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iTtrybodj Wiiniif 0mi, bat 11 Tsit
r 8et KiawT ETsry, Dsy.
IkraAi HmHern BeTerely
, ; Booth ? Hna . Tr Bis
littles to Fill.
Everybody U still winning at foot ball, of
course. jThat U. all tie big teams. Though
some oftheffl;are being ecored on, to date
the Important elevene In the different parts
of the. e'ountry are all undefeated. That l
to be expected, for with the seasoil Just
entering upon Us third real week of play
the leading 'varsity squads are still in the
mldet of. the usual preliminary schedule of
matches with Inferior opponents, the ac
knowledged training school for the big con
teats to come, and at the same time the
basis for much unseasonable dope as to
the final standing of the teams.
But tbls condition of preamble cannot
last much longer. Every week brings the
Impending but long dolayed collision of the
real giants nearer at hand, and as a general
rule trie big smash will Come about November-
1. That date will be the first of
a series of four Saturdays" and a. Thanks
giving Xlay which will write the real foot
ball history of the year. For those crucial
twentyyeven days are the elevens training,
and to that period of the gridiron schedule
are the eyes of the rooters turning, and
their expectations yearning.
In the Big Four all the teams are now
rniiinv into condition and form and the
different units are beginning to acquire that
knowledge of their duties termed "head,"
which feature alone wyi count as much
as anything else In determining who shall
be the choices for the first team places
a' regulars. By next week, or the "one
following at the latest. It will be possible
to schedule the 'varsity peneonneja. for all
the Big Four elevens, but as yet there Is
still much speculation- at to many positions
on the Ulfferent teams. Princeton and Yale
and Pennsylvania. 'however, seem all far
ther; toward a "picking" now than their
rival! Harvard, as each of the three has been
playing only a regular eleven and the nec
essary substitutes recently, while the Crim
. son continues to run through a roll of
from twenty-five to thirty men for each
game. p
i 1 1 . ,
From"1 the preliminary play In the Big
Four district thus far Coach Wllliama ot.
the Quakers draw the deduction tha,t the
maller-'schools 'are steadily rising In foot
ball , prowess. How h. (ran . evolve this
conclusion from a comparison of Big Four
flgures of this year with those of last Is
difficult to understand. Tako renatu'lyanla,,,
Tale. Harvard and Princeton, for Instance,
la thelrigames of Saturday, Oetoher'4. .The
Quakers- beat State. 17 to 9; last year
their victory was. by a score of 2jl to 6.
manifestly a much stronger showing by
oti' Wina It nitred' This.' mandrill Yale
Amherst 23 to 0, last yeaVdnly to 0;
the deduction is plain. Again. Harvard
has Junt defeated Bates 23 . to 0, while In
1901 the. score was: Harvard. 16; Batee, .'
Thus th? weak team scored on Harvard
a yeaf ago, while this year It was away
outacored and was whitewashed. Only the
Tigers of them all has failed to better Its
showing, and In the game against Lehigh
the score was so btg 8 to 0, that It can
not be said to fall tuuon below that of
01, 3"i to 0. So M CoachA Williams Is to
figure fbat th&T Insignificant school teams
are growing steadily better, he must base
the opinion on proposition that the Big
Four teams are about 50 per cent improved
this year themselves,'.
The first faint chance for the critics to
draw any comparison betweed the big
teams, however, has come during the last
'week, and It Is by all odda the most Inter
esttng'feature of the gridiron developments.
TWs resulted from the game between Har
vard and' Amherst of last. Wednesday. In
wjloh the Crimson won' by only 6 to 0 from
a jteam that Yale defeated the Saturday
previous by 23 to 0.
It Is very easy to announce that com
parative scores count (or nothing, but when
thi parallels are ao sharply drawn as tn
this Instance you cannot prevent the rooters
fre'm drawing, a rather pointed Inference.
