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Omaha, Winch Up Home 8rie with Six
Tierce Gam ee,
Kansas Vtir aaa St. Joseph, (cm
I.ooklna- fop Revenge, feat Oct
Defeat Iaatra af Vea-aaee.
LooksMIke a cinch.
Omaha's, hold on the pennant eeem to
be fixed for the season. Much depend
on the present trip .to the mountain. II
Omaha can get an even break on the et(ht
(tme scheduled for the present visit to
Denver and .Colorado Springs, U s about
alt over but the shouting. Those moun
tain town aeem to have a demoralising
Sect on visiting teams, though, quite un
accountable, hut nevertheless veiy appar
ent and very effective. When Denver and
Colorado Pprlags coma down-' from their
mountain fastness, the lowlanders maul
them and roll them all over th field, but
Just let th mountaineers once get under
the sheltering peaks of the Rockies and
what they do to the sassenachs from Ne
braska and 'Missouri and Iowa and Illinois
and Wisconsin is a-plenty, sure. Charier
Nichols and Hugh Duffy (ay a visiting
team can't win at either Denver or Little
Luonon; 8111 Rourk hasn't said to yet,
but his team has an Unbroken record ot
defeat up to date in Colorado. Maybe th
apeclflo - germ of th dlaeas will be
Isolated this trip. If it is you ran bet
that Papa Bill will prepare an antidote
Blighty quick for it
Thee games are Important, because
hould Omaha lose th entire series, and
Denver continue the winning streak, It
will land Denver mighty close on Omaha't
sell for Jhe lead. It 1 hardly likely
that such a disaster will overtake th
Rourk family, though, and aa, Denver has
alx games with Colorado Bprlngs coming
.tip right after Omaha and Dea Moines play
there, "It it probable that a check will be
put on the Cubs. At any rate, that latter
aeries will give outsider a line on the
exact nature ot the malady which ha
affected every visiting team in the Colo
rado towns. It ha been called bom um
piring for want of a better name.
Omaha' last six games at bom were
the fiercest struggles ot the season here
ao tar.' Kansas City, and Bt .Jo each
had a (core to settle with Omaha for in
dignities suffered at home, and Omaha had
to get even with the visitors for the way
they behaved when they wer . her in
June. All. the game were fought from
start to finish, and that Omaha fairly out
played the visitors is shown by the sta
tistics of th six games, which are:
. AR. R. H. O. i A. S.
Omaha 21 1 85 183 S 10
VUltors 223 IS 46 174 14 19
This gives Omaha a batting average of
.116 for the six games, one of which was
the no-hlt game pitched tor Kansas City
by Norwood Olbson. The visitors' batting
average tor the six game is .202, much
better than Omaha's, but not enough so
to win. On th other hand, Omaha'a field
ing average for the six game was .965,
while the visitors did but .931, a decided
difference, which told in the . result. In
the Kansaa City aerie th figure are:
AR. R. H. O. A. E.
Omaha 121 6 16 l'2 44 I
Kansas City 117 5 20 W 45 11
In on gam Omaha got no hits and in
another no rune, but In th three baa a
batting average ot .124 and a fielding aver
age Of wKO, while Kansas City' batting,
was .11 and fielding .02. In the Bt. Jo
trio "the record made la:
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Omaha 95 12 So 81 43 7
Bt. Joseph 10 10 26 76 39 8
This give Omaha a batting average ot
.111 and fielding ot .947 for th thre game
and St. Joseph .266 tor batting and .935
for fielding. . In these figure better than
anywhere else will be found the aecret ot
' Omaha' winning. Both Bt. Joseph and
Kansaa City outbatted the bom team, and
yet Omaha won tour of the six game. It
yU splendid fielding and perfect team work
that gtve th victory.
That no-hlt game of Gibson's, with th
work of Nichols and McFadden, cut a deep
gash In th batting record ot the Omahas.
Eton la keeping up his wonderful pace, but
none ot the rest are following him, al
though all ar batting close around their
season's' form.. In fielding th showing is
tnuch better. Genlns has suffered some In
his average through being required to play
through th week at second' and third baae,
while, both Carter and Stone stuck in muffs
that took a point or two off their average.
Pears continued bis perfect work on first
base, finishing th bom erle with a total
of 134 accepted chances. Captain Stewart
continues his steady high-grade perform
ance at second base and Johnny Oondlng has
Improved his record materially. . A close
tudy ot the figure will support what 1
aald above In regard to th secret ot
Omaha' winning:
AB.' R. H. Av. W k.
Stone Svs 81 79 .80 .SM
CrHham 12S 19 to .274
Ionian 2SJ 41 76 .2X3
Fie wart 2n3 89 79 M
Oenlna t 49 77 . .2fc0
Carter 2V9 SO 74 .247
Culhmrh 104 2 47 .242
Oondlng ,h 2) M .211
jllckey 3 St 67 .114
Thomas 139 - 14 28 .2l
Alloway 67 I li) .176
Crelghton 10 0 1 .inn
Owen 74 T 11 .144
Pears 43 2 7 .163
Brown 74 10 .147
Dolan .
