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Omaha Taie. Half of tts Becjud Donblt
leader with lh Serines.
Oralna Wlas tha First by Bit .
Fasy Ball Playlaa; awart
Loaea the Second by
aa Error.
Sunday's performance tn rlnnllrai.rt at
Vinton Street park yesterday, when Omaha
won ana lest In a double-header with Col
orado Springs.. Tbe acor of each game wai
the Mini, I to 0. Thla cloaei the serlea
with tha Millionaires, and "Blf Bill" Ever
Itt and his bunch will not ba seen In
umana again this season.
The afternoon's exhibition was beauti
ful base ball In Just one way: both scores
were aa close as possible to make them
and aa low as they can be chalked uo In
any numerals. But the utter Inability of
me Hangers to hit anything, together with
aome rank errors, did much to spoil those
other featuree. Three thousand eopls
pulled for a double Victory, but In rain.
Two hits were all the Omihn ar-nr,l
In the game which they won, and neltpr.r
nguraa in the victory. The tally was due
olely to a keen piece of foxing In which
three of the craftiest old hand on tha team,
Oenlns, Btewsrt and Dolan, participated. In
the fifth inning Oenfns mad firs; on Hol-
nngsworth a error, stole second and wss ad
vanced to third on Dolan'a sacrifice. Then
eiewart came up and knocked a high foul
v Dcama nrst base. Bill Everitt la
usuany very nifty on such trljks, but tbla
time he held the foul ImtmJ of dropp'ug
It. and Oenlns skipped In from third before
r.m couia Held It.
Alt ...
pucnia great ball the entire
game, in the seventh things looked very
uBugarous, tor tne first two wen up took
bases on a sate hit and a gift. With no outs
"Podge" proceeded to strike out tha next
two and tha last went out on a play from
Hickey to aecond, while Everitt was be
hind third madly coaching for that run he
wamea. Tne ninth was almost aa bad. Con-
gauon, as nrst up, hit safe. Everitt fol
iUB mm ,0 morass, who threw to
onganon off at second. The ball was
In plenty of time, but Straus, said safe, and
there were two on bases. Again Alloway
waa "there." There was nothing mora doing
with his delivery, and thejnnlng ended with
uouDie piay. alter oondlng had caught
CongaltoH by a quick throw to third.
Stone's catch of Fleming's fly in the eighth
waa a marvel of ground covering. Tha
First game:
Aa It
. ,3
Carter, rf
Genlna, rf.....
Stone, If
Dolan, ss
Btewart, 2b.. ..
Hickey, 8b
Thomas, lb....
Gondlng, c...
Alloway, p....
h. a
1 0
Lynch, Sb
Klemlna. If
("oiiKalton, rf..
Kverltt, lb
Hemphill, cf...
Granville, 8b...
Baerwald. n
.McNeely, p
AB. R. H. O.
27 16
nrr lewmeyer, 1. "truck nut: By New
rneyer. by Owen, i'tawd ball: Oun-
TIIK OMAHA 1)AI1,Y JIKE: VEDXESHAV. Aiifiircr .? mni
' aa av aw x U M. M 9 A t7VaJ
Waiklattsa Roaches Them.
hits enabled Waahlngtnn to take the Inst
ding. Dojhls play: Hau-n to tJranvllle.
ft on baeea: Colorado Sprtn.a, J; Omaha,
8. Time: 3 : IB. I'mplre: Strauss.
Will Mllwaake evrr Mailt
r KORTA, Aug. M-reorla and Milwaukee P"!"..?' ,h.. '"S" Tom Detroit. ratten
finished their V hrliiii T nt w" Mattered, but received noor
3a " Milwaukee ' win na- J ZnhlJ.rW ""PP"" t'ouithlln was splKert bv Hartley
I'anrl.fl "ed to IT"? i.'tl nJ "lr"- Attendance.' 1,973. Score:
waukee during the entire season. Attend- WASHINOTOv prtroit
anre. l.nmi. Brorea: I R.H.O.A.B.r It. H.O.AC
irat anme: If V I l" " i inner. n.... s i i
Milwaukee 1 O 1 1 1 1 a ft A 0 1-4 li i " i I ! I ! "Tl "
natTeneaT v.. V".,... T VM" ' Z'J?" " ,b i f 1 1 K".'""' L- i ! ! f - M.a la b, Em.
. ' " ainu t iinun , I i w a a w v ri" i iirajw, n.n I I I I I
f i.iwaiiHw, mcjt'r.eraon, K-nni. and I.urli. nuinun, id. t t t park, lb 1 I I t
HrOnO VimO1 BHD I Kl. fl1aana K 1 1
Mtlwautte ....0 6 3 0 0 1 0 0 12 U Q lb.... I I is t l MrAi r, ... i ! l
"w ...... m m v w n p. . . . W V
Deftati Wlitmta in InUrnatioaal Tamil
Match at Newport.'
r eoria u 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 00 4 2
iiauenea: peorln. Brhafstal and Mc; MiiwauKee, Keni.a and Lucia.
Dee Malari aaal Dram Divide.
DE8 MOINES. Aug. M.-Dea Moines
proKe even wnn Denver In a d
1 Tnfala ... ff a 1. t
ToUla ... I II t? IS Si
Washington 0 I 1 1 I 10 I I
Detroit I 0000011 0-J
Karned runs: Waahtngton. 6: Detroit. 1.
llehaaaa aid Makes Ikawlag
I-aa Creditable Tbaa
W. J. Clathler's.
NEWPORT. R. I., Aug. J6.-The Interna
tional match between R. F. Doherty of
England and M. D. Whitman of America
In the final round of the national lawn
tennis enamplonshlp was won by tha for
offering tTOft In ptiraea, every dollar of which
in guarantee, norm, of the beat horses In
the state will be here and a flrst-ciaaa race
men is anticipated.
rn: ni..r.a no. n . ... .
here today In the first game Morr eon, Vaey Three b J h l. H. I, , '''i.