Th-whole meaning of these two games Is
that just now .Yale has a much better team
In. weight, training and development than
Harvard.' That ' promises nothing for one
month from now, however, and Yale's great
excess of weight over Harvard would natur
al mal. the Blues stronger when both
tea&s are Still raw. However, the action of
ths Yale men was decidedly superior to
that of the Crimson representatives tn this
game. ,
though each team found Amherst bard
proposition. Harvard was really outplayed
a tood portion of the time, while the Blues
acjred twice In each half. The .Crimsons
could not score at all till the middle of
thtj second balf, when the sole touchdown
wtaa made'.' "TheXmhefi eleven is light,
.an for that reason bad a better chance
against the Harvard teanrthan against the
solid ton of men who constitute the Blues'
eleven. It is Interesting to. know as col
lateral that, Charlie Gould, Yale's captain
of last year. Is coaching Amherst, and It Is
a Vlncb that he urged his team to every
effort s4lftt. .the Crlmsoa defensors on
Cambridge field. The pluck of the smaller
college men against odds, lu weight, waa
aaJ to be' marvelous.
f ,
In the midwest Conference College cir
cles are chiefly Interested In the fact that
bottr of the' teams picked to be the leaders
for the aeason, Wisconsin and Michigan,
have been scored agajost already and both
by teama Which last aeason' not only failed
to erase the cipher, but were beaten by
much larger" ' scores, la the' case of the
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Badger eleven thla Is well explained by I
me iranaadmllon of Coach King that his
team Is yet very loose and sloppy tin team
flay and even more so on the defense that
on the offense. Development and centrali
sation have been admittedly alow at Madi
son and a much Inferior tesm might In
that way score. With the Wolverines It (s
a little different, for Coach Yost would
have It that bis eleven Is already a com
pacted machine, with Its play Improved to
a point very near the season's Ideal.
Other Interesting features of middle west
foot ball are that the Gophers could de
feat Ames Agricultural college but U to 0
and that Chicago won from Knox by the
skin of Its teeth, bsrely escaping defeat
or a tie at that. This latter result will
appeal to Nebrasksns, as the Cornhuskers
meet Knox college on November 15 In
Omaha. The game with the Midway
Maroons developed ' the truth of the sev
eral statements made In The Bee concern
ing the Oalesburg team. First, It is very
heavy; second, It Is a band of veteran.
Then the two star guards, France and Mar
tin, men who are Ineligible Under confer
ence rules, sre a great power tn the middle
of the line. Nebraska will very probably
find good opposition when Knox comes to
town. t
. Coming nearer home, the tact -that the
Iowa State Normal school scored on the re
doubtable State university of Iowa Monday
Is another etory that tells Itself. Appar
ently Coaches Knlpe and Hobba hare atill
some cementing to do. Looking on this
side the Missouri, all the news from Kan
sas to date Is not such as to promise an
unusually strong team from there. It is
certain that Coach Curtis will accomplish
a great deal with the material at hand, but
beyond predicting a hard fighting eleven
not much can be Said. Meanwhile, to tig
rag bark again, from the University of
Missouri the news Is practically nil.. Thu
team has not had an Important game yet,
and reports as to the chances at Columbia
for a good eleven are not only meager, but
absolutely wanting.
In the pursuit of the festive foot ball
pipe the northern writer is apt to allow
bis perspective to be bounded by the
horiaona Indicated In the names) Big Four
and Big Nine, Accustomed for so long
to Identify all strenuous collegiate su
premacy with the north, one Is very apt
to consider foot bsll purely a sport for
the states north of the line. To tell such
people that In the very southernmost tier
of states in this country, reaching from
South Carolina to Texas, there exists a
flourishing and extensive foot ball aseocia
tlon would be to spring a mild surprise.
But this Is the fact. The Intercollegiate
association, to which ' reference Is made.
naa been In active progress for many years,
and no district championships of northern
gridiron clans, are' waged with a fiercer
plrit of rivalry and competition than those
of the sunny south. They do not have
the snows and the blows of the north to
fortify endurance and spur effort, but
despite all that, some great trams are de
velopcd every year. It aeema something
like playlag the pad and aweater game In
the summer, time, but the lada of soft, roll
ing voices and Intense family pride do all
they can. They' spend money with the best
,Of thero, and engage northern coaches and
Sfock up with carloads of the most modera
equipment. Training la hardly so rigorous
aa further north. That would be almost
impossible In the warmer clime. Yet good
foot ball la played. ........
Seventeen teams belong to this assor la
tlon. They embrace the colleges of ten
Mates, outlining the seacoast from the gulf
on around up to the Virginias. Last sea
on the eleven of the University of the
South, at Suwanee, Tenn., won the aeeo
elation championship. This aeason the
struggle has just begun again. For Its
very first game this year the Suwanee team
took a ride of thirty-five contlnuoua hours
to Dallas, Tex., to play the University of
Texas boys. They reached Dallas laat Fri
day morning and played the same afternoon.
That shows nerve, and spirit, and many
other commendable qualities. When a
northern team departs for a game at a dis
tance that means even one brief night on
the train three days Is the time taken In
which to tone up again before playing.
