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Fopnlitt Object to Telling Registrars Their
Party Affiliation.
Aetloa las C'oinnif Last Spring;
and Is Revived at Opealaei of the
(atnpalaa for State
. . . ftaierra.
(From Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. June 4. (Special.) Can the
the registrars rf election compel a mm
presenting himself for enrollment to tub
Dili to being questioned as to his party
a (TiHat Ion ? The populists sty n", and
Charles Q. DeFrance, their state chairman,
in Judge Frost's court thla afternoon
Insisting that the court ought to perma
nently enjoin the registration officer from
propounding that queBtlcn. The action was
originally begun last spring, when Mr.
DeFrance was, -a candidate for the cutincil
Id the 81th ward and wanted the registrars
out there enjoined from asking that ques
tion. Ben Williams, -colored, locally known as
"Five Spot," was temporarily transformed
into a moving target thla morning at about
I o'clock in the kitchen of the Lindell
hotel and In the alley Immediately ad
joining. Robert Williams, a colored helper
la the culinary department, was the un
successful .marksman. He fired two bullets
at "Five Spot." tut merely Inflicted a flesh
wound on the thirl and fourth fingers of
(be left band of the victim. He tnlssrd
ut on the aeoond hot and "Five Spot"
plunged Into the alley and succeeded in
lodging further shooting.
t'itjr - Librarian's Reytart.
The annual report of Jane H. Abbott,
city librarian, submitted to the board at
list evening's meeting, coutains some Inter
sating facta. " It contains the following:
Number of book added during the year,
1,347; of these 2,117 were purchased, 153
sere bound periodicals, being those sub
icribed for the library; 77 were magazines
ind unbound volumes donated to the li
brary. Of the bboks purchased the vol
ames in the different classes number as
General works .
Philology '.
I useful art.
Fine arts
Literature n
Travels ...;
Foreign books
( hlldren'a booka
Total . '. 2,117
The library has teen open for the cir
culation of books 304 dftvs; 1,978 persons,
an average of 165 per month, have been
registered as patrons; 28 cards have been
canceled, making total registration of
patrons C.645. Teachers' cards have been
issued to twenty-six teachers.
Usvrrsor't Daughter We.ta.
The marriage of Miss Emllle Msclot Sav
ge, daughter of Governor and Mrs. E. P.
Savage, to Mr. Adrian1 Royal Harvey of
Dmaha was celebrated at the executive
mansion at I o'clock yesterday afternoon.
Reverend C. E, .Bentley read tha service
in the presence of a small company of rela
tives. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey have gone to
Dklahoma to visit Mr.-Harvey's parents.
Governor Savage returned this afternoon
from Custer county, where, 'It Is reported,
ha trade an unsuccessful effort to control
or Influence the .action , pf J.he republican
county convention, which was held yester
day. The governor was asked to address the
convention and for his remarks he was
given a vote of thanks and. In addition, the
convention, endorsed his administration so
far aa it affected the finances of the stats.
It is what the convention did not do that
disappoints the governor, The fact Is not
concealed that Governor Savage aspires to
be permanent chairman of the state con
vention, but It was desirable first for him
to get on the delegation of his home county.
This he failed to do. ' It was announced
bere two or three weeka ago that the gov
ernor's friends In Custer county snd those
of Frank Currle were preparing for a
clash, the Currle forcea making no secret of
their opposition to Savage. Whether the
expected fight was aa aerlous as antici
pated la not definitely known here, but cer
tain It Is that the governor was not put on
tha county delegation. Tha governor made
the trip to Broken Bow especially to attend
the convention. Mr. Currle. one of bis lead
ing adversaries, presided over its delibera
tions. The annual oratorical contest of the In
tercollegiate Prohibition association was
hald In - thA Auditorium tonight Vlrr
prise waa rlvan to James E. Durham of
Chicago, second to" Herbert Ehattuck of
Cornell college and the third to Platte
Amstuts Of Wooster college, Ohio. Other
contestants were: H. T. D. Button of Drake
university, Des Moines; C. A. Nlcoll of
Tarkto. college. Tarklo. Mo.: Minnie Throop
of Nebraska Wealeyan.' I'nlversity Place;
Edward Montgomery of Belolt college. Be
lolt; E. E. Taylor of Parker college. Win
nebago. City; E. M. Moore of the University
sf Michigan. Ann Arbor; Slwood 8. Mln
chtn of Pacific college, Newberg. The
(udgea were: .Dr. I. K. Funk of New Tork
Slty, Mrs. Francis E. Beaucfcamp of Lex
ington. Ky.. and Rev. Qulacy Lee Morrow
9t Indianapqlla.
. Holdreae ta Celebrate.