for the locale, was a compete pie. Thi ruTClarke Stolen ba'ae. lf K.tTr
two runa aerured bv Denvr vera rfna iJ!T..,,.r,,"t'."llll!n !,. Kelater,
error, by Bur, and' Davis, In tha Second M7iVi7.V.,"WrT; "D'' Ze!.l bi? .fTeVenver,nhd batted ou'tj McCrthv" f'ft on'we-Wa"' . titDrT ,D lhrM ,et, t0 ODe' "d b'
three runs in the third FV-n-v ... ...kI c-?r,.'V'r'..L t" on bp":. Ahlngton, 0f g.i a. ... ,.ft wmti . .
stltuted. hut waa n,,ll .n-ff-- -.C- 1Jelr5,"i i-.-aaea ball: McAllister, .v. J.. "...""""'. ",ru-
. . t ' x - tun i I 1 m sa " i - A i rnrtlMB a . .. a. j lilt" K rasfa awn T nnifldat. r t pi am V
'"a,n, ". m Johnstone. -. i"B?,p,on-
' -"--r. V"--. i cnauenga tomorrow.
PHILADELPHIA. Aug. 18. The home After Whitman's decisive vlctorv over
match at Bay
pectcd he would
managed to keep the hits scattered. Al- I acore today or put up a hard fight, but
the seventh and three In the eighth. At-
iriniNniT, i.nw. Bcores:
Klrat same: sun
Des Moines ....0 2 0 0 2 0 0 '0 24)0 4
ufnypr v 1 V U V U 1 0 O 2
Batteries: Dea Moines, Morrison and
ubiiihjii : lyrnvtr, cyier ana wuson.
Denver '.'6 0 119 0 4 1 cVft", &Cre
MJrm moinea ...1 VOl HOOD ft 1 11 .1 ....mrnin.
rri a rniiiAutu'iiiA, Aug. 26. The home Aiier wnttman a aeclaiv
t J,1ded another game to Its long string Doherty In the Davis cud
2 pf victories by free hitting. The Cleve- mm i, ". .. '. cup
and land team hit Plank freely, but the latter Rldg; " ' KntnlT eipt
T. , . i . I K.H.U.A.K
beck: Dnv.r 7 MTIiV- 2AiSr-" '-." ! ! BT
r - - i j bmsv dM.uiiiiciia r . 1 1 fji..
Salata that Oat Ktir Crowd.
unable to
.f a i i a
i a t i nJii .i. . : k
?"l?L-lb iL- i 1 ! 1 Thon.r.' Ib.'..' 1 t I 1 0
L . rtW. ID. I I 1 O Ua.bmaa 1 K A lit 1
as tn every other match In which tha En-
llshman has played, It was the American
who did tha hard work. That Whitman,
with all his experience, should hsva been
duped Into playing a running game was
k "' KAH?fi -?" City waa Muy. Vb" lit ' a J i ? one of the Mrprlses of the day, while an-
on thi. account Score.R r e grj. .... , , , jiB.- a 14 1. Neither tha aeta nor tha game. w.r. long.
1 0 J J 0 '-1 2 , Wooa.V..::: I but after three acts, with a total of twenty-
y ...0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 0 Total. it tt li i ----- five games, had been played, the American
St. Joaenh
Kansas City ...0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0
ustterles: Bt. Joseph, Glade and Roth:
Vmnmmm 11 ' I J . . ...
tandtaar of the Teams.
," t4 15 "i T am' hti b"n P!ra. tha American
k"" uf w luurn iuu exuauaieu, ana tne
Kanaaa City
St. Joaeoh
Colorado Springs
Des Moines
Played. Won. Lost, P.C.
'Batted for Hmb In ninth
Philadelphia 24002810 13 eTen-"Inuta intermission wss not long
v.icveuna oooioooooll '"""in tor oim to eaten nis breath or re
bla strength.
9ot So Good aa Clatbler'a.
a . ""1 run": Cleveland, 2: Philadelphia, fa.n
Is " ?7 i.Twl"ba,,J)IU: Murphy, Schreck. pfank.
45 .587 Three-baae hit: Hickman. Stolen bases:
m 'm? ?m1"' ,ult"' L- Cro,,- plank- Left on Wh
Llll 1MB m'al aak a al..l fa WM w- V .
baaea: Clnvlanrt s- ihii.-TT. a 'ir.-t "-"--. uonerxy
No games scheduled for today.
Plttsbara- Picks OS aa Easy
at tbo Eiptai. of tbo
.M? base on balls? Off M rl V.T WM rar t,eIOW tnt w- J- Clothier of
4oa I Rv Hem 1 hv Tlonir t riM I S&turdaT. hn wnn adivAntain mi ihut.
. . . I - r " J 'in- A 141(7 a .W. Iv III- I ' " - mm vua. v t.uuv
Bimnoina of tbe Teams,
GAMES Bo'iwn61!?!!.
Bt. l.ouls ...
Cleveland ...
Baltimore ..
PITTSnl'Rn Alia- MT ar.a .n ....
day for Plttsbura- and two vlrtorlf.. r..
auiiea. Aoout tne only features of either
sme wtr. uoneny s splendid work In the
iws ana nis noma run. ipnrin. t n n. h.
mrco runs. . Aiienaance, 4,043. Bcore, flrat
prrrsBURO. f' bo stow.
a.H.O.A.a.l n u a a
Clarka, If.... 114 4 I'Dexter, ai ... I I a
Bnumont, ef I 1 1 t t Trnn.jr, lb... S S 4 1 4
iiii . I ooi.r, it.,.. l i a
"- - m w w v.vMin.r, ri... V W U 1 V
Rltch.y, lb.. 1 t t I 0 tMmoot, lb.. 1 I 0
Eimm.r, a... 114 1 t Moni. a S 1 a t a
flitlnccr, 4 I S
No games scheduled for today.
