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,1U Up in Pitching Jat Long Enough U
Oil dnm Victory.
tnndon tho Only Player of the Eight
een TVbo Seemed Inclined (
Do Anything Worth tho
People's Watching-.
Irf the pretence c( 3,000 people, ha'f of
whom were women, Frank Owen yeiterday
presented Denver with a gams. It was as
Unnecessary It was disappointing. In
the eighth Inning, after two men were out
nd two strikes bad been called on Frisk,
Owen gave him a base on balls. After get
ting two strikes ,on Dundon, Owen allowed
blm to hit safe, and then Ramey came along
With a three-base drive to right center.
St was well fielded In. but Hlckey let the
throw get away from him, and Ramey didn't
aven hesitate at third
As a whole the game was a sort of day
after affair. - Everybody but Dundon seemed
to be dopey and lack snap. Dundon played
a very fast game both In the field and at
the bat. One of his stops was of the circus
order. Whlterldge gave the most remark
able exhibition of somnambulism ever
keen on the local diamond. He wasn't
awake a moment during the game, and his
Victory Is due to the fact that the Omaha
batters were nearly aa sound asleep as him
keif. Owen pitched gilt-edged ball with the
exception of that one inning, but that one
as enough
About the only feature of the game came
la the fourth. Up to this time the mega
phone chorus had been having all kinds
f pleasure, singing, "Oh, How Easy," and
"Home, Sweet Home," for Denver's benefit.
Jones opened the inning by beating out a
bunt. Dolan made a mess of Frisk's
grounder, and Dundon beat out a bunt.
Tho bases were full and no one out, and
that megaphone brigade lost its individual
and collective voice Immediately. Ramey
struck out, Radcllffe forced Jones at the
plate via Hlckey, and HcConnell rolled
one down to Thomas. Omaha pulled out
of a tight hole, but the megaphone men
were so badly frightened that they did not
recover during the entire game.
Omaha's two runs were made in the sec
ond. Stone struck out, but Dolan hit for
two, Thomas for three and Oondlng for
one In quick succession. Carter opened
the third with a bit and went to third on
McConnell's error, and Hlckey drew a bass
on balls, but neither Oenins, Stone nor
Dolan could deliver the hit. Carter also
opened the eighth with a safety, but Hlckey
nd Oenins struck out,' and Stone was
thrown out by Wblterldge. Scorer ' .
AB. R.
Telehanty, 2b...
Preston, cf
Jones, If
Frisk, lb
J)undon, 3b
Ramey.' rf
RadcllfTe, ss
McConnell, c...
Whlterldge, p...
Totals. .......
8 27 11
AB. R.
h. a
Carter, rf..,..
Genlna. cf....
Stone. If
Dolan, ss......
Stewart, 2b...,
Thomas, lb...
Oondlng, o....
Owen, p
i. 4
Totals , 33 2 6 27
Denver 00 0. 00003 03
Omaha , 030 0 0000 0-2
Earned runs: Omaha, 2; .Denver, 1. Two
base hits: Dolan, Frisk. Three-base hits:
'Thomao, Ramey. Bases on balls: OR
Owen, 8; off Whlterldge. 1. Struck out:
Hy Owen, ; by Whlterldge, 6. Stolen baaea:
Oenins, Carter. Double play: Owen to
Thomas. Left op bases: Denver, t; Omaha,
4. Time: 1:40. Umpire: Strauss.
Kawlona Wins In Twelfth.
KANSAS CITY, Aug. 21 Maher's two
errors in the twolfth inning allowed Kan
sas City to score tho winning run. At
tendance, WO. Score:
Kansas City 11000010000 1-4 10 3
Bt Joseph 00030100000 03 7 3
Batteries: Kanoaa City, Olbson and Mea
sltt; St. Joseph, Glade and Roth.
Milwaukee Still Climbing;.
MILWAUKEE, Aug. 22,-Mllwaukee won
from Peoria today in a close game. At
tendance, 600. Score:
Milwaukee 00011001 -S 1 2
Peoria 00000011 0-2 6 4
Batteries: Milwaukee, Adklns and Lucia;
Peoria. Bchafatal and Wilson.
Lack Still. with Des .Moines.
DES MOINES, Aug. 22 The Dee Moines
team followed up Itat batting streak of yes
terday, winning the second game of the
series witn Colorado BDi-tnss here this aft.
ernoon. Fceney, for the borne team, was
enecuve at critical limes. Attendance, duo.
' . R.H.E.
Des Moines.... 30000204 8 10 2
Colo. Springs.. 0 0 0 1 0. 1 0 1 0-S 1
' Batteries: Des Moines, Feeney and Han
son; Colorado Springs, Newmeyer and
Standing; of tho 'Tea ma.
.... KM
.... l'l
.... 107
.... 107 .
Won. Lost. P.C.
63 42 ,6'A
0 43 .63
62 46 .579
68 48 .bU
66 60
- 48. , 87 .4.'.7
41 63 ' .3118
81 70 .M
Omaha .....
Kansas City ......
Bt. Joseph
Colorado Springs
Des Moines
Mi .
Gama today: Denver at Omaha, Peoria
at Milwaukee, Colorado Springs at Des
juuiuca, oi, euecpn an tvanaas illy,
Leach Wli Two of Them tor1 Pitts,
t bars; by Ilia Soperb
I . Batting;.
FITT8BTJRd, Aug. 2?.-P1ttsburrf took
both games by. oj (playing the visitors at
every point. Lxach's batting was the fea
ture of both aamea. hla home run -In. .ah
first counting for three rune and his three
bagger In the second clearing the bases for
thrte more. Attendance, 4.o;o. Bcore, first
. . . R.H.O.A.B. R.H.O.A.B.
nana, ii ... j a a a a sharkard. If. 1 1 I s
af I
.. I
a a Hir. rf.... s
1ct. lb
Dolaa, cf....
Itahlao, aa. .. t
lHnoaa, lb. S
rooi, tb.... i
Wall, c
Kttaon, a. . . . S
Vmui, lb.
Rlubair, lb.
;caaray, aa..
Crollua. rf..
'glmmar. a..
IwlMaj, p..
I 11
1 e
T 0
I c
I a
I a
Wbaalar, lb.
Tola la IT II u s Tola la ... I is 14
Pittsburg 0 7 3 0 0 0 6 11
Brooklyn 0 001001 003
I Karned runs:' Pittsburg, 7: BrooVyn. 1,
'Two-base hits: Beaumont. Warner Bheck.
