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Mayor Ifoers. Eu Llttls to 8ay Abtnt
8ujrsms Court'i Baling.
Oeraatoa far Dlitirtlx EalMlaa;
Coadltleaa, lat tha Orr Has
Gaae Oat Ml Will Ba
Mlor Moore returned Friday STenlng
from his westers tour and waa at bla office
reeterdar, looking through nearly bushel
of mall that baa accumulated In bla absence.
Asked aa to what. In bla opinion, would be
the effect ef the supreme court's latest
ruling, be said:
"The gorernor will appoint the Board of
Fire and Police Commissioners and that's
about all I can say on the subject. Per
aonallr, of course, I am disappointed. I
didn't want to bare any change made. I
thought the city was being run all right,
and I believe It la, and I believe the pres
ent members of the board are gentlemen,
and that everything they do Is for the beat
Interests of the elty. But the supreme
court haa aeea lit to order a change, and
we'll have to submit to It.
"It was Tuesday evening and we were at
Bait Lake when the news reached us. It
Is lmpcaelble for me to say how the gov
ernor received It, ar whether be waa
pleased or displeased, as he made no com
ments whatever upon It, and, of course,
It, would not have been In good taste for
me to have questioned him. I believe Uat
the governor feels kindly toward me. Our
relations on the trip were very pleasant,
but we have not discussed this matter or
even referred to It.
"As to the part I may take In the mat
ter, I will say that I shall be mayor of
Omaha until my term expires."
Governor Savage, with Mayor Moores and
other members of his staff, making a party
of thirty, left Lincoln for Seattle July 1, to
be present at the dedication of the battle
ship Nebraska, which took place July 4.
The mayor reports a very pleasant trip.
Ea.terta.lme4 Coaat.
"While In Seattle," said be, "we were
conducted over the battleship Oregon by
the commanding officer, who explained to
us the working and uses of all the mar
velous machinery and equipment. It was a
revelation to us, as not one In the party
bad aver been on board a battleship be
fore. Thence we went -to Tacoma, where
we saw a sawmill la action. Great logs six
and eight feet In diameter fairly melted
under the action of the saws. The mayor
of Tacoma entertained ua also at a clam
"At Portland we met Wlllam Coburn, Jr.,
an Omaha boy, wbo Is now chief rate clerk
of the Oregon Short Line.
"In the atate treasury at Sacramento we
aw 15,000,000 la gold, all In one heap. This
gave soma slight indication of the great
wealth of that country; It Is certainly ths
golden west In tbe San Joaquin valley we
witnessed something that came close borne
to ua a threshing machine and harvester
combined. It wades Into a field of stand
ing wheat, and when It gets through the
grain Is In sacka and the sacks are tied,
ready for the market. I hardly think these
machines would work in this country, how
aver, as ths grain has to be thoroughly ripe
and the field absolutely dry, conditions
which seldom occur colnoldently in Ne
braska. Another thing that Interested us
there waa the sprinkling of streets and
roads with oil Instead of water. It ia very
dry and hot there at this season of tbe
year and the roads are dusty, but the oil
makes a bard, compact wearing surface
that la almost aa durable aa asphalt.
Covered Mack Gronnd. '
"'Then there were the orange groves of
ths Los Angeles districts. We went Into
one orchard (by Invitation of the owner)
and picked and at ripe orangea off' tbe
trees. At Catalina Island Governor Savage
and I caught a 211-pound tuna. They are
sort of dogfish, not good to eat, but
they yield large quantities of oil. It
seems that almost everything In that coun
try yields oil. Another diversion was to
rid about In a glass-bottomed boat,
through which we could look thirty or
forty feet down to the bottom of the ocean
and sea the fish, the seaweed, the moas and
wonderful coral formations. I thought of
ordering one of those boats for use In the
Missouri river. ' i
"Then we took In Mount Lowe, Santa
Crus, 8an rranclsao, Salt Lake City and
Denver and thence came home. It was a
wonderful trip. Wa covered mora ground
In those twenty-alt days than could have
been covered In sixty days had we gone
singly, because wherever wa went a gov
ernor, a mayor or a committee of a Board
of Trade waa ready to take us in band and
ahow ua about. Wa saw many wonderful
things, but when we got back to Nebraska
and saw the great oceans of corn and
wheat, wa were convinced that tbe golden
west was not very far ahead of us In some
respecta after all."
