Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 17, 1902, EDITORIAL SHEET, Image 13

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    The Omaha Sunday Bee.
jj PAGES 13 TO 24
Pssrprvni VMf? f rr A fOJO rnirc,,ip rra a a nra r a a r? a ri
Hake Ilavdcn Bros' RH
Your Headquarters UlMli KiB
When taking advantage of the special excursion rates mado
by all the railroads to Omaha for the Musical Festival (from
Aug. 21etto Sept 17) or when in Omaha at any time make
Hayden Bros, your headquarter. Every accommodation free,
Your baggage checked free here. Free writing . materials,
waiting rooms, etc at your service. Meet your friends atilay
den Bros., consider this your store and make youreelf at'
home. Any desired information freely given. Ilayden Bros.
The opening of the Musical Festival this week, to which all the railroad companies have made 8
Bon. Fall buyers will soon be crowding into Omaha and fall stocks must be ready for them. To
pecial excursion rates, marks the close of the summer selling sea
get ready and make room Ilayden Pros, will close out EVERY
wear garments, furniture, carpets, etc., that will surpass any
FOR A GRAND SERIES OF SPECIAL SALES this week on men's clothing, women's ready-to-
saies ever oerore attempted and give customers the greatest money-saving chances ever offered,
not to be found in any other store, due to the vast quantities and unequalled varieties in all
There is a pleasure and advantage in trading at Hayden Bros',
lines, making selection easy and satisfactory. You get what you
want. New fall dress goods and silks are now being shown in a great profusion of beautiful style
s. :sote tue special sales. Keep vour eve on the Darcain room.
Agents ror the Butterick patterns. Agents for "araa-Mai," the new all silk lining.
nn nv n
mm i
I V II II I V- I "I -
Tho Loading Dress Goods Uouso of
tho West
B. Priestley's black dress goods made England famous.
Lupin's black and colored dress goods made France
Frederick Arnold's dress goods has made Germany famous.
Wm. F. Reed's landsdown has made America famous.
The products of these four great mills have made Ilayden's dress
goods stock famous.
Every lady in Omaha can see for herself, in our display in the
16th street window, which is only an index of what wt are pre
pared to show not only the finest line, but the best quality and
greatest variety of waist patterns and dress patterns as well as
the grandest variety of piece goods ever shown iu any town
twice the size of Omaha, Lupin's and Priestley's voiles, etamines,
mistrals, snow flakes, cheviots, coverts and in fact everything
which these two great manufacturers have, both In black and
colors, are represented in our stock. Besides these, we carry
the finest assortment of tailor suitings and light weight goods'
made by the American Woolen Co. We have also a large line of
hand-embroidered skirt patterns, made by the best manufacturer
In Paris, ranging from $25.00 to f 65.00 a pattern.
Grand Salo on Ladies'
Furnishing and Underwear
1,000 dozen ladles fins lisle thread Hon, drop stitch and
plain Mule, la black and fancy colors, worth from 60o to
1. at 16o. J
Wo aro closing out our fancy Parasols. In all the newest
shades, peau silks and Chilian trimmed, worth up to $5,
at 98o.
Ladlea Night Gowns, In fine nainsook and long cloths, low
necks and elbow sleeves, handsomely trimmed with One
laces and embroidery, all finished with hemstltohlng, worth
up to 12, closing out at 75c
Ladles' 11ns sleeveless or short sleeve Vesta, In fine
Richelieu ribbed, worth 19o, at 10c
All tho standard Summer Corsets that sold for $1, to
close them out, 49c Dr. Warner's Rust-Proof Corsets,
In ventilated and sateen, (1.60 quality, at 11.
Great Salo on .
Men's Furnishings
Men's 60o and 75o Books at 15o 600 doten men's fins
lisle thread Books, la black embroidered and laoe. la all
the newest colors, sold everywhere at COo and 760, on
sale at 25c ,
Men's COo and 76o Suspenders at I5o 600 dosen men's
fins Suspenders, In all the newest styles, with silk or
leather ends, s very pair warranted perfect and to wear
one year, on sale at 26c
. Men's (1 colored Laundered Shirts, In all - tho newest
styles, with separate oollars and culls, also whits, oa sals
at 49a.
Closing Out Salo
Monday morning we will put on sale all of our fancy shirt
waistlngs, in white, at less than cost. These gooda were sold at
50c, 75c and $1.00 per yard and must be sold in order to make
room for our fall stock.
Imported Madras Cloth, regular 76o, for
8 tin trip madras cloth, regular $1.00
for 25e.
Oxford Cheviots, regular (Be, for J8e.
