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Davis sells drugs.
Storkert sells rarpcts and tun.
LefTert, eyesight specialist. 23 Broadway.
Pictures for wedding presents. C. E.
Alexander & Co., 033 Broadway.
Take hom a brick of Metzger'a tea
Cream. Vanilla, the; Neopolltan, 3jC.
J. F. Peterson, son of F. Peterson, dis
trict court bailiff, la 111 with pneumonia.
Kxcelslor Masonic Indue will hold a spe
cial session this evening for work In the
third degree.
Mm. T. D. Nume of Carroll, la., la the
uest of Dr. and s. W. P. Jlombacb. of
"Irst avenue.
The funeral services of Mlsa Jennie II.
?3rown at Walnut Hill cemetery thla morn
ng will be private.
Judge Deemer of the aupreme court was
In the city yesterdtiy on his way from Ked
Oak to Soulh Dakota.
Attorney J. J. Stewart has purchased the
atcNsuKhton homesiead at the corner ot
Ninth street and Third avenue.
The plumbers and bricklayers will play
ball this afternoon on the grounds at Thirty-fourth
street and Hroadway.
Rev. Allen Judd, archdeacon of western
Jowa, will conduct the services at Orace
Episcopal church Sunday morning.
Fred Morse, son of J. W. Morse of thla
City, was In the Muffs yesterday for a
short while enroute to his home In Wyom
ing, where he Is engaged In mining.
Mrs. D. W. Oils left yesterday for a visit
sjrtt h friends In Chicago. Hhe was accom
panied by her daughter, Mrs. A. M. Phaw
f Louisville, Ky., who hud been visiting
Mrs. Lincoln R. Hypea has consented to
direct the Broadway MeihodiHt church
choir In place of Ned Mitchell who has
taken the position of chorister at the Con
gregational church.
Mlaa Anna Bowman, died last night at the
borne of her Bister, Mrs. Wood Allen. 8)3
Fifth avenue. She was the daughter of the
late E. B. Bowman and niece of former
Congresman Thomas Bowman,
Tou are requested to get In your laundry
ivork early during this week ao as to be In
plenty of time for the Fourth of July. Out-of-town
trade Is especially requested to
bear thla in mind. Bluff City Laundry, 21
and 24 North Main street.
J. R. Adams of New York, one of the
principal stockholders of the Marseilles
Manufacturing company, la In the city on
business connected with the local branch
house. He Is the guest of W. 8. Cass, the
company's local manager.
A horse suffering with glanders and be-
Ionglng to a Junk dealer named Mandel was
tilled by Officer Callaghan Thursday night.
The animal waa In the worst stage of the
disease, and tt la feared that other horses
pay have been Innoculated.
Miss Elisabeth DeLong of Bait Lake City
Is visiting her uncle, Rev. Henry DeLong,
enroute home from Washington, D. C,
where she graduated from Oullaudet uni
versity. She Is also a graduate from the
Vtah School for the Deaf and la returning
home to accept a, position aa Instructor In
that school.
Captain Mather of the Dodge Light
QuardH has Issued orders for all members
of the company to report at the armory
thla evening at 7:30 o'clock to tnke part
In the practice march. The company will
march to Henthorn lake, where It will
camp. The return march will be mad
Sunday evening.
Mra. V. E. Dody, 2600 Avenue C. died
yesterday, aged 19 years. She la survived
by her husband and two children, aged
I and 1 year. The funeral will be held
Sunday morning at 9 o'clock from the
family residence and burial will be In Wal
nut Hill cemetery. Rev. W. J. Calfee
paator of Broadway Methodist church will
conduct th- service.
Peter Murphy, who Imbibed too freely.
"was given a bread ana waier sentence
Tuesday by Judge Scott In default of pay
ment of hla fine. Murphy had $46 In hla
poaaesslon when arrested, tmt said he pre
ferred to board hla fine out. The sllmness
of the' diet, however, proved too much
lor him and yesterday he waa willing to
pay $10 Into the city treaaury to secure
hla release. -
W. A. Desmond, "charged with assaulting
and threatening to shoot hla wife, who Is
better known by the name of Mra. Emma
Metcalfe, failed to appear when his case
was called In Justice Bryant's court yes
terday. Aa he waa out on hja own recog
nisance, there waa no bond to forfeit. It
la undcratood that Desmond and his wife
have come to an agreement whereby he
ataya In Omaha.
Bister Edith of the Benedictine academy
In Atchlaon, Kan., who came here to at
tend the commencement exercises of St.
