Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 08, 1902, PART I, Page 11, Image 11

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Jobberi Beport the Volume of Bniineu for
Hy Bt on Eecord. '
Dry Oood Market Firm and Storks of
Fall and Wlater Good of De
sirable Grade Are Light la
Manafetarers' Hand.
In cheeking up their account for the
month of May local Jobber unit manufac
turers In nearly all cases And that they
sold mors goods than ever before during
the same month. That applies not only to
current business but to future business as
well, so that Omaha Jobbers are well
pleased with existing conditions. The fart
that trade Is ao heavy In the face of the
high prices ruling on practically all classes
of goods Is considered good evidence of
tha fact that people have money and are
not afraid to spend It. The ralnsof last
week, which visited a large part of the
territory tributary to this market, made
every one more confident than ever re
garding future business, so that prepara
tions for fall and winter trade will be
pushed even more vigorously than in the
past. Taking everything Into considera
tion, wholesalers say that more favorable
conditions cnirld not well be Imagined
than those existing at the present time.
Unless something happens to change the
situation It Is predicted that the amount
of goods shipped from Omaha this fall will
be far In excess of last year or of any other
Bo far as the markets are concerned
there have been only a few Important
changes during the week under review.
The same firmness on practically all lines
that has been ruling for some time past Is
still noticeable and It may be safely said
that the general tendency -of values is up
ward rather than downward. The demand
In a great many cases Is In excess of the
supply and a long as that is the case
strong markets must be experienced.
Collections are alao reported as being In
exceptionally good condition. Retail trade
was, of course, little slow early In the
spring, but now business in the country is
rushing, so that dealers are able to meet
their bills with considerable promptness.
Sagar Advanced Five Points.
Wholesale grocers report business for laat
week as being exceptionally heavy and in
fact some of them say It was the busiest
week of the year to date. The market
continues In a good, healthy condition and
a few lines have been advanced. The Sugar
market is quoted very strong and active.
On Friday an advance of five points took
place on soft grades, and, owing to the
heavy consumption, higher prices are pre
dicted on all lines in the near future.
Cablegrams were received last week by
local houses from Japan and China to the
effect that opening prices on the new crop
of test are considerably higher than they
were a year ago. It Is claimed that a
heavy frost In Japan during the month of
April damaged the crop So per cent and
as a result teas are now costing in Japan
104c per pound more than they were a year
ago at thla time. In China the market
opened JO per cent higher than It did a
year ago.
In farinaceous goods the only change of
Importance Is an advance In oatmeal
amounting to 25c per barrol and case
have advanced from loe to 20c per case.
Cheese took a drop last week, owing to
the Increased make. Factories are now
atile to work full time and as pastures
are In excellent condition all over the
country lower prices In the near future
are being predicted.
Owing to the short supply, evaporated
apples are quoted a little higher than they
were a week ago. J'runes are also very
firm and especially is that true of the
larger slses, which are said to be well
cleaned up on the coast.
There has been no particular change In
canned goods, but at the same time
tomatoes are constantly firming up and
tocka are now exceedingly light.
Other staple lines handled by Omaha
jobbers are selling in about the same
notches they were a week ago.
Dry Goods Active and Steady.
There has been no change In tha ruling
quotations on staple dry goods during the
fast week. Manufacturers, however, claim
hat they are well sold upon both cotton
and woolen goods for fall. Omaha jobbers
ay they have good reason for believing
mat sucn is me case, owing to the diffi
culty they are having In placing orders
for winter stuff. Not only are manufactur
ers In the east experiencing a good de
mand, but Omaha Jobbers as well are
doing a rushing .business In fall gooda.
The distribution extends to all lines, In
cluding flannels, both cotton and wool,
domets, blankets, underwear, hosiery, duck
lined goods, cloaks and dress goods, in
fact It Is claimed that orders are twice as
targe ana more numerous than ever before.
The cloak trade la fast coming to the
front In Omaha, as one house claims to
nave soia as many cloaks ao far this
season as were sold all last year, Everv
one seems to be figuring that future busi
ness Is going to continue far In excess of
last year, owing to the exceptionally fine
outlook for bountiful crops. .
Current business la also of very Satis
factory proportions. Bales last week
showed a big Improvement over the previ
ous tnree weeks and a large number of
buyers arrived on the market. They all
had a good word to say regarding the
condition of trade In the country and said
their stocks were going to pieces at a rapid
No Change lu Hardware,
There have been no new developments
In the hardware market since last report.
Prioes on all lines are good and firm, but
there have been no ouotable chanaes
worthy of mention. The demand Is hold
ing up In good shape for all classes of
seasonable goods and In fact the volume of
pusines oeing transacted la considerably
In excess of the same time of last year.
i nere does not seem to be any particular
icurw io ine iraue. out simply a good.
neauny demand all along the line. There
Is considerable building being done In the
,rounirr, wnicn or course creates, a big
demand for builders' material. Everything
at present points to a continued heavy
demand -and Jobbers are preparing to sell
more fall gooda than ever before.
. . Shoe, Men Well Pleased,
leather gooda - men also have a good
word to, say regarding the condition of
Their traveling men are meeting
with great success in landing fall orders,
, owing to the good condition of crops, and
eaon week jobbers notice a big gain over
the corresponding week of last year In the
amount of gooda sold. Merchants who
earlier In the season refused to place their
SwtT". tor ehlpment are now buying
liberally, so that traveling men are taking
orders aa rapidly as they can get to their
euslomers. There is no longer any doubt
In the minds of wholesalers but what thla
will be the banner year In the shoe busi
ness of Omaha.
tilling up orders are also on the Increase
and every hot day makes the demand In
the country more brisk. Retailer' stocks
are aald to be well broken and the way
a1.L TP oriern are coming In would In
dicate that such Is the case,
? ' Fralta and Prodace.
The demand for fruits and vegetables
laat week was almost unprecedented. The
1th,t Pr F r extremely high for
practically all kinds of eatables did not
seem ta curtan the demand to an appre
ciable amount. The market is now sup
plied with home grown strawberries and
price are considerably higher than -they
V.,. w'fk.?"0' oni ,,oc now held
at M M to $4 60 per case. Lemons also took
Jump and are now selling at I4.5ti to 5.00
per case. Home grown cherries are be
ginnings to com forward, but they are
very scarce. It Is claimed that there will
only be about one-fourth of a. crop of
early chsrrlee. The later varieties, how
ever, will -be abundant If nothing happens
to damage the crop .
! The only old potatoes left on the market
re northern stock, which Is down to 2
860 per bushel. New potatoes, however,
e.rivn?TL,n ood "PP'y nd re Selling at
1 810061.80 per bushel. The- prices quoted
n the various other kinds of vegetables
will be found In another column. .
in egg mamet Is a trifle lower than It
7 " ". .owing io ine large num
ber of lot now coming forward. Butter.
rowever. has held good and firm In spit
of the fact that receipts have been on the
Increase. The demand la apparently large
" ? tae mn mat is coining forward
1 nere nae not it n mm.. . k r.
R?uluT Receipts are falrlv liberal, but
there has been a ready outlet or all that
baa arrived.
Kaaa City Grata aud Provisions.
CITT, June T -WHEAT July,
s'e'JSic; 6eptember. SeVdVJc; cash, No. 1
hard TOe; No 1, 6c; No. 1 red. 71fj714c;
LJL,?r'nn'. Wei receipt. W cars.
July. 6THc; September. 614651SC
cash, No. I rn
nixed. 6!Wre'c; No. 2 white.
jt2Ue: No. 1. MunAio.
OAT8-N0. 1 white. 44c
RVE No. 1. Rye.
HAY-fhoL-e timothy, $U.ffll00; chole
Pr1,r,i."ou-Ql W.
' tfjJ'-TTEK-creainery. ; dairy, fancy.
EGG &-Fresh. 14c.
Phlladelnhln Prodne Market.
Btsady kml quiet; extra western creamery.
"V'-i".! tx,r nearby prints. 23c.
.Eu-Jf4 Dull and weak: frenh nearbv,
ITHc. loss ofTj fresh western. Uo. loss oft;
fresh southwestern, 17c. loss off: fresh
out hern . lc, loss off
CHiitiit4y; n,w xork uU crcatua.
prime 'miU, 11V; New Tork full cream,
lair io
good, li'Vfl 11c.
Condition of Trade and Quotation on
Staple and Fancy Produce.
EGGS Including new No. i case. lSVjc;
cases returned, 13c.
LIVE POLLTRlf-Chlrkens, 854140; old
roosters, according to age, 4S5c; turkeys,
f'Bllc; ducks and geese, 7c; broilers, per lb.,
HITTER Parking stocK, ic; choice
dalrv, in tubs, lalSc: separator, Zzyzlc.
rrappies, 10c; herring, 6c: picaerel, c; pike,
11c; perch. 6c; buffalo, dressed, 7c; sunflsh,
6c; blueflns, 8c; whltefish, 11c; catfish, IJc;
black bass, lc; naiiom, nc; saimon, jc;
haddock, 11c; codfish, 12c; red snspper, 10c;
roe shad, each, 75c; shad ro., per pair, 36c;
split shad, per lb., 10c; lobsters, boiled, per
lb., 21e; loosters, green, pernio., tta.
nuWJiM! Ldve, per 0.0., iou.
