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Caiitait Demaid for Ettra Help at tha
Yariatu Packing Honita,
Mamher of Emylorri lirrum De.
aplte Persistent Rprli that
Altera Merger Will Cat
, Dwi These Forces.
Math Ward Hears Candidate Mickey
tai (irrmta Oraanisatlon
Electa Officers.
Tha constant demand for extra help at
tha packing houses of the city icraii to
lava bad a tendency to dispel all rumors
to the effect that South Omaha would aoon
auffe r by r-aaon of some unknown action
of the con Dined heart a of the different
packing Interest. Iaataad of being a de
crease In tha number of men at the pack
Ing houaea there now seema to be a de
cided Increase.
The office forcea of the plants still re
mains as It always has been, except the
fact that several new department clerks
aave been employed and ara now at work.
Barring this ona change work progresses
In the office the same as usual.
One of tha oldest office employes at any
bf the packing plants stated yeeterday that
ren If the proposed merger had been con
ummated, a was at first reported, the
forcea at work would have been changed
but little. , Ha said: ' "I cannot under
tand how the rumor haa spread that the
employee would be cut off; surely not from
packing men. On who is familiar with
the Ins and outs of a parking plant will
readily understand that they alwaya em
ploy the minimum number of men possible
to do their work, and if tha present sys
tems are retained no less number of men
could do It. Then the theory that all of
the packing houses would carry on their
business with one main office. The way
the South Omaha plants are arranged that
would be almost a physical impossibility.
If any change should come It would be the
discharging of the traveling men, but I do
Hot believe even that would be done, as
there alwaya will be some outside compe
tition to any combine of this sort."
Oat Looking) for Points.
Captain William L. Holland of the South
Dmaha cavalry troop leavea this morning
for Fort Riley, Kan., to spend a week at
tha United Statea military reservation at
that place. He goes by special commis
sion of General Colby to observe military
tactics and regulations. The military tac
tica will begin at the fort on September
SO and will continue until October, 8. Cap
tain Holland will remain during the en
tire time, afterward making a report to
tha governor of hie observations.
Ideal Club Officers.
Tha Ideal club has elected these officers
for the ensuing year: President, William
Gilchrist; vice president. A. C. Pancoast; !
aecretary and treasurer, Charles Mann;
permanent arrangement committee. Fred
I Scott,' Dr. 'R.. B. Schlndel and Thomas
Parker. Dances will be given by the club
at regular- intervals during the entire sea
aon, beglonrog on October 18.
" jHe'sjrs' Baefeelmer Fined.
The trial of Henry Bechelmer, charged
with having made an assault upon Officer
Anton Raimussea en last Monday evening
and taking a prisoner from him, was heard
In the police, court yesterday. Bechelmer
waa acquitted on tfee charge of assault and
battery, but found guilty of Interfering
with an officer. ' ,Charlee Southerland, the
last of the parties, charged with partici
pating la the troublo, will have a hearing
Clalmaj He W"" Bobb,d
James Weldon,s formerly a saloon keeper
at Twenty-sixth nd,,P streets, but now
residing in Iowa, complained to the police
yesterday that he had been robbed of $154.
He claimed that the parties who had done
the work were two men and a woman. Mrs.
L, Charrlngton waa arrested and identified
by Weldon as the woman. Part of the
money Is aald. to have been recovered. Two
of the associates 'of the woman also have
been arrested and the county attorney will
be asked to prosecute The husband of the
Charrlngton woman is now serving out a
ninety-day sentence for petty theft.
Ma a;lc City Gossip.
Andy McOuIre haa returned from a short
trip to St. Joseph.
A. R. Kelly returned yesterday from a
ahort eastern trip.
Peter Jensen of Jensen waa a visitor at
the stockyards yesterday.
Mrs," A, A Wright and cblldren have re
turned from a western trip.
The hog market took a sudden slump yes
terday, fulling about 20 cent.
MIm Bessie Martin has returned from a
lw months' visit at watseaa, m.
fe v Laverty la In Grand Island, where
his little son is said to be seriously ill.
Mias Emma Newman of Elgin, 111., is In
the clLy,. the guest ol U. A. uuvi am
inh viam .mil hla four children are re
ported dangerously III with typhoid fever at
Twenty-sixth and Jefferson.
The Bouthwest Side Improvement club
will hold a meeting Sunday afternoon at
Thirty-eighth and Q streets,
vi r. w n Flnlav and Mrs. Oeorae B
im.i r.1 ! Mens. (Jul., are visiting at
the homo of Mrs. Florence Moore, 213 L
Hlrthe reported yesterday: Henry She-wel-her,
Thirty-third and A streets, boy;
William Chandler, Twenty-seventh and H
Streets, girl.
niiiMinr nermits have been Issued to
Rudolph Larson, Thirteenth and Harrison
streets, residence, si.vw, ana junimniw,
Thirtv-nrst and U streets, building, KJ.OW.
Are you Interested In the beat suit of
clothes In America for the price. If so,
come to -the r'lynn Food and Clothing
house. We have It to show. The credeii
tlals ao with It. No trouble to show goods
at Fiynn's.
