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Tiki Kan from This But Hu Bmi in
Linooln During Oregonian's Retirement
Froaosee . to Allow Llacola Baleens
t Keep Opea Late Wkra Coa.
v . Veatlons Meet la t1
-t'fc i Capital Cllr.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Julr 14. 8peclal.) Th Im
pression has become general during the
last few day that Harry Tracy, the Ore
gon outlaw and escaped criminal, la the
Tracy who served four terms in the Ne
braska penttentlarr snd has a state-wide
reputation for lawlessness. The Oregon
Oregon desperado Is described aa a half
breed Mexican. The Nebraska, Tracy Is
known aa a half-breed Indian.' In color
nd height the descriptions of the two men
agree perfectly.
The records at the penitentiary, how
ever, disclose Information which disproves
the supposed Identification. Harry Tracy,
the murderer, was arrested In Oregon in
1899, and so far as can be learned here was
In custody until he broke out of the peni
tentiary at Salem a short time ago. The
Tracy known here waa at liberty during
the year 1899, but served time subse
quently In the Nebraska penitentiary. Thla
fact makes It certain that the Nebrsska
convict is not the man who has been mur
dering, stealing and Invading homes and
property In Oregon and Washington.
C. E. Kent of this city aaw Tracy make
his wild race In a steam launch through
Puget Bound. Mr. Kent was Ashing from
a small boat near the shore when the
team craft came along at a terrific speed.
"The boat was having a race without
competition," said he, "and was evidently
going at topmost speed. I could see five
men on the deck, one of them standing in
the bow and pointing a revolver at the
others. The boat panned not twenty yards
from us. After we got back to Seattle we
were told that Track had escaped through
the sound. He held up the crew In South
bay and forced It to take him to Seattle.
He waa not pursued through the sound,
but waa determined to make the best time
Accommodation, ta Conventions.
The excise board of this city, which has
Jurisdiction over the sale of Intoxicating
liquors. Is considering a proposition which,
If adopted, will make It possible for sa
loons to keep open after the usual closing
time whenever there are conventions or
large gatherings of people In the city. The
matter was discussed Informally this morn
ing and tomorrow will likely come up for
conelderatlon In a formal way.
The proposition Is submitted by Excise
man Woods, who would have the rules of
the board amended to provide that no sa
loon shall be open between 11:30 p. m. and
t-.SO a. m.. "unless special permission be
given by the board."
The Introduction of this amendment Is
prompted by a complaint recently filed
against the Ltndell hotel, In which It waa
alleged, aa grounds for the revocation of
the hotel's license, that the saloon In the
establishment was kept open after the le
gal closing time on the night of a conven
tion. It transpired tn the meeting this
morning that two members Of the board
personally Informed the proprietors of the
hotel that they might keep their place open
a little later than uaual on that night.
This action was entirely informal on the
part of the members of the board and la
contended by lawyers for the complainant
to. be noxesfor the proprietors' viola
tion of the board's rule.
The excise board also has under consid
eration the Question of whether or not the
municipal corporation is or can be held
liable for damages to property by reason
of the creation or existence or tne reser
vatlon" in the western end of the town
Complaints have been made by property
wn.r. .nil the city attorney baa been
asked for an opinion.
Total of Llaeola Assessment.
Tax Commissioner Altken this afternoon
Died with City Clerk Pratt the grand total
of taxable property In the city, the sum
aggregating $21,289,681. Of this amount
the real estate figures up to $1,1B5.685,
the personal property Is assessed at 15.033,
49. and railroads and telegraphs at $101,
147. In the city 6,350 persona are liable
for poll tax. Tonight the estimates from
the various departments were referred to
the finance committee by the council. It
la thouabt by some members that nine, mills
will turn enough of revenue during the
present year owing to the condition of the
Judgment fund. Last year It was ten mills.
but there was a big levy for Judgments.
Borne are In favor of a sinking fund, how
ver, and if this Idea Is adopted the levy
may be ten mills. At the latter figure the
revenue to the city would be something
Ilk $211.t8.
Candidate Gets la Cheaply,
x J. N. Lyman of Adams county, fusion
nominee for atate treasurer, has filed an
affidavit In the secretary of state's office.
In accordance with the corrupt practices
act, certifying that he expended no money
In securing the nomination.
