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London Time Lends It Dignified Column!
to Advertising the Firm.
Wants the lnror 1 Her
"Str-ona-, Healthy, Geoa-Xatared
. Man" for the Matrimonial
Mayor Moor' fame as a sociologist and
aa the author of that charming little book
"Heart and Hand" has found Its way to the
Siberian wilds and the English public It
reading about !t over tta afternoon tea.
The story about Mayor Moores' matri
monial bureau started originally aa a Joke.
He really rc.vsr had any intention of start
ing such a bureau, and the only part be took
In the enterprise was tho passive one of re
ceiving a letter from a Cleveland, O., pub
lication asking him to forward 11 tbe names
of young Nebraskans who might be induced
to correspond with factory girls in the east
ern part of the t'nlted States, object matri
mony. He did not auswer the letter, nor
ld he send any names, but the story that
lie had formed a partnership with Cupid ob
tained currency. Every newspaper that
copied the Item added a line or so on Its
own account tiutll now- the London Times
Report Committee to larntlistt
Condor! of Colored
Tbe Ingenuity and ambition of Ignatius
J. Dunn, "assistant county attorney In and
for Douglas county," met with some more
discouragement yesterday morning when the
committee appointed by Judge Baiter to
investigate tbe rondurt of Fred I Smith,
a colored attorney, returned a report clear
ing Smith.
Dunn started disbarment proceedings.
apparently In tbe hope or creating a sus
picion that Prlnre Wheeler, a witness for
the state in the case against rollceman
Martin Shields, charged with assaulting
V. B. Walker, was to be gotten out of
town before the case came on for trial
In district court. He filed affidavits of I
Wheeler. Wheeler's wife, street fair
terpslchorean performer, and John E. Tay
lor, a colored neighbor of Wheeler's. In
Progress of Work on Verdigrii Extension of
Elkhorn Road.
Three- Hondren Teams aad Five Hea-
drrri Men at Work Eastern Lodges
to TraTrl with Tangier
to 9aa Franelsca.
General Manager Bldwell of the Fremont,
Elkhorn Missouri Valley railroad has Just
returned from the scene of the Verdigris
extension with the first news that has been
had concerning the progress on that work
for many weeks. "Thirty-six miles and a
half of that line Is graded," aald he, "and
therea only sixty-nine miles in all, so we
are well along as regards distance. Then
these affidavits it was made to appear that the heavy mile and a quarter of rock work
Smith had called at Wheeler's bouse the I west of Niobrara, which was a bigger taak
day Wheeler was allowed a few hours out I than all the other sixty-seven and three-
of jail on Dunn's recommendation, and I quarters miles combined, Is completed to
there offered to furnish the witness $40 for
The Judge apolnted Howard B. Smith, A.
C. Troup and H. V. Leavltt committee to
Investigate, and a bearing was given last
week. The Wheeler family and Taylor
grade. I walked over the grade myseir.
This Job was an enormous task, 100,000
ruble yards of rock having been taken out
"Thus the building of this railroad has
now ceased to be a matter of grading. That
were put : i the stand and Dunn added tbe amounts to nothing now. It Is the bridging
weight of his own rehearsal of events that which Is tbe big thing confronting ua. Thero
he knew about and guessed at Smith's at- will be about fifty email bridges and the big
H. Huttoo. John vl right. Captain Her and course be built in advance of the track. Wa
Officer M. McCarthy and Charles Catlln. cross Tonca creek alone about fifteen times.
The committee confldered the evidence We already have all bridges In between
and reported to Judge Baxter yesterday
that Smith Is not guilty and the charges
against htm not sustained.
Cut glass nappy, 13. Edholm, jewever.
mint dlrnlned aDd veracious of dailies . c Kubat. called Smith. Dr. J. nn over tn Vlnhrara river. Theee must of
charges Omaha's mayor witn trying u uo
populate the British teles.
Design on F.ncH fttrla.
