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Pari sells tfrugs.
Btockrrt sells carpets and rugs.
Wollman, scientific ortlcian. 401 B'way.
Leffert, eyesight specialist, 238 Broadway.
Tk home a brick of Mettger Jca
cream. Vanlla, 25c; Neapolitan, 35c.
Picture framing a. specialty. C. E. Alex
ander A Co., 333 Broadway. Tel. S66.
Bom To Mr. and Mn. Brace Bcale. a
, Mr. T. A. Barker left last evening; on a
Vlult to frlenda In Chicago.
The regular monthly meeting- of the
Board of Education la slated for this even
ing. The West Council Bluffs ball team de
feated the Dodge Guard Bunday by a
score of 19 to I.
Mrs. Jrchnach and daughter of Buffalo,
fj V., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chris
KudJo of Vine street.
A marriage license was Issued yester
day to J. A. Btelnhofel. aged 2. and Nel
lie Edwards, aged 19, both of Council
Bherlff Cousli' will leave this morning
"for-.De Mornes to attend the annual state
encampment of the Grand Army of the
Mrs. M. B. Roop took out a building
permit yeeterday for the erection or a two.
story frame cottage on Harrison street to
cost tl,Gu).
The Woman's auxiliary of Orace Epis
copal church will meet Thursday after
noon at the home of Mrs. Lewis on South
Seventh street.
Herman Iaind of No. I hose house, who
was injured by falling on a rusty nail
two weeks ago, was able to resume his
work .yesterday. "
Miss Lulu Shea, who has been the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Drake
of North avenue, returned yesterday to
her home In Whlttler, la.
John Taylor, arrested Bunday night on
complaint of his wife, who charged him
with beating her, was dismissed fn police
court yesterday morning as the woman
tailed to. prosecute.
Rev. George Edward Walk, rector of St.
Paul' Episcopal church, left yesterday
morning for Davenport to attend the
" diocesan convention of the Episcopal
. Captain Charles P. Wheeler of Three
Rivers. Mich., srrlved In the city yester
day to look after the property. Interests
of his stepfather, Captain H. L. Henry,
who died recently In California.
Letters received by friends here from
John W. Ferner and wife announce their
afe arrival In 8an Francisco last Wednes
day and that they expected to sail lor
Manila, P. 1., last Friday on the transport
George Skelton, aged 68 years, died Sun
flay night at, his home in Crescent. He
is survived by two daughters and six cons.
The funeral will be this afternoon at 2
' n'lnrii fpnm the Tetter Dav Saints'
church In Crescent and burial will be in
the cemetery there.
Frank Kearna will have a hearing this
morning in police court on a charge of
' resisting an officer. The officer In ques
tion is Charles Burke, the colored pound
master, from whom It Is alleged Kearns
forcibly took a horse belonging to William
Hales a lew aaya ago.
Willard A. Wise, contractor and carpen
ter of Council Bluffs, filed a voluntary
petition In bankruptcy yesterday. His
liabilities aggregate t7.K4.82. of which
f 5.000 represents a mortgage on a piece of
and. Ills asset amount to $183.50, all Of
which is claimed as exempt.
The high wind early yesterday morning
caused one of the Are alarm wires to
break at. Eighth street and Fifth avenus
. and fall on the electric light wire with a
current of 1 .000 volts. This set the gong at
No. ( flrehouse ringing and gave the
chemical engine a run to Eighth street.
Mrs. Bridget Harrison filed an information-
In Justice Bryant's' court yesterday
charging Pearl Wright, a young man 22
years of age, with assaulting her 14-year-old
son. Mrs. Harrison alleges that
Wright struck her son in the .face Bun
day evening with brass knuckles and that
. ma assault was entirely unorovoKao.
Mrs. Lou Dtlsaver of Albright, Neb., has
. filed an . information In Justice Bryant s
r .'iurt "enargmtr Mrs. Knottes or sixteenth
avenue with the larceny of a pocketbook
containing 171. Mrs. Dilsaver a. few days
ago sold lommcoKi and with the proceeds
oi ina saiq m ncr pocaeioooK .visitea ner
sister, wno lives on Bixteentn avenue in
this city. She dropped the pocketbook In
the vicinity of her sister's house and now
alleges that Mrs. Knottes or some mem
ber of ber family picked It up.
Matter In District Conrt.
