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FavU tella druri.
tockert aella carpets and rugs.
Mautha, fine watch repairing. 22 B'way.
Expert watch repairing, Leffert. 401 B'wsy,
Twelve-nlpce rhamher set. 12 7)1. at A. B.
Howe a, 310 Broadway.
The Christy pictures for Bale. C. E. Alex-
Bnder A Co , U3 Broadway.
Congressman Walter I. Smith will apeak
tms evening at silver city. Mill county.
The Junior class of the hliih echool I
agitating the question of forming a clasa
We are headquarter for glass of all
kind, gee us before you buy. C. B. Paint,
Oil and Glass Co.
The marriage of Harry Gleason and Mlsa
Sadie J-'arrjaworth Is announced to take
piace aaonaay evening.
Fred Carty, a laborer In the employ of
me motor company, nan nia right foot
badly crushed yesterday afternoon by a rail
falling on it.
Mies Bertha BIoss. daughter Of Mr. and
Mrs. Milton BIohs, 5.(0 Eawt Broadway, died
last evening from congestion of the brain,
aged a years.
A toeclal meetlnr of Bluff and TT R
1 I
Grant companies, uniform Hank. Knlehts
of 1'ythlaa, haa been called fur this evening
In St. Alban a hall.
The foot ball game thla afternoon be
tween the Council Bluffs and Red Oak
High schools will be called at 3 o'clock.
Cars will begin running to the lake at 12:30
'p. m.
The Knights of the Maccabees have se
cured the use of the hall In the Brown
building and will fit It up for a lodge room.
They expect to occupy their new yuariers
I In a few days.
A muslcale will be given at the Congrega
tional church Tuesday evening, October 28.
A fine program has been prepared, com
posed of Council Bluffs and Omaha talent,
Admission, 25 cents.
The Dodge Light Guards' foot ball team
haa acheduled gamee with the Malvern tin.)
team on November 1 and with iiellevue col
lege on November 15. Both games will be
played on the Munawa grounds.
The first rehearsal of the children's
operetta, "Dame Firefly," to be given under
the auspices of the Ladies' Aid society of
Bt. Paul a Episcopal church, will be held
!thls afternoon at 3 o'clock In Royal Ar
canum hall.
We sold hot candy last Saturday we
could not make enough to eupply our trade.
Today over 2,000 pounds of peanut,
cocoanut, yankee and angel food taffy will
be ready at 10 cents per pound. O. C.
Brown's Candy Kitchen, 546 Broadway.
. Frank Capell. coach of the Dodge Light
nlaAu . ,...11 . I . . , .
i"'"11 " a ijin icoin, iru ycKieruay ior
Tarklo, Mo., where he will coach the col
lege team for a few weeks. When here laet
week the Tarklo collegians Were much Im
pressed with Ca pell's work with the soldier
foot ball players and decided on securing
his services for awhile.
James Madden, a tramp, forced his way
inn. cvc-mii iiilu me nome or unaries ts&r-
neii. a coiorea man; on South Main street.
Refusing to vacate Burnett took tha iu
Into his own hands and gave Madden a
sauna Dealing, alter wnicn ne turned him
over to the police. When Madden waa
taken to the city Jail he looked as if he had
wen run wirougn a tnresning machine.
Davis sells (las.
Mia. Metcalf Represent. Girls.
The preliminary contest to select the
girl member of the team to represent the
Council Bluffs High school In the debate
with the Sioux City High school in January
attracted an appreciative gathering of the
friend of the young debaters and the
school, which filled the auditorium. The
honor of representing the Delta Tau Lit
erary society on the team fell o Mies
Delia Metcalf, Mlsa Josephine Blxby being
selected as alternate.
The question debated waa, "Should the
Policy of the United States in Excluding
the Chinese Be Maintained and Rigorously
Enforced?" Seven young women contested
for the honor, aa follows: One the nega
tive side of the question, Miss Zola Craves,
Miss Delia Metcalf, Miss Mabel Anderson
and Mlsa Josephine Blxby; on the affirma
tive, Mlsa Helen Blxby, Mis Margaret
Wright and Miss Eunice Graaon. Miss
Caroline Dodaja, County Superintendent O.
J. McManua and Rev. James Thomson of
" the Congregational church acted a. Judges
and their task ln making a selection was
not an easy one, aa each of the young
women made a most favorable Impression.
During the evening a pleasing musical
program waa given, those taking part being
Mlsa Maude Mueller, Mra. Ward and the
Misses Mignon Maynard. Bessie Hammer,
Hazel Hammer, Sadie Ooaa, Letha Butler,
Edith Sbepard, comprising the Orpheus
The team to enter the debate with Sioux
City will now constat of Charlea Campbell,
Alfred Hanchett and Miss Metcalf. Camp
bell and Hanchett were members ot laat
year' team.
Davis sella paints. '
Gravel roofing. A. H. Reld. E41 Broadway.
Real Estate Transfers.
These transfers wsre filed yesterdsy In
th abstract, title and loan office of J. W.