HOLDREGE. Neb.. June 4 (Special Tele
ram ) Ths citizens of Holdrege are mak
ing extensive preparations to celebrate the
" Fourth. Besides the usual sports several
novelties are premised to make the day at
tractive. Clay Ceanty Fusion Call. .
CLAT CENTER. Neb., June 4. (Spe
cial ) The populist and democratic
county central committees were here yes
terday and selected June 19 ss the date
for holding their county conventions.
Sa lastrartlaaa la Seward.
SEWARD. Neb., June. 4 (Special Tele
rrani.) The republican couaty convention
jcld here today selected the following dele
lates to tha state and congressional con
rentlons: State Frank Smiley, Q. Q. Hurl-
You have doubtless heard
a great deal about Aycr's Sar
saparilla how it makes the
blood pure and rich, tones up
the nervous system,' clears
the skin, reddens the cheeks,
and puts flesh on the bones.
Remember, u Ayer's "is the
kind you want the kind
the doctors prescribe. u
Ayer's Pills arc a great aid to Ayer's
SaraapafiUa. Theat ptUs are liver pills,
sbfe for the patent, snd just as sat
. for the children. Purely vegetable.
1 1 AVU CO UsL ftass,
burt, J. P. Corwln, A. Campbell. V. Zim
merman, C. J. Cooper. E. J. Newton. Frank
Houderaheldt, M. Stream. Thomas Tldyman.
James Lemon. General Care, L. O. Howard.
George Merrlam. John Oekea. J. M. Dslley.
L. C. Johnaton and Thomas Corr. Con
gressionalCharles Hlckrcsn. L. A. Rutan,
O. F. Hurlburt. Richard Jones. C. D. Alf-x-ander.
C. A. Fetterman, F. M. Andrews.
W. F. Nlehaua, J. F. Newell, F. M. Doreey,
H. C. At wood, W. C. Smiley. J. F. Haver
stock, M. Hulshlier. F. B. Tipton, J. M.
Smiley and William Rcdford.
brarlaatlnat Exercises Farshh Prin
cipal Tople of Interest la
FREMONT. Neb.. June 4. (Special.)
The graduating exercises cf the Fremont
High school were held at Love's opera
house last evening. The atage was set
with palms, rcses and peonies, and ths
class colors, yellow and white, conspicu
ously displayed. A chorus of forty little
girls under the direction of Miss Ella Max
well furnished the music. In the place
of the usual essays and orations an ad
dress was delivered by Dr. A. E. Wlnshlp
of Boston. The diplomas were presented
by C. C. McNlsh. the president of the
board, and the benediction waa pronounced
by Rev. John Doene.
OSCEOLA. Neb.. June 4. (Special,) The
First Methodist Episcopal church of Osce
ola was never more beautifully decorated
than it was last evening in honor ef the
graduating class of our High school. The
colors are asure and white, and the
flower was La Franca rose. The program
consisted of music by Miss Nellie Pheasant,
Invocation by Rev. Will J. Scott, the
Methodist Episcopal pastor; vocsl solo by
Emll Oleson of Stromsburg, address by
Rev. Luther P. Luddrn of Lincoln, vocal
solo by Mrs. Dr. L. M. Shaw, presentation
of diplomas by Dr. Carrie L. Heald and
benediction by Rev. Knox Boude. the pas
tor of the Presbyterian church.
BEEMER. Neb.. June 4 (Special.) The
alxth annual commencement of the Beemer
High school took place at the opera house
Monday evening. There were four glrle
and one boy graduated. Tbey acquitted
themselves with honor In their orations,
Mr. Earle Brlggs, the only boy among
tbem, having the valedictory. ,
PIERCE. Neb.. June 4. (Special.) A
good-aired audience assembled in the opera
bouse thla evening to listen to a program
rendered by the graduating class of the
High school. The program consisted or
vocal and Instrumental music, recitations,
orations, esssys and the class history and
prophesy. All were nicely rendered snd
enjoyed by the audience. The exercises
closed with a song by the class. The grad
uating exercises will be held Friday night
In the opera house.
Mia Pleaaare with Bastaess sit Their
Anaaal Convention at
COLt'MBVS. Neb.. June 4. (Special.)
The annual meeting of the State Pharma
ceutical association is in session bere. with
about 300 visiting druggists la attendance.
The first session was held yesterday after
noon, when President Stransburg delivered
the annual address. In the evening there
was a large gathering at Maennerchor
hall, many eltliens being present to extend
a welcome to the visitors. Tha city band
furnished music and Mayor Dickinson de
livered tbe keys of ths city to ths drug
gists. James Reed of Nebraska City responded
to tha mayor and the "welcome on behalf
of the local druggists, to which C-L. Still
man gave sxpresslon, was responded to by
Henry Gerlng of Plattamouth.