Peter' parochial school Thursday night,
returned home yesterday. She was ac
companied by the flvo slstera of the order
in thla city, their home In thla city being
closed for the aummer months. Sister
Edith waa a teacher for a number of yeara
In Bt Peter's school of this city.
Rev. W. N. Graves of Randolph, la., will
occupy the pulpit for Trinity Methodist
church congregation at Its temporary place
of worship In the Adventlst chapel at the
corner of Bluff and 8tory streets Sunday.
The pastor, Rev. XV. H. Cable, went to
Thurman, la., yeaterday, where he lectured
last evening and will preach Sunday even
ing. Tonight he will lecture at Perclval,
Ja., and preach there Sunday morning.
Oray ateel preserving kettles with baking
powder Saturday. Grand Union Tea com
pany. Vie any aoap so It Puck's soap.
Davis atlla glasa.
Good bargains in homes, vacant lota and
farms. Charles Officer, 419 Broadway.
N. T. Plumbing Co., telephone 250.
Real Eetate Transfers.
Theae tranafera were ' filed yesterday in
the abatract, title and loan office ot J. W.
Squire, 101 Pearl street:
Spencer Smith and wife to Cora A.
Crockwell, w 2 feet lot 4 and e 16
feet lot 6. block 6, exceut rear 42
feet, Baylies' 2d add, w. d $ 1
JTrank K. Robinson and wife to Jena
C. Hansen and Hans 8. RHttenborg,
U neV and neU seA 12-77-38. and
land In Cass county, w. d 49,000
Enoi P. Corbaley and wife to B.
Harding, eVfc neV 24-76-44 and w4.
m-w 18-78-43. w. d
Wilhelm Ploem to Amelia Btuhr, lot
11, block 9. Minden, w. d
D. C. Bloomer and wife to William
Preston, lot 11, block 10. Williams'
1st add, w. d....,
Total five transfers
. Steel enameled preserving kettles with
taking powder Saturday. Grand Union Tea
Gravel roofing. A.- H. Read, 641 Broadway,
Puck'a Domestic soap la beet for lautdry,
Davis sells paint.
(Joaaaai Maria Farias)
Is used by all Royal ksaas of
Surope, The saosi fahionabl
scent of to-day, very refreshing,
lutin. iwhi ud delicti t fio-
aucs aa ainmpbar nf fMctnaiing, exquisite r
jnaaieni. -U IsTHK MOST PUl'tLAS
rAMtrUMJC la Baropa.
For aala by
8. W. Cor. lata and Harney Bta.
Dyed aaJ nreeaad. Special attention
given ladies' garment. Also chenille
curtaina neatly cleaned, dyed and
tressed. 'Phone L-Si. Iowa Steam Dye
Works. SC4 Broadway.
.- (Bucceaaor to W. C Estepl
- M VatAHA, TUa.UT. Tawa T
Omaha Man Bscomei Too Emphatic in Con
tradicting a Witrass.
Fine la Promptly Paid and Incident
la Closed Woman Saea Katate
for Damaatea Beraaae of
Bllashted Affections.
It cost W. C. Galloway, member of an
Omaha wholesale firm, an even $10 yester
day In the district court for expressing
himself too freely and contrary to parlia
mentary usage during the proceedings
against Henry O. W'ernlmont, the attorney
charged with withholding money collected
by him for h's clients, T. ft M. Wolfson.
Mr. Galloway had been subpoenaed aa a wit
ness against Werntmont and waa aeated in
the court room in the apace back of the
railing whllo Wernlmont waa on the stand
during the morning session. In examining
Wernlmont counsel asked him the ques
tion: "Did you have any converaatlon with Mr.
Galloway In which you stated that there
would be ample funda to pay all of Woolf
aon's creditors?"
"No, air," replied Wernlmont.
The answer had barely come from the
witness' Hps when Mr. Galloway, half ris
ing In bla aeat, exclaimed "He's a liar!"
The vehemence with which the declara
tion was made startled the court and every
one In the room. Bailiff Peterson rapped
for order and Judge Wheeler, as soon aa he
had overcome hla surprise, demanded to
know the name of the person who had thus
Interrupted the proceedings. Having been
Informed he called Mr. Galloway before
blm. aaylng:
"Mr. Galloway, you have until 1:30 o'clock
thla afternoon to show cauae why you should
not be deemed in contempt of court and
punished accordingly."
Mr. Galloway atarted to explain and
apologize for hla outbreak, saying that be
realised he had been hasty in making such
a statement and in such a manner, but the
court told him to reserve hla explanation
for later. When court convened In the
afternoon Mr. Galloway submitted a writ
ten statement, which evidently did not sat
isfy Judge Wheeler, aa he fined him $10,
which amount Galloway promptly paid to
the clerk of the court, and the Incident waa
closed. Later Mr. Galloway waa placed on
the witness stand and testified that he had
bad the converaatlon with Wernlmont and
that the latter had assured him In answer
to hla inquiries that there would be ample
funds to pay all of Wool f son's liabilities.