Squire, 101 Pearl street:
Charlea N. Crlppen and wife to Ervln
L. Newland. lot IB, block 22, Neola,
w. d $3,000
Charles Deltchler and wife to Mary
Voss. n ne K-74-. w. d 4.500
Parthenla P. Rue et al to Milwaukee
Lrnua company, l.ia acres ln seU
aH 6-74-U, w. d 119
Francla W. Ouren and wife to F. P.
Breneman, ae se4 and part wH
ae 24-78-40. w. d.. . 4,109
J. B. Johannsen and wife to Henrietta
Kngleman, lots 9. 10 and 11. block 4.
Noe'a add. to Walnut, w. d 125
Andrew Olesen and wife to Alfred
Plrce, lots 13. 14. 15 and 18, block 1.
Meredith's add., Avoca, w. d 650
James 8. Curtis and wife to Walter
Still, lot 8, block 1, Oak Grove add..
w. d j
Henry McMullen to J. H. McMullen.
lots 6 and 16. block 1.11. I'r...i
City. w. d
Same to Margaret C. Heaton. ' lot '!
block 154. Crescent City, w. d
Kume to Martha Irvine Steele, lot 7
block 154, Crescent City. w. d
David A. Snanp and wife to Orant
Dewltt, lot3 1. 3, t and 4. block 10.
Carson, w. d
Manaaeh Abel and wife to John' 8
Crooks, lot 1. block 2. Voorhla' add .
q. c. d
Twelve transfers, totsl
Makes s complete car. of the uuior
uoiug vt Ue stmnath.
It Cure th Cauae.
. " .. nniiMt ) OTtii
IMMu, ftMUM wi U. m4 SMrtl nl U
Ci. w4 Urn I. ... I.uav UrnMr
mi. nu rateiT ml uw
M. I U riUu
WllliM.i'Hto Ui
l-OO a hotUa I bottle U-x
saND roa rasa aooaxaT to
PRAMC NAU. 20J Breadway, N. Y.
Tot eale by ttaorman at McConnell Drug
t.. corner lth and Dude 8i.. Omaha.
ISsh avod leading drugglala.
It fMrl Bt, Council Bluffs. 'Phone 37.
J" 3
Board of Education Will Put Up One Fire
Etctpe in Eaoh of Its Big Building.
Moat Property Owaers Shew Die
noaltlon to Pot I Vtr V.mrmamm
Where the Lew
qalrea Them.
Owing to lsck of funds the Washington
avenue. Bloomer and High school buildings
will not be equipped this year with the
number of fire escapes as required under
the new state law. The Board of Educa
tlon haa effected a compromise with Fire
Chief Templeton and has arranged to erect
one escape on each of the three echool
buildings before the end of the year.
The committee on buildings and grounds
of the Board of Education met with Chief
Templeton yesterday and it Is was decided
mpleton yesterday and It la was decided
at one escape be placed this year at the
north end of the Washington avenue school
and that another he reefed ntt vabp olthar
on the south or west side of the building.
At the Bloomer school one escape will be
erected thla year on the east side and next
year another on the west side. At the new
High school one escape will be placed this
Tuesday night, when the committee on
buildings and grounds will recommend that
a contract for the erection of the escapes
on the three bulldlnr. be entered Intn at
on tne three buildings be entered Into at
TempleVon'-.tatT. S.t" rtMtan
Except ln one or two
na anii Pt. .1
. h-iv- "i "'' ' ""'
needing Ore escapes are complying readily
wun tne new state law. Lp to date, now -
ever, the owner of the opera house block
has made no move to comply with the law
or take any cognizance of the notice served
on him. The owner of the building has
sixty days from the service of the notice to
comply with the law and at the expiration
of that time any owner of a building which
comes within the provisions of the law and
who has failed to make arrangements for
erecting the necessary fire escapes will be
brought into court. The law la specific on
this point and Chief Templeton has no al
ternative in the matter.
Brother. Are ReanltedL
E. D. Sadler of Oakland. Ia., and William
6adler of Lincoln, Neb., spent Thursday
night at the Kiel hotel in this city enroute
to the former s home. They are brothers
and had met in Lincoln Tuesdsy for the
first time in sixty-six years.
ineir parent. locaiea near jouei, iii., in
is. During an epidemic ot cnoiera DOia
parents died and the children were sens-
rated. E. D. Sadler was only 4 years of
. l" " ui4 uv nm iuvu m
famlly of a Methodist minister at Urban
111. He reached manhood In ignorance of
the whereabouts of his brothers and sis
ters, served through the civil war and
then came to this state.
locating at Oak-
I he accumulated
land. As the years passed
considerable wealth and the longing to se-
cure some trace of bis brothers and sister
Impelled him to commence the search about
a year ago. At nrst ne met wun many
disappointments, but a week or so ago his
efforts were finally rewarded. He located
tbe children of one ot his brothers, now
dead, at Jollet, and other members of the
family ln Chicago and Mollne. From them
he learned of the address ot his brother,
William, ln Lincoln, and there the reunion
took place Tuesday.
Registration 1. Light.
