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Lincoln Peopl Propose to Welcome Their
Ooncresnn&n Home.
rrffMli froaa Depot ( Aaamerlam,
Wkfrf ttereptloa Will Be Held
mm4 Ike City's ftratl-.
tad Eiprtnrt.
Trom a Buff Correspondent.)
' LINCOLN'. May 2 (Special.) Prepara
JSaV are being made to give Congressman
E. J. Burkett a rousing welcome upon his
arrival In thl city at 6 40 tomorrow
afternoon. The congressman ta returning
to Lincoln to attend tbe district conven
tion, which will be held In the evening. A
delegation of republicans, accompanied by
a braaa band, will meet Mr. Burkett at
tbe depot end eacort him at tbe head of a
procession to the AudKorium, where Ibe re
ception will bs held. P. James Cofrave,
who baa been appointed minbil of tbe
occasion, hai issued the following notice:
' To the Cltlaenp of Lincoln and Lancas'er
Countlrs: Congressman Burkett. who haa
achieved such remarkable suTt-ss during
bis abort time In congress, will arrive In
Lincoln Tuesday evening. May 17. at &:,
over the Burlington. As a fitting testi
monial of a i-i elation of the citlaens of
Lincoln and surrounding country for the
effort expended by Congressman Burkett
It has beeu arranged to receive him on his
arrival and escort him to the Auditorium,
where a public reception will be held.
All clubs, both from city and country, are
requested to meet at the Burlington depot
for formation at 6. SO p. m. Cltlsens In
general are also requested to take part In
the parade and the ladles are especially In
vited to be present at the reception In the
Auditorium. A band has bet n aecured to
take part In the parade and render music
at the Auditorium.
An Invitation la extended to all to par
ticipate In these functions and make the
popular young congressman's home-coming
a memorable event.
Capt. Cosgrave, marshal of the parade,
has announced tbe following at bla
mounted aide: W. T. Stevens, Harry A.
Beese, George P. Elmen, FrsDcts A. Gra
ham, Victor Seymour, James Daw ton, 8. M.
Mellck, Gua Hyera, John Westover and
George Riaaer. Col. J. H. McClay will act
aa adjutant. ,
Barkett Xamee His Delegates.
Acting under the authority given him by
the county convention Mr. Burkett haa ap
pointed tba following delegates from thla
county to the congressional convention: W.
O. Roberts, E. L. Holyoke, J. B. Ferguson,
8. W. Palmer, C. H. Gere. C. H. Temple.
A, O. Greenlee. A. M. Trimble, E. B.
Etephenaon, A. H. Schlegel. C. E. Mataon.
R. 8. Grimes. L. P. Ludden, J. D. Garner.
V. J. Blystone, Peter Flcken, W. H. Clark,
Phelps Paine. A.' A. Heyera, H. W. Davie,
J. D. Parker, L. N. gskew, John Wilterd
lng, H. A. Greenameyer. A. M. Tremaln,
F. C. Klnyon. Robert Pickle. George J.
Woods, Dan Jacoby, James Bedell. W. B.
Unch, J. W. Dean, Theo. Hurts, W. A.
Hartley, O. V. Herrick. W. C. Rohde, A. J.
MoClaln. J. R. C -Miller, G. H. Moore,
John Fawell. J.. E. Lew la, . L. J. Byere,
Frank Rejcha, R. H. Gillespie. C. A. Leck
lelter, G. L. Eaton, Samuel Liesveld. 8. T.
Cochran, Nicholas Trompen, J. 8. Brown,
John Dorell, Victor Seymour, Joseph Burns,
M. B. Cheney, E. -B. Mitchell. W. H.
Kingery, A: S. Graham, Julius Dietrich. F.
L. Bieck. Harry Abbott, E. T. Hutchinson,
L. J. Dunn, J. T. Marshall, Adna Dobson,
T. C. Munger, I. W. Wright, A. Truell, F.
E. Herd, E. T. Roberts, A. Knopp. George
WUHams, A. O. Evans, John Dickinson. D.
O. Berry. r
Croat Proiyrrti Eserlleat.
People of Central Nebraska, aa well as
ttuvse of nearly all other sections of the
state, report that conditions for big crops
were never better In tbet last fifteen
years .than they are now. Wheat and oats
bava been damaged some, but tbe harvest,
on account of the Increased acreage, es
pecially of wheat, la expected to be above
the average.
. Norris Brown, deputy attorney general,
tells in graphic language of the difficulties
soon to be experienced bythe fanners In
Buffalo county and surrounding territory.
