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Oven lUtirot Aftar Two Uotarntd Bun
Art Mada by tXe DenrtriUi.
Omaha Start Off ' with Two la the
First ana Looks I.Ike a Winner,
bat Taa Caa NtTtt
DENVER, Colo.. Sept. I. (Special Tele
graml) Denver., worn a arot front Omaha
today which waa a pitcher 'a battle from
tart to fintsbv It was won mainly on ac
count of the wlldneas of the Omaha twirl
art. Owen retired In the third after the
locals had '. made two unearned rune on
passes, some good base . running and a
passed ball. The locals made another In
the seventh off Graham, when ha hit a
man and let him get home on a wild pHch.
Stone- and Carter scored in the first oh a
hit, some good bunting, a long fly and an
out No regular umpire -was on hand and
Pears and Jtfisklinan did the work In a
aat!sfctory- manner,.
AB. n
....4 0
....I 0
....4 0
Dalehanty, ft...
Preston, of
Jones, If
.Krisic, lb....,..,.
Uundon. St.. .....
.Harney, n. ............. .1
Kadcllffe, sa 0
"tt'Jieon, o...,k ......
EpW. p I
Totals 22 1
' ' AB. tl.
Atone, If... ...... ..4 1
Cartar, rf ......
Uenlns, cf.. ............ .4 1
I v
I 0
II. o.
I 8
A. E.
S, 27 1
Dolan, es.
JJtewart. tb.,
Thomas, lb.
Bur, ah.
Qoncllng, e..
Owen, p
Uraham, p...
hit: Miller. Stolen base: flfvmour. Double
plays: Pelts tn Herkley, Thlrlrrmn lo Berk
ley to Heraen. Hit by pitched bell: By
Miller, 1; by Ttilelmsn, L Umpires: 1.A
tham and Irwin. Time: 1:SS.
Only Oats for Orphans.
-BROOKLTN, rV-rt. . The Chicago team
waa shut out by Brooklyn today. Morns
ery, the new r-ilraajo pitcher, illd very well
for a first performance In a big Ipne-iie. The
feature of the same waa Keeler'e running
tatrh of EIhbIp's low line drive, which the
Brooklyn captain scooped In with his bare
hand. Attendance, 1,413. Score:
R H O A E l R.H.O.A B.
Shedtere'. It.. Ills 1 Slasle, If .... e 4 4 4
Keeler, rf.... Ill Dfieea .' t.... 1 4
tw.l.n, ct 041
Prtilen, as. .. t 1 I I 0
Mr'rwi7. lb. 11 0
Fined, 111.... tills
Irwin, lb..
Latimer, e.
Erana, p...
1 1
a I t
Kilns, c I t 1
Tinker. Sh... 1
Murray, rt... 1 I t
Srm, m ( I 1 4
Meneree, Ik. 0 1 10 V t
Low. 3b t 1
Mortlaacr. . 4 1.4
Totals ... 4 It r? It ol Totals ... t 1 tt t 1
Brooklyn 0 0011001 4
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Earned run: Brooklyn. First base on
errors: Brooklyn. Two-base hits: Keeler,
Sheckard, Evans, left on bases: Brook
lyn, 11; Chicago, t. Stolen base: Sheckard.
Sacrifice hit: Flood. First base on balls:
Off Kvans, 1. Hit by pitched ball: By
Moriissey, 1. Struck out: By Evans, 4; ty
Morrlssey, 1 Time: 1:36. Umpire: Emalle.
t-tandlBC aC the Trains.
TMavari. Won. ' Lost. P.C
i-irisnurg no
Brooklyn 118
Boston 112
Chicago 116
Cincinnati 115
fit. Louis 113
Philadelphia 113
New York 112
Qamea today: 8t. Louis at Philadelphia;
Pittsburg at Boston: Chicago at Brooklyn;
Cincinnati at New York.
bases: Coulter, O'Brien, Kellum, Hogrle-
er. IWt on bases: Indianapolis, 7; Loule
ille, . Time: 1:60.
Toleda still the Trailer.
nnl T'unra L! . . . . a TK. PnlnmhllS-Tn.
ledo series endVd here today with a victory
or the locals, making fourteen gsmes won
by t'olumbiis mit, of th twenty played by
titese two teems, wum neo rm in m yum
were good for six runs and the game. Mc
Makin was verv effective throughout. At
tendance, Ml. Bcore:
K. H O A.R.I It. II. O A S.
Hart, lb lift nlnnrna. Ib ... t 4 t
lit 0 Klelnow, lb. 1 III 1
t 4 t ijrt. Turner, as t t 1 4 1
111 Orafflua, c... t t t t
lit olftilka. ct t t 1 1 t
t 1 a Smith. Ib....t 1 1 t 1
114 0) cokskwsII, rt t 1 t 1 t
,41411 Mtxk, II t
11 1 e 0 MiNeal. p... t t 1 I
"i J? "!.,''. Tstu ..." at )t t
. v,,.:,'. o 4 0 0 ot-
............ 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 '01
T. Turner, Vlox, Knoll.
Orafflus. Three-base hit
Belden, rf... 1
rParl't, tf. 0
Turner, lb 1
Vim. lb 1
noil, if e
rra, t 1
nphe, aa.... t
cMaktn, p
87 29 . 750
C2 bS . .625
67 55 ' .5
57 M .4W
57 . 5 .41W
63 1 ,40
47 6 .416
Si 73 .
Toledo ...
Stolen bnsea:
Two-base hit:
Hart. 8crlfiee hit: Knoll. Double play:
Burns to Klelnow. Struck out: By Mc
Makln, 4. Hit by pitched ball: By Mc
Neil, 2. Time: 2:25.- Umpire: Tlndall,
Brewers Beat by Brisk Batting;.
