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the aafhe manner, rsgard'tng both the it
termination of the strike leader to wage
a peaceable eonteet and the aotlon of ths
Union Pacific at Cheyenne. II reiterated
ataisment that tbe Boilermakers would
ratbar the "fight go by default"' tba a
to win It br forcible br vtolsat means.
"W bare bad ample time and opportunltjr
to rtaort to violence. said he, "if that wss
tb course we Intended to pursue."
Oener&t Manager Dickinson.- and Buperln
tsnrieftb MtKn ef motive bower 'ars ttiu
at Cbeyenne or other pointa oa the western
dlvlalo, An. effort waa mad to obtain
aom qfllclgl 'Information from Prealdeat
Burt la oSee yesterday aa to tbe -progrese
of the company's aide of affair at Chey-
' anna, aa well aa here and other places, but
do a ucb information waa given out.
6SeJals K : laeeay.
t .
It was at ated,' however, at headquarters
' that th compsny had tn reason to feet
Dr Mora.' apprehensive over reaulta than
a few, daye ago and that so reports of vio
lence na, been received. And It Is posi
tively known lhat both President. Burt's
office and fleaeral Manager. Dickinson's ara
In closest communication with tb entire
Bald." X;---. : , t "
Thai-aAcJals tl)U Persist la sating tbttt
bo new. plane? fctve hco adopted for filling
the strikers' positions and securing a re
sumption of normal conditions. They hav
" bo comment, to cjfef o the, reports that
160 men had beea secared ready for work
at Che'rende- Monday, and mora were la
prospect, '- except - to make the 'Indefinite
statement that tba company does not ap
prehend serious difficulty la carrying bo lie
is Hairs. . ... ...
The entire shop force kt Evanston'Vs ' stllf
I at work. This is aa clement of strength'
for tba company. Officials ara sura , that
'they will loss none ef'thesa men either,
dtsplt tha claim of tha Striker that they
will ultimately Indue fethera all to laava
work and. Join the Idle army. - . -
. Jjvaaato Isaportaat Palat.
f Mnthi Interest centers on Evsnston.' If
tha men there stand firm and refuse to go
out It w'H ;hav:a strong tendsooy toward
"' Influepclng others. n that section, to return
; to work and 'thus deal a serious blow to
', tha striker a' cause. But If thee men e'en
! b Induced to' Join' the -strikers the com
t paoy wlllr hav lest good- vsntage ground.
Buck ara the views of the contending fac
'W. Webster, president of district lodr
No. t of the International Association of I
Machinists. . who la on of tha foremost
loaders -of tbe strlk and who as a member f
of the executive committee participated Jo telegram . from President L. O. .Bchurman
"i tb nnak conference with Union Pacific ofB-' of Cornell, who was. head, oi tha flrs( Phll
itUli, baa gon back to hla homo,. Evans Ippine commission.'. ....... . .
i ton, to command affairs there and also I
jlook after things at Cheyenne, his official I
headquarters. The object or tha union in
'keeping Webster in the west and Wilson
tin tb east Is to endeavor to cloaa In a
tha company -and make tha tleup complete I
if possible.
Webster's effort, at present ar directed
.1.. llnl... ,,. ih V.l.
ton men.
Dloklasoa aad M'Keea at Cheyeaaa.
CHBVKNNB, Wyo., July 2.(Speclal Tel
egram.) General Manager Dickinson and
Superintendent of Motive Power and Ma
chinery. McKeen arrived from the east this
nomine an anent the dav In lnveatlaatlna I
. . 1
the local situation. - , I
- "Th iditni In fhavenna wr not rlnaeil I
- -'----,--. . I
aa a result or tne reeling against cneyenne, 4
Mt'owlng to strlk condition, th same aa
the' Omaha and Armstrong shops -were 1
atoaed. The cltliena can rest assured that I
the shops will be rebuilt, bow boon depends
1 eondltions. but most emphatically tha
Plant will not be abandoned. Th company
baa decided to Inaugurate piecework on tha
entire system, even If It taksa Teara to ac-
etdnpllsb It. and will not recede from thla
decision. It will establish a sysUm bi -pr
which will enable man to earn -more by
work than by tha time
The officials will lesvs tonight' for'jtba
west to vialt other shops along tha Hoe.. ,r
'""vmif piper soqp. .,,, ,,,,. ,;
Tba last doubts as to whether the Union J
Pwlflo Intend, to light its
ahd machlnlsu to th. last w.ra removed
thla mornlna. when additional bunks and
SODDlles were sent to tbs shopsA The
company la preiiarlng for a-long Siege and
la taking sverr . nrecautlonary measure to
... ... 1 r.- ...ii..M I
ml locked-out men ar confident that their
places' cannot ba filled by competent men I
for.aAm months to coma and sav that in
the meantime they will strike at the com
pany in. unexpected quarters. Tb strlk-
rs, sisert that a Jarge number of loco-1
snotives ar already In need of repairs.
J Kt.1.'t m .'.,.. .1... -.U... I.
truth (d tbe report from Omaha to the effect
that Cheyenne Is to be made tlj center of
Ana .r.ln.t th .trllrar. .nil th.t .n
effort will be made to establish piece work
& . . . , 1 . . . . 1
ner Deiore me pi.n 1. inaugurated i oinr
Shop. . Efforts ara being mad to man the
shops here, as elsewhere, and with gratify
ing success. He said "There is ner fight
being wagsd against union men." Bupsrln
tendeot McKeea'. spoke tn the same at rain.