.161 r
. (7 144
Omaha'a present winning trak has been
long and well sustained. Bine th team
left Colorado 8prlags on June 19, It has
played thirty-two games, thlrUen abroad
and nineteen at home. Of the twenty
five wer won, six lost and cm tied by
th Omaha team, a percentage of .8045. Four
of th six defeat were on th home
ground, which shows that th team I aa
good abroad a It I at heme. Hard lnck
In th way of sickness and accident ha
been auttalned without overcoming th
winning strld of the team, and It now ap
pear that, barring th unforeseen, the
pennant Is at Omaha' mercy.
Charlie Nichols is having a little more
than hi share of hard luck In th way of
player Just at present. H need an out
fielder, an Inflelder and a catcher, and la
willing to pay almost anything to get
them. He was congratulating himself on
having aoured Herman McFarland from
Comlskey, when the Baltimore upheaval
came, and Comlskey recalled the loan. Just
at that time Robinson got sick, and left a
big gap at second unprotected. Blats Davla
waa given a try, and found weak. Dudley
Rlsley has been doing fair work en third,
and In the outfield. If a good second base
man could be secured. Rlsley would likely
get the outfield Job when Robinson get
back into the game. Th bard luck i par
ticularly bard. Just at a tlm what Kansas
City patrona ar showing a preference for
th Western over th American and Man
ning and Nichols' ar especially antlou
to plea the people. Nlcbol I not dis
couraged, and la trying In every direction
to get the men he want, and when tie suc
ceeds will give Kansas City a ball team
werthy th name. Dal Dear ha challenged
Nichols for a aerlea of poat Season games
to decide the merit ot the six rival teams.
It Is to be hoped that Nichols will ignore
this challenge. In th first place, it will
not settle anything, but will merely erv
to widen the gap by Increasing the num
ber of partisans In Kansaa City. It la not
at all certain that Dal Oear will have a
team when the aeason closes for th West
ern, and at any rat Nichols can better
afford to Ignore bia challenge than to lend
the weight of the Western league team to
draw money Into th empty coffer of the
American association outfit. It Isn't the
merits ot the teams so much as It la the dol
lars the aeries would bring la that attracts
the Hlckeylt magnate to the plan. West
ern league base ball I now on a well es
tablished business basis, and Manager Nich
ols can well afford to let It remain there.
After shutting out Omaha In a well playe.d
game hst Sunday. In whloh he used a itralght
ball almost exclusively, - Nlcbol said:
"Hive mm m ilk k v . t -
...... v. i m uv UH UVUirUI U U
can put 'em over,' and don't car whether
he ha curvea or not, we'll win the game.
it a control that counts. I have won manv
a gam In th National league, using th
am ball I did aralnst Omaha. Put '.m
over and make th batter hit 'em. Give
the fielder a chance. Don't be alwaya
working for strikeouts. That's wh ere VAiinv
pitchers make a. mistake. They put them
selves into notes, and bancs on balls or bits
are th result." Those who watched that
game on Sunday got a good Illustration of
th truth of this. Owen pitched a game
that would win nine time out of ten, but
be put himself Into two or three holes by
using his curve too often.
President Bexton is etill looking for um
pire material. He mad a nit when he se
cured Marty McQuade, for th games he
umpired on the Omaha grounds were among
the most enjoyable aver witnessed her.
Absolutely free from wrangling or kicking
or .any kind, played fast and clean, and urn
plred by a man who understands his bust
ness, th sport was nearly perfect. Mr. Mo
Quad Is certainly a auccesa as an umpire,
and Omaha people will alwaya be glad to
see him
O. A. E. Tot Av. Week.
Pear 131 I 0 134 1.000 l.CtiO
Creltthton XI I 29 l.ono i.otin
Allcmay i 73 1 84 s$ , .
Calhoun fl 11 691 .91 .11
Oondlng 4"4 97 10 "9 .HM
Brown 12 83 8 VS .970 . 95
Stewart 197 24 22 4o ,M .96
Thomas 34 14 11 2.12 t9 .-t2
Btona li t 7 119 lt .9(3
Carter ...17 t 1SS ,9S : .941
Ownlns JS7 S 15 1HS . .9-t .9 ii
Graham. 24 . 64 I luO .PJ0 .940
Owen-. 10 68 7 75 .9u7 .M
Some Gossipy R(w A boot Hie D
feat la the Kcsweos Clab
Omaha Field Club athlete and tennis
aevotoee or th city and atat generally
have been extremely anxious ttr
of the defeat of young Earl Farnsworih of
Grand Island in the second round of the
Western Athletic championship tournament
held at the Kenwood Country club, near
Chicago, during th week Just ended.
raroawortn entered the tournament aa a
representative of the Omaha Field ilub.