'ard. Rltchey. Three-base hits: Leach, Con-
roy, Crollus. Home run: Leach. Sacii
fle hit: Conroy. Stolen bases: Watincr
it). Conroy. Zlmmer. Double piaya: Rltchey
to Waiiwr. Dohrnv to Hltrhev la rimmv
to Wagner, Kltchey to Conroy to Wagner
. iji rirai oase on Dans: urr iMHany,
oft Kltson. 3. Hit by Ditched ball: Wan
tier. Btruik out: By Doheny, 3; by Kltson
. iiu pucn: jvnaon. lime: l.aa. era
plre: Irnln.
Bcore, second game:
R.H.O.A.B. R.H.O.A.B
n.raa. If ... 1 I a Sharkard. It. 4 4 I 4
at I
I KmIw, rf.... S
Utcb, lb
Mjliolaa, cf....
e lahii. aa..
s'liouovao. lb
Flood, lb...
iWall. c
a Wraaa, p
Waanar. lb
rvka. lb..
Conroy, aa.,
Croatia, rf.
glauaar, a.
ChaaMa, p..
- IWtiMUr.
Total ... I 4 IT I i
' Tatala .
- 'Batted for Evans In ninth.
1 I 14 t I
Plttsburar ,, a o o o 4 S
Brooklyn 0 0 0 1 0 0
0 0-1
Earned runs: .Pittsburg, t Three-base
bit: Lataeh. Sacrifice hits: Leach. Burke,
Kealer. Stolen bases: Beaumont. Zlmmer
Pirst baa on ballet Oft Chechro. 1: oft
Jvvana, 3. lilt b Huhed oall. i luud. Wall.
Lawn Tennk Singles for the Championship of Iowa Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri, Under the
Lawn Tennis Association, at the Omaha Field Club Courts, August 18 to 22,
C. S. Cm-ey. Sioux City, la
J. W. Towle. Omaha
E. McBrlde. Topeka, Kan i
Carter Wilder, Kansas City, Mo
O. 8. Erwln, Omaha
0. A. Abbott, Jr., Urand Island. Neb....
L. Mlddleksuff. Lexington, Neb
C. 8. Peters, Chicago, 111
H. Clarke, Omaha
Fred Hamilton, Omaha, Neb
C. H. YoUng. Omaha
W. a. Parker, Arkansas City, Kan
W. F. Prowett, Fullerton, Neb
W. 8. Oilman, Sioux City, la v.
E. A. Carey, North Platte, Neb
J. B. Brown, Omaha
Richie Volk, Lexington, Neb
C. O. Hllea, Sioux City, la
Iee VanCamp, Omaha
K. Farnsworth. Urand Island, Neb.....
F. R. Sanderson, Oalesburg, III
J. F. Webster, Omaha ,
A. F. Ryan, Omaha
M. Hopkins, Minneapolis
C. C. Cockerlll. Pittsburg, Mo
L. P. Paswalk, Norfolk, Neb
E. M. Ashcraft, Chicago
William McNeal, Sioux City, la
1. Raymond, Jr., Lincoln, Neb
George Howell, Sioux City, la
H. D. Copeland, Topeka, Kan..
J. Magee, Bennington, Neb..
F. Dufrene, Omaha
George Prttchett, Omaha
Dr. F. E. Sheldon, Kansas City..:
K. H. Oraves, Lees Summltt, Mo
H. M. Holland, Oalesburg, III .".
e). 8. Cnldwell. Omaha
F. J. Hill. Omaha ,
Charles Croskey. Topka, Kan. ........
Struck out: By Chesbro, 3; by Evans, 1
Wild pitch: Cheabro. Balk: Chesbro.
Time: 1:40. Umpire: Irw'n.
Daggleby Das la 'too Late.
CINCINNATI. Aug. 22. The Cincinnati
team landed on Duggleby In the first two
innings and piled up enough runs to win.
After the second, however, they could do
nothing with him. Hahn was steady except
in the sixth, when he allowed two bases on
balls and both runners came over the plate.
Attendance, 8,000. Score I
A A '
K.ll-r. lb..
Bx-klrr, lb.
Crawford, rf
Sarmour, cf.
I t 0 Taeniae, ef.. 0 I I t s
7 1 liwolr't's, . lb, 0 S 0 I
lis Barrr, rf I 0 I 0 0
I t Krvjf. It 110 0 0
I I OiHulawttt, aa. 1 4 I
1 x (Ijaanlnsa, lb. 1
1 ttooln, a Stilt
I CblWa. lb.... lift
1 1 Dun'obr. p. I 1
Plata, lb....
Corcoran, aa
Maloner, If.
Berg-ao, c...
Hahn. B.....
Totals ..'.I I 27 10 l Tetals ... I 4 M II e
Cincinnati ..... 1 0 ' ' ! ! M
Philadelphia O o a v w v-a
Two-haaw hit: Hulawltt. Three-naao nus:
Crawford, Berkley, Hahn. Double plays:
Corcoran to Pelts to Beckley. First base
on balls: Oft Hahn, 3; off Duggleby, L
Btruck out: By Hahn, 6; by Duggleby, 8.
Time: 1:32. Umpires: O Day and Brown.
Boston Lands on Plttlnsjer.
CHICAOO. Aug. M. "-Boston won today by
tlmalv hittlnar. Plttlncer's great pitching
and costly errors. Attendance, 1,400. Bcore:
aa... till
Daxtar, aa
Bchaarer, lb. 0 t 1 1
Slaale. It.... t I
Tenner, lb... t
Cooler, if.... 1
Carnay, rf... 1
1 II
Clark, lb 4 4 10 t
Dobba. ex.... I l a w
Kilns, a 4 1 1 t 1
Demonl. ID. 1
Luth. cf I
Oram'f'r. lb. 4
Tlnkar. aa.... Silts
Lowa. lb 0 0 I 1 s
Padroaa, rf., 4 1 4 S
Moran, o a
Pltttngar, p.. S
Taylor, p.... tills
Totala ... f t 17 II I
Totals ... I 1 17 ll I
.00002020 16
,01010000 02
Left on bases:
Chicago. 3; Boston, 1.
Roerlflfie hits:
Utnl.r. haiM!
niuiB, uioiiiiiiBii .... '
Dobbs, Moran. Double plays: Kllng to
Clark, Tinker to Clark. Struck out: By
Tavlor. 1: by Pltttnger. 8. Baees on balls:
Kling, Oreminger, Carney.
Off Plttlnger, 1 Time:. 1:80. Umpire: Can-
tillon. , ,
gtaadtaar of tho Teams.
Played. Won. Lost
Brooklyn .
Boston ...
Chlcaao . .
62 .
' 47
M li
- 67
, , 3 .
64 '
Cincinnati ....
St. Louis
Oamea today
Boston at Chicago, Brook
lyn at Pittsburg, Philadelphia at Cincin
nati. New York at Bt. Louis.
