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Hen's Underwear Sale
A Mf spot cash parr a a of mi finest (ummr underwear oa mI Saturday at
l-l prtc.
On elegant lot of men's underwear, th famous Otis sod Lawrence makes, la
Hal thread i. memrstsed fabric. Sea Isles 4 asd Egyptian cotton and balbrlggan. In
whit and all color, every vim double-stl'ched. handsoroeir and dependably mado
and flnlehod, worth up to fl.00, cm sal at &c.
Saturday in iho Bargain Room
Parurdar win ho a a-reat day In tha bargain room. New gorfla win be put out
IfUn the different squares at uch a prlc that people will wonder how they can
b sold at mrh a low price '
Flneappla baatete. Sfc- mercerised cham
bray. orttd and striped Pw1ss. la wh'te
and colora. worth 26c. tn colored ba
tiste, with bnrdera an 4 Persian effect.
Ja atiiped organdie. Tie and afc French
-a-uidfe-e and batlatea. 2f new rraah. ba
tiste and orjrsndtea. with lare striped,
embroidered Swiss musllna. '-Inch lawn,
worth Sc. Irlah. French and fccotch dlm
Hle. aatln striped batistes, embroidered
linens worth 2tc, Insertion batistes genu
ine ST. OALL batistes and organdie
tha always sell from c to TSo a yard,
plain while organdies, worth lc. plain
white malraa worth lc every shade
made all the new blacks and while and
sliver greys, not a yard worth les than
liir and up to Toe a yard, all bo in.
Saturday at IUC
Here are l&e and lBc org-andlea, batlatea
and dlmltlea, striped dots and lace ef-
fecta and everything to make up a flrt
class lot or lc and lc goods, all go
at one price at. a yard
Ladles' and Children's Fur
nishings, Underwear
and Corsets
Ladles' Hale thread combination suit, low
neck, knee length, wid umbrella style,
lace (rimmed, worth 75c. at S8c
Lad lea- Una Hale thread vesta In white and
fancy colora, worth J5c. at 15c
Ladles' fine knit drawera, umbrella style,
lace trimmed, worth 50c, at 25c
Ladles' fancy paraaole. plain colora, fancy
border or chiffon trimmed, worth $1.50,
at Stc.
Ladle' fine silk paraaole, In all tbe latest
dealgn. worth 12.60 and $3.00, at.... $1.98
Ladles' muslin drawera and gowna. trimmed
with lac or embroidery, worth 6Sc,
at 4c
Ladles' fine nainsook corset cover and
drawera, trimmed with floe lace Inser
tion and edge, worth 12.00, at 9&c
Ladles' fine cambric aklrta, gown and
chemises, trimmed with fine lac and em
broidery, worth $1.60 to S2.00, at tie
Ladles' fins nainsook gowna, low neck and
elbow sleeves, trimmed with One Valen
ciennes lac acd Insertion and embroid
ery edge and Insertion, worth $1.50 to
$2 $0, at.i 6c
Ladle' straight front batiste corsets at 4 Jo
Dr. Warner's rust-proof tape girdles for
ladlea and misses. $1.00 quality, at.. ..Sic
The H. at W. shirt walat dlatender 60c
La Grecque belt coraet and tbe Nemo self
reducing, for stout figures, at $2.50
Ladles' 25c faat black and fancy colored
atocklnga at 12Vie
Ladlea' 60c On lisle thread stocking in
black and fancy colors, at 25c
Children's' Shawknlt stockings at the
s Boys' white and colored laundered shirt
walata, regular $1.00 value, at 49c
Bojre' BOc colored walat at 25c
Boys' 25c atocklnga In all alios at HHo
When Tired of Shopping
Get a FREE Ct'P of our delicious cocoa
and a tasty, fresh cracker at our demon
stration. Wa are introducing our ele
gant cocoa and cbocolat and pur fresh
80 B7 Cuairman Hofeldt of Fit Publio
Serrioa Corporation.
Chairman Say City Assessment Far-
lakes Good Baal for Flssarlag
, Oat Some Cownty Valaa.
tiea Tata Year.
The members of the Board of County
Commissioner ar anticipating an Intereat
lng session when they convene as a board
of equalisation next Tueaday, for they have
about made up their mlnda that th assess
ment of the franchla corporation and
other big business concern will have to
b elevated to meet th demand of a pub
lie clamoring for equal taxation. The
book of th various ward and erectnet as
sessor will be turned In next Mondsy and
Tuesday and there 1. no reason to expect
,tB-, wlU com any nearer to doing
ttlr duty this year than they hav in past
year. Nothing mor than a copy or th
preceding year assessment roll, wttfc
oaly th chaogea made absolutely neces
ry by th transfer of property, ar ex
Pjscted from th ward and precinct official.
