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New Torli. Mar . lioi.
Oentlemen Mnr y o I rwfflnmmJrt jour
Safe rum to mr old friend (in. Wlllltm Front Nut
tall, of the nrltlKh Armr. alio wm a sreat suRrrer
from kidney troubles after Inns eerrlie In India.
He too my adlce. and. after mln your remedy,
ke waa tompleti-ly cured, and a hale and hearty
man when I eaw him la, and muat hae been
nearly elahty yeara of ae. He haa aaeured me
tain and aaaln that he earncatly believed Warner's
ale Cure eared hla life, and he awore by It.
I, myeelf, have uaed your remedy llh the itreat-
beneflta. aa I waa nfucd by the Fqul'able Ine'ir
anre Co yeara alnce Indications of Bright'! Dla
eeee. but after taklna your cure for aome time I
waa able to ohlaln lnuranre. Tbla apeaki for Iteelf.
In my rovlns rareer I have been (really benefited
by uiln Warner'i Safe Cure, not only In the torrid
rllmatea of Kavpt and India, but also In the Arrtlc
relona of Alanlia. Your cure baa eerved me well.
Koura verv faithfully. 0. P. ARMSTRONG.
WARNER'S SAFE (TRF! la purely veietable and
contain no narcotic or harmful druga; It la free
from eedlment and pleaaant to take; It doea not
constipate; It la now put up In two reaular elzne
nd la anld by aM drumiita, or direct, at 60 CENTS
and $1.00 A POTTLE.
Rfuee aunetltutea. There 1a none "Jnat aa good"
aa Warner'a. Inelat on the genuine. gubstttutea con
tain harmful druga.
WARNKHH FAMC PILLS mora the bowela gently
nd aid a apeedy cure.
Th mamifftrturera o Army bitY WARNER'S
AFE CVRE will ahcnlutfljr and permintntly cum
ny lim4 mntlitlnn of th ktrtnry. Itvrr, bladder
or blood, that the? will Kand pnit paid, without any
emit to you, a larga trial boll l If you will write
'rnri Kr Cur Company, Rorhsffttir. N. T., and
mention haTlnt wn thla liberal nnr In Tha Omaha
Morning firm. Tha gnutnneM of thla offer la fully
guaranteed by tha publlahera. Write tha M'dlral
Impart mnt for advice, medical booklet, dlagnnala
and analysla, whlrh will be aent you free of charge.
to Other Points
1402 Farnam St.
Poor Indeed
re those weighed down by mental de
pression. Men rise iu this world
threugh buoyant nenre force.
The lose of this force dally drags
down to failure gome of the world's
brightest minds. Such a condition la
commonly known as Nervous Debility.
When you lose self-confidence and
feel your strength, energy and nerve
force are slipping swsy, it is high time
you seek sensible aid.
You prefer health and success to
misery and failure.
have no equal aa a nerve restorer,
couple of boxes will dispel that heavy
feeling; the unnatural weariueas dia
sppeara and replaces languor with new
force aud vigor of body and brain, bis
boxes will cure any ordinary case of
nervous debility. Jj not. you get your
money back.
1.00 per box ; 6 for $5 00, mailed la
plain package. Book free.
for sale by Kuhn Co., Omaha.
Imlcn'a Drug olore. South Umaba
iavia Dru Co.. Council Bluff., la.
DR. McGREW (Agt53)
EH son a aa ana UUureteas Mo a Only.
M Yeara' Binaries. IS Yeara la
liDIPflPCI E cured by a treatment
VAitlUUutLL which u th,
at and most natural that ha yat beea
discovered. Mo pain fealavar, no culling
ana owe hoi jnieriere witrt wora or busi
ness. Treatment at otnee or at home and
a irmanut vur guaranlaed.
Hot Springs Treatment for Syphilis
nd all xilood Disease. No "BRh.AK.INO
tUT' on th akin or fac and all aiarnal
algna of th duteaa disappear at one. A
treatment that u mors euueaaaful and far
Snore ealiataclory than tha "oid form" of
treatment and at less than HALF THaJ
COST. A cur that I guraui4 to be
permanent for life.
ilUCtl 0(1 nflfl cases cured of nervous
UlLel AUUUUdunty. loaa of viUUly
anu ali uiuiatoial weahnasse of -neav.