Blatters Downed at Danbnry.
DAN BURY. Neb.' Aug. 22 (Special.)
Danbury and Sergeants Bluffs played a
last game or Dan on me local uiamuna,
Danbury winning by the score of 2 to 1.
Features of the came were the double play
ot Heaves and Conway and the pitching of
Morrlssey. Bcore:
Danbury 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 11 t 0
ttiuns v u u v v v a v v i m
Batteries: Danbury, Morrlssey and Brock-
man; Berfroanta tsiuns, nuies ana noages.
Time: l.w. Umpire: Adams.
Mullen Hakes Detroit's Victory Easy
by Confining; Baltimore to
Fssr Hits.
BALTIMORE. Aur. 22. Mullen allowed
the Baltimore American league team only
four hits today and Detroit won easily. At
tendance, i.iuu. ecors;
4 4 10 0
Harl.y. If...
Elbcrfald, sa
Caaay, lb...
Barratt, ef..
Mrrarl'd. ef. 1 I I 0 1
Smlta. If.... I 4 S
Williams, lb. I 4 4 1
Howell, lb... S 1 1 1
Aroat. rf S 1 t 1
Ollbart. aa... 0 I 1 I S
Roblnaoa. s.. S 4 I 4 s
1 1
I 1
Holmes, rf..
I 1
1 11
1 t
Bark, lb
Olaaaoa. lb.
McAI'a'r, a..
Mullen, p...
1 I
Wllua, lb... 1 II S s
1 I
Bblelda. p.... 1 0 1 I S
Touts ...10 11 17 IS il ToUls ... t 4 17 11 4
Detroit 0 0 0 1 8 0 0 8 810
Baltimore 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 02
Three-base hits: Arndt, McAllister. Home
run: Barrett. Stolen base: Gilbert. Double
play: Casey to Uleason to Beck, f irst
base on balls: Off Mullen, 3: off Shields, 2.
Struck out: By Hhlelda, 3. Left on bases:
Detroit, f; Baltimore, 1 Wild pitch: Mul
len. Time: 1:46. Umpire: Connolly.
St. Loots, Drops Its Third.
PHILADELPHIA. Aug. 22. The home
club toduy won the third successive game
from Bt. Lrfuls. Mitcneii waa not in rorm
nd Waddell took Ms ulace after the first
Inning, ivane waa nit oara ana oiten. Ai
tendance, 7,322. Bcore:
R.H.O.A.B. R.H.O.A.B
Hartaal. If... 114 0 s Burkett. If... 1 I 1 0 S
Fulti. cf 1 1
S 0 S Hemphill. Cf. 1 I I 1
Oayia. lb 0 1
L. Croaa, lb. 1 I
7 r rrtal. rf 1 1 0 4
I 1 0 Andaraoo, lb. 1 1 10 0
0 1 O'Wallar, aa.. 0 0 4 1
baybold, rf.. 0 I
Murphy, lb.. I I
M. Crota. aa. I 1
I I'MoCork, lb
I I 0 Paddaa, lb.
7 4 HSuedas, e.,
0 0 SiKaue, p....
0 1 11'Kabae ....
. brack, a... I I
Mtlchell. p... 0 4
Waddell. p... 1 1
Totals ...11 14 17 II I ToUls ...4 10 14 14 I
Batted for Kane in ninth.
Philadelphia 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 12
Bt. Louia 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 04
Earned runs: Philadelphia, I;' St. Louis,
1. Two-btw hit: Murphy. Three-base
hits: M. Cross, Kultse. Home run: Wad
dell. Sacrifice hits: Fultse (2. Stolen
bsses: Anderson, Padden, Hartaal. L.
Croaa (2). Double plays: Hemphill to An
derson, Wallace to padden to Anderson.
Left on bases- Philadelphia, 4; St. Louis,
t. First base on balls: Off Kane, 8; oft
Waddell, 8. Btruck out; By Kane, 1; by
Waddell, i. Time; 1:64. Umpire: Sheri
dan. Chicago's Laeky Finish.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 In a slow game
the home team went to pieces in the eightn
and Chicago tied the score. The visitors
filled the sacks In the ninth and a passed
ball, which waa blocked, let three runs
cross the plate. Attendance, 2,463. Score:
R.H.O.A.B.' R.H.O.A.B.
Strang, lb... I 111 I Boyle, lb.... 1 I I S s
Jnnae. ef 1 1 0 0 0 La, ef 0 0 10 0
Davia. aa I I I 1 Ualek'ty. If.. 1 I 1 I
Manas. !(.... 1 1 I S 0 KaUter. rf... 1 0 I 0 1
twly. lb
i a i s i iMismia. it. i i i
0 4 1 4 0 Ely. aa 1 t t I 0
0 1 14 4 0 (aray, lb.... 14 110
0 4 110 Drill 1 1 I I 1
1111 sTewaaeat, p. 4 4 I t 0
1 ToUls ... 4 I n 11 i
1 t n n s
0 0000008 8 t
ailabas. rf.
labell, lb....
aulllraa, a..
M.Tarl d. S.
tirlfttih, p....
Totals ..
Washington 0 0 0 1 0 1 4 0 0-4
Earned runs: Washington. 2. Three-bass
lilt: fcly. Home run: Delehanty. Stolen
bases: Doyle, Delehanty, Kelaler, Davla,
Sullivan. 6acr1nce hit: Townsend. Double
blay: Daly to Davis to lsbell. Baaea on
balls: Off Townsend, : off Griffith, 1.
Struck out: By Tuwitaeuu, S, by uruuln, S.
Left on baaes: Chicago, 6; Washington. 4.
Peased balls: Drill, McFarland. Time:
1:1a. Umpires; Carruthers and Johnstons.
Johnson Bees Boaton Hanslllated.
BOSTON. Aug. 22. Cleveland completely
routed Boston today. Young being the
easiest kind of a mark, while Bernhard
was effective. Boston was badly crlptled
lu the Uinlng ul I'vlltua. I'raaldeul ban
Towle df
Wilder df
Abbott ...3-3,8-3,8-1
Peters .....df
Clarke df
Parker t-1. 8-8
8-0. 3-1
.4-4, 8-2. l-I
.8-2, t-0
' Hopkins .
; Cockerlll
' Ashcraft
Farnsw'th ....8-0,3-1
..-0, (-0
,.-0, t-0
.-. t-1
Ashcraft .
..t-1, (-1
.t-1. 6-4
nJ Raymond
...T-o. t-1
...t-t, 6-3
Sheldon 6-2,6-1
CMweII 7-. 7-
Croskey ...3-8, 7-6, 6-4
Johnson saw tho game. Attendance, 7,672.
