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Big CMe ft Parade a Fw Aspirant for
Private Inspection.
Jjlsaytn Mar Have teppert for Gov.
ror and Shields for Con
ress, with Other Places
tiocil democrats art getting busy la con
templation of their county convention,
reek from Saturday. According to the call
Ihla convention will not only select dele
gates to the state, congressional and Ju
dicial conventions, but It will nominate
a full county ticket and determine whether
the populists are to be given any repre
sentation thereon. 60 far the democrats
have given the pops no Invitation to cllmh
In with them, but It Is probable that some
kind of a fusion arrangement will be made
before the election comes In November.
Whether the Douglas county delegation
will fall In line for fusion on the state
ticket depends on the outcome of the
local primaries of next Thursday. If the
Douglas County Democracy controla the
delegation to Grand Island there will be a
tnl)d protest against doing business with
the populists, although even these straight
ticket advocates themselves take It as
foregone conclusion that the majority of
all' the delegates to the state convention
will be for fusion.
In any event the Douglas county delega
tion will probably stand for awhile for
the nomination of C. J. Smyth as the gu
bernatorial candidate. It baa even been sug
gested that Mr. Smyth be permitted to
came the state delegates, but the sug
gestion has not met with kindly consider
ation from all quarters. It happens that
Mr. 6myth leana strongly to the Jack
aonlan wing of the local democracy, and
the Douglas Countyltea are unwilling to
take chances on getting a fair representa
tion on any delegation that be might select.
A strong Bryan sentiment pervades the
democrats of Douglas county, and despite
the announcement of Mr. Bryan that he
will not be a candidate tor governor, there
la a disposition to drop Smyth and flock to
the standard of "the peerless" If his name
U presented to the convention. "If Bryan's
name is presented to the convention we
rill expect Mr. Smyth to. withdraw," is the
Way one of the leader expresses It.
' As the democratic congressional commit
tee baa not yet Issued Itt call with the ap
portionment of delegates, the county con
tention will have to work In the dark to
the extent of providing' for representation
In the congressional convention, which is
not expected to be held until September.
The only scheme so far suggested is for the
appointment of a committee with power to
name the delegates to the congressional
convention after the call is issued. This
proposition will go through provided no one
but George Shields wants the nomination,
but If there Is to be a contest for the run
ning the committee sJTBge?r)ent will be
objected to on the ground that It will give
altogether too much power and opportunity
to a few men.
. 80 far the only avowed candidate for
congress among the democrats la County
Attorney Shields, but his deputy, I. J. Dunn,
and O. M. Hitchcock are said to be In re
ceptlve mood. ' "It isn't likely, however,
thst anybody will coax either Dunn or
Hitchcock to take the nomination," says
an unprejudiced democrat. Frank T. Ran
om, the stock yards statesman, who quit
being a silver republican as soon as that
cut of pellttcian wept out of fashion, In
tended to gt into the' congressional race,
but it is now stated on the best of au
thority that he will not be a candidate.
The only contest to be fought out at
the democratic primaries next Thursday,
aside from the always present scrap be
tween the Douglas Countyltes and the Jack'
sonlans, both of whom want to have the
most delegates in the convention. Is that
between Lysle I. Abbott and James P. Eng
lish, for county attorney. As Mr. Abbott
has many supporters In the Jacksonlan
club, as well as the almost unanimous
support of the Douglas County Democracy,
he promise to be the winner, no matter
which of the organizations secures con
trol of the convention. Mr. English Is the
favorite of the leaders of the Jacksonlans,
out he has not been making an active can
vass among the rank and file.
Legislative candidates are scarce among
the democrats of Douglas county, the
prospect of election being not at all al
luting.. However, W. II. Green, president
,ef the Real Estate exchange. Is out for a
nomination for senator. ' J. H. Mcintosh Is
also being mentioned for the senatorial
ticket. His recent Oght in the tax case
against the franchise corporations Is sup
posed to have left him some political capl
tal and he may be Induced to Invest it In
the democratic ticket. Senator John Lld-
dell Is not a candidate for renomlnatlon.
For county commissioner in the Tbtrd
district there are two democratic candl
dates W. H. Olmsted of Union precinct
and Henry Bull of Chicago precinct.
"Uncle" Peter Hofeldt, who now re pre
ents the district on the board, says he
has had all of It he wants and haa with
drawn as H candidate tor renomlnatlon.
throwing his strength to- Mr. Bull. Mr,
Hofeldt expects to visit his old home in
Germsny next summer.
la the Fifth district Councilman C. O.
Lobeck is the only man yet mentioned In
connection with the democratic nomination,
Via Illlaola Central Railroad.
t The Illinois Central R, R. will sell round
trip tickets, good for return until October
tU 102. from Omaha to the following
v Ticket, at rate, named In column (1) on
sale June lat to 1Mb. Inclusive; In column
(2), June ltn to 10th Inclusive.