VEAL Choice, 6-6 8C
OATS 48c.
HRAN Per ton, $17. ,
HAY Prices otioted by Omaha Wholesale
Hay Dealers' association: Choice hay. No.
upland.; No. 1 memurn. tt; ro. 1
coarse, $7.60. Rye straw, .50. These prices
are for hay of good coior ana quality, ue-
mand fair, neceipi iigm.
CAULIFLOWER Home grown, per doi.,
75c. .
POTATOES Nortnern, swisoc; new pota
toes, per bu., Sl.Ouftl.M.
UHKI'.N (JN1UIN rer OOS., accorumg m
else of bunches, ISfiaoc.
ASPARAGUS Home grown, per ooi.,
e- ..... ...
CI CI MBKKS-MOinounP, per uui..
LETTUCE Hothouse, per doi., 250.
PARfM.EY Per doi., jmrfttc.
RADISHES-Per doa.. 2"j25c.
WAX HKANS Illinois, per box, $1.60; per
H-bu. box, Tec; per market basket, oc;
string beans, per H-bu.. 75c; per bu., $1.60.
GREEN PEAS Per halt du. Dasaei, oc.
RHUBARB Home grown, per lb., IVic.
CABBAGE California, new. 3c.
ONIONS New southern in sacks, per lb.,
TOMATOES Texas, per 4-basket crate,
$1,504(1.75. .
NAVt BlliAISB 1'er DU., i.
STRAWBERRIES Per 24-qt. case, (4-003
CHERRIES California, per doi,
1.60; home grown, per 24-quart case,
S.75. . ...
QOOSEBERR1ES Per it4-qt. case,
PINEAPPLES Florida, 30 to 3
BANANAS Per Junch, according
lie, tl.H'
ORANUk-ss Valencia. i.ou,i meauerran
esn sweets. I3.75ui4.0u.
LEMONS Fancy, it.&uais.uu; Messina.
HONEY Per 24-sectlon case. $2.753S.OO,
C1IER NehawKa, per bbl., $3.26; New
wil( DHN-Per lb.. 6c: shelled. 6c,
NUTS Walnuts, No. 1 soft shell, per lb.,
12c: hard shell. Der lb.. llc: No. 2 soft
shell, 10c; No. 2 hard shell. Do; Braslla, per
lh . 14c: filberts, per lb.. 12c: almonds, sort
shell, liic; hard shell, 16c; pecans, large, per
ll., 12C; small iwi uuuuauuia, per eauiw,
? . ..... .
M1UE.B HO. I green, one, 10. green
5V4c; No. 1 salted, 74c; No. 2 salted, 6Vc
No. 1 veal calf. 8 to 12 lbs.. 8c: No. :
veal calf, 12 to 15 lbs., lie; dry hides, &iy
12c; sheep pelts, 75c; horse hides, (1.6utu2.6u.
OLD METALS A. B. Alpern quotes the
following prices: Iron, country mixed, per
ton, $10; Iron, stove plate, per ton, $7.50;
copper, per 1., V4c: brass, heavy, per lb.,
b',c; braes, light, per lb., 6c; lead, per lb..
6Vic; line, per id., m, ruuutr, per 10., su,
St. Loots Grain and Provisions.
ST. LOUIS, June 7. WHEAT Higher;
No. 2 red, caah, elevator, 764c; track, 7UV6
7(iJ4c; July, 70V70'4c; September, 6Vic; No
1 hard. 73MC1741.C.
CORN Lower; No, $ cash, 62c; track,
63c; JiWy, 62c; September, nw4c.
43Hgt4c: July, 33c; September, 27c; No. 2
white, 46Vc.
RYE lower ht 56c.
r.' T 1 1 - I I V. .... 1 A wtnlA. nn , a W .
r kjyj u n u lit riiaugru , ' ' . . ......
$.lj&ih3.70; extra .fancy and straight, $3.26p
3.35; clear, 33.00(83.20.
CORN MEAL Steady at $3.15.
fiEKD Tlmothv. steady at $5.
BRAN Weak; sacked, east track, 833
HAY Dull; timothy, $12.00305.50; prairie,
WHISKY-Steady at $1.30.
IRON COTTON TIES Steady at $1.05,
BAGGING Steady at b'u6c.
PROVISIONS Pork, firm: lobbing, old.
$17,474; new, $17.87V4- Lard, dull, $10.10. Dry
salt meats (boxeoK strong; extra -snorts
and clear ribs, $10.25; short clear, $10,374.
Bacon (boxed), strong; extra short and
clear ribs. SU.12V4: short ribs. $11.26.
METAIjS Lesd, steady, $3.9663.974. Spel
ter, steady at $4.65.
I ,T ' 7 -r tl V a,AaHv. 1 Hi
springs, 2Kp23c; turkeys, 9c; duck, 64c;
gvese, 4'a44&
BUTTER Steady; creamery, lCS23o;
dairy, liMjlHc.
EGGS Steady at 144c
Keceipts. Shipments
Flour, bbls.
"Wheat, bu..
Corn, bu....
Oats, bu....,
80,01 10
Liverpool brain Market.
dull: No. 1 northern, spring, 6s 4d: No. ;
California, 6s 8A4d. Futures, quiet; July,
6s ltCkd : September. 6s Id.
CORN Spot, quiet; American mixed, new
and old, 5e 9d. Futures, nominal; July,
nominal; September, 6s 24d; October, 6s
I'EAS Canadian, steady at 6s lOd.
FLOUR St. Louis fancy winter, firm
8s 9d.
HOPS At London (Paclflo coast), firm
at 4 68.
PROVISIONS Beef, dull; extra India
mesa. 9s 9d. Hams, short rut, 14 to 16
lbs., firm. Bacon, firm; Cumberland cut
26 to 30 lbs., 63s 6d; short ribs. 16 to 24
lHa Ma- lAnff r-lAnr n,M,ll., Oil t
34 lbs.. 66s: long clear middles, heavy.
to 40 lbs., 54s; short clear backs. 16 to 20
lbs., 64s 6d; clear bellies, '14 to 16 lbs., 64s
Shoulders, square, 11 to 13 lbs., Arm at 40a
Lard, auiet: American renned. in Dal is
62s; prime western, In tierces. 62s.
CHEESE Steady: American, finest white.
old, Ms; American, finest white, new, 61
American, finest colored, old, 69s; Amerl
can, finest colored, new, 62s.
TALLOW Prime city, steady at 29 6d.
BUTTER Nominal.
Coffee Market.
Kio, auu; ixo. 1 invoice, om,c. juna, quiet,
steady: Cordova. S'H14c The market
opened steady and unchanged, and through
out tne snort session touowea a narrow
rut. not more than 6 polnta, with the close
quiet and net unchanged. The foreign
market news lacked special feature and ad
vices from the crop country were not
factor either way. Total sales were .13,750
bags, including: juiy. 4.wc; September,
6.uK(uM0c; October, 4.15c: December, 6 253
0.80c; January, 6.40c; March, 6.66c; May,
Isgsr Market.
NEW YORK, June '7.-8UOAR-Raw,
firm: fair renning. zv.c: centrifugal. 96 teat
'34c: molaases sugar. 211-lc: refined, firm
iso. , 1.10c; r.o. 1. 4.uoc; P.O. a, a we: No. 1
t km; no. 10, 1 sue; 10. 11, l.Tsc; No. 12, 3.70c
No. 13, 3.70c; No. 14, 3.70c) confectioners' A
4.46c; mould A. 6c; cut loaf, t ide; crushed
t.ioc; rowaerea, f Toe; granulated, 4 66c
cubes, 4.9UC.
Steady; open kettle, 24?i34c; open kettle,
centrifugal, 34c; centrifugal yellow, 4y
4c; seconds, JyJ.-lbc. Molasses, dull; ctu-
Teledo Grain and deed..
TOLEDO. O., June - 7.-WHEAT-Dull,
trong: cash and Juns, Mfcc; Juiy, 7o
eepieuioer. tc.
CORN Dull, stiong; cash, 34c; July,
Oi'jc. oepiemoet, sole; 'jx-ceniDi, 44e.
OATH rainy active, strona: cajh. 43Wc
Juiy, ?ic; new, 40c; bepteinber, g4c; new,
bttlPS-Clover dull, steady; cash, (5.124
........ - 1 - . V 1 : , .
vivwi, e.rtTI, nuiruiucr, e-r-7t.
. Minneapolis Wheat Market.
ioUibic, oeuit-niuer, wc : on iraca. ISO.
hard, iSc, No. 1 northern, 7i'-c; No.
northern, 72Hc.