' A. E. Jones, the Broadway shoemaker, In
Slcted on a charge of assaulting his wife
with Intent to murder her was found guilty
by a Jury In the district court yesterday pf
, simple asaault.
The cas against Henry Peterson, indicted
on a charge of arson in connection with
the burning of his store In Weston waa con
tinued on motion of the defendant until
next term. Petrua Peterson, an Important
witness for the defense, is suffering from a
' fractured leg. N
The trial of .Vie Sadowskl., Indicted "with
Shoemaker on a charge of breaking a show
ease In front of S. Snyder's pawnshop and
ateallng therefrom a number of revolvers,
ah dt guns and other articles 1 set for today.
Lost A pair of nickel-framed eyeglasses
for child. Finder return for reward to
'Mrs. Woodbrldge, 411 Park are.
Heal Estate Transfers.
' These transfers were filed yesterday in the
Abstract, title and loan office of J. W.
Squire. 101 Pearl street;
3. D. Edmundson and wife to Addle
Forsyth. neW ne 1-74-38, w. d I 722
E. C. Jones and wife to A. O. Gil-
Den, lots i and 4. Smith's subdi
vision of original plat lot 47, w. d..
Benjamin F. Cue and wife to J. C.
, 342
Salisbury, H acre In sw corner
16-7&-&8. w. d
John Baker and others to Mason City
ft Fort Dodge Hallway company,
right of way over nW4 seS4 14-76-43,
w. d
Charles Btuhr snd wife to same, same
over nw4 2T-77-41, w. d
George B. hats and wife to earn, same
over ne4 slA 82-76-43. w. d
Charles D. Thompson snd wife to
same, same over nwW nvU seU,
22-76-43, w. d ...
Patrick Ratlgan and wife to same,
am over ne e seU swU 27 and
ne nw4 34-74-42, w. d
P. J. Ratlgan and wife to same, same
over w nw1 34-74-42, w. d
Henry Sharp and wire to same, same
over sw4 33-7-42, w. d
William Btuhr and wife to same, same
over seU m 2S-77-41, w. d
John I How to same, same over
MS4 no 14 22-T&-43, w. d
Nells Hansen and wife to same, same
over a .W chaina of nw4 nwV 27-
Ts-43, w. d
Charlea 11. Hartlng and wife to same.
same over nwSi iwV 4-76-42. w. d.
Robert Kurth and wife to same, same
over ne nea 2K-76-43, w. d
Frank Nlnts and wife to same, same
over couth ten acres of neSi neVi
X8-75-4S. w. d K
Benjamin Porter and wife to same.
same over w4 swS 27-77-41. w. d R0
John J. Aaderaon and wife to same.
sams over sw4 neV4 23-74-42. w. d.... 247
Henry Cook and wife to aame, sum
over nw-'A sek 23. eU swk 23. nwta
nwU M-74-43. w. d 1.926
8. F. Covalt and wife to aame. same
over aeW swV 14-76-43. w. d 100
Jame A. Flvnn and wife to same.
same over eV 13-74-42. w. d 1.4J0
William Harms and wife to sams.
same over lu-'i nei 13-76-4!, w. d.... 404
Rebecca Jane Dalton and husband to
J W f-nlt lnt X. block la Cuadv'l
. add, w. d 1.250
Edwin Purpear and wife to Elisabeth
M. Tlmberman. lot 24. block 4. Oak-
w. d 800
Elisabeth M. Tlmberman to little
C. Smart, lot 2, block , Oakland,
W. d.
Twenty-five transfers, total....
Iyd anl pressed. Special attention
given ladies' garments. Aiaa chenlU
: curtains neatly cleaned, dyed and
tressed. 'Phone L-418. Iowa Steam Dye
- -worfta, 9H Broadway.
(Successor t W. C. Estap)
U rCABl. iTaaET, rtten 4T,
One Man Has Had Enough Office and fill
Not Beek a Benomination. ,
Convention Sot Yet Called sad Plenty
of Time (or Other Aspirant to
Get Into the Field Be
fore It Meet.
Although Ova months ahead of the No
vember election, candidates for the several
county offices to be voted on this fall are
coming to the front with announcements of
their aspirations. There is already a good
field of entries with probably a number yet
to be heard from. Next November the peo
ple of Pottawattamie county will be called
upon to elect a clerk of the district court.
county attorney, county auditor, county re
corder aiid two members of the Board o
Supervisors. v
Freeman L. Reed is nbw completing hit
fourth term as clerk of the district court
and be will not seek a renomlnatlon, being
content to turn the office over to some other
good republican. G. O. Balrd, wbo has been
Mr. Reed's chief deputy for a number of
years, is a candidate for the nomination.