The Times serves It up aa follows:
Nebraska's Matrimonial Offer Mayor
Moore, of Omi.hst. V. 8. A., desires to re
duce the surplusage of marriageable gills In
Knglswl ana he ohb evolved a. solution for
the problem c.auMd by the relative dearth
of women In Nvbrask. lie has prepared
an artistic book, containing half-tone pic
tures of young Nebraskans matrimonially
4..ii.,.h i:,i,r nurh iiii'ture Is a descrip
tion rvf' thr Individual's personality and
t.rospeots and of his desires regarding a
wife! The book will be circulated widely In
Kasteru States and the manufacturing
towns of the Kritlsh Isles. Mr. Moore;
savs: "We would prefer factory girls and
the so-celled highly born need not apply.
(ilrJs coming here may expect to work
hard as housewives, but will be well
treated and will have the satisfaction of
growing up with Nebraska
aent it to his honor In a letter.
She Wants No "aint.
This missive from the land of "ovlchs and
offskys" follows:
IIjGOWA, Kowns, Russia, May 13.
Mayor Moores: Dear Blr in reference to
the Inclosed cutting 1 will Introduce myself
as an American girl working for her living
In the north of Kussla. (Very homesick
Ian. i fihp knows how to keeD house, can
mend stockings, can make hash and boll a
potatoe: loves all animals and is not arram
of a mouse or fun; can "stick" on a horse,
Is not 30 years old, not ugly or very pretty.
weighs less than I'm pounds and has a
Verdigris and a point two miles west of Mo
brara except the big one. and I think we
will get them all in as early as we plan to.
The road will be finished on September 15,
according to present calculations. Three
hundred teams and 500 men are being kept
GLASS COMBINE NOT BROKEN busy " '. ' everything possible is being
done to hasten It. Tbe sixty-pound rails
Mr. Kennard Talks of the Agreement I for the track are being hustled up from the
to Be Contlnaed Another I main line between Stanton and O'Neill,
Year I where they are being replaced by heavier
"We are satisfied with our Lead City ex
tension. It is a fine piece of railroad and
we are proud of It. I understand that they
now have at South Omaha most of the im
portant pieces of Bteel for the bridges In
tbe connecting line to our yards, and are
now awaiting some minor pieces."
Shrlner'a Going; to 'Frisco.
Union Pacific passenger officials are
F. B. Kennard has returned from Chi
cago, where be attended a meeting of the
American Flate Glass Jobbers' association,
held roncurrrntlv with a meetinr of the
It ia not likely that tne mayor wouia nave manufacturers.
known anything about this, as tne nmea -There was considerable speculation over
has few subscribers In Omaha, had not a tne resuit 0f the meeting of the manufac-
Uttle girl named Addla J. Emmons, who turer- ,nd jobbers." said Mr. Kennard. "It
lives up In northern Kussla, cut It out and wag believed that the understanding entered
Into between tbe companies In the comblna- elated at the action of Tangier temple, the
tion and thoBe on the outside would be
broken, but on the last day they all got
together on the basis of last year and all
trouble was averted, on paper, at least.
The independent manufacturers were pro
vided for by being given permission to
sell their proportion of the mock of the
country. Tbe plan will work In. this man
ner: There-are, say, tea firms manufac
turing plate glass In this country. Their
output will be 25,000,000 feet of glass. The
annual sales of glass in this country
local organization of Sbrlners. In choosing
the Overland route as the official one for
the' temple to the coming convention in
San Francisco. Information has arrived
tt Union Pacific headquarters that as a
result of this change of plans the Omaha
Sbrlners are to be specially honored by
two of the most important temples of the
east with an invitation to accompany them
to the coast from Omaha. A large ma
jorlty of the temples are going via the
Union Pacific, and Lulu temple of Phila
pretty figure she la told). She would amount to about 15,000,000 feet, so that each delphia Is one that has signified its inten-
I y I ItllllUHi lirtMlllJi pmn.,-l. iu, . limn,
not a ealnt and not too great a sinner, and
who would try to love and appreciate a
good little wile.