R.H.O.A.B.f R.H.O.A.B,
Day, et I 1
Brafllay. lb.. 1 1
Lajol. lb.... 1 8
Hickman, lb. I I
Flick, rf t I
McCarthy. It. 4 I
Oorhn'ar, sa. 4 0
Wood, a 4 4
s Olcaaoa. If... 1 I I S
S gthl. ef t 4 t t
1 Collins, lb... 1 4 t 1 I
Fraamaii, rf . 4 1 4
f Parant, aa... I 1 4 4 4
S LaCh'ce, lb.. 4 4 11 1 1
1 r-ma, lb..., 4 4 111
s Crlsar,
4 114 1
damla, a..... 4 1
e.Toung, p.
Barn hard.
I ll
Iiotaia ..
Cleveland 0 0 0 1 1
1 I 17 It 4
It 2 0-6
10 0 0-1
Boston 0 0 0 0 0
Earned runs: Cleveland. 6,
hits: Parent, Stahl. Three-base hits:
Bradley, nick (3), Hickman, Mccartny (Z).
Stolen baaea: Bay (2), Bradley, Flick,
Stahl. Double plays: Lajole to Uochnauer
to Hickman, Young to Parent to La Chance.
Bases on balls: Oft Bernhard, 3; off Toung,
1. Hit by pitched balls: Wood, Brsdley.
Struck out: Cleveland. 3; Boston, L Time:
1:44. Umpire: O'Laughlln.
taadlagr of tho Teams.
Played. Won. Lost P.C.
Philadelphia 93 67 41 .682
Chicago MO 65 46 . 650
Boston 102 6 46 .649
Bt. Louis 99 64 46 .645
Cleveland 104 61 63 . 490
Washington 103 47 66 . 466
Baltimore 102 43 69 .422
Detroit 98 40 68 .409
Oamea today: Cleveland at Philadelphia,
Chicago at Baltimore, St. Louis at Boston,
Detroit at Washington.
Colsmbsi Wlaa After Bttllasr Four
teen Fierce Ianlnars with
TOLEDO, O., Aug. 22. Toledo and Co
lumbus played a rourteen-lnnlng game to
day. In which Columbus won. German and
Wagner each pitched a- brilliant game. At
truuiuice, a.vuu. Bcore:
R.H.O.A.B.! R.H.O.A.B.
Hart, tb S 1 4 4 4 Maany. rf.... 0 1 Its
Boldan. rf... 0
MParl'. of. 1
s Barna. lb.... S 1 T I s
sTurnar, as... 1 1 t I S
s KIlnow, lb. 1 t 14 4 1
1 OraAus, c... 1 4 4 1
S Ollka, ef 1 S t 9
S Smith, tb.... S8I1S
S Mock, if 4 I 1 S
S Oamaa,' p... 4 14 11
Turner, lb
Myers, lb.
Knoll, if.,
Hopka, aa
Vlos, as..,
Vox, s
Wasaer I
t 17
1 4
Touts ... 4 141 t t
' Totals ... I 11 41 IS ll
Two men out when winning- ran was
Columbus 0001000030000 1-S
Toledo 010 00 80000000 0-4
Two-base hits:' Ktelnow, McFarland.
Sacrifice hit: Burns. Stolen bases; Burns,
Ollks, McFarland. Double plays: Hopke
to Myers (2), Turner to Myers. Btruck out:
By uerman, t; by Wagner, j. uases on
balls: Oft German, 8. Wild pitches: Wag
ner, 6: German, L Time: 2:25. Umpire:
Mllwaakee Pata 'Em Teg-ether.
MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 22. Milwaukee won
tot" ay 'a game by bunching hits In the first
and fourth. Minneapolis had a chance to
tie the score in the ninth with two men
on baaea and only one out, but the next
two men flew out. Attendance, 700. Bcore:
R.H.O.A.B. I R.H.O.A.B.
Ounaan, If... 0 111 0 Lynch, of.... 1 1 I 0 s
McBiida, cf.. 1 I I 0 Qulllln, as... t 1 1 4 1
Schtebeek, lb 1 t t I Lally, If 4 t 4 0 0
Hantaan, rf. s S I 0 1 Yea far, lb... s 1 s s
Cllnamaa, ss 0 1 t 4 I Warden, lb.. 4 4 11 I 1
Rcnkla. lb... 4 0 1 t o Byere. a 4 4 4 1 s
Donahue, lb. 1 1 11 1 0 Oraat, lb.... 0 1 4 I 4
Spaar, s 1111 s'Bulllvan. rf.. 0 0 14 0
AUrook, p.... 4 14 1 0 Crlbblna, p.. 4 4 1 t I
Totals ...1 7 n 11 "l ToUls ... I 10 17 10 0
Milwaukee 30030000 04
Minneapolis 30010000 08
Earned runs: Minneapolis, 1; Milwaukee,
i: Two-base hit: Yeaaer. Bases on balls:
Oft-Alt rock, 2. Left on baaes: Minneapo
lis. 11; Milwaukee, t. Sacrifice hits: Wer
den, Altrock, Bpear, CUngman. Stolen
baaes: Lally (2), Lynch, Hallman. Um
pire: Ftggemler. Time: 1:35.
First ta Bt. Paal'a.
BT. PAUL, Aug. 22. The borne team took
the first same of the series from Kansas
City. It waa oloaely contested and replete
with brilliant, worn on Doth sides. At
tendance, til. Score:
R.H.O.A.B. I R.H.O.A.B.
Oeler. lb.... 0 0 .4 t 4 Rothniaa. rf. 0 1 I 1 0
Shannon. ef..O 110 Bay 1 1 la. e.... 0 I t I 1
DlllarO. If.... 0 110 Nance, cf.... 0 14 0 0
Lumley, rf... 1 I t 4 Orady, lb.... 4 4 I 4 S
Huaslus, la. 4 1 4 I O Loawa. aa.... 4 1110
Kallay. lb... 4 t 10 1 0 Smith. If 0 t I 4 0
Pierce, a 0 4 I 0 0 McAnd'a, lb. 0 0 0 t 0
Marcaa. as... 0 Oil 1 Thai I, lb 4 Oils
farauaoa, .. 0 0 1 I 0 Gear, p I 0 4 t 0
ToUls ...7 7 t7 It 7 ToUls ... o7l4u7
St. Paul 00000010 1
Kansaa City 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Two-base hits: Kelley, Rothfuas. Throe
base hit: Bevtlle. Stolen bases: Shannon,
McAndrews. Sacrifice hit: Hugglna. Base
on balls; Ferguson, 1, Struck out: tty
ueer, l; by Marcan, L Lert on bases: Bt.
Paul, 3: Kansas City, 1 Time: 1:1. Urn
plre: BtuarL
Standing; ot tho Teama.
