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Parlstaas Wear Tkrm Mara Generally
Than Asnerlcaa.
Transpsrent and gaily colored eftea with
modest deeelletage, the Dew garden party
frock are of a ball-like lovellneaa. In
Farli these airy, floattog gowna are simply
costumes d'ete, delicate tints and 'texture
being the Parlelenne's Idea of lummer
needs. When they op me erer here, finding
them trained and ahort-aleeved, and often,
as I aay, cut out at the neck, wa affect a
little disapproval and give tbem a new title.
It la at Newport, Saratoga and other
mart summer resorts that one seta these
wltchlngly -frlvolou costumes In their
finest flower. And at these places, aa In
Parle, they are not confined to the pleasures
ef green and exclusive lawns, but, after S
o'clock, are worn everywhere.
The chiffon parasols which accompany
these bewildering costumes are frequently
garlanded with small flowers, . tiny morning
(lories, rosebuds and vlolts forming fringes
for the edge.
la the toilettes of the French coatumers
exquisite color schemes are observed and a
tendency toward tinted lacea. Platache
green and turquoise blue are the odd hues
which appear la several of the rich lacea,
whose ochre yellows contrast superbly with
the bits of Jewellike color. All red lace Is
also seen, In heavy guipure and Valen
ciennes qualities.
Aa afternoon . gown of white) organdy
lately worn at Newport abowed aa all-aver
barring of the new red Valenciennes. The
Insertion was two Inches wide and shaped
bug diamonds, through which ahowed . a
white silk lining with scattered red spot.
The hat Which went with this very stylish
rig was even more alluring, yet nothing
could have, been simpler. Vor It consisted
t no' more than a shape of red ribbon-straw
and four white wings. . The wing were" put
on the brim, laid flatly above and below It
at each aide of the front, the for part of
the wide edge dipping sharply over the face.
These flatly trimmed Shepherdesa bats
are ultra stylish, only the smartest' women
aa yet taking' to them. A New York belle
who frequents the Saratoga race course la
specially addicted to them, white with
parrot green, purple and violet and black
, and white being some of her color comblna
tlons. . " '
The other -rnd of fashionable .women
ker pedal extremities is given up, on
dressy occasions to high-heeled satin slip
pers (these evea for the promenade) and
allk stockings with lace, insets. And now
add a "c" to "insets" and you see the
new French stockings worn by " the
swagger woman. Inseclward they all go,
bees, wasps and even yi harmless domes
tic fly glorifying many a modish step.
By contrsst with this giddiness plain
allk stocking aeera almost nun-like.
But, of course, the lace trimmed 'nes are
dear, too dear for the majority of us. So
let me advise all those who hunger after
gay ankles to buy the cotton gauae stock
ings with colored silk embroideries. The
buggy things are on soma of the, too,
and quit a splendid pair caa be bad for
SO cents, i
Returning to the color schemes of the
French costumes, an elegant gown Intro
duces yellow, black and turquoise blue In
v Its elaborate lace trimmings. White
Chinese gause is the material of the drees
which bears the maglo stamp and Illumi
nating touch of one of the beat French
Ah, why can not wo all wear Parts
gowns, so gracefully fall their tails, eo
sweetly droop their shoulders! Here we
are given shoulder Ilk the letter T and
aklrt bottom o aggressively stiff that
they stand out like Inverted tin funnels.
The French methods of making arc the
simplest, when you come to , look Into
A delightful garden party frock of dead
white Russian lace, over aa apple green
slip, afforded . a glimpse as to why the
Paris gowns fall better than ours. For
one thing, the very deep stiffening the New
York dreeamakers put in the drop skirt wa
missing. No more than three lnche of
crinoline waa placed In th hem and the
shaped flounce waa deep enough to make
the flare gradual. Three tiny kilted ruffles
finished the bottom of th green drop eklrt.
rucking, of violet chiffon edging tbem.
Theae gave the flouncing look about the
feet without the funnel auggretloa and
very movement of the skirt ravished the
color-loving eye. All over the white lace
Slip there were applied flowers ef violet
chiffon and the drooping shoulders of the
bodice were deftly and simply managed,
la fact they were made entirely by the
shape ef the lace yoke, which here fell
over th arm In square epaulett piece,
beginning at the stock band. The bod lea
n "7
3? "
n n
iowever, by the use of Mother's Friend before baby comes, ai this
great liniment always prepares the body for the strain upon it, and
preserves the symmetry of her form. Mother Friend overcomes all the
danger of child-birth, and carries the expectant mother safely through
this critical period without pain. It is woman's greatest blessing.