New Steamship Line.
PRNRAOOLA. Fla.. Sept. I. It la
Irarnrd that a statement haa been author
i i ht tn - ahort time a regular Blearer
ship.- line will be Inaugurated between
pensacola and South Africa, tha veaaels
palling bi-monthly. It la understood that
tha main object In eatabliahlng the Una will
be for the purpose of transporting live
stock to South Africa to atock the Boer
. Marriage Licensee.
Licensee to wed were Issued yesterday
to the following:
VTama anri RaMldanre. '. ' Age.
Peter H. HaaniUbsen, Omaha 25
Martha O. Hlldebrandt. Omaha 23
Uuatave Nelaon, Omaha M
Amatki Enquist, Omaha !
Simon P. Fatley. Omaha .' "
Myrtle M. fc.o, umana
J. H. Mickey, republican candidate for
governor, was the guest of honor at the
meeting of the Sixth Ward Republican club
last night. Mr. Mickey made a very brief
address, devoted chiefly to a general state
ment of the achievements of the republican
party. Short speeches were also made by
Dr. W. H. Christie, who announced his
candidacy for member of the Board of Edu
cation, D. H. Mercer. A. W. Jeffries, N. C.
Pratt, M. A. Hall and W. B. Ten Eyck.
At a meeting at OermanHa hall the Ger
man Republican club elected the following
officers for the ensuing year: Robert O.
Fink, president; ' Thodore Slnhold, vice
president; Max Felermann, secretary, and
Henry Rhode, treasurer. This was Mr.
Flnk"s third election to the presidency of
the club. A resolution endorsing all of the
republican candldatea was adopted.
At the Boyd.
"The Sultan of Sulu," a musical satire by
George Ade, with music by Alfred O.
Walthall. Presented for the first time in
Omaha at the Boyd on Friday, September
26. lytf. The cast:
Kl-Ram, the Sultan of Sulu. .Frank Moulan
uiouri jciierson auaa or the Volun-
- . '.'.v.'.:.' Robert Lett
iiicuinnni miuam naroy or the Rer-
Hadji Tantong. the Sultan's private
'cr't"rlr, ; Fred Frear
Patto Mandl of Parang Frank Ralnger
Wakeful M. Jones, agent and salesman
r. Charles Glblyn
volutin oi ine liuaras
J. S. Meyers'
Sergeant Standplpe, U. 8. A
Basil Mlllspaugh
Rastus, Nubian slave John J. Fogarty
Llriymos, Nubian slave
it.V.VH"iV V K"ward J. Flan'n'lgan
Henrietta Budd, the colonel's daughter.
r ..' Maude Lillian Berrl
Pamela Frances Jackson. Judge advo-
,.,e"'e Blanche Chapman
Chlotllta. wife Nn 1 ( I-.-,.,,,!.. , ...ii
alula, the faithful one BertTe Dale
to fix s fact, and when these
pictures are like the ones
printed in The Illustrated
Bee, even the most prosaic fact la
jrlren an Interest by the Illustra
tions. Each week The Bee laye
Ispfore Its readers not only a fine
lot of pictures, but specially pre
pnred articles on matters of mo
ment, so thnt the Illustrated sup
plement to The Sunday Bee really
merlta the name of "magazine."
The forthcoming- number will bo
found fully worthy of this paper's
high reputation.
A MODERN EVE is a picture that
will aDDeal to every lover of
art, to every lover of children, and
to every lover of apples. It ahows
a pretty baby girl. In overalls, in
an apple tree Imitating her ma
ternal grandmother, several genera
tions back. In the Garden of Eden.
It will be found on the front page
of next Sunday's IlluHtrated Bee.
Last evening marked the real opening of
the theatrical season for Omaha, and It
was observed by the assemblage of a really
fashionable audience at the Boyd. And the
offering was worthy of the liberal patron
age bestowed on It. Oeorge Ada's "Sultan
of Sulu" is described as a musical satire
on the bill of the play, an appellation that
fits It probably aa well as any of the other
names that might be given it. It is
Adeaque from first to last, an 'Arty" book
set to music with "Fables In Slang" to fill
in between the lyric numbers. It doesn't
depend on its music, although the inci
dental music Is of the right eort to serve
as a vehicle for the satirical thrusts and
witty allusions of the songs. Ade has rig
idly eschewed sentiment even In the love
songs of the pleoe, only one being of the
conventional, "If I but Knew." He atones
for this most affectively In "Engaged in a
Sort of Way," "My Sultan Sulu Soo" and
other ditties which are fitted In between
conversations between characters carried
on In that language which Ade has made
a owu.
Frank Moulan as Kl-Ram is in many
ways reminiscent of other Oriental poten
tates who have come to our ken via the
comle opera channel. Maybe there's only
one mold for this sort. At any rata he has
a splendid chanoe to be funny with other
things than his feet, and he certainly does
take advantage of the opportunity. Robert
Lett makea up the part of Colonel Jeffer
son Budd, a hero who intends to go to
congress, with an E. Z. Savage mustache
and goatee, and has no difficulty In Im
pressing his conception of the political sol.
dler on the auditors. As Lieutenant Hardy
Templer 8axa looks well and sings well.