Mr. Brown passed Sunday at his home In
Kearney, but during the day talked with
numerous farmers and other authorities' en
"The crops In Buffalo county will be ao
big that we'll have to go outside to find
land to stack-them on,"' said Mr. Brown.
"We never saw alfalfa so tall at this time
of the year, nor In such good condition.
The oats are doing well and what wheat
there Is In the county la in good condition.
If this weather keeps oa 4 little while
longer every farm in Buffalo county and
surrounding territory will pay big divi
dend." ; Polities la Pawwee.
J. B. Raper of Pawnee City was In Llncsln
few hours on business today and while
here discussed tbe local political conditions
.n Pawneo county with a few friends.
"The fuslonlsts seem to have lost spirit
In Pawnea county." aald Mr. Raper. "while
on the other band tbe republicans seats to
have a better organisation than heretofore
and to bo In better condition to roll up a
big vote. We have two new candidates for
the legislature. Dr. W. H. Wilson of Table
Rock and J. M. Cravens of Armour. Rep
resentatives Bcott and Wonsl both served
two terms and -wers not candidates for re
nomination. "The farmers and business men of tbe
county seem contented. The crops are In
good condition- wad business la the towna
throughout the county has seldom been brt
ter." . ...... (
t'oaaplalat Aaataat Isisrsart Coaapaay
A complaint against tbe Interstate Mutual
Hall Insurance company of Omaha was filed
In the insurance department of tbe auditor's
effloe this afternoon by Mr. Lloyd Chapman
of Tork. A document aettlng forth in an
Informal Vay several grievances against
tbe company was presented to the auditor
last week, bat because it wss not properly
drawn waa referred back to the auditor.
Todav the amended complaint waa Died.
Deputy Insursnce Auditor Babcock declined
to diecloae the nature of the charges.
"I eaoect to aet a day for the bearing of
Ihe case." said Mr. Babcock, "but-until thit
time tbe department will have nothing to
ay regarding the matter."
loMresrats lew Railroad.
i Artlclea of Incorporation of the Omaha,
Lincoln a: Southern Railway company of
Pmaha were tied this afternoon la tbe sec-
RumbDnt; of ' raft,
llauUa ftrtMag IB
tba taouth, distress aftar
eatlcr b boots t, vast have
has to diet, lira osi Man4
foods, and hava triad many
physic IrjLs' trtamLuenta aa4
BaUiclnea,whick only relisva
ssl UU yo ax trouMad.
Will sir yas afcaalately.
Tsm the fssis.
F-nd tor Booklet. FREE, to
FHA.VK N At'. . Broadway.
New York City.
URl G CO..
Uth Dodge Bta.. Omaha. Neb.
retary of state's office. Tbe articles provide
for the construction of a railroad with ter
mini at Omaha, South Omaha, Plattamouth,
Aahland, Lincoln and Nebraska City. Tbe
company is capitalized for IISO.OOO and Its
Incorpnrstors are J. 8. Knox. F. J. MrPbane,
John L. McCsrue. Joseph Crow and T. W.
Blackburn. Either steam or electric power
mav be used sod besides conducting busi
ness cf a railroad the company may do
mining and milling.
Flies a Dewswrrer.
The attorney general tcday filed In tbe
supreme court a demurrer to the answer of
tbe defendant In tbe case Instituted by
tbe state against the Nebraska Home com
pany to prevent It from further transact Ion
of business under Its present plsn of opera
tion. Tbe attorney general asserts thst tie
answer of tbe company does not state facts
sufficient to Institute a defense and that
by Its answer It is shown that the company
is Issuing investment contracts which pro
vide for tbe promotion of aa Impracticable
Krw laeorparatlaaa.
Articles of Incorporation of these Institu
tions were recorded todsy In the secretary
of state's office:
Rulo Manufacturing company. Rulo: cap
ital atock. $1,100; for the manufacture of a
tire setting device; Incorporators. Alois
Dsnnecker, William Wllker, H. 6. Copue,
R. G. Henderson and W. J. Cunningham.
The Newport and Marlavllle Telephone
company, Newport; for the construction of
a long distance telephone ,to connect the
Independent systems In Newport and Marla
vllle; capital stock, 11.600; Incorporators,
George M. Anderson, W. H. Allen, F. L.
Hutton, M. E. Cmlth. James Vargaaon, E.
L. Peters ad C. M. Thompson.
Tbe H. O. Bmlth Abstract company, Lex
ington; capital stock, $10,000; Incorporators,
W. L. Smith. H. O. Smith and A. R. Smith.
The Oakland Brick company, Oakland,
Burt county; capital stock, $25,000; Incor
porators, Andrew Anderson, John Moseman
and A. C. Holmqulst.
