila thiil w
ahoiild raiii-at lha ur-i-r, that Mr. far-
roll I). Wrlaht, who wna md rwordar of
aald rummlaalon. Im a mambrr
tharaof. A Ilka cfinimiitili'Mtloit will la
nraaii lit ttta raiiraa.-ntatlvaa of tha
lolnrra. Will you ! g hm! anouah to,n-
war aa rapraantlfig tha coal oparatoM'
part I'-a to tha agraftnant?
OKoit'lK flltAY, fhalrm:in.
A talagram Idantlaal with thla waa aant
to Mr. John Mlt'hall, praaldrnt nf tha
t.'nltad Mlna Workara of Amarlita at
Wllkaabarra. To tha lnrulrlaa tha fol
lowing rraponadi wara ra:avad by tale
graph: I'lllf.AliKI.I'lll A, fVt. 241 am ntitlior
la"l to aav thxt Mr. Wrlahl a ml'IIMoii to
tha 'oftin.Ualoti will bo anllraly agraaahia
to tha gaiif .-ni-n who alatia tha raiin-at.
WII.KKHMAItlti;. l a.. Ki t. 24 -T li-urain
racrlvnil. Krplylfig tharato, will aay that It
la Ijarfartly Harai-nii n to ma unit Mr. i ar-
roll ll, Wright ha aildnd to tha i-ofiinilNloii,
Traaldant :nltd Mltia Workara of Amorlra.
Thn romplrtad tiorraapondanao waa than
laid baforn Traaldant Kooaavalt with tha
tinanlinoua raquaat of tha rommlealon that
Mr. Wright, bn added to tha commlaalon aa
a full mamhar.
In arrordanf with thn raipiaat thn praa-
Idant linmadlataly daalgnatad Ml. Wright a
mamhar of tha rnmmlaalon, coupling hla an
nouncement with a nlatamenl that Mr.
Vrlght would confUiua. to perform hla duty
aa retnrder.
Mr. Wright rallnd upon the. prealdent to
day and formally aiirepted tha appointment.
Ilarorder Wright of lha anthrarlta coal
trlka rommlaalon hna reci lved repllea from
moataf tha coal mlnn nwnara who arn par-
Ilea to tho controversy. Indicating thalr ac-
eaplanrn of tha arbitration of tha oommla-
lon to attend thn conference to bn hold
on Monday, next, for thn purpoaa of agree
ing upon plana for thn hcarlnga to bn given
by tha nommlaalon and alao a reply from
Mr. Mitchell, aaylng that he would bn rep
reaantad at thn meeting.
Carroll I).' Wright tonight, apaaklng of
" "
Monday, aald the membere are of opinion
that aaealona abould be held In thn vicinity
of tha evidence, and that an effort would
ba made to get both partlea to. the contro
veray to agree upon one convenient place
here tha rommlaalon ahall alt.
Will Itemaln oa Hlrlb.
HAZLKTON, !.. Oct. 25. Tho local of
tha United Mlna Workara composed of the
mployea of A. Pardee Co. at Cranbury
and Cry at at tlldgn yoted today to remain
on atrlka until tha company wltfidVgw lta
requirement that all the men, before re
urulng lo work, sign an agreement not to
nterfere In any way with the nonunion
WIDKRVR ARRIS, Ta., Oct. 25. Today aaw
further Inrreaao of coal production In
he anthracite region. The estimated out
put la 120,000 tons. Thn Increase came
mostly from collieries that nave been In
operation since Thursday and which ara In
good condition now
Tho largest output waa from the mines
of tho Delaware, Lackawanna A Weatern
nd tha Delaware & Hudson.
