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    THE OMAIIA DAIlil JtKK; TtfKSDAY, Wl'TJ-.MltEU lwui..
Davis sells diugs.
Blocker! sells esrpeta and nir.
Leffert. eyesight specialist. 40 Broadway.
Mr. and Mrs. (lua Lonle left Sunday ror
Colorado Springs.
Kxcelelor Masonic lodge will meet In reg
ular sejielon tonight.
Th Lady MarcBbers will meet tonight at
tne usual lime ana place.
Pyrogrdphlc outfit and supplies. C. E.
Alexander & Oo., 833 Broadway. Tel. 86.
Creasy, so at (ty .Clerk and Mra. N. C.
Phillips, waa taken seriously 111 yesterday.
Mra. W. 8. Hewltson and daughter of
Tark avenue are home from Orlrana, Neb.
Mr. and Mra. J. W. MrMuliln of Emcr-
on, la., are guests of Mra. J. D. Whit
aker. John Mlchaelsen ha aold the Tribune, a
weekly paper, to the Globe Publishing
Ta aaa. utkll KTC Bitith Kfnln irrAt
la sojourning at Coffax Springs, la., for the
rjenem or ner neaiin.
The remalna of Charles Townsend, wh.i
died Sunday at St. Bernard's hoapltal, were
ahippd to Kanona, mo., ror interment.
Betrayed, heifer calf with white forehead.
Owner can have anme by applying to Jo
aeph Bogus, 19H6 South Klghth atreet.
Mra. Anna Roaa of the High arhool
faculty arrived homo yesterday morning
from Europe, where ane apent tne sura
mer. Mlaa Blanche Arkwrlght of Mynster
atreet left yesterday for an extended vlalt
with her brother, Lon Potter, at Oroton,
8. D.
A grand ball will be given by Teutonla
lodge No. 15. at O. A. II. hall Wednesday.
Sept. 10. Mualc by Council Bluffs Muaical
Council Sluffs tent No. 32, Knlghta of
the Macelibeee, will entertain State Com
mander Emerlns at Its review Wednesday
Assistant County Attorney C. F. Kimball
left laat night on a buslnesa trip to Daven
port and Dubuque, lie expecta to be away
about two weeka.
H. P. Butler took out a building permit
yesterday for the erection of a $:', resi
dence on Glen avenue on one of the lota
recently aold by the achool district.
For good rlga, rubber tire, or anything
In the livery line, we can auply your wanta
at a reaaonable price. Horses boarded and
cared for, 110 per month. Marks & Co., 155
Broadway. Phone lot.
Justice Carson performed the marriage
ceremony yeaterday for Charles Robs of
Modale, la., and Mabel McFariand of Dee
Molnea and William If. Murray and Nina
M. Rohrbach, both, of South Omaha.
lAwrence Nelson, allaa Lee Neatlehoune,
charged with short-changing several Broad
way Duslnesa men. had his hearing in police
court yeaterday In order that the grand
Jury, now In session, may Investigate It.
The official board of the Council Bluffa
Woman's club will give a reception Wednes
day afternoon at the residence of Mra.
Walter I. Smith on South Seventh atreet
for new members and those desiring to
Jaaper Robinson and Roxenna Brock,
both of Carson, la., were married yesterday
afternoon, the ceremony being performed in
the parlors of the Kiel hotel by Rev. G.
W. Snyder, pastor of St. John's English
Lutheran church.
Fred Talbot, charged with assaulting Ben
jamin Flmple with Intent to commit great
bodily Injury, waa permitted In Juatlce Car
son's court yeaterday to plead guilty to a
charge of assault ami battery and waa ft nod
15 and coata, which he paid.
The caae of John Murphy, charged with
picking the pocket of Robert Huntington
at the Elks' carnival Saturday night, was
continued In police court yeaterday until
Wednesday. In the meantime the grand
jury will Investigate the caae.
Mrs. M. C. Coaterlson, aged 41 years, died
yeaterday at her home, turn Avenue G, from
heart' failure, after a Week's illness. Her
husband and six children survive her. Tha
funeral will be held Wednesday morning at
10 o'clock and burial will be In Falrview
Captain George J. Crane returned yeater
day from Indianapolis, where he attended
B'liiuni iiirmuig null UKiiuuvi VI
the State Life Insurance company of In
dianapolis: At the banquet Captain Crane
waa presented with the cash gold prise
for writing and producing more paid busi
ness than any other agent of the company.
Thlrty-alx states were represented at the
banquet. f
A burglar broke Into the living apart
ments of Gua Hlnrlch over his meat store
on Broadway about 3 o'clock yesterday
morning, but waa discovered by Mr. Hln
rlch before he had time to secure any plun
der. Mr. Hinrlch chased the burglar down
atalra and out onto the street, but being
clad only In his nlghtHhtrt waa unnble to
continue the pursuit any further. The fel
low entered the house through the front
door, which had either been left open or
Which he opened with a skeleton key.