Reports from eight of the twelve pre
cincts of the city last night showed that
the registration tor the second day waa
even lighter than that of Thursday. In
the eight precincts from which reports were
obtained 113 names were registered Thurs
day and 103 yesterday, making a total of
218 for the two days. The largest registra
tion waa in the First precinct of the Third
ward, where fortyjfiv names were listed
during the two days, twenty-six on Thurs
day and nineteen yesterday. Th amalleat
number registered waa In the Second pre
cinct of the Fifth ward, where two names
were added to the Hat Thursday and only
one yesterday. The reports from these
eight precincts follow:
Thursday. Friday,
First ward, First precinct 17 11
First ward, Second precinct H (
Second ward. First precinct 18 21
Third ward. First precinct 24 19
Fourth ward. First precinct 18 18
Fifth ward, First precinct It 13
Fifth ward, Second precinct 2 1
Sixth ward. Flrat precinct 6 11
The reglstrara will be in session Satur
day, November 1, that being the last day
for registering for the election on Novem
ber 4.
Play a Brilliant Engagement.
Arthur Rodrlque, a veteran of the Phil
ippine campaign, who had a somewhat
meteoric career In this city while In tha
employ of a local evening newspaper, la
said by the police to be wanted on a charge
of forging checks. It is also alleged that
he ia wanted ln 81oux City on a similar
Rodrlque appeared In Council Bluffs about
a year ago and aecured employment as an
advertising solicitor on an evening pap;r.
He did not prove a aucceis and after los
ing his position took up with Mrs. A. Davis,
manager of a chattel loan concern, who be
friended him and It Is said married lilm.
Tha marriage ia said to have taken place In
Avoca, Ia.
For several months Rodrlque haa visited
Council Bluffs, but seldom. He wss ln the
city Wednesday, but did not tarry long.
When the police went to the hotel where
be was said to be stopping they found
he had departed and hi present where
abouts are unknown. The charge against
htm Is of forging Mrs. Davis' name to
sundry checks for small amounts.
Matter la District Co art.
Richard Bolt began suit ln the district
court yesterdsy for divorce from Jennie
Bolte, to whom he was married in Kansas
City, July 22. 1196. They lived together
until October. 1899, he alleges she deserted
him and has ever since lived apart from
James Anson Montgomery married Ada
May Montgomery tn Monona eounty, April
25, 1886, and aaks a divorce on the grounds
that shs deserted htm In May, 1888.
Ths defense la the Christopher Omeg
will contest case rested yesterday after
noon and the opening argument for the
plaintiff was begun. It Is expected that
the rase will go to the Jury thla after
noon. Bos Held tar Hobhery.
Charles Bishop and bla younger brother.
John, charged with breaking Into and rob
bing freight ears ia the yards of the Il
linois Central railroad, were held to the
grand Jury yesterday ay Justice BryguC
year at the aouth end of the building and "7 ol noaii Arnold of contrary to th Iowa constitution.' It wss eases of the nerves heart widn.v- .
one at the north end next year. ?T "! ' ,,to hM been T,,,Mn w,tn 'd,ed ,ftt ,n -- TkTtwo aectlonaconletaW f 5"
The matter will be brought before the ' pother In Platte township, wss today ment to a general bill reUtlng to "criminal n VlMZSot
...un. r.t iu unm p..i iouna in a well at the home of the brother.
Earl Crftr, wbo was charred with being
one of the gang of youthful robbers, waa
dischsrged. The Bishop boys are It and I
years old respectively and on account
their youth Justice Bryant decided not
commit them to the .county tail and al
lowed them out on bonds furnished by their
parents. The elder Bishop boy was ar
rested at the home of relatives near Qleo-
wood, where he had fled when, he learned
the police were after him.
Radiant Home Leads All Others.
0ud Horn, stove i. acknowledged
to be the leading heater on the ms.rk.t
You r.nnot ami . Kai v
- All we ask Is a chance to show you these
I Stoves, ir TOU went n Kiiw
we can guarantee this to suit you. As
hard coal you will find plenty of It In a few
weeks. The miners bare all gone to work
and the great, long strings of cars will be
hauling- thousands of tons soon for the
consumers. Anyhow don't fall to call on
for anything In the store line. It wm
bb money in your pocket and pleasure
mrougn tne long winter months as we will
not sell any stove that Is not satisfactory
In every way. Peterien A Schoenlna:. Mer.
Ham block.
N. T. Plumbing Co., telephone 16.
Plumbing and heating
Blxby A Son.
MtM'C Dnnv ... -rur- .
idall Arnold Supposed to Uoto
Committed Suicide While
CRESTON, la,, Oct 24. (Special Tele-
How It came there I. not known. He was In
.' . .,7 " , new., m
"e h'blt 10iB oaM work r"
hi. absence was not noticed for
??me tlme- He W" "' man about
7 " . mu "00'
y ago, ana a painter. Some time ago
r. w.n,,r;. 71 :r,? e:;, "r -r
I "uvt aaavo VCCU 1UD
that ill health h.rt -.U.n. hi. . "...
he commltted ,u(:,de" f.. ' ... .k"
1 ,t . . ' "t : "
. . I ive
feet of water. .
