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Litis Fits Tttutaal Dsllsf fr it is Thrt.
8irt'gbt HsaU
tiall liamlltoa, tit Favarllr.
ins I
Ik Keatacai' We Fraat Baal
After ftril tk Plmt
t I VIKV.TIlV Kv flrl til Th- !",
Jl ,, V ... .hi '
McDowell stake for iio trotters ai the
feature today at the Kentucky Brecd"ra'
association track The event went to Siude '
i ..,!.!. v,., ..,.11, i,..nriii. I
J In straight heat. Anx.lla. the favorite
preesed the mare hard, but could only land
econd money. I
After being teaten In the first heat. Oall I
... . , ... h ..,,,,, ,
Hamilton, th favorite; won the Kentucky
stake from Bugle, with John Mc third, j
llilsar. the favorite, won the Lexington j
.ft.T the fmt beat Result-
slake after Wain the first neat. Kesuitf. ,
Urst race, the McDowell rtaite, Class ,
troitlnv. t.i.'K):
J, ro. m.. by Jav Hawker
(Titer) 1
Anxelht, b. ns. (Panderst 2
ereno. br. m. Henyon i 1
Anteella, b h. (rfpeari 4
Time: J:Ui. 3r',. 2:4.
8-cond race. elae. pacing, tl. 000:
Kavulll. b. h., by Kremlin (Mc
' I
- 3 ,
Donald) 1
: ntry. b. 6- tlUnki Z 12 7
Kanawha btir, b. g. iHudaor.).... 3 a 3
;rno. c h. in. t.Vlilieri 7 4 4
tive Woml. ir. h. iHiiydenk. S 2 Ids
l"lop K, b. m. tk'lrbvt a 5 da
lux 11. Iilk. g. tMrvtnK...r...... 4 ds
Time: 2:1". 2:'.
Th!rd race, the Kentucky, for foals of
J io. trotting. -two !n three. C.viO:
Gml lUmli'en, blk. f.. by (takland
Karon tHuil-eni , 3 1
Bugle, b. f. tJUci'ityl .. 1 2
John Me. b, . tJUlmsi. ... 7 J
Vat Henry,, b. h. i Boache..' 4
, I
J .
Hive. br. f. (Chandler) S 6
llattle BmUlt, b. f iDartial)) ) 2 4 da
Pat Henry and lllve divide fourth money
Time: 2:14. 2 :!::. 2:13H.
Fourth race, to wagon, trotting, members
t,f Oentlemen'a Driving club. Lexlngtou,
! rivers :
Alan, b, by Agracnla (3. T. Harbl
son) 1
Roscoe Medium, b. g. (K. W. Fhanklln). 1
Marlque, ch. g. (A. O. Leonard) 8
Florence lwk blk. m. (K. W. Brj'an).. 4
Time: 2:17, 2:13',.
Hfth race, The Iexinjton. trotting, tw
!i three heata for fosls of 1W, I2,0i):
()gsr. b. (., by Wlgrlns (Marvin).. I 1
2'h Pacolet. br. h. (Miles) 1 1
Ieltoro, b. c. (Benyon). 4
Blossom, b. t. (Dodge) 3 3
Fannls Summers, b. f. (Thomas) 4 ds
2 i
. , .
Omaha Chamadeaa Hare a Fierce
hat Saeeessfal Hatch With
the Treshyteriaas.
Twenty-three to nothing Jn Crelghton'g
favor was the result of Hetlevue'g efforts to
hold the; Omaha champions on the Belle
vue field yesterday afternoon. It was an
Ideal day and a fierce game. At 2:S) Moore
kicked off for Bellevua and the game
started with- a spirit that would enliven a
victim of melancholia. In Just four min
wtes Crelghton had a touchdown. Terry
McOovern took a twenty-yard sprint and
planted the ball across the goal, but It
was very near the side line. This fact did
cot seem to disturb Joe Walker s footing.
Tor he kicked the oval directly between the
tiuata. The Crelghton rooters held their
breaths In their closed flsta and kept their
fists In their pockets when Moore kicked
the goal so severely that It rolled across
the coal line. Terry Mnstain tried to pick
ll up, but fumbled. The bail rolled back
just two yards inside the goal and a fiat
' footed Bellevuer laid down on It in a
very friendly manner. The fondest hopes
of Reilavue seemed a reality. Nobody
doubted their ability to make two yards In
three downs. But Crelghton'a representa
tives took a full breath and after three
tries liellevue waa four yards from the
goal. The bslt passed to Crelghton end
after a few well directed line plunges Calla
han, on a double peaa took the ball for a
ninety-yard ride, and the acore was five
batter. Walker kicked goal. Bellevue got
the bait on a fumble and Moors earns
outatrrraoMly near getting a goal. Walker
, blocked It and the first half ended.
Moore started the aecond half by another
'f hie long klcka. Crelghton carried the
ball clear across the held on short gains.