Davis sella paints.
Dismantling; Rika' Fair.
The work of dismantling tha Elks' street
fair and carnival grounda began early yes
terday morning and by noon the canvaa
fence had disappeared. The platforms and
booths' will be taken down today. The
band stand will not be removed until
Wednesday, as the distribution of prizes
will take place from It this evening.
Despite the tramping of thousands of
people over It, the portion of Bayllss park
used for the carnival was but little dam
aged and a good shower of rain will, It Is
expected,' put the grass In an good condi
tion as before.
The executive committee of Elks, who
had tha carnival In charge, will meet Fri
day to close up accounts, pay bids and
ascertain exactly how many thousand dol
lars the lodge netted by the fair. It Is
expected that the balance on the ledger
will be from $6,000 to $8,000 on the right
Me. t '
Oraeel roofing, A. H. Read, 641 Broadway.
Defeet In Mr burs In.llr Intent.
Judge Macey In district court yesterday
sustained the demurrer of Emll Scburx to
the Indictment charging him with embez-
tlement of funda of the Council Bluffs
aerie bf Eaglet, but held that the defect I
lirreit In th demurrer ntuM Ka rmmAaA '
by a new Indictment, and that the bond
furnished by Schurz, would be good under
the new. Indictment. Since the Indictment,
Investigation of Its books by the lodge, It
Is alleged, increases Scnurz's shortage to
early $1,000.
Plumbing and hosting. Atxby' Son.
' Marriage Ureases.
Licenses to wed were issued yesterday
to the following:
Name and Rsldeac. Age.
Charles Hubs, Modale, In 24
Mabel McFariand. Dea Molnea, la 24
31. D. Hayea. Council Bluffs 37
Nellie M. Hansen, Councli Bluffs 17
Potter W. Taylor, Omaha tx
Ttlaud M. Aakwlth, Omaha 38
Tleorge Polnta. Honey Creek, la K
Harriett Mcintosh, Honey Creek, la 19
Jasper Robinson, Corson, la.. 25
ltoxenna Brook, Cursor!. la 19
JVllllam H. Murray. South Omaha $0 !
lina M. Mon roach, Buuth Omaha 27
-Khtg of Q Bottled tour
NJwn4 trots, Boh4vratdti Hop.
H. May Cnsf
t( Pwarl Ft., Council Bluffs. Phon 7.
Pnblio Schools Open with a Large Increase
Orer Lut Year'a Attendance.
Teaching Force la the Main the flame
a Laat Year, There Belaar Ho
Change Whatever in
High ftrhool.
The public school of Council Bluffs
opened yesterday morning for the new
school year with the largest enrollment in
the history of the city. The increase la
especially heavy at the Washington avenue
and Bloomer buildings, both schools hav
ing already on the first day more pupils
enrolled than these buildings are designed
to accommodate. The Increase at tha See
end Avenuat arhnol Is also henvv. thia helns
due to the fact that four additional rooms
were opened in this building last spring.
At the Rlffhth Avenue ehnnl there tie a
slight decrease in the enrollment due to
nuDiia Deme iransrerren to ntner aranes.
No returns had been received at the super
intendents offlee last evenlns- from Woat
Council Bluffs, which had an enrollment of
rorty-one laat year and which this year
Is expected to be allahtlr Increased. Tha
enrollment at the Hill school shows a de
crease. This la due to a misunderstanding
on the part of a number of parents who
were under the iroDreeslon that their rhll-
dren this year would be transferred to the
Pierce Street school. Owing to the repairs
at the Pierce Street building not being com
pleted the school will not be opened until
next Monday. The enrollment last year
was 343 and Superintendent Clifford Is of
the Opinion It Will sllerhtlv exceed that f,-
ure this year. There Is no indication of the
new addition to this building being com
pleted much before January 1.
Comparison with I,ast Year.
The enrollment at the different arhnnl
and the figures for last year are as follows:
1902. 1901.
High school
Washington Avenue
Twentieth Avenue ..
Third Street
4.(4 401
.. 8T6 715
.. 6"4 448
.. 4d 4'25
.. Wl 2S5
.. 350 343
.. 334 303
.. 428 m
.. 253 223
.. 132 136
.. 125 115
.. 79 73
., 127 . 170
.. 52 74
.. 41 41
.. 23 26
fierce Btreet
'Eighth Street
Second Avenue
A vcmiA H
Thirty-second Street
jtiauienn Avenue ....
Harrison Street
Eighth Avenue
Hill vhnnl
West Councli Bluffs'.
uunn school
Totala r .4,488 4i066
Increase nver njj opening day, 42i.