He has a very pleasing tenor Voice and
need to apologize to no one in the army
for hla appearance or conduct. Maude
Lillian Berrl haa In the part of Henrietta
Budd songs and lines that suit her Im
mensely well, and was warmly applauded
for her singing last night. Miss Borrl'a
solos in this do not call, for any especial
vocal gymnastics, but do afford an oppor
tunity for the exhibition of a pure, sweet
soprano voice in which the natural mel
ody has not been extinguished by culture.
Blanche Chapman as Pamela Frances Jack-
son and Gertrude Qulnlan as Chlqulta con
tribute much to the gaiety of the perform
Let It be known, also, that whoever had
th sorting of the chorus had his good eye
as well as his good ear with him at the
time, for the young women are of the
sort good to look upon and pleasant to
hearken unto. In fact this may bo said
In general of "The Sultan of Sulu" and all
that appertains thereunto. A matinee this
afternoon and an evening performance
closes the engagement.
K shloh talla Vinw tha
fashionable people are turning
from the luxury of wlltona and
moqurttcs to the humble floor cov
ering of days of yore, when the
loom was a part of the household
furnishing In the homes of the
"common peopl-" Illustrations
are made from photographs which
will awaken memories of the past
for many a man and woman.
No wonder. Your hair is
starving. Feed it before if
ail leaves you. Then you can
keep what you have and add '
greatly to it. Ayefs Hair
Vigor is a hair-food. It stops
falling of the hair, makes the
hair grow, and always re
stores; color to gray hair.
"One year ago today I bad not one
Ingle hair oa my bead, and today 1
have as tine growth of balr as any
young mart in my town, and Juat three
bottle. ( Ayer' Hair ViRor did it."
Arthur B. Ackley, E, Alechla. M.
are said to number 450,000. A
special article tells how they work,
why they work and where they
work. Thla will be of espec'al
interest to the sociological Investi
gator who are watching the lu
duntrlal development of the
woman's movement. Illustrations
are made from photographs taken
In the fields.
invades a field very little known
to newspaper renders. Dally In
the market reports they are told of
the thousands on thousands of bead
of hogs thnt are brought to the
packing bouses and butchered. In
this article they are told how the
hogs are received, cared for and
finally dlsnowd of to the packer.
Pictures are: from photographs
made ,at the South Omaha stock
AMERICANS IN PARIS form the toplo
of Mr. Frank G. Carpenter'a
weekly letter. In this one " he
gives the Interesting Information
that the Americans are the
wealthiest and most influential
foreign element In the French
metropolis. He also tells of the
great demand for American manu
factures in Paris, and explains
how the market for the -things-
made on this side is expanding
over there. Illustrations are
made from photographs taken in
not likely to be toon forgotten
In the west Her life's history Is
indlssolubly linked with that of
the great empire her distinguished
husband explored and minle part
of the United States. Her story la
charmingly told In a special arti
cle, Illustrated with pictures from
a recent photograph of Mrs. Fre
mont and of her borne at Los
Slaty Per Oat of Them sad loathera
Weaving; Mills Bald to Be
PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 26. The Record
tomorrow will say: The project to con
solldate 60 per cent of the spinning and
weaving mills in the south under the con
trol of a holding corporation has finally
materialized, and It was announced yes
terdar by one of the managers of the en
terprise that the Fries plan had been
adopted by enough of the southern mills
to guarantee the auccess of the proposl
tlon. The cash capital Involved in the en
terprise now amounts to $25,000,0(10. This
111 be Increased as fast as additional
mills come Into the combination.
Nearly all the largest and moat lmpor
tant of the modern spinning and weaving
mills in tha south are Interested in the
project, and these that have not already
signed options will do so at soon as the
stockholders of the several companies can
be brought together to ratify agreements
already made by tha accredited represent
THER GOOD THINGS in the number
are many. In fact it has been
a long time since The Illustrated
Bee contained so many pictures
which were not connected with
one of the special articles. In
every respect the number will be
found up to the mark. Not a de
partment haB lieen overlooked and
not a feature la omitted. If you
are not now a subscriber, you
should order the paper from your
newsdealer today.
Dmi'i laji Trad Doesn't fear Disarranged
Keiey Market.
Scarcity of Panda Will Be Remedied
with the Treasnrr's Aid Injary
to Crops So More Thaa Off
sets larrraned Acreage.
NEW YORK. Sent. 26 -R O. Dim ft Co.'s
Weekly Review of Trade tomorrow will
Notwithstanding the disarranged money
market, almost a fuel famine and some
damage to cmpa, Industrial and commercial
activity continues unabated and the magni
tude or plans ror tne rtiiure indicate trial
the contidence has not ben shaken.