Therefor th county board ex pact a to hav
, U raising of valuatlona left to it when It
convene a a board of equalisation.
Fter Hofeldt, chlrmn of th board.
UA-i k- ' t orer 11..
M.OOfl oaa be mad on th Item of fran
to corporation alos. without requiring
urthr evidence than th assessment
of these companies recently mad by th
ty board of equalisation.
Take CtaMIn Fta-are.
Tour of these companies," says Mr
Hofeldt. 'eompromlaed their assessments
with th city board and th other wa
assessed after it took the opportunity
offered to produce evidence to show th
actual eaeh value of its personal prop
erty. Under the clrcumetaac I think
It la fair to presum that the com pan lea
tACltly admit that their aaaaaaments as
Anally fixed by the city board represeat 40
Pr eeat of the flr cash value of their
property within the city limit. '
-Now." continued tbe chairman. lf w
make a conservative estimate of the value
af the property omalde the city limit and
within 'he county and add it to th fair
ea value of th property wlthta th city
w can easily get at th value of the prop.
rty In the county. The all wo hav to d
Hot or Cold
Malt-Not. tli food dainty, can
b served direct from tbe package
with half milk or cream or hot by !
oooklof three minutes making a
very delicious hot breakfast food.
It rontalus th brain and muacl 1
vpropenie of wheat, scientifically
prepared and malted and the fat '
and tissue elf m"nt of nut oils. !
Tbs perfect food for tha Invalid !
wbo would regain strength an j
tha robust, who would remain
strong. I
U.OOO )-arda of fine corded dlmltlea In all
the colors of the hlgh-prloed goods and
guaranteed by the mill to be fast 4!M
colors, at a yard -3G
On on large square we will place Scotch
lawna. fan colors, K-lnch, moire skirt
ing, worth lc. 10. 000 Tarda of ahlrtlng
print a. si-mcn linings, an colors
worth le, all go at, a yard .......
1V duck. Wo London piques. 15
skirting and other goods worth up
to 25c a yard, at a yard
The largest line of hammocks In Omaha
at the lowest prices. Price range from
bOc to .00 each.
Croquet seta of every description, with
4 balls balls and balls, both amateur
and professional, ranging In prloa from ttc
to S5.U0 a oet.
Continuation of the Great
Cleiriai SiU Sale for
$1.00 yard-wide black pure silk taffeta... 50c
$L00 40-Inch black grenadines at only... 50c
Fine colored taEetaa, 27-iacbea and extra
heavy 6c
Big lot of plain ellfes, all color 25c
Foularda, in cboiccat style, only 23e
3-lnch black Habutla waah ailk, $1.60 grade.
at ?5c
New corded taffetas in pretty effect, blacks,
whites and all colors, worth $1.25, for.. tic
We cell tbe very beat Foulards in tbe mar
ket, including the choicest deaigoa and
colorings, worth $1.00, $1.25 and $1.35.
for : 75c
everybody knowa it wears good, and whjr
take chances in buying a taffeta you knew
nothing about WINSLOW IB 17 INCHES
WIDE and $1.00
Furnishing Goods
Ladles' (5e underwear, in vests and pants
and also union suits, ICIa
on sale at IUC
Children's ISC underwear, in vests in.
and pants, at IUC
Ladlea' and children's fast black,
full seamless stockings, CM
at a pair Qw
Ladles' 10c handkerchiefs, in white and
with fancy borders, sl
at AC
Ladies' 25c fast black and fancy
colored stockings at
Ladlea' ffite corsets, in all alxea,
Ladlea' corset, worth up to $1.00, 3Q
Men 60c underwear. In plain and IQm
fancy colors, all alses, at 196
Men's 7&c colored laundered shirts, qn.
with separate collars, at sfv
Men's 25c suspenders, in all styles, 10 1
at u
Boy' 75c sweaters,
at ,
I to tak one-sixth of the total, which is
tbe accepted basis tor county assessments,
and we have th proper figure tor our
roll. In tbla way wa will be able to in
crease the county asaeasment by over $1,.
000,000 on the water, gaa, atreet railway,
electric light and telephone companies
Bow It Flswres Oat.
