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ri D P T I IVl l V I Vl I'll commissions to Nebraska rltliena entitling
.flllL nl LLMlLI ij 1 Lli3i thrrn to attend the National Irrigitlnn con-
Bublas a1, lute Hrpital for th Insane
Dtstroyed, with Loss f $15,000.
Fred M. Old Arciixed of Ilrlna One
W yntore
Years Ao.
(From a Staff t'nrrpsrr.dent.)
LINCOLN, Sept. 24 (Special Tc-lpgram.)
The state of Nebraska sufler?d a loss of
fl.",000 by fir early this morning, the stables
at the hospital for the Imane In the out
skirts of the city being totally destroyed.
Six head of horses were Incinerated, a
doio-n others being saved by the asylum
attaches after the latter were nearly suffo
cated and badly scorched by their efforts.
Large stores of produce grown on the asy
lum farm were destroyed, along with Im
plements and Vehicles housed In adjoining
Fed by several hundred tons of hav the
flames leep-d high in the'alr. The asylum
waa distant about 200 yards, but most of the
patients were aroused by the din and added
to the general disorder their screams. The
patients were kept locked within tbeir
apartments and the excitement soon sub
aided. Superintendent Greene suspects Incen
diarism, as a part of a general plot to
burn the state Institutions. Within thn
last eighteen ' month the state peniten
tiary near thla city and the Norfolk In
sane asylum bave both been burned, rep
resenting a losa to the state of $500,000.
Id both cases . incendiarism was respon
sible, the circumstance pointing to a
crank. Governor Savage and the state
officials are on the scene this morning
conducting ad Investigation.
The State Board of Public Lands and
Buildings sent an architect to the asylum
this afternoon. After carefully examining
the walls and foundations he decided that
It would be useless to attempt to utilize
them In rebuilding the structure. This re
port determined the board not to attempt
to rebuild the stables. Sheds will be util
ized and the next legislature will have
the opportunity to order the rebuilding of
the barn.
Olda Arrested for Marder.
Fred M. Olds, for the last six months an
Inmate of the asylum, waa arrested last
night Immediately upon hia discharge as
cured and taken to Beatrice by Sheriff
Waddlngton. The charge of being one of
the two principals In the murdering and
torturing of old Davy Jones at Wymore
five and a .half years' ago la made against
Olds. . . '
It waa from' Olds, In fact, that the first
Information fame aa to the' Identity of the
men. The detectives who Investigated the
case recently discovered, that Olds had
been thought ,f In connection with the
affair and, going to the asylum, he wormed
out of him a confession yiat he and Herrod
had committed the murder. Olds con
fessed freely, because he believed that his
Incarceration In tho . hsyjura would guar
antee him. Immunity. 4 Soon afterwards the
brain hemorrhages ' which had troubled
him ceased and he waa speedily cured.
Last evening hla confession, repeated In
the preaenae of witnesses, waa taken
down by a stenographer.' ' He now claims,
however, that Herrod Induced him to go
with him to Jones'' house on false pre
tenses and that he never went inside.
B. J. Herrod, the- man whom Olda ac
cused as the leader In the affair, reached
here today In charge of Detective Evans,
who brough.1 hlnj trepv North Dakota, with
out a requisition. Herrod declares that he
waa not In Wymore the night of the Jonea
murdef and that he can prove that he
pent the night In a town near the Kansas
.line. He denlea knowing Olda or ever hav
ing had any Intimate relations' with him.
He has been traveling for a photograph
enlarging house of Kanaae City. He le an
alert looking man of 40, but waa very
nervous and appreciated the aeriousness
of his position.
Worm Time Anions; Woodmen.
An oratorical rough house waa precipi
tated this afternoon at the Initial
meeting of the school of Instruction of the
Modern Woodmen. Head Consul Northcutt
waa present as the guest of the local mem
ber of the directorate, Mr. Talbot, but the
addresa of welcome delivered by O. B. Polk
waa hardly of a glad character.
