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Des Moines (Jett One Mofe Hit, mt Brown
Keepi Them Soattered. .
Oaiht Maa Abl to (oaiwt with th
Ball Whra a lilt Wn Seeded ta
Make a Raa aad Dei Molars'
Errors Help Oat.
DES MOINES. June 12. (Special Tele
gram.) Omaba took tbc last of the series
with tbt greatest of e'ass. Brown ,u la
1b, bos and kept th hlu scattered. Dei
Moines outbatted th Rangers, but ws
unfortunate In not getting Its bits bunched
and when It did get them together thy
could not score. Burg made bis appearance
In a Des Molnea uniform. He played a
good fielding game, but was weak with the
stick. In tbe first Omaha came first
and Carter started things with a pass.
Cenlns singled. ' Dolao's sacrifice pushing
both up a notch. Stone hit to O'Leary and
was thrown out, but Carter scored on the
play. In the fourth Stewart walked, Thomas
sacrificed and tttckejr doubled, scoring
etewart. Gondlng also came in with a
double that scored Hlckejr. Brown got a
lift at first on a bad error by Warner.
Carter went out from abort to first. Centos
singled and Gondlng cams in oo the play
and Hiekey tried to, but was caught by a
pretty throw by Sackof. In the sixth Gond
lng walked, took third on an error by Han
son and scored on an error by Stearns. Tbe
last of the Rangers' tallies was mads In
the seventh. Stewart singled, stole. second
and came home oa a double by Thomas.
Des Moines made two in the fifth. Stearns
singled and Warper, did the same, putting
Stearns on third. Beck.f also singled, scor
ing Stearns. Clark came in with a double,
scoring Warner. Clark did the best bat
ting of any man .on either team. In four
times up be got four bits, two of them
doublea. In tbs seventh aa error by Brows
sent Hanson to first. An error by Rickey
ent him to second and he scored on a
double by Clark. Attendance 400. Score:
AB. R- H. O. A. E.
Carter, rf i 1 0 0 0 0
Oenins, cf 4 0 1 1 0 0
Iolan. as..............! 0 14 I 0
JUone, If M .. 0 110
Ptewart, 2b..... ......... I 1 1 I I
ThomM. lb ... 4 0 , 1 11 0 0
Ulckev. 3b 4 11 1 1 1
Oouding, c 1 t . 1 -6 1 0
Urown, p. 4 001 1
Totals ..n S' g 87 11
AB. R. IL O. A.
Clark, cf 4 .0 4 1 0
Burg. Sb 4 0 0 ' 0
tjulnn, 2b 4 0 " 1 1
O Ur)r, ss 4 0 0 1 4
Btearna, lb......... I 1 1 14 0
E arner, rf 4 110 0
Keckof, If 4 0 1 I 1
llenann, c 4 1 ' 0 7 t
"Wilklns, p 4 0 ' 1
Totals 26 I 9 27 U 4 1
Omaha 1 M I H 1 t Ml
Dea Molnea 0 0002. 0100
Two-base hlta: Qulnn (2), Clark (2),
Hickey, Oondlng. Thomas. , Double play:
Jjolan, to Btewart to Thomas. Bases on
balls: Off WttVlns. S. Btruck oat: By
Wllklns, 4; by Brown, 6. Passed ball: By
Jiarson, 1. lime: i:u. umpire: criss.
Deaver Beatea by Nelarhwors.
DENVER. June 12. Br superior all
around playing, together with costly errors
by tne locals, tjoioraao eprings won a
loosely played game hero today. Attend
ance, i.wu. tscore;
Colo. Springs.. 02000012 0-7 10 1
Ijenver 1 0 0 2 0 0 5 2 10 2
Batteries: Colorado Springs, Gaston and
Jjlion; Denver, .yttts and . Alot-oanwi.
Cowboys Loae'Thlrd gtralcbt
BT. JOSEPH, June 12. The borne team
won today's game by heavy stick work In
tbe third Inning. Attendance, L-O0. Score;
R H E.
St. Joseph 0 02001000-41
Kansas City... 01000000 0-1 2
Batteries: St. Joseph, MeFadden and
Both; Kansas city, rsicnoia and Messitt.
Brewera aa Peoria Tie.
MILWAT'KEE, June 12 Today's gum
between Milwaukee and Peoria was called
at the end of the fifth Inning on account of
darknesa, when the score was a tie. At
tendance, iuts bcore:
Peoria t 1 0 0-1 2 0
Vlllwaukee 0 1 0 0 01 S 0
Batteries: Peoria, Hart and Hayes; Mil
' waukee, Barnes and Hanford.
taadtaa of tha Teaaas.
Played. Won. Lost. P.C.
... 45 22 12 .711
Kansas City ....
Bt. Joseph .i
ColoraJo Springs
Dys Moines
... 44 1& .tt
... 43 27 1 .K-S
.... 4 24 21 .bX2
,.. . 17 22 .43;
.... 43 . 17 2 .
... 42 12 .102
... 40 12 t 0
Games today: Colorado Springs at Den
Games tomorrow: Omaha at Denver. St.
Joaeph at Peoria, Kansas City at Mllwau
kee. Das Moines at Colorado Springs.
Gaaae for Meat gasielar.
On neat Sunday afternoon the Trade
Vnionista will play the originals at Vinton
Street para. A Keen game is especiea.
With Two Oat Waealaataa Poaaaa
Oat Throe Baas ta Xiath,
. Beatlaaj Bra was.
