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At the Rainbow's End
It was tor two reasons that Montana Kid
Discarded bla "chaps" and Meilean spurs
and shook tn duat of th Idaho ranges
trom til feet. In tba flrat place, tha en
croachmenta of a steady, aober and sternly
moral civilization bad destroyed tba prl
rosral atatua of the western caul ranges,
and refined society turned the cold eye of
disfavor upon blm and his ilk. In the sec.
ond place, In ooa of- Ita cjrclopedlan mo
menta tha race bad arisen and shoved back
ita frontier several thousand mllre. Thua
with nnionselous foresight did mature so
ciety make room tor Ita adolescent mem
bare. True the new territory was moelljr
barren, but Ita aeveral hundred thouaand
square mllea of frigidity at least gave
breathing space to tboae who else would
have auffocated at home.
Montana Kid waa auch a one. Heading
for the aeacoaat with a baate aval sher
iffs' posses might poaslbly have explained,
and with more nerve than coin of the realm,
be aucceeded In shipping from a Puget
ound port and managed to survive tba con
tlngent mlaerlea of steerage seasickness
and steerage grub. He waa rather sallow
and drawn, but atlll his own indomitable
elf, when he landad on the Dyea one day
In the spring of the year. Between the cost
of dogs, grub and outfits, and the customs
exactions of the two clashing governments,
It speedily penetrated to bis understanding
that the northland wu anything aave a
poor man'e rnecca. Bo he cast about him
In search of quick barveets. Between the
beach and the patses were scattered many
thousands of passionate pilgrims. Theie
pllgrlma Montana Kid proceeded to farm.
At first be dealt faro in a pine board gam
bling shack, but disagreeable neceaslty
forced him to drop a sudden period Into a
man's life and to move on up trail. Then
be effected a corner In horseaboe nails, and
they circulated at par with legal tender,
four to the dollar, till an unexpected con
signment of a hundred barrels or so broke
the market and forced him to disgorge his
stock at a loss.' After tbat be located at
Sheep Camp, organized the professional
packers and Jumped the freight 10 cents a
pound In a single day. In token of their
gratitude the packers patronised bis faro
and roulette layouts- and .were mulcted
cheerfully, of their earnings. But Jtls com
mercialism was of too lusty a growth to
be long endured, so they rushed him one
night, burned hie shanty, divided the bank
and headed blm vp the trail with empty
Ill-luck was hla running mate. He an
gaged with responsible parties to run
whisky across the line by way of precarious
and unknown trails, lost his Indian guides
Ind bad tbe very Drat outfit confiscated by
tho mounted police. Numoroua other mis
fortunes tended to make blm bitter of heart
and wanton of action, and be celebrated his
arrival at Lake Bennett by terrorizing the
Camp for twenty straight hours. Then a
tnlners' meeting took him In band and ctm
mended blm to make himself scarce. He
bad a wholesome respect for such assem
blages and he obyod In such baste that he
Inadvertently removed himself at tbe tail-
end of another man's dog team. This was
equivalent to horse stealing la a more mel
low clime, so behit only the high places
across Bennett and down Taglsb, and made
nil Drat camp full hundred miles to the
I Now It. happened that tha break of spring
(vis at band, and many of the principal
fcltlxeoi of Dawson wore traveling south cn
the last Ice. These, ho met and talked with,
hoted their names and possessions and
Passed on. He bad a good memory, also
ir imagination; ortrwas Ytreeity on of bit
rlrtue. . .
i Dawson, always eager for news, beheld
Montana Kid's sled beading down the Yukon
tad went out on the ice to meet blm. No,
k hadn't any newspaper!;' didn't know
whether Durrant was banged ret, nor who
had won the Thanksgiving game; hadn't
heard whetber the United States and Spain
bad gone to fighting; . didn't know who
Dreyfus waa; but O'Brien? Hadn't they
beard? O'Brien, why be waa drowned in
tbe White Horse; Cltka Charley the only
one of the party who eacaped, Jo Ladue?
Both legs frosea and amputated at tbe Five
Fingers. And Jack Dalton? Blown up on
the Sea Lloa with all banda. And Bottles?
"Wrecked on tbe Cartbaglna In Seymour
Narrows twenty survivors out of 100. And
Bwlftwster BUI? Gone through tbe rotten
loe of Lake Le Barge with ats female mem
bars of the opera troupe he waa convoying.
Governor Walsh? Lost with all bands and
sight sleds on tbe Tbirtv.MU. Devoreaux?
Who was Devereeui? 0, the courier! Shot
by Indiana on Lake Marsh.
80 It went. The word was passed along.
Mea shouldered It to ask after friends and
partners, and in turn ware shouldered, but
too stunned tor blasphemy. By tbe time
Montana Kid gained tha bank he waa'aur
rounded by several hundred fur-clad min
ora. When he passed the barracks he waa
the center of a procession. At the opera
bouse be waa the nucleus of an excited
mob, each member struggling for a chance
to ask after aome absent comrade. On
every side he waa being Invited to drink.