St. Paul $ 9.60
.Minneapolis t.tO
Duluta 11 0
Tb. Superior. .' 11.60
Ashland. Wla 11 60
Bayfield. Wla 11.60
Madlaoo Lake. Minn T 60
Cly.laa. Minn T.60
Fartbault. Minn T.60
Northfleld, Minn T.60
Randolph, Minn T.60
Cannon Falls, Minn T.60
Red Wins. Minn T.60
12. 6J
16 68
16 65
10 B5
On June 16-17-11-21 we will .ell ticket, to
Chicago and return at rat. of $14.75, good
for return until September IS,
; In addition to the abov. we will .ell
pound trip ticket during the summer ..
on to ee.tera points; also via Duluth or
Chicago and ateamer via th. Great Lakes.
Special arrangement, for securing steamer
accommodation In advance.
Writ or call on the undersigned for par
ticulars. W. H. BRILL.
Dlst. Pas. Agt.. III. Cent- R. R.
No. ItOt Farnana St.. Omaha. Neb.
favMp aVaita.
Via Mllaraukaa
June It 12, 12. Boatoa and return. $JtT$.
June 14. IT, 11, 12. Chicago and return.
June J to Id. SU Paul and return. $.6i
City office. 1M4 Faraaa St, MUwaukee Ry
adan Sua.' ad la.a
What the Republican Papers of Nebraska Said About His Questionable Bond Deals
Elected for Better Things.
Tork Republican: The Omaha Bee ex-
poses in detail two bond deals of Tress- tall do not appear to track when com- should not be lost sight of that any mal
urer Stuefer, one in Burt and one In Cum- pared with records and other substantial administration of the treasurer's office will
log county, by which the two counties or
the permanent school ' fund have been
worsted to the tune of $5,000 or $6,000.
Treasurer Stuefer was out In yesterday's
Journal with a denial, which Is In effect
not :. denial of The Bee' allegation. In-
stead of promptly bringing an action Vf
libel against The Bee be weakly point to
Is record and says "he thinks it com-
pares fsvorably with those of his predeces-
sors!" One of them Is In the penitentiary
where he belongs, and his last predecessor
admit to having miiftea tne permanent offered by State Treasurer Stuefer does not rr. CT ignoring or mi nni.17
school fund cow Into hi own bucket. expan .eversl points in the Burt county Ply" he demand of the state eon
Treasurer Stuefer was elected for better nd case and there are a good many people ventlon. has practically read himself out
things. His bond wss paid for by the state who ,ook upon the transaction as a bus. hope 'or further honors at the hand of
on the promise that the atat should have p,clou, one. We believe that a thorough the party and this disclosure Is strong ar
m . . . a a. - m V I 1 -.Ail at I trrs a t Inn
every cent 01 interest 10 De maae oui 01
the funds In hi care. The Bees article
shows conclusively that the promise is not
being kept. Interest on money. In bank la
not accounted tor. and. worse thaa all
bonds purchased by state fund, are .hart
of their coupon, by way of commission to
rlTlZ.r, .n he.rtnv Tnae.
til a n
the action of The Bee d"' t
te's ao n.y ut cc. b"ng act on
states a torney at once ng .lon
again. .Stuefer s bond I to Jv ou-
pons shorn from the bond purchased with
. . . . ;.,. ... will
state moner Jh People of Nebrasks will
not stand for It and if the attorney falls to
do his duty he must answer for It The
feeling Is strong that Stuefer ought to be
Impeached. The road which Joseph Bartley
has trodden with bleeding feet and weeping
v. a .-a ,,. ,..,, .,, ..
tampera with the trust fund, of the .ate of
Nebra.ka .hould be mad. to walk It. The
laat republican convention showed the tern-
per of the republican, of th. elate and
Joseph Bartley 1. a monument to the danger
of tampering with it. The promise, made
t . k a.a if
nfan trie." aTn To 7add7. on tbV rep"ub-
Mean party a .econd edition of the Bartley
reproaTh he should be broken without
mercy. HI. name .hould be made a byword
in the land and another .hou.d take hi.
Plenty of Men for Place.
xr.k.fl.M nT, There are nlentT
of honert men in the state to look after the
.... -,t,.i . withnni wwm, nn
who I. liable to go wrong. A thorough In
vestigation should be made at once and It
v. .-.. . . a k. .h,u
vrenourer m "ruuji, u. .uuu.u
be vindicated; If he is guilty he should
suffer the consetjuences
Rather Suspicions.
Emerson Enterprise: State Tressurer
Stuefer .hould not be upheld In any under-
handed methods of buying bonds. The re-
publican party In Nebraska ha. Buffered
enough from dishonest state officials. The
state treasurer of all others should be
abov. suspicion. Mr. Stuefer may not be
gumy or aoing anyming aisnonesi in 01s
Burt and Cuming county bond deal., but
these transaction, appear Vatber suspicious
t least.
