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0mditima at FettoCloa Take ea 8hap ef
Oja Rupture.
CnrtriKr !( mm Cotfmiiiai
Hereev liftt tkat Better
Mas C Be Faa4 far
' fa Flaca.
Tha trouble that h been brewing at th
Couth Gin ah postofflc for torn Mm
reached a rlimst yesterday, when Post
master fetter requested Harvey D. Mosely,
deputy postmester, to resign. Mosely de
clined to accede to the request at the time
and lent algbt wa etlll at hit desk handing
ut money order, etc
The indifference on the part of Motel?
rather tiled Etter and he went and told
Jilt trouble to . K.. Bruce, one of the
Jtnltor of the building. . Bruce euggetted
Ithat he hold off a while, a Moaely la a
(launch aupporter of ' Mercer, hut Etter
would not hear of anything of tb aort and
'inflated on an immediate ,rr slgtiatlon.
When the demand for a ','tlop payment"
rder came Mostly went out and conferred
with hit friends, and found that for tome
, reason Governor Savage , and Congressman
Mercer had taken a dielike to him and that
Savage wanted tb appointing of a deputy
,for the postofflce la South Omaha In ac
cordance with the view euggetted by Mer-
'. , ;,- r- . :
i In speaking of tha matter Moaely aald:
x-Pn.frr, Vtl.r a In nfflxa
land requested that I tender my reelgnatlon
'at once. I Inferred from hi tone that, he
,waa angry, but I did not reply to him a
5 might hT don had condition been dlf
Cerent. He misunderstand me. I hare al
Stay been and am ttlll a. Mercer man, but
It appear that he doe not brieve m and
o I wa requeeted to retlgn. 80 far I have
not tent In my resignation. Just when I
wvlll remains to be seen."
I During the afternoon reporter for The
See called upon J Postmaster Etter at hi
yjfBce In the government building at Twen
ty-fourth and M street.. The pottmatter
(divided hi attention between a book agent
'and tha reporter, but he managed to ay he
ihad "suggested" to Moaely that he had
better resign a deputy postmaster. When
'asked a to whether he had rescinded the
requeit aa per the report of the Janitor,
Mr. Etter commenced to talk about the
recent senatorial fight.' . . i
Then came the flat-footed question, "Why
Old you ask Moaely to resign?" To tblt Cap,
tain Etter responded that Moaely I a can.
Bidet for the poatofflce and he thought, that
by disposing of hi service he would fur
ther the Interests- of the Mercer combine
and would stand a better . shew of being
reappointed te tha tame position for an
other four yean.
Moely ys: , "Captain Etter called on
n for my resignation, but I declined to
hand It In. v' Then he went to one of the
janitor and told him that ha did not mean
It It seems that the trouble Is that I am
a candidate for the postofftce and Mr. Etter
take this meant of putting m out of the
race. 1 , traaersiana inl. Gvtvrscr
and Mercer want to put a man In my place
who win do their bidding. While I hava
alway been a Mercer man, this action on
the part of Morcer and Savage rather rile
see and there Is no telling where the how
U1 end. ' My friend came to tn and
urged me to enter the Hit for pottmatter,
and being far, mora familiar with the work
ing! of the, office than Mr,' Etter Is, I con
tder that I am competent to occupy the
front offlc pottmatter." i
Mr. Mosefy waa at one time president of
the Young Men's Republican club tn South
Omaha and at that time the club waa con
sidered on of the principal organisation
of tha city. He ha quite a following and
It la understood that he and his friends
will bolt Mercer on account of' the action
f Postmaster Etter. - .
Femaieai Hospital Bnllalaax.
There , I a project on foot to secure a
permanent building for the South Omaha
' Hospital association, and Mayor Koutsky
la behind it. At a conference held a day
or two ago the mayor suggested that he
talght be Induced ' to erect a building for
- hospital purpoaes on his property at
Twenty-fourth and P street. The only
consideration Is a long time lease.
Mrs. Talbot, secretary of the hospital
association, said to a reporter for The Be
that a number of the member bad con
sulted with Mayor Koutsky and that they
left with the Impression that he would
endeavor ti eecure the money" tor th erec
tion of hospital building. When the
mayor wa seen about the natter he said
that h wa perfectly willing to go ahead
and assist In tha securing of funds for C
erection, of a suitable building, providing
some arrangement could be made for the
payment of tha rent for a term of years.
What tha hospital people want U a twelve
room building, with aa operating room in
1 addition and a beater tor water to be run
all the time. Jutt now the city allows tha
hoepltal association $25 a month, but the
association wants the , city to stand lor
th entire rent of the proposed new build
Ing. This matter will have to be referred
to the finance committee before It can be
acted upon. ; 1 - .