Thousands gratefully tell of the benefit and iclicf derived frcrs the
use of this wonderful
remedy. Sold by all
druggists at fi.oo per
bottle. Our little
book, telling all About
thia liniment will be nt
TU BniMI E:gs!itw Co., AS"
proper was of violet chiffon over the green
Ilk, with the sleeve puff falling low, as
with the gown pictured.
The tendency of all smart sleeves Is to
spread at the -elbows or wrist. The
shoulder portion of them is close and flat
and the more drooping the suggestion the
later the design. If we only stay where
we are we ahall be gracefully sleeved.
But who knows which way the wind will
blow nextT
With all thee smart gowns, and garden
parties now lengthening Into the early
hours of night, some sort of elaborate
wrap is necessary. Those abown for sum
mer evening wear are In two lengths, long
coats which cover the entire gown, and
short dolman-Uke sacquea. The lUtle lace
coats in the last designs are very charming,
the flowing sleeves and low cape collars of
these promoting very graceful effects. 4
Many of the short evening coats are mad
of taffeta, the white ones with black lace
trimmings being exceedingly good pur
chases. One such Is here illustrated, with
the front flnlahed with stole, facings of
black spangled gauxe. .
Another taffeta coat la In pale rose-pink
with . yellow lace medallions In diamond
shape. These are applied to- a wide tucked
border of the taffeta, which edgea the en
tire coat. A single band of the tucking
borders the wide elbow Sleeves, and two
shape the softly falling cape collar.
Both of these short coats are made after
late Paris models, all of ' which. were
doubled with soft silks in th same color.
Unless they are In a very heavy weave
of allk, the unltned short coata do not fall
On the other band, the long evening
wrap sr frequently mors effective un
lined. Especially I this th case with
the lace ones applied to chiffon, a look
of airiness being the special point desired
for these.
A very queenly long coat Is made of
opaline Chinese crepe, a fairy material
to be found only at the Japanese import
ing places. The garment is lined with a
soft silk In pale pink, wblch shows through
superb trimmings of platache green laoe.
A graceful finish at the front is a scarf
with frilled ends of deep roes velvet.
And now you sea what I mean by the
color schemes of the French dressmak
ers. Everything seems to be grist that
comes to their mill, and yet' tone com
binations were never mors carefully or
exquisitely blended.
A natural talent la, of course, required
for such rainbow creations and tinted
laces are not yet drugging the American
market. Bit a good dyer can always
color them for you, and If Chinese crepe
Is too expensive a luxury, get a thin, soft
wool for ' the coat material. Ths old
fashioned delaines In pale rose, green,
white or lemon yellow are all effective
stuffs. But the lining must slways be of
silk a thia, softly falling silk, and
preferably in the aame shade as the out
side. With such a background even
pletaehe green lace may be attempted In
a pink sr green detain at cents th
yard. If the coat I white, hav the lining
green; one cass where a contrasting doub
ling is a glorification and no) a defect with
cheap materials. . x
Any wood canvas or silk tissue that ' Is
not too wiry can be utilized for three long
evening coats. A good pattern house will
provide 4 suitable model and tucks In two
sixes clusters of five little ones between
single tucks aa Inch wide will go far to
ward ornamentation. Between the bands
made or these the most sxpenslve guipure
laces will loo, well.
For less extravagant gowns than those
here described there are some silk-spotted
tissues that make up very elegantly. In the
pale aaurea, soft green and gray these
delicate stuffs (silk and wool) have a lum
inous sheer. The crtspest taffeta ribbons
are used with them and net lacea slightly
yellowed. A beautiful eatr deux in a cheap
net lac ha scaloped edges and a delicate
vine running down th center. This Ms
three Inches wide and 2t cents the yard.
Boms of the prettiest of the airy summer
gowns are girlishly simple in model. The
bodices, which are of the round baby da-
Every woman covett e
shapely, pretty flgnrt, and
many of them deplore the
loii of their girlish forms
after marriage. The bearing
of children U often destructive
to the mother's ahapeliness.