Object to Wife as Heir.
Eastern relatives of the late Bruno Her
mann object to his wife shsrlng In the es
tate. Jules Hermann, an uncle of tbe de
ceased, arrived In the city last night ac
companied by his attorney and this morn
ing notified Administrator J. H. McClay
that tbe claims of Mrs. Hermann would bs
Frankly and candidly the visitors de
clared that they did not believe that Mrs.
Hermann, now living with friends In South
Lincoln, was the lawful wife of tbs editor.
$aay Services Tkrawshaat the State
Devoted to Cewiaeaieratloa of
the Hoaored Dead.
TECT7MSEH, Neb.. May 26. (Special.) A
memorial sermon was preached to the
Grand Army of the Republic post this
afternoon at tbe Baptist church by the pas
tor. Rev. C. F. McMann. The local poet,
Roman's Relief corps and tbe Spanish
American war soldiers attended the ser
vices In a body.
TABLE ROCK. Neb.. May 26. (Special.)
Memorial exercises were held Sunday
morning at the Metbodjst Episcopal church,
the sermon being preached by the pastor.
Rev. A. W. Shamel. In the evening. In
the same place, the thirteenth anniversary
of the Epworth League was observed, an
interesting program being rendered.
WAYNE. Neb.. Msy 26 (Special Tele
gram.) Memorial services were held yes
terday morning at tbe Methodist church la
this city under the auspices of Army post
Grand Army of the Republic. Rev. W. W.
Wheeler of South Omaha delivered an ad
dress to a large and appreciative audience.
In the evening be delivered the baccalaure
ate, aermon to the graduating class of the
Wayne High school and a large audience.
VALPARAISO, Neb.. May 26. (Special.)
The sermon in memory of the soldiers
of our late and former wars was preached
on Sunday at tbe Methodist Episcopal
church by the Rev. J. J. Scholler of tbe
Baptist church. The living veterans at
tended In a body.
SHELTON. Neb., May 26. (Special.) Me
morial services were held In the opera
house Sunday morning. Rev. M. T. Stlffler
of the Methodist church preached the ser
mon. The Grand Army post and Woman's
Relief corps attended in a body. Special
music was rendered by a double quartet.
The attendance was large. ,
WEEPING WATER. Neb., May 26.
(Special.) The Grand Army of the Repub
lic, Women'a Relief corps and Company D,
Nebraska National guard, marched in a
body to the Methodist Episcopal church at
I p. in. yesterday, attending the memorial
services conducted by Rev. G. H. Moulton.
Tbe service was highly Impressive.
BRADSHAW. Neb.. Msy 26. (Special.)
The annual memorial sermon wss preached
Sunday morning before the war veterans at
tba Christian church by Elder A. W. Her
ley of Lincoln. There were present about
twenty of the old aoldlers.
6CTTON. . Neb.. May 16. (Special. )
Cnlon memorial exercises wars held yes
terday at the Methodist Episcopal church
by the Grand Army of ths Republic and
Woman's Relief corps. Rev. J. B. Lorey
delivered ths commemoration sermon. Ths
services were largely attended by members
of tbe different churches.
SEWARD, Neb.. Msy 26. (Special.) Me
morial services were held yesterday after
noon at the Methodist Episcopal church.
Tbe services ware conducted by Rev. Wil
liams of the Presbyterian church and were
quite well attended. Decoration day will
be observed by ths Grand Army in ths
uaual style, with Troop A of the national
gaarda and ths University cadets marching
with the old soldiers to ths cemetery. Tbs
University cadets of Lincoln will bold a
four days encampment In tbe Seward park,
beginning next Wednesday. Thursday Gov
ernor Savage will review the' cadets and
Friday tbe cadets will entertain excursion
ists with a dinner.
HARVARD. Neb.. May 26. (Special.)
Under directions of some of ths clergymen
of this city ths churches united In memorial
services at tbs Methodist chcrrb, joined by
Richardson and Falrchllds poat of ths
Grand Army of the Republic and the
Woman's Relief corpa associated with each
post. Aa address of merit was given by
Rev. W. V. Sherly of the Christian church
and mualc furnished by a choir selected
from all the churches ta charge of Mrs.
Clara Rockblll and Mrs. Kate M. Barbour.
OSCEOLA, Neb., May 26 Speclal. Rev.
William D. Scott preached a memorial ser
mon at the Methodist Episcopal church
Sunday to a large congregation, including
J. F. Reynolds post. Grand Army of the
Republic, and ths Woman's Relief corps.
