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fsiUrn Freight Officials Prepare for Sharp
Conflict This Tall.
Jllsaearl Rlvr-Cnlcon-o Mnee 'Will
Coaklat to Ftht Sorth western
ers an Keen Grain front
Colas Throat h Dnlatfa.
A lively fight among western rallrosds
ever grain rates between transmlssourl
river territory and Cblcsgo U likely to
ensue ai a result of the heavy cut made
by the Hill lines In grain rates from the
northwest. It la held that President Hlll'a
prompt response to the request of the
farmer of the northwest that rates be
lowered contemplated the ahrewd schema
,' ef diverting the great bulk of the western
(rain crop to Duluth, thence to Atlantic
eaporta and across the waters on Hill
TO head oft such a scheme officials of
western lines have been In conference for
several days' and a desperate effort la
under way to check It. At a meeting of
officials In Chicago Thursday, -however, 'no
atlafactory terms were agreed on and
there is much consternation now for fear
that no restraining action can be devised.
Aa had already been published the west
ern lines generally Intended to advance
'rates on grain on August 15, which, In view
of the tremendous crops, would have
swelled the revenuea of every road. But
thus far no such advances have been made,
, and how any. can be made In view of Hill's
' recent action is what la puxzllng the freight
men Just at present. None of the roads
represented at the conference in Chicago
Thursday offered to atand by the original
purpose of Increasing rates, and the Wabash
and Burlington announced the cancellation
of their order to reduce rates this month
and the matter waa left In a very unsettled
and unsatisfactory state.
Rates Row in Effect.
At present there is a proportional rate of
eents on grain from Omaha to 8t. Louis
and I cents to Chicago, and a proportional
f 7 and t cents from Kansas City to St.
Louis and Chicago, respectively.
"These rates are scandalously low," said
a local freight man yesterday, "and we are
boplng they will not be reduced any fur
ther." .
Oeneral Freight Agent Crosby of the Bur
lington at Missouri River has gone to Chi
cago to endeavor through higher officials of
the Burlington to bring about some action
that will maintain the rates and prevent
another slumi.. , Mr. Crosby doubtless Is
pursuing the course of many others In his
position, and what their efforts will come
to Is regarded as entirely problematical.
The general Impression Is that before the
western lines will submit to Hill's divert
ing the bulk of grain which usually goes
Into Chicago to Duluth they will make a
fcorlsontal reduction in rates to Chicago.
And It Is believed In this they would have
iney co-ope ration or lines east oi Chicago.
On this point a stubborn battle Is looked
for. but It la believed that with all the
waa tern lines that do not enter the north
wast arrayed together against the North
ern Pacific and Oreat Northern and the
Milwaukee meeting Hill's exact figures the
Treat Minnesota magnate may not have al
together smooth sailing. Unanimity of no
tion between the lines seems to be assured.
At preaent there Is but one road publicly
quoting rate higher than thoae screed on
and stated above and that Is the Omaha,
Kansas City A Eaatern, the Stllwell line,
whlca haa a rate of cents on wheat from
Kansas Cltr to MlssissiDDi river nointa.
But this line Is not a formidable factor
and no trouble on its account la anticipated.
Invading; laa Joaqaln Valley. ,
Colonisation Agent McDonnough of the
Union Paciflo aays that road will soon
place a large number of Dunkards on a
traot of land comprising 2,730 acres In the
Can Joaquin valley, near Kingsbury, Fresno
eounty, Cal. Mr. McDonnough returned
from that country only a few days ago and
will go back next Thursday to perfect ar
rangements for the introduction of this
train of Immigrants.