Reports received show that fourteen ad
It tonal mines were atarted today. Four
of thaaa ware In tha Schuylkill region and
he balance In tha Lackawanna and Wyom
Ijig reglona. Tha number of men and boya
l worn lonay is piarea bi vi.uou
The I-ehtgh Valley Coal company haa all
lta collieries In tha Wyoming region In op
rratlon with the exception of one. The
rompany'a output waa 60 per cent of the
Nearly all the at earn men formerly em
ployed by thla company, It la aald, are at
work. "
By Monday ll la believed SO per rent of
tha nilnea will bo la operation. All me
rolllorlea where water haa not accumulated
n large quantities ara now In shape to re
ceive tha full working force. Nearly all
he Coal and Iron policemen who were
hired by the coal . companlea when the
atrlka began have been paid oft.
READING, Pa.. Oct. 16. Contrary to ex-
pectatlona very Utile coal waa brought
down from tha Reading company'a mlnea
tonlght. No effort waa mane to mine mucn
coal today, but operatlona will be resumed
In earnest by Monday. It la expected that
400 or 500 carloads of coal will be brought
down tomorrow. About 200 rara of coal
have been shipped down tha road since Frl
day morning from all points.
Kaw York Suecalatora Object to
Slatlatlclaa Who loee Riot Cater
ta Their fsaveslescr.
tFrom a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Oct. 25. (Special Tele
gram.) It la aald that a determined effort
will be made at the coming eeeaion of con
aresa to hava John Hyde, the statistician
of tha Agricultural department, relieved
from the work of preparing the monthly
crop report. This effort will come prto
rlpally from tha speculative Interests or
New York Tha fault that the grain apecu
lalora of New York find with Mr. Hyde
la that he haa refused to change Ihe hour
of alvlua out the monthly crop report. Kor
decade at least thla report haa been
given out at tne Agricultural nepartmeut
on tha tenth day of each month at 4 p. m
after Ihe exchangee ara cloard. Mr. Hyde
baa refused to give out this report at an
earlier hour aad hla refusal haa angered
Ihe New York Produce exchange, the New
York Cotton exchange and the Chicago
Board of Trade. Mr. Hyde t not ap
parenlly f"l at all alarmed. He feels ae
cure in ma poauion rcause ne na. me
Indorsement of hla chief. Secretary Wilson,
and also of agrlculturlsta geuerally and the
exchangee In all lha leading cities of the
west and northwest eutatde of Chicago. It
la. howaver, reasonably cerlala that ooe
result of the proposed light oa Mr. Hyde
will be ta draw the attentloa of congresa
to lha necessity if consolidating tba gov
ernrueat'a numerous etattetlral departments.
The report of Ihe special agent of the
architects efffve waa recently visited
Pterra, S. U. ta look aver the altea offered
la that city tor a new poetofflce, waa today
made ta tke acting secretary of the treas
ury. I'nder the thirty day. of grace rule
Secretary Ska will at lta aa-
levtloa until November si.
Free rural delivery route, will be estae
llahvd la Nebraska November 1 aa follows:
Cedar Replda, Doose county, one route,
era revered thirty square miles, popula
tion served fViO; Central City, Mrrkh
county, ore additional route, area thirty-
eight equare mllea, pnpulatloa 419; Lyons,
Hurt eounty, ona additional route, area
thirty-four a'lnara miles, population V;
Madliwn, Madlann county, ona additional
route, area Iwenty-alx square mllea, popu
lation 42; Tender, Thunton county, ona
additional route, area twenty-eight square
ml We, population tiM; reteraburg. Boone
county, two routes, area slaty. two square
mllea. population 1,400; Ft. Edward, Boone
county, one rout., area twenty-eight aquara
mllea, population too.
Tha comptroller of tha currency haa ap
proved the First National bank of Lincoln
as reserve agent for the Alliance National
bank of Alliance, Nat).
Iowa postmsstara appointed: W. T. Scott,
Bear f;rove, O'lthrle county; William O.
Hodge, Milton, Monroe county; F. W. Bean,
Yorkshire, lltrrlaon county.