A big fight baa been on In the Woodmen
ranks for months over the question of re
vleion of rates. Mr. Northcutt Is the
champion of a plan that makes a material
Increase and which will bear rather hard
on the younger membera, or at least they
think so.
Mr. Polk declared that while he thought
that readjuatment was necessary, he
thought that It should .come in the matter
of salaries and not In the raising of rates
He Insisted that the order ought not to be
compelled to pay high aalaries to officials
who rode about the country advancing their
personal Interests. He said that the mem
bers of the order knew nothing whatever
of th management other than the details
printed In the official organ and these were
unjust, unfair and often misleading. If
selfishness, he Insisted, waa allowed to In
plre the officers of the order the end
would not be far away. A loaa of the
younger membera would follow readjuat
ment on the Northcutt plan.
Mr. Northcutt waa warmly defended by
membera present and. a very Interesting
debate over the various plana of readjuat
ment marked the proceedings for several
Bayes Minna Wife.
Albert Bayea, residing at Second and II
streets reports to the police that his wife.
who la twenty-five yearshls junior, eloped
Monday with Edward , Walker, who ii
almost the ags of Bayes, 65. Bayea baa no
Idea where they have gsne, but thinks they
went to Fremont. Officers there have been
notified to arrest them. Mrs. Bayea left
three children behind her. She was ac
companied by her little, baby.
Warden Davis report the following new
commitment at the state penitentiary:
Frank Edwarde. York, three years for
criminal assault; Taul Armstrong and
George Edwards, Stanton, three years each
for burglary.
Governor Savage haa Issued five more
Doctors Bills
Seem large to you? As a
rule, they are not. Doctors
earn every cent they charge.
Trust them. When your doc
tor says Ayers Cherry Pec
toral is the best thing for that
hard cough of yours, believe
him. Coughs, colds, croup,
bronchitis, consumption.
"I bavt used Aver't Cherry Pec.
tortl in my family for eight year and
especially for the coughs and colds of
children, and even for pneumonia."
Mrs. w. n. erymer, shelDy, Ala.
trees at Colorado Springs, Colo., October
-!, as delegates from this stste. The
folios Ing are the favored ones: M. H. Mar
ble, Table Rock: A I Abbott. Moulton; L.
II. Jewett, Broken Bow; E. N. Bishop,
Gates; J. U Epperson, Fairfield.
Mercer's Certiorate Filed.
The nomination of David H. Mercrr as
the republican candidate for congress In
the Secund district nil certified to the
secretary of state today by R. W. Breck
entidre and Clyde C. Stinblad, chairman
and secretary of the convention. The state
ment of Mr. Mercer's campaign expenses,
required by law, did not accompany the
certificate of nomination.
Trol rr Line In Cnan nnd Otoe.
Capitalists residing In Otoe county are
furthering a project to build an electric
trolley line across the country from Ne
braska City northwest to South Bend. In
th"? Northern bcrder of Cass county,
branches to extend Into the adjacent coun
try at various points alonj the line. The
preliminary steps were taken today when
a certificate of declaration, specifying the
purpose of the promoters, waa filed with the
secretary of state. The capital stock Is
fixed at $25,000. with permission to Increase
as it Is deemed advisable. W. L. Wilson
John W. Stelnhart, Logan Enyart, W. A.
Cotton and John Nordhouae serve aa the
Fred Hoffmen, Old, Inflrm nnd a Pan.
per, Conclude to End His
Nebraska Towns Celebrating the Bountiful
Harvests ia Fittiig Manner.
Superior. Kidney nnd Alnaworth F.neh
In the Midst of ncressfnl E
hlbltlnns nnd Drswlag
Biff Crowds.