"We are engaged In the most extensive
colonisation scheme In the San Joaquin
valley which that . great homesteaders'
country has ever seen," said Mr. Mc'Jon
aough. "We are devoting special efforts to
nettling up that rich territory already
well inhabited and abounding In mineral
and agricultural wealth. It is the most fer
tile part of the state and the center of the
great raisin and fruit country. Fresno, a
nourishing oity , of some 18,000, is the
metropolis of this territory and there are
other splendid towns and cities which are
tsadlly growing. We are planning to co
operate - with Celtfornians In establishing
sew Irrigation canals In addition to the al
ready wonderful watering facilities and re
sources of this section. In the, Modesto
country, north of Fresno, a new canal has
been completed which will. It is believed,
surpass even the great 'Seventy-six' canal,
which runs through Fresno, Tulare and
Kings counties."
The Union Paciflo is promulgating reduced
rates to Callfornta and Oregon and Wash
Ington. as well in connection with Its plan
of colonisation and tickets on a reduced
basis will be sold every day during Septem
ber and October. From Chicago a one-way
rate will be made of 133 and from Missouri
liver points a rate of 125 will be In force.
Corresponding rates for Intermediate points
will also be la force. ,
Serareaat Complains to Chief
ffleer Goes OS Peat W Wh
eat Fersnlaalen.
Patrolman V. Flllp waa suspended from
tie police force Thursday night by Sergeant
Hudson, who said that Flllp was absent
from his post at ths gate of the Union
Paciflo yards at Thirteenth and Webster
streets for about tbirty-nve minutes, with
out permission. Seraeant HuHinn fit A
charges against Flllp with the chief of
police this morning. The sergeant re
ported that be went to the gate, and after
wafting for Flllp for over a bait hour,
found him sitting on the Inside of ths
yards talking to the watchman. Flllp
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pacity fur lator.
bm a vif ossviss tatv.
denied the charge and said he bad been
absent about ten minutes, having left bis
post to get a drink of water.
Darlington Takes Off Sense Trains,
Making- New Star Roatee
The United 8tates Is advertising tor a
contrsctor who is willing to tske a star
route of the mail service from Culbertson,
Neb., to Imperial. The Burlington railroad
has a branch between these places and until
the present time a train was operated once
day each way between them. The com
pany has now served notice upon the Poet
office department thst the trsln will here
after make a round trip between the towns
only upon Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri
days. The government desires to have a
dally service to Imperial and will put a
carrier between the towns on the days when
the train does not run.
The postal service between Curtis, Neb.,
and Cheyenne, Wyo., over the Burlington
has also been changed from a dally service
to three times a week, because of the de
cision of the company to operate Its train
between those points no oftener than that
time. By this change two county seats and
thirteen towns will be given service every
other day, whereas tbey have heretofore
had dally service. The county seats left
with crippled service are Grant, In Perkins
county. Neb., and Holyoke, In Phillips
county, Colo.
An official of the Postofflce depsrtment
said: "The Postofflce department has no
power to maintain the trains In this part of
the country, but It Is at a loss to understand
why the trains were taken off, as the com
panies all seemed to be doing a prosperous
business. It Is Understood, however, that
it is the policy of the present directors of
the Burlington to make each train pay its
own way, and it this la so. It can be under
stood why the change . Is made, as It Is
probable that a dally train over the terri
tory in question is made at a loss.
"The distance between Curtis and Chey
enne la ao great that we will probably
make no attempt to cover It b" a star
route, but we will probably Increase the
star routes In the territory adjacent from
Union Pacific stations. There Is already a
dally service from Ogalalla to Grant, and
this departure of the Burlington will mean
that a greater part of the business will go
from the east over the Union Pacific. A
star route may be placed from a Union
Paciflo point to Holyoke, If it is found that
it will be needed. The dropping of the
train will have little effect upon Cheyenne
business, as most of the. mall now goes
over the Omaha and Ogden route."
On acoount of the Increase of business on
the Omsha and Ogden route, A. E. Archer
and George W. Karbach. both of Omaha,
have been appointed as clerks.
W, H. Penn, assistant superintendent of
the railway mall service, bas returned from
a visit to Des Moines. He will make an
Inspection trip over the Union Paciflo nest
Looks lato 'Affairs of Port
of Omaha.