Clarence T. Johnaon of Cheyenne, Wyo.,
Irrigation expert for the United States De
partment of Agriculture, conferred with
- State Engineer Robson today regarding the
measurements now being taken In the varl
ous streams of the stale. Hs asserted that
bis visit had nothing whatever to do with
the work to be done under the Irrigation
bill recently passed by, congress. Another
expert, from the department at Washing
ton, will come to Nebraska within the next
few days to make an Inspection prepare
tory to that work.
Acting Governor Steele this morning hon
ored a requisition for James Nugent, now
under arrest In Omaha and wanted In Crej
ton, la., for trial on the charge of bank
robbery. He was arrested several daya ago
on Information furnished by the Iowa au
Articles of Incorporation of these new
Institutions have been recorded:
The Bank of Commerce, Lincoln: capital
stock, ISO, 000; Incorporators, Morris Well
Martin I. Altken and Stephen L. Celathardt
The Bank of Trumbull, Trumbull, Clay
will CURS any cas of
Stomach Trouble
Chronio Dyspepsia
er Indigestion, Bo matter how se
vere th.c... mav bs. Itgoestothe
rootot theeviL. Handrsdsofchroo
lo dyspeptics who have tufleted tor
year have been romplstFlv cared
. ..StrM with Hm.fcu
eft.. uft , ... I uk
. vww Car. m4 ... m. .
wall mltor, LM.feUle
THUS, a ttUa. S.U, laiae,
6sd4 to IBANK MAU,
tot fna buoalet
Cor sale bv Snorman i alcConncll Lru
Co., corner 16th and Dodge Si., Omaha.
evaa waning aniuitia
county; rapltal stork. $S,000; Incorpora
tors, W. T. Glover, Theodore O. Wheeler.
The Collett Stat bank. Col let t; cspttal
stock. l.i.000; Incorporators. W. B. Collett
and M. R. Collett.
The Northwestern Annuity Life associa
tion, Omaha; Incorporator. George L
Loom Is, L. Channell, Charles Hagedorn, W.
E. Wilson. T. J. Wilson, C. W. Pollard.
The T. J. Chew, Jr., Inveatment company,
St. Joseph. Mo.; Incorporators, T. J. Chew,
William Wyeth, Louis C. Burnes, Charles
P. Mathleson, Grant Pea body, Hustoa
Th Oliver Typewriter company, an Illi
nois corporation which has been licensed
under the Nebraska laws, bas filed amend
ed articles providing for an Increase In Its
capital stock of from $200,000 to $300,000.
Contemplated fetraetar Will Be
Made Itealltr ky lalea Paclfle
and fClknora Roads.
FREMONT, Neb., July 14. (Special.)
President Burt of the Union Paclfle wss In
town today consulting with th city officials
In regard to th closing of F, D and C
streets for the purpose of obtaining suffi
cient ground for the new union station.
He said that as soon aa this was done work
would at once commence. The two rail
road companies, Elkhora and Union Paclflo,
Intend to purchase the fractional block
between the tracks of the two roads now
owned by L. P. Larson, Fred Wets and
Frank Hanlon and a strip of land east of
Main street, owned by E. P. Anderson.
The Healey ft Murray fence, factory Is
situated on land owned by the Elkhorn
nd will also be removed. The new sta
tion will be a one-story brick, facing Main
treet, with covered walks between the
tracks on tfce north and south aides. These
n the north side which will be used by the
Elkhorn will be nearly 700 feet In length.
The main track of the Union Paclflo will
be moved a considerable distance north
from their present location, and those on
the Elkhorn a little south.
A new freight depot will be built by the
Union Paclfle which will be north of the
present structure with a platform extend
ing nearly across of the present line of F
street. A portion of the space now occu
pied by the Larson, Wels and Manlon build
ings will be laid out as a railroad park.
The Union Pacific also agree to lay out
a a street a strip of land between Broad
and Main streets on the south line of their
right of way forty feet In width for the
benefit of those owning property on south
F street.
Saturday several Union Paclfle surveyors
were in town measuring lines for track
and laying out the sit of the statfcm, and
Mr. Burt state they are ready to commence
work at once. The station will cost 176,
004 and will contain all the modern con
veniences. It will be finished this fall.
The city council pasaed the ordinance
closing F, D and Q streets this evening under
uspenslon of the rules, all present voting
yes. The ordinance closes F street from
First to the south line of the Union Pa-
Iflc right of way, and D and C street
from the north line of the Elkhorn right
of way to the south line of the Union Pa
clflo right-of-way and provides for the
opening of a new street south of the Union
Paclflo right-of-way between Broad and
Main street. A protest against closing
street, signed by twenty-five business
men, was filed, but received no considera
tion by th council.
