Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 14, 1902, Page 12, Image 12

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f Vim Isr, Janr 14.
1 Every buyer of 2."c worth snd upward In
ny dpartment gets KLAO FREE slzs,
1x13 staff, 22 Inches.
Baited peanuta, fresh, fine the best you
tan buy any here tomorrow, per pound,
. French cream, mixed, per pound, 18c.
Chocolate creams, per pound, 15c.
' Wrapped caramels, per pound, 12V4c.
; Assorted atlck candy, per pound, 1214c.
' Mixed candy, per pound, 9c.
City gum drops, per pound, Re.
Tcday, Saturday, all day, country butter,
frth from the churn, per pound, 18c.
Eg(?s, guaranteed strictly freah egf?s,
brouRbt to town by the farmer himself,
per dozen, 16c.
80 'Fhones. Ring up 137.
' We're always pleased to see you Inside
our store. Hayden Bros. Read our ad on
page 7.
Cut glass lemonade cups. Edholm.
iTaVe Walker from Omaha and Else
j where at Manama Tnnlaht.
1 Tonight will be the biggest night this
season. In the estimation of the manage
ment at Lake Manawa, as the much-talked-of
cakewalk will be held about 8:15 o'clock.
Quite a number of "cakewalkcrs" have al
i ready entered, and as the competition Is
open to all who desire to compete for the
prizes. It Is more than likely several others
(will enter at the last mom' The
(Georgia Serenaders, the cold .troupe.
will also participate and a gen
rn cakewalk Is promised Mam
Covalt's concert band will gi
trlotlc concerts today.
atrons. ' vo pa-
ShV' ailway In
t, A Place to Spend the Si
. On the llnea of the Milwaukee
),Wlaconein, Minnesota and Iowa ire some
of the most beautiful places In ' ie world
(to spend a summer vacation canplng out
or at the elegant summer ho. els. Boating,
'fishing, beautiful lakes and stream and
(cool weather. Okobojl la the nearest of
'these resorts, but all are easily reached
(from Omaha, and the round trip rates this
summer are lower than ever before. Full
'information on application.
' General Western Agent C, M. & St. P. Ry.,
- 1504 Farnam St., Omaha.
French grey candelabra. Edholm, Jeweler.
Michigan. Bummer Resorts.
Spend your summer vacation In the cool
i woods of the lake region of Michigan,
j Write H. F. Moeller, G. P. A., Pere Mar
' queue R. R., Detroit, Mich., for illustrated
booklet, aent free to any address, which
tells of a hundred charming spots In the
, resort region. Full information concerning
I hotels, etc. Four original photographs of
j Michigan scenery, 6x8 Inches In size, sent
. postpaid to any aauress tor zzc, stamps or
' coin. '
Everlastingly keeping at It is how we
( manage to give such values as we do. Hay--den
Bros. Our big ad is on page 7.
Graphopbone at a. Bargain.
j FOR SALE Latest model type. A. G.
'combination graphopbone, which plays both
large and small records; list price, $90,
This is especially designed for concert pur
poses, having a thirty-six inch horn and
stand. It also includes twenty large Edl-
t son records and carrying case of twenty
four records. The machine is entirely new
and has never been used. Will sell at a
bargain. Address X 36, in care of The Bee.
Good Fishing at Okobojl.
' The fishing at Okobojl ia reported ex
cellent Pickerel, pike and bass. Round
J trip rate, $8.00. On sale at Milwaukee
'railway ticket office, 1504 Farnam St.
fly Dance Tonight.
V Jolly Eight club's lively ball this even
ting, Washington hall, 18th and Harney
.'Streets; fine orchestra; a good, time for
I you. Genta, 25c. Welcome.
Bend articles of incorporation, notices of
stockholders' meetings, etc., to ' The Bee.
We will give them proper legal Insertion.
Bee telephone, 238.
Turn right to page 7 and read our ad.
Hayden Bros.
': Gold medals made to order. Edholm.
SaUnjay Slashes
- Q" DruS PricQS
Prices given below are for today (Satur
day) only but our prices will always be
Mound the LOWEST.