Institution Opened at Fort Dodae.
lovra, with Address by Mr.
Booth and Others.
FORT DODfJK Is.. (Vt. 91 rOr..L1 T.1
gram.)-H0pe Hall, the new Coffin home for
ex-conviots. located on the beautiful farm
of L. 8. Coffin, near this city, was dedicated
toaay by addresses by Mrs. Ballington
wootn, warden Hunter of Anamosa and
Hon. J. P. Cowne of Des Moines, member
I of the State Board of Control.
Mrs. Booth's visit waa mm. ml.i.
tend the dedication. Servlcn. .r. ..
ducted out doors before the home and' wer
largely attended. The home will be r,nend
1 aa soon aa tne lurnlahlng Is comDleted.
GUILTY IS IIIRY'K UCRnifTli. .mi. .i.i.
i t u . avr hub i . suaieimeni
Recommended for Wllllai
Lucas at Clarinda, Iowa.
CLARINDA, I... Oct. J4.-(Specl.l Tele-
ram.) The Jury In the Page county dla-
trlct court, being out since yesterday
afternoon at .l.JO. this forenoon returned
I verdict finding William Lucas guilty of
i muroer in tne nw degree and wcommend
I tag that hi punishment be imprisonment
I for life.
iuo Ticum oi wica. was Emma Moore,
She waa found dead near thbj city last Mar.
rTtk - 4
The evidence was largely circumstantial.
Onion. Prove Profltable Crop.
WATERLOO. Ia.. Oct. 24. (Special.)- This movement is to be carried on ln con
Joseph S. Trigg, the agricultural writer nt ,u ... v .v. ix. ii,
the Rockford Register, has been trying
Arfia rT nl. s B. a Ahi a a . W . a i ......
ome oi nis theories- by doing a little
farming on his own hook. Hs planted
seven-eights of an acre of red globe on
lona thla season and this week sold the
crop to the Waterloo Fruit and Commis
sion company for $146 net. which waa at
the rate of 3165 per acre. The crop brought
20 cent, per bushel more ZnZ
uiiLn ill ii m nm narr m.aii.w i . l i .
vi viuvaa mi.
To Go After Prisoner.
DENISON. Ia., Oct. 24. (Special.)
Sheriff Bell received a telegram from St.
James. Minn. M.
him that tha negro held In cutody there
1. the one who'e.c.nea from Ine'craw!
ford eountv lull t.
la accused of th murder of Fred L Powell, I
brakemaa on th Chicago, Milwaukee A
St Paul railway. He will start to Min
nesota at one to bring th prisoner back
to uenison.
Girl Held to Oraatd Jary.
FORT DODGE. Ia.. Oct. 24. fflnael.l I
Telegram.) Violet DeWolfe. charged with
stealing two gold earring. .Ilk waist
combs and ribbon from bar roommate,
Minnie Sharp, was held to the grand jury
thla morning under $200 bonds. Both girls
had been working , at the Maple Leaf res-
taurant here.
Manufacturers Think Trad Caa Pay
Five Per Ceat Mar fair
PITTSBURG, Pa.. Oct. 24. A new price
II. I la tha. flint tinlll. -. v - I
mulgated today A meeting of th. executive
rnrnrnitraa nt thai A iphh n.m. I
- v in uj uro- i
ntannf. - .. 7.7 ' .""V"
.C r "V" . "
K ir uT ? n,ltTU aW.
Z:lirBttTi"' Whe0 the Cli Ult
V, . .
The question of another advance In prlo
was considered and it waa decided that the
trade was ln shape to stand for an addl-
tion 5 per cent. This makes an advance of I
28 per ceat In the price ot flint glass hot-
ties during the present month, the former I
advance being 20 per cent, which went into
effect on October I.
Aak that Pay Be Inerea.ed from Five
to Six Dollars Per Week aad
Day Shorteaed.
ST. JOSEPH. Mo.. Oct 24. One hundred
and twenty-six girl employed la the pack
ing department of the Sommer-Rlcbardaon
factory of the American Biscuit company tn
this city walked out on a strike this morn
ing. Ths girls demand that their pay be in.
creased from IS to 14 a week and their
hours be reduced from ten to nine.
Constipation la the rock that wrecks
many lives; It poisons th very life blood.
-j -
Kegularlty can be established through
the use of Prickly Ash Bitters. It Is mildly
cathartic and stretheos th stomach, liver
"" rB. i
TEST OF CICARETTE TAX sentenced to be hanged
lor Court Asked to Declare it Illegal
Unoooititntion&l Ground
I .
to Opening of "Hope Hall" la lowa-riox
of Baptist Stat Convention at
Fella Going After Far.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DE8 MOINES, Oct. 24. (Special.) The
"JL?". urt Jw 0d"3r11n"r1 ru-
"""f1 ,n .the c"e from MMn county, ln-
'oiTing toe validity of the Iowg law re-
LUD ,0 UxUon of In cigarette.