The persons! property of the atreet rail
way company ana assessed by tbe city at
$1,300,000, which on a 40 per rent basis
would make tbe actual value of the prop
erty In the city $3,250,000. Tax Commie
loner Fleming ssys thst at least 10 per
cent of this total should be added to rep.
resent the value of the company's prop
erty outside the city end within the county,
making a total of $3,575,000 as a basis for
the county assessment. One-sixth of $$.
675.000 la $595 633. while tbe county as
sessment against the street railway corn
pat. laat year waa only $114,510.-
lu the case of the gaa company Tax
Commlsaloaer Fleming says that, consider
ing tbe evidence gives by th ga company
officials themselves at the recent hearing. It
would be fslr to add $350,000 to represent
the value of that concern's property out
side of th city and within th county.
A to the water company the tax commis
sioner say ther Is evidence on record
to warrant adding 60 per cent to the city's
valuation or that property to represent
the company's Interest la Florence, South
Omaha and ether part of th county. Ha
think 10 per cent ought to be added to
the telephone company city asaeasment
and perhaps nothing to that of the electric
light company in making up the county as
sessmsat. Table Telia the Story.
Taking the tax commissioner's estimates
of the additions that should be made for
property outside tbe city limits Chair
man Hofeldt' achem for lncreaaing th
county roll mor than $1,000,004 would work
out a shows la th following table:
Add for
Fair Outside
City Cash City
., An m t. Value Val t n.
Railway Co $ $j.25o.uu0 $
Gaa Co 77a.wiO 1.137. 5t0 IVV0 0
Water Co aMV.mO 2.1.0CO L0tt6
Electric Co ITi.tmo 337. 5.16
Telephone Co .... K7 .7o0
Taklsg city asaeasment a representing
40 per ceil ct fair cash vaiue.
Fair Cash One-sixth 11
Value In of Fair County
- Douglas Co. Value. Am m l
Railway Co li E.T5 ) $;, 8 3 n 5:0
Oaa Co 2 fcrf.OuO 97.33 hu
Water Co .li7.a. 63i.1!j 1H3.H10
Electric Co. S37.5n) 56.2M !7tj
Telephone Co 371.250 l.tS 29.13
One-eiath fair caah vaiue a based
on cut assessment $1,(43,0:4
Total of county assessments of flv
companies last year 454.33
Possible Increase u ! &S6
Thi Klag'e Corwaattoa.
Ts king' coronation, th grandest and
moet costly function of modern times, will
be attended by peopl from all over the
world, many of whom will take th ocean
yag a a mean of Improving their
health. Many others, however, cannot af
ford aa ocean trip, but they can recover
their health if they will us Hosteller's
Stomach Bitter, th celebrated remedy for
all tomacB sad liver complaint. It will
cur indigestion, dyspepsia, constipation
aad bilonsna. Be sur to try It.
Oaiy a fciaaJl atlas.
HAMMONTON. M. J.. June l-Th sensa
tional reports sent out trom here last night
t th effect thst this city waa almost
wiped out by tire ar practically baseless.
About 6 o'clock last night a Ar broke out
la the Store and dwelling of Joseph C.
Johi.aon and th ax taut of the damage waa
the demructlon f that building. At no
tlm wa there any danger of the town
being dutroyed. Loss between ROuO end
Publish your legal notice la Tb Weakly
Be. IlesM lit. . , .
iwmi w
Materials left on roof by electrical workers washed into the water escape pipes, clogged
them and forced floods of water back under the roof over the stock room and damaged great
quantities of notions, furnishing goods, carpets, shoes, etc. SALE BEGINS SATURDAY
MORNING. No time to quote prices. Goods almost given away. Watch Sunday papers for
full particulars. Come Saturday and see the bargains.
la xnea's. womea's.
Urn's Vict Kid Bala
$2.50 and $S.OO
Men'a Box Calf Bala,
$2 50 and $3.00
Men'a Veloura Calf Bal
etore $2 50 and '$3.00
Women a Pat. Kid Lace, a regular $2 shoe..
Women's Vlcl Kid Lac, a regular $3 shoe .
Women's Pat. Calf Lace, a regular $3 shoe.
Men Vicl Kid Southern Tie,
solid comfort
Men's Vlcl Kid Oxfords, welt sole,
worth $3 50
Women's Oxfrrds. tan and black worth
Women's Patent Calf Colonial, with buckle,
worth up to $2.50
Women's Fine Hand Turned Oxfords, 20
styles, worth $2.50
Misses' Patent Calf &:rap Elippera
12 to 2. or til $1.50
Waists, Suits, Skirts and
Wrapper Sale
A special purchase of 500 dozen ladlea'
waists and 475 dozen ladies' wrappers
placed on our counter at less thsn the
cost of the material.