Gold Test buttopa. Edholm. Jeweler.
Om the Milwaukee Railway.
For a short or a loig vacation thla beau
tiful lake offers the moat economical yet
idellfhtful outing that la available for
Omaha people.
tiulckly and easily reached from Omaha
via the Milwaukee railway, altitude al
most 1.000 feat, air always cool and In
vigorating. A beautiful, clear, deep lake
with high shores, picturesquely timbered
with hardwood trees. Excellent fishing,
boating and bathing. Moderate-priced, but
good betels. This la a list of advantages
not to be equaled. Full information cheer
fully furnished at the Milwaukee Railway
City Office, 1604 Fsrnam street
' F, A. NASH, General Western Agent.
Attend the firemen's tournament at Grand
Island next week If you want a really en
Jeyable and Instructive time.
French gray belt pine. Edholm.
Nebraska, Btata Fair Raaea. -
Special Free-for-all trot or pace for
Lincoln Roadster club $100
1:16 pacing class 400
.Running, half-mile and repeat 76
Trotting. 1:46 class 300
Pacing, 1:17 class 400
Running, -mlle dash is
Pacing, t il claas 400
Trotting, 1:10 class 400
Running, one mile and repeat 100
Trotting. I IS claas 400
Trotting. I 40 class 100
Running 76
Trotting. 1:11 class 400
Pacing. 1:12 class 400
Running, one mile dash 100
Entries la all purse races to cloaa Au
gust 10. 101. 1
ROBERT W. FURNAS. Secretary.
BrowavUle, Neb.
Oeaulno Imported beer on draught EI
alaum's, llud Faraam street.
A picturesque and striking bathing cos
tume on the beach yesterday waa a blue
taffeta silk skirt, tbe seams laced with
white atlk cord, a white silk shirtwaist,
blue collar and cuffs and blue hoee.
W. O. Shrlver, the real estste man, wss
among the Sunday school picnic patrons of
the beach Thursday. He enjoys the switch
back. Nlnepln high' scores for the week are:
Whittaker, 24; Hunter, 26; Ed McShane, 22.
High acora at fourback at beach alleys:
Mrs. Whittaker, T8.
J. A. Sunderland enjoys watching the
sands as well aa the balloon, frequently.
Dr. and Mrs. Connors snd Mr. and Mrs.
George Patterson spent Thursday evening
at tbe beach. ,
Among the ladles making high scores at
the Courtland beach bowling alleys tbe
past week are: Mrs. King, 175; Miss Lit
tle Crow, 166; Miss A. Maney, 179; Miss
Dorey, 162; Mrs. Erlckson, 174; Mlaa Kaiser,
168; Mr. Hunter, 171; Miss Jennings, 17S.
Tbe announcement that the colored quar
tet has been re-engaged for another week
certainly gives tbe management assurancs
of large audiences. Tbe quartet "takes"
big with all who have heard It.
Mr. M. N. Woodward of the Bern la Omaha
Bag company has demonstrated hie su
perior fliihermanehlp by lifting eleven fine
black bass recently at Lake Courtland In
side of three hours. ,
Cadet Taylor enjoys the merry-go-round.
He la a frequent visitor.
W. V Morse and George Prltchard all en
Joy the orchestral selections.
J. J. Phllbln la among the regular beach
Judge McHugh and Attorney 8heeban en
Joy tbe acrobatic performance, the colored
quartet and the balloon ascensions quite
The Blckett family bava arrived from
New Tork and opea today at Courtland.