This, of course, mada Karnn - .......
of Interest In the weatern championship
piy ior neorasaans, and despite his youth
great things have been predicted for him.
No on haxarded he would win. but tb
third round wa a general guess. Meager
press report tan or hi defeat In the sec
ond round after he had th battl won, all
but a single stroke.
Omaha tennis men hav been wondering
what caused th sudden ravers, sad now
It develop that It waa nothing less than
a graas court that beat Faraaworth so con
clusively in that round. He at a dirt, or
clay, court player exclusively anil tfc.
Kenwood court were, of course, very
nara on bis styl of play and general game.
He intended to go in early from Nebraska
o aa to play a week or ao on th tourta
ana become accustomed to them, but aa
unable to make th early atart and n.
tered . the tournament practically a grtsa
In view of that fact the showing that
Farneworta made at Chicago waa vary re
markable, and It la aald that he won high
regard aa a tennis player from th cracWs
with whom ha played there and with -shorn
he will play next week at Lak Mtnnetonka,
near Minneapolis, whera the Northwest srn
championship event, occurs. .-. .
Bummed up, Fatuewortb'e experience at
Chicago were thr.t without having time ta
accustom Himself to th low. slow bounce
ot th grass ba drew in succession two
of the hardest men In the race, beat rn
and almost defeated the other. In a letter
to the sporting editor of Th Bee, Mr.
Farnsworth tells of th Kenwood tourna-
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ment and what ba hope t do later.
'I wa unlucky In my drawing and bad
to play a fast man In tha vary first round,
C. A. Balrd. I finally beat him, -, -.
It was a bitter fight, for neither side ran
to advantage. The atraln waa great, and
with a very little time for rest I hal to
play my second match that same a tier neon
Mr. E. F. Ashcraft.
'He i a Chlcagon and ranka about
third or fourth among th player here, o
you can e he I good. H I aa old
timer. At tint I bad Ashcraft tilng. I
took th first aet, -l, being still well on(o
my game and atrength. In the aecond tet
I had him 5-1 and a score of 80-love against
him on my alxth and winning game. Right
there I broke and - weakened, exhausted,
and finally, after endleaa chasing, be beat
me, 9-7, throwing the set to deuce twine,
t waa thea worn out and a dead on, and
ha took the last aet, 6-1.
"I feel confident that I can beat Ashcraft
on clay courts, but It is Ilka learning tha
gam over again to play on ' tba bt
courts they have here. Th ball bourn:
very low.
"Next week I play In a tournament at
Lake Mlnnetonka for the championship et
th northwest. Th affair will be on dirt
courts and I should stand a better enow.
"There are many fast player hera at
Chicago, and If I could have beaten tt.y
second man I could have bad a good ahow
In the last rounds.
"I am advertising th Omaha Field club
tournament as much as possible, and ex
pect to get the fast buncb out there. The
storle you gave me in Th Omaha Bte
have followed me everywhere, and I have
received aoticea of them from all part cf
tha country."
It la most apparent that there waa -n-ich
honor In defeat for Earl Farnsworth In
the Western championship tournament.
This can ba seen even in th players' can
very modest version ot his experiences at
Chicago. Field club men ar confident
that Farnsworth will be up to all their
expectations at tha Omajia tournament.
Meanwhile preparatlona for th great event
ar proceeding apace, and tha prospect
are now even better than last week for the
biggest gathering of tennis exponents er
held here. All tha arrangement for the
event are now In motion and ara being
kept up at top pitch despite tha taut -hat
the affair 1 attll two week distant. Great
care, especially, is being given ip the
oourts, in order that no mishap mymr
their perfect surface between nowond
August U. Arrangements for . entertain
ment are still being conducted on the as roe
elaborate acala outlined in last 8undy'
Bee. and the committee may be congnitu.
lated on tb great amount ot prellmlnkry
work turned off..
Oat Ahead of
Ball Game on
a Mnddy
In a
Out on the Vinton street battle around
Saturday afternoon the Eagles of Fremont
aerie No. 200 collided with the Eagles of
Omaha aerie No. 88 and when the feaUicr-
pulling waa over the cor leaned lowara
Omaha, ( to I. ' .
The feature of the game were tne rano,
the rain, the good cheer of the Fremonter
In the face of adversity and the trousors
that your Uncle Buck Keith wore. Urunkie
wa he real hit.- Posing far out in the
west lot, b looked like the receiving vault
Is a deserted cemetery, but twice when
things came his way he sprinted like
Mercury of old, with his abdominal annex
Jigging in rag time and the crowd of 800
ardent rooter rewarded his apeed burst
with loud acclaim and a few choice Im
ported hussaha.