' FLAJLti-rttfi patent, 13.; aecon
patent, U.oJfiu. nrsi ciears, (2.8642 96
Second clea.s, 42 iu.
BRAN lu buia. (14.0014.26.
. , Milwaukee Grain Market.
wrlN July, atjU4c.
Pswrla Market.
PalwRiA. J una 7.-4.'tRN aiber No.
0..1B Iftrnii Ko. f white, 'sc. track.
i . 4 .aJ du bajus t ( fiiuiw good.
Unlntk titnir
DULlrTH, Juo f.-KEAT Cash. No
kinl. TtWc: Ko. f rtberu. Tlv.-- v
norilisrn. ,ic; Julv'awi nepUaibar, ll'me.
OAi o otpiemoen svsj.
izoesuivt Wet Wather Maintains Lead
for Cereal Balls.
nd Weather Announced by Foreign
Cable and Wheat and Corn Go
Ip, While Oats Slip Down
After Initial Bulge.
CHICAGO. June 7 Excessive rains were
the bugaboo of the bears today, but this
session the cables also told of the same
bad weather abroad. In consequence a
little support In a dull market was suffi
cient to bring strength, and July wheat
iosea up. July corn VU'c nigner ana
uly uats a shade down. , Provisions closed
srtade to 24c up.
Wheat took a strong rtId on the market
early and worked Its prices somewhat
higher on cables and fears of wet harvests.
in ranee the harvest Is almost due and
prices are advancing on an old precedent
nat in tormer timea wet weatner, sucn aa
ev are havinsr. hurt the rron much. Here
ffere were plenty bearish influences, but
additional rains after the already heavy
downpours started covering and a good
support, bujis argued mat tne present
low prices could be Justified only In as
sirmptlon that the yield was to be excep.
tlonally large. There was very little sell
ing pressure on the market early and good
buying came from commission houses.
uly opened higher at 72"472Hc and
old at 724c. Gradually the suuport 01 the
larger Interests were withdrawn. The re
port that cutting was going on In the
soutnern part of thla state and that the
wheat would be on the market within a
week led to some selling and Julv slid oft
to 7174,f472c. After that the market haggled
narrowly, with a small upturn on liberal
seaboard clearances of wheat and flour,
which amounted to 61'O.OuO bushels. The
close was tlrrn, July c up at I2VC. Re
ceipts, 7 cars, 1 contract; Minneapolis and
Dultith reported 244 cars, a total of Jif.l.
against 392 for two daya last week and 4M
a year ago. primary receipts were 375,000
bushels, compared to 470.OOO bushels last
year. The seaboard reported 14 loadB taken
tor export. -
Corn was dull but firm. The wheat
strength, together with the strong cubles,
mnuencen an upturn, aa 01a tne talK 01
poor cultivation of the growing plant be
cause of the wet fields. The leading bulls
gave some small support and St Louis
bought July fairly well. Prices held well,
but there was decided feeling that with
the possibilities of a 2,5fln,Ouu,0fiu-bushel har
vest prices were too high. Most of the
crowd was guessing at the attitude of the
leaders. July sold between 63c and 627c
and closed firm, iic up at 634c. Re
ceipts, 337 cars.
torn took some of the strength out of
oat,s. Influences favored the bulls. Re
ceipts also are light, with a small per
centage of contract stuff. Today commis
sion house business was fair and July
opened Hkc higher at 394c and Bold to 89;o.
1 ne iraue active, covering snort ac
counts brought strength, but buyers of
new July around 36c realized their profits
and after the bulge prices eased on ab
sence of support. July closed barely
steady, a shade down a t 39Ai39i,:c. Re.
celpts were 112 cars.
Provisions had -a dull and artificial trade.
The hog market was higher on a smaller
run of hogs. This gave the packers a rea
son for manipulating a little higher prices
for the purpose of unloading on the out
sider. Conservative traders sav prices of
all provisions are too hlsh, particularly In
me- ugni "i improve receipts or nogs Of
better quality. January nroducts are now
selling on the basis that hogs will cost $6.00
6.25. Outsiders, understanding the manner
in wnicn pacaers are mampuatlng the mar
ket, are staying out. July pork closed
shade higher at $10.264j10.27Vi, and July ribs
4c higher at $10,174.
mated receipts Monday: Wheat. SO
cars: corn. za cars: nuts, rr- hni
4000 head. Receipt of hogs for the week,
The leading future ranged a follow:
Articles.l Open. .Hlgh. Low. Cloe. Ye'y.
71 T4
b July
a Sept,
b Sept.
a Dec.
No. 2. a Old. b New.
Cash Quotations were as follow..
FLOUR Easy; winter patents. $3.70S3.90;
tralghts. 13.-Riu3.80: clears. 33.20&.1.60: nrin
ti f,l"p o.uvo.ou; siraigms,
WHEAT No. 3 spring, 70S73c; No. 2 red
CORN No. 2 yellow. 63Hc.
OATS No. 2. 42o: No. S whit Ara
ivv. , J. v tt tin r, tiiV'J'JTJ';.
RYE No. 2, 584(3690.
BARLEY Fair to choice malting. 6567c
SEED No. 1 flax. $1.56: No. 1
ern, $1.76; clover, contract grade, 38.35.
. PROYISIONS-Meas pork, per bbl.. $17.50
ip u.oo. iaru, per ii ids., I10.22410 25.
Short ribs sides (loose), 310.10ST10 2u. Dry
salted shoulders (boxed), 38.0ng.26. Short
Clear ni'ir lfoai.ui. 1U.W0 1U.W.
whisk nasi or high wine. $1.30.
The following were the recelnts and .hir.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbl.
Wheat, bu..
Corn. bu....
17,000 11,000
11,000 64.0TO
1S9.000. 329,000
123.000 111,000
Oats, bu
Rye, bu
Barley, bu..
7.000 1.000
On the Produce exchange todav the hut.
ter market was easy; creameries, 181i22c:
uoniw, .iic-cae. hcbk, yia UWt
Eggs, easy; fresh, 16$c.
ttnotatlons of the Day on Varloas
NEW YORK June 1 CI yilTT..i.
7. 6tf9 bbls.; . exports, 11,956 bbls.: market
steady; winter straights, $3.754i3.S6; winter
patents, $4.004.10; Minnesota patents, $3.90
M-10; Minnesota bakers, $3.153.30; winter
low grades, $2.86'gs.d; winter extras, IIUS
3.35. Rye flour, steady; fair to good, $3.13
J.45; choice to fancy, $3.551i3.70.
CORN MEAL Dull: western vellow. 11 S?f
city $1.30; Brandywlne, V3.4fxa3.65.
m t, eieany; ino. 2 western, 66e, f. o. b.
afloat; stats, 6364c, c. 1. f New York
WHEAT Receipt. 146,825 bu.; export.
f04.e7 bu. Spot. -oulet; No. red, 78-Sc,
elevator, and 7S7Hc, f. o. b. afloat;
No. 1 northern, Duluth, 814e, f. o. b. afloat
No. 1 hrd, Manitoba, 84c, f. o. b. afloat.
Options were strong during the forenoon,
affected by covering. bullish cable
shower In harvest districts and nrin
buying. Later the market sagged off under
realizing and closed Wn net ad
78J7&e, closed at bc; September, 764
.,wt.-u k 4us, yecflmwr, MuiHfeC,
closed at TtKa.
CORN Receipts, 70,350 bu.; exports, 2,434
bu. Spot, steady; No. I, 704e, elevator, and
71c, f. o. b., afloat. Options ruled active
and firm today, being supported by strong
cablea and bullish reports from the corn
belt, owing to rains and light offerings.
The market finally reacted with wheat and
closed easy at 4c net advance. July. 61
ic, ciuacu ii vc, utcemoer closed at
OAT8 Receipts, 34.600 bu.j export. 100,756
u. D(wi, -jujci, IO. t, 4,-c; INO. X 4oC'
No. I white. 61c; No. $ white. 604c; track
mixed western, 46fi47c; track white, 4864e
Optlone were higher on crop news and
HAY-oteaay; snipping, 60jj65c: good to
choice. 0'n96c.
HOPS fttady: state, prime to choice, 1901
rrop i?m-:, crop, H'fllK; olds Vf C ;
. uaoi, tii'Ji, iyl DIQS, Wtl C.
HIDES Oulet: Oalveston. 20 to 2R lh.
18c; California. 21 to 26 lbs., 19c; Texas dry,
4 IO V IUI , lf.
I-EATHER Steady : cld. 24ff26e.
