Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 08, 1902, PART I, Page 6, Image 6

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fine Pianos
wjk breaking the record of anything ever at-
ropted In tho past. Good pianos with a
tirst-class reputation, pianos that have
lyeen uiied for the pant quarter of a cen
tury and give the beat of satisfaction, are
he ones we are selling. Here are pianos
Wjx quartered oak, Ban Domingo mahogany,
ioscwood, birch and In the finest of walnut,
'oth Imported and domestic woods.
Instruments made by the great Knabe
o., pianos from Kranlch 4 Bach's hlgh
Krade factory, pianos from the world re
Aowned Kimball Co., pianos from the old
Jnd reliable Hallet & I)ala Co., pianos
nadc by the Mathushok Co., McFhail Co.,
iJrlvllle. Clark Co., Krcll Tlano Co., the
i't A'bltney, Hlnze, the Hospe and over twenty
, Ithers. rianos for $118, $127, $138, $146,
I :155, $178, the kind you have been paying
200 to $'H)0 for, on payments of $10 cash
: and $6 to $8 per month. Then again we
lare pianos of the highest grade from
"f217, 227, 238, $278, $307, on terms of $J3
'.to $25 cash an1 $8, $! and $10 per month,
j All Instruments marked In plain figures,
(one price and no more. Fine stools anl
scarfs furnished with pianos,
We say we will save you from $50 to $100.
Come and see how we do It. We say that
we have what we advertise; we will show
you. It Is a well known fact that our
guarantee Is the safest, our terms the
' easiest, our prices the lowest and the
. quality the highest. f
Romember we repair', repollsh, reflnlsh,
, tune, rent and move pianos as cheap as
anybody. We have used organs from $3
; up. We have new organs from $38 up.
1513-1515 Douglas St.
We will have something new to
show this week at price that will
be most satisfactory. Handsome
Dress Skirts, In black etamlne, also
the new wool crash Walking Skirts
lighter, weight and cooler than any
thing elae won't muss will hold
their skape.
Suits in the latest styles of eta
mlne, . of Venetian, of cheviot, of
broadcloth. We can please anyone
looking for well made suits that are
correct In style at. low prices.
Waists in allk also Washable Cot
ton and Silk Waists.
You will be benefitted by looking
here for anything In ready-to-wear
U lYaoAmurrca
1 1610 IvuUkatri.
Bicycles Cheap
Our store Is full of them and we want
the room and your money. Special prices
Inuring tho entire month.
Rambler, Columbia, Wolf-
Amcrlcan at Popu
lar Prices.
Reliance $30.00.
The beat wheel on the market for the
toonsy, with choice equipments.
Or cheap wheel for
Waaler & Wilson. Ball
Bearing Sewing Machines
(or Cash or on Monthly
Free Sewing School all day Thursday.
Ku-oiid hand machines for It to UK
W rent machines, 75c per week or $2.00
per month.
We repair and aell parts for any machine
We !" 'n ' of
With a full stock of Edison and Col urn
via Record.
Nebraska Cycle Co.
ORO. . MICKS! Manager,
fhone 1J. Cor. Mth and Barney,
Vhnna,ll, ' BroJWy.
.... - - -il..V
1010 Deaarlaa St.
- .. . JiNllU Bt. 8oHrOa',S
Rain Interrupt Outside function! tod
forces Boat a Everyone.
IMeaty of Thin. Hoped For, bat Jioth.
Insr Definitely Derided t'pon for
the Delectation of the
Fashionable Folks.
Thanks to the brands of weather, society
has enjoyed another quiet week at home,
with ample opportunity to plan for summer
outings and incidentally reflect upon oc
casions and places where rainy days do
not overturn plans for a week at a time.