I " kbuhuih imsseu a law WHICH
for ""u'u'1'"' lnB n cigarettes. inis
I . . . .
-" -""" me coue waa
rerUed 1897 nd tn9 criminal statutes
Wr " consideration, an amendment
"d,1d nxln" ,lcn,e of 300 V"
us 7 .1 , , c,arelte- arv """t
oui oi ousinees,
I , " v-.v.u wmu, ueici
mined upon resisting the tax and choice
waa made of a case in Marshall county
as a test. This case waa carried to the
supremo court. Today the case was sub
mitted. The tobacco company claims the
law Is unconstitutional on three grounds.
Reliance is placed on the familiar rule ln
regard to original packages and the claim
th,t cl"r" boxes are original packages,
'BO on the fact that there is an ex-
amotion nr Inhh.r. ami ini...i.
.1.1. i. "i . . "
this Is declared to be a violation of the
rule that all taxation shall be equal. But
as developed In the discussion of the case
today, the chief reliance of tha tobacco
people la on their claim that the manner
ln which the law waa placed ln the code la
l.tion whatever to criminal law and does
iauon wnatever to criminal law and does
not make any pretense of being a criminal
statute. The attorney, therefore claim
that a taxlna measure Introduced as a
i taxing measure introduced as a
?f b(-
part of a bill, the title
I on W in aa rin Ctr I WV In ! V In.l
. '..' Th. on wll,
:i " . .
.JV8' amUDt " "le- ?e'? ln.:U,"
i"'u iw. me estimaie piecing 11 as
nign aa 1100,000. wnen the law went Into
I v. j.., , ,
quarter, $75 each, and then moat of them
iciw uib.iclicb uui ui lueir biocb. a
Aucricau iuuuhcco company 10 OK ,up me
caae and guaranteed the payment of the
tax In many case and haa a large amount
tied up In the litigation.
Value of Child's 1.1 fe.
I Tha .nnr.tno Mi.rl nt.v nnj.nj Urn.
clslon fixing the value of the life of a
child 4 year, old at not to exceed 13.000.
Webater county was sued for negligence
In regard to a bridge where John Hlvely
was killed. The responsibility was cer-
tain, but the amount of the Judgment was
ln controversy. Judge Weaver, now of the
I nrm k.nh r,-!. .t h tri.i an
I h.n th .it is rmn
aratnst the countv Judre Weaver entered
iudament for onlv ifl.OOO and It waa ac
cented. But the county aDnealed and to-
dBy the auDreme court declared that 13.000
M .. t.,..
I 1H . V V . JjKK irAlUll, ttlfptSIIHIll, AHUIIIBb tf.flllf
I ,Y nittwi , winnisnieK cuuiii, rfuusa ri
lows: affirmed by McClaln.
R. E. Ridley, appellant, against Orelner
A Boaslngham: Emmet county. Judge Quar
ton; affirmed by Sherwln.
Huran J. utmpman against Afiena jjamp-
afflrnted "bV WeaVr0 JUJe "
A. W. Hlvely. administrator.' agalnsi
I Webster county, appellant; Wright county,
J EiMtT'Bnerhaa
against Forest City; Winnebago county,
I -UOBO o yl - u ' "
Charity Work for Mason
The annual state meeting of the Order
of Eastern Star, held this week at Oska-
i.. ..niv.,i i r.v, .
arrange the prelimlnarie. for establi.h-
ment and maintenance of a home tor tne
widows and orphans of Masons In Iowa.
7 . . ...
lng to the same end. The following officers
of th Order of th Eastern 8tar were
elected: Worthy matron, Mrs. Jane Web
ber, Cherokee; associate matron, Mrs. P.
L. Sever, Stuart; worthy patron, Rev. J. C.
W. Coxe, Knoxvllle; associate patron, A. L.
Under, Muscatine; grand secretary, Mrs.
J iTl
- -
tress, Mrs. Lena Ward, Eldora; associate
conductress. Ethel Geneva, Oskaloosa.
The appointed officers are:
Chaplain, Sarah Chick, Cherokee; Adah,
Anna Miller. Spirit Lake; Ruth, Charlena
Welch, Humboldt; Esther, Martha B. Nor-
ri, M,ulcnMter: Mthea' unr Hall, Alt.;
feC Wb.ter W.ucoma; marabal.
lTen"' f61"1! sentinel, Amer Albersan, I
Coins After a Fortune.
William McCollum, a Dallas county far
mer, la soon to go to Scotland to claim
a valuable legacy left by an ancestor. The
family cam from Scotland to Prince Ed-
ward Isle manv vesra aa-o and then .r.t
tered to th states. Nearly all tb collateral
branches have disappeared. Mr. McCollum
baa been a resident of Dallas county many
years, but has assured evidence that he la
entitled to a valuable estate left ln Scotland
and he will claim It. Ther appears to b
no doubt of the correctness of his history.
Open Novel Iaatltntton.