WOOI Steady ; domestic fleece. IMFSc
PROVISIONS Beef, firm: family. flSSO'S)
is.ou; mess, ni w: oeri name, sis 'joy JO );
packet. 15.0"riH.00; city extra India mess,
J6.0oi'2 00 tut meats, quiet; pickled be I,
lies. $10.00"?10.75; ntckled shoulders. 38 75
picaieo nams, ii."n li uu. ijtra, stesdy
western steamed, $10 65; refined, steady
continent. 310K6: South America. $11 So: com
pound, $8 5u'q8.75. Pork, firm; family. $19. :
short clear, $18,753-1.25; mess, 18 60
Ijis.oo. r '
BI TTER Unsettled ; creamery 194322V.C
factory. 1719c: renovated. 17ao: lmlts
tion creamery. 1746204c; state dairy, 4tf
CHEESE Irregular, nominal; state, full
cream, small, -colored, choice, tc; while.
lc. large coioreo, c; wniis, hhj.
TALIXW-Weak; city ($2 per pkg ). 66
eountrv inkes. free,. 6l4fi.
Ricis r irm: aoraestic, fair to exra, t'9
64c; Japan. 465c.
o Wtak; slAta and Ptnosylvaoia,
72H1T4 72Hi71Tfj72 7H
714S4 714 70T714ff4
724S'I 72?, 72 7235
wrr 63 6274 34'6217.
69U4 594 Ws 58Va5S!HM.'4
447,lg4d 46 ' 44 447 442
24 29 29 '29 29
314 81H 31 31 31
314 814 314 314
17 40 17 474 17 35 17 424 17 40
17 50 17 50 17 40 17 45 17 16
10 28 10 274 10 224 10 274 10 25
10 274 10 30 10 274 10 80 10 274
.10 174 10 174 10 174 10 174 10 15
10 10 10 10 I 10 024 10 074 10 074
174lc; western, storage packed, 17ffl7Hc;
soutlierr, 134'"l4c.
Mi LA81SEt Stesdy; New Orleans, open
kettle, grm.t to choice, 3J'(i41cr
PEANUTS Firm; fancy hand picked,
4c: other domestic grsdes, Sfitc.
I'OULTRY Alive, firm; broilers, 223c;
turkeys, loillc; fowls, 14c. Dressed, steady;
broilers, 2i2sc; fowls and turkeys, 13c.
METALS Today s metal marKets were
quiet, but in the main steady at unchanged
prices. Tin was quoted at (JH.fsyii3U.2n for
spot.- Cop)er stood as follows: Standard
spot to August. Ill .fi 11 lake, I12.2.vti
1J524; electrolytic, $12.124'al25n, and cast
ing. 12.0i 12.2i. Lead was stesily at $4 1J4.
Spelter remained nominal at $4,874- Iron
was quiet, but steady at unchanged sales.
Last Market of Week tdle and Fluc
tuation bnt Fractional.
NEW YORK, June 7. There was no
change In the several repressive influences
upon speculation In etoks today and the
market was practically Idle In consequence.
The policy of the large Interests in stocks
seems to be defined as one of pernicious
holding until the underlying strength of
the situation emerges from the present ob
scuring Influences. Meantime the profes
sional speculators are apparently unwilling
to venture upon a campaign against values.
Today some Influence upon sentiment was
exerted by the strike of the soft coal
miners in West Virginia, by the increasing
difficulty of protecting the anthracite
mines from flooding by keeping the pumps
going with makeshift labor, by reports of
too abundant rains In the corn belt and by
the failure of the bank statement to show
any recuperation In the percentage of re
serve against deposits.
While these facts had the effect of abso
lutely killing any demand for stocks the
selling Induced was of quite Insignificant
proportions and the light play between
professional room traders, whose attend-
nce at the board was reduced to a mini
mum, was all that made the day's market.
There was a laxy and haltlns advance of
a large fraction in Canadian racmc. other
wise not a slnxle leader of stocks that
varied more than a small fraction. The
small decrease in loans by the banks was
Insufficient to offset the decline of over
$UK).0U0 ftf cash In reserves, leaving the
urplus slightly lower than last week.
There has been some liuuldation of spec
ulative bond issues this week and an Ir
regular tone In that department of the
market. United States 2s. realstered: the
3s and new 4s declined 4. and the 2s, cou
pon, and old 4s inr cent from the clos
ing can or last week.
The following are the closlns nrlces on
i no New iora biock exenange:
. do pfd lit
. DSVSo. Pacific (4
do pfd
Baltimore A O
.106", Bo. Rallwar 3S
. H j do pfd 4
do pfd
Canadian Pacific...
Canada 80
t hes. 4 Ohio
Chicago Ik Alton...
.lSeU ixaa ct racinc 40
41. a.
uu pm ja
M. I'nlon Pacific
do pfd
Chicago. Ind. A L
do pfd
. 43",
do pfd
. M
Wheeling A L. B..
rift M ofil
. Zl
Chicago A B. HI-.
Chicago O. v..
174 ,wia. Central
. M'4
. 7
do lat P'd
do Id pfd
.. do pfd
.. tuVa'Adama E
..ViO I American Kx
..171 , fnlted Slatea Ex...
. S0 Wella-Fargo Ex....
Chicago at N. W..
r- 11 I A P
Chicago Ter. A Tr
do pfd
7 ti Amal. Copper
C C. C. A St. L..
Colorado So
Amer. Car A F..
. II
. 30
. 4
do pfd
Amer. Lin. Oil..
do pfd
Amer. 8. A R...
d pfd
Anac. Mining Co
Brooklyn R. T...
Colo. Fuel A I...
Con. Oaa
. o4
do lat ptd
do 2d pfd
. 2
. 414
. 4
. 4x4
pel. A Hudaon....
Del. L.. A W
Denver A R. O....
. 41
do pfd
. B0
do 1st pfd
du td Dfd
. 7W,
Con. Tohacco pfd 1234
Great Nor. pfd 183
Den. Electric 319
Horning vauejr my
Hocking Coal 174
do pfd
Illnols Central ...
Siihlnter. Paper 20
1504, 00 pfd 7
4L. Lacleda Oas 85
Iowa Central
do pfd
82 National Illarult .... 47Vi
Laka Brie A W....
14 ; National lad 2
12S !No. American 120
do pfd
L. A N ,
Manhattan tt...,
Met. St. Ry....,
Mex. Central ...
Na. Br. ot Max
Minn. A St. L.
Mo. Pacific .....
M., K. A T
. ..1SU Paclnc Coaat 66
...liOVi Pacific Mall 84
. ..1481 l eopie a taa 1W1
... a4 Preaed B. Car 464
... 18V 0o Pfd 8f4
...110 iruuman r. car isz
... 4 Rapubllc Steal 174
... fiW OO Pa 74
do pfd
... 6v Bugar 124
...184 jTsnn. Coal A I
N. J. Central .,
N. Y. Central ,
Norfolk ft W...
...104 Lnion nag at r 15
... M o Pfd 8t4
do pfd
... 8 .u- a. trainer 13
Ontario A W...
... US do PM 84 4
...141 iv- Rubber 14
PennaylTanla ..
Reading ,
... a:u ao pia m
do lat pfd
do td Dfd ,
. . . 12V U. 8. Steal 9'4
... 48 do pia KB
St. L. A B. P..
... ggu wentern Union Joi
do lat pfd
do Id pfd
... 14 lAmar. Locomotive.... 124
... 7J 00 Pi" a
... t7 K- C. Bouthera ,.. S2
... (94' do pfd; so
St. L. Souihw..
do pfd ,
Bt. raul ,
New York Money Market.
TN'KW YORK. June 7. MONEY On call
steady at t per cent, close offered at 3;
prime mercantile paper, 4t44 per cent.
actual business In bankers' bills at $I.S74'3
4 874 for demand and at $4.8444.86 for
lilv rlavs: nosted rates. $4.864iri4.8i and
4.8i-'(r4.84; commercial rates, HM-inn.-,
hi 1 .v kh Hnr. bi'Y.c: Aiexican aouars. -ic,
OOVKRNMKNT BONDS Steady: ref. 2s
resr., 1084; coupon, 104; 3a reg. and coupon.
IU74; new 4a res. anu coupon, joo; ,mii
reg., 104; coupon, 1104; 6a reg. and coupon,
1064- . . ... .
The doling quotation on uonus are a
follow: '
If M la t 108 t. A N. unl. 4S 1C94
do coupon Max. canirai aa i4
do a, rag 1074I do la lno 14
do coupon 1014 Minn. A Bt. L. 4a. ...105
do new 4a, rag 1 M.. K. A T. 4a ?
do new 4a. coupon. .136 do la :4
do old 4a, reg 1"4 N. T. Central la 104
An nA Am. DnUDOB . .110V I do Cfln. IWa 108
do 6a. reg 106 N. J. c. gen. 6a 138
mn rnunon 1054 No Pacific 4a. ...... . 1054
Atchison gen. 4a 10141 do 3a "S
do ad. 4a a4 ;im. at w. con. a....,v,it
Baltimore A O.
luza neaaing gen. ib i"i?a
do 14a
do eonv. 4a...
N4 8t L A I at e. 6a... .11
107 St. L. A 8 F. 4a. ..100
Canada 8o. it:.
Central ot Ga.