Of course, every woman has plenty to
occupy her mind and her hands Just at
present without the interruptions, no mat
ter bow pleasant, of the ordinary round
that makes up a week's doings, for this Is
the season when the fashionable folk are
mnklng ready and looking about for some
place to spend the warm weather, but It
none the less disappointing Just the same
to think what might hare been If It hadn't
This week promises little In the way of
social activity and everyone is looking for
ward to tho time, not far off, when the
weddings will all be over and they may be
off for the summer. The home-coming of
those of the young people who have been
away at school all year promises to give
things a lively turn before long that is. If
the future is to be judged by the past, for
these young people have a way of provid
ing entertainment when everybody else's
resources are exhausted, and it is enter
tainment of a most satisfactory variety,
Of course, the Country club and Field
club attracted their usual gatherings, the
Saturday evening hops being somewhat
larger than usual, owing to the lack of
entertainment in other places. Among
those who entertained at dinner at the
Country club last evening were: Mrs. A.
S. Carter, Captain McCllntock, Mr. J. S.
Orady, Judge Vlnsonhaler, Dr. Hull, Mr.
J. Dickey, Mr. Luther Drake, Mr. Ar
thur Kemington, Mrs. A. J. Love, Mr. J. A.
McShane, Mr. Joseph Barker, Mr. C. S.
Montgomery, Mr. S. S. Keogh, Mr. W. E.
Martin, Mr. O. E. Prltchett. Mr. W. A.
Redlck, Mr. O. W. Wattles, Mr. R. S. Ber
lin and Mr. D. H. Wheeler, Jr.
Last evening was nearly Ideal for danc-
ng at the Field club's pavilion. Had the
sky been bright with silver moonlight the
conditions would have been perfect. As it
was, a very large number of club members
and their ladies enjoyed the cool evening
and inspiring music to the fullest.
Dinner parties were given by Mr. and
Mrs. Harry B. Morrill, who had as their
guests Miss Fanny Couch of Dubuque, la.,
and Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Sunderland; Mr.
and Mrs. F. J. Morlarty entertained Mrs.
James H. Hale of Sioux City and Mr. and
Mrs. Michael Mfrphy; Mr. and Mrs. R, E.
Rogers, Mr. Alfred Tergin and Mr. 3. G.
M. N.aughton and family.
Social hit-Chat.
Mr. Held, Mrs. Jacobs and Miss Curtis
are at Lake Forest, 111.
Miss Margaret Prltchett Is expected home
from the east en June 18.
Mrs. Fonda and Mrs. Harry McCormlck
will leave for the east tomorrow.
Mrs. F. H. Gllck now of Kansas City, Is
visiting relatives at 2211 Wirt street.
Mr. George P. Bemls expects to be able
to leave Clarkson hospital In a few days.
Mr. Horace Spurgeon has been appointed
cadet-at-'Hrge at West Point Military
Mrs. William Seelemler will leave tomor
row for New York City, where she will
spend the summer.
Miss Emily Wakeley is the guest of Mrs.
Floyd and Mrs. Waggeman at their shoot
ing box near Annapolis, Md.
Mr. and Mrs. Alleyne D. Peters are lo
cated at their new home In Denver, their
address being 1675 Fllmora street.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Evans have taken
possession of their new residence "Summit
Place," Thirty-third and Farnam streets.
Mrs. Levi Carter, who Is recovering from
a .serious illness, expects to leave for the
mountains as Boon as she Is able to travel.
Miss Edith Smith has decided to extend
her visit at Fort Grant and will not re
turn to Omaha until about the first of July.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Brogan took pos
session of their new home out In the neigh
borhood of the Country club on Monday.
The many friends of Miss Louise McPher
son will be pleased to learn that she has
almost entirely recovered from her recent
Mrs. John Dougherty and children expect
to leave next week for East Park, Colo,
where they will spend the summer with Dr.
and Mrs. Allison.
Mrs. Ouy Howard, accompanied by her
son, Mr. Otis Howard and daughter. Miss
Helen, Sailed from New York on Wednes
day for Cherbourg.
In honor of the confirmation of her
daughter Grace, Mrs. M. Meyer - of 1104
South Tenth street will hold ' reception
at her home Wednesday, June 11, at S p. m.