100 dozen ladles' fine waltta In colors and
white, worth up to $6. at. each.... $2.68
70 dozen ladlea' colored waists, worth
$3.50, at $180
100 dozen ladles' walata, worth I? 50, at,
each $100
50 dozen ladlea' fine wash waletg, made
of good materials,' worth $2, at 64c
50 dozen waists, worth up to $1.50, at. .45c
45 dozen ladies' wash waleta, worth up to
$1, 'at 25c
25 dozen ladles' walata at 10c
More wrappers than all the housea In
Omaha combined.
Lot 1 20 dox. wrappera at 25c
Lot 2 25 doz. ladlea' wrappers, aeparate
waist lining, ruffle over shoulder, In
blue oalr, at 45c
Lot 3100 doz. ladles' wrappera. made of
extra quality percale, worth $1.75,
for $1.00
100 ladle' wash suits, worth $2. for.. $1.25
Wash skirts made of crash, duck, pique
and linen, worth up to $2, at .each $1.00
Hain Does $25,000 Damage to Goods in Big
Department Store.
Stockroom on Top Floor Twraod Into
Lake by Water Which Galaa
Admlssloa Through
the Roof.
Fully $25,000 damage from water was sus
tained st Haydec Bros.' stors during tbe
fierce rsln of Thursdsy night. Loose pieces
or board which had been left on the flat
root were washed by the flood into tbe es
capes to tbe mater spouts, which were thus
quickly clogged. Having no other mean,
of exit the wa'.er beat back under tbe roof
from the eecapes st tbe edges, going in be
tween tbe roof scd tbe celling next it. an I
it soon broke through the plastering, flood
ing the top floor Inches deep.
The top floor is tbe stock room and the
trouble occurred directly over thst portion
fronting oa Sixteenth street gives over to
shoes and uotions and furnishing. Damage
aggregating easily $15,000 was done here,
a immense new stock had Juat been re
ceived and almost everything was wet
down, cardboard boxes being soaked to a
Below the stock, room on the third floor
la tbe carpet and drapery department, and
here, too, great damage was done. AH the
fin oriental stuffs and roll after roll of
carpeting was wetted. There the water
atopped. not getting through the second
Th trouble was discovered aooa after
tbe pelting rain began 1st in th after
noon, and at 6; 45 fifty men were working
frantically to check tb damage. Thirty
huge tub and fifty 'bucketa and scoop
hovel were hurried to the stock room,
where the water was scooped from tbe floor
and thrown from the windows by tub
fuls. Meanwhile other men were cover
ing the sucks of goods with oilcloth sheets,
and when meat of the water had been taken
from tb floor the rest was sopped up
with mops and sponges.
When this work wss done the force was
reduced, but Ave men worked all night
at the task. Friday morning a score or so
of employee was at work segregating the
soaked goods. Tards and yaros of lacea,
ribbona and scores of boxes of handker
chiefs and underwear, besides art goods
snd toilet srtlcles and other thinga innu
merable were In the Hat.
Tbe roof Itself did not leak, aa it was
fully repaired two months' sgo. and th
roofers assert that at the time they re
moved every piece of aocd and foreign
matter up there, ao tbey are not to blame.
Proprietors of tbe store, therefore, think
that airing crews of some of the vsrlous
electric connection concerns left their
sswed ends lying around on the gravel, and
a damage auit may result, if the fault can
be placed.
Representatives of th Nebraska Tele
phone company visited the place yester
day and abowed tneat they had no wire
airoaa that part of th roof, and o would
never have cause to put workmen ther.
Thareday Sight' llala Give Soma
Repair Work to tb
Street Gavaar.
Tb street department wa busy yeater.
day repairing tht havoc wrought by Thurs
day sight' atorm. On Oak street, between
Eighth and Ninth ther wa a laadalld
same Urns during th sight, which swept
Special Saturday
and children' Shoes, Slippers
to II1,.
iu in every store t
a. sold in every j
Grand Ribbon Sale
There la no limit to the prices we will
make on ribbons. Saturday la known all
over the three cities as Ribbon Day at
Hardens', and tomorrow will It ad and sur
paea them all.
There will be five lota at five different
rices. 2HC IV. 10c, 15c and 25c per yard.