MILWAUKEE. Sept. 2. Crtbblns was
easy and the locals defeated Mlnneapolla
today by a score of 10 to 4. Attendance,
2KX Score:
K. H O. A B.I R.H.O.A B.
Ounsin, If... 110 OLrnrh. lb.... 11111
i. iifB i, et i s i e i.enr. it..... i i
khlebMk, tb 1 1 I 1 Y eager, C....0 I t 1
allman, rf. Ill llWMmot, n... I
llnaman. aa 4 0 Werd.n, lb., t 1 II
Rankle, lb...l IN I 0 Wulllla, ... 1 t
Metre, sb I I I 1 Sullivan, ei.. i l
Donahue. ..l I 1 1 4 Orant, lb.... Ill
Elliott, p.... t t 0 Cribbles, p... 1 t I
. 0
IIsa at Clrrelaad Gives Balttaaare
Everythlasr hat the Oaaaa sal
Kearlr Gives That.
all that saved Hess from a defeat today,
aa he was safely hit fourteen times and
gave seven bases on balls. Helsman re
tired In the first In favor of Butler, who
was hit hard tn the third inning. Attend
ance, 1.W3. score;
R.H.O.A E l R.H.O.A E.
.. 10226000 10
.. 1 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0- 4
0 0 0 0 0 0 0-2
Totals 30
rianvar .......0 2
Omaha ...n 2 0
Stolen base i 'Frisk. Passed ball: Oond
lng. Baaes on balla: Oft Owen, 3; oft Gra
ham, 4; off Eylor, 2. Struck out: By Gra
ham, 2; by Eyler. 2. Two-base hlti Gond
Ing. Wild jpltches: By Graham, 2. Hit by
Itched ball: Frisk, Btone. Double play:
uodon to Frisk. Time: 1:30. Umpire:
Pears and Mockiman.
Kaw Krowa Keagaert with th Klwb.
KANWA CITT. Sept. It-Kansas City
won today's game by a batting rally tn the
eighth Inning. Shafstall was knocked out
of the box and waa succeeded by Jones.
Attendance, 4W. Score:
Kansas City... D1M001IMUI
Peoria 111000000-071
'Batteries! Kansas City, Gibson and Kern
nuer; Peoria," Shafatall, Jones and Wilson.
' Split at the striae.
an even break 'here today. Errors in the
first Inning lost the first gram to the locals,
whtla Congalton's home run In the eeuond
cinched the game. Scores:
First game: ' R.H.E.
Dee Moines.... $0003100 04 I
llo. Springs.', ) 0 M M I I M13 i
Batteries: Des Moines, Willis, Morrison
snd Hanson; Colorado Bprlngs, McNealy
Second game: ' R.H.E.
Colo. Springs., OIOOOOOO 71
Dea Moines., ...020000 00 0-2 71
1Batterleer Colorado Bprtngs, Gaston and
Mausen; Dea Moines, Hoffer and Lobeok.
.' flalata Slow Abbat thawlaa Up,
MILWAUKEE. Sect S. Milwaukee-St.
Joaeph game postponed, the St. Joseph.
leant tailing to erriva. .
BtaasllBgr of th Teaasa.
Played. Won. Lost P.O.
Bay, rf...... 1 I 4 MeFarl'd, ef. I 1
0 Howell. If... 1 I 4 S S
Lajoie, ib... 144 OlWllllama. lb. till
Hickman, lb. 1 I 11 0 l Jonea, lb I I t I
rilrk, rt Ill tlArodt, rf 1 I 1
McCarthy. It t 1 O M.thllOD, Ib. I I I 1
Oochnaur, aa. I It tlOllbert. aa... 1 1 I
WaoA, e..... Koblnaon, a.. 1 1
Heaa, p 0 0 0 1 0 Heleman, p.. 0
Inutler. p a o v i o
Salbaok .... 1 t
Total! ... t 14 14 T 4
Batted for Butler In the ninth. '
Cleveland 4 0 2 0 1 0 6 0 8
Baltimore 1 0 1 0 2 3 0 0 o o
Two-baae hits: Latole. Bradley. Mc
Carthy, Williams, I Mathlson. Three-base
hits: Hickman, Jones. Sacrifice hit: Hick
man. Uoubla nlavs: Oochnaur to iaiou
to Hickman, Williams (unassisted), Mathl
son to Jones. First base on bans: on
Hess, 7; off Butler, 1. Hit by pitched ball:
By Butler, 1. Left on bases: Cleveland, 6;
Baltimore, 14. Struck out: By Hess, 3- bv
Butler. 1. Wild pitch: Hess. Time: 10.
Umpire: Connolly.
Even Break at St. Loals.
ST. LOUIS, Sept. 3. St. Louis split even
on a "double-header" today, winning tne
first game and losing the second, wasn
inaton out ud one of the most listless exhi
bitions seen here this season in the first
game. Sudhofx let down In the sixth Inning
of the second game and the visitors batted
out a victory. Attendance, 3,500. Score
first game:
ST LCV!! 1 ariittiiiowv
R.H.O.A.B I R.H.6.A.K.
Burkett, If... 1 II 0 Doyle, ib.... lit
Hemphill, n. I I 1 I tui, or e viva
Hetorlck. cf. 1 0 1 IMIeh'tr. If.. 1 1 I t
Anoereon, lb. 14 1 4 Keliter, rf... 1 111
Waltaoe. as.. til I Coushlla, Ib. 1 1 1
Mot or k. Ib. 1111 Ely, as S 0 I S I
Paftden, Ib... I 1 4 T Carey, lb.... 1 I
)(ahoe, e I t I 1 t Clarke, e 0 4 1 1
Pvoabaa. p.. I 1 1 Ortb, p 1 3 1
.. t U tt II t
Milwaukee ...
.Omaha .......
Vaniuil fltv 1M
Denver lit
HL Joseph 117
(Colorado Springs ....119
les Moinee .