At the high school the greater part of
the morning was occupied in the distribu
tion of textbooks under the free textbook
system, which went Into force yesterday
for the first time at the high school. A
short recitation was held and the pupils
were dismissed at noon, hut the regular
hours will begin today when the closing
hour will be 2:80 p. m.
The high school foot ball team, which
this year Is captained by Maria Warner,
had Ha first practice game yesterday aft
ernoon, under the coaching of Prof. Frank
Miller of the high school faculty. 1
Principal Ensign reports a larger num
ber this year than ever before of what are
known as "tuition" pupils, that Is pupils
from tha country, who are nonresidents of
the city, and subject to tuition fees. The
enrollment in 1900 on the opening day was
346, so yesterday's enrollment shows sn
Increase of 88 over that of two years ago.
The Increased enrollment. Principal EnBlgn
says, is especially gratifying considering
the large class graduated last June and
the fact that a number of puplla have left
the high school this year to enter eastern
schools and colleges.
Few Change la Teachers.
There have been but few changes In the
assignment of teachers. The high school
faculty will be Identically the same as last
year, with Prof. F. C. Ensign as principal.
Miss Porterfleld will resume her position
as supervisor of music and Miss May Cald
well, who acted In her place during Miss
Porterneld's absence In Chicago, will be
assistant principal at the Bloomer building.
The new teachers at the Washington ave
nue school are Miss Ella fleptman and
Miss Annette Grass with Miss Ethel Rey
nolds as kindergarten volunteer. Miss Jane
Howe has been transferred from the Third
street school to the Bloomer building. Miss
Mary Peterson and Miss May Jepson are
new teachers assigned to the Bloomer
school. Miss Fredericks Dorland will be the
kindergarten volunteer at this building.
At the Twentieth avenue achool there will
he three new teachers. Miss Louise Carson,
Miss Shedd and Mlaa Theodosla Haffe, the
latter a kindergarten volunteer. Miss Daisy
Cooper haa been transferred from Avenue
B school to Pierce street school and Miss
Nellie Merrlam will be the kindergarten
volunteer at Pierce street. Miss Albright
haa been tranaferred from the Bloomer
achool to the Third street school. Miss
Ida Casady will be a new kindergarten
teacher at the Eighth street school. Miss
Maude Robinson who taught last year In
the Hill school has been tranaferred to the
Second avenue building. Miss Alyda Lor
Ing haa been transferred from Pierce street
to the Avenue B school. Mias Cora Gret
ter will teach this year at the Madison
avenue building instead of the Washington
avenue school. Miss Julia Hughes will act
as directress of the Eighth avenue kin
dergarten. Miss Catherine White will take
Miss Robinson's place at the Hill school
and Miss Cora Jones will replace Miss
Wells at West Council Bluffs. Miss May
Walte and Miss Mabel Storra will act as
substitute teachers.'
Notice Sabncrlhers.
All the numbers of "The Living Animals
of the World" are now complete and can be
obtained for the next few days at the Coun
cil Bluffs office of The Bee. It Is requested
that those desiring to fill out their numbers
call at once and get them, aa unaold copies
win be returned In a- ahort time.
Polnta ;et Oat of Tronble.
George Polnta of Honey Creek, charged
by Haul Mcintosh with betrayal under
promise of marriage, compromised the caae
yeaterday by aecurlng a license and marry
ing the young woman, the ceremony beln
performed by Justice Carson, before whom
tha case was to have been heard yesterday
Points secured his release Saturday,
pending bia hearing, by furnishing a cash
bond, the money being on depoalt In the
First National bank. Yeaterday County
Attorney KUlpack, on behalf of the state
of Iowa, garnisheed the bank to secure pay
ment of a fine of $75 and costs, to which
young Points waa sentenced about a year
ago In th district court on a charge of
gambling. Hs and several other young
men In th vicinity of Honey Creek wer
Indicted for gambling, the evidence showing
they had ba ac?utomd to mt at a
certain place and Indulge La a auitt gam
of poker. Points declared his Inability to
pay the fine and served out the allotted
time In the county jail, but thia did not
relieve him from the payment, and it ha
stood In judgment since against, him.
When the county attorney learned of him
having deposited money in the First Na
tlonal bank of this city to furnish the bond
In the betrayal case, he promptly gar
nloheed It.