All of this can be avoided,
scrlptlon, button ususlly at the back with
tiny pssrl buttona. They show round lac
yokes, very deep at the front, the dentelle
alternating with bias folds of th gown ma
terlal; tbe unllned stock made In the same
way, and flounced elbew sleeves.
: For the skirt bottom shaped flounces are
often deeply pointed, frills of lace edging
tbem anrtn flounce falling low over other
lace edged ones, cut freight. At the hip
th skirt I fitted to the figure with nar
row horizontal tucks. All of tbe thin, un
llned Jupes show these.
Shantung pongee, In old rose, la the ma
terial of the young girl's costume pictured.
La I of Americas Tables la the Bit
of Greea.
No food I more wholesome nor mors nu
tritious than the well made salad. One
greet fault with the average "American
table Is the absence of this dainty bit of
green. For the summer season It Is bent
to eliminate the heavy meat mixtures,
which, with their huge proportion of fat,
are better reaerved for cold weather. The
two dressings which are necessary to un
derstand are the simple French and the
mayonnaise, but for the every day dlnnar
the French dressing is Infinitely to be pre
ferred. The mayonnaise is not so easily
digested, and is better reserved for occa
sional use, or for the aupper, when tbe
mala dishes are less likely to be boating.
Th recipes given below are all available
during the warm months:
To make a thoroughly good mayonnaise
dressing allow one egg to halt a pint of oil,
half a teaspoonful of salt, a dash of
cayenne pepper and lemon juice a required.
Stand the oil and the egg in the refriger
ates until thoroughly chilled, and when
about to mix the dressing, place a bowl In
a pan of Icewater. .Drop the yolk of the
egg carefully into the bowl and aet the
white aside. Drip the oil on to tbe 'yolk
drop by drop, stirring with a silver or
wooden fork until a smooth taste Is formed.
Then continue pouring the oil, but slightly
faster and alternating wlt'u a drop or two
of lemon Juice. When tho entire quantity
of oil 1 exhausted, add the salt and the
pepper and lemon Juice to suit the taste.
Tho dressing should be ricn, smooth nd
of about the consistency of thick cream.
If, as sometimes happens, It shows a ten
dency to cardie In the progress of making
or becomes too thick, so It will not pour
from the spoon, add a little cf tbe white of
the egg beaten stiff. If, in spits of all
these precautions, ths dressing should
curdle, take another egg and begin again,
dropping the curdled mayonnaise slowly
Into it and stirring vigorously all the wh'lo.
For Frepch dressing, a for all other
salad flrelngs. It Is Important to use the
best oil. The quantity given will be found
sufficient for three people, and can be re
peated as many times as necessary. Rub
ths bowl lightly with a clove of garlic, 'put
into It a quarter of a teaspoonful of black
pepper, a scant half teaspoonful of salt fnd
three tablespoonfuls of olive oil. Stir with
a woodeu spatula until tho salt Is thor
oughly dissolved; then add one tableepoon
ful of vinegar, plain or tarragon, and etr
for one minute. Serve Immediately. If
possible, make the dressing on the table,
as It Is apt to separats It allowed to stand.
Salad a La Macedonle Cut two young,
fresh carrots into thin slices. Prepare an
equal proportion of green peas, strong
beans and small bits of cauliflower. Boll
each separately In salted water until very
thoroughly cooked; then drain and stand
aside.- When cold add aa equal propor
tion of cold boiled potatoes and beet,
also cold boiled. Into dice.. Mix all well
together and eland on ice until needed.
Pour French dressing over the whole and
serve. Remnant s-of cold vegetables also
caa be utilised If cars be taken to mix
them In proper proportion. While the
combination given Is a thoroughly good
one, any two or mors ingredients can take
Its place. '
Potato Salad Familiar as this dish IS, It
seldom appears at Its best. To get the
most satisfactory results allow the propor
tion given for French dressing to each
large potato and to each three potatoes
allow one good sited onion and three or
four sprigs of parsley. Pare and boll the
potatoea. While they are In the act of
boiling prepare the dressing. When tho
potatoes are cooked cut them carefully
into thin slices and mix with the onion,
which should be chopped very fine. Pour
the dressing over the whole, mix without
breaking and stand on Ice until very cold.
At. the moment of serving sprinkle with
chopped parsley and garnish with pickled
beets or slices of hard boiled eggs.
