Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 31, 1902, Page 8, Image 8

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rrlous lUlly Aftsr Etrlj Dtprssiion, bat
Market Hu Dull Ton.
crop news, only to recover In the after-
noon on small oiirlot estimate and cover
Inic, with the clot very Arm at a partial
4c net decline; May. 4tVf'tt4o, rinsed at
4. r. T 1 1 I m. JTn. U-..t . Kp t;07,.f,
S4 closed at 6V4c; December, 4;t,l84c.
closed at 44c.
OATS Receipts, 11.600 bu.; exports, l.?S0
bu. Spot, steady; No. 2, 63c; No. 3. Sic; No.
1 white, 844c; N. 8 white, 64o; track mixed
WMlfm. 64c: track white western. 64jSfic:
tHARP CLASH BETWFFN BULLS AND BEARS I track whlta state, 4'uio. Option market
with other market.
HAY Firmer: shipping, 8ftg70c; good to
choir, 61.(hk01.06. '
HUPS Firm: atate. prime to choice. 1901
crop, 194af,34c: M, 10c; olda, tV&fc; state,
common to choice, 19oi crop, KifcvMc; IStfio. 17
a tho End, now-rr, Cereal Valne
Hear Prodae-I Rally (root
. Recent llama.
' CHI(TnO Jul SO. Unsettled by the
Honing operations In July corners, all the
tilsc; olds, 7i1'c: Fsclflo coast, 1901 crop. 21
B'4c; IS""1, lffolSe; olila, 24')25c. i 1 1 r. k t irm; acin, ujzuo.
PROVISIONS Beef, ateady; family, 116.00
tm0; mm. 113 W; beef hama, $J2 .nojftJ.AO;
packet, ti4.60itrl5.00; city extra India fhess.
fUJMiMW. Cut meats, ateady; pickled bei-
fratn markete todav were ragged, yet jiPa, fll.6iwl2.liA; pickled shoulders, f". 7&ij
plthal rather dull. Desplts the fact that (.75; pickled hama, f 12.0Otfn2.60. I,ard, firm;
marginal price of 45c waa put on July western steamed, tlOft'xbll.l; July closed,
lew oata yaaterday, the bulla In thia deal fll.124, nominal; refined, ateady; South
pare very atubborn and Bold almost noth- America, fll.75; compound, f8.12i4i8.50; con
UK, indicating the probability that the July t'nent. $11.10 Pork, easy; family .120 06;
Mia corner will have to be settled in the ahort clear tl(W.'1.00; meaa, flg.a0fflf.60.
pen pit tomorrow. In other optlona of HIDW.S-Hteady; Oalveston. 20 to 2 lhn.,
J, Is and other firalna beara had the whip "c: Csi fornla. 21 to 26 lba.. lc; Texa dry,
land early end pressed price, down. Coyer- 24 to 30 lb. 14c
rig ror anon accounta, a, oeveiopinn - i . ,i . -j.. ,n .. vw v.
ntlve and export demand and estimated TAHX?y.rSuJ.1t : v CL!T .per pk 6e:
lurtalled ahlpmente to thla center and '", , . ju
iegvy checked decllnea lrf the new crop .v?S.nII.: 2Tme"lc falr t0 4Hfl
i.liverie. out freah limn in the July deala. l? 'N.0?- . .......
mb.l irrJtat.onVe.mery. lUo; factory
ler oata He up ami July oata o higher. HE;EgERePeiptgl B.M pkR.; weak;
Provlalons closed 10c to 22HO up. ...... fancy large, colored and white. "ic: fancy
; ' i .w . ,.ni m. new1 atate lull cream, colored and
ind beara on the oata situation. Much whtP' 9va
omment over the ina rglnal prlc of 46o EoG8-Recetpte. ,293 pkga.; 'state and
ilqued the ahorta. but they In .turn were Pfnnl!vlvBnK S,vic; weaterA candled, 18
fciceneed over the attitude of the Prominent mc. w,rn unoandled, bhiSMy.
pen who were exactln. the mtermost M188i:-Steady ; New OrleaVa. 830
rsrthlnv from the ahorta In July contract.
It a time w
I commercial policy,
iV Jer.ilv POULTRY-Allve: Irregular; chlckena.
rial policy. Trader, generally 1 1K. ,.,rv.,.i tin- fni. uun .
were wrotn over tne areat amount oi irauo Steany. chlckena. 16c; fowla, lSc; turkey.,
that haa been kept from the Chicago mar- I 14y ,16c 71
let lately by too much manipulation. a METATS With the exception of tin
lay legal proceeding, were miwirn w prlcea were without essential change to
protect the ahorta. Plenteoua receipts day. The locsl price for tin Improved
Weakened deferred rmure. ear y, nut in Bbout on fa)r demand, offerinifs being
luly the probability that no relle r was to limited. Ppot closed at The
ee expeciva n inn mira. mo -u., v..., .., , rorelKn price dropped 17b 6d for the day,
Influenced sharp advances snd a nervoua I however, closing with spot at 126 12a 6d.
lone, iw romww. upin.ii "i "" " I The reafjre In copper locally waa Its ex.
tn trnm rloaa at 6.1c. ia hlahor than yea- I n... , 1 c .
kerday'a cloae. September dipped to Jl40 ber, cloeed-at til. VKj 11.66; lake, fll.754in2 .00;
larly, depressed by the early weaknesa In electrolytic lll.60ll.60, and casting at tll.63
aorn. When other grains rallied, howover tu.76. At London rather a firmer market
ind July showed itself strong. Beptember WRS reported, with prices up 7a 6d for the
rallied to a firm close. He up. at 82Hc. Ko- day; Bpot closed at 52 16s and futures at
eelpts were 364 cars, 128 of contract grade. 53- jaj BiKO improved slightly in the
Wheat had a very weak appearance English market, gaining la 8d to 11 12.
arly, but ultimately recovered lta position 6i. xt New York quotations were at 84 60
nd advanced. Early bearish incentive Tne local pr)ce of piter .teady at
were heavy recelpta. both primary and $5 37. London declined 2s d, closing at
local, lower cablea and fine weather. Sep- u 17s M Kngllsh Iron markets were re-
temher waa aold very freely early and large nnreH . u. u
wrjuiv?? ..orvtor:rr''5 !,!d"b,T, '.' im? -"r price.
mo v"" " - j - w?r uncnangea ana tne market dull.
oon started an upturn, however braced to Warranta were nominal; No. 1 northern
nme eiicm u . i r 1 iounary, w.ww.m; XNo. 1 northern foun-
northweat and of a. big export business "-t I dry, f22.0n'23.o5: No. 1 southern founrtrv
the lower prices. A leading elevator con- p2 .OOfr'23.00; No. 1 soft southern foundrv
rn v nn tn(T llherallv and augmented i-,t rJ:., -wuiuera lounurj,
the rallv. Julv. In which recently there I .
L". 1 1 - viii.,(o. was 1
wanted and on cerTng thla option took OMAHA wBOLBMLB MARKETS.
MnrahU, atrenflrth. The rood Hhort I
Interest in September helped In the upturn, coadltloa. tt Trad and Qnotatla.. .
r v.. .nlnma nf the wheat tnnvement aaema I ana MaolKIlOII Dl
to be undiminished, but for the time being I Staple aid Faaey Proaaoe.
tniB innnence merai 10 nave nan n iuh 1 TW-,riolr,-1 ,
T..i.. tM nwM - 4innn I ISGGS Candied stock. 16n.
to 72140, rallied to Tbo and closed strong, .LyB f OUL,TBiHn?- roosters, ao
lc -up. at 76Hc. It la thought there Is a cording to age 86o; turkeya, 8l0c; ducks
pretty fair sized July short Interest that ? tKttW3' chickens, per lb.,
L.lll V.-w- . .ttl. In th. iun mrktt to. I UHW14C.
morrow. Beptember opened HHe down at K "UTTER Packing stock, lfc; choice
MVTMC. declined to 68e. . up toTOHo -VfcTiTS1".?. v..
eelpts were 21f cars, eight of contract rn- ,6c. Pickerel. 8c; pike. o; perch. 6c:
grade, and Minneapolis and Duluth re- 712lrtdi j5J.",un""a' J?0 ! blueflns 80;
ported 138 cars, making a total for the three wj,.lLe""h',,1??' f h' HV blfckJba," 185!
folnt of 867 cars, against 491 a year ago. h?'1"t' " 2n. ha.ddofk .Jc!
Primary recelpta were 1,369.000 bu., against odfl n red nappar, 10c; lobsters,
1,121,000 last year. BeaDoara clearances in 1 - - - - , f: i '-V, '
wheat and flour equaled 866.000 bu. The ' " " iT.
seaboard reported 144 loads taken for export I oatsSo
"crn ""'weee' Ttreme depression early SRA.N Per ton. til
a. if Aanwfi nw a renewal r r nrarai nen- . -"
temhe'e aelllnr on the Influence of lower H .D'1( aaaoclatlon : Choice hay. No.
cablea and One weather, and an almost i "PJn2 WtL?.;,i Jne,1lm' H' N?-
total absence of support. The selling was - J7- K7 ' "I Jhe,?? Pri?
of the same kind that depressed the market ?rfr J,Ji.c?,It'kni lu1,t'
tor the last week, prospects or a very 1 "
laree cron. made donblv Drobable by per- I VKUHTABLES.
feet corn growing weather, was on of the J CAULIFLOWER Home grown, per dog.,
Jrmeipai Dcarmn mc nuvea. oepiemDer 1 lumwc.
broke from 6614c to 6lo before gny of Its I NEW CELERY Kalameioo. foo.
quiet. R's M. Bacon, firm; Cumberland cut
: to 80 lba., quiet, 66a; short rlha. it
to 14 lba., quiet, 60s td; long clear middles,
light, 28 to 84 II,, quiet, 69s; long clear
middles, hesvy, 86 to 4) lba., quiet, 68s 1;
short clear backs, 16 to 2" lbs.. 6ns
d; clear belli, 14 to ' 1 lbs., steaiy.