Won. Lost. P.C
60 41 .64
46 .662
M . .544
64 48 . 629
61 ' 66 .477
61 66 .477
46 60 , 429
40 62 .m
one games, while the Bostonlan scored only
eleven out of thirty-two games. In points
Doherty made a total of 117 to Whitman's
little opposition from Whitman. In tha
second set Whitman fairly smothered
Doherty by dazzling work at tha net, and
this brilliancy led many to forget that his
errnra wnn alan. mimamn. Aft. Mnaln.
this aet In a fine burst of play, everyone
seemed to hava nerfect eonfldenca In the
Iadlaaaaolls Gets Wlnalag Tbraa la American.
Second Iaalna: of Game with I For a few games la the third set Whit-
Colambas. maa ,ully Juattfled tha confidence. But all
mis time na waa on me run ana uonerty
did not miss a single opportunity to give
chance to
Orlm and O'Brien mil irm.n'. trii. the Englishman had every chan
Si! ! ftrh"1";. ,b" ? I I I i ?nd'a-"P" three runs and enough to win affectively kill balls, but he deliberately
rf:"!.. ira-i.:, I I " . eoond n"'n- Attendance. 1.630. threw away the., chance, and aent them
Wla. Park Brew Stakes at Karra
aaaatt la Straight
rROVIDENCE, R. I., Aug. 26-The
climax of sensational pacing races waa
reached in the Great Park Prew $10.uw
'" "i -arragiiett para this after
noon. Ed Oeers piloted Direct Hal to vlo
,ory,.'n ,nr straight heats, but the black
stallion s record was lowered to 1:M4. ciass, pace; purse, ll.o0:
JUnlUB. ch. . hv )nlln..(.nt.
1-eaf by New York (Saunders)., till
Josh. b. a. tMcMahnnl .... 7 2 a i
Miss WilUamont, b. m. (Miller).. 8 2 14
Cubanola, blk. h. (Greer) 1(64
nn iTiii-iiHri, rn. n. tnyae) 4 8 4
Orln H., br. m. (Nuckula) 9 8 a
Sultana, br. m. (Hyan) 5 4 7
Mary Ana, b. m. (Walker) 6 7 8
Knoxs Gelatine Uueen. a. m.
Brun ei i a a .
"wlri ",. (Alien; as
Time: 2:09U. 9: 122 t-atu a na
tl'ooo- Cl"' ,rottln8' two In three; purse,
Kelmont, b. g., by Keller Thomas
Margaret, by FlelUmont (Dicker-
eon) 6 19 1
Silver Glow, b. g. (Golden) 9 8 1 2
"l,nl""". u. n. iL'marei) 16 6a
Axtellold. ch. g. (Firschner) 8 4 8 ro
JlVi. . ". " tanow) 2 7 ro
M.iyr.r.d Sunders, b. g. (MerrI-
tv. . """. m. (Mcnson).... f 6 4 ro
Plxle, blk. m (Gillespie) 4 7 8 ro
Kamares, b. h. (Young) 7 9 6 ro
ladda, br. m. (Hunt).. ds
'meJ, S-12H. 2:". 8:16V. 2:144.
ThePark Drew, 2710 class; purae, $10,000;
.ec!,HaI' b,k- h - y Direct-Bessie
Hal, by Tom Hal (Oers) 1 1 1
Prince Direct, blk. h. (Molienry).... 2 8 ?
Lou Vaughn, b. m. (Foote). ......... 6 8 2
Twinkle, b. m. (Hudson).... 13 J 12
i?ap'?,,?eDDalLai, b- m- (Kenney) 7 4 J
Terrtll B., ch. g. (Lasell) 6 fc
John T. ch. g. (Dore) .4 I
It.""' b' " w'l") 8 8 4
1dy 1 (Oarrlson) 10 7 lo
Sophia, b. m. (Curry) ..... 8 11 fc
Tionni'U&hWch' ' VMcKenney) 9 10 11
llnn-lsn,1!"'1' tW ln thr": "urM-
Aggle Medium, b. m. (McCarthvi.''""" 1 a
liawthorne, ro. m. (Hudson) 2 1
i'ar'n, g. g. (McHenry).... .....7 a
Jr lash Lilirhtnlnff h m . .
J: ca' aT. (Walker) , .
Besslo Owens, ch. m. (Dlckerson) 6 11
Promise, blk. g. (James) U J
?". (Merrlfield) ' ii ?
blk. a-. (Lasell) iS i
... 8 12
... 9 10
...13 9
My The Ncw Bcer 1
V Fric samn as cur "Extort." JLi
Pric sams as ewr "Exhort'
The purest, mildest, daintiest bter ever brewed.
We have made it because thousands have
asked tor it, and thousands more want it
Perhaps you are one.
. 2,rewe? in absolute cleanliness cooled
in filtered air then filtered then sterilized
after the bottle is sealed. ,
' Jos. Schlitg Brewing Co.
Cor. So. th & Leavenworth Stt., Telephone 618.
Aley.blk. g. (Lasell)
Ida Ififfhwnnil h n. t a
Henrv ft., h Avui.v
Ctaaabro, ... 4 1 4 I 1
. . 11 a 1
Earned runs:
Two-baa hits:
Ho or Idee hits:
base: Dexter.
24 14
"mana. 0 0010000 -1
Colorado Springs. ...0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
rsi oaso on balls: Off Alloway. li off
McNeely, 1 Hit by pitched ball By AU
loway. 1. Struck out: By Alloway S. b
v?!N4y. .1 Sacrifice hft: l&TSI' 8,'ol.S
ihJAa".inmaa"I Btowart to
. Bmplra; pr,n"'
. Brrar Loses SeeoaaV
In tha second game Newmerer waa
tleally aa affective as McNeely had heea.
m .u aaa do cnanca to Mora. Mean
while in tha seventh Everitt hit safe," took
second on Holllngsworth'S going out at
first and went to third oa a nasasd bail
Then Owen struck out Hemphill, making
.wu iuu,, .ana uranvuie knocked ao easy
one to Stewart, who ahould hava closed the
Inning. Instead Captain Ace fooxlad tha ball.
ana nuniea ior it all around his feet till
Everitt had scored and Granville reached
flrat. Tha game waa lost .there. Omaha
tried to rally, but made not a hit In tha last
mrea innings, none, m fact, after the aec
ond. Cralghton played third base four In
nings, Htckey having hurt his arm throwing
Omaha now goaa to Dea Moine. for three
games, returning then here for three mora
wun tea undertakers. Than cornea tha
western trip, so anxiously awaited. Tha
Second grama:
i.yncn, id 4
Pluming, If 4
Oonpalton, rf.... 4
Kvarttt, lb 4
jioiungawortn, s...., 2
AB. R. H.
