Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 27, 1902, PART I, Page 4, Image 4

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IfidummM Somnolence Comet Over th
Omaha Smart Ttlka,
KbowIb Oae Fled Occasion for
Whispered ConTer.atloa) la a Mild
Flirtation that Hae "lara
S Been' Checked.
If possible, last week wn even more un
eventful than the week previous, but so
ciety, what there ! left of It. ha gotten
need to that thla aummer and appreciate
mall things. Out at .the. Country club the
Hat of girla baa dwindled down until by
tha cloae of the wji It will not exceed
lialf a doaen, which etate of affairs prom
ises, or at leant ahould promise, something
Interesting, considering .that moat of the
young men are atlll here.
It was the ball game by all odds that
look Brat place In fashionable Interest laat
week and the Monday gams saw the larg
est, most enthusiastic gathering that has
assembled for soma time. It has been
years, not since the days ot the old St.
iMarya avenue grounds, in tact, since the
'Woman have taken such an Interest In the
game, and for the last month the Monday
ad Friday games have attracted an al
most equal attendance of men and women.
There haa been a quiet little flirtation
going on out at the Country club and. In
fact, everywhere else where society has
assembled in numbers, for several months
past. To be sura, there Is nothing es
pecially unuaual or startling In this fact,
s society Is prone to that sort of thing,
and privileged, likewise, but it sometimes
dappens that a dearth of other thlnga In
tereatlng, together with soma unusual
'featare, lends to an affair ot this kind an
Interest even for society, and thla happens
to bo one of those cases. In fact, society
lias only recently made the discovery that
It Is really a flirtation and that makes it
all the mora Interesting. She la from out
jot town and a comparatively recent acqui
sition to tha list ot charming young ma
Irons that are Just beginning to be eleglble
as chapei'onea. He la of that aet that the
bias and some of Hie other experienced
tone have so uncharitably dubbed tha
"Kindergarteners." They met two years
go, when she had younger sister visit
log her. She has been "kind" to him since
and he has been "one of her boys," and
that haa been all there was to It until re
cently, when some one, one of the experi
enced ones, discovered symptoms that re
minded him of a time when ha "needed
advice," and since then society Individu
ally and In groups baa dona Its duty to
uch an extent that she Is not speaking to
soma ot her former friends, while he, poor
boy, Is growing a mustache. I
The week at tha Field club began with
the Sunday evening tea given by Mra. T. J.
O'Brien for Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Murphy,
Mr. and Mra. J. P. McQrath and John
Welsh. Wednesday night Mr. and Mrs. Mc
Grath gava a) seven-courso dinner for Mr.
nd Mra. R. EL Welsh and Miss Dacy. Mr.1
and Mrs. Arthur Meti gave a dinner Jn
' jonor of Miss Fycke of 8t. Louis and Mr.
Arthur Smith of Omaha, at which the
guests were Miss Penney of St. ' Louis and
Mr. and Mra. Fred Mets and Mr. and Mrs.
jpharles Mets. Mr. Thomas Crelgh gava a
course ..dinner for Mlaa Hoagland, Miss
Jackson. Miss Franklin of New York city,
Mr. E. A. George and Mr. Paul Hoagland.
k At tha Field club bowling Is leaping to
Immediate popularity since the new alleys
wera provided. A, Monday evening party
'consisted ot Dr. and Mrs. J. Boyd, Miss
Kane and Mr. F. P. Rooney, and Wednes
day evening Mr. H. Dooley bad friends at
tha alleys. Mr. Art Scrlbner holda the
blnepla record 'with nine atralgbt and
JW. C. Sherwood the tenpln record with
k score of 258. Soma vsry good records
bavs been made by tha women also.
! The Bee receives correspondence from
bkobojl, la., telling of the growing rep
resentation that Omaha haa there, of the
tool days and glorious nights, of the par
ties and the salla, of the burglars who
called In tha night and tha respectable
persons who called still later through
force of circumstances. Wednesday night
the Omaha beach crowd entertained at
Major B. D. Slaughter' cottage, taffy pull
ing, plagpong and dancing being tha .order
of entertainment. At Plka'a Point beach
are Mrs. J. ES. Baum and family, Mrs.
. Phillip Potter and two sons, Mrs. Fred
pavta and family, Mrs. D. O. Patterson and
family, tha Misses Alice and Rosabella
French, who ara at tha Davis cottage: Mu"
Clara Funk, who Is visiting Mrs. J. B.