FREMONT. Neb., Sept. 24 (Special
Telegram.) Fred Hoffman, an old man aged
63 years, living alone in a small house In
the south part of North Bend, was found
dead in his room this morning. The top
of the skull was blown off, the brain mat
ter had nearly all oozed out Into a pan
which lay under his head and streams of
blocd had run over the floor in all direc
tions. A rifle with which the deed waa
evidently committed lay by his side. Ho
leaves a wife and nine children. For some
time he had been estranged from his
family and lived alone, doing such odd
Jobs of work as came In his way. About a
week ago his friends had him taken to the
Fremont hospital, as he was In poor
health. The next day he was taken to the
county poor farm, but on Monday waa per
mitted by the superintendent to return to
his home. He had been very despondent
since then on account of his poverty. Ill
health and estrangement from his family,
nnd had told his friends that they would
find him some morning with his toes
turned up.
About 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon Mrs.
Howard, hla nearest neighbor, heard
Bhot fired near the Hoffman house and
asked her husband to go over and see what
was the trouble. He said it was a boy
shooting rabbits and did not go. This
morning a number of hla neighbors forced
In the door and found the body lying on the
floor In a corner of the room. A note lay
on the table which read aa follows:
rear Children Tont let the ronntv burr
me. Hury me as r&enp as possinie. I nave
always worked hard all my life, but was
no use.
On the back of the paper was written:
"Notify Gory brothers."
Miss firnre Mrlllnster of Mlssnnrl i
Wins II from a Field of ls
Contestant.. '
BEATRICE. Neb., Sept. 24. (Special Tel
egram.) Today's session of the Women's
Ch'lstian Temperance union was devoted
entirely to routine business. The inter
state oratorical diamond medal contest
was held tonight In Centenary church. Th
contestants were: E. - A. McRoberts of
Shenandoah, la.. Miss lva Bolkln of New
Point, Mo., Miss Ora Shlnrock of Omaha,
Claude Porter of Creston, la., Mrs. Grace
Mellinger of Bethany, Neb., and Oecar
SUPERIOR. Neb., Sept. 24. (Special Tel- Woods of Atchison. Kan. The contestants
egrsm.) Superior's trsdes carnival, or I were limited to ten minutes each and at the
street fair, opened this morning. The j c-oge the roedal was awarded to Mrs. Grace
program for Monday and Tuesday and a Mellinger of Bethany. "
portion of today s program had to be Rsv. j. a. Wheeler of New York City
abandoned on account of the heavy ralne,
but with the clearing of the weather comes
the promise of fine crowds for the balance
of the week. This is the first attempt that
Superior has made to have an agricultural
chow and the success of this part of the
fair Is astonishing even the people who got
it up. Farmers are driving in from all
directions, over the muddiest of roads,
with wagons full of cereals, fruits, vege
tables, grasses, canned goods, etc., for dis
play. No cash prizes have been offered
for these displays, simply merchandise
solicited by the committee from the mer
chants of the town.
The first of the ball games occurred this
afternoon between the Nebraska City Ar
gos and the Superiors, resulting to 1 in
favor of Superior.
There is an unusual number of free at
tractions upon the streets. Among the
most taking of ttrese Is a troupe of negro
cakewalkers and minstrels from Clay Cen
ter and Junction City, Kan. Open-air ban'd
concerts are given at frequent Interval
and there are numerous sideshows, stands,
dances, etc. The Carnival Is an appro
priate celebration of the biggest corn crop
that has been raised in this section since
W. H. Thompson of Grand Island. A. C.
Shallenberger of Alma and Dr. Lyman of
Hastings spoke at a meeting on the street
Rnlns Quit Jnst In Time.
threatening rain. The farmers are feeling
Jubilmt over the rain. They say It has
put the ground In such condition that the
winter wheat will be vastly benefited and
insures a good start next spring. Fall
pastures are looking fine.
Seeks to Prevent Priest from Eater-
Ins; the Cbnrch Bailee at
SEWARD. Neb., Sept 24. (8peclal.)
Bishop Bonacum commenced another ac
tion against Father Murphy,' the petition
having been filed In the district court yes
terday. In this action the bishop seeks to
enjoin Fsther Murphy from entering the
church edifice, and sets up In the petition
that he haa received returns from Rome
upholding his contention.