Suwanee hopea to win from Texas, though
outweighed. The team will round up many
others of, the association colleges on this
trip. The list reads:
Alabama Polytechnic Institute; Clemson
college, 8outh Carolina; Cumberland uni
versity, Tennessee; Kentucky State college;
Louisiana State university; Mercer unlver
slty, Georgia; Tulane university. New Or
leans; Agricultural and Mechanical college,
Mississippi; Vanderbllt university, Nash
ville; University of Alabama; University of
ueorgia; University of Mississippi; Univer
sity of Nashville; University of North Caro
lina; University of the South Suwanee; Unl
verslty of Tenneeee; University of Texas.
At the University of Nebraska the crip
pling of Right Guard Maloney and Substi
tute Back Englehardt comes aa a aevere
blow just at this time, when the big game
with the Minnesota Gophers stares the team
la the face. Maloney ' loss will be the
more keenly felt of the two, not only be
came of bla more prominent place on Ue
squad, but also because It Is probable that
his Injury will keep him out of the game
the rest of the season. It Is thought that
Englehardt can get Into the scrimmage
again within two weeks, but that will
hardly put him in condition to help out
agaiust the Mlnnesotana.
Maloney waa hurt lo the Brat few min
utes of the game with the University of
Colorado at Boulder a week ago. His
shoulder was dislocated, but despite that,
he persisted In playing on, and lined up
aeveral ttmea more. Finally he was forced
to retire, and the doctors now fear that
In the time which he played while hurt he
sustained additional Injuries to the socket
of his shoulder joint, which will render
hla Incapacitation permanent for thla aea
son. Some hope still remains that he will
get out In November.
Englehardt's troubles are much less -
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rloue, h, having a few cracked ribs, none
being broken. He is very tender on that
side aa a consequence and must keep out
of the srrtmmsge for a time, and after
that he may wear a, harness for awhile.
Englehsrdt wss rapidly making good as a
bark, and seemed about to work Into the
first squad when his hurt came. This Is
unfortunate for him, but be will be about
In time to do hie share la the games after
October 18.
For Maloney'a place there la some hot
competition between Tobln, Cotton and
Hunter. Tobln was out last year, while
Cotton and Hunter are green. The first
named player has therefore a little the
better chance for the place, but the others
are pushing him hard. Tobln took Ma
loney'a place at Boulder and played good
ball. The first and second eleven scrim
msges are being utilised as the means' of
deciding between these men. During the
last week Hunter has been playing oppo
site' Ringer and Tobln opposite Cotton.
Hunter will certainly get his mouth full
opposite the eld veteran,' and Tobln and
Cotton will fight It out to the last hair
for the supremacy and choice.
Aside from these reverses, things look
bright on University field. The team !
working smoothly, and Coaches Palmer
and Drain have built up a second eleven
that gives the 'varsity all It can do every
afternoon. Cortelyou Is out at end and is
already fast rounding Into his usual form.
Orley Thorpe Is also out, but he hadn't
had . a foot ball suit on for four years
knd naturally needs a whole lot of condi
tioning. Though be la practicing regu
larly, he will not be In shape to play
against Minnesota, and Benedict will con
tinue in the position till after that time at
least. The latter has been making great
progress during the last ten days and Is
now kicking in such phenomenal form that
the coachea bate to consider taking him
out, anyway. His soft spots are at pass
ing the ball and - at running the team,
though he la by no means weak at these,
while hla punting la superb. He Is kicking
every afternoon better than anyone Ne
braska ever had. When the change does
come Benedict will probably be switched
over to a halfback position, as his kicking
prowess make him a desirable man to have
on the team, while he la tn addition to
that a good ground gainer. He Is light,
but has all the dodging ability of his
brother, the former famous Nebraska back.
Nebraska has never had a strong punter
and appreciatea the quality .when It ap
pears. The training table Is tn full swing now,
having been started two weeks ago. - The
veterans. Shedd, Weatover, Ringer, Bender,
Bell, Maloney, were the only men put on
It at first. Borg, Benedict, Mlckel, Cortel
you and Tobln have since gone on, and the
number will be further increased as the
candidates show form. The whole school
Is hanging now on the game with Minne
sota to be played next Saturday at Minne
apolis. The Cornhuskers- are very hopeful.