Baum, and Messrs.' Charles Shlverlck, Rob-art-Burns,
Frank Wllhelm. Tom Davis and
Walter Roberta. J. D. , Foster and H. B.
" Boyles arrived at- "The Inn" at 5 a. m,
rhursday with heavy eyes and a demand
(or rooms for their families and them
pelves. Wednesday night soma prowler
j Interrupted In an effort to enter tha
poster cottage uninvited.
Weddings and Ei(frmati.
I Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Estabrook of 624
bearbora avenue, Chicago, have announced
lbs aagagemeat of their daughter Blanch
peuel and Mr. Carl O. Roebllng of Trenton,
jt. J. The wedding la to take place In No
vember. A very pretty wedding was aolemniied
t the rectory ot St. Peter's church at I
'clock on Wedneaday afternoon, Father
Iheara officiating, the contracting parties
; being Mlts Margaret A. Fleharty and Mr.
' (llmon Berkhaus. The bride waa attended
y Miss Anne Winter, Mr. Callahan acting
a best man. Following the marriage service
And many other tasty dishca. 99 per cent ot nutriment.
All Grocers Sell Per-fo ....15c
reception was held at tha home of Mrs.
Hrston of 21 Pacific street. Mr. and
Mrs. Berkbaus (eft lata In tha afternoon
for Pueblo, where ther .will .make their
An event of Interest In Jewish circles was
the marriage of Mlaa Cora Epleaberger,
daughter of Mrs.: Morris Splraberger, and
Mr. Louie Wolf, which waa quietly solemn
I red on Wednesday evening at Metropol
itan club. In the pretence ot about forty
relatives and frlenda. Rabbi Simon offi
ciated. The wedding waa followed by aa
elaborate supper and later by dancing. Mr.
and Mrs. Wolf left that evening for the
rat to be absent about a fortnight and will
be at home after September 1 at 1120 South
Thirtieth street.' Among tha out-of-town
guests who were present wera: Mr. and
Mrs. Slnbetmer, Mr. and Mrs. Levi Sples
brrger and Miss Florence Slhbelmer of
Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Well of Keo
kuk, la., Mr. and Mrs. H. Marks of St.
Joseph and Mr. M. Bptesberger of Wabash,
Social Chit-chat.
Mr. Mosler Colpetaer spent Isst Sundaj
in Omaha..
Mr. Oarelaaen la spending his vacation on
a ranch in Wyoming. .
Mr. John L. Kennedy Is registered at tha
.Waldorf-Astoria in New Tork.
Hiss Bache expects to be the gueat of her
sister after the first week in August.
Mr. Harry Cartan expects to go to
8wsmpscott, Mass., the 1st ot August,
Mies Kste McHugh sod Mies Duffle ara
summering at Excelsior, Lake Mlnnetonka.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Hoyt will leave on
Friday for a month's stay at Spirit Lake.
Mr. C. E. Yost expects to go to Watklna'
Olenn, N. V., this week to join Mrs. Tost.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. McKeen have taken
the house at 604 South Twenty-fifth ave
nue. Senator Dietrich waa the guest of Mr.
George Holdrege while In the city last
Mrs. E. L. Lomax and Mlaa Lomax ex
pect to leave for Charlevoix the early part
ot the week,
Mra. Charlea Keller and children are ex
pected homo from Cbarlottevllle, Va., the
middle ot the week.
The members of Metropolitan club, with
their families, will hold their annual plcnlo
at Krug's park on Tuesday.
Mr. Gerald Wharton left on Saturday for
Bt. Paul, Minn., where he expects to ee
tabllah himself In buVlneas.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bowman have bought
the residence at 1009 Georgia avenue and
expect to make it their home,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Page and daughter
have gone to Magnolia, Mass., where they
will pass tho rest ot the summer,
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Conpell, who have
been In the east for the past two weeks,
are expected borne New Tork this
Mr. Charlea Clapp has returned from
California, and next week Mr. and Mrs,
Clapp expect to move Into their new home
at 119 North Thirty-fourth street.
Mrs. Edward Rosewater haa returned
from Cleveland, O., where ahe haa beep
visiting for .the last few weeks. Miss
Rosewater, who accompanied her, will not
return for a week or two.
