Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 12, 1902, Page 11, Image 11

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j. -, , I .L - . '.. ' ' j
ATFrtlirnnla far then ealesane
till he tnkia til 13 for tha
evealnaT edition anlll S:10 I aa.
far Morilii aad Sander edition.
. Rates, 1 1-Se a ward ftrar f aserttas
la a war 4 thereafter. Nethlaa take
far leae than IM fa fhn rst lasar
tloa. Thru ndverllseseealn aul he
raa eeaaao-atlvaly, ,
here rheek, raw have aaawara -reeeaeY
(a m aambr4 letter la rara
f The Bar. aaawara aa addreeeea will
he allrera4 aa areeaBtaUea ml Cha
kttk aalr. i
OIRIj or inu plain' sawing -or light
housework. B 24, . Bee. A-Ms? 1Z.
' WASTEDMALta liELf. .
I -- - - , , . -r - , .. r ,T
$i FOH HALF" A' DAY'8' WORK.' '
If you live in uie.counuy or In a small
among trie farmers and St oca raiser In
(own ana invr auow 4'"' i, ....
the fiftzhtiorliood Yea can muke u eaauy
by tour or uve ' holrrs worn. Write u
inn we win sono you- our pruju,iiii.
Ihe Bee PUbllsmng co Solicitors imps
WANTED, a" good man :ln every county to
taae sUDcriutloiia - tor TUe Twanneth
Century. Farmer. Our agents maK
no-ia I
wumcS avuiy where, tfc
tft-terehoee req'ined. 1
Aduress Awentitth 'Century hsrm'.-r,
Omalia, Nsb. ,; - " ' :
HemonSTRaTQR t6 explain mediOKlogy.
luu per weak. iiiltulnuh, WO Ware 1IK.
,v B oM
U YOUNG MEN from Omaha and vicinity
at onca tq prepare tor positions in the
government survlce; '' Appiy to intr
atate i-OTip. last., Cedar Pjy
WANTED, Insurance men. of exivrlence;
can otter you a. good ttalng. Calkat f) a. in.
4JS Board of Tcaus Blag. ,. . ir B 2
' - 1 1
When You Write1
to Advertisers
remember U.oiy ut n fxtra 'stroke or
two of ilie pe,to mention, tfle fact that
you saw ; the ad, In The Bea. ,f) ; r ,
WANTED, two! collectors And two"eollo
itors. 4Hi Paxton . BlkJ r Mi4 14
WANTED, two box nailers and good boy,
Omaha Box Co., Bast Omaha.. B Wi U
WANTEb,.brrlIer makers, rtveters and
helpers fot'ehop near MHwkuke; no;labor
trouble ,-Adaress "poller,"; E this
paper, r . ..... r ' B 1
WANTED-(-Two;or three teams with" wheel I
Scrapers to do grading. Omaha Cooper
age Co,, th'nd i'Bts.. South OmaK
Neb. : :.: . . . Hw "
nay makyar atJlaydten Bros.;
mubt give references.
winTEn a strictly first-class i man for
soda water fountain; siata age, experience
and where last empioyeo. n- ,,'
L t - 'pSoi 11
"' ("' ' ' 1 "
WANTED, men' to' ltalln fccsf trade 'In ex
Isrence, fur tieor peuplfr. . Wght . weeks
r.nmniplt.uL. tut. to iia-jweekly- uald , gradu
ates :whn campetenu Clean Inside .work.
Comparatively no . expermet Particulars
mulled ' free. . Moler Barber ' College. 1IC3
Farnam Street. . . B Mbtjfl 17
WANTED for U. 8. Army; Able-bodied un
married men between ageB of 21 and 85,
cittsen of United Slates, of good char
acter and. temperate habits, who. cn
speak, Vead and write- Kngliab. F"or 4nfor
nmtlon apply 40 Keoruitiug .Oflicera, 16th
and Dodge St., Uinaha, and postottice
building, Lincoln. Ne4iraska.t t.. . B
WANTEP, a. . flrst-cias's book tand bread
baker; married man preferred. ,8 wander
ar,CW KPm B-M864 13.
W ANTED Salesmen to sell our high-grade
Vinegars and Fancy Ciders; pay big com-
mlulnni: no oblectiuns . Selling -Other
linear -we wit '-huaUann. o-.uiit'lo8.-iMo- l
essaryi writ lor-, exclusive -territory.
Dcirt, D, r Red - Cross .Vinegar Co., kit.
Louis, Mo. ... -. Ml45 17'
. , ,
WANTED, two young lady - students to
learn hairdresslng,- manicuring anu chl
rupody and .scientlflo .maesuge. ;- Call or
write ItoonvJUivUett Bids. - ' O 2.50
100 Girls, Call Canadian office, Utte Dcd.
WANTED -r Lady cook. Eureka Restau
rant. 14 Cass at. , . O M8a0
WANTED, a 'competent girl.
: Wages, IS per week.
8707 Jones.
- . C i3tf
VANS .Mgsajaigo el..rg5TT
Hni I'sF ,n .u Pr?a f city--The O.
IIU U OCa p. l.avls Co.. 662 Bee Bldg.
i -.- , ..- , D 2Si
tO MOVE right get Omaha Van Storage
co. J omoe taui rarnam, or leis. ibja-sua.
D iH
BEE PAYNE, BOH T WICK & CO., for eholc
bousesr. MJl-i PL X. Mta ld(. ,'lel, litis,
. .' l. r.,. ,. , . f-; - D-4M6 '
MAOGARD Van Storage Co. . Tel. 14M.
, - - r c .'sp .'' .- ,D4sr
. ..., iiimiii' r..,; , n; ,v, ,, ,,.
HOUSBJS, tp,M Fv D Wad, 1534 DouglAS.
; -i.'A -J f. . " v. .p2t
HOUSES and flats.- Rlngwalt, Barker block,-
... . ' J-2J0 -.
, ..I, ii .1 , i i .,
GOOD modern i-room house.- 2C04 Blondo.
.. . , .'. - V, .. 1-.MJU ,
' m i..". i.;
IIQUSBS, ! Store, v, Berals, Paxtoh block.
...... UmVl
HOUSES Boyer,. 22d aod Cuming. Tel. ami.
1 Ulol 44
FOR RENT. 'large 9-rob'nt house, city water,
116.00. 202 Blondo. The Omaha Realty
. Co., 1301 Douglas St ., .D-ftH
-ROOM,' all modern house, 2207. Sherman
ave., a fine one, .107,00. .
1-room, all modern, lAd N, 29tn aL, anpther
fine one. tJ.yo. U. K, .Turkluglon, lio Bea,.
yhen You tVVritt? . . ; ,:.