GIto Coonty the Beneflt.
xt.k.i.. -ts-iv,,.... TV. nnint mia
Is this: If Mr. Stuefer had state funds to
Inveat at 1 per cent he .hould have let
Otoe county have thi. $60,000 last spring,
in.tead of forcing us to pay 4H. with the
tate the final lender after all, but only
getting part of the intereat we are paying.
It was not thought such a bad sale at the
time, aa th. best term, the county ever
secured was 4 per cent, some three year,
ago. But we could have made $5,000 by
getting some of Mr. Stuefer'. 8H per cent
money direct.
Looh. Declded.r -h.dy.
Ponea Journal: State Treaaurer Stuefer
I. having an airing Just now on account of Grand Island Independent: It is plaid' bond were paid for by check drawn by
the fact that h. 1. accuaed of milking the that either Burt county or the permanent tn8 treasurer on the permanent school
stat. school funds of a few thousand plunks school fund Is loser by just eo much as the fUDIj 0( the state. Mr. Nellgh then notl
In some bond purchases he made from Burt third and superfluous party In the transac- jje(j the treasurer of his purchase, aug
end Cuming counties. Tbe transaction looks tlon Is th. gainer. It might be difficult to gestlng that the bonds were a legal Invest
decidedly shady at thla distance, judging show that Mr. Stuefer himself ha. made mtat for part ot the idle school fund. The
oy in. puDiisaea accounts, we nilgai aau
that Mr. Stuefer denies the charges In toto
and claims to be able to prove hi. In-
Merit. Condemnation.
w.. H.r.idr Th. r.nuhiican mrtr baa
its woes In Nebraska, especially in con-
nectlon with the .tate treasurer's office.
Why, tb. good Lord only know.. It seems
the greed of men to make money overpow-
ers their sense of right and In a few abort
hnnra their fnterritv for which ther atood
ao high la wrecked almost beyond repair,
The purchase of the Burt county bonds by
an agent of Treasurer Stuefer recently,
who afterward .old them to the .tat. for a
premium of $3,200. If a. given out by prom-
lnent cltlien. of Tekamah 1. true. Is a
transaction that merit, th. severest con-
demnatlon. Why do men ot such excellent
reputation thu..ri.k tbelr all?
Pay. to B. Honest.
., r,. -.. tv. t... 1.
aft." SUte Treasurer Stuefer with a hot
. , n
that it pays 'to be hone. If hs has acted
... . t. k J-
tairiy m me maiirr vi iuitiiiuB uuuu.
for the permanent .chool fund and In th.
Inve.tment and of the .chool money
b. .hould have made a statement, as re-
quoted by th. atat. convention. If he
ha. been dishonest h. had better make a
clean breast of It and make matters right,
Nebrasks la safely republican and tb. re- calling Stuefer to time. When th. party at erage wa. aufflclently large to merit tne
publican, ot th. atat. are determined to the last .tate convention adopted th pub- term of "rakeoff." Tb. fact that th. re
keep It .0 If honesty and a proper admin- Ucity resolution with regard to state, county clplent of the rakeoff was closely connected
Istratlon ot the affairs of state win do It,
and any on. not thoroughly In accord with
thl. principle of republicanism had just
as well join th. populist funeral procession,
Not for Kerplna Qnlet. ircm pumic omcer. ana notice was thereby th. stat. and thla construction, uncnaru-
aerverd upon all that political affiliation able though It may sound, will stand until
O'Neill Frontier: The Bee has ths fair- woua not ,enre aa a protecting mantle for the treaaurer can clear himself ot th Un
as to publish Mr. Stuefer'. .tatement. ouestlonabla methoda. In trrlna- to enrtrh nutation.
and at tne .am. time gives uaiea tan uB-
nre. in a .imliar transaction in turning steufer has shown hlmsetw entirely un
county, th. horn, of th. .tate treasurer. worty of the adherence of hi. partisan.
Th. Bee may be a Utile bitter against Mr. and they wl haT n0 nesltatlon in manifest-
Btuerer ror refusing te epmpiy wim me
resolution it. editor had inserted In the
republican platform, but It the treasurer
is milking public funds th. Frontier ha.
no inclination to "keep quiet. '
Governor Mnst Act.
Callaway Courier: VnleM Mr. Stuefer a third person at all. Unle. Mr. Stuefer Bte. Nellgh cleared a bit over $2,000 on
can aet himself right before the people, be- t. able to explain all of these thing, fully th. deal. Stat. Treasurer Stuefer haa not
yond doubt or cavil, a Marching and nonet and satisfactorily be .hould loae no tlm. explained thl. and If hi. explanation I.
Investigation ahould be made. If It be m resigning his office. The party which made, and it la no better thaa tbe ex
found that he has been acting otherwlss elevated him has never indulged in pre- planatlon ot tbe Burt county affair, It
than squarely and honestly with tbe peo- tense or sham reform and it Is In no mood will leave a better taats in the mouth If
pie. it Is to be hoped that Governor Savage for trifling with a representative who be- he does not even attempt an "explanation."
will Uke prompt measure to make an ex- tray. hU trn.u Oovarnor R.... too. la annar.ntl not
ample of him. The republican party ot
Nebraska cannot afford to take tbe chances
ot assuming responsibility for any mors
Bartley. Turn on tbe light.