The coming week will be a lively one for
the Crelghton foot ball aquad. The scrubs
play the second eleven from Bellevuer col
lege on the Crelghton field' Mdnday'aTter
noon and the 'varsity team will go', down
to Bcllcvue Thur5''r. wbara they am
promised a hard game. The Crelghton team
is , taking some risk In playing a game so
soon before the regular Saturday contest,
but although Bellevue has a fast team and
is more than anxioua to .defeat Crelghton,
still It is not to be expected that any ma
; terlal damage wilt be done. to either squad.
The best of feeling exists between the two
elevens and thia seemed the only possible
date for, a game, ao the management de
cided to take the risk and play.'
What makea thla arrangement most
serious for the Crelghton men la the char
acter of the team they are to meet on the
18th. Saturday the Omaha people will be
given their first chance to see the team
from Doane college play In this city'.' For
aeveral years Doane has enjoyed the re
nown of standing second to node In the
state but the University ' of Nebraska.
Doane, like the other colleges of the state,
has plenty of husky material for a foot
ball team, and, unlike some of the other
colleges, Doane has the advantage of clever
coaching. Much of the material that baa
won her laurela In the past is now scat
tered throughout the business and profes
sional circles of the city and thla element
baoks the team "for old time's sake."
' This, then. Is the proposition Crelghton
baa to meet next Saturday. But there Is
reason to expect a victory for Crelghton
even against so strong a team. Crelghton's
coach Is first class, Crelghton's backs are
powerful and Crelghton's line has stood
the test so far this season. Will Crelghton
win? If not, the people of Omaha will
have an opportunity to see a foot ball con
test far surpassing what is usually pre
sented for their inspection.
One feature that has disappointed the
Crelghton players and their supporters is
the cancellation of the game with Tabor
college. The Tabor boys tailed to live down
the defeat administered them by the Amity
college aggregation on last Monday. They
have cancelled all their games and the
team has disbanded. The. blow struck
Crelghton with full force, for It was im
possible to find a team to furnish a strong
gape on ao short notice. The game of yea
terday waa not exactly the kind usually
seen on the Crelghton field. Hard games
are what Crelghton wants, and there are a
string of them coming. The people of the
downtown districts have now learned thut
It is very easy to step on any car, transfer
to the Harney line and drop off at the en
trance to the Crelghton grounds. The
weather thua far has been unfavorable for
foot ball, but the cloudless akles that are
characteristic of Nebraska's Indian sum
mer days will probably In the future amlle
down on those who go to Twenty-fifth and
California atreeta to witness the contests
In the national college sport.
The last days of the second week of prac
tice at the State University of Iowa find
the 'varsity eleven In excellent shape and
with atrong hopea of attaining champion
ship form. The men are In much better
physical condition than they have been
at thla time in the season of late years.
Coach Knlpe has been a hard taskmaster
this week, driving the practice along fast
and faster. "Hurry up, you'll have to
hurry," "What do you mean by standing
still?" "You've got to keep Just aa close
aa you can run to the ball on every play,"
are eorae of the directions he shouts at the
player after almost every scrimmage.
When the men are too exhausted by bear
ing the brunt of a heavy scrimmage .to
play any longer, a substitute jumps into
the place and the men are aent en a, run
around the ld to recover their wind.
Substitutes are many at Iowa thla year
and all pressing close upon the regulars.
Mack and Shechan and Roy Buckley at
halfback are three fine substitutes. Roy
Buckley proved much of a whirlwind la the
first half of the State Normal game and
hla brother Fred will not be the only mem
ber of hla family wearing an "I" much
longer. Johnson Is a very strong substi
tute guard, with Chesley a close runner-up
tor the guard position. Durkee, who has
been out of the game on account of paren
tal objections, has again appeared for
practice. He la a very fast man and bad
been counted upoa to make left halfback.
He may atill make it or eUe go with Wie
team aa substitute end. Duncan ia a heavy
aub center, who Is tried often to provide
the eubstltute for Brlggs should he be
hurt. It Is bard for any mat, however,
who caa qualify for center by leasoa et
weight, to fill Brlggs' place ,1a Iowa's sec
ond line of defense. Brlggs Is a fast man
behind the line when the opponents have
the ball and, with Nell Jones, the quarter
back. Is much relied upon to turn back
center plunge and tackle rushes.
Coach Knlpe la devoting a great deal of
attention thla year to goal kicking. In
tending to make all of this feature that he
ran. Ochiltree, Hollenbeck and Jones are
practiced every night in kicking goal from
placement. Ochiltree has attained a nice
accuracy In placing the ball between the
bar and Hollenbeck la n6t far behind htm.