The visitors played in duck overalls,
orphaned atocklng and fear o their Hies,
ror tney ai sienaer cnaps wun ineir ni
so close to their undershirts that a Ian
can count the left flelder'a from tha blench,
era, whereas the whole Infield of the
Omaha aggregation Is of Clydesdale breed
ing, very tiroad wnere tne names go ana
heavy shod. There were no phenomenal
plays, the hits being bunched on errors
made at critical times.
After i the game closed tha teama were
chotocraDhed and the crowd then repaired
to the Eaglea' hall In response to an Rivlta.
tion extended eariy ny Master ot tore
monlea Keith, who delivered an addreva
to the grandstand. In which he told the
multitude where there waa a keg of mllkt
shake and aome angel food. Next month
the Omaha team is to play the Fremonter
at home on the day of their picnic there.
The date la not yet decided on. About
fifteen from Fremont came for the game
yesterday, among them T. B. Taylor, who
acted as official scorer, and gave out the
R.H. O.A.I.
Hary, lk... t 1
Alln. lb.... 1
-Olidil.n. u.. 1
K.llh. If t I HK-lult. lb..
Morrtaon, et. 1 14 0 Tllmmnn, p..
CoAr. lb 1 ItKtlm, e 1
aunoney, rr. w ruiiit n
McDonald, e
H H O A .
BowIm, aa... I t It
Darts, lb-... I I I I
Lund, tb Ills
Haoa. p-lb.
Totals .
Omaha ..
till 0:Honnln(, cf. t
till, rt. t
i in i i
o o
o 1
Totals ..
.6 0 0
0 0 0
14 11
8 I 9 t
8 111
I 14 11 1
0 o
0 0
Flarkt with VatDlro.
Preliminary Ertntt Postpomd Till Monday
. Owiof to Wet Ground.
k asMBaaa J J " (
Mar Players Tfcsa liver Started la
oa Omaha Taaraaaaeat Ara
Listed far tha Freseat
Competition. 1
Th preliminary event of th city cham
pionship lawn tennis tournament ware
pulled oft yesterday in the customary man
ner and, aa usual, that old veteran' ot
Omaha tennis, Jupiter Pluvlus, waa the victor.
J. P. bad put forth his best efforts on th
court of tha Omaha Field club, through th
preceding night and yesterday afternoon he
reigned - in undisputed possession. Other
enthusiasts looked ssdly serosa tha sodden
clay at a listless bsa ball gam and re
called similar experiences of tha middle
nineties. It waa hard to believe that it was
the anniversary ot. the famous hot day of
1894, 'when tha atat tournament' was In
full awing on the courts on Harney, atreet
while th Nebraska corn crop wa being
burned to a crisp. It was ' unanimously
agreed that tha next tlm f city champion
ship tournament Is arranged It will ba a
part of the committee' duties to plan aa an
alternative an indoor tournament of ping
pong and that Jupiter Pluvlus, ba barred
from entering.
Record 1.1st of Eatrlo.
With an entry of forty-one players, every
on a resident Of Omaha, for the city cham
pionship In singles) there was no disposi
tion to blame the committee tor the un
avoidable postponement of the competitions
from Saturday to Monday. There ar nine
tha to ba decided la tha preliminary round,
and the eighteen men Who take part In
the ara' Invited by tha committee to ap
pear promptly at 5:80 tomorrow 'evening
that there may ba so delay In making a
atart It will ' need constant vigilance to
close up tba tournament y Saturday night,
even if tha rain holds off, and It can only
be dona if the player will co-operata with
the commute In being prompt In their at
tendance. Fdrty-one antrlea Is by -far tba largest
number' ever obtained for any tournament
in Omaha, and It anyone Imagines that the
game Is on tha Wane let him remember this.
When tennis flourished on the Hamey street
court five or six year ago a tournament
with half the number of players waa counted
a success.
Etery nlgbt of thlb week,' beginning at
6:89, the eourta will be busy. Weather per
mitting. One source of consblation to the commit
tee yesterday was the plan Vbch they have
devta-d to exclude Jupiter Pluvlus from in
terfering lh future tournaments. Before
the data of the Interstate meeting next
month the club will be In possession of a
salamander to dry tbe court and a steam
roller to pack them- li will then be pos
sible, to start a game Within a tew minutes
after the- rain st6p and to play on hard
court oh which the balls wfll always bounce
Interstate Entrlea. ' .
F. M. Bllsh, chairman of the committee
of tha Interstate tennis tournament, to be
held at the court of th Field club August
11, has received many letters from parties
from -thw vartoue -elate who desire to en
ter. The' chairman Is endeavoring te cor
reat tba Impression that Is abroad among
some of tbe players-of tha. stats that .the
contest la merely fot '-Omaha players and
those ot the other states.- All'player from
out In th date are expected and their
presence I ' desired. ' The ' committee la
busily at work making arrangement tor the
meeting and It is expected that a grand
tournament will be the result. Parties de
siring to enter should address Mr. Bllsh
at tha Ftrat National bank. '.