Believe a
Fake Story.
Sept. 24. (Speclal.)-
The fake atory which appeared under a Pre
mont heading in a Chicago paper about
six weeks ago lu regard to a "Sweetheart
Trust" haa evidently been believed by a
good many people, for almost every mall
brings In a letter or two addressed to Mine
Elizabeth McKenzle, who waa said to have
been the originator of the scheme, which
was to bar out all young men whose habits
were not up to the atandard set by the
girls. As no person of thst name Is known
here the letters will, of course, go to the
dead letter office. Several elates sre rep
resented on the list and Judging from' the
handwriting on the envelopes the would
be correspondents are not all women.
AtNSWORTH. Neb., Sept. 24. (Special
Telegram.) The first day of tho carnival
and street fair in Atnsworth was a marked
success. The v equinoctial storms closed
Monday with a heavy rain, which
threatened to continue and spoil all pros
pects of any fair attendance or give any
chance of having the races or any of the
attractions promised. But luckily the rains
ceased Monday evening and on Tuesday the
sun came out, drying up the mud and
rendering mother earth fit for every at
traction advertised. Wednesday morning
the crowds began arriving and by noon It
was estimated that fully 1,600 people were
in attendance. The music, the balloon as
cension, the races and every .attraction
came off as advertised and the people were
more th-n pleased with everything.
The last attraction of the afternoon was
a ball game between Valentine and New
port, which proved almost a shutout for
Newport, they barely getting one score to
Valentine's 14. At the close of the game
Valentine's pitcher, Webb, was badly In
jured by being run Into at the home base,
receiving a bad cut In the forehead from
the spiked shoes of the other man, which
rendered him unconscious and for a time It
was feared hla Injuries were of a serious
nature, but he later recovered sufficiently
to be taken borne to Valentine and It was
stated he would get along all right. It
Is estimated that tomorrow's attendance
will easily double that of today, if the
weather Is favorable, to which all Indica
tions point this evening.
Sidney Ravlss a Blar Time.
SIDNEY. Neb., Sept. 24. (Special Tele
gram.) The second day of the street fair
and carnival brought a big crowd to
the city and all day long could be heard
the tramp of those thousands who were
visiting the different parts of the mid
way. The voice of the spieler was louder
than ever and the business that waa done
wss simply wonderful. The best of order
prevailed and the weather has been spe
cially prepared for the occasion. Tomorrow
promises to exceed in attendance the pre
vious two days. The brass bands from
North Platte and Kimball are receiving
fine compliments. The play at the opera
house last night was so well received that
by request It was repeated again tonight.
The balance of the week the opera house
rill have a vaudeville company from Den
ver. Owing to heavy wind the balloon as
cension failed to materialize, but to
morrow there will be two ascensions by
Prof. Broadwick and wife. The balloon
la a gigantic affair.
will address the convention tomorrow night.
Rifle Falls Through Bottom of Wngon
and Is nisrharsed, Infllctlns
Fatal Woond.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Sept. 24. (Special Tel
egram.) Harvey Mason, the 15-year-old
son of H. O. Mason, a prominent farmer
living near this city, was probably fatally
shot today by the accidental discharge of
a 22-callber rifle. This morning the boy
placed the rifle In the front part of a
spring wagon and took his little brother
and slater to school. On returning home
the gun fell through a' hole In the bottom
of the wagon and was discharged, the ball
striking the lad In the left side. Just above
the point of the ribs. The physicians have
been unable to locate the ball and the
boy'e recovery Is extermely doubtful.
GENEVA, Neb., Sept. 24. The senatorial
convention that met at McCool yeaterday
nominated Robert J. Sloan of this city for
state senator from the Twenty-fourth sen
atorial district, composed of York and Fill
more counties. Mr. Sloan Is a brother of
Hon. C. H. Sloan, who represented this
district in the senate some years ago and
has since been a candidate for nomination
for congressional honors. Robert Sloan is
a young lawyer of ability, a good speaker
and will make a splendid campaign. He
will receive the support of every repub
lican in the district.