In the practice Thursday night Captain
Hollenbeck kicked every goal of the sis
touchdowns msde by the 'varsity.
The guards have been doing excellent
work this. week. Donovan and Atkinaoa
have picked up wonderfully the last few
daya of practice and Coach Knlpe has hopes
of their developing Into All-Western guards
by the time the season is out.
The foot ball game next Tuesday between
the University , of South Dakota eleven and
the Omaha Medics wilt bring to this city
one of the finest foot ball teama In the
northwest. The record of the team so tar Is
an enviable one, no games lost, one man
killed and one crippled for life through
an Injury to the spine. The team comes
directly from Vermilion to meet the Omaha
Medics on the 14th at Vinton street psrk.
The game will be called at 4 o'clock, thua
affording men an Opportunity to get out
to witness one of the strongest elevens
that will play in Omaha this season.
The advertising of the game has been
placed in the hands of a hustling committee
who are working diligently and hope to
have the biggest crowd that has attended
a game of foot ball in this city thua far this
seaaon. At the Omaha Medical college a
company of 100 baa formed to practice yells
and sstlies. The hustling commttttee has
supplied each member with a 3-foot mega
phone and the fun the chorus will furnsh
the attending crowd should alone be worth
the money. In the Omaha Dental college
a similar company has been organized. Both
schools will attend in a body.
To advertise the game still more the Med
Ica will turn out Monday night tn a shirt
tall parade. This is a distinctly Nebraska
university custom and was seen here in
Omaha for the first time last fall when It
waa announced that the Omaha Medical col
lege had been made a department of the
state university. The parade will form
sharply at 8 o'clock at the college and will
be seen on all the downtown streets of the
city between that hour and midnight. Ar
rangementa have been made with the man
agers of the theaters, by which the parade
will cross the stages between the acts. All
prominent hotels will also be visited.
Men Who Will Make t'p the Teama to
Play the Kohedale fo
(he Orsion.
With sixty-three bowlers as the aggre
gate of its eight teams, the Omaha Bowling
league' Is now watting only for the sound
of the gun to begin Its season on Monday
night, when the. Westerns and the Germans
ttart it off at Lenta A Williams' alleys. As
a general average the teams are perhaps
mere -evenly matched thla ocaoon thnn laat.
At least from present appearances no one
team will keep solitary company so far to
the bottom of the ladder as was the experi
ence last winter.
Five of the teams are carrying eight
players, one, the Germans, counts nine, and
the other two aeven each. The personnels
are as followa. the first man named on
each team being captain and the aecond
the retiring captafn;
Omaha W. H. Wlgman, C. M. Zarp, W. H.
Emery, H. Lehman, Guy Furay, M. R.
Huntington, W, W. Hartley, F. W. Fogg.
Clarkaon W. F. Clarkson, W. C. Brunke,
C. K. Denman, C. E. Lucas, F. Conrad,
H. L. Fowler, L. J. Schneider, J. Konballn.
German W. F. Weber, A. Krug. C. Con
rad, H. Beaelin, L. Weymuller, W. Zltzman,
S. Yoder, J. J. Berger, E. Zltzmaa.
St. Charles F. W. Schneider. H, W,
Fritacher, G. E. Flanagan, F. H. Baden,
C. F. Wille, M. Z. Foracutt, W. H. Karson,
A. Keller.
Gate City M. R. Encell, W. S. Sheldon,
W. A. Chandler, C. N. Rosonbaum, W. A.
Bowman, H. H. Jones, C. B. Bridenbecker,
H. Swanson.
Weetern T. P. Reynolds. R. W. Ayer,
C. E. Selleck, H. D. Reed, E. Lawler, A. C.
Allyo, T. Berry, J. Cavanaugh.
Krug Park F J. Bengele, F. Krug, C.
Matthal, F. Jorgensen, C. J. Francisco, H.
Horwlch, R. V. Frush.
National E. M. Tracey, J. J. Davey, W.
H. Ahmansoa, A. Reed, B. F. Roth, G. A.
Potter, W. F. Gilchrist.
Meanwhile the All-American bowling
trio la well atarted on Ita long playing
journey of more than ' 100 engagements
consuming that number of days. These
stars began It by playing four daya lo
Dayton, O., commencing October 1. Then
laat Sunday they hit Chicago and from
there began the next day their match to
the west ccfast over the northern lines.