THmlttes, Check Nainsook. Open Work,
lawns, sold regular at lso to Me, Monday
for 11V yard.
Whits Lawn. 40 Inches wide, regular (Oo,
tor 16s,
LJujIh end Sheeting
II yards Old Glory Bleached Musila for $1.
It yards Diamond Hill Cambric for $L
Bleached and Vnbleached Muslin, regular
. for 4c
1-4 Unbleached Sheeting, regular lto, for
s-4 Bleached Bheettng, regular Me, for
-4 Bleached Bheettng, regular ISo, tor
42-lneh Bleached Pillow Casing, regular
UHo. for 10a.
46-Inch Bleached PUlow Casing, regular
UVfco, for 11 He.
On pair Pillow Cases for l&o.
Table Linen
88-lneh Bleached Damask, regular (6c for
61-inch- Unbleached 'Damask, regular S5c.
for UHc
60-Inch Vnbleached Damask, ' regular 60a,
for 310.
44-Inch Bleached. Damask, regular too, for
4 Bo.
84-Inch Unbleached Damask, regular 62HC,
for 49c
Tx-tnea TJnbleaehed Damask, tegular (8o,
for 71Vie.
71-lnch Bleached Damask, regular IU for
Bleached Napkins, regular 76o. for 49c dot.
Bleached Napkins, regular (1.(6. for 98c
doa, j
Bleached and Unbleached Napkins, regu
lar 1.6. tor II-4 dos.
, 600 Remnants of Table Linen, 14. I, 1
and 1-yard lengths, at one-half price on
Monday only. Be sure and come to this
grand sale.
Carpets on Salo
Opening of fall season, grand special
tie of carpets and rugs.
ill Smyrna rugs, 19. 8.
New patters. IHO-t Brussels ran,
New patterns, till Brussels' rugs. Ill 98.
till all wool Smyrna rugs, worth $2o.00,
Closing out all patterns In stock at (14.98.
Tapestry Brussels carpets, all wool faced,
good patterns, at 49c
lagraln carpets, all wool. 49c up.
Good mattings, lOe yard up.
Window shades, 19c
Flannel Dopt
SO different patterns of embroidered
Euii to Silsct from, worth up to CQs,
at a yard. 48c.
I eases U-lnch-wlde shaker flannel, extra
heavy, regular 10c. at yard. (Ve.
M different patterns extra heavy (4-lncB-wide
eutiag ftanaaL jar yard, lOo.
Save Your Sight end Honey
Don't strain your eyes, but have them
fitted with crystal lenses In up-to-date
Alumlnold, gold filled or solid gold.
Good spectacles. Just what you need, tor
No charge for .examination by skillful
Gea Spreads
( oases full else, extra heavy fins Mar
aellles patterns, croe&at bedspreads, worth
ft 60. Mob at $1.60.
( eases full alia heavy fringed bedspreads,
nice Marseilles patterns, with corners cut
tor Iron beds, worth 11.16, each at (1.69.
I cases full else crochet extra heavy bed
Breed, regular pries, fl.75, sees, at 11.23.
o! Finest Lieu Sillis
and Velvets .
Fashionable silks for fall, the blues, the jreens the blacks and whites, all here in greatest" pro
fusion. Omaha's LEADING SILK DEPARTMENT opens with bigger and better assort
ments than ever before.
Grand Sale cn Find Colored Taffetas Monday Horning, 25c.
From 8:30 until 10 30 o'clock Monday morning we will sell 100 pieces of choice shades
taffeta silks in most all colors, worth 50c, 75c and 85c yard, also some shades of the
27-inch wide taffeta worth 98c, for those two hours
Monday the lev Waist and Costume Corduroy Goes on Sale.
All the leading shades in this most popular fabric, so stylish for separate skirts,
jackets or entire costumes, Monday we offer them to you at -
75 pieces of new crepe de chenes, in the new fall shades, both light and dark colors,
white, crerne and plain black, pure silk and 27-in. wide, worth $1.00, sale price .......
Moire taffeta, moire groa grain, moire ve
lours, moire Francaisse, moire Pekln,
moire refouese, moire antique, 21, 27 and
88-Inch moire. Prices, . 69c, 76c, 98c, (1.25,
(1.60, $1.75, (2.00
and ,
NEW WAIST SILKS In broches, brocades,
stripes, plaids and checks, nobby styles
for both evening and street wear, some
very pretty ones on sale
Monday for
Greater bargains were never offered and
It's your loss If you fall to attend.