Welsh made a touchdown and W alker
missed goal. During the next procession
dawn the field Callahan repeated his stunt.
lie went only forty-five yarda. but 'twas
the goal posts stopped him. Walker kicked
goal. Bellevue played better ball during
the remainder ci the game and nothing
more of interest to the ecorekeeper oc
curred. For Bellevue Moore's kicking fa admir
able, and be It said to the credit of the
whole team thit they are no snap to buck
against. As usual. Crelghton had no stars.
Walker and Wrlah wera the beet ground
f liners, except Callahan, the sprinter. De
utmy is a wonder vn defense and always
plays balL Lineup:
( rtig aloa
w.lrt ....
Callatuut ,
R. B.'L. E
R. T. iU T Cooyr
R. O. L. O tmutell
C r. coCl(l
.1 O. IB, O KT
.L. T. 'R. T McWhortsr
U K. iR. rrMmu
R. h. 'L. H Moor
.r. b. r. OiM
L. H.'R. H Coroll
.Q. . u, B T. Coojxr
Callahan (2). Welsh, lie-
Govern, Time of halves: Twenty minute.
Referee; Throm. Umpire: Mulgrew.
Altheaah ofaclal Deelslea Is I-ack:-lag,
Aadleace Frsassses It '
m Draw.
PHIIA.DELPHIA, Oct. li.-One of th
best sparring contests ever wltneesefl in
this city took plac tonight at the Pnn
sylvanla Art club betwstn Marvin Hart
of Louisville and Kid Carter of Brooklyn
The two men were In an form and for six
rounds thav were at it hammer and tongs.
demonstrating conclusively their entire
ability to give and take any amount of
punishment. The law allows no decisions
to be riven In boxlna bouts here, but the
audience was unanimous In declaring for
a draw.
In the third round a hard blow on the
jaw sent Hart to the floor and he shrewdly
took the count, the brief respite being suf
ficient for him to recover his strenath.
During the entire six round they slugged
with scarcely any Intermission. When the
final gong sounded both Hart and Carter
showed tke effects of their strenuous work
They had been severely punished and
showed signs of weariness, but were evi
dently able to go further lr necessary.
Carer Mile aa Daveas) rt Track
Faster Tats there
Be far.
DAVENPORT, la., Oct. la. Dan Patch
paced a remarkable mile on the Davenport
mile track tUia afternoon, reducing the
track record to 2:01 flat on his first attempt
The weather was clear, but with a stiff
breei blowing and the track soft from stun
day s aaavy rain It was at least two seconds
Tim by quarters: .i;. O JO'i. 0:Si.
Ju. The former track record was luSV
made by Kotwt J.
The race were cut short by darknesa.
t.X class, paclag: Irene won In straight
heats. Time: t:l. I.UV 1:1. The Prince.
Lawrence C, Scar foot and Moerey Onward
also started.
1:20 data, trotting: Chantwood won first
sad third heat. Tina: Alma
won swuond heat. Time: t.JV- J won
fourth heat. Time: I Admiral Dillon
also started.
(Ball Toaaaaaaeat Caaaaaeaeea.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 14,-The annual fah
tournament of the Chevy Cbaaa Coif club
begaJi hre today and will eoouuu through
Saturday. Thar are about forty enlrtee.
Including several pon front clubs out
side Washington. - . ..
Today play waa on9ne4 to the quallA-
Famous the World
rat fraaa H.
ration rounds t 3 holes, medal ptev. for
t rluh rup. of the sixteen wh qualified
the l.w r was mde bv Pr. I.. I,. Mar
ran of Columbia, who covered the course
1 1 a tot ji i r im.
Break Saaall Bear mm Is ftlvea Ike
4vtart t hea the Olaee Wia'a
ereaaa Tkrttt I .
on TiitADt . , . v, '
the champion featherweight pugiliet nf the
wor-,1. f awarded the decMon over Joe
Bernstein of New York, the ;hetto cham
pion, before the Eureka Athletic club to
nlthf. 1 he men were to have boxed ten rouble
to a decision at catchwetght.. Bernstein
WB" ,n ,n' PmK OT Condition and wetgled m
,hl" f'-rnoon at 1244 noun.. The enam-
pion 1Klk,i thoui h. ba(1 not trnined
an hour fir the battle and was beefy. He
d.r"n,.10 fr1;? '" elrht.
" Ith the tall of time the men went at It
hmmrr nd tont, Tne sw Yfrk lwv
t! the favorite with the 3.50 spectators
snd h' telling blows were cheered Hern-
Jt ihlVt?HnJn,,Jl "W.
swing, which opned the. Denver boy a left
an1 throughout the buttle the claret
flowed freely from the wound.
After five rounds the champion went
''" Bernstein and a succession of rushes
f,Iw,d- H. fo.jrid th, tne N Torkp.
gav. a, noni a, rereved and rhnwed no
inclination to shirk. At the end of the ser
enth round Berne'eln called Referee Joe
Pollock ryf New York to ht corner and
showed him that a small bone In hls left
hand tu broken and Bernstein's seconds
then threw uo the eoonae.