The dedicatory exerclsss for "Hope Hall"
took place on the farm ot L. 8. Coffin In
Webster county today and members of the
State Board of Control and other state offi
cers. Including Warden Hunter of the state
penitentiary, were present. Mrs. Maud
Ballington Booth was present and delivered
an address. The institution was founded
v.. u rnm .. . . .
who areTurn.7 oV wlThouT having any
v "
' . Tb " given
enaorement by th state officials nd all
interested in the betterment of the crtmlnel
A fin. building ha. beTrecUd
and the same will be opened very soon.
. .
Baptist Itat Coaveatloa.
Th annual sUte convention of the Bap-
tiats of low . closed today at Pella. A
movement 1 atarted to have permanent I
hoard headquarter la De Moines. Next I
convention will be held In Sao City.
The following officer, were chosen for the
new year: Hon. D. C. Sbull, Sioux City,
president; E, B. Smith. Waterloo, vice
preald.nt; 8. B. Wilcox. Dea Moines see-
reiary ana general missionary; Frea B.
Palmer, Chariton, assistant secretary; E. F.
Bperry, Des Moines tressurer. The follow
lag were cboaen officer of the Woman's
Mission societies: President, Mrs. Atch-
lion. Do. Molnea; vice president, Mr.. E.
E. Lewi., Sioux City; secretary. Mra. Kel-
aey, Dea Molnea; treasurer, Mrs. Walker. I
Dea Molnea I
mm m aannv . ..... I
4saga overrates nietlea Quash I
Bribery Indictment Aaalast
- wtavH v s
quash tha Indictment tn the Ed Butler case
waa overruled todar hv Juit.. h-v.h.. .
Lubtaoia, no., uci. n. in motion to I
tss t .. a ii . n a. a. I
Ths whole proceeding did not occupy
mora than nrteea mtautea.
Michael StarresT la Pound Guilty
the Murder of Kx-Prntlr
I irr . . ., ,,U f V
LIFE I reff, allaa Halju,
SOFIA. Bulgaria, Oct. 24. Michael Star
was today found guilt
I ln" muraer cr "-rremler Stambuloff
1395 hanged. The ac
cusea p leaded not guilty. Companions
M. Stambuloff testified that Stavrcfl
the first shot.
Stephen N. Stambuloff, who has been
called the Bismarck of Bulgaria, was as
ssssinated at Sofia on the evening of July
13. 1805. three months after his dismissal
from the premiership.
The crime was committed while M. Stsm
buloff and a friend were returning from a
club In a carriage. They were atopped by
tnree or four men armed with knlres and
pistols and the ex-premler. leaping to ths
ground to derend himself, waa overcome,
receiving orer twenty wounds In the head
In addition to other Injuries,
The number and aeverlty of his wounds.
together with the amputation of both his
nande, resulted In his death three days
- i mer.
1 H ' C wunt;i
Germany Erects Sanitarium to Treat
Worklacraea Free of
BERLIN, Oct. 24. The delegate to the
InterniktlnnBl Tiih.Ai.1-l. .
I .. . lu"'lc" speni
l" aaT visiting the sanitarium which is
heino- built .t n.m, ... r,...7:
A group of model buildings is belna
- aaua a uiauaui
erected la the pine woods, coetlnc 12 BOO
000. The sanitarium will accommodate 600
persons, one-half Buffering from tubercu-
The maximum Derlod m. i.,
.t.y i mud Tto fourteen wLkL Ln
which pleat, ot fresh a r .00 id8
7 .L T d '0od'..
leal attention, amusements and all the ot ; hond., .r,
I Ft-.. - 11 -
iZlnZ U Til ToVlV,
duty t0 rp8tore haltli to the head of
family or any skilled worker,
I British Navy
Will Have
flub ma rlne
Boat. a. Soon
LIVERPOOL, Oct. 24. Mr. Arnold
Forster, financial secretary to (he admi
ralty, was a guest tonight at the Con
servative club's dinner.
He said he regarded the agreement be
tween the government and the Cunard
company as payment for value received in
u"? of war;
Thf cn8tructIon of submarine vessela
' t0 D taken up with energy. The most
Powerful squadron of crulsera which ever
lled the 8eas WM about to be commls-
""'. and even In the absence of the
1 "" aniaiu wouia nave
'"J"""' i"ou.
I The admiralty had decided to call a
council to decide on the best methods of
I - , . . , .
i " v.. . iuci-
I cantlle marine and the civil population
into tne naval service.
Germany to Be Aaked to Interpret
Stipulation Regarding- Evacua
tion of Shanghai.
PEKIN. Oct. 24. Prince Cbing, president
lot tha Pornlffn nflW lniH. . .i. -...
maBtf tn . ----
" luo " ipu.
Uon regarding the evacuation of Shanghai
lLtb Jorelgn troop8. a" emb"" H
I th v.,.. ,,, , . " : "
BrUUh ,chemM of
aggrandizement. 6Aa the
i ujuol idui removing tn. imn pit n. ti.,
Germans are
pleased with the agreement as
It stands It is doubtful if Germany will con
PARIS, Oct. 24. Foreign Minister Del-
casae ha notified China that France is
prepared to withdraw its troops from
Shanghai simultaneously with the with
drawal of the force of the other power.
reserving the right to send a contingent
- her power d,
barking troops.