' Member of the hospital, attoclatlon as
tert that the building now occupied I not
what It should , b, and that' there 1
scarcity of hot water when needed by the
nurse, and that stoves hava to be. used
la winter. With the proposed building, all
of the heating appliances. Including the
hot water, would be tn the Cellar and there
would be no carrying of coal or th empty
ing of aahes. Aa effort la to be made to
Indue the city authorities to appropriate
enough money each month to pay th rent
' of tha oroDosed hospital In case It I
rected. - , . ' j
Bel la a Coasal Apl4.
Mr. A. Delanney received hi credential
yeeterday a consul for tb Belgian go
rnment la Ksoaa and Nebraska. Thla
pott ha boen open for some time and asv
oral Belgian have been applicants. The
. Btate department Investigated the stand
log of the applicant and It appears that
all application war turned down and Mr.
Pelanae waa named for th position. He
received his commisalon yesterday. Consul
Ielanney has' established an offle at 714
North Twenty-fourth street. South Omaha,
Pale. Thin
Pab , checks, ' white lips,
and languid tep tell the
ctcry cf thin blood, Impure
blood.' Doctors call it
"anemia.. Jhsy recommend
Ayer's Sarsaparilla. A si
them and they- will tell you
Just why it makes the blood
to rich and red.
Anemia pec! art almott alwsva
rontdpatcl. luelr liver I aluggtkb.
Ther hava fiequcnt truck cf tick
ieaJtche, nautca, bllioutnea. Jutt
na ot Ayar'a Fills each nljtt will cor
rect tbtta trcuUt.
Uiatit. J.CiTSaC,LwU.lUaa.
where he propoeea to transact the business
that may come te him.
Delays BIsalstaT Order.
Mayer Koutsky I putting oft th tun
ing of th resolution patted by the council
Monday night locating two arc street light
In the southern part of th city. Th
mayor assert that he desire to confer
with th city attorney on th matter, but
aa the latter la going away on a vacation
today It looks a If th light will not b
ordered In for tome time.
Asll-labiea Leagat,
Editor Merrill -of tb Presbyterian sty
In his paper that the Anti-Saloon lesgue Is
busy and that more aggreeelve mean will
be used If necettary to enforce Sunday
closing. Further, he ay that some of the
saloons art not strictly obeying th mayor'
order a regard the removal of acreen.
This only meant. ay Mr. Merrill, a more
radical and decisive enforcement of the
law In tbe near future.
' ('nlHloKf O'K ? Eae'or.ew.
At-a jargely attended butlne meeting
of the Taxpayer' league of South Omaha,
held on Thunday night, August 7, the fol
lowing resolution was presented and unani
mously adopted: -
Resolve. That this lesaue hereWy extend
to Hon. Richard O'KeefTe It mnit graceful
thank, srrtl congratulations for his fearless,
Just and vigorous protein oeiore tub
County Board of Commissioners against
the allowance of the apparently padded
and exorbitant clalma tor their service
presented by the an.esaont of South
Omaha, and hereby highly commend Mr.
O KeeTe for the deep )ne'"t he always
seems to manifest on behalf of the home
owners and taxpayers of our city and the
whole county of Douglas, snd sssure him
that he will have the endorsement and en
tire supjKirt of our cltisens who pay the
taxes and furnish the means to operate the
city and county governments.
A. X' Berquiet, Secretary.
' . - r ' Male City 3ooi. J
John M. Tanner has goo o Deadwood,
8. D., to visit friends for a week.
Miss Helen Ollmore of Sioux City Is here,
the guest of Miss Nettle Harrington. ;
Frank 8 peer, one of the mall carriers,
baa gone away on a two weeks' vacation.
O. F. Collins of Swiff office ha gone to
Minneapolis to spend a two weeksr vaca
tion. -
The Bundav achool of the Methodist
church will hold a picnic at Hanacom. park
today. ,
S. C. Hhrii-lev. city clerk, left yesterday
afternoon tor a fortnight stay at Hot
Springs, Ark. .
Theodore Vol and family left last night
fBT Hermen, Neb., where- they will visit
relatives for a week. .
A. H. Merrill will address "the 'men'a
meeting at the Young Men's Chrlettaa as
sociation on Sunday aftefkouji.., to, .- .
Otto Maurer wa out yesterday for th
Ural time. In ten days, tie le rapidly re
covering from hi recent lllnpsSF g - -.