Mr. and Mrs. B. E. B. Kennedy and Miss
Kennedy expect to leave soon for Kennedy,
Cherry county, Neb., where they will spend
the summer oo the ranch of Mr. Will Ken
nedy. . .."
Mrs. W. O. Templeton and Mist Florence
Templeton left on Saturday for Red Oak,
la., here they will spend several weeks
visiting friends, after which they will join
Woman's Work in Club
A recently published letter from Mrs.ffto the attitude of President Roosevelt re-
Caroline F. Corbln, in which aha Invites J
mo inenus vi equal cuursge lur wumcu -
to "come, now, let us reason together,"
and then asks. "Why is it thru after fifty
years of determined agitation the cause
of woman suffrage is making ao little
progress?" haa met with a general ac-
eeptanre and brought a aeries of answers
that might quiet a less persistent person
than Mrs. Corbln, and Incidentally furnish
a collection of information that Is being
sought by several of the local women's
organizations. '
Alice Stone Blackwell la authority for
the statement that woman's suffrage haa
made more progress In the last ten yeais
than In the previous fifty years. Daring
the preceding half century full suffrage
was granted in but one atate, Wyoming,
During the lst ten it has been granted
In three,' Colorado, Utah and Idaho; also
In south and west Australia and New
Zealand, besides suffrage . for taxpaylng
women in New York and Louisiana, bond
suffrsge in Iowa, school suffrage la Ohio,
Delaware and Connecticut, liberal suffrage of theae four states in tnsir reports at tne
in Minnesota, parish and district suffrsge recent Los Angeles Biennial of what haa
In England, municipal Suffrage in Norway ' been accomplished by them there, reports
and suffrage for judgea of the tribunal of that proved the advantage of being able to
commerce in France, while the women of demand success as well as deserving it.
Ireland have been given a vote for all ofB- " .
cers sxcspt members of Parllamsat. Mrs. C. E. 8umnsr hss been appointed
Mrs. Corbln sys: "Since Beecher. Pull- chairman of the nous and bom committee
Hps and Curtla passed away scarcely a of th Woman's club and Mesdamas
maa of equal rank has risen to take their Somers, O. W. Wattles and Arthur Eraa
places as advocate of equal suttrag." - la dels the other members of the committee.
rpou to Uil) bu atUBUoi U eaU4..Tb,e cumbers will pai tha o'm too
a party who have taken a cottage at Lake
Okoboji, where they will remain for some
Colonel and Mrs. S. 8. Curtis have given
up their house and left on Thursday for
Lake Okoboji, where they will remain for
a short time before going to Lake Forest, 111,,
to Join the Misses Curtis.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B. Lewis have
arrived In England and are established In
apartments at 10.10 Chester Road, Strat
ford, Manchester. Mrs. Lewis was form
erly Miss Hejen Burnham of this city.
Mrs. W. F. Denny Is expected back from
Minneapolis this week, she having gone
there two weeks' ago to attend the mar
riage of her sister. Miss Charlotte Esmond
and Dr. Fowler Oreny, which occurred on
last Wednesday.
Dr. McClamhan has gone east where he
will remain for about a month, taking a
much needed rest. Among other places
he will ' visit Saratoga Springs where he
will attend the meeting of the American
Medical association.
The Misses Crounse have spent the last
week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Q. M.
Hitchcock, during their absence in the east.
Mr. and Mrs. Hitchcock are expected home
today and will be accompanied by their
daughter. Miss Margaret.
Mrs. H. B. Boyles successfully underwent
an operatiou at St. Joseph's hospital on
Wednesday and her friends will be pleased
to learn of her Improvement. Mrs. Boyles
was taken 111 last week while visiting In
Chicago and was brought home.
Movements and Whereabouts.
Mrs. F. M. Marsh spent a part of last
week in Chicago.
Mr. Charles Young returned from a west
ern trip on Tuesday.
Miss Bessie Brsdy has returned from her
school in New York.