This Is one of the best outdoor attractions
Many Sunday school and church picnics
are being held at Courtland, Thursday be
ing the banner day, with three church pic
nics. A bathing suit frequently seen on the
beach la of black mohair, the waist en
blouse, tucked profuaely, the aktrt made
plain, with strapped aeams and gored to
lit the dainty figure adorned.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Mshoney are among
the frequent visitors at Courtland. Both
are good swimmers. Mr. Mahoney Is
among the beat bowlers among the Omaha
Colonel Fred W. Nash of the Milwaukee
and his wife visited the beach Thursday
evening for tbe first time this season. They
declare the balloon ascensions aa interest
ing as ever.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Baldrldge are
frequent beach patrons, especially on the
warmest nights.
King Denman scored 230 at tenpins, while
the next highest week's records show:
Hunter, 201; Al Kmg, 200; J. J. Berger,
216; Meredith, 204;' McConnell, 211; How
ard, 207; Dorey, 221; Brewer, 206; Fogg,
221; Dave O'Brien, 219.
It la Found In the Interchangeable
Mileage Ticket.
Tbe Interchangeable mileage ticket Issued
by the New York Central ia good over more
than 6,000 miles of railway east of Buf
falo, Including the New Tork Central ft
Hudson River and branches; Rome, Water
town ft Ogdensburg and branches; Carthage
ft Adirondack;, Mohawk ft Malone; St Law
rence ft Adirondack; New York ft Putnam;
New York ft Harlem; Pennsylvania dl
vision of the New York Central; West
Shore railroad, including Its Chenango and
Wallklll valley branches and the Boston
ft Albany railroad.
Over all of the above roads the tickets
are good In the hands of the bearer for
one person or a dozen, and good until used.
there being no limit to the ticket. They are
also accepted for passage, subject to the
local rules and regulations, on the follow
Ing lines: Buffalo, Rochester ft Pittsburg
railway; Central Railroad of Pennsylvania;
Pittsburg, Johnstown, Ebea.burg ft East
ern railroad; Philadelphia ft Reading rail
way and Atlantio City railroad.
These tickets are sold at the flat rata
of two cents per mile, and that they are
a great convenience to the public la proven
by the fact that thousands of them ara. In
the hands of not only regular travelers,
but of many families that travel only oo
caslonally, as they are always ready for
use and enable their holders to travel on
all the New York Central lines east of But
falo .at two cents per mile without waiting
for rebates or proof of ownership. From
the Albany Argus.
Nearer St. Louts laaa, Before.
The Wabish St Louis Express leaves
Omaha Union station 1:61 p. m.i arrives
8t. Louis 7 a. m. WABASH NEW CITY
OFFICE, 1601 FVnam street
Attention Caster Post and Relief
' Corps.
Yon are Invited to a picnic by Abe
Lincoln post and corps at Fairmont park,
Council Bluffs, July 30. We will meet at
corner Fourteenth and Douglas atreete at
I o'clock sharp. Bring baskets.
J, B. DRIESBACH, Commander.
L. THOMAS, Adjutant
Escarsiaas Abaadanc.
Excursions to Now York City, Atlantic
CHy and Montreal, advertised by ths Wa
bash for Jaly II, August 7 and 14 have been
Have Root print It
Try the Chicago laundry. 'Phone 208.
7c Do Hot Claim
RUFF I'LUIt is trie UNLJ one which win
do what Is claimed fur It. but wo do
claim and will back up tbe claim with our
personal guarantee uiai tnte remedy win
absolutely eradicate the dandruff avrin
and thus stop me nair irom railing.
we sen trie 11. 00 111 lor (ac.