(1.09 Swanson's 6 Drops, today 69a
1.00 Burnham's Siirsaparllla, today 4to
1 i5o Putsene Wallpaper Cleaner, today 8o
,$1.25 White Port Wine, today 64o
7ftc White Port Wine, today 82c
86c Mermen's Talcum Powder lOo
1 One package only to customer.)
lfl.00 Plnkhum'a Compound 66o
il.OO Putty Malt Whlaky 6c
' 60c Kld-ne-olds, today 26c
fi.00 Pe-ru-na, today 65c
r K3 Fskay's Food, today , 29o
f 26c Thompson's Cherry Phosphate..... tto
r 25c Hires' Root Beer, today lOo
(but our prices will always be found
LOWEST our goods alwavs genuine.
Soc Quick Work Bedbug Poison 19c
$1.00 Wine Cerdul 47o
- Bring us your prescriptions. Our su
rertor equipment in this department la
well known.
41.00 Pierce's Medicines - Mo
$1.00 Temptation Tonic 170
12-00 Pennyroyal Pills feu
lSii8rman &McGonne!l Drug Co.,
, Cor. 16th and Dodge,
( f Omaha, Neb.
No party is a.
success -wlthoul
ecu-earn, no ice crwi3
a success unless, it 5s h
CMUil&Our cream for
parlies ii delivered al
ine fime ordered -
You know its delicious if if It
Greatly Reduced Prices
on suits, skirts and outergarments from
the Seeley-Howe-LeVan stock tomorrow.
Women's Tailor-Made Suits from the Seeley-Howe-LeVan
stock, worth $10 & $12, for 3.90
When you consider that these are all this season's styles and they are
made of the newret materials andln all colors, you can not but be Impressed
-with the magnitude of the offer. The Jackets are silk lined, the skirts have
high flouncLS. They come In Eton, Blouse and
Gibson styles. $10.00 and $12.00
values, for
I LI t .Mil.
Women's Tailor-Made Suits from
the Seeley-Howe-LeVan stock,
worth $20 and $22.50, for $7.
This lot includes all the new seasonable
styles and materials, taffeta lined Jackets,
skirts with drop linings, taffeta and peau
de sole stitched trimmings, Gibson, Blouse
and Eton styles, strictly high
grade garments, at the very
insignificant price
oon, uiouse
Silk lined Wool Etamine
Suits, worth up to $35,
for $15.00.
42 fine all wool suits made of Etamine,
ennvas cloth and mlstrels, all with silk
lined Jackets, and skirts with full taffeta
drop lining, Gibson, Eton and Blouse
styles, taffeta, moire and self stitched
trimmings. The colors are brown, tans,
navy, black and grays, many are sample
garments, exclusive summer
styles, $35.00 values,
ay are sample
$25.00 allk foulard suits, $15.
$30.00 walking and golf suits, $10.
$30.00 walking and golf skirts, $19.
$12.50 summer wash dresses, $S.50.
$10.00 summer wash dresses, $6.50.
New Silk Waist Suits Greatly Reduced
$8.00 shirt waist suits, $4.93.
$6.00 shirt waist suits, $2.98.
$3.50 shirt waist suits, $1.98.
$2.00 shirt waist suits, $1.20.
Tremendous Reductions on Skirts
$35.00 silk costumes, $24.50.
$29.00 silk costume skirts, $17.50.
$25.00 silk costume skirts, $15.00.
$20.00 silk taffeta skirts, $10.00.
$12.00 silk taffeta skirts. $6.50.
$10.00 silk taffeta, skirts. $4.98.
$15.00 golf and walking skirts, $9.98.
$12.00 golf and walking skirts, $7.50.
$8.00 golf and walking skirts, $4.98.
$6.00 golf and walking skirts, $3.98.
$6.00 dress and walking skirts, $2.98.
$2.50 golf and walking skirts, 75c.
Wash Skirt Specials Raglans, Long Coats
$5.00 linen and duck skirts, $3.50.
$3.00 linen walking skirts, $1.98.
$1.75 plqua skirts, Sc
$1.00 pique skirts, 40a,
75a crash skirts, 25o.
$15.00 silk raglans, $6.50.
$12.00 rain proof coats, $5.98.
$12.50 silk Gibson and Eton coats,
$10.00 cloth Eton and Gibson Jackets,
lo.w cloth Jackets, 7bc.
Falling to See
plainly Is often the cause of defective eyesight This
can be corrected and bring relief and comfort. Our
optician Is a specialist in fitting glasses. Let him ex
amine your eyes. lou Know our reliability. Look lor
the name,
S. W. LINDSAY, The Jeweler,
1516 Douglas St.
1 and 15 tli
Cor. Farnam
and 15 tli
Cor. Farnam
and 15th
1 ' ry-- CTr .