Miss Ada Klrkendall has returned from
her school In the east.
Mrs. Horace O. Burt returned from Salt
Lake Ctty on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Connell returned from
Kansas City on Saturday.
Mr. George A. Hoagland has gone east for
a two weeks' pleasure trip.
Mrs. Philip Potter spent a part of last
week In Washington, D. C.
Mr. W. J. Foye left on Sunday for his
future home In Kansas City.
Mr. Fred Pearce hoe returned from a two
weeks' visit In Corning, la.
Mr. A. H. Burnett has gone to the Pa
cific coast for a month's trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Sholes left on Wed
nesday evening for Minneapolis.
Dr. F. S. Owen returned last week from
a fishing trip to Lake Washington.
Miss Maude Shonfleld has gone to Den
ver, where she will visit her sister.
Mrs. L. F. Crofoot and children returned
last week from a visit in New York.
Miss Elizabeth Field has returned from
National Park seminary, Washington, D. C.
Mr. Lyman Peck has returned for the
summer from his school at Lawrencevllle,
N. J.
Mrs. J. W. Selden and Miss Msry Selden
left on Monday for Denver and Colorado
Springs. . (
Mr. E. P. Peck has returned from Chicago,
Mrs. Peck being expected home in about
two weeks.
Mrs. J. A. Fairfield went to York on
Saturday, to spend some time with her par
ents there.
Miss Catherine Oonden of 3022 Pacific
street Is visiting relatives and friends at
Cedar Rapids, la.
Mr. Hugh Kennedy left Omaha for New
York on Wednesday,' expecting to spend the
summer In Europe.
Mr. Royal V. Swltzer left Thursday for
the western part of the state to spend the
summer on a ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy C. Barton returned
from New York on Sunday and are at their
farm for the present.
Mrs. Robert R. Rlngwalt left on Monday
for an extended visit with her sisters at
Grosss Isle, Lake Erie.
Miss Anna Louise, Getty went to Chicago
on Tuesday, expecting to spend the re
mainder of the aummer there.
Miss Lavlna Jackson departed oa
Wednesday for Denver, where she will be
the guest of Miss Margaret King.
Dr. and Mrs. A. B. Somers are back
from a month's trip, which Included Cali
fornia, British Columbia and Mexico.
Mrs. McCllntock and Miss McCllntock
left last week for Chicago, having spent
the winter with Mr. and Mrs. Barlow.
Miss Mildred Merriam arrived home on
Wednesday from St. Agnes school, Albany,
N. Y., and will be at home for the sum
mer. Dr. and Mrs. Z. D. Clarke were among
thte Omaha guests who attended the Sar-age-Harvey
weddlnig'at Lincoln on Wed
nesday. Miss Swensberg left last week for a visit
In Chicago and Detroit before sailing for
Europe where she expects to remain sev
eral months.
Mrs. 8. S. Swltier and daughter. Miss
Lucia, departed Tburaday for Denver and
other Colorado points, where they will
spend the summer.
Miss Margaret Wood returned last week
from Dobbs Ferry where she has been
attending school, and will spend the sum
mer with her parents In Omaha.
Mr. F. J. McShane left for Washington,
D. C, on Wednesday and upon his return
will be accompanied by his daughter, Mlaa
Marie, who haa been attending the Visita
tion convent at Georgetown.
Mrs. L. Heller and Mrs. H. Rehfeld spent
last, week In Nebraska Ctty the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Levi. Mrs. Heller
returned on Wednesday but Mrs. Rehfeld
gardlng woman's suffrage and his recom-
iucuuiui u m uis uihbbi m iue bw
York legislature In January, 1899; alao of
the ardent support that It receives from
Thomas B. Reed, ex-Secretary of the Navy
Long, William Dudlsy Foulke, the jiew
civil service commissioner, and many others
of the same stamp. But It Is Mrs. Corbln's
remarkable statement that the women of
ths four equal suffrage str.tes never wanted
the ballot and have no legitimate use for
11 that baa caused the women of that sec-
tion to call attention to the following laota,
which they Insist must speak for them-
selves The secretary of state of Wyoming
reports thst 90 per cent of the women of
Wyoming vote. The governor of Idaho
ys that the women there cast 40 per cent
of the entire ballot. In Denver, at laat
November's election, $1,780 men voted and
23.449 women voted. Her statement that
these women have failed to use tne oauoi
In any way that is calculated to perpetuate
H can scarcely weigh sgalnst those of the
foremost of tho cultured, sducsted women
will not return until Tuesday when ehe
will be accompanied by Mrs. Levi.