City Connell Derides that Twelve
Miles Henr Is Fast
The city council Isst night passed an or
dinance regulating the use of automobiles
on the streets of Council Bluffs. It waa
Introduced by Alderman Casper, the auto-
moblllng member of the councli, who
stated that while be could. If pressed, run
his machine at a speed of nicety miles an
hour, he thought there ought to be some
regulation In this direction. He wanted
a limit' placed on tha speed with which
machines could be run through the streets
so that all could be governed by the same
rules. After some discussion the speed
limit for automobiles was placed at twelve
miles sn hour. The ordinance further pro
vides that the operator of any automobile
shall, when passing any horse or horses
attached to any vehicle he Is approaching
and the horses are frightened, bring his
automobile to a stop and remain so unify
the horse or horses have passed. A pen
alty not exceeding $25 for each Infraction
of these provisions is provided In the or
dinance. Resolutions were adopted providing for
the laying of an eight-Inch sewer on the
portion of Pierce street ordered paved, the
grading of Ross streeet between Oakland
avenue and Scott streeet and the laying of
a aewer on William street between Avenue
D and Mill streeet.
The ordinance changing the grade on
Vorhees street between Union street and
Lincoln avenue was again laid over. Mayor
Morgan announced that Frank Barlow, who
threatened to sue the city for $500 dam
ages If the grade was changed, had offered
to compromise for $300.
The question of grading Gleason avenue,
a thoroughfare In the foothills, was re
ferred to the commltteee of the whole,
which will Investigate It Wednesday morn
ing and take a trip over the ground.
E. A. Wlckham notified the council that
If it expected him to comply with the
terms of hla contract and complete the
paving of Pierce street by December 1 he
must have the street to begin work on by
October 1. That Is, he said, that all the
curbing and sewering must be laid by that
time, as he could not lay concrete after
October 25. The council declined to make
any promises In the matter. James Wick
ham's bond In the sum of $2,000 for the
faithful performance of the contract for
the paving of the street, with E. A. Wlck
ham as surety, was approved.
The committee on bridges and city
property was authorized to award the con
tract for rebuilding the bridge over In
dian creek on Elliott street to George C.
Wise for $200.
The request of Leonard Everett thst he
be permitted to remove a frame cottage
onto a lot within the recently extended
lira limits on Broadway waa denied. Mr.
Everett announced that be had commenced
to move tha dwelling prior to the passage
of the ordinance extending the lira limits.
Mayor Morgan announced the appoint
ment of Henry Leuch, a present member of
the police force, as deputy city marshal,
to' fill the vacancy caused by the death of
Hans Peterson, and the appointment was
The claim of John M. Hardin for grading
the sidewalk on McGee avenue, amounting
to $54.92, was allowed and ordered paid out
of the contingent fund. The grading had
been done preparatory to laying a brick
sidewalk which later waa countermanded at
the request of the school board. The school
board will be asked to pay about $35 of this
C. W. Nichols' bond In the sum of $500 as
city bill poster was approved after a
lengthy discussion as to the bill poster's
rights under hla license. This phase of the
question is to be investigated by th com
mutes of the whole.
The claim of O. G. Taylor, former atreet
supervisor, for his August salary, amount
ing to $65, was laid over owing to the ab
sence of Alderman Lougee, former chair
man of the streets and alleys committee.
N. Y. Plumbing Co., teieohone 25(.
To Ask Cnrnearle for Help.
At the meeting of the library board yes
terday afternoon President Rohrer, Con
gressman W. I. 8mlth, Mrs. Everett, Dr.
J. H. Cleaver and J. J. Stewart were ap
pointed a special committee on ways and
means for securing funds for a new library
building. The committee hopes to Interest
Andrew Carnegie In the matter, now that
the money for a library building alte Is
Trustee Baird again called attention to
the fact that Mr. Merrlam had as yet mado
no outward show of complying with the
state law relative to fire escapes, and the
chairman of the committee on buildings
waa Instructed to notify Mr. Merrlsra to
have the requisite fire escapea put up aa
speedily aa possible.
Acting on the recommendation of the
book committee, it waa decided to admit
the Theoaophtcal magazine into the library.
The report of the finance committee
showed a balance of $3,088.87 on hand lu
the library fund for September 1. Th
librarian's report for August gave these
statistics: Number of visitors. 4.665; num
ber of registered book-takers, 2.944; num
ber of books tsken, 3,732; number of book
In circulating library on September 1.
18,757; amount paid to September 1 for
"rented" books, $319.50; received on
"rented" booka to same date. $295.78.
A telephone has been Installed In the
library for the use of the librarian and
asBlstanta, the number of which Is 553.
Davis sells glass.
Wants Wabash Property.
The Mason City Fort Dcdge Railroad
company commenced proceedings axatnat
the Wabash Railroad company to condemn
two full lota and part of two lots In Wil
liams' First addition, lying between Third
street and the Wabash freight depot. The
property sought by the Mason City &
Fort Dodge road contains 17,680 aquare feet
and runa within twenty-flvs feet of the
Wabash freight depot. The hearing la set
for November 1.
Elak la Not Ambition.