.lot 1st. L. Soutbw
.10841 do it..
. (24 I. A. A A. P.
.100 So, Paclflo 4a..
do la me
. 04
. w'
Chea. A O. 4 Via
Chi.-aeo A A. I'.a.... 8'4 So. Railway (1
C. B. A Q. a. 4.... Ma.Texaa A Pac. la.
C, M. A Bt. P. g 4s. Hi
C. A N. W. C 7a.. 140
T., 81. L. A W. 4.. 824
union racino as
C. R. I. ft r. 4a.
do con. 4a 107U
C 0 C A Bt i. g. 4S.10I
Wabaah la 1194
Chicago Ter. 4a
Colorado 8o. 4a 86
do 2a ill
do deb. B..... T4
Denver A R. U. 4S..1U4
West Shore 4a 1144
Erie prior Ilea 4S....1004
wneei. m u. m.- as... ao
do general aa ai
Wia. Central 4a I4
r. W. A D. C. la.... Ill
uon. i o oa ceo aa.
Hocking Val. 4'-,e... 1101
Boston Stock Qaotatloa.
BOSTON. Jun 1 Call loan. $4S4 per
cent: time loan, too per cent, vmcia.
elosins ot stock and bond:
Atchlaoa 4. ..'....
Oaa la
. .102 Wallnrh. Common.. .101
44 Adyniur 23
Mex. Central as..
.. ai Aiiouea
N. E- O. A C.,,..
.. 6441 Amalgamated 684
.. T4 Bingham H
do ptd
Boatoa A Aibaar
w-i ciiunni Hecia....6T0
Boatoa A Me
.too ICopper Range
... r.74
N Y , N. H A H...I3I woinmion coal
Fltchburg pfd mjFranklln .....
t'nlon Paclllo 104,lale Royal ...
Mex. Central 14 Mohawk
American Sugar 127 jOld Dominion
do Dfd 11 Oaoaola
.. It
.. 11
.. 41
.. to
.. J
.. II
American T. A T..v1784 P"ot
Dominion 1. A 8.
Santa Fa Copper
Tamarack ........
t'nlted Bute ...
Gen. Electric ...
Maaa. tlectrlo ..
do ptd ,
N. E. O. A C...
t'nlted Fruit ....
Dally Weat ,
V. 8. Bteel
do pfd
,. 44
. M4
. 46
.. 134
.. to
.. 114
. teT6
.. I
68 ',1 Wolverine
.. sa
London fioek Market.
LONDON. June T. I p. m. Closing:
Conaola for money.. 17 INorfolk A Wetter n..
do account T 1-11 do pfd
Anaconda 6 Ontario A Weetarn..
Atcntaon , i r.uii,7i,uia
da Dfd 101
Reading .
Baltimore A Ohlo....l
Canadian Pacific 139
Cheeaoeake A Ohio.. 47
do lat pfd....
do Id pfd....
Southern hallway 17
do pfd sav
Southern Paclfle 66
Chlcaao O. W.
... 1H
... 43
,.. 13
... 17
... 69
.. 63
C , M. A St. P.
Denver A R. O..
do ptd
do lat pfd A...
do Id pfd
Illlnoie Central..
i moo racinc 107
uv imu , pu
United States Steel.. 4o
ao pia....
Wabaah ....
do pfd....
Bpantan 4a. .
Hand Mines.
, SO
Leulavlll A Naah...l38
Mieaourt. K. A T. . IT
do pfd 60
New York Central ...111
BAR BlLVER-eteady
at 23 15-16d per
MONEY 2(S2t4 tier cent. Th rate of rile
count In the open market for both short
ana tnree monms diiib is ii-io per cent.
New York attains- aotatlon.
NEW YORK. Jun T.-The following are
tn closing price on mining stocks
Adams Con...
I Little Chief
.. II
.. 60
.. I
.. id
.. 46
Brunawtck Cos
Cometock Tunnel ,
Con. Cal. A Va...
Deadwood Terra...
Horn 6Ua
Iron Silver
Leadvtile Co
, 10
I Ontario
. 64'Poioel .,
.136 isavaae
Sierra Nevada
Small Hopea .
Forelast rinnnetal.
LONDOJf. June T. The amount nt tint
lion taken Into the Bank of Ena-land on
balance today was 55,ia. Gold premiums
are Quoted: Madrid. 16: Rome. 1 an Tha
supply of money was large and rates were
easier toaay. xJuelnsss on toe Slock ex
change was more cheerful. There were
many indications oi tn liquidation and.
ing. i nt nrmneas or pn. ea, noticeable lat
yesterday, was maintained. The v ct th
elttoakcftt rUltpi4 biiUiA illU-;lj.
securities were firm. Home rails wet In
od demand. Americans were dull. They
went above parity and closed steady. Ca-
sdlnn Pacifies were firm. Grand minus
Improved. Katllrs were firmer and In mod
erate demand.
PARIS. June 7. Rentes were firmer on
t?te bourse today on acceptance by M. Rou-
ler of the portfolio of minister ot nnance
In the new French cabinet. French rails
ecllned owing to the railroad projects at
tributed to the new ministry. Spanish se-
irities were purchased largely on tne im
provement in the rate of exchange at Mad
rid. Kamrs were buoyant as a result ot
London advices. The private rate of dis
count was i 1-16 per cent. Three per cent
rentes, inn 5c for tne account, r.xcnange
n Iindon. 2ff 23c for checks. Spanish 4s.
BERLIN. June 7. Prices opened firm on
he bourse today, in response to the other
bourses. A feature of the day's transit
ions was the buoyancy of locals on bear
overlnas. Kxchanae on London. 2om
pfgs. for checks.
Rank Clearings,
OMAHA. June 7. Bank clearings for the
week endlna- todav show an Increase of
$3.3J5.61 over those for the corresponding
ween of last year, tne daily figures read:
$ l.t5. 67 $1.224 .1.13 ?
Tuesday 1.277.W 19
l.li0.6S4 30
Wednesday 1,34.5"3 4
Thursday 1.4M.412 42
Friday 1.247.7H1 21
.22.m ii
1.1H0.434 6
1.072 W 70
1.049.858 06
Saturday 1.071.457 23
Totals 17.681.819 $tW.4!B 60
ST. LOI-I9. June 7 Clearln-s. $6.M.46:
balances, $1,000,671; money, steady, 44''86 Pr
cent: New Vork exchange, S per cent.
CHICAGO. June 7. Clearllias; M5.041.9.6:
Ifniam ra, i,fl.i.,iif, n'f iru r(. un mb-. vt '-'-7
for sixty days and tl.M nn demand; New
1 Qdll 11,1. . . . 1 Utt.
Yorit exchange, premium.
I'llll.ADKM'HlA. June 7. Clearings,
16.2. 54K; balances, ll.977.K21. For the ween:
'learlnas. llriM.W2: balances, 16,11 0h2.
Money, 44 per cent.
NEW YORK. June 7.-ClearlngS. J22I.WS.-
'92; balances, tM,591,0S8.
BCiBTON. June 7. Clearings. I21.834.0SO:
balnnces. tl, 670,702.
BALTIMORE. June 7. Clearings. 13 -rj,.
2; balances. Jtil9.1HS. For the week: Clear.
Ings. t.'6.3Wj,218: balances. 14,827,666. Money,
& per cent.
CINCINNATI, Juno 7. Clearings, $3,267.
0"0; New York exchange, 16c premium;
money, 4t6 per cent.
Weekly Bunk Statement.
NEW YORK. June 7. The alatement of
the associated hanks for the week ending
todav shows- Loans $KM.2ti6.9iiO. decrease
$1,325,700; deposits $!i45.S!i.5O0, decrease ?,-
;.: clrcalatln 131, 464,400. increase l'!l.V:
eaal tenders $75,544.1'. decrease $!29.910:
specie $172,215,600, decrease $321,000; reserve
$'J47.759.7iKi. decrease $1.11.900: reserve re
quired $236,474,125. decrease $607,475; surplus
$11,285,575, decrease $643,426.
Export and Imports.
NEW YORK. June 7. Exports of specie
from this port to all countries for last
week aggregated $475,070 In silver and $14,000
in gold. The Imports or specie last ween
were $3,906 gold end $1,677 sliver, .The im
Dorts of drv goods and merchandise tit the
port of New York for , last week were
valued at $,6,4mj.
Condition ot the Treasory.
WABHINOTON. June .7. Todav' state
ment of the treasury balances in th gen
eral fund, exclusive of the $160,000.0n0 gold
reserve In the division . of redemption,
shows: Available cash balance, $193,927,581;
gold, $98,183,636.
Cotton fttarket.