Soarclty of funds has thus far cauoed no
hardship except to speculators, and the
stringency will remedy Itself by contract
ing loans on large collateral, together with
such aid as may be given by the treasury.
injury to crops ny frost nas no more than
offset the Increased acreage, while high
prices fully compensate. It Is not a time
for es(lmlsm. thojgh securities have de
clined sharply. Hallway earnings for Sep
tember thus far exceert last year s by 6.8
fer cent, and those of 1U0O by lfi.o per cent,
'ressure In the Iron and steel Industry haa
been somewhat alleviated by larger receipts
of coke and liberal Imports of pig Iron
yet the outlook Is by no means devoid of
favorable Indications. It Is Impossible to
provide for more than Immediate needs In
coke. Some plants have resumed and oper
ate from day to day, with a constant
menace of an Interrupted movement of fuel,
which would suspend operations.
At the west this factor is most serious.
coke commanding $10 a ton or more, while
lit exceptional caoea J 13 has been paid.
Owing to the numerous Influences now In
evidence there Is lefs disposition to place
targe contracts ror distant aeuvery or pig
Iron and sales are chiefly of small lots.
Forelan Iron Is freely received and other
consignments are under consideration.
More steel rail orders have been placed
abroad. Needs for structural shanes are
Increasing, much work being held back by
slow shipments, and orders are reported for
delivery nearly two years hence. In an
eirort to provide adequate transportation
facilities the railways are purchasing liber
ally of rolling stock and other equipment
and great improvements in terminal meth
ods are planned.
A further slight advance In footwear ouo-
tatlons Indicates that the healthy demand
has made It possible for manufacturers to
secure compensation for the recent sharp
rise In materials. Country hides show the
principal declines of the week. Cotton
goods are firmly held, the market la quiet,
as buyers are content to take only such
quantities as are needed for Immediate dls-
triDution. The situation is now satisfac
tory for producers owing to the high prices
of raw material, but the attitude of pur
chasers of goods Indicates that they do
not consider the present position of raw
cotton one that can be sustained. It Is too
early for supplementary orders In men's
woolens, yet there Is demand, and the tone
of the staple Is firm. No concessions are
fiossinie in tne wool market, which has
ncreased in activity at the east. The de
cline in meats 'has received a check and
sugar Is lirmly held, with refiners behind
in delivery.
Failures for the week numbered 9m In
the United States, against 227 last year, and
oa in v-anaua, against a a year ago.
t? nt 1017 Canltol avenue 1
charged v. 1th larceny from the person by
O. V. Smith of 2756 Cuming street. She is
said to have stolen 11.50 from hla pocket.
Accuaed and accuser were both locked up
last night until me mailer couiu u m
Mn Peters, a 17-vear-old alrl from
Iowa, was last night taken from a house
at 118 South Ninth street and confined In
. v, l nplan. aa an tnnwri fftr.1 ft Tha
rhlladelphlans directly concerned In the girl's mother came to the city several days
nternrl.e veaterdav confirmed the well- aio In search of her and will take her
..h..i... ,.nort. rr.iv-d frnm ih. home. Maud left home three weeks ago.
south a. to the adoption of the Fries plan. The X"" i?Tr?l
but they declined to give out a list of the I the city hall, has finished Its allotment of
m. uw Tha ) ha I rnmullmentarv seats and still has a num-
. . . .,,,, her to be offered for sale. These may be
tha control of the proposed holding cor- d t ., ech upon application at thi of
poratlon would be vested In representative I i,.e of (he building Inspector. The seats
,llt mat. nt tha .nuth The sxaciitlva offl- ror PUDllc omciaia on win rrvrewini
ONFIDENCE IS UNSHAKEN plaintiff withdraws suit
Contest Over Will Hesalta la War
Natl Being; Issaed top Princi
pal and Witnesses.
LONQ BRANCH, N. J., Sept. 26. The
contest of Laura Biggar for the estate of
Henry M. Bennett, a Pittsburg capitalist.
was withdrawn in court here today. When
the case was called C. C. Hendricks, coun
sel for Miss Biggar, announced that he de
sired to discontinue the contest.
"My client," he said, "has signified her
readiness to rest content with the provi
sion made for her by the will."
A representative of Peter J. McNulty, one
of the heirs, made the following announce
ment to the court: 1
There are warrants out charging Iaura
Biggar, Samuel Stanton and C. I. Hend
ricks with conspiracy. Miss Biggar Is not
here, but the other two are here snd the
warrants will be served at once. I advlstj
your honor of this so that you may fix bull.
The two were arrested and ball fixed at
$5,000 In each case. 8tanton Is the Justice
of the peace who. It Is alleged, swore he
had married Miss Biggar to Mr. Bennett,
C. C. Hendricks, Miss Blggar's attorney.
Is a physician and owner of a sanitarium.
Miss Biggar asserted that a child of which
Bennett was the father, bad been born to
her In Dr. Hendrick s sanitarium.