LEMARS. la., Sept. 8. (Special.) It la
understood here that T. M. Zlnk, who was
nominated for congress by the democrats,
wl'.l this week make an announcement of
his declination of th office. This will leave
the committee under the pwieatlnn to And
a candidate. Inasmuch as the nomination
was tendered to quite a number of the
prominent democrat of the district before
It was offered to Zlnk. it is going to be a
difficult Job to secure a suitable nominee.
Celebrate Golden Wedding.
ADAMS. Neb.. Sept. (Special.) Mr.
end Mrs. L R. Horrum celebrated their
golden wedding today. Mr. and Mrs. Hor
rum cam to Nebraska In an early day and
wer recognised aa ene of the old settlers
of Gage county. They, with their families
and old neighbors, held a reunloa today
about fifty guests being present.
Lilt of ProminsDt Spaaien far Forma
Opening of thi Iowa Campaign.
New Railroad RaildlngT ThrOossh Iowa
to St. I.oal Thought to Be a
Irhrmf nt the Rock
(From a Staff Correspondent. t
rr.3 vnrvrQ cnt a. rsncptai i Th.
ristA fnr tha rtnnn I n tr at the rentlhllrftn fAm
palgn In Iowa has been of necessity changed
irom oeptemoer 2o to neptemDer ii, at
Waterloo. This will be the formal opening
In the Third congressional district and will
. j i . . , . .
vm luurpRRpn nv KneaKpr npnnprsnn tmv-
ernor Cummins and Senator Dolllver. Thi
date had to be changed In order to secure
the hall for tha KiipAklnff In tha pvpnlns
There will be a few meetings held, chiefly
by local KDeakers. in other narts nf ih.
state prior to that date, but the Waterloo
meeting will be the formal opening of the
campaign. The fact that the three distin
guished Iowa men are to speak on that date
together leaves no rpom for doubt about
the brand or harmony prevailing. This
morning Governor Cummlna
pressing Invitation from Chairman Charles
Dick of the Ohio republican committee to
go to that state and enter the campaign.
Telephone Company Knits.
Judge McPherson of the fnlted States
district court today Issued an order that
the testimony In the case of the Iowa Tele
phone company against T. P. Menton and
others of the strikers for permanent In
junction bo taken In thia city by a referee
In the next ten days and be transcribed
for use in the court at the hearing In Coun
cil Bluffs, which has been changed from the
15th to the 24th Inst.
The total Value of telephone and tele
graph lines In Iowa that were assessed by
the executive council at the last time of
assessment was $1,542,927.44. These foot
ings have Just been completed on the con
clusion of the work of sending out the an
nual certificates and It Is the first tlma that
an accurate computation haa been made and
a record kept of the telephone valuations.
The telephone, telegraph and express aa
sessments will all be published this year
for the first time in connection with the
report on railroad assessments.
Asphalt Paving- Winn.
A long controversy has been waged In
pes Moines between the makers of paving
trick and the makera of asphalt paving.
The efforts of the asphalt people to get a
foothold In Dea Moines have been thwarted
many times by various plans. The makers
of brick have insisted that Des Moines
should be paved only with brick because
the brick Is made In Des Moines. Today the
asphalt men won a almsi rinr. i-
council by securing an order for the paving
a numuer or Btreets with asphalt
The fight between the two has been waged
so bitterly that aldermen have been pe-
v.uucu uy ineir constituents to resign be.
cause they favor one r.r h.
paving. On one occasion the mayor vetoed
.ur lor aspnait paving on the sol
ground that hrli-v i .
. , s' employment
to laborers at home.
Mar Be Roek lal.nd Scheme.
There Is a belief here that the new Iowa
structed from a point In Monroe county,
la., through Centervllle and on south to
to gain entrance Into St. Louis from Iowa
points for the Rock Island road. It is
learned that the low. & St. Louis i. to
use the Rock Island terminals into St
Louis and also go over a part of the Rock
Islands new purchase In Missouri. It Is
learned also that the road will be ex
tended on northward to Knoxvllle. where
It will connect with the Oskaloosa branch
of the Rock Island, then go to Indlanola
and come Into Des Moines over Rock
Island tracks. The new line runs nearly
all the way through a vnn ...i .
largely undeveloped. In Monroe and Marlon JOwa, mere are great coal bed
which will be reached hv tKi. ,
It will nearly parallel the Wabash to St!
iouia ana anora the Rock Island and other
road a direct line Into St. Louis.
Portland Mine Case Appealed.
The famous Portland tnlna ... f
Pottawattamie county has been appealed to
the Iowa supreme court and today the
abstract In the case was tio ih v..
clerk, the same making a volume of 427
pg, wnicn include about all the evi
dence taken in tha case. Th. .i.t ,
the Jury in the case gave James Doyle a
Judgment of $446,927.73 against James F.
ourus ana otnera interested In the several
mines forming the Portlsnd group.
Entertain Confederate.