X' l.- . - VOIT T. n a T rftTTAM finnt
rlnnr-H nulet nnrl iinchanaed: unlands. 9c:
middling aulf. 9Nc. Futures closed barely
ateadv. 14.7 points lower: June. 8.8Rc: July,
K.6W: August, s.asc; neptemDer, s.uic; .c-
tober 7.8ic: November. 7.82c: December
7 Nlc; January, 7.82c; February, 7.S3c; March,
ST. IXJCIS. June 7. COTTON Quiet
middling, 91-16c; no sales; receipts, 700
bales: shipments, 675 bales; stock, 24,400
limited demand, price unchanged: Amerl
can middling, 6d. The sales of the day were
6.O00 bales, of which 600 were for specula
tion nnrl Avnnrt And Itir ll.lpfl 8 (in Ameri
can. Recelnts. 1300 bales, including 12.000
American. Future opened quiet and steaay
and closed steady. American minming, g.
o. c, June, 4 60-64d. sellers; June-July,
4 66-04(1, sellers; juiy-Augusi, 4Btia, nuy.
ers: AugUBt-September. 4 46-64d. buyers
September-October. 4 83 (Wd, seller; October-November.
4 2fi-4d. sellers: November.
December. 4 22-64d, sellers: December-Janu
ary, 4 21-64d, sellers; January- tDruary,
1 90-K4rrr-4 zi-tvtn. se lers.
NEW OHliKAnti. june i.-c'uttun-
Bpot. Arm; sales, 1,600 bales; ordinary,
7 13-16c; good ordinary, 8 6-16c; low mid
dling, 8l5-16c: middling. 91-5c; good mid
dllng. 94c: fair, 94c; receipts, 1.058 bales;
stock, 122,953 bales. Futures, quiet; June
9.13c; July, 9.26Q9.26C; August, 9.52c; Sep.
tomher. H.MrnN.tiuc: uctoner.'. Ko-
vember, 7.6.'!'f7.5.,ic; December, 7.637.64c;
January, .ooui.ooc.
Wool Market.
BOSTON, June 7. WOOI. Quotations
re firm; strictly nne, turgsoc, clean;
fine and medium, 44B4c; staple, bzc; me
dlum, Stifg'Oc. Texas wools are firm, but
offerings are light and trade Is not active.
Fall, cleaned basis, 43(J46c; twelve months',
48&50c; six to eight months, spring. 464c
rnll. toe. f ine wasnea neeces are in smsu
offering and hold very firm. Pennsylvania
27c: k. 24ff26c; Michigan X, 22240. ' Th
market for delaine wool Is very oulet. owing
to light offerings, but prices are firm. Ohio
fine delaine, acasc; micnigan. iay,'riic: ino.
1 washed combing, 264'8'-'ic; No. 2, 15ifi!27c;
coarse, 23(525c. There Is some demand for
Australian wool, tnougn iraue is umnea ay
o airiAll annnlles available. Prices have
been well sustained on fine wool. The local
market Is very strong ai quoiaiions. uoniD-lna-.
choice, scoured basis. 72Q14c: good.
61ii&70c; avemge. 6768c.
medium grade and combing, l3'ol8c; light
w I- j h june i. t uuw-uuiri. cam
fine. 12(Blf4c: naavy nne, jvtuiao; iud
wnshed. 1511115C.
iin N. June T.-wuuiv i ne auction
amount to 246.436 bales. Including 85,000
hales forwarded direct. The Import for
the week were: New South Wales, 21,
iiA kli Oueenslsnd. t.894: Victoria. 5.908
Tasmania, 8.483; New Zealand. 1,876: Cape
of Good Hop and natal, (,i;w; namDurg,
1,414, and elsewhere. 731.
Evaporated Apple and Dried Fralts.
APPLES Quotation remained about as
laat quoted, with the feeling steady. Trade
showed but little improvement, both lob
bing and export Dusiness ruling ngnt.
State, common to good. 7i)94c: prime. 10c:
choice, 104!?jloVc; fancy, lie. Active ex
port interest continues In prune and i
firm tone Is noted on the general list. Job-
bing movement quiet. Apricot (lightly
easier on lower grades, stesdy on fancy:
market quiet. Peaches In fair demand and
ateadv. Prunes. 3iti64c. Apricots, boxes
1041314c; bags, 104l2c. Peaches, peeled.
Uiii6c; unpeeieo,- 4tfit4C.
Dry Good Market.
ness has been on a limited scale today In
all staple cotton goods, without quotable
change in prices. i rini cioms in some
request at 34c for regulars. Prints sell
more freely since toe price 01 tan lancies
was fixed. Cotton yarns are In dull de
mm nd and weak and Irregular. Worsted
yarns are quiet, out steaay. wooien yarn
unchanged. Linen and Jute, yarn firm.
Oil and Rosin.
LONDON. June 7. OIL Calcutta Unseed
not K3 3d. Spirits of turpentine. 80s.
SAVAINJNAM. june (. tjii 1 urpentine.
firm. 474c. Rosin, firm; A, B, C, D, E, $1.25;
F, $1.; u, i o; 11, i 00; 1,; i, .eo;
M, $2.90; .N, ao.u; wj, 40. ao; w v, eJ.DO.
Cattle. Sheep and I.antba Steady aad
Hoc Hlcher.
rtuiniOO Tun. T PlfTt IT t.A.Inla
600 head. Including 400 Texan; .market
toariv: toad 10 nnme steer. ii.oni.uu
poor to modlum, $5 00jj6 : stackers and
$2.fii$6.6o: cannera. $1 6062.60; bulls, 12 MS
550; calves, ;.U"ji do; lexaa tea steers.
14 ilnli 40.
HOtiS Receipts, 15,000 head; estimated
Monday, 42,000; left over, 3.867; market 6c
higher; mixed and outcners. s-"W.u: gooa
to choice neavy, i a.-vu i.ow; rougn neavy
t: ni4(7. light, w &u i duik ot sales
$7 06117 30.
SHKEP AND LAMBS Receipt. 100 head
market ateady; good to rholc wethers,
... . . . . . , - . U ..1 I - Iil ,;m
western sheep, $5,2546.18;, native lambs, AS S
tj6.85; western lamo, ao-tmses; spring
lambs, $. 30. j
!4ow York Live Sroek Market.
NEW YORK. Jun 7 BEEVES -Receipt
60 head, 11 consigned airect. ireaen pee
.r.nrlv Clfv dresaed native side. 94n'l
r,r ih KiDorta todav. nastiv estlmsted
11 326 heaj of beeve. 1$V teP nd 8,150
quarters ot neer.
CALVE8 5io receipts; no trading; lty
dressed veala. r4allu per id.
siif.KP AND IAMBS RecelDts. 4.61
head; sheep e lower, yearlings V4f(4c
lower, lamb 4fe kiwer; about 4 cars of
stock ursold: sheep. $384 50, v.lth one
rsr at $5 25: culls. $'.' M; yearlings, H "i)iw
Unl.. tS2.Vfi2s. with one car at $n 80.
I IOUS -Receipts, partly estimated, 11,516
bead, all conigna aimcii buouaau wta.
Good to Choir Cattle Are Steady for the
Week, but Others Lower.
kee Receipt Very l.laat All the
Week, bat While Hood Staff lias
Held About steady, Common
Kind Have Taken n Drop.
Receipt were:
CAttle. llofr Sheep.
.. 8.656 5,;1 1.528
.. 3.870 16.217 1.8:5
.. 3.741 13.165 3.2;9
... 2.261 10.5M 1,049
... 1,271 13.3..6
.. ts96 12.270 23
Official Monday ....
Ofllclal Tuesday....
utnciai Wednesday.
Ofllclal Thursday...
Official Friday ....
Ofllclal Saturday ..
Total this week IS 696 71. SOS -.014
Week ending May 31 10.143 56.1S6 S.7o7
Week ending May 24 15.149 47.711 6.4M)
Week ending May 17 12,99 4ti.KI4 11.4S8
Week ending May 10 M.227 49.3'4 13.878
Bame week last year 13.2M 54. (K 9,756
Th following labia showa trie recelula of
cattle, hogs and sheep at Mouth Omaha for
ine year to date, wltn comparisons wun
last yean
1902. 1901. Inc. Deo.
Cattle 331,051 806.362 25.6S9
Hog 1,161,294 1.071,669 t9,7':5
8heep 367.172 479,046 111,574
The toilowl"ic tuble shows tne average
price ot hogs sold on th South Omana
market the last several days, with com
parisons with former years:
Date. I 19iJ2. 11901. 1900.1899.1S98. 11697. 11896.
May 18... I 7 124 6 101 $ 6& 4 Si 3 61 li
May 20...
Ill I 6 73 3 (to, 4 26)
1 07VI 6 6:i Oil 14 24, 1
8 lu, 4 26i 8 621 3 Oi
May u...
May 23...
May 2a...
8 62 1 3 03
I K4 63 6 t 3 2
7 0 ( 61 6 01 6b, 4 S3
I 3 02
3 451
May 34. ..1
May 25...
May 26...
May 27...!
May 88...
May 29...