1 to' Advertisers
remember It only takta An extra stroke or
two f -the pan to mention tha fact thai'
you. saw tha ad In The b.f,..
6-HOOM flat, newly papered. 1219:8a. 16th,
modern-axeept furnac; ( rouimt, modern
and oaro. --wis. - r ttrnam, Jh titbara.
lUimwal Bjt. Barktr . blk, ,. - i:
. . .17 . II. , . .
ELF.GAN'X modern 9-room; liouae,. 909 So.
ttitn bu- Aiiaulre-at till Jones Bt. -.
- - ------ D-
UNEQUALLED, central, all modern, 7
roout houae, 4-reum flat Tlxard, iiO N.
lad. . .s,', . DM '
HOUSES,' Boyer.'tSd andT Cundng. .Tel. fe49.
. ; . ; - ' ' f- :t ; O M1M
i i ! i . . , Ul uMil I i i l, . I. i . , ,i ii.
FOR RENT, 'furnished tiaUaa. rooms.- a H
modern convenWncai) east front; its so I
month. 10 4W. Be. - -- D 36 il
. i. ,ii ,i i. , i . . i ..I
FOR RENT, new T-room modern cottage-In
Dandea. u,j. wsuace. -iu 'Brown Mia.
. r. .'.-'-. '. -- Ie6U
' . : . , j , i m . .i-ii i if. i , i a i
MODERN aoom -adttage. half 'block ist
Hahsaom park- dnqjlre 1U1 Farnam.
1-Mi0 14
6-ROOM flat, newly papered; no objection
small - ealored- Janrllyi ia South Win. I
Hlugwalt lifos, Baj-ker block, JJ MS 14
MrtDERs' hOuae: "I rooms. 272J Jackson St.
Wheeler;' Vneelei-,Dougi and 16th L I
ELEGANT room a. finest location In the
city. 1909 CupltuT Ave. B MS
LARGE front room, also small front room,
toaether or seoaratelv. aai DoualsS
.!. . .,' B
j. .
riBWEY -Buropesa hotel, Uth and Famam;
- . ... I . tnlU,
m ,
II PFR WKKK, 4Z2 a Uth St.. ouo block
souta oi auurt aouaa. t. ai
coul rooms, modern, toil
B-777 A
ROOMS, flrst-claas location. 1224 Farnam.
NICE furnished or unfurnished rooms,
thoroughly modern: walking distance;
references exchanged. tuOl Burt St.
E M78S
Mcrrlam, comfortable summer horn. Tel. 88.
F 2&3
I . n ., . I. i
TUB Rote, 10S0 Harney. . Rooms and board.
F M1&6 21
TUB Bonnie Brier, 1720 Dodge.
Tel. A-Hi.
F 268 26
SOUTH EA8T front room, with alcove and
bay window: private family. 72 So ?"h
8U ' F-786 11
LARGE Unfurnished room,.
with good
board, 416 N. 26th St
THE STEWART will open July 15; flret-
ciass bosra ana room, iiu cnicago. nfi
notation in city. , ' F-4917
DEBK room space, 16 per month; ground
floor room In Th Ree bulldina. facing
Famam atreet; no espense for light, heat
or ianltor service. K. C. Peters A Co.,
rental agents. Bee building. Q US
FOH RENT The building formerly occu
.pied by The Bee at nib Farnam St. It
nas lour stones, anu a u.Biuriii nmuu
was formerly used aa The Bee press room.
This will be rented very reasonaoly. - ti
interested apply at once to C. C. Rose
Water, secretary, room 100, Bee building,
1 2ti
FOR RENT Store In Orst-clasg location;
rent, reasonable- , Apply k. v. x-eiera ac
Co., ground lioor; Bee Bldg. 1 ie
FOR RENT Desk room or large spaoa
suitable lor mercnanaise uroKcr or pariy
doing business In wholesale district. ' lOr
oulrs llojia Cov siS iarnani fit. .
- , i . .-, 1M224
MODERN building In wholesale district.
t . a. weaa, loz uougiaa su-eeu
r . 1 6 IS
FOR RENT, double store, on 17th street,
west ttosion otore, iuwi line uaseiiiout,
will divide. McCagua lnv. Co., 1&J Dodge.
1819 11
WANTED Canvassing agents In every
county to solicit subscriptions to THE
K. 1
n- I
IVVhMltltl UCM Ulll r a nan en.
Kipariv emuiovment with assured good 1
come. Agents In the country with horse
and buggy especially desired. Canvassers
make easily y) to tloo per month. Ad
dress, Century Farmer Solicitors' Bureau,
Bee building, Omaha. ' . - 2U
SOMETHING NEW 11 Just out Send for
sample, tomuintuon uuur nnuu anu ecu,
No cutting or ruining ithe door. Put on
.any door An a moment. No batteries to
'worry about. No springs to wind. Noth
ing td get out of order. Own your own
bell. No landlord te trouble. Price and I
Bell absolutely guaranteed. Bend 11.60
tor sample. Agents wanted. WESTERN
Street, Omaha, Neb, , J 27S
AGENTS and street men, best seller of
. season; 13 to IE per day to hustlers. West
ern Novelty Co., SOW bo. 12th St., Omaha.
; . J 847 17
WANTED A good second-hand stiff mud
automatic or hand aide cut brick ma
chine, with suitable pug mill; capacity
. Wi ik hi in itf. i.tft mp rtn v- lan mnnA
second-hand 0 H. P. boiler and 40 H. P. I
' engine. All must be In first-class run
' iilug order. Address Ia 103, Allen. Neb.
N-MR39 12
i r-i FOR SALE FlRRITl'RE. ..'
rnrrnn ITnmltnra Co.. 1410 Dodra. Tel.
200. New and secondhand, bought, sold,
exchanged. .
FOR SALE Cheap; a Concord buggy. 16th
and Vinton. . , . F-i2iM
PAINTING and repairs on wagons, -etc.,
our specialty. H. Frost, 14th and Leaven-
worth. mi lei. i44(. fmi
WHITE sawdust; season checked oak tim
bers, cneap; nog lence, etc yui uougiaa.
4 o .
FOR SA'LE Phonographs; superior to any
other musical Instrument; to up. ' The
Vitiman Co., 121 Farnam.
NEW and secondhand typewriters. 1111 Far-
nam. - w-wi
100 STYLES trusses; catalogue free. Sher
man ac Mcconneil Jrug co., ittin ana
Dodge, umana. y
INDIAN goods and relics.
Ills - Farnam. I
I 2DHAND safe cheap, . Der!g!;t, 1119 Farnam.