PurtolUJr. Uleel, ixidnay aud liladd
saait. ilydrooeJ. eured tvaraaa-tsaUy.
LUAJeua. L.UVV. tOJHLUllU. Kftxa.
TMatmaat br a-.lL V. O. Box 7Sa
CCvm over tit lih atreat. Mwms Tmm
kaa mm4 Xei-Ciaa hta., H a.
1 ee hi 4p lor uuBstaral
' la I a.a.
Irritations wr aloecatWii,
i a ittn
of aieoii mebraaee
Paiuleea, a autaaUMp
tt.IUHta tlx (
fa gent or pouftunwua.
ay l)rwria
r sent It plain etuM
t espra. preyalL M
tit I buttivc.
Cheap Rates
Major Order All Saloons Closed tt Mid
night and on cunda.
Directions to Folic Chief Also Pro
vide for Prohibiting; Sale of Beer
aaa I.lqaor to Minora
Maitle City Goaalp.
In deference to the wishes of the mem
ber of the Anti-Saloon league Mayor
Koutsky yesterday afternoon issued or
der to Chief of Police Brings to clot all
saloons at midnight hereafter and to aee
to it that all places where liquor la sold
are kept closed on Sunday.
When the council Monday night con
sidered the matter of closing the saloons
on Sunday, in making ita report on the
petition of the Anti-Saloon league, the en
tire matter was referred to the mayor.
was not until yesterday morning that
the mayor made up his mind. Then dur
Ing the afternoon be Issued an order to the
chief of police.
Thla order la explicit and directs the
chief-to notify every liquor dealer in the
lty to close promptly at midnight, re
main closed all day Sunday and remove
all curtains and screens Sunday in order
that the police may have a clear view
through the place.
Further than this, the order prohibits
the selling of beer or liquor of any kind
to minors. In fact, the mayor has issued
the orders which are desired by the mem
bers of the Anti-Saloon league. It la
figured that the next thing to come will
be an order to close the gambling houses
and then have all slot machines removed.
Complaining About Lack of Funds.
Certain members of the library board
have made complaints to city officials in
regard to the levy made for library pur
poses. It was supposed by members of
the board that at least $5,000 would be
levied in addition to the voting of bonda
for a similar amount. Since the bonds
have been turned down the levy will have
to pay for the site and little, if anything,
will be left to pay office rent and the
salary of a secretary. Some of the coun-
cllmen have been requested to increase
the levy $1,000 in order to pay expenses.
It la hardly probable that thla will be
dono, as the levy and appropriation or
dinances have been introduced and the
chancea are that they will not be changed.
City officials say they do not consider
that it will be necessary to make a levy
for maintenance until next year, even
though there is a demand for the same
from the members of the library board.
Alarms Do Not Work.
In spite of the efforts of Chief Etter
and his assistants, the city fire alarm
service is still out of order. An electri
cian from Omaha waa sent tor yesterday
and he seemed to know aa little about
the storage batteries as the balance of
the men on the payroll of the fire depart
ment. Several testa of the system were
made yesterday afternoon, but the bat
teries will not work, and so alarms must
be sent in by telephone.
Police Are Annoyed.
Recently crowds have been congregating
around the northwest corner of Twenty-
fourth and N atreeta, much to the annoy
ance of th police. The street cars make
a short turn at thla corner, and in order
to avoid accldenta the speakers for the
Salvation army and other orator have
been requested to move to the opposite
corner. A night or two ago the request
of Captain Troutan waa disregarded and a
number of arrests followed. What th city
authorities want Is that public meetings
be held cn the southeast corner of Twenty
fourth and N atreeta. Thla will prevent a
crowding of the sidewalks at the diagonal
corner and will to a great extent cause
an avoidance of accident.
Sooth Omaha Musician.