Containing a lot of all-Bilk ribbons, worth
up to 15c, go at 2c
Containing a lot of fine silk and satin,
worth 10c to 20c, go at, yard 4'uc
Containing the finest kind of new wash
taffeta ribbons, in wide widths, and wide
fancy ribbons, worth 25c and 85c, go at.
yard 10s
Containing extra wide ALL SILK warb
ribbon and fancy satin taffeta ribbons,
worth 35c to 50c, go at 15c
Containing the widest plain and extra
heavy fancy ribbons, worth up to 75c, go
at, per yard 25c
The finest kind of the new fashionable
pearl dress buttona only 10c dozen.
way about one-half of the driveway and
undermined the sidewalk so thst It sags
seversl feet.
From Twentieth street, between Cas
and Dodge, the rain washed out about
eighteen wagonloada of old cedar block
nd these ar now heaped up In depres
sions anywhere within a radius or three
blocks or their original position. In many
cases tbey have stopped tbe sewer gates.
causing the water to back up and create
large ponda.
Hoaior Decided by Jaigss Who Pick
Valedictorian and Salataterlan
for the Class.
The Judges have spoxen. and to the 117
sweet girl and brave young man grad
uates or the class or '02 are known the
names or the Mystic Eight. The prelimi
naries were held Thursday afternoon in a
study room of the High school building.
Esch or tbe sixteen honor pupils did ad
mirably, and the Judges. Judge J. H.
Macomber, C. O. McDonald and E. J. Bod
well, had to split halra in order to deter
mine th personnel ot the Exalted Council.
It include two boys and six girls, as fol
Alia Hukill, oration, "Does it PsyT";
William Phelps, oration, "Our Neighbors;"
Minnie Hlller, orstlon. 'What 6hall We Do
with Her?": Watson B. Smith, oration,
America's Opportunity;" Laura Congdou,
True Womanhood;" Ms King, essay,
'Orators and Oratory;" Ruth Hsmmand.
oration, ''The Twentieth Century Knight;"
Lillian Dickinson, oration. "Th Young Ne
gro a Factor of tha Future."
Miss Hukill will be the valedictorian and
Mr. Phelps tbe salutatorlan. they having
received the highest marka by the 4udgea.
The remaining six were not graded. Mlsa
Dickinson will repreaent tha colored race
la the claaa.
Too Great ftlak.
In almost every neighborhood someone
bss died from an attack of colic or cholera
morbus, often before medicine could be
procured or a physician summoned. A re
liable remedy for these diseases should be
kept at hand. Tbe risk is too great for
anyone to take. Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy has un
doubtedly saved the lives of more people
snd relieved more psin and suffering than
any ether medicine in use. It can always
be depended upon.
A Place to Spend the Samsner.
Oa th line of the Milwauke railway in
Wisconsin. Minnesota and Iowa are some
of the most beautiful placea in tbe world
to spend a summer vscstlon, camping out
or at tbe elegant summer hotels. Boating,
fishing, beautiful lakes and stream and
cool weather. Okobojl la tb nearest of
these resorts, but ail are easily reached
from Omaha, and tbe round trip ratea this
summer are lower thsn ever before. Full
information on application.
General Weatern Agent C, M. at St. P. Ry..
1504 Farnam St., Omaha.
Low Raise Cast and Northwest.
To ao many points it would tak an en
tire page to enumerate them.
SPECIALS fit 15 Chlcag and return.
Jua IS. 17, 21. 22.
40 St. Paul and return,
June 1 to It.
tl.75 Boston and return,
June 11. 12, 11
20 25 Deadwood and return,
June 1 to 21
Plea writ or call
City Office. 1401-140$ Farnam Bu
Ta Ner It wester a Line."
Shoe Sale.
and Oxfords.
Patent Calf Strap Slippers
worth $125
Child's Pstent Calf Strap Slippers
5 to St, worth $1.00 ,
The Grover Oxford, for tender feet
Men'a Linen Shoes, the $1.60 kind,
Women's Linen Oxfords, the $1.50 kind,
Women's Kid ColonUl Patent Calf Quar
ters, worth $1Z5
Touth'a Kid Shoes, worth $1.26
Serge Sllprers,
worth 50c
We are aole egents In Omaha for the celebrated
! Stetson and Crossett shoe for men and the Ultra
j and Crook's Bros.' for women.
Optical Department.
If you have trouble with your eyes, con
sult our optician.