The present case came up In court before
Judge Wilbur A. Hersley last Friday, when
a motion was made to set aside the probate
of the will. Miss Biggar was a beneficiary
under that document, but If the truth of
her statement about her marriage to Ben
nett and the birth of the baby were demon
strated she would be the legal heir to the
entire estate. According to her claim the
baby died fifteen days after its birth. The
estate Is said to be worth more than $1,000,-
When the warrants were served Stanton
and Hendricks asked for an immediate hear
ing. The complainants were not prepared,
their counsel said, to go on with the case
Immediately, but the defendant Insisted
upon having a hearing at once, and the court
decided that they were acting within their
rights. The bearing on the alleged con
spiracy case was accordingly begun.
Among the first of the witnesses to he
called to the stand was John F. Hawkins,
who drew Mr. Bennett'a will. Mr. Hawk
Ins testified among other things that on
one occasion Miss Biggar had remarked In
his presence that If she was not taken good
care bf In the will she would sue the
estate for her long services In caring for
Mr. Bennett during his illness, or else bring
suit against the estate as Mr. Bennett's
common law wife.
Peter J. McNulty, the executor, who filed
the complaint alleging conspiracy also testi
fied. Mr. McNulty was employed by Mr.
Bennett. He testified that he had an Inter
view with Stanton In Hoboken, with refer
ence to the alleged marriage of Miss Big
gar and Mr. Bennett.
Retail Demand Improving; with Job.
bins; Actlvltr Snstalned.
NEW YORK, Ccpt. S8.-nrnd3trsGf to- '
morrow will say: Largs yield of nearly
all croDS have been secured- lohhlna- trail.
activity Is unabated; manufacturing In
dustry In nearly all lines Is running at i
iuii speca ; retail oemana is improving.
Railway and transportation Interests are
pushed to handle business offered and the
only unfavorable feature In the situation
is the growing tension exercised by tba
anthracite coal strike, which now finds
cold weather almost here. Collections in a
majority of instances remain good, most of
ine exceptions being noted in the south,
where the feeling-, owina to reported short
ages In yield of cotton, is a trifle less optl-
IXllHllC. ' f
Western Jobblntr trades are surnrlslnelv
good, despite the advanced season and tha
activity previously noted. - -
in tne south rains during the cotton
plrklng season hss been an unfavorable
feature so far as affecting , the gathering of
the crop already open is concerned, but
beneficial to the late crops in Indian Ter
ritory, Texaa and Florida and in fact wher
ever they have fallen.
in tne east business Is reported In al
most every branch of the New York dry
goods trade and the outlook Is encourag
ing. The strength of cotton goods, based
largely on the position of the raw ma
terial. Is notable. Woolen roods are In an
excellent position, mills are busy on men's
wear goods ana large orders ror spring
have been booked. In women's wear
fancy fabrics are in especial favor. East
ern shoe manufacturers note a fair volume
or orders, enough to keep leather firm,
though some sales have been made below
prices. TlKht money is credited with some
effect In checking the upward march of
leather owing to the small margin of profit
In the business generally. .
Among th Industrials the feature of
transcendent Interest Is enormous, demand
areatly In excess of supply for Iron and
steel In Its cruder forms. The scarcity of
coke. lH as marked as ever and a number
of furnaces are now shut down, with en
suing great losses to operators, who are
unable to take advantage of the enormous
demand. Buyers "bf foreign Iron and steel
has been liberal, despite advices from the
central west that consumers find difficulty
In consuming soma of that Imported. Bes
semer and pig billets are rather larger at
Pittsburg than for some time past. Sales
for future delivery are readily made at
$21.50i2.0D and for. steel billets at $31.00 to
There Is a marked scarcity to steel plates
and a premium of $5 a ton Is noted for
quick delivery. Structural steel producers
are crowded with orders and the unprece
dented announcement Is made that some
orders for bridge material have been se
cured for delivery in 1!4. Some finished
products are much weaker, tin being cut
and wire and nails shaded. Some large
orders for rails In this country and Canada
have been placed with Oerman and Eng
lish manufacturers because of the Inability
of American mills to accept the business.
Foreign iron, coal and steel have advanced
In consequence of the American demand.
Hardware continues tn unabated activity
at nearly all points. Among the other
metals tin and Conner note weakness In
prices. Wheat. Including flour exports for
the week ending September 25, aggregate
5.077.070 bushels, against 6.645,323 last week.
6.470 in this week last year and 4,242.810 In
KhiO W'Viaat aicnnrfa alnca Jnlv 1 aa-are.
gate 60,601.150 bushels, against 78.652.1H7 last
season and 42. 762.500 In 19"0. Corn exports
aggregate 74. 2 bushels, against 49.508 last
week. 5X5,"o8 last year and 2.156.171 In 1910.
For the fiscal year exports are l.Ooo.Silrt
bushels, against 12,718,640 last season and
41.S47.412 In 1900.
Business failures during the week end
ing September 25 number 170, as against
1X2 last week snd 197 in this weea last year,
1W In If".. 12!) In 1899 and 166 In In
Canada failures for the week were nine
teen, aa against eighteen last week.
trtkea at Tnelr Host.