Hemphill, cf.
Granville, 8b....
Houscn, o
Mew meyer, p...
; t
A. B
8 1
Carter, rf..
Genius, cf.
Dolaa, ss..,
Stewart, 8b,
Hickey. 2b..
Thomas, lb..,'.;
Gondlng. e
Owen, p
Creighton, 8b..
Fear. ..........
......84 1
4. . I
V. . 1
4 27 10 4
R. IL O. A. E.
0 1 1 1
27 18
Batted for Crelahton In ninth
Colorado Springs.... 09000010 0-1
Omaha 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-4
Two-basa hit; OranvUle, Baaea on bails:
Indianapolis. . Columbia. I)ck wltn llttl 0 whitman b u n a m I hv hard tninnlnv r mi til ill lit tAfh thum. It
Tau 1 STTT:..!!: I J 5 i J 2 2 a.r.d Uttl. to Doherty whether hi. op.
Batted for Plttlnger in ninth. S. tr'.kc''- f J lMcrarr. i. 4 1 4 4 4 I ponent returned them or not. Then It waa
Pittsburg 0 0 0 2 0 0 t -8 o Brtan: i ,!,:'' ib " 11s f ! een tnat Whitman waa fast becoming
... 0 0 0 0 0,0 0 0 1 1 1 wooiruff, it. i 1 0 0 slvioz, aa 4 lit a winded and the end of tha match prac-
PlttBburg. : Boston, 1. fi"": " " 1 J "If"""; u J J tleally wa. In sight. Whitman tried to
Leach. Crollua. Mnran ?fi7in' "" If!? ? f."t 4 t 4 .... ..... - K ...
Cheebro Moran fttnl n I a jacaiacitia, s. s a 1 1 S I uu "
TT4rmt h... . K.ii." , I m...,. . . 71 .. I time, ha collapsed. Doherty at once lumped
Cheebro, 2; off PltUnger, 4. Struck out: IndlanaDoiia o s si i" i I In and took tb. aet and, after, tha match.
nlavOonrov'taner" 4. CUB.bu." 0 0 0 I 0 0 0- 8 TTaangp 0ohert, P-fer. t. D.-ea.
Uer. Time: 1:46. Umnlra: Irwin. " ?. Ht! Off Effisa, 1: off r-.. i., .kt, .
Bcore, second rame:" ' 5SS"S2' V ". ," e ."J"
YKpltctlf. "i. Lilian. Three-base hits: In case they both won their way to the
Kllleti, Woodruff. BacrM.ce hit: Woodruff. eml-flnal would withdraw and leave the
Double playa: Fox to O'Brien to Orlm -nnai, wouia witnaraw ana leave tne
n K'n al n n J X ru t . . - fttttssai t tha Anal airs n f T aaf vtlss-iSf tilal
brother stated that It would tie H. L.
Doherty ln the finals. But a gay aoclal
function, ending at daylight, proved mora
attractive to the vounrer Doherty than a
ti. r: -:uiia, p is bunched hit. on Gear today and won with tennis championship, and ao It was his
Totals ... 8 14 IT 14 1 I eaae. Bporer was wild at times, but pulled I k ,,,.. v. ,.,, 'a .
Tn.i. ... a . . I him.a.irV.. .(, .i ' Tl brother who fought and won for England.
Pittsburg 00100020 ll Kansas City's runa were' tha ttoeiults tf er- I The tournament wlltjind tomorrow with
xeion 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a a I rors. In the sixth Warden retired tha atria I tha rhallana-a match between William A.
With his old trick of hldlna- tha hall Ar. I . . n u . --a r
tMidiuiK. son a,.nr.. - I wruBU oi oumnim uu r. w
MiNNKAPoua hertr. Lamed won hi. title last year by
Doheny, 2; off Wlllln, s. Struck out: Bv I R.h.o.a.b.I r.h.o'.A.K. I reason of hi. victory In the championship
.27"I'J,y W,1U" . Double play: ilS?t?1',u. M tournament and the default of Whitman
rr-"" ! i i z . .v i.. .ion! in, ..j ism
IDe IVUUIB cuaiuyiuu v& iooot xof. ..u iw.
R.H.O.A.K.I n u n .
1 ! Dartar, aa... 4 4 4 1 8
f". oi i i a t T.nn.r, lb... 0 0 I 1 !
i a . uoom?, if..., s v 2 4 iv wycra. moien osse: Mart.
It'i 21! f !rn,,,i " 4 10 4 Lf" " bases: Indianapolis, 4; Columbus, .
r.V' 2b'- ! ! ! i P'"0". . 4 l it Time: 1:36. Umpire: Haskell,
coaror, aa... 4 4 8 4 s Malarker lh.saaaa
Crallaa. rf... 4 1 4 4 s Loan, c?..... I s 4 BHaaeapalla Buackes Hits.
Doha' I:" ? 1 2 .?:'': ,b ! i ? Minneapolis M.tK. i.,-
v.f.? runV. Pittsburg. 1 Three-base
nome run: toneny. Stolen
": cney. first base on balls: Off
Dexter to Tenney to WIHIs.
Umpire: Irwin.
Gift Ganaa for Haw York.