H. V. Battey, deputy at Avoca.Ms a candi
date for the nomination from the east end
of the county. Up to date these are the
only two candidates who have announced
themselves for this nomination.
For the republican nomination for county
attorney there are already four candidates
In the field. W. H. Klllpack, the present
Incumbent, who is now serving his second
term, is out aftef a renomlnatlon for a
third term. . Clem - F. Kimball, assistant
county attorney, has announced himself as a
candidate. John M. Galvin Is also an active
candidate and A. T. Van Slyke of Oakland
has also announced his candidacy,
Elmer E. Smith Is serving his second
term aa county recorder and to date no one
has appeared on the scene to contest his
renomlnatlon for a third term. The same
Is true of R. V. Innes, county auditor. Mr.
Innes Is serving his second term, but up to
date he has no opposition for a renomlna
tlon. Mr. Innes served a number of years
as deputy under former Auditor J. M. Mat
thews and is peculiarly adapted for the po
sition. Henry Brandes, now serving his second
term, and Allen Bullrs, who was appointed
to fill the vacancy caused by the resigns
tlon of B. O. Auld, are the two retiring
members of the Board of County Super
visors. It is said that both will be before
the convention for renomlnatlon. They
may have opposlttpn, but It has not 4 eve I
oped yet.
No date has been set as'yet tor the county
convention. It will probably not be held
before the latter part of July or possibly in
August. The state convention ass been
called for July 30. Pottawattamie county
is entitled to twenty-seven delegates to the
state convention. v
N. Y, Plumbing Co., telephone 150.
City Council Refer Back - Ordinance
to the Committee' of "te" '
; "Wliole, . '(
The city council last night failed to concur
In the recommendation1' of the committee
of the whole that the. telephone ordinance
submitted by Vlo Stevens of Dubuque on
behalf of the Interstate Telephone com
pany be approved and aubmltted to the
vote of the people for their approval. After
the ordinance . had been read again and
discussed, section by soctlon, it waa, on
motion of Alderman Tlnley, referred back
to the committee of the wjiole.
The main question at Issue now Is that
of free telephones for the schools. Several
of the aldermen were Inclined to demand
this concession' and Mr. Steven declined
to grant any more than he had already
agreed to. Alderman Lovett stated that
he would, be In favor of exacting this con
cession and reducing the amount to be re
ceived by the city of the company's gross
earnings from S to 1 per cent. He cited
the case of an Independent telephone com
pany in De Molnea, which had agreed to
pay the city 6 per cent, and be said he
had been Informed that up to date the
city had received nothing. By securing
free telephone for the schools, he argued,
the city would be aure of that much, any
how. The committee of - the whole will meet
this afternoon to - take up the ordinance
On the recommendation of the committee
of the whole the ordinances aubmltted by
the Omaha and Council Bluffs Telephone
and Telegraph, company and the Interna
tional Telephone Company of America were
disposed of by being laid on the table.
The ordinance Introduced by Alderman
Olson -on fcehalf of the Retail Grocers'
association, raising the license for peddlers
of fruit, vegetables and other product from
$50 to 175 a year, was laid on the table.
It waa the general opinion of the council
that the present ordinance met all require
ments. If enforced, and the mayor was re
quested to see that the police enforce It.
Olson, stated that the retail grocers com.
plained that peddlers came from Omaha and
paid no license. .
Owing to Alderman Huber having won out
In the First ward aldermanlc contest, and
thereby displacing Mr.. Bell, the republican
incumbent., Mayor Morgan announced the
following rearrangement of the standing
Finance Fleming, McDonald and Casper.
Judiciary McDonald, Lougee and Tlnley.
Claims aad Printing Huber, Oleson and
Internal Improvements, Streets and Alleys
Lougee, Caspsr and McDonald,
Bridges and City Property-Caspsr, Lovett
and Olson.
Fire and Light Lovett, Tlnley and Lou
gee. Police, Health and Sewer Olson, Huber
and Lovett.