Calleps la lea art h Ahea.1 af Other
Morris Park Horses Iw first
NEW TORK. Oct, K Redpath, with
lllnd'r up. woti the 'VVertohester high
welsht handlcao at Morris Park todav. He
wh heuvlly playefl. opening at 30 t j 1 and
backed down to IX to 1, and galloped r
an easy winner bv a length from Sergeant,
Unmasked finishing third.
Merito won the Rochelle handicap bv a
. Fiend from tJrAnrl tlnerst with Potent thtrit
a hesd away.
i Ths weather was- clear and track fast.
First race. Kcllpse course; Lux Casta
won. 8t. Daniel second, Schclharle third.
Time: 1:1H,.
Hecond race, five furlongs ' and a half,
selling: Klttanning won. Lady Josephine
second. First Chip third. Time: 1:UR.
Third race. New Rochelle. one mile, tell
ing: Merito won. Grand Opera second,
Potente third. Time: 1:41
Fourth race, handicap, alx and a ha f fur
longs: Rednath won. Sergeant second. Un
masked third. Time: 1:V
Fifth race, one mile: Lord Badge won.
Arden second. Past third. Time: 1:41V
Sixth race, one mile and a furlong: Her
bert won. Hunter Raine second. Andy Wil
liams third. Time: l:56H.
Nebraska Wlas la Slagles and Kan
sas Mrs Take the Match
la Deahles.
LAWRENCE. Kan. Oct. 1. -(Special
Telegram.) The tri-etat tennis tourna
ment between the Universities of Kansas,
Missouri and Nebraska began today. The
Missouri players have not yet put in their
appearance, so today's games were limited
to the doubles and singles between Kansas
and Nebraska. Kansas was represented bv
Feitshane and Plerson. while Wright and
Tyncr wielded the rackets for Nebraska.
Nebraska started things with a rush in the
doubles and took the first set. 8-4. The Kan
sas university men took a brace In the sec
ond set, however, and won 6-0, playing alto
gether too fast a game for the cornhuskers.
The laat set was a close contest, but by
fast play the Kansans won, a-J.
In the singles this afternoon Wright and
Feltshans were very evenly matched.
Wright had the better of Feltshans In
height and his playing was of the first
quality throughout. Feltshans gave him a
very nara race, nowever, aitnougn the
darknesa was against the Kansan toward
the last. The score In the alnicles was -4,
3-. 7-a,
Sew TerW. Yacht. Clab Flxea Caa-
i fleas Saaae aa OoTcraea
Last Coatest.
NEW TORK. Oct. IS. The New Tork
Yacht club tonight cabled Sir Thomas Lip-
ton accepting his challenge for the America
cup on inn same conaiuons ior wnicn it
was raced for last time.
traagc Extort Betas Made ta Iaelaae
Every Coneera of In port a are
la the Cob a try.
MEMPHIS. Tenn.. Oct. The Commer
cial Appeal says: A strong effort la being
mad in Tennessee, ailsilsslppi, Louisiana
and Arkansas to organize every sawmill
firm of any Importance Into th Hard Wood
Manufacturers' Association of the United
The purposes are apparently not in the
nature of any combine to increase prices,
but the organisation is being brought about
for self-protection. This originally de
veloped at a meeting of the old National
Hard Wood Lumber association, composed
largely of wholesale lumber dealers. The
diSerencea result over th refusal of the
association to arrange a uniform schedule
of Inspection satisfactory to the manu
The Indications are that the new organi
sation will organize so thoroughly as to be
abl to overcome the wholesale dealer and
th adoption of th uniform inspection, and
probably wfll result In th elimination of
the middle man, the manufacturer selling
direct to th consumer. While tola is true,
prices will not necessarily ba Increased.
The lumber Interests all over the country
are holding meeting to carry out this end,
Gees ta Frlsoa for Life far Marder
Coaaaamea Thlrty-Oae
Years Aar.
EVERGREEN. W. Va.. Oct. 16. In
circuit court Albert Brown, colored.
been found guilty of killing Levi Brows
in this towa in 1171. and sentenced to
prison tor life, Th accused Is a gray
haired man M year old.
Although it is now thirty-one year
since the crime was committed, when
Brown faced the court this morning there
were three eye witnesses to the killing who
war prepared to swear that be inflicted
the fatal knife wound.
Brown declared that be was not present
when th killing was done, but had no
witnesses to support his statement. Th
Jury returned a verdict of guilty, with
life Imprisonment.
Bahy aaa Mlfe'a Fareata Fall Vie
tlama Be fere He Atteaapt
MOCN'T PLEABANT, Mlt.. Oct. 11
Archie Woodln, la a fit of Jealousy today
killed his father-in-law and motber-ln-la
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gulirk. his 1-yeer-oll
child and attempted to kill himself.
Pome time ago Woodla's wife left blm
and went bom to her parents. Today
Woodln went to the bouse with th Intra
tioa of taking her or the child away, and
got Into aa altercation with Culick.