Colonel and Mrs. McClerlsnd are at West
Point where they will participate In the
centennial exercises of the Military acad
emy. Judge Wool worth is expected home today
from New Tork, where he accompanied Mrs.
'Guy Howard who sailed recently for Eu
rope to be absent several months.
Mrs. F. R. McConnell and her daughter
Gretchen left last week for" Wellesley col
lege, where they will visit Miss Elisabeth
McConnell, and from there make several
stops at Long Island points.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Blakeley hare re
ceived word of the safe arrival of their ton,
Mr. Gaylord Blakeley, at San Francisco,
where he has returned from the Philippines
after three years' service In the army there.
Weddings and Eara;esneat.
The engagement is announced of Miss
Grace Elchberg of Chicago, and Mr. Louis
F. Relchcnberg of Omaha.
Mrs. M. Splesberger of 610 Park avenue,
announces the engagement of her daughter,
Miss Cora and Mr. Louis Wolfe. No cards.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wright announce the
engagement of their daughter. Miss Helen,
to Mr. Hsrry Duval, the wedding to occur
at their home, 2014 Elm street, about the
middle of June.
The marriage of Miss Margaret Cannon
and Mr. John E. Regan will occur at 9
o'clock on Tuesdsy morning, June 10, at the
Sacred Heart church. Twenty-second and
Blnney streets. No cards.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam O. Smyth announce
the marriage of their daughter, Miss Emma
Louise, and Mr. Harry Ored Steel, which
Is to occur at All Saints church on Wed
nesday evening, June 25.
The marriage of Mr. Henry Ar Oelrich of
Butte, Neb., and Miss Ida V. Butts, Is an
nounced to occur at S o'clock on Tuesday
afternoon, at the home of the bride's father,
Mr. G. P. Butts, 4218 Farnam street.
Miss Nina M. Broderson, daughter of Mr.
J. L. A. Broderson, and Mr. Elmer Hudson
were married on Wednesday evening, Rev.
Yost of St. Mary's Avenue Congregational,
church, officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Hudson
will make their home In San Francisco.
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Frederick have Is
sued Invitations to the marriage of their
daughter, Miss Constance, to Mr. Jamos
Lowell Cook of Chicago, which is to occur
at their home, 1706 South Thirty-second
street, on Tuesday, June 17, at high noon.
Mr. William F. Parsons, formerly of
Omaha, and Miss Nellie Greene, only daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Greene of
Kansas City, Mo., were married recently a(
Kansas City. Owing to the Illness of the
bride's father, the wedding was a very quiet
one. Mr. and Mrs. Parsons will be at home
after June 15, at 1011 Lydla avenue, Kan
sas City, Mo.
Among the pretty weddings of the week
waa that of Mr. Fred L. Goodrich and Miss
Ella Perns Ring, dsughter of Mr. and Mrs.