Ker before had tbe Klondike thua opened
Ita arms to a che-cha-qua. All Dawson was
humming. Such a series of catastrophes
bad never occurred in Its history. Every
man of note who had gone south In the
spring had been wiped out. Tbe cabins vom
Had forth their occupants. Wild-eyed men
hurried down from the creeks and gulches
to seek out this man who bad told a tela of
such disaster. The Russian half breed wife
ot Bettlea sought the fireplace, inconaol
able and rocked back and forth and over
and anon Bung white wood ashes upon her
raven hair. Tbe Pag at tbe barracka flopped
dismally at balf-maat. Dawson mourned its
dead. ;
Why Montana Kid did this thing no
man may know. Nor beyond tbe fact tbat
the truth waa net la blm. can explanation
bo bapbaaarded. .'But tor Ave whole daya be
plunged tbe land in walling and sorrow
and for five whole days he was tbe only
maa In the Klondike. The country gave
blm Ita beat of . bed and board. Tbe sa
loons granted blm the freedom ot their bare
Mea sought him continuously, Tbe high offl
elale bowed down to blm tor further Infor
mation and he waa feasted at tbe barracka
by Constantino and bis brother officers,
And then one day Devereeui, tbe govern
ment courier, baited bla tired dogs before
the gold commissioner's office. Dead? Who
aid ao? Give him a moose a teak and be'd
show them how dead be waa. Why, Gov.
ernor Walsh waa in camp on the Little
8e!moa and O'.Brlen coming la oa tbe flrat
f water. Dead? Give blm a moose steak
4 and be'd show them.
And forthwith Dawson hummed. The
barracks' flag rose to the masthead, and
Bettlea' wife washed herself and put en
clean raiment. The community aubtlysig
aided Ita desire that Montana Kid obliter
ate himself from tha landscape. And Mon
tana Kid obliterated a uaual, at the tail
end ot some one else's dog team. Dawson
relolced when he headed dowa the Yukon,
and wlabed blm godspeed to the ultimate
I destination of the case-hardened sinner.
After that the owner of tie doga bestirred
himself, made complaint to Constanttne
aed from blm received tbe toaa of a police
With Circle City Id prospect and the last
lea crumbling under bis runners, Montana
Kid took advantage of the lengthening daya
and traveled his dogs late and early. Fur
ther, he bad but little doubt that the owner
of the dogs In question had taken bis trail,
and, be wished to make American terri
tory before the river broke. But by the
afternoon of tbe third day It became evi
dent that he had lost In bis race with
prlng. The Yukon was growling and
straining at Its fetters. Long detours be
came necessary, for the trail had begun to
fall through into swift current beneath,
while the Ice, In constant unrest, was
thundering spart In great gaping fissures.
Through these and through countlees air
boles, the wster began to sweep across the
surface Of the Ice, and by the time be
pulled Into a woodchopper's cabin on tbe
point of an Island, the dogs were being
rushed off their feet and were swimming
more often than not. He waa greeted
sourly by the two residents, but be un
harnessed and proceeded to cook up.
Donald and Davie were fair specimens
of frontier Inefficlents. Canadian-born,
city-bred Soots, in a foolish moment they
had resigned their counting-house desks,
drawn upon their savings, and gone Klon
diking. And now they were feeling the
rough edge of the country. Them, grub-
less, spiritless, and with a dust for home
In their hearts, the P. C. Company had
staked to cut wood for Its steamers, with
the promise at the end of a passage home.
Disregarding tha possibilities ot the Ice-
run, tbey bad fittingly demonstrated their
Inefficiency by their choice ot the Island on
which tbey located. Montana Kid, though
poasesslpg little knowledge ot the break up
of a great river, looked around him dubi
ously, and caat yearning glancea at'the dis
tant bank where the towering bluffs prom
ised Immunity from all tba loe ot the
After feeding himself and dogs be lighted
bla pipe and strolled out to get a better
Idea of the situation. The Island, like all
its river brethren, stood higher at the
upper end, and it was here tbat Donald and
Davy had built their cabin and piled many
cords of wood. The far abore was a full
mile away, while between the island and
the near sboro lay a back channel per'
baps a hundred yards across. At first sight
of this Montana Kid was tempted to take
bis dogs and escape to the mainland, but
on closer Inspection be discovered a rapid
current flooding on top. Below the river
twisted sharply to the west, and la this
turn Its breast was studded by mass of
tiny Islands.
"That's where she'll jam," b remarked
to himself.
Halt a dozen sleds, evidently bound up
stream to Dawson, were splaahlng through
the chill water to the tall of the Island.