Short addresses were made by tbe few
charter members present, tbey having wit
nessed the growth of the Infant to Its
maturity, tbe organization now being 21
years old.
The first of a series of contests for tbe
amusement of tbe visitors waa a hat-trimming
match, in which four prises were of
fered, and tbe masculine ,ptll-maklng mill
iners furnished seven sorts of fun by their
ludicrous achievements in hat trimming.
Women's and misses' bowling contests, a
ball game between the Fullerton and Co
lumbus nines and tbe regular business ses
sions of ths association filled in the morn
ing and afternoon hours and tonight there
was a plllmakers' vaudeville entertainment
at tbe North opera bouse, witnessed by an
Immense audience.
Tomorrow is tbs last day of ths meeting,
closing la the evening with a grand balL
Y. M. C. A. Balldlaa: at York.
YORK, Neb.. June 4. (Special.) Ever
since the Young Men's Christian association
convention, last February, tbe citizens of
York have felt the need of the association
and a good building providing rooms for
rsllgious and social meetings for young
men and boys. A committee has been
quietly at work for some tlms, ascertaining
tbe sentiment and probable support of tbe
citizens. At a large meeting beld last
night It was decided to make a determined
effort to secure a building, or build one
for Young Men's Christian association
work. Committees of solicitation will ba at
work soon and it la hoped the enterpriss
will be carried through promptly and suc
cessfully. Pareata Save Girl's' Life.
FREMONT, Neb., June 4 (Special.)
Grace Allen, a 11-year-old daughter of
Thomas Alleu, living en East Eighth street,
undertook to take a drink ct corosive subli
mate last evening but was prevented from
doing so. The girl went down cellar and
bringing up the bottle containing the
poison poured cut a part of it liito a glaaa
snd waa just In tbs act ef raising it to
her lips when shs was prevented from
doing so by her parents. It is not thought
that shs contemplated suicide ss she Is a
bright, active girl and her family relations
are pleaasnt but that she intended ta drink
a little of it In a spirit of bravado to see
what effect It would have.
Ftae Crop Prosuerts.
TRENTON. Neb.. June 4 (Special.)
Crop prospects at present are the best
they have been for several years. . Alfalfa
is very heavy and the first crop is being
cut. Small grain of all kinds Is In prime
condition snd with no unforseen danger
the jleld will be one of the heavieat ever
marketed. A large acreage of rane ta In
and coming up nicely. Tbs small amount
of corn is doing well. No damage haa yet
been reported by Inserts.
Bandar irtocl (eaveatlea.
HVMBOLDT. Neb.. June 4 (Special )
Tbe seventh anuuel eezslon of the Rich
ardson couuty Sunday school association
opeced at Dawsoa Tuesday evening at
5 o'clock with a praise aervlce snd will
continue uril Thursday . morning. The
weather Is floe and a large number nf dele
gates are present from different parts of
tbs county. An Interesting program ha
been prepared snd Is being carried out.
Paaseaster liaia Jaaapa Track.
FREMONT. Neb . Juns 4 (Special.)
Train No. 1 ou tha Elkhorn. the Missouri
Valley and Lincoln passenger ran off the
track at Arlington this morning. The
rauae Is supposed to have teen soms defect
la tbe ralla. Fortunately the train was
sot moving tsst and afur bumping the
ties for a short dtataace cams to a stop.
The passengers were not hurt and tbe dam
age to track and car was light.
Valley Ptits Oat Peter Mortenien as Candi
date for State Treasurer.
Ceilar (assly Officially Pats Jenal la
Congressloaal Rate la the Third
District rirnl l n la
st met rd.
ORD, Neb., June 4. (Special Telegram.)
The republican county convention met
at Ord today and selected the following
delegates to the State convention: John
Wall, P. W. Rounds, Truman Hooncld.
Samuel Graham, C. A. Brink. H. E. Ole
son, Guy Dann. A. M. Robbins. The dele
gation will be for Petvr Mortensen for
state treasurer. Hon. F. M. Currle was
allowed to select a delegation to the con
gressional convention at Crawford. He
named E. P. Clements, John Wall, M. L.
Fries. V. Kokes. D. A. Card, Will Gowen.
E. J. Babcock and H. D. Leggett. M. L.
Fries of Arcsdirt. candidate for stste sen
ator, was permitted to select a delegation
to the senatorial convention.