G. E. Ring, which occurred on Tuesday aft
ernoon, at the home of the bride's parents,
130S South Twenty-fifth street The bride
wss attended by Miss Mittle Foley of Blair
and Mr. Lester O. Lowe acted as best
man. The wedding march was played by
Mls Edith Foley, also of Blair. Rev. Luther
M. Kuhn of Grace Lutheran church, offi
ciated. Mr. and Mrs. Goodrich left on
Tuesday evening for an extended trip
through the easf, which Is to Include New
York and other cities, '
Among the prettiest of the early summer
weddings that takes from Omaha another
of Its moat popular young women was that
of Mr. Frank T. McConnell of Sioux City,
la., and Miss Almie McDowell, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. McDowell of 2627
Harney street, which waa rolemnlzed at
All Saints church at 6:30 o'clock on Wednes
day evening: It was a white wedding, no
color being used either In the decoration of
the church or In the other details, all of
which were the more effective for their
simplicity. The bridal party entered to
Mendelssohn's wedding march, the ushers,
Messrs. Frank Furay, Robb, Roy Morris
and Harry Cockrell in advance were fol
lowed by the ring bearer, little Miss
Meriam Reed, dressed In t"ie daintiest of
white frocks. Miss Vivian McDowell, sister
of the bride, was the only other attendant;
her gown was of white lace mull. The bride
followed gowned also In pure white chiffon
handsomely trimmed with applique and
Mexican work. She wore a tulle veil caught
up with the groom's gift, a crescent of
pearla and diamonds. Rev. T. J. Mackay
officiated, the full service of the Episcopal
church being used. Mr. and Mrs. McCon
nell left immediately on thlr wedding tour
after which they will be at home In Sioux
City. Many valuable gifts attested the
popularity of the young people among which
was a complete silver tsble service from the
employes of the Cudahy offices at South
Ont-ot-l own Guests.
Mrs. James Carter of Rexberg, Idaho, Is
the guest of Mrs. Harry Cartan.
Mr. Russell Lemlst waa the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. H. T. Lemlst last week.
Mr. J. B. Hoffocker and Miss Hoffocker
of San Francisco, were Miss Thomas'
guests laat week.
Mr. D. W. VanCott of Torre Haute. Ind.,
formerly of Omaha, spent a part of last
week In the city.
Mrs. Emma Homan Thayer of Denver is
the guest of Mrs. Henry Homan of 2617
Davenport street.
Mrs. Lewis and Miss Lewis, who have
been visiting Mrs. George Voss, left yeeter
day for Colorado. '
Miss Frances Nash returned from New
York with Mrs. Crotutt and Is the guest of
Mrs. Harry Cartan.
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Conner of St. Joseph,
Mo., is In the city, a guest of Mrs. Theress
Merges. She came for a short visit with
and Charity
appointment to Dll out the committee.
The member of th Woman' Christian
association have decided to postpone the
strawberry festival they were to have
given this week tor the benefit of the Old
Ladles' home, but expect to give it next
The next kenslngton for the benefit of
the philanthropic work of the household
economic department of the Woman'
club will be held at the borne of Mr. C.
M. Scblndel, 2504 K street, South Omaha,
on Tuesday afternoon, June 10. at t o'clock.
All who are interested in securing a new
building for the Young Woman' Christian
association are requested to be present at
th mass meeting to be held in the asso
ciation parlors at I o'clock on Monday
evening. ,
The annual commencement exercises of
Brownell Hall will oeaur at 10:30 o'clock
on Monday morning, June 10, at Brownell
Hall. On Monday evening the pupils will
give a piano recital. Invitations have been
Issued by the board of trustees and prin
cipal. The member of th local Woman's
Christian Temperance union will meet at
the High achool building a little before 2
o'clock on Wednesday afternoon and make
th formal presentation of th larg pic
ture of Miss Franoe Wlllard ordered by
th u&loa at li Ust m
her friends snd to taks psrt in Mrs. Merges'
Mrs. H. Bernstein of Grand Island, Neb.,
Is visiting her sister, Mr. H. Meyer of
1104 South Tenth street.
Mrs. W. H. Christian of Mapleton, la., la
visiting her mother, Mrs. Down of 1322
South Twenty-ninth trcet.
Mrs. Cbsdwlck. who hss been th guest
of Mrs. Frank Johnson, haa returned to her
home In Englewood, N. Y.
Mrs. Henry Rustln and daughter, Miss
Margaret of St. Louis, will be the guest
of Mr. Frederick Rustln soon.