81ft It to th Bottom.
Central City Enterprise: The Omaha Be.
make, .om ugly charge, agaln.t State
Treasurer Stuef.r. Th. charge, would .eem
to be excellent material for an Investiga
tion and .hould he alt led to the bottom,
torlea Oe Not Ttacia.
Lyon. Bun; Mr. Stuefer make aa x-
placatloo in which be states in effect that
Nellgh purchaaed tb. bond, without bl.
(Stuafer's) knowledge and entirely an hi.
w responsibility . and afterward offered
them to tbe sute treasurer as an invest-
lent, which offer was Accepted, and that
therefor. . tn- profit of Mr. Nellgh was
UgiUma and tbe tit trtnw had den
' '. .. W 1
bis best In the 'Investment of the school
fund moneys. However, the stories In de-
evidence. The Sun hopes that the whole
matter will be sifted to the bottom and
Justice meted out without fear or favor.
If Mr. Stuefer is guilty, as appears, of
allowing the people to be fleeced to line
the pockets of private parties, be should
be summarily dealt with. If he is Inno-
cent, let It appear from a complete show,
in- of the facta In order that the people
may know that their Interests are t ecu re.
Explanation Don Not Explain.
North Platte Tribune: The "explanation"
inre.tlgatton should be made; In fact, we
ghoui,j thlIlk Mr. stuefer would demand
sucn if eTerythlng Is straight the result
of ,be lnve.tlgtlon would only tend to
r.ngtn.n Mr. etuefer In the estimation
cf th
' ,' -,..,.,,....
Tekamah Journal: In Tuesday', paper.
But Treasurer Stuefer make, a denial of
compncIty in defrauding Burt county
"001 fund' tho
oenc(J sauced Mr. Stuefer wa either so
lgnormnt 0f business method, that he wa.
., v ,,. k. wv.
M "J uudi.uku.u- -
ehared ,n ,he BpolU; ,n eUhep
event he Is not the kind of a man the re-
publicans thought they were electing a
state treasurer.
Emuk of Bartler Strle.
R.m.rW Journal: The Bee has the conr-
age of it. conviction, and will not shield a
man .Imply because he 1. a republican. The
man ha. to be more than that. He ha. to
be an honest republican to receive Be.
protection. The state ha. had enough of
the Bartley .tyle of politician and The Be.
to have a determination to root them
out wherever they appear.
Kot . Private S.ap.
Stanton Picket: Why are .0 many men
dishonest? Why do they as soon as elected
to a public offlc. begin to plan and .cbeme
to Increase their own worldly possession.
t public expense? Why can they not ac-
cePl PublIc offlc M Publl
&")? hen a state or county payi 1 a
mn 'or t-U "me they are enUtled to that
time. More than that, they are entitled to
the best talent be possesses. Not a part of
the benefit of hi. experience and Judgment,
, -.,-,,
uut "' '"""" """i
uub u.tuv. ui. v.ujc, wicuv .uu r uci
not on9 Jn wbom tbe pubic can safely re-
r01. tbelr trust. The man who looks upon
pubnc 0fflce Bg 4 private snap should
never be elected to an office. Treasurer
stuefer wa. elected by voter of Nebraska
wno were tlni ot bogus reform. His sa-
gacUy aa a business man was never called
J, aueitlon. Hl. reputation wa. that of an
honest man. If, as now appear, to be true,
be bai abuae tbo trust reposed In him h.
gboui,j at 0ne resign end give the public
T. .nother man to handle the funds of Ne-
braska. If he is innocent, then he .hould
An anmethlnv mora than enter a aeneral
denial. He. should .how that Mr. Nellgh
never had in hi. possesion bond, belong-
ing to the state of Nebraska, a. is charged,
A matter, now stand It look bad for Mr.
Partr Cannot Be Hampered.
Tecumseh Chieftain: It Is to be hoped
that no odlnm will attach to Mr. Stuefer.
but if hi. proceeding, have been Irregular
he .hould resign hi. offlc. at once. The re-
publican party cannot afford to be ham-
pered with the questionable transaction,
of those whom It ha. honored with office.
Merita Condemnation.
any prom, uui me aisciosures point
strongly to the fact that thj state has lost
nearly $4,000 on the deal or that the Burt
county official, have paid $4,000 more than
necessary. Mr. Stuefer'. explanation doesn't
explain. In the meantime let us hear
8ln from the Burt cUIty officials.