Peoria .....110
.113 70 48 .691
110 68 48 .686
70 so .6ta
61 .672
Kl , 6S . . -.Mil
61 M :-42-
47 ' Ml
34 82 .233
Games .today: Omaha at Denver, Des
Moines at Colorado Springs, Peoria at Kan
sas uy, bi. jyaepn at Milwaukee.
i i i i
.. i t i t
.. 1 t 4 t
Boston's Battlna; Is Bally, bat
Qets Base sad for Ba
B08TON. Bent. 2. Long's kindness in con
trlbutlng errors and general foolish playing;
on the part of the home team gave Pltte
burg an easy game today. Boston batted
aa hard aa Pittsburg, but hits had no value
when they were followed by stupid baa
running. Attendance, z,iu. ecore:
' R.H.O.A. 1. 1 R.H.O.A.B.
Beaumaet, of 1 1 1 Dexter, tb... 1 1
Clarke, It.... 1 I Demont, lb.. t I 1
Learh. lb.... t 14 1 1 Thh. lb... 1 Its
Wagner, lb., I 111 Cooler, If.... 1 1 3 t
TennehllL rt 1 ICarce)r, rt... 1
Itiicney, it... i v o urera ser, an. Ilia
lturke, tb.,.,1 1 4 4 Lueh, . cf 1 t t 1
ronror, aa....l 'S I t Long, as.
rbelpa, 0. .... .T 1 Morao. e.
Doheajr, p.... 1 1 t t Kaaoo. p.
Totals I..U tt IT 14 11 TUls ( II rf 1 t
: Pittsburg ........... 2 2 0 0 1 0 ( 0 011
Boston- 100001100-6
: Earned, runs: Boston. ! . Pittsburg, 2.
Two-base nvui Clark. Vonroy. Lush. Burke.
Stolen baseai Iaoh (3), Beaumont. First
on balls: Off Kason, 1; off Doheny, 2. Hit
by pitched ball: t'arney, Wagner, Moran.
Struck, out: . By EasonT 1; by Doheny, 3.
xime: . s:xv. . umpire; u uty.
Pitcher Plersea Pasatca Phillies.
Philadelphia; sept. t-st. Louis won
today's game from Philadelphia In the
eighth Inning on four singles. The home
team waa completely at the mercy of Pier
son's pitching. The fielding of both teams
was gooa. . Attendance, . iua. score:
" ' gT. LOUIS, t.. 1 : PHILADELPHIA.
rarrall. tb... 1 I I I 0 Themaa. cf . .1111
lean, ef.... i w-ofrerf -r. tb I I I
tMrolar. K .. 1 l'l Barry, rf t
lioaaesa, rf.. trie I xrui, n . I t
Kruger, aa... t I Hulewltt, .
Braeliear,. IB. S-.l II . 1 e Jennlnga, lb. 4 1
H.rtmao. lb. I t Doola. e T I
firm, a..,... 4 I (bllda. Ik... 4 1
Hereon, p.... t t I 0, While, p 1 t 1
Totala I 10 n 11 ol ToUli ... 1 I IT t
St. Loui 00000002 02
Philadelphia I M I I I I 1 N
Earned runs: St. Louis, 2. Two-baae
hlta: Hartman. Wolverton. Sacrifice hits
Hmoot, llulswltt. Stolen basea: Farrell
liraahear. Left ou baaes: St. Louis. 7
Philadelphia. . Double play: Braahear to
Kruger. first on balls: Off Plerson, 3; off
White, 1. Struck out: By Plerson. 4; by
vtwie, i. xinie: i:do. umpire; isrown.
Gaaas does ta Gothaaa Gaa,
NEW TORK. Sept. 3 The game between
Cincinnati and New York waa a somewhat
dull pitchers battle. Sixteen of the vis.
Ulna batsmen were retired on files. Thiol
man held the locals down to three hits.
Attendance, 1,4.10. score;
R.H.O.A B.I R.H.O.A.B.
PenllD. If ... 1 1 Drowne. If... a a
twkler. lb. . II 1 Mrllraw. aa.. I I
( ratord. rt. 1 1 McUana, lb.. t
S.vmour. ct. I tit 1 Brodle, t....t 4 T
flete, Sb..... 2 t t bowerataa. a 1 I 1
Cercaran, aa. I t t 1 Lau4er, Ib... 1 I
Sielulelat, M 1 t 1 Smith, lb.... t 41 I
hmfm, a.... I 1 buna. H t
laalluaa. p. t 1 t 1 Millar, p t t 1
Tot la ... 3 t tt 11 l Totals ... 1 It? t
Cincinnati 00000010 12
New York 00000010 0 1
First on errors: New York. 2. Left on
bases: -New York, 4; Cincinnati, i. First
on bans: urr nnnman, l. struck out
By Tbltflman. 2. Three-baM hit. Bower
oati. Two-base hit: Crawford. Sacrifice
Cj t, it ",s V
ta 40 .m
80 - 40 .667
S .63 .555
tW 61 .. .4t8
68 65 .472
66 04 . 407
42 82 . .3V9
33 86 . 312
Totala ...It 14 17 It I1 T Ota la ...4 t 34 1 t
Earned runs: Milwaukee. 9; Minneapolis,
Two-bfisa hits: A. McBride (2). Schle-
beck. Lally. Three-base hltui A. Mc Bride,
yncn. Stolen bases: I'ungan, Aiaiiman.
Bnsea on balls: Off Elliott. 2. Hit by
pitcher: Lally. Sacrifice hits: Hallman,
O McBride, Klllott. Wild pitch: Elliott.
Struck out: By Klllott. 1; by Crlbbina, 2.
Left on baaes: Milwaukee, 8; Minneapolis,
10. Umpire: Flggemeler. Time: 1:60.
Standlagr of the Teams,
Plaved. Won. Lost. PC
Indianapolis 1"3
Louisville 120
St. Paul 119
Kansas City 121
Columbus 123
Milwaukee 120
Minneapolis 124
Toledo 12a
Games today: St. Paul at Kansas City.
AnAtl . V. I ........ 1. .... t ,1- ,
Columbus, Indianapolis at Toledo.
MeCoolr. Takes the Third.