Pnta tironnd in tiond Condition.
GENEVA. Neb.. Sept. 24 (Special.)
The rains during the last few days have
placed the ground In good shape for fall
grain. The precipitation amounts to S.S0
Awful l.naa I. re
Follows neglect of throat and lung dis
eases, but Dr. King's New Discovery cures
such troubles or no pay. 6"c, $1.00. For
sale by Kuhn A Co.
Strong; Ticket la Dawson.
LEXINGTON, Neb., Sept. 24. (Special
Telegram.) The Dawson county republican
convention met In this city this afternoon
and placed In nomination the following
ticket: For representative, George E.
Bacon, the well known proprietor of the
Bunker Hill ranch; for county attorney,
John H. Llnderman of this city; tor com
missioner, first district, William Kopf of
Buffalo. The ticket Is considered a strong
one and the prospects are that It will make
a clean sweep of the county.
Much Ilaln at Tecnmaeh.
TECUMSEH, Neb.. Sept. 24. (Special.)
It has been raining a great deal of th"
time since last Friday. A great deal of
moisture has been afforded. Farm work
has been suspended, and business Interfered
with. The roads are In bad condition.
What's More, Friday Is to lie Fair,
Too, If the Weather Man
Isn't Foollnsr.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 24 Forecast:
For Nebrsska and Kansas Fair, warmer
Thursday. Friday fair.
For Colorado Fair Thursday and Fri
day. For Montana Showers and cooler Thurs
day. Friday probably fair.
For Wyoming Fair Thursday; warmer In
southeast portion. Friday fair, with cooler
in west and north portions.
For North Dakota Fair Thursday;
showers and cooler at night or Friday.
For South Dakota Fair Thursday;
warmer in central and east portions. Fri
day showers and cooler.
For Iowa Fair, warmer Thursday, pre
ceded by rain In southeast portion. Fri
day fair; warmer in central and east por
tions. For Missouri Fair In west; rain In east
portion Thursday; warmer in northwest
portion. Frldsy fair, warmer.
Local Record,
OMAHA. Sept. 24. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compared with
the corresponding day of the past three
1902. 1901. 1900. 1809.
Maximum temperature .. "0 87 84 76
Minimum temperature ... 57 67 67 64
Mean temperature 64 70 76 65
Precipitation . .00 .00 .15 .00
Kecord of temperature and precipitation
at Omaha for this day and since March 1.
Normal temperature 63
Fxress for the day 1
Total excess since March 1 64
Normal precipitation ( Inch
rellciency for the day 09 Inch
Total THlnfall since March 1 22.82 Inches
Deficiency since March 1 2.12 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1901... 6.91 inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1900... 1.13 inches
Heports from Stations at T P. M.
WEATHER. : f : o
: 3 : a
: : 3 :
i : B :
. i
Sept. 24. (Special.)
Keeps on
Rain has been falling here most of the
time since Saturday morning. Last night
there was every Indication of It clearing
off, but this morning It ia cloudy and
Omaha, cloudy ,
Valentine, clear
North Platte, clear
Phevenne. clear
Salt Lake City, partly cloudy.
Rapid City, clear
Huron, clear
Chicago, raining
St. Louis, partly cloudy
St. Haul, clear
Davenport, raining
Kansas City, cloudy
Havre, cloudy
Helena, cloudy
Bismarck, clear
Galveston, partly cloudy
Are Most Women in Summer Pc-ru-tm is n Tonic
of Efficiency.
I Pi
Josephine Morris-(T
OREPHINE MORRI3. 238 Carroll St.