A Timely Eipoaare,
H.rtlngton Herald: The Omaha Bee la
engaged In exposing an alleged bond deal,
charging State Treasurer Stuefer with ques-
m. mmi,i,i with h.
chase of bonda issued by several counties as
investments for th. permanent .chool fund.
it must be admitted that The Bee seem to
hav. mad. a .trong case agaln.t Mr.
steufer. The Herald, however, in a matter
of such grave Importance, feela Impelled to
withhold judgment until tbe evidence, pro
and con. Is all In. Ot course Mr. Stuefer
denle. having don. anything wrong In the
transaction.. The Herald believe, with The
Bee that when republican official, go wrong
he Pre should com. from th. repub-
"can press rather than from the opposition,
' orter 'f' the p,arty to reta,n ne coa-
IldenCO Of the people.
Party Cannot Shield Him.
Wayn. Republican: Tb. republican party
of this state la firmly determined to rid
itself of boodlers In public offlc. and w.
are pleased to see that It 1. th. republican
press which baa been taking the lead In
ana municipal treaaurer. 11 wa. not snoot-
ing Into th. air or making a play for
political effect. There was an actual de-
termination to demand conscientious service
n(,,eif at tba expense of the state Mr.
jcg the fact.
Why m Middleman at Allt
St. Paul Republican: What the people
of th. .tat. want to know above every-
thing el.. 1. why it .hould have been
necessary to carry on necotlatlona throueh
Intal t Eass.k.
Rushvllle Recorder: From revelation,
recently made in Tb. Omaha Be. In regard
to certain bond transactions made by
Treasurer Stuefer It shows tbst Individual
up in an unenviable light. Treasurer
Stuefer has published a denial of any desire
on Dla Prt t0 benefit In the Burt county deal
involving ot bona, referred to by
The Bee, but bis denial merely reduce, th.
amount of which th. .chool fund was
milked from $J,zO0 to $2,650. which bis
friend Nellgh received the beneflt of. A
mere denial or tbe shifting of blame doe.
not prove anything, and hi. explanation
i. far from satisfactory. Wa think it 1
about time republican .tat. treasurer,
learned to be careful tn financial deals be-
tween their friend involving state fund
and w think It time to have aa lnvestlga-
Uoa ot Xh. treasurer' efflca to tet at rest
these irregularities so freely talked of by
the two leading Omaha dallies, for the fact
be a stab to every good republican In the
. , r..i. ..-
Norfolk News: It Is regretted by all
that occasion for such a disclosure should
be made, but Inasmuch as there was a
shady deal, republicana are pleased to know
that It should be exposed virtually By the
republican party, whose demands, made In
state convention, Mr. Stuefer hss persist-
enUr refused to comply with. The trees-
sumeui ior u uu.-.-
Thronch with Defendlna; tnefer.
oeceola Republtoan: It ha. not been
k tht) R,puDiic.n w de.
fiut TreMur.r stuefer'. admlnls-
. " w... m .
.1 " . " . nf hu ( .n..fMm.
r.Blatlv. t0 the Investment of the perm.-
nent lcboo, ,und before we will have any-
thln, Bore to say In his defense. W. T. S.
Ni. " ,ntlmt rlnd9'
-,Bi mowed to make a nice rakeoff on
eome Burt county bond. sold to the state
! !. .-a .v. ....
IOT tne SCUOOI UHU "U esuis rail.-
nM Jq f-w AMm OQ th
same kind of a deal in Cuming county,
hlch was Stuefer'a home prior to his elec
tion as state treasurer. The Omaha Bee
is to be commended for the course it is
taking In exposing these transactions, for
if Treasurer Stuefer has been , gull y. a.
charge d by W". "!?'B"P!
worthy to any longer receive th. "PP"'
or endorsem .nt of t he "
wa. the ra.callty
official, that made P om
to sweep the .tate In 189 and that party s
republican .dmlniratlon mad. It Impo.-
lb ' ' J?L1
,BSt ff": tbe""' " . , r " k it 1. the
rSL lr to turn him
"ul rc'uu' .
h our p,Btform promiBing re.
form i. made to be kept and not for th.
purpolle of electing men to office.
ol u " " ....
Cbar.ea Are Serloaa.
AInsworth Star-Journal: The charge, are
of a serious nature and, if borne out by
u l ir. oiutin auu .u . v.
tlon be not brought against htm on most
serious counts. It Is to b. hoped the state
treasurer may. In the interests of the party
and good government, be able to clear hi.
skirts of any taint of suspicion in this
,ot An.OB. to Chant Places,
K A"lc" ,
- riing oionou vui..u... .u
Conservative withhold, any comment a. to
the honesty or dishonesty of 6tte Treas-
urer Stuefer in thi. matter tintU further
testimony ha. been advanced. At the
present writing the Conservative Would
prefer not to be in the poeitlon occupied
by 8tuefer. Nor can it
glv. any mitigating reasons a to why Stu.-
fer ought not to be immediately indicted
for malfeasance In office.
fnenrlable Notoriety.