M'COOK. Neb.. Sent. 3-(SDeclal Tele-
fram.) McCook took the third game from
, I ...... . .1 .. .. I. n (., ....,... . . n
vlsitora all the way through. Score:
MoCook 1 0020200 -6I
Mlnden 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11 8 6
Batteries: McCook. 'Beltser and Doane:
Mlnden, Gaines and Moore. Struck out: By
neitaer, v: oy uaines, (. iwo-oase nus:
Jones, Bel tier. Reed (2), Bender. Time:
Zb. umpire: oaoaier.
Clearwater Takes the Second. ,
CLEARWATER. Neb.. Sent. 1. (Soecla!.)
Clearwater played a second game of ball
tor tnis season wnn uasnaie yesteroay.on
the Qakdale grounds. Score: ,
Clearwater 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0 04
Oakdale 2 0 0 0 0 0-0 0 02
'It was a hard-fought game on both sides.
Three-I Leant,
At Decatur Terra Haute,' 6; Decatur, L
At Tvenrort Davenport. 8; Cedar Rao-
Ids, 7.
At Bloomington Bioomington. ; uvans-
ville, 1. -
At hock lsiana rtocmora, a; noci uiua,
4' T It t 4
I t
Only atth
H. Bta
SMTtfiliSe BottM
irwwary is St.
(Mm troaa
y e Coaaaaay
St. Louis 0 0011048
Washington 0 10010002 t
I.' I .. . . fi I... . Tn.n.V.. mm 1.1.-.
neriicu lull, Dti Mvu't. ttu-vb. . . n.ltianfw f'ar.V drttl TtirM.
base nits: Wallace tz. nacnnce nus: nur.
kett, Heldrlck. Donahue. Double play:
Padden to Anderaon to Kahoe, McCormlck
to Padden to Anderaon (2), Doyle to Ely to
Carey. Stolen base: Hemphill.' - Bases on
balls: - Off Donabue, 6; off Orth, 1. Struck
out: By Donahue, 4. Lett on oases: hi.
Louis, 6: Washington, 4. Time: 1:30. Um
pires! Johnstone and Sheridan.
ocore secona gams:
R.H.O.A.B.' - R.H.O.A.B.
DoTle, lb.... 1114 IBurhett, If... 1 1 1
Lea. at 1 1 4 t Hemphill, rf. 4 1 1 t
peleh'ty, M i 3 4 . Heldrlck, ef. 1 t t
Keleter, rf... t 4 Andaraoa. lb. 4 til
( ougbllo, lb, t 1 Walla, aa.. 1 4 4
BIT, aa 4 I t MoCor'k, Ib. t 1 t
Carer, lb.... 14 Padoaa, Ib... 4 4
Drill, a 4 I Susden, e.
Clark c 1 t Sudhoft, p.
Townsaa4, Mill 4'rrtel ....
Touu "r tt "t l Touis . .."i rf to "i
Batted for Budhoff In the ninth.
Washington 0 00004000-4
St. Louis 0 0300000 02
Earned runs: Washington. 4: St. Louis.
l. tnree-oase nit: neiarica. nont run
Delehanty. Double clave: Budhoff to WaL
laoe to Anaerson, wauace to raanen to
Anderson. Stolen base; Drill, lilt by
Bucner: tsy euanon, a. oases on Dans:
ff lownsend, 4. Struck out: By Budhoff,
br Townsend. I. Left on bases: Ht.
Xjuuia. au. lima: umnirea: Hnari
dan and Johnstone.
Detrolts Die Early.
DETROIT. Bent. 2. Poor base runninsr In
the first and second innings, when aeven
local men reached first base, ooat Detroit
this afternoon's game. Three men were re
tired at the plate In these two Innings and
Casey waa caught oil second boss. Hus
tings arm weakened and he waa forced to
retire after the first Inning. Egan, who
pitched for Detroit, is a young local twlrler.
lie pitched a fair game. Attendance 1,812.
R.H.O.A.B. I a u n a a
Hart aal, If.,. 1 OHarler, If.... 1 I a
runt, ct s s e a aiberrai. sa 1 4 4 1
DaTle. lb 1 1 14 1 Caaey. Ib.... 11
L. Croea, lb. 1 1 t 4 Barrett, ef... I t t c
serboia, ri.. s s s e s Bee, lb I II 1
Hurpar. S I Leptne, . rf... t 1 4 t
M. Croea. as. I I Oleeaun. lb.. I I 4
Pewere. ..., t lit MeUulra. a... 1 111
Huetlaa. p... t 1 Kaaa. .....! IIS
riaaa. p & a a i i .
I Totals ... 3 14 27 U
Tetale ... t 1 rt IT I
Philadelphia 003000100
Detroit 00 1 00000 2-3
Two-bass hits: Fults, Barrett Three-
base hit: Hartsel. Stolen basse: Elber
feld. Fults. L. Cross Seybold, Plank.
Basea on balls: Off Egan, 8; oft Hustlng,
1; off Plank, 4. First on errors: Detroit,
i; i-nnaof ipnia, c. on bases: Ue
trolt, 11; Philadelphia, t. Struck out: By
Plank, 4. Double play: Egan to Beck.
Wild pitch: Egan. Time: 1:00. Umpire:
u iauKiuin.
At Chicago Chicago-Boston gam post
poned; ralu.
taadiac el the Teaasa.
Played. Won. Loet. P.C,
Philadelphia 113 66 43 .576
6t. Loula 112 63 43 .b&i
Boston 112 3 49 Ml
(. liu ago ill 60 61 .64
Cleveland 116 68 67 , 6uv
Washington 115 63 63 ' .411
Baltimore 114 45 ' 6 .3U5
Detroit 110 43 67 .!
Games today: Boston at Chlcasro. Phtia
delphla at Detroit, Baltimore at Cleveland
waanington at bt. L,oula.
Kellaa rats Aaother Klak la Kea
taeky Coleaela la Their Co a
ladlagc Coatest.
INDIANAPOLIS, Sept I Indianapoli
closed the season at home today with i
victory over Ixjulsvllle, Kellum had the
Kentucktans at bis mercy ana received por
ted support after the opening: lnnina. when
a muffed fly by liugriever aad a snuflud
thrown ball by Klhm gave two runs. Th
attendance at the series of four games,
men win nave mucn to ao aitn settiini
the pennant, was 23,464. Attendance today
3..U. tscore:
R.H.O.A. B.I R.H.O.A.B.