Mies Edith and Bessie McQuaid of De
Moines, are visiting with Mr. H. F. Ham
ilton, 1030 South Thlnlsth avenue.
Mr. McCornlck of Salt Lake City arrived
last week from West Bsden, Ind., to be the
guest for a few daya of Mrs. Ben Gallagher.
Mrs. Clarke Duncan, who spent Sunday,
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Fairfield,
returned to her home In Sioux City on Mon
day. Mrs. W. F. Robertson and son of Chicago,
are guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.
T. Frederick, 1706 South Thirty-second
Miss Nellie Bsrkley and Miss Daley Mo
Cully of St. Joseph, Mo., are In the city,
the guest of Mrs. Whltmarsh, 1621 Corby
Mrs. Henry A. Young of Trovldence, R. I.,
is the guest of Mrs. N. E. Adams of 2124
Mlama street for a few days while enroute
from the west and couth, where she spent
the past winter, to her home.'
Fleasares Past.
' Mr. Arthur Cooley, gave a dinner at
Manawa boathouse on Saturday evening.
Mrs. Ben Gallagher was hostess at . a
small informal dinner on Saturday, given.
In compliment of her guest, Mrs. McCor
mlck of Salt Lake City. ,
Mr. John A. Creighton gave hta seventh
annual picnic on Monday. About forty
guests were present, the party going In
carryalls to Pries' lake.
Mrs. George Patterson entertained ' the
Neighborhood Whist club on Monday even
ing. Mrs. Connell will entertain thu mem
bers at their next meeting.
As a farewell Mrs. Lawton, who will
leave thts week to join her husband and
spend the remainder of the summer In the
-I . .' '. ' 1 .. .3
i Value and
There are higher price shoes in the
market, but there are no better val
ues than Sorosis. Sorosls are a com
bination of best style, best workman
ship, best materials and best fitting
Qualities. V
Sorosis Price Is
$3.50 Always.
The newest thing In Sorosis patent
kid high and low shoes are 35 values
at the
Same Usual Sorosis
Price $3:50.
Write for catalogue containing So
rosis prize stories it's free.
Sorosis Shoe Store
203 S. 15th St.
Frank Wilcox, Manager.
Unreservedly Endorsed
bjr tho Oru test Critics.
"It caa aot be surpassed."
"Kara eombiaatloa of soooroa
and pace staging toaes."
Ott riorHimi
(ia Mutiesl Cntri'r.)
A rsvelatloa ia ptaaa acoastie
aad scUaaac tonal murca."
CHarlton tor
Mme. NordlcA
Mm. Nordics considered all
hlgh-grad makes from th
standpoint ocoatpaaying
and vole qaalitice, and after
many lasts, selected the
Mme. 'foe la Vinai
"It ! the completion ef the
artist's hope."
J. Lewis Drowns i
x It U ia a class v tuelf, sank i
it aaaiinriuy.'r
Ktato UenroHentativeH,
l"Uh aid Harney.
' 90 'Pliouea 137 Omaha.
I ; 1
nr ,iic
if iGlSjr.! '
f1 vtntchea" i
if -iv Wedding presents J
I tia W. if! j are not expensive. I
I Tf.? Sy'" wl" by if
' ' V-t' nice piece of B
'f Hawks' cut glass ft
j S or Gurhara sterling y
a silver. Why not in-
(pr veHtlgate? W
mountains of Virginia, gav very elab
orate luncheon on Saturday, at which cov
ers were laid for sixteen.
Mlns Ella Rosenfeld entertained th
members of the A. O. T. Bowling club on
Monday afternoon. Misses Pplesberger will
entertain the club this week.
In honor of Miss Wellies of Norfolk Mrs.
Arthur L. Wl!l!iras held a reception at the
episcopal residence on Podge street on
Wednesdsy afternoon, when she was as
sisted by MIjs Butterfleld, Miss Zsnnr,
Miss Moore and Miss reck.