Document, of Hl.torleal Character in
Poa.ea.lon of O.oar of Nor.
way Are Wanted.
STOCKHOLM, Oct. 24. King Oecar has
had the novel experience of being sum
moned to appear ln court In connection with
document belonging to the late Helga De
La Bracbe, said to be ln his possession.
Helga, wbo was the daughter of tha de
throned king Gustavua Adolpbus IV, died
some years ago. Her legatee now demands
the delivery of papers received by King
oscar a ratner rrom Helga, These papers
are understood to be of an Interesting his-
torlcai character.
SAOA IMPORTS CHINAMEN Company Finds Celestials
Do Moat Work on Cocoa
BERLIN, Oct. 24. The German-Samoan
company Is arranging to Import Chinese
labor for the cocoa plantationa in Samoa.
A former New Guiana contractor has been
t0 to China and send worker.
The German concessionaires nod
can get more work out of Chinamen.
I'ales. Reform, la Macedonia Are In
stated Ipsa Government Can
not Prevent Trouble.
SOFIA. Bulgaria, Oct. 24. The Bulgarian
government haa sent an identical note to
the powers pointing out that unless reforms
la Macedonia are Insisted upon the govern-
mnt ot Bulgaria will b unable to hold In
check th pro-Macedonian movement which
is agitating thla country.
Fifteen Person. Killed, One Hundred Destroyed aad Several
Ships Ar luuk.
BUENOS AYRE3. Argentine. Oct. 24. A
hurricane has swept over Port Diamante
province of Entre Rlos. Fifteen Dersooa
w.r. anil manv rr. InlnMil
' j
A hundred bouses were destroyed and
aeveral ships were sunk. Nogvoya and
other places were also damaged.
Kla-a Bestows War Hoaora.
LONDON. Oct. 24. Nearly 400 recipients
of coronation war honors were invented hv
auasga tauxaiu V VU aiUUIUl J lltl I (Kill T .
Th InveBtlture was carried out In the ball
rnm -in, ,.... .i a.. ...
King Edward at Buckingham palace today.
officer of state were present and th seen.
n.r.i..i..i. .. . . .l.
I 1UB1B m 11 II in- 1 1 1 1 ' r 1 1 M 1 1 ipnm Hn.nnln '
i tinn wirn namrwtv
J5 I
tlclpants, In accordance with the king's in-
. I structlons, wore all the ribbons, orders or
I meJa, they possessed,
Acriaeni uemys steamer.
PLYMOUTH. England, Oct. 24. The
steamship Fuefst Bismarck, from New York,
uctober 18, for Hamburg, arrived here this
this morning at 10 o'clock. It waa delayed
h, . f , . , ' -.-
tZS I, f V the PSTe.W'
' J ' h t 8 V cran?ha " of lu
f1"00"" "" " Sunday. It only used
Its port engine during the rest of the voy-
age. mo vessel experienced fine weather.
Three New War Ships.
LONDON, Oct. 24. The British admiralty
has given out contracts for the construction
They will have a speed of twenty-five and a
quarter knots when In fighting trim, tbelr
engines will be of 17,000-horse power and
their seagoing qualities will be superior to
those of the torpedo boat destroyer type.
Aid Loyal South Africans.
LONDON, Oct. 24. The Dally Mall under
stands the government will next week ask
Parliament to vote $10,000,000 for the benefit
of Transvaal residents who remained loyal
during the war, ln addition to the $15.-
000,000 granted under the peace treaty.
Dock Laborer, to Resume Work.
DUNKIRK, France, Oct. 24. The dock
laborers today formally decided, hv 1711
votes to 481, to resume work. The town
quiet today, an overwhelming force of
iruops naving ueen acnt hero by the mlli-
iary autnorities
DMAHfl WniWAW IC crromuv
I W 1,1,1, 111 , Will 1 1 J WUnLIMni
Rational Household Economics Asao.
rlatlou Elect. Officer, for
Four Year..
MILWAUKEE, Oct. 24. At today's ses
sion of the National Household Economics
association the following officers were
elected: , r
Prealdeut, Mrs. Linda Hull-Larned, Syra
cuse, N. Y.; vice president, Mrs. J. K. Klm-
ferley, Neenah, Wis.; recording secretary
treasurer. Mrs. John Kendall-Dunn New
Yrir. ."!:. " DD' ew
MacMurphy. Omaha, niraetnr. I i
I - ... Vm
rour years: Mrs. Lynden Evans, Chlcaao-
f8' Honman Kansas; Mrs. Habrlskle,
J. D. Whltmore, Dcnyer.
"ATame en Evary Piece."
.? Bonbons
Beiry Package Warranted I
If yon buy Lowney's Candles in th
original sealed packages you will find them
in perfect condition, or money refunded.
Rsaclal" Asserted . I lb. 60c.; M .
"KoBTealr" . . . . I lb. Oc.; H 1. 8Sc.