The hearing waa not concluded when
court adjourned for the day.
Damages for Affections.
Mra. Kunlgmanda Rlchter wanta $5,000
for ber affections, which she alleges were
blighted by John Patterson, now deceased.
Patterson died last winter, leaving an es
tate valued at $10,000, ot which E. W. Dav
enport ia administrator. Last October Mrs.
Rlchter brought suit agalnat Patterson,
claiming a like sum for alleged breach of
promise to marry. Testerday abe insti
tuted a new ault in the district court, nam
ing Mr. Davenport, aa administrator of Pat
terson's estate, aa defendant.
Six-quart lipped preserving kettles with
baking powder Saturday. Grand Union Tea
Keep clean. Use Puck'a Mechanic's soap.
One Caae Aaralnat Mores Dismissed.
When the case against Guy E. Moyes,
charged by Mlaa Orace Waltermlre with
betraying her by going through a false
marriage with her waa called in Justice
Bryant's court yeaterday morning, the de
fendant's attorney aubmttted a written
atatement from the young woman to the
effect . that ahe did not care to proaecute
further. The caae was accordingly dis
missed and the coata were taxed to the
prosecuting witness. Miss Waltermlre, but
were paid into court by Moyes' attorney at
the request of the young man's mother.
Moyes' preliminary hearing on the charge
of bigamy, filed against him by Mra. Moyes
No. 1, la aet for thla morning in Justice
Carson's court. It is understood that Moyes'
relatives are making a atrong effort to have
it dismissed. Mrs. Moyea No. 1 la aald to
bave left the city for her former home
in Illinois and will not be on band to prose
cute. Assistant CoarAy Attorney Kimball
stated yesterday that he would proaecute
the case without Mra. Moyea, as there waa
sufficient evidence irrespective ot her tes
timony. Moyes makes no dental ot hla
marriage in Illinois to the first wife and
the records ot the district court are re
lied upon to prove his marriage to Miss
Puck's Domestic soap la best.
Plumbing and beating. Blxby ft Boa.
Sues City for Valuable Horse.
The' trial of the suit la which William
H. Town seeks to recover $1,000 from the
city ot Council Bluffs for the death ot hla
pacing horse. Black Blondln, with a record
ot 2:154. waa begun before Judge Scott and
a jury In the auperlor court yeaterday. W.
M. Shaffer, a bouaemover la party defendant
with the city. On the evening of May 2
laat Mr. Town, while driving on Fourth
street, ran Into a house which waa being
moved and which stood on the street with
out any lights to denote Its presence. The
force ot the collision killed Black Blondln
broke the buggy and threw Mr. Town
heavily to the ground. A. L. Tbomaa of
Omaha testified that Black Blondln, with
the record the aalma had, waa worth $1,260.
W. F. Sapp, the well known horseman of
thla city, placed the value of the animal
at $1,000. Evidence for the plaintiff waa
not completed when court adjourned for
the day.
Wants Dividends Interest.
John L. Merkel, who had $5,700 In tho
shape ot a certificate of deposit in the Offl
cer Puaey bank, when that Institution
went Into the hands of receivers, filed an
application In the district court yesterday
asking that the recelvera be required to
pay him the dividends on the interest which
had accrued at the time the bank cloaed
Its doors. The certificate of depoalt called
for 4 per rent interest and Merkel claims
that there waa due blm at the time the
bank failed $228. The recelvera ao far have
only paid him the dividends on the prln
clpal and refuaed to pay on the accrued
Interest. The question ralaed by Merkel
affecta a number ot other creditors ot the
Admits Cheek la Not Hla.
The man arrested Tuesday night while
trying to cash a check issued by Sovereign
Root ot the Woodmen of tbe World to W
L. Baker, and stolen from the latter at
tbe Woodmen log rolling at Logaa laat
Saturday, waa taken to Logaa yesterday by
the 'Harrison county authorities- Tbe fel
low was. arrested Insisted. Bla aaiM waa
W. L. Baker, but evidence was forthcom
ing to show that the Baker to whom the
check waa issued, waa a resident of Sioux
City. The genuine Baker had his pocket
picked at the picnic. The fellow arrested
here finally admitted that the check had
been given him by another person, and he
to receive half of the proceeds. If he suc
ceeded In cashing It,
Large Sam ber of People Eat Tainted
thicken and Several Are
Critically III.