Prospect Hill Resldcat fSmgrngm Im
Joyfal Exestrsloal by Kleo'r - .
trlclty. ; : ' ;
Verity, It ther are teat for fifty In th
tandard summer car Dd seventeen other
persons cling joyously to '. the superetruc
ture of each and sit tn places where seat
are not, then In the twelve special car
of the trolley excuralon given by' th Pros
pect Hill Improvement club last evening
to celebrate th opening of th Thirty
third itreet extension of tb Harney etreet
I;-;, tiers r ni realdenta of Prospect
Hill. Ther seemed more. - For there wag a
great deal mora glad noise than 804 people
can possibly maka without -Vocal rupture
and Impairment. Along, the lis of paaaage
the residents gathered and . marveled ,t
the multitude of th peopl of Pro t pec t
Hill; and. the. tmall .boy hurled gras
ball and Immature wit at the oar and 'put
torpedoes on th rails. ' -
Leaving Thirty-third and Parker- streeta
at 7:80 o'clock, tha' celebrating "pored dvir
tha nw extenilon, which cropee on Thirty-
third itreet to California and thence to
the old terminus of the Una at Twenty
fifth. From ther th old Harney line wa
followed to Tenth and Pierce, . and. then.
on touth to th end of th Farnam etreet
line at Bancroft, than north again to Har
ney, up that etreet to Sixteenth. Thence
ver th North Twenty-fourth line to Ame
avenue, and back by that avenue and Slx
teek'h over the Tall ot tb South Omaha
Una to Harney, and from-there back to
Prospect Hill. . - '
Tha Improvement club hav been -work
ing for two year to get- this much-needed
xtenaloa and In th meantime, with other
residents, walking eight or ten blocks to.
th nearest point of existing lines.,-J. H.
Butler, who seems to b tbe official poet
of the hill, wa inspired by th 'Improve
ment with an original poem which ha sung
during tb rid to th ten "America."
Maadenoai Street Property Owstn
, Are Lett to Seteet PaVlag;
', ' ' 1 ' ' Material - ''" :'
Th Board of Public Work awarded oa-
tracta Friday for paving Mandereon street
from Twenty-fourth to Tweaty-tevanth, for
paving . th Intersection of Fifteenth - and
Cass street, and for constructing a sewer
la sewer district 227, which Js on,.Voolwort
avenue from Sixth itreet to the, jrlver. For
the Manderson street Job,h lowest bid-,
der on stone block waa Hugh Murphy, who
btd 11.90 per aquare yard-oa aspbaiQ the
Barber Asphalt company $1.89 per aquar
yard; on vitrified brick Hugh Murphy I1.8J
per square yard. The contract was let to
thes bidder subject to the selection, of
material by the property owner. .
C. E. Fanning secured the ooontract tor
the Fifteenth and Cass streets work, -Ms bid
on vitrified brick being $l.(r per stjaar yard
and on vitrified block f LSI per square' yard.
The contract for building the eswer waa
awarded to 4. O. Corby.
Ba-Coaivlct Bala to Hava Held I'm
Basalt Bay for Saaall
. Aaaoaata.
Matt Bpeller and his younger brother
have been accused of highway robbery.
Mr. Noble, a widow, living at 1823 Spruce
etreet, doe baking and washing for the
support of hartelf and little son, sad has
beca In the habit of sending out this boy.
who Is not mors than 10 .ysara of age, to
deliver bread and make collection. Now
this small collector became a source of
steady lucome for the Spellers, who got
tn the way of waiting about for him aod
taking hi meager collection. They even
took a loaf of bread. Mra. Noble com
plained to the police several' days ago. and
last night the elder Speller was arrested
In front of his house on South Twenty
first street. He la a convict out on parole
and has five months yet to serve of his sen
tence for burglary. . .
lay He Dmis'I Wait to Get
l la folic Baa rV .
Hon. John H. Mickey, republican eandl
date for governor, wa In Orr.ah yesterday
on his wsy hcjae from Harttngton.
"I am very much encouraged," said Mr.
Mickey, "by the prospect. 1 ctpeot to
see the entire republican state ticket
elected by a good majority. I suppose every
body knows I had nothing to 4o with ths
Omaha Fire and Police board appointment.
I waa not even consulted In ths matter
and I doa't want to get mixed aa la It."
Fritzia Baj It Will Ears Walkawaj for
Oraid Exalted Baler. ,
leefcax of Eaeraaoas , Cstaeltr - tej; Be
rrt af the Kejalraieat niaaeas
alls aad Fert Dodce Wire
far AeeasaaaeidatleaB. .