Haertarar. rf. 1 I oeweu, cf... I 1 1 I
I Kerala, rf.. tit
Oaaeel. lb,
I 1 Doaoer. to.
t CIiuer, ea.
B.'haub, Ik.
I Splea.
Flouraoy. If. t
4 Ceoae. p 4 1
1 4
4 11
Poa. Ib t 1
Coulter, cf... 1 1 t
Klhm. lb 3 I It
O brlea. aa. . . 1 3 I
Woorag. If. 1 1 I
Kuhoa. lb... Ill
Herdoa, c... Ill
keUum. P.... 1 t 1
r Scbrleer
Totals ... T nu IJ
Totals ... 4 IX
Schriver batted tor Cooos In ninth.
Indianapolis 1 0 4 0 0 2 0
Lruleviile 20000001 04
Basea on balla: Off Kellum. 2: off Coons.
3. struck out: By Kellum, 1; by Coons, 4.
Hit by pitoner: By KeUure. Schaub. Two
baas hits: Klhm 121, Woodruff. Odwell
Ksrwin. Gauael. Double Dlavs: Fox to
0 tirou t KUuyKmiia LU Oanstl. filulsa
(tor, Bbow nd Eidsen Ear to Liquidate
Oae ef These noes troaa Teath to
Flrat Flare la "est Heat, aad
Aaother fraaa Seveath
HARTFORD. Conn., Sept, J. Drivers
Oeer, Hudson and Snow were each 8 Bed
for "laying up" heats at the Charter Oak
park races today. In the first race, th
2:09 pace, Hudson laid up Twinkle. Geers
held up Prlace of Orange In the first and
second heats of the second race. Snow held
up Fanny Dillard la the 2:24 race. Re
sults: 2:09 class, pacing, mile heats, best three
In live: . . . . .
Dan K, ch. g. (Geers) 1111
Terrace Vjueen, or. m. tocnaei-
fer) 1 1
New Richmond, g. a. (Walker)...! 8
Twinkle, b. m. (Hudson) 7 2
Louise G, b. m. (Merrill) 8 6
Laconda, br. s. (Urodbine) 8 8
John T, ch. a. (Dore) 6 4
Star Pugh, ch. g. (McKenny) 7
Cinch, ch. g. (Base) 4 6
Sophia, b. m. (Llndsley) ds
5 2 4
8 2 2
2 7 2
4 3 a
3 6
7 4dr
6 8 0s
Time- 2:07V. 2:01. :0tW. S:0TA. 2:05.
2:13 class, trotting, purse fl.500, divided
three in five:
1-rtnce of Orange, br. g., by .
Prince of India, dam by Cuy-
ler (Geers) 10 7 111
Monte Carlo, b. g. (Eckers) 114 7b
The King, b. g. (Curry) 2 2 5 6 2
Nutbearer, br. g. (Foote) 8 8 8 18
Aggie Medium, b. m. (Mc-
Carthy) 2 2 8 4 7
Consuela S, br. m. (Pierce) 5 6 3 8
A J D, b. g. (Walker) 7 8 8 8 3
Invader, b. g. (Demurest) 8 8 10 6 4
Henry 8, ch. g. (Wills) 4 10 7dr
The Charmer, b. s. (Kilbourn)...ds
Limerick, b. g. (O'Nell) ds
Time: 2:09. 2:09, 2:104, 2:12'4. 2:1014.
2:04 class, pacing, purse 31,500, divided:
Audubon Boy, ch. s., by J. J. Auriu-
bon-Bloxy, by Bourbon Wilkes
(Hudson) Ill
Fanny Dillard. b. m. (Snow) 8 2 2
Connor, blk. g. (A. P. McDonald).... 2 8 2
Indiana, b. jr. (Clark) ds
Time: 2:06, 2:06, 2:06.
2:26 claaa, trotting, purse $1,600, divided
three In five:
Dulce Cor, b, m by Baron Wilkes-
Nancy Gladys, by Nutbearer (Mil
The Questor, b. g. (Geers)
William Tell. b. g. (Wilson) ,.
Anna Held, b. m. (Benyon)
Oxford Chimes, blk. g. (Dodge)..
Jantlna, b. m (Dickerson)
Handspring, b s. (Pierce) ........
Guy Fortune, ch. s. (Noble)
Time: 2:11. 2:15, 8:12.
. 7 da
Ottawa Dropa a Game.
ONAWA. Ia.. Sept. 1 (apeclal Telegram.)
Hornlck defeated Onawa on the Onawa
ground today by a ecore or 10 to a. Bat-
Ferlea: Hornlck. Bates and Thompson:
Onawa, Plum and Hollls. Umpire: Ander
Batte Loses the Last.
8 ram.) The third game between Butte and
eddea resulted: (led dee, 6; Butte, 8. - Bat
teries: Geddes, Day and Keeler;. Butte,
Jamison and Cheatwood. .
goat hern Assoelatloa.
At Blrmlnaham Little Rock. 2: Blrmlnav
ham, 1.
At Nashville First game: Nashville, f;
Shreveport, 2. Second game: Nashville, 7;
Bnreveport, s.
Larraped by Lotas,
Logan defeated Modale m a game of ball
today by 16 to i. Batteries: i.oa;an, jack-
son ana ecnaener; Moaaie, weian ana
Willow Bprlnss Winners.
The Willow Springs Juniors defeated th
Hillsides by a Score of IS to 8.
Bfeeeta Thursday and Sessions Con
tinue Until Monday
HOT SPRINGS, S. D., Sept. 3. (Special.)