Tuedolse Balad Cook two ounces of
beefs tongue Into small pieces, add to it
two cold boiled potatoes, one small beet;
alao cold, half of a cooked carrot and half
aa apple, peeled, all cut Into dice. Place
these in a bowl and add one emoked her
ring which ha been soaked In water for
twelve houra, aklnned and cut into blta.
Mix with French dressing, sprinkle
chopped parsley over the top and aerve.
. Balad of Stuffed Cucumbers Peel fresh,
crisp cucumbers and cut them Into halve
lengthwise With a teaspoon remove the
eeda and soft part. Then throw the shells
Into Ice water until they become crisp. For
each three cucumbers allow two tomatoes,
one slice of onion and a Httle ' parsley.
Ektn the tomatoes, chop the solid part fine
with the onion and parsley and season
with salt and cayenne pepper. Wipe the
cucumbers with a soft cloth, stand tbem
on crisp lettuce leavea and sprinkle over
ths top, with unpeeled radishes and pars
ley chopped fine. Serve with French dress
ing. Orange Salad Select crisp young lettuce
leaves and arrange them In the salad bowl.
Peel and slice slightly tart oranges, cut ths
slices into quarters, spread over the lettuce
bed and aerve with French dreasing.
Balad of Cauliflower Boll the cauliflower
stter the usual method, then throw It Into
cold water until well chilled. Pick It
apart carefully and dry each piece thor
oughly with a soft napkin. Arrange on a
bed of lettuce leaves and pour mayonnaise
dressing over ths whole and let stand on
Ice fifteen minutes before serving.
Salad of Eggs Put ten eggs In a sauce
pan and cover with cold water. Let them
heat slowly until the water begins to sim
mer. Then cover tightly and let stand for
thirty minutes without actually boiling.
Throw tbe eggs into cold water and remove
the shells. Cut each egg into lengthwise
and with a spoon take out all the yolks
without breaking the whites. Beat two
eggs until smooth; add to them one tea
spoonful of Salt, halt a teaspoonful of pep
per, one teaspoonful of dry mustard mixed
with three tablespoonfuls of cream, two
tablespoonfuls of olive oil and two of vine
gar. Mix all together and stir ever the
firs until the mixture takes the consistency
of boiled custard. Remove from the Are,
sdd tho yolks of the hard boiled eggs,,
mashed, and mix all thoroughly together.
Fill the cavities of the cooked whites with
the mixture, piling it up to form rounds
resembling the entire yolk of an egg. Let
stand on lea until cold, then arrange on a
bed of lettuce leaves and serve with may
onnaise dressing.
Mayonnaise of Flounder Select a One,
thick flounder and boll it In salted water
until well cooked. When cold carefully re
move the meat from the large central bone
and cut Into nice pieces. Place on a bed
of watercresses and serv with mayonnaise
dressing. i
Tomatoes with Cream Salad Dressing
For the benefit of those people to whom oil
Is distateful It may be well to suggest that
a very delicious salad dreasing can be mads
with cream. To serve tomatoes most In
vitingly remove the skins, make a hollow
at each stem end and stand on Ice until
thoroughly chilled. For the dressing, allow
to the yolks of three hard boiled egg one
raw yolk, one tableepoonful of melted but
ter, two tablespoonfuls of vinegar, one gill
of thick cream, half a tablespoon
of salt and a quarter of a teaspoonful of
pepper. Mash tbe boiled yolks until fine,
then work them smooth with the raw yolk,
using a palette knife for the purpose. Add
the salt, pepper and melted butter, then,
little by little, the cream, working and
mixing all the while. Lastly, stir In the
vinegar, blend thoroughly, and it Is ready
to serve. Drop a spoonful into the hollow
made in every tomato and serve In a crisp
leaf of Romalne salad.. 1
How to Iaaure Entrancing Loelrw tor
the Ratwrn to Town.
The girl whose mind le not hopelessly
given over to the frivoMtles snd vanities
of summer resort life will avail herself
of vacation opportunities to enhance one
of her chief attractions her hair. The
prevailing custom of riding, walking, boat
ing and playing the varioua outdoor games
without a bat will prove her strongest
ally in the good work if only aha will give
a little time and thought to this Important
Hair culturista and, by th way, this Is
now recognised aa a profession of some
dignity In every large city assert that In
the early fall they have their greatest
rush of customers, drawn almost entirely
from the ranks of people who have been
out of town, presumably recuperating for
their winter's work or social duties. Body,
nerves and mind have been reated and
cared for, but the hair has been woefully
neglected during this season of the year
moet trying on woman's crown of glory.