Pour Boilermakers, returned to work at
Evanaton today. The situation remains
jncbangea at ensyenne,. Kawnna and -Green
m. Mf. Otva,
Tb nams must ..appear oa every box of
tba genuine Laxative Bromo-Qulnlna Tab-
lata. 'tha remedy that curea a cold la on
day. 26 cent.
1. '
Wlthaat Waralas aa Entire Hill Bet
ties Dews on -Railroad
MINERVA, 0. July 2. With a rumbling
and grinding that could be beard for miles,
the tunnel on the Lake Erie, Alliance 4k
Wheeling railroad, near here, caved In it
matlra lanatfc, aarlv tfll.v.
Work was commenced some time Ago to
uncover and ,-make a cut or tbe bill and
om of t had bn accomplished. A few
of th men had gone to work thts morning
and 100 men were preparing to go In, when,
without warning, ' tbs entire bill ' settled
down oa the tracka
AU tbe doctors from here have beea takea
te tha scene. Traffic oa the road will be
(topped for quit wbtl as a result Of the-1
lUatter. , -, '( 4 "j
-. ieicr 11 aevviopea iu.i vuij mur ug
war caught ln tbe caveln.
era not aeriout.
Their injuries
Forest Fires Bpreadtas;.
DENVER. July 1. Stats Timber Inspector
wells, wno retumea 100 ay trom uuranao,
reports that th forest fir near that city
haa burned over twanty-fW MUtrt miles
and ia still spreading Ther 1 another
fire near P ate do. .On Blanco mountain I 466,417; Michigan. 1382,167;' Vermont, $280.
acre have been burned over and the fire I ... ... u. - . .
la atfll tincnarkart Thla la fimDfr
Iand and. cover the headwater of th
narfann rlvrr. Ita lAn. will aerlouelv in
jur th already scare , water supr'r.
General Debility
Day. tn and out ther Is that feeling eg
weakness that makes a burden of Itself.
Tood does not 'strengthen.
; Sleep does not refresh.
X) Is bard to do, bard to bear, what
should be ey', vltalltj l on tb ebb, and
tb whole system suffer.
ruf ini condition ixe
flOOCl S tjCtrSaparlllQ
It Vitall-. th. biood. give. ,Tgor and too.
to .11 th. orgsn. and functions, and I
positively 'unjjaUei: toe aU run-down ot
aebllltaMa eonaiiiuos.
' eUu s nixe ti mUaW. 26 oaea,
rhilippln) Go vera men t Aot Will B Pat in
. . Operation at Onoe.
Waea This Is Da th Cram Wilt
B Take taa Prevldea (r l h
.Bill aa4,adfnses
la te Fallow.":
: ' t .'. . ' '
WASHINGTON. July .' Cbslrman Coopsf
of tha house committee, on .Insular affairs
says steps will be taken at onco to put tha
Philippine government act In operation.
"Tha first Step," said Mr. Cooper today,
"will ba the complete transfer of authority
from the military to the civil officers, ex
cept U the Mora country, where there Is
Soma lingering disorders. .Tha transfer will
be accomplished by a proclamation from
tbe . president,' which ft is understood will
ba, Jssu4 July 4. Beelnea turning over the
authority to tb clyl : offleials, the change
will permit a coaalaerable reduction of tha
military force la the-Islands, although or
ders already given, complete $ reduction
down to 18.000 men. In 1900 wa bad T9.000
men In tb Philippines, so that wa soon
will bar reduced tljs tore by 61.000 officer
and men, and the transfer of authority and
the act doubtless wll Isad to a further re
duction befor long.
.- "The neit, step will he to take, tha een
sua as provided, by the act., Governor, Taft
told me this work would begin aa soon. as
ha reached Manila. . His plaa la to bar tha
work dona aa far as posslbja br .Filipinos,
and tha commission ' will get ' up Its own
census system' Instead of having t don by
tba census office at Washington, although
they are empowered to get census experts
from her by making application to -tha
president Tht purpose, bowevar,' la . to
mak tba work, thoroughly., a- local. op, so
tb't.t "wiiirserv. Sllipinbs aa, an. pbr
ject lesson, .Tb census wVl Uka about, a
yr. . -
."As to. tba general effect of the act we
have just enacted,'; added Mr, Cooper "I
hare tha vlsw of Oovarnor Taft,. who said
that If this bill became a law wa would
hear no more of the. Philippine than we do
of Porto. Rico, and that,' toe Philippine
(Problem would gradually, dlssppear
Mr: hooper has ' received tha following
"Cordial congratulations on your,' ,splen-
did victory In securing a legislative aaaena
my lor tne Filipinos. . ujr commission reo
ommended It. Your bill shows constructive
statesmanship ( the highest order. Fill
plnos will bless you forever
' " " " " I
General Gillespie Complete taa Or
ganisation ef Boards lev.
Varlooa Places.
WASHINGTON, July J. General Gllles-
ca,,f of Ongmserbi. ha completed tha
....fl'a.MAn. M . .1.... .fl..., I
r' - - '""" -
or th execution Of ' Certain river aad
V.. V.. .W. 1-11- U.J . .