All klnda of glasses fitted correctly at
tha lowest nnitsihl nrlrea Tn.r otim..-
anteed gold filled frames, $3.50 values at
China Department
Fine crystal fire polish cream set confut
ing of sucar bowl, cream pitcher, spoon
holder and butter dish, 15c per aet.
Handled sherbet cupa 4e
Dec. cups and saucers. Sow colors, eacb,2Hc
Wine glassea 2c
Crystal fruit or sauce dlshea lc
Decorated toilet aets $1.29
Olive dlshea pickle dlshea, mugs. Jelly
plates. gcblets. tumblers, gelettne
moulds, vases,. These are all in beauti
ful cryatal. Your choice 3c
Yeiser and Cithers Mix Things in Judge
Estelle's Court.
War of Words Lead to Something;
Warmer, bat Xo Certons Dam
ns to Either Lawyer
The Hon. John O. Telser, who is light
enough to rest comfortably on the head of
a populist ticket, and th Hon. John T.
Cathers. who la heavy enough to make a
proper tall tor any kind of a democratic
kite, have clashed in Judge Estelle's court
and both survive to tell the story although
they are not telling It. There waa no blood
wasted, and although the blind goddess was
given sn awful shock for a few momenta,
she Is again able to alt up and eat a
It bappens that the Hon. John O. and
the ,Hon. John T. are opposing lawyer In
a esse on trial before Judge Estelle. and
as it is a suit in which the Hon. John T
1 attempting to collect feea for professional
services, and tbe Hon. John O. is endeav
or leg to show that tbe aald professional
services were not up to tbe standard plans
and specifications, there are moments when
tbe atmosphere In the court room take on
a tinge of the Martinique quality.
When the Hon. John O. got the Hon.
John T. on tbe witneas stsnd and began
to Intimate by hi questions thst tbe Hon.
John T. "as a matter ot fact" didn't knew j
this snd thst sbout the legal services for
which he wss trying to collect, the Hon.
John T. began to show signs of sa erup
tion by answering the Hon. John O's. ques
tions before they wer completed and put
ting all kinds of hot ashes and blistering
words in his snswers.
Her They Sign Article.
"New, you look here, exclaimed the Hoa.
John O, finally. "I doa't want any mor
of your sarcasm! t'nderatand that, don't
"And I don't want any mor of your
smartness!" retorted the Hoa. Johs T. "un
derstand that, don't you!"
Both understood, snd In their under
standing they wer not alone. Judg Es
telle, being a pretty good underatander
himself, waa in with the game, and it didn't
take him any longer than th law allows to
sdjourn court and sav th blind goddeaa
the humiliation of standing sponscr for
th Impending trouble.
"Tbe Jury 1 excuaed for th present.
esid th Judge, "court I not In session snd
any further eulphurte remarks these law
ye re bav to mska will have to be mad a
Individual and sot as office rs of tb
court." And with s "sic 'em" th court
stepped down off th bench and hied itself
to the outer sir.
The Hoa. Joha T. kept his position in th
witness chair, becsuae. sppsrently, h had
a better foot-reach from Ha elevated plat,
form than be would bar had on the lvt
with th Hon. Jobs O. A oon as th
court had cleared tb port th reel troubl
began. Tbe Hon. John O. remarked that
he had read all about Mount Pelee and
didn't car a continental if th Hoa. Joha
T.v was as big as that very warm wart oa
ths earth; be wouldn't tak any "aa
from blm "nohow." Other . remark fol
lowed, but they will never b printed.
Her th Troabl Hsistsi.
Finally th Hon. John T. let hi tongu
reat and brought hi foot lalo action. It
wa th right foot and as it shot out from
th wltnes ataad It cam in direct-contact
with th solar jylexl f tb Hen. Joha O
Furnituro Unparalleled Furniture Selling
Mslt our boys' clothing department in the
bargain room. It la one of the most pop
ular departments In Omaha and the bova'
suits and pants will be on sale at the
most ridlculoue low price, never before
beard of.
The boys' wash panta. worth up to Sfc a
win pe put on aaie
Boys' wash pants, worth up to 60c. will be
cm sale at a m.
pair IUC
Tbe boys' wash suite, worth ud to $2.0". on
Mie a i, a sun, sue, &c
a nd
Boys' long pant eulta, worth $2.00,
on Bale at. a eull
Boys' all wool long pants, worth
$3.00, at, a pair
Boya' ail wool pants, worth 75c.
at. a rair
Boys' all wool panta. with double seat end
kneea. worth up to $1.00. on sale nr.
at. a pair. 0c and 036
Boys' all wool suits, worth up to AC.