"lauriraa Beaatl.a" lb. &oc. : U lb. 80c.
'Plska." "PaniUa" ) . ,L . ..
r"r-orSt-..BOU" j ;
"Golfer." .... . i Ib.toc.; K lb. 10c.
"f nloalal Dames" '. . I lb. 60c. ; X lb. 80c.
Taoeolatt reppermtats" 10c. and toe.
"Iheeolat Alaaosd." , l&c., 85c asd AOc
Lwny a Packages arm
full tUtlght.
Doubt Daily
Train Servico
via th
Louisville &
Nashville Railroad
Cincinnati, Louiavllls
Chicago and St, Louis
Nashville, Memphis
Atlanta, Birmingham
Mobile. New Orleans
Florida and
(suit Coast Points
Through Sleeping Cara tnd Chair Care
An Unexcelled Dining Car Service
First and Third Tuesday each Month
For rate, maps, folders and time
table. Address
C. L. STONE, Gca. Pats. Art.,
Louisville, Ky.
For the Strength
of Woman
to surmount the difflculiles
. of social or worh-n-day lifo
a . .
is ixmurc a greatest assistant.
-swf wai-ua uii uepressiOiA
and illness and promotes
digestion and health.
All druggists sell it. Trtparti only bp
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n
St. Louis, U. S. A.
SEitTVi1 tamo" Jwolaer, Mlehelob.
BlacK a Tan. Faust. P.I..I .... !
Eaport Palo aad Exquisite.
of MEN.
12 years of sue
ccssful practloa la
rtiaout cuiiins, pia mt
l.l auarsDtM to nt
o or mon.r nrunaM.
CVDUII IC "ni th. polso
WirfllLIO thormsblr elnid from th
iT.t.m. Scaa TT ( " trmptoM 4l..ppwr sa4 torrnr. Ne "DKKAKINO OUT" ot
tb. 4Im.m on th. ski. or (.. oentslns
B Amnsorau druss or lalarlou mloliM.
from hmm or VICTIMS TO
IjRrAT In VOUNU ui sUDDUB AGED: luk of 11m.
vigor .n4 stnnitta. with organs unpalroA snd tui
Cures siMrsotMd.
CTDIOTIIDC wlU a saw horn, trwu
O I nib I UilC atmb No Mia, a Uaua
from bualurw.
lIRIltARY. Kldn.T Bl.ddor Trouble, Weak
tek. Burning tlrln., mqu.or of Urlnnlng, im
Hlab Colored, or with mllkr wdlaMat standing.
Consultation Free. Treatment by Mall.
Call or a da res a, lto S. 14th St.
For years this remedy haa been the
standard nerve restorative. Thousands
of happy men ow their newly found
strength to Its use.
Sexlue Pills replace weakness and
exhaustion with strength and vigor;
the brain becomes clear; th nerves
steady and calm; gloomy forebodings
are banished and perfect vitality U ful
ly restored.
If you are suffering as above, trria
box; you'll be encouraged by it effect
to take the full course of six boxes-
then If yon are not entirely cared, w
will refund your money. Thla satis
factory offer ia one of th factors of
our success.
$1 00 per box ; 6 boxes (with gvaran.
tee to cure or money back), f&.OO, mailed
ia plain packages. Book free.
For sale by K.unn as Co., Omaha.
Dillon's Drug Store, 8outh Omana.
Davla Drug Co.. Council iut laT
' DR
Traats all form of
27 Tear. Experience,
17 Tear, in Omaha.
4 I ram remaraapi. auo-
Xi-" cess haa never bn
equaled and every day brings many flatter,
lng reports of the good he Is doing, or the
r.uer. ne nas given.
Hat Springs Treatmsnt for Syphilis
And all Blood Poisons. NO "BRKAKINO
OUT" on the akin or faee and all external
signs of the disease disappear at once.
BLOOD DISEASE rr"n"u. 10
OVtR 30.000 d."US-5
yiinuiy, uiuiuiat alacharg., Btrloture
Oleet, Kidney and Bladder Ptseaaea, lit I
Treatment by malL P. O. llox 7tA nn
over 216 H. 14th aireet, between Farnam and
DougUe atreeui, OJUAiiA, NS&B.
$25.00 to
That U tha rats from
In effect thla month aaly.
Ticket ar good, la tourist
sleeping cars, whloh th
Rock Island runs to Los Aa
gales, Santa Barbara and
Ban Francisco.
The car make qu taker
time to Southern California
than similar cars ever any
other line.
Folder fl'lng full Infor
mation mailed on request.
If you ar going to Cali
fornia, 00 NOW. After
November 1st It will cost
you nearly B0 per oast nor
than at present.
.Low rate to Montaua,
Idaho, Ltaih aad Pugel
Bound point now la
effect. Ask about them.
If r.J3?3
131 i rdinam ai,.
KJ Omaha, Keb.
Postal Card Will Get It J
Twentieth Century Farmer
W ife Trt
- . . mtlvVWIIJ Mi llll.UL. . . ,u an. DMT.