Mrs. Oeorge Tritchett waa hoatess at
one of the largest affair of th week on
Tuesday morning, when he entertained at
six-handed euchre, complimentary to Mrs.
Lewis and Miss Lewis. The prizes were
won by Mrs. Edgar Morseman, Mrs. Her-
r:- ,nt,ie I
ii fintv errmn
J 1 1 1 I !j
6 Hi and farnam Srs Omaha i
On Your Way Home Today Step in
In your pocket Vou get a great big quart three flavors enough
for eight people for 40c Pint barrel, 20c.
1520 Farnam St.
" il ' '"t
SUirs. R. H. Davies, :
; 50
Or One-Half the Usual Price.
Our Dress and Street Hats are man-els of beauty
and our own exclusive styles.
Greatest Slaughter of Hair Goods
All first quality will go af one-half price.
The largest line of first quality switches ever shown
this side of New York City.
All our switches will go in three lot's:
LOT 1 First quality, 18 inches $1.00
LOT 2 First quality, 20 to 22 inches. .$2.00
LOT 3 First quality, 22 to 24 inches. .$3.50
cording to quality.
Infants' Band Silk and wool, 50c up; all wool, 85c up; part cotton and pa
wool, 25o up.
Beautiful line of White Casbmer Jacket, embroidered, $100 to $2.75.
Knit Jacket 29c, 50c, up to $1.35.
Colored Flannel 85c to 65c.
Flannel Shawl Nicely embroidered, 7c, $1.25 to $3.60.
Infanta' Flannel Klmona Wrappers In dainty colors, 66o to 87c.
Knitted Boots 15c, 25c. up to 75c.
Kid Boots, 30c to 75c.
Beautiful Long and Short Coats In Bedford cord, $1.60, $2.25, tip to $9.50.
Silk Bonnets 55c to $3.50.
Dainty Muslin Bonnets 25o up to $2.75.
Wash Hats For Uttls ones, 65c up to $1.00.
Cotton Diapering, Rubber Diapers, Veils, Bibs, etc.
Any Graduate
Will appreciate a beautiful Set Ring, Sash
it cornea from us. Quality is the best and
look orer our etock.
Mawhinnoy & Ryan Co.x,
UU ord (lvsaul atUation. MvoUoq pcktgtf oot to mpoualbl pirne
msn Kountie, Mrs. Tate and Mr. Mun
ger. Following the game an elaborate
luncheon was served.
Miss Ellen Cotton was the guest of honor
st a dinner on Tuesday evening given by
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Crittenden Pmlth.
The table wss effectively trimmed with
pink roses, which formed a massed center
piece and filled tall vases at either end of
the table. The guests present were: Mis
Cotton, Mr. snd Mrs. Charles Kountte,
Misses Moore, Lomax, Lewis, reck, Messrs.
Cudahy, Cotton, Nssh, Rogers, Nash.
Aummer "rhool.
Summer school Twentieth end Ohio, be
ginning June 1, Ev Hsmllton, Sarsh King.
Pam'l Burns big reduction sale commences
June 15 Watch for it.
In the
Pavilion at
Park we will
serve you
with our de
licious ICE
and all kinds
of refresh
ments. SOLD AT
Mrs. J. Benson.
Very Ca mplrte We Have Everything for
the Llttla Ones to Wear.
Long Slips 25o, 50c, 7Se up to $1.25.
Long Dresses 5c, 75c, 85c up to $12.75.
Long Outing Flannel Skirts 29c and 65c.
Long Flannel Skirts Embroidered, 80c up to $4.60.
Long Skirts In cambrle and nainsook, handsomely
made, 45c, 75c, up to $4.50.
Infants' Knit Vests Silk, $1.00 up; silk and wool, 65c
up; all wool, COc up; part wool, 25c up.
Rubens, fastens with bsnd In back, 85c up to $1.00, ac
Buckle, Brooch Pin, Chatelain Watch. If
the tyle th latest. Befor deciding
16th and DougUs Jowelor nd
Street. Art tatloner