-- 7"" wr:
"r miwr ln
For improving the waterway at Norfolk.
Colonel P. C. Gaines. Lleutensnt Colonel
cnariaa j. Alien and Major Jams B. Quinn,
, Bandy bay. Cape Ann. Maaaachusetts,
Colonel C. R. Buter. Lieutenant t3olonel W,
S- Stabton and Major 8. W. Roeesler.
UPPr Hudson river, New York, Colpnol
a Msnsfleld, Major. W. L. Mirthall and
weuienani e. m. (tenuis.
Waterway at Lock port," III.. Lieutenaht
Colonel O. II. Ernest, Lieutenant -Colonel
C : Allen and Major Thomas I Casey.
Columbia, rlvor txtweejv the foot of Tbe
T,,:Z Ir th. hi.d f 7h. r.iiT
rapids and the bead of tha Celllo
M.utso.nt Colonel W. H. H.uer.
W. Ll Marshall and Captalna Edward
u. b. uuiett ana u. H. MOKinsisy,
Waterway at Tuget sound. Lieutenant
Colonel W H. Huer CapUla W. C. Lang.
ntt and Firat usutenant K. x. jpnnston
P.n.l. .nil tnrks t Willi. fall.
- "
Major John Mlllls, Captain W. C. Langfltt
and Lieutenant R. P. Johnston,
improvements at tne nroum or tne Co
lumbia river. Major W. L. Marahajl and
Captains C. E. Gillette and C. H. McKlng-
At Galveston and improvement of Trtn
I Itv ! ttaaitoasVi 'Ati.i W J
Adaiua. Major O. McC, Derby and Captain
I W. V. Judsoa.
I Eleven Haadred aad Forty-Three Tall
aad Mixed Bloods la I'afted
'. - Btatea."'. V '
WASHINGTON. July 2. Tb total num
ber of buffalo, both full and mixed blood,
I a the united Btatea. is 1,143, according to
la report submitted to congress by the In-
terlor department, baaed on correspond-
anca with various states, or this number
seventy? two . are running ! wild, of ' which
... - a . . . . .. ' v .
ntty are in coraraao ana tne remainder instrumental in creating the legislation under
tha Yellowstone National park. The num- which th canal la to be built. Secretary
ber of buffalo or bison domesticated or in
captivity, including ZulL and. mixed bloods,
Ils 1.071. The tour number of the pure-
viwu . "
and the mixed Diooas Tne total num-
ber of burtaio or bison in canaaa la b9.
Of these 600 ar pur blood, running wild.
la countries ouiaias norm America
the Interior department estimates that
there ara 126 buffalo or. bison, all of which
I ara believed to be in captivity. In the
United Btatea tne aomesticateo, ounaio ap-
I pears to be increasing,
I ' "
Warraat leaned te Several oa
War Claim, Iawa Belagr
la thLUt,
WASHINGTON. July i-rThe Treasury
department today issued waranta tn favor
of tha atatea of Illinois, Indiana. Iowa,
Michigan, Vermont and , Ohio, aggregating
I t3.218.6S4. These Warrants cover the claim
of tbeae states Incident to ths raising and
tQulpptng of troop during the civil war,
recently allowed by the comptroller of the
treasury and tor which congress made th
Bsceeeery, appropriation yesterday. Tbe
amounts which ar being paid the several
states ar aa follows:
Illinois, 11.008,129; Indiana, $636,669; Iowa,
I - w--
ll ia anucipaieq ioai Terai aavr aiio
wblcb bav claim similar to tbo already
allowed will file them with th comptroller.
asking for favorable actloa.
Seaer Baeseamlaa ta Freserr
Vd by Frleat ta ' '
glara UtlU V- ,
'WASHINGTON, Jaly 8.-fln6r Buenea
mino, ' who ba beea sojourning ; in thla
countrn today called upon freddsnt Roose
velt aad reaueated tb pea wita wnica aa
signed the rhlllppms government bUl.
Place it la aoin pubtlo library ta the F
iDDtnts, - .'. ... '
The pea already aaa naea given 10 acne
Itor Lodge, chairman of tb Philippine
committee, but as be hsppened to be pres
ent at tha time., ba presented It to Benor
When tba latter left tba Whit Houaa
ba remarked that the Philippine bill In
augurated eelf-government In tha Philip
pines. H also paid a high tribute to treat
dent Roosevelt.
Ceasa Bareaa Show Great laertu
la Capital lavestad aad
WASHINGTON. July J. Th census bu
reau In a report on tha slaughtering and
meat packing Industry of tha United State
for the census year 190O. Issued today, says
that tha development of tha Industry dur
ing the last half century has been almost
phenomenal. During that period capital
Invested ha grown from $3,482,500. to $189.
198,164; the number of wage earner from
I,27 to 68,634, and value of products from
tll.0SI.642 to $785,663,488. For 1600 th re
port shows a capital of $189,198,264 Invest!
la - land, buildings, machinery, tools and
implements and the live capital utilised.
Tha value of the products Is glvea at $275,
662,433, which Involved an outlay of $10,
123,247 for sslarles of officials, clerks, etc.;
$33,457,012 for wages, $24,060,412 for mis
cellaneous eipenses. Including rent, taxes,
etc, and $683,583,677 for material used, mill
supplies, freight and fuel.