Hearing that the climate is severe, per
haps you will describe it in your reply. All
her relatives live In America; her father Is
now In 'Frisco, lours trjly,
factory will mil three-fifths of what it
might manufacture. All orders from Job
bers are sent to one man, a distributing
agent In Chicago. He apportions tha orders
among the factories so that each one will
receive its Just proportion based upon Its
total capacity. . This plan operated last
tlon of asking Tangicrltes to ride with It,
thus placing tbe Omahana in company
with many of the most prominent members
of the order. This move had been planned
by the easterners some time ago, but when
It was learned that the local shrine was
going west on a different route from the
Remarkable Sale of Fine
Lace Curtains
and Draperies
THE entire stock of fine curtains and draperies bought
of a well known dry goods store who discontinued
the department on sale at less than one-half Ike regular
selling prices. An unequaled opportunity for buying
stylish drapery.
$10.00 Lace Curtains $3.98 a Pair
The finest curtains from thia stock. Including real Brussels, fine Irian Point,
Arabian, Rococo, Cable Nets, etc., in the most beautiful pat
terns and designs, worth up to $10.00 a patr
on sale at
1 3.98
$6.00 Lace Curtains $2.98 a Pair
$4.00 Lace Curtains $1.98 a Pair
Handsome Irish Tolnt curtains, elegant Cable Nets with Imitation Battenberg
borders, new Point de Calais, and nice light lacey designs
In Kottlnghams, and fine ruffled net curtains with lace In
sertion and lace edge, all In one lot, at, per pair
Fine Nottingham lat e curtains. Cable net and Irish point curtains, also beautiful
ruffled net and ruffled swlsa curtains, with wide Insertion
and edging, tip to $4.00 values per
pair ...'
Sample Curtains 49c each
Curtain corners of Irish point. Ren
aissance and Brussels net, worth up
to $20 a pair. These corners are up
to 2 yards long, and were used as
Drummer's samples,
all go at
each ,
Odd Curtains 15c each
All kinds of curtains In all sizes and
qualities, some In pairs, some odd,
on sale at a very
remarkable low price-each
Draperies at Less Than 1-4 Price
Denim, ticking and Hungarian
cloths, cretonnes, sateens, etc.
In full pieces, new and perfect
goods, latest spring patterns
worth up to 40c yard Cjft
go at UW
Colored dotted drapery Swiss
and new Cathedral glass effect
Swiss, worth up to
40c yard, go at Ow
Drapery sllkolines of the finest
qualities and in the newest patterns
made to sell for up to f
14c yd., all go. yd 2W
Opaque and felt window shades
in all colors, mounted on Hartshorn
self-acting rollers, com
plete with fixtures, at ..
Tapestry furniture covering, silk, wool and cotton worth up to $1.50
yard a great variety of beautiful patterns all at, Qf
per yard 37
Brass extension rods in all styles
and sizes, formerly sold for up to
BOc each on sale -4 f
at lUC
Wood curtain pcles, complete
with brass rings, eti . usually sold
at 25c on sale e
at DC
Roman lockets, new vine. Edhoim, jeweler.
year, but some manufacturers complained I others it was abandoned, and Just reconsld-
Best machine, Oldsmoblle. Ki Farnam st.
of not getting their share of the business.
I predict that there will be other complaints
to follow and that with tha meeting next
jfer the understanding will be dissolved.
Already there are rumors of intended cut
ting of the rates and the Ink Is scarcely
dry on the agreement. At that meeting
$40,000,000 capital was represented, mo that
you see the plate glass business of the
country Is beginning to assume large pro-
War Omaha Water Company la
Anxlons for HIstb. Stage
of Water.
The Omaha 'Water company Is becoming
Interested in the condition of the Missouri Ug jr JfJJ WESTERN RING
JIVBr AIUl IUO yiuVKUIUI. irk I11BU piafto VI
water thia summer. Yesterday E. M.