Mrs." H. T. Lemlat and Mr. Russell will
leave on Wedneaday for Boston and the
Berkshire hills, where Mr. Lemlat will
Join them In August, and together they will
spend th remainder of the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Hoxie Clarke have 4aken
passage on Pottsdam of tha Holland-Amer
lean Una and will, sail from New York on
August 9. They will remain abroad but
ten days, returning to America by the
same boat. '
Mrs. Kllpatrlck and Mlaa Kllpatrlck have
been entertaining quite ' a company ot
Omaha people of late at their summer place
at Lake Placid, N. T.. among them being
the Misses Crounse, Miss Frederlcka Wes
sells and Dr. Brldgea.
Mr. and Mrs. John French and Mr. Her
bert French expect to go to Lake Okoboll
this week, where they will join the Misses
French, who have been at the lake for the
laat two weeks with Mr. 'and Mra. Fred
Davla and family. Mr. and Mr. French
xpect to spend the remainder of the sum
mer there.
An Informal dance ts scheduled for next
Friday evening at tha'boathous at Man'
awa, to which the younger set are looking
forward with pleasure. Those Informal af
fair over the river are steadily gaining la
popularity and have interfered materially
this season with the completeness of some
of the gatherings on thla aid. ,
Oat-af-Tewa rfaeata.
Mrs. William B. Sterling 1 tha guest of
Mra. George Bldwell. .
Miss Mae Rothschild I entertaining Mlas
Elma Wolf of Chicago. . s
Mtsa Lulu Peyoko of Kansas City la the
guest of Mrs. Arthur Mets. .
Mlaa Mabel Baum of Denver Is the guest
ot Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Baum, Jr.
Mr. B. M. Bartlett haa hadVas hi gueat
for the past week Mr. Edmund J. Bennett of
Mrs. W. J. Gardner and son, Dean Gard
ner, of Renfrow, Okl., are visiting Mrs,
P. II. Updike.
Miss, Richie of Chicago, who' haa been
the guest of her sister, Mrs. Sprague, ha
returned home.
Mrs. Harry Beeman, who has been Mrs.
Daiton Rlsley's guest, has returned to ber
home In Orlando, Fla. ,
Miss Evans ot Kansas City, who visited
Miss Coad last summer, 1 her guest again,
having come last week. .
Mr. Louis Morrl of Cleveland, O., Is
vlstttag at the home of hie uncle, Mr. Max
Morrla on Park avenue.
Mrs. James Smith and Miss Esther Miller
of St. Lou I a wera tha guests laat week of
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. fry.
Mies Delta Oauer ot New Orleans Is
pending the week tha guest cf Miss Martha
Harding of Windsor Place.
Mrs. Spencer of Lawrence, Kan., who has
been visiting her son, Mr. John B. Spencer,
haa returned to her home.
Mlaa Anna Towler of Washington, D. C,
visiting her alater, Mrs. Wiley Jones,
on South Twenty-eighth street.
Mra. Carrie B. Peloubet and Mrs. Ed
ward Hanr of Washington. D. C, are guesta
thla week of Mrs. A. B. Bryaon ot 2022
St. Marys avenue.
Mrs. A. B. McCrea, the landarape archi
tect of Chicago, with her daughter, Miss
Dot, Is visiting her cousin, Mr. D. V.
Sboles, 1120 South Tbtrty-first street.
Moveaaeat mm Whereaheat.
Mra. Howard Smith ha returned from
Chlllcothe, O.
Mr. Marls 8. Nettletoa Is at home at 1411
Capitol avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carmlchet expect to
visit Denver soon.
Miss Lydla McCagua Is visiting frlenda
In Tscoma, Wash.
Mrs. Herbert C. Herring I visiting
friend In Chicago.
Mis Anna Burress haa gone to Chicago
for a few weeks' visit.
Miss Helen Powell Is spending a fort
night at Bkldmore,, Mo.
Judge and Mr. Blabaugh are visiting
frlenda In Oscaloosa, la.
Mis Stella Blade haa returned from a
visit to Colorado Springs.
Mrs. E. Buckingham ha returned from
trip to Salt Lake City.
Mra. W. F. Wapplch ha goo to Minne
apolis to vlalt her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Bberradln are enjoying a
ten days' trip to Niagara Falls.
Miss Nathalie Merrlam la expected home
from Waco, Tex., on Wednesday.
mis Heien Kanm has returned from a
Tlslt with friends In Kansas City.
Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Hopper are spending
Sunday with frlenda at Olenwood, la.
Mrs. W. L. Coaklsy Is spending tha warm
weather visiting friend lo Wisconsin.
amis rayette uoie cas returned from a
month'a visit with friends In Mlohlgan,
Mr. and Mra. L. K. Hutton have gone to
Tellowatona park for a two weeks' outing
Mrs. L. Walker of Lo Angele I visiting
at tha noma of Mr. and Mra. S. P. Gould
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Goodrich are enjoying
a Ashing trip among the Minnesota lakes,
Mr. and Mr. Henry Homan returned
from trip out into the state on Monday,
Mrs. Ernest Arthur ha gone to Des
Molnea to apend tha remainder of the sum
Mr. and Mrs. Sol Degea went to Chicago
on Friday, expecting to be abaent about a
Mr. and Mr. Victor White are at horn
from a trip to Sheridan, Wyo., and Dome
Rev, and Mrs. Edward Hart Jenks have
taken the house at 131 South Twenty-fifth
Mr. and Mr. R. H. Olmstsd left on
Wednesday for a brief visit In Denver and
Mr. and Mrs. Harry O. Steel have re
turned from their wedding tour through
the east.
Mrs. Charles Crquhart left on Saturday
for Illlnoia to vlalt her parent, Mr. and
Mra. Davi.
Mr. and Mr. Thomas W. Allen have
taken apartment at 2111 Dougla street for
the aummer.
Miss Hester Lame, who ha been spend'
lag the aummer In the west, I expected
back August 1.'
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar P. Goodman and little
daughter expect to go to Colorado soon to
spend some time. i
Mr. Wllber Emerson spent laat week
visiting Denver, Colorado Springs and other
mountain resorts.
Mrs. John Francis and daughter, Miss
Clara Francis, have returned from Glen
wood 8prtnge, Colo. 1
Mr. Joseph Mandelberg la in Baltimore,
Md., where he waa called to attend the
funeral of hi mother.
Mr. J. M. Rose and daughter, Miss Lil
lian, have returned from a trip to Denver
and Colorado Springs.
Miss Terrlll and Mlas Lou Terrlll will
all on Die Bluecher July 29, expecting to
apend August In Parts.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Morrla McKay left laat
evening for Colorado and New Mexico, to
be abaent tor a month.
Mr. and Mr. B. T. Lladsey went to New
Tork on Tuesday evening and will be ab
aent about a fortnight.
Mrs. Isaao Congdon ha gone to Mr.
Hunt' ranch near Bridgeport, Neb., where
he Join Mlas Congdon.
Mlas Mercer and Miss Brown expect to
leave thla week for Neenah, Wis., where
they will visit frluends.
' Miss Laura Fisher of Florence, Wis.,
pent Sunday In Omaha, the guest of her
sister, Mrs. Arthur Pinto.
The Misses Crounse left laat week for
Lake Placid, N. T., where they will be
the guest ot Miss Kllpatrlck.
Mrs. J. F. MawHlnney haa gone to the
Berkshire Hill and will pnd tha re
mainder ot the summer there.
Mrs. Anna Maxwell of thla city left yes
terday for a two months' visit with friends
and relatives at Little Rock, Ark.
Mr. C. W. Morton and family returned
oa Friday from Sprague' Lodge, Colo.,
where they have been spending the sum
Miss Nellie Elgutter Is the guest of Miss
Leola Brandeia at the Brendela summer
home at Fort Calhoun.
Mr. and Mra. Henry Thompson and aoa
have gone to Colorado to spend several
week at the mountain resorts.
Mlas Riley and Mies Campion of St. Paul
are visiting Mrs. L. C. Melady, (20 North
Twenty-third street. South Omaha.
Mrs. Herman Kountia and Mlas Cotton
left for Charlevoix on Wedneaday and will
apend the remainder of tha summer there.
Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Gould and family have
returned from a two weeks' visit on the
Gould ranch In the weetern part of the state.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jackson have re
turned from Oshkosb, where they have spent
the last month vlsHlng Mr. Jackson's par
Mr. aad Mr. Howard Baldrlg and son
Maloomb have goae en a camplag trip to
the Yellowstoae with Major Hiram Crtt
' Mlaa Shelly Moore ot Council Bluffs has
returned to ber home, having been the
gueat for aeveral days ot Mrs. O. D. Kip
Mrs., T. B. McPhersoa and children, ae
eompaaled by Miss McPherson, have gone
to New York to apend the remainder of
the summer.