Israel Mead Broods Over Family
Trouble aad leeks Re
lief fa Death.
WOOD RIVER. Neb., July 14. (Special
Telegram.) Israel Mead, a highly re
spected farmer living thre mile south of
Wood River, committed ulclde early this
morning by swallowing two ounce of car-
bollo acid. The cauae of hi act waa wor
rying over family troubles. He and his
wife having parted two month ago, ha
lived on hi farm with hi two boys,
George and Charles, aged 14 and IS year.
When the boy arose this morning their
rather was not to be found, but upon the
kitchen table was found a letter addressed
to a neighbor, and In the letter he stated
that he waa tired of living without his
wife and as she would not live with him
he had decided to end hi existence. He
also stated where hi - body would be
found. Neighbor were called and the
body wa found In an outhouse. Dr. Dyde
was immediately called, but be had been
dead several hours.
Coroner Roeder wa notified and came
on the noon train, but after viewing the
remain decided that an inquest was un
Last spring, upon complaint of his wife,
he was taken before the Board of Insanity,
bdt after a hearing was discharged. Since
that time .be and his wife have been llv
lng apart.
Th deceased was 48 year bid and wa
th owner of 160 acre of good land.
Little Blao Cats New Channel at
Hebron and Mar Uav Mill
Hlft-h aad Dry. '
HEBRON. Neb., July 14. (Special.) The
water In the flooded district ara gradually
A short distance up the Little Blue river
another stream has branched out. The two
stream travel parallel for one-halt mile,
the dlatance between them being approxi
mately ,100 yards. They again unit Just
outside the city.
The waters in the new channel are pro
ceeding at an exceedingly rapid rate, and
It Is feared that the bed of the old stream,
on which the Weatherald Brother' flour
mill is located, will be abandoned If the
new stream Is not soon turned Into the old
The mill Is atlll surrounded by water and
the only mean of entry to it is by boat.
There bav been no trains in here on the
Rock Island road since th heavy rain set
In. Yesterday afternoon a work train came
in from Falrbury, bringing 100 workmen to
repair the roads and bridge between her
and Deshler.
Work of repairing the county bridge bas
begun. The fore usually employed at this
work bas been doubled.
Looted, by Robbers at Wood Hirer,
- Who Escape with Their -Booty.
WOOD RIVER. Neb.. July 14. (Special
Telegram.) The Jewelry store of 8. A.
Sherrerd of this city wa entered by
burglar last night and llv watches, thre
gold rings and a dosen men's watch chains
taken. Ths goods were valued at $60.
Entrance was gained by cutting out a
panel in the back door and removing th
bars which fastened ths door. From the
manner of gaining entrance the conclusion
la reached that the work waa don by par
tie familiar with th premiss. Th Lin
coin bloodhounds have been ent tor and
an attempt will be made t trace th guilty
Oat City Ordinance.
FALLS CITY. Neb.. July 14. (Special.)
Edwta S. Towl aled a petition In the dla
trict court asking that a permanent la-
Over-Work Weakens
Your Kidneys
Unhealthy Kidneys Kake tapnre Rlood.
All th blood In your body passe through
your kidneys once every thre minutes.
1 he kidneys are your
blood purifier, they fil
ter out th wast or
impurities In th blood.
If they are sick or out
of order, they fall to do
their work.
Pains, aches and rheu
matism com from ex
cess of uric acid tn th
blood, du to nerlected
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart beats, and make on feel as though
they had heart troubled because th heart is
over-working In pumping thick, kidney
poisoned blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science prqves that nearly
all constitutional disease have their begin
ning In kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidney. Th mild
and th extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer'
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy I
soon realized. It stands the highest for It
wonderful cures of the most distressing case
and Is sold on Its merits
by all druggists In fifty
cent and one-dollar siz
es. You may have a
sample bottle by mall
Horn of Swame-Rees.
free, also pamphlet telling you how to find
out If you have kidney or bladder trouble.
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
tt Co., Blnghamton, N. Y.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Blngham
ton, N. Y., on every bottle.
Junction be granted restraining the mayor
and city council from Interfering with re
pairs be Is about to make on a frame build
leg occupied by a livery stable. Under
ordinance No. 181 no one can lawfully re
pair any frame building within the fire lim
its, and it la this ordinance that Mr. Towle
desire to have set aside. The case waa
heard before Judge 8tutle tn this city Sat
urday morning, and the court decided In
favor of Mr. Towle and against ths city.