Won. Lost P.C.
73 , 35 .176
70 38 .618
62 47 .MS
M 87 .42
tl b .4H
4J 14 .4M
40 ft .370
88 78 .Kit
Louisville ...
Bt. Paul
( Kansas City
loiumoua ...
Milwaukee ..
Oamea todav: Milwaukee at Minneapolis.
Toledo at Indianapolis. Columbus at Louis
ville, Kansas city at ot. raui.
took Yard Boys Trowneed,
HARVARD, Neb., Aug. 22. (Special Tele
gram.) Harvard, assisted by four Clay
Center players, Sanderson, a professional
pitcher, and Perry of the western league.
defeated the boys representing the Union
Stock Yards company of South Omaha
easily. Qutnn waa knocked out of the box
In the fifth. The featurea of the game were
the batting of Henderson and Qulnn. Ihe
boys were entirely outclassed, bcore:
Harvard 30018380 -17 Li
Juniors 000003130-3
Batteries: Harvard. Sanderson and Ros-
enbaum; Juniors, wulnn, Caughey and Mil
ler. Two-base htta: Perry, Ling, Rosen,
beum, Qulnn. Three-base hit: Sanderson
Home run: Sanderaon. Bases on balls: off
Banderson, 8; off Qjlnn, 1. Btruck out: By
csugbey, z; by Banderson, IL Umpire
Time: 3.00.
Kaay Game.
Neb.. Aur. 12. ISnectal
Telegram.) Louisville and Springfield
played their Aral game of the season here,
the locals winning with ease and Third
IMseman xoungs In the box. Bcore;
Springfield 0 0 1 2 0 4 8 0 4-13 II I
Louisville Oliioaoia 7
Batteries; Springfield, Youngs sad
Micuoison; LfOUisviua. Maaters and Carter.
Throo-1 Leagae.
At DavVviiuvi i Biuoinington, 4; Davrn
nort. 1.
At Rock Island Rock Island, 8; Terre
Haute. 1
At Cedar Rapids Decatur, 1; Cedar Rap-
lor, v.
At Rockford Evanevllle, 7; Rockford. I
Wilder -l
.8-3. 1-8. trl
Peters 3-0, -0
Parker t-0, (-1
F"nsWth..M, -. -l
Farnsworth .. .t-l. t-J
Sanderson 6-7, t-1. 6-4
Sanderson B-T, M, t-1
Raymond .4-t, 6-4, 6-4
..t-1, 6-1
Sheldon 6-6,6-1
.6-1 6-1
Tho Monk BeaU Him Two Heati at
Other la nearly as Fast anal Horse
ot Ploas Itamo Finds Him.
self with If ew Rec
ord. READVILLE, Mass.. Aug. 22. The one
great surprise at the Readville track today
was the appearance of Lord Derby In the
1:07 trot. The surprise was not carried out
to the extent ot his winning the race, tor
Ed Oeers drove The Monk under the wire
ahead of him in two straight heats and
won. In the first heat establishing a new
record for himself of 2:06 and a new race
record for the track.
Although 12,500 waa offered In this trot,
only four horses "were entered. Ed Oeers
sent The Monk away first with the bunch
behind. -Down to the quarter they went,
with Lord Derby dropping back at every
stride until he was last. The half was
passed and Lord Derby began to show speed.
At the three-quarters he tried to overhaul
The Monk, but It was too late and Oeers
finished under the wire behind a record
breaker. The time made was 2:05 and
while It broke The Monk's own record, it
by no means damaged Lord Derby's repu
tation, for when .the second heat was called
he was still .favorite at even money.
In this heat Lord Derbr made no mistake
in laying back too far at the start, for he
followed The Monk like a shadow to the
three-quarter. Then began a drive by both
ueers and Spear, but to no avail, as
they went under the wire with The Monk
safely la the lead,
Tomorrow's. card, Includes six events, one
of which, wjll Jyviha. trial by. Dan Patch
against the world's pacing record. Sum
maries: -" ! .'
2:16 class, .trottlns-. nurse tt 000?
Alice Carr, blk. m., by Gam-
betta Wllkee-Nutmontle, by
Nutwood (Garrison) 1 1 a 1 1
Re-Elected, r. hi. (Macey).. 1 211 8 1
Mary P. Leyburn. ch. m. (Paige) 3 8 13 3
Gene D., blk. m. (Lassie) 3 4 4 ro
noweuan, o. g. (uoiden) I 8 3 ro
Prince Selma, br. h 9 11 8 ro
Hylle Bird, b. g. (Kpapp) S t 7 ro
my cnance, cn. n. (crowiey)....n ro
Silver Bign, b. h: (O Dollin) 7 10 6 ro
Alvander, b. h. (Maloney) 8 7 10 ro
Adda, br. m. (Gadder) 10 8 8 ro
Walnut Hall, br. h. (Benyon)... ds
lime: z:n. z:io, 2:11. 2:llVt. .
2:10 class, nsclnsr. Duree 11.000:
Junius, ch. g., by Online-Daughter
of New York (Saunders) Ill
Miss Wlllamont, b. g. (Miller) 3 8 2
Pan Michael, ch. h. (Hyde) 14 8
Josh, b. g. (McMahon) 6 2 7
Dick Wilson, br. h. (Wllaon) 8 6 3
Ethel Mc, ch. m. (McCarthy) S 6 4
Bora Roaie, b. m. (Allen) I I j
Anslle, b. m. (Maloney) 8 7 8
Bultana, br. m. (Ryan) 4 ds
Knox's Gelatine Baby, b. g. (Grusle) ds
Time: 2:08. 2:08, 2:0Sft.
2:07 class, trotting, two heats In three,
purse 32,600:
The Monk (Geers) 1 1
Lord Derby; b. g. (Spear) 2 2
Dolly Dillon, b. g. (Saunders) 3 4
Chainahot. b. g. (McDonald) 4 3
Time: 3:06. 2:06.
2:13 class, pacing, two heats In three,
purse 31.000:
Carl Wilkea. ch. g. (McDonald) 1 1
Anldroela. ch. g. (Kent) 2 8
Prince Direct, blk. h. (McHenry) . 6 2
Jesse H.. b. g 2 7
Mace, b. g. (Allen) 4 S
Go Bee, b. g. (Proctor) 7 4
Dewey, blk. g. (Miller) 6 6
Bylvlaone, g. m. (Ervln) 8 8
George Wilson, ch. g. (Gillies) 9 8
Hale B., b. g. (Richardson) ds
Curtis, ch. ft (Bever) ds
Time: 2:0S, 2:08.