The office of the collector of customs of
the Omsha port Is being examined by
Colonel la. M. Montgomery of St. Louts, as
sisted by Colonel B. Polk Johnson of New
Orleans. The port la In the district of St.
Louis, which is one of the departments un
der the New Orleans office, and each year
an inspector from the New Orleans office
assists the Inspector In charge of the St.
Louis district In making the examination.
."The Omaha office, aa well aa all other
In the district. Is in good shape," said
Colonel Montgomery. "There la a showing
made this year which la somewhat remark
able. The volume of business has inorsased
to a great extent, but the money received
from the duties will be little if any larger.
This la due to the changed character of the
Importations. Under the existing schedules
the more expensive goods bring not so much
customs duty, comparatively, as the cheaper
articles of similar character, and It Is the
better class of goods which are being im
ported." .
Omaha sal Kaaaaa City ava to Excur
sion Rates foe Fall
Some controversy having arisen 'over the
relative advantages between the excursion
rates for the Ak-Sar-Ben festivities in
Omaha and the Priest of Pallas In Kansas
City Inquiry waa made at local passenger
offices which proves that Omaha and Ne
braska are given equal favora with Kansas
City and tributary points. The claim bad
been made that the rates to and from Kan
ass City applied for a radius of 100 miles,
while the Omaha rates applied for only 100
The fact ts that the Kansas City rates ap
ply to all Kanaas points and points east of
ths Missouri river and from Nebraska points
where the regular one-way fare Is IS or lees
for the entire festival period, October 1-11.
Ths Ak-Sar-Ben rates apply to all points
east of the river from which the regular one
rate is S or less and practically cover the
entire state of Nebraska, as they apply to
points as far west as McCook, Grant and
Hyannls on the Burlington and correspond
ing points on the Elkhorn and Union Pa
cific. And the same arrangements are made
for points between here and Kansas City,
which places the two cities on an equal foot
ing ao far as their festivals are concerned.
J. T. Lyons Wuti Denoty Coast?
Attorney- to Proseeata Son
tow Incorrigibility
J. T. Lyons and bis wife again attempted
to get Deputy County Attorney Abbott to
file a charge of Incorrigibility agalnat their
aon. Pearl Lyona, and were again unsuc
cessful. After the deputy county attorney
refused to file the complaint the first of the
week, the parents said, the son became pos
sessed of .the Idea that he could do as he
plessed and that ths county attorney would
stand between him and harm. The father
reported that on Thursdsy Pearl collected
14 which was owing to his brother and spent
It. Hs refused to stay at homa and anent
I hla time Bleeping in box care with tramps.
saia me inner. Mr. Lyons was Indignant
at ths action of the attorney and will take
his troubles to a justice of the peace. In
the meantime Pearl threatens to have his
fsther arrested if the latter whips him.
Pearl is 1$ years old and contends that bis
father compelled him to work and refused
to pay him for It. Logons Is sngsged la the
express business.
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Dee Moines 4 Hatara, M-OO,
Via Rock Island system. Dates of sale,
August t to to. Final return limit Sep
tember 1. City ticket office, 13Z1 Farnain
Publish your Waal notices la The Weekly
Bee. Telephone tU.
Report that Preiiesnt Bart is About Bendy
to End 8trike.
Althoanh Mta Wool Not Be surprise
by Early Settlement of Troablo
They Are Arraaalaaj
for Lous; Siege.
The report from Cheyenne that President
Burt had written to certain state officials- of
Wyoming signifying his willingness to enter
Into plsns contemplating a settlement of
the strike on the Union Paciflo Is received
In local strike circles as authoritative,
though no actual confirmation can bs of
fered. Inquiries at the president's office
failed to bring out any definite or satisfac
tory answer and the Impression, therefore,
which bas been current 'for several days
that the company was ready for a settle
ment Is strengthened by this report. . From
the office of President Burt came this state
ment: "It you can bring us the letter we may
be able to tell you more about It."