OSKALOOSA. Ia., June 27. (Special.)
Not less than fifteen people In Harrison
township and at Wright have been suffering
for the past few daya from the effects of
poison resulting from pressed chicken. Last
Sunday Mr. and Mra. Ed Kent had the
woman's parents, Mr. and Mra. J. H. Swlt
r, and a few other members of the fam
ily invited to dinner. That night every
person who had been present at the gath
trlng was taken sick. Dr. Sarbauga of
Wright waa called to attend all the sick
people and some of them are able to be
about, but several of the cases are consid
ered very critical. Those who are not con
sidered out of danger are: Mr. and Mra.
J. W. Swltzer, sr.; Mies Minnie Switzer,
Miss Rose Emmert of Wright, very ill and
ber life Is despaired of.
Mrs. Gunsaulla, according to Dr. Sar
baugh, was the most violently ill. but Is
now convalescent. A Mr. Witt of Wright
ia also critically HI.
Several months ago Mr. Kent purchased
some hog cholera medicine from a travel
ing agent. The man warned them not to
eat any chlckena that had access to the
hog lot for six weeks or more. After the
specified time bad elapsed they did kilt and
eat some of the chickens with no bad re
sults. Two fowls that were killed and cooked
for Sunday'a dinner had been in the habit
of roosting on the hog pen, and it Is sup
posed had eaten of some remains of the
cholera medicine.
Woodbury Leaajne Will Proceed
Against Forty-Eight Con
cerns of Sioux City.
SIOUX CITY. Ia., June 27. Special Tele
gramsThe Woodbury County Anti-Saloon
league has declared war on the Sioux City
violators of the Martin law. President
Charlea Williams of the league declares he
baa evidence sufficient to enjoin forty-eight
saloons and the suits for Injunction will be
Drought at once.
The league does not believe that the
recent decision by Judge Oaynor that the
"owner" Is the man operating the saloon
and not the man owning the property will
hold. They will bring a test case here and
If Judge Gaynor's decision is held to be
good law they will carry it to the supremo
The league alleges to have plenty of
money and will wage a thorough campaign
agalnat the saloons.
A damage ault baa been brought here,
which If won will have an Important bear
ing in handling the saloon situation. A
few months ago Samuel Stark, a packing
house employe, was shot in a saloon row.
Now his wife brings suit for $10,000 dam
ages against Joseph Russell ond others,
proprietors of the saloon.
Place Heavy Charge of Dynamite Un
der Structure In Hamilton, Ia.,
with Deatruetlve Effect.
DES MOINES, June 27. (Special Tele
gram.) The drug store ot Tom Williams In
the little town of Hamilton, Marlon county.
waa blown to pieces at an early hour this
morning by a terrific charge of dynamite,
placed under the store by unidentified per
sons. No explanation baa been made of
the outrage.
The charge was so heavy that practically
nothing waa left of the store and contents,
and buildings in the neighborhood were
badly shaken.
May Make av Century Ran.
CEDAR FALLS, la.. June 27. (Special.)
"Uncle Jlmmle" Rownd has celebrated
hla 92d birthday with a picnic at Rownd'a
Bluffs. He la In good health and bears
every Indication or passing tne century
mark. He has never used narcotics and to
tbla In great part ascribes his long life.
He was surrounded by four generations of
his descendants.
Alleged Chicken Thief Caught.
OSKALOOSA, la., June 27. (Special.)
Grant Brown of New Sharon haa been held
to the grand Jury under $300 bonds on tbe
charge of atealing chlckena. It la alleged
be was caught with a wagon load of the
plunder In hla poasesalon.
Iowa State News Notes.
While rlrtlno- on a hlcvcle with an attach
ment that permitted riding on the railroad
track behind a train a young son of Elmer
Moore of Butler waa thrown from the ma
chine and sustained a broken collarbone
and two fractured ribs. The young man
waa being towed by the train when hla
bicycle left the rails, throwing him Into the
ditch. He may recover.
Ottumwa'a trophy of the Spanish war, In
the form nf one of the auna which once.
upon the deck of the Maria Teresa, added
Its menace to the safety of the American
nation, Is In that city, having arrived over
the Burlington from the United States ar
senal at Kock Island. The monster fire
arm, a six-inch steel gun, will have a per
manent location at the city park.
The men who struck In the Cedar Raplda
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul yards for
11.60. having hitherto been securing but
II. 2S. have been sent for by the yard mns
ter and relnstalea in ineir rormer posi
tions with their demand granted. The men
walked out after having asked for a raise
of 26 cents per day. They were given their
time and quit work. An effort was mads
to fill their placea with other men, list
did not prove tempting enough to perform
the task and accordingly the old men were
sent fur.
