Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 25, 1902, PART I, Page 12, Image 12

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Lace Curtains and Draperies
A WELL known Dry Goods Store sold us their entire Carpet and Drapery Department to make room for other departments.
One of the stipulations of the sale was that we are not to advertise their name. Last Monday we sold the Carpets and Rugs
from this stock, and last Wednesday the Matting was sold. Those that attended these sales are acquainted with the character of
the goods and will attest to the fact that the bargains were beyond belief. They were the most successful sales we have ever held.
Tomorrow we will place on sale a 11 the Lace Curtains and Draperies. The Curtains are mostly imported and include Brussels Net,
Arabian Cluny, Irish Point, roint de Calais, Point d1 Esprit, etc. A few of the items are mentioned below read the news in detail.
$10.00 Lace Curtains $3.98 Pair
A 13.08 a pair, all the very finest quality of
n curtains in this immense stock, including reai
Brussels, fine Irish .point, new and very rich de
signs in Arabians, Rococo, ( tJ
Cable Nets, etc., goods tnat. r JJ J?
are actually worm
up to $10.00
on sale Monday, pair
$2.50 Lace Curtains $1.39 Pair
ATPlO a pair, thousands of pairs of hand
some Nottingham .lace curtains, all full 3
yds. long and up to 60-in. wide. -1 (J
Hiimlrnds of pairs of beautiful ruf- II J
fled net and, ruffled swiss curtains in
all the very latest designs and very
decided bargains Monday, pair....
$6.00 Lace Curtains $2.98 Pair
AT $2.98 a pair, about 1,500 pairs of very hand
some Irish point curtains, elegant cable net
curtains, with imitation Battenberg border, new
point de Calais and nice' light
lacey designs in Nottingham!,
fine ruffled net curtains with
wide lace Insertion and lace edge, every
pair at less than half
price ...
Brass Extension Rods
Ul the brass extension rods, all styles
and all kinds, formerly aold
at 60c each, go AVJC
at -
Odd Curtains 15c Each
AT 15c each all the balance of the
stock consisting of about 1,000
curtains, all kinds of curtains, all slies
and all qualities, some In pairs ana
some odd curtains,
all on one
big bargain
square at,
$2 Lace Curtains 98c Pair
AT 9Sc a pair, one bargain square .comprising
hundreds of pairs of elegant Nottingham lace
curtains, fine swiss curtains, full
size colored swiss curtains, with
wide ruffle, In all the latest designs,
all In one lot at, pair
$4.00 Lace Curtains $1.98 Pair
A T S1-9 a pair, 2,000 pairs of veryflne,Notting
ham lace curtains, elegant' cable net and
Irish point curtains, beautiful ruffled net and ruf-
i .1 ! L 1 , 1 . .
uru mviss curxtuns witn wide inser-
tion and edging in an endless
variety of style and designs, not a pair In
the lot worth less than $4, all In one big lot
Odd Curtains 39c Each
T 39c each, hundreds of odd .pairs and odd
7- curtains. Among this lot are included some
of the very finest Nottingham
curtains our only reason for
making such a price Is that they
are odd pairs and odd curtains
all at, each
us lot are included some
Tapestry furniture covering in Denim, ticking, Hungarian
silk, wool and cotton that formerly cloths, cretonnes, satens, etc.,
soiu as nign as si.ou a yara. inese that Bg hlgn 40c yd aI1 full
are just me imng ior iurnuure cover
ings and draperies and V
go at the ridiculously jJ Ct
low price of. yd
Imported Chinese and Japanese White and colored dotted drap-
reed portieres that formerly ery swiss, and 50 pieces of new
soia as nign as f t cathedral glass effect
pieces, new and perfect
goods, the latest this
spring's patterns, go at, yd..
$1.60 go
at ......
swiss. Imported to sell at
40c they go at, yd
Drapery sllkollnea in the finest
qualities and newest
patterns, made to sell
at 14c yd., go at, yd...
Drapery silks from this stock,
worth up to 85c yd., In
floral and Oriental pat
terns, go at, yd
Opaque window shades in all
colors on best Hartshorn self-acting
this stock,
ides in' all
n self-acting
rollers, complete with fixtures, Ec
regular price 40o each, go at JW
Sample Curtains 49c Each
ALL. the curtain corners this Is a
lot of Drummer's samples of Irish
point and Renaissance, also Brussels
net corners, worth as high as $40 a
pair. These
corners are
up to 2
yds. long,
each ,
worth as high as $40 a
Wood Curtain Poles
All of the wood curtain poles, complete,
with brass rings and ends y
that generally sell for 25c, t"5C
go In this sale at W
Wash Suits, Foulard Costumes
- . ... 1. ... ! . V. ualln.