English Raeaneter Goes Down Be.
tore tho Wlsard ot Bos-
ton Town. v
NEWPORT. R. I Aug. 22. The tennis of
the fourth day of the national champion-
imp at tne casino rumianed ine best sport
in singles so far of the tournament and
was made noteworthy by the defeat of Dr.
Joshua Plm, a former cnampion of an Kn
land. L. E. Ware of Boaton accomplished
the downfall of the British veteran and
did It In straiKht sets. This match, how
ever, waa only one of a number of Interest
ing contests, In which that between M, D.
Whitman and Beales C. Wright attracted
the most attention, Whitman winning three
sets to one.
In this latter the absence of smashing
ana ine rest, close worn at tne net made
the spurt rather dull to watch and half tho
crowd went over to see the contest between
H. L. Doherty and Richard Stevens. Here
tney found the excitement wnicn tney
craved, for by playlns hla usual steady
base line game Stevens not only took a set
from the EnclUhman. but rams within a
single stroke of another. With the aets
1-nll the aramep 6 to 4 and the acore 40-80,
Stevens missed scoring on a fine pass by a
few inches, the ball solng that distance
outside. Dnhertv then evened matters up
without difficulty, and although Btevena
won another ismt the Englishman ran out
the set 8-6. The next set went to him 8 to
1 and the match was finished.
The star match tomorrow will he between
R. F. Doherty. the elder of the English
men, and W. J. Clothier of Phlladeipnia,
who beat W. A. Lamed at Lonerwood last
month, and a lively contest Is anticipated.
At U:10r when the Whltman-Wrlaht con
test waa started, nearly 1,000 enthusiasts
were clustered about the court. The match
started with Wright serving from ths east
end of the court.
The points on the first set were as fol
lows: M. D. Whitman 4 4 0 8 3 4 4 2 430-8
B. C. Wright 2 2 4 4 4 0 2 4 2-24-8
In the second set Wrl'ht's smashes
seemed to have more force in them and ha
won many strokes by passing Whitman.
The score by points:
B. C. Wrlrht 5 42484022 435-8
M. D. Whitman 2 34331444 3-294
In the third set Wright's errors and fur
ther sharp work at the net by Whitman
gave, the latter the set. 6-3, and made the
score 3 sets to 1 In Whitman's fsvor.
The points on ths third set were as fol
lows: M. D. Whitman 8 4 3 8 4 3 4 4 4-38-4
B. C. Wrlk-ht 3 14 7 112 1 1-241
When the fourth set began Wright was
serving, and a:though the first game went
a deuce twice, he managed to win. In this
set Wright relied on Whitman's errors for
his points. The names kept going bar and
forth, each winning his service, with the
sore 8-alU WrUM Suddenly 1st up la his
Auspices of the United States
Farnsworth ...8-0, t-1
S' 8-4, 1-4, t-1, trl
Sanderson 6-L t-1
play and four successive nets gave Whit
man the odd game.
In the midst of the Whitman-Wright
match the Ware-Plm contest waa finished
and to the astonishment of very many the
Englishman was beat in straight seta, 7-5,
7-5, t-3.
The defeat of the former English cham
pion waa the surprise of the tournament.
The score by points of the Ware-Plm
match is as follows:
First set:
L. E. Ware..
J. Pirn .......
Second set:
L. E. Were..
J. Pirn
Third set:
.27264744106 4-4A-7
.48441610443 0-39-4
2 4 4 0 4 1 4 2 4 0 4 4-35-7
41242404442 0-31-6
L. E. Wars 4044S104 4-26-8
J. Plm 2 4 3 3 3 4 41 1-23-3
This practically settled the match, for
Whitman took the next game with ease
snd with It the set and match.
The points on the fourth set were as
M. D. Whitman... 54783444344 4-80-7
B. C. Wright 71834160620 2-40-i
Some fine playing was done in the
Doherty-Btevens match. Doherty took the
first set. Stevens won the second and was
within one stroke of taking tho third when
Doherty rallied and won. He also took
the next set. This gave htm tho match,
three sets to one.
Summary of the morning's play:
Championship singles, third round:
S. Waller beat D. F. Davis by default.
H. I. Doherty beat R. Stevens, 6-1, 4-6,
8-6, 6-1.
H. F. Allen beat D. F. Appleton, t-0,
8-6 8-L
Fourth round:
R. H. Huntington beat 8. Waller, 6-0,
4-4. 6-3.
R. D. Little beat H. F. Avery, -4, 6-4, 6-4.
Krelgh Collins beat H. H. Whitman, 6-1,
8-2, 6-3.
M. D. Whitman beat B. C. Wright, 6-4.
4-6. 6-3. 7-6.
U E. Ware beat Dr. Joshua Plm, 7-5,
7- 5-, 6-8.
L. H. Waldner beat I W. Olasebrook,
0-1, e-i, e-i.
R. F. Doherty beat L. E. Mahan, 8-2,
8- 0. 6-4.
Whitman's victory todsy will undoubtedly
carry him through the finals, as D. E.
Davis withdrew from tho tournament this
morning. Whitman may have a hard set
or two with Krelgh Collins, the Chicago
player, but he should win.
Ware's victory over Dr. Plm will bring
htm against H. Lv Doherty either tomorrow
or Monday
gnyder and Tremalne-'Moore.-Strelght
Ball Clnha to Meet tor
Third Game.
The entire commission district is involved
In a discussion of the relative merits of
the base ball teams composed of the em
ployee of the firm of J. R. Snyder 4k Co.
and those of Tremalne, Moore 4 Co. and
M. u. Btreignt dt uo. bo rar nas ine
discussion gone that the employers have
become interested and two of them have
enrolled themselves upon one of the teama
for the purpose of increasing the chances
ot winning. Two games have been played
between the rival clubs. The first was
won by the Snyder club end for a week or
more me crowing wnicn came irom tne
northwest corner of Eleventh and Howard
streets made the people on the southeaat
corner wnite witn rage, ine secona game
waa won bv the combined forces of the
opposition and the morning after there
was displayed a banner In which the de
feat or the erstwhile champions waa
heralded to the world. There was a threat
that the banner would be destroyed, but
the champlona of the victors In the second
arame threatened fire and sword unon the
man whose temerity would lead him to
touch their banner. Saturday afternoon at
3:30, on the grounds at Twenty-seventh and
Caas streets, the third game of the aeason.
the deciding ne, is to be played. The
une-up is as ioiiows:
T., M. ft Co.
H. O. S.
J. R.
R. Trimble.
first baae
...second base...,
....third baae
... shortstop ....
.... rlghtfield ....
, Henry
C. Trimble eenterfleld
Matlaco Rnees Today.