Quart Witch Hasel bring your bottle.. l!6o
Lilian botila Port Wine ic
Itjunrt bottle Sherry Wine 2c
Quart bottle ityo wnisaey "o
Cutlcura ttoap 17o
f-quart Fountain eyrmga o
1 pound Vtuhl Halt. TSo
1 pound Krltngen Salts 76c
Tornptatlon Tonic Mc
1 pint Kosewaier lonng 001 tie j zoo
Any Tool B Brush Vxs
Good Hair Brush loo
Talcum Powder Ic
Danderine 16o
ltasor Strop 15c
4711 Soap l'o
Bwamp Root .wo
Manufacturer and Innovators Discuss ths
Internal BeTsnue Ruling.
nope that It May Bo Heidi lavall
Likely to Lead to Salt Wblea
Will Settle the Meoteo
W. E. Rlddell has returned from Chicago,
where be attended a meeting of the lead
ing manufacturers of process butter, called
for the purpose of perfecting aa associ
ation which will have for its object the
discussion of affairs relating to the business
and co-operation among the members to
advance mutual interests.
Tbe meeting was primarily the result of
the regulations recently promulgated by tha
commissioner of Internal revenue govern
ing the manufacture and sale of process and
renovated butter. Twenty-one out of forty
six factories of ths United States were
represented and the recommendations of
the meeting will probably be endorsed by
the entire number. The principal discus
sion was over tbe rules regarding tbe plac
ing of stamps and brands upon the
packages of process butter. Under the
present regulations the manufacturers of
oleomargarine are not required to stamp
the product, the stamp being applied to the
package. Renovated or process butter must
be stamped not only upon the package, but
also upo'j the roll when the butter Is sold
under stamp or brand. In this case also,
the words "renovated butter" must appear
on tha packages In letters twice the stie
of the letters used to designate the brand.
Under these conditions the stamps or
brands on renovated butter are twice the
alxe and attract twice tbe attention of those
on oleomargarine. Thla was 'one of the
principal grievances of the manufacturers.
A combined effort will be made to have
the commissioner amend his regulations In
this respect
Maay Attack tbe Law,
While it was not on the program of tbe
meeting, the question of the constitution
ality of the law. was discussed to a great
extent by the manufacturers present
Opinion aa to tha constitutionality of the
law was about evenly divided. One mem
ber said that It was the opinion of two of
the best constitutional lawyers In the state
of Illinois that the law would not stand
the test of the courts, while others had
legal opinions sustaining the measure.
Outside of the district of Nebraska . each
manufacturer of process butter has filed
with the collector of customs protest
gainst the payment of the tax, claiming
that it is unconstitutional. While no ar
rangements were made for a test esse to
determine the question it is believed that
one will be made by some of tbe maunfac
turers, who will ba supported by their
Omaha dealers In process butter and
managers of creameries are discussing the
probable result, of the decision of the
case brought before tbe supreme court on
an appeal, wherein it was sought to col
lect the special tax upon creameries and
dealers In butter and oleomargarine from
one John Merrill, a creamery manager.
In this case the law provided for a tax of
10 upon each creamery. $1 upon each
skimming station, $10 upon each whole
sale dealer In butter "and an additional
tax of $15 upon such dealer If he submitted
tha butter to a renovating process, and $25
upon each dealer In oleomargarine. When
the suit waa started tbe collectors of the
state tax suspended operations and none
of the dealers, it Is alleged, has paid the
tax. The law was recently sustained by tbe
supreme court and It is expected by the
manufacturers and dealers that the tax
will now be collected, at least for the fu
ture, If not for the past.
Forty Mlaatea Faster Time Omaha to
St. Loala Via the Wabash.
The WABASH St Louis Express leaves
Omaha Union station 6:55 p. m.; arrives
St. Louis 7 a. m. WABASH NEW CITY
OFFICE, 1601 Farnam street
Hamilton Warren, M. b., eclectic and
magnetic physician; office at Victoria hotel
1308 and 1S10 Dodge street, till a suitable
location can be found. Special attention to
all long atandng or lingering diseases of
women and children.
Try Edbolm's watch repairing department
All roads will lead to Grand Island next
week for the tenth annual tournament of
the Nebraska State Volunteer Firemen's as
soclatlon. ...
Faat Time oa the Wabash.
Commencing Sunday, July IS, the St.
Louis Express will leave Omaha Union sta
tion .at 6:56 p. m., arrive St Louis 7 a. m.