ObVUlItAll mi nil 'T11 1 .MWIW.
billiard tables repvrea; a large atoca or
- cheap bar fixtures, cigar counters, etc.
The Brunswick Balk Cullender Co., 407-9
'South 10 in, y 3o
I 2DHAND safe cheap.
Schwarts, 114 8. 13th.
Q 1107
FOR SALE Fine Imported harness, brass
mounted and, trimmed; coat when new,
Ubo; will- sell for 6u0; can be seen at Doty
c Russell a barn, 80th and Leavenworth
, streeU. J .
stiCYCLES and uhonoaranhB on essy pay-
. mems 90 ouwn, ai-ov per wea, aeeuiiuuana 1
wheels, ana 410; new w nee is, sio,
- Omaha Bicycle Co., loth and Chicago Sta.
, . . U M3WI
VIM puncture-proof tire. 14.96 and 97.00 per
1 r . - I Tl . .A .1 I". V. I
pair, umaua -tf viw mill iiu v. 1 11-
, cago U. Q-M8;
FOR gas fixtures see Sam'l -Burns.
; : Q 720 At
FOR PALK Cheap for cash, Edison phon
ograph; standard sixe. UuS Webster st.
q-iia ia
FOR SALE,, a 25-foot naptha launch In
first Class conumon. at ijmv jaanawa,
(TuO.OO. Inquire of W. 8. Balduff or M. B.
.Tlnnln, at the pavilion at Manawa park.
ew is
thOO GASOLINE automobile; bargain; good
as new. Vtto Daysuvrier, ,ix n. join.
. Q M841
Ii M. E. always hurry. TeL 760.
Q MS64
FOR BALE, two wolf hound puppies, no
FOR 8ALK, one new 18-horsepower steam
boiler, n. i-t- Brown, Missourt vanev ia
J MS71
MRS. . FRITZ, clairvoyant.
1614 Cass St.
MRS., JACOBSON, 22u6 North 20th street
' H 831 16
Mrs. Dr. Edwards of Chicago, the noted
trance-' medium ana clairvoyant, guar-
i snieen satlnf action or no charge for read-
Inaa: all affairs of life.
Meeting Sunday at 7 30 p. m.. Woodmen
hall, opposite postornce. .Consultations
,' dally at residence, lu9 South 17th St.
i S-837 11
MMB. AMES, vapor hatha, 124 N. 16th, R. 7.
. T-M041-U
MMB. SMITH, baths, 119 N 16. 2d floor. R. 1
T-M748 Ao
... . ' ,
HAIRDRES81NQ, manicuring and chirop-
ody, for ladles only, la connection with
The Bathery. 21s- Bee Bldg. U 311
PRIVATE hoipital, before and during con
finement; DaDlea adopted, uus urani hi.
Mrs. Uardeis. TeL F-UK2, U 811
ACCORDION pleating, cheapest, best and
quicheau- Mr a. A. C. Mara, 11 at JLMugas.
RUPTURE permanently cured In 90 to 46
days: send tor circular. O. S. Wood, M. D.,
, fcrt New 'ork Ufa Bldg . Omaha Neb.
VIAVA. woman's way to health. Home
treat mant. xtoeaiei (rse. at stee uiog.,
Qmaha, U
M ME. SMITH, baths, 111 N. U, Id floor, R. t
. U AO
ORAMOPHONF.8 end supplies, wholesale
and retail. Collins Fltno Co., iva uoug
las. u-au
CHtROrODT a specialty, In connection
with The Bathery, rooms 116-220, Bee Uldg.
Tel. 171a. U-816 .
IHAMPOOINO and. halrdrssslng, 2Sc, in
connection with 1 he Bathery, 218-2HO. Pee
building. Tel. 1718. ! ' U-7
WK don't like td accuse the - Omaha BALI.
TKAM or Imitating, but when tney . re
sumed the lead thev were tuet merely
following the established rule of - the
... U77"
LOWEST PRICES in accordloi. and aide
pleating. The Goldman Pleating W , l
Douglas block.
t , - v oa .
Life Bldg., Omaha. Send for circulars.
PRIVATE home for ladles before and dur
ing confinement: babies adopted. ul
Burdette. Mrs. Burget.. . U-Mfe3 2S.
OR. B. - M. JACKSON, room 4, Frenser
biocK, cnronio- diseasea a specially; con
sultation free. U 411
fit IT fKHH am ,.f TnM,lA nf rimalu ilA-
sires homes for six boy babies from J to i
4 months old; four boys from 4 td ! years I
of age. and
two girls. 12 and 13 yesrs oid. f 5 room Cottage, 3017 rranklln, JsWU. OMAHA Safe and Iron Wks. make a spe- Malls for Hawaii. Japan. China and flrst
13. I t ,A r,o v . tt iTC ci:ny X at? S"c"peB;,ihuUf8,odoo!l".J.d rlag rriatler for the Philippine islands,
SWINDLER wanted by the, Soda Church
Dwight Co. He la about 6 feet 4 inches
' tall, smooth shaven, light brown hair.
blue eyes, wore a light gray suit and blue
Khlrt. straw hat and black shoes; neat
appearance; gives name as Hammond.
Is wanted for obtaining money on ex-
fiense draft and soliciting orders. 8end
nformatlon to Sheriff Need, Clay Center,
Kansas. , , . - .. U MS63 12 '
I It AlilliWi i c v . i aw sjvvrii .. a aa v. tiyi V I
Southwest Nebraska District Reunion of
- V i '1 ruiUICIB lift Bern August ww
inclusive. Address H. J.- Hinders, secre
tary, Cambridge. Neb. ., U M861 U
MOLLJE: What did Mr. Grogan sayt
Page 17 July What To Bat. George..
U-MS59 12'
TEL. 780 for L. M. E. messengers
U M8o .
MONEY to loan on I m proved Omaha, real I
Brennan-Love vo.. . - 0. lath.
......... W-82
4U PER CENT on business property,
per cent on residence property. .
Options to pay whole or part any time.
W. B. MEIKLE, 40L 8. lSth St.
. . ' -W-322
WANTED City lbana and warfsnta. , W.
arnam emun uo., izaj. jiarnara at.
... ... . W 324
FARM and city' Idans, low rates.' W.- H.
Thomas. First Nat. Bank Bldg. Tel. 1648.
. . .. W M.
WANTED City and farm loans; also bonds 1
and warrants. R. C. Peters & Co., 1702
Farnam St,, Bea Bldg. ' W 327
LOW RATES. Private money.