Trastee. Will ot fr tweed Farther
Till Fall aaa Aekeal la
CANTON. O, Oct. 25. A meeting of tha
trustees of the National McKlnley Me
morial association waa held today In the
offlrea of tha prealdent. Judge William R.
Day. No detailed statement of tba buelnesa
waa furnished for publication.
It la underetood. however, that tha trus
tees are not satisfied to proceed In any
channel auggestlng the expenditure of tha
fund until the. full IWO, 000 baa been raised,
as originally contemplated.
It la pointed out that, while an amount
approximating that which may ba sufficient
to build an appropriate memorial baa al
ready been accumulated, tba money
aary to malataln the work properly la aa
yet unavailable. Tha work of tha associa
tion will continue until the needed balance.
which, It la understood, amounts to mora
than 1100.000, a acquired. liana hava been
settled for continuing tho work of soliciting
contributions particularly In those parts of
the country which hava not responded to
tha calls for financial aid.
Thoaa In attendance were: Frealdant Day,
Marcua Hanna, A. H. nilsa of New York.
A. H. Revell of Chicago, Senator Charles
Fairbanks of Indlanapolla, Oeorge B. Cor-
lalyou, gecretary to tha prealdent; William
McConwsy of T'lltsburg, Postmaster General
Payne, John O. Mllburn of Buffalo and Wil
liam A.- Lynch of Canton.
After luncheon the party was driven to
Mrs. McKlnley'a residence and mads a brief
call on the widow of tba late president.
They were then taken to Weat Lawn ceme
tery, where a beautiful wreath was laid on
thn dead president's casket.
M. I.onla Police) Cant a re Maa with
Mia Allaaes After Rirltlng;
ST. I0UI8, Oct. 26. After an exciting
ehaaa thrntlah atraata atlava mnA .ln.M
and two tha polloa captured Wll
. ,,, . "Kid." all., r. R n.n
Ham Hmlth, allaa "Kid," alias C. E. Green,
alina -C, O. Drown, allaa Georga Frank,
allaa K. R. Oeorge Frank, a self-confessed
It la believed ha Is a criminal of. na
tional reputation. He admits having served
time In the Missouri penitentiary for forg
ery and three years at Blng Sing. N. Y.,
for tho same crime.
He left an order for soma checks pur
porting to bo for the Elgin City Banking
cmPny. Detective learned of the mat
tar and when Smith called they attempted
to Interview him.
ie ran at signt of them and after a
chase -waa captured but not before ha bad
thrown away the package and shot twlco
t tho officers. At his hotel hla bag waa
found to contain a check perforator and
nearly a thouaand cbacka on Frederick
Bros., Bankera, Tonawanda, N. Y. All
were algned by F. K. Robertaon aa cashier
of tho bank. A rubber stamp reading "To
Bank of America, New York, N. Y." wti
among the effecta.
Smith admitted at the police atatlon that
he waa ready to begin operations as a
wholesale forger. He aald he had Intended
going to Tcxaa to pnsa tha checks,
I' Drlagja Prlaoaar lo Ml.aeala
W ho Thar sy HeU Vm Sarlh.
era Pawino Trala.
BUTTE, Mont., Oct. 25. Deputy Sheriff
McCortnlch arreated a man near Bonlta to
dy wh0 la thought to ba tha bandit who
held up the North Coaat limited near Bear
Mouth yesterday and murdered Engineer
Daniel O'Neill.
Tha man, who In aisa god general de
acrlptlon anawera that of tha robber, givea
tha name of Alfred llaiendoct, and at tlmea
trlea to talk with a German accent, and
again uaea plain English
He la of medium atatura, with heavy
shoulders, slightly Inclined to stoop, and
wora a gray ault and a peculiar little blue
c,Pi an(J tw0 45-callber Colt's rerol-
vers strapped to hla person.
Ha acknowledge ha waa at Gold Creek
the night previous to tha holdup and aaya
ha la a tlemaker looking for employment
and that be waa enrouto to Missoula when
he paused through Gold Creak.