In the Brat place, the hair being classed
with vegetable growths, renews Its life
with the rest of nature in the spring snd
this fresh crop, so to speak, should be
tended with loving care to insure an even,
luxurious growth by fall. Secondly, heat
snd perspiration invite frequent shampoos
and if this k not properly dons serious
damage may be wrought Even the better
class of summer resis-t hotels do not si
ways afford the conveniences of the mod
ern city home. Unless a womaa pat
ronises a rellablo hair dresser she should
learn to care for her own hair properly.
The last x is the best plan, for reliable
hair dressers are not always to be fouad
at summer resorts.
At least one a week shampoo thor
oughly with ths following mixture:
Lay a eaka of th purest sosp "obtain
able la a quart vessel, a pitcher affording
the best facilities. Add a pint of toiling
water and stir until a strong lsther U
formed. Lift out th cake of soe?. and,
if tbe hair Is very oily, add a teaspoonful
of bicarbonate ci joda. Never use am
monia or powdered borax. Wash hair and
scalp thoroughly with this mixture while
till warm, and rinse with warm water.
Never yield to that very natural tendency
In hot weather to us cold water for rins
ing. The sudden change la temperature
is bad fur both hair and scalp, u tne
hair Is exceptionally dry, s teaspoonful
of sweet almond oil may be added to tbe
final rinse water.
It Is In drying her hair that th average
summer girl does ths gresteet mischief.
oas should bewars the rouah Turkish
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toweling, using with as little energy ss
possible sn ld, soft towel, "Then let the
sun complete the work, lifting the hair
both to rentllate it and to let the sunlight
penetrate to the scslp. This will in a
measure wand off the formation of strata
of haiy In different shades.
An unforgivable cuatom Is that of wash
ing th hair just before retiring. There
are girls so intent upon daytime pleasures
that they wash their hair after dark, and,
with a balf-hearted rubbing, they retire,
leaving the loose and still moist locks
hanging over the edge of their pillow to
dry out during the night.
Another evil habit for the hair Is per
mitting salt water to dry on th scalp.
Surf bathers, especially those who sum
mer regularly by the sea, are apt to under
value the effects of failure to shield the
hair from salt water. If it penetrates
round ths edges of the bathing cap or
kerchief, rinse the hair thoroughly In clear,
fresh water. A shampoo is not necessary.
Salt water drying In the hair means harsn
locks and irritating scalp diseases.
( Eschew the brush in summer, and let
your watdhword be "Ventilate." Brushing
the hair does not stimulate the scslp. It
merely makes ths hair smooth and glossy,
which csa better be accomplished by gently
nibbing strands of hair between the lingers.
The best method of stimulating the scalp
Is massage, 'which any girl oan practice, In
stead cf ths old-tlms Injunction of 100
strokes nightly with a stiff bristle brash.
Lift the hair up from ths scalp, allowing
the air to pass through it eloss to ih
roots, and gently massage, using the balls
of the Angers, never ths tip. , ,
If persplrstioa causes itching, shaqipoo
frequently, but not ofteaer than thrice
weekly. An egg shampoo often affords re
lief, but this should not be followed by s
soap shampoo. Merely rinse th head with
warm water, which will remove all traces
of ths egg. A good brand of cologns used
sparingly and with mentis touch will sotuo
timea relieve the .earns unpleasant sensa
Illinois Vu Ce riahters
Approved Bravery.
' Few women have th luck good or bad,
i. h viawed from different stand
pointsof wedding four times, sod even
fboe who have baa sucn experiences cau
. of kavlns had four soldiers as
husbands, as can an Illinois woman bow
residing in Missouri. When John H. Boya
marched Away from bis Illinois home to
a.k A. i h. aid of the union in the civil
war be left a sweetheart behind. When
he returned home hi weetheart had moved
with her parents to Missouri. And a th
(weetheart, who maiden name waa Car
ter, never again heard from her soldier
ha iiiilafl he was dead or had for
gotten her and married. Her first hus
bsnd died and sh married another, and
kpn her aeeond died she married an
other named Norton, who also died.