Main Floor Now York Llfs Bldg.
i .:. .... , w-na-
6' PER CENT loans. , . Garvin1 Btos.;.l0
.. i
PRIVATE Money. F. D. Wend, 1524 Douglas.
w wi
1100 UP; low rate.
Prlchard, 1712 Farnam.
W M332
PRIVATE money.
Sherwood,. 937 N. Y. L.
. W 324
4H TO ( P. C. money. BmlaartonBnt,
; .'' " "t r-"! . I '. . 1 .
We have It to loan in amounts from $10.00
up on furniture, pianos, warehouse re
ceipts, live stock, etc. We also make
1 wKhout - mortgage or lndorser- to 'persons
who have a permanent position. .
We give you the full amount of the loan
In cash and we do not charge for making
papers or filing mortages. With us you
have the option of keeping the money for
one month or six, or longer, and you need
not pay for It longer than you keep 1b.
We hope by this advertisement to nave
you give us a trial and we expect to -re
tain your patronage oy rair treatment.
me motto 01 our onto is'ry to Please."
119 Board of Trade Bldg. ii' Ttl. 229S ''
. (Bstabllshed lt2.) 16tb Bt,
Lxan to saiariea people
No mortgage, indorser or publicity.
These loans made quickly and quietly.
Room a. Third. Floor, Paxton Block.
. . ... X-67S.,
SALARIED PEOPLB, merchants, team
sters, boarding houses, eto., without se
curity : easiest terms: 40 ofnees in nrln
clpal cities. Tolman, 440 Board of Trad
Bldg. X tog
MONEY loaned on furniture, live stock,
jewelry, to salaried people. - Foley Load
t-o., sua. to jjua ureea, earaer biock.
... X 901:
' - -' -LOANS,
household furniture, pianos"--, and
all kinds of chattel. security) terms to
suit; no publicity: goods remain, m your
poaacsslon. American Loan Co., 3d floor, I
. I . Ar,h Tm.a ' M , . . u
raiion diock. - - - -.-.a o
MONEY loaned on plain -note t salaried
people; business confidential; loweae rates.
kit paxton diock. ins j. jl. tiunon co. -
MONEY loaned on clanns. furnltui. lew-
eury, norses, cows, etc. c. . neea, an s. is.
. . . - M . 1 . . . & . .
Xw09 .
Chsttel and Salary Loans, .-
Successor to J. -W. Tayloe.
TeL 746. 631 Paxton Block.
TO GET In or out of business call on Wil
liams, Boom til. Aiciaguo jgunaing.
.... Y -842
WHEN you want to buy, sell or exchange
your DUBinesa or pruoeriy iuick, see 4.
H. Johnson, 84 N. Y. Life. T M840
TO BUY. sell or exchange a bualnees, call
on tj. J. Linin, ft. a. lan rarnam at
.- Y-M3U
,.. B . , ho,...
4 blocks from lam: cssh order. only con
sidered. A good thing for the right per
son. House rent reasonable. Aos.4 C
7, Bee. . -r i-ui
When You ' Write -;
to Advertisers'
remember It taiy takes an extra stroke or
two of the pen to mention the faot that I
you saw the ad In The Baa-. w
I CAN acquire controlling Interest In a profit-
able and rapidly increasing legitimate
manufacturing business. Capital required to 6,uou. This Is worth invsstlgai-
J. 11. Johnson. N. Y. Life.
Y-M624 '
FOR BALE, one of tha hast livery and
boarding stables in Omaha, doing, a good
buslness: owner wants to leave the eJty
W. H. Gates, 618 N. Y. Ufa. 'Phone,
1294. t-M7gl)lt
I FOR SALE, prosperous light manufactur
ing bualness; ahoat souo required; xs daily
proms: personal interview.- si in, ut-e. -
. Y-S21 11
FOR BALE, stock furniture and nndertak- I
ing. Including hearse: will invoice about!
82,600. Address Box 41,. yano. Kebraeka.
x-4117 is
WANTED, In a retail business, an ener
getic young man about a years old; one
right party; must furnish besi of refer
ences and bond. Address E 42, Bee.
Y-86I 13
FOR 8 A LB, two good farms cheap. For
particulars aaarrss J. M, auuv I
. 1 1 V . ' I
WUIIU, IVUII' , . vw.
, RE-MS67 14,
FOR SALE, a small but complete steam
brickyard at a bargain in a good live rail
road town of 6.u0" Inhabitants. H. L.
Brown, Missouri Valley, la. Y-MS71 14
RQUIVE KEOHRD CO. otTera beat weekW
navln nrnooaltJon of the times: limited
amount of remaining stock at tl per
share; bank and business references. For
particulars address Equine Record Co.. 2o6
uroaoway, . x. i-ww n-
ROOMINO house of 17 .moms can be
houaht for II 100: s-nod location ' and
money maker. Address Ml P street, L.
8. Bcoggans, Lincoln. Neb. T M868 14
FOR RALE OR RENT, best 12 day hotel to
grind town of S.)0; five years' lease; com
.' pletely furnished, eh-rtrto and gaa light,
stesm heat, three railroads,' etc. Address
E 44, Bee. Y-MHS7 25
Prices Sell Them.
5 acres, near Benson $750.
Acres, west of Fort Omaha, 150 each.
5 room cottage,' 4224 Patrick, $1,100.
5 room cottage, 43rd and Lake $1,500.
room COttage, 41)0 ratrlCK, ?1,Z3U
. ,-. ,. tfrwnn
5 room cottage, 2414 Blondo, $850.
7 room house, Grammercy Park,
7 room, modern, 27th and Maple.
IS riirim mAWrv R44 Franklin. fil.SOO.
t la-k.ft
O TOOm, mOaem, 4ru ana ratriCK,
Lot 35 blk." 6 Jerome Park, $200.
4 east fronts, Bemis Park, $250. each.
2 west fronts, Bemis Park, $300 each.
2 south fronts, Bemis Park, $500 each.
11 & 12 blk. 4 Mahony & Min. $100.
; each.
All On. "tuke'y's Terms'V
Cut out this list
Bririg it to our office.
All of the above property, will be
sold this month, if terms and prices
will dolt' '
; 44445 BOARD OF TRADE..
tp YOU want one of the nicest B-room
homes In Hanscom Place I -will give you
a bargain, owner leit city. Must sell.
J, H. Hherwood, 937 N.- Y. U Bldg.
RE M168
SEE PAYNE, B08TWICK A CO: for choice
bargains, eoi jm. x. iaiu mag. 11. luia.
I - - t ' . RE-347
KB 143
HOUSES, lots, farms, ranches, loans; also
lira Insurance. Bemis. Paxton block.