HARTINGTON. Neb.. June 4. (Special
Telegram.) The republicans of Cedar
county met In convention at Hartirgton
yeatrrday afternoon. The convention was
one of the largest and most enthusiastic
and harmonious In the history of tbe
Ce-11 P. Boughn of Randolph was nomi
nated county attorney, and O. C. Dawson
commissioner for the Second district.
Among other things the resolutions
adopted commended the action of Hon.
F.ra P. Savage In withdrawing from thi
race for governor and demanded that in
th? future no person be nominated for
ofQce who is guilty of the betrayal of bis
trust as a public officer.
Jule F. Jenal, candidate for congress, by
unanimous consent of the convention was
given permission to select tbe following
delegation to the congressional conven
tion: H. A. Miller, Z. Boughn, L. H.
Bruner, F. O. Robinson, J. M. Mills, S. O.
Reese, S. W. Mosher. O. G. Ritchie. W. F.
Schwerin, Tom Turnbull, A. E. Ward, Frsns
Nelson, Fred Barnhart and W. S. Weston.
George T. Nelaon, candidate for state
senator, was permitted to select a delega
tion to the senatorial convention.
The following delegate were elected to
the state convention: i. C. Robinson, J.
W. Unkhart. J. F. Jenal, A. H. Burynell,
E. R. Williams, George L. Nelson and Stan
ney Martin.
Dr. F. O. Robinson was elected chair
man of the county central committee for
the enautng year.
Numerous speeches were made and en
thusiasm wss at Its highest pitch through
out tbe meeting.
Dawes County I nln.trnrted.
CRAWFORD, Neb., June 4 (Special Tel
egram.) The republican county convention
was beld bere today. Resolutions were
adopted endorsing the platform of 1!M0, de
ploring the death of McKlnley and congrat
ulating tbe country upon the Cuban and
foreign policies of the government and the
country's prosperity. E. M. Slattery of
Chadron was nominated for county attor
ney and the following delegates were se
lected: State C. D. flayers, J. E. Porter,
F. Currle, W. S. Glllam, H. H. Sprague
and W. A. Btrdsell. Congressional E. C.
Harris. W. J. Darrow. J. A. Haleffer, W. T.
Wilson, D. S. Effner, J. Howard, 61m
Wright. Senatorial W. H. Fanning, J. M.
Young, D. S. Effner, J. E. Lovejoy, Frank
Currle. - For representsttve convention,
Frank Currle of Whitney was permitted to
select the delegates. George G. Dunn was
re-elected chairman of tha county central
committee. No delegations are lnstructsd.
So Favorites la Webster.
RED CLOUD, Neb.. June 4. (Special Tel
egram.) At the Webster county convention
beld here today E. U. Overman was nomi
nated for county attorney and Charles Hun
ter for representative. Delegates to te
state convention are: A. J. Hayes, W. F.
Renkle. G. M. Albln, C. H. Potter, George
P. Catber, G. G. Holt. Joseph Saladen, C.
H. Kaley. A. Galusha, A. D. McNeer, C. E.
Hlcka. I. B. Hampton, Charles Relgl. Con
gressional W. C. Richards, J. R. Mercer,
J. H. Crary, O. L. Lindgren, J. C. Rose, T.
A. Wilbur, Charles Bennett, F. A. Sweezy,
W. Garner, C. Spencer, E. E. Ladd, John
May, J. E. Jackson. Senatorial J. A.
Bailey, J. W. Mclntyre, J. R. Crazier. J.
R. Grunhalgh, Robert Harris, E. E. Burr,
John McCulum. J. T. Mills. J. B. Stanzer,
N. L. D. Smith, Ed Garber, Charles Hodge.
No instructions were given.
RUSHVILLE. Neb., June 4. (Special
Telegram.) The republicans of Sheridan
county met In convention today. The
present county central committee was re
elected. R G. Easley was nominated for
county attorney, J. H. Edmunds fcr judge.
Both are strong men. Delegates to state.
congressional, senatorial and representa
tive convention were selected. Delegates
to the congresslonsl convention were in
structed to use all honorable means to se
cure tbe nomination of M. P. Klnkaid and
that be be not hampered by any promise
or obligations. Delegates to the stats con
vention were Instructed to use all honor
able meana for the renomlnation cf Stats
Auditor Chsrles Weston. Resolutions adopt
ed were In praise of the present adminis
tration and endorsement of every act of
our president; express pride in noting the
prosperity we are enjoying and tbe satis
faction In nothing the rapid dissolution In
the fusion forces; also a tribute to our
army and navy.
raaalDa; Haa Xo lastraetloas.
WEST POINT, Neb.. June 4. (Special
Telegram.! The republicsn county con
vention met In this city this afternoon and
elected the following delegates to the state
convention: D. C. Giffert. O. S. Brooks,
E. K. Valentine. A. D. Beemer, T. C. Kirk,
William Ferley, H. E. Kelso, G. G. Mullin.