, ...
v T,1len c'tUen: T"u"r ,ef"
M alned un"Tlb,,e notrUtJ J
eo" of Tho Omaha Bee during the
7 . v V .. . k .k , w
il"1,. L w , " 77.
seTbond." uTueT by
Burt Cum... counties, but that the
treasurer bought the bond at tbe term,
offered by Mr. Nellgh, who, however, first
detached intereat coupon., netting In the
.rc&ta nearly 25.700. It seem, that Mr.
stuefer had formal notice ot the Intended
sale of the bonda in ample time to make
the purchase, direct from the county
boards. Fallur. to do tht. and th. .ub..-
fluent deal, place him in a position which
,s discreditable to himself and embar-
"- to tne repumican party, inero is
no matter upon which the people of the
,ut" rd more eensltlve than the -fetr
nd n" inve.tment of the school fund
nd 11 Jj" ben. met.?ln ' "vU?r.K
10 "Pelican, not "on the ln.lde that the
V. 1 V , A .,, ZZ T
"T "..I .
stltuting thl. fund. The political party to
whom Mr. Stuefer owea hi. election went
out of It. way at It. last conrentlon to
r . ' ... DMtAncY that the
Jreaaurer would hereafter frankly take the
. flw, ,.- nU COnndenea
when reportlns hte al.Pos,tlon ot the school
, ,, thl. rMOlution neces.artlr Im-
Ped that h. would Invest It In the met
Kl. tnr lh tat that roilld
wiuuuu.w M..UUW. -
legally b. done. Neither the eplrlt nor the
letter of the law providing for the treas-
urer's purchas. of bond, contemplate, a
brokerage charge against tne runa tor maa
ing such Investments, but that 1. what was
done in the cases mentioned and the brok-
wun tne treasurer in Business anairs gives
color to th. accusation that Mr. Stuefer 1.
manipulating the school fund rather to his
own aggrandizement than to the benefit of
Explanations Vnaatlafactorr.
Grand Island Independent (rep.): Stat.
Treaaurer Stuefer would. It waa promlaed,
explain the Cuming county deal. In which
The Bee atated Steufer'. bu.lneas associate
bad bought $50,000 worth ot refunding bonds
chiefly with tbe old bonds, which were the
property of the atate .chool fund and which
hi. associate, Mr. Nellgh. had no light to
have In Ms ooeaeaalon. Aa charred bv The
taking the people into his confidence. Per-
hap. be doe. not know that any charge,
bav. been made against Stuefer T If h.
has, is he doing anything to find out If
they are true? And if he find, they are
true, is he content, as the executive ot
ths state to let matters run on re-
gardleas ot th. demand that at least
tn. cnarge be omclaly Investigated!
Moreover, with charge, of auch groaa
manipulation a. have been mad. by Tb.
Bee, anawered by an "explanation" that
will be unsatisfactory to .very on. who
read, carefully th. disclosures made, 1 th
republican .tat administration content te
let matter drift on and not ev.n set afoot
a thorough Inquiry into the matter? And
are tb taxpayer, et th. .tat who have'
been fleeced to a nicety by Bartley and who
hav suffered from maalpulatioa by Me-
serve, going to retrala Iron a vUorou
- -
Last Winter.
protest, unless prompt action is taken to
ferret th matter to the bottom, and, it tbe
charge are true against Stuefer. he la
compelled to resign or I. impeached T
W. don't believe they will. The rank
and file of tbe republican party, even
though .om. t it. leading politician, seem
to have a cowardly fear to stir up the mess
down there and find out whether It 1.
really a. putrid a. condition. Indi
cate, want a .tate treasurer who will be
straight with the people. If Stuefer 1. a
lamentable fallur. of their Ideal they want
him out. And the sooner th. better.
Explain or Realain.
Central City Nonpareil (rep.): To put
ft charitably, there 1. something that looks
very shady about State Treasurer Stuefer's
methods of converting the state .chool
funds Into bond Investments. The recent
exposure, have placed Mr. Stuefer'. name
under a cloud. His explanations hav. been
very unsatisfactory and have failed to
clear th. recent Burt and Cuming county
bond deal, ot the appearance ot jobbery
which they bear upon tbelr face. The re
publicans of Nebraska have reposed a
solemn trust In Mr. Stuefer. When Joe
Bartley betrayed bis trust the republican
party suffered for it, and not unjustly, for
a party must etand sponsor for th. men
it elevate, to high place.. A public offi
cial 1. not alon. the custodian of the pub
lic welfare and hi. own conscience, but
of bl. party', honor a. well. The man
who betray, tbem all for a few paltry
thousand, of dollar. Is worse than the thief
who breaks In at night and robs at the
expense only of hi. own conscience and
his victim's purse, and deserves punish
ment more severe. William Stuefer owe
It to his state, to his party and to his own
good name to explain away these charge,
that have been made against blm. It he
can't do this be owes It to common do.
cency to resign an offlc. he ha. disgraced.
Robes Are Kot Clean.