BLACK TAFFETA, 18-ln. wide, pure silk,
worth 65c
on sale Monday a) 1 2W
BLACK TAFFETA, 27-In. wide, pure silk,
worth $1.26 I "f"
on sale Monday ... f J
BLACK TAFFETA, 86-In. wide, pure silk.
worth $2.00
on sale Monday .........
wide, worth 75o
on sale Monday ......
wide, worth $1.60
on sale Monday
sale Monday for only ........ ...
The new blues and greens are hers for
Hail Orders Filled on 11 Advertised Silks and Velvets with Exception of 2-Hour Sale
A Manufacturers Line
of Sample Oxfords
Will be on sale Monday at about one-third
the former price. Women's Oxfords In all
kinds of leathers,. patent( calf, patent kid,
Tlcl kid and tan vlcl, In welts and turns,
former prices $2.50, $3.00 and $3.60, Mon
day $1.48.
Women's patent -calf colonial, worth $2.60,
Monday (1.4$.
Misses' patent calf colonial, worth $1.60,
Monday. 98c
Child's patent calf colonial, worth $1.36,
Monday 90o.
Child's patent calf strap sandals, worth
$1.00, Monday 60c
Misses' patent calf stmp sandals, worth
$1.60, Monday 90o.
Women's doc go la Oxfords and sandals,
worth up to $2.00, Monday 79c.
Women's, finest quality eUfords, worth up
to $4.00, Monday $2.48.
Women's hand turned Oxtords, worth up
to $3.00, Monday $1.98.
Bole agents In Omaha for the Steson and
Crossett shoes for men and the Ultra and
Brooks Bros.' shoe for women. We also
have the largest stock of G rover shoes In
the city at from 26c to 60c a pair less than
you pay for them elsewhere ,
Hardware. SiOVcS and
Special Salo of
Pictures and Frames
A big and fortunate spot cash purchase
of frsmes, on sale this week. This lot in
cludes all sizes In the newest and hand
somest designs for au purposes. The
prices are almost Incredibly low. Come In
and see the quality and finish of the frames.
Another spot cash purchase of 6,600 pic
tures also on sale. A great variety of
subjects that will appeal to every Uste
and satisfy every need.
Pictures worth 20c, xon sale at lo.
(6c pictures at 6c.
60c pictures st lOo.
76c pictures at 19c.
Very choice pictures worth $1.25, at I9o.
Finest pictures In best frames and most
desirable subjects, regular $2.60 pictures,
sale price, 49o.
Come in and have your photographs en
larged, free.
Closing Hal Salo
Closing out men's, boys' and children's
straw hats at 10c
Men's Pasha, Panama, Vedora and Derby
hate. In all colors, at 75c to $3.00. A very
special value on sals at $L0.
Boys' hats. In all colors. A special pur
chase on sale Monday at 60c
Tam o' Shauters at 25c to 75c
Boys' and men's golf, automobile and
yachting caps, with visor, at 25c, (5c, (Oo,
70c and $1.00.
A full 11ns of trunks and valises. Come
In and ees the WALL' TRUNK, sold ex
clusively by Hayden Bros.
Wall Paper and Paints
A great opportunity to buy wall paper
cheap. A positive reduction of 60 per cent
n every roll.
Best grade of white' blanks at. per roll,
Ittc up. .
Pine gilt papers at Itio per roll up.
All other grade. In proportion. -
The best grade of ready-mixed paint on
ths market at 98c per gallon equal to any
paint sold at $1.60 to $2.00.
Varnishes, stains, enamels and brushes at
greatly reduced prices, r
Before removing our gasoline stoves and
refrigerators to our warehouse we will
make prices so low that It will pay you
to buy one for nex season. We don't want
to carry one over. In refrigerators we have
the Gurney, the Jewell, ths Progress, etc.,
all first class. In gasoline stoves we have
the Insurance, as safs as gas; the National,
the Reliable, the Dangler, the Faultless, all
first class. .
If yon need One we will make prices
to suit.
Summer goods must go.
Guaranteed hose, 7c
Three-piece garden set, 15c
Wood frame wringers, $1.19.
Three tie brooms, 15c
Steel meat saw, 15c.
Galvanised boiler. No. 8, 73c
Polished. 13-lnch Trays, 7c.
Wire photo holders, 7c
22-eallber rifles, 98c,
Hardwood hose reels, 49c
Screen doors, 66c.
Two-foot rules, 6o.
Good lawn mower, $2.49.
Galvanized tubs, (9c
Good shoe brush, 9o.
Hardwood - towel rack,' 6a,
Crumb tray and scraper, (c
Decorated bread box, (9c
Something new Green and white outside
and white inside The handsomest wars
made Come and see It. Every piece
guaranteed. If It chips off replace It with
new. Every piece perfect. ON 8 ADD MON
DAT. x
Drapery Clearing Salo
Nottingham lace curtains at 76e to $460 a
pair, worth $1.60 to $10.00.