2a d. Shou'ders. square cut. 11 to 11 lba.,
quiet, 47a. Lard Quiet; prime western.
In tierces, dull, 64s; American refined. In
pails, quiet, 6.1a d.
CHELsK Steady : American finest white.
steady, 4Sa 6d; American flneet colored,
steady, 4 M.
I alixiw-iTim city, steady, ws; Aus
tralian, In London, dull, 33s.
FLOUR Bt. Louis fancy winter, firm.
8s d.
HOPS At London (Pacific coast), firm,
Ht'TTER Nominal.
PEA& Canadian, quiet, te 8H1.
Kansas City Grain aad Provisions.
JCAN8A8 CITT, July 80. WHEAT Sep
tember, 63Hf3Hc; December, 6t"tc; tash.
No. 2 hard aTyWc; No. 8, 62Q63c; No. t red,
67ia7Hc; No. 8, 61(f?fi2He.
CORN September, 43Uc; December,
34!4?36c: cash. No. 2 mixed, 87HC; No. t
white, WMjQoe; No. 3, BVbWc.
OATS No. 1 white, 35c. " " '
RYE No. 1, 44it45c.
HAY Choice timothy, tlO.OOSll.oO; iholc
prairie t7.0wa7.26.
BUTTER Creamery, 19He; dairy, fancy,
EOOS Firm; fresh Missouri and Kansas
stock, 14Ho per dos., loss off, cases re
turned. Receipts. Shipments.
Wheat, bu 99.2O0 I8.4O0
Corn, bu 16.S.O0 11.3'W
Oats, bu....
old friends cam to the support. Then on
the estimate of only 76 cars of corn to
arrive tomorrow there was some fair bid
ding and September advanced to 66c, clos.
tng only a trifle, easy, c down, at D57(,c.
July was very, nervous. .Early It was sup
posed the bull crowd had abandoned the
option for good and all, and - the price
opened 2a off at 660 for Beptember. A
little July stuff wns wanted, but no on
would all it at the, low oiice and July
aklpped to 60cr closing strong. ZHo up, at basket, 8o36c; atrmg beans, per market
r9HC. Keceipts were 11T cars, 15 01 contract I pasaei emflaoo. -
grade. 1 CAB BAG E Calif ornla or bom grown,
provisions wer oniy iairiy active, uui 1 new, io.
POTATOES New, per bu., t6r88a
GREEN ONIONS Per doc. according ta
slse of bunches, 16200.
TURNIPS Per bu., JOo. .
BEETS Per basket, 40o.
GREEN CORN Per dos., Bo, I
CUCUMBERS Per dos., 26c. ' " .
LETTUCE Per dosen bunches, 80c.
PARSLEY Per dos., 301 Sic. .
RADISHES Per dos., 20c. .
waa. utiAiMB Mom gruwn, per market
(ruled very firm, agalnat the depressing
effect of early cheap corn. Hogs also were
lower and prices dipped In all products.
Packers supported well, however, and the
lose was strong, especially in lard. Ben.
tember pork closed. lOo higher at 116.90,
ONIONS New California, la sacks. n
lb.. lo. .
TOMATOES Per market basket, II.
NAVY BEANS Per bu.. 82,16.
PEACHES California St Johns, foe; Ar-
geptember lard 224o up at 1 0.90 and Sep- kansas Elbertaa, per 4-basket crate fl; per
tember rlba 17He higher at tl0.32H. 6-basket crate fl-60; aatern Crawford, 90c
Estimated recelnts for tomorrow: Wheat. I PLUMS Cail'ornla. per 4-basket erataa.
S46 cars; corn, 76 car.; oats. 236 cars; hogs, I fancy, tl. 16&1.25.
10.000 head. PRUNES-Per box, 81.16411.26,
The leading futures ranged as follows: 1 f&AK-cauiornia, per oox, tzas.
, , APPLES bummer varieties. Der bhl..
Articles I Onen. I Hla-h.l Low. I Cloaal Yaa'r. I t2.7M.00.
1 ' 1 ' I ...T-.T rtHIIUI W . .
AniAwura-iBAH, par crate, a?; per
a July .
b July
Bept. '
b Sept.
b Dec,
. Sept.
. Oct.
' Sept.
. Oct.
: Jan.
78 7614 TL 7SH
70.H 70&4 60S rH
9H W 69H 69(?f74
71&'?2 72H . 71H 72H
65Hfft4 60 E5H 6H
66'fii M 64 66
OViwIi ,1 0H 41H
40 48 40 47
60 63 60 63
2H 28 ' 'M 28
S1H H'H tl4 ' 82H
Wu. ili II 31V
17S KM I4 86
16 85 16 96 1 77H 1 96
16 66 16 70 16 62Vi 15 67H
10 7H W 90 10 62H 1 W
10 17H 10 37H 10 15 10 87H
t 67H 77 I 66 I 70
10 12H 10 H 10 12H 10 8JH
10 00 10 06 t 90 10 05
I 06 07Hl 00 07H
basket. 76o.
T3i VA'i R. MELONS Per 100. tt7.00ff26.00.
70V GRAPES Southern Cftalbas, per M-lb.
SV crate, tl.60.
PINEAPPLES Florida. 80 to M count.
BANANAS Par bunch, according to
BIB, l4.iCXS-.ID.
ORANGES Valencia. t4.76S6.00: Medl.
terranean sweets. 84.014.26.
LEMONS Fancy. b: choice. t4.60i Mea.
slnas, f4.60tf6.00.
CIDER New York, t3.75.
HIDES No. 1 green. 64c: No. 1 a-reen.
6Hc; No. 1 aalted, 7o: No. f salted, Ho:
Mo. 1 veai can, s 10 J4 ids., bo; no. i veal
I , .A if I aA. W , . . - u . n . w
1Q 99 caii, a w aw iu,., w. u 7 inyw. cyuv, suesp
16 67H Pelta, 76c; horse hides; tl.oOtf2.6o.
POPCORN-Per lb., 5c; shelled, sc.
10 67H NUTS Walnuts. Ne. I soft shell, per lb.,
10. 17S 12c; herd shell, per lb, llHc; No. 1 soft
S SIH I snail. iuc: rto. a ntm sneii, so; craxua, per
id., ic: nioeria, per 10., 14c; aimonaa, sozt
Mianeapolls, Wheat Floor and Bran.
7c: September, 6Mj68Hc. On track: No. 1
hard, i9c; No. I northern, 7814c; No. 1
northern, 744c.
FLOUR First patents, t3.86'33.96; secmd
patents, t3.65i3.76; first clears, 83.0033.10;
second clears, 82.40.
BRAN In bulk, fit.
Mllwankee Grata Market.
ket ateady; No. 1 northern, 78Hro79c; No. I
northern. 77H78c; Beptember, 7070Vio.
RYE Dull; No. 1. OOc.
. BARLEY Irregular; No. 1, 66c; sample,
CORN September, 66Hc
Peoria Market.
PEORIA, 111., July 0.-CORN-Easy,
lower; No. 8. 67He.
OATS Irregudar; new No, I white, 33
15c, billed through.
WHISKY On the basis of tl.Sl for fin
ished goods.
Dnlatb Grata Market.
DULUTH. July 30. WHEAT Cash, No.
1 hard, 76o: No. northern, 724c; No. 1
northern and July, 74Hc; September, 7tHc;
December, 68-Hc.
OATS September, 81Hc
Dealings Contract and Plnetaatlona
Prevad the Market.
NEW YORK, July 30. Ther was a fur.
ther contraction of dealing In today's
stock market and a decidedly fluctuating
tone during the day. Professional traders
were watchful for a turn in the tide of the
market and kept prices fluctuating over 'a
small range during a greater part of the
day. There were no developments of great
Importance. The additional engagement
had been fully expected and, In fact,
turned out to be rather smaller than had
been feared. There was evidence of con
tinued liquidation on a large scale during
the forenoon, which was attributed to the
western party, whose operations have come
to prove a powerful Influenoe In directing
a large speculative following in Wall strtet.
The cessation of this liquidation waa fol
lowed by a scattering demonstration of
strength. The St. Louis & Ban Francisco
securities were very buoyant, which caused
a revival of rumors that they are to be
I " , . r. th. talqn rt'an
The rise In Chicago & Eastern Illinois
and Chicago A Alton and the firmness of
Illinois Central seemed to be Identical.
The abrupt rise In New York Air Brake
is characteristic of that stock, and Is with
out much sentimental enct elaewnere.