-1"""' Brara. a 14 111
Wllmot, it... 1 1 1 0
Ward.a, lb.. I I 11 4 4
Cincinnati. A,,w m-ti,. t- S""""'- ": i : I :
I ? I ther easy time shutting Cln- Grant, is a l 4 4
ri. . . " game was not at I spofsr, p s i o
U,w .Ilu .k'i I(ir 'aoa that New
Tork took the lead at the start and held It
throughout. The local, could not solve
Nanoa. cf.... 1 I I 1 l
unar, ID.... 1 9 19 S SI BMn.m.r
ummww. a..... ..II II . , , ..... n
Smith, 11 0 4 I 4 61 cnampionsnip singles, nnai maicn; xv. r .
McAnd'a. Ib. 0 0 l 1 s I uoneny Deal tn. u. vv numan, o-i, v-a,
Thi.l, lb e i I 6-0.
"w. 11111 The acore by atrokea was aa follows:
R. F. Doherty:
Totals ... T I IT IT I
MlfhfiS.. Ti"!i ,ocaU .could. not olva Minneapolis 2 0 0 8 2 0 0 0 -7 -lr,t .t
SroM 0n leUvrr- Attendance. 2.400. Kanaaa City 0 0 8 0 1 0 1 0 0-6 lllli T
I aJtrnan nini nvi Innao nnl ttm
KKW TORK. I CINCINNATI I City. 1. Two-base hlta: W.rrt.n rir.n. i"""."1!"
R.H.O.A.B. I a U n . Riu. n h.ll.. ntr n .' ourin set..
Brawn, it..... 4 1 0 4K.ll.y. ,b... .'T , , i Btruclc outT " BwSnS;!.''' f' ' . .
A Ulftlgi a a
4 I 24 18 4
Places. Nets. Outs. Faulta. Total.
T. t lit",.-'-.'-." . "'. WOYi.lC.
Brodla. ct ... 1 111 4 Plats, lb..... 4 8 1 I S
Bav.rman, e I 1 I I 4 Corcoran, aa. I 1 I I l
illri7'.:' "! i J f lS22?'.u"t I ? Toledo Pie for Loalsvllle.
Mau wsoa. Mill 4 Thi.lmVn, i 1 I I
M. D. Whitman:
Places. Nets. OuU.Fauits.Totai.
First set 8 4
Becond set...... 14 8
Third set 18 8
LOUI8VILI.-R. in. T,.i...iii- v.. Fourth set 1 8
... - i --.i- v w v a i loDi L'l.iiiiK wilii iu ran innav 'I'n. t
' " " ' . toui. ...1 1 S "I 'kI'IkK K1lkJ,amat!u'-wblJ 'q-
Batted for Thialman In tha ninth. Atundance. I'.m Score: " lM l0t-
New York
Three-base hit:
100101OA la
o 6 n O A A A A A A
Bowerm.n. B.l. '- ! ! ? ! ?
Bresnahan. Double nlavt rr.-V;; .1 "I ? .J i I
SSntta-sr5?t.Kb" H'1": " P ThleN Im. iK i t 8
.KL, I ' . . . " oiruca oui: By I cnjrmr, n... s I 1 a a
Thlelman, 1; by Mathewson, 8. Wild pitch: Bcnaub, lb... 4 1 I I o
Mathewson. Time: 1.46. Umpire: Emslla. chri..r, a... 4 I I 4 o
Postponed Games.
At St. LOUlB flt. Iviula-Phll.tatnhla n.t
n.r.. ..In
Dankla, p.
,114 11
.114 11
Totala ...II lit! t 1 ToUla ... 4 11 IT II f
taadlagr of tha Teams.
.0 6 0
..1 0
Pittsburg ....
Brooklyn ....
Cincinnati ..
Bt. Louis ....
New York ...
Played. Won. Lost P.C.
..ivi W 17 .748
Totals 84 21
Summary of day's playi
Championship singles, semi-final round:
R. F. Doherty best H. L. Doherty by de
fault. Final round:
R. F. Doherty beat M. D. Whitman, 6-1,
8-6, 6-4. 6-0.
Bllverttes Drab Stock Boy.
SILVER CREEb;. Neb.. Aug. 26.-(8peclal
Telegram.) Silver Creek's strong team
batted jput a victory today from the Union
Btock Yards Juniors before a larae crowd.
0 0 2 8 0 8 018 1 Adams was batted hard and showed signs
8 0 0 0 0 0 0 41 of overwork. Master Bohner at short waa
Cosawell, rf. 0 I I 0 4
Bum.. Jb.... 1 4 I a
Turn.r, aa.... 1 8 8 I 4
iM.inow. la., l i s 1 a
Orlffln, e 4 4 4 1 1
"Ilk., ct 18 14 1
Smith, lb.... 0 114 1
"era. ii e s I I 1
liuin.jr, p... 4 14 11
Left on baaea: Louisville, 8: Toledo 13 th whole game for tha Juniors, accepting
Ml Three-base hit's: Bohriver, Turner Civ- wtt" "nble to control the ball and was re
6j4 Djer. Stolen bases: Ganzel, Clymir (2). )ley.'d Jn .t.h.e "lxi i inning by Bond, who
.610 ,nMJ t2it Flournoy, Tllford, Gllks, Burns. h
.4S4 Oowell. Struck out: By Dunkle. 6: by
.453 Hughey, 4. First base on balls: Off ?
,4"0 Hughey, 8: off Dunkle, 4. Passed ball: 3
Oame. today: Boston at Pittahurv Wo
i -mi:innaii, rniuiaeipnia at Bt
Ju2 1 Bchriver. Time: 2:00. Umpire: Tlndall.
Miller Loses for 8t. Paal.
held the kids to three hits. Score:
Silver Creek ..0 6 0 0 0 0 0 5 0-11 16 t
unlors 8 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 8 8 8 4
Batteriea: Silver Creek. Flnesev. Bond
and Shanks; Juniors, Adams and Miller.
Two-base nits: Miner (U), Mlllett (2)
ST. PAUL, Aug. 26 Miller's bad throw to I Bhanka. First baae on balls: Oft Flnesey,
cond ln tha nffiih Tinning al'owed Mllwau- L JS-?.0"?' .da.m 3-8'r.uck.oui:
Caleaare) Ha. Wlaalaa; Day la Haiti-
mora, hattlaaj Oat taa
That's th Word!