The third annual conference, of the Black
Hills Mission conference will convene In
Hot Bprlngs oo Thursday, with Bishop
Charles H. Fowler presiding. The program
tor the conference Is as follows: , Thurs
day at 9 a. m., administration of the Lord's
supper by the bishop; 10 a. m., organization
of conference and uuaiueaa svoaioii. Thurs
day afternoon at 2:80 annual missionary
sermon by Rer. Robert Tltmarsh of Stur-
gis; 7:20, Women's Foreign Missionary so
ciety anniversary: address by Miss Lydia
Trimble of Ngu Cheng, China. Friday will
be devoted to conference business session.
and at 7:20 will occur the missionary an
niversary, with an address by Rev. W. F.
Oldham, D. D. of Ohio, , Saturday forenoon
will be given up to business and In the aft
ernoon the educational , anniversary will
take place, with addresses by Rev. R. M.
Mills, DVD., of New Torlt and Rot.' W. S.
Lewis, D. D., of Sioux City? Sunday morn
ing at 10 o'clock . there will be conference
love teatt, led by Rev. J. M. Gardner and at
11 Bishop Fowler will preach. . Sunday
afternoon at t will be the Epworth league
anniversary and at 7:80 the Church Exten
sion anniversary, with an address by Rev.
W. D. Parr, V. D., of Philadelphia. Sunday
morning Rev. W. B. Lewis of Sioux City will
preach at tha Presbyterian church and Rev.
Straw at the ssme "place tn the
evening. Rev. E. M. Mills will preach at
the Baptist church Sunday morning. Mon
day morning the business of the conference
will be finished and ths ministers assigned
to their charges. Tha attendance promlsea
to be large, many laymen besides the min
isters Improving the opportunity of visiting
the Springs. . .
Two Baelngr Events af . state
Are Wen with No Great
ht T A T' T . Minn.. Sent. 8. Both races at
the state fair today were won In straight
heats, Tonso taking the 2:15 class trot and
Lucy P the 2:30 class pacing. Hesults:
2:16 class trotting, purse, 81.000:
Tonso, r. g. (Fenlon)...- Ill
urasn, o. m, iahimi ... a i
Klondike, el g. (Gerrity) ......... v,, 2 4 1
Ladv Constantino, b. m. (LOornls)..-.. f 2 4
George Muscovite, t. a. (Bond)........ 3 8 6
Frequent, gr. m. tueneui o d a
M.ti Arthur, b. m. (Rutherford) 8 9 7
Major Swift, br. g. (Travis)...... .....10 10 9
Jennie Bell, b. ra. (Nlles) 8 2 9
Astronomer, blk. h. (Chandler). .......11 8 10
Elfah, br. m. (Collins) 7 as
Time: tils'. 3:15, 3: 14.
2:30 class, pacing, nurse 11.000:
Lucy P (Murphy) ; 1 1
uuv uaien. d. n. inamsoni a s
Annui Oh Bo. b. a. (Dempher) 10 3 1
Alice Gray, ch. m. (Whitney) t t 3
International Stock Food, b. g. (Her-
aey) .v.. s
Dump (Conley) ,.. 6 6 4
Holly Dillon, b. m. (Curry) , 1 1
Belle Onward, b. m. (Fenlon)..... tos
Major Hall, br. g. (Barnes) 7 0s
Go Direct, br. h. (Garmathan) 8ds
Time: 2:14., 2:12, 2:14, 2:13.
. Races at Coralas; Fair.
CORNING. Ia.. Sent. 1 (Special.) The
Adams county fair opened today with a
large attendance and fine exhibits tn all
clasaea. The races were good and fast for
a half-mile track.
In the 2:40 pace Belle Of Bedford won.
Taffeta Silk second, 8 L third. Lady Oay
fourth. Time: 1:201, 2:25, 2:244.
In the 2:30 trot Glen Brlno won. Robert
Mack second. Vlndex Wilkes third. Drift-
away fourth. Time: 2:2t. 2:23, :244.
nait-mue run ana repeat: tugniana
nrun won. tea uameion secona. Time:
JlM Corbet
LOUISVILLE, Ky.; Sept. S.-Manager R.
C. Gray of the Southern Athletic club.
under whose auspices the twenty-round
bout between Terry McGovern and Young
Corbett is scheduled for September 22, to
night authorized the statement that the
event will positively take place at that
tune, witn jamas j. i. oroett ss referee.
Wlnaer In Niagara Golf.
filagara international uoir tournament was
continued today and Parke Wright of Buf
falo brat Charles Howard of Toronto in
the final for the Niagara challenge cup by
up ana s to piay in is noiea.
Twt Bad Kearoea, Oae la Ohio evad
-One lV''Jai-laet'-T,' u
Baddea Death.
CLEVELAND, O., Sept l-fiiinon John
son, a negro, who gave his home as Chi
cago, was shot down Just outside ths resi
dence of Attorney Charles N. Sheldon. Tha
negro managed to cscspa after being shot,
but 'was trailed by bloodhounds and cap
tured about 600 yards from the house.
Mr. Sheldon waa awakened by . a solas ia
his house, and. Arising ha saw the ctgro
just outside his dopr.' He procured a rifle
and shot the man in the groin. His In
juries are probably fatal. f
STEPHENS, Ark., Sept. 8. A negro
named Hog Wilsoa wat hanged near here
yesterday by a party of men. Wilson at
temptea a criminal, asaauit oa a young
woman while she was In the garden gather
log viy3. lie coaiesttl His erlae.
aa Immense crop to this section of the
state, hut both farmer and ranchmen
hops for a dry and warm September, the
farmers for the purpose of maturing their
cora crop and the ranchmen to allow the
grass tocure oa the ground on tha ranges
before frost strikes and doet them hoth
damage.1 With' a killing frost at present,
with grasa as green and soft as It generally
Is la June, It will be practically spoiled for
winter feed, and cattle will find poor pick
lng for ths winter, while with a few hot
daya the grass will curs Into hay on the
ground and glra an abundance of fodder.
Chara-ed with Mallcleas Destruction.
SIOUX FALLS, 8. D , Sept. 1 (Special.)
Three young boys, Ingvald Lovre, Eben
ftu and Qehard Anderson, who live bear
Toronto, have been arrested and held for
appearance at the next term of atata cir
cuit court In Deuel county to answer to
tha charge of having maliciously destroyed
considerable fsrm machinery belonging
to a farmer living near their homes. Six
boys were Implicated In the affair, but the
parents of three of them made a settle
ment with the farmer. The three who have
been held for trial refused to make a settlement.