J'alrfleld, manager of the company. Investi
gated the snowfall In the mountalna and tbe
conditions at tbe headwaters which would
occasion higher water- He was Informed by
the local weather forecaster that all hope
for high water might be dropped, aa every
Indication pointed to a low stage in the
Missouri during the spring and summer.
Mr. Fairfield aald: "Wo are not becoming
alarmed over the low water, 'as under any
conceivable condition we will have plenty
of water at the Florence station, but we are
looking up the condition of the river with
reference to tbe Burt street pumping sta
tion. If the river remains low this year it
may cause us to put In work there which
otherwise we will not have to do. Tbe river
lias been forming a sandbar in front of the
station for some time, and while our feed
pipe waa In tbe current of the river at the
tune the plant was constructed, tbe current
Is now on the Iowa side. In addition to the
trouble caused by tbe natural change In the
channel the end of our suction pipe Is get
ting Into a pocket, caused by the slag from
the smelter which Is being dumped Into the
liver and which Is forming a point. Right
now there Is an eddy formed by tha point.
bat It may become dead water soon.
"If we had a stage of high water this
spring It Is probable that the bar would be
washed out. At the present time we can
keep ths end of the suction pipe elesr only
by running the pumps night and day. If the
bars were gone we could run the pumps only
when we desired ths water."
Letter from Wyoming School Board
O Atrial Aaklna" for a
Secretary Burgess of the Board of Educa
tion has received the following letter from
a Wyoming village which has tbe true
western ring. Mr. E. U Patrick, the
writer. Is a breeder of Hereford cattle, be
sides being clerk of the school board, and
he wants a teacher. It doesn't make
much difference as to sex or age, but the
applicant must have a certificate of some
PATRICK. Wyo., May 24. Secretary
School Board. Omaha: Dear Sir Can yon
send me a good teacher here to teach a
six-months school? Wages will be accord
Ing to grade of certificate shown 440 to o0.
At our annual meeting the wages were
raised from $40 to et If we could get bet
ter teachers.
There will not be more than rive scholarH
In the school. The teacher cm ret board
within a half mile of the scriool at 115 and
noasibly for tZ. We would like a teacher
of good appearance and experience In
teaching. Age no barrier up to middle age,
i presume any teacner would
ered since tbe announcement of last Fri
day night.
Substance of the Allrsatton Made In
Damage Salt AsaJnit the
Dr. A. F. Jonas Is being sued In Judge
Slabaugh's court for $10,000 by B. Kolmitz,
as administrator of the estate of bis son.
Isadore Kolmitz. The petitioner alleges
that his son, aged 10, was suffering with
sppendlcitis in October, 1900, and that Dr.
Jonas sccepted a retainer of $5 to perform
an operation, but left town for the day,
necessitating calling another physician.
Tbe boy died while under the other physi
cian's care, the father affirms, and he
holds Dr. Jonas responsible, contending
that tbe latter could have saved the child
by operating Immediately.
Purity and Are combined In beer In order that tt
may be wholesome. If the name of the
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n, St. Louis,
Mo., appears on the labels of tbe beer with
which you are served you are absolutely
sure of purity and proper aging. Bud-
welser, Micbelob, Black & Tan, Pale-Lager,
Faust, Anheuser-Standard, Export Pale and
Exquisite are the brews. Orders promptly
filled by Geo. Krug, manager Anheuser
Busch branch, Omaha.
olilea of Tangier Temple
rather I Made final arrangements for the pilrlm-
wrlte me first, but It Is not necessary to do age to San Franslsco on Friday evening,
so. They can take the Fremont. Elkhorn May 23 Beiectng the Ualon Pacific as the
& Missouri Valley train on Monday for . , ' " .. , ,
Lu.k, Wyo.. getting there Tuesday, and Omclal Route, thus disposing of all mis-
leave there ednesday morning on mall I leading statements on this point.
wagon ana get. nere same mgni. i ney
could come by B. A M. railroad to Fort
Laramie. Wyo., but they would have to
hire a rig to bring them over the eighteen
This In a aulet and resectable commu
nlty and money In treasury to pay. Very
respectiuny, tuu rAiKita, Clerk.