Poaseasss a goodatat all Ma own.
Uocrrlflf judrmmt sxxYciaad
kl tha sslcctloa of matarUla.
backad' by BIaIi method ai brtw
br, are lbs mala factors rsspoay
aibl. for BlaU chAractsa,
' tKan-tntostoBt
AU Irusiaa ar Ituaoi,
141V Uaaslaa BU Vil. lOHl.
'easy i:o::ey i i "tzsxxi?
4ia auaaa iu br aw aara aa4 a. fa arauai at tart
In v..t urn mrm ma raaa. Writ tmt It
aiaaaim, U4 Caw amal. CaiwAJM.
Dnnsan, If... 1 I 4 I 4
McBrlda. cf.. 4 I I I 0
Sotlback. Ib. 1 1 I I 0
H.llman. rf. 4 1 I 1 1
Cllu.m.u. aa. 1 1 1 1 a
BALTIMORR. Aua- t Garvin w.. . aunkl., lb... 4 4 110
rjissl. to the Baltimore team today and tha Zr J i l ! a I
H.H.O.A B I own.
atraas. lb... I 8 I 4 4 H. Mcr4. at 4 1 4 4 4
P. Jooaa. af. I I f a a H.i h. ir . . .
Carta, aa 4 I 4 I 4 WiUl.nw. lb.' 4 1 I I S I "rr'1
.nm. It.... 4 1 8 4 sr. Jon li! 4 4 11 4 J Two-basa
Il aArnat, rf.... s 114s
Callahaa, rf. 4 4 I 4 olitrt. aa... 4 I 4 I s
'v . a a . a amitn. a l i a l
4 4 111
second ln tha ninth inning allowed Mllwau
!, iu wur. ins winning run. Both pitch
ers were hit hard, but fast fielding kept tha
runa down. Attendance. 724. Bcore:
By Flneaey. 3: ty Bond. 2. Double Dlava:
Ferguson to Bohner. Time: 1:66. Umpire:
ToUla ... I M IT 11 i
Milwaukee ...
Bt. Paul
R h n .
"r. Ib 1 I J
Hhannoa, ef.. 1 I 4 s 1
uin.ra. ir... I I 4 t
Luml.r. rf.. I I 4 1 4
Huaitina. lb.. Slii.
r'i'r. id. ... a a ii s 4
Hurler, c... I I I I l
M.raan. aa... S 1 l a a
Mlllrr. p 4 4 4 4 1
ToUla ... 4 14 tl 14 "l
Tkrts-I Leagae.
At Rock Island Cedar Rapids, 6-2; Rock
Island, 7-1.
At Bloomtngton Terra Haute, 8; Bloom
Ington, 3.
At Rockford Davenport, 4: Rockford, 1.
At Decatur Evanavllle, 2; Decatur, 1.
Race, to Kratara Caralval.
AIN8 WORTH. Keh . An. Mon.i.i
,..10 1 1 0 0 1 o is Telegram.) One of the features of the
..110100100-4 atret fair to be held September 24. 26 and
rienry b., t. g. (Wills)
!!0e.Onwari!' m (Tosler)....
Red Princess, b. m. (Snow)........
Mary D., ch. m. (Hunt)...
C onfessor, ch. g. (Demarest)
Monte Carlo, b. g. (Beckers)
Ma born, b. m. (Proctor)
Time: 2:10, 2:ll4.
Inland Lakes' Yacht Race.
WAUKESHA. BEACH, Wis., Aug. 2.
1 ne second riav . i ... . i
T 1 , , , . . . " ' 1 ' III lllfl 1 II I ll II (1
if if? - chtl1 association regatta started
St 11:05 a. m. for th riD.. . . k.
niiinnpa me nrst round in the fol
Jllf orde Marv. Crusader, Challenge.
Caroline. Greta, Aspirant, Mlnnewoc.
SCtl-T' Lom: At 1 p. m. the wind Is
2 ff .u wn nd.,t may be impossible to
in. 1. m tjiass it Jim Crack led
Ainnn?m.ta, wl'h Nokpmis. Serapls and
.. ,uiiv..u t:iuaeiy.
Transfer Peoria Games,
PEORIA. 111.. Aug. 26.-Oeneral Manager
Finley of the street railway eomnanv
owner of Lakevlew park today announc,d
mat ne nna leased the park to a big circus
.... "u hum j, , ncpiemDer (, ana Monday, Sep
tember 8. He gave as his reasons th'st the
circus would give his company more pa
tronage than the base ball games. As a
rosuu ail tne remaining games scheduled
for J?orla ave been transferred to Kan
sas City and, St. Joseph.
Iowa Stat Fair Race..
DKS MOINES, Aug. 2.-The State fair
5S..,!Iei,la,' ,n tart,"8'1 because of a
T. trf,ck' None of today s events were
finished Heats were pulled off as follows:
' rur8'' Flossie O. took
thr?uflrIt,.twJ heat: best time, 2:28.
.Th.e.J:18 F,CV Purse. 81.000 Sarah LoU
took the only heat raced In 2:82.
The 2:40 Trot; Purse. 81.000-Star Twist
took the only heat raced ln t:6. lwl"
Falrbnry Lays Kearney Away.
EARNET, Neb.. Aug. 26.-(Speclal Tele
gram ) Kearney lost today's game of base
ball here with Falrbury, lo to 1. Batteries:
Fairbury, Teal and LaFrance; Kearney.
Balene and Bupman. Umpire: Bean.
1st Southern Asaoclatloa.
At Birmingham Birmingham, 2-7; New
At Chattanooga Chattanooga, 8; Uttle
ITaited States Ceart Called Ipoa for
Declaloa Coaeerslsg Clans Bald
to Be I'neonatltutlonal.