DAVENPORT, la., July . The Daven
port team of th Three-I league scored the
winning run In a flfteen-lnnlng game today
on a baae on balla and two single off
Daniels In the final Inning. The game waa
Interrupted in the twelfth Inning )y a
fight between Catcher Ever of Davenport
and Umpire Hlckey, who had put Kver
out of the game. The umpire took refuge
In an omnibus, but cam back to the dia
mond when promised protection, Evera re
tiring from the game. Score:
Davenport. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 1 1 31 8
Batteries: Davenport. Wfnjg, McCord.
Ever and Relslnger; Decatur, Daniel and
At Bock Island Evanavllle, t: Rock Isl
and. 1. .
At Horkford Terre Haute, 8: Rookford, 0.
At Cedar Rapida Cedar Rapids, I; Bloom'
Ington, 2. -
At Vlaton Street Park TodaV. .
The Omaha Originals and the Argo ot
Nebraska City will play at Vinton street
park this afternoon. An excursion train on
th Mlosourt Pacific lll bring up a large
crowd of Otoe county enthusiasts, who,
being deprived of a chance to see a game
on their home grounds on Sunday, are
willing to eome to Omaha. The game will
be called at 1:30. Th llneupi
Originate. Argoa.
Foley ftrat base Ouy
Bradford second base Myers
Carey third baae Miller
Kennedy snortstop Clark
Scully , left field Kurih
Howe center field Himmer
Taylor right field Mayee
Perdue catcher Olaistr
tteur-Mcllveine ...pitcner.... Baay-Ltelaney
Jetters Agalast Diets.
Th Jetters of Bouth Omaha and the C. N.
Diets team will meet on the lumbermen's
diamond at Courtland beach Sunday alter,
noon at 8:30. Thla ta the aecond gam be
tween these two teama, and a the Diet
club won the first game th Jetter will
put up a trong gam and try to even
matter up. Th lineup will b a follow:
C. N. Dleta.
Nestlebush ..
or Oordy.
Hathaway ...
We'ah ,
Jenkins ....
B. Plattner,
Anderson center
U. flattner right
....first baae...
...aecond base..
....third base..
.left ne!(
.. McHale
..McH igh
... O I boon
held Jaekaon
field Rowley
'he strong, steady pitching of Lavlne
s the feature of the came that th
Young Men's Christian association droppfd
Saturday afternoon to the Caroenter Panrr
company's team, to 8, at th association's
park. Fltiajerald caught Lavln for the
paper crowd and Whitehead and Willurd
pltchtd to r:ckaon tor the Christian.
c. p. Co oioiooo-sut
Y. M. C A.... 11 H 1 I I 0 1-1 111
Joaah Wla.
Yesterday the Jonah defeated the
Thompoun-Retden Juniors by a score of
9 to 8. Batteries: Jonahs, Morgan and
KeUeyi Junlurs, Smith and Lauger.
85 81
20 80
37 83
19 78
20 (4
40 84
20 81
27 .K9
30 89
81 - 93
40 M
38 . - 95
22 ' 96
40 96
41 97
40 7
38 104
Handicap Match neve-lop Some' Groat
Score 'aad Excellent
. Sport. . ..
Yesterday fternoon the Field club golfers
gave themselves over to the de-light of a
handicap match against a blind bogey ever
the lghteen-hole course. After the play
bogey was drawn, proving to be e'ghty-oie.
Thla gave the prises to F. Boyer. John
Murphy and Nate Recard.' The score are:
Gross. Handicap. Net.
F. Boyer i............ IIS
John Murphy... .i... 1"0
Nate Rerard.. ; 130
H. B. Morrill 7
Dr. Sumnoy...... 10
J. B. Plnnchard 124
C. St Clair I' "
J. B. 'Reynoirt..... lie
H. C. Townaend J19
W. M.-ailter.... ,127
Jack Bharp.: 133
F. J. Han
W. C. Sunderland 117
R. t. Storey 13
J. W. Tlbbett 137
D. A. Mechle 137
J. B. Spencer........ ...'. 13
In the eml-ftna! forth cup Dr. Sumney
beat J. B. Revnold .4 up and t . to .play.
Dr. Sumney and H, B. Morrill will play th
final round, for the cup during the week.
. Cretajfctoa Fall , to !. ,
Tha C. N.' Dleta team and representa
tives of -the Omaha 'Field club played oft
the deciding gam Saturday afternoon on
a muddy ground and In a drlzelltig rain.