How many mothers realize ffiat when
the baby's advent is expected they need
trecimi tor rvco lnsteaa of one. wont'
ma, weak, nervous, "just able to drag
around," find themselves confronted
yrtxh coming maternity. They have
tot strength enough for themselves, how
can they nave strenjrUi to jrive a child f
"We don't look for the birth of strong
ideas from a weak mind. Why should
we expect the Dtrtn oi strong children
atom weak mothers?
Xbe way to ensure health and strength
to mother and child
ia to use Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription
as a preparative for
motherhood, it
bring the mother's
strength up to the
requirements of nat
ure, so that she has
strength to give her
child. It nourishes
tbe nerves and so
quiets them. It en
courages a natural
appetite and induces
refreshing sleep.
Favorite Prescrip
tion " makes weak
women strong and
sick women well.
There is no alcohol
in "Favorite Pre
scription " and it is
tree trocn opium, co
tadne and all other narcotics.
I wlak to tat voa kaow the rreat benHM ny
rtai arrived tBroaaa taking your ' Favorite
writes Sir. Robert Harden, af
L 1. . WAnilufaA Max t. "It WAA whf D
irr hnbv cam. ' Bdheard aa mack of
In making this selection the following
facts were borne in mind, namely: Tbe
Union Pacific is tbe only line running
through trains via Denver and Salt Lake
to California; that it is 278 miles shorter to
San Francisco and 16 hours quicker than
any other line, and that, as leas time Is
LIKES LININGER ART GALLERY con8Ume(, " ,hl route' tnere
Incidental expenses on tne trip,
I Cheyenne Editor t'ratrs Visitors
Omaha, to See the Art
to I Nesrly all the prominent eastern Temples
will pus through Omaha over the Union
Full Information cheerfully furnished and
reservations made on application. City
Editor E. A. Black of the Cheyenne I Ticket Ofoce, 1324 Farnam St.; "Phone 318.
Daily Leader shows bis appreciation of an I Union Station, 10th and Marcy; 'Phone
Omaha institution hv devotinar nearly a
iiamn t nil
column of his editorial space to a descrip
tion of tbe Llnlnger srt gallery.
"Tbe purpose of this brtef and Imperfect
description of this palace of srt," writes
the editor, "Is thst the readers of tbe
Leader may take advantage of their next
visit to Omaha and see thst In which ths I spend ten days In sight-seeing in the Rock
Are You Going to the Moa
Summer t
If so arrange your vacation so that you
ran go with the Iowa and Nebraska coal
dealers on their special train excursion
lesvlng Omaha Juns 25. This psrty will
city takes great pride. In that broad,
public spirit which chsrscteriies men ut
liberal tastes, Mr. Lininger has enriched
s large room In the public library with
paintings snd other works of srt, to which
he Is making additions from tlms to time."
les snd will have a grand, good time. Tou
can enjoy this opportunity and If you wish
to remain longer your ticket will be good
until October 31. Write or see R. E. Har
ris, Secretary, 330 Board of Trade Bldg.
Large plain lockets. Edholm, jeweler.
Aaaoaarrmeats of the Theaters.
A matinee performance of "In Missouri, '
by the Ferris stork company will be given
Wednesday afternoon. Wednesdsy night's
performance concludes this bill. Tbursdsy
the drama "Dentse." that aided Olga Keth-
ersole t'o stellar honors in this country, will
be given Its initial presentation In this city.
Perfect diamonds.
Edholm, Jeweler.
mtr Rates
Timely Satfarrstloas.
The season of 1902 Is on at Hot Springs.
South Dskots.
A favorite resort for western people.
The hotels, including the "Evens, under
management of W. II. Dlldine, are all in
first-class condition.