Thousands wha enter
tain a taste for good,
purs liquor esteem
Rad Top Rye
for Us rich, mellow qual
ities. It's delicate bou
quet and rare, delightful
flavor distinguish it from
all other Dranns. nice.
L per, quart, i.&u. ,
Gackley Bros.,
fi Omaha's finest 'Wholesale
Liquor House,
Ik opp. F. o. pnone n.
k. y r i
Young i1en
are very partial to the "Onlmod"
$3.50 and $S.'0 shoes. We have hun
dreds of customers among the young
men. This la a strong recommenda
tion and one that we are Justly
proud of.
They recngnlze the advantage of
dealing with a special men's shoe
store and securing shoes at factory
is .our trademark. $$.50
are our. prices always.
and $2.50
Shoe Go
TfMi-iuw 205 8. 15th
$3.50 and $2 50 now and always.
Call up
238 !
X and a J
Bee Advertising Man
will call on you
to get a Want Ad or
a Half Page.
Saturday-Boys' Day
Nearly everybody In Omaha knows
the value of our boys' $1.60 school
shoes butt if your boy has never
worn a pair bring him to our store
any time Saturday and let us enow
them to you. We can fit any boy
no matter how small or how big he
is Just so he is a boy with these
$1.60 shoes. They're made from good
solid leather from sole to top,
and will stand more bard knocks than
many a shoe that you would pay
twice as much for. We have the
same shoe In light calf or heavy kid
for girls.
Droxol Shoe Oo.,
Omaha's I'p-to-daT Sao Boasa,
Saturday morning we place on Bale GS0 tlozn men's Negligee Shirt's. The shirts are
the most select of the entire "stock on hand" of one of the largest shirt manufacturers
in the country. But while the price is 75c, the shirts themselves are such as haber
dashers everywhere sell at $1.25, $1.50, $1.75. These shirts are the very pick of the
makers' stock and include all their best qualities, such as woven Trench madras, in col
ors and in white; plain and embroidered, self-colored and set-in bosoms, cuffs attached and
detached. This is one of tlie most notable sales we've ever held and it comes just when
you need shirts most.
Don't Miss This Opportunity.
Sale Starts Saturday Morning
Hot WeatKer Suits
$4.00. $5.00, $6.00, $7.00, $11, $12
These are the most comfortable and sensible hot weather suit's made. The coats are un
lined, have the wide shoulder effect, are tailored so as to fit well and retain their shapeliness per
manently. The materials are flannels, homespuns and unfinished serges of a very fine texture.
The patterns and colorings are beautiful and of the latest weaves. Notwithstanding that
these 6uits are of very light materials and made up as light as possible, they fit ns perfectly as
lined garments and have a very dressy and stylish appearance.
Let Us Fit You Out witki a New Light
Weight Suit.
En the Women's Departing
Special Values in Women's Wash Waists for Saturday
Made of a very fine imported dimity, in
light and dark patterns all the new
Gibson effects regular $1.00 CQp
values SATURDAY.
In madras cloths, plain chambray and
fine ginghams all new effects trim
med with embroidery and cording also
white sheer lawns with all-over embroid
ery fronts and lace insertions regular
$1.00 values SATUR- Q 5 C
In lawns, dimities, organdies and other
new fabrics trimmed with lace and em
broidery new, stylish effects regular
$2.00 and $2.50 values
have the most complete line of Shirt Waist
Suits in the city, in percales, linens, lawns
and organdies at
$2.25, $2.00, $4.90, $6.75, $9.75
and $14.75
invested in Mets beer will afford the par
ticular palate greater satisfaction than the
slow shilling invested in any other brew.
Why? Because It has all those good
qualities that tickle critical palates and
there's nothing deleterious about It.
Metz Bros. Brewing Co.
Tel. 118. Oataaa.
Or Jacob Neumayer. Act., cars Neumajrer
Hotel. Council iiiufla. luwa.
Women's Walking Skirts
75 women's new Walking Skirts bought by us at' 50c on the dollar they are made from the very best quality of all wool
, homespun in light and medium gray an ideal 6kirt for shirt waists cut and made in the very fx
latest styles with tailored seams and 12-inch tailor-stitched flare flounce no better 6kirt sold
: for less than $6.50 SATURDAY..,. ., ,. . . V
Summer Neckwear
Saturday we place on sale
120 dozen Men's Fancy
Striped and Solid Oolor Mad
ras Cloth and Cheviot Wash
able Four-in-IIands. They
are all well made and proper
shapes regular value
at . . . . . . . .