Otcp Fully Matured.
May as Caaaaar
Mitt Iosptciioi Oriinncs UiJtrgoai a
ritickl Eztmicatiti.
Hiatal y nf the I.oeal Law Bell
Pre aa re 4 far the lafaraaatiaa
City C'erk Fhrigley spot a portion of
bis time yesterday to going over th old
records of the council in relation to the
meat Inspector controversy. Ordinance No.
110 provides for the appointment of a
meat inspector to serve for a period of
three months, without pay from the city.
The duties of this clfclal were to Inspect
meat packed here for export. This ordinance
as the number Indicates was passed In the
esrly days of South Omaha's history. The
object was to provide on official to Inspect
the meat a destined "lor foreign markets.
This was before the Bureau of Animal
Industry was established here.
Next comes ordinance No. 11" creating
the office of stock inspector and then this
is followed by ordinance No. 155 providing
a salary of $V a month for the stock in
spector. In bia official notice Mayor Koutsky de
clared the ordinance of meat Inspector va
cant, but made no nculion of a stock
Inspector. It Is presumed that th mayor
will issue a new order at the next meeting
of the council, making a correction.
One portion of the ordinance creating tba
office of stock inspector aays that the In
cumbent may be removed for ranee by the
mayor, with the concurrence of the coun
cil. Walk eeas Reealrlas.
The sidewalk on the north side of J street
etween Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth
trects Is in a delporable condition. This
walk la a plank one and a count yesterday
hoowed that In the distance of one block
twenty-fcur planks were missing. Member
of the Presbyterian church, which Is lo
cated at Twenty-fifth and J street are
nxlous that this walk be-repaired as soon
a possible. Several effort have been made
to have this one block graded, hut some
cf the property owner are always object
ing, so the city under the present charter
Is unable to do anything. It can. however,
repair the walk at a comparatively small
Teamsters Gettlaa; Together.
The local teamsters' union ha issued
call for a special meeting on Sunday nest.
when It la expected that definite steps may
be taken to secure an increase in wages.
At th present time the union here baa
about, seventy-five members, but efforts are
being made to increase this membership
to 159 as soon as possible. It was stated
last evening by some of the teamster that
a regular schedule would ba submitted to
ths employers soon. A general rale in
wages will, it la asserted, be demanded.
St. Manla'a Gelid Elect Ofllecrs.
These officer hare been elected by St.
Martin's guild: Mr. L. F. Stearns, presi
dent; Mrs. Harlan Wells, first vie presi
dent; Mrs. Cyrus O. Nelson, second vie
president: Mr. S. B. Christie, secretary;
Mrs. George Francis, treasurer.
During the laat year the guild ha raised
$1,081 for the decorations of the church.
Carpenter Reports Gooel Baalaeaa.
Harry L. Carpenter, manager of th
stock yards at Lincoln, which were re
cently purchased by W. J. C. Kenyon, gen
eral manager of th Union Stock Yards
company here, waa la th city yesterday,
and said that he is doing a good business.
The yards at Lincoln now teed livestock
for this market. A rest in transit Is given
and the lesult is that th stock arrive at
this market in much better shape than
Ealaraiaa- the Chair.
An effort Is being made to enlarge the
choir at St. Martin's church, and Rev.
James Wise, the rector, ha requested th
paper to say that boys, women and men
were requested to Join the choir. From this
time on there will be choir practice every
Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Prof.
F. H. Wright, organist of Trinity cathedral,
wllf direct the choir at practice. All ap
plications for place In the choir should be
mad to Rector Wis.
Slaty Day far Coal.
South Omaha coal dealers wer greatly
pleased yesterday to learn that th strike
In the anthracite region had practically
been settled. It 1 not ezpeeted that any
extensive shipments of bard coal will be
received here for about sixty day. Some
of th local dealers say that th big cttles
of the east, where anthracite Is used al
most exclusively, will be supplied before
shipment are directed toward tbe west.
Coaaailala Aboat Car Faaalaa.
Livestock shipper to this market con
tlnu to complain about the western car
famine. Many shipper report that It is
almost impossible to secure car when
needed. On the other hand, railroad offi
clals are reported as saying that every et
tort is being made to secure sufficient cars
for th transportation of stock to thl mar
ket. One railroad official stated yesterday
that If there was a car famine oa now it
would not last long, a arrangements were
being made to get all avalleble stock ears
in service as soon aa possible. While hog
receipts are a little low at the present time.
th receipts of cattle are above th av
crag. Th same may bo said of sheep,
Local commission men say that most likely
th bog deficit will more than be made up
by the end of the calendar year.
Maay Petty Tbievca at Large,
Detectives for the various railroads run
ning through South Omaha assert that
there la a great deal of stealing going on
in the yards here. Braas fittings have
been stolen of lata which cost th railroad
companies considerable money. On la
stance was reported where the fittings
stolen cost the company $150. They war
sold to a South Omaha junk dealer for $14.