There were 921 establishments, with an
average capital of $206,427. against 1.118
Aataf-illhmat A in 1 tQO with an avaAbva nf
$104,551 invested per establishment. . Tba
figure. 'show this decade to be tha most
rapid In Its tendency towsrd concentra
tion In this Industry of all the periods cov
ered by census statistics.
Tha number of women employed Increased
19$ per cent and their wages 199 per cent
Tha number of children employed Increased
138 per rent and wages 176 per cent sine
lSJO.'' Illinois led tbe states In th value of
product Jin both 1890 and 1900.
settlement" seems certain
tat Department Encearaftd by
Cfclaa Advice Relatlv to
WASHINGTON, July 2. The Btat d
partment Is somewhat encouraged by ad
vices just received from Cblna In Its bop
that tba powers will consent to adopt less
rigorous measures In the treatment of
China. It has been Informed that Eng
land bss consented to accept its Indem
nity in silver, or on th silver basla, which
ll In Una with tha contention of the United
Btatea, and now It la thought Japan will do
likewise. These three powers, ranged la
accord, may influence th remaining slg
ratorles to tha Pekln agreement toward a
mora liberal construction of the clause re-
JT"X.. - " " "
'"wus iu .uvv VI CAUUBUBC wultu
tbe Indemnity payments are to ba calcu
lated. The situation at Tien Tsin is also
improving and it is now said that Ruaala,
England and Japan have taken aidea with
the United States, holding that the restric
tions imposed upon tha town ar far too
evere and should be relaxed. It is con-
flj-nfi, in-. ht thi. win
vail and that the powers will won be abl
.rr.. . .1.,. i,vj..i rvc.
" v,K.. .lUv..w. VU.U,
save for the legation guard.
rtitininiTr cno rnuiiminrn
tluiu 1 1 run -uramnocn
John MeElsay of Washington Vred
by Friend for Headl of tha
Grand Army. .
WASHINGTON, July 2. The .Department
of th Potomac, Grand-Army 'of the Re
P"b"c' "' tor .commander-ln
chief of "the order. He is John McElroy,
managing editor of the National Tribune
of 'this city.- His election Is urged by th
loc' 'Urn. ln elrcular letter Just
. . . ........ v..--.... ....
"".XaUon 7n th. aff-lr. o7 tha
An" P f
Grand Army.
Tbe advantage' of locating hsedouarter.
at tha' national capital. In constant" touch
with eongreas, the prealdent and other
high officials of the government also la
n,UI.4 M UaVIwav V . . v
r0'"1'4. 7 Vk. I" ."f.,' 7 , k.!!-.!
member of the organisation for tblrty-siz
years. His military record covered the
period from October, 182, to the close of
the war. He' served la Company L, Six
teenth Illinois cavalry. He waa a prisoner
at Andersonvllls and other places. He has
bad editorial control of papers of national
Pt-on f twenty-eight year,
Secretary- Confer with Haana, Lode
and Bpooaer Aboat Canal
WASHINGTON. July 2. Secretary Hay
I today, by appointment, bad a conference
with Senators Lodge. Hanna and Snooner.
the subject being the Isthmian canal act.
The discussion turned en tha etens to ba
taken to give effect to that important
a. tha aan.tnr. n.m.d w.i-A in.
I v--.-
Hay desired to seise the oportuntty before
thev J eft Wsahlnarton for their hnmaa tn
thoroughly aeouaint blmaalt with - 4hlr
tisi a vo ie proper proceaure, IB orasr
that Ltha executive branch might ; ba In
thorough accord with tha legislative la car
rying forward th great work of canal eon
1 struction.
The aecretary acoualnted tha senator
with tha substance of what had been ont.
I unei ln tDa cabinet sessions and It 1 ba
ieVed that thla haa their full aonrotal.
' Editor Fined for Contempts .
ELDORADO. Kan.. Julv 1 N. R." Cadr
editor of the Aueuata Journal, waa today
fined $10 and coat for contempt of court
tor having criticised Judge Alkman for
not granting; a change of venue for Jeaat
Morrison at her recent trial for th murder
ot Mrs. castle.
afea or ramlly Mast Work, .Sick ar
- Good food and the right kind wilt carry a
man through almost anything. Comment.
lng on the power of Grape-Nuts, aa Oak
land wife write of the experience of ber
'Two years sgo my husband -' had the
pneumonia which left him In a aad'condl
Upb, unable to work for several months.
The doctor said he would have to b. very
careful or It would turn into consumption
'W bav a large family and ba must
work aick or well. Hearing that Grape
Nuta waa the atrongett nourishing food w.
could find be began, on the food with one
egg. which would be all' be would cat for
"Hs left borne at . four-tblrty every
morning seven dsys in tb week, and after
two years' continued us of the food be I
a well man. Even the cough baa left him
that troubled hlja ao long after hi sick
"Our youngest child, a boy of four and
halt, waa a very delicate baby. As soon
as he could eat anything wa started him
oa Orape-Nuta and be has grown to be
larg child, taking a suit for a boy sis
I yeare old. He ta a very bright, atrong. In
- 1 telllgent boy-.' Nam glvea by Postum Co.,
I Battle Creek, at lea.
I ass me cooa iv uw yo h rr
I book U tb package ot Grspe-Muts,
. -i i
William Ilacklock, Vioo-Ooaisi In lamoa
Ban to EuggMt Ohau p.