The society men wer abut Out. 4 td 0. ' Ed
die Cretghton was alab artist for-the Field
club and waa found for ten, safe hits, four
of which were good for two bases. Nestle
bush, Tor the lumbermen, allowed bat
three-eme.ll hits and sent thirteen men to
the bench.; .Score: , RHB
Diet ..'.....'...I 0 0 O'l-O-l -6'l6 0
Field Club ..-0 0 -0 0 -0 0 0 00 8 I
Batteries: Diets, Nestlebush and Hatha
way: Omaha Field Club, Crelghton and
Crawford. Struck out: By Nestlebush, 13;
by Crelghton, 7. Two-base hits: Dleta, 4.
.' Aabara Fall at Hanboldtt "
HUMBOLDT. Neb.' July J.-(Speclel.)-Th
game yesterdav afternoon on the home
diamond between the locals and the Auburn
team wa rloaely contested and full of
Interest throughout. The crowd wa not
very large. Score:
Humboldt ...0 0-10 0. 0 0 3 4
Auburn 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 3 2 6
Batteries: Humboldt, R. IJnn and Se
grtet; Auburn, Clark and McKeen. Struck
out: By Linn, i: by Clark. 9. First base
en balls: Off Linn, 1. Two-base hit: Tan
ner. . Time: 1:30. Umpire: John A. Fellers.
Fort DodsTO Downs Browale.
FORT' DODGE, la., July - 24. (Special
Telegram.) Fort Dodge defeated the Al-
fona Brownlea here today by a score of
to 8. The grounds were very wet, which
prevented fast fielding. Both pitcher did
effective work, considering the slippery
r!s of the ball. Batteries: Kort Dodge.
MIHIken and Whlttmor; Algona. Jonea and
Johnson. - t
Barrister Defeat Officials.
YORK. Neb.. July 26 -(Special.)- The
gam of bas ball between the county and
city officials and the lawyers of York
county wa one of the beat game played
this season at York. Th acore was 7 to 4
In favor of the lawyers. The proceeds of
the game wer donated to th city park
fund. '
. CIrld Wlat Nloa On.
NORFOLK Neb., July 3.-(Bpc1al Tel
gram.) In th baae ball gaiso today be
tween Colerid? and Norfolk th viaitnr
won, 1 to 0. Score:
roieridg o' l a a o a
Norfolk 0000000
Batteries: Norfolk. Bucklin and Egun;
Coleridge, Mdrrison and Wood.
Danger lurks la darkness. Not a step can ba taken nor a move mada with safety, until tbe darkneaa I dispelled.
Physical darkne baa been mastered, but mental darknesa seems to be "born In the bone," for it takes years of endeavor
to penetrate and overcome It. Mental darkness ta simply another name'for Ignorsnce, for It we KNOW we will net do
a the unknowing, do. Wa pity tha savage who la Ignorant ot the necessity for personal cleanliness, but Is our own edu
cation along theaa linea complete? How many of us know a much a It Is our plain duty to know about tbe care and
preservation ot the hair. Tha lamp of science bas lately Illuminated th subject of dandruff, falling hair and baldness,
and from a purely educational standpoint. If for no other reaaen, it ia tha duty of everyone to learn what scientific men
hav to ay upon this Subject, Every rareful reader of scientific llterstur know that Prof. I'nna, the dermatologist ot
Hamburg, Germany, baa discovered thst a germ or .parasite I the primary cause of baldness. This discovery has been
verified by prominent dermatologlstl tba world over. Dr. C. Henri Leonard, M. A., M. D., has mada n exhaustive study
of the vegetable parasites that Infest the scalp, acd following ara a number of excerpts trom his work. He describes
minutely four varieties of scalp parasite, and oonttnulng, says: "They are very small, usually not over the one five
thousands of an Inch In diameter." "Being to email they era vary light, and float eattly' In tha atmosphere. This ia the
-chief form ot contagion for thla ctyptogamlc growth." "HOLD A PIECE OF COLD GLASS. SO MOISTCRE WILL CON
BY THESE CRYPTOGAMIC BULBS." "They also thrive upon abraded surfaces of persons In good health. The beat ot
tha body and tba easy access to the hair follicles favoring the cryptogamlc'a apeedy growth." "There Is another sourc
other than our fellowmen and our domestic anlmtls from which we may take these vegetable- parasitical diseases, and
that la from the conldia (spore) from tha common mould of decaying vegetables." "These, when favorably transplanted to
- .1.1.. .mjI 1. -1 - Alltt- ..-111 J...I.. 1.1. An ftf th pfrn( ma rhlph WA flnf f.nHnr lh... ) m- u 1 1 H . . ' 1 "So
too, the parasites from our hair follicle. If transferred to decaying vegetable matter will take on a form of growth char- '
acterletlc of the mould fungus ot the plant on which It thrives." "Tha effects of these different rrypogsmic growths l a
our bodies ara specifically given." "In general we find them producing Irritation of the skin, DRYING UP AND SPLIT
The vegetable parasite can be taken from tba bead of a person Buffering from partial baldness and ba cultivated In a
. laboratory aa potatoes are grown In tbe garden. Certain fluid favor tbelr growth. These fluids ara called culture
media. Certain other fluids destroy tbelr life. These fluid are called antl-parasltldea. Tb safest and meit effective
on so far dlsoovered la called -
n ?
rwa7 U W
nn n
oil Is
There Is absolutely no doubt about tha mlorobe destroying property ot this remedy, for It was fully tested before a
Ingle bottle wat offered for aale.