ST. LOUI8. June 12 After two outs In
tne ninth (lining Washington landed hard
on Reldy and batted in three runs. Sud-
boft retired after the third Inning. Pitcher
Harper today received notice of Indefinite
aueiet'sloit ?or hla conduct toward Umpire
Carrutners st Maitnoor, last wees. At'
tunjance, i.kau boore: .
ti on ' auoAr
Rraa. ct Ills llBurkott. If.. 1 I 4 IS
Wolr-t'a. lb. I t I Kwiipblll, rf. 1 I 1
Dalrh'tr. .. 2t t.Haldrlcfc. ef. I 4
Kaletor. tb.. lilt AaSaraoa. Ik 1 t
touibhn. aa. 1 1 1 I 1'Wallae. as.. I I J
Carey, lk.... 1 I II McCors, Ik. I III
Ua, rf Ill ,Pa44ea, ta... I I 4 I I
Clarke, a.... I ill l til. a.... I 111
Varnca. p... a i , i iiaioi, a
r--laU, f
ToUla ... It n JJ ll
ToUU ... I 11 n 14 I
Washington . 2 0 2 0 0 1
Bt. Louis 0 4 0 0 1 2 0 1
Earned runs: Washington,- i St. Iouls
4. Two-base bits: Carey ll), alcCormick,
Burkett . tl't. it-iehant. Anderson. Sacri-
flee hits: Sugden. Kelster. Carrlck. Double
play. Bugdrn to JBeCormu-a. Hit by
pitcher-, by Reldy, 1: by Carruk. L Basto
on balls: Off Sudbuff. 1; off Reldy, 1. off
Carrlck. 2. ejtruck out: By Keidy. L Left
on bases: Washington, 5; bt, Louis, L
Time, x.uw Lnipire: connouy.
Ortoloa 2owa Detroit.
DFTROIT. Juno tt Errors by Caaey
and Veager In tbe aecund inning, followed
by three hits, a baae on balls and a hit
game. Umpire &hrido'e decision pro
voked an almost constant wemonsirsilon
against htm from tbe crowd. The gam
was called la the eighth inalng oa account
or aaranesa ana reverted Dai to tne sev
en in. Attendance, 2,Mk. Score:
a at O AS I B.H.O A-at
Kallr, ef.... 1 I I'lkrrat. cf... I
lh.eb. If . 1 I 1 liolmaa. rl... 1 I
WllilaKa, III I H 4-fa.rl.. ...( t I t
kfOua. Ik . 1 II t,t-.rtal. Mil I I t
kDHxir. ri. 1 I liKT. Ik... 1114
Kotiaaua. c. 1 1 1 1 4 Ulaaaoa, Ik. I t 1
O.i.r. lb ... I 'lHlloa. Ik... 1 11
OUbMt. aa.. 114 11 Mctfcilra. e.. 1 I I I
Boa.ll. a... t I t ;iaa. p... 1 t 1
Taoala Illlliu' TaU
Paltimoro 0 1 24
Detroit I II I I l-l
1 wo-case nit: neblnaon. BacriCe H1U
Oyler. tillbert. ML-Cuin. Stolen baaas
v aary, iiuun, UUuerL lae on balls: Off
Teaser. S: off Ho-n t lilt hv mtrher:
By LllMTfeld. Stimuir. First laa on ar.
rurs: Baltimore. 2; Detroit, . Left on Baltiuure, 2; Dctruit, T. Struck
cut: By YeBr, 1; by Howell, 1. Double
plays: Williams le AtcGaan. Williams to
Gilbert t Mctiaan. Time; 1 44. Umpire:
llevelaasl V4ta fro an Athlettc-s.
CLEVELAND. June UFulU error
and Bral's VU tr tUa sovrnth Inning;
Jave Cie;auud a vU'lr uvt I'lilUdeii,!;!,
I wa lik AUet tAsaa Uaa aaaova ttuu Lav-
jnie failed to roaka a hit. Attendance, 1.000.
Plraerina. et I I Harttel. If I MM
Ha. It s I , , rant. " .... l
rum. rf 1 rl. la.... lf S
Lajole. lb... I I n rrnee. ' 1
Hlrkmaa. Ik t e II t r". n . I
fcradle.. tb.. till I " Creae. I I 1
Ootaa ar, as. 1 1 i P"r. ,.... I 1
I. e t I I I a poenar. . i i a t
Mom ... lie o hwii e..e l t
Totals It M II Teule ...4 1 14 IS 4
Cleveland I 1 0 1 a
I hlladelphla 2 1 0 1 0 04
Earned runs: Cleveland. 1: Philadelphia.
1. Two-bae hltf : Bradley, IJeybnld. Stolen
base: lnle. Double playn Bradley to
lojoi to Hickman. Ooohnawer to Ljijole to
Hickman iz). rirst case on Dans: jri
Moore, I; off Huxtlng. 1. Hit by p'tcher:
Rv Himtins. 1. Left on bases: Cleveland.
; Philadelphia, 4. gtruek out: By Moore,
I; Dy Mustinc. i. lime: i:u. inspires:
O'Laughlin and Johnstone.
Haa Loses t Windy City.
CHICAGO. June 11 The Chlraros made
enough runs to win today In the second.
After two outs Winters hit a bstaman and
Fiade a wild throw, the two mlaplays helng
ollowed by a single and a three-bagger.
The vlaltors were unable to hit Callahan
when hlta were needed. Attendance, ,a0u,
K.HAt l. R H O A .
ttraaa. lb... villi Doh't7. U 1 I I I I
Jm ef.... (lit Col Una. I., till
Creaa. rf ... II BlahU ... 1
rn, as ... 114 1 t rraeaiaa, rf.. 4 114
fctrtra. It... II Parent, ee..l Silt
I'hrll. Ik.... 1 'LaCk'ee, lb. I 1
lb till rerria. b... t 4
kfrrarl's. . I 14 Warmer, ..... 41
Callahaa, .. rnsar. s 1 I 1
winters, p..., evil
Touts ... I M 17 ll
1 Tata It ... t t 14 14 I
Chicago 0 I 1 0 0 0 0 l-
Boston 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-3
Two-oase bits: Collins, McFarland. Three-
basa nit i stcr sriano. Hacrmce nit: Mer-
tes. Stolen base: McFarland. Double
rlays: Daly to Davis to Isbell, Parent to
i eriis to La Chance, Davis to Isbell.