Crocker post, Grand Army "of the Re
public, of this city has already made ar
rangementa for the entertainment nt h
ex-confederates who are to be here aext
week and attend the Odd Fellows' grand
lodge. It Is expected there will be several
hundred ex-confederstea at the lodge meet
ing, representing a number of the smith.
state. They will be given a fine reception
and entertainment especially for them by
tne veterans of the Crocker post and the
old soldiers of Iowa.
salt for Heavy Damage.
Viola Glldden of Ame. Storv rnnnii
through her attorney, John J. Coull, has
commenced action in the district court of
Polk county claiming damages of Fremont
Turner, a contractor of this city, to the
amount of $20,000.
The plaintiff is administratrix of the es
tate of Charles Glldden. who was killed
while In the employ of the defendant at
Sac City during the month of December,
1901. It is. alleged that In walking about
some scaffolding, Improperly placed, Glld
den fell a distance of forty feet to his
death. It Is charged that plaintiff waa
aware of the Imperfect scaffolding, but
negligently and carelessly failed to men
tion that fact to Glldden.
Turner resides In East Des Moines snd Is
engaged In the buslnras of erecting stand
plpes, tanks, etc. Glldden waa In hla em
ploy at 6ao City at the time of his death.
l.arce Part of the Business Portion
of the Town Destroyed
by Fire.
FORT DODGE. Ia., Sept. 8 (Special Tel
egram.) The heart of the business district
of Gilmore City was destroyed by fire
early this mnrning. The flames startad In
the plant of the Willis Lumber, company
and spread rapidly. The new Councilman
elevator was destroyed with 15,000 bushels
of oats. The postofflce was burned to thu
ground, but the mall, stamps and mony
ordera were saved through the exertions
of Pcetmastcr Tlscbenbanner, who lost sll
tls personal effects In the flames. The
fire was finally checked by the large stons
building occupied by the Rollln general
store, which was gutted. A bucket brigade
of volunteer firemen, which had foaarht th
names gallantly but hopelessly hitherto,
took fresh heart and finally cxtlngulahed
t hrai Th iglal lea has V k rnite
- .J
THE HOT ONE-T. don't see how
THE COOL ONE-Blmpit thlno
omald.. I Uk.aCA8CARCTC.ndy
estimated, but will be between $50,000 and
$76,000. Insurance on most of the build
ings destroyed wh light. The camss of the
re is a mystery, but It Is suspected to be
due to Incendiaries. The following bulld-
ngs'were destroyed: Willis Lumber com
pany, sheds and office; Freeman A Tots-
cott, carpenter shop; Councilman's eleva
tor; new building owned by Julius of Man-
son, unoocupled; W. W. Coffin's barber
shop; postofflce; Kulltn's Store company.
More Case on the Court Docket at
Waterloo, Iowa, Than Marrlaare
Licenses Issued.
WATERLOO. Ia., Sept. 8. (Special.)
One week from today the court term for
September opens In the new court house.
This Is the first term held In the new
building and It will be a busy one.
The docket shows 4?8 cases to b disposed
of. The number of divorce cases Is the
largest In the history of the county, the ap
plications for divorces being larger than the
Hat of marriage licenses granted for some
months past.
The damage suits are In the majority and
aggregate hundreds of thousands of dollars.
One breach of promise suit Is filed by Miss
Rena Green of LaPorte, In which she asks
$5,000 of W. C. Hook for failure to keep a
marriage promise.
A peculiar suit Is filed by St. Paul's Epis
copal church of Hyde Park, III., asking $95
pew rent from I. F. Dickson. Samuel Kush
ner asks $1,975 from the Western Union
Telegraph company for the delay In delivery
of two messages sent him at Cedar Rapids
from his dying wife, who, with four children,
was burned to death in their bon'ie last
Youth Resents Interference Between
Himself and His Girl
OSKALOOSA, Ia., Sept. 8. (Speclil Tel
egram.) George Gabel, a farmer living
twelve miles northwest of this city, was
shot thia morning by his son-in-lav, Mar
lon Jones, aged 23. The weapon used was
a shotgun, and three loads were flMd. He
haa a bad wound In the face and nuck and
may die. Jones married 15-year-old Car
rie Gabel eight weeka ago and came to Os
kaloosa. The parents persuaded t'le girl
to go home again, but allowed the boy to
come and see her. Jones decided do take
the girl away again and quarrelel with
the elder Gabel. Jones had a shotgun and
Gabel a revolver. Shots were exchanged
in spite of Interference of bystanders. The
boy claims to have acted in self-defense.
Gabel fell the last shot, arose an? went
Into the house, followed by Jones, who
took his girl wife away to his father's
home a mile distant. He made no attempt
to get away or resist arrest. He waa
brought to Oskaloosa this evenlnr. The
girl returned home to nurse her futber.