Many dangerous dlseaaea begin In Im
pure blood. Electrle Bitters purines the
blood and cures or no pay. Only 50c. For
sale by Kuhn ft Co.
Chicago to Itew Tor a. and Retnrn,
Via Erie Railroad, Oct. 3d, 4th, Eth and
It la the Erie ALL THE WAT from Chi
cago to New York. Through baggage car.
through coaches, through sleepers, through
uluisf car. . Absolutely ' no change. Fast
limited trains. Lowest rates. For time
tables and Information apply It R L
Purdy, traveling passenger agent. Erie
Railroad, Chicago, IH.
Jary Beared In Joyce. Caao.
PAPILLION, Neb.. Sept. 28. (Special.)
The Jury in the Joyce murder caee waa se
cured yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock
The skull of Edward Wood was brought In
evidence by the state and the tnjuriea were
Don't Conch All Night.
Restful aleep follows use of Dr. King'a
New Discovery, the best lung cure In the
world. No cure, no pay. 60c, $1.00. For
sale by Kuhn tc Co.
Psuenger Shoots Conductor.
fiwmv n Rent, as lames fihetler.
aged 43. was shot and probably fatally
wounded today by Melvln R. Smith. Shet
ler was a street car conductor and Smith
was a passenger. They had a controversy
about closing a window.
INSTRUMENTS filed for record Friday.
September 26:
Warranty Deeds.
Cora B. Wlrrlck and husband to J.
w M.riin ot ill lot 7. block 147.
South Omaha $ 800
Daroh Rlnim frt .T R OoOrflTe. lotS 19
and 20. block 2. Kllby Place 1,200
T IT. rWirira tn P. w. Kuhns et al.
'lota 19 and 20. block 2. Kllby Place.. 1,800
Alev Arutersnn and wife to OsCST An
derson. lot 2. block 151, South Omaha 150
B. J. Jobst and wife to Orace Rhodes),
e 60 feet of n 120 feet lot 13, block 4,
Park Place
Thomas Lynch and wife to Cathne
Shanahan, part tax lot 63 In 94-15-13
Adolph Kuchl and wife to Joseph
stainr. wu. lot 6 block 4. Credit
Fonder add 800
H. I. Adams and wife to A. P. Tukey,
- 1n7 Inta 9 anH 1 hlnrlr 1. Reed'a
1st add V750
Elna Palm and husband to Hlldur
t.lnhan Iota K 9. 10 block 12: lot 30.
block 11. Omaha View 2.500
Presbyterian Theological seminary to
Fnni Ralewlrx. lots 1 and 2. block
5, Kllby Place 8,000
Olof Hansen ana wire to a. r. luaey,
lot 15, block 7. Clifton Hill
A t . U .... and wlfn tn Kllen Hartl-
nri. lot 15. block 7. Clifton Hill 1.150
United Real Estate and Trust com
pany to Richard Anderson, w 42 feet
lot 14, block 18, Kountxe Place
James Bernard to Mary E. Kelkenny,
oil lot x. Kountxe 2d add
A. C. Chrlstensen and wife to Charles
Bnyder lot 3, block 11. Uruld Hill....
Alice Copson to O. W. Platner. stt
lots 1 and 2. Redick's 2d add
Mary A. Oanlon and husband to
Jamea Daly, lot 16, block G, Saun
ders & H.'s add
John Chrlstensen and wife to M. F.
llotchklss, lot 1, block 4, Portland
M V Hotchklss and wife to John
Chrlstenswn, lot 12, Kensington add 2,200
T A. Hedendahl and wife to C. W.
Plerson, lot 5, block 2. Paddock Plato 1,000
Quit C laim Deeds.
Cathne Shanahan and husband to
Thomas Lynch, part tax lot 33, In
Master In Chancery to Virginia P.
Spear, lots 6 and 7, block 180,
W. H. Thompaon et al, referees, to O.
H. Mayne, w 34 feet lot 2 and e 26
feet lot 3. block 1, Kountza & R.'s..
Total amount of transfers.
Doctors Say: "Almost Every One Has Kidney and Bladder
Troubles Before Fifty Years. of Age."
On July 10, 1902, Mrs. Smith says: "I was 92 years old mv last birthday. Mr
husband was a veteran of the civil war. I have a daughter and eight grandchildren
living. 8ome years ago I had a great deal of sick
ness and for a long time did not know that It waa
caused by the diseased condition of my Vldneya and
liver. As soon as my doctor found I had kidney trou
ble he prescribed Warner's Safe Cure. I had experi
mented with other remedies which did me no good
whatever, but as soon as 1 took a few dose of War
ner's Safe Cure 1 felt better and a few bottles com
pletely cured me and made me feel like a woman
thirty years younger. My kidneys, liver and bladder
are In Just as healthy condition since I
have used Warner's Safe Cure aa they were fifty
years ago. It Is a greater medicine than lt Is claimed
to be. Notwithstanding I am V2 years old 1 possess
a good head of hair, my sight and hearing are good
and since I have used Warner's Safe Cure I have
enjoyed the very best of health. I cannot speak too
highly of this great medicine. No doubt It has saved
the lives of thousands of people who would have gone
to earlv graves had they neglected their kidneys and
bladder snd not taken Wsrner'a Safe Cure. It Is
truly a Godsend to anyone who Is troubled with
Mrs. Smith, 92 Years Old. diseases of the kidneys, liver or blood.