Blruck out: By Callahan. 4: by Winters,
I. base on balls: Off Callahan, 1: off
Winters. 1. Hit with ball: labelL Time:
l&t. Umpire: Carruthera.
taaalasT af the Teaaas.
Plaved. Won. Ixst. PC
Chicago 40 25 15 .624
Philadelphia 41 24 . IT .W5
Boston 43 4 , 1ft ,6o
Bt Louis 40 1 21 .4TS
Detroit 40 18 21 .475
Baltimore 44 20 24
Washington ....4S 19 24 . 442
Cleveland 44 17 27 . 38
Games today: Philadelphia at Cleveland.
Boston at Chicago, Baltimore at Detroit,
Washington at St. Louis.
Plttsbar Skats Oat Brooklya la ja
Fast Playea Pitchers'
Bnnnvi.vv ir..r ni.ri.. n
the part of the Plttsburr team defeated
tne urooKiyns at Washington park today.
The champions shut out the home club
dv a score or to o. Attendance t.toi.
K.H.O.A.B. R.H.O.A.g.
nal. rf.... 1 UDolaa. 1110
Clark. If I I t Knlir, rf... I
P-umont, el 1 I Hherkar. Ir. 0 I 1
Waaner. aa . 1114 HMoCreerr. Ik 1 ( 1
Branaf-lo. Ik 111 I Dthl.a. ... I 1
.itchey. lb.. 1 I Hoot. lb.... 1 I 1
Leacb. lb.... 111 iInrlo. lb ... t I I 1
O'Connor. . 1 1 I 0 Ahearn. e... t 7 1
Cbeabro, p... 1 1 OiNevtoa, p... I 1
ToUls ... ( 17 II 1' Totali ... i It 1 I
Plttsbure- 2000-1 010 O-S
Brooklyn 00000000 00
Earned runs: Plttsbure. 1. First baa nn
errors. Pittsburg, 4; Brooklyn. 1. Left on
bases: Pittsburg, ; Brooklyn, t. Three
base hUs: Wagner, Bransfield. Stolen
bases: Clark (J). Ieach (J). Bransfield.
Chesbro. Double olav: Wttncr tn Rnm.
field. Bacrlflce hit: Bransfleld. First base
on dsiis: un jsewton, 4; off Chesbro, l.
Hit bv Ditched ball: Newton. 1. Struck
out: By Newton, 4: by Chesbro, 2. Time
ot game: l:J. u mpire: o Day.
- New York Dovras St. Lss
NEW TORK. June 12. Tha New Torks
on the Folo around today defeated tha
St. Louis team by a score of 4 to 1. Under
tne direction or tne new msnacer. George
Bmith, who covered second bsse, the horns
team did errorless work In the field. At
tendance, 2.300. Score:
R.H.O.A.S. R H O A B
Brodle, cf.. II Tamil. 2b. III
Baas, aa I I 1 I Donovan, rf. 1
Smith. Ik.... t 114 0 (moot. cf.... IIS
Mrla, lb ... I 1 1 I ,Barelar. if... II
Laaaer. Ik... till Kniser. as... I 1 4
Joam. U til Hraahaar, lk 11 1
Headrtrka, rt ( 1 4 Hanaua. ik I 1 I I I
bovarmaa, e t 1 I Rran. e..... till
Tajrler. a ... s s s SYaraee. p.... 4
1 O Mill ...
ToUIS ... f IS 17 14 St
. Totals ... I 111 14 t
Taylor out for not touching first basa.
tjattea tor x ernes in nintn.
New Tork M I I 0 I I I M
SL Louis 00000100 0-1
Earned runs: New Tork. 4. First base
on errors: New Tork, 1. Left on bases:
St. Louis, 2; New York, 6. Two-base hits:
rarreil. Hendricks. Stolen bases: raj
clay, Bean, Lauder (It. Double play: Bean
a a i . w . c..rf.. kit-. ni
l tvitt.wi w i. i.. i- lull; j . uun .
Mean. Loyie. urst Das on- bails: on
Y ernes, l: off 'layior. l. Hit cy pucnea
ball: Bv Taylor. 2. Struck out: By Verkes,
2; by Taylor, 1. Time of game: 1:40. Um
pires; fowr ana urown.
ostost Defeats Chleayo,
a .una ,a wwmi. wuii u .i
eighth Inning today. In that inning Wil
liams wuoness, coupled wttn some oppor
tune nimna or dwioq. save inw aom
trsm three runs and the same. Chicago s
only run was scored on a single, a rumoie
ana a wua pucn. Aitenaanc. s.ive. score
IHO.11 Jt.MO.aB.
1 t'slafla. If.... 1 1
Luaa. ef
Taaaoy. Ik..
1 14
Joaaa. ef . ... 1
Coalay. II... 1
1 Dexter, lk... S
Caraer. rf... 1
Oraia'Cr. Ik.
Williams, rf. 1
uamsat. .. s
Loci, as
KtttrlAfa, .
ftchaeter. to.
Lowe. Ik
Tinker, aa... t
J. WU ma. p (
Willi, p.... 1
I T 17 U 1
Totals ...I 4 14 14 1
Boston .....0 OOOOOOl-2
Chlcsgo 1000000 0-1
Sacrifice hits: Lush. Tennev. Kline.