The ordinance prohibiting the repair of
frame building within th fir limit bas
heretofore been In force.
Machine Operated Near Ashland Cats
Off Child' Foot, Resaltla
tn Death.
ASHLAND, Neb., July 14. (Special.)
Ada Newaham, the 8-year-old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Newsham, living ten
miles west of Ashland, was playing In the
grass near her home last Thursday morn
Ing when her father, who was running a
mowing machine, failed to see her in time
and ran over her, nearly cutting off her
right foot.
She was a delicate, nervous child and
the shock to her system resulted In heart
failure, her death occurring Sunday morn
Severo Wind Assumes Natare of Tor-
a ado. Destroying; Barn aad
BEAVER CITT, Neb., July 14. (Special
Telegram.) An electrlo storm passed over
this section last night, after which there
was a wave of intense beat, followed by
severe wind north of town. The storm
was In the nature of a tornado. The farm
bouse of J. H. Lum waa moved from It
foundation and barn and outbuilding
were destroyed. A freak of the wind wa
the cutting of a pathway through a large
hay stack, leaving both end standing.
Prlaotpal of Schools Reslsms.
SIDNEY, Neb.. July- 14. (Special Tele
gram.) The newly elected Board of Edu
cation met tonight and reorganised and
elected Leroy Martin aecretary of the
board. Prof. Leonard B. Cary tendered hi
resignation as principal of the high school.
thus leaving a vacancy, and the secretary
was Instructed to correspond with , the
state superintendent and other prominent
educators in regard to securing another
principal for the ensuing year. The ques
tion of refunding the $8,000 school bonds
waa discussed, and upon motion the sec
retary was Instructed to call in the bonds
and issue new ones. There ia also a va
cancy m th assistant prlnclpalsblp to be
Lutherans Lay Cornerstone.
OAKLAND, Neb., July . 14. (Special.)
The cornerstone of St. John's German.
Lutheran church, tour miles northeast of
this city, was laid Sunday, In th presence
of a large gathering. Rev. J. P. Kuehnert
the local paator, preached a sermon In
the German language and Rev. Uhachleger
of Weat Potnt In th English. This church
will be on of th finest structures In
northeastern Nebraska and will cost about
$10,000. It Is being built to replace the
structure destroyed by fire about nine
months ago.' This church Is located in
probably one of the richest German com
munities of the state.
Fasloalsts Lean Toward Robinson.
COLUMBUS. Neb., July 14. (Special Tel
egram.) Less than a dosen delegates have
arrived tonight tor the fusion congres
slonal convention tomorrow. John S. Rob
lnson came in this evening. Among the
other notable arrivals are Judge Hollen
beck of Fremont, Daniel J. Koentgsteln of
Norfolk and A. A. Plummer of Burt county,
The Indications so far obtainable point to
the nomination of Robinson by acclama
tlon In the democratic convention and pop
ullat indorsement without much hesitation
Odd Fellows aad Rebekabs Install
TECUMSEH, Neb., July 14. (Special.)
A Joint Installation of officer waa held by
the local lodgea of Odd . Fellow and Re
bekaha, Friday night. The installing offl
cer for the first named order wa District
Grand Master E. C. Hedrlck. and he . was
assisted by Acting Grand Marshal W. K
Taylor. For the last named order District
Deputy President Mr. .Ellen Beaver was
the Installing officer, and Grand' Marshal
Mr. Joseph Glasson asslstsd her.
Crops Near Hebron Devastated.
rtEBRON, Neb., July 14. (Special.) A
great deal of the farm lands bearing wheat
and oats that were submerged by the over
flow will prove a total loss to the farm
era. A vast amount of grain that cannot
be cut sow lies on the ground, while some
In th shock has been so badly damaged
that It can only be used as food for the
stock. Hundreds of acres of potatoes and
other vegetables are completely ruined.
Falls City School Census.
FALLS CITY. Neb., July 14. (Special.)
The school censue Just completed show
that Falls City school district No. S( has
1.004 children of school sge. Number
males between T and 14 years of sge, 241
females, $24; number males between
and 21 years of age, 487; females, $17.
Injured While Playing Cirrus.
FREMONT. Neb.. July 14 (Special.)
Leslie Parks, a U-yeer-old son 4t Ashley
Parks ad this city, wa thrown off bis
orse this morning sod sustained sever In
juries to hi head and bark. Young Parka
ha a ambition to become a clrcua rider and
was practicing some of hi trick on the
back of hie pony whU driving a herd of
cow. Th pony collided at fulf speed with
cow and th boy was thrown some dis
tance. He waa unconscious for some time
and It is feared hi brain 1 Injured.