O'Neill Frontier (rep.): Treasurer Stue
fer' explanation doe not exactly wash
hi robes of suspicion in connection with
those bond deals. He should either un
questionably clear himself or make room
for another treasurer.
Ont of Eacaae Bnalnraa.
Clay Center Sun: State Treasurer Stue
fer Is charged by The Omaha Bee with com
plicity in a bond transaction In his bom.
county, whereby a business friend. If not a
partner, profited to the tune ot $3,200 at
the expense ot the state. Mr. Stuefer vig
orously denies. It wa. necessary, during
tbe late campaign to make excuse, for Mr.
Stuefer and the republican party should go
out ot that business altogether, leaving
such unwise thing, to the demo-pops.
Pltlfolly Weak Excuse.
St. Paul Republican: Corruption in high
place, deserves the prompt condemnation
of every republican newspaper, no matter
by whom committed nor by whom exposed.
There 1. too much of an Inclination shown
to defend Stuefer because he is accused by
Rosewater. Tbe republican newspaper, cf
thla state, which have been tried by fire in
tbe past, ought to be too big for such a
petty policy. The evidence which Tb.
Omaha Bee ha. Introduced against Mr.
Stuefer la unimpeachable. It Is to the ef
feet that the state treaaurer permitted
several lssuea of county bond, to pas. un
necessarily through the hand, of stock
jobbers, who clipped interest coupon, ag
gregating thousands of dollars before de
positing tbem in the state treasury a. an
Inveetment for the permanent .chool fund,
Mr. Stuefer' published explanation I. .0
pitifully weak a. to amount to a practical
confession of collusion at the very appar
ent fraud. He says the reason he failed
to make a direct offer for the various is
sue, ot bond. wa. because be I. prevented
by the constitution from offering a pre
mium, yet in the next breath he admit,
paying a premium on .tate warrants. He
make, a bad matter worse by comparing
hi. record to those of hi. predecessors,
on. of whom I. in tbe penitentiary and the
other in a bank which he wa. enabled to
tart with fund, accumulated during hi
four years' term. There should be no antl
Rosewater foolishness in dealing with ths
case of Mr. Stuefer. Ths concerted voice
of the republican pres. can bring about
bl. resignation if nothing else can. A
prompt resignation upon demand Is tbe
least reparation which an unfaithful publlo
servant can render an outraged constitu
ency. Let Stnefer Step Ont.
Clay Center Sun (rep.): After reading
The Omaha Bee' .tatement. following It.
charge, ot Stat. Treaaurer Stuefer'. mis
use of th eurplu. fund, and tbe treas
urer' defense it looks very much like The
Bee bad the beet of It, and that Mr. Stue
fer has, after having an opportunity to In
vest atate fund., permitted the opportun
ity to go by and afterward purchased the
same bond at a decided loss to the state,
.aid loss going to middlemen. Thl. .eem.
to have been done In three or more In
stances, and It ia not strange it he should
be charged wtlh collusion. The republican
party took a step on the right road when It
demanded the return of Bartley to the pen
itentiary, made the second step by having
Mr. Goold withdraw, and now. If Treaaurer
Stuefer is speculating with the publlo
fund let him step down and out. Let It
be distinctly understood that republican
officials must be like Caesar's wife above
Should Relieve the Party.
Blair Courier (rep.): The Omaha Bee
calls upon State Treasurer Stuefer to re
sign and others less radical ask a thorough
Investigation of The Bee's charges. If Mr.
Stuefer can stand the light of an investi
gation, well and good, and none will bo
better pleased than tbe republicans of the
stat. who call for an investigation. If he
cannot be should resign at one. and relieve
tbe party as soon as possible of tb. odium
be na. already brought upon It, If repub
lican, do not attend to their own .oiled
linen th. opposition party will do it for
them at the next election.
Cannot Afford to Walt.
Kearney Hub (rep.): The Central City
Nonpareil think, that State Treaaurer
Stuefer'. expl.natlona have been very un
satisfactory and have "failed to clear the
recent Burt and Cuming county bond deal,
of tb. appearance of jobbery which they
bear upon their face." Thla 1. very much
th. sentiment of a majority ot tbe repub
lican newspaper, of tbe state. Thla being
the general view, the governor and other
state officials who are associated with the
state treasurer on the Board ot Educational
Lands and Funds cannot afford to postpon
tbelr investigation until formal complaint
ha. been lodged by .om. citizen.
I nhnalaeaallk at Leaat.