Waterworks, Telegraph and Telephone
Tlnley, Fleming and Huber. '
John J. Stewart complained of the saloon
building at Story and Main streets being
permitted to remain on the public thorough
fare and la a communication to the council
stated that If It waa not ordered rmevd
he would take the necessary steps to have
It removed. Tlx keener of fhe saloon In
question wss given permission by the city
council to stand the building on the street
while the property at the corner of Main
and Story streets, on which it formerly
stood, I being improved with a brick struc
ture. ......
Dost Show Catches th Boy.
B. B. Trenor of Cedar Rapids, la., who
arrived Bunday In nearch of bis runaway
son. found blm yesterday, but his mission
here would la all probability have been un
successful had there not been a pony aad
Cog show la the city. Thi attracted the
youngster and tbsre the father met bis bey.
Young Treaor left hi home la Cedar Rp-
Id five weeks ago and bad been In Council
Bluffs about two weeks. The police learned
that he was working in a dye works on
Broadway, but were unable to locate him
Sunday night. When the boy went to work
yesterday morning his employer told him
twe. detectives were aftea, him and he it
once disapproved. His father, accompanied
by an officer, had been there. Young Trenor
intended leaving the city at once,, but the
pony and dog show proved too strong an
attraction. His father thought this would
be likely and, accompanied by Detective
Gallaghan, waited there for him. When the
two Snet there wa an affecting scene and
the boy was only too willing to accompany
bis father home, which he did last evening,
after being provided by bis father with new
clothing from head to foot. -.
The father . is a railroad engineer and
young Harry Is his only child. He said he
had traveled all over' Iowa In the last few
weeks searching for the boy.
Levy on Steamboat.
The steamer Henrietta, which last sum
mar was Involved in the meshes of the
lew in Omaha, Is in trouble
with the officers of the federal courts.
Yesterday it was before United States
Commlsloner Wright of this city, hav
ing bsen seised by the federal officers
for ' alleged nonpayment of ."seamen's
Wages." -The seizure ws at the Instance of
the Bouth Omaha Pontoon Bridge and Ferry
company, which Is said to be the present
owner of the boat, having recently pur
chased It from Healy at Berlin.
The boat at present is moored opposite
Lake Manawa and is In charge of Captain
Talbot, who is planning to open a summer
resort on the Iowa aide of the Missouri
opposite South Omaha. The boat, it la
said, will be used this summer between
Omaha and this resort. '
Before Commissioner Wright It wss
clatmed that Healy ft Berlin had failed to
pay the engineer they had employed to
ing been seized by the federal officers
bring; the boat from where It was laid up for
the winter, to Captain Talbot's place. The
amount due the engineer was said to be
On the showing made Commissioner
Wright held Henrietta to the United State
district court and ordered that unless the
amount claimed and costs are paid within
ten days what are known as admiralty pro
ceeding will be held, the boat condemned
and ordered sold.
Horse toe All.
- For sale - at . low prices and easy
payment, homes In all parts of the city.
Including soma of the nicest reeidences
and those of moderate size. Also dwell
ings and business property in Omaha,
Farms bought and sold. It will pay yos
to see us at the office of J. W. Squire.
Davis sella gVas.
Plumbing and heating. Blxby ft Son.
Gravel roofing, A. H. Read. 641 BroaCwty.
Davis sells paint.
Red Oak Fireman Leans Back
; Swallow and Car Cats OH
HI Head.
RED OAK, May 20. (Special Telegram.)
Hugh McGregor, a fireman for Mike El
more, a railroad contractor, was killed in
the ' railroad yards tbl place shortly
after noon today. In company with three
fellow workmen, Conrad Howard, John
O'Brien and U. T. Cox, he had been drink
lng during the forenoon.
The four were sitting between the tracks
ana Mcuregor raised a bottle to take an
other drink, lost his balance and tell
backward with his head on the rail Just
as a freight car came along, the wheels of
which cut off the top of his bead.
McGregor and Cox came in from Colo
rado the 11th and the former went to work
soon after for Elmore, working on tb
night shift at the steam shovel. He bad
no frlenda here, but had told acquaintances
that bis home was at Long Branch, N. J.
An Inquest ws held this afternoon, the'
verdict being in accordance with the above
Determined Grasp gave Life.
IOWA FALLS. Ia.. May 20. (Special.)