Cannot. Trifle with the Law.
SIOUX FALLS, 8. D., Sept. 8,-Speclal.)
It does not pay fickle-minded cltlient
to lake undue liberties with Justice Ball
of Madison. Tha other day a man named
Foss Instituted a ault tn Justice Ball's
court against another man. The time was
fixed for the hearing, but Fosa failed to
put In an appearance to press his ault.
In .retaliation the Justice granted the de
fendant a Judgment of $1.60 against Foss,
In addition to costs amounting to $10.75.
Transaction Proves l aprofltable.
SIOUX FALLS, 8. D.. Sept. 8. (Special.)
J. Anderaon Is the name of a farmer
living near Artesian who a short time ago
decided he was tired of South Dakota. He
accordingly sold his farm, receiving for
the land $30 per acre, or $12,000 for the
tract. The other day he decided ha wanted
the land back, and repurchased It at an
advance of $4 per acre, or $1,800 more than
he had told the 400-acre tract for.
Republican Convention Call.
HOT SPRINGS, 8. D., Sept. 3. (Special.)
The republicans have called their county
convention for September 27. and the
primaries will be held the 13th. While
there will not be much of a contest over
most ef the offioes thsre are very aotlve
candidates for nomination for county treas
urer and clerk of the courts. The con
vention promises to be Interesting, but
To Jlsnt Republican Ticket.
SIOUX FALLS, 8. D., Sept. 8. (Special.)
The republicans of Clark county will
hold a convention at Clark on Saturday of
this Week for the purpose of placing in
nomination a complete legislative and
county ticket. There Is an Interesting con
teat between rival candidates for places
npoa the ticket.
Kerry Tonngr Man ot'Soatb. Dakota
Trades Anlaaal to Constable for
Another Horso and Cash.
SIOUX' FALLS, 8. D., Sept. I (Special.)
A young desperado named John Wilson
gave the authorities of Mellette and sur
rounding towns all kinds of trouble the
other day.,, .'n v, ;. V:
First ba stole ft horse and buggy from
a farmer -for whom he had been working.
The farmer telephoned a, description of
the thief to the sheriffs of adjoining coun
ties. It afte-ward developed that Wilson
drove to Verndon, where ha traded the
stolen horse to a constable, receiving $7.60
in cash and another horse.
He then went to the village hotel, and
while slttlpg 1n the office .the sheriff of
Brown, county telephoned to tha landlord
concerning Wilson, who - overheard tha
talk and without delay made hla escape.
No trace, of. him haa alnce been found.
To Establish Co-operative Store.
8I0UX FALLS, 8. D., Sept. 8. (Special.)
Business circles at- Irene have heen
agitated by the report that the farmers
living In. that vicinity have decided to es
tablish a farmers' co-operative general
store at Irene. When such a store Is es
tablished a trade war will probably re
sult, A ! - '
New Telephone System.
SIOUX FALLS, 8. D., Sept. (.(Special.)
The new telephone system at Toronto
has been completed and placed In opera
tion. It starts off with a large number of
subscribers, which will be rapidly In
creased. '. '
. .... w)t Orer-Wlse.
There Is an old allegorical picture of a
girl scared at a grasshopper, but In tba act
of heedlessly treading on a snake. This Is
paralleled by the man who spends a large
sum of money building a cyclone cellar, hut
neglects to provide bis family with ft bottle
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy aa a safeguard against bowel
complaints, whose victims outnumber those
of the cyclone a hundred" to one. This rem
edy ia everywhere recognised aa the most
prompt and reliable medicine in uaa far
these diseases.
Marriage Licenses.
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterday aa
Name and Residence.
Paul Ray, Omaha
Pearl Davis. Omaha
Charlea Rail!, Douglas county
Mary Manthe, Douglas county
-V7eA.l Till.. .ma1.
xr.uwe.tu nine, utunun .....
Mary Ann Dillon, Omaha ,
Fred Sunder, Jr., Omaha ..
Elsie Diesing, Omaha
If Flaaaes Are Rot Soon Controlled
Loss to Property Will Reach
Hundreds of Thousands.
TERRY, 8. D., Sept, $. (Special Teles
gram.) Fire waa discovered this morning
In the Sundance shaft ' of the Golden Re
ward company and the men tn tha under
ground workings notified.
All of the miners were taken to the sur
face without injury, but In the stables were
ten mulee, which were suffocated.
The fire waa communicated to the other
workings and should tt not be soon placed
under control the damage will amount to
hundreda of thouaanda of dollars. A large
force la now fighting the flames.
Camp Crook Watchman Shot and
Iastaatly Killed by
BELLEFOURCHE. .8. D.. Sept. 8. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Word waa brought to town
today, (rem Camp Crook, aeventy-Ove aallea
distant, that in a poker game which waa
running in the only saloon of that place,
last Saturday morning, John Jennings,, a
prominent atockman of that section, wss
shot and instantly killed. Ths shooting
wss done by one of two cowboys from ths
"C. Y." outfit, who made their escapa Im
mediately after. Sheriff Mosea has left th s
place with warranta for their arrest '
.' Rainfall tn Booth Dakota. .
PIERRE. 8- p.. Sept t (Special.) Tha
total rainfall at this atation during Au
gust amounted to 4.82 inches, which is a
heavier fall for tba month than for any
other aeason since the weather bureau wss
saUbltshed at Fort Bully, In 1872. Tha
nearest approach to tt waa la 1885, with a
record of 4 KQ inrhea Tha Intul relnfell
at this station alnre, tha flrat nf .lanuuf
baa baaa lnvhaa. This has fcroueU
"-t-J; tF YOU HAVE
Bay a bottle of Nau't Dytptpila Cure,
It will absolutely cure the worst kind
of stomach trouble. While it will
cure the minor cases at once, atlll we
- prefer the worst chronio cases in ez-
- Istence these who have been wash
ing the stomach, who mutt diet, and ,
those , who are disgusted with tha
treatments they have bean taking.