A union of South Omaha musicians haa
been formed with these officers: r. L
Duke, president ; C. H. Kubat, vice presi
dent: J. L. Kubat, recoraing secretary
s. D. Wlrlck. financial aecretary ana
treasurer. The trustees are: J. F. Franek,
i Rnacek and Oeorae Ford. Members of
tha executive committee were cnoeen aa
followa: C. M. wllltama, C. Strangler, J.
Mulae, J. Vonasek and B. Hill.
Jonea After Dirty Alleya.
Sanitary Inspector Jones is going after
persons throwing garbage into the alleya
Yesterday afternoon he discovered a dozen
or more dead chickens, in an alley back
of the express office on Twenty-fourth
street, and immediately issued order that
tha refnaa be removed. The oraer waa
comolled with. Notice for a general
cleaning up of backyard and alleys ar
till being served.
Magic City Goaalp.
Miss Hasel Gray, Fifteenth and M atreeta,
la atlil quite bick.
Mtsa Mamie Bulla haa gone to the wear
ern nart oi tne state.
Rev. M. A. Head will preach morning
and evenlnar at the Methodist church.
f-nlnnel Miller and a number of officer
fronv-Fort Crook vlaited Bouth Omaha yea
Mr. Denna Allbery haa purchased tne
Clark residence at Twenty-fourth and u
A daughter haa been born to Mr. and
Mra. L L Beachman. 454 South Thirtieth
Excavating for th new Jetter building
at the southeast corner of Twenty-fifth
and N atreeta commenced yesterday.
Ten nf th children of Mr. and Mrs.
Jamea Shields. 217 North Twenty-third
street, are reported to be seriously in.
The South Omaha and the Jetter teams
will play a game of base ball Sunday after
noon at the ground, Twenty-eighth and
U streets.
Colonel Alexander Hogeland Is atlll work
ing In the Interest of his curfew ordinance.
He has delivered a number of addresaea to
the men at the packing houses within the
last few days. - -
Sixth Ward Republican Meet.
Last night tn Peterson hall at Twenty-
fourth and Burdette atreets occurred tha
regular weekly meeting of the Sixth Ward
itt'tiuhllran club. J urine j. ri. mair. t ily
Comptroller John N. estberg and Coroner
Knwara . tiraiiey mane speecnes in
which they strongly advocated the policy
of votlnc the ticket as nominated. Messrs.
v. A. DeBord and Edward Morlarlty also
made speeches setting rortn tne correct
ness of the policy of the party. It wsa de
cided to continue the reaular meetings
tnrougn tne summer.
Hairlessness is born of
carelessness. Don't be care
less with your hair. Use it
well, or it will leave you..
Ayer's Hair Vigor cares for
the hair, makes it stay with
you. It always restores color
to gray hair, and keeps it
soft and smooth.
" I was bothered greatly with dan
druff and falling of the bair, but after
using only one bottle of Ayer's Hair
Vigor my hair stopped falling and the
dandruff disappeared." Miss Lucile
Hardy, El Dorado Springs, Mo.
11 M. AlltrauUt. J. C AVL1 CO- UwtIL .
Improvement C'lab Formed to Seear
Bettermeat la Fublte
The Omaha View Improvement and Po
ll leal club has been formed with fifty-
seven charter members. Its avowed object
is to secure Improvements needed for Omaha
View, and to enter into politics as far aa ia
neceseary to secure the Improvements
needed. In the list of betterments now
wanted for that section of the city are
sewers, sidewalks, gna and electric lights
and street railway facilities. The officers
of the club are Robert Houghton, president;
Charles Johnson, vice president: D. C. Cal
lahan, aecretary, and C. H. Jensen, trea
urer. Committees have been appointed a
follows: ,
Sidewalk Jensen, Johnson, Thander,
Weeks and Ericsson.
L'ghts Johnson, Jensen, Story, Robinson,
Haas. i
Street Railway Callahan, Johnson, Rob
Inson, O'Donnell, Forbes.
O.her committees will be named, but theee
are to look after the matter most needing
attention. One of them, the committee on
lights, begsn It active work last night by
calling at Councilman Karr'a home and
holding a seralon with him and other mem'
bers of the council. The committee ex
plained the wanta of the Omaha View rest
dents and were promised that electric lights
to the number of five would be planted in
that neighborhood.