"He will be elected by acclamation." said
a member of George P. Croak's promotion
committee, referring to that gentleman'
candidacy for grand exalted ruler . of the
Elk' lodga, "aad that la something thst
hsa never been done before, la the history
of .the order. We are hearing of It now
almost every hour of the day, aa tha mem
ber pat through the city to the grand
lodge meeting at Salt Lake , City. ; But It I
not upon this alone that w bate our as
surance. Ninety per cent of th grand
lodge members. ar pledged to support him.
He has practically no opposition.
'. 'Thes point might be overridden In an
ordinary political convention, but they can't
te in the Elks' grand lodge. It' impos
sible to spring a stampede there, and dark
horse are not easily ' foisted upon that
body. How did he obtain such a hold upon
th grand lodge member of .th country?
Through hi promotion committee. I'm-not
going to tell you how the commute ac
complished It; suffice It to say that the
committee Is familiar with grand lodge poli
tic,' and It. ha been -working with, tls
single purpoee - in view for . over nine
Contest for Neat Meetlaar
Political Interest of the Salt Lake con
vocation of Elk .'canter in Mr. Cronk'
candidacy, but there are other, matter, ot
a quasi-political character 'to be consid
ered among them the question of what city
will get : the next " grand lodge meeting.
There are now .three candidate tn tbe
field, Baltimore, Saratoga Springs and Sau
Franolsco. : Special trains from Baltimore
and Saratoga, Spring passed through th
city westward-bound Friday, their coaches
bedecked with banner, flag and embleme.
San Francisco, -It ts understood,' will be en'
hand aeveral -hundred strong, and will put
up a vigorous campaign for th honor of
entertaining the Eik a year hence.
At to Omaha' special train, ' It . will ' be
ready to pull out at 11:30 tonight, and It
scheduled to arrive at tha Utah metropoli
at 7 o'clock Monday 'morning. ' Bond's con-'
cert bend -of Tork, Which I to accompany
th Omaha delegation, 1 expected at noon
today, . .;..,.-,::.
la Baggage Ctach Aktag. '
' A very interesting featur of the Omaha
train will bo . the - Icebox, which I . now
being built la ha baggage . car. - It will
contain . two tons of - Ice, J50 - Individual
luncheons, and , th rest of , th pac
which la the Hon' share will be occupied
by liquid refreshment In caeca and keg.
Minneapolis wired -Friday for five berth
on th Omaha train ' and Fort ; Dodg , for
two. There-will be atoty-fiva In th party
from Sioux Falls, and small delegation will
Norfolk,- Hasting. Orand -Island -.and. Bear
trice. Including the band, about 125 Elk
will leave In the Omaha special train. ,
A special, train, freighted y very . largely
with, newspaper, men from Philadelphia,
Baltimore, New .Tork: and other eastern
cltlea passed . through Omaha Friday, de
stined Salt Lake.-, Another i bearing
Alleghany ' and -1 Pittsburg;-) Elk ..passed
through at t o'ctookrthl morning. ;. ;"
iMstrwet Delegate to ,Cwatral Lahor
- Vmloat to Work far Xei!
. ' 1 IsHosa, ' '
At the regular meeting of the local ma
chinists' lodge No. fl at Labor tempi last
night th nam of David H. Mercer was
the subject of much discussion. Tb ma
chinist are convinced . that . Mr. - Mercer
played aa Important part In - naming th
Fir and Folic . board 'and it- wa Drat
suggested to adopt resolutions -denouncing
the congressman for. his action In ignoring
organised labor In the makeup of hit new
board. After- om discussion, bowsVer, by
which It was evident that . the sentiment
waa unanimous against. Mercer, th lodge
decided, and o Instructed its delegates to
Central Labor union, that the most effec
tive method to hav them work
for the adoption ot resolutions by the cen
tral body, setting forth the opposition of
that organisation to both Savage and Mer
cer tor their flagrant disregard of the work-
Central Labor 'union meets next Friday
night, and a other organisations are pre
paring "similar action' as ' the machinists,
ringing resolutions exhibiting the-attitude
of organized labor toward David H. Mercer
are looked for. i
H. Stevenson mad . this statr jent last
night:' ' ' v ':- ,
"I . wish you , wouldi ssy ' that the. story
regarding my ambition .to be street com
missioner 1 absolutely without one par
ticle ot truth and the -originator rot the
tory either willfully for lgnorantly lied.
"And aa to my 9ort at forming a labor
party, you may say Hick Stevenson Is. for
trades union always and for anything that
will down -Dave Mercer, first, las and all
the time. That's my position If anybody
wants to know It" , ... , .
M. B. Bhlmer haa been granted a permit
to build a' frame dwelling at-Twenty-slxth
and Templeton etreets, to cost $1,000.