Have you ever tried the Plunge?
Write J. R. Buchanan, G. P. A., F., E
A M. V. R. R . for rates. Tbey are low
this season.
voar medlria that any wife oeddrd to try tt
(I atav my nty wife's age w tbirty-thfee
ILm . i, h.r Srt caildt. eh oamrMaccd
t take ' Itnte prwcriptioo t month be
Ion her child u born, we how a Sac Htahliy
iri. aad w beu that tbu waa mainly owing
J.. A, Knnt Prcacntiooa.' taken udthnilly
awtstdlng to directiuaa. W shall certainly roc-
Low Roand-Trla Sai
Via Chicago Great Western Railway to St.
Paul. Minneapolis, the Cannon Valley Lakes,
Duluth snd ths Superiors. Tickets good to
return October II. For dstes of sale and
other Information apply to any Oreat West
ern agent, or J. P. Elmer, O. P. A., Chi.
csgo. 111.
St. Paal-Mlaaeaaolls.
Composite Buffet Library Cars now In
service via "The Northwestern Line" on
the "Twin City Limited'' at Ti p. a
1401-1403 Farnam St.
' Dt. Pierce's Cotnmofl Beam Medical
Adviser, paper covers, ia sent ret on
receipt of at one-cent stamps to psy
atmenae of mailing oa-V AOdres Du
U. Y. J-icrcfh jVnrMo. ti. Y. ,
Chiracs 160 Miles leaver.
The "Trensmissourl Limited" oa ths
Northwestern line only makes tbe trip Id I Ramm.
Omaha I p. m.. arriving Chicago 7 nutt
City 'office, 1401-1403 Fsrsant st. - -
We wish to thank our uiaoy friends and
neighbors who so kindly assisted, us and
for sympathy shown during the sickness snd
death ct our wifs snd daughter, Ernestine
(acmpeolng end hair areas tog, Ske, at ths
Ssthery. tls-XM Bee Building. Tel. lilt.
TlSaay. wedding flags. , Ctholn, jewe!r.J Latest style Xobe. E-Olislia. jeweler.
Should be corrected at once to save Inconvenience and
perhaps harm. Our optician Is a graduate, and will take
great pains to furnish you with the proper glaawes.
Spend a tew minutes at our more ana lei mm examine
your eyes when you are down town. Look for the
S. W. LINDSAY, The Jeweler,
V 1516 Douglas St.
Sbrlners Will Travel.
The Burlington Route and Its connections
west of Denver will carry Tangier Temple,
Mystlo Shrlners, to the Imperial Council,
Nobles of Myetlc Shrine, at San Francisco,
une 10 to 14.
Two special cars have already been re
served by . Tangier Temple and additional
cars will be provided as reservations are
made. It Is important that all Shrlners
who will attend this convention make their
reservations st an early date.
The Shrlners will leave the Burlington
Station, Omaha, 4:15 p. m., June 4. Den
ver will be reached the next morning, and
an entire day spent In Colorado Springs,
one of the mort delightful of Rocky Moun
tain resorts. Salt Lake City will be
reached on the morning of June ti. and thst
day given over to seeing the wonderful
city of Zion. The party will arrive In ban
Francisco at 8:45 a. m.. June 9.
Tickets and reservations. 1502 Fsrnam St.
Oravnopaone at a hargala.
FOR 8ALE--Latest model type. A. O.
combination grsphopbone, which plays both
large and small records; list price. ISO.
This Is especially designed for concert pur
poses, having a thirty-six-inch horn and
stand. It also Includes twenty Urge Edi
son records and carrying case of twenty
four records, Ths machine Is entirely new
snd has never been used. Will sell at a
bargain. Address X 36. la care of Ths Bes.
Shrlaers Special Train, Omaha to San
The Great . Rock Island Route has ar
ranged tor the Nobles of Zubrlah, Osman
and Elkahlr temples, a special train to
San Francisco. This train will leave
Omaha Tuesday. June 3. at 4:30 p. m. No
bles and friends of other Temples ran join
same at Omaha. For further Information
call at or address City Ticket Office, 1323
Farnsm St., 0rb.