The farmers around Brldgewater, a email
town on the Creton at Cumberland branch,
are complaining of the prevalence or hog
cholera In their midst. It made its appear
ance north of town last week and has now
snread over the entire townshlu. and hun
dreds of hogs are dying dally. One farmer
who had a drove of 160 haa but fifty-tlve
left, another who waa feeding elglity-nve
ran now rnunt but twentv-four. while a
third who had but twenty-five haa lost all
but four, and many smaller droves have
been wiped out entirely. The farmers are
doing all In their power to stop the spread
of the disease, many going out and killing
their hogs at the first appearance of the
dreaded disease. It seems to be the moat
fatal to young pigs, but older hoga do not
eacana lta ravages and many of those
which have died were almost ready for
market. With the present high price of
hugs, the loss will fall heavily upon some
of the farmers who have been feeding )-
cent corn for several weeks.
Ed P. Helxer of Bloux City may be the
man whom George K. Roberta has aelected
to be managing editor of the Register
Friends of Mr. Heisrr In Des Moines know
that he la about to aive up his position
fiostmasler of Sioux City, and that as an
ntlmate acaualntance ot Mr. Roberts he
haa been considered In connection with
the new place on the Register. Mr. Ilelzer
waa editor ot the Sioux City Journal for
about twenty years. He went to Bloux Cltv
from Burlington, where he waa aa a young
man writing editoriala for the Hawkeye at
tt a week. He is not to be reappointed as
postmaaer at Bloux city. L,ot 1 nomas
congressman from the Eleventh district.
has recommended the appointment of an
other man on account of the present com
plexion of polltloa In that district. Mr.
Roberta la expected to return to Lea
Mo toes this week and to take charge of
the paper Sunday morning. He will prob
ably announce at once tbe names of the as
sociates whom he haa already employed
for work o& tbe jrUgUier,
Condemnation Frooeadingi Will Begin for
Construction Over Bonaparte Dam.
President of Tradee Aaaemhly Saya
Dea Moines Union Laborers 'Will
Quit If Demands Are Not
Granted Telephone Girls.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DE8 MOINES. Ia.. June 27. (Special.)
Attorney General Mullan Is preparing to
commence proceedings for condemnation of
the right to erect a state fishway over the
Bonaparte dam in the Dea Moines river
and in a short time will have a sheriff's
Jury empaneled and damages assessed after
hlch the work of construction will be
The Bonaparte dam in the Des Moines
river has been the cause of a great deal
of trouble and annoyance to the state and
to the fishermen of tbe state. The dam
waa conatructed under government super
vision many years ago and when Governor
vision many yeara ago when General
John C. Fremont was inspector of the work
and haa been owned by the proprietors of
a woolen mill at Bonaparte for many years.
All efforts to have it torn out have failed
and laat winter the aportsmen of the state
aucceeded in having a law passed author
izing a fishway.
It Is anticipated that the owners of the
dam will fight it In the courts and delay
the construction ot the fishway aa long aa
possible. They have offered to sell the
dam to the state at a price considered by
te legislature to be exorbitant.
Farmer Aaaaulted In Dea Moines.
Three negroes are under arrest suspected
of assaulting P. S. Griffith, a wealthy
farmer of Story county, at an early hour
this morning. Griffith had come to the city
and watched a parade until late and aft
erward went to the Northwestern hotel
on the East Side.
He did not retire, but remained out until
a late hour, and as be waa walking along
the railroad track near the hotel he was
assaulted and terribly beaten by unidenti
fied persons. He bad $200 in hla pockets
and a watch, but his assailants became
frightened before they secured any booty.
They left him unconscious on the ground
and he was unable to tell until 11 o'clock
this morning what bad happened.
Threat of General Strike.
S. K. Mlnton, prealdent of the local
Tradea and Labor assembly, declares that
unless the demands of the telephone opera
tors are granted before tomorrow night,
there will be a general atrike of union lab
orera In Des Moines In sympathy with the
striking girls. Another conference will be
held tomorrow with the managers ot the
two companies and an effort made at settle
ment. All of the strikers were paid off and every
one was asked to return to work, but they
declined to do so unless all go back.
Tbe Mutual company had four new oper
ators at work this morning and the Iowa
two, but none of them were of the strikers.
The danger of a general atrike haa caused
renewed activity on the part of many com
mittees to secure a settlement.
Adjutant General Byera has been notified
r the etnctlnn rif officers in both the Creseo
and Independence guard companies. In the
former C. W. Reed haa Deen eiectea cap
tain; F. G. Brooks, first lieutenant, and J.