The street railway committee will visit
the officers of the Omaha Street Railway
company to insist on the Trospect Hill ex
enslon of the Harney street line being car
rlel on to Omaha View. Residents in that
section have been taxed for the opening of
Thirty-third street in order that the line
may be built to Prospect Mill, and now they
demand aome benefit from the taxation.
It ie the Intention of the club to meet
Thursday evening at Thirty-second and
Corby, and to wage a determined fight for
some substantial recognition of a long neg
lected section of the north part of town.
Sympathy for France.
In the recent disaster at Martinique the
United States waa among the first to extend
sympathy to France and to aid the few for
tunate survivors. It waa this same generous
.aerlcan idea of assisting sufferers from
atomach and liver complaints that led to
the Introduction of Hostetter'a Stomach
Bittera about fifty year ago. Today bun
dreds of persons owe their good health to
ita use. It positively cures cramps, nausea
heartburn, indigestion, dyspepsia and ma
larla. Try it.
Commission Men Obtain Temporary
Beatralnlna; Order Against
David A. Cole, Peter Rocco and Henry A,
Koitere, commission men with establish
ments near Eleventh and Howard, in the old
market quarter, have tied the hands of th
council and the Board of Public Works with
a restraining order signed by Judge Read
and returnable before him July 21.
The plaintiffs asked that the defendants
be enjoined from "paying out the $15,000 at
tempted to be appropriated by resolution
1162, or any money in pursuance of resolu
tion or ordinances for the purpose of con
structing a market house on Capitol av
enue between Thirteenth and Fourteenth
streets." and from entering into any con
tract for labor or material.
Attorney Herring, for the petitioners,
cites that while the council ie, under the
law, authorized to provide for the opening,
vacating or narrowing of streets and av
enues, no atreet or avenue Is to be nar
rowed except on petition of two-thirds of
the owners of lots and real estate along
that portion of the atreet affected; also, that
no money to defray expenses of such work
can be appropriated without the approval
of two-third of those voting when the prop
osition is submitted .to the people.
The petitioners allege a fear that the
Board of Publlo Work would open bids and
contract for the new market bouse unless
Tell Thla to Tonr Wife.
Electric Bitters cure female complaints,
surely and safely; dispell headaches, back
aches, nervousness or no pay. 50c.
Pot t'p Dlnft for Half the Places on.
the Fnalon County
There waa a meeting of the Peter Cooper
club Thursday night in the Nebraska Farm
er's office, H. F. Mcintosh presiding. Crit
icism of the nomination of the atate fusion
ticket at Grand Island and the nomination
of a couaty ticket by the democrats without
in any way consulting the populists was
what chiefly took up the time of the meet
lng. While on the whole the result of the
state convention gave fairly good aatlsfao
tlon, th naming of a candidate for gov
ernor by tne democrat without nrat con
sulting their allies, met with out and out
Then tne ciuo membera went wild over
the democrata nominating a county ticket
without in any way consulting them. A
committee waa appointed to inquire into
the character and political standing of the
democratic nomlneea ao, if satisfied, a ae
lection of half of them, with the other half
populists, might form a fualon ticket.
If your brain won't work right and you
mis th snap, vim and energy that was
once yours, you should take Prickly Ash
Bittera. It cleanse the system and In
vigorates both body and brain.
Contribute HI Last Half Dollar to
Swell the Doagla Street Ei
perlence Fund.
Mr. Furgeion of Council Bluffs was
film-flammed out of hla money a night or
two' ago on Douglas street. The site waa
60 centa. The cars had all returned to Iowa
before Furgeson thought of going, so be
went down the street to see If perchance a
Council Bluffs hack remained. A man
hearing hla Inquiry aald: "I am going and
quarter will pay my bridge toll." Furge
on's money was in one piece, ao ha got
into the carriage indicated, while the man
went away to get change. Furgeson is a
patient man, but after thirteen minutes h
told a policeman. The driver of that hack
waa found, but he waa not the man getting
change. So Furgeson, who bad not th
bridge toll, started for the depot to find a
freight car going that way.