Tba church was fittingly decorated and
Rev. Scott Impressed bis bearers by bis
timely remarks.
WAHOO. Neb.. May 26 (Special ) Me
morial services ware held at tbe court
bouae grove ta thla city Canday. afternoon
and a very large crowd waa la attendance.
Rev. C. E. Giwltta preached tbs memorial
HUMBOLDT. Nob.. May 26. (Special.)
Memorial services were held at tba Pres
byterian church yesterday, conducted by
tbe pastor. Rev. Currle, who preached a
most excellent sersuoa. The music waa ap
propriate ta tbs occasion and was rendered
by a double quarts.
Pa ails EalfMsia laatrwetwre,
GENEVA, Neb.. Msy 2l (Special.) A
reception was given Mr. Bradford, princi
pal, and Miss Smith, assistant, last night
ta ths High school rooms by tbe pap Us.
Toasta vera give and retreaaascats
Lizzie Robe.rU, a r aimer' i Daughter, Takei
Her Own Life.
Leaves a Sote Arrestee Hlaa of Best
tmm Her and faylaa that Be
Caosed Her ta t Basalt
BEATRICE. Neb.. May 26. (Special Tele
gram.) Saturday evening about 7:10 o'clock
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Roberta, living nine
miles south of Wymore, on returning from
a shopping expedition to Wymore, found
the dead body of their daughter, Llaxle,
lying In the dooryard about eight feet from
the east aide of the house. The body was
lying 'tace downward, the head rest
ing on the banda snd arms, and
the rest of tbe body rigid, supported by the
toes alone. The body of the dead girl was
removed to the house and a mounted mes
senger dispatched to notify Coroner Walden.
Immediately on receiving weird Dr. Walden,
accompanied by Constable Teary, drove to
the Roberts farm. After a hasty examina
tion Dr. Walden pronounced tbe death to
bo due to poisoning and decided to hold
an Inquest. A search of tbe premises
disclosed a note from the gtrl to ber
parents. Tbe note was lying on a pillow
of the bed in the girl's room and was as
May J4. 1902. This Is to certify that John
C. Helmer is the cause of my deatb and
nobody else. If I die. which I hope I will.
I will be going to my grave with blue and
black .places on ray body caused by him
from beating me. I trust the Almighty
God will serve him as he served me. He
said If I would buy the revolver be would
pull the trigger. LIZZIE ROBERTS.
Testimony at the coroner's Inquest de
veloped the fact that Miss Roberts bad
kept company with Helmer for some time
past and that the two quarreled frequently.
Helmer bad been known to strike the girl.
About three weeks ago they broke their
engagement, and at the time MIbs Roberts
gave Helmer a pitchfork standing near
where they were talking and asked blm
to kill her. He struck ber with the fork
handle. The next day be went to Okla
homa, and brooding over the quarrel so
preyed upon the girl's mind that it culmi
nated in ber suicide Baturday. She tried to
procure a revolver Saturday morning, but
being unable to do ao, ao took a dose of
strychnine from a bottle of the stuff that
was kept in the bouse for killing gophers.
The coroner's Jury returned a verdict
that Miss Roberts' death had resulted from
a dose of poison taken with suicidal Intent.
Nebraska Delearatea Choaea at Coanty
Meetlaas for the Several
FALLS CITT. Neb.. May 26. (Special
Telegram.) The republican county conven
tion met here today. J. R. Cain of Stella
was made chairman. Secretary of State
George W. Marsh of this county, candidate
for re-election, was permitted to select
delegates to the state convention. Dele
gates to the congressional and senatorial
convention were elected. E. A. Tucker of
Humboldt was .re-elected chairman of tbs
county central committee.
Garfleld for Carrie.
BUR WELL, Neb., May 26. (Special.) At
the republican convention held hers tbe
following delegates were elected: State, P.
I". Scott, B. J. Brown, F. R. Nukell, C. O.
Brown; congressional, A. M.,Bartlett. W. Z.
Todd, P. P. Scott; senatorial. John Long.
A. M. Bartlett, J. N. Wyant, A. Mitchell;
representative, J. J. Plgman, H. I. Johns,
B. J. Bunnell, C. I. Bragg.
The congressional delegation is supposed
to be for Currle, but one is known to be
friendly to Klnkald.
T. H. Do ran of this county is a candidate
for representative and was allowed to name
his delegates.
Call for Kackolls Coaveatlsa.
NELSON, Neb.. May 26. (Special.) At a
meeting of the republican county central
committee of Nuckolls county, held here
Saturday afternoon, June t was fixed as the
date for holding the delegate convention.