Mre. William J. Broatch will leave thla
week for Philadelphia, where she. will Join
her daughter, and together they will visit
Atlsntle City.
Mr. W. 8. Poppletoa, accompanied by
hla slater. Mrs. Myroa Leaned, latt oa
Monday for a trip to New Tork and the
Atlaatle coast.
Mr. O. D. Klpllager returned last week
from a visit to Llewellya, Neb., where he
wee the gueat of Mr. Fox oa hla reach
near that- place. Mr. Fes returned with
Mr. Klpllnger and has been his guest dur
ing the week.
Miss Dacy left on Thursday tor the eaat
to sail for Europe, where she will spend
the next six weeks touring Germany, Aui
trla and France.
Mrs. C. Will Hamilton, Mra. Cummlng
and Mra. Hamilton have gone to Swamp
scott, Maae., where they will Join the
Mtaaes Hamilton.
Miss Gertrude Harris, daughter of Mr.
aad Mra. J. H. Harris, went to Chicago
on Tuesday, expecting to epend the month
vleltlng frlenda there.
Mr. Morrla Levy. accompanied by hla
daughter, Mlaa Joeephloe Levy, has gone
to the St. George ranch, near Sidney,
Neb., for a short visit.
Mrs. Harry Woodard, Mrs, Frsnk Stand-
Ish and Misa Kate Johnson returned on
Tuesday from an outing of several weeks
at Madison Lake, Kin.
Mr. and Mra. Charlea E. Ford and chil
dren aalled on Northland from Chicago
oa Saturday for Charlevoix, Harbor Point
and other northern polnta.
Mrs. W. S. Rector and daughter, Ml
Vlvlsa of Chicago, spent several days In
Omaha last week. Mrs. Rector having been
called to Nebraska City by the death of
ber grandmother.
Among those who bad guests at dinner
at the Country club lsst evening were Mr.
and Mrs. C. W. Hull. Mr. and Mrs. Oeorie
Bldwell, Mr. and Mrs. Wood and Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Butler.
Mr. Morris Rosenthal returned from a
month's visit to California on Wedneadsy.
Mrs. Rosenthal and children are now in
Ban Francisco and exoect to remain on
the coast until fall.
Miss Mount has returned from a week'
tay on her father's ranch In the western
part of the state and Is entertaining Miss
Leah Irvine of Sioux City, who came the
early part of the week to be her guest.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Levi of Nebraska
City are expected the early part of the
week to apend some time with Mrs. Levi's
parents, Mr. and Mr. H. Rehfeld. They
will be accompanied by Miss Lena Rehfeld,
who has been their guest for the last tew
Pleasaree Past.
Mrs. Frank J. Hoel entertained an In.
formal kenslngton en Saturday afternoon.
Mra. Eugene DuvaL waa hostess at a verv
pretty luncheon on Thursday, given com
plimentary to Miss Grace Hayward.
Mis Mabelle Crawford waa the gueat of
honor at a dinner given by Mr. and Mra.
J. 8. Whltzell on Wednesday evening.
For their guest, Mlas Mabelle Crawford
of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Whelp
ton entertained Informally on last Sunday
Mr. and Mra. J. B. Rahm entertained a
dinner party at the Country club on Friday
evening in honor of Mrs. I. O. Rhodes of
Bait Lake City.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas gave one ot the
larger dinner parties of the week at their
home in Council Bluffs, their guests being
chieny from among Omaha'a young people.
Mra. A. J. Love was hostess at an In
formal afternoon on Wednesday In compli
ment to ber gueat, Mrs. Alene Shane Devln
of Chicago, at her home near the Country
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kelly entertained
a party of frlenda at an Informal studio
affair on Tuesday evening In compliment
to Miss Mabelle Crawford ot Chicago, who
la Mra. Sherman Whelpton' guest.
The members ot the P. L. S. club, com
posed ot girls of the class ot 1900, Omaha
High achool, will hold their annual re
union on Friday evening at the home of
Miss Jessie Fearon, 911 South Thirty-sixth
Street. ,
Mr. L. M. Cobn entertained the mem
bera of the Wolf-Splesberger bridal party
and the wedding guesta from out of town
at an elaborate dinner at Metropolitan
club on Monday evening. Covers were laid
for twenty-six guests.