Travel on the river was passing trom tbe
precarious to the Impossible, and It was
nip and tuck with them till they gained the
Island and came up tha path of the wood
choppers toward the cabin. One ot them.
snow blind, towed helplessly at tba rear
ot a sled. Husky young fellows they were,
rough-garmented and trail worn, yet Moo
tana Kid bad met tbe breed before and
knew at onee that It was not bis kind,
"Hello! How's things up Dawson way?"
queried the foremost, pasting bis eye over
Donald and Davy and settling it upon tho
A flrat meeting In the wilderness la not
characterized by formality. The talk
quickly became general, and tho news ot
the upper and lower eountrles wss swappad
equitably back and forth. But the little
the newoomers . bad was soon over wltb,
for they had wintered at Mlnook, a thou
eand mllea below, where nothing was do
tng. Montana Kid, however, was fresh
from Bait. Water, and they annexed him
while they pitched camp, swamping him
wltb questions concerning the outside, from
which tbey bad been cut off for a twelve
A shrieking split, suddenly lifting Itself
above the general uproar on tha river,
drew everybody to tha bank. The surface
water bad Increased In depth, and the Ice,
assailed trom above and' below, was strug
gling to tear Itself from the grip of the
shores. Flssurea reverberated Into life be
fore their eyes, and the air was filled with
multitudinous crackling, crisp and sharp,
like tba sound tbat goes up on a dear day
from tba firing Una.
From up the river two men were racing a
dog team toward them on an uncovered
stretch ot Ice. But even as they looked the
pair struck the water and began to flounder
through. Behind, where their feet had sped
the moment before, tbe Ice broke up and
turned turtle. Through this opening tbe
river rushed out upon them to their waists.
burying tbe aled and swinging the dogs off
at right angles In a drowning tangle. But
the mea stopped their flight to give the
animals a fighting chance, and they groptt
urn, air in me coia conrusion, slashing at
the detaining traces with tbelr sheath
knives. Then they fought their way to the
bank through swirling water and grinding
ice, where, foremost In leaping to the rescue
among the Jarring fragments, waa tbe Kid.
"Why, bllme me. if It ain't Montana Kid!"
exclaimed one of the men whom the Kid
was just placing upon his feet at the top of
the bank. He wore the scarlet tunic of the
mounted police and Jocularly raised bis
right band In salute.
"Got a warrant for you. Kid." b con
tinued, drawing a bedraggled paper from bis
breast pocket. "An" I 'ope as you'll come
along peaceable."
Montana Kid looked at tbe chaotic river
and ehrugged bis shoulders, and tbe police-
man. following bis glsnce, smiled.
"Where are tbe dogs?", hla companion
Gentlemen." interrupted the policeman.
'this 'ere mat 0' mine la Jack Sutherland.
owner or Twenty-Two Eldorado"
"Not Sutherland of .?" broke in the
snow-bllnded Mlnook man, groping feebly
to warn nim.
"The same." Sutherland gripped hie hand.
And you?"
"Oh, I'm after your time, but I remem
ber you tn my freshman year you were
doing P. O. work then. Boys." he called,
turning half about, "this is Sutherland, Jack
Sutherland, erstwhile fullback on tbe 'Var
sity. Come up, you gold chasers, and fall
upon him! Sutherland, thla la Greenwich-
played quarter two eeaaona back."
"Yes, I read ot the game." Sutherland
aald, shaking bands. "And I remember tbat
big run of yours for the first touchdown.
Greenwich flushed darkly under bla
tanned akin and awkwardly made room for
another. .
"Ana neree Mattnew Berkeley man.
And we've got some eastern cracks knock
log about, too. Come up, you Princeton
uien! Come up! This is Sutherlsod, Jack
Then they tell upon mm heavily, tar
ried blm into camp and supplied blm
with dry clothes and numerous mugs of
black tea.
Donald and Davy, overlooked, bad retired
to tbelr nightly game of crib. Montana
Kid followed them with the policeman
"Here, get Into some dry togs." bs
said, pulling them from ut his scanty
kit. "Guess you'll have to bunk with me.
"Well, I say. you're a good 'un." the
policeman remarked, as be pulled on the
other man's socks. "Sorry I've got to take
you back to Dawaon. but I only 'ope they
won't be 'ard oa you."
"Not a fast." Tba Kid amlled curiously
"We ain't under way yet When I go I'm
going down river, and I gueas tbe chances
are you'll go along."
"Not If I know myself "
"Come outside and I'll show you, then.
These damn fools," thrusting a thumb
over his shoulder at the two Scots, "played
smash when tbey located here. Fill your
pipe first this Is pretty good plug and en
joy youreelf while you can. You baven't
many smokes before you."
The policemen went with blm wonder
Ipgly. while Donald and Davy, having over
beard, dropped tbelr cards and followed.
The Mlnock men noticed Montana Kid
pointing now up the river, now down, and
came over.
What's up?" Sutherland demanded.