Frank Smith, the proprietor of the Central
house In East Iowa Falls, escaped death In
an accident on the De Moines, Iowa Falls
ft . Northern road. He accompanied the
construction train Saturday, and in pass
ing from one car to another fell between
tbem. His companions supposed he bad
been mangled by the wheels, but when the
train was stopped Smith was found hang
ing to a brake beam. One leg waa badly
fractured, so that the bone protruded sev
eral inches,; and he was badly cut and
bruised, but will recover.
New Pastor for Iowa Fall.
IOWA FALLS. Ia.. Mar 20. (Soeclal.l
Rev. A. J. Williams of Rock Rapids, la.,
has been tendered a call by the People'
church of this city and It is thought will
accept the pastorate of the church here
the coming year. The church here Is in
dependent In character and liberal to
thought and teaching.
Botldlac Trade Win Strike a to
Wage and Work Will Be
8T. PAUL, May 20. The strike which
has been on in th building trades since
sarly In the month was practically settled
tonight and th men will go back to work
tomorrow morning. The Builder' ex
change announced today that It would put
Into effect a new ecale giving the carpen
ter a, raise of 1 cents an hour, which
wss 2V4 cents more than the men de
manded. . Bricklayers get an advance-of S
cents an hour and the demands of the
hoisting engineers are granted.
The exchsnge announced that these terms
would apply to all wage workers whether
union or non-union, and do not Involve
recognition of the trades and labor union.
That body tonight met and formally
granted the men permission to return to
work at the new ecales.
Anajell Effects Cosnpreanl.
DETROIT, Msy 20. A settlement of tbs
trouble between the Detroit United Rail
way and Its employe over th wages to
be paid conductor and motormen, waa
reached this afternoon. Acting a sole
arbitrator, with the consent of both sides,
President Jsmes B. Angell of the Univer
sity of Michigan fixed 23Vi cents as the
wsge to be paid the men. The motormea
and conductors had dsmanded an increase
from 21 cent per hour to 25 cents. This
the Detroit United Railway had refused
presenting a counter offer to the men of 22Va
Packers Leave New York.
NEW YORK. Msy 20. Swift ft Co.. Ar
mour ft Co.. Schwarsschlld ft Buliberger
company and tbs O. H. Hammond company,
packers, moved their New York City office
equipments to Jersey City today. It la
said la Jersey City that tbe offices of Nl
on Morris ft Co. and the Cudahy Packing
company will be moved to New Jersey
Iowa 8nprem Court Hold Against tha
Eaat Omaha Land Company.
Bnperlntendent Rothert and State OtTi.
dale Confer Over Plans for the
State School for the
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DE3 MOINES, May 20. (Special.) The
Iowa supreme court today decided another
case involving right to property in East
Omaba, overruling tbs decisions of Judge
Walter I. Smith In the Pottawattamie
court and holding contrary to the gen
erally accepted version of what the United
States supreme court was supposed to have
held In- the Jeffries case. In this case,
that of East Omaha Land Company against
Jens Hanson, the controversy waa over the
lmlt of government lot 2 in the cutoff
district. Hanson occupies land on the old
sandbar which formed in the main chan
nel, and the company claims that Its lots
run west scroes the sandbar, which Is In
fact, so they claim, but an accretion to
Its property. The Iowa supreme court
holds that the sandbar or island was
formed .long before the present contro
versy arose and before the river made
the cutoff In 1877, and therefore the land
comprising the Island la not an accretion
to the adjacent land within the horseshoe
bend. It was claimed by the land com
pany, and so held by Judge Smith, that
the decision of the United States supreme
court In the Jeffries case aettled this one,
because It was held that all the land u
accreted land. The Iowa court refuses to
take this view of the matter, but holds
th the United states court merely oe- :
elded on the boundary line between the !
statea, leaving all other disputes to be
settled later. It was also claimed that
Hanson had agreed to abide by the de
clMOn In the Jeffries case and was per
mitted to remain on the land because of
this agreement. The court finds no evi
dence of any such an agreement, aad even
It it existed it would not affect the title
to the land. The decision of Judge Smith
In favor of the land company is therefore
- In another case decided today the court
holds that an attorney cannot recover com
pensation for prosecuting in a disbarment
case, but must eerve without compensation
when directed by the court to do so.
Opinion Handed Down.
The following decisions were filed:
Goldle Tausbrandt, appellant, against
Frank Hoffer; Floyd county; Judge Kelley;
action on note; affirmed.
W. A. Wickham, appellant, against Kate
Wickham. et al; Cedar county: Judge
Trelchler; claim for suit; affirmed.