Thl particular batch of stuff was muti
lated, but the detectives report that la
some instances the Junk dealers do not
make any effort to erase manufacturer' or
owners' make. . It la asserted that the ordl
nances of South Omaba ar so drawn as to
be laeffrctiv In case of th kind men
tioned. A new ordinance I being contid
ered by th city officials.
Maale City Gaaslst.
Henry Sloan la back from a short bunt
lng trip.
Mrs. A. W. Babcock of Minneapolis,
here for a visit with frienda
Little credence is given to the rumor that
anouiar packing plant la to start here.
Mrs. Adolph Harm has gone to Dunlap
la . to visit irtenaa tor a couple ol weeks
The remaJna of Willis Brown were for
warded to Nebraska City yesterday for in-
An Important meeting of the Modern
Brotherhood of America will be held Fri
day night.
Graders commenced excavating for th
new Antbes hotel at Twenty-third and M.
streets yealeraay.
Th city road machine was being worked
yesterday on M street from Twenty-third
to rwenty-nrtn streeta
Druggist Mike Dillon is at Excelsior
renin. Mo. He art lea to frienda here th;
his health la nut improving aa fast as waa
Marahy Had a Marat Fall.
John Murphy waa last night reported to
vm prvgroMuua weu si oi. jwpDi Boapitai
auu sua ivcovcry is now not uuiiaeiy.
the time he received his Inl'irles last PstMr
dny afternion It waa thought that he would
die in a few hour. Murphy, who was em
t'loyed as a carpenter on the I'nlon pacirlc
hops, waa at work at the top of the build
ing and had occasion, tt Is said, to climb
out on a crane which w as used fur hoisting.
In some manner he missed his footing and
fell to the groiuid, a distance of three
sturlea. He sustained a fracture of three
ribs and was otherwise Injured.
srrlrsri af the Wars ieoeraa,ly
Reaaeashereal hy the Keaeral
WASHINGTON", Oct. 1 (Special.) The
following pensions hare been granted:
Tstie of September S3:
Nebraska: Originals Tlmothv Kennedy,
Madison. Oliver Anderson, Hastings. $
(war wtth 8paln. Increase, reiesue. etc.
William W. Dtibbs, Wood River. r-
Thomss Phoeeimtth. Lincoln, tM; William
E. Pwlhart. Kennard. tlJ.
Iowa: Orlginila Patrick Friel. Cummlng,
I: Jennings Morrow, Modale, S: John P.
Schneider, Osage, tti; Chauncey 8. Bmlth,
Rlverton, IS. Increase, reissue, etc. Ell
MetTord, Cedar Raplrts. Ii; Jacob Luft,
Hlnton. $12; John Gable. Dos Moines, $12;
William II. Howard. Runnells, $1; Byron
L. Tower, Storm Lake, 112.
v yomtr.g: ortelnal llllam 11. Amen.
Lonetree, W.
Issue of September 24:
Nebraska: Increase, rriesue. etc. John
H. Malley, Alliance, Ehenexer Kards.
Central City, tfo; Paul Hansen. Wood River.
t: Jacob Bennett, University Place. 117;
Peter Piatt, Tecnmseh. 117: Clark C. Cran-
all. Chester. 112: George Hoover. Fort
Crook. $11 twr.r with Spain).
Iowa: onainal w llllam Krease. Brook
lyn. $. Increase. relsue, etc. Charles H.
ooley. Clear Lake. l: Thomas McGovern.
Soldiers' Home, Marshalltown, $!f; John
LliT.n.n U..l.n till VI .,.., . 1 - f I 1 1 .,
Cedar Falls. $12: John 'Pchwagler, 8o!diere:
Home. Marshalltown. ": John Jeillson.
Prole. $24; Newton I. Howard. Preston, $12;
Alfred C. Ballentlne. Shannon City. IX:
Joeeph Jewell. Canaan. $8; George W. Mur
dock. Columbus Junction. $; James W.
Davidson. Marshalltown. $: David Culver.
Creston, $10; Norman R. Cornell. Knoxvllle,
k; David P. Beal. Davenport, iix widows,
minors and dependent relatives Mary M.
Beaner, Les Moines, $.
South Dakota: Increase, reissue, etc.
Jacob S. Hawkins). Sioux Falls. $12; George
W. Kiriney. Hlil City, $; Trangott Ooldam-
mer. Hillside, tu.
Issue of September 25:
Nebraska: Increase, reissue, etc. John
H. Newell. Lyons. $17: Lewis Williams.
Elba. $12. Widows, minora and dependent
relatives Sarah A. Smith. Alliance. $8:
Mary E. Young. Lincoln, $12.
lowa: originals Augustus r. Kremer.
Cedar Rapids, $6; John D. Peters, Fort
Madison. $S. Increase, reissue, etc. John
W. Valentine, Da via City, $8; Iaac M.
ijarn. tnton, tu; iouis nnwarix. ues
Moines. $12: Theodore H. Jennings. Cantril.