Herman Zeblin. W. Mortenson, Gus Frunke,
Jasper Rewey. Congressional: E. K. Val
entine, Martin E. Kerl. J. C. Elliott. Georgo
Nl.or. F. J. Buck. Chrla Meyer. Frank No
vak. C. VV. Sass, J. O. Copple. N. T. Dudley.
C. A. Anderson. William Crunks and S. S.
Hall. The convention was harmonious with
tbe slight exception of a difference of opin
ion which arose as to the manner of se
lecting the delegates. State Treasurer Stue
fer waa present during tbe proceedings. Tbe
delegations go to the respective conventions
Sheriff Sells Brick Black.
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb.. June 4 (Spe
cial.) The Fitzgerald property, consisting
of a three-story brick building at the cor
ner of Main and Sixth streets, the corner
room being occupied by the First National
batik, waa sold yesterday by Sheriff J. D.
Mt Bride ta James Manahaa ef Lincoln for
the sum of tt.SOO. subject ts the taxes,
which amount to about $8,000.
Hot a Bay la tha Class.
BANCROFT, Neb., June 4. (Special.)
The commencement exercises of tbe Ban
croft High school were beld la tbs city hsll
last evening. W. 8. Collett addressed ths
class and presented the diplomas. The fol
lowing were graduated: Winifred C. Park,
Buena M. Valdcr. Hattle L. Harvey. Mar
garet E. Burke, Laura D. Perdee and Mary
L McDermott.
Date far C. A. ft. Beaalaa.
CAMBRIDCE. Neb., June 4 (Special
Tslegrsm.) At a meeting of tbe citlscns
aa4 old soldiers tonight li was dscided to
hold the southwestern Nebrsska district
Crand Army of the Republic reunion Auguat
5 to 30, Inclusive.
Una ad ta Have Pool Room.
HVMBOLDT. Neb.. June 4 (Fperlsl )
At the regulsr meeting of the city council
Isst night tbe license controversy was
sidetracked long enough to allow a con
sideration of the billiard hall matter. The
city has hsd no billiard or pool room for
three or four years. I'nder the ordinances
of the city the power of granting li
censes of this character rested with the
mayor, who Is opposed to doing so. A
psrty named Shaffer applied for a permit
and has the endorsement of three out of
tbe four councllmen. The request was
refused. One of the members then Intro
duced an ordinance having for Its purpose
a repeat of that section which gsve the
mayor discretion In the matter, and leav
ing it with the rouncll Instead. The new
ordinance was promptly passed under a
Suspension of the rules, and the mayor just
as promptly vetoed It. The three majority
members of the council then too up the
measure snd passed It over the veto.
Coart House Bonds Defeated.
COLUMBl'S. Neb., June 4 (Special Tel
egram.) Returns from all but two town
ships on the special election yesterday, to
vote bonds for a $65,000 court house, give
620 for and 1,64? against tbe bonds. The
proposition was defeated by an agitation
In the northern part of the county for the
removal of the county seat.
Child Drawn la narrow Pit.
GERING, Neb., June 4 (Special.) The
7-year-old son of Wiley Hale, section fore
men of tbe Burlington at Minatare, ten
miles east of Gerlng. was drowned in a
barrow pit beside the railroad track Sun
day evening, falling In by accident while
playing there with another lad of his own
Bays a Vrbrs.ka Pahllcation.
CLAY CENTER. Neb.. June 4 (Spe
cial.) The Poultry Investigator, a monthly
published here tbe last year, was pur
chased yesterday by the Commercial
Poultry Publishing company of Chicago
and will be consolidated with their pres
ent publications.
Bad Windstorm at Beatrlee.
BEATRICE, Neb.. June 4. (Special Tele
gram.) This section of the state was vis
ited by a terrific windstorm last night.
Many outbuildings were overturned, trees
uprooted and telegraph and telephone wires
badly damaged. As fsr as known no fatali
ties occurred.
Sarpy Pioneers to Have Picnic.
PAPILLION. Neb., June" 4. (Special ) At
meeting of the officers of the Old Settlers
association of Sarpy county, held at the
court house In Papilllon, it was decided
that tbe annual picnic be beld Saturday,
June 21, at Springfield.
Hand Crashed la Feed Grinder.
NORTH LOUP. Neb., June 4. (Special.)
A young woman named Palo, living a few
miles south of here, while assisting at a
feed grinder got her hand caught in the
machine and crushed so badly it had to be
Site for Library Balldlasj.