"Nothing much." Nonchalance sat well
upon the Kid. "Just a case of raising hell
and putting a chunk under. See tbat bend
down there? That's where she'll Jam mil
lions of tons ot Ice. Then she'll Jam In the
bends up above, millions ot tons. Upper
Jam breaks first, lower Jam holds, pouf."
He dramatically swept the Island with his
hand. "Millions of tans," he added reflec
tively. And what ot tbe woodpiles?" Davy ques
Tbe Kid repeated his sweeping gesture.
and Davy walled, "The labor of montbe!
It canna be! Na, na, lad, tt canna be.
I doot not it's a Jowk. Ay. say that it Is,"
be appesled.
But when the Kid laughed harshly and
turned on hla heel, !i.vy flung hlmaelf
upon the piles and began frantically to tosa
tbe eordwnod back from the bank.
"Lend a hand, Donald!" be cried. "Can
ye no lend a band? 'Tls me jaoor 01
months and the passage home!"
Donald caught blm by the arm and Shook
him, but he tore free. "Did ye no hear,
man? Millions ot tons and the island shall
be sweeplt clean."
"Straighten yersel' up, man," said Don
aid. "It's a bit fashed ye are."
But Davy fell upon the cordwood. Don
aid atalked back to tha cabin, buckled on
bis money belt and Davy's and went out
to tha point ot the island where the ground
was highest and where a huge pine towered
above its fellows.
The men before the csbin beard tha ring
ing of bis axe and smiled. Greenwich re
turned from across the Island with the
word that tbey were penned tn. It was
Impossible to cross the back channel. The
blind Mlnook man began to sing, and tha
rest Joined in with:
Wonder it It's true?
Does It seem so to you?
Seems to me he's lying
O, I wonder if it's true.
"It'i ay sinfu'," Davy moaned, lifting
his head and watching them dance In the
slanting rays of the sun. "And my guld
wood a going to waste."
O, I wonder It It's true?
was flaunted back.
Tha noise of the river ceased suddenly.
A strange calm wrapped about them. The
Ice had ripped from the shores and was
floating higher on tbe surface ot the river,
which was rising. Up it came, swift and
silent, for twenty feet, till the huge cakes
rubbed softly against the erest of the bank.
The tall ot tbe Island, being lower, was
overrun. Then, without effort, the white
flood started down stream. But the sound
Increaaed wttb the momentum, and soon
the whole Island waa shaking and quivering
with the ahock of the grinding bergs. Under
pressure the mighty cakes, weighing hun
dreds ot tons, were shot Into the air like
peas. The frigid anarchy Increaaed Its riot
and the men bad to ebout Into one another's
ar to be heard. Oocaalonally the racket
from the back channel could be beard above
tha tumult.
The Island shuddered wltb the impact of
aa enormous cake which drove In squarely
upon Its point. It ripped a score ot pines
out by tha roots, then swinging around and
over, lifted Its muddy base trom the bot
tom of tho river and bore down upon the
cabin, slicing tha bank and trees away Ilka
a glgantto knife. It seemed barely to grase
the corner of the cabin, but tha cribbed
logs tilted up like matches and the struc
ture, like a toy house, fell backward In
"Tbe labor of months! Tbe labor of
months and the pasaage borne!" Davy
walled, while Montana Kid and the police
man dragged blm backward from the wood
piles. "You'll 'ave plenty o' hopportunlty all
In good time for yer passage 'ome," the
policeman growled, clouting htm alongside
the bead and sending him flying Into safety.
Donald, from tha top of the pine, saw
tbe devastating berg sweep away the cord-
wood and dlaappear down stream. As though
satisfied wltb this damage, tbe Ice-flood
quickly dropped to Its old level and began
to slacken Its pace. Tbe noise likewise
eased down, and the others could hear
Donald shouting from bis eyrie to look
down stream. As forecast, tbe Jam had
coma among tbe Islands In tbe bend, and
tba Ice waa piling up In a great barrier
which stretched from shore to shore. Tbe
river came to a standstill, and the water,
finding no outlet, began to rise. It rushed
up till the Island was awash, the men
apiasning around up to their knees, and
tha dogs swimming to tba ruins of the
cabin. At this stage It abruptly became
stationary, with no perceptible rise or fall.
Montana Kid shook his head. "It's Jam
med above, and no more s coming down.
And tbe gamble is, which Jam will break
nrst." Sutherland added.
"Exactly," the Kid affirmed. "If the up
per jam breaks first w baven't a chance,
Nothing will stand before It."
Tbe Mlnook men turned away In silence.
but soon "Rumsky Ho" floated upon the
quiet air, to be followed by "The Orange
ana me tJiscx. Room was made In the
circle for Montana Kid and the police
man, and tbey quickly caught tbe ringing
royinra 01 toe cnorusea as they drifted on
trom song to song.
"O, Donald, will ye no lend a band?'