M. E. Whlrtleeey, appellant, against Bur.
llngton. Cedar Rnplds ft Northern Rail
way company; Dickinson county; Judge
Quartos; personal Injury case; affirmed.
Candls Ackerman. appellant against Ira
F. Hendricks, Cass county; Judge Bmlth:
protection of homestead rights; affirmed. 1
Emma N. Hyatt agaWist Hamilton
county; appellant; Hamilton county; Judge
Weaver, reversed.
Green Bay Lumber company against In
dependent District of Odebolt, appellant;
Bao county: Judge Church, reversed.
East Omaha Land company against Jens
Hanson, appellant; Pottawattamie county;
Judge Smith, reversed.
Ti!' w Corporations.
The following incorporation papers were
filed In the office of the secretary of state
today! ;,t .' ' - . ''
Farmers' Elevator company of Badger;
capital atock, 210,000; A. M. Hogue, presi
dent; Charles Arndt, secretary.
)x- Opera House association of Thompson;
capital, - 21,400; by F. W. Thompson, and
Vosa Brothers Manufacturing company of
Davenport gave notice of Increase of cap
ital stock from 2 150,000 to $200,000.
The Oro Grande Placer Mining company
of De Moines gave notice of Increase of
capital from 15,000 to 100,000.
I n loo Labor Demands.
At a regular meeting of De Moines dl
vlson. Brotherhood of Locomotive Engi
neer the following resolution was adopted;
Resolved. That Des Moines division.
113, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers,
as members of organised labor are in full
sympathy with union men and women of
every craft and hereby request every
member of this division to patronise only
nrms mat employ union laoor and goods
that bear the union label.
Conference Over Deaf School.
Superintendent H. W. Rothert of the
Iowa School for the Deaf arrived In tbe
city today for a conference with the Board
of Control and the State Executive council
in regard to what should be done toward
making temporary provision for the con
tinuance of the school th next few years
while the state is engaged in rebuilding the
school buildings. The conference began this
afternoon and waa in progress all after
noon. Superintendent Rothert explained to
the members of the council at length tha
needs of the school and what can be done
or ought to be done for tbe benefit of the
deaf children of the state. He reported that
they have brought order out of chaos at
the school and will graduate tbe class as
usual the latter part of June, but the
younger Children have all been cared- for
at their homes. The governor and members
of tbe council were much impressed with
the needs of the school and expressed
themselves as disposed to do everything
they can tor It.
Book Agent Doing; Smooth.
Prof. Barrett, state superintendent, to
day received word from the county superin
tendent of Blackhawk county to the ef
fect that -an agent for a cyclopedia baa
been canvassing In that county, repreaenting
that be has been delegated to act for tbe
state superintendent. He also states thst
by a change In tbe law It Is made obligatory
on school officers, to purchase and uss bis
psrtlculsr' cyclopedia, and on the strength
of these representations the agent has aold
a great many books. Tbe county superin
tendent baa exposed the fellow, but he
still carrle on bis work with success.
Army Post Water Main.
By .vote of 8 to 0 the city council today
paased tb f 50,000 water loan resolution.
The city auditor Is Instructed to draw up
warrants la that amount against the spe
cial .fund as proposed in a resolution which
bss been before tbe council several
months. These warrants will be In favor
of the Des Moines Water Work Co., which
will use th 50,000 to pay tbe coat of lay-
'ii 1
o n
aas mm
Brewed from carefully (elected barley as4 bop never permitted to
leave the brewer-
lng twelve-Inch wster mains to the srmy
post. Secretsry Denmsn of the water
company ssld this afternoon they would
go ahesd Immediately laying the mains to
the post, ss a Urge number of the pipes
are already distributed. He also ssld that
more than two miles of mains -would be
laid in the city Independent of the army
post 1 mains. (
, Confesses HI Gnllt.