$17. Widows, minor and dependent rela
tives Christy A. Shepard, Stuart, $8; Susan
Dunbar. Mason city, : Meiien smith.
larksniie, : Hattie Julian. Kussell.
South Dakota: Original George W. Mil
ler, McCook, $6.
ernaaa Trad Greatly Iaereases
Under Oaxaaaerelal Treaty
WASHINGTON. Oct. 16. A report of In
terest In the United States, in view of tbe
suggested reciprocity treaties, is that of
Consul Ozmun at Stuttgart relative to the
working of reciprocity arrangements in
Germany. Ho shows that Germany has now
had ten years' experience In trade rela
tions with seven different European coun
tries conducted under commercial treaties.
He says Germany waa able to Increase
Its export trad with these countries 44
per cent, while the imports exceeded the
sports to them. This excess was 33 per
cent less In th last three years of treaties
than in the thre before they came into
Badge far the President.
WASHINGTON. Oct 11 A committee.
headed by Mr. B. H. Warner, chairman of
tbe citizens' executive committee of the
recent national encampment of the Grand
Army .of the Republic. nd Hon. J. H.
Brigha'm, assistant secretary of agriculture,
called at the Whit House today and pre
sented to President Roosevelt a gold
Grand Army ot th Republic badge com
memorative of the national encampment.
Th badge Is of solid gold, handsomely em
bossed and engraved. The president ex
pressed to the commute his appreciation
of the thoughtfulness which prompted the
presentation and indicated that he would
treasure th badge as a memento of the
visit to Washington of the members of the
Grand Army of the Re-pablic and ot their
consideration ot him.
Swiss Mtalater I Recalled.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 1. Mr. J. B. Pioda,
for many years envoy extraordinary and
minister plenipotentiary of Switzerland to
the United State, called at the White
House today to present to th president
his letters of recall. He was accompanied
by the secretary of the Swiss legation, Mr.
Charles L. E. Lardy. President Roosevelt
received th minister and his secretary In
his reception room on the second floor. In
accepting th letters of recall, the presi
dent expressed his regret that the cordial
relations existing between th officials of
this government and Minister Pioda were
about to be severed. Minister Pioda re
sponded cordially to the president's ex
pression, assuring him that th regret was
Passes Military Acadeaay Plams.
WASHINGTON, Oct 1$. Sfcretary Root
has approved the preliminary plans pre
pared by the board of officers at West
Point for th improvement at the military
These plans hara been submitted by
Colonel Mills to th supervising architect
ot th treasury for suggestions and amend
ment. Th action of Secretary Root, how
ever, settles the general plan th architects
having only details to work out
Hollaad Want X Bicycles.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 1. Coosul General
Llstoe, at Rotterdam, inform th State de
partment that the prospects for the Im
portatlon ot American bicycles are not
very bright, owing to the fact that the pro
duction ot bicycle ha progressed rapidly
in th Netherlands.
Xorway .Seeds Grata.
WASHINGTON, Oct. IS. Consul General
Bordewich at Cbrletlania, in a report to tbe
State department says tbe Norwegian crops
this year have been very poor and a Urge
amount of grain must be imported.
Arasy Redartlaa Halt.
WASHINGTON, Oct. l.-ecretary Root
has called for estimates concerning th pro
posed reduction of th army and a soon ss
these ar received tbe order will probably
be Issued.
Accidentally Shot.
Fred KeusHrom, who live at Twenty
seventh and Maaon streets, waa painfully
wounded in the left forearm by the acci
dental discharge ot a shotgun yesterday
afternoon about $ o'clock at Thirty-slain
street and Poppleton avenue. Dr. Brown
waa called and applied a first dressing.
Keustrota was later removed to Clarkaon
hospital. The Injured man and two com
panion were driving home from an after
noon's shooting and turned the corner at
fwenty-venth street at a rapid pace. The
gun was Jolted out of the vehicle and ex
ploded on striking the ground. The charge
of shot lacerated Neusirom s left forearm
from wrist to elbow to such an extent that
amputation may be necessary, although the
noapiiai auinonue nopea last nignt to D
able to av the arm.
Wasalaala Schawl Haara Ticket.
The popullet central committee met last
evening at 1511 Dodge street, with J. J.
points In the chair and J E. Emblen offi
ciaung aa secretary, and nominated tht
roiiowlng candidates for the echoed board:
Elmer K. Thomas. 1W Douglas street; Dr.
1 ' I? . -1 . 1. -u,. VI ... 1 U . . ...
I Nobie. a' Hawthorne avenue; Frank p!
I vviuox. bouth Twenty-ninth strtel;
All Clarke U. Powell, lS Locust street
It. Ticseot Up is Armi 1 taint AllsrsJ
Mal-idmiiiiustisa sf lUlisf Fist.
SaaTerers Fran Ertlaa Get t.lttle
ar X Heist as Resalt of tailed
latea Geaeroslty and Suasa
Raised Elsewhere.