Johaaoa Farmers Will Plcale.
TECUMSEH. Neb., July 14. (Special.)
The farmer of Johnson county are making
rrangements to bold an old-fashioned
baaket picnic in ,Cook' grove, tn Tecum-
seh, July 8!. The 8tat Horticultural so
ciety will hold Its summer meeting her
July 29 and 30, and the local friends of
horticulture take the picnic as a means of
entertainment to the many guests who
will probably be here. The plcnlo will be a
big on for th county ha been organised
by precinct a committee to take th
matter In band.
Threshing la York County.
YORK, Neb., July 14. (Special.) York
county farmers have Juat finished harvest
ing another large bumper crop of winter
wheat and threshing machines are now
threshing a part of this year's crop. On
Saturday wheat was threshed off the Cha
pin place, north of town. It wss only an
average crop and the yield was forty
bushels per acre of ss fine wheat as was
ver produced in York county.
Bararlars Mak Good Haul.
NEBRASKA CITY, Neb., July 14. (Spe
cial.) Burglar entered the hardware store
of Cardwell ft Leldlgh Saturday night and
mad away with a dosen and a half of
fancy raxors, two dozen pocket knives and
five 82-caliber revolvers, together with am
munition. Th entire haul Is valued at
about $75. Th thieves left no traces and
th police are working on the case.
Hall and Rala at Humboldt.
HUMBOLDT, Neb., July 14. (Special.)
An inch of rain fell during last night tn
this section and wa accompanied by a bril
liant electrical display and a scattering of
hall. The latter came In quantities too
small to do much damage to crops or gar
dens, however. Farmers hereabout are
hopeful of yet caving much of th email
grain If the rain slacks up.
Thieves Make Haal at Plattsmouth.
PLATTSMOUTH, Neb., July 18. (Spe
lal.) Mr. Sarah TIdd, wlio runs the Bur
lington bouse near the Burlington shops,
reported to Marshal Phillips that two men
entered ber bouse last night and secured
$110. She describes the intruder a on
being large and the other small, but the
officer bav thus far failed to find any
trace of them.
Severe Storm Near Ung Pine.
tiwn pikib vh Julv 14. fSnectal Tel-
gram.) Word was received thla morning
by telephone oi a ternno winasiorm si
T.m-a nmwn's ranch thtrtv miles, south
of here, last nlgbt. The wind, which was
aecompanled by ball, tore part oi tne root
from the bouse and moved outbuildings
long distance. No on wa Injured.
Interstate Chsotavqsa at Salem.
FALLS CITY, Neb., July 14. (Special.)
The Salem Interstate Chautauqua will bold
the eighth session at Salem, from August
9 to 17 Inclusive. An array of talent has
been procured and the assembly, this year
promises to be the best ever held there.
Rev. Lincoln McConnell Is superintendent
and H. E. Boyd, aecretary.
Crop Condition Improves.
TABLE ROCK. Neb., July 14. (Special.)
Crop prospect are greatly Improved in
thla locality. Th wheat ba been "set
out" to dry, and threshing will soon be
gin. The screage of loss oa the low lands,
however, la considerable. The outlook for
corn, potatoes and bay la' magnificent.
Union Old Settlers Will Picnic.
UNION, Neb., July 14. (Special.) The
fourteenth annual reunion and celebration
of the old settlers will be held here Au
gust 16 and K. An extensive program ba
been prepared and rate secured on the
Missouri Pacific railroad.
Resume Work la Cornfields.
GENEVA, Neb., July 14. (Special.) The
rain bas apparently let up at last and
farmers are beginning to get into their
If rnu have no anoetlte for your meal
something Is wrong with your digestion,
liver or bowels. Prickly Ash Bitters cleanses
and strengthens the stomach, purifies the
bowels and creates appetite, vigor and
cheerfulness. '
Lea Rohmer Jumps la Front of
Trala at Denver aad Loses
Both Lca;s.
DENVER, July -14. Lena Rohwer, aged
22 years, of Gretna, Neb., Jumped In front
of a Union Pacific train at tee union sta
tion here today, evidently with the inten
tion of committing suicide. Both ber legs
were cut off and she will die. Miss Rohwer
was enroute to Glenwood Springs for her
health and bad Just alighted from a train
from the eaat.