Will Try ta Katahllah Cardial Bala.
tloaa Ilrtvreea Labor aaa
CLEVELAND, O.. Oct. 25. Senator Hanna
poke here tonight. After going Into the
question of tha relation of capital and
labor, much along tha Unas that ha haa
followed during the preaeut campaign, ba
The beat efforts of my life will be de.
voted to the establishment of a cordial
relatlonahlo between capital and labor and
to the cauae of bringing laboring men lo
a higher plane or cllisensnip.
1 have in recent yeara tveen ao anuseo
and a hiutally caricatured that It Is no
wonder people do not know ma.
Chicago at Altoa tilvea All Shop Mea
Two leal, aa Hoar
BLOOMINGTON. 111.. Oct. 25. Chicago t
Alton officials notified all shop employee of
the system today that tba request for
general advance In wagea 'uad been granted
.ommvnctng November 1.
The advance averagea 2 rente per hour
for each employ and will Increase tba
monthly payroll fully 10.004.
Korth Carollaa Haa
Strark Black Maa
CHARLOTTE. X. C. Oct. 14 The regie
iratlon books tor the first election la Nort
Caroline under the roaatitutlonal amend
men l tor tke disfranchisement of Illiterate
negroes closed tonight.
l ader former laws the colored vote waa
about aiViKM, thta time ll will probably not
! amount t k.OM.
Monday's Specials .
at Kilpatrick'So
A special
the choicest
A Special
u i;h1a m'nnln ant
9 -
nlJU u in launc tx uiuv 1 1 i 1 iV v " - w.-. . - - - - t 1 '
mixed coverts, beiges, wool mixtures, etc., etc., widths ranging from 44 to 56 inches, former
prices from 75c to $1.50 per yard, on sale Monday at 50 cents per yard.
An immense assortment of black, mixtures, and plain colors, in pedestrian skirtings, submit
ted for your delectation Monday.
A Rare Chance Presented at Silk Counters
All silk faced velvets, 19 inches
Colors cerise, wine, cardinal,
navy, for waists, collars, beits,
r ,
Look in West Window. It Tells
The big east window will not fail to attract your attention.
Don't Have to Say
Except to ask that you be a little patient with our alterations
overtime most of the time to give you prompt service.
1505-1507-1509 Douglas Street.
abjeet af, Moat Savara Caatlaltea
of Aar of Irelaad'a Chief
' . .1' gaeretartea.'
(Copyright. 190J, by Prase Publiahlng Co.)
, LONDON, Oct. 25. (New York World Ca
blegram Special Telegram.) Tha World
corraapondant hears that Irish Secretary
Wyndham, who seeroa to be drifting into
hopeless dlffloultlea, Is about to appoint.
In place of Sir David Harrel, a new secre
tary for Ireland, whom be eipects to extri
cate Sim from hla troubles by settling tha
land queatton.
At preaent the question of Irish mls-
gorernment Is at a moat acute atage, both
In Ireland and in tha British Parliament.
Prima Minister Balfour superciliously re
fused to give a single day for discussion
of tba coercion abuses in Ireland, unleaa
tba liberal leader, Sir Henry Campbell-Ban-
nerman would endorse the Irish demand
The Irlah party declined to accept any
Intermediary, and Sir Henry pronounced
Balfour's refusal scandalous.
The Irish party In revenge for Mr. Bal
four's treatment, has each day raised by
questions the moat flagrant scandals of
Irish Secretary Wyndham's coercion regime.
When tha chief, secretary baa Bought to
evade straightforward anawar tha national.
lata have moved adjournment to compel
him, and have subjected him to tha se
verest castlgatlons any Irish secretary has
aver received.
By refusing the day to the Irishmen, all
business of the session has been upset, tha
Cerceat antagonisms hava been arouaed be
tween tba Irishmen and the unionists and
scenes of extraordinary turbulence and
disorder hava been wltneaaed lha Irish
party is overriding all opposition and at all
risks Insisting oa its rights.