15 00. on sale at II. Ci. 11.26 and 9 36
FROM lO TO 1U30 A. M.
We will sell yard-wide unbleached LL. mua
lin, the best made, only 10 yarda 9l
to a customer, at a yard 'C
FROM 3 TO 8t30 P. M.
We will give one of our famous short
length sales of dimities, batistes and or
gandies, worth trom 19 to 39c a vard,
only 10 yards to a customer, 91 M
at a yard (G
FROM 8iSO TO 9 P. M.
We will sell Hill muslin, the best that is
made, worth PWc a yard. It Is a little
finer and heavier than Lonsdale, only 10
yaras to a customer,
at a yard
New Line of Hats
Fine derby In high and low crown silk
binding and patent sweat psds in brown or
black at $100, $1.60, $2.00. $2.50 and $100.
The swollen soft hat of th season is th
Panama. We have it in all colors large
and small block to sell at 75c, $1.00, $1.25,
$1.50. $2.00 and $2.60. (
The new line of Fedora and Pashaa of
which we made mention last week have
arrived and are certainly th best we ever
showed: all prices, 75c, $100, $1.28, $1.60,
$2.00 and $2.60.
Men's and boys' caps, all colors, 25c and
Men'a straw hats at 25c, 60c, 75c and $1.00.
Men's swell straw Panamas st $2.60.
Children's straw hats in all shapes and
colors at 10c, 25c, S5c, 40c, 46e and 60c.
This seemed to be a more effective way
of arguing the point, and ao the Hon. Joha
O. essayed to cot In with hia fists, but,
slas, his reach was short and betor h
could make a landing an Interested by.
stsnder called tlm on th bout.
An bour or so later tb Hon. John O.
and the Hon. John T. shook hands, called In
the court and proceeded with tb trial oa
peaceable terms.
Competition for Prise Banner Will Be
Held at Ames Avcaae Park
Tnesday Bvoala..
Tb competitive drill or the six High
School Cadet companies, which waa to
have been given at Ame Avenue park Fri
day evening, has been postponed on account
of tbe rain to next Tuesday evening, June
10. It was round thst water wa stand
ing on the grounds in large pools yesterday
morning, making it more suitable for a
regatta than for evolution of infantry.
Th rules governing the drill will be
similar to those of a ysr ago. At that
tlm D company waa the winner, and It Is
alleged that that body still hss several
buckets of acid-proof paint with which to
decorst tbe town In cas victory again
perches on Its banner. Seversl of th other
companies have taken up chemistry sine
than, however, and hav learned how to
make It.
The Judge will be three regular army
officer who hav aerved In the Philippines,
These companies will compete: Com
pany A, Watson Smith, captain; B. Howard
Barrett, captain; C. Alfred Gordon, cap
tain; D, Harry Kelly, captain; E, Will
Coryell, captain, and F, Jack Moraman, cap.
Cakewalk at Maaawa.
Tb nrlx Cakewalk at Laka Umm
on Saturday evening promises to b th
greatest drawing card ao far this inun
It is open to all-comers and will b par.
tlclpated la by tb twenty Georgia ren
aders aa well. There are two prise for
Drat couple; a gold beaded cane and a
beautiful cold handled umbralla SAW n
exhibition In Harden Bros.' Sixteenth atreet
now window. Balduff Is making a hugs
oak for tb second best couple. Those
desirous of competing may apply to th
superintendent oa ths grounds. Covatts
concert Dana win also give concerts, both
arternoea and evening. Th balloon as
censions will tak Disc at tha usus.1 ..
In addition t all th regular attractioa.
III (Iff
If so, before making any plans for
your summer fishing trip, you should
write or call on us for Information
pertaining to th Lake of Minnesota.
Ther ar ten thousand lakes In th
Minnesota, which ar filled with Baa. Pickerel.
Crapple. Muskalonge, etc.
Remarkably low round trip tickets with long
limit, will b oa aal all summer.
- Information ragaroin g fishing teworts, hotol
rate, aad round trip tic kets will b cheerfully
furnished by.
W. H. BRILL, .
1402 Fa rasa St ftfct rats. Aft HI Ccst L I.
W hve eold more furniture during th
past lew aays man any otner tlm during
our history. Th reason being w are
leaving nothing undone to make the
prices lower than ever. Several carload
arrived late in the aeasoa and w had to
mark the goods low, far lower than usual,
and we advise you to come here at once,
and to come now.
This is the Furniture Oppor
tunity of a Life Time.