BEATRICE, Neb., June 4. (Special Tele
gram.) A site for tbe new Carnegie library
building bas been purchased by the library
board bere. The lots are 100 by 140 feet,
centrally located and cost $1,600.'
Coart Adojaraa ta Cass.
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb.. June- 4. (Spe
cial.) Judge Paul Jessen finished tbe
business of tbe May term of': district
court today and returned to bis borne In
Nebraska City thla evening. v
Showers, Thaaderstorms and Cooler
Weather Thursday la Ne
braska. WASHINGTON, June 4. Forecast:
For Nebrsska Showers; thunderstorms
and cooler Thursday; Friday fair In west,
probably showers In east portion.
For Iowa Showers and thunderstorms
Thursday and probably Friday; cooler
Thursday in west portion.
For Missouri Showers and thunder
storms Thursdsy; cooler in east and
warmer in southwest portions; . Friday
For Kansas Showers and thunderstorms
Thursdsy; warmer in southeast and cooler
In western portions; Friday fair In west,
showers in east portion.
For South Dakota Showers, thunder
storms and cooler Thursday; Friday fair
In west, probably showers In central and
east portions.
For Illinois Showers and thunderstorms
Thursday, cooler In central and south por
tions; Friday showers, with warmer in
extreme northeast portion; fresh east
Local Reeori.
OMAHA, June 4. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compared with
the corresponding day of the last three
1902. 19"1. 1900. IK.
Maximum temperature .. M M 2 Si
Minimum temperature.... F9 60 70
Mean temperature "S "I 71 74
Precipitation 00 .84 .00 .00
Record of temperature and precipitation
at Omaha for this day and since March 1.
Normal temperature 67
Rxceas for the day 9
Total excess since March 1 3K9
Normal precipitation 17 Inch
Denciency lor me aay it mi n
Total rainfall since March 1 4.46 inches
Deficiency since March 1 6. Tl Inches
lu-niiencv for cor. period, 19"'l 3.t" inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 19j0.... 2. ui inches
Reports frosa Statloaa at 7 P. Bf.
: e
: 3
: 3
Omaha, cloudy soi M; ."0
Valentine, clear " (', .7U
North Platte, partly cloudy 8t, S; .00
Cheyenne, cloudy 74i 82 .ou
Salt Lake City, clea,r 7C 7t!i i
Kapid City, partly cloudy 7H' , T
Huron, clear 7S W'i T
Wllllston. clear 62, 7S T
Chicago, cloudy .' W 70. .no
St. Louis, cloudy t T
pt. Psul, clear . 7'.' 74; .00
Davenport, partly cloudy 7i M Ml
Kansas City, cloudy Os 74 1 .3S
Havre, clear C
Helena, partly cloudy 5 5t .It
'Hismarck, clear 72 76 .(m
Ualveaton. partly cloudy 6u; W .00
T Indicates trace of precipitation.
Local Forecast Official.
n:i o-iv.r.t
that ts required to have thU dellclou drink In your home. Is to call
up telephone 13J. We will deliver It to you
Tire Eweeps Away Over Half the Business
Part of Town.
Vilsd (haaaes parlnsr Progress of
t'oaflaaratlca and Carries Flames
Directly Throaah the Beat
Ballt Section.
FRANKLIN, Nth.. June 4 (Special Tel
egram.) A most disastrous fire occurred
ihere last night. Two eDtire blocks, con
jsistltig of fourteen business houses, with
most of the stocks of goods, are a total
The origin of the fire wag In the Peterson
meat market, starting in the basement.
When discovered, about 10:30 p. m., it was
a very small blaze, but the smoke was so
dense It was Impossible to save the build
ing. In less than thirty minutes five buildings
were a mass of flames. This was on tbe
east side of Main street st tbe south end
snd a heavy wind was blowing from the
south. Every indication was that the entire
business Ionian would bo burned. The
wind changed to come frrm the east and
soon buildings on the opposite aide of tbe
street were on fire sud the only thing now
to be done was to save the north half sec
tion of the business portion. Fully BOO peo
ple were on the ground and everybody was
helping in every wsy possible. The Fager
furniture building, which was Iron-covered,
checked the flames. The fire was under
control before the north wall fell.
List of the Losses.
Tbe following table shows the buildings
and stocks burned, with loss and Insurance:
Loss. Insurance.
Austin building Jl.mut I 5i0
Fagai & Son 1kj ,0uG
Thomas Gettle bjlldlng and
stock 3,?) 5"0
Hunt rtock 2.0"0
Peterson s'ock 6"0 4a)
I'pton l.lwO
Grnnd Army of the Repub
lic and Woodmen of the
World, together FA1
V. perrv, building anil stock"rt 8V
Zeedlke bulldins l.( 400
Gregg Fto.-k 4"
Giirrett building l.tH
Gadsey building
Hancock stock f0 X)
Smith building 1.8"u 0
Doner building and stock... 3.5"0 1.2U0
Douglas rtock 3"0
Simpson building and stock
llutchlns stock l.(0 500
Gorham stock 3.000 2.0no
McElmer building 1,000 600
Christian and Episcopal
church, supplies 200
There were many other losses In money
and goods.