The ton of Colorado Fuel Is attributed
to doubts over the present control of the
company ss It will be revealed at tomor
row's meeting of stockholders. It Is ie
ported that some of the shorts on the
stock have bought convertible bonds for
protection and the fact that the rights of
conversion cease tomorrow may have been
an incentive to the buying of the stock by
shorts. Some of the statements of net
earnings for July serve to further empha
sise' the effect of Atchison's decreaae re
ported yesterday. The Increased, cost of
opeeaHlng showed a tendency to encroach
upon Increases In gross earnings and In
soma caaes to wipe out the gross gain.
The tendency waa down In Union Pacific
and St. Paul, but thla was dissipated In the
reviving effect of the late rally in which
all of those stocks, and particularly Bt,
Paul, shared.
The market became somewhat excited In
the last hour in the varying reports cur
rent in the scope of a St. Iouts & San
Francisco and Eastern Illinois consolida
tion, the closing, however, was Irregular.
The generally favorable tenor of the
weather bureau's weekly crop summary
and the favorable weather reports of today
were helpful factors In the market. The
continued tranquillity of the money mar
ket in face of the gold exports had a
reviving effect upon sentiment. The sub
treasury made a liberal disbursement to
the money market and advices from Seattle
were received of a deposit of fl.000,000 gold
ther to be credited to New York. ,
Bonds were dull and Irregular until the
lata rally In stocks, when prices stiffened.
Tots sales par value. 82,564,000. United
States 4s, registered, advanced H on the
last call.
The following are the closing prices on
the New lorn otocx exenang:
Atealsoa St. Ful pfd. ........ 194
do pta u H'l'vao. rseino Ml
Bal. se usie.......iu"i ao. itauwaj .
on the Stock exchange was quiet; the at
tendance ha Blackened owing to the ap-
roach of the holidays, thus helping to re
uce transactions. There was renewed
aelllng of Americans, following Wall street,
succeeded by Improvement later to sbove
parity. Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Paul,
Norfolk Western and Union Paclrto
sharea were the feature. The close waa
steady, with hlgh-rlaaa securities Inclined
to be easier on dear money. Home rails
Were dull on prospects of electric railway
competition. Kaffirs hardened on Cham
berlnln'a speech on South African affairs
In the House of Commons yesterday. The
s mount of bullion taken Into the Kank of
England on balance to day was (.0011.
PARIS, July 30, Sentiment waa more
cheerful on the bourse St the opening
today. Contangoes were later than ex
pected and open preparations wer easily
effected. Turks were in demand, but In
dustrials were weaker, except for Rus
sians, which were firm. Rio tlntos opened
weak, but recovered later and closed firm.
Kaffir, were firm, being favorably In
fluenced by Chamberlain s speech on South
Africa. De Beers showed weakness on
realisations. The privets rate of discount
was 2 6-18 per cent Three per cent rentes,
loot 37c for the account. Spanish 4s closed
at 80. si).
BERLIN, July . Trading on the bourse
today wa dull. Advices from New. York
were discouraging. Bank shares wer
quiet and Industrial were eaaler, and Ca
nadian Pacifies relapsed. Internationals
were quiet and prices wer maintained.
Discount rates: Short bills (for settlement),
2H per cent; thre months' bills, 1H per
New York Mny Market.
NEW YORK, July 80. MOJ'EY-,On call,
steady, 243 per cent; laat loan, 24 per
cent; prima mercantile paper, 4H6 Per
f4.87T for demand and 84.86H for sixty days:
posted ratea, 84.86 and l4.8tH; commercial
bills, t4.841(g 4.&5V
SILVER Bar, 62c; Mexican dollars,
BOND8 Government, firmer; state, In
active; railroad. Irregular.
The closing quotation on bonds ar as
C. . f. ia, r.g...lH!4 u ft H. on!. 4a INii
do coupon
4a ia, rs
4o coupon
So new 4!, rag
do coupon
do old 4a, rag.
do coupon . . . . .
do la. r(
..linw M. Cantrml 4a 114
...10 do la Inc 12
...leeVMInn. A Bt. L. 4a.. .1(14
Ul M., K. A T.
.l4 do la
.liMW N. T. Central la.
.lo4 do sen. 14s....
.104 IN. J. C. can. la.
do coupon loitt No- Pad Bo 4a....
Atchlaon can.
no adj. 4a
Bal. a Ohio 4a
do J 14a ,
do cody. 4a...
Canada. So. ia 109
Central ot Oa. ls....loa
do la Inc 84
Cbea. A Ohio 44...104
Chicago A. 14a... ii
C, B. aV 4. a. 4a.... M
C, M. A 8. P. . 4a.. lit
C. N. W. e. 7a....lJ
C. H. I. A P. 4a.... 11014
C C C t II L I. 4S.1014
Chlraco Ter. 4s S4
Colorado 80. 4a W4
104 I do ia
.. IT IN. A W. cob. 4a,
..I0II4 Reading (an. 4a
.. MH
... 71
.. I4
HI I, t I I 1. aa....ll4
St. L. A S. V. 4a... I4
St. L. ft 8. W. Is...
da la
8. H. A. P. 4a.... in
Bo. Pacific 4a
Bo. Railway M Ill
Taxaa A Paella la.. .111
T., St. U A W. 4s.. at
Union Paella 4 1044
do conr. 4a 104
Wabaah la 110
do ia 1134
do dab. B. T4
Denrsr A R. O. 4a.. 101 iWaat Bhora 4s 1144
Erie prior Ilea 4a.... M4 Wheel. A U BS. 4a.. Ii
do general 4a M Wla. Central 4a i4
r. W. D. C. la... 1114 Cona Tobaeoe 4a 1
Hocking Vai. 44s... 101 it .
Boston Stock Qaotatlaaa.
BOSTON, July 80 Call loans, 4 per
cent; time loans, 4(&d per . cent, omciai
closing of stocks and bonds:
Atchison 4a 1024 Adrantur t4
Max. Central 4a 114 Alloues 4
N. B. O. A, C 14 Amalgamated 174
Atchison i Blnsham 144
do pld , 1024 Calumet ft Hcla....Ml
centennial lata
Copper Kansa ....... H14
Dominion Coal IU4
Franklin r. 114
tale Royal 4
Mohawk 44
Old Dominion II
Oeoeola M
Parrot II
Qulncy U4
Santa Pa Copper. .... 8
Tamarack ..IU
Trl mountain 96
Trinity 114
Unite States US
man 114
Victoria I
no piu. ....... '.
Boeton A Albany... .141
Boston m Ma a
Boat oa derated ....144
N. V...N. H. A U..IN I
y Itch burg pld 144
Union Pacific. 10? 4
Max. Central 24
A mar. Sugar 1114
do pld 14
Americas T. T...144
Dominion I. A l4
Oen. Klectrto Ill
Maaa. Bleetrte 404
do pfd 174
N. B. O. A 0 4t
United Fruit 1U4
I:. . Rtaol
do pld... mk'eiMH
Waatlngh. Common. .104 Wolrerlne
Otitis feoeipts Light sad Good Stuff Ild
Itrong, Others fitoady.
Heavr Ran at Sk sat Owing to
LI an I teal Deaauel Market Was
Very Slaw an 4 Considerably
Lower All Grades.
R-lpts were: Cattle. Hogs. Bheep.
Official Monday S.6.00
omclal Tuesday J,U
Official Wednesday t.OW
Thre days this week.. 8,407 16.4K9
Bam days Isst week.... 8,016 U,b
Bam week before ...11.W6 18.421
Same thre week ago... 7,677 16,478
Bam four weeks ago.... 8.07 28.248
Bam days laat year ,28s 24,84
The following table shows the receipt
of cattle, hogi and sheep at South Omsha
for the year to date, with comparisons
with last yeaxi
1909. IP"!. Inc. Deo,
Cattle 41a,9 8S3.130 t6,83
Hogs 1.600,247 I.444.407 OO.DtU
Bheep 629,708 608,878 68,670
IM lollowing table snows in averaae
price ot hogs sold on the Boutn Omaha
market the last several days, with com
parisons with former years:
Date. I 1908. 1W1.100.18S9.1S93.1897.18I.
July 1...
July I...,
July 4...,
July 6...,
July ...
July 7...
Jusy I...
July t...
July 10... 1
July u..
July 11..
July 18..
July 14..
July 16..
July 16..
July 17..
July 18..
July 19..,
July 10..
July 21..
July 22..
July 28...
July 24
July 26
July 26...
July 27...
July 28...
July 29.
July 80.
T 4HI f 81
1 84 I 88 4 82 1
'e? 1 ia' ee"1
1 84HI 7t I 08
7 mi
7 8114
I 83
7 7tV
T 72
7 7Wi
7 72
7 72
7 73
7 4141
7 82T4j
7 414a
7 63
7 68
7 6JT4
7 654
7 47S4i
f 78,
I 8t!
t 83
6 92
I 86
t Tl'
f 64
6 66,
6 68
I 82
t 69
I 71
I 74
6 6
I 691
( 47
6 661
I 161
6 13i
I 02
I 13
I 08
I 02
4 4
4 87
4 99
4 S
6 07
5 ltj
6 16
5 06
6 02
f 06
6 13
6 081
8 781 I 8 II t 18 t ft
e I I 811 t 1 1 14
' 18 ee V1! !