"That is, you might Identify it," waa sug
gested. "Not exactly that, perhsps, but If any
such letter could be produced we certainly
would be more enlightened than we are
now. We csn say nothing of the writing of
any such letter."
The report from Cheyenne which told of
the receipt of this letter said that the presi
dent intimated his readiness to enter into
negotiations with the strikers as soon as he
wound up certain matters now under way.
What these matters ars Is not known.
While there is no way of getting at the ex
act facts In this and similar cases, since
the officials of the Union Pacific positively
refuse to commit themselves, the belief Is
becoming more popular each day that the
company would welcome a settlement of
the strike, although averse to Initiating
such proceedings.
Few Additions to Shoo Forces.
Strikers point to the fact that scarcely
any additions to the shop forces In Omsha
have been made for a week as of great sig
nificance in connection with the reputed
Intention of aettling the strike. On the
other hand, the officials treat all such re
ports with Indifference, Implying their abil
ity to endure conditions aa they are for an
Indefinite period. Strikers admit that the
company bas them badly puzsled as to Its
Intention, and apprehending the possibility
of a prolonged fight Into the winter, the
union men are preparing to' equip 4helr
picket shanties with stoves and other com.
torts. They also are preparing for finan
cial aid tor a long period.
Superintendent McKeen left again Friday
morning for western divisions of the Union
Pacific, to be gone about ten days. Oeneral
Manager Dickinson and Superintendent of
Transportation Buckingham are still out on
the road looking after the company Inter
ests. president Kennedy of Uie lioliar makers
la In receipt of a letter from the Interna
tional president, John McNeil, who npent
some time In Omaha, saying he has been
called to Pittsburg to endeawor to settle
trouble existing there In the contract boiler
Cltr Eaclaeor Rosewater Talka of
Bla Trip to . Canadian
. City Engineer Andrew" ' Rosewater re
turned home yesterday morning after a two
weeks' trip with Mrs. Rosewater and their
aon Stanley to Canada by way of the lakes,
and has much that Is Interesting to tell re
garding hla tour, particularly In the line of
comparison' between Omaha and some of
the Canadian cities In which be stopped.
Mr. Rosewater said:
"We went from here to Chicago and
thence by steamer on Lake Michigan by way
of Georgian bay to Toronto. From there
we went up tb,e St. Lawrence river to Mon
treal. Although Montreal Is, of course, the
larger city of the two, Toronto Is the more
progressive, and there I spent considerable
time with City Engineer Rush, whom I
knew, and gave considerable attention to
municipal conditions.' They are now build
ing a new city hall In Toronto which Is to
cost 12,000,000. Toronto is a much cleaner
city than Montreal and la really remark
able for its neat appearancs. The principal
thing I . noticed while away was the su
periority of the Omsha sewer system over
that of any of the cities In which I' stopped.
The Canadian cities use the old trap sys
tem, and at nearly all of' the street corners
you can detect an unpleasant odor. In tact,
at some places the odor Is very offensive.
I am still further confirmed In my belief
that to aecure successful sewerage you can'
not bare too much ventilation. ''
"We returned on the Canadian Paciflo to
Bault Ste. Marie and on the way back to
Chicago stayed a few days at Macklnao
"In nearly all of the cities I visited I
noticed that tbey had all the streets plainly
marked with signs. Most of these signs
were in white enamel on a black or a blue
background. There Is no question but that
tbey ars a great convenience to a stranger."
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Colonel Says Ho Will Devote October
to the Cajapalga la .
' Nebraska.
W. J. Bryan was In Omaha a short time
yesterday enroute home from Clarlnda, la.,
where he bad been on personal business.
Yceterday morning Colonel Bryan called on
the democratic candidate for congress, but
did not remain in town long enough to call
at state headquarters of the fuslonlsts. To
Manager Scott, whom he met on the street,
Colonel Bryan said that he bad arranged bla
dates in order to be able to devote the en
tire month of October to the Nebraska cam
paign. He will return to Omaha Saturday
and deliver an address at the lawn social to
bs given by the St. Cecilia parish at the
residence of Bishop Scannell at Thirty-sixth
snd Cuming streets.