Fiscal Aceat Says Maay Taarlsta Ara
Nat topstaa; . at Apia Beeast
f Raw Oral Pra.
aaalfatoak '
WASHINGTON, July 1 William Black
look. United Stat rtc consul and fiscal
sgent at Apia aad Tutulla, Samoa, ba ar
rived In the city and will lay befor th
proper officials a statement of tha con
dition In Tutulla -and a series of sug
gested amendment to th present schema
of government 4f ta Island, whloh ei
perlenca has demonstrated, to ba neces
sary. It la .thought to b -desirable that th
present system of absoluts naval 'control
over tb entire island, be modified to at
to limit tha naval commandant la tb ex
crete of his purely naval function to th
naval station proper, leaving him to ex
ercise tha function of a civil governor In
th remainder of tba Island. It also is
deemed well to afford .th white natives and
tbe few whit civilian torn sort of repre
sentation la the conduct, of, local affairs
through -tha creation f aa advisory -eoua-
cU ,0 w' wider -discretionary,
pow' 10 ,Mk,J' ar tb ; .overaor. , By
singular omission th native never hav
received any acknowledgement from - th
United State government -of their volun
tary submission to our sovereignty, and
Mr. Blacklock bellev that, to retain their
good will, this should ba remedied.
But th crying need-of Tutulla, according
to Mr. Blacklock, la a modification at th
present naval order touching tba supply of
refreshments to visitors of tha lalaad. Tha
Oceanic Una of steamship having dropped
Apia In favor of Tutulla as a point of call.
many tourist and business agents war
coming to the latter place and tb trade of
the Islands waa rapidly' developing. In soma
measure at tha expense of German Bamoa,
when all this was checked by A naval order
prohibiting absolutely tha supply of wines
or other liquid refreshments at the hotel.
The Immediate effect, waa to close up tha
hotels, .and .Mr. .Blacklock Is here to urge
tbe Stat and Navy officials to revert to th
old order. , . . . !A-
eport of .Bareaa of . Ravlgatlea
Show Iaerae aa Compared
with Prevtoa Twelve Meath.
WASHINGTON.' July 2. During the fiscal
year ending June SO, .1902, tbe Bureau of
avlgatlon report that 1,167 vessels of 473.-
t&l gross, tone were built In the United
States and officially numbered, compared
with 1,079 vessels of 489,661 tons for the
previous fiscal year." ' The decrease, com
pared with last year, la In Sail Vessels and
canal boats, barges, te. New steel steam
ers aggregate 276,479 tons, ' compared With
263,266 tons last "year. Included la the
total new tonnage are ninety-four vessels.
each over 1,000 tons, aggregating 216,062
tons, or two-thirds of the output.- Of this
large construction forty-One steel steamer
of 168,631 tona were built oa tha great
lake..' - . -
The output of completed steel steamer
on the seaboard has been much below th
Indlcatione.of'leat. 'July.- The launching of
nearly every large: ateamer has- been -de
layed from three to eight months dad some
are still on the jraya which by this time
were to nave . Been, in - operation. , The de
lays have baeit t partly ' due to the-steel
strike laat aummsr aad to tba great de
mand for structural steel n in directions;
to low ocean freights and the Jack of new
shipbuilding orders, which has left build
ers and owner without motive for baste.
Last July 256,000 tons of ocean steel steam
er were under construction or under con
tract, while at present .only about 160,000
tons are under construction and. no new
large ' seaboard, contracts ara reported.
lavestlgratloa Show Conaal at Calloa
. bid. If ot Pad His Expeasa
. . Ae.eoa.ata,
- . . .. . . -1 ,
WASHINOTON. July' !. United fit tea
Consul William B. Dickey ba beea com
pletely vindicated of the chargee brought
against him by Richard R. Nelll, secre
tary of legation at Lima, and ia a result
of which be was removed from bit post at
Callao. . .
Consul Dickey came to this sountry a
few months ago on a, leave of abanc.
When b arrived her. b. found that b.
had been removed " from bia post a a re
Suit tt Mr. NelU'S Charge - and that
Charles V. Herdllaka, formerly secretary ot
legation at Vienna,- had been nominated
aa hla Successor. . The cJhargee made by
Mr. JNein moiuded padding or expense ac
counts. Senator Fry, of whom Consul
Dickey is a constituent,' Interested himself
tn tbe ess and Dr. Hill, then acting sec
retary of state, -instituted a quiet investi
gation, assisted by Chief Clerk Michael,
which resulted In entire exoneration for
Mr. Dickey.' As a result of His vindication
Mr. Dickey is to be reinstated la tha con
sular service and It Is believed that aa
arrangement caa be made with bis suc
cessor at Callao allowing Mr. Dickey to re
gain bla old position, Mr. Herdliska being
provided for otherwise.
Recerds Shaw that Nothlnw Presetted
te .Preeldeat- BoeveJ
Waa Paa.ed.
WASHINGTON, July J. Th. records ,at
tha capltol show. that, every bill presented
to President Rooeevelt was signed by him
before congress adjourned. Thla I. ex
ceptional, as it generally happen that
soma meaaurea are overlooked or forgotten
U .th hurry. . The .total .number f,.WU
introduced ln the bouse during, the, recent
session wa 16,280... .Three committees of
tbe house handled two-thirds At th bill
-th. committee elalme having. 2.488 of
tb, the , committee en Invalid pension
$,609 and tb commute oa military Affair
2.33$. ,
Actlac ta Private Capdettr.