Mr. Balfour's action Is recognised even
by his own aide aa a tremendous blunder
and as really an attempt to coerce the
Irish members In Parliament, aa well as
In Ireland. But as ba never Is so tentacious
as when In ths wrong, further trouble la
Aaatrla'a Heir lata ta
ta Give Nephav
VIENNA,' Oct. 15. A newspaper of Buda
Pest publtahea tha announcement that
Archduke Prans Ferdinand, tba heir pre
aumpUve ta tha Auatro-Hungarlan throne,
haa decided to renounce hla claim In favor
of bt nephew, Carl Francis Joseph, i yeara
Well Informed persons appear disinclined
to credit tha report.
Belief that Celeaaalea aaa Rebel Gaa-
haata Hava Cease lata
MANAGUA. Nicaragua. Oct. 15. For aav-
eral houra today cannon firing waa beard
at aea betweea Corlnto and Brlto, Nica
ragua, and according to rumore current
fc.ra a battle waa fought between the Co
lombian cruiser Bogota and the Insurgent
gunboat Padllla.
tw Railway leceraeralea.
SPRING FIELt, Ill . Oct JS -Articles of
Incorporation aere hied with the aei-retarv
of atate laday by the St. txmut Fast
Shor RaHmad company, with a capital
aterk of taAUW. The road ta to b con
stmrted frrsn Kaet St. Louis lo Shaw nee
low n, on tha Ohio river.
ALLEN-Mra R. M Notice haa been re
called of lha death of Mra. R. M. Allan
of Ames Nb.
REHMER Herman. October . 9"l aged
I yar and I montha. only eon of Mr and
ktra. Herman Refcanrr. at 136 North Ta-Iv-aateath
afreet, Omaha
Funeral Sunday. October St. at 1 P- in .
fro at rvetdence i.f J. Ieutrer.ger, Bi Bro.-
a. Council Muffs, lateraneut St Fairl
cvsneter). FrUnUe Invited.
You rartlv Lave a chance to buy staple linings at
half price. Monday will be feast day at lining counter
buy for present wants and. it won't hurt to lay la
'u little stock of future
One line of fine percalinen. fold by us at 20 cents
One line of silk cloth (made front mutton), formerly 25 cents
Our line of fine satines, our previoiiH price, 2."i cents.
One line of mercerized cloth, last week,
All to be sold on Monday
at one price
purchase of fine waistincs, all
foreign fabrics, every shade desirable, on special sale at 19c yard.
Bargain on Dress Goods Counter
Tritrnnf f.n ATnnflnv. All wool lioflvv nlflida. flftto mixtures.
wide, worth up to 11.00, will
straw, turquoise, purple, olive,
girdles, fronts, trimmings and
Anything About the
Suit Salesroom
I 1 " 11111 11
Drugs, , f atent Qdieinos
Our stock of Patent Me'dlclnes comprlaee not only tha rapid celling and wrell
advertised artlclea, but thoueands of mediclnea which hava only a limited aale,
yet which are known and valued hy thoae to whoae attention their merit haa been
Drought. We also have In atock a large number of artl'-lea of FRENCH, GERMAN
and ENGLISH manufacture which we obtain direct from, the Importere In New
York. AMERICAN PATENT MEDICINES are obtained by ua direct from tha
manufacturers ASK US FOR THE THINGS YOU USE our prlcaa will always aba
FOUND THE LOWEST. Write for catalogue.