Ths mile track at Council Bluffs, ths
scene of this afternoon'a matinee, to be
held under the auspices of the Trl-City
Amateur Driving club, was not Injured by
Friday nlght'a rain. Men were put to work
on it yesterday and It will be worked again
this morning. Unless It rains during the
nignt, tne tracK win oe llgntning fast.
Four events, two match races and an ex
hibition to pole are 011 the program, and
on account of . the length of the program
the racea will be called sharp at 3 p. m.
Cars will transfer direct to the grounds
and admission to grounds and grandstand
will be free. The following la the program
and entry list. All events will be half-mile
beats, best two In three:
Class A Blugen (C. C. Kendall). Toney
W. (W. A. McKey). Nellie Ash (Dr. C. E.
Clasa B Poverty (Russell), May Day (J.
W. Bouquet), George R. (Rose), Black
Kate W. B. Huston).
Class C Governor Taylor (Crofoot),
Locket (Campbell), Straightaway (Arnold),
bay gelding Watterman).
Class D-ZIpp (Gall), Twlrley Maid (Wy
mtni, Ole (ware), unknown (Weatherbee).
Class E Match race: Jim 1'nderwood
(Vnderwood), Almont Junior (Dudley).
Class F Match rare, teams: I'neapnh
and Lady Blaine (William Underwood);
unknowns (A. M. Hutchinson).
Exhibition to pole by Lucky Jim and
Durada (Tom Dennlson).
Games at Field C'loh satarday.
The Omaha Field Club first baae ball
team will play the Omaha Rubber company
nine at 3:46 Saturday afternoon on the
club grounds. At 8 o'clock the second team
will meet the South Omaha Young Men's
Christian aasoclatlon club. The Une-up of
the first team game win be:
O. F. C. 1st.
O. R. Co.
... nrst
.. Second
... Third ....
... Third
.. Short
... Rlght...,
.. Middle ....
.... Left ,
. Catcher
.. Pitcher ....
.. Pitcher ...
Van Camp.
Blooaner Girls Poor Ball Players.
BEATRICE. Neb., Aug. 22. (Special Tel
egram.) The Boston Bloomers, an aggre
gation of female ball players, playod a
game here today with a team from this
c'.ty. The game, which resulted in a vic
tory for the home team by a score of 13
to 7, waa a farce. The women could not
hit the ball nor run raeas. A small crowd
witnessed the exhibition,
Hansholdlers Detent Bloaaaars.
Ht'MBOLDT, Nsb., Aug. 22.-Spec!al.)
The Bloomer Girls, a baae ball aggregation
which la touring this part of the state, wss
on Wednesday defeated by the Humboldt
boys by a score of 13 to 2. The visitors
were entirely outelaaaed and In fact did
not make much pretense ot playing tho
national gams. 1,
Gtlfttburg Mm Lands CkampionWp in
Tennis linglss.
Grand Island Player Makes Hard
Fight tor the Honor, hnt Ills
Placet la Hot tapportet by
Safflclent Strength.
F. R. Banderson ot Galeiburg, 111., de
feated Earl Farnsworth of GraD& Island,
Neb., la the final round of the champion
ship singles In the Intorstate tennis tour
ney at the Field club Friday evening, after
a long-drawn-out atruggle, ths score being,
S-C, 8-4, 1-6. 6-S, 6-1.
The match was the most stubbornly con
tested of ths tournament, and by winning
It Sanderson takes ths handsome loving
cup, which was in 1901 the challenge cup,
but which this year goes to the winner for
good and all. He also gets his name on
the big challenge cup, the first one to go
there. Two more such engravings will
give this cup also to Sanderson as a per
manent possession.
Sanderson's victory over Farnsworth ends
a most notable tournament in singles. In
a field of forty entries there were no less
than six strong favorites for first honors,
besides other hovering luminaries. The
final battle was fully up to the standard
which such a fierce campaign deserved as a
fitting close. Five long sets ot forty-two
unusually protracted games took more than
two hours of steady play, and at the end
ot It both men were nearly played off their
feet, Sanderson being a little the fresher
and stronger.
Sanderson won the match entirely on Its
merits, for he systematically pursued
Farnsworth along the only plan which
could bring him victory. This was to
wear the boy out, and he persisted In It
throughout the match, with the result de
sired. The visitor had sized up Farns
worth's strength and weakness, and acted
accordingly. He see-sawed ths balls from
ths right corner to the left, keeping Farns
worth always on the run. The latter re
turned almost everything, and won games
and sets. He was cheered to the echo for
his great ground covering. But those who
applauded did not realize that this mar
velous work was beating him. Sanderson
did not worry about the games, taking one
whenever he well could. He lost two sets
at one-sided scores of 3-6, 1-6, while In
pursuance of his plan ot killing Farns
worth off, but he did not waver.
Sanderaon Hnabanda Strenttthi
Meanwhile Sanderson himself took it easy
In comparison. Farnsworth, too, was plac
ing balls magnificently, but Sanderaon re
fused to work as hard. When a ball was
wide from him he let It go without even a
try. People wondered why he passed tip
so many points In this way, and thought
It a sign that he was fagged, but the re
sult Justified the means, which seemed
The match was throughout stow and
scientific. There was none of the smash-
itlg CP ChSC p!7iua aCruito t!ia.t i,hnr
acterlzed tennis ot a , decade ago. The
two played a much easier ball all the time
than did Parker and Farnsworth, tor the
game was largely lobbing. Neither ever
smashed unless he was st the net with a
sure thing. A spectator aald that the play
was Just the style that the stars were play
ing In the east now careful, speedless and
long-drawn-out. Every point was con
tested through exchange after exchange.
And that Is a condensed explanation of
how Sanderson, beat Farnsworth, although
the latter by actual count, made more points
In ths match. Reference to ths analysis of
tho match shows that Farnsworth won 141
points, Sanderson 133. Ths two games were
extremely closs all around. Sanderson
placed 44 balls beyond reach of Farnsworth
and tho latter placed 43. Sanderaon drove
38 Into the net, Farnsworth 46. Sanderson
put 69 balls out of court, Farnsworth 60.
Sanderson mads 1 double fault, Farns
worth 3.
Contest of Endnraneo.
A three-five set match Is bound to be more
sr less a contest of endurance If men are
evenly matched In play. When Sanderson
saw a set going strong against htm he let It
go, but in a scientific manner. He Just
played the back corners for all there was In
It, and kept Farnsworth running. Thus,
while not effective as to winning actual
games at the time, hs was hurting Farns
worth mors than the tatter's victory was
helping blm. Farnsworth, meanwhile, would
playievory point to the bitter end, no mat
ter what the status of game or set. Hs
killed himself trying to win every point in
the match. Instead of letting hard chances
go and saving himself.
Even at that, Farnsworth might possibly
hgve won had he persistently taken ths net
He is good at that game, and Sanderson's
lobs, usually so Infalllable, were a little off.