Davy sobbed at the toot of the tree into
which bis comrade bad climbed. "0 Don
aid. man. will ye no lend a band?" be sob
bed again, bis bsnds bleeding from vain
attempts to scale tha slippery trunk
But Donald bad fixed bis gai, up river.
and now bis voice rang out. vibrant with
'Ood Almighty, here she comes
Standing kneedeep in the Icy water, the.
llnook men. with Montana Kid and the
jtollceman, gripped bands and raised tbelr
voices la the terrible "Battle Hymn of the
Republic." But the words were drowned
In the advancing roar.
And to Donald was vouchsafed a sight
such as no man may see and live. A great
wall of white flung upon tha Island. Trees,
dogs, men, were blotted out, as though the
hand of Ood had wiped the face of nature
clean. This much be saw, then swayed an
lnatant longer la bis lofty perch and
hurled far out into the froien bell.
Mar Transport War Material.
MANAGUA. Nicaragua. Oct. 11 The Com-
mercto of this city today publishes tba
text of a secret treaty, said to have been
received from London, and signed at Bo
gota. Colombia, on January 18 between Co
lombia and Chill, granting perpetual free
transit for Chilian war material across tha
Isthmus of Panama.
Good Boata tCsklbltloa.
NEW BRITAIN. Conn.. Oct. U.-Art Mima
and Willie F' sgerald gave one of the best
Dcxing exniiitiona ever seen in this city
when they f Might twenty rounds to a draw
last nignt.iTh men weighed In at the
ringeide at ? pounds. In the early rounds
r'ltsgerald rowe-l up better than his oppo
rent, but at er the tenth round 81ms braced
up aoa nuirnea strong.
The reM of Patrick: (lirbrv 9'.vt Smith
Thirteenth a reel, caught Ore at 11 Jo o'clock
yteieraay mom a detective flue. The Bamee
re extinguished by the department, wltb
hiui eaatagw uvtwa,
Movement oa Toot to Close Up Ireawaji on
Downtown Buildings.
Cit Compelled to Borrow a. Little
Mower to Meet Interest Pay
meats TJwe (a) Mew York
Jtovember I.
Several owners of building In tba bust
ness portion ot tbe city are considering the
advisability of covering up area ways.
These area ways are either used for light
to basement rooms or for egress end exit.
As very few basements are rented here
at the present time which need an outside
opening tbe closing ot these areas has been
suggested by the fire department. In this
the agents of insurance companies heartily
concur. While no definite promlsea have
been made It haa been Intimated to several
owners ot buildings that it the openings
were closed there might be a alight reduc
tion In the Insurance premium.
Area ways, especially on the buildings
fronting on .downtown streets, are nearly
always filled with litter. Even with the
best of care papers and rubbish ot various
klnda will blow Into these places and thus
cause an accumulation of Inflammable ar
tides. A lighted cigar or a clgaret often
causes a slight fire in these area ways,
hence the move on tbe part of the prop
erty owners, the city officials and the in
surance companies to close as many as
Government Wants Flg-aree.
L. O. Powers, chief statistician of the
census bureau at Washington, has written
to the city officials here asking for data In
relation to tbe affairs ot the city. What
the government wants to know Is the gen
J eral bonded debt, the district debt, the
condition of the sinking fund and tbe re
sources of tbe city. In addition tbe valua
tlon and levies for years past are asked
for. This data Is to be compiled along
1th a report eoon to be Issued by the
census department. City Treasurer Howe
and City Clerk Shrlgley are now engaged
in filling out tha necessary blanks tor tbs
statistical department.
November Maturities.
On November 1 there will be due at tbe
state fiacal agency In New York City the
sum ot $8,000. Ot this sum $5,000 Is dua
for interest. As there Is a little falling
off in the payment of taxes in soma ot tbe
grading districts It will be necessary for
the city to borrow $600 to meet the full
payment. This, however, is a small matter
and can doubtless be arranged by tbe
mayor, treasurer and finance committee
without difficulty. The money to meet the
entire claim will go forward so aa to be
at tbe fiscal agency on November 1.
Roberta Bnlee Prevail.
Roberts' Rules of Order will prevail In the
city council hereafter. A number ot cop
ies have been secured by the mayor and
members of th city council and the city
clerk la reading up. For soma years paat
there has been a lack of discipline In tbe
council, not through tbe want of knowl
edge, but pure neglect on tbe part ot tbe
members. Now It has been determined tbat
everything shall be done In proper fashion
and the Roberta' rules of order wilt prevail.
In thla connection it Is probable that the
rules of the council may be revised to con
form mora closely to Roberts' rules.
Bids Received Today.
President Bruce McCuYfoch of the South
Omaha library board mated last evening
that blda would be received by the hoard
this afternoon for the erection of th pro
poaed Carnegie library butldlrig. The pres.
ldent stated tbat It might be possible that
tbe opening of the bids might be deferred
for a time, but tbat all bids would be re
ceived and filed. Up to tbe present time
Mr. Carnegie has not forwarded hla cheok
for tbe proposed library building.