Brooklyn, N. Y., writes:
"Peruna Is a fine medicine to take any
time of the year, but I have found It es
pecially helpful to withstand the wear and
tear of the hot weather. I have taken It
now for two summers snd feel thst It hss
kept my system free from malaria, and
also kept me from hsvlng that worn-out.
dragged-out look which so many
"I therefore have no hesitancy In saying
that I think It Is the finest tonic In the
world." Josephine Morris.
Peruna Is frequently wied as a mitigation
of the effects of hot weather. What a
bath is to the skin, Peruna Is to the mucous
membranes. Bathing keeps the skin
healthy, Peruna makes the mucous mem
branes clean and healthy. With the skin
and mucous membranes In good working
order, hot westher can be withstood with
very little suffering.
Frequent bathing with an occasional use
of Peruna Is sure to mitigate the horrors
of hot weather. Many ladies bave discov
ered that the depression of hot weather
and the rigors they have been In the habit
of attributing to malaria, quickly disappear
when they use Peruna. This Is why Pe
runa Is so popular with them. Peruna
provides clean mucous membranes, and the
clean mucous membranes do the rest,
Hon. T: Y. Fltrpatrick, Congressman
from Kentucky, writes from the National
Hotel, Washington, D. C, as follows:
"At the solicitation of .i friend I
used your Peruna nnd can cheerful y
recommend your remedy t .my
otic sutTcring with catarrh or wint
needs a nood tonic." T. V, Fit,
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruna
write at once to Dr. Hartmnn. giving a
full statement of your ense, and he will bo
pleased to give you his valuable advlcn
Addre'ss Dr. Hartraan, President of Tho
Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, Ohio.
8ft .00
'"jT?".--h' .PlT -- fini ....
Bannu Snin ny'E '
fni A im
82 .00
Local Forecast Official.
Fremont Regrets Changed Frosram.
FREMONT, Neb., Sept. , 24. (Special.)
The report received here last evening that
President Rosevelt's western trip had been
declared off and that Fremont wcAjld not
have the pleasure of meeting him occa
sioned much regret. The committee, con
sisting of Mayor WIlsotT, L. D. Richards,
O. L. Loom Is and R. B. Schneider, as
sisted by the cUy council, had arrange
ments all made for his reception ana ne
would have received a cordial greeting
from the citizens of this vicinity Irre
spective of psrty affiliations. Tbe bul'
lettn snnounclng the necessity of an opera-i
tton on bis injured leg was posted about
6 o'clock and the unpleasant news wss soon
known throughout the city.
When a woman first experiences the oleasant
anticipation that comes with pregnancy, she finds
much satisfaction In preparing little bits of soft
clothing designed to protect the child and en
hance its beauty once ft is safely ushered into the
world. Much anguish, accompanied by fear, in
somnia, and dread, figure largely too in the condi
tion of a woman during these long months of gesta
tion. At the best it is a Irvine oeriod. and everv
consideration, care and attention should be given
ice coming motner, togetner wun tue a:a
which a good, tried and perfect balm like
MOTHER'S FRIEND can give, and which is
sure to be the chief means of perfect re
production. MOTHERS FRIEND applied
externally throughout pregnancy will
relieve tbe pains of parturition, and no
momer ana caua can tan to oe
healthy, hearty, strong, clear com-
piexioned, pure blooded, calm ner
ved and cheerful in disposition,
who are mutually influenced for
months .by the continued use of
OTUES S PRIBWD. Of Dral II M lr botlla.
Our IrMtUe, "Mothrfco4.T mlld rkRS.
WaSIIinglUn (and return)
throngh trains of standard and tourist sleepers and chair cars,
without Changs.-from OMAHA, OCTOBER 4. Tickets on sale Oo
tober 1, J, 4, 6. Final return limit, November 8.
Fo further Information caJl at or Addresa
mewfc Island Urates City Ticket Office,
1323 mnm street, ouahi
Hh BlfSI tor uunstsrsi
Irritation or alcrsUou
PsinlMl. .ndsotSSUksi
EvusOhcmiBii Os. st or soisonoae.