KINGSTOWN. Pt. Vincent. Oct. 13. (De
layed In transmUilon ) The publio meet
ing held here td.iy to discus alleged mis
government and maladministration of re
lief funds was both enthusiastic and or
derly. Thousands of persons ot all classes
Including Carlo Indians and other suf
ferers from the recent volcanic eruptions,
were present. Tbe Rev. W. Newlands oc
cupied tbe chair.
The following resolution was unanimously
Whereas, By th eruption of May 7. a
large area of cultivated land was devast
ated and thousands of people were rendered
homeless and destitute and afterward
abundant supplies in kind and large sums
of money were contributed, fully sufficient
to relieve the distress and re-establish the
Industries of the colonies, and.
Whereas, Under the pretense of there
being no land available or obtainable at
reasonable rates a large number of suf
ferers, after the lapse of five months, have
not been provided with homes or lands and
the governor of the Windward islands in
sist. that they shall emigrate to Jamaica
under the following threat contained in a
published minute to the administrator of
St. Vincent, dated September 24: "You
should make thorn clearly understand that
If they refuse this opportunity no more
relief will be given them," and
hlp Sappllea Away.
Whereas It l a matter of public noto
riety that while many of these people
have been starving large quantities of sup
plies contributed by the American govern
ment for relief have been gradually shipped
from the colonies and other supplies lie
rotting in store rooms, and.
Wheress, Notwithstanding the governor's
statement to the contrary, there are suit
able lands available upon which to settle
the people, be it therefore.
Resolved. That this meeting protest
against the compulsory emigration scheme
contained In the governor's minute to the
administrator as a monstrous violation of
the riant and liberties of these loyal sub
ject of King Edward and as an inequitable
attempt to destroy them of their rightful
share In help from the relief fund, thereby
frustrating the intentions of the generous
contributors of this fund. This meeting
flatly contradicts the governor's statement
in Ills lliliitiir hiaivc iririir'J iiohici.t .
tha( "the government cannot find homes '
for the people." The government is hold
ing In trust for these people a large sum of
money, sufficient not only to acquire the
lands necessary, but to assist in restoring
the industries of the colony, and.
Resolved. That this meeting hereby calls
upon the imperial secretary of state for the
colonies (Joseph Chamberlain) to Intervene
between these people and the obstinate,
cruel and arbitrary policy of the governor
of the islands, and to direct that the suf
ferers be located In their own colony and
homes without further delay.
The meeting further appealed to the co
lonial secretary to relieve Sir Robert
Llewellyn of the government of the colony
and to send a commissioner to replace A.
M. Aahmore, who was recently instructed
to Investigate the administration of the
fund snd recalled before he bad com
menced bis task.
The Mather' Frlead
when nature's supply fails. Is Borden's
Eagle Brand Condensed Milk. It is a cow's
milk adapted to infants, according to the
highest scientific methods. An infant ted
on Eagle Brand will show a steady gain In
Pass Reaolatiea Kavariaa; . Teaasicr-
aace, bat Xot Lealalatloa to
Make Mea Ylrtaaas.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 18. The National
Retail Liquor Dealers' convention this aft
ernoon adjourned to meet next October In
The following officers were elected: Pres
ident, E. L. Jordan, Washington; first vie
president, A. D. Newman, Brooklyn; sec
ond vice president, Thomas F. Lally, Min
neapolis; third vice president Frank Stallo,
Baltimore; recording secretary, R. J.
Halle, Chicago; financial secretary, John
Mclntee, Paterson, N. J.; treasurer, An
thony, Hauder, Wilmington, Del.; national
organizer, P. A. Nolan, New York city.
Resolutions were passed opposing the
prohibition of the use of beers, light wines
and liquors aboard government ships st
marine stations snd nsvy yards, and de
claring that while the association la un
compromisingly hostile to the theory of
making men either virtuous or temperate
by legislation, they sre not opposed to
temperance or to proper means to prevent
th Immoderate use of Intoxicating liquors.
Climates wear out. Smokesand sprays
do not cure. Tbey relieve symptoiua
Instead of removing canaes ; wbereae,
we take Aathiua so thoroughly out of
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stand exposure without the sllebUt
return of Asthma. Bt ins right In
principle our treatment does what
reliefs "cannot do. We cure to stay
cured severe, loDg-standlng and pro
nouneed"lncnrable',cMse. If you are U because you are Ignorant
of our great work, tstuce ltovl we have
treated 62.UO Asthma and Hay Fever
sufferers. If you den Ire complete re
lief, health restored, and no return of
Asthma, write fur our Bwk7S Free.
v. naaoia katsb, BvrrairO, . V.
Forty Sizes, 10c to 50c Each.
RICHARDSON "DRUG CO., Distributors.
R a dam's
Microbe Killer
Cans all Blood and
Ctaroasie UUsssss.