WASHINGTON, July 1 A - report . from
St. Petersburg to ths effect that two agent
of tbe United Btatea government bav beea
at work la that capital, seeking informs
tlon trom tbe Russian archives respecting
tha Alaskan-Canadian boundary, has led
tba State department to make aa tavestl
gatioa, for it bad not sent any ageats oa
that errand to Russia. It la bow learned
that two Philadelphia have beea la St.
Petersburg looking into th boundary mat
ter, but acting la a purely private capacity,
They ara aald to be Interested
geography and to have eootrlbutdd to the
literature of tb boundary dispute. '
Celaael Mleah Get a Place.
WASHINGTON. July . 2. President
Roosevelt - today determined oa tb. ap
polatmant of Major Mlcab Jeoklna. bis
army comrad end friend, a collector ef
Internal revenue, district of South Car
Una, vice George E. Kooatar wbe. 144 .at
confirmation, .
ea la Wllkesbarr District Baaad
Over oa Charae af tacltlas
WlLKfcgBARTttt, Pa.. June 2. A number
Of Justice ef tb peace la Luterne county
were kept busy todsy in giving hesrtngs to
men charged with Inciting and precipitating
riot at coal mines. Early this morning
Deputy Sheriff Eckert brought four men
from Freeland, charged with engaging In a
riot at that place. The prisoners were
taken before Magistrate pollock tor a hear
ing. A number of deputies testified thst
tbe prisoners gathered In the rosd leading
to one of th mine. tht. afternoon - and
tried to Intimidate some fellow-employes.
One of the men pointed a revolver at one
of the deputies. The riot act waa then read
nd, ths mob refusing to disperse, the
deputy sheriff and bis posse put the ring
leaders under arrest.
The magistrate held the defendants In
$500 ball for trial.. They could not furnish
tbs ball and want to Jail.
.County Detective Phillips pf Lackawanna
county came to Duryea today, and, going to
tbe William A. colliery, placed eeven ot the
Coal and Iron policemen on duty ther un
der, arrest. They are charged with the
shooting yesterday ot tbe Italian whose
body was found outside of th. barricade.
Th. officer, were taken to Scranton and
arraigned before Magistrate Howe, who
held them ln $1,000 ball.
The Wllkesbarre alliance made Its first
arrest today. A member ot the United
Mine Worker named William Weltzer, was
arrested, charged with libelling merchants
nd others. There were fourteen counts
gainst him. Magistrate 'Van Horn de
manded 17,000 bail. Th defendant waa" un
able to furnish the bond and was sent to
Jail. The alliance haa offered $6,000 re
ward for tha arrest and conviction of boy-
There came near bdng a serious riot at
ths William A. Colliery this afternoon.
Charles A. Brown, a. mining engineer, was
on hie way t6 tht-mine, when he Was
IBfeiteued'by a crowd of strikers. Brown
pulled his revolver and fired In the air,
hereupon the guard behind the barricade
at the colliery came out and fired Into the
If, causing the foreigners to fall back.
After It was thought tbe trouble bad sub-
Sided Brown was arrested by Chief of Po
lice Cosgrove ot Duryea. He was taken be
fore Burgess Burlingame. followed by a
large crowd of angry Italians, and was held
la $5,000 ball for .trial. The police say they
found four revolver on Brown. Being un
able to furnish ball Brown waa removed to
tbe county Jail..
The first bresk ln tbe ranks of tbe strik
ing firemen occurred this afternoon,- when
three former employee ot the Kingston
Coal company applied for work and were
given their old pi ices.
Three at the firemen who went out at the
Pine Ridge mine at Minora' Mill also re
quested that their old placee be given to
them and the superintendent ot ths-colliery
- said they might have them. - Since
tho strlk of ateam men wa inaugurated
on June 1 a large number of engineers
and pumpmen have gone back to work,
but the firemen bad remained firm until
SAGINAW, Mich., July 2. A conference
of the coalmine operator and workera ot
Michigan on tba differences which have kept
the miners ln this state on a strike for
nearly . two month was held here today,
lth President John Mitchell ot the United
Mine Workers present. ..At an executive
session of tbe miners this forenoon Presi
dent Mitchell advised a settlement of tbe
Michigan strike If possible, urging, tbe
men to concede minor pointa if only the
wages were not reduced under the. new
scale. He .talked as. If he felt that the
anthracite 'strikers would :aeed the sup
port of the bituminous men and substan
tial support could only come through the
men being at work.
The conference later ln the day, however.
failed, to bring about an agreement.
,Tbe men. contended for the same scale
wage, aa last, year, ror an eigni-nour
workday and the abolition of the system
whereby the men push tne. cars irom me
tnlne. The Operators bffered to increase
the wages of the 'carmen 20 per cent and
adopt, a uniform scale for all help above
ground In lieu for the 'demand for eight
hours, but refused to abolish the pushing
of cars from the entries.
The matter waa referred by' the Joint
conference back to tbe local Unlona to
vote upon and if they accept the proposi
tion another Joint conference la to be
nailed. Otherwlae the atrtke continues.
president MUcnell left for Wllkesbarre to
night. He advised the men to. accept -the
proposition of tbe operators and cud th
Try to Settle Difference.