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St. Cecilia's l.awa Social.
" All preparations are completed for the
annual lawn social of St. Cecilia's pariah,
which will be held this evening at the
lawn of Bishop Bcannell's residence. Thirty
sixth and Cuming streets. Judging from
the popularity of this annual fete In previ
ous years it la expected that the num
bers preaent this year will overcrowd this
beautiful and spacious lawn. As already
announced W. J. Pryan. who has already
arrived in town, will deliver the addrnaa nf
tbe evening. The Walnut Hill and Harney
car lines run to the grounds.
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LONDON, Aug. 21 C. Jarrot, the auto-
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After First ef September Unlicensed
Canlnea'MaV Wanner
; t t. ,
' Present Indications are that after Sep
'tember 1 dogs licensed and unlicensed will
be permitted to wander at will through the
streets of Omaha, Tbe fund provided for
carrying on the Wot of catching and kill
ing unlicensed dogs Is nearly exhausted and
In the depleted condition of the general fund
of the pity treasury It is doubtful it any
way can be found to replenleh It. Mayor
Moores, discussing the situation With a re
porter of The Bee, said:
"We have only a' little more money In
the dog fund and after that ts gone the
work will have to stop. The amount which
now remains is but $497.10, and that will
last but a short time. Tbe original appor
tionment from the levy to carry on the de
struction of unlicensed dogs for this year
waa $4,923.60, and with the exception of the
$497.10 that bas all been expended, but out
Of that there waa a payment mads on the
new dog pound. If there waa anything left
In the general fund tbe council could make
an appropriation to cetrry- on the. pound
master's work to the end of the season, but
as It Is, I don't see what we can do but
stop operations Just where they are. The
poundmastsr, John Laughland, Is paid $1
each for the dogs he catches and destroys
and out of that he pays bis own help."
Am Seen as It la Executed Work of
Marktna Streets W1U
'City Attorney Connell has drawn the
form of contract to be executed between
the city and tbe .Western Anchor Pence
company tor the new street signs through
out the city. The contract follows the
general requirements of the specifications
under which the bide were received In pro
viding for posts, each of which shall have
two porcelain signs four Inches wide and
twenty Inches long, the cost of the posts
and aigns to be $ J 15 each, and also for
similar porcelain signs to be placed on
buildings wherever practicable and to cost
CS cents each. The contract provides that
the poet and signs shall be placed by tho
contractors at such locations as shall be
designated by the city engineer. This
contract will come before the city council
for approval at Its next meeting and after
the execution of the contract the work
will be commenoed at once.' There is now
an appropriation of $2,000 for these signs
and the contract is so. drawn that an ad
ditional appropriation may be made by the
council ' at Its discretion and ths work
carried . farther. - 1
. It Is estimated that under ths present
appropratkon about 1.000 signs will be
placed ita position and that about 600 of
these will be In the down town and busi
ness district, where only the signs alona
will be needsd.
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Deaaeeraey's Day.
Grand outing and picnic of the Douglas
County Democracy TOMOItROW, Sunday.
Aug. 14. at Arlington, Neb. Tickets read
ing to Missouri Valley will be accepted on
special train to Arlington, which leaves
Union depot, 10th St., at I a. m., returnlcg
at I p. m. Dancing, base ball, games and
sport ths order of the day.
Fill your lunch basket and come out
with your family and nave a goon time.
Uaaaa Toalgbt.
Jolly Eight club's lively ball this even
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Victim of Hallactnatloa tbat Some
Oao with Marderoaa Intent
Follows Her. -
Mrs. Charles 8. Poor, formerly of this
city, and who during the last year has at
tracted considerable newspaper notoriety by
being tbe victim of an hallucination that
someone wss following her in order to take
her life, is again In Omaha. - Some years
ago Mrs. Poor's busbsnd was shot to death
in this city, and his violent taking off Is
supposed to have caused ths woman's
strange notions of recent years. Several
months ago in Iowa on two' occasions Mrs.