Holdreg. Cltlien (rep.): There is con
siderable criticism of Treasurer Stuefer'
bond transaction. There Is nothing on the
fsc. of th. transaction to .bow that tbe
treasurer ha personally gained by thee
transaction' or that be has been dishonest
in the handling of ths bonds of Burt, Cum
ing and Otoe counties. Still, the way be
has handled these bonds seem to tb out
sider unbusinesslike and that th stat
treaaurer ought to hav found some way
to hav dealt directly with the county
authorities instead of dealing with third
parlies, who were able to make a nice fat
thing in buying up tbee bonds and selling
them to the stat. it la not fair to con
demn maa without a hearing, but .9 tar
w 1
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a a Bui a a a
on. Lydla K.
our state treasurer has not given very sat.
isfactory replies to the questions put to
him regarding these transactions. There
are many who 'would like to know the facts
about tbe matter. It under our present
laws tbe state treasurer Is obliged to pur
chase, bonds through bond brokers when
counties issue bonds that will command a
premium in tbe commercial market, tbe
laws ought to be changed bo that he can
compete with the bond brokers.
Half More Than Enough.
Hastings Tribune (rep.): It State Treas
urer Stuefer Is guilty ot half of what he
has been charged with then it would be no
more than right and just for tbe republicans 1
to ask him to step down and out' of ths
honorable and trustworthy, office which he
now holds. Tbe republicans of the good
tate of Nebraska haven't any desire to keep
a man in office if his actions are in tbe
least sha'dy. While the republican party is
working for the best Interest of the tax
payer it is also working just as hard to
purify politics and while doing this not a
single wrong should be overlooked.
Commercial Inte;rltr Above Suspicion
York Republican: The Republican con
fesses that It has had enough ot Bartley
tsm in the party to which It owes al
legiance and It will not defend anything
that looks like It or smells like it. Com
mercial integrity, like human chastity,
usually placns Its possessor above sus
picion, and when suspicion srises It multi
plies suspicion of crookedness by suspicion
ot ordinary prudence.
So Offer from State.
Tekamah Journal: 'WU someone ex
plain why the Burt county officials refunded
their bonds at 34 per cent when the state
had offered to take them at 3H per cent?
Does It not look as though someone In Burt
county was looking for a rakeoff ? Blair
The reason the Burt county officials re
funded the county bonds at 54 per cent
was because they Judged that they would
sell better at that rate when placed upon
the market. There was never any offer
made by the state to take them at 8V1 per
cent. True, the state treasurer told sev
eral Burt county citizens that he would
take them at that rate, but when verifica
tion of this was sought from the state
treasurer and an attempt made to close the
deal no word could be got from blm.
Commissioner Rork went to Lincoln to
see tho treasurer regarding the bonds and
was promised that be would write forth
with to Mr. Everett, chairman of the board.
This be never did. It was the wish of the
board to float these bonds at the lowest
rate at which tbe atate would take them at
par. Personal Interviews nor letters
availed to get a proposition from the state
If It were true, as the Pilot says, that
the state offered to take the bonds at 34
per cent, how Is it they could not have made
it 3V4 per cent when the treasurer after
ward purchased tbem of b's friend at that
rate? Again, what better are Dodge county
bonda that he can take tbem at 3 per cent,
as he did t:,000 lam week.
Thla defenae of the treasurer Is all bun
combe. The state school funds have been
used for private gain and there ia no use
of denying it. There are but three propo
sitions to this matter: Either Stuefer, ths
state treasurer, waa a tool of Nellgh's or
Nellgh was a tool ot Stuefer's, or they
worked la conjunction and divided ths
' inouaju, . ,
Owing to tha tact ihat aamtWpdcal neopls
hira Irolh time to Urn quMtioafd the geuulnc
Beu ol tha Mttimonial isujm arc cOiuBuul
a mm nu
ubtuntnc we aava ueputitea wun ice j aoodai
Cl Huk.oi Ltdb. MaM..4.obo. whk
auk, of Lynn, MaM.,Sj,ooo, wnttn
wul '
be paid to an? peraon who will thorn that the abora tatdawbUl to no,
aeouine. or wm DublUhed betore obtalmin tha wtHer't epecul renraa.
Plakham MewUctna CompMiy, t-yn,
Tranamlaalaalppl Exposition Excess
live Committee Meeta-at So. i
. ...
clal Dinner.
Secretary Wakefield of the Transmission ;
sippl exposition executive committee en- rS
quet hall of the Millard at noon aV4
day. Those present were: O. vv Wattles,
president; F. P. Klrkendall. Edward Roae- '
water, Z. T. Lindsey. E. E. Bruce. Dwlug
to the absence of the secretary from the '
city this was the first opportunity the
committee has had to bo together for soma j
time, and the occasion was devoted to a 1
dlacusslcn of the details of the winding j
up ot tbe affairs of tho committee. Later
a dinner will be given to tbe directory of '
tbe association.
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Criminal Docket Will Be Called o
Monday by Jndse
Fedoral court adjourned Thursday even
Ing until Monday, at which time the crlm-.
inal docket will be called before Judge
Judge McPherson closed his work and
returned to Iowa Thursday, but will ' be in
Omaha next Thursday to try a case, which
will eome up at that time. In the case of
Charles L. Jones against the Union Selling
Company, which was tried before Judge
McPherson, the Jury returned a verdict
in favor of the plaintiff for 3673.
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