During the week they have played through
Wisconsin, making five different towns
there and ending on Saturday in Auatin,
Minn. The coming week they play through
Minneaota, finishing business In the Gopher
state on next Sunday, when they play at
Stillwater.' Next follow two week in Mon
tana, and so on west.
Omaha these men strike on their return
Journey, when they will come In over the
south line from Los Angeles. December
16 Is their date here and there will be
both afternoon and evening contests, in all
probability. The team Is as originally an
nounced, Eelbacb,- who is captain; Wolf,
Peterson and Voorhels, under the personal
conduct of Manager Karpf.
There is every indication that many
more lnter-town matches will he played
through Nebraska this season than ever
before. Aa a matter of fact, that wouldn't
necessarily mean so very many, for tn the
past there have hardly been more than
twa or three a year. But, judging from
the preaent outlook, this winter will see
the commencement and steady growth of
a strong desire on the part of bowling
teama in different towns to match up with
"foreigners" and there will be quite a lit
tle traveling done in consequence.
Omaha has been well established on ita
j bowling legs now for two years past and
more, but In moat of the smaller towns
of the state laat winter saw the first real
spurt in the rolling game. The aimon pure
fanatics were just emerging from the
chrysalis condition Into one of full fledged
fiend. Tbls resulted In strong bowling
interests being built up In Lincoln, Ne
braska City, Fremont, Schuyler, David
City, Beatrice, Columbus and a few other
town and many gamea between repre
sentative team from theae places are now
a probability. Last winter Omaha and Ne
braska City teama met, but It didn't go
much further. Tbls season many town
are already talking up gamea of thla kind.
Kaclaaa'a New Potae ItaMaa.
Tbe English government is about to lssus
new postage stamps showing the king wear
ing hia crown In place of the wreath hon
on the present ones. It being the general
opinion that now Is tbe proper time to make
the change. The proper time to take a doae
of Hosteller's Stomach Bitters is before
each meal. It will aid the stomach ia Its
work of digestion and preveat flatulency,
haartburn. stuiii. ladlaeatlon. dvmeDHta
and constipation. A trial will convince you.
Ivory Day Increases the Confidence
Hot Springs Treatment for Blood Poison.
and nil DISKASES OF THE BLOOD, aud Ktiaranteof a nnnnont t-uro for 11 fo. All rxtnrnal sipis of the tlteoaso
disappear fit once tinder Dr. McGrew's treatment, and not a spot or pimple will ever nppmr to ixiohp tlie nature of
your disease. This fact alone is a priceless romfort and consolation to those aflllcted with this ailment. Dr. McOrew
GUARANTEES you a PERMANENT CUKE for life and his CHARGES are always REASONABLE. Many of the
worst cases of Blood Diseases permanently cured in LESS THAN 30 DAYS.
faVPR Irt (ff eaf,es currd of nervous debility, loss of vitality and all unnatural weaknesses
Bwawk vvrtvrvrvr
mey and Bladder diseases. Hydrocele
Treatment by Mail
P. 0. Box 766 .
Ten Mor Kinri Adiled Clafc Ir
otrd to Thla Strennnaa
Winter Sport.
Squash la again tbe game for the more
rigorous brand ot city athletes. The squash
club will tbla week reopen Its courts at the
old location on North Fourteenth street, and
it will at once begin a busy season ot play.
Tbla game offers to the devotee of tennis
and base ball and golf 'the vigorous work
he dealres, and It la largely summer ex
ponents of those gamea that play squash
during the winter. It Is fierce and strenu
ous to a degree that equals the desires of
tbe most athletically ambitious, and It
works up a competition which la as keen
as the perspiration.
Last winter saw the birth of tbe squash
club, and Its membership was about twenty
five. This number was all that the club
quartera could well accommodate. Practi
cally every man who belongs la a regular
player, and few ot them wish to play be
fore 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon. So
many were found clamoring for admission
this fall that It waa decided to crowd up a
little and take In ten more men. These will
not be to fill vacancies, for only two of last
year'a participants have dropped out for the
winter ot 1902-3.
Several tournaments were held last win
ter, and with flattering reaulta. The keen
est rivalry waa excited, and tbe Interest
spread among the friends ot tbe cpnteatants,
there being aa a consequence good galleries
out for all tournament play. More of these
will be held thla winter, and many players
who started new at the game a year ago
Intend to push laat aeason's cbamplona bard
this time.