Nau's Dyspepsia Cure
it different front the ordinary Dys
pepsia Tablets, Pepsins and Soda
preparations. Send TTT TT ta
to us for a booklet v AVAle-aW
FtANK NAU. 203 Broadway, N. Y. City,
f a a battle i bsttlee fer as.aa,
express sraaairi,
Sherman a Mcl'osacll Drag Co.
- 16th and Dodge Bts., Omaha,
and leading druggists.
You stt our pictures in this Ad',
"Well drrybtxly can arwwe r thai.
Ask tarthe bttr that inofcoyajfat.
Gold Top bottlsd beer la even
better than tha alleged poetry
above buff said. If you ap
preciate a really fine table
beer, a ease will please you.
Jetter Brewing Co
South Omaha, Neb., 'Phone s.
- Omaha Office, 'Phone 1542.
Wholesale Dealer.
1011 Main, Council Bli'ffa,
Phone 80.
EASY I'O'.EY ! !
T. 1 1 1 1 111, 11 11
Lkea Slue bv our aura aa4 aafe evetm ml iu r?
binlual Krulnljr amw Ul Writ fur II
aulefc. THS UOUoLAaa SALT lu, Tart Caajala.
steaart, la Clark kuees, CaUieOU.
'aiej,iie eii uu i ni iimiieimimn i' ,.i .i n ., n in, v
- - " ' Jv
f scicmnciro iWHtmgAx
II ocuoieua ar HovRitmiiiO. I I
. -t-
aapaiis.Mi m l I flPlf ni ITTflnTff ITeTTl Pff flHrg.
Pure, Palatable, Popular.
Millions are Eating Malta-ViU.
Malta-Vita is the original and only ptrftttty cod, thor
oughly malted, flaked and toasted whelt wheat food, and Is
manufactured under letters patent. Insist on getting Malta
Vita, the perfect food, manufactured by the
Battl CreX, Michigan. Toronto, Ceutadaa
4 . Q.
Look Out
for tha
Cheap Rates,
Asiatt 80 to September 10th
Roood trip to
Splendid golf links.
Expert instructor.
Ash Aneatt - Waetliaaaalera Una."
SiavV.' ' ' Js
Move Your Office.
Whlta there are only about ten. Vacant rooms in the whole Bee BUUAlng, '
there are among tbem, aome of the very choicest offices In the hulldtne aad ;
also Borne, which, while not ao desirable, can be rented at a very low ptloW , '
The, rental price you must remember, includes light, water, heat and Jan- ,
Itor as well as Immunity from Are Insurance because the building Is
absolutely fire-proof. , . -
.. ... .1
List of vacant rooms in
The Bee Btiildie
First Floor.
''' v f-'i" Rental-
" ' ' " ' ' - '." . , .. Per Month.'
SUITE lot i There is no finer office suite In Omaha than this one. It Is lo--
catea just on tne rignt nand of the great marble atalrway, and haa un
usually large windows looking upon the front entrance way of tha build- '
lng. It fronts on Farnant street. One room Is 17x1ft and the other xl9.
It has a burglar-proof vault, marble mantel piece, hardwood floors, and
will bs frescoed to ault tenant Price 175.00
BOOM lOTi Rere Is a room that will be particularly adapted for an architect.
or some one wno neeos a norm ngni. ine room ia zu teet square; nnisnea -throughout
In hardwood. Including the floors, and Is a bargain at. - Price f?0.00
Third, Floor.
ROOM 83St This Is the only room on the second or third floor vacant, and Is one
- of the 'choicest rooms in the building. It is 17x32, and can be divided to
suit the tenant If a private office is desired. It la a decidedly handsome
office, having entrance facing the court, and windows looking out on
Seventeenth street. It has a very large burglar-proof vault, hardwood '
floors and is just the kind of an office that is hutd to obtain ordinarily.
t..w. Price I50.M
Fourth Floor.
ROOM 431 This room Is 18x14 feet and faces the court, is a light, pleasant
room, and has a burglar-proof vault ., ... Price 120.0a
.r,', ;..:.;Mfth: Floor. - :l;ZT,w:'
SlITB 614 1 This Is a very large room. KxtS feet. It faces west but la Very light "
and well ventilated. It is very seldom -that spaoe of this site is offered in
The bee building. It could be used to advantage by some lirm employing
b iar,s iiuiuuer ui cierM, or requiring large noor space a wnoiesale
eweler, or manufacturer's agent, who would like lo be in a fireproof hulld
nr. or It will be divided to suit the tenant phk t&l.M
nuua ewi inia is a "Km, aiiraciivs room, it naa a stationary wasn stand,
and while it facea the west, being on the fifth floor It ia Ittrh t. and for '
some one not In need of large floor space, would make a fine office.. Price 110.01
ROOM Onai This room is located close to the elevator and faces south. It has
Jiiat been newly decorated. Slxe 18x20 feet, and It can be rented at. Price $27.10
ROOM 6a 1 1 This room faces the court and Is 1Nx14 feet. It has a burglar-proof
vault, and as It la near the telegraph office and on the same floor with a
number of grain firma, it would be a particular good room for a grain firm
desiring first-class accommodation Price $30 M
. : : Sixth Floor. : , :,
fTTW JlaAa This m.. arlsrOaa a OasrrA eAAmas C I i .111-' - T7 -U a- k 1 , . vv a id vuiidisiisi j k vnu i vuiuat V 41 Janra a aa 7V. tUjO-ajtl ajg. Llirjin ItflB ,M. I I rg
-larg burglar-proof vault, hav been nwly decorutfid and art room whtri
any bualueia or profeaslonal man mar ba comfortubl. I'rica for tha two I3S.0I
R. C. PETERS & C0.
Rental Agents.
Ground Floor
Bee Buildinr
All the Parts
Tine LvivinQ
the World
Complete In Twenty-Four Parts
At The Bee Office
. 1
Price 10c each By mail 15c