Sale of Men's Straw Hats.
Saturday will be a great
day in our Straw hat de
partment. We are showing
a wonderful variety of
styles in all the latest
straws, Porto Ricans, Mi
lans, Mackanaws, Splits,
the swell rough hats, straw
Fedoras, in fact, every kind
of straw hat that's made
can be found in our hat de
partment at
25c, 35c, 45c, 75c, $1,
$1.25, $1.50, $2, $2.50.
Mens Summer
Saturday we place on
sale 125 dozen Men's Light
Weight Suspenders, made
of fancy and plajn colored
percales and canvas web
bing, with elastic card
ends, they are regular 25c
Special for Saturday-Men's Porto Rican Hats
We place on 6ale 15 dozen Men's Porto Rican Hats, Ln all the swell, new nobby shapes,
distinguish them from the genuine Panama Hat. They are hats that are worth $2.50 and $3.00
They goo n Bale Saturday at......
Genuine Panama Hats
It takes ar expert to
For those who want to wear the correct thing this summer, you must have a genuine Panama Hat. We have
an excellent assortment at .OU, q4.DU, .ou 3i via
Surgical Instruments 1
Need any? If so we can save you more
on them than we can on patent medicines
even, because patents are cut HOME and
surgical InBtrumente nevr have been. It
"MOCKS NIXOl'SE" what kind of an
Instrument you want, we will save you
money on It; set our price first, that's all.
$1.00 Iler's Malt Whlekey
iSc Mlstletu Cream
$1 0) Temptation Tonic
$100 Kilmer's Swamp Root
fl.OO Miles' Nervine
1128 "White port" T Wine
Il.iv) Palne's Celery Compound
$1.00 Peruna
Soc Kldnr-otda (bOc rise)
ZSc Putslne cleans wall paper
Warranted 2-Quart Water Bottle. ..i.
Warranted i-qurt Fountain Byrlnge.
tuc Dob Itemedles (Clayton's)
gfc Doff hemedles (Clayton.)
V .00 Chester's Pennyroyal Pills
, 6c
, 11c
, 17c
, 67c
, 67c
, 65c
, 67e
, 65c
, 2c
, Mc
, 45c
. tc
, 4lc
. K3
SYRINGE. $2.3.
TaL, far, . W. Car. lla aa Ckiaaa.
Per mug at our soda fountain; 25c bottle
of Hires' Root Beer extract, sufficient to
make 6 gallons, 12c. What arc you going
to drink this summer t
We keep all kinds of mineral water, gin
ger ales, etc. Call us up. No. 150, and let
us give you prices before you order. Ws
bare them all.
Myers-Dillon Drug Co.
let a aa Parana Streets, Oasaaa.
P. S. Writs or call (or book on dog.
The most popular summer drink made in
Omaha. Eo good that some of our com
petitors make an IMITATION and call it
KO-KO. - It relieves headache, quiets the
nerve,, cures that "tired feeling," and Is
the best thirst quencher you can get. Ws
have been making It for the last 13 years,
and last ssason sold, 70 gallons of It. Bs
lure sod try it. -
'Children LikeHt
And Ask FoMt."
When a medicine Is so pure, so palatable.
so j speedily yet palnlrly effective, that
children Uk4 to take it and will ask for
it, t not that good proof that it is a food
ucwei duou a nuwiomo ia
ft is the only tunio laxative, and tbs
only one that builds up the sy.tem while
acting ss aa all-around blood purl Her and
touio. It speedily clean the onated tongue,
ebefczs colds and simple fevera, and y-ro-fcot
sleep. The beet Children's retuedr
ln iue world. Motkers are Its greatest
friends, they use It and recommend lb
LiakoU I. sal only tb. mot of ttnll,
ttnolKi, out lb. ot coAoau.l. bttiuM il om
kft4 i.o 4itia.. loron. pric., tontc.n Uaiiv.
4U 4'ucirm. s w4 fo tMtt, at ir. Mirui. oi Tao
lAXAKULA CO., IJJ uun tu.u. N V
Tor sals by Ebarmaa McConnsll Lru( Cto.
Sure ill IlidSI h lams, a TrxklM.
anjj i 4 eiut umm, kM flue Ok., ubMUSjatfc
Ulb Douglas Streets.