Send articles 'of incorporation, notices of
stockholders' meetings, etc.. to The Bee.
We will give them proper legal insertion.
Bee telephone, 238.
Publish your legsl notices la Ths Weekly
Bee. Telepbose 23s,
Shampooing and hslrdrssnng. 55c, st ths
Bathery. 211-220 Bes Building. Tel. 171.
New link buttons. Edholm, Jeweler.
Men's Hot
Weather Oothillg
i J f sr , aa .
iff 'M slW
M f if
2sow ready for jour choosing. Xo
. . k i i t l : 1 1 1
maucr now iiiucn nor now nun?
Nyou wish to pav, the garments to
lit vour idea are here for loss
frfa money, we believe, than any-
in the city. In ilannel
pants, we are showing
? 4 what' is "iust richt." They tell
r-wi .....
money, we
coatK and pi
yjuH we ore more right than any
other store. In our clothing, see
tion. on second floor, we are show
ing a complete assortment of
men's coats and pants in flannels
and wool crashes, in blue, brown
and swell green and olive shades,
at $1.50, $r.00, $3.50 and f t.00.
They all have that nhort, looe
fitting effect' which in considered
quite proper and dressy. We also
have a.varied assortment of meu's
blue serge single coats,
at 11.73, 2.50 and
Important to MotKers
Tuesday in our boys' department we shall ofl' spe
cial sale 1,000 pairs of
Sizes to IS.
in dark, .light and medium colors, in stripes, plaids and
checks, in strictly all wool materials, for less money thaji
' the clotli would cost you.
. Knee pants, good, stron g, and substantial ma- 4Q T
terialSy worth 3 Jo to 50c at ... . .. ... C
Knee pants, good, desirable patterns, actuals, O
values 50c and 75c, at . . . ... tJtJLs
Knee pants, good materials, good style, TknOa"
well made, value 75c to 00c, a.
TJiey go on sale luesday morning, at 9: SO a. m.
Why do you bother with insect powder or
rust out the bed springs with corrosive
HiibllmHtp or breathe the unDleaeant fumes
of kerosene, etc., if you have bugs in your
house? Don't you know that our Sl'RK
the worst enemy the bug kingdom ever
run up againm? Comes In 15 Sc, Mo and
30c bottles; can free with 5uc and 5e ntze.
or 5c extra wltn l&c or sc sue aeuverec
in Omaha without charge, same as any
thing elne in our etore.
VK1CK8 Tl'MBLE thia week; many of
them are being sold now at less than
quantity cost, but that cuts no figure the
combine are after our scalp 'cause we
won't Join the trust.
?.5o Marvel Whirling Spray Syringe. .12.25
'fyrlan Spray Syringe for ladles
Full Pint Hath Tub Knamcl, BlITCIt-
35c Caatorla (Uenulne) L'lc
$1.00 Kwannon a Five Drops 73c
ll.oi) Mother's Friend ":4o
VIM Cheater s Pennyroyal Pills
Tel. T4T, 9. W. Cor. lata and Chicago.
We are NOT offering you the
ordinary Rye or, Bourbon whiskey,
but a SPECIAL brand of a malt
made after the process of the old
fashioned German "Schnapps,"
which is world-wide famous.
These goods are to be sold to the
consumer in original packages di
rect from the distillery, and no
where in tho United States can
this genuine German malt
(Schnapps) be purchased except
direct from us. It is worth not
lcsr. than 15 per gallon retail.
Burn for cemeterr
ABRIENS Aurnat H . affed M yftrs.. Bun-
tiv mnrnniff, &iny
tVunoru 1 n,r.M eKa jrrtlltf "nMneii
i "imin i will iiiv - -
North lth st., Tuesday, May 27. at 3 p. m.
Friends invited.