Kills th microbes ot the lungs sad cures
Coasamptsoo ; kills tbe microbes el tbe
kidneys sad cores Bright s Disease; kills
to microbes of the threat sod cuts
Dipbiharia : kills the. microbes ol the skin
Bad cares Enema: kills tbe microbes cf
the blood and cares kheumeusro. Cancer,
Catarrh and all ctbec fclood and Chrooio
Diseatea. Cell or send for free hi4ory
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HTTIS-SIUO" 111 Cf. Me.
m m . f sSswaauw Jr m
ii noe
ii A lulv-
hjVWsshj mtfm
Kidney disease Is th eaeaay
1 as a resalt ot th feverish
It is a treacheroas eaesay
under cover of sock triSlsg
. bat persisteat backache, dlzslaess, heart-throbblag, weak W
digestion, coastlpatioa, freqaeat
arias, acaldlag art, sedlmeet la
is s kldaey ssedlclae of the greatest
aad strengthening, qslckly relieves achisg or senses la th sf-
v " wawMe w j v . mvhvs, wrrens Ifll
ssas flow of nrlne and tbrosgk Its excellent cleanslag and
"lr regulating effect la th stomach, liver aad bowels it
speedily restores th strssgUi sad faddy glow
Tlgoroas healths
PRICE, f 1.00.
Only Six Vacant
Offices in the Whole
Bee Building.
DWl1Ur "aff This office faces east
tvWVJiVl OJO and has entrance on
the court, with approach through the
broad corridors overlooking the court
with its fountain and grand stairway.
Thi room is lfcx33 feet, and if desired
can be divided so as to arrange for
private offices to suit the tenant. It
also has a very large
vault, and the rental
price includes heat.
light, watei and Janitor
CT TTTK L 1 n This suite consists
"3U11E OIVJ of two rooms, the
entrance room being next to the ele
vator. Each room la lmxlDH. and each
haa a good sized burglar proof vault.
'i..e rooms will be rented separately
ir desired. An omce in xne tie Build
ing la particularly de
sirable In the winter.
It is always comfortable
no matter how cold it is...
ROOM 512 ilxWoll
the fifth floor. This room la thor
oughly light and every inch of th
space Is available for use of clerks or
employes. The room is not far from
the elevator. It desired, It can be
partitioned off to suit tba convenience
of the tenant. Like all rooms In The
Bee Building it 1 finished in hard
wood, and the rental price include
beat, light, water ana
janitor service, as wen
y ele- J
as tnc oenenv or
night and Sunday
valor service.
The Bee
R. C Peters, Rental Agents.
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17 Tears Experience,
17 Tears In Omaha
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irta ot the good he
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relief he
hu .riven.
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AA.m eiaei MMnuasilt iumI Ik
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res guaranteed la
LlCSt TUA!s ft 1AS.
Usfclt ilUsUUJ ojadeUuTyioaV'ef
. . L...I k J , ut.U.iSVt 0
U.mI, eviauey ana bisvauer iieoJee. Hy
rr-J . . . t... ... - 1 1 V fV tmA lifflM
AtMkvaMvu. .) - - .
- i . in. r b-rn h ern.n. mnA 1
Lvug. streets, UM A H A, ili.
Western Electrical Go.
'lieetrte WlrUg, Bell sad Gas Lighting
& W. JOHNSTON, Vgr. U19 Howard St
0 P A 9
laundry labors
light use
it in
any kind of
Msd by
Swift & Company
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w hare most to fear
bast of taoders clriUsatloa.
werklag oat its deadly effect J
eyaiptoasa aa headache, slight
or diminished pastag of
merit. It actio Is heallar
RCOM 501 J&'rrSonVK
lng light and pleasant, besides hav
ing a large vault. Any one having
valuable papers apprec'ates this. No
Insurance to pay either In a fire-proof
building. If your address Is The Bee
Is The Bee
bunding every one
knows where to find
you. It is the best
known building In west.,
ROOM 520 Int'oce0."',3; 55
whole Bee building, among them In
an attractive light small room at 110
per month epac 10x17. Remember
that for offices In The Bee Building
the rental price Includes light heat.
water and Janitor service, with all th
convenience ana advan
tages of the best known
building in the
DnnM Ifll Thl office suite Is
tJJUl U located at th right
hand ot the entrance on the tirst
floor, so that the large windows over
looking the stairway are seen by all
who enter The Bee Building. The
ceilings are high and the room Is fin
ished In quarter-aawed oak, with oak
and walnut floor. It haa a good slsed
vault mantel piece and Is divided Into
a large office of twenty feet and a
mall private office, separated by a
solid tile partition. The room will ba
frescoed elaborately to autt the taste
autt the taste
ot toe tenant, mo one
on Inspection will ques
tion its being the hand
somest ernce in Omaha
Ground Floor.
$25.00 to
That 1
th rat froca
Omaha. '
la offset this month only.
Tickets sr good la tourist
sleeping ear, whloh th
Reck Island runs ta Las Aa
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tan Fraaetaco.
The ears xaak snlokar
tlm to ton th era California
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Voider giving full rafor
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It you sr goiag t Cali
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Omaha, Ns..