I78fls6ee f
8 6u 8 Xs 8 V7
t 83
t 811
3 W:
4 041
4 09
4 06
4 01
4 1
4 28
4 19
4 21
4 fl
4 21!
4 27
4 321
4 33
4 82
t 7i
I 81
t 7
t T8
8 82
3 77!
1 77
t 82
t f2
t 89
t 86
t 81
t 8i
I 32
8 36
t IS
t 14
I 16
8 17
8 20
t 26
I t2l
3 So
3 38
I 7i 3 27
t 821
S 89
I 87
8 77
3 871
t 72
1 74,
t 98
t 94
1 87
t 84
1 00
1 06
3 07
1 1;
t 96
t 97
t 97
2 8
t 251 t 61
t 861 t 92
e It 88
I 87
t 43 1 85
3 291 1 7
3 26 I 71
I 44 3 77
Indicstes Sunday. Indicates Holiday.
Th official number of care of stock
brought In today by each road was:
C., M. Bt. P. Ry ,
O. 4V St.- L. Ry 1
Missouri Paclflo Ry 1
Union Pacific system ... 84
't v.
ii "
88 "l
New York Mining Qnotatloa.
NEW YORK. July 80. The following ar
tha closing price on mining stocks
Adams Con 0
Alice ...JO'
Breec .... s
Brunawlck Con I
Cometoek Timnel 'A
Con. Cal. Va 110
Doadwood Terra ...
Horn Silver ....... WIM
Iron Silver SO
Leadvllle Co;.. I
Little Chief
Ontario ......
Phoenix .
Sierra Nerada
Small Hopes .....
. 11
.. II
.. 1
.. 18
1 80
18 88
10 IS
8 07V.
a Old. b Hew. No. 3.
Caah quotations were as follows:
iui av. . iiii't 1 f-- f v niiiwiiua swat.
shell. 16c; hard shell. 16c; pecans, large, per
lb., 12c; small, 10c; oocoanuts, per dos., 60c
OLD METALS A. B. Aipern quotes tbs
following prices: Iron, country mixed, per
ton, HMO; Iron, stove plat, per ton. 87.60;
copper, per lb., 84c; brass, heavy, per lb..
FLOOR Easier: winter entente. t8.Vf I 84c: brass. Hunt, per lb.. 6c: lead, oer lb
S7t: winter straignta,; cieara, u.w utic; ainu. per 10s ic; ruooer. o-ir id., sc.
4GU.40; springs, 4.9u; patents, xj.omaa.ltt;
.i..lkl. 11 ih,j.i't
wheat iso. i spring, tic; no, spring,
S7(Zi73c: No. 3 red. 73rt"64e,
, CORN No. 3 yellow, 6sg0e.
OATS No. t, 29ii3.rc; No. t whit, 4l8O0.
Kit. JNO. I. UWtkKW.
BARLEY Fair to choice malting, 62it78o.
St. Lonia Grata and Provlalona.
BT. LOUIS. July 80. WHEAT in r her:
No. 1 red, cash, elevator, (44c; track, 604c;
juiy. 044c; BeptemDer. tt4c: December,
6S7c: No. 2 hard, orotic.
CORN HlKher: No. 3 cash. 89Hc: track.
BKIiJl No. 1 flax, tl.60; No. 1 northwest- I 60c; July, Wc; Beptember, 4ic; Decem-
arn tl M: clover, contract trade. 18 IMS 4ft I ber. inc.
PROVISIONS Meaa pork, per bbl., 816.86 1 UAio-nnn; rso. z oaan, Me: track, nay
JM8.90. Ird, per 1U0 lbs.. flOD&lO.sO. Short I 36c; July, 40c; September, 24c; No.
rlba BtdeB (loose), iii 2"tio 30. Dry salted I White, old, coo.
shoulders (boxed). 89 IX. i 9. 26. Short clear I RYE Firm at 64c.
sides (boxed), 311.l244fll.2S. FLOUR-About steady; new red winter
WHISKY On the basis of high wine, patents, 83.2u4i3.30; extra fancy and stralaht.
tl.Sl. . . t2.9nM3.16; clear, f2.764j2.85; . old. lOiulao
The following ar th receipt and shlo- I micncr.
'M,ni,. I e-trLP iimoinT. nominal.
H4I nil I ti; DinuT, ea.AW
., . r . " I 1 . 1, . v , ., .t . .. .. 1. u.i .. . , ani t ic
,.4?!.,'u"0 22!ti0 Mfi . ' . . H13.00 'JiAT-ouii; timotny, xo,tpis.t; prain.
..74S.U00 I60.000 ''".'"'.
Flour, bbls...
Wheat, bu
Mil, wu...
Corn, bu
Oats, bu
Rye, bu 19.lcm
Iiarley, bu 6.UU0
On th Produce xchang today th but
ter market waa easy; creameries. Itk(rl94c;
dairies, lSa i"c. Cheese, ateatdy, linulla
.gg wtti; iresn, Ji4t'c
eaaotatloas af tb Day; Tarleai
1 NEW YORK. July 80. FLOUR Recelpta.
38. llo bbla.; exports, 3.S63 bbls.; market
auiet. but a shade steadier: winter
patents. fl.7f.34.00: winter straights, 13
igio; Mlnnesuta patents, x:i.suu4.ii; winter
extraa, t3 Ukhi3.36; winter low grades, 12 W (v heat bu 1 2" u
tliilo; Minnesota bakera. t3 1.Si3S6. Ky ," 'h"u' " j,,,
Iliour. quiet; fair to good, f3.26iui.40; choice I Kta hu si'o
... ti p,.. ao I VaWi u av.u
WHISKY Steady. 81.31.
haihh.iu ntcaay, 4O04C
HKMP TVVINK steady. 9c
PROVISIONS Pork, higher: lobbln old.
(17; new, fl7.4o. Lard. Arm. tlO.40. Iry salt
meats tnoxeai, steaay; extra snorts, ail,
clear rlba, tll.124: ahort clear, tll.37'4.
Haeon (boxed), ateady; extra shorts.
fll.374: clear ribs, f!2; short clear, f!2.26.
MiSTAi-o-uaa, nrm, .!.!. (a 4. iw. spelter,
firm, 86.05.
POULTRY Dull: chickens, 10c; springs.
lzc; turkeys, izc; aucaa. c; geese. 44c
BUTTER Steady; creamery,. 1721c;
aairy, intiisc.
EGGS Hteady; 144c. loaa off.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls.. 6.UO0 la.OoO
M.i'H 14I.0U0
COO 2e.0u0
fVIUVUk'il Hfeav v.llnw waateen
'H e: city, uranaywine, s.) moo.j.
RYE Easy; No. 3 western. 6bVe. f. o. b.
afloat; state, 62tc, c. i. f.. New York car-
UARLEY Firm; feeding. He. c i. f.. Buf
, WHEAT Receipts, 102 S7f bef. Spot,
,41ieaa ; rto. a reu, iqc, elevator; no. a rea
l8lc. f. o." b..' afloat: No. 1 hard Manitoba
I H'.e. f. o. b.. afloat. Reflactlna bearish
I WuaUier and a big movement wheat opened I timothy, f2.10i
wcaarr iqu uei uncu, aur wiiirn 11 raiuea 1
on a heavy export trade, closing firm at a I Liverpool Grata anal Provisions.
riiirllitl ailvanca Mav ,a4. 77 k-lt I
cloned at TTVkc: Julv. 7v,i .S4c t loaed at I LIVERPOOL. July SO WHEAT Spot.
7-4c; September, 44'7S 8-lou. closed at I No. 1 northern, spring, quiet, s ld; No. 1
7D4o; December, 74 16-1 ck& 8-16c. closed at I California, dull. 6s 4,1; futurea. dull; July.
icwo. I nominal, pcyicinonr. on; asvermuer o il u
CORN Receipts. 17.850 bu.: exports. 30 I CORN-Boot, steady; American mixed, as;
bu ; sales, ljo.uuo bu. futures, 18,0m) bu. spot. I futures, dull; September, 6 Id; October, ts.
S(t, steady; Mo. 2, see, elevator, and eoo, I PROVISIONS eef. atrong; extra India
t. o. b.. afloat. Option market sold off at I mess. 107a tki. Pork. Arm: prime meaa went-
tLrat uadar oAtauslva UtiuiUaUoa gad flu j ira, 84) id. Ilaiua, short cut. 14 to It lbs.,
Toleat Grain aad Seed.
TOLEDO. July 80. WHEAT Dull.
steady; cash, 714c: July, 714c; September,
live; i.ecemuer, ..'c.
it 1WV T.nll Mrni tii Imnv Titlw m
Beptemtx-r, 56c; Iecember, 43o.' '
uatb-dum, nrm; caan, ne; juiy, 44c
September. 28c; new July, 6oc; new Sep
tember, 324c.
HY r No. a. I7C
BEKl-cf.ver, October, 86.17; August
Am nfd.
Canadian PaclB ....13144
Canada 8o It
Chen. A Ohio H
Chlcaao ft Alton..... i
Id ntd Tl
Chloaao. Ind. 4k L... 11
do ata
Chlcaao B. III..
Chlcaao O. W
do lat pra
do Id eta
Chicago A N. W..