Robert Maiie, self-confessed highwayman
and acknowledged leader of the gsng of
hold-up man, whose bold rdbberles during
the month of April confounded the city de
tective and police systems, laughed aloud
this morning when Jadge Prouty gave him
twenty rears In the penitentiary at Fort
Vadlson. Maize in compsny with Sonny
and Ike Brafford was arrested shortly after
a series of robberies committed In vsrlous
parts of the city. After his Indictment
be entered a plea of not guilty, but Sat
urday sent for his attorney, saying that
he desired to change hi pleading. At that
time Matte is said to have confessed that
he was at the head of the gang of hold-up
men. In open court this morning be de
clared he was guilty and desired a stiff
sentence.. V ,
Gaynor and Greene Win First Bten
In Their .Fight Aitalnst
MONTREAL, (Juebec, May 20. Colonel
Gaynor and Captain Greene have won the
first skirmish In the fight against extradi
tion to the United State and tonight the
two men are In the old city of Quebec,
where they believe proceedings to force
them- to return to the United Statea to an
swer the charge of defrauding the United
States government can be successfully
Tonight at 10 o'clock a special train on
tho Canadian Pacific arrived from Quebec
with High Constable Gals and assistants
on board, armed with a writ of habeas cor
pus. They got Into a cab and drove to the
Montreal jail, to which Institution Gaynor
and Greene had been committed by Judge
La Fontaine during the afternoon. Within
about half an hour the officers were leaving
lu- ",lu -.u....
uvi w am S nni iu ens guiuciiv iunj
the extradition court before Judge La
Fontaine when the Oaynor-Greene esse was
called. It began when the counsel for the
accused complained that yesterday they
were unable to secure access to their cli
ents, who' were being confined In a private
prison at the Wlndaor hotel. They, there
fore, demanded that Gaynor and Greene
be committed to the Montreal Jail in charge
of Governor Vallee so that they could se
cure access to them.
Mr. McMaster for the United States gov
ernment at first raised no objection, but a
tew minutes later he received Information
that two writs were sworn out and one of
these was addressed to Governor Vallee.
Once in the Montreal Jail the writ would
be served on, the governor and he would
have ao choice but to obey Its call and take
Gaynor and Greene down to Quebec. Mr.
McMaster entered a vigorous protest against
the proceedings. . I -
Judge La Fontaine took the matter un
der advisement and this evening decided
that as tbe prisoners really should be In
Jail, and desiring to go there, he had no
alternative but to commit them. . The prls
oners were then taken anq committed to
the care of Governor Vallee until Friday
next. .. ' .
Tarlons National Organisation Begin
Meeting- Which Will Con
tinue sv Week. ,'
ST. PAUL, May 20. A national gathering
of Baptists, representing bait a dosen na
tional organizations of that church, began
here today and will continue into next
week. Many famous workers in the church
are present. 'r
' The matter about . which probably most
Interest center Is tbe proposal to combine
several of the important societies of .the.
church whose work seems to overlap. The
proposition at present Is simply for the
federation of tbe various organization.
The Women's Baptist Horns Mission so
clety began Ita twenty-fifth annual meet
ing with an executive session of church
workers this afternoon. ;
Mrs. James S. Dlckerson, first chairman
of the executive board, told of the organiza
tion of the Women'a Baptist Home Mission
society and addresses followed by Mrs. R.
R. Donnelly on the Chicago Wemen's Home
Mission union; by Mrs. F. W. Squibb, on
tbe union In Pittsburg; Mrs. J. G. Walker,
on that In Philadelphia; Mr. William M
Isaacs, on tbe New York City branch, and
Mrs. William R. Taylor, on the Long Island
Justice O'Gorsnan Defeat Van Wyck
for the Tammany Hall
NEW YORK, May 20. Justice A. O'Gor
iran of the supreme court bench was to
night elected grand aacbem of the Colum
bian Order of Tammany Hall, the delibera
tions lasting Us than half an hour. Former
Mayor Robert A Van Wyck waa also a can
didate for the position.
On tbe first ballot Justice O'Gorman re
ceived eight votes of the twelve, the other
four going to ex-Mayor Van Wyck. After
ward the election of Justice O'Gorman was
unanimous. The meeting at which Justice
O'Gorman waa elected was an adjourned
one, following the one Which tbe deadlock
occurred whtch reaulted In Lewi Nixon re
signing tbe leadership.
To Bnry Prentl Family.
FORT DE FRANCE. Island of Marti
nique, May 19, 8 a. m. A party from here
haa gone to St. Pierre on the British
steamer Indefatigable, carrying with them
coffin for tbe purpose of recovering the
bodies of th member of the family of
Thomaa T. Pren'tls, th late United State
consul at that place, who were killed In
the dlsaater.
The Interment of tbe remain will take
plac her and will be conducted with mil
itary honors. Indefatigable brought 120
tons of supplies.