Lieutenant Colonel Kelkenney baa called
a mem In af all Hlvh school cadets and
ex-cadets for Monday evening at, the High
AHi-a K. Gray says that Joseph Is coarse,
vulvar and unfaithful and that she wlnhee
to be single. They were married at Ver
milion, Is. D:, October 4, lsao.
Tha advance eal of seats for the con
cert to be given by the Bohemian vocal
nuartet of Prague at Doyd's theater Mon
nay night will open at the bc-x office at
o dork this morning.
Ella J. Reed asks divorce from Frank
alleging that on March 1 last he struck her
wnn a Biovenops ana later cnoKea ner.
the wishes to become Ella Newton saaln.
ea she waa before the wedding, September
1J, -
vorce from Vila wife, Llla L., to whom he
wks married la Ksnna 1 Ity, Mo., June 10,
1 ... I V.. .. has K . m-Mm . . 1 1 , ..
of ir.ndellty. He names James L. Brooks
as co-rveponaent.
The. battle of San 'Juan Pel Monte
nrldse. given by Thurston furies ami
Omaha Quards at vinlun Street rark Au
guat 11 to la, promlMS to be a grand suc
cess. Everything . pueslbla has ben done
to make It reallmc. The crack Q.Otng gun
squad will glvs their drill each night, as
well as many other Interesting military
The Union Pacific too" out building per
mits yesterday fur Its new shops, the total
valuation of which la given In the offlot
of the building inspector aa t&.Ouu. The
ahops are described In three tnatalimenta,
as follows: brk-k machine shops. Tenth
snd Cas streeis, t&.iul. brick pattern anon.
Lieveuin and Wehater streets, tilt.wuu; brk-k
roun house, Tenth and Chit-eva streets,
le.vuu. i ns total nung leea are 14.
In W. le, formerly of Omaha, but
ioa of New York, haa dismissed without
prejudice his peililoR lor a modification of
the divorce decree granted tits wile, Isabel,
which decree had linpod heavy ailmony.
The doctor's petition, aim ti he now with
draws, averred that in New York he has
barely enough to itve on. and that, thei
fore, be couldn't longer par hta divorced
wife such lrts monthly Installments
Ketnt Vnverhewvobo.k - ewes JuUa
hard alwaya held a hlgb
place in tha otlmttlon of
the . American people, . for on. them
ha alway been the retlance of the
people In time of war. No volunteer'
Were ever more" affectionately .re
garded than those who went to 'the
front In 1898, when the call - came
from President McKlnley. Every
state In th west wss prompt In dls
pstchlng It quota, though few of tha
western saw much fighting until the
war with Spain wa over. In the
Philippine Insurrection . the westers
troops bor th brunt, and out of their
service there grow - the ; National
Society of the Army- ot the-'Phtllp-plnea,
which 1 celebrate! In the com
ing number of The Illustrated Be.
OLD GLORY ia ever uppermost in
tha mind of the patriotic olti
cen. For a frontispiece In It next num
ber The Illustrated Bee will have a fin
picture of a battle flag' and the man
who bor It through a long and bloody
campaign In Luion. It iat jnad from
a photograph taken after" tho return
-of the regiment from the Islands, and
show plainer than word can tell
ravage of hostile rain and wind and
. shot, In th tropics. It will give an
" excellent Idea of what the volunteers
went through In their campaign across
th sea.
. . IPPINES la the. name of an or
ganizatlon of member ot th Eighth
army corps those fellow" you hav
. noticed wearing that queer looking
badge th man who fought In th
swamp and. Jungle and rice field of
Luton. It wa formed shortly after
the return of . th regiment from
the Philippine and held It tint
reunion last year at. Denver. - It
aecond reunion will be held next week
at Council Bluff. A special article
In Tha Illustrated Bee give tome in
formation about th oclety, and. ia
. Illustrated from photographs ' of a
number of noted soldier who are
connected with it. - , -
tubjeot of which people have
' heard much, especially since tho
president has removed hi executive
office to hi home at Oyster Bay. HI
- tlx children are of expeolal Interest
tr? " mother throuahout th
- land. ' Th Bee has secured from '
. Washington photographer a copyright
set of photograph of the children,
taken with permission of the presi
dent,: and on Sunday will publish for
the first time la . a newspaper aa
: thorlxed pictures '. of J Ih young
Rooss veils. They1 are splendid pic-.
ture and will be appreciated by' all.
DEAD was unveiled "last May,
but the incident has not lost It in-,
' tereat, specially to the soldier of
the First Nebraska, -who' comrade
are th one honored by th shaft.