The exchange bsnk, which was burned,
has a force of carpenters at work and will
have a temporary building ready to occupy
by tomorrow. It will erect a brick build
ing at once. No one was hurt.
Consrrrstatloaal District C'oaveatloa
ULYSSES, Neb.. June 4. (Special.)
Tbe thirtieth annual convention of the
Columbus District association of Congre
gational churches met here last night.
The opening eermon was preached by
Rev. Monroe of Columbus. About fifty
delegates are here now and more are ex
pected on every train. An excellent pro
gram haa been arranged, with some of tha
best speakers In tbe state on tbe list.
Tbe closing sermon on Thursday evening
will be preached by Rev. Dr. Herron of
, Boy Injared While Inlaalag.
.- PLATTSMOUTH. . Neb., June . 4. (Spe
cial.) Dr. Schlldkecht was called to see
John Gillen, the 12-year-old won of Robert
Oillen, last evening and found bis Intes
tines protruding through a four-inch bols
In tbe abdomen. The boy said be had been
swimming in the Missouri river and fell on
something, he did not know what. Tbe lad
is in a critical condition.
Tear Down and Build Lararer. .
ULYSSES, Neb., June 4. (Special.)
Lewis Spelts of David City bad a force of
men at work the last week tearing down
hU elevstor at this place. He will begin
at once the erection of a new elevator,
equipped with all modern Improvements.
The new building will have a capacity of
20,000 bushels and will be completed by
July 4.
Al! the New W
are in the stores now. They are
wonderfully made corsets, so light
that the figure does not feel their
weiffht and yet sturdy enough to
gire the most satisfactory wear.
All W. B. Summer Erect Forms
are made of our owa special white
batiste which is as tough as canvas
and as cool as net.
Choose from the following
models :
531 for slight fijrures i
70 for medium figures
f 72 lor developed figures
9C1 for medium figure i
t) fur stout figures :
2. M
. If tlr ranMt
'..' u jjr yU KOl diJCt U
J77 ftnaswsy. H.T. -AZ
B. Corsets are sold by all stores
unday night
can you suggest
ill tickle the palate
mors than a bottle
Rlue R'.bbon Beer with
'i pimnsia ay uijj is TTJ
1 Mi i "
iu On
r i
of our I j
your tn
lunch oa Sunday night or In fact any night. All
Of the United States Treasury Recommends
The Women Also Recommend
Miss Planch Grey, 174 Alabama street.
Memphis, Tenn., a society woman of Mem
phis, writes:
"Io a society woman whose nervous force
is often taxed to the utmost from lack of
rest and irregular meals I know of nothing
which is of so much benefit ss Peruna. I
took it a few months ago when I felt my
strength giving away, and it soon made
Itself manifest In giving me new strength
and health." Miss Blanch Grey.
Mrs. X. Schneider. 2109 Thirty-ssventh
Flsce, Chicago, 111., writes:
"After taking several remedies without
result, I began last year to take your valu
able remedy, Peruna. I was a complete
wreck. Had palpitation of the heart, cold
hands and feet, female weakness, no appe
tite, trembling, sinking feeling nearly all
the time. Vou said I was suffering with
systemic cstarrh, and 1 believe that I re
ceived your help in tbe nick of time. I fol
lowed your directions carefully snd can ssy
today that 1 am well again. I cannot thanl:
you enough for my cure."
Fefuna cures cstsrrh wherever located.
Peruna Is not a guess nor an experiment
It is an absolute scientific certainty. Pe
runa has ro substitutes no rivals. Insist
upon having Teruna.
A free book written by Dr. Hart
man on the subject of catarrh in
its different phases and stages, will
be sent free to any address by 'Ihe
Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, O.
Catarrh Is a systemic discsse curable only
by systemic treatment. A remedy that
cures catarrh must slm directly at the de
pressed nerve coalers. This is what Pe
runa does.
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from tbe use of PerUna
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a
If so, before -making any plans for
your summer fishing trip, you should
write or call on ua for Information
pertaining to the Lakes of Minnesota.
There are ten thousand lakes In the State of
Minnesota, which are filled with Bass. Pickerel.
Crapple. Muskalonga, ate.