C, K. 1. A r
,. 114
. n
. 41
.11 4
Chicago Tar. A Tr. . 114
do pia
C C C A Bt. L...
Colorado So
de lat ptd. .......
do id pld
Dal. A Hudaon...
Dal. A W
banver A R. O...
do pM
Krle ,
do lat pfd
do M pld
Orcat Nor. pld....
Hocking Valley ,.
do pld
Illlnola Central ..
Iowa Central .
do ptd
Lake Krle A W...
do pfd
L. A N .
Manhattan 1m......
Mat. Bt. Ry
Max. Contra!
Max. National ....
Minn. A St. L....
Mo. PaciHe
M . K. A T
do ptd
N. J. Cantral ....
N. T. Cantral ....
Norfolk A W
do pld
Ontario A W
Reading .
do lat pfd
do Id pfd
St. U A 8. P
do lat p'd
do id ptd
It L. South
do Ptd
St. Paul
do ntd rr
Taxaa ft PaolBo 4St4
Toledo. BV L. A W. 114
do Bid 17
Union Pacllo 104
do ptd 134
Wabaah 194
do Did 4M
Wheeling A L. B.... It
do ad pfd 114
Wla Central 174
do 'pfd 44
Adams lx. loo
American Ex ist
United Stataa Ex.. ..120
il IWalla-Fargo Kx Ill
.10641 Amal. Coppar 174
.. rriAmar. jar at r 11
.. T7 I do Sfd II
44IAmer. Lin. OH i!4
..11a 1 ao pia l
tt I A mar. H. ft R 44
44 I do pfd 1444
Sl anao. atiniug CS....1U4
M Brooklyn R.a T 4
4'i Colo. Fuel A L. 1004
124 Cona Oaa 123
ll4l font. Tobacco pld.. .1214
aci-a iten. n,iacirio ...... ..idZ'.l
, 114 Hocking Coal 114
lat lotar. Papar 14
, 474 do pfd 734
S4 LACieoa uaa as
,. 14 Na. Blaeult 47V
..121 I National ltm4 114
..144 o Amancaa ....
,..ld Haclflc Coaat
,..144 Pacific Mall
.. Iv7a Peopla's Gas
,.. 114 Vreaaed S. Car....
..1114 'do pld
..1114 Pullman P. Car...
.. 114 Republic Steel ....
.. tai da ptd ,
,..16 Sugar
..14 Tann. Coal A 1...
... e Union bag A P...
... 14 do pld ,
... Lift V. S. Lnathar ....
...161 do pfd
... 4 U- Rubber ....
... 17 do pfd
,.. TI4 V. S. BiaaK".
,.. 114 00 P'd
... al W'aatara Union ...
,.. 7S4 Amer. Locomotive.
... 14 ' do pfd
,.. u IK. C. Southern....
...l44l da ptd
. II
. 47
. It
. 184
. 764
. a
. av
. 11
. 15
. 16
. SS
. H4
,. 114
. SJ
,. M4
Lealia Stock market.
LONDON. July 80 4 p. m. Closing:
Conaola lor aonay... U4 'Norfolk A Waetera... 4
do account.
Atcbiaon ,
do pfd
Baltimore A Ohio.,
Canadian Pacific.
1 Mai do pfd...
.. Ontario ft Waatara.
.. 134 Paonaylvanla .......
..1114 do lat pld
.!-. I da Id pfd
Chaaapaake A Ohio.. 644' Southern Hallway.
t blcago u. w do pld
C. M. A St. P l-4 South.rn PaclHc...
. H4
, 444
, 'i
, W4
, 1U4
ln.r ft R. 0 4o 4
do Bid K;i
Krle 11
do lat pfd. a4
do Id pfd 14
Illlnola Central II
Lsularille ft Kaeu..l47
Mlaaourt. K. A T... II
do ptd M4
New York Cantral. . .lat a,
E"x-dlvldend. Ex-rUht.
BAK SILVER Steady at 24 t-16d per
MONEY 243 per cent. Th rat of
discount In th open market for short bills
is a per cent; lor inre montns
bills, 2S per cent
Union PnclSa...
do pld
United Stataa Steel.. 404
'no pia
do pld
Spanlak 4e
Haad Mlnae...
Liolaaera (dac.)
' Bank Clearings.
OMAHA ' July 80-Bank cleartngs todsy,
fl,013.624.87! corresprmding day last year,
fi)76,988.18; Increase, f36,63.19.
CHICAGO. July 80, Clearings, t28.86S.107:
balances, 32,318,366; New York exchange, 10c
premium; foreign exchange, t4.8 for sixty
days, 34 X8H on demand.
ST. LOUIiV July 30. Clearings, f6.66,84;
balances, fu74,662; money, steady, 6(&o per
cent; New York exchange, par.
BALTIMORE, July SO. Clearings. t3,839,
171; balances. f418,124; money, 4V per cent.
PHILADELPHIA. July to. Clearings,
fl7.&42,8i0; balances, f2,647,76f; money, 4Vk
per cent.
vi-tmr llv an T1aar1nwa 18 toll..
11 TV J V l.'i " . . -
271; balancea, tl0.84o.249.
: .. ar 1 nA ll 1 Mm M 1 J O Oa7 s
HOHTOIM, JUiy OV. Viennila, aaaio,ao,
balances, fl.953.6oO.
CINCINNATI, July 80. Clearings, 33,038,
800; money, 4S per cent; New York ex
change, par and 60 discount.
Condition of tno Treaanry.
wABTnTcriTON. Julv SO. Today's state-
.n nt tha treasury balances In the gen
eral fund, exclusive of the fl60,000,000 gold
reserve liv tne aivision oi reorrauon,
hnws: Available cash balance. f201,bJ,-
980; gold. 398.360,469.
Cotton Market.
vww YORK. July 30. COTTON Futures
opened easy; July, .61c; August, 8.18c; Sep
tember, J. 1C; UCWMr, nBTtuira,
iab,. twm wr. 7 b9o: January ana r eo-
ruarv l.twc; namn, i.aou. rumm v.vavu
steady; July. 8.4S0; August, 8.24c; Septem
ber, 7.88c; OCtooer, ana novoraiirr, i.ix,
December. 7.65c: January and FebruarYi
T tut. March 7 44c
,. , . ---- - , . . ,M
Bpot: UUiet, miaaung upiana, BV, nua
dllng gulf. 94t. sale. 200 bale.
LIVERPOOL, July 80.-4 p. m. COTTON
Spot, dull, business light; prices l-82d
ST. LOUIS, July 80. COTTON Market
quiet; miaaung, ovt-, uuc, y--
367 bales; shipments, 629 bales; stock, 16,3a
bOALVESTON, July 80. COTTON Market
quiet at 8 1S-1BC. .
l.iVKRPOOL Julv 80. COTTON Spot
dull, business light, prices 13-32d higher;
American middling lair, a s-ioa: gooa mm
dllng, 4 15-16d; middling, 4t7-32d; low mid.
Aiina ix-ri! rnnd ordinary. 44d: ordinary,
4d. The sales of ths day were 4.0U0 bale,
of which 6u0 wer for peculation and ex
port, and Included 3.300 American. Receipts
were 6,000 bales, po American. Futures
opened quiet and closed easy; American
mi.iciilnn- sr. o. e.. July 4 41-6IW4 46-4d. buy
ers; July-August, 4 38-64'tj4 89-64d. iMiyers:
ber 4 12-64d, sellers; December-January,
4 104S4 H-4d, sellers; Jsnuary-February,
4 10-4d, buyers; February-March, 4 10-wtd.
buyers; March-April, lu-wa, uucr..
barely steady; July, IBDo bid; Au
gust 8.8r"i"i.37c; Beptember, 7.821'7.Wc; Oc
tober, 7.&cvii'7.6c; November, 7.4Vu7.49c; De
cember, 7.4Mj7.49c; January, 7.48(i';.60o; Feb
ruary. 7.48.50c; March. 7.49ij7.61o. Bpot.
easy; aak-s. 660 bales; ordinary, 74c; good
ordinary, 7c; low middling, 84e; middling,
811-lc; good middling, 9c; middling fair,
c; receipts. fc7 bale; stock. 82,099 bales.
OH aad Rosin.
OIL CITY. Pa,, July 30. OIL Credit bal
ances. tl.22; shipments. 133,066 bbls.; aver,
age. 79.877 bbla.; runs, 98,481 bbls.; average,
7.9n9 bbla. .
Turpentine and rosin unchanged.
SAVANNAH. Oa.. July 30. OIL-Turpen-tlne.
f.rm. Rosin, firm; A. B, C apd D,
tl 20; E. tl.26: F. fl.SO; H. fl 6; I. .12 ;
K, t2 60; M, f3 0: W. Q., 33.46; W. W.. 13 60.
Spirits turpentine, steady. 4144Sc. Rosin,
steady, 11 15c. Crude ourprntln. firm,
1 40, f2.50, fi.60. Tar, firm, fl to.
TOLEDO, O., July 30. OIL Nrnrtta Lima,
89c; South Lima and Indiana, 6ft.
NEW YORK, July 30. OIL Cottonseed,
dull. Petroleum, steady. Rosin, steady.
Turjentlne, steady at 464tH4o.