-Irish point lacs curtains at $2.60 to $5.60
a pair, worth $4.00 to $10.00.
'Brussels nett lace curtains at $2.9$ to
$(.00 a pair, worth $3.50 to $12.60.
Babblnet ruffled curtains at $1.60 a pair.
Ruffled Bwlss curtain at (5o, 76c and 98e
a pair.
SUkollne at 8c per yard.
Remnants of denims, 10c per yard.
Sheet Husic Salo
Hayden Bros, show tbs only complete as
sortment of sheet music, books and folios
to select from.
A splendid line of popular lata muslo. In
cluding nearly all the most desirable hits
la coon songs, ballads, two-steps, etc On
sale Monday at 16c Call and ask to see
this lot
D!na Qalg.
Still Continues
The great sensational piano sale Is still
on our muslo annex. Everyone Is talk
ing about the remarkable low price one
can get a good standard piano for at our
store. The sale will continue until the
grand assortment of bargains are all gone.
Think of being able to purchase a piano for
about half be price .It costs to manufacture
It. Instruments that are manufactured by
soma of the largest and most reliable
makers In America. Concerns whose repu
tation for the manufacture of only high
grade Instruments Is a guarantee for qual
ity. Every piece and part that enters Into
their construction are carefully selected;
all wood materials are seasoned and every
thing of the highest grade. Those are the
kind of pianos that are going In at this
sale. Only for the enormous quantity that
we purobaaed these beautiful pianos for
spot cash, we would not be able to make
the great saving of money for you that
we do. Don't delay your purchase if you
want to save from $100 to $160. If you
cannot call on us writs for prices, cata
logues and terms. We merely mention a
few makes here to let you know
handle nothing but standard mates
Chlckerlng, Fischer, Decker, Wegman,
Krell, Conover, Cable, Haines, Keller,
Jacob Doll, Kingsbury and Franklin. Tel.
Hew Drug Prices
(l.OOPeruna, genuine
$1.00 Plnkham's Vegetable Compound.
$1.00 Beef, Iron and Wine, best
60c California Syrup of Figs
$1.00 Wine of Cardul
$1.00 Nutrlant Tonlo
$1.00 Kramer's Kidney Curs ......
1M Peptonic Bitters at .......
........ .
.. .800
China Dept
In our south front windows we have
on display $10,000 worth of china and
glass import samples, the complsts im
port sample line from the three largest
Importers of New York, vis: Bawo A Bot
ter. Hamburger A Co., and Lazarus Ros
enfleld Lehmorn. All of these goods
will be sold at one-half their import price.
On sale next Friday.
Read Haydcn's Low
Prices on Groceries
One-pound can blood red salmon...... to
Tall bottles assorted pickles to
Root beer extract lOo
Jt-ounoe package corn starch 6o
Sellycon, per package (Vo
Olives, per bottle 9o
Can of corn 6c
Beans, per can 6c
Fresh Rips Peaches, per basket........ 18o
Fish Specials
Fancy snow wblts codfish (Vie
Imported mackerel, each 6c
Russian sardines, per pound 12Vio
Family whits fish 4Vo
Black codfish, each 4Vfcc
Blood red Alaska salmon, per pound... 10c
Norwayveels, per pound 12Vc
Three-pound can pure leaf lard 85o
Fresh bologna sausag 4 Vie
H-pound cans potted meats..... (Vie
n n n
OH S)rj
The new all silk lin
ing, in all the new fall
shades, at our lining
department, 19 inches
wide, at 45c a yard.
Great 10c Sale
In Our Uain Wash Goods
Department, Monday
1 lot fancy mercerized chambray, crystal cords, mercerized nov
elties, sold up to 35c yard, just the thing for children's school
dresses, nhirt waists, etc. Iflsn
all to be closed out Monday; at IUC
All our fancy printed wash fabrics in dress, shirt waist
and kimona styles, all go on sale Monday at
Linen colored plain dress swiss, 42-in. wide, good, heer
fabric, sold at l"c yard on sale Monday, at yard
rercaJes in dark and light styles, Ihe very best make, Puniab
wmie mar, urannenDurgs, etc., tlie regular 15c if
grades all on sale Monday at
just in, 100 pieces go on sale Monday at . . I
Grand Sale Women's Suits and Shirts
Just received from our New York buyer,
400 suits which will go ons sale Monday at
prices that will astonish and please you.