The delegates to tbe senatorial, congres
sional and stats conventions will bs chosen
at that time. The county ticket will be
nominated at another convention to be beld
Keaaaha Eadorses Bsrkett.
AUBURN, Neb., May 26. (Special Tele
gram.) Tbe republicans of Nemaha county
beld tbelr convention In the courthouse
today to elect delegates to the congres
sional and state conventions. The follow
ing delegates were elected to ths congres
sional convention: W. P. Freeman, George
Van Houten, Frank Gerlow. M. S. Mclnlnch.
L. 8. Hurst. Samuel L. Houston. J. J. Near;
Pater Berget, Benjamin Bailey, J. M. An
derson. W. L. Stuck. .Charles O. French,
E. E. Cole, W. W. Sanders, Preston Barker,
Edward Tucker, Jeff Cummlnga. The fol
lowing persons were elected to tbs stats
convention: J. P. Gillian, E. E. Good. J. W.
Lasp. Peter Berlet. E. C. Tonnt, John Wy
rick, Fred Rogge, J. W. Armstrong. James
Ely. D. A. Meeso. R. C. Boyd. D. H. Clark.
J. a Lewis. G. N. Titus, A. N. Harris.
George Sutton and William Burrow. The
proceedings of tbs convention wers har
monious throughout and tbs delegates wers
elected with very little difficulty. At tbs
close of tbs convention a resolution com
mending ths course of Congressman Bur
kett was unanimously adopted.
Evalatlaa af Ysath fraaa Pahlle
Schools CosBBaaada Atteatlom
Tkreagkest the Stale.
EWING. Neb., May 26 (Special.) Com
mencement exercises of ths Ewing High
school were held Friday evening at tbs
Methodist Episcopal church. After the
exercises about fifty of tbs alumni of ths
Ewing High school repaired to tba Elkborn
house, a banquet wat beld. On
Saturday evening tbe O. T. class, consist
ing of twenty-three pupDs who bsd been
neither absent nor tardy during ths entire
year, gave a splendid program at tbs Metho
dist Episcopal church.
WEEPING WATER. Neb.. May 26. (Spe
cial.) A crowded house greeted Rev. F. 6.
Stein of Lincoln at the Congregational
church last evening to listen to tbe bac
calaureate sermon to tbe class of 102 of
the High school. Rev. Stein made a master,
ful address. Tbs commencement sxsrclses
will bs beld next Thursday evening. Tbe
class numbers six.
AURORA. Neb.. May 26. (Special.) Tbe
Aurora High school will bold Its graduating
sxerclses at ths opera houss Friday sven
Ing. Msy SO. Therevwlll bs a class of thlr-
WAHOO. Neb.. May 26. (Special.) Com
mencement week began last evening by tbs
baccalaureate sermon at ths opera houss,
preached fey Rev. W. I. Coburn. Muste was
furnished by ths High school chorus of
about fifty votoes.
GENEVA. Nsb.. May 26 Special) Rev.
E. M. Evans delivered tbs baccalaureate
address to ths High school gradaatss la
tbe opera houss Sunday evening.
FAIRMONT. Nob.. May t. (Special.)
Tbs commencement festivities of tbs Fair
mont schools begaa last night with tbs bse
calaarseie asrmoa by Rev. C H. Reaves
of tbe Congregational church. Further
eserrlsee will be class day, Thursday, May
29, when the graduating class -111 de
liver tbelr essays. On Friday evening. Msy
20, Chancellor, Andrews will deliver the
commencement address at the Methodist
Episcopal church. Tbe week's exercises
will close Mondsy. June I, with tbe slumni
banquet at tbe High school building.
GRETNA, Neb.. May 26. (Speclel.)' Tbe
commencement exercises of tbe Gre'.na
High school took place at Freckel's opera
bouse Friday evening. June , There are
nine graduates this year.
Dies frosa lajarlea Received Sear Frr
aaoat by Xlahtrlethrs taaltlast
with Caadle.
FREMONT. Neb.. May 26. (Special.)
Milton Peterson, ths 1-year-old son of P.
Peterson, a farmer residing about seven
miles aoutheast of this city, died Saturday
morning from burns received In an accident
Friday morning.
Tbe boy. In company with two older
children, arose before daylight, and acci
dentally overturned a lighted candle, which
ignited with the boys nlghtclothes, which
were completely burned from his body, and
bis fare so badly cooked that the flesh
dropped off.
The funeral services were conducted this
afternoon by Rev. Carlson of tbe Baptist
church and was very largely attended.