Mrs. George Strsln. Mrs. Scrlbner. Mrs.
Barnum, Mra. Erlckaon, Mrs. Rfce and Mrs.
Loomls were Mrs. F. P. Loomls's guests
at a very pretty luncheon on Thursday.
The rooms were profusely trimmed .with
out flowers, an effective arrangement ot
roses making the table especially pretty.'
One of the very smartest of the mid
summer affaire waa the progreaalve dinner
given on Wedneaday evening, of which Mre.
Charlea Vrquhart, Mra. W. P. Mlkesell,
Mrs. H. L. Whitney, Mrs. 3. W. Munn and
Mrs. W. E. Pa line tier were hostesses,
Though most elaborate In Its detaila, Its
progressive feature relieved the affair ot
that formality which attends the dinner
party and rendered It most enjoyable. The
Drat three coursee were served at the
home of Mr. and Mra. J. W. Munn at 2208
Poppleton avenue; where a quantity of
nasturtiums and marguerites were used In
effective decoration.. The guesta were
seated at two tables, each prettily trimmer
with the same flowers. At 8 o'clock the
party adjourned to the home of Mr. and
Mrs. H. L. Whitney at Thirty-third street
and Woolworth avenue, where the other
courses were served. Here two tables were
again employed, aweet peas being strewn
over tha cloth and used as a centerpiece,
Later In the evening the party went to
the Field club, where they danced until
a late hour.
In pursuance of the theme of last Sunday's
discussion in this column aa to midsummer
thoughts for musto students. It has occurred
to me that a short talk on "detail" might
not be amiss.
How often does one think that the dstly
study ot the technical part of one's educa
tlon ean be slighted. One Is inclined to
think that the attention to breathing detail,
In singing, or the various little things which
co-operate in the production ot good tone, is
a thing which must possibly be constant,
during the first few weeks ot study, and can
then be abandoned. The same, .in connec
tloa with Instrumental work. The alow.
stesdy development of the technique may
perchance bo a neceasity at the beginning.
but after a while It can be diapenaea with,
And the reault ia always deplorable In both
If you, aa a alnger, were to give a few
minute dally to the careful, thoughtful,
mental effort to realise Juat what you are
trying to do, in your breathing, and If you
ahould give the earn time to a realisation of
what "relax" meana to you personally, your
voice would be much more amenable to con
trol, your eaay compaaa would be greatly
incraaaed and the hardneaa In your tone
would be eliminated in favor ot a velvety
While oa thla subject let me euggest that
ths most Insidious, most subtle foe to eaay
singing is unconscious . breath preaaure,
Watch for it and exterminate It; you can
feet rid of it If you will carefully think it
ever, with concentrate'! mental energy.
As to inatrumentallani. the sams negll
geoce of routine worka tha aame untoward
reaults. There is a growing tendency to
Ignore the efficacy ot the "ten-hours-a
dav" oractlclna and to emphaalie the im
oortance of tVouchtful. Intense graap of
the basic principles ot technique in daily
Study. Tims, without thought, is wasted.
Ths absorbing of a principle requires
thought, not .time messurement.
By eternal practice one may perhaps
stumble upon the Idea to be grasped. But
thousht. concentrated and constant, will
bring an intelligent development which
wl'.l be sure, solid and subatsntlsl.
Dive deep Into the sea of thought. If you
want to bring up the treasures.
New, let us look at this subject of rou
tine In musio from another atsndpolnt.
A young womsn will spend twenty min
utes or so every dsy In dresnlng her hair
or In the joys of manicuring, etc. (I state
this on the authority of the society editor
personally I know nothing upon that sub
ject) The aame person will, however, think It
terrible hardship to be eroected by a
teacher to spend that ssme time on the
study of those details which the student
of music approaches first, but with which
he should keep up a dally acquaintance.
Let .us all now that we have leisure-
begin to look Into the routine, the detail.
the first simplicities, and see how fsr we
ave strayed. '
The twenty-minute period to which I al
lude Is, of count, an extra time for the
one special purpose ot reviewing "first
thoughts." The object, however, ot thla
article Is to plesd for the regulsr dally
renewal ot the simple thing taught In
one' earliest student day.