Wabash new city office, 16P1 Farnam street.
There's only one Stonecypher. He prints.
July 8th, August 2nd to 10th Inclusive.
Tuesday, August 6th.
August Tth, Ith, th and 10th.
September tnd, tth, 16th and 23rd.
To all points In Ohio and Indiana west of
and Including line drawn through Sandusky,
Columbus, Dayton, Springfield, Cincinnati
and Louisville. For further Information
address any agent of the company or
T T. GODFREY. P. and T. A.
8. E. Cor. 14th and Douglaa Sts, Omaha.
To Hay Fovcr Sufferers
Ws shall be glad to1 give a free sample
CATAHRH Jtl.I.Y to all sufferers from
Catarrh, Hay Fever, Rose, Cold, running
at nose, cold In head, etc. Call at our
store for It or If you live out of the city
write us and enclose stamp.
Watch Our Cut Prices.
fl.OO Pe-ru-na we sell Esq
Sue lily's Cream Bairn we Sell toe
too Kondon's Catarrh Jelly we sell.... Suo
7bo Hall's Catarrh Cure we sell 2uo
5uc Gem Catarrh Cure we sell o
6Ki Blrney's Catarrh Cure we sell too
11.4 Vln Mariana we sell Wo
Drugs and Rubber Goods.
Stisrman & f.lcConnall Drug Co.
- COR. 16TH AND DODOSt ostailA,
am Special
W Rates
Tna Aaaaal Tlalt of Itnffalo Rill aad
Bla Ml la West Perforators.
Buffalo Bill's Wild West with all Its army
of Indiana, eowboya, scouts, vaqueroa. gau
choa, pioneers, cavalrymen, Cossacks, Arabs,
light dragoons, cuirassiers, lancers, life
savers, artillery and what not else, in all
numbering several hundred men and at least
enough bright western girls for a quadrille
on horseback, will appear In Omaha on July
It Is Is a S'npendous organlzatlcn, splen
didly disciplined, with marvellous capacity
for such reallstlo presentations of infilling
episodes illustrative of frontier life as have
never been even attempted by any other
troupe. There Is no meretricious glitter and
theatric artificiality in the performances In
Its arena, but such manifest reality and
earnestness as captivate, convince and ex
cite even the most blase amusement-seekers.
Indeed, the proceedings this season involve
a degree of realism that Is far from agree
able to some of tha troupe. Two hundred
new horses. lively young bronchos, have
been added to the arena stock this season to
make good the loas by the great railway ac
cident last fall and replace those worn out
These bronohoa, deeply prejudiced against
work and intensely rudo In their objections
to it ara a delight to the cowboys, but a
horror to the European cavalrymen, who
have never before had to deal with such
Indlarubber devils," and there Is much
more "broncho busting" than tha program
offlclalla recognises.
Colonel Cody's "Congress of Rough Riders
(f the World," massing together so large a
number of representatives of widely diversi
fied styles of military equitation In one
splendid cavalcade, affords a most impres
sive snd never-to-be-forgotten spectacle.
Another feature that will command great
Interest here Is the Illustrative work of
the Atlantic coast guard life-savers. Each
performance concludes with a mighty battle
scene, ths battle of San Juan Hill.
Attendance Increases Dally Covalt's
Band Attracting- Bla; Crowds.
Lake Manawa continues to Increase In
popularity and the attendance Increases
with the rise of the thermometer. Numer
ous large picnics have been given at Man
awa the past week and the number of bath
ers haa been unusually large. Covalt's
band has another attractive program this
week, which Includes the marches: "First
Brigade," "Dawn of Peace," "Willow
Grove," "Elks' Carnival" and "Blizy Ka
zoo;" selections from "The Ameer," "Rdbln
Hood" and "The Strollers," as well as
"Jolly Robbers" and "William Tell" over
tures, "The Blue and the Gray" patrol and
cornet and trombone aolos being included
In the twenty numbers which go to make
up the afternoon and evening programs.