Squash aeema to hold Its own remarkably
well In the athletic favor of the men who
know the game. The number wbo play Is
comparatively very small Indeed, and their
persistence at the game aeema remarkable
to an outatder. Yet the following explana
tion by a member of the club sounds sensi
ble enough. Said he:
"Squash gives us ot athletic tendencies
just wbat we want. In the warm weather
we work off our energy on tennis and such
outdoor cports, but In the fall and winter,
being beyond the foot ball age and situa
tion, we turn to something feasible, but
equally strenuous, If possible. Squash la
all of that, and you get quick action for
your money. It takes actually four houra
to get as much exercise at tennis ss one
hour's squssh gives. You have to go miles
to your courts, and then you play a couple
of hours or more. Not so with squash. A
man leaves hla office at 5 o'clock, reaches
the courts In Ave minutes, la dressed for
play la ten more, gets all he can aland
ot the gams in half an hour, has a shower
bath, dresses, and Is on- the street st
o'clock headed fer dinner with aa appetite
that la something tierce. You can repeat
the performance every day, In any weather,
and It la the only way to live."
Two Boar Mants Planned for the Hot
Mporta ot the wa
A many aided boxing card has been ar
ranged In conneotion with the fall feattvar
and atreet fair to be held at Dubuque, Ia.,
tbls week. There sre to be two busy nights
of fighting In the suditorlunt. which has
ample seating capacity. The datee are
October 15 and 1, Wednesday and Thurs
day night.
Tbe bill for the opening night finds Benny
Yanger, the "Tipton Slasher," aa a atar
attraction. He ia to beat two other feather-
welghtSp Tony Moran and Jim Rltter, In
twenty rounds, one after the other. Other
mills tor that night sre a match between
Harry Forbea and "Chick" Sullivan,
bantams, and an eight-round go between
Tommy Sullivan and Kid Parmer,
For Thursday night Jack Root will meet
Jack Beauscolte, Root's first appearance
ainc hla defeat by George Gardner In Salt
Lake City. Kid Abel of Chicago will meet
Patsy Haley of Philadelphia and John and
James Hogaa will give a preliminary .
National Ilo Races Will Open on
Tnesdar with Fin Mat
of Kntrlea.
Preparations for the national couralng
meet to be held at Friend, Neb., tbla week
are now fully completed and everything
Is In readiness tor an event which is ex
pected to eclipse all prevloua efforts of ths
kind. October It, Tuesday next, la opening i
An Absolute Cure
oi men. rtrieiure, uieei, tiu- wjm
of men. Stricture, Gleet, Kid
cured permanently.
Over 215 So. 14th Street
J Kidney disease Is tbe enemy we hare most to fear '
v aa a result of tha feverish nf n. -i-m
V It Is a treacherous enemy working oat Its deadly effect
under cover of sack trifling symptoms headache, alight
bnt Dereietent backache. riiz; i i
digestion, constipation, Jreqneot or diminished oaa'axm
ttrUa, scalding urine, sediment
la a kidney medicine of the greatest merit. Its action la healing
and atrengthealag, qalekly relievea aching or aoreoeea la the -'
waning or aecay oi tne tcUteya, corrects the V
-JBn flow of nrlne and throna-h Ita eTiif .
Jr regulating effect in the stomach, liver and bowels It
speedily restores the strength and raddy glow of
I j vigorous neaitu.
.r. i-n,7. Z1 IrZlZ 'T ""'
JZi iHrt op?n "i''
tMDlnoi ibsil tint boun u diHo n. Ari i
. . ' . -
Write Today. llo Mot !,
Any sufferer from BTRICTl'KR and its
and SEMINAL WKAKNKS8, la Invited to
write u or cut out the coupon herewith,
write his name and address plainly, mull
lt to the 81. James ' Med. Assn.. 62, St.
James Building;. Cincinnati, O., and thty
will send their Illustrated ' Treatise,
showing the part of the Male
fcVxual System tn- sal I au mbj Mn)
volved in urethral ttaw Ym VtZm
ailments. securely tatV I f
sealed, PREPAID. aa. ncU La.
BY MAIL CAM' BK C8EIJ by the Patient
ns II ( I ESSH LLY aa by OL HSHLVUs.
w t n in h. w mbuivnh nuuili
day and from then on till Saturday night
there will be keen sport at tha Ballne
county town.
Already all the jacks sra on hand and
moat of them have been In scveraKdaya.