Teamsters laswe Schedale.
Yesterday afternoon Team Drivers' In
ternational union No. 420 Issued a schedule
to employers ot teams. This move has
been in contemplation for some time snd
consequently when the printed schedule
was presented It was no surpriae to em
ployers. The schedule calls for a speclflo
amount for hauling and carrying coal and
also for the handling of building material.
It was asserted last night by employers
that there waa little If any difference In
the sohedule presented and tbat being paid
at tbe present time.
Magrle City Gossip,
Attorney H. B. Fleharty of thla city Is
In Idaho looking after business matters,
Stephen Allle returned yeaterday from
a month's visit with friends at Atchison,
Mrs. William -Kerr Is reported to be
gaining in strength after a protracted Ill
Mre. B. E. Wilcox returned last even
ing from a few days' stay with friends at
rremont, eD. ...
T. J. Alexander, a stock Inspector at
the yards, has ' returned from a trip to
Washington, u. C.
George Paul Is back from the east, where
he spent several weeks Willi irlends. Mr.
Paul Is greatly Improved In health.
M. A Dillon la bark from a southern
trip. He haa not Improved greatly in
htalth and contemplates another trip.
J. M. Bradley of Idaho Pprlnrs. Colo.
Is here for a few daya. the guest of George
W. Masson. Mr. Kraal-v is tne oreament
of the Blue Ribbon Mining and Milling
T. J. Donegan, foreman of the car de
partment of the Missouri Pacific railroad,
with headquarters at Kansas City, la here
for a few days looklnf after railroad mat-
tera pertaining to his department.
Secretary Moody Calls Them to New.
port Neat Rammer for
NEWPORT. R. I., Oct. 14. Secretary of
the Navy Moody, who witnessed the ma
neuvers of the torpedo boat flotilla in Nar
ragansett bay a few months ago, has de
cided to Issue order for tb reassembling
of alt torpedo craft here next summer,
A series of drills In every branch of tac
tics known to this class will be held and
It Is expected that at least twenty boats
will be rresent.
Cowboy Contest at Kansas City.
KANSAS CITY, Oct. Today's matinee
at tbe annual horse show at convention ball
was made up principally ot a broncho-bust
log contest. In which twenty-two cowboys
from the west competed for a $500 cash
prise. One of the biggest audiences ot the
week was present. One of tbe sensations
of the show was tbe winning by Limestone
Bell, owned by O, D- Woodward ot Kansas
City, cf the high school event from Glorious
Whirling Prince, the great 15,000 chestnut
horse owned by Thomas W. Lawsoa of Bos
ton. There were several other noted borces
in the ring besides ths Lawsoa horse, which
took tbe yellow ribbon.
To Protect German Intereeta.
NEW YORK. Oct. 24.-A protest haa been
filed by the Venesuelan government with
the Otrman legation In Caracas against
the visit to the Orinoco liver of the Qerrnan
tbnhoat Paniher. the vessel which sank
the Haytian rebel gunboat I rete-a-Plerrot.
In reply to the tuctt.i the German legation
declared that the blockade la not only In
effective, but never esixxd and that the
kaiser e government Intends to prvlevl Usr.
iuaa wiyfffjjB tu . attiVvUI
s--aB-aewan-an.-a-aawaB-nBa aft. -
. v
EStef. or v
Criminal Court Judge Disposed to GIt
Colored Lad a Show.
Reform School Will Be Heme of Yowatc
Art bar Ad a ma Vnlee Some On
Will Stand Sponsor
for Hlaa.
Is there In Omaha or elsewhere any good
Samaritan who would rather be sponsor for
a colored boy than see him go to th re
form school? If any such there be, they
should negotiate with Judge Baxter of tbe
criminal bench, district court, who finds
himself with quite a problem en bis hand,
Two boys charged with conspiracy in crime
been before him and th white boy has
n permmea 10 go Because n.
haa a
father to look after blm and be responsible
for blm. The colored boy has neither father
nor mother and must bo five years In con
finement unless someone else will Interest
himself In the watt's behalf.
The night ot July 15 last th shop ot
Joseph Batt on Eleventh street wss en
tered and from It removed certain sweets
tbat are dear to tbe heart of those wbo,
being young, fear neither dyspepsia nor
diabetes. Harry Tannebaum, aged 16, and
Arthur Adams, of tbe same tender years,
were ferreted out and bsld on tb charge
of burglary.
White Boy la Fortunate.
Tannobaum, tb whit member of th
duo, baa a father and th father appeared
In tha court lata Thursday afternoon
with th boy. by arrangement with the
county attorney. Tbe parent was anxious
to save bis boy from long confinement If
possible and was willing to guarantee bl
future good behavior. Judge Baxter re
viewed too facta In tba ease and decided
tbat tb lad might become a better maa
and have better chances if left with the
father than If sent to the reformatory.