RE 246
HOUSES and lots In all parts of city; also
acre property ana rarm lanas. Tne u. jr.
.Jjavis tjo.. Jtioom ow, uee fB J45
-A MONTHLY payment bargain In 8-room
House, u. M. riatungsr. rnone tea,
.- . RB M53S
GEORGE O. WALLACE, real estate, mort
gage, rentals, insurance, urown biocx.
..... RE 818
RANCH and farm lands for sale' by the
Union Paclflo Railroad company. B. A.
McAUester, land commlsslotier, Union Pa-
cine iieaaquartera, umana, iMeo.
DR. PRIES, the ' acknowledged . leading
specialist la diseases of women In Omaha,
would call the attention of Buttering
ladles to his unsurpassed accommodations
before and during confinement and his
treatment for irregularities, no matter
what cause. Call or address, with stamp,
ur. fries, .Arlington xioca,o.i uouge.
umana. , ai
GOLD cuff button with red set. Return to
Bee omce. . - Lost ii
LOST. Monday ntaht. Henshaw hotel or
Hnr Instnn iliinnt. Kn ifhli TemnlHr
charm; owner s name engravea. xeave
Byrne-Hammer XX a..Co aud get reward.
LOST Imnn and white -setter dosr. Re
turn and receive reward. 24)1 Burdens,
- - Lost MS24 W
A.;C VAN BANTS school. 717 N. T. Life.
. ; . , aw
BOYLES college, court reporter principal,
N. . Y. Ufa. , "i iM
I NKB. Business V Shorthand College, Boyd's
, Tk.. I.a . . . .' . , . IK,
- -
G1D. E. t ALICE JOHNSON, osteopaths.
buns 61. 14. x. Lite Biog, xei. IXM.
DR. A. T. HUNT, Ul McCague Bldg. Tel.
Obi. K0
! e-.
ina-wuuucnui uaiuin . j wl WIi uw
tne worn oi a iw utiiui, is rauiu, am-
a limited number at 120. Telephone, write
. , i . . i... i j-.i..L.-a.
ur uu. aiuaru as in niu pi.
cesspools and vaults, removes garbage ana
. dead animals at reduced prices, &a N. 14.
TeL 1779. 878
D. W. DUDGEON, 2S10 Farnam. Tel. 1966.
lit A
OMAHA Hay Bala Tie Co., 811 North 16th.
ALPIRN buys all kinds of scrap iron and
metal. . U Douglas ell. lei. u.t.
OMAHA Steam Laundfyi shirts, 8c; collars,
sc; cunt. to. liao ieavanworin. Tel. Mi.
I BEST laundry. ' The Chicago, 'phone 2t.
I : . . M36t
I PACIFIC Storage and Warehouse Co., 912-
914 Jones, geueral storage and forwarding.
M. Van Stor Co., 1611 Farn. Tela. 1569-8a.
OMAHA-Plating Co., Bee Bldg. Tel. 2636.
' ' - . ii
I ' '
I uhoh Ynn Wr ta'
to Advertisers
- I remember It eaJy takes aa extra stroke or
I two of the pen. to mention the fact thai
I you saw tna aa in The aise.
8'IK DWLs13lU
Ox It,, GILBERT CO., tanners, 1424 B. Uth.
DRESSMAKING tn families or at heme.
Mus Sturdy, tJU caraaai. Ju
1'romoters of Industries.
Business Chsnoes Bought and Sold.
Partners Furnished. Special Atten
tion to the Sale of FitrnUhed Houses.
Rooming Houses, Hotels, Cigar and
News Stands. Orocerlcs, Meet Mar
kets. Dry Goods Stores, Millineries
and all rlnsres of Business. Capital
secured for Patents. Stocks of Mer
chandise, etc.
Advance money to buyers on easy terms.
If you are looking for small or large In
vestments we can help you, or should yon
wish to Increase your
Dur business and want
capital, let us know.
We give everything prompt attention and
int at
ill or
guarantee satisfaction. Call or write.
-MARKa nrsiNKsa co.-
FOR SALE, gilt-edged first farm mortgage
oi stum, nve yesrs, t per cent annual on
Improved farm In Stanton county. Neb.,
recently sola at h,k. aiso nrst larm
mortgage of iu,tiu on w acres Of lm-
nroved and In Madison county. Neo..
worth HO ner acre, rate 4H Der cent for
jo years, optional payments, w. J. uow
K ttro., norioiK, neo. -hum i
F. MELCHIOR, mh and Harney, ma-1
cninisu i3us
sufes. G. Andreen. Prop., 1(4 8. Mh St.
- 1.K
PATENTS Sues Ac Co., Bee Bldg., Omaha;
no lee unless successiui; aavice tree.
oept i
L. HENDERSON. Hit Firnlm. Tel. 12&1
Send for price list, cut flowers and plants.
( aSb9
EAGLE Loan Office, reliable-, accommodat
ing; all business confidential, laui Douglas.
- aw
'Phone 1717. SO S. lth.
V MH03
. i I
SUITS cleaned, pressed, $1.00. Ladles' skirts
toc. 'ine Canadian, ei xs. ism hi.
viu jyi
Jullx Vaughn. 430 Ramg Bldg.
Sharpened, repaired. L I. W ks , 1409 Howard. I
1119 Farnam street, .
ALL kinds of carnenter work and repair
ing promptly attended to. j. 1. ucnutree,
zutn ana juKe streets. siu
GRAND Electric Co., 1 4 Jackson. Tel. 2844,
Announcements., i
phone 2190. 611 South Thirteenth street.
I L. M. E. hauls trunks. Tel. 790.
stores Office of burchaalna- commis
sary, U. 8. army, army bnlldmg,"Omah9(-
Neb., July to, iwb. seated proposals in
triplicate, for furnishing bacon, issue, drj;
salt cure, In crates; - bacon,, breakfast.
aiiivi Hrv .ait cure, in -l.tinuna net pans:
1 ' -, - r-- -- -
and hams, dry salt cure, In tierces, will be
: received at this office, at the office of the
B' urchaeing commissary at Kansas City,
o knd at the otilce of the purchasing
. commissary at inicaga, ill.,- unm if rr tiiocR,
a. tn., Monday, July 91 iiW2, at wnicn time
inn mace tney win oe puouciy ouenru.
Articles of domestlo production or raanu-
laoture win ua jiit.ciiitu mw v.
elgn origin, cost and quality being equal.
Specifications as to quantities, dates and
ncH or neuverv. Diana, aim
further Information, furnished on applica
tion 10 euner onicT. .."