Stolen baae: Carney. Double play: Lowe
to Baxter. Bases on balls: Off WilUs. 1;
off Willisana. 3. Hit with ball: By Wil-
nama, l. dixock out: jjy v una. Dy
Williams. 4- Wild pitch: By Willis, 2: by
Williams. 1 Time: 1.32. Umolre: Can-
(teds Wis Over Phillies
PHILADELPHIA. June 12 -Cincinnati
won bands down today. Voorneea was re
tired after tbe first on account ot his wlld-
ness. iberg, who succeeded him, was nit
naro. Aiienaanc. i.tJv. tocore;
R H.O.A B l R.U O A BL
Her. cf 1 I e Tkomaa. of.. I
iurw, u... a , a v v ,, M... a ,
Book, lk II 1 Barrr. rf I 1 I
alaaooa. Ik.. I I I Doom, a 4 I 1
Corcoraa. as. 1 I t Halevltt. al I I I I
ateiaietat. 1 I I I H.llmaa, lb. 1111
Plata, a 112 1 i fc'iaa. lb.... 1 I I 1
Tklalaua. s. t 1 1 1 tiVoarfcaaa. a. I
(Il-rg. s 1 1
Totals ...ll 14 17 ll ;-W. Tkoaaaa.
Totals ... 3 f 7 U "
Batted for Iberg in the ninth.
Cincinnati 3 0 0 0 3 0 1 0 s12
Philadelphia 0 I I I I 1 I I 4-1
Earned rune: Cincinnati, 4; Philadelphia,
2. Two-base hlta: Hoy. Crawford, Berk,
niagooo, rianman. jnree-Dase nils: Cor
coran. Thielman. Home run: Barrv
Stolen baaee: Crawford, Magoon. Left on
ossee: Cincinnati. I, rniiadeiphia. 7. First
caa on uaua: un voorneea. l: on lbere-
2: off Thielman. 4. Hit by Ditched ball: c
oars, i. oy, j. ntruca out: Hy
iwra, it, oi iuieiman, i. vt ua pitcn
V'corheei. Balk; Voorhees. Tims: l.iw
empire: cniaiie.
taadlaar of tae Teaaas.
Played. Won. Lost. P.C,
Pittsburg ...
23 1 .Hi
U 21 .U3
U 22 .445
19 22 .44
17 24 .414
18 24 . .4
17 24 .3:,
at Boston. 8t.
Uclcago ....
nruvaiya ..
Kew York
St Ivonls ..
1 fhla. Cincinnati at New York.
Crelabtoa Take tha leeoad, Too.
r mum v v-t . . , . m
Telegrsm.) Randolph was beaten here
jr me acvviia pi s seriea or two
games: score:
R H E.
Creightona 2 2 101 7 u i
Randolph J lilMMMTI
Ratterlas: Crelghton, Downs and Car
roU: Randolph. McNally and Shager.
W rtlak aul- Rw Towiim L- Km UaV'.IIu a
t'm,.kH. U . u i kill'. . , " A." .
n.i i . niuiBvii wf noioo I iy.
The feature cf the gam waa the bard
bitUBg of tbe locals, Carroll beadir.a the
, V w-MHiwi au, B Baiiyie.
ICaaaaa pttr Voosa la a, Wroeh,
T. PAUL, Jung U. -President Lonnoo of
the Wat club received word todsy that the
.annas City team had encountered a wreca
n the road to St. Paul, and would not be
able to play the game scheduled for today.
tbe ladlaaa. Owe of tho
INDI A VAPOl.TS. June 12 Toledo took
dvantaee of the Indianapolis errors and
hit opportunely, winning out In tbe ninth
Inning. Attendance, Ui. Score:
B.H O A.B.I B H.O.A B.
oerteTer. rf 1 1 It Knoll. If.... lilt
ahaa. If... f I Burna. tb.... 1 I 4
Rrlra. aa.. t I I Smith, lb 1 1 I 1
Ikta. Ik 11 1 1 Taraor. lk... I 1
Babb. lb 114 1 rotcuwell. rf 1 1 I I
Coulter, ef... 1 Mr're. a.... 1
roe. Ik till Ollka. ef SI!
Hfjdoo, e... 4 0 I K If mow. c.. 1 1 I 2
Kellam. p... 1 1 t 4 Molt, p til
Totals ... I I'll 11 II ToUla ... I 10 17 It I
Mott out on droDDed third strike, with
first bsse covered.
Toledo 1 1000000 12
Indianapolis 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 02
Bases on balls: Off Kellum, 1; off Mott.
Btruck out: Bv Kellum. 4: by Molt. 2.
Wild Ditch: Bv Kellum. Three-base hit:
Cogswell. Sacrifice hits: Hogrlever. Burns,
Turner, Myers. Double plays: U Jtirlen to
Kinm, Mogriever to ox, Burns to l urner.
iert on oases: Toledo, s; inaianapotis, a.
ime: i:4X Lmpire: jorignu
Break Evea la Thaaderetoraa.
MILWAUKEE, June 12-Wlth the score
tie at the end of the fifth a heavy thun
derstorm stopped today's game in the first
part or tne sixtn inning, anen Minneapolis
had a man-on second with one man out.
Attendance, 2m Score;
Hallman. rt. I I I (r Br era. e 3 1
Cllnsmaa. aa 1 I I 1 ;Ph7l. lb.... 113
McBriae. rf.. 1 Lynrh. cf.... 10
Bourgeois, ef 1'Weroea, lb.. 1
Bnlebeck, lb. t I 4,Wllmo, rf.. 1
IUDn. If.. C MiTarrd. It. 0 1
McAndr'a. Ik 1 Grant. It ... I 1 3
Runkle. lk.. t 0 laluakr. as.. 1
Spear, e 4 0 10 0 Bporer, p.... 0 1
Elliott, p.... t .