We have thousands such letters from men and women everywhere who have
been permanently cured by Warner's Safe Cure.
Kldnev disease. If neglected, quickly spreads and causes serious complications,
such as Plight's disease, gravel, uric acid poison, rheumatism, rheumatic gout,
dropsy. Indigestion and liver trouble. Everyone should make a teat and It the slight
est trace of kidney disease Is found to exist no time should be lost in sending for a
iree trial nottie or Warners tiare cure, wnicn is guaramecu iu aujr umc... oi
the kidneys, liver, bladder or blood.
TF4T YOUR KIDNEYS Put some miming urine In a glass or bottle; let It
1 -
dish brick dust sediment, or if particles float about In It, your kldneya are diseased.
If. after you have made this test you have any doubt In your mind as to the devel
opment of the disease In your system, send us a sample of your urine and our doctors
will analyse It and send you a report with advice, free of charge. . - ,
Warner's Safe Cure
! nnreiv vecretstile and contains no narcotics or harmful druta. It Is free from sedi
ment arid nleasant to take: It does not constipate. It Is now put up In two regular
slses and sold by all druggists, or direct, at 60 CENTS AND 1.00 A HOTTLE less
than 1 cent a nose. ..... , ...
HEFt'SK SI HTITt TKS. There Is none "Just as good as Warner a. Insist
on the genuine Warner's Safe Cure, which always cures. Substitutes contain harm
ful drtiRS which Injure the system.
WAHF.H'S SAFR P1L.L44 move tne Dowels gently ana aia a speeay cure.
Tha manufacturers an flrmlv believe that WARNER'S SAFE CURE Will abso
lutely and permanently cure any diseased condition of the kidneys, liver, bladder or
blood that tney will sena postpaia. wunoui any cosi in you, a uirj. inai mniio 11
you will write Warner Safe Cure Company, Rochester, N. 1r, and mention having seen
this liberal offer In The Omaha Bee. The genuiness of this offer Is fully guaranteed
by the publisher. Write the medical department for advice, medical booklet, diagnosis
and analysis, which will be sent you free of charge.
You should consider thoroughly the factors of skill, experience, reliability.
etc., of a Doctor or Specialist before entrusting to him your hnalth, the perfect
inu laniniH roi uvri jr ui wiui'ii
so much to your future life and hap
piness. Every mm who Is afflicted owes it to
himself and his posterity to get cured
safely and positively, without leaving
any blight or weakness in his system.
You do not want to be mutilated and
maimed for life trying to be cured of
varic ocele:. STHICTl HE and
kindred troubles in a few days by sur
gical procedures.
We make no misleading statements
or unbusinesslike propositions to tha
afflicted In order to secure their pat
ronage. The many years of our suc
cessful practice In Omaha prove that
our methods of treatment are 8AKE
Oar Combined Elect ro-MrdUat
Treatment has many friends and
few enemies. Jta friends ara
thoae who have tested Its merits
and have been eared. Its fn
mlri art thoae Doetora or Bp
rlallsta who are envious of all
totbrr treatments that have
proven more successful thaa
their own.
we find that you cannot re curea we
but If we- accept
Longreat Established, Most Suc
cessful and Reliable Special
ists In Diseases of Men, aa
Medical Diplomas, Licenses
and Newspaper Rec
ords Show.
Call ar our offices or write, and if
will NOT accept your money UNDER ANY CONDITION;
your case ror treatment we win SAiaraniee a
In the shortest possible time without Injurious after-effects. Our charge will
be as low as possible for conscientious, skillful and successful services. C in
sult us before consenting to any surgical procedure upon Important blood ves.
sets and organs.
and all reflex complications and as
aoolat., diseases and weaknesses of
We will spare you the penaluea as
sociated with Nervous Debility, Weak
ening Drains. Self-Abuse, Wasting of
Organs, Premature Decline, Loss of
Memory, Energy and Ambition, Nerv
ousness, Pimples, Palpitation of tha
Heart, Shortness of Breath, Apprehen
sion of Calamity, the Chagrin and
Mortification of Weakllnga, the Fright
of Contemplated Matrimony. We will
render you robust and strong mentally
physically and sexually.
Call at our offlcea or write for our
book, FREE, which will explain tha
diseases we cure, and how wa cure
them to star cured when others fall.
MnCACCC Painful and Frequent
UIOlAoLJi Urination.
them to stay cured
rtmr aneetal hoasa treatment will ear roa. Referenc
Banlta and Leading Business Mem of the eltr. Ooasaltatloa at et
flce or by letter free and strictly confidential.
Office Hoara, a. an. to 8 a. aa. Sundays IO a. tn. 1 p. an.