Marriage Licensee.
A marriage license waa Issued yesterday
Name and Residence. Age.
rter Ed wall, South Omaha "
laill T. Nelson, South Omaha IS
Ira D. Marston of Kearney la at the Mil
lard. '
C. K. Bumham of Tllden la a guest at
the Millard.
M. Morrison of Wllber registered at the
Millard yesterday.
Paul C. Ferryman haa gone to Excelsior
Springs, Mo., for a few weeks.
Hugh Duffy, manager, and fourteen
member of the Milwaukee Base Ball club
ar at th Millard.
Mr. and Mr. Thoma Swift ar heme
from California, where they apent , six
weeks visiting relatives.
Charles D. Thompson and wife arrived
from a brief visit to their parents, who re
side In Marahalltown and TuLvdu, la., respectively.
are the pictures used to
illustrate the Illustrated
Bee. Sharply outlined pho
tographs, carefully engraved and
as carefully printed, give the readers
of The Bee pictures of thing ex
actly a they are; not ideallxed by
some one with the artistic tempera
ment or distorted by Incompetent
hands In vain effort to faithfully
sketch. Nor is the artistic element
lost; on the contrary, it la one of the
essential features of successful pho
tography, and one that haa made
The Illustrated Bee really great.
athletic girl who drive, ride,
row, play golf, teuula, ping pong
who do things. These ar not the
girls who loll tn hammocks and wish
the hot wieather were over. They
are the healthy, full blooded girls
who have a good time In all sorta
of weather, and are things of beauty
and Joys forever. The Illustrated
Bee will have on Sunday a series of
photographs of these glorious crea
ture of modern America and a little
text telling about them.
10WA AT ST. LOUIS FAIR is a subject
1 now dear to the Hawkeye heart.
The commission which will prepare
and direct the exhibit to be made at
the Lioulslana Purchase Exposition is
already organized and haa its plans
under way, although two full years
will elapse before the gates at St.
Louis open. In Th Illustrated Bee
on Sunday will be found a special ar
ticle on what Iowa has done at Ex
positions, beginning with the Centen
nial at Philadelphia, and the plans
for St. Louis, the article being Illus
trated from photographa of the com- J
and far between, but they happen
once In a while. Last Monday a large
aectton of the great western approach
to the bridge over the Mleeourl gave
way. This happened almost on the
25th anniversary of the destruction of
two epans of the great bridge by a
cyclone, which danced down the river
early one morning in July, 1877. Il
lustrations made from photographa
taken Just after the disaster add force
to the specially written story which
tells of the wreck and consequent In
terruption of traffic.
Frank G. Carpenter the material
for a most Interesting letter. It Is
not generally known that the fortune
which founded this great bank was
won in America but such ia the fact.
And thft 4 ' only one of the many
quaint and interesting facts Mr. Car
penter telle In his delightful way con
cerning this mighty financial Institu
tion. The letter Is illustrated from
photographa made In London espe
cially for The Bee.
. another of the series of articles
The Illustrated Bee has been publish
ing concerning the horse and its place
in th economy of the swell set of
the east. In tbla article the writer
telle of the fashion of driving coaches,
which has gained auch a foothold
among tho really fashionable people
of the east. The Illustrations show
some of the most notable of exclusive
society young women, sitting on the
drivers box, successfully directing a
four-in-hand through Central Park or
along a country road.
reading matter will be found
in the paper next Sunday, while the
number of pictures haa not been di
minished. Among the more Interest
ing feature Is an article on the great
new bridge which Is being built across
East River,' between New York and
Brooklyn, to accommodate the vast
Inter-urban traffic. Another tells of
the Immense ndmber of private
c alms against the general govern
ment, which congress is called to pass
upon. Among the Illustrations Is a
eerie of pictures of the ceremonies at
the laying of the corner atone of the
Omaha Auditorium last Saturday.