1 w
5 67 , 5 04, 1 62 3 25
6 Sil 8 041 8 58 4 17
3 40 3 04
3 88 3 98
t 964 4 99 I 66, 4 18
6 9' I 6 60 I
7 "4i 6 63 4 85,
8 SUI 4 201 3 341 3 93
1 tJ i 4 I'd
7 09 6 t-'l 4 90 1 8 60,
1 I n
8 93
3 40 3 86
ay 80...
ay 31...
7 h)4 6 6 4 Ml $ 61 4 101
1 livil 0 .1 a.i, 01 1 1 i
Jun 1.,..
Jun I....
Jun 3....
June 4....
6 701
4 8B 6 60 4 211
4 mi a W t 1
I 3 8'2 1 85
7 j8 IS
7 16 5
8 69i 4 03 I 36, 3 86
4 831 I 4 101 8 32, t 87
4 111 3 58 3 31 $ 96
Jun ....
Jun 6.,..
June 7....
7 K'7A 6 70
7 15-k 6 71
4 94 3 68, 4 011 I 3 01
7 l4i 6 761 4 961 I 67 I Ml 8 80
Indicates Surklay.
The "ofllclal number of ears of. stock
brought In today by each road was:
Roads. Cattle. Hogs. Sh p. H ees.
C, M. & St. P. Ry 19
Wabash 4
Missouri Pacific Ry.. .. 3
Lnlon pacific system. 1 is .. ..
C. & N. W. Ry 1 19
F., E. ft M. V. R. R.. 3 S3
O., St. P.. M. & 0 28
B. & M. R. Ry 15 .. 2
C, B. A Q. Ry 15
K. C. ft St. J 1
C, R. I & P., east.. .. 16
C R. I. & P.. west.. 20 1
Illinois Central 4
Total receipts 26 173 12
The disposition of the day's receipts was
a follows, each buyer purchasing the num
ber of head indicated:
Buyers. Cattle. Hogs. 8h'p.
Q. 11. Hammond Co
18 2,757 4
61 4.463 35
Swift and Company........
Cudahy Packing Co
Armqur & Co
Omaha P. Co., from 8. C.
Cudahy P. Co., from K. C.
Fowler, from Sioux City..
Other buyers
Totals 75 12.426
The following list shows the number of
cars ot feeder shipped to the country ye-
teroay ana ineir destination: ,
E. Monroe. Billings. Mont. B. A M $
H. Von Essen. Oakland. Neb M. A O.... 1
William Mills, Hermoea. 8. D.-F. E 1
B. W. Magel, McPaui, la.-K. C 1
O. A. Farquhar, Blanchard, la. Wab 1
A. li. Hagtey, Malvern, la. 4 1
F. E. Whit V Co.. Peoria. 111. Q... 1
CATTLE There were about 600 head of
cattle In the yards this morning, but only
a few bunches were for sale, tne bulk of
tne onering oeing ieeaera on ineir way
farther north. There was no material
change In the market today from yester
day. The tecelnts for the week have been
quits liberal, a a good gain was made over
laat weeK, dui a compared wun tne same
week of last year there is not much Chang-.
A good share of the offering all Che week
consisted of beef steers, and the quality
was fairly good. It was noticeable, how
ever, that buyers discriminated against th
half-fat and common steers to a marked
degree. The cattle that showed both flesh
and duality were In good demand most
all the week, and as compared with the
close of last week the market la steady to
strong. Handy weight cattle seemed to
be in greater request than tne very neavy
cattle. The best grade are quotable from
87.00 to 87.45. The part rat cattle, tnougn.
have been slow sale and prices have gone
downward at a rapid rat and are now
2550o lower than they were a week to ten
days ago. I'acaera claim tnat tne part rat
cattle do not kin out at an wen. and tn
faet nnmt them shout ar miK-h on thA hnof
a the kinds that they buy from $7.00 up,
The very best cow and heifers have
also held up In fairly good shape, but still
tnev are a little lower taun tnev were a
week ago. The commoner th quality.
though, the greater has ben the break
In price. The medium to common kinds
are fully 60c lower than thfy were a week
or ten day ago, and the market on such
kinds Is very slow. When It comes to th
rrrassy cows tha market Is still worse, and
n fact there Is no established market value
on such kinds. Packer do not want them
and It Is largely a matter or luck 'hnr
price a seller can get for them. Th.- :
on I that they do not kill out a . 1
as they will a little later In the season.
Choice tat duii nave neia up in goon
shape all th week, but the medium and
common kinds are considers oiy lower.
Feeder bulls have declined 25Hj&0c. Veal
calves have held about steady, and so, Alao,
have stag.
The best feeder are not very much lower
than they were a week ago, but auch kind
are very scarce. The stockers, and espe
cially those lacking in quality, are a gooa
deal lower and the demand for them Is
limited. In a good many case auch kinds
are selling 26fle lower than they were ten
day ago. Representative sale:
Av. Pi. Ke. At. Pr.
. M ill
4JS & 40 It
758 I 40
. iiri s 10 a
into 4 00 8
10M 4 it
. H 4 so
.1024 t 75
.110 I TI
1 110 8 to I
804 4 00
1 1M0 I so
HOGS There wa another liberal run of
bog her today, ao that th receipt for
the week lave been very heavy. Not only
1 there a big Increase over the supply for
th last several days, but slso over th
ame week of last year. Th demand, how
ever, seems to be equal to the receipts.
The market opened this morning fairly
active and strong to a nickel higher than
yesterday. Trading was quite active and It
was not long before the bulk of th offer
ings was out of first hand. Along toward
the last end th market slowed up and tha
advance wa practically all lost. Th close
wa slow and weak. The bulk of the good
weight, hogs sold from $7.26 to $7.36 and as
high as $(.40 was paid for prime hogs.
Th medium . weight sold largely from
$7.15 to $7.25 and th lighter load went
from $f.l6 down
AlthougM the run of hog ha been heavy
all the week the tendency of price ha
been upward. In fact price reached the
hlgheaj point ot th year this week and
th week closed with an advance over th
close of last week of 74(fjl0c. Representa
tive sale:
No. Av. lh. Pr. Ko. Av. lh. Pr.
to in ... I 10 tt 124 im 7 174
II )1 40 I la II I'.'l IM I 114
71 171 III IN 74. ......ill 140 7 17 4
71 Ill luO 1 0 II 121 ... T 17S
M Ill 10 T 4 71 Ill too 7 17
71 4 ltO 1 06 II Ill 140 1 10
II Ill M I 10 77 141 110 I 10
74.., Ul 10 f 10 M til 40 T 10
71. '.Ill MTU W 17 ... T 10
10 Ill fa) t 10 44 t 100 T 10
l......l0 40 t 10 44 143 IN t 10
II 14 130 1 II W (. ... t r
71 tli ISO t 10 II........I3A ... t to
II Ii '44 f 10 71.. t M 1 10
71... tOt ... t 10 II trio tot) I 10
tl Ill ant t 1 I HI lo t to
74 1x4 SO 1 t U i4t 1 IC
tl tit It) 1 10 tl 141 IM IS
M IM 40 7 10 71 t4t M IN
74. lot ... 7 10 71 141 lao IM,
II Ij M T 10 4 147 140 f 10
II .Ill 40 7 10 41 ISO M T 10
77 t4 ... t 1 II HI It Ik
M IM 44 I 10 17 t24 40 T 10
17 17 !e til 10 tit IM T to
ft .110 let t 10 41 ti IM 1 to
H ...Ill 10 t 114 14 IM 140 1 tt
M 3J too I U4 It tit ... 7 to
tt ft 10 1 14 M 4 ... t 10
71 tut 10 7 II14, M 144 IM 7 30
IS 104 40 T II4 '1 M 140 7 10
tl Ill IN f It If M IM 7 10
tl tut 10 t IS tl 114 t t 10
74 tot ... T IS 17 117 110 t 10
71 too ... 7 II tt 121 W I 10
M 114 tM T II 71 14 10 T t
71 to 110 7 II ! ttl ... 1 to
II 1 10 tit t HI ... 11:4
Tt ,..111 It til tV..-.,..k-l4 T114
4 lit to 1 is
ill 4 7 II
M Ho in 7 n
't M J 14
JM H 111
70 Jl 40 7 15
tw SO 7 u
M tit n 7 1.4
7 1?l 1) 7 ir,
4 J.'H . . 7 IS
Tt til 1JO 7 15
M .I.U 7 II
M ..tit m 111
tH 14.1 7 15 i
M I 14,1 7 is
77 ! 40 7 IS
7 K7 40 7 n
IS !4 140 1 IS
l tl KO 1 IS
70 IM 40 7 15
71 Ill mn t is
f m r.i 7 IS
"4 iH 10 7 IS
71 145 fno 7 IS
70 tie 4fl J S
M a 41) 7 is
"4 li) 7 u
M ltO 7 It
! 110 7 174
0 Ill 1J0 7 17'
71 tJO 110 t 1TV
7 M 10 7 pi,
'4 .US 140 t 17V,
W t !M 7 17W
7 til 40 7 174
t"4 110 7 17,
4 . (,) 7 jjj
M tl'T SO 7 174
71 lit 40 t 17",
l IF! ISO T M4
IM ... T l4
10 1 3b.