GRETNA. Neb., July 14. (Special Tele
gramsLena Rohwer, a German girl, 23
years of age, also lived with her parents
on a farm near Gretna. She had a brother
in the asylum at Lincoln a few years ago
and in brooding over this lost her own
mind and Imagined she wss -going to kill
someone or herself. They decided to tak
her to a brother at Glenwood Springs, Colo.,
thinking a change of scenery and climate
would benefit her. W. S. Raker atarted
with ber yesterday. Her family are highly
respected people of this vicinity.
Politicians at Race Meet.
DAVID CITT. Neb.. July 14. (Special.)
The Butler county fair and race meeting
commences here tomorrow and the out
look Is good for a successful meeting of
the racing circuit. Twenty-five horses
were on the ground last week and a spe
cial train of fifty horsea came In from
Tekamah yesterday and about twenty-five
will arrive today and tomorrow. In all
about 100 standard-bred horses will be en
tered. Thursday and Friday are political
days. Thursday Hon. E. H. Hlnshaw. re
publican nominee for congress, will speak,
and Friday Hon. J. H. Mickey, republican
nominee for governor, will speak. Hon.
W. H. Thompson, fusion nominee for gov
ernor, and Congressman Stark have prom
ised to be present if possible.
J as. Boss cm
Watch Gaccs
ate lueacsiasa ss tbs suodetd by all Iswstsra,
Tber srs Identical wlia solid fo!4 cases la
eppeanoe aa elsa, sC Bach lower Is erto.
tmSm foot ecP so caeeeeld to be "Juat ss
V Jf aoo "aata Suae. Look for toe Kestaoe
O Craos-aaark. Bens tut sooklsL
( y- IseartaWalsCaMCoaanI.tlaeJaka '
Stop at New York tn 8teamer Pretoria En
route from Bsrmuda,
Ar Golnac Homo to Build Their
Burned Homes aad Restore Thlasfs
to Their Old Maadla a
Soon as Possible.
NEW TORY, July 14. Among the passen
gers who srrtved today by the steamer
Pretoria from Bermuda were 10S Boer pris
oners from Bermuda. The Boers were clad
In th same suits they wore In South
Africa. ' Twenty-one of them had been of
ficers. Among the most prominent of the
officers were General J. B. Wessels, Peter
F. Steyn, a brother of President Steyn; J.
De Vllller's, late attorney general of the
Free State, and Joubert Relts, a son of the
free state secretary. Nona of the officer
would talk about the way they had been
treated by the British In Bermuda.
"We are going home as quickly as pos
sible," said General Wessels, "and if there
waa a boat going to South Africa tomor
row we would, take It. We will try to build
our burned houses and restore thlag to
their old standing. I shall Join my wife
and family at Pretoria. None of them
hajre been captured, although my sons
served all through the war and were both
wounded. We first beard of peace June
2, but very few believed it true. I fought
for twenty-one month and was captured
Just one year before my release "
The youngest member of the crowd was
12-year-old M. J. Dewet, cousin, be says,
of the general. He is accompanied by his
brother, P. S. Dewet, 21 years old. Both
boys were captured September 18, 1901,
near Klmberley, while serving under Com
mandant Jacobs. The boys hnd been ex
cited by the reports of the Boers successes
In the field and ran away from home,
serving In the field for seven months be
fore they were captured.
James L. Malloy of Boston and Michael
Halley of Nevada, American cltlsens, ar
rived with the Boers. Malloy said he had
gone to South Africa from America with a
Red Cross ambulance corps and then Joined
the Boers. After he was captured and sent
to Bermuda he made strenuous efforts to be
released,' but only succeeded in getting a
letter to United States Consul Green a
few weeks ago.
Commandant Peter Ferreira of the Orange
Free State said there are now about 4,600
Boer prisoners tn the lsjand of Bermuda.
Two hundred of these are cape rebels. As
most of them have no money for their pas
sage home they will have to wait until a
British' transport arrive. Some of the re
leased privates having complained of the
treatment accorded them. Commandant
Fcrrerla said be did not think officer or
privates had much to complain of, adding
that It waa certain that the English cared
for them better than the Boer could bav
dona for the English.
First Annual Convention Is Betas;
Held fa Denver and tho
Attendaaee I Good.