Accordingly be gave tbe boy Into the par
ant's keeping with tha stipulation tbat th
former would be Instantly recalled to face
the court If found misbehaving In future,
The court further admonished th lad to
walk In tbe path tbat leads to famo and
good lobs and spoke very plainly to tbe
father concerning his duti as a parent to
better look after bis erring progeny
That fixed matters tor tbe white lad, but
it left the dark on with tbe double ache
of bearing punlabment while hi conspirator
remain at large, free to Improve any op
portunltles tbat may com to blm. Judge
Baxter realised th eituatloo and was anx
ious that tbe boys should share alike.
Now, you hare your father coma up here,
too," he said, turning to tb colored boy,
My fatbatt's dead, judge," said tb lad,
with s tremor in bis voice.
Well, your mother. Is she here?"
My mothab's dead, too, sah. I ain't got
no kin folks nowhere in this world I guess.
'cept my aunt la Jefferson City, Mlssouah."
Tbe court suggested to tbe boy's colored
attorney that be open negotiations with tbe
distant relative, and Implied tbat tbe boy
would be sent to ber if she would assume
responsibility for his future guidance. Th
attorney seemed disinclined to take tbe
trouble and tba judge passed the matter for
the time being,
The lad has found a friend In a new quar
ter. however. "Ab" Travis, the eolored
janitor of the court room, beard tbe recital
snd carried tba tale to Rev. Scbaffer, pas
tor of tb African Methodist Episcopal
church at Eighteenth and Webster streets.
snd yesterday the divine called oa th
judge. As a result a letter has goo to
Jefferson City In th faint hop that Its
answer may be such aa will justify th
court In giving th boy Into bis aunt's keep
ing, under such provisions as were Imposed
upon Tannebaum
Th colored boy states that Tannebaum
waa the mora active of th two offenders.
having entered tbe building for th candy,
while be (Adams) retained bis seat on a
convenient store bos as esntlosl. Later
tbey feasted together on th plunder.
aortins Ouoda Destroresl.
NEW YORK, Oct. 14. Fir early today
destroyed a stock ot sporting good la tb
wsrerooms of R. H. Ingersoll Co., at 161
195 Washington street. Two firemen wer
vereome by mok and wer carried te a
hospital. A dozen mea carrying a Una at
hose war confronted by flame which sud
denly burst through th doors oa tb third
Soor. Tbey r compelled, to throw them
Lift out of doors and out of the games which they play and the enjoy
tnent which they receive and the efforts which they make, cornea the
greater part of that healthful development which la ao ess-ntial to their
happiness when frown. When a laxative is needed the remedy which Is
given to them to cleanse and aweeten and strengthen the internal organa
on which it acts, ahould be auch as physicians would sanction, because its
component parta are known to be wholesome and the remedy itself free from
every objectionable quality. The one remedy which physicians and parenta,
well-informed, approve and recommend and which the little onea enjoy,
because of ita pleasant flavor, ita gentle action and its beneficial effects, is
8yrup of Figs and for the aame reason it is the only laxative which ahould
be used by fathera and mothers,
8yrup of Figs i the only remedy which acts gently, pleasantly and
naturally without griping, irritating, or nauseating and which cleanses the
system effectually, without producing that constipated habit which results
from the use of the old-time cathartica and modern iraitationa, and against
which the children ahould be ao carefully guarded. If you would have them
grow to manhood and womanhood, strong, healthy and happy, do not give
them medicines, when medicines are not needed, and when nature needs
assistance in the way of a laxative, give them only the aimple, pleasant and
gentle 8yrupof Figa.
Ita quality ia due not only to the excellence of the combination of the
laxative principles of plants with pleasant aromatic syrups and juicea, but
also to our original method of manufacture and aa you value the health of
the little onea, do not accept any of the substitutea which unscrupulous deal
er sometimes offer to increase their profits. The genuine article may be
bought anywhere of all reliable druggists at fifty centa per bottle. Pleaae
to remember, the full name of the Company
the front of every pack
age. In order to get ita
beneficial effect a it ia al
ways necessary to buy
the genuine only.
selves down a stairway In order to escspe.
Several sustained minor injuries. Loss on
building and stock is estimated at 150,000.
To Bo Published After Reanlte of Re.
sarvey Are Prepare!.
- Tb demand from scientists and tourists
for an accurata and detailed map ot the
famoue canyon of th Colorado In Arixona
has led to a rasurvey of this unl(u region
by the United States geological survey, un
der the charge ot Francois E, Murthea,
topographer. Tba Grand canyon, formerly
reached only by stage rout over a desert
country, has recently been made accessible
by a branch line of tbe Santa F rout from
Williams, and during tba one year tbat this
road baa been In operation the canyon haa
bean visited by thousands of tourist. In
(he magnificence of Its proportions and tbs
grandeur of Its seenla attractions tbe can
yon bids fair to rival both tha Yellowstone
park and tb Yossmlta valley.