ANIMAL PARASITES. In addition to tha tegetable paraalte that Infest the ecalp and cause baldnesa there are ani
mal or BACILLI. These are far ivre difficult of extermination, for the reacon that washing and brushing tba hair
does not tend to destroy them as uch Washing and brushing tends to diminish the vegetable parasites. It has been
demonstrated tlm and time again that a iystematle treatment with Newbro'a Herplclde will rid the calp of germa and
bring vigor back into each hair follicle that la not completely destroyed. It I the advice of our most capable dematolo
glets that the care and preservatlo of tha hair requires as constant attention as the care and preservation of the teeth,
Vegetable scalp parasite may l acquired in tb dally walk ot life, and animal parasites or germs may be gotten from
balr brushes, towels, etc.
Inasmuch aa a germ or parasite may flourish in tha scalp tor years, and Ita presence be unsuspected, It requires
constant diligence to protect tb hair from destruction. DANDRUFF Is undotbtedly the first symptom that may be re
lied upon as indicating tbe presence of acalp germa or microbe. Arter dandruff comes In regular order It may take
years itching scalp, falling hair, and baldness. Baldness la Just as much ot a disease aa is rheumatism or consumption,
and the reason ao many people are bald la because they ignore the symptom of approaching baldnesa.
We have given you Intelligent advice; w have pointed out that baldness can he prevented, and sometime cured. We
.have spread before you th latest scientific research upon tha subject. We have mentioned a remedy that will do abso
lutely all we claim H will, but we cannot go out and forcibly treat yon any more than a dentist can atand on the atreet
corner and compel people to save their decaying teeth. We furnish the mean of cure, but you must apply it. Read what
Is said by people who have heeded our advice:
I have used Newbro'a Herplclde for
dandruff and herpes of the acalp, with
excellent resulta. I ahall preacrlba It
In my practice herafter.
(Signed.) J. T. FUQATR, M. D.
Urbana, Ills.
I had been bald alx yeara, and had
tried all kinds of "cures," but with
out any benefit whatever, until I tried
Herplclde. Nov. 16..1R99, I began using
Herplclde. and In three months a fine
growth of hair covered my head com-
PlfsTgn'ed.) NEL8 PETERSON.
Lima Spur, Mont.
Hnlf bottle Herplclde has nearly
eradicated my dandruff, and stopped
my hair from falling out. As I waa
bidding fair for a conspicuous honor
In bald headed row, I greatly appre
ciate Herplclde.
(Signed.) W. H. THAIN.
Logan, Utah.
Two bottles of Newbro' Herplclde
stopped a bad case of dandruff that I
had for years, and has started a new
crop of hair on a bald place on top
of my head, which is now being rap
idly covered with new nair.
(Noted Journalist and Publicist.)
Butte, Mont.
Am pleased to aay that Herplclde
has thus far produced beneficial re
sults; and from all appcarancea It will
accomplish what you claim for It an
absolute cur for dandruff and falling
(Signed.) THOS. B. SHANNON.
Idaho Fall, Ida,
. Newbro'a Herplclde in one month
rured me of dandruff and stopped my
hairs falling out. Before I began the
use of Herplcld, my hair waa com
ing out at an alarming rate.
Sturgis, S. D.
A single application ot Newbro'a Herpicida will convince the most Incredulous that Is it a deltghtful hair dressing. It.
la cooling to the scalp, and stops Itching aa if by magic. It 1 ao delightfully perfumed that tha most tastldioua will not
tall to be pleased with H.
The extraordinary success of Newbro'a Herpicida has caused the market to be flooded with so-called dandruff germ
destroyers. Don't ba deceived, for there Is but one genuine, and that la Newbro'a Herplclde. Some dandruff cur mak
er have abandoned their own advertising and boldly appropriated oura In its entirety, but the fraud ia so glaring aa to
deserve email conalderation. Newbro'a Herplclde la aold at drug stores, and applications may be bad at leading barber
It interested, write for booklet or send ten cent in stamp to pay lc postage and boxing. Use this coupon.
Ban Ball Toaraaateat Likely.
D.. July 28. (Special )
If present plana
maUrlaJl, a they
OB F27N.
inclose 10 cents in stamps for which please send me sample of Newbro's Herplclde
Street and No.