Poor jumped from moving trains, laboring
under the Impression that somone was try
ing to murder her. She was severely In
jured both times.
Conatltatloa and' Bylaws to
Adopted and Precinct Con
nilttees Named.
The Roosevelt club will meet at Idlewlld
hall Saturday night and will adopt constitu
tion and bylaws s well as form Its working
committee of two members from each vot
ing precinct In the Sixth ward. Several
prominent republican orators hare been In
vited to be present and the names of the
speakers will be announced in the morning.
All republican voters of the Sixth ward are
Invited to be present
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K OMAHA On a of the best equipped of the Keetey syetom of lnstltntes, tj
E?cr rrVf only Keetey Institute la Nebraska. Cures Drunkeaneea. Cures
a-aa-lod 1 . Drug Users. Booklet free. Addreas aU afcUccs '
INSTITUTE Home Treatment for Tobaoco Kattt. coet 69
two Blocks Horth
of KrugS tark and another out on Center
street were among the destinations of pre
scriptions' which we delivered yesterday.
Unless there was a saying In price and the
quality of goods was entirely satisfactory,
would these people come so iar-f absc.u
$2.00 Chester's Pennyroyal Pills $1.00
$3 (0 Marvel Whirling Spray By rings... $2.25
Prevent hay fever with Ciera Catarrh
Powder sflc
$1.00 German Ktmmel Bitters T5c
$1.00 Temptation Tonic (genuine) 2Sc
the Hire's Root Beer Extract 9a
$1.00 Cramer's Kidney Cure 60o
25c Laaacola Kc
$1.00 Peruna Mc
11.00 Plnkham's Compound 64o
11.00 Butler's Kernels Regulator this
preparation absolutely, guaranteed.... 75c
$1.00 I'alne's Celery Compound (to
Tel. TS. . W. Cor. 10th an Ckleaco.
The Cooling Influence
of a Glass of Beer
on a hot day xannot be overestlmsted,
especially when it la a glass of pure and,
invigorating Mets beer. It Is without a
rival In flavor, palatableness and dellcloua
neas, and Is a bracer that will keep up
your strength during summer's depressing
heat. No one should be without a case of
Mats beer In the house.
Aletz Bros. Brewing Co.
Tel. 1. Omaha.
Or Jaooe Neumayer. Ast.. care Neumayer
Ho tat, Council blurts, laws.
J. P.
Those suffering from weak
neeees which sap ths pleasures
of Ufa should take a duller but.
lis of Juven fills, una Dotue
will tell a story of marvelous results en a
create profound wonder. Tbia medicine has
mors rejuvenating, vitalising force than bas
ever been offered, bent by mail in plain
parkage only on receipt of tbla adv. and $U '
This Is ss worth of medicine for one dollar.
Mads br It originators C L Hood Co., pro
frtttort Hood's aorseperUla, Lowell. Mass.
Does If our Boy
Wear Shoes?
If he does and hs Is ss lively as the
average boy. It eoete you many a dol
lar to keep his little toes covered up.
Did you ever think that changing
ahoemakers might cut down ths ex
pense T Many a mother has found by
experience that our boys' shoes will
wear longer than some others and so
that, for the price-$1.60-we give the
best shoe In. Omaha a real leather
shoe. There Is a great difference In
shoes these are all leather. We lit
them with care and always try to
please. Saturday Is boys' shoe day
at our store.
Droxol Shao: Co.,
Onaaha'e I'n-to-date ghee Beaae,
141 MUM TP.atBT.
Bee Want
Ads Sell oti'
Their Merit
No free gift to neeeetary
to make them worth
toe price we ask. The
Bee bas the circulation
that's why. '