Tbe United Btatee geological survey ex
pects to publish a series of atlas sheets oov-
erlng tho entire extent of tbe Grand can
yon proper and considerable area ot tbe
high plateaus oq either side. Tb first ot
these sheets, to be known a th Bright
Angel, l nearly completed and will be
available to tbe public some time next sum
mer. It includes almost all of tbe scenery
visible trom tbe Bright Angel hotel, familiar
to every visitor. The Colorado river tra
verses from east to west the quadrangle
represented by thla sheet and dlvldea It
almost symmetrically. The new map will be
on a scale of one mile to tb Inch and tbe
contour Interval will be fifty feet It will
show every pinnacle, spur and gully In Ita
true proportions, and each line of cliffs and
terraces may be traced along tba canyou
The dimensions of tb Grand canyon have
been tb subject ot much discussion aver
Since It waa first explored. It may, there
fore, be of Interest to give some figured
taken from this new survey. The average
width from rim to rim does not exoeed ten
miles throughout the kslbab, or widest sec
tion of the canyon, and frequently narrows
down to elgbt miles. Tb river doea not
occupy tha middle ot tbe gigantic trough,
but flowe at a dlstsnce varying between
one and three miles from ths south side.
Practically all of tb magnificently sculp
tured pinnacles and mesas (the so-called
temples) He north of the river, and at dis
tances ot from five to seven miles from the
viewpoints usually visited by tourist. The
depth of tbe Orand eanyon, In on way, baa
been overstated. In another understated.
Baker's Cocoa and
4 a m
have held the market for 1 2 2 years
with constantly increasing sales, (1) be
cause they are pure and of high grade;
(2) because they yield the most and best
for the money; (3) because they
are unequaled for smoothness,
FREE to any address.
Walter Baker & Go. Ltd,, Dorchester. Mass,
40 Wjh4t A.Uard4 in Europ and Amtrica
printed oa
Measured from tho south rim tb total
depth is considerably less than a mile.
From the rim at the Bright Angel hotel,
where tbe altitude Is 6,866 feet above sea
level, to the hlghwater mark of the river at
foot of tba tourist trail, tbe drop Is 4,430
feet. The highest point on the eoutb rim
at tha Grand View hotel Is T.496 feet, about
4,900 feat above the river. From the north
side, however, the drop to tbe water level
averages considerably over a mile, and In
many place even exceeds 6,000 feet. It
may be stated in a general way that tha
north rim is from 1,000 to 1,200 feet higher
than the south, thus producing that btgh,
ven sky Una so striking in all views ob.
talnable by the tourist; Tbe figures ber
given ar baaed on spirit levela run In con
paction with the map work. They aro tha
flrat that have ever been run to the bottom
of the cbaam, and tha high standard ot ae
curacy maintained throughout will cause
them to be considered authoritative and
tllla Working; Overtime oa Real New
Jersey Llcbtnlns.
After a drought of apple whisky which
has lasted two years, relates tha New York
Bun, thla season promlees to brlnsr forth a
large quantity of the famous Jersey light
nlng. The apples are piling Into the dis
tilleries In this county faster than they
can be used, and quantities of tha fruit
are going to waste.
Tha storms of the summer and early fall
have swept the orchards clean of apples,
and thousands of bushels have been
gathered from tha ground. The farmers
pish this eecond-claHS fruit to the stills,
some of which are working nlpht and day
In order to save the accumulation of raw
The largeet apple whisky distillery In the
world Is at Jonnsenburg, In the northern
part of the county. It la owned by a man
named Jones, who has been in the business
more than fifty years. When he started
half a century ago there were pmall dis
tilleries all over New Jersey, and especially
in Warren, Morria, Sussex and Hunterdon
countlea. Now there are less than a dozm
In all that territory and lesa than two dozen
In the state. Fifty years ago the dlsllllfd
extract of apples could be nought in any
grocery store 'or 10 centa a gallon. Now
It brings H a gallon, and the real article la
bard to get.
The best applejack Is made tn Morris
County, one distillery at Succasunna having
a trade that la world-wide. A press clip
ping bureau keeps the proprietor Informed
of all towns In every part of the country
voting "no license." As soon as he learn
Of a prohibition town ne publishes an ad
vertisement In the newspapers of that town
offering his
schema has
his goods in plain packages. Tha
has Drought his riches. Laat year
this dlav'jler waa compelled to appeal to
others in the business to help htm fill hla
orders. Hit plant la working twenty-tour
hours a day.
Apple whisky la etll! drunk extensively
all through northern New Jersey.
Baker's Chocolate
delicacy, and flavor.
There are many imita
tions on the market.
Don't be misled by them.
Our trade-mark is on
every package ot tne
genuine goods.
BOOK. (80 pages) mailed
. A? at.
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