Then there are other of great gen
eral Interest. On tha whole, the num
ber will be found one of the best put
out tn a long time. If you are not
already a subscriber, you should order
the paper from your newsdealer to
day. The
A anerlal meetlne- of the city council haa
been called for Saturday morning at 10
o'clock to paaa a June appropriation
Th picnic of the Woodmen of the World
in-iir X'n Hi announced tor next Sunday
burnv Mill- haa been indefinitely post
poned on account oi me gruuuua
under water.
Fred Peyton, who now appears bopeleaaly
Initini) and vhn la so violent that the
County hosDltal attendants have been
fnrred to keen him strapped In bed. was
taken to the asylum at Lincoln yesterday
Mra. Walter MrQuIre haa requested the
police to asalst In locating her husband.
Tl. la t l.r firmrlv nnk of Maloney
mirth-producer, and It Is aald he deserted
hla wife and three children and hied him
self to Kansas City with a member of the
troup at the same playhouse where he did
atunta. The family waa left deatitute.
Prank Munn of Dundee, generally known
among democratic polltlclana of Douglas
county. Is sli'k and stranded In Denver.
The county commissioners received Friday
a telegram from Denver which read:
"Frank Munn very sick and out of money,
U'lr rranaiinrtatlnn. Thomaa Phllllpe,
county commissioner." Most of tha mem
bers of the board have seen the meaaage,
but none of them has expressed any Inten
tion of corr plying with the request. Ther
will be no meeting of th board until Eatur-
, day morning.
Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company
Issues Bales and Bsgnlations.
There i Ko Limitation a the the
Tower taed or the Meehaaleal
Principle lavolved la th
ST. LOUIS, July 11. The Louisiana Pur
chase Exposition company tonight Issued
its rules and regulations governing th
aeronautical contest to be held at the
World's fair In 1604. The fact that the com
pany waa to appropriate an immense sum
of money for aa aeronautical competition
and exhibition waa announred several
months ago and attracted the attention of
the entire world, but the details' had not
been finally arranged until today.
Two hundred thousand dollar has been
appropriated by the company for the
aeronautic contest. Of this sum $100,000
is offered as a grand prlta to be competed
for and awarded under the rules and con
ditions given out tonight. Fifty thousand
dollars has been appropriated for minor
and subsidiary prltes.for competitions be
tween air ship motors and kites. The re
maining 150,000 is reserved for the expense
Incident to the competition.
The competition for the grand prise of
1100,000 is open to all the world without
limitation aa to the power used or the me
chanical principles Involved.
No applicant shall be admitted to the
competition who doea not present aatla
factory evidence of having at aome time
made a flight over at least a mile course
and return with a machine similar in
principle to that which he proposes to use
In the competition. The aeronautical Jury
may rule out, after due investigation, any
machine deemed too hazardous to life.
As an evidence of good faith, an en
trance fee of $250 will be required, which
will be refunded when the exhibitor -occupies
the space assigned him with an ap
paratus conforming to the rules. Each
vehicle ahall carry at least one person
during Ha flight. The competitor making
the best average speed shall be awarded
the grand prise of $100,000, together with
suitable diploma, medal or certificate.
The length of the entire course will not
be less than ten miles, nor more than
fifteen miles.
Distinguished Oronp of Cltlaen and
Military Men Meet General
at Station.
PEORIA, 111.. July 11. General Lloyd
Wheaton, accompanied by Captains Bash
and Howlands, alda on hla staff, arrived
here .at 12:25 today.. The party waa met
at the depot by a distinguished group of
citizens and military men. Mra. Wheaton
and Miss Lucile Dent, a niece of Mrs. U. S.
Orant, also accompanied him.
Tha party waa escorted to the National
hotel, where luncheon was eerved. At
2:30 there waa a parade of military and
civic societies, which waa reviewed by Gen
eral Wheaton from a platform erected In
the court bouse yard. The city la In gala
attire and haa accorded him a grand recep
tion. As the train came up to the Rock
Island station a salute of thirty-one guna
waa fired. The gun used In firing the
salute was a twelve-pound smooth-bore
which did service In the civil war, and was
In charge of Captain Short, the sole sur
vivor of th Elgin battery, which - gainad
fame in the 60.