T. Linen and Batiste waau urw
1 . . ... A mi ffm hlAllHA MA
collars, lucnea irum " CII
effects, skirt strap trimmed and flounced, Q,J j
$12.00 values, at
rnn inniir.! wash dressci. prettily velvet
ribbon trimmed, new and fancy trimmed
flounces, in pink, blue and heliotrope,
$7.00 values, at
Mercerized linen hirt waist suits, blouse
front waists, hemstitched trimmed, skirts a aq
flounced, self strap, all colors Z0
$4.00 values, special -
Silk lined suits Gibson and Maxim styles, black
and colors, taffeta straped Jackets. FA
flare shape flounced skirts, made IZaDll
from excellent fabrics, $20 values. ..J
Golf and outing wool suits in
melton, cheviot, frieze, etc., In
gray, castor, black, blouse and Gib
son Jackets, silk lined, pm m ry
$17 and $20 values. SI I
beautifully trimmed, newest colors,
Etamlne and canvas cloth Gib
son suits, silk drop linings
correct styles $30.00 values
White Sicilian skirts ' with' rows of
i taffeta and tucked trimmings, lined and
I vnlined flounces
I at $4.88, $7.50
5 and
PJuaamcr skirts of taffeta, peau da sole,
1 lined and unllned. - handsomely trimmed
J. -with ruchlng. tucks and
I cording, worth $17.60
t choice .
Wash skirts In the newest styles
made of pique, linen, duck, mercerized,
chambry, denim, etc, with new
high flounce and ruffle
effects at $4.98, $3.8$,
$2.98 and
$17.50 Cloth Skirts $6.75
ITlgh grade cloth skirts, the entire sample
line of a fashionable New York tailoring
etabllshment made ' of etamlnes, Slci-
liacs, broadcloths, cheviots and canvas
ii cioins some uounea, wners
; with drop lining $15 and
$17 60 value
Wash skirts made of duck, pique,
denim and covert, stitched pm m
and braid trimmed, $1.60 I TC
and $3 values, at
Silk Long Coats
Silks at Greatly Reduced Prices Monday
7 O TABLE reductions on the very best and most desirable Foulards, Crepe de Chine, Taf-
fetas and Black Silks. An excellent opportunity to buy silks.
$1 New Foulards 55c Yard
Elegant new atln and twilled foul
ards, 1902 styles, all pretty patterns
fn the very newest and most desir
able colors, not an old pattern in
the entire lot, very handsome.
worth $1.00, special
sale price Monday,
per yard
85c Colored Taffeta
65c Yard
125 pieces all silk colored taffeta. In
cluding the newest shades in either
soft or rustling finish. These taf
fetas retail regular
at 85c yd. special sale
price Monday .....
$1.25 Crepe de Chine
59c Yard
Monday we will place on sale 65 pieces of
all silk crepe de chine, large range of
colorings (no blacks).
actually worth $1.25
special sale price
' Black Silks at
22-Inch black moire velours,
$1.25, Monday special, S f
per yard OVC
27-loch black Imported
taffeta worth $1.25 yd.,
Monday's special sale
36-Inch black rustling taffeta, worth
$1.39, Monday, per ,
36-Inch black, perspiration
washable taffeta, worth
$1 yd., Monday's price..
a Savins of
87 Jc
27-Inch black, spot proof, taffeta,
worth $1.25 yard
Monday special price A. Ov
22-lnch black peau de sole worth
$1.25, Monday special wp?
price iUW
21-lnch black corded taffeta in 15 dif
ferent atyles, worth $1.25
yd. Monday special
20-lnch black guaranteed taffeta,,
"warranted to wear," woven in the
selvage, worth 89c yard
' Monday special
Ott Bargain Squares
10,000 yards of silks of every descrip
tion, taffetas, satins, peau de sole,
Loulsene, yard wide black and white
silk, pretty foulards, printed china,
new corded silks, etc., ranging in
value up to $2.00 a yard on sale
Monday at three prices, per yard
29c, 49c, 69c
Sale of Dress Goods and Wash Fabrics
Tour choice of our sample silk coats that
have sold tor $29, $32.60 and
$35, for
Silk coats that we sold for $17. f A (1(1
$20 and $22. go at lUiUU
2.00 White Waists 95c
500 dainty white lawn Bhirt
waiats, elegantly embroidered
in the very newest styles the
greatest variety to select from
shown in
on sale at
Dainty, well made and high jrrade
muslin undergarments downs, Skirts,
Drawers, 8klrt Chemise and Corset Cov
ersall made of the finest cambric and
long cloth. These are made full size and
very beauti
fully trimmed
with fine laces
and insertions,
hundreds of
pretty styles to
select from
for $1.00 to
$1.39 value
for $1.;9 to
$2.00 vcluea
All Wool Whipcords in all colors, 75o
quality, per yard
All Wool Albatross in all colors, 60c quality,
. per yard
Imported Voile Etamine in all colors, tl.25 TC -
values, per yard
Cream White Yatching Cheviot, 60-inches 7C5f"'
wide, 11.25 quality, per yard X O w
85c Voile Etamine 59c yard.
$1.25 Mistral Etamine 85c yard.
$1.50 Mohair Sicilian, 54 inches
wide, 85c yd.