. i ola la I u s
Totals ... I 11 7 3'
MHwaukee I 0 0 0 1 t
Minneapolis 1 0 2 0 0-4
Earned run: Milwaukee. Two-baaa hlta:
Hallman l2l. Cllnaman (2). Sacrifice hit:
'Zalusky. Baaes on balls: Off Elliott, J; off
Bporer, 1. Stolen base: Lynch. Btruck
ut: By Kills. 1: by Bporer. 4. Double
plays: Bchlebeck to Cllngman to Runkel,
Grant to Werden. Left on bases: MM-
wsukee, g: Minneapolis, 3. Time: 1.10.
Umpire: Tlndill.
Ohloas Sot In the Gaase.
IjOUIBVILLE. June 12. Columbus could
not make it interesting for the locals after
the third Inning. Though the latter batted
Vassblnder hard, they played a miserable
fielding game. Attendance, 3.112. Score:
R.H.O.A.B. S U.O.A.E.
Keroln, rf... I I I 4 Hart, cf 1 4 1
Clrsier, cf... I 31 llMaanr. rf.... 141
Oanaon. lb.. 11 llVlox, If 1 1
lianzeil. id., i s i l Grim, lb II
Floumor. It. 1 1 I I'Etans. 2b.... 111
Tanneblll. as 0 3 3 O.Turner. Ik... I
Bplea. c I 1 ONallreaa. as. 1 3 1 1
Scbaok. lb.. 111 2'roi. e 4 14 11
rubarty, p.. 1 1 I li Vaaaklnaar, p 3
Totals ...18 U 17 IT ll Totals ...4 T 17 It 4
Louisville 00431100 110
Columbus 0001 010204
Left on bases: Louisville fj; Columbus,
Two-base hit: Tannehlfl. Three-base
hits: Clymer. Osnsell 12), Schaub, Nattress.
oacrince nits: rianerty. Turner. lxiuoie
plays: Mesny to Nattress, Schaub to Tan
nehlll to Oannon, Tannehlll to Gannon (2),
Oansell to Tannehlll to Gannon. Stolen
bases: Clymer (J), Tannehlll, Spies, Fla
herty. Btruck out: By Flaherty. 1; by
Vaaahlnrier 3 Hit hv nltch4 hall' Rnl
scnauo, cvana. rirst nase on Dans: un
L'lr.V.rlll O. AP V...KIn.. fl Tin.. A
game: i:ao. empire: Hasaeii.
BtaadlBK of tbe Teams.
PUved. Won. Lost. P.C.
Louisville 44 2S 14 .S-
St. Paul 41 25 18 .410
Columbus 44 23 11 .
Indianapolis 40 24 14 .6j0
Kansas City 42 20 22 .476
Milwaukee 42 18 24 .423
Minneapolis , i z .so
Toledo 41 10 31 .244
Games today: Kansas City at Bt. Paul.
Milwaukee at Minneapolis, Columbus at
Louisville, Toledo at Indianapolis.
Remarkable Work of Miss Becker la
Metropolitan Asseclatloa
NEW TORK, June 12 The second dsy
of match play for the Woman's Metropoli
tan Golf championship at the Essex County
Country club developed several interesting
contests. The better known ot the niay-
ers. Miss Genevieve Hecker. the treaent
champion, Mies rtu'n L nderhlll, Mrs. A.
Manlce and Mrs. N. P. Roarers, were all
on one side of the tournament and the
match play meant the defeat of two of
them, on tne otner siae oi tne tourna
ment also were some strona- players. Be
sides the four championship matches there
were four (or the consolation cup.
Mlsa Hecker won her first hole from
MIbs Underhlll at the second ereen end
lost no hole on the outcourse, winning also
the forty-eighth, sixtieth and eightieth.
ine chammon was four up at tne (urn.
Miss Hecker was playinc the fastest Kolf
that has been seen in this tournament.
coins" out In one under woman s bogey.
The total of tbe outplay were: Miss
Hecker. 40: Miss Underhlll. 47.
Miss Hecker won the tenth and eleventh
holes, standing; six up In playing for tha
twelfth hole.
Mrs. BhlDDen best Miss Willis 4 un. 2 to
pisy, the total being: Mrs. Shlppen, 42
out. In; Miss Willis. SO out, 33 in.
Mrs. Manice and Mrs. Rodger had a
close match, both playing steadily. Mrs.
Manice was two up at tne turn.
Miss Heckar won from Miss Underhlll by
7 up and 7 to play. Mrs. Manice (teat
Mrs. Rodgers 3 up and 1 to play.
ins totals tor in, inpisy Between mi
Hecker and Miss Underhlll were: Miss
Hecker. 87: Miss Underhlll. 4a.
Mies Hernandti beat Miss EJUs by t up
and 1 to play.
In tha champlonahlD aaml-nnals tomor
row Mrs. Shlppen will pisy Miss Hernandea
ana Mrs. Manice win piay miks uectter.
For the consolation prise Miss Morcan
will play Miss Howard and Ml Omyth
wu piay saias a.),.
Uls Fight with Hatch Smith Friday
Hlsrht Will Be later,
estlasi. '
'Kid" Herman, tb featherwelcht cham
pion of the ( htoaso Ghetto, did hla last
training yesterday for his fight of Friday
night with Hatch Eolith, colored feathei
welaht of Omaha. In the moraine he took
an eignt-mlle walk at an easy gait, having
Blobbed the harder work, such as r jnnlna.
and in the afternoon, early, he did light
sparring with his trainers, mor to keep
his arms In good limber than anything
Herman has trained very conscientiously
for this fight and gives every promise of
putting up a very strong battle. Whoever
wins. It seems certain that the mill will
be a fierce on and a real fight ail the time
This fact la apparently Being recognised
by ouulders, aa a big party of soorteroen
is coming up from Lincoln for the occasion
and tickets are sold already la Council
Bluffs. The biggest crowd for months Is
Gives Fatrhary Taslo of Defeat.