" Pioture taken at th time and pho
tograph of th dead soldier, who
laid down their live In Luton, form
a' group that will b of Interact to tho
rurvlvor of , that . campaign ' when
they meet at tbe reunion next week
Three members of Company F, First
Nebraska, sleep their last sleep uuder
the shadow ot that monument,
the subject of Frank O. Car pen-
tar's letter. Mr. Carpenter : writes
very entertainingly ot the great Man
chester ship cansi and It terminus
at. th Manchester docks, giving a
great deal of interesting Information
about it. One of the marvel ot . th
construction la the fact that It crosses
another canal, which Is .parried over
on a swinging aqueduct. This great
' highway for tbe entrance of American
product to Industrial England' cen
ter 1 really on of the engineering
marvel of th age. . Illustration ac
companying th article are from pho
tographs made by Mr. Carpenter along
the canal.... - .. ..
how the Colombian revolution
may in on way at least retult In
favor of th United State. It 1 illus-'
t rated from photographs made in Co
In addition ther are picture of
personal Interest and matter ot gen
eral importance. Every department
of the paper 1 complete and all has
been prepared with the car custom
arily given thla paper. If you are'
not now a subscriber, you should
order th paper today , from ? your
Wehner for 1196 damages, alleging that he
sustained Injuries in that amount on April
77 last, when, while he waa riding a bicycle
along Thirty-ninth etreet In South Omaha,
Wehner drove his horse and buggy at and
upon him.
Nils Cleve petitions the district court to
Ixaue a temporary injunction preventing
Eugene Purdy snd Nels Tonder from
longer maintaining a cowlot next to the
plaintiff's premises on the north side of
Hurt street between Twenty-fourth, street
and Twenty-fifth avenue. The plaintiff al
leges that cows are brought there and sep
arated from their calves which results In
a bovine chorus night and day that renders
sleep out of the question, lie objects, too,
to ths aroma.
erne nre
the Hoyal Achates, Wt Thursday nUht to
suetid two wevka in ban Franc lco, Oregon
anT Washington In the Interests of th
order. , .
Mtas Hartell and Mint May Hartell of
1 Capitol avenus will druart the early
part of the week, prot.ably Augual 14, fur
a viaii 10 ttieir Oil noma tq Halaberton
county, Canada. They wlli iu aiao to
Toronto and to NUtgara Falls before their
return to UutU, wwi be a bey
UUibsr ii.
Hoitja and Cas Tata Oath of OHioa Befura
Clerk litrtUad.
City Atte-raey Represses Oolaloa that
Captalas CsLaaot Bo Legally Re
dared Wlthoat Ckarget and
, Hearlagr oa Banae.
Th new appointees to th police esp
taincy, Patrick Mostyn and Henry P.-Hate,
reported to the Mercer Board of .Fire and
Police Commissioners , yesterday', morning
to hav their official bonds approved. ; Each
presented a bond for $1,000 In the Ameri
can Surety company. After approving them
the board adjourned to 7:30 Monday even
ing and th new police captains, took their
oath of offlc before Clerk W. L Kierstesd,
notary public, though' It has been customary
heretofore for th mayor to administer such
At 18 o'clock Mostyn assumed charge at
th police station, taking tbe place, of Cap
tain Daniel W. Her. Haie went' on for
duty at 6 o'clock last evening, succeeding
Captain Thoma Hayes.- ' 1 "
For an 'hour or 1 more- yesterday' a con
ference waa, on Inith mayor' office, th
mayor, City Attorney. Connell, Chief Dona
hue and th two deposed captains of police
being parties to it. The matter under dis
cussion was th course 'to 'be 'followed by
Her and Hayes. Both were seen after tho
close of th consultation, but neither .would
make known bis plant. It ;ts understood,
however, that they will put on uniform
and walk beat, and then file claim for
sslarles as captain, assuming that th new
board hid no right to reduce them without
charges being, filed anl a hearing on the
charge. Both appeared In cltlient' clothes,
without stars or other insignia ot rank.
-"The new Board of Fir and Pollc Com
missioners Is a da facto board," aald City
Attorney Connell, after the conference,
and the reduced captains have no right
to question any act It may perform on th
ground that it 1 not a legally constituted
board. Th real question Is: Hsa a board
that 1 both de jure and d taoto the right
to reduce aa ii,o ranks, thereby
Indirectly . causing hi removal, without
charges being preferred T No member of
either the police or fire department can be
removed ' Without charge being preferred
and a hearing on the charge. Th only
exception to thi rule arises when ther la
a necessity tor tha reduction of th force
to keep th expenditures of the depart
ment within th fund allowed.
"It la my opinion that the board had no
right to reduce to the ranka Captain Her
ana Hay and immediately afterward an
point in their place Mostyn and Hhxe.
Thi in effect is a removal of old officers.