I ...... I ? T
I' l t 114
M ...
49 ...
H4 :-0 7 J4
in iK) 1 ii
o 1 tl
lis 1 11
... IM
K 7 IS
t 16
no f is
ao t II
1 ...
n ... .
144 t I
t:j ... tl
..ri ijo 1 is
..:! 40 t 1
..i 1:0 t is
..XI ... 7 11
!0 ... IK
I I 40 7 IS
M t7l
... t IS
119 1 I
... t
0 7 1
to I t
ao 7 aa
SO t 174
4" 7 10
ao 7 M
110 7 m
. .!
. .its
. ti
SI. .
T m
I 114
t IS
t IS
7 44
Si. .
t 40
SHEEP There have been very few sheep
on sale for the last two davs, so that It I
difficult to tell much about this market.
The supply all the week has been light and
a decrense Is noted both ss comrtared
with last week and nlan with the um
wvek of Inst year. The quality of the of
ferings has been common and In fact there
nas Dten very little good stuff, on sale for
somo time past. In Chlcaao there has
been a big slumn in nrlnxa nil arming bnil
especially on ewes, bat at this point, owing
in inn nam rvcripis, prices on tne better
trades may be quoted very near steady.
When It comes to the common kinds tha
irarket In of course conslderabl v lower, aa
rone of the puckers want the part fat sttift
and those of inferior quality. It Is lm-
possible to state how much lower th
market Is, as there have not been enough to
tnnke s test of values.
Quotations for dinned lnr- lnn,1 tn
choice wethers. IS. 75, j 4 00: fair tn a-r,l K Tm
455.75; good to choice ewes, $5.0(iiq5.I5; fair to
goou, ae.nutqu.w; gooa lo rnolce lambs, 36.2$
46.60; fair to good. $5.flO(fi6 00. Woo led stock;
cuae about 2.ij50c above clipped stock.
Choice Colorado wnolcd lambs. $H.76lJ7.00:
feir to gocd, J6.50uj6.76. Representative)
No Av. Pr.
4 bucks 167 8 60 t
86 ewes and yearlings j... 6 5 65
Kansas City Live Stock Market.
celpts, 9 natives and SOO Texans; market
unchanged; choice export and dressed beef
steers, $7. 16fi 7. 40 ; fair to good, 15.007.10:
stockers and feeders, $3.005!20; western fed
strers, $4.50r6.o0; Texas and Indian steers,
$3.00j6.00; Texas cows, $2.50fu4.10: natlva
cows, $2.006.75; native heifers, $3.4f.fH8.00;
canners, $1.7fi3.0O; bulls, $,1.45'b4.76; calv,
I3.004ji6.00. Receipts for the week, Si.KA
cattle and 1,500 calves.
HOOS Receipts. 4.200 head: market tn '
higher: -nctlye; top, $7.48; bulk of sale. $7.08
(7.40; heavy, $7.3ot!i7.45; mixed packers, 17.15
7.40; Kght, $6.6oi7.25; yorkers, $7.107.36;
pigs, 86.25Tj6.80. Recelit for - the week,
480 head.
SHEEP AND LAMBS No receipts; mar- ,
ket unchanged: live lambs, $5.90f!7.15; west
ern lamb. $5.25i6.H6; native wethers K.Vff
6.95: western wethers, $4.05.56; fd ewe.
$4.55ii6.70; Texas clipped yearling. $5 10J
6.60; Texas clipped sheep, $4.2o?5.46; stock-
ers and feeders, $2,5044.20. Receipt for tho
week, 17,400 head.
St. Loot Live Stork Market.
ST. LOriS, June 7. CATTLE Receipts,
600 head. Including 175 head Texans; rholco
native steers closed strong and 10c higher
for the week; native steer and Texana
lower: native shipping and export steer.
Itj.lnWf.SO; dressed beef and butcher steers,
$4. St"?! 7.00; steers under 1.000 lbs., $4.25e.60:
stockers and feeders, $2.60fif.10; cows ana
heifers, $2.25(3 90; canners, $2 OCKfjS.00; bull.
$2.25(65.1; calves, $.". 50(6.26; Texas and In- ,
dtan steers, fed, $4.306.00; grassers, $3.30
4.20; cows and heifers, $2.50(fJ4.2C.
HOOS Receipts, 2,So0 head; market
sOadv to tic higher; pigs and light. $6.86a
7.1"; packers, $6.90(57.25: butchers, $5.16'S'7.1(J.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 25 head;
market steady; native muttons, $40O4f4.6O;
lambs, $6.0Orf77.O; culls and bucks, $3.00H
4.60; stockers; $1.00(53.00; Texans, $4.10.
St. Josepk Live Stock Market.
ceipt, 60 head; steady: natives, $5 35fl7.50;
rows and heifers $1,264(4.25; veals, $3.256.60;
stockers and feeders, $2.50(g.60.
HOOS Receipts, 6,000 head; RfflOc higher;
light and light mixed, $6.9ofi'7.30: medium
and neavy, ,.h'o (.4t;. pigs. st.ii)6.i.
neaa; steaay.
Slang City Live Sloek Market.
SIOUX CITY, la., June 7,-(flpecial Tele
gram. )t-CATTLE Receipts, 300 head; mar
ket steady; beeves, $6.007.15; cows, bulla
and mixed, $2.5056.50; stockers and feeders,
$2.60&5 4; yearlings and calves, $2.76460.
HOOS Receipts, 5.000 head; market 6100
higher, closed' weak; heavy, $6.8697.15; bulk.
Stock In Sight.
The following table shows the receipts nf
cattle, hogs and sheep at the five principal
maraeis ior june 1:
... R98
... 600
... 60O
... 600
,.. 60
Hogs. Sheen.
Bouth Omaha ,
Chicago ,
Kansas City
St. Lout
St. Joseph
Total receipt.
.2,456 38,770
17. Farnam Smith
6 Co.
Wa otTeri subject) " 1
' I'nlon Stock Yard stock I Mi,
Omaha Street Railway atoek. '
IOO share, Lincoln Land C. stock.
1320 Farnam SI. Ttl. 1064
A Nov Industry
owns 4 control BMehlasry, patents sa
tor stuafarl- tl frUrnn ot lew
stalks. Thts vasts la Mm ear bell oftii v7 A
sautioti to ever M aiiillea tea la IMA Tats
Mierint will en. 1. mere s-eaiih tkaa ike ui
Usuvn of t one waste eeuoa see. II wtU
mm mm.wv pvr wvm w au (on weave eera neis 4oa
sa, tvti( sauilou to ta faraier. f unuabua
.NuvvMia new l iVl.n. vo r4t
rod. vvr sova af per palp u ina4e froaa
vw4,M tose. Ta tinker fee palp In is D. A
SaNlraikHitt4 faaar BuafaMamv an
tnr fame lata Ctuaasa lor vketr aniipiv. gvrv
! salll In till euontrr will sa thla palp.
Aver elu In thl an toratsn oauatrl wul as
a4 4Wl la Url f M4L MaoDfaelufMs ostla
lol. leatber aa rubker aokMtutea. lasulatln
aaar of tkU oailslo.
CXiaUaeaa for macbloarr for tb grat plant
faav let wltti lm. Weu A f,ov I4leaa
Rational Flbir ft C!luleti C.
TTtri a aa tavtnaeat inrpua a parr,
thing In lbs hUtor at ladaatrlal
naaaar-knaftsrs. A 11 exit aainat af
elook la nr7erd at (81. So per ikara, uatr
! ejl QiQj fully Paid aoanau-a..-abia.
btfr Bltrtf ktlr. TttK ADYAhtK
lit fSlOK, a th a tack U salUag ran.
I4ly. lavaatar ara la vita ta eaaanla
saaahluer. iiateat. airooaeaaa. proa
Suataasi rrfthia feraalaiag ta th
for h'lrhlr Intarastlag. IUatrat4
aaapklal f oily eleaerlblna- tKlaaaaU.
ttasary aa4 .abaurlptloa., writ or wire
IANF0RD aUKEEVEfl. Fiseal Agtnt.
A An, as Street. CHICAGO. ILL.
wsmnsn-.t is .11 inn 11 ii, Him j J
0. G. ir.lBODEN
205 LiSalls St., Cblcato,
Bank Stocks and Qaa, Water Work. 1
Electric and Htret Railway Honda and om- ;
Electric and Street Railway Bond and '
Commercial Paper. Will flnanc bulla
proposition, corjeolldatloii.' "
VALUABLE "! how w ine.t
INFURMATION t Safely god Profitably
Correspond with u before psrtfnf with
your money for stocks. DONALD CAMP
BELL, A CO , livr -8 Security hiig., C'bl- .
jliuo. TL AUfcia mi.-