DENVER, Colo.. July 14. The National
convention of livestock agent met here to
day In tnelr first annual convention with
fifty delegates present. "Thla meeting Is
largely of an Informal nature," said Presl
dent W. P. Galbreath of Fort Worth, today,
"but we will do considerable routine busi
ness in our two days', session. We want
to discuss various matters relating to th
livestock men and the railroad oompanles,
and we are desirous of perfecting some gen
eral and uniform scheme of doing our busi
ness." John W. Springer, president of the Na
ttonal Livestock association addressed the
convention this afternoon.
Fair and Warmer Is the Promise for
Cora Belt Tuesday aad
WASHINGTON, July 14. Forecast:
For Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas,
North and South Dakota Fair and warmer
Tuesday and Wednesday.
For Illinois Fair Tuesday; cooler in
north portion. Wednesday fair; fresh
north to northeast winds along the lake.
Local Record.
OMAHA, July 14. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compared with
the corresponding day of the last three
Maximum temperature
Minimum temperature
Mean temperature
Precipitation ....j
1902. 1901. 1900. 1899.
. 90 - 101 91 S3
,65-80 74 K8
,78 90 83 75
, .06 .00 .00 .00
Record of temperature and precipitation
at umana lor tnis aay ana since March l
Normal temperature "9
Denciency for the day i
Total excess since March 1 183
Normal precipitation 15 Inch
Deficiency for the day 09 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1 16.2$ Inches
Deficiency since March 1 67 Inch
Deficiency for cor. period, 1901.... 1.64 inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 11KX).... t. 34 Inches
Reports from Stations at T P.
: ci
Omaha, clear
Valentine, clear
North Platte, clear
Cheyenne, cloudy
Salt Lake City, clear
Bapld City, partly cloudy
Huron, clear ,.
WllliBton, clear '..
Chicago, clear
St. Louis, clear
St. Paul, clear
Davenport, clear
KaiiBan City, clear
Havre, partly cloudy
Helena, cloudy
Hismarck, clear ,
Galveston, clear
90 90 .00
KM 92
6 88:
82 88
941 96
KO 86
86l 861
841 86
T indicates trace of precipitation.
Local Forecast Official.
J as. Boas Stiffened Gold Watch Ca
aa Improvemsut on solid sold mi
Tost ars stronger and won't bend or dent
Mads of two layers of gold, with a layer of
stiffening metal between, weidsd tog ether
Into one solid sheet, lbs outside layer
contains more sold than can be worn oil
a ease In 96 years, the time for Which a
Jaa. itoss Cas Is guaranteed.
iii --II...-,
We would caution all people against
accepting substitute for Ferun. Insist
upon having Peruna. There Is no other
Internal remedy for catarrh that will take
the place of Peruna. Allow no on to per
suade you to th contrary.
If you do not derive prompt and atls-
factory result from th use of Peruna,
rite at one to Dr. Hartman, giving a
full statement of your esse and he will
be pleased to give you bin valuable ad
vice gratis. (
Address Dr. Hartman, President of The
Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, Ohio.
Hot A Profitable Investment
Nebraska Lines of
Island System Operating at an
Annual Loss Exceeding
Pays Tax of $205 Per Mile
$283 Per Mile in Operation A Tax as is a Tax.
(Issned Under Authority of
Richardson ,
Pawnee ..........
Thayer .
Saline ...
......... .i r. .
I. ....... i
Cass . . . .
Sarpy ...
Douglas ..
Total, 250.44 miles
The Chicago, Rock Island A Pacific Rail
road In Nebraska ha not been a profitable
investment thus far. In their operations
for 1901, they received In gross earnings.
From Passengers I2S9.277.1S
From Freight S60.6S4.67
From Other source 46,607.32
Total $896,669.02
Operating expense in Nebraska.. 967,674.25
Net loss in operating in Nebraska! 71,006.23
It is bard to make comparisons on this
section of railroad with others because few
roads running over ISO miles of settled
country show a loss over cost of operation.
The statement of this company ar figured
so that the tax payment is an additional
loa to th foregoing amount, It 1 un-
Graduates of five of the best known eollege of America Included In corps et
Instructors. Music, Art and Modern Languages taught by women of extended resi
dence in European capitals, under the Instruction of the best masters, owes good
general education and prepares for any eollege open to women. Principal's certifi
cate admits to college. Out-door sports, splemlld gymnasium under direction of pro
fessional instructor. MISS MACRAE. Principal. Omaha.
Western Military
Catalogue and Omaha
b atajoa w. a. . La we. Leave wonTH, Kansas.