boo Ajax Tablets .... 40
1 00 Allen's Extract Celery t
26c Allen's Foot Ease ,. 20
tl 00 Allen a Lung Balsam 75
Vc Allcock'a Porous Plastera 13
12 00 Alkavta' Kidney Cure I 60
II 00 Angler'a Petroleum Emulsion .... 80
2fc Arnica Tooth Boap 20
$1 00 Austin's Da.idrutt Cure t
II 00 Ayer a Cherry Pectoral 75
$1 00 Ayer'a Hulr Vigor 7S
25c Ballard'a Hoarhound Syrup .... 20
26o Ballenllne'i Remedies 20
26c Beecham'a Pills 20
(I 0U Beef, Wine and Iron SO
60c Beef, Wine and Iron 25
60c Blrney'e Catarrh Powder 35
3.o Bitter Water (Imported) 25
26c Black Draught 20
26c Booth'a Hyomel Balm 20
boo Borolyptol 40
Siio Bovlnlne 60
26c Brandreth'a Ptlla :. to
1 00 Bradtteld'e Mot here' Friend 75'
60c Bromo Chloraluro , 40
26c Bromo oeltaer 17
26o Brown'a Camphorated Tooth
Powder ,30
The above only shows a few of the A.
cut rlces but cur cut price list comprl
11 00 Genuine Peruna, Monday $ 49
This Is the genuine article, bearing atrip
over cork.
$1 00 Genuine Temptation Tonic I
11 00 Malted Milk 4
ti en Duffy a Malt Whisky 6
We have long sold druga at greatly re
duced rrices. We have now concluded to
do the same with cigars. We don't mean
that we ahall cut tha price on CABBAGE
GOOD KINDS the kind with a reputation
these are the onea we aell you at Just
Write for
Sherman McGonnell
Corner 16th and Dodge, Omaha, Neb.
You will not move then. If jou don't rouse yourself
now you will probably coutinue to put up with the same
inconvenienced for the next six years.
Io they keep your office clean? Your windows? The
halls? The elevator? Iitlie building a fire trap? FIave
they an elevator that runs See an hour ou week days aud
not at all nights or on Sundays? Is your office hot in sum
mer and cold in wiuter? Any other troubles?
The cure for all these ills is ah office in
The Bee Building.
R. C. PETERS & CO., Rental Agents.
Ground Pjoor.
needs. We will discontinue 4
3'J cents
cotton, for fall and winter wear,
be sold at 25 cents per yard.
2 or 3 shades of brown, black and
general garnishing.
Its Own Story
Great Cloak and
and fitting departments. Working
2(o Brown's Bronchial Troches
26c Bucklen's Arnica Salve 15
26c Bull a Cough Syrup 2t
60c Burkart'a Vegetable Compound.. 40
26c Burkhart'a Vegetable Compound,. 2)
tl 00 Burnham'n Suraaparilla 49
25c Calder'a Tooth Powder 20
60c Caldwell's Syrup of Pepsl.1 .... 14
2&c Camphor Ice , lo
$1 00 Camnbell'a Araenie Wafers &
tro Carter s Liver Ptlla 11
26o C arter a Nerve Pills 20
fl 00 Carlabad Sprudel Salta
60o Caacareta 40
26c Caacaret4 J'
36o Caatoria 18
6oc C'hamberlaln'e Cough Syrup .... 40
26c Chamberlain's Cough Syrup,.... 20
22 00 Chewalla 1 bo
12 00 Chichester's English Pennyroyal
Ptlla (Diamond Brand) 1 7S
fl 09 Cramer's Kidney Cura St
$1 00 Coke' a Dandruff Cure 4
fl 00 Coltsfoot Expectorant . 76
M Cud&hy's Extract beef
26c Cutlcura Boap 17
B, C of our list of patent medicines at
aea over one thouaand Items.
11 00 Plnkham'a Compound fi
tl 00 Wine Cardul i 4S
11 00 Pierce's Golden Med. Discovery.. 4
tl 00 Bcolt'a Emulsion 41
2&o Laxative Bromo Quinine 10
Rood This.
about one-half the regular prices:
George W. Chllds nine for Wo
Lillian Ruaaell nine for 26c
Ctnco" seven lor 26o
tl ou Allen's Extraact Celery 61
Little Florida two for 6c
Ml Favorlta (clear Havana) tc atralght
Drug Co.,