Had Farnsworth smashed them and played
net every possible moment ha would have
saved himself snd also saved points. But
he early got Into the rut of a back court
gams, and kept It up most of the time. Sand
erson would take the net as soon ss he
could work up to It, and then It wss a foot
raco for Farnsworth from one side to the
other till he could lob bis opponents bsck
I That feature of ths game developed Farns
I worth's most remarkable work. He not only
returned apparently Impossible bans irom
the back corners whlls on tbs dead run from
side to side, but he returned them perfectly
snd placed them perfectly. Sanderson him
self was sstounded. Said he:
"I know that I placed ball after ball that
no other man In this tournament nor la tho
middle west would have touched, yet Farns
worth not only reached them, but returned
them perfectly."
Sanderson Seasoned Veteran.
It Is no scrub player to whom Farsnwortb
has succumbed. Though he has not played
much tenuis recently, eight years ago Sand
erson was a crack In Illinois outside of Chi
cago, and ones won tbs singles champion
ship in a state tournameat st Peoria. Sand
si son's long experience and perfect head-
work make It doubtful that Farnsworth
could have beaten him In any way. It was
plain that Banderson wished the set to go
five tots, and even bad Farnsworth not
played so nicely Into bis hand, he would
have doubtless have had some ether scheme
equally effective for gaining his end. His
game throughout was a beautiful exhibition
of brains, and people who wonder at tho
coolness and nonchalance with which he took
defeat understood later. Sanderson gave
Farnsworth every credit for being the best
player entered, and was afraid of blm.
Despite the heavy rain of Thursday night
the courts wero In good shape for play at 4
o'clock, and the championship match was
given ths best court. Sanderson won tho
toss and took tho north side, which was ths
better, there being one wet spot across tho
net. Farnsworth started serving. Hs won
the st 8-3, on places chiefly, passing Sand
erson twelve times. Then the latter went
out great deal, not on lobs, but on driv
ing. Ths acors:
Sanderson .. 4 1 6 4 1 8 3 ? S
Farnsworth 4 1 4 4 8 3 4 8 6- S7
Sanderson slated serving in the second set.
He gsvs Farnsworth a love game for a
starter on tour drives into the net. Then
Sanderson began passing his man, and took
four straight games. He then began find
ing the net again, and Farnswortn took
three. Then Sanderson took two anil tho
set, playing the net, where hs was Invlncl
tble. The score 1
Sanderson 0 4 4 4 4 0 1 2 12 4-Sr-8
rarnswurth ...4 1112444 10 0 324
Ths third set Sanderson never had a
chance to win, and he wisely admitted this
fact early. Instead ot wearlpg himself
out In a fruitless attempt to pull out or
make the score an even one, he let the
set go. 1-8, but put In the time those
seven games killing his opponent. He
tried after no lobs or wide passes which
meant a run, and spectators thought hs
was all in. He relied on Ma place to
make a point here and there, and didn't
care If he got those so long ss he could
tee-saw Earl from side to side. In di
recting his strokes he seemed guided only
by a desire to put them where Farnsworth
woutfj have to run for them. Several times,
even when at the net, be would Ignore a.
good chance to smash ths ball oft at a
sharp tangent and win a point, sending It
Instead to the back court, where Farns
worth stood, and making him chase to get
it. On such occasions Farnsworth, by
beautiful work, would always return safely,
and then generally go ahead and win a
point, but Sanderson seemed Indifferent to
that. An analysis of ths game by points
Sanderson ...1 1 14 10 8 4141
Farnsworth 4 4 1 4 4 6 6288
Sanderson had to have the fourth set or
lose the mstch. He got It. Farnsworth'
was plainly tiring, and Ssnderson, though
still showing lassitude, spunked up at times
enough to win the games, t-t. Farnsworth
lacked the speed ot his early game. Ths
Sanderson 8 8 4 4 4 4 4 8 4-24-8
Farnsworth 3 6 8 1 0 1 3 4 1-23-8
The fifth set was almost easy for San
derson. His Job of killing off wss about
to the climax, and though hs was himself
about all In. Farnsworth was worse. Ban
derson ran hla serve and played a net gams
this set, winning on it. Farnsworth lobbed
out at first and gave up ths stroke tor a
drive, which Sanderaon handled. Four et
the seven games were deuce, and ths last
was fierce, Farnsworth letting go with his
life. Ths score:
Sanderson 4 6 6 3 4 4 6326
Farnsworth 1 4 8 8 3 3 4211
F. R. Sanderson:
Place. Net. Out.Fauit.Total.
First set 7 11 8 1
Second set 13 8 14 0 35
Third set 4 6 8 14
Fourth set 9 It U 1 34
Fifth set 12 10 9 1 SI
Totals 44 46 60 3 in
Earl Farnsworth:
17 0 f7
10 0 81
13 0 28
8 1 23
11 21
... 8
... 8
... 6
First set...
Second set.
Third set..,
Fourth set.
Fifth set...,
Totals. .
In the three remaining contests, ths
championship doubles, ths consolation
singles snd doubles, ths play Is now up so
that but four matches rsmaln in ths cham
pionship doubles, but two la the consola
tion singles and but three In the consola
tion doubles. . All will be brought oft
today, play commencing aharp at 9 o'clock
this morning. Ths finals In these will
occur in the sfternoon.
The event In the consolation singles
today was the defeat of Howell of 8loux
thus bringing himself Into the finals, where
he will meet the winner of the Hlles-Young
match. Holland won from Howell; 6-2,
12-10 In a fierce smashing contest. Young
beat Towle, 7-6, fT-S.
In the consolation doubles Haskell and
Clarke won from Croskey and Hill, 6-4,
6-4. They should glvs Gllman and McNeal
a hard push for first honors.
Corbett Secnres Haarters.
" CINCINNATI, O... Aug.. 22.Toung Cor.
bett, with his manager and trainers,' ar
rived today and took quartera temporarily
In a hotel. In the afternoon he went to
look for training quarters. It is probable
that he will choose the place on Price Hill
where Jeffries waa In training for the fight
which waa enjoined here.
Niagara Tennis Tournament.
NEW YORK, Aug. 22.-The Niagara
Lawn Tennis club of Nlagara-on-the-Lakea,
Ont., announces that It will hold the Inter
national championships on Its turf courts
on Wednesday, August 27, and following
days. R. F. and H. L. Doherty, the Eng
lish players, are expected to enter.
Famous the World
OverFully Matured.
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fruuioiea the growth of ths hair and
gives It the lustre and sllklneas of youth.
When ths hair la gray or faded it
It pre rents Dandruff and batr failing
and keeps the scalp clean and healthy.
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