If it can ba dona today, then Chief Dona
hue and Chief Salter can be reduced to th
rank next week. Thi I manifestly against
th spirit and purpose of th law.
.- "An unauthorised removal in tb nature
of those Just made 1 not only detrimental
to the departments, but la financial! tn.
jurtous to the city. The result will be that
Ilsr and Hay will claim talarle a cap
tain, and . If In the meantime salaries
ahould be paid to Mostyn and Hate the city
win d paying four salaries for the serv
ice of but two officer." '
Mr. Connell said b had not a yet begun
work on the petition and brief In quo war
ranto to test th legal status of the new
board, as he baa been -busy trying other
cases In th district court, but Ae , expect?
to set at it by the. flrat of next weeav j 1
Wew Aawolaiaacat Made la tho Road
Serrlo Sepau-t North Goo '
" 1 ' ' Paella Coast. '' -'
Several changes in tha road lervlee de
partment of tho Union Pacific hav been an
nounced and put Into effect. W. R. Cshlll,
formerly conductor .on tbe Overland Limited
between Omaha and Grand Island, assumes
th position of trainmaster tn Omaha, a
previously announced in Th Bee. This la
a place for which Mr. Cahlll 1 said to be
well fitted, as he is regarded as a thorough
railroad man. .
Nick J. O'Brien, another Omaha man. for
some years superintendent of th - South
ern railway at Danville, N. C, haa been
appointed trainmaster at North- Platte,
having taken up the affair of big new place
Thursday. . . . . , . . ,
On of th moit important changef la that
brought about by. th resignation ot H. M.
North of. Omaha, .aa roadmaster. . PhUlp
Carroll succeeds Mr. North who tag gone
to California. . - - - ,
Iu connection ; witf these changes a
rumor became . current yesterday , that
John Langtree, supervisor of bridges and
buildings, had resigned his position and
gone to th Pacifio coast to take up rail
road work. That Mr. Langtree had left the
Union Pacifio was officially denied yesterday
morning and it waa stated that he had gone
to . California on a vUit, which probably
Is the bast for the report ot hi resigna
tion. C.A. Rutherford, formerly general west
ern agent for th Rock Island with, head
quarter in Omaha,, as waa published tn th
morning paper, haa been mad division
passenger agent for Nebraska under an
order Issued by the Hock Island headquar
ter making several Important changes of
thi kind, contemporaneously with the re
moral of the general office from -Topeka to
Kansas . City August 10. Mr. Rutherford's
duties ar considerably elaborated by this
change. Hia territory 1 restricted, but hit
authority increased a he will now have
supervision of all th local Rock Island
office between Omaha and Denver. His
offlc will, of course, continue to be In thla
city. -Mr. Rutherford, who 1 on of the
most popular local railroad men. Is receiving
congratulation from friend upon th
widening ot hi official functions.
Construction work on the Laramie, Hahns'
Peak Pacific railway, of which Itaao Van
Horn of Boston Is president, I being ad
vanced with great facility. Thi road will
extend 00 mile, beginning at Laramie,
Wyo.,' and running southwest across th
La-ram Is plaint and Continental valley into
the mining camps and timber regions of the
Medicine Bow mountains, traversing beyond
a good strip of .country. On hundred mile
have already been actually financed and are
now under construction and equipment for
additional construction Is being hauled In
aod th work will proceed aa fast aa re
sources warrant.
The Union Pacifio ha completed sr
rangementa for Ita settlers' excursions to
the west and northwest, beginning Septem
ber 1 and continuing through that month
and October, with tickets saleable every
day from all Missouri river points. Thes
ratal are to be one fare for round trip.
The homeaeekera' rates of on far plu
(2 for round trip, which began August 6,
continu ia effect until October 21, sale
able on specified days only.
The Missouri Pacific will put Into effect
September 2 special "bom visitors' rate
to Ohio and Indiana from all point ia Ne
braska, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado and
Indian Territory. A one-rate plus $1 will
be the fsre for round trip.
Ht weather eaps the vital energy and
makai th hardest workers feel lazy,. To
maintain strength and energy oa Prickly
Ash Bitter. It la th friend ot Industry.
Whoro Doctor Fail to Ouro Woman's
Ills, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vogotablo
Compound Succeeds.
Mrs. Paulino Judson, Secretary Schermerliorn Golf Olnb,
; Brooklyn, N.Yr, Writes On This Subject.
A woman bt understands a woman's Ills. ''
- IIow true this Is, and how well proven la Mra. Judaon'a letter which
follows. ........ . .