LONDON, July 30. OIL Calcutta Un
seed, spot, 60s td. Linseed, 23 td.
Saga Mt4t.
NEW YORK. July So. 8UOAR Raw,
Stead: fair refining, Y4c; centrifugal, 96
teat. tSc. Molaases sugar, ic henned,
krt atrong; open kettle, 2443 1-lec; "open
kettle, centrifugal, fn4c: centrifugal yel
low. SV4i44c; seconds, 14&34C.
MOLASSES Dull; centrifugal, ftjlto.
Carat Exchange I Close.
LIVERPOOL July SO. Th Corn ex
change her will be cloeed on Ausuat t. 4
V. a n. vr, nj ,.
V., E. AM. V. ft, R 24
C, Bt. P.. M. A O. Rr- 6
B. at M. R. Ry - 11
C, B. ek Q. Ry I
K. C. St. J 1
C, R. L At P., eaot
C., R. L ft P., weat 1
IDlnol Cantral
Total receipts O
Tb disposition ot th day's receipts was
as follows, each buyer purchasing th num
ber of head Indicated:
Buyers. Cattle. Hogs. Bheep.
Omaha Packing Co... 120 1.007
Swift and Company 893 992
Cudahy Packing Co 718 1.114
Armour eV Co 197 1.177
Swift and Co., country... SO ....
rmuiniuiiu ... .. .....
Vanaant at Co
Carey ft Benton
Hill ft Huntslnger
Huston ft Co
Livingstone ft Schaller...
Hamilton ft Rothschild...
X. Fa Huki e t
Wolf ft M
Other buyers
.1.107 4.7U 4,193
CATTLE Ther waa a very light run of
cattle her today, but still th supply for
th week to dat 1 about tne same as tor
th same days of laat week, and Jn ex
cess of th same days of last year, as will
be seen from th tabla of receipts above.
Th quality of cattle today was lar from
being choice, but still the market was In
pretty good shape,
mere were several iohob 01 corniwi aim
In th yarda, but non of them were fin
ished. The better grade sold quit freely
at steady to strong pries, while th medium
class were slow out aDout steaay. racaera
are not at all anxious for the part fat
cornfeds, for they seem to prefer tne grass
cattle to the warmed ups. As a genersl
thing, though, the market was fully steady
today, unices In th case ot something very
Tha cow market waa also In very rat la-
factory condition. Receipts were very light,
and as buyers ail wanted a lew tney icon
hold freely and bought up the more de
sirable loads at steady to strong price",
while the others sold fully as well as they
did yesterday. Most everything was out
of first hsnds In good season.
Bulls, veal calves and stags could easily
be quoted steady. The demand was good
for th better grades, Dut, as usual, com
mon stuff was neglected.
Th supply ot Blockers and feeders wss
-ery limited today, and as there hss been
a fairly (liberal demand from the country
all the week the market took on consid
erable life and tne better grades sou a
little stronger. Th light and commomsh
csttl ware non too active and no mora
than steady.
There wss no very good western cattle
on sale today, so that a fair teat of the
market waj not made. It was evident lrrra
the way packers acted, though, that good
stuff would have sold fully steady. The
few steers that were onerea, a wen as
tha eows and feeders, sold without any
quotable change from yaaterday. Repre
sentative saies;
w. Av. Pr. No Av. Pr.
1 " ?!
a ........ 9i a 10 ia. ........ ...iica a vo
1 loan 4 ao
a 1031 4 tl
1 1141 4
I..- i
te nil I m
U 14 I 44
MM i I 14
eae 1 M 1.
ll uoi 1 M
14 1121 I II
0 111! I 40
40 in I 41
II 111 I 44
a llal f 00
174 I 00
...... m 1
170 I II
Ill I
M 18
1001 I n
171 8 M
Ill I 10
.. Ill I II
iugust-September. 4 83-64d. sellers; Beptem-( J J I?
er-October, 4 21-64.1. buyers; October-No-. J ,J
-ember, 4 15-64d, value; November-Decem- aM I Tl
, . - . . II. . T r. k.p. TanM.rV I "-'"-
foreign K'nanelal.
LONDON, July 80 -The demand for
money waa active today owing 10 tne i)
Klnnlna of the Stock exchanse settlement.
Thi market waa dtmendent or, tha Hank nf
EiiglauJ DUcow.1 wer firm. fiuaUiosa (Lammas holiday) and I (coronation say)
u. '.'.'.'.
...ion i m
...lrno I as
...lfiao I M
...HO I M
... II IU
... Ml I U
... Ill I 34
... IM I IS
...1160 I 40
...10O4 I 40
... 110 I 41
... ll I 41
... 121 I M
... mo 1 10
... ui 1 10
... NT 114
.10M 4 10
... 144 I 64
... 160 I II
... too I Tl
...loos I Tl
...10.11 I Tl
...lvvl 4 00
...10.0 I M
...ins 1 ft
a... 1000 I 71
aao I TS
1 loao I H
a 1060 I M
1 ' HO I 40
1 140 I 00
4 Ivl I 40
1 1044 I 00
a" IM I 10
a HI I M
1 til 4 40 to........
IU I M 1
1040 I M 1
.1630 I 4 1
1170 I 0 1 ,
1604 I 01 1
Ill I W . 3
Ill I II 1
1420 I M
1T 4 M 1.,
im I II
.. Ill 8 6
..IMA I t
.. IM I M
..1430 I
..1170 I M
..1070 - I tl
..1IW0 I M
..1760 4 Tl
IK) IN I loo I Tl
46 I at I eel I 00
axe 1 64 1 M 11
171 I to 1 7 m) 1 31
I7i 1 10 1 14 In
130 I 10 1 110 I 2
10M I tO 1 170 I II
II I Tt 1 144 t 71
440 1 76
141 I to 1 400 4 M
W 18
. 8TAGS.
1144 I
Ie I at I Ml IN
lie I 04 II Tad 4 II
Ill I M 11 in 4 40
1 4 to 11.... nil 4 60
...... t0 4 N 84 UWl 4 64
1011 4 II
Av. Pr.
60 COW 97t f8 86
S cows 1013 3 00
44 cows t 80
t cow.,
t cow...
48 cows..
VA I 00
, KM 8 00
.Ml I 86
11W 4 10
, 8.0 t 75
, M IM
. wl I 00
cowa....li4 4 00
U COW.. ..M lit
No. Av. Pr.
If feeder.. 847 t4 28
4 feeder.. W7 I 60
t feeders.. l'46 4 60
feeders.. 971 4 60
1 feeder... 60 4 W)
ibulL 1570 t 00
bull 1640 I SO
steer 1240 4 60
1 steer VM) t 00
1 cow HnO t 0U
44 cow i-4 t 76
I S0W lOes I !i
t steers.... (r
8 cows 937
1 bull 1190
1 calf yJ)
1 calf lifO
1 heifer.... 910
11 heifers... 704
1 heifers... 7"4
11 heifers... 492
t heifers... 4.3
17 feeders.. 4f
3 feedera.. 4
1 calf 3"0
t feeder.. lnlO
1 feeder... 12J0
7 feeder.. MM
t feeder. .11i
1 feeder... HflO
feeder.. 1128
1 bull
I feeders
t feeders
I feedera
I cowa...
1 cows...
11 cows...
1 stag....
f steers..
.. 916
.. 740
.. 7X3
.. 92S
f 00
s 00
t 86
1 (a)
4 00
4 75
t 75
J 26
t 9
2 26
3 76
t 01)
4 26
4 25
4 00
4 60
4 60
4 60
4 00
1 90
4 10
I 26
4 10
t 60
5 60
4 25
3 75
6 75
1 cow.,
.1080 I Tl
S cows 810
14 cows 9
1 cow 9)
cows S7
7 cows..... lit
1 cow I")
1 cow 11"0
... m
... 1 "Se -
4 cows.
2 cows.
I rows.
1 cow..
1 COW...l..lOn0
1 bull 1300
17 feeders.. 902
1 cow 1110
82 steers.... 1(05
1 cow
If cows...,
t cowa..
t cows...
SO cows...
2 cows...
1 cow....,
t cows,..,
I cows...,
10 cows...,
1 stag
f feeders
t feeders
1 heifer..
t feeder... 9,0
t feeders.. 1018
feeders.. 1041
8 feeders.. 830
24 steers.... tee
. 846
. rW
. 8 S6
. Pit
. 890
. )
. 7H9
. !M
. tot
. 74
t 7
t 85
I 65
1 85
1 78
I 40
t 40
t 76
1 80
I 60
1 75
S 90
I 60
3 60
t 86
t 90
t 80
I 25
4 10
f 26
t 60
t 76
4 60
4 26
t 60
I 60
t cows.,
t cows..
1 cow...
3 cows 1190
4 25
t 75
I 16
4 00
4 80
t 45
I 60
4 65
4 00
933 t00
1 78
t 60
3 00 17 feeders.. 1004
SO) t feeders.. 9"0
4 10 4 rows lost
4 10 t feeders.. 1134
8 00 25 steers... .I'M
t 60 26 cows 9.10
4 20
5 25
Trumbell Neb.
3 36 88 feeders
3 85 4 feeders
3 86
Thompson Wyo.
4 06
H. T. McCormlek Wva
vu eieera.,..ii!ri vn a COWS...