Remarkably low round trip tickets with long
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Information regarding fishing resorts, hotel
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4 01 Fsrain St liit.rViii. At.. Iu. Cnt. K. t.
Graduates of nva of the 'best known olleres ef America, Included In corps tjt
Instructors. Music, Art and Modern Languages taught by women of extended reel-
Shi-iT- OUt-dr Prt ISS? Ppro'manal
It Is anything but pleasant to have a
and August. Tbe time to remedy this I
' There ts so building in Omaha so we
fort of Its tsnants in all kinds of wsather a
fountain Is not only a source of delight t
and tbe thick walla and southeast exposur
There are not many vacant rooms t
out of ths building haa left a few of th
List of vacant rooms in
The Bee B
Ground Floor.
Ken taL
' Fer Month.
flOOM Hi laxU mC Facts Seventeenth street and haa windows sJong Ui
alley. This is a large, light room, ad tbe rental price lncluo beau
light, water and Janitor aervlce. It has an entrance both oa XL Le
Building Court and beventeenlb street Price W.H
I 1011 There Is no finer office suits
4uat on tli. riKht nand of tha areat
large window, looking upon the tronl eittrauuu wy ot the ouiiUlng. it
lronia en Farnam itiui. One room la 17x1 aud iko oilier Sxik. it Laa a
burgiar-proof vault, marble mantel-piece, hardwood floors, aad will te
frescoed to ault tenant Irlco ITa-M
ROOM lti This room is ust at the head of the main aUUrway on the cxai tioor.
It would be a very aeirabi otnc fur sums real iat aua ut uia
tractor. Ttia floor apace u lbxit feet ffice (20.01
Third Floor.
ROOM SOS i This room Is 21x1 feet and Is very conveniently located near tha
elevator. A aign on the duor can be readily seen iu sieppiiijt uH tiia eleva
tor iJi ice 115.31
KOOM aaaji This room Is 17x31 feet and will be divided to suit lbs tenant.
This room is parucuiarly adapted tor sume concern neeuu.- large uoor
space and la a orCided.y handsome othco, having un tuLmiice lacing itie
court and windows looking out upon Beventeinih street, it h&r a very
luge burglar-proof vauil, hard wood Hours and is one of tnv inolcckt oui
ce in Ute buiiuUog fitcait
Fourth Floor.
CtOOM aoii 15x11 feet. Tula room li osxt to tbe elevator and faoes court It
haa a large burglar-proof vault and la well ventilaieU. 11 Kocxi light,
soul ler me price furnishes lirst-class aocommoUuiiuut i'l.c. 17.1
Fifth Floor.
I CITE 3141 This Is a very large room, Ux U feet. It faces west, but is very
ilght and well vcnulatea. It Is very seldom that apace ot tela six Is ot
tered in Tbe Bee building. It could be used to auvantatfe by some firm
employing a large number of clerks, or requiring iarga floor euacw-a
whulesale Jeweler, or manufacturers agent, who weulil like to b In a
flr.-proof building, or It will be dlvt ded to ault the tenant pries !A.
MiOaI This room faces ths court and Is 16x14 feet. It has a burglar-proof
vault and aa It ts near tbe telegraph office and on the aame floor with a
number of grain firms, it would be a particularly good room for a rU.i
firm desiring hrst-clase accommodation a'nes r0.
Sixth Floor.
VITB OlOi This consists of two rooms, both lSVtxllit PV?h of them r.ra a
large burglar-proof vault, have been newly deu-iau. and are roome
where any busintta or professional man may be cw.!cT-.xcie. I rice for
the two .t
Rental Agents.
rase and he will be
bis valuable aivlet
Address Dr. Hartman, President of Tin
Harttnnn Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
Dr. Llewellyn Jordan.
Examiner of the V. S. Treasury De
partment, graduate of Columbia College,
and who aerved three years at West Pol at,
baa the following to say of Peruna:
"Allow me to express my grati
tude to you for the benefit derived
from your wonderful remedy. One
short month has brought forth a
vast change and I now consider my
self a well man after months of
suffering. Fellow sufferers. Peruna
will cure you."
Tcruna immediately Invigorates tbe nerve
centers which give vitality to the mucous
membranes. Then catarrh disappears. Then
catarrh Is permanently cured.
y .v - J ADfmjffa.- jtj
21 r V --I V '
hot office In which to work during July
a now.
II constructed with reference ta tbe com
a The Bee Building. The court, with its
o tbe eye, but furnishes perfect ventilation
make It an Ideal summer office building,
n tbe building, but' tbe movement in and
very choioest rooms at your disposal.
In Omaha than this or.e. It la located
marble stairway, an. ba unusually
Ground Floor
full statement of j.-vt
pleased to rive you
.. 7Ji s