Thoss wee patronise our New 10th Cen
tury rounteln become HARD DRINKERS. ,
The reaaosi ta plain. We have.' ens serve ;
nothing but the best. Have you eaan the .
I0TH CENTURY klodt It is different from
the eld tin oaa kind. It Is a beauty
end the most cleanly fountain In the town.
The syrups are kept ta bottles, la plain
eight ef the drinker sad he eaa see yust
hew elee avary boiUe la. That U eaytna
mere than meet ef them can. ear eaa tell
the truth. Be sere ed try one glass. gad
yeu will come agala.
PreecrlpdoA DragglM-a,
"The Foremost Tailoring Route of
10-Gnllon Package tCo.iV!
6-Oallon J'ai-kuue li.nn
2-ttvillon Package 5.i
1-Uallon Package 2.iM
All charges prepaid on two gal
lons or over.
All orders for this brand must he
arrompanled with the cash. V.
will not ship it C. O. D.) Postofflce
money order, expreus order or
bank draft. . , i
An extra chnrge of 20 cents per
gal. for bottling ihese goods In full
Goods neatly packed In plain
package with no marks to indicate
522 N. (6th St. Omaha, Neb.
Brushing up
last season's suit may brighten It,
but it cannot make the style right.
Better decide to favor us with an
order for one of our
Made to Measure Suits
Then you will stand in the front rank
of well-dreaaed men.
Our tailoring Is of the highest order.
A choice assortment of Imported and
domestic woolens to select from.
made to CIO 50
measure vlJu"
Only All-Woo! Cloths Carried by L's.
122 s. 15th St.
from tlms to time are for ssls at the
publication office all In good condi
tionlew ertcee.
A Good Wife and Hearth
are a man's best wealth, and he can con
tribute to the health of himself and wife
by tiring Mets beer. It is pure, healthful
and nutritious and Is a delightful beverage
at any season, and during worm weather
there Isn't a thirst quencher that can
equal It.
Metz Bros., Brewing Co.
Telepnoa 119, Omaha.
Or Jacob Neumayer, Agt., care Neumayer
Hotel, Council Bluffs, la.
15c If. & H. Boap. 11.00 dns.; cake 9c
60c Booiete Hygienlque Soap (all you
want), cuke 2"
Kc Kirk's Juvenile Soap. 10c cake, box 30c
". 4711 White Roo Glycerine. k;
box: cake 12o
New size 4711 White Roue Glycerine,
65c box: cake "
!.-. r.rk.r'. Tar Bonn, cake In:
lie Pears' Unaccrued Boap, cake l-'o
2fc Cutlcura H'wp. cane 10c
2uc Hnaud's Violet Bi'iisatlun, 65c box;
cake 2.V!
Be Lifebuoy tnew), cake so
Our White Tactile Boap, beet on earth.
full 'i pound cakes (12 cskes or 6
pound). $1.00; eak
We've V kinds of Soaps. Call for the
kind you use.
lta Farnnn Btraata. Omaha.
rhone 150.
Bee about a nurse. - '
jpyyrsg.iat WW A vt.mtu ' 1 sai an u fYTf'aa
When Writinr to Advertisers
Always Weatioa Tbe Bee.
We have
it now
At leant six months shead of time
tho ri-adilla Freak a man's I ow
shoe. The freak is In the toe and
it's a beauty patent rolt that has
proven to be the bofct patent leather
mode A military heel ajtd medium
heavy sole.
Like the women"s now oxford, theee
are the real swell thing we rsn't de.
scribe them they're so new you've
got to see them to appreciate them
snd the best of It all is they're only a foot, or 11.00 a pair.
Drexol Shoe Co.,
Omaha's I' Sho Hease.
w ' J'
Tryone.then notice the fine Aroma of our present Havana
Tobacco and compare It with high prloed Imported Clgar.
F. B. Bin Msrcaatlke Clear Co, MMUUcturerg. U Ixw'a. L'aioo Made. . ,j