Tour choice of this splendid lot of line new
suits, worth up to (25.00, at , fi Afl
only UaUu
One table ladles' rainy day and drees skirts.
worth up to (8.00,
100 ladles rainy day skirts
200 misses' skirts, all our small lots, odds
and ends of the season, worth I flfl
.up to (5.00, closing out at IiUU
Ladles' light-weight jackets,
worth ($6.00, for
Children's dresses, worth (2.00,
100 black peau de sole waists, odd sizes.
worth (5.00, on sale Monday
une taDie laoies' colored waists, TC 1100 ladies'
worm (1.60, sale price
200 ladles' dress skirts, made of Imported
Venetian ladles cloth and silk, worth
(18 and (20, sale price, ft PA
each . JiQU
One table ladles' skirts In new box and
side pleating, In gray, black and tan,
other houses ask (7.60 and
8.00, Haydena' price
rainy day skirts, " made wltV
satin bands and several rows of
stitching, worth (4. on sale at....
Tour choice of any, wash waist
or skirt In the house for...;....
Just received, 60 dozen mercerized waists.
worth $1.60, In black only,
fct ttaat imi
Monday in the Bargain Room
Monday everything in wash goods, furnishing goods and In fact everything In sum
mer goods will have to go. And we will also place the new line of fall dress goods,
silks, flannelettes, challla, French flannels, etc, at prices that are almost Incredible to
believe. '
All ths wash goods that sold up as high as 69o and 76o, will go In this sale at 7fto
on ons counter
On another counter we will place goods worth from 19o to 49e, both colored, plain
and white goods, nothing reserved, all will go Monday at a yard 6cts
Still another line on another counter, consisting of prints, wash goods, etc, worth
from 6ttc to 26c, everything goes at 2V4 a yard.
Boys' (1 all wool knee pants at Mo and
Boys' Mo knee pants at 19o a pair.
Boys' (2. BO all wool long pants at 95o.
Boys' (1.60 wash aulta
1 1 svvw eat i
60c a suit.
Men's (2.60. (8.60 and $4.00 all wool panta
at (1.25, (1.60 and (1.65 a pair.
Boys' (2.60 suits at 66c "
Boys' wash pants at 8o and 19c
Ladles' and children's 26o underwear at
10c I
Men's 78o colored laundered shirts at (5c
All the men's underwear that sold tor ',
60c, In baTbriggan and fancy colors, sow on
sale at 12Vic !
Men's ISo suspenders at 8c
Men's 25c string and bow ties at Co.
Ladles' 16o stockings at 6c
Extra Specials
(S-lnch wide Eclipse flannels In the new
fall styles, worth 15o per yard, our price
Monday will be only lOo a yard.
Adellts printed serges, the finest patterns,
white wales, made to aell for 19c, our price
for Monday will be only 10c
, CVso yard wide bleached muslin, only ten
yards to a customer, at 8c a yard.
64o yard wide unbleached (LL) muslin,
only ten yards to a customer, at yard So.
(V&o fancy foulard prints, at 2Ho a
Sateen foulards In the most beautiful
shades mads, the cloth Is as fine as silk,
regular (So grade, on sale Monday at 8c a
Special Furniture Sale
.......... . ivu can piease .
your own Individual taste -
from wonderful asortment
shown at Hayden Bros. Car
loads of furniture from the
beet factories In America,
made from best selected
woods, in handsome, new de
signs and unequalled for
style and finish. Toa will
be astonished at the saving
in price in this sale.
Two-passenger Lawn Swings, (4.85.
Four-passenger Lawn Swings, (5.95.
Golden Oak Rocker, like cut, for $195.
Ths best Couches In Omaha and ths largest variety to cbooss from, at from IS.UI
to (10.60.
- The Chiffonier like cut Is extra largs and well made, has five large drawers with
locks, 12x20 bevel mirror Hayden's sals pries .85.
Special Three-panel Screen, worth $1 15, for 85c
A beautiful Combination Bookcase, solid oak, hand carved, beat polish, finest fin
ish, worth $18.25, sals price $9.86.
i ... "
Vo Have Notions
Ladles' belts, worth up to 25c, at lOo
and (c.
Ladlea' (6e to 60c wash ties at ISc.
Embroideries In 6 and (-yard lengths,
worth from 15e to 60c per yard- On sals
at se, 10c, 16c and lie yard.
Monday is Ribbon Day
always at Hayden Bros. Bigger and bettef
bargains in MONDAY'S SPECIAL 8 A LB.
The new novelty wash ribbons, worth I5a
per yard, at 16.
26c wash taffeta ribbons at 10c.
New fancy ribbons, worth 25c, at to.