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 26.-The United
states courts have been called upon to
determine tha constitutionality of certain
provision, of the treaty between thi. coun
try and France, proclaimed on August 12,
The Issue has arisen out of the Imprison
mem oi rrancols Deboine, a French
aailor, by Chief of Police Wlttman, ln
compliance with tho request of French
Consul General Henry Dallemagne. who
invoked as authority a clause of tbe treaty
namea, wnicn comer, exclusive jurlsdlc
" rrtucu mercnani vessel, on
trencn consular oncer..
Ex-Oovernor Jame. H. Budd at tha re
quest of the Sailors' union applied to Judge
urtiaren, in ma united State, district
coun. ior a writ of babeaa corpus for
lipoma on the main issue that the treaty
under which he ha. been arrested and
a now connnea is contrary to tha conatl
tutlon of tha United Statea. The writ was
granted and made returnable tomorrow
j 'l8sJ
If d' Lg"Bi Is
If all other, have failed eome to
STITUTE and get cured. Wa ara con
stantly curing men who hava .pent
much time and money eleewhare In
vain, who would hava saved money,
time, annoyance and Buffering If thay
had applied to us first for treatment.
Wa make no misleading statements or
unbusinesslike propositions to tha af
flicted in order to aecura their patron
age. Our success has besn established
by our BAFB and CERTAIN method,
of treatment. Our charges ara low and
we guarantee satisfaction by curing
very case wa acospt for treatment
OFFICE) HOURS- a. m. to 8 p. m. Sund.ylo a. m. to 1 p. m.
State Eloctro-Etlodical Institute.
1308 Farnam Stnat, Batwsai 13th and 14th Streets, Omaha, Neb
Ln"t E!Ubl,hed' Tnor""thly "1e. AutJiorUed hy th. law. of tha .lata
c. .. .... . ' W1U D horse racea. The race tiro.
...... . kji. rnui. - H W1IM a I i . . . ' . i
hits: Ui. nn tkV-. "uw oul "na ,ne committee is soia.
ralverslty President, to Attend.
CHICAGO, Aug. 2. University presidents
from the Atlantic to the Paclflo coast ara
sending tneir acceptances to the Invitation
cf Northwestern university to tha cere
monies attendant upon the Installation of
President Edmund J. James on October 16.
Those who hava already accented ara:
Arthur 8. Hadley of Yale, James B. Ana-ell
or ine university or Michigan, Ira Remsen
of Johns Hopkins, William Kainey Harper
or tne university of Chicago, Benjamin Ids
Wheeler of tha University of California and
Silas Northrup of tha University of Minna-
base hit
Hurlev. Sacrifice hits: Marcau.
Btolen bases: Luml.r
x-.i.i. uaao un Dans:
x-.i.i iiftia un Dana? f irr kin I mm
Bacrlflc hit: Mertea. Rtnl.n h....- t. Bpe,r' Tln,' Umpire: Barber. UUU - V4 U t-V UU A
hell it). Menes, Davis. Double plays: Daly
to Davis to label 1. Gilbert to T. Jones.
?nt ..D ?n. balls: Oft Garvin, 8: off I t i.iii
Howell. 4. Wild pitches: Garvin, i. Itt I TiT, "
?'Lbfrai . Baltimore . 6; Chicago, 8. Time: Bt Paul
..w. i-iuiiui, unnoiiy. Kanaaa City
I olumbus ..
f I I m a ,,L
BOSTON. Aua. 86. Boat on waa r.tlr.H in I Mlnnryi,.,!!.""
tha second today, when Freeman equalled I Toledo
rt.hi: ".v.,r. V". am- .Milwaukee
r " . 7 " -' w waaaaj VITJlwU lUf A UieUU ! 1 atlllHVH lak a',r.l..
a a
" " The Hnimnr WH. -,t a t
Played. Won. Lost. PC 11,'sroKIta 4- - " :-.",u ?l"P
36 .474 u- . : J . J uousciioia. mey are
w .W9 weapons xnai cave been used for trt:.
in T&iSSfP1-1 and are about as effectiv
n vne battle with thia o-iant .iic.... .t. - .... .
xu I Knetimatism IS rancnl V...
a. w-.T" rtit!.i..t, ,r, -J con-
ki.kln. iit.n.n. tax e-r:"- I voiumoua at Indian- mtt..!... ....i j . . . '
"-i ,-. t".vi . . i auoiis, ivanaaa Ultv at Ulni..unn. I kuai aciuci in in lnintc s . ....
, . : v '"""v-icj nun nerves, inn im-i.nt. a
U.K. O A K I a u n.i
Dooih.rtr. It I 4 1 4 4 Burkatt. IT. .. 1 1 s 4 ct 1 1 4 4 4 H.mphill. at. 4 t 4 1 a
Loalavllla Trlasaph. at Hasae.
nor anything else applied externallv7n T .1 ana .1Inimenta -nd oils
tides. Www Sw tSh? thee"odin? par.
th !-fPf51.if,.,th.e,e h7 blood and can be reached onlvthronr
rrS., "A: ! J J i UV.ii'i lilt SVl' -ndpn; LutZL " a l"'men"eti'; rtlicves temporarily th aches
Panm,. aa... 8 1 4 4 S sMseea. 1... 4 4 4 8 1 " lople cheered the 1 j DUl UiW ar nly BymptomS the teal disease lif rlirl, -TU
La.,., is.. in 1 4 Mai. rt-aa.. 1 1 J home team to victory. Score: blood and eysteni are infected RhMim.k,V- asase lies deeper. The tb.... I 114 4io:ai'k, ik.. 4 4441 RHK tintlw .,a .1 r, . Kneu,natisra cannot be radically and nerma
1 a 8 1 4P.aWib... 4 Si!. Louiaviii 001006I6 MiTu nmly cured until the blood has been purified and no tiLa Rf.rma
ioaos. s 1 til a k.ko. a a a I a li,,.,. n 1 a A Z i I r1' ? thnrnnirli u - n. puuucu, ana no retnetl V does this art
--P.-.11. . s i a ; : " v v -wn j y.uiupuy as o. a. h. it
Cured la 5 Days (to stay cured).