F. Scripture, second lieutenant. R. A. Camp
bell has been elected captain of the Inde
pendence company; W. A. Fesller, nrst
lieutenant, and E. M. Sheehan, second lieu
Cummins Speavka at Chautauqua.
("Invprnor Cuhimlna went to Snlrlt Lake
this afternoon, where he will speak tomor
row before tbe Spirit Lake Chautauqua now
In session.
The remalnlns- three oil InsDectors will
not be announced by the governor until
MnnHov Thev all enter unon their duties
July 1. In nearly every Instance there have
been three or four applicants for placej
and the governor baa had to go over a great
deal of correspondence to make tne appoint
A conference of democrats of the Eighth
congressional district Is to be held In
nsc.ola .Tnlv ll. to consider the congres
sional situation. The convention baa not
yet been called, but tt is expected tbat at
the caucus named there will be considera
tion of the candidates.
New Corporations.
The following corporation papers were
filed in the office of secretary ot atate to
day: Eldon Independent Telephone company of
Eldon, capital $25,000; J. B. Eddy, prealdent;
C. R. Eddy, secretary.
Commercial league of Webater City, capi
tal $1,000; by E. H. Martin and others.
Mltchellvllle Telephone company of Mltcb-
ellvile, capital, $10,000; by B. R. Patterson
and otbera.
The 8tate Savings bank of Logan gave
notice of an Increase In capital from $20,000
to $50,000.
Tbe State Board of Control has awarded
tbe contracts for the coming quarter for
furnishing to state institutions the follow
ing: Cheese, oil, paper, stationery, boots
and ahoes, oats, surgical lnstrumenta, glaaa,
printers' supplies, photographic supplies
and groceries.
Idle Brick Workers at Lehigh, I a.,
Will Proaecute W. C. Beem for
Alleged Blacklisting.
FORT DODGE. Ia., June 27. (Special.)
Tbe atrike in force for five weeks at the
Lehigh Brick and Tile company's plant In
Lehigh took a sensational turn today, when
the Clay Workers' union employed a Fort
Dodge legal firm to prosecute W. C. Beem,
manager of the company, for alleged black
listing. Tbe laborers claim that Beem has pre
vented them from securing employment at
any ot the other three brick making con
cerns In Lehigh.
Beem denies this and aays be Is willing
to take the men back whenever they are
ready to return to work.
The atrike waa occasioned because Beem
would not compel the engineer and fore
man of the factory to Join the union. Seventy-five
men are Idle.
Selects Camp Site for Forty-Ninth.
CEDAR FALLS. Ia., Juna 17. (Special.)
Major General Byera baa aelected the
Mullarkey park as the camping ground
for the Forty-ninth regiment Iowa National
Guard, which goea into a week's encamp
ment ber July 16. Between 600 and 800
men are expected. Tbe local merchants
bave been contracted with to furnish sup
plies. Millers Cry Acalnat Frelaht Ratea.
DAVENPORT. Ia. June 17. (Special.)
The Iowa Stat Millers In seaaloa her did
a good deal of complaining on railroad
ratea Owing to there being little export
demand the' lirn nr.llla throughout the
bortb ar laying flour dowa la this country
at lesa rates than tbe small mills can, owing
to their low rate per hundred to all points
In Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.
Association Selects Rxevutlvea and
Names Cherokee aa Neat
Meetlnai Place.
SIOUX CITY, Ia., June 27. (Special Tele-
gram.) The Sioux Valley Medical associa
tion closed Its cession here last night and
elected officers. The next meeting will be
held at Cherokee.
The following officers were elected: Pres
ident, Dr. D. T. Martin of Pomeroy; first
vice president, Dr. M. Sullivan of Adrian,
Minn.: second vice president. Dr. W. J. Bue-
sey of Jefferson, 8. D.; secretsry. Dr. M. E.
Silver of Sioux City; treasurer. Dr. 8. A.
Brown of Sioux Falls, S. D. ; board of cen
sors. Dr. A. E. Cooke of Randolph, Neb.,
Dr. William Jepton of Sioux City, Dr. C. C.
May of Adrian, Minn., and Dr. G. A. Gross
ot Yankton, S. D.
Sldneyy Rdson, Supposed to Have
Been Insane, Takes Hla Own
Life at Fort Dodge,
FORT DODGE. Ia.. June 27. (Special
Telegram.) After ' lying for twenty-four
hours In a paralyzed condition aa the re
sult of an attempt to commit suicide, Sid
ney Edson died this afternoon. Edson shot
himself through the head with a 22-callbnr
rifle Thursday. He Is believed to bave been
Insane. He bad previously been an Inmate
of the Independence asylum.