Member of Faenlty and Students
Hold Memorial Service lit
Ante College.
AMES, Ia., Sept. 8. (Special.) Tester
day services were held in the chapel ot the
Iowa State college for the faculty alumnt
and atudents, in memory ot Dr. W. M.
Beardshear, the late president. The ser
vices were Impressive throughout and con
sisted In addresses on the various stages
and connections of his life and character.
Dr. Knapp, a former president of the In
stitution, gave the opening prayer. Ad
dresses were aa follows: Superintendent
Barrett, on hla relations with the great
educational work ot the state and nation;
Secretary 8tanton, on bis work In the col
lege; A. E. Piiem, on Dr, Beardshear as
seen from a student's standpoint. Prof. A.
O. Newnea recited aeveral familiar selec
tions of poetry, which Dr. Beardshear often
read at chapel aervlces; W. O. Boyd spoke
on Dr. Beardshesr aa a poet and as a friend.
Bloodhoand Prove Ineffective In Lo
cating; Murderer of Sheriff
ONAWA, Ia., Sept. 8. (Special Tele
gramsThe Beatrice bloodhounds were
taken home today, as they did not seem to
be able to follow the trail of Carnea for
some reason, and the general opinion la
that Carnea has used something to throw
them off the scent. The dogs are Just
from Kansas, where they ran down a thief
without any trouble, and their trainer is
confident that the dogs are not at fault.
The country, owing to brush and ravines,
prevents tbelr being used .successfully.
Corporal Prltchard aays that Carnea wears '
a No. 7 shoe and that the toes were turned .
up considerably. He says that since!
Carnea changed clothe he 1 wearing a
Sinco Lincoln's Timo,
more than 7,000,000 J
have been sold. Many of th first one ar stlil giving
satisfactory service, proving that tho J as. Bosa Caae will
outwear the guarantee of 26 yeara. Tbcs case aro recog
nised aa th standard by all Jewelers, because they know
from personal observation that they will perform c guar
anteed and ar th most servlueaols of all watch cases.
cSld Watch Gases '
areraadeof two layers of solid gold with a lavr
of all Renins metal between, all wsldeU tocetber
m JM.
1 .33
itr tifu
T str
I ornamentation.
trenvth. I'nlted thv
il I "'. U 1W ,u 111. ,D. ,U1 U(l 1 . IMR W .
Boss Case. You will know It by this trademark
in 11
i. . I v i .
you keep ao cool and clean and comforfk. tw. hn.... ,v
la the world. I keep cool d clean Inside,
Cathartic every nlaht before going to bed
broader-soled shoe, fully one sise larger,
and thinks he has a good, safe retreat and
remains hidden most of the time. Nobody
now doubts that he Is in the vicinity
where first seen. Posses aro working to
day under direction of the constable at tho
Omaha agency, but no report can be ob
tained of their progress.
Free Methodist Conference at Mien
nndoah Close n Successful
SHENANDOAH, Ia., Sept. . (Special.)
The Free Methodist conference for the
western Iowa conference district closed In
this place late Saturday evening, after an
unusually successful session. Just before
adjournment the following list of appoint
ments was mude public:
Shennndnah district: J. H. Wilson, T). E. ;
Shenandoah and Blnghnm, A. K. Maine;
ImuKene, Urlswold and Center Chapel. W.
I). Groesberk, supnlv; College Springs,
Georite Patrick; Clarlnda. Anna Tavlor,
Hupply; Shambaugh and Pleasant Hill, J.
F. Mudd; Hamburg and BrlRhtslde 8. H.,
K. Siimma, supply; J. W. Prnke, superan
nuated; J. S. i'hlllips, superannuated; (.
W. Taylor, evangelist ; T. J. Gates, left
without appointment; Benton Ingram, left
without appointment to attend school.
Creston district: Carbon and Mount Etna,
R. H. Smyth; Gravity and Glascoe. I'. II.
Arlington; Caledonia and Garden Grove, W.
F. Butman; Lnrlmor, T. B. Webb; R. H.
Rhamey, superannuated.
Dunlup district: Council Bluffs. Thomns
Larson; Sandy Point and PiBRnh, W. w.
C'rlpnen; Dunlap, Dow City and Mullen,
. 1. Olersdorf; A. Dowd. supernumer
ary; F. D. Christie, left without appoint
ment. Boone district: E. N. Miller. T. E. ; Boone
and Ogdcn. F. I. Water, N. Katie Waters,
supply; Polk City, D. C. F.ddy; Bear Grove
and Coon Rapids, D. C. Iawson, Nora Law
son, supply; Churdan. Soranton and Hobhs
S. H.. J. J. Woof; O. Peltxmeyer, evangelist
Sioux City district: Danbury and Gnaws!