Director Covalt begins his afternoon con
certs at 2: SO o'clock each day, while the
evening concerts begin at 6:30 o'clock.
Over a Thoasaad Miles a Day.
On the Union Paclflo. "Ths Colorado Spe
cial" leaves Chicago 6:30 p. m., reaches
Omaha In time for breakfast next morning,
snd Denver for dinner the same evening.
Two other good trains also leave Chicago
for Denver dally, one at 11:30 p. m., and
another (via Cheyenne) at 10:00 a. m. Ac
commodations on these tralna are provided
for all classes of passengers.
This splendid train service and the low
rates put In effect by the Union Pacific ex
plain why so many are selecting this route
to the health resorts and attractions of Col
orado. Tickets, 1824 Farnam street Tele
phone 316.
Vacation watches, t$2.50. Edholm, Jeweler.
f Excursions Abandoned.
Excursions to New York City. Atlantic
City and Montreal, advertised by tbe Wa
bash for July 31. August 7 and 14, have been
Douglas Printing Co., 1508 Howard; tel. 644
Honday Horning
we will finish up the clearing sale of
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Drcxcl Shoo Co.,
Omaha's Vp-to-eate Shoe Hease.
A Godsend
'or nurslna; mothers. Healthful, nutri
tious, strengthet lng, tbs Mets Rear Is the
highest standard of eiceil. nc- Made fro:n
but grades of barley, malt and hops, it is
AOD. Quality never varies. UnextUd
aa tonic and mild stimulant. It la. In a
word, a perfect brew. Get the brewery
Aletz Bros. Brewing Co.
Tel. 11. Osaansw
Or Jaeob Neumayer. Agt.. cars Nsumayet
Hoisl. 1,'auacU Uiuaa. lews.
Branca Llns from Cheyenne to Dssver
Being Rebuilt
General Manager Dlcklasoa Talks of
Ilia Trip of laspectloa and Plaaa
of Company for Fetnre
Betterment of Lines.
Tbe Union Pacific is doing considerable
constructing work on its road south of
Cheyenne and is planning more, some of
which, however, will be deferred for a year.
Between Hillsdale and Cheyenne a force Is
at work laying a new trao. which will, re
duce tha curves and give a more direct as
well as substantial line. The road between
these two points tlgzags at such short in
tervals as to render it unsafe and un
profitable. "We are going to put in a good track and
do away with the kinks," sal General
Manager Dickinson, who haa returned from
an inspection tour of the Kansas division
and also a brief trip around Denver and
"A great deal of such work Is being done
snd before we are through a great deal
more will be done. There are eight miles
of track between Archer and Cheyenne that
will be improved upon. We may lay a
double track there; at any rate the present
line 'will be altered, but that work will
not be done for a year to come. What Is
needed on this division is a better grade
and also less curves."
It Is estimated that a large force of men
will be kept constantly employed by the
Union Pacific at such work for four or live
months continuously.
Mr. Dickinson said no speclsl plans for
work would follow his Inspection trip. He
said It was taken merely to see what had
been the effect of the heavy rains and what
If any, material repalra or changes would
be required as a result He found things In
better shape than might have been ex
pected and Is compelled to outline no ex
tensive construction work on account of
Superintendent Baxter of the Nebraska
division and Superintendent Park of tbe
Wyoming division of the Union Pacific ar
rived In the city Friday night with General
Manager Dickinson.
Repair work on the Union Pacific roadbed
near the Missouri river bridge that re
cently collapsed. Is being pushed. Dirt
trains are kept In constant service, bring'
ing filling from Summit and great progress
Is apparent In restoring the embankment
to its normal condition. However, it still
Is thought that before the work is com
pleted and the roadbed entirely safe a pipe
will have to be placed under the tracks to
serve as a drainage for the seepage from
the old artesian well and to be available
during heavy rains such as precipitated the
Publish your legal notices In The Weekly
Bee. Telephone 238.