How many thonsanda of letters Mra. Tinltham ia constantly receiving;
from women recounting tbeir months, and some timet years of treatment by
physicians for soma derangement of tho female organs without obtaining; a
cure, or even relief from their aufferins;, and how eventually they hava been
eared by her advice or medicine, or both, ia almost beyond belief. ,
Just think how Mra. Judsm was treated for month without stKveaa, and,
how quickly she was cured by LydiA 12. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound and Sanative Wash.
Ts there a alck woman on earth who will doubt tha power of Xydla E.
rinkham'a Vegetable Compound over women' diaeaaea ia tha face) of
uch proof ? Surely not.
- Any woman who 'la troubled with any form of female Ills, painful men
gtrnatlon,. backache, dl nines, bearing; down feellnirB, ovarian Inflammation,
or any womb trouble should hasten to procure Lydia E. Pinkham's Veo
C table Compound, for no other medicine ia o universally reoonxxaeifded
by prominent women of mil classes.
xfMz&h LV .. . .
. v. MRS. PAULINE ; JUDSON. , - . . .
: Dkar Mrs. Pikkiiam : Soon after my marriags two years ago I
. found myself in constant pain. The doctor said my wombwaa turned,
and this caused the pain, with considerable innamntatluu. Ho picoOiiueu.
for me for four months, when my husband became impatient because I
rrew worse .instead of better, and in speaking to the druggist he advised
him to 4(et liydla K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and Sanative '
Wash. IIow I wish I had taken that at first ; it Would hare saved me
weeks of suffering. It took three long- months to restore me. but it ia
a happy relief, and we are both most grateful to you, - Your Compound
.has brought Joy to eur home and healtii tomf-rMsa, PATtnffl Jvg-
' sosj 41" Iloyi Brooklyn,' N. Y. '-' , . : 1 ' ...'V:" '7 " tiV . -It'
Would seem by this statement that v)toen would aarft time. "
and much sickness if they would get LydiA . Pinkham's Vege- .
table Compound at once. ' It might as well be- understood first as
, last that no medicine in the world is equal to it, and no druggists"
substitute trill be satisfactory. .C-et it to-day; don't wait.
REWARD. W. hav. deposited with tha National City Bask of Lysa, tnoOO,
wbtcawlll bepald to eaj peraoa who ea Sna that (fee above testimonial Utter
Is not (saaiae, or was pabllahoa fcfaro obtaining the writer's epaalal per
BalMloS. , . Lrdiat flk rtektaan Modietna Co., Lvaa, Mass.
Salt Lake City
' 1 - .
To ; enable ' people
locslltle of Utah,
pndlture: of -tlm
PACIFIC ha put
ow rate ana ipienaia
trams leaving council . r, . .
uaiijr. or can iaa wujr.
Accommodation are provided
for all classes ot
. passenger, . ,
1324 Farnam St.
Ucnlvcrilj Llilllary Asadcsny
WatlonaJ Acaaetuiaaurtot Ul. CoL.
Western LiiEitnry
Catalogue and Omaha reference on application.
. ,-OB I1AJB W. . . LWE. LJCiVEH WOBTM, BAMSA. .', .
lj-i AND MiaaOUftl COHaaKWATUMV o MUtlO. mY
wort la Cham of UutTermtv y rduir.
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U h iuJutl barmle... liMrMb
LJ. J4 igilV"8Uaii rM mil t
lmpr,ii t ticmickl 'Jo..- 10 vv. iU fell., .N. If.
Buld by Sb.rman klc('t.Dnll Drug Co.
A Daily Educator
to reach the favored
without uonecessarr .
or- mooey, th UNION
In affect tbe above very
'tram aervlce, three
Bluff and Omaha
sckaol la
tKUF0K& IE Ut RS. MA., t-jit., Lsaliiotes. St.
34 til YEAR
tv fawultv. WtU wKiDtut4 ifstauravtorr ftrf trtoom work. 1 1 V
A raoiitin 1 oiawrTaurr Of HutW, lH,aMd JbiO
W.!. J mm. utari Cook. B. Mur.
A KlvMinalt,
Tkior It kittiuil tjpt.
VMlaaai). 8sewil rM tu tram ui' 0 Of llttitfeHl
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tlAAilt. Vtrntetr. r.
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til jr. mau-A7inu (.utiawrvaioi yy iuaiib4 jf
intllti Wm. H. Hrtert 4 oori Haisit (ilay).
Rani6ul Pfoijt iuruw, FicUta-t. KuU'Uiw)l. JTua
raatt, hutwrla 1 Jiomti li'truaday. Pur caUaUvsua 4
4rMa Joft-4 W. VilU.ION, Fr-.iuev.t.
.. Vfc a Uil tm MAiv MtS.