R. W. Meeker; Ida Grove. J. R. Sutton;
t orrectlonvllle and Klngsley. F. E. Eaton
McrrcM and LrMars. M. D. Mr c'aloa-
Bar: City district: Sac City and Earlv. o
L MoHsman; Plover and Leebe 8. H., Win
nie Myjer, supply. '
Ian Who Is Accnacd of Mnrder
Knock Down Sheriff nnd
DENISON. Ia., Sept. 8. (Special Tele
gram.) William Nuraley, the negro who haa
been confined in the Jail at this place the
past montn, accused ot the murder of Fred
Powell, a brakeman on the Milwaukee road,
broke Jail this evening at 8:30 and is now
at large. The prisoners were all loose In
the corridor of the Jail and Sheriff Bell was
Just entering to put them into the cells,
when Nuraley, who was lying lh wait, at
tacked him, knocked him down and es
caped through the open door. Bell fired at
the negro three times, but did not succeed
in hitting him. The police of Sioux City,
Omaha and the nearby towns have been
warned of his escape.
Harvey Appleajate Shoot Himself Be
cause Ordered to Go to
MUSCATINE, Ia., Sept. 8. Because the
grand parents of 14-year-old Harvey Apple
gate, an orphan. Insisted that he start to
school today, the boy, who, had expressed
a wish to become a farmer, blew out his
bratna at his home at Montezuma.
Dismisses the Favust Case.
MARSHALLTOWN, la., Sept. 8. (Spe
cial.) Judge Caswell haa ordered the caae
of J. R. Faust against the Chicago North
western Rratlway Company, Detectives E.
D. Watersan. J. J.' Riley. Thaddeua Blnford,
E. F. Blnford, ex-Sheriff W. D. Mills and
William P. Elliott dismissed. The ease
Is one wherein Fauat who was formerly a
farmer residing south of this city, sought
damage in the sum of $50,000 tor false ar
rest and Imprisonment, being ejected from
a railroad train and for the burning of hla
barn, which be alleged waa hired done by
the railroad company's agents. Fauat 1 a
man who gained ao much notoriety a few
months ago by appearing at Waterloo and
claiming to be on C. F. Rawlins and con
fessing to Rev. J. A. Earl and others that
be had been hired by the Northwestern to
burn the barn belonging to Faust. At the
time he alleged to have received $375 for
the Job. Faust was afterward sent to tha
Insane asylum, where he was confined for
some time. Faust is now In Jail at Carroll,
being put there on the request of his
brother for attempting the Utter s life.
Linemen on n Strike.
WATERLOO, Ia., Sept. 8. (Special.)
The linemen of the Cedar Valley Telephone
company are out on a strike for shorter
hours and same pay. The company would
grant the hour question, but will not bind
themselves to a set schedule of pay. The
Electricians' union is back ot the matter.
It made the same demand of the Electric
Light company some time ago and failed
to accomplish Its purpose.
as. Bom Stiffened Oold Watch Ca
1 he (old peruiitaof leau-
ThastiAeulu metal clvu
form !holiHtfttrbriiu
t . -. n i
lor Booklet
WATCH CASE CO.. Philadelphia
and that nakM m. feel cool .,
It ilea's Tn fJuS. '",2 1 Z I
Himovil 1ii, iimiM,
Fracklw. aloih Paiebas.
Ranh tau sain
, and Trf
blemish on ssauty,
and diflri dtc
Hen. It haa stooil
th test of 64
yrart, and Is m
harmless ws tut
It to b sur 'i
is propriy mad.
Accept no count!
ffll ef similar
Insms. Dr. u A.
riSJT said to a I.
ay of the btut-tos
to patltnOl
"As you ladles will use them, 1 recom
r.tenl 'GOURAL'D'8 CREAM' as thn least
harmful of all the Skin preparations." tor
sale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods
Dealers In the U. 8. and Europe.
KEKIt. T. HOPKINS. Prop'r,
7 Great Jonea St, N. Y.
n m siM rmi ax.
Imperial Hair Rerenaratnr
l!iH,t.0?,r.,"r74l"M I"PrUon knowa
I EEs fha.rt .'"ft
fS MOjrHV 8.mpW.f hafriitU'Kf
imperial Chemical Co.. 135 W. 23d t.. N. X.
KoJd by Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.
Omaha, Neb.
The Best
of Everything
D. G.
Early in October, account
G. A- R.
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change of care. Write,
H. C. CHENEY, Gen'i Agent.
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Omaha, Neb.
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that haa yet bean di.
Boon every sign and symptom disappears
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OUT" ot the disease on the skin or tmxm.
A cure that Is guaranteed to he permauaut
for lit. ,
detention from work: pmannt cur guar
anteed or MoNEY REFUNDED.
WKAK MKM from Excesses er Ylotlona
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A list of
Th best furnished act unfurnished rooncn
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