CHICAGO. Jul J. Tb xeutlv coun
cil of tb Interior Freight Handler' union
and the Chicago Federation of Labor held
a eonferenc today, at the conclusion of
which It waa announced that further ef
forts would b made to settle the differ
ences between tbe railroads and freight
handlers. President Curraa at the freight
handler said It might be several days be
fore It could be determined whether or not
tovcilll out tbe 16,000 member ot th orga
nisation la Chicago.
Three Baethera Face ta Fa
Death Hear Yeaagitewa,
YOrNOSTOWN, O., July l.r-Tbre broth
er. Mike. ,61 man aod Luke Shaokvle, were
caught on the trestle of tbe Mahoning Val
ley JEleetrlc line pear 8truther, four mile
ast of here, last night and in an endeavor
to eacap Injury lay down OB the edge of
the rails. ..
Luke wss struck by the car and died
from a fractured skull. Mlks bad bla left
Arm torn off. leg fractured and nose broken
and Is tn a critical condition. Simon was
knocked off Into a gulley thirty feet below.
but escaped with slight Injuries.
Second Rise in Price of Stock
Northwestern Copper .lining Go.
BE HAD FOR 12J CENTS. On that date the price ad
vances to 15c. But there are'only a few thousand shares
yet for sale, and AS SOON AS THEY j ARE SUB
bnt a few days at the present rate of sales.
The favor with which this stock has taken is proof of
the opinion people have of it.
Don't delay Retting, the booklet and investigating.
Notice the installment plan of payment.
v F. E. DR0VI1, Secretary.
' 603 New York LlfeJSullding.
Question Called Up in Homo of Oommoni
and Warm Wordg Passei .
Some Member Assert It I Impossible
ta tarry Oat Parcha Schema
la - Face af Preeeat
LONDON. July 2 A long and heated de
bate on the Irish lsnd question waa pre
cipitated in the House of Commons to
night. Thomas W. Russell, liberal, moved
the adjournment' ot the house to discuss
the pending evictions from tbe ettate of
Lord de Freyne, ln Roscommon county. In
connection with which that nobleman re
cently had writs issued against ssveral
members of tbe Irish parliamentary party,
whom ha charged with conspiracy.
Mr. Russell declared that unlesa the gov
ernment Intervened to prevent theee evic
tions an era of turmoil would be inaug
urated In tbs west ot Ireland, where ther
waa trouble enough already. He fa Id that
he had visited the De Freyne es
tate three times and tbst . he wss
thoroughly convinced of the Injustice
under which tbe tenants .suffered.
The people there Were the poorest et the
poor. He believed one word from Mr.
Wyndbsm, ths chief secretary for Ireland,
would settle, the whole trouble and be
thought tbe reduction of the rente col
lected on the estate by S3 per cent would
not be excessive for those bog lands, which
wer now renting for more money than
waa obtained for - decent, arable . lsnd ln
Ulster county.
Mr. Wyndham replied with om asper
sity that he waa surprised to find Mr.
Russell siding against law and order. The
renta from the De Freyne estate, be said,
bad been reduced 27 per oeat In the, laat
twenty yeara and be knew some of the
organizers were msking money out of the
agitation. His advice to tbe tenants was
to pay up.
This stsiement was greeted. with groans
from the Irish members.
Hundreds had done so, said Mr. Wynd
ham, and thla remark was met with con
servative cheer. Many more would like
to pay, the chief aecretary added, but were
Intimidated. Mr. Wyndbam said It was Im
possible . to carry out ths . Isnd-purchase
scheme In Ireland'when It was interrupted
by agitators who desired to make govern-
John Redmond, the nationalist leader in
tha bouse, characterised Mr. Wyndham's
statement as paltry and flippant. He de
clared that whatever money was paid In
rentala on the De Freyne estate was
earned by the male population working ln
England during the harvest season and he
contended that the government was 01
rectly responsible . for the bsppenlcgs on
the D Freyn property.
After other members of the house had
spoken on the ubject Mr, Russell's mo
tion for an adjournment was defeated by
221 votes to 132.
Georarta Democratle Convention - Fol
lows Example Set by .
Other States. . .
ATLANTA, Ga., July 8. The democrat
met in state convention at noon today to
nominate a full state ticket. All the nomi
nee, headed by Joseph A. Tercel I of Green
ville, for' governor, wer determined in a
primary election bold Juno 6, though tbe
namea--ot -Colonel -James H. Estill - of
Savannah - and-, Dupon t . Guerry -, of . Macon
will probably be presented for -the guber
natorial nomination.. -
The following ticket was nominated; ..
- For governor, Joseph M. Terrlll; for sec
retary of state, Phil Cook; for treasurer,
Robert E. Park; for comptroller general,
WlUlam. A. Wright; for attorney general.
.John C. Hart;, for .priaon commissioner,
Thomas Fason; for commissioner of agri
culture, O. B. 8tevens; for Stat school
commissioner, W, B. Merrltt; for associate
Justices, of the supreme court, A. J. Cobb
and Samuel Lumpkin; tor United States
senator, A. S. Clay. .- ' J
The platform deals almost entirely with
state issues, prominence being given to the
liquor question, Tbs Kansas City platform
is passed over ln silence and the name ot
William J. Bryan is not mentioned.