Disappear froan Plattsaaaath and
Mather Believes Father la
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb.. May 26 (Spe
cial.) Will Berger, who deserted bis wife
and two small children last summer and
recently married a younger sister of his
wife In Council Bluffs, la... is supposed to
have kidnaped bis children from their
The woman left ber children with a fam
ily for a few weeks and when she returned
for them they were gone.
Hlsh Oflrr of Hew Militia Cosapaar
Given ta Mayor at
HASTINGS, Neb.. May 26. (Special Tele
gram.) A militia company waa organized
In Hastings tonight to Join the Nebraska
National guard and officers were elected.
Mayor Clarence J. Miles was elected cap
tain, Ray Kaley first lieutenant. Burgess
Hartlgan second lieutenant. Dr. C. W. O.
Dodge sergeant, Henry . Heller quartermas
ter sergeant.
Letts Installed at Mlnden.
HASTINGS. Neb.. May 26. (Special.)
Past Senior A. C. Albright of the Fraternal
Life association and his deputy, Mrs.C H.
Wanter, baa Just organized Circle No. 14
at Mlnden, Neb., with seventy -five charter
members. The officers are as follows: O.
F. Bloomfleld, P. H. S.; V. L. Garner. H.
8.; Daisy Blussen, H. J.; Martha Smith, H.
C.; Edward C. Dally, H. R.; G. L. Godfrey,
H. St.; Frances M. Dally. M. of C; E. R.
Cranwell, I. 8.; A. W. McDonald. O. S.
Falls Backward frosa Roof.
HASTINGS. Neb.. May 26. (Special Tel
egram.) While George R, McBrlde of
Omaha was working on the roof of the new
B. sV M. depot this afternoon be was pear
ths edge and took a step backward, falling
to the ground, fourteen feet below. When
Mr. McBrlde struck be received, several bad
bruises about the bead, as he fell, on his
facs. Fortunately be did not sustain any
fractures or serious Injury.
Caart Coaveaes at Plattsssoath.
PLATTSMOUTH, Neb.. Msy 26. Spe
clal.) Judge Paul Jessen of Nebraska City
arrived here this morning and convened
the May term of the district court. Tne
forenoon waa spent In 'calling the docket
and the afternoon In bearing motions and
demurrers. This will be a short term, as
there are only fifty equity, twenty law and
four criminal cases for trial this term on
the docket.
Abbott Mast Answer Charae.
TECUMSEH. Neb., May 26. (Special.)
James Abbott, who baa been beld in the
county Jail here for several months as a
suspect In ths Goldsby assault case, will
bavs bis trial In ths district court this
week. The charge against him will be
criminal assault. Tbe court haa appointed
E. R. Hitchcock of Sterling aa Abbott's
Knocks Oat Aaaaseaaent.
WAHOO. Neb.. Msy 26. (Special.) At
the regular meeting of the city council an
ordinance was passed prohibiting games of
amusement or sports of sny kind within
ths city limits on Memorial day. Tbs res
olution was the wish of tbe Grand Army
of the Republic camp of the city for the
prevention of ball games and a dance
which would have been held on that day.
Warm spring days produce a feeling of
drowsiness If ths body Is loaded with ths
impurities of winter diet. Cleanse tbs
blood, liver and bowels with Prickly Ash
Bitters. It creates energy and cheerfulness.
Itaachnasva Wks Taras Up with Miss
la a- Maa's Cattle aa Trial
far Marder.
SUNDANCE. Wyo., May 26. (Special. )
A murder case that has attracted wide
spread attention throughout the Black Hills
region Is la progress here. George Brown
field. a Buelah, Wyo., ranchman. Is ac
cused of the murder of John Vaughn, a
prosperous stockman living northeast of
It is alleged that Brownfield was ths last
man seen with Vaughn, who disappeared
last August and has not sines been seen.
Tbe two are aald to have left Vaughn's
ranch on Pins creek with a bunch of cattle
owned by the latter.
. BrownDeld arrived in Belle Fourche with
the cattle and alone. Hs said Vaughn had
gone to Montana, be, Brownfield, having
purchased tbe cattle. Ths stock waa mort
gaged by Brownfield to a Belle Fourche
- A tew months later the norss ridden by
Vaughn was found running loose on tbe
prairie near the Montana line.
Searching parties have bees looking for
Vaughn and large rewards bavs been of
fensd for information that would discloss
bis whereabouts, but In vsttv
Mrs. Vaughn brought suit against Brown-
- si v
2 6 W
? i ......ri
3 EIXB y
field for the recovery of the cattle and
other property, which Brownfield claims be
purchased from ber husband, and this ease
Is also being beard In tbe district court.
la wvyorataa Oil Fields.