1 prupoaaia
hould be inaorsea - i ropoaais 1
tor Subsistence Stores, to be opened Mon
day, July 21, ana aaoresseo 10 vv
K GROVE. Captain, commissary, pur
chasing Commissary, Omaha.. Neb. -,
Bealed proposals will be received for the
f u r,i,hiin iihrarv in Atlantic d
ii & it in a. m. at the olllca of tha
I undersigned in Atlantic, la. Copy of plans
I nrf sieclflcatlons may be seen at the office
of the secretary in Atlantic, la., also at
tns 0fflca of Ltebba, Noursa A ltasmussen,
i ites Atoines, ia. encu viviwmu uiu., u
a . - . , ... 1 ' L. nwnnAdn, . . . . . k.
i accomDanled by a certified cheek In the
urn ni !.".- to be forfeited In case the suc
cessful bidder rails to enter into -a contract
and bondB satistactory. to tne ooaru.
Th Hbrarv board reserves the right to
reject any or an bias.
' ' . . . .
IT. I A. V I IU U A f uvvi v l J
Atlantic, Iowa. ' Jy-ll-12-U
K-,,M ha read DAII.T bv all. Inter.
I ested as cnangea may occur a. any uuxwj.
i Foreign malls lor tne weea ending juiy
1 12. WJ, will ciuaa irnuair iui in an lbmj
!, noatoffloa as follows: PAR-
. , ,rii iuli D'lver a b:iu rm all:u.
i i;ELO POBT MA1U9 ciosa one nour earner
.Wan 1. 1 ... i n v , i rvi m inn. 11 1 1 i o . . rui!.u
post malls for Germany .close at I (. w,
Monday ana weanesoay,
Rea-ular and supplementary malls close
at f urelan station half . hour later than
closing time shown beiow (except that sup
plementary malls for Europe and Central
Jkmenca, -via v-muii, viu vua. wvue mim
at foreign atauon.
Traasatlaatla Malls.
SATURDAY Af 7:30 a. m. (supplementary
9 a. m.) for tutiufis, per a. s.- Btruria
l. n.iu.r.lfil. n ' . m fn, KW.TH.
Vlil HL'Ililrfl.l r... a II vlil.m rr.ll
...... v.. n'. . u.ji,n,'i
at 9:80 a. m. for SCOTLAND direct, per
s. s. Anchorla (mail must be directed
m a Anrhort"ii at to. a. m. fori
BELGIUM direct, per s. a. Ftlesland
(mall must be directed "per s. s. Fries.
Innd"l: at 11 a, m. for DENMARK dl
reel, per a. a. Norge (mll must be di
rected "per a. a.. Norge ).
takes printed matter, commercial papers
and samplea for Germany only, - The
same class of mall matter for other parts
of Europe will not be sent by this ship
unless specially directed by It.
After the closing of the supplementary
transatlantic mans named aove, aa
ditional suDDlementary tna'.ls are opened
on the piers of ths American. EnxiUh,
. J rencn ana uermen steamers, ana re
main open until within ten minutes of
the hour or sailing oi steamer.
Malla for Seta ssl Caairal Asserloa,
Wast ladles, Ete.
W-"4' tiw-rvi., k - w-my w -a.
. . , . . . ... . t...,.t-
uircT iM'RACAO Tand VENMiTkCi ner
hltyLUKALAU na yiftj4lJLA, pj
s. s. Philadelphia (mall for Bavanllla-and
Cartsaena must be directed "Per a. s.
I-hlladelphla "); at 9:30 a. tn. supl-
menury 10:30 a. tn.) for FORTUNE
CARTAGENA, per a. s. Altai (mall for
Costa Rica must be dime led "ner a. s.
,iui , .1 . . (-""r-Jf a. m i lor iiaih ana sahia
1 s. s. Adirondack; at wwl
a. m. for CUBA, per a a Morro Castle,
via Havana; at 12:8o p. m. (supplementary
I SO p. ra.) for ST. THOMAS, ST. CRO V.
ANA, per a. a. Korona: at 12.30 p. ra. fur
Cl'HA, per a. s. Curltyba. via Matanxas
(ordinary mall only which roust be dl-
rectad "per s. a uuntyoa t.
ItaiU for Nswfoundland, by rail lo North I
Sydney, and thence by steamer, close
at this efflce datlt at s.nn p. rn,
J connecting close , here . eviry Mon.
ay, Wednesday and laturdxy).
Mails for Mlquelon, by rsll to Boston,
and thence by steamer, close at tils
office dally at :. p. rrv. Mails for Cuha,
by rail to Florida, and thence by steam
ers, are dispatcned aaily, except Thurs
day, final connecting closes, fcr dlptrh
via Port Tampa, on Mondays, .Wednes
days and Saturdays si aS:3 a. m. : for
.dispatch via Miami, on Mondays and Sat-
' tirln,ys t p. m. Malls ror Mexica
City, overland, unless spealaily addressed
for dlspatcn by steamer, close at this
otllce dally except eundar at 1.10 p. m.
and ir.SO'p. m., Sundays at 1 p. m. and
U.aO p. m. Mails for Costa Rica, Bellas,
Puerto cones ana uuaiemaia. or ran to
New Orleans.' and thehce by steamer.
close at this office dally except Sunday
at p. m.-, nunoays ax i p. m. tcon-
nectlng closes hcte Mondays for IVllie,
Puerto Cortes and Guatemala, end Tues
days for Costa Rica). Registered mail
close at. p. nu previous day.
Tramvaolle Malls.
Malls for Hawaii, via San Francisco, close
here dally at p. m. up to July "7, In
clusive, for dlsDatch pet s. s. Alameda.
Malls for China and Japan, via - Seattle,
close nere aany at p, m. up to juiy
9, Inclusive, for dlspstch per s. s. Rlojun
Maru. Registered mall must be directed
"via Seattle1'). . -
Malls for Tahiti and Marquesas Islands.
via Ban Francisco, close here daily at :.u
p. m. up to July "lo, inclusive, lor ais-
pstcn per a. s. aiaraposa
via San Francisco, close here dally at
8 30 p. m. up to July "ll. Inclusive, for
dlftnatch rer a. s. Doric
Mails for the Philippine IMands, via Sail
f rancisrn, close nere aany at p. m.
up to July ll, inclusive, for dispatca
Malls for Australia (except Wst Australia,
whlcn Is forwarded via wiirope), ew
r. x 'i ii .... -I . I
Ban t ranclsco, close nere oany at ; i
noluplve, or on arrival of s. a. Umbria, I
due at New York July 19, for dispatch
er s. s. Ventura. . ... .. I
Malls for Australia (except West Austral!,
which goes rla Europe, ana imcw aeaiana.
which goes via San Francisco), and Fiji
Islands, via Vancouver and tctorla, B.