Town and State.
Address, THE HERPICIDE CO., Detroit, Mich,
INCORPORATED 100,000.00.
tlO make tlOO by eur aura and eafe
system of turf Investment Entirely
NtwFlaa, rREK. Writ for It quick.
Turf Commissioners.
112 Clark Street. CHICAGO.
doubtless will, a base ball carnival will
be held in Bioux Kalis this fall during
the county fair. The question la now
being dlncuseed and the Idea meets with
general favor. It is planned to bring in
a oouple or more of the big league teams
and put up purses smountlng to about
1,M0. Five Sioux Falls men have offered
to contribute the sum of 1(K each toward
creating a purse that will be worth fight
ing for.
Ey a a Get Gold Cao.
CHICAGO, July 26. Th Onwentala cup
and gold medal were won by Walter E.
Egan of the Lake Geneva Country club
in tha 86-hole medal pUy competition of
the concluding day of the Onwentala an
nual golf tournament at Lak Forest to
day. Kuan dlHtanced hi field, getting a
core of 161 for the double round. 79 In
tho morning and 82 in the afternoon. A
score of 169 was second, that by Chfaholm
berch Of Cleveland, O., though Lawrence
Adama of Glenvlew bad turned in a full
card of 166. It waa found, however, that
Adams had omitted to lot down two
strokes at the fourteenth hole and h
who accordingly disqualified.
Phelps B. Hoyt won the Lake Forest
Cup with a score of 173 In th sam com
petition a that for th Onwentala cup,
the other score between Egan's Ml and
Hoyt' 177 being mad by players under
SO years of age and hence Ineligible for
tho Lak Forest cup.
Wasp. Wla Klac Prls.
LONDON, July 2. Tha last stag of
the shooting for the king prise at the
National Rifle association meeting st BIs
ley was favored by beautiful weather to
day, although a gusty wind across the
rang Interfered with th Ions rang shoot
ing. Lieutenant U. D. Johnson ot the
I.rndon Rifle brigade won. Private Sam
Waya of the First Dorset regiment and
Private McCallum of the Fourth Argyll
regiment tied tor second place. Johnson's
score was 9u7. In the ahootoff Bam Waya
won second place with S and McCallum
was third. The match was concluded under
th moat trying conditions. The wind In
creased to a steady gal, carrying away
targets and blowing acorlng boards and
umbrellas about the range.
tCalrlo for
York Fair.
Neb., July . (Special.) Th
manager or th yora county fair la od
veriUnif many attraction. Already a
large number of speedy horses have en
tered for the race, for which there are
liberal prises. The York county display
of agricultural producta will be unusually
fine. A number of stockralaers will ex
UUH IU stuck.
BLOOD POISON, (Syphilis)
and associate diseases and weaknesses of men, due t Inheritance, habit
excesses or th result of specific- disease, owes It to himself and tie pos
terity to get cured safely and positively without leaving any blight or weak
ness in his aystem. You do not want to be mutilated and maimed for life In
trying to ba cured of Varicocele, Stricture and kindred troubles in a few day
by surgical procedures.
We make no misleading statement or unbuslnass-li.e proposition to th
afflicted In order to ecure their patronage. The many yeara of our successful
practice prove that our method of treatment ar aaf and certain. Call at
ou- offices or write and If wa find that you cannot be cured we will
NOT ACCEPT your money under ASr COWDlTIONgi but It w accept your
case for treatment we will guarantee a
In th shortest possible time, without any Injurious after effects. Our charges
will be as low as poaclble for conscientious, skillful and successful services.
Consult' ua before consenting to any surgical procedure upon Important blood
vassela and organs.
Wa will spar you th penaltlea associated with Nervous Debility, Weak
ening Drains, Self-Abuse, Wasting of Organs, Premature Decline, Loss of Mem
ory, Energy and Ambition, Nervousness, Pimples, Palpitation of the Heart,
Shortness of Breath, Apprehension ot Calamity, tho Chagrin and Mortification
of Weaklings, the Fright of Contemplated Matrimony. We will render you
robust and strong mentally, physically and sexually.
Call at our offices or write tor our book, free, which will explain th dis
eases we cur and bow we cure tbetn to atay cured when otbera fall.
Oar special borne treatment vrlll car 70a. Coaaaltattoa
at office or by letter free anal strictly coafldeatlal.
OFFICE HOURS t a. m. to I p. m. Sundays 10 a. m. to 1 p. m.
Befvaa Beat Bank aa Leading; Baslnes 24a of This City,
State Elcctro-Pcdical Institute.
IOCS Karaaaa It., Bet wee a ISrh aad lata Ita., OaaaJia, Neb.
Longest Established. Thoroughly Reliable. Autboriied by tbe law of tbe State.
" m n.... mm ,m , , ., , -