We want every man afflicted with Varicocele, Con
i?,'? .BIO?? i''.BOn' werv l'emiity, Btricture, or
allied troubles, to come to our oflice where we will ex
pla n to him our method of curing these diseases. We
lnv. "t-.!?. mr,lcular all men who have become dlssatls
.i?.i,t."'"mf.l,"et,lere; We wl11 Plaln to you
vny, inViiLaI!.r0rt cnJfd and wl" 1monstrato to
your entire satisfaction why we can cure you safely,
quickly and permanently. Our counsel will cost you
LJk. anl oui chrK' 'or a perfect cure will be rea
?ornath.e KnaSunKrrid." yU WU,d W'1Unf t0
Is what you want. We will give you a wrltt.n t... i
DS. vr. A. COOK.
Discoverer of tha
lisoti "Cook
Cares" for Dis
eases of Men.
anH win .it. v.Ti h'iLli..i.. rn,?n'y- . we can
, jvu, j 66iianiuii, wnen Ba tinned thAt ln
sincere people, to cases that we hava cured to atav
formation I. desired by
Wh.i Jl k... ; V ' """""onea oy lamuy pnyslclans and so-cslled eiDerta
What we have done for others we can do for you If von r"' ,ia
110 and 112 South 14th Street,
Omaha, Neb.
Move Your Office.
While there are only about ten vacant rooms in the whole Bee BullilJns
there are among them, some of the very choicest offices In the building and
also some, which, while not so desirable, can be rented at a very low price
The rental price you must remember. Includes light, water, heat tnd' Jan
itor service, as yell as Immunity from fire Insurance because the building Is
absolutely fire-proof. ,
, List of vacant rooms in
The Bee Buildin
First Floor.
. Per Month.
It Is lo- V
Sl'ITB 101 There 1. no finer offlca aultn In rwi.h. ko .hi.
cated Just on the right hand of tha great marble atalrway. and haa un
usually large windows looking upon the front entrance way of the build
lng. It front, on Farnam atrt. nn rm i. n.ia .TT'.u- -Vi.
ROOM lOTi Here is a room that will be particularly adapted for an'archltect
or some one who needs a north light. The room Is 20 feet squire? fln shed
throughout In hardwood. Including tha floor., and la a bargaht at. Price 820.00
Third Floor.
ROOM M8i This is the only room on the second or third floor vacant and Is ona
?f.,th.eHCh.'C,i,,t. :?min tn" b"'1J'n- " 'a 17x3. and car T be" divided t
ffflLt"nant lf Prt.vat mJ l de.lred. It la a decidedly handsomS
SSl-.haV.,nB fntran" 'cln court, and wlndowa looking out on
Seventeenth street It has a very large burglar-proof vault, hardwood '
noors and la Just tha kind of an office that Is hard to obtain ordinarily
' Price 850.00
Fourth Floor.
ROOM 421 1 This room Is 18x14 feet and face, tha court, Is a light, pleasant
room, and has a burglar-proof vault t-rlca 830.00
Fiftji Floor.'
BUTE B14i This Is a very large room, 1748 feet. It faces west but Is very l'ght
Thi wti !nM ated-t.U i',Vly ld,om space of thls'slse is offered in
The bee Building It could be used to advantage by soma firm employing
a large number of clerks, or requiring large floor space-a wholesale
eer'i.or,TT'. fnlvwh0 woul ,lk be ln "reproof bulld-
or It will be divided to suit the tenant Price tSofld
ROOM 6ZO. This is a light, attractive room. It has a stationary wash stand,
and while It facea the west, being on the fifth floor It Is light and for
wnnMZ7.f 5.1inot ,n nefd .of larf Coor Pac. would make a fine office.. Price 810.04
ROOM oBli This room Is locsted close to the eluvstor and faces south. It has
nnnw .b'. neWly deoorJ.a- B' '. and It can be rented at. Price $27. GC
ROOM sail This room facea the court and Is 18x11 feet. It haa a burglar-proof
vault, and as it Is nesr ths telegraph office and on the aama floor with a
number of grain firms, it would ba a particular good room for a grain firm
dealrlng flrat-class accommodation , price $3000
Sixth Floor.
BUTE 41101 This consists i f two rooms, both 18WxlU4. Karh of th.m ho. .
large burglar-proof vauit, have been newly decorated and are rooms where
any business or professional man may ba comfortable. Price for tha two 8S5.0)
T.Ula ...14 18 tt 14 4)Uaa. a...... 4 i . "llerlef.:, tuwylHe. Masters and Carter;
i i . ' 1 1 un c in u n. Dtruca
ToUla ... I t M u a ou: By ktaat. rs, 7; by Wilson. LL I mnir.-
Boston 0 8 4 0 8 1 8 0 !J I -1r-
St. Louis a 0-i
Earned pine: Boston. 8: St. Louis. 8. I Bleao Takes Prlae Moaey.
'" nita: Btanl. Parent. Three-basa 1 ONA WA la
neutralizes 41i j .
stream of rich, strong blood to the aff el ch
dissolves and washes out all fnr.,v . t . J ,
sufferer obtain, W py relief from the torturing pTn,
o. . o. contains no rtrt.ich .v, . .
in and builds tin tha.Th.ncUi ..:..t t '.0
I 1 UNAWA. la. Aua- -Ifll.l T.I v I . 2.
e.1"- nut- "i "'"- Hwpbiu. , tiosn -hitneo. oeftitM A7.rT ; i:.:r.:m:.' ,?n,c'. ureaevespa
jri v?., bMsrte xzziiF' the 8w.fT spec. m, aUu.
Rental Agents.
Ground Floor,
Bee Buildin;
Western Electrical Go.
Electrle Wiring, Bells and Gas Lighting.
Q. W. JOHNSTON, Mgr. J5I0 Howard Bt.
Davis & Cowgill iron Works.
1S0L 1108 and 1505 Jackson Street.
Omaha, Neb. Tel. 638.
E. Zabrlsklo, Agent. J. B. Cosgill, Mar.