Edson was arrested here Wednesday for
drunkenness and was fined In police court
Thursday morning.
Hobson Lecturea at Cedar Kails.
CEDAR FALLS, Ia., June 27. (Special.)
Captain Richmond Pearson Hobson ot the
navy lectured before the Chautauqua yea
terday on the "American Navy; lta Tradi
tions and Its Victories." The largest audi
ence of women ever gathered together in
this county waa present.
Woman Falls from Train.
NEWTON, Ia., June 27. (Special.) Mrs.
E. A. Coleman of Anamosa, while attempt
ing to alight from thla morning's west
bound Rock Island fast mall, was thrown
violently to the depot platform and badly
Frank Baeou of North Platte to Be
Receiver of Public Money and
French la Reappointed.
WASHINGTON. June 27. The nresldent
today sent the following nomlnationa to tho
Collectors of Customs Isaac L. Patter-
eon, District of Wllllamette, Ore.
Marshals Walter F. Matthews, District
of Oregon.
neceivers or Public Moneys Frank
Bacon. North Platte. Neb.: Euecna B.
Hide. Spokane, Wanh.
Registers of Land Offices George E.
French, North Platte, Neb.; Henry V. Hln-
man, iNortn xakima. wash.
Army Captain Joseph Byron, quarter
master, to be captain Infantry, with rank
from March, 1899; C. B. Baker, infantry, to
be quartermaster, with rank of captain
from March, 1899; Corporal John A. Barry,
Tnutn T 1 T.f.J I... . .1 1 1
. , w.,,, , . iniu i . .an , in in rrninu lieu
tenant; John P. N. Kelly, Florida, assistant
urgeon volunteers, wun rank or captain.
Senate Confirmations.
WASHINGTON, June 27. The aenate in
executive session made the following con
John B. Richardson of Kansaa. to be
consul of the United Statea at Port Llmon,
Coata Rica.
J. M. W . Moore, receiver of public moneys
t Prescott, Ariz.
Fen B. Hlldreth. register of the land
office at Prescott, Aria.
To be United States Marshals Oeorirp M.
Christian, southern dlHtrlct of Iowa: Ed
ward Knott, northern district of Iowa:
William H. Darrough, northern district of
Indian Territory.
to oe i nited states District Attorneys
Lewis Miles, southern district of Iowa;
William M. Mellette, western district of
Indian Territory.
Iowa Frank M. Hoe v. Derrv: Lew I.
Sturgls, Oelweln.
Illinois joei a. Ray, Areola; William H.
Steen, Braid wood; Casslus M. C. Weed
man. Farmer City; Joseph T. Vangundy,
Missouri Eugene B. Low, Hamilton.
South Dakota Charles W. Anderson.
Colorado Maud Olmsted, Littleton.
Kansas William H F.llcll Rldnrado:
Tfiomas E. Hurley, Minneapolis; Isaac B.
Davis, Marysvuie; i-ienry L,. tienaerson,
tola: James Frey. Enternrlse: Floyd E.
Young, Stockton.
Wyoming L,. c Bchultx, Qreen River;
Ida Hewes, Casper.
Texas Carrie E. Hoke. Tavlor:- Charlea
K. Miller. Athens;' George B. Seympleman,
Austin; Thomas D. Wrard. Corpus Chrlstl;
Richard O. Misener. Hamilton; Hal Single
ton, jenerson; i nomas ureen, Mineoia: j.
D. Burns, Tyler; Francis M. Barton, Ter
rell; Walter S. Yates, Forney; Abram M.
Morrison, Ennls.
New Mexico Paul A. F. Walter. Santa
Washington J. L. M. Benedict. Centralla:
R. P. Campbell. Aberdeen- Ira Brown,
SedrowQoley; William L. Lemon, North
Yakima; N. Baldwin, Pomeroy.
Also a number or promotions in tne army
and navy.
Will Accept Senate Substitute.
WASHINGTON, June 27. The agricul
tural committee of the house today decided
to accept the aenate substitute for the Ap
palachian forest 'reserve bill, with somo
minor changes, but deterred action until
next December.
This trade mark Indicates purity, and per
fection in brewing, and has been used on
more bottles than any other label In tne
world. Found only on the famous bottling of
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n
St. Louis. U. 8. A.
Breuera of tf0 famous, Michelob. Blacfc Tan. .
ral-La..r. Aahouaer-Staadard. Eapert laU and taquiall.