Exeter turned the tables on Falrbury Wed
nesday, oeieatinc mem in a snappy game.
Score: Exeter. J: Falrburv. 4. Rattenca:
Exeter. Moore and Doane; Falrbury, Price
and Spencer. Struck out: By Moore, 4; by
trice, a. una. tieirr, ii; falrbury, .
Errors: Exeter. (: Falrburv. 3. hc.riliUv
ut cacici ulcus a nunie run.
Utah School Athletes Meet.
8TUROIS. B. D.. June 12. Se-lal l Tha
first annual meeting of the Black Jlllls
Ainiruc aaeut-iauon, mane up oi tne dif
ferent hlgb schools of the Hills, was held
In I Us city eaturdsy afternoon. Fioth
Lead and Spsartiah student competed for
the trophies, the honor being about even.
Spear ftli carried home th banner, white
in Lean toy capture several aneaals.
York Drops Oao to Falrhary.
TORK. Neb.. June 12 (SDecial Tl-
gram i Today's game between Falrbury
and Tork was one of the best games
played here ibis season. Falrbury played
an eirorleas game and won by a scota of 4
to A. Tomorrow the same teams will piay
Central Pact So Directors Oraanlae.
SALT LAKE CITT. Utah. Jua 11 Tb
sew dlr actors of th Central Pax it e Ball
nay company organised in this city by
electing C. H. Harrimaa of New Tork
aresldaui. Charles H. Tweed of hi Tork
vl jKoaldeot, N. T. Mill ef Saa Fr-S-lc
treasurer aad . L. WUiicoa of a
FrMolaoo Bocmsxy,
EengUrt Friendly to Boot Baptr Take
Definite Bund on Cuban Bill,
Agree to Preseat Solid Froat Agalast
Redared TarlsT, Bellevlaa- They
Ceaaasaaa gosndeat ttreagth
to laaare Seoeess.
WASHINGTON, June 12. Tho republi
can senators who are friendly to tbe beet
sugar Industry and who oppose the pro
posed legislation for a reduction of tbe
tariff on Cuban products, held a conference
of almost two hours duration today and
decided to continue their opposition to
the reciprocity proposition.
They will do this by announcing to the
advocates of the tariff reduction tbst they
will cast tbelr votes for tbe reciprocity
bill aa it passed tbe house. Indicating the
Morris amendment for the abolition ot the
differential due to refined sugar and that
they will resist all amendments that may
be offered to it. They will propose two
alternatives, one of these is to drop the
subject and make oo furthar attempt to
secure reciprocity legislation; the other
is to accept the rebate plan. Today's con
ference was held la Senator Elkln's com
mittee room.
The committee of conciliation consisting
of Senators El kins, Burrows and Jones of
Nevada, appeared to confer with the sen
ators of the Cuba committee at the outset.
reported that they had failed to secure
concessions from the opposition.
Effect of Tharhcr Testimony.
The effect of the Thurber testimony was
thoroughly considered Immediately follow
ing this report. Account of those present
and of those absent and known to be In
sympathy with the movement led to the
conclusion that there are at least nineteen
republican senators who can be depended
upon to stand together In any course agreed
on. Counting the full democratic vote as
favorable to the house bill the beet sugar
advocates conclude that a proposition to
pass that measure would be tbe strongest
that could be put forward. The combina
tion ot the two forces would give a total
ot fifty-two votes, or seven more than a
majority. There was objection on the part
of some ot the senators to an acceptance
of tbe house bill carrying the abolition
of the refined sugar differential with the
reciprocity provision, but it was pointed
out that by no other course were the beet
sugar senators sure of receiving the full
democratic vote. The suggestion also was
made that rather than see the house go to
a vote under such conditions the friends ot
th Cuban reciprocity either would accept
a rebate plan or permit the session to come
to a close without making further attempt
to secure action.
Decision la Unaalsaons.
This Un of reasoning prevailed and tbe
decision of the conference was unanimous.
It was decided to continue th conference
committee, with instructions to present th
facts as bars detailed to tha republican
members of tbe committee on relations with
Cuban to other senator who advocate
straight reciprocity.
The committee in making its report on
past efforts to secure harmonious action by
the 1 republican senators dwelt at some
length on th details of th bill proposed
by tho reciprocity advocate. They pointed
out with, special emphasis tho amendment
abolishing the public provision . requiring
Cuba's acceptance of American Immigration,
labor and exclusion laws. ' Tills action, it
waa daelared, would give at least tbe par
tial effect ot bringing American working-
men into competition with cheap foreign
labor, and it waa spoken of as being most
objectionable. They, therefore, decided
that this arrangement alao should be re
sisted, as should all others in character.
should the bUl come to a vote in the senate.
Tha republican conference of senators
which it was announced would be held Fri
day or Saturday, has not been held and
from a conference with Senators Allison,
Piatt of Connecticut and McMillan it was
learned that no date had been decided upon
for th caucus. They said, however, that
there would b a caucus at an early dat.
Presiaeat Intends to lasao Statement
oa atoelnroolty Promotion
Scheme Today.