Aa the train pasted through Henry, 111.,
the Orand Army of the Republic were pa
raded on the platform with a fife and drum
corps and a brass band. A battery of
artillery fired a general'a salute aa the
train passed. It only stopped tor a mo
ment and the general bowed hia greetings
to tfae throng from the rear platform of his
special train.
All Necessary Evidence Haa Beea Sub
mitted and Officer Will Likely
De Acquitted.
MANILA, July 11. The court-martial of
Captain James A. Ryan of tbs Fifteenth
cavalry on tha charge of unnecessary se
verity to natives, waa concluded today. It
is believed that he will be acquitted. Tha
accused during the day'a proceedings made
a lengthy statement defending his actions
and Major Edwin F. Glenn, Fifth Infantry,
counsel for the captain, strongly pleaded-"
for his exoneration. He contended that th ,
water cure waa not torture, and asserted
that its use had saved mors American and
Filipino lives than other expedients of the
campaign. The major scored Judge Rhode '
for making a report that he waa unable to
aubatantlate, and quoted a score of orders !
for the execution of guerrilla during the
civil war to Justify Captain Ryan.
Maxllon 1 Seateaeed.
MANILA, July 11. General Maxllon, who
haa been convicted of treason at Cebu,
Island of Cebu, has been sentenced to ten
yeara' Imprisonment and to pay a fin of
$2,000. General Novlao, who wis Jointly
charged with General Maxllon, was sen
tenced to seven yeara' imprisonment and a
similar fin.
Heavy Mortarac 1 Filed.
NEW YORK. July 11. A 1150.000,000 mort
gage authorized by the stockholders of tha
Brooklyn Rapid Transit company haa been
filed in the Brooklyn realster'a office. The
object of the mortcaae la to enable tha
company to Issue bonds to th amount
named so as to obtain money for the con
tinuation and betterment of Its roads and
to take u d all outtandlna- mortgages as
thev mature. Bonda to the amount of
15,000.000 have already been sold.
Craae Faintly Heanlen.
TAUNTON. Mass., July 11. (Special
Telegram.) At trie annual convention of
the Crane family here today officer were
elected for the year and It was voted to
taka th permanent name of Crane Genea
logical association, tilery B. Crane of
Worcester was elected president and
Thomaa D. Crane of Omaha vice president.
Governor Crane of Massachusetts waa on
of th guest.
Chief of Police Reinstated.
NEW YORK. July ll.-After a trial last
ing until early today Police Chief Graul of
Pateraon. N. J., was acquitted of the
charges made against him by Mayor Hinrh
llffo, who suspended him for alleged neg
lect of duty during the recent riots of
strlklria silk mill workers. Chief Graul was
reinstated In his office by the board of
aldermen, with full pay for the time of hla
Iloyt President of Kanaaa Wealeyan.
SAUNA. Kan., July 11. Prof. W. E.
Hoyt, A. M., has been elected acting presi
dent of the Kansas Wesleyan university,
to fill the vacancy caused by the resigna
tion of President Grldly. He I a graduate
of th Ohio Wealeyan university.
Fsscrsl Notice.
Members of IT. 8. Grant post No. 110, De
partment of Nebraska, Grand Army of the
Republic, will assemble at the city hall
Sunday afternoon at 2 30 o'clock aham to
attend the funeral of Comrade C. H. Fred
erick. By ordr of
M'GAVOCK Alexander, aged SO years.
Funeral Saturday morning, July 13. at
from family realdence, 82 North Twenty
first street, to St. John's church. Inter
ment Holy Sepulchr cemetery.
To Cure Many Cases of Female Ills.
Some Sensible Reasons Why Mrs.
Pinkham is More Successful Than
Many Family Doctors.
A woman la nick some disease to her sex In fast develop
ing in her system. She rocs to her family physician and tells him
Btory, but not the whole story.
She holds back something, loses her head, becomes agitated, forffpts
what she wants to Bay, and finally conceals what she ought to have told,
and this completely mystifies tho doctor.
Is it a wonder, therefore, that tho doctor fails to cure the. disease f
Still we cannot blamo tho woman, for it is very embarrassing to detail
some of the symptoms of her sutlering, even to her family physician.