All orders promptly allied by
00. KEUQ, Manager Anheuser-Busch Branch, Omaha, Neb.
' Vcntworlh Military Academy sS"isrra
I -t I 9 Oowaaoral Miprvlaua and uliinenL Armr oBSor detailed. Prev" fcr Vnimstm.
Wygj, Muol Acaaa.Wf tot 111. COl. tN0Qgp SEtltBS, .MA.. t. UHft. ).
Oensui Bulletin Shows Immense Progress in
this Line of Industry.
Home Manufacturer In All Lines ot
Textiles Crowd Oat Foreign latll
Only Little Over V Per
Cent la Imported.
WASHINGTON. June 27.-The Census
bureau today Issued a report on the com
bined textile Industry of the United States
for 1900. The branches Included In th
Industry follow: Cotton manufacturers. In
cluding cotton goods and cotton small
warea; wool manufacturers. Including wool
en goods, worsted goods, carpeta and rugs
other than rags, felt goods and wool hats;
silk manufacturers; hoelery and knit goods;
cordage and twine; linen goods; Jute goods,
and dying and finishing textiles.
The census shows a capital of $1,042,997.
677 Invested in the 4,312 establishments
representing the Industry. The value of the
producta la returned at $931,494,566; to pro
duce, which Involved an outlay of $209,022,
447 for wages; $63,122,915 for miscellaneous
expenses and $521,345,200 for materials
used, mllla, supplies, freight and fuel.
The value now represented for hoelery
and knit goods cannot be divided between
cotton and wool, but if it be added to the
reported home production the total value
of the textllea consumed in the United
Statea in 1900 la $895,587,681. and the per
centage imported Is only 9.18.
Lead the World In Cotton,
The report says the census tables seem
to Indicate that the United Statea In 1900
waa the leading country of the world In
the manufacture of cotton, but quotes other
authorltlea and adds:
"Although the amount consumed by the
countries of the European continent ex
ceeded that consumed In the United States,
the consumption in the latter country great
ly exceeded that of any one of the countriea
of France, Germany, Austria, Russia and
"It la, however, universally known that
Great Britain is far in the lead In cotton
manufactures. The fact ia brought out In
the special on the cotton industiy that an
lmmenae proportion of the spinning In the
United States Is coarse or medium yarns,
whereas the average spinning on the other
side of the Atlantic is much finer."
The report concludea:
"The audden springing of the aouthern
states into prominence in the cotton in
dustry is ahown strikingly by the total
increaae of capital from $20,413,000 In 1880
to $62,623,700 in 1890 and to $137,172,500 In
1900. Ten years ago and also In 1880 Geor
gia was easily the leader among the south
ern states, but it haa now been surpassed
by both South Carolina and North Carolina,
in each of which atatea tbe value of prod
ucts was not much lesa than in the states
of Maine and New Hampshire, where the
Industry haa been established for half a
century, and In the number of hands em
ployed both North and South Carolina sur
pass both 'of these New England statea."
Serious Trouble Threatened at Town
Acroaa the Potomae from
WASHINGTON. Juno 27. A mounted
patrol from the army poet of Fort Myer
last night guarded the village of Rosslyn,
a little hamlet containing many saloons
located on the Virginia aide of the Poto
mac river opposite West Washington.
Wednesday night there was trouble be
tween Saloon Keeper Geary, who runs a
dance pavilion adjoining hla place at Roaa-
lyn, and some soldiers from Fort Myer, who
were refused admittance.
Harry G. Pancoaat, a private In the
artillery, remained behind after his com
panlona bad left, and subsequently waa
found with three bullet wounds In bla back.
He Is still alive, but ia dangerously hurt.
Some of hla fellow soldiers, incensed at his
shooting, proceeded to Geary's saloon and
riddled it with bullets, its Inmates fleeing
and escaping Injury save that one of them
suffered a alight fleah wound.
The army officers at tbe post are In
vestlgatlng the occurrence and have taken
measures to prevent further trouble.
Lowest Percentage of Sickness Yet
Reached in the Philippine
WASHINGTON, June 27. Surgeon Gen
eral Forwood baa received a report from
Lieutenant Colonel C. L. Helzmann, chief
surgeon, division of the Philippines, In re
gard to the health of the troops In the
archipelago tor the month ended May 15
According to it the percentage of aick la
at the lowest figure yet reached in the di
vision, (.01 per cent, aa compared with 6.24
per cent the previous month. A large in
crease Is reported in the number of deaths,
both from injuries and from dlseaaea. The
Increaae In the former clasa waa due largely
to the battle at Bayan, Mindanao, and In
the latter claaa the cholera.
and the
are known sym
bol wherever
the sunof civiliz
ation has risen
Little Liver Pills.
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