This la on of our bargain. This ele
gant chair la finely finished, ha a hand
aotnely carved bark, burned prats and sad
dle seat, with brace arms. A chair that
eella the world over for $1.50, and our
price now t only 5c, and remember, just
like rut. Come and see us. we want to
figure with you. Win you Dot lake tlm
to come here before you buy. We can
make Ton the prices.
3-plsce bed room suite for $11 0
Extension table, 42x1? top IS $5
Can aeat, brace arm chair TSe
Elegant couch, full spring edge $1.71
3-piece mahogany suite for the parlor. $10 RS
Large arm rocker, cane aeat ..$1.M
Lean aeat 5e
Lawn rocker 75
W lead th world Is frame-making.
Bring your plcturea to be framed. Tour
photo enlarged free.
It Is coming into this country so fast
that tbe Coffee trust cannot band It all.
We will aell a good sound whole berry
coffee for 7Hc W bought 26 ton of It.
Oood prune
Fancy Santa Clara prunea 740
Fancy Italian prunea te
Fancy French prunea 10He
Waahlngton prunea UHe
Cat. Santa Clara evaporated prune.. ISc
Fancy Muir peaches I5a
1- lb can baked bean 6s
2- lb can string bean 60
Hasty Jellycon 74 e
Cataup, per bottle lJHo
Mixed Pickles, per bottle THo
Chow Chow, per bottle 7v,o
Large Jar mustard 60
Olive oil. per bottle 74,0
Pur currant Jelly, per Jar 6o
2-lb can sweet corn 6
Good rice ic
$-!b can peaches 12He
$-lb csa pumpkins 70
t-lb can mackerel In aplce 20c
$-lb can syrup to
White or Yellow cornmeal, per Back.. 15c
Kiln dried oatmeal, per pound 2 Ho
Whole wheat Sour, per pound 3c
Chickens Cheaper Than Fresh
Freeh dressed chickens
Fruits! Fruits!
Fresh Juicy lemons, per dox.
. 6c
Fancy large datea, per lb
Fancy awect orangea, 2 for ....
Virginia peanuts, per measure..
Fancy Wisconsin brick..
Full cream chess ....
Potted ham, per can ..
Veal Loaf, per can....
Appetit cheeee, each....
. 12o
. 2c
. Ha
. 4Ve
Butter and Eggs
Fancy full grass separator creamery.... 20o
Choice dairy butter ig0
This butter 1 made by th beat privet
dairies In Iowa and Nebraska and Is
hipped to us direct fresh every day.
Hisi Maris Litienbergsr Likelj to Die from
Ho.- Injuries,
Cleaning; Clothe at a Dye Hoa
When Explosion Oeeara Which
Ha Not Yet Been Ex.
flss Mart Litseaberger was serloualj
and perhaps fatally burned at I ywtsrda
aftsrnoon by th ignition of gaaolins at
Lb Great Eastern Dye work. 21 Leaven
worth tret, at which plac ah was at
work. Th fir did ao damage to tha
Mlaa Lltsenberger was alone la a rear room
of th building cleaning clothe, aad It la
not known how th gaaollne became ignited.
Mr. Jenal Bolmer. who wa In th front
door, heard Miss Litxenberger scream sad
a she started toward th rar room, th
former ruahed from the room a mass of
flame. Mr. Bolmer threw a sheet over
the buralng woman and attempted to tp
her. Miss Littenberger pulled herself fre
snd rushed screaming into ths street, by
this tlm her hair was ablate and almost
all her clothing above her waist had been
buraed from her body. Her scream at
traded th residents of the vicinity, sad
tb burning woman was caught and th
flame wer extinguished.
She was earned to a room over 217. aad
Dr. Moor hastily summoned. He reported
that bar condition was dangerous. Her
face waa burned to a erisp. and th upper
part of her body, arm and hand wer
blistered, ins wa removed to St. Joseph'
hospital. Mlaa Utsenberger is 20 years
or ag and cam to Omaha from Hastings,
It is supposed tb woman stepped boob
a match while at work and that this
ignited tb vapor from a caa of gasoline
which was near her. The bias completely
enveloped th room, though snly nominal
da mags waa dona.
fkaass wf BUI at Boyd'a.
erfm vn,n 'STlr midweek change
of bill occurred at the Boyd, the Ferris
company putting on "The Maa
Thla I. something of a thriller with a
trona; comedy element, and la very well
played by the company.
Sit J
sut of :!
( Hi "
swaMt tani