Silk Melange, Printed Silk Alouseliae, Foulards
Silk Novelties the regular 50c and 75o
grades, on sale Monday, yard
White Madras, Fancy Damask Waistings and
Oxfords In fancy weaves, etamlnes, etc., Otfp
60o grades, per yard OOC
White Mousscllne de Sole in fancy ef
fects, the regular 50c and 75c grades, per yar d
Whita Embroidered Batiste, 40 Inches wide, hem.
stitched beautifully, for vesting, yoking and waists,
regular 11.50 quality,
per yard ,
Silk Embroidered Dotted Organdy, formerly sold
for 69c special price
de, hern
i waists,
erly sold
Sale of Laces and Embroideries
THOUSANDS of yards of beautiful and dainty Laces and Embroideries will be placed
on sale for the first time tomorrow. Goods direct from the looms of Europe exquisite
styles and patterns in a limitless variety. Every yard will be sold for less than half of what
you usually pay for such goods, h 's a sale that deserves the attendance of every one in and
nearby Omaha that has any use for laces and embroideries.
LACES, Inset-tings, Headings and Galoons An
excellent variety including fine torchons, valeo
cienne, net top, orientals, chantllly. etc. every yard
marked at a bargain prioe. You can save just about
half on these goods.
yard for Laces, Inserting and Beadings'
worth lOi yard.
4 f yard for Laces, Insertiugs. Beadings and
1UC Galoons worth up to 25c yard.
d '
yard for Laces, Insertlngs, Beadings an
iyC Galoons worth up to fiOc yard.
E EMBROIDERIES and Insertlngs of fine SwUs
4 nainsook and cambrlo a vast array of baautlful -patterns
elaborate and dainty figures, all widths. The
prices average just about half their value
yard for Embroideries and Insertions
worth up to 12i yard.
yard for Embroideries and Insertions
worth up to 25c yard.
yard for Embroideries
worth up to 40c yard.
and Insertions
Millinery Summer Opening
Duck, Linen and Pique Hats for Street
and Outing Wear
Monday, we will display a profusion of
the newest fancies of Dame Fashion for
summer 1902 in duck, linen and pique
street and outing hats. The shapes are
mostly those adapted by the Paris millin
ers and the swell London and New York
hat'ters, viz: the rolling brim medium and
sunken crown sailors, the dfapings are of
various diaphaneous materials, such as
liberty and Loulnene silks, chiffons, etc., while tin? fasliloiiablo stlffer materials,
such as linen and Batavla cloths are lnrjtely In evidence, these gootlx nre gener
ally appllqued with a variety of pretty braid rordlngtt of green, black, blue and
green, and black and white combinations. The trimmings are of ostrich, horse
hair and flower pompoms, straw, leuther and feather quills, feather darts, wings
and natural parorts, in like colorings to the drupings. These trimmings impart
that swagger tone to the hats that distinguish the wearer as a suiurt dresser,
strictly, lu line with the Gibson and Du Barry effects so popular now, Monday
4Dc to 5.00.
$10 Trimmed Hats, $5.00
300 beautifully trimmed hats culled from our ten dollar lines. There is among tbls
lot an especially line aaHortment of pure white and black hats, and
also a large number of those chic Newp ort drooping styles, which
we positively could not duplicate for less than $10.00, however we
must unload and do It quickly
$4 Trimmed Black Hats $1.98 and $2.50
For Monday we have prepared a brand new lot of medium and large shapes In thosa
much wanted black, soft braid hata, tastefully trimmed with good quality chiffons,
fancy striped gauies, black satin vloletaand rosea, pom- j r g(
poms. Jets and other splendid materials, inese gooas were mq "A. till
a among to is
formerly priced at $4. 00 Monday ....
Grand Clearance of Street Hats, 25c, 75c, 98c
nd two dollar and three dollar street hats.
desiring to purchase something
50c Black Satin Violets 10c
Second Fl'"r
Upwards of fifty dozen of our one dollar a
Here Is a splendid opportunity for those
excellent in street bats
for a trine
Monday $1 Split Braid Sailors 50c
Second Floor
12 case fine quality split braid sailors,
batters finish and trimmed with black.
whits and navy braid and leather
sweat bands, easily
worth $1.00
S.000 bunches black aatin violets, three
doien in a bunch, alao 2.T.00 bunches of
pretty green foliage. Tue goods wera
Imported to aell at iOo
Monday per
Knit Underwear
In plain and fancy llslej
ribbed and lace effects,
in white, ecru, cream
and fancy colors, dozens
of style, lonir sleeve,
short sleeve. and sleeve
less, worth 50c, on sale
15c and 25c
Misa' Children's
and Bova' Vests.
Pants and Drawer
In all atvlea and aizes.
made of the beat quality cotton, worth
' up to 60o a garment, at
10c, 15c and 25c
$1.00 Hosiery 29c Pair
Women's finest im
ported and domes
tic hosiery In maco
cotton, French lisle,
silk lisle, sllic tner
ceried, plain and
Kembraudt ribbed,
drop stitch and lace
effect, all colors and
black, extra qual
lty hosiery that re
tails regular for
pair. Tba entire lot will be
placed on siile at, pal"
Misses' Liala Thread Hose "ifn
worth "Jjc at. . . .' 1 J W
- . J. L. BRANDEIS & 60