C. close here dally at :30 p. m. up to
July !, Inclusive, for dlspstch per a,
a. Mnana (sneciallr addressed only)..
Malls for Hawaii, China, Japan and first-
class manor ror Tne r-nmppine nisnm,
via San Francisco, close here dally at
;30 p. m. up to July 19, Inclusive, for
"frv" ' rrVr'.".:"' .
transpacific malls are forwarded to port of
ailing -aauy .ana. tne scneauie oi ctoi-mg
Is arranged on tne presumption or tneir
uninterrupted overland transit. Reg s
tered mail closes at p. m. previous day.
Postofflce, New York. N. Y July 2, 102.
Leave. Arrive.
fit Louts ''Cannon Ban''
Bt. louh ocai, wouncu
al0:00 am alO:SO pm I
Chicane-, Mllwsskta A St. Paul.
Chicago Limited ........a 1:09 prs a 2:06 am
Chicago oV Omaha Ex..b 7:40 am b 3:40 pm
.Chicago, R00K Island A Facllto.
' Leave. Arrive,
I'--- . EAST.
Chicago Daylight Lim
ited .a BWP am a s:46 am
Chicago Daylight a 7:00 am a 9:36 pm
Chicago Express ...bil:is am a 6:06 pm
Des Moines ixcai a :au pm du :00 am
Chicago Fast Bxpress.a twi pm a 1:26 pm
Rockv Mountain Ltnin .
- lted .... J..a 6:60 am a 4:66 am
Lincoln, Colo. Bptutigs,
. Denver. . Pueble .land
west a i:au pm a o:u pm
Colo., xexss, cat. -.
Oklahoma iyer. a :ze pm au:t pm
Chlcaao A Northweatera.
The Northwestern Line,"
Fast Chicago... ...... ....a 40 am a 7:00 am
Mall a 9:00 pm a 8:90 am
Local Sioux City a 6:10 dm a 3:50 pm
navllarht Bt. Paul..... ..a 7:36 an. al0:26 Dm
Vayllght Chicago. ......a 8:u0 am all:20 pm
ioc&i t-mcaau aiu.oo am a s:w pm
al0:56 am a 6:30 pm
Local Carroll i.....;iv...a 8:6a prn al0:09 am
Fast ' Chicago. 4:65 pm ,a 4:u6 pm
Limited Chicago... ...... a'7:4o pm a 9:20 am
r aat Dk- u, .,.,,. f, . .wM.iru4 - m a.w am
Fast Mall.... a 2:40 pm
liocai tuoax: uty ......o :oopm- oiv.uv am
Overland Llmltsd. ...... .a 9:40 am a 7:30 pm
ilia. a w.w biu
I California Exbress a 4:26 pm
Fast Mall a b:du am a 1:26 pm
paoiflo Express ..all: urn
Eastern Express a 4:2i pm
.xtlantlo Express.. ,,,.., a 7: am
I Colorade h;cial.,M..,.. .. jtiu am k
1 Chicago Bprtciai..
1:40 am
1 l.incoin. oaairics ana
stromsburg tx....f1.b 4:06 pm bl2:6Q pm
Grand Island LocaA,. :3 pm b 9:36 pm
Illinois Central. .
Chicago Express ...a 7:20 am a 6:10 pm
Chlcujp i. Minneapolis
be Paul umitea.......a imi pm a 8:0 am
1 4.7- r -,,. A r p,
,b 7d0 am bl0:36 pm
cniuago Htxproas
. w: pru
Mlaavarl 0aeISe
Bt. Louis-Express.,.. ...a!000 am a f :25 did
a, u. a du u iba.......aiu:w pm a s.ia am
BarllngtOa A Mlaaoart Hirer.
I ' '
I Wvmore. Beauloe and
Leave.; . . Arrive.
Lincoln a 8:40 am bil:6i am
Nebraska Express -a :w im a 7:4? pm
Denver Limited a 4 pm a 9:46 am
Biaca ill us ana i UKCt
1 Bound Bxpreas ....... all:10 pm a 8:10 pm
I I'n nraHA nil 1
s lyer
a 9-17 am
Lincoln Fast Mail! b 8:10 pm
Fort Crook and Platta-
mouth - n :a pm nii:oeam
Believnue Jk Paclflo Jct.a 7:W pm a 9:27 am
8 W. - . I sa. n.lfl T . rtA a. a.
Bellevue A Paaiila Jet. .a 3:00 am
Chleaajr, BarllaHiloa A 4alaey.
""' s ' Leave. Arrive.
Chicago Special a 7:uu am a 4;- pm
unicago v eauoiiieu n.x. :uu pm a i.w am
Chicago Local a :o am au:oo pm
Chlcuso Limited .a 6:06 pm a 7:30 am
Fast Mait ....... . . , . as:4spm
Kaaaaa City, Bt. Joseph a Coaaoll
i rit ,- rr-m m S-M m nm
Kansas City Day KX.... 8.80 am a6 pm
i t, kji-u. .iriA
a Dallv. b Dally except Sunday, a Sun.
day only, a Laviiy except Saturday. Dally
except Monday.
Valley. ,
Leave. Arrive.
Black Hills. Deadwood.
Hot Springs a l.-Ot pm a 1:00 pre
Wyoming, waaper ana
Doug la
d 8:00 pm 1:09 pm
I HastillSS. York. DavM
City, bunerlor. Geneva.
Exeter and Seward.. ..b K pm b 14 pm
Nr'1. "ncolu and . M '
Fremont ................B 7:30 am blOJS am
Fremont Local
.e 7:80 am
Chicago, St. Paal, Mlaaeaaalls
Omaha. '
Twin City Passenger.... a 6:80 am 'a 9:06 Pra
Bioux City Pasengar.,.a 2:00 pm all:20 am I
Lmerson Local 6:40 pm b 8:46 am
Mlssoart PaelAa.
Nohraika. LacaL Via
Weeping Water D t:in pm aio: am
Nai York-Hottardain. via. ttouloina. B. M.
New Talo-Dcrea a s. of 13,000 touareglater
Taln-H,-raa n . . J .
M 111. IT, , . . .
ii uuaiu Juiy ia, in a. m
n.n..J. July 19.