8 heifers.. .1131 2 76
H. F. Wtlkina WVo.
S4 steers.. ..1181 4 75'
Ware-Costln Cattle Co Neb.
126 feeders. 11)40 4 16 1 cow 990
80 feeders.. 1056 4 15 1 cow 930
Metsarer Rros Neb.
46 cows 978 8 85 4 cOws 8SS ! 80
Bhadbolt Rros. ft P. Neb.
1 cow 1170 3 80 26 cows 108 4 00
1 cow 900 I 80
B. Bayllff Neb.
1 cows 1115 8 00 3 bulls 1430 I TS
22 cow..... 1076 t 76
I. TM ( :a m.r TC.K
14 cows 9f9 t 10 8 cows 038 8 10
oows 841 S 10 f cows 9J0 t 10
Rev. Alvls Bosch S. D.
24 feeders.. 1082 4 60
HOGS-There was a light run of hogs
here todav, but ss other markets took a
drop of 6jl0c prices at this point also
eased off about that much. Trading was
not very active, as sellers were not In
clined to sell out at the decline, but still
the hogs kept changing hands and the bulk
was disposed of In fairly good season.
Light common hogs In particular were
drnggy and sellers found It difficult to get
what they considered satisfactory prices
for them. The bulk of the better grades
sold from t7.60 to f7.5 and from that up
to t7.66. The packing grades sold mostly
from f7.45 to tf.fjO.
Today's decline wipes out all of the ad
vance of thla week, but still ths market
Is considerably higher than It was a week
ago today. Representative sales:
17 Ill
II 130
. . . aaA
1 U
7 IS
T 30
1 IS
1 SS
t i74
7 40
7 40
7 40
7 40
7 40
T 40
7 40
7 46
T 4S
7 46
2 44
7 46
7 41
7 46
7 46
7 41
1 41
T 41
7 46
T 4S
7 41
7 41
7 46
7 41
7 46
7 46
7 41
a 4m
7 it
I 474
7 474
7 474
7 474
7 174
7 474
I 10
7 to
7 10
7 14
I to
7 10
7 64
7 14
7 to
T 10
7 SO
I to
7 M
7 10
7 10
1 114
7 124
7 S14
7 174
7 M
7 66
7 IS
7 II
7 66
7 IS
7 65
I tl
7 ao
7 16
wer quite
261 110
in u
120 T 4S TO 261 ...
16 T 46 41 141 IM
40 7 41 41 to an
10 T 46 14 130 IK
264 ...
167 4ft
10 7 46 14 IM tin
100 7 48 14 141 ...
Ill 10 7 41 6T MT 40
0 Ill
BHEEP Recelnta of aha.n
. , v ....... T. V , . UU11Q
liberal again today and for the first half
of the week there is quite an Increase, both
oyer the same days of last week and also
of last year. For some reason packers did
not take hold very freely and as a result
S.u,low, lower market was experienced,
lhe bulk of the offerings consisted of
sheep, comparatively few lambs being
The lightweight sheep and yearlings sold
to better advantage than the heavier
welghta an) they wer bought up flrat, but
at a decline of fully ltxtfluc aa compared
with yesterday. The heavier grades could
safely be quoted luiac lower and very
slow at that. As offerings were quite lib
eral. It waa late before even th bulk ot
th offerings was disposed of.
Lambs were also Blow and lower, but
there were hardly enough here to make a
good teat of the market.
In sympathy with the decline on fat stuff,
feeder sheep and lambs alao eased off a
Quotations tor clipped stock: Good to
choice yearlings, 4.toa4.50; fair to good,
f4.0tKJ)4.25; good to choice wethers, 4.0024.25;
fair to good wethera, t3.7iMB4.0O; good to
choice ewes, I3.ut0; fair to good ewes,
t3.a4:t.60: good to choice spring lambs, t5.7o
fo6.0u; fair to good spring lamos, tft.5oiffi5.75:
teeder wethera, 3d. 003. to; feeder yearlings
t3.ltxti3.fru: feeder lambs, 83.0uiu3.9O; feeder
ewes, fl.252.26. Representative sales:
67 western ewes
879 western ewes
45 western wethers ,
2 bucks
139 weatern ewes ,
Si western owes ,
1 western wether
812 feeder yearlings, mixed
10 western wetnura
15 cull ewes
16 cull ewes
1 Utah buck ,
81 western ewes
45 western ewes
21 western yearlings
34 western yearlings
10 western ewes
342 western sheep
840 western wethers
b2 Utah ewes
23 cull surlnif Tumbs
338 western yearlings
619 Utah wethers
5 Utah ewes
206 Utah wethers
698 Utah wethers
, 66
, 92
, 140
, 97
, 80
, 70
, 66
, 78
, 73
. 93
, 120
, 84
, 90
, 65
. 71
, 81
, S9
, 71
, 109
, 108
, 108
, 109
83 16
S 16
t 45
2 00
8 26
S 35
I 36
t 85
S 76
f 1 60
1 60
2 00
2 60
t 85
s 00
s on
s 00
S 30
t 86
8 86
8 65
S 65
S 85
8 36
S 83
Cattla Stronger Hogs Lower and
Sheep Del I.
CHICAOO. July 80. CATT LB Receipts,
13,tXi0 head, Including 2,6uO Texan and l.out
wesLcrna; nienuy 10 stronger; good to
prime steers. it.soO.85; poor to medium
84.60(7.60; stockers and feeders, t2.iuifr5.26;
cowa fl.504i6.15; heifers. t2.ou'4.50; canners,
ll.60iT2.60: bulls, t2.6O3.50: calves, t3.&07.0.):
Texas f?d steers, 3.2ifc5.75; western steers,
HOGS-Recelpts, 23,000 head; estimated
tomorrow. lo.OO: left over. 1000: nurk.t
opened 6yi0c lower, closed dull and weaker;
mixed and butchers. l7.2uu7.lKi: arrx.ri to
choice heavy, t7.8Kf(8.06; rough heavy, f7.20
ui.ou, uui, ai.iwi.oo, duik ot aaiea. 17.40
SHEEP AND LAMMS Receipts, 18.000
neaa; sneep auu, lambs steady to lower:
good to choice wethers, 84.004.40; fair to
cnoice mixea, .d u 4.uu; weatern ahoep
f2.6i4.40; native lambs, 33 frjejS-Ui.
Official yesterday;
Recelnts. Shlnmentn
Cattle 6,)i9 2 6 1
HOgs 14 tijo 2.124
Bheep 14.116 1,782
Kaasns City Live Stoek Market.
ceipts, 7,6oO natives, 4,6X Texans, Suu native
calvea and 475 Texas calves; cornfed cattle
steady to firm, quarantine stuff, stockers
and feeders steady: choice export and
dressed Deer steers, wi.nvH.m); fair to good,
14 kfifr7.8fi: ntockera and faHera t9 PUrf. -.-M..
western fed steers. t4 00ii7.20; Texas and
Indian steers, l2.trii:M: Texas cowa 12.66
fi 3 75- native rows. 11 7fi'a4 76 nafltra h.if.i-a
f2.7tMft6.iM; cannera, ll.Uwl.2i, bulla, . 62.&uij
I. to; caivrs, 0.2a.
HOGS Keceipts, 8.350 head: market 10c
lower, closed weak; top, 87.86; bulk of sales,
t7.5fVff7.66; heavy, f7.66i(7.fc5; mixed packera,
f7.44J(g7.6o; light, t7.2uo7.6m; yorkers, 7.6iyt
7.624: Plus. to.if.&7.30.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipt, 1 700
head; lambs steaay to weak; native lambs
f4.4f)fij6.26; western lambs. t3.2!,u5.0O; natlv
wethera, 14.360.26; weatern wethers, t3.854t
4 25; fed ewrs, 83 66Sr4 60; Texaa clipped
yearnnps, u.uai ; rexaa cupped eheep.; siocaers ana iceaers, u.wni.M.
St. Joseph Live Slock Market.
eelpts. Lis1! head; steady to loo lower; na
tives, f4 bo-ii B: cows and heifers, fl.5o (0;
veala, f2.75ti6.u0; bulla and ataga, t26ua-26;
Blockers snd feedera, t-.25f(5 25.
HOGS Recelpta, 6. Oh head; market to
lower, except best; Hunt and light mixed,
t7xu760; medium snd heavy. 17.4747.86;
plea. 84 254 7.00: bulk, f7 4o7 75.
6HEEP AND LAM 148 Receipts, S.T1
head; lamba stronger; top Utah. 35.76;
sneep vygac lower.
St. Loais Liv Stock Market.
mm. v alio t . . 1 .. an M.9rw ie B...1-4.
01. uulid, uir av. a j 1 ur. iir u.-11,1,
J 1. .1 t- .. .. I a UM T...... ,L.
I.WU ,1,1 iu'iiii, k,wvw , ,. .
iady for native and strong to 10e Pig her
for Texans; native shipping nd xport
steer. t6.t47.4i), with extra fancy at t7.&-
8 50; dressed beef snd butcher steers. 14.40
tt860: steers under lbs., ft.orrije .6":
Blocker and feeders, t2.7656 7b; rows and
heifers, t2.76ii5.8l); cannera, 1.76tia.Ki: bulla,
f2 4j4.60; calvea, t6 0o4j6.60; Texaa and In
dian steers, f3.0utr6.t0; cows and heifers,
f2 4M73 60.