! ay Urngtrts
r" ! ay urngtrts
k for t '" wrsssst.
frtrvouMif , til reauiuof ftltuve,
faMllnr manhood, drain, loaaei.
Married mnn and inn Jut tiding
i m.rrv .nntii.l lakn box: aauuilfthlns remit ;
maU wait wrut and lutt power reiiorrd. ai.iuat
Bhvnnaa McCoobcU Drue Co.. Oman. Nttfc.
Every Woman
It IcUrottA and hAold know
bout u4 wonatamq
MARVEL Whirling Spray
TbnwflHlTitc& 'Vt
tftuTfdft. sr
hiavs.1,. -- pi no ?N
01 her, but nd tump for ll-
iattmtSfl book si
all Mrtialinii4 dir-Tl
ytoom tH Tljnss BLac M. 7,
or uato or
SHRRMAN MTON.Kl.k, Dltlfl I'O,
Corner Sixteenth and Dodge treeta. Oraaha
V VI, m nm
bJ ' in.,,.. X
Dlsoa Toaaty Reaaallcaas.
WAKEFIELD, Neb.. Sept. 24. (Special.)
The republican county convention for
Dixon county convened In this city, and
as called to oroer or w. r. LB-an oi
Ponca. who was elected chairman. 8. E.
Cobb of Emerson was elected secretary.
After appointing; committees on resolu
tions and credentials, the convention ad'
Journed until 1 o'clock. Dinner waa served
free In the caucus room of the Auditorium
to all delegates, after which the conven
tion reconvened. A. E. Martin of Wake-
Held wss nominated for county attorney
by a vote of 68 to 14 for his opponent. Ed
itor Perkins of Newcastle. T. J. Ryan of
Newcastle waa nominated for representa
B.llwood Bank Cases Vp.
DAVID CITY. Neb.. Sept. 24. (Special.)
District court haa been in session here
this week. Judge Sornberger presiding. A
long list of preliminary matters have been
disposed of and two-divorces granted. Yea
terday and today the court has been hear
ing argment on behalf of tboae who claim
to be preferred creditors of the defunct
Bank of Bellwood. Court will adjourn
this evening until the regular November
$14.75 to Chicago
and back, October 1
and 2.
Oly $28.05 to
Washington, D. C,
and back, October 2
to 5.
if " i
, ti n ilassH 'Tl ili i si aa isTTiirwi nsinrti nana if mr S isnssnlTi in law it! '
Only $25 to the Pa
cific Coast.
and tourist
every day,
grand panorama of the
Rockies by daylight.
past the
Nelson Pair Poatnaaea.
NELSON, Neb.. 8ept. 24. (Special Tele
gram y Thla section has been hsvlng heavy
rains here this week, the total precipita
tion being nearly six Inches. Owing to this
fact the directors of the Nuckolls county
fair decldsd at a meeting today to post
pone lbs fsir to October T, t. and 10.
The speed purses were Increased and the
business men of Nelson raised nearly t00
for special additional attractions.
J-C. AVrt,Una.Msss.
TECUMSEH. Neb., Sept. 24. (Special. )
The management of the Johnson county
fair announces that the 1302 show will pay
out In full. All premiums and purses will
! be paid as advertised. The fair has been
oa a self-sustaining basis for severs! years.
Through tourist sleepers to
Washington, October 4; only $3
for a double berth all the way.
$35.55 to New York City and
back, October 2 to 5.
One fare for the Round trip
to many points in Ohio, Indiana,
to Pittsburg and other points in
western Pennsylvania, to Buffalo and
to Toronto, October 2 to 5.
$11.50 to St. Louis and back,
October 5 to 10.
$31.75 to Boston and back,
October 6 to 10.
Only $20 to Butte, Helena,
Lake City.
Only $16.75 to points in the
Big Horn Basin, Wyoming, with
its thousands of acres of irrigable
lands open to settlement, and
1502 farnam
millions of
of ft
rce grazing
- A wonderful opportunity for
homcseekers to say goodbye to
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