There was another eruption from Mount
Pelee yesterdsy. Ashes fell here. The
volcano 1 still violently smoking and there
are no signs of It ceasing.
The cruiser Cincinnati and the United
States government tug Potomac will be
stationed her Indefinitely. Potomac will
shortly go to tbe Island of Ousdeloups to
bring to this plac th furniture, books,
etc., of the United Butes consul thsrs,
Louis H. Ayme.
until properly sred.
cene of Violent Volcanio Explosions Wnich
Arouie New rears.
Letters from Martlnlejne Indicate that
People Had Premonition of the
Disaster Fonr or Five
Days Before.
PARIS May 20. Governor L'Huerre of
Martinique has cabled to the colonial min
ister, M. DeCrals, announcing that Mount
Pelee continues to throw up Immense
Quantities of cinders, which, owing to a
change in tbe direction of tbe wind, are
now covering the southern districts of the
Island. - .v 1
Violent explosions have been heard at
LeCarbetL The governor further declared
there is no danger of aa outbreak on the
part of tbe population of tbe northern dis
tricts of the Island, as alleged, on account
of tbe people being out of work.
interesting information of the Mount Peine
disaster is being obtained In letters which
are coming hers from people In the Island
of Martinique.
One letter written during the afternoon
of May S, 'says:
"Tbe population of the mountain is flock
ing to the city. Business is suspended, the
inhabitants are pantc-atricken and the flre
mea are sprinkling the streets and roofs,
td settle the asbes, which are filling the
This and other letters seem to Indicate
that evidences of the impending disaster
were numerous five days before It occurred.
It Is difficult to understand how It was
that a general exodus of the population of
St, Pierre did not take place before May 8.
Escnrslon Was Planned.
A St. . Pierre paper of May 8 announces
that an excursion arranged for the next
day to Mount Pelee had been postponed as
tbe crater was inaccessible, adding that
notice would bo issued when tbe excursion
would take place.-
Although Whltmonday Is a public hol
iday the ministry of tbe colonies waa open
as usual and all the officials were at their
posts. ,
The advices received from . Martinique
this morning indicate, that the local au
thorities are no longer anxious regarding
food 'and other supplies, which are now
reaching Fort " De Franca in sufficient
quantities to meet all demands until the
arrival of the supply ships now on tbelr
way to the Island.
The correspondent of tbe Associated Press
learns that the ministry of the colonies
totally discredits the report of the de
structions of St. Marie, Martinique, by firo,
which has reached here, aa today's dis
patches do not mention the fact, which they
certainly would have done had tbe town
been burned. ,
The latest royal subscription Is that of
the former queen regent of Spain, who
haa' given ten thousand trances for the
fund, which now amounts to over 750,000
.M. L'Huerre, the governor of Martinique,
haa. sent tbe following cablegram to M. De
Crais, the coloatal minister, dated Fort
De France, 'May IS: '
I have Informed 'the nonulatlnn that sun-
&lles by the I'plted states naval vessel
'lxle. and the 'steamers Fontabella and
Madlna will arrive here today. The car
goes of these vessels will be exempted
from &11 duties and other charges. This
is done on all food supplies reaching us.
Commander G. W. Merits and Captain
Crabb of the quartermaster's department
have Just arrived here , on the United
States collier sterling with the rood pre
sented by the, government of Porto Rico.
Good enough
for anybody !
ll Havana Filler
of same value as tags from
'star: 'horse shoe:
'spearhead: standard navy:
'old peach & honey"
and il. T.' Tobacco.
of MEN.
13 years la Omaba.
cured by the QUICK
L'UT, safest and most
natural method . that
ha yst been discovered.
noon every sign and symptom disappear
eotm.lotely and forever. No "BREAKING
OUT" of tbe disease on tb skin or fao
A cur that la guaranteed to be permanvul
for Ufa.
1111)1000 CI C cured. Method nw,
I AmUUULlX without cutting, pain:
110 detention rout work; permanent curs
WEAK afElf from Excesses or Victim!
to Nervous Debility or Kahaustloo. W0
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sviid Mludla Agsd, lack of vim, vigor au
trengih, with organ Impaired and weak.
TRiOTlRB cured with a new Homi
Treatment. No pain, no detention from
buslneM- Kldner and Bladdsr Truublea.
Cttsaltt'n t tm. Tftslaitat tr klalL
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I A esforn Electrical
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Omaha Tent and Awning Co..
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