WASHINGTON, June 12. President
Roosevelt returned to Washington tonight
on his special train. Soon after the pres
ident reached the Whit House Senator
Piatt of Connecticut, chairman of the com
mittee on Cuban relations, called by ap
pointment. Th announcement was mgd
at th Whit House that no statement
would bo given out tonight regarding Gen
eral Wood's action in giving Cuban funds
for the circulation of literature favorable
to reciprocity legislation, but that such a
statement probably will be issued tomor
row. Senator Spooner of Wisconsin called also
by appointment, soon sfter th arrival of
Senator Piatt and th two senators wcr in
conference with President Roosevelt tor
mor thaa aa hour. At its clo neither
senator would say anything as to the na
ture of their Joint talk with tho president
Soma question exists, it is said, as to
whether a statement will be Issued from
the White House concerning General
Wood's Cubaa reciprocity expenditures.
torn doubt existing a to tb the policy ot
treating th matter as of sufficient Impor
tance to warrant a formal official state
ment from th administration. It is prob-
sbla, however, that th statement will b
given out.
General Wood has got been summoned to
appear befor tb Investigating committee
as yet. The conference discussed the out
look for reciprocity legislation in view ot
recent developments, but so far as caa be
learned taer 1 bo change In tb presi
dent's position and purpose.
Corneals lad Others Ask Cobb; rasa to
Seod a Committee to tho
WASHINGTON. June 12. Representative
MoCall of Massachusett today presented to
th house a memorial lgad by Charles
Francis Adams. Andrew Carnegie. Carl
Scaur. Ed la Burritt Smith and Herbert
Welsh, asking that a congressional com
mitteo of Investigation be appointed to go
to th Pbilpplae ta inqulr into and re
port upon conditions existing there.
Mr. Carnegie's slgnatur wa authorized
by cabl. Tb memorial is dated at Bos
ton and state that th signers ar a com
mil tea appointed at a recently held meet
log of person. Irrespective of party, in
terested in th policy pursued by the United
Elates toward th Philippine.
Mo Reference to Soosldy BUI.
WASHINGTON. June U Tbtr was as
iiauaaatiy largs attendance at the meeting
today el th house commltto oa merchant
marls gad lsherla. aa it oa ti parted
that the ship subsidy bill might be con
sidered, witii a view to Us being reported
to th hu. Th suhjoct was not brought
vp, howsvor, sad arrangement waa mad
lor a further hearing ot Mr, Furusaih,
representing lsbor bodies. In relation to
the provision affecting sailors.
lows and California Volaateera Say
Americans Were Hnmaae
with Filipino.
WASHINGTON, June 12. Mark H. Evan
of Des Moines, formerly a sergeant of Com
psny F, Thirty-second volunteer Infantry,
today testified before the senate committee
on the Philippine concerning the admin
istration of tbe water cure to Filipinos on
four different occasions during his servlc
n the islands. He also related the partic
ulars of the burning of several native vll-
ages. He was questioned by Senator Pat
terson, Beverldge and McComas.
All these events occurred, the witness
aid, during tbe year 1900, In the province
of Batan, island of Luton, and in or near
the town of Orano, where his headquarters
were. Three of the chief administrations of
the water cure occurred outside the town.
In one case tbe cure was administered by
native scouts and in the others by an
American soldier. The first case occurred
at a little town where there were supposed
to be some insurgents. Tbe scouts picked
out the suspected people sad taking one of
them to a nearby creek, poured a quantity
of water Into bis mouth from a canteen.
Th purpose In this, as in other case, wa
to secure a confession.
On another occasion during an expedition
to a neighboring island, the witness said
that he had seen an American soldier
take two suspected, natives Into the water
and duck them, holding them under for
perhaps half a minute at a time. Ho se
cured a confession as to the hiding ot guns
n one case, but none in the other. After
the first case of ducking the victim seemed.
the witness said, to have been quite dls-
sbled, being apparently so wesk that he
was unsble to rise.
Mr. Evsns said he had been present at
tbe burning ot four or five native village
and that the destruction of these places
bad been due .to the presence of Insur
gents. The orders were to destroy all th
native huts along the coast, near the
mountains for thirty miles In Batan prov
ince so as to force the natives to come In
and this, he said, was done.
Replying to questions ot Senator Bev
erldge the witness said the orders were to
treat ths natives humanely and that with
the exceptions noted their treatment had
been in accordance with the instructions.
The natives had not, on the other hand,
shown any appreciation of this considera
tion. They refused to divulge Information
In their possession and In many cases they
subjected the American troops to indig
nities. In one case, he said, where two
soldiers were killed their ears wer cut
Edward J. Norton of Los Angeles, Cat.,
late private in Company L, Eighteenth
United States Infantry, was the witness
at the afternoon session. He served two
years in th Philippine army. Answering
questions by Senator Culberson, Mr. Nor
ton stated that except In isolated cases tbe
treatment accorded the natives by United
Statca soldiers was humane and all that
could be expected or desired.
President Rcvokea Reejncat to Senate
to Hotel tp El Paao
WASHINGTON, June 12. Th preaident
haa revoked his request of the senate to
hold up the nomination of T. B. Olehsusen
to be postmaster at EI Paao, Tex., and tb
nomination now 1 expected to be promptly
acted upon by that body.
Olshausen was nominated last March,
but R. F. Campbell, the present incumbent,
made a strong contest for retention of tb
office. The case finally waa compromised
by permitting Campbell to remain In office
until July 1 next and the nomination of hla
successor meantime has been held up to
permit this compromise agreement to be
carried out.
Bill Introduced for the Promotion of
Captain Charlca Edgar
WASHINGTON, Jun 12. Representative
Fobs of Illinois, chairman of th commit
tee on naval affairs, today Introduced In
the house a bill to authorize the president
to nominal Captain Charles Edgar Clark
to be a rear admiral pt tha senior grade on
tb activ list.
SlS-as of Hack Creator
HONOLULU. Jun . (Via Victoria, B.