Franklin J. Grlffen att'y, 712 N. Y. Life,
Good Luck
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Boys' sailor wash suits, worth
clearing sale price
Boys' sailor wash suits, worth
clearing sale price
Boys' sailor wash suits worth
clearing sale price
Boys' Russian blouse wash suits,
11.50, clearing sale price
Men's outing flannel pants, worth $2.60 to
$3.00 sale price ..
Men's all wool worsted and cheviot pants, worth $S-60 to
$4,50; clearing sale price, $2.60 and $1.95.
Men's all wool halr-llned cassimere pants, worth $2.50; clear
ing aale price $1.50. ,
Read great sales on page 11.
no Milk
tlr? TVT.Ta.
Human Talkers...
iFwrfV? j7li..r. ,i n
AIM) rift
rot which Imitates the human voice to perfection and learns
long sentences and songs. Young choice blrdu, with a written
'guarantee, only $12. 00.
Suitable cages, $2.75 up. Canh or C.
can talk and laugh to perfection. He
was montns old.
Dent. B. Established W&.
Largest Mall Order Hon. of 1 his
Soft tilling.
Sliver Fillings
Tusth Ckaued
SHRADER'S LAXATIVE FIG POWDER cures constipation, bilious
ness, prevents headache and removes alvine poison.
Bold In 10c and 25 hozes. Manufactured by Bbrader Med. Co., K. T. and Omaha.
L. V I - ii.a ..a ax-.. a.u
aatj0 ! flam m4 latast
la. of Jmr Urautst, w sat 4 4.
UAM ft PfrtotjdMWa TasaBa Saiga
ftsU Lmmtttf IV 1 al UMr. 7 r-
Isavf Mats. I . TarttsMklal. Wl4
J1 Drutfl'ia C Ikl' tSMtaar Wsnai4si
r m Ai-a f mm
Tovarw not partus: far CU HOMOS. sClltMl:?. r KtE DEALS, ETC., but
r. ft. BlCfi XEACJUiTXLS C30AA CO., Uanf, Bt, JjouiM. LToka Uada,
Glearine Sale of
- , ...
rmdp Rtilts in America nt rlaicu
what you want', buy them. II
Men" s all wool cassimere and hnmenpun
outing suits, worth $12X0 1 Cfl
and 15; clearing sale price . I UU
Men's all wool cheviot and worsted out
ing suits, worth $7.50 and 1 (If)
10; clearing sale price ....WUU
All our men's Norfolk outing snits, for
merly sold at flO and 15; "7 Rfl
i-educed to fo.OO and I ifJU
Boys' 6.50 3-piece knee pants suit's in
all shades, stripes, checks & Q QC
plain colors, clearing price.. UiWW
Boys' f3.50 and ?4.50 3-piece knee pants
suits; clearing sale Q Cfl
price . ,.....&iWW
Boys' double-breasted knee pants suits,
ages 7 to 15 years made of pure wor
ted, cheviots and fancy cassimeres,
in light and dark colors, made Q Cfl
to sell at 4.50; clearing price sCitalU
Sailor Suits
worth QC.
1.75 & 2.25
Our Ice Cream is made of pure
Only, and the rinesr
flavors rnpney can buy
- No Aduiterar ions. .
but its dood!
" 1 1 111 "
JWYt T illTs afr7r
131fia'Ca4JRIT.OL. AVE
For next 10 days
we will sell a selected line of run
abouts, buggies and surries at
FACTORY COST. We do this to
make way for fall work and de
crease overstock nuld by factories.
The vehicles selected will number
about luo, and will be nw work,
shipped to us thla summer.
- HEADS, the only Par
O. D. anywhere In U. 8.
could etng before khs;ii5
Klad la 17. a. Illa.trattaa
Siua.ll i liaaricfta
for nisttrli
Incorporated College, 1T.23 Douirlas St.
Room 4, Opp. Boston Store.
'Deputy Stats Vetsstnasfaa
Food Inspector.
Offlos and IafiXnasy, &ih od Mason Sts,
Omaha. Neb. Telephone 630,
' ,1