1308 FARNAIJ ST., ttTOi!? 0I1AHA, KEB.
Longest established. Thoroughly reliable. Authorised by tha lawa of I thetat.
Master Specialist
In Private Dlseaaes
of Men.
Private Diseases
of Men
In tha treatment of Private DISEASES OP MEN, to which
our practice la limited and to which our exclusive thought
and experience has been devoted for mora than 25 years,
PERFECTLY AND PERMANENTLY or refund every cent
paid. If troubled with VARICOCELE, IMPOTBNOY,
to consult ua at ogles or by letter. CONSULTATION FREE,
and If you take treatment charges will be entirely satisfac
Cook Medical Company
112 South lth St. Over Dally Nawa, Omaha.
ccrs of tha holding company will also be
southern mill men. The directory of the
company will Include several Philadelphia
nun who ara -prominently Identified with
In front of the court house have also been
allotted and the remainder will be Bold at
60 and 75 cents each.
The Volunteers of America are out $4.H
and L. R. O. Moriarlty sustained a per
sonal loss of 13 75 through a robbery In the
the cotton trade, as well as a number of quarters at i:ua California atreet last night,
cotton men actively engaged tn the trade
la New York, Boston and the New England
market. The financial -Institutions di
rectly concerned In the enterprise will also
have representatives on the board of di
rectors. The mill owners themselves, how
ever, will control the holding corporation
under tha operation of tha Fries plan.
which gives them a malorlty voice In the
directory aa well as all the bonds and pre
ferred stock Issued by tha holding corpo
ration. All the men directly In rhsrge of
tha mills will be representative mill peo
ple of the south.
Geed News lor rrlneeten.
pmvrvrroK N. J.. SeDt. M. It hera toiliav on cood authority that
the bequest to Princeton of Miss Mary J.
uinihnm at New York, which wua for
merly reported to be about Ti0,wu, will
amount to $1,U).000. A member of the
aamlnarv fial'ultV Bald todaV that thf DIOIl
in .11 i,r,hhiiii v will be used for the fur
ther development of the Intellectual side of 1 yard.
Moriarlty, who la an officer of the Volun
teers, came home late from work at
Cudahy's and found that his room had been
ransacked and the money taken from a
tin box In hia trunk. The house Is at pres
ent occupied only by Moriarlty, his sister
and two young girls.
John Faley, a lad of about 18 years of
age, was arreatea last mnt tor a uiftt
committed about three months ago. At
that time he. with Mlckie lagyert and
Johnnie McCormack. appropriated such a
load of old Iron belonging to the street
railway company that their wagon broke
down In one of the city streets and they
were forced to abandon wagon and plun
der. Youna raley, foreseeing trouble.
went away to South Omaha aud was only
yesterday located
Since tha naval recruiting station has
opened fur business in tne Mccague duiij
Ina thirty uersons have made anpllcatlun
to loin the naval forces of the United
Slates, of whom seventeen have been so
cepted. A number of thoae accepted will
be mrnt to their stations today. The an-
prentlree will go to Newport .the landsm-n
to Norfolk, Vs.. the mechanics to Phila
delphia and the yeomen to New York navy
nre tney win 0 put into training
.w- un,in-r 11 la a la., iimtiib a that a I for tneir a u lies on sum. n imriy
laxae gymnasium will be erected on the I at Omaha la extremely anxious to secure
south side of the camyua WUhlu the next I Winers, carjmers auu pcrsuua wut tan
Woman's Hair Beauty
Is one of her greatest gifts. No matter how charming a woman
may be otherwise, If she haa not beautiful hair ona of ber chief
charms la lacking.
Witch Hazel Soap
will absolutely correct conditions leading to the loss of hair. Its
thinning or discoloration. It makes the scalp glow with a new
and wholesome health, removes dandruff, softens and eradicates
crusts and scales, and supplies the follicles with a nourishment
that compels a new balr growth. Besides this, the most luxu
riant hair caa be beautified and rendered rich and glossy by lis
'use. Bold everywhere; 15 cents per cake.
If you have blood troubles thst show In eruptions and pimples or other disfigure
ments, use my Blood Cure it will drive out all impurities. If your liver Is out of
a order snd you nave motn patcnea. sallow sain or oioicny complexion. 1
AiSO( want you to try my Liver Cure. It will give you good health and good looks.
.'Ill , . . , . 1 J . - . . ...... . .......... ...iiinllullnn
f if, J of food and cau-Ing consequent paleness and that "worn-out" look,
r-jr ' lake mv Dyspepsia Cure. You can then eat all you like, of what you
like, when you like and your sklu will glow with youthful fre.hnea
Coal Comes. High.
Is Your Office Warm in Winter?
How well will your office be heated this winter? If you look
forward to a cold office this winter, better move now.
The Bee Building
Does not try to save on the coal bill on account of the price
of coal. Every man spends more time at his place of business
than in any other one place.
If you want a warm office at a reasonable price, call on
Ground Floor, Beo Building.
LM. aaarauWa, J. C AYE CO, Lawaa.
two years. . !''