This Is th reason why hundreds of thousands of Women art now
In correspondence with Mrs. Pinkham, nt Lynn, Mnss. To her tb?y
can give every symptom, so that when she is ready to advise them she
is in possession of more facts from her correspondence with the patieut
than tho physician can possibly obtain through a personal interview.
Following we publish a letter from a woman showing the result of
a correspondence with Mrs. I'inkbam. All such letters are considered
absolutely confidential by Mrs. lMnkhani, and arc never published
in any way or manner without the consent in writing of the patient;
but hundreds of women are so grateful for tho health which Mrs. Iink
ham and her medicine have been able to restore to them that they not
only consent to publishing their letters, but write asking that this be
done in order that other women who suffer may be benefited by their
Here Is Proof of the Value of Mm. Pinkham's Advice.
"Dear Mrs. Pinkuam : I have been taking your medicine, for twa
months and write to you for some advice concerning' it. I am in yery poor
health and hare beea for nearly three years. I am troubled with a pain and .
soreness in the back of ray head and neck which develops into an almost un
bearable headache at time of menstruation. Since last Aupusi I have been
confined to my bed a preat part of the time. Jn January I was taken very
sick with one of my awful headaches, and lay for fire weeks In a critical
condition. Our doctors wero unable to tell me the cause of my illness. . I had
a slovr fever seemingly in my nerves with a marked bilious affection. I was
completely prostrated. My physician did nothing for me but to put me to
sleep, said it was tho condition of my nerves at the time of menstruation. I
was advised to take Lydla 12. Pinkham's Vogetable Compound, and
would like your advioe and to know the cause of my bad feelings."- Mbs.
rna.!TCES L McCrsa, Sheridan, Mont. (April 27, 1900.)
" Dear Mrs. Pttkuam : I wish to testify that I have been greatly bene
fited by the use of your medicine. After taking four bottlos I felt better, my
head a,n& neck were preatly relieved. After reading the testimonies in the
book you Bent me, I believed that I had a tumor, and a while after when
something the size of an egg passed from me, I was convinced of the fact. I
now feel like a new creature, can fro to my work, and can eat and sleep well,
a privilege that I appreciate very much." Mrs. Frances I. McCbea,
Sheridan, Mont.
WARD. Ws Bar denoilted with tha National Cit Rankof l.rnn. i.mno
hlch will be pal J toanr person
Dot genuine, or were published before obtalutn tha writer's peelal per-
Mion Lrdla
am, w. A, COOaC,
tXsaawee (
lb laatesi
PCnelt On-
ptaa f
have cured to stay cured, which had
so called experts. What we have done for otheis w can do for you. II you
cannot call, writ tis a full and truthful statement of your symptoms. Our
bouie treatment la successful and strictly private. Addraa.
HO and 112 a. 14th St., Omaha, Nab.
Plunge Bath
in the world..
Here 's sport for old and
Not found elsewhere.
Rates Less Than Halt-Fara.
Omaha $14.50
Missouri Valley 14.50
Sioux City
c. Limit, October
Aak Assnt H Narthwastarn Une."
KSViafaWVJBMmiwa --' ja J J -y
who can find that tha shore testimonial letters
K. Pinkham MvdloliM Co.'. I.rnn. Maes.
- Cured in B daya (to stay cured) ,
We want every man afflicted with Varicocele. Con
tagious Blood Poison. Nervous Debility. Stricture, or
allied trojbles, to come to our office where w will ex
plain to him our method of curing these dlseaaea. We
invite in particular all men who have become dissatis
fied with treatment elsewhere. We will explain to you
why you have not bean cured, and wilt demonstrate to
your entire satisfaction why w can cure you safely,
quickly and permanently. Our counsel will ' cost you
nothing and our charges for a perfect cure will b rea
sonable and not more than you would be willing to pay
for th benefit conferred.
1 what you want Wa will giv you a written legal
guarantee to cur you, or refund your money. We can
and will clt you, by permlaalon, whan satisfied that In
formation I daelreil by sincere people, to caae that w
been abandoned by family physicians and
July 1-13, 190s.
31. 190a.