I a"' "T,
jily 28,
I . aduit lo 1 1 n rr v ucHirei. loui rtraan
. a,,..,-- -
Harry Moo res
street; J. S. McNallv, 1328 Farnam street;
u a Jones. VmH Farnam street: Louis
tj "' ylrMt National BiSk. OmihaT
teese, irsi national Bana. umana.
in,ri ah.Liiuai aaaarar riaetaa sa SArrrv
W' &SiJJZZittZikttXZM
8 cnawwi r ai aowcrs. ln.urin-iri(- I
nia-of-w dik-lplln. t waoaa ctuala. Tlpaua
lo aaltloa. WlralrM V-l-rP- tot IlluUatad
adbklaa aas isaaiiVi laturaatUa, asuly o
Harir S. SUxva. 101 rarnaa St.. J. S. Ms-
hailr, 1M fuua Si., Ucoraa C. Abbott, IU4
rm tJB S . H. S ;ona, U"l r.m.ia ttt
Ml lil na
ai 1 iTiaan aaei ia aaaaaaxaat
s lLi 2v r tt&VZ TO
THumnAV I n
oi New vou yv. w Jt
Knight aad DunfuUn of Tata Eeaplcndeut
ip the Uniform Cslors.
Loaf Proersslem File. Daclt 1st tha
Kvealaa- for lastallatloa Ceresaa
sles, W hlek Were
Imnreaalt a..
Not since the order met her a doien
years ago baa Omaha seen so resplendent
parade as that of the Knights and Daughter
of Tabor, which left the African Methodist
Episcopal church at Eighteenth and Web
ster street shortly before 1 yesterday
afternoon and traversed the principal busi
ness streets before disbanding, to take cars
to Hlbbeler's park, where there were exer
cises and carnival contests.
This order Is the especial pride of the
colored people, and they have not stinted
themselve in providing paraphernalia.
The grand presiding prince, C. M. Johnson,
wore a uniform that would back Nelson A.
Miles clear Into obscurity. He was at the
head of the procession, except for the.
mounted police, and behind him and the
bandwagon, drawn by four white horses,
came Grand Drill Master W. O. Wlgley.
Past Grand Drill Master Ed Henderson and
Grand Inner Sentinel James Thomss, all
mounted and scarcely less Impressively cog
lurara man tne leader.
- mmm v Bu.r.i,
men came the maids and pages of honor,
colored children lu white frocks and suits,
r-ach with heari .i-.m..., .v.
each with head ploces signlilcant of tha
order. They occuoled a carrvall.
The pedestrian contingent Included tha
Princes of the Royal House of Media, the
palatine Guards and the Uniformed Rank,
Knights of Tabor, to the number of sixty.
Swords, sashee, medals, badges, plumes-
they were so abundant that In comparison
that ancient spectacle of the Assyrians wh
"came down like a wolf on the fold, their
cohorts all gleaming with silver and gold,"
must have been tame Indeed.
In the fourteen carriages were the
crowned and garlaned grand officers, In
cluding the grand queen mother, the chief
preceptress, the chief mentor and past
chief mentors, the chief grand mentor and
chief grand preceptresses, . Chief Grand
Mentor J. E. Hereford of the Missouri jur
isdiction and Rev. W. L. Grant of Kansas
City, Kan., the orator of the day.
Those In carriages drove out Farnam to
Thirty-seventh street and then across ta
Hlbbeler's park, but the marchers broke
ranks at Sixteenth and Howard streets and
hoarded cars, taking the band with tbem.
Installation of Officers.
The coronation of the king may as well
be called off. It stands no chance now.
The Installation of the grand officers of the
International Order of the Knights and
Daughters of Tabor at Hlbbler's park last
night eclipsed it even as the sun eclipses
the glow worm. Sir Frank Wilson, chief
grand mentor, may never have the pert-
typhlitis. .Even If he had It he would prob
ably think he was suffering from the stom
ach ache, but he knows how to wear a
Chapeau, how to throw his shoulders back
to show off h gold-braided epaulets to the
best advantage and bow to Cash the Jew
eled badges from his manly chest. And
there were others there whose special brand
of pomp and circumstance was scarcely sec
ond to his. And the women I They were
queens to the manor born. They wore long
trailing robea of pink and mauve, laven-
der and purple, glittering with a thousand-
Jewels and. resplendent with. fur lining. and
shot with satin gores and puffs. Upon their
heads, were .coronets and in their - white
gloved bands they carried scepters, em
blems of sovereignty.
Ceremonies Begin.
At a' signal from the . leader the band
struck up ."The Tale of the Bumblebee"
and the pageant moved majestically about
a hollow square In the big dance ball, mads
by placing four . long benches end to end.'
The column was made up of the newly
elected officers and Included the following:
I Sir Frank Wilson, Kansas city, Kan., cniei
grand-mentor; Daughter Emma Gaines, To-
Deka cnief .rgnd preceptress; Sir D. L.
" " ,nr. n.n.htee Rea.ts
Hall, Fort Scott, vice grand preceptress:
Sir A. W. Hopkins, Leavenworth, chief '
grand scribe; Daughter Sarah Williams,
Lincoln, chief grand recorder; Sir William
Core, Topeka, chief grand treasurer; Sir
O. C. Tucker, Omaha, grand presiding
prince; Daughter Ellia Scott, Leavenworth,
grand queen mother; Sir Allen Gainer, Cof
feyvtlle, Kan., chief grand orator; Daughter
Hattle Montgomery, Atchison, chief grand
priestess; Daughter Maggie Mack, Kansas
City, Kan., grand inner sentinel.
After msrchlng about the hollow square
four - times they - entered the lnclosure.
wnere he th 01 offlM w" lnilnlstered to
tnem severally.
After the Installation, which lasted nearly
an hour, the bond was martialed again and
there wasv more dancing. The park and
dance ball were crowded all tha evening.
and at midnight was a scramble for
I -w. i,a, ...
Because of popular demand and the ca
pacity business It has created, Mr.
Ferris has decided to continue - k,Grau
stark" through this week and until Thurs
day night next, when It will give way to
- the popular comedy, "Mr Jim," . which
opens that night. "The She Devil," orig
inally to be given Thursday night, will be
given the early part of the week following.
My Jim." "Qraustark" has proven to
be the biggest drawing production given,
during the engagement of this company. It
has crowded Boyd's theater during every
performance ' It has been given, . Last
Last night the entire fapaclty of the the-'
Uter. was sold out at 7:30 and almost 204
standing room tickets were, sold. . .
Fast Twia-Screa Passenger Steamers ail
ing regularly . from Boston, Portland aad
Montreal to Liverpool, also Boston ta
Mediterranean ports. Bend for booklet.
'Mediterranean Illustrated." For rates,
ete., apply to local agent or company's
tut Deerbora St. Chieaae, UL
Summit Tours en Uki Mlchlgart.
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0FFICI m DOCKS, Sash and H. Water tuu. Cslcsge.
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