BASIN CITT. Wyo, May 2. (Special.)
Prilling for oil In the Bonanza fields
southesst of here waa commenced yester
day by a California concern, which Is
equipped with modern machinery and
powerful drill. Other parties are arrang
ing to sink wells In the Bonanta fields and
Inside of two months tbs scene of tbe new
discoveries will be tbe scene of greet activ
ity. A new oil field has been discovered
south of the Bonanza fields and not far
from the Fremont-Big Horn county line.
LARAMIE, Wyo., May 25. A Detroit
company has been formed and will drill
for oil on the Sodergreen ranch southwest
of Laramie.
Crlaalaal C horses Are rieatlfal.
CHEYENNE, Wyo., May 26. (Special.)
The Laramie county district court met
Monday, at which time a large number of
cases wers set for trial. Among tbe more
Important cases are the following: Tbe
Stats against John A. Hood, charged with
attempted aassult; the State against Sta
ler Bo! In and John Ulrlch. grand larceny;
tbe atate against John J. Tobln, burglary:
tbe Slate against William A. Simmons, as
sault with intent to kill; the Stste against
Charles Falland and James McDonald, bur
glary, and the state against Tom Horn,
charged with murder.
Torn Horn Pleads Sot Callty.
CHETENNE. Wyo., May 26. (Special Tel
egramsThe celebrated trial of Tom Horn,
tbe scout, charged with the murder of Wil
lie NIckell, will be commenced on Septem
ber 15. Horn today pleaded not guilty to
tbe charge. A continuance was asked by
the prosecution owing to the unsettled
condition of the Jury lsw, and the state su
preme court haa been naked to paas upon
Its validity before the Horn trial is started.
Arqaltted af Charge of Marder.
CHETENNE, Wyo.. May 26 (Special Tel
egram.) George Bronfleld. charged with the
murder of John Vaughn, a wealthy cattle
man of Sundance, Wyo.. has been discharged,
there being no evidence against him,
Brownfield was tbe last man seen with
Vaughn, who has been missing since Au
gust. Vsughn's horse was found on ths
prairie shortly after his disappearance.
tVeller Gets Jadamest.
CASPER, Wyo., May 26 (Special.) The
suit for damages instituted by Harry
Weller, s traveling man of Omaha, against
William Clark, proprietor of the Lander
Thermopolla stage line, for $25,000 damages
for injuries received by the overturning of
a coacn in which he was a passenger, hat
been settled out of court by the payment
to Weller of $250.
Wreck la Echo Caayoa.
-CHETENNE. Wyo., May 26. (Special Tel
egram.) Traffic on the Union Pacific was
delayed for eight hours today on account
of fifteen cars being ditched by a broken
nange in Echo Canyon. A freight train was
running down a heavy grade when the ac
cident occurred. No one was hurt.
Too Great a Risk,
In almost every neighborhood someone
has died from an attack of colic or cholera
morbus, often before medicine could be
procured or a physician summoned. A re
liable remedy for these diseases should bs
kept at band. The risk Is too great for
anyone to take. Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy has un
doubtedly saved the lives of more people
and relieved more pain- and suffering than
any other medicine In use.' It can always
be depended upon.
Nebraska Will Aala Baak la the De
llahta of a Hare May
WASHINGTON. May 26. Forecast:
For Nebraska Fair and warmer Tuesday;
Wednesday fair, warmer In east portion.
For Illinois Fair and cool Tuesdsy;
Wednesday fair, with warmer in central
and northwest portions; fresh north to
northeast winds,.
For Iowa and Missouri Fair Tuesday;
Wednesday fair and warmer.
For Kansaa Fair Tuesday; Wednesday
fair and warmer.
For North and South Dakota Fair and
warmer Tuesday; Wednesday fair.
For Montana and Arizona Generally
fair Tuesday and Wednesday.
For Wyoming Partly cloudy Tuesday,
showers, thunderstorms snd warmer in
southeast portion: Wednesday cartlv cloud v
For Colorado Showers and thunderstorms
Tuesday; Wednesday probably fair and
For New Mexico Partly cloudy Tuesday
ana Wednesday, showers and thunderstorms
in north portion.
Local It rears'.
OMAHA, Msy 26. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compared with
tbe corresponding day of the last three
years: ,
1902. 1K4. 100. 18.
Maximum temperature... 71 M M
Minimum temperature.... 6S 44 68 67
Mesn temperature 61 U 77 T
Precipitation T .00 .00 T
Reoord of temperature and precipitation
at Omaha for thla day and ainoa March L
Normal temperature K
jjrnciency lor me aay 4
Total excess since March 1 sss
Normal precipitation jj inch
Ienciency for the day Is inch
Total rainfall since March 1 4.41 Inches
Deficiency since March 1 1.7$ Inches
Deficiency for cor. period. 1901 2.7t Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1900.... 1. 40 inch
Reports fraaa Stations at T P. M.