C, June 12.) The transport Solace ar
rived here on June 1, from San Francisco,
with a case of scarlet fever on board and
was at one put into quarantine. It will
coal her and leave for the Philippine at
United State Agricultural Commissioner
Jared Smith has Just returned from a trip
through the island of Hawaii. He report
conditions there favorabl to th small
farmers who have homeeteeded lands under
the Hawaiian land laws. Mr. Smith said
the cutworm and other Insect pests wer
making havoc with th farms.
Th latest nsws from th volcano Kilauea,
Hawaii, Indicate an outbreak. On Bun
day, June 1, there wr two explosion ob
served. Red ashes, gas and sulphur wer
thrown up. Tb cloud of smok from th
volcano was larger thaa usual. Sever
earthquake hav been felt in Hooak dis
trict, a considerable dlstanc from the
volcano. Many Honolulu people ar pre
paring to take steamer to Hawaii to wit
ness the etpected outbreak.
The bank of Hawaii haa agreed to com
to the rescue ot th government in th
present Scandal difficulties. Ths bank
will advance IL&4.000 to help th territorial
treasury pay its warrants, taking treasury
note a security.
Klcarasea Volcano tolet.
NICARAGUA, Jun 12. Th Momotombo
volcano 1 bow quiet. It la only emitting
No wonder. Your hair is
starving. Feed it before it
all leaves you. Then you can
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greatly to it. Ayer's Hair
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"One year tfP todsy I had not one
single bgir oa my bead, gnd today
have ss fine s growth of bsir ss sny
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bottle of Ayer's Hair Vigor did it."
Arthur B. Ackiey, E. AUcbiag, Ms.
UM. aaanaulssa. I C. a. Yd UL. Lswot, .
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physicians and drsgrists to invalid women, sickly children
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These famous cures along the River Rhine are working
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Fcr Sale By
Sherman & McDonnell Drug Co.
S. W. Cor. 16th and Dodge Sts.
Omaha, Neb.
It Is anything but pleasant to hav a hot office in which to work during July r
and August. Th. ttm. to remedy this I now. s
There ts no building In Omaha so well constructed with reference to th com
fort of Its tenant la 11 kinds ot weather aa The Be. Building. The court, ' with It
fountain Is not only a aource of delight to the eye, hut furnishes perfect ventilation
and the thick wall and southeast exposure make It an Ideal summer office bulldln-.
There ar not many vacant rooms la tha bulldlnc, but th movement la sad
oat of th building has left a tow ot th very choicest rooms st your disposal.
List of vacant rooms in
The Bee
Ground Floor.
ftOOaf Hi UxU foot, raxes 3eVntent tract ajtd haa window aloof tho"
allay. Tola is a larae, UsM room, aid tho rental price Includes beat,
ligbc. water and J axil lor servloo. It has aa onu-aaoo both oa Too boo
bulldln; Court auel ovntoatat street , Price ,)
First Floor.
nVITB 1011 Thar. Is no finer office suite In Omaha than this oao. It la loeat4
Just on Uia rl.nt najid of lUm groat maxbl. stairway, aad haa unusually
- laxB. window lolUaj upon Uia front entrance way of the bulldiua. It
fronts oa Faxaain sueoc Un room la 17U and tbo other Sal. It baa a
buxBtar-preof vault, naarblo wanloi piece, hardwood floor, aad will be
frescoed to suit tenant Prlc 171.1
SOOM luai Taia room la Just at too bead of too main atoirwajr oa Use first floor.
It would too a very desirable ofiloo for oesao rai estate seaa or toa
U actor. Tb. floor bmlc is luia lost w ,M frlue tat.0
Third Floor.
ROOM SO Si This room la Zlxi feet aad la vary conveniently located near tho
elevator. A siaa oa tita door caa bo readily sosa la slecpUm off. tbo eleva
tor l-rWe tU.01
ktOOaa 83i This room la 17x23 feet aad will be divided to suit tho tenant.
This rooiu la laxucu.axiy adapted ur some cooeara nasdliij lrg floor
liac. axid la a decided baxidauase orbtio. having an aaixauc lamina ib.
court and windows looking out upoa eevsatoontb street. It ba a vary
largs burglar-proof vauil, fcard wood floors and 1 one of tne choicest m
W 1 lit building....,, aw,..........a.a.....aa i'rice Ma .
Fourth Floor.
stOOM 401i UxU feet. This room la next to th. .levator and faces court. It
has a largo burler-iroof vault and la well v.nlllaiod. lias good light,
and lor tbe in fuxalsbae Axsuuea accommodations , ......Put. tllJl
Fifth Floor.
IllTK Sl4i This Is a very large room, 17x41 tost. It faooa weoL but la very
Ugbt and wall ventilated. It is vary seldom that pac of ibis arixe is of
fered la Tb. Be Building. It could bo used to advantage by seme Aria .
employing a largo aunaoar ot corse,
boiaaaie leweiar, or manufacturer
lira-proof buudlog,
mOU oxl i This room face th court aad U lixlt fast. It baa a burglar-proof
vault, and a It is near tb telegraph office and on th same floor with a
number of grain trim, It would be a particularly good room for a grata
firm desiring nrat-cUae avcoursjaodaUen Frlue 00.01
SUTB SlOi This consists or two rooms, both UHxlltt. Each ef them has a
large burgiar-proof vault, hav been newly decorated end ar. rooms
wber. aay buainose or professional man may b comfortable. Price for
ib. two m m
Peatal Arents,
Wrappers enxhangad for
premises. Write for list.
Fruit Laxative.
Buildin g
or requiring taraa noor space a
r manufacturer s agent, wne would ua to bo la a
or ll will bo dlvtdod to suit tho tenant Price fiMS
Ground Floor.
Bee Bui'dinr