Boyd also married once snd bis wlfs
died. A few year ago these former sweet
h.arta hath now crown gray, met at Carth
age for ths first time since be marched
away a brave young soldier in uncle bam s
kin. Recornltlon on both sides was in
stant The next day then went before Jus-
tic Claude Berry at Carthage ana wer
married. "This is noi the first time I
have bee married." remarked th patriotic
and experienced bride to ths Justice sfter
the knot had been securely tied. "I have
K..n m.rriA four times and every man
who has beea my husband has been sa old
ra Past Cheek.
' A bill has been befors' congress to retire
ha nrwiit Sva. two and mat dollar bill
snd substMuts notes, 'payakls at any poet
fflpi in their claoea and which ahall pass
as currency. If It become a law It Will be
ss invsluasls le many forms of business ut
Hostetter's Btomach Bitters Is to those who
suffer from hsadache. Indigestion, dyspep
sia, lasomnls. nervousness or malaria. It
will positively cure these dlases. Try tt
snd satisfy yourself.
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I hi
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The Chicago Musical College Bullduigls the finest structure In existence devoted exclu
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The faculty Is the strongest ever assembled In any college of musical learning and
uuiuuoi. utbjr-uw uieiuuors.
School of Acting,
Dr. P. Zlegfeld
William Castle
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Edmond Vkbow st the world-famous tenor, who matd the leading tenor roles In Saint
Saens' Harrison aod Delilah and Massenet's Herodl4e, for the past tire year Instructor of
voice in the National Convervatory of Paris by appointment of tus French (iovsromeat.
has been added to the college faculty.
Nsw lllustratad Oatalogus Mailed Frsa.
lyjiOIJS AppUoaUoc. lot th it trm aa4 UO
Graduates of five of tb best known colleges of America included In corps of
Instructor. Music, Art and Modern Languages taught by women of extended resi
dence In European capitals, undue tbe Instruction of the beat masters, lilve good
general education and prepares tor any oollege open to women. Principal's certifi
cate admits to college. Out-door sports, splendid gymnasium under direction of pro.
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niN v.ppim.vv p.m.ii
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S6th Year Opens September 17th, 1D.J.
FACULTY of thirty-flve well appointed
of thirty thousand volumes; Men's nnd
MUSIC; special course In Organ and Church
prepares for any college.
For Information address,
Dean of the Faculty.
Dramatic School
KlmtUl Mall, IMS Wafcash-av.,
Catalog Mailed Free.
K.movas Tan. flroptM.
Fracklea. Math Fkicbat,
1 9
Kaah ana Bala die
V caa, ana svary
V Di.mitB oa Dautr,
snd drflea deiac.
lion. It has stood
Uia U-.l of 64
ytars, id la as
harmlaaa wa tax.
hum ur 'i
properly mad.
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Dealer tn the L. & and Europe.
FIUl I). T. HOI'KIM. Wap'r,
17 Great Jonas BL, N. Y.
Dunham $10 was $ 25 00
Gilbert $12 wa $ 35.00
Orovesteen $32 ..00 09 $
J. P. Hale $42 wa $ 75.00
Pease $42 was $ 75.00
Schomackcr $42 was $ 75.00
Bradbury $S2 waa $ 90.00
Chlckerlng $62 was $ 90.00
James & Holstrom $52... was $ 90.00
Hardmsn $G2 ... was $1(10.00
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Cheap Rates,
14th to 31st,
Rate $17.90
From Omaha.
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Splendid golf links.
Expert instructor.
M Northwest em Uns." riH;,il11" '
School of Optra,
Modern Languages.
Dr. Louis Talk Hans Von Schiller
Bernhard Llstemann S. C Jacobsohn
Herman Devrles 'Edmond Vero;net
Hart Conway, Director School of Acting.
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I02 "ChittendenHall." Kearney, Neb. 1902
Dr. Chittenden will open his new board
ing school for girls, to be known as "MAN
SION SCHOOL," Sept. 23. Boys received
under 14. 'For further Information ad J re as
Chittenden Hall. Kearney, Neb.
13th an Dosglai St a,
OMAHA. fcKtf.
Omaha Leading: Hotel
12. W to i p. tn.
SUNDAY 6;30 p. tn. DINNER. 75a.
Steadily Increasing: business has necessi
tated an enlargement of tbe cafe, doubling
its former capacity.
Got Kidney or
Liver Trouble.0
f IRE f
Ever Hear of Cramer's Kid
ney and Liver Cure?
All roods delivered without extra
Charge. Prescriptions called (or.
Open all nltfhL
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