: c
: 3
Omaha, clear
Valentine, clear
North Platte, clear
Cheyenne, cloudy
Rapid City, clear
Huron, clear
Wllliston, clear
Chicago, clear
61. Loula, clear
St. Paul, partly cloudy .
Davenport, cloudy
Kansas City, clear
Havre, clear
Helena, clear
Bismarck, clear
Galveston, clear
(4: .00
66! .JA
72 .M
; .(12
C6l .OA
6; tifti .fto
4! V .00
70 781 ,u
M 66 T
Ml 64! T
66) 72' .00
t'i ( .SO
7f .)
4 .
T lndlcstes trace of precipitation.
Local Forecast Official.
y o
i ii i 9
Thousands Have Kidney Trouble and Never
Suspect It
Gertrude Warner Scott Cured by the Great Kidney
Remedy, Swamp-Root.
7 i
DR. KILMER sV CO.. Blnghamton, N. T.
Gentlemen: In the summer of 1893, I
with pain in my stomach and back, so severe that it seemed as If knives were cut
ting me. I was treated by two of the best physicians in tbe country, sad consulted
another. None of them suspected that the cause of my tuuble was kidney disease.
They all told me that I had cancer of tbe stomach, and would die. I grew so weak
that I could not walk any more than a child a month old, and I only weighed sixty
pounds. One day my brother saw in a paper your advertisement of Swamp-Root, the
great kidney remedy. He bought me a bottle at our drug store and I took it. My
family could see a change in me, for the better, so they obtslned mors and I con
tinued the use of Swamp-Root regularly. I was so weak and run down that it took
considerable time to build me up again. I am now well, thanks to Swamp-Root, and
weigh 148 pounds, and am keeping house for my husband and brother, on a farm.
Swamp-Root cured me after the doctors had failed to do me a particle of good.
(Gertrude Warner Scott.)
Women suffer untold misery because ths nature of their disease Is not correctly
understood; In many cases when doctoring, they are led to believe that womb trou
ble or female weakness of some sort Is responsible for tbelr Ills, when in fact disor
dered kidneys are the chief rauae of their dlstresalng troubles.
Tbe mild snd extraordinary effect of the world-famous kidney and bladder remedy.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, is soon realised. It stands tbe bighest for Its wonderful
cures of the most distressing cases. A trial will convince anyone and you may
have a sample bottle sent free, by mall.
Sample Bottle of Swamp-Root Free by Mail.
EDITORIAL NOTE If you have the slightest symptoms of kidney or blsdder
trouble, or if there Is a trace of it in your family'hlstory, send at once to Dr. Kilmer .
sV Cor, Eftnghsmrcn, N. 'tV, who will gladly send you by mall, immediately, without
cost to you, a sample bottle of Swamp-Root, and a book telling all about Swamp-Root '
and containing many of the thousands upon thousands of testimonial letters received '
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If yau are already convinced tbat Swamp-Root is what you need, you can purchase
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Don't mske any mistake, but remember tbe name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, and tbe address, Blnghamton, N. T., on every bottle.
A Perfect
most quickly effective thing on earth for re
lieving the clogged system of the impurities
which poison the blood and drag down the
These famous cures along the River Rhine are working
wonders in the cure of disease by the administration of the
juice of the grape in certain combinations. y Mull's Grape
Tonic contains the best elements of the Traubenkur, com
bined with curative herbs, and you have all its advantages
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Its wonderful curative and building powers make it aa
invaluable remedy for invalids, for ailing children and wo
men and for all wasting diseases. It is the standard
remedy for stomach, liver and kidney troubles.
W. Car. lata aa
Graduates of flvs of ths best known e olleges of America Included In corps of
instructors. Music, Art snd Modern Lang oases taugbt by women of extended roai
deooe la European capita. ia. under tba in struction of the best maftt-ra. Gives good
geosral education and prepares for any e otlege open to women. Frtnclpal's eertlfl
cats admits to oulleas- Out-duor sports, a plrndid gymnaaiuni under direction of pro
fsselecei instructor. - MISS MACRAE. Prluolpal. Omaha.
Postal Card Will Get It
svejfru copt or TUB
Twentieth Century Farmer
ThsvBast Agrteultursi Wsakiy. AsV
ax ii a. Cmviaa. feon.
Vinton. Iowa. July 15th, IWL
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