"But," saya the one-wbo-objects, "what
Is the use of all this thought on the early
lessons? Are we alwaya to be hampered
by having to see that we elt right, stand
properly, breathe ao, do auch a thing with
the fingers?"
The answer Is, yes, it you call that ham
pering. But why dress your hair? Ah, the
result repays you, does It? And yet, you
expect results In the lofty mission which
you have assumed as a disciple of the great
art of music, without dally attention to the
While we are at it, we might as well
earry the discussion further. I have men
tioned the necessity ot the "first thought"
period dally, la addition to the other work.
Just as Is In the Illustration used, the hair,
dressing Is done In private, and Is done
whether one ts going to a swell function,
or the ordinary household meal. So should
it bs with study. One should not expect
to get results by polishing up the work Just
before a concert.
Still another thought and then I will leave
the subject for you to continue.
What would you think of a young woman
who cornea to your reception, dinner or
theater party with hair unkempt, uncombed
or unbfushed, or the young man who came
unabaven or with his hair In ends and
Yet, figuratively speaking, we see singer
and player do that very thing. (Sometimes,
regret to say, we see It literally.)
For Instance, it is disgusting to any
singer of taste nowadays to see a so-called
artist dleplsy the whole physiological pro
cess of breathing.
It la no less offensive to see a pianist
turn himself or herself Into an acrobat.
If a pianist is obliged to "do stunts"
with the body when he or she plays, then
It Is time to provide a trapeze for the or
ganist, because he haa two or three key
boards, a pedal-board of about thirty keys,
a heavy swell-treadle, three or four rows
of stop-handlea on his right and left and
number of "composition pedals" for
bringing together certain combination ot
tops. Yet I am confident in my assertion
that the average professional organlat
makes far less unnecessary body motion
than the average professional pianist.
I hope to see the day when singing and
playing of the type mentioned ia charac
terised by the critics a "vulgar," for that
I the only epithet fit and aulted thereto.
Mr. Stelnhauser. the well known musi
cian and orchestral leader, haa just fin;
lahed the composition of a very effective
concert number entitled the "Gipsy Girl's
Dream." I have bad a glance at the man
uscrlpt and If glvea promise of being most
Interesting to the public. It opens with
an effective bit ot "slumber musio" sug
gested by ' the "shimmering" ot the vio
lins over a horn and a 'cello solo. There
is gipsy dance music which la thoroughly
faithful In Its portraiture, and a xlther
solo in "amaroso" style. Ia addition to
theae there are birds, chimes, etc., adding
much pleasing variety. The composition
wUl be heard at one of the Omaha aum
mer resorts In the near future.
Mrs. Allen P. Ely. contralto, will eing
the offertory solo at Kountze Memorial
church thia morning.
Mr.' Karl Steckelberg. violinist, will pla)
three cumbera at the Flrat Methodist Epla
copal church this morning.
Mlas Paulson, piano. 2811 Izard, resi
Jortalltr Statistics.
Th. following births and deaths were re-
Sorted at the office of the Board of Health
urlng the twenty-four houre ending Sat
urday noon:
Births Peter Anderson, 2S21 Ohio street,
girl; James Brown. WO Florence boulevard,
rirlr fluarrm C. B.nlth. 1248 Park wild avenue.
girl; Joseph Pop!. Flfty-eecond and Mili
tary avenue, girl; Joseph Gorman, 2115
Military avenue, boy; Cbrla Peteraon, S611
Center street, noy.
troot e1 a vears: Verner Warner. 2824
Nortn Tweniy-iounn street, ansa monm;
Gertrude Kurs, Thirty-second and Ban
croft atreeta, aged 60 yeara; Josephine F.
Walkup, 2814 Emmett street, aa-ed 7 month;
William Skinner. 1807 North Twentieth
atreet, aged 62 yeara.
Mr. Kelly
Will be found In his studio, Davldge
Block, on
TUESDAYS) 9:30 a.m. to 5
laatnswta. Drama. UalforM. I
HmIf' "Ova Urnkn iMmnu airs
oa m4 biltatnauaiitlM. rkMOM
loM, 4UI IljuMruivn. MU frmi It
!, Bill kliMK a ImumIih foe
lUauw twii. Bvi'lH U lMI
Bnti laat n4M Ib arUa.
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"MUSIC resembles poetry; In
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no methods teach and which a
master's hand alone can reach."
By . aid of the Pianola YOU have
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