Tbls has allowed for thorough training and
the animals are now well Instructed In
their duties. They are fully acquainted
with tbe course and tbe esoapes and sre
qualified to give tbe hounda some very
fierce cbsses. Dog owners with their ani
mals, too, have been coming In during tho
past week and the assemblage of speedy'
animals promises to surpass snytblug yet
known In Nebraska.
An. Animal Occnrrenee.
Baltimore News: , There was a wordy row
In the next flat and by force ot habit we
rubber up the areaway.
"I tell you, John Skinner," yells Mrs.
Skinner, "I must have a new fall bat, sir!
There Is nothing left of my last fall hat
but the frame, air the frame, Just the
wires! And no woman can't wear no bat
tbey ain't nothing left of but tha wires!"
Enough! Mrs. Skinner appears to have
found a skeleton lo tbe closet, snd we
reverently draw hence.
Hamlet Filed Iliin.
New York Sun: Hamlet was rehearsing
bis famous soliloquy when be saw a coun
tryman looking through the lattice window
at blm. ......
Without paying any attention to tbe
peeper, however, Hamlet continued:
"Tbe aleep! ' perchance to dream; sy,
there's the rubber."
Tbe countryman took the bint and hur
ried on his wsy.
Unit frafcnt
That men have nlrcndy
placed itt Dr. Mclirew as n
true SPECIALIST. Tho great
army of cured moil through
out the western states is a
fitting testimony that the
confidence they have placed
in Dr. McGrcw was never
27 Years' Experience.
17 Years in Omaha
Dr. McGrcw Cures
without cutting or loss of time
from work.
is Guaranteed CHARGES LOW
a, va-r m fyi r
Bet. Farnam & Douglas
Sts. , Omaha, Neb.
la nrlne. .
$ 1.00.
r n Cured While
GRAM-SOLVENT Dissolves Stricture Like Snow Beneath
the Son, Reduce Enlarged Proatato, Strenirthenino;
the Seminal Ducts, Forever Mopping: Drain mnd Emim "
mlons. No Drug to Ruin the Stomach, but a Direct
and Positive Local Application to the Entire Urethral Tra. '
Wa Have C IT It ED MEN In F.very City In the TWITED STATES,
and Alinoat Kvery Country on Earth.
vanoM irnifiua to salt mm railent'senmlliloa,
at nlf ht " """ PO""'"" without the .lliibtm eor
nh i i v v a i r. u. . . ?. '
m&uv ni,Bi;iniv tiivnfcn Lt
St- James Medical Association
Wi St. Jamra llldst.. t'lnelnnnll, O.
Pleaae send me a copy of your Illup
trated Work Mccurely senli'il. 1'HJjJ.
, liu
In ail DlSEAsKS
of MEN.
I o
tT ''c'bKl cegsful practice la
Dll CC cur4 r. vttUoul uulllns, pulu of
I IL.LO Ion ot lime Lass) fuartulM la cur
rou or iiiony refuatas.
CVDUII IC eun4 ,aT uu " tk a'0
Oil niLIf Uxreu(hir alaanaeS (mm Iht
Mtaoa. Sou avarr at(a as4 ernptaia aiaappaara
eonplatalr aus foravar. Ma "BHSAklNO OUT- ml
ta dlaaaaa on taa aklo ar faca. Tnairuant caMatue
aa eautaroua aru or Injartaua awaumaa.
WCilf Itril '' VICTIMS TO
IlItaTluN, WAbtlNU WBAKHKB8. wlla ALT
LKC AY la TOLN'l ai4 kflDOLH AUID; lack at lau,
rigor aa atrauath, with arm aa aa.
Cures t'tnta.
CTDinTIIDC aura vHb'a naw keme traat
OlniUlUAea auut. ho iln, ao aatanttoa
Irom ..... . .
IHISAHI. Klanaf aa Vladdar Traublaa. Waafe
tkl Buruloi Crlaa, ' Wtwr ot Urluatlus. Una.
Hiak Caloraa. ar wtta aiHr aaalmaat es atAudlag.
tnnanltattan Vrat. Traaitnent by Mall.
Cnll -r nSSraaa, 1IW a. 14th St.
aw cuicwrsTtara srttiiaw
ramvpoYAi. PILL
ia HKU lf.4 kt.lA " lua mm
yli o.ucit.kua Taaaaaato. Krat
aaaa eaSUtUo aai 1J
' aif fartUwa. 1 aalfa.TaU
w mm mvw rHUa.iiiii a.ia ar
S'i4U. lkMiarl..lMlC
MaSaian Saaaaa. Hill. A.. Yi '