. , .A
wnh year. Tbt
tm lua ..a.
atl -A . IM i LSI
-ftf Vcnlworth Military Academy Sit
. Oovemsaent supervision snd equipment. Army nfllrer rtetalled. Prepare, for Vol
iV L Mklti.n.l .M.lamlM ... f... I If AM alLrtiniA tCIICI, MM . . .
Dee Want
Ads Sell on
Their Merit
No free gift 1 necessary
to mak them worth
th price w sk. Th
Be has th circulation
-that' why.
eputy Btate Veterinarian
food Inspector.
Offlo and Infirmary, 3th and Mason Its.
Omaha, Neb. Telephone Uu,
She Suffered for Years and felt
Her Case Was Hopeless
Cured by Pe-rn na.
Mr, Judg McAllister write from HIT
West iZri St., Minneapolis, Minn., a
'I aufTered for years with a pnln
In th small of my back and right
aide. It interfered often with my
domestic and social duties and I
never supposed that I would be
cured, an the doctor's medicine did
not seem to help n any.
"Fortunately a me in her of our
Order advised me to try Peruna
and gave It such high praise that I
decided to try it. Although I started
in with little faith, 1 felt so much
better In a week that I felt encour
aged. "I took tt faithfully for seven
weeks and ant happy indeed to be
able to say that I am entirely cured.
Words tail to express my gratitude.
Perfect health once more Is the best
thing 1 could wlsh for, and tliunks
to Peruna I enjoy that now." Min
nie E. McAllister.
Th great popularity of Peruna a
catarrh remedy has tempted many peo
ple to Imitate Peruna. A great many so
called catarrh remedies and catarrhal
tonics are to be found tn many drug'
stores. These remedies can be procured
ty the druggist much cheaper than Pe
runa. Peruna can only be obtained at a
uniform price, and no druggist can get It
a rent cheaper. ,
Thus It is that druggist are tempted
to substitute the cheap imitation of Pe
runa for Peruna. It I don every day
without a doubt
the Great Rock
in This State and Loses
tho Railroad of Nebraska.)
..1551,448.70 ?205.45 per mile.
necessary to eay that the Rock Island Rail
road as a whole system pay dividend, but
It la not from Nebraska business, as this
statement shows.
The great holding of this company in
Chicago make their securities a favorite
Investment, tbelr terminal n that city,
alone, aggregating many millions of dol
lars, and their double track railroad snl
great bridge give local value to this
property in Illinois, higher than most of
the roads of that State.
The net earnings per mile of the system
amounted to $2,445.98 but th foregoing fig
ures show that in Nebraska ther waa a
los of $2S3.62 per mrle in operation.
The payment therefore of a $206.45 tax
per mile wa an enforced contribution a
hardship. -.
Academy Hiii
references on application.
A mkrtran rntiMrvaLnrv. mannarl hr arWScMaYl lattL. Wm. II. Raa
Ula.US DiIi4int tnfaassa'lUaHIaa
,1 j "wi wssuis em a as mm aae ij mj ft imisiudhi a uioesui m m aaw aweva
"! Tl ITIawKtaal. let slamenal aAB.M.a. Vt nka.ts Thasaaa. sVI aaaraasa at star.
For AfttAlotrua, tvddraM
JOHN W. MILLIOM. PniM 48 Collft Ptoce, MKX1CO, MO.
scksol ia
ilptuent. Army nmrer rietalled. Prepare, for Universities,
COL. SANOFORO SELLERS. M A, Sunt., Lsxleatss. Me.
Every Veman
Is Uttsnstjs aa thoajd snow.
six-. I iu we4aana
MAtVtl YVMrTaa Spray
iSL. Jn,Iu 't
SUier. kul am stamp farlU
lueuwai Wrt fives
TttiJ parueular aad 11pcUoi4 h
valiiaai. te lflla M4 VKIL
Room 12 Time Slag.,
jur avals oy
Corner Blzteenth and. Dodg streets, Omaha
Is the worst disease on 'earth, yet the
easiest to cure WHEN YOU KNOW
WHAT TO DO. Many bav pimples, spot
on the skin, sores In the muuia. jlcra,
falling hair, bone phlns, catarrh; don't
knew It is BLOOD I'OIbON. tiend te DR.
bKOWN. SBA Arch Bt.. Philadelphia. Pa.,
for BROWN'S ULXiOD CURB. 12.00 par
bottle; lasts on. month. Sold only mf
Eherman at McConnell Drug Co., J6th au4
Dodge SU.. Omaha.
Brown's Capsules IT' irMtiz'ta
1 lodg8tria.
bt i t.w av w