Mtapesota. . Ponnllst Select State
Ticket with Only S1IM
- Fnsion.
MINNEAPOLIS, July J. One of the dem
ocratic nominees, Spurgeon . Odell, candi
date tor aecretary of state, la Included in
the ticket nominated tonight by tbs state
populist . convention. Tbe populist ticket
follows: . .
Governor Thomas J. Melghen. Fillmore.
Lieutenant Oovarnor John B. Homps, Ot
ter Tall. '
State Auditor O, S. Relshus, Yellow Med
icine. ...
Treasurer E. W. Knatvold, Freeborn.
Attorney Oeneral J. F. 6teldl. Traverse.
Clerk of th Supreme' Court H. R.' Im
stuhl. Marshall.
Railroad and Warehouse Commissioner
F. c: Qlbb. Lesueur. .
Secretary of State Spurgeon Odellt Mar
shall. Awfal Lo of Life
Follow neglect of throat and lung dis
eases, but Dr. Kink's New Discovery cures
such troubles or no pay, 60c, $1.00.
... Topeka Goes ta La Guayra,
WASHINGTON, July 2. Th Navy de
partment received a telegram today an
nouncing the departure ef Topeka from Bar
celona for La Gdayra, Venssuela, to rejoin
Cincinnati tn Its watch ot affairs attending
the revolutionary eriski In" the republic
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature t
fee PsoStsstle Wrapfer Balsas
rest iiuoumtt.
rOI C03Tlf AT10I.
rci uuaw tun.
roi mcoMfLuici
1 iii mmmrmrmmmmmmmmmmm
Hcmovss Tsn, Flmpite.
rrvcklea, Moth Fetohaa,
Reah and Skin 4i
mm, an everf
Marat at) cm beauty,
and afia tac
tion. 11 baa atooe
tha teat ef 4
Taara, and Is Be
bannlaM We taste
It te be- sure 'I
Is properly ' made,
Accapt no eountai
ran 01 simiiae
nam. Dr. I A.
aayre said to a la
dy of tha baut-tes
la natlanOI
"Aa you ladles wift use them, I recom
mend 'OOURAUD'S CREAM' as the, least
harmful of aU the Skin preparations." Tor
sale br all Druggists and Fancy Coeds
bealere tn the U. 8. and Europe.
I Great Jones SC. N. T.
BOYD'S I Special Mat. July 4
"The Crwelrla.'
I klllllW
ny seat We,
Night, 10c, . 16c. 25c.
Excursion Steamer
The Vnlon Excursion Company's
Steamer Henrietta
makes regular trips from foot of Douglas
street, making regular trips to Sherman
Park, where there is fine shade, rauslo and
dancing. Mo bar on boat. Everything draw
class. 4 .. ,
Hours for leaving: 1 4 and I p. tn.,
dally: Round crip 25c. children 10c No
admission to. .Park :,. -;v : . :s
.. ii ;:. ))
Western League
lfith end Vinton.
. and OMAHA klelltf
Game called at 2:10 n. m. Admission (In
cluding grand stand), 26c. Tickets sold St
the grounds only. ..
Krug Park
AKKAftlitLI Uit UMAtlA.
f ALU fit A Aeronaut Llvjug
- Skirt Dancea ln the Skies:
Rendering two grand Patriotic Concerts.
And scores of other . features Join
with patriotic Ouaba and celebrate
Independence Day at the Blsr Angis.
meat home, Krag Park.
BEACH nd evening.
' Shsrn Bittlaa, Drills, Naval Battla, ' '' "w
. 1 Balloon Ascensions with sensational
parachute jump by Sam MurDhv. the
champion . aeronaut. Largest, finest and
positively the most costly
rrr-uo-naaaa ia insft'.e,;
Free use of plcnlo grounds for alL . '
Admission to ground, 10c.
I.. A. Griffiths, Mir., Ill 1st Nat. Bank, Ontaka.
Two Balloon Ascensions and parachute
Jump. Large plcnlo grounds. . ,
and all kinds of Free attractions,' fncludtns;
New EJeetrlo Launches that carry 80
persons. Finest Bathing;, best Bath Houses
. Procure round trip. aTckveta, ihc .
Admission free.
J. A. Orlffltba, Mgr., ill' 1st Nat. Back. Onaha.
West Badcm Springs, Ind.
Aaaerleaa Plaw..fa.60 to SS.OO per Day,
Baropeaa Plaa . gl.60 ap pee Day.
Toe only first-class, European and Amer
ican plan, nie-proof hotel at ths. Springs.
Espsclally suited for ladles ea account of
tbe abundance ot rooms with baths.
Long distaacs telephone in every roes.
Special rates for summer months. '
OEO. 8. GAONON. Prsa.
13th ana Doasjlas St.
(IMAMa avu
Omaha's Leading Jlotel
a... -;
12:) to 2 p. m.
SUNDAY s: p. m, DINNER, ,7o.
Steadily Increasing buslnefs has necesal.
tated an enlargement of the cafe, floubllna
lie former capacity.
to minutes from heart ef elty. Ne dirt
nd.,dwDt' 8",uiu4 " boulevard anl Uka
at 61at St. Blvd.. C'bicage. , a.ud tv4 CuZ.
huU aB. a.
Im a rve-s-
i '