HtXJS Receipts, t.onf) nesdj market lower:
pigs and lights. 7 tT7.S0; packer. WMt
J.Uii; butchers. f7.7tVfiS.ij6.
BHEEP AiND LAMBft-Recelpts, 4.f
head; market alow. 86o lower: native mut
tons, ft. IX 174. 26: lnmbs, t4 0fVu.00; cul and
bucks, fJ.6'H4.00; stockers, fl.6OS110;
Tczans, f3.004j4.liX
New Tarsi Liv Stoek Market.
ceipt, l.tos head; good to choice steers,
higher; medium snd common, slow and 16
tj-2fio lower; almost no demand for com
mon; bulls and cows, steady to lower;
steers, 14.00(87. 60; oxen. t1.2t.sT4 26; bulls,
t2.6S4.00: cows, t2.00tu4 26; cable quot
live cattle ateady, refrigerator beef at
CALVES Veal opened strong; closed
quiet; grassor and buttermilks, 2fo higher,
sll sold; veals, t.V(KV9.00; culls, t4.4Xyj6.00;
buttermilks, M Oo-dH-SO.
HOGS Receipt, t.777 head; firm at 17.70
BHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 10,Wt
head; sheep, weak to shads lower; prime
and choice lambs, steady; others lower; 14
cars unsold; sheep, t3.0"i4.76; lambs, 15.00
04.46; culls, f4.60; on car extra lamb, f7.
Sloax City Lira Stoek Market.
B rrTTV CTTV V. T..l aa ra...Ul T.I..
V V MU. . . , . .. , MJ1M.J ,1'iXVI.I . ' ,
gram.) CATTLE Recelnt. too: market
steady; beeves, t5.6t'4j'7.tii; cows, bulls and
mixed, f2.6O(g6.O0; Blockers and feeders, ft.76
tj-t wi; yearunga and calves, 12 btKU 4.4X1.
HOGS Receipts, 6ai0c lowar at
r.3u4i7.66; bulk, t7. 8247.35.
Stack In Sight.
The followlna- table show the recelnts of
cattle, hogs and sheep at th liv principal
maraaia lur rfuiy ev;
Cattle. Hogs. Bheep.
South Omaha 1026 4.6o6 8.X47
Chicago 13,000 33.000 13.000
Kansas City 12.000 6.350 3.7nO
Bt. Loula 4,400 3.000 4.000
Bt, Joseph 2.201 6.098 3.371
83.G27 42,104 32.918
-Wool Market.
J'lly SO.-WOOL Ohio i nd
Pennsylvania XX and above, 27H(32)c;
vw v. :7. . V- 4 V. a W. f- .
fine, unwashed, 20$T21c; unmerrhantrtble, 23
ftXtc; Michigan X and above, 22ii23c; No. 1
snd No. t, 2436c; fine, unwsshed, l-oldc;
Kentucky, inniana, etc., 4 diooo, xjiutc;
4 blood, 2122c; braid, 184?lc; Texas, 1J
months, 1920c; 4 and I months, J6nl7c;
fall. 13014c: California, northern choice.
SOttZlc; northern average, 16Hjl7c; middle,
county, 1415c; southern, li312c; fall, kQ12c;
Oregon, staple, 16gl7c; eastern, choice MQf
16c; eastern, aversge, 1213; valley. No. 1,
18l9c; territory, iiano, nne, I3gi4c; taano
fine, medium, 16&16c; Wyoming, fine, V:ti
14c; Wyoming, fine to medium 16910c;
Utah, fine, 13'tfl4c; Utah, fine, medium, lAfd)
17c; Dakota, fine, 15iijl4c; DakoU. fine,
medium, 154j19c; Montana, fine, choice, lfi
17c; nne, average, 14 a inc; nne, medium
choice, nlSc; Colorado, New Mexico, etc..
nne, luaiic; nne, meaium, u-iic; cosrs.
ST. IX5UIS. July SO. WOOL Strong ;
medium grade and combing, 18i7t'll4c; light
nne, 12iU164c; heavy One, liKdlSe; tub
washed, lt&25c.
t Coffee Market),
Rio, stesdy; No. 7 Invoice, 64c Mild,
steady: Cordova. 811 Vic. Future opened
steady, with prices unchanged to 10 points
nigner, tn aavanca occurring in near
months on covering. In the face of gen
erally bearish foreign market and crop
news, the market ruled firm end well above
laat night' prlcea nearly all day on sup
port from bull leaders, local and foreign
covering snd light commission house buy
ing. Near the close realising and light
selling for a turn, with private advices of
further heavy primary receipts to be re
ported tomorrow canned noma reaction,
the market finally being steady, with price
pet 6 points lower to 6 points higher. Large
arrivals at New York and bulky clearances
from Hrasll for the United States were, de
pressing Items In statistics. Total rales
including a considerable number of
'switches." amounted to &4.Z00 bags, in
cluding Julv at 6.45c: August. 6.46c; Septem
ber, 6.40(B6.60c; October, f.30c; November and
December, b.axao.ifoc; Marco, o.ixb.wc;
May, 6.4&S6.50c; June, t.tuc
Evaporated Apple and Dried Fruits.
APPLES Recelpta continue light and
price ar virtually nominal at recent fig
ures; common to good ar quoted at 89'lOc;
prime, lOVi&lOc; choice, llUV4c; fancy,
showed material change, being fairly ac
tive, with prices firmly maintained. Fu
tares are attracting considerable attention
for October delivery on th 24 four sixes
of Santa Clara, with premiums for 4-5
grades. Prunes are Included In the un
changed price range at 34 ''o 44c. Apricot
are In moderate demand at 844! Uc In boxes
and 104674 2o In baas. Peaches are quiet.
with the peeled quoted at 1216o and the
unpeeled at StjjlOVsC. '
Dry Good Market.
The market today ha ruled quiet In all
department so far as cotton goods ar
concerned and without change In prlcea.
Worsteds for men's wear tn new lines
maintain the advances already reported.
Tlthers Hold a Conference.
WARSAW. Ind.. July 80. A national con
ference of "tlthers" hss been called to meet
at Winona iske August 12, 13 and 14. The
program will Include addresses from men
snd women of different denominations and
from all parts of the country. Among the
mors prominent speakers on the program
are: Rev. Dr. Moorehead of the Presby
terian church, Judge J. P. Hobson of Ken
tucky and Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman - of
New I or a. 11 win ds ine nrst national
wntherinar of thla kind ever held and rep
resentatives from each denomination will
give statistics aa to tne congregations tnat
hav adopted th tithing system.
May Itllls Cane Chaffs.
' SAN FRANCISCO, July 80.T went y-thre
sacks of chaff, or refuse of cane after th
ugar has been extracted, wer brought
from Hllo by th bark Santiago and will
bo shipped east to b used In an experi
ment for paper manufacture. Thousands
of tons of the chaff are annually burned or
otherwise destroyed on sugar plantations
In th Hawaiian Islands, but observing men
bellev it can b successfully utilised tn
paper making.
Sfor UolA for Eareyt,
NEW TORK. July 30. Ladenburg, Thai
man ft Co. hav engaged fSoO.OOO gold at
the assay office and an engagement of Ilk
amount has been mad by Heldlbach,
Ickelhelmer ft Co., presumably for ship
ment tomorrow. Heldelbach, lckleheimer ft
Co. have teduced their engagement of gold
from 1000,000 to faoo.OOO, making a total of
fl, 100,000 for export tomorrow.
Army Post at Monterey.
SAN FRANCISCO. July 80.-A new army
post to be constructed at Monterey will
coat tl28,0iO. The Increase of troops sta
tioned within this stste has msde mor
barracks necessary. Owing to the excel
lent sanitary situation the Monterey post
will be used as a station for soldiers re
turning from hard aervice In th Philip
pine and for convalescents.
Nominated for Congress.
BLOOMINGTON, 111., July SO. Th demo
cratic congressional convention of th
Seventh district todsy nominated Z. F.
Yost of Pontlac for congress. This was
the first convention under th nw appor
tionment law in the district
Thre Yoanar Won Drowned.
MONTICELLO. Minn., July SO, Ml
Mabel Wells of this place and Eva Saaker
and Laura T. Tye, both of Falrbault, all
young ladles, were drowned In Lake Jeffer
son laat evening by th capalslng of their
boat during a atorm.
Receiver I Appelated.
CHICAGO. July SO. Judg Hortoa today
appointed L. Owsley receiver of th prop
erty of the Suburban Railway company oa
application by tb trust for th bond
holders. An Injunction waa also Issued restraining
th officer of th company from Interfering
with th management of 4b receiver. Th
csus of ths litigation la th complaint that
f400,C00 Interest on mortgag bonds of th
Suburban Railway company Is psst 4u. anil
an effort Is being mads to secure It fortli
bondholders. Receiver Owsly waa formerly
president of ths road.
111 wakas list kr ear aara anl safe system ef tnif
lneetaaeiit. gnllralr saw Bias rasa, write lav M
quick. THS UOUULAS DALY CO., Tail Canity
Blotters, Ul CUrk Btraot, ChKJUJO.