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lama Citj Oitm Omaha Iu Tint Bed
Drubbing for lb Season.
Caaaeet wttfc HI Dfairn Oal rir
Tlsae aaa feat far Kaaaaa City'
Error It Wtild Hitt
Dm a aatoat.
KANSAS CITT. Mar 10. f.peclal Tele
gram.) The Manntogltes put a check t
Omaha's winning streak Id tb opening
game of the series t Fportsman park ttf
oy and did It easily. Twlrler Brown, who
de-iorated the renter of the diamond for
the Rourke band, proved to he the easiest
proposition that the local Western league
team has met and ther kept up a steady
bomberdment from stsrt to Bnleh. storing
war nineteen hits, which, with four errors,
stare them the game Sir a score of 11 to J.
H wa simply Brown's dar to sit cn the
svenrh, but Manager Rourke did not find .his
cut la time and when It did dswn upon him
that perhaps someone, else might do betfr
tt was too late, for the Inhabitants of the
ew park had practically rincbed the game
In the first four Innings with seven runs.
This was the Dm time this season that
Brown's twisters had been treated so. Hsd
Brown not already been on queer boulprar 1
bis support would have tended to demoral
ise him, a poor attempt in the second In
king by Carter to stop Ketchem's drive
letting In three runs. The other two er
rors were not so costly, as the hits which
followed would have scored the Manning
ites anyway.
i The poor showing of the Omahahogs may
be accounted for and excused In a measure
by the fact that they rode all Friday night
on the way from Peoria and the lack of
rest showed when steadiness and clear
beadwork was required.
Klrhols Ha Tkris Gsruslsg.
Charlie Nichols did the twirling for Kan
ass City and his twisters were at all times
putties to the guests, who placed only tour
of them out of the road. His bscklng. how
ver. was not up to the standard of the
work set In the box and to error can be
laid two of th Nebraskans' runs.
Calhoun at first was hurt In the fourth
Inning and forced to retire. Oondlng was
taken from behind the bat and placed at
the first corner and Thomas went In to
cs ten
ia the second Kemmer, the first man up,
walked and sallied on to second on Ie
montravllle's ascrlfice. Allen scored Kem
mer on a hit to center and' Messlt was
given a paaa to first. Nichols placed a
long one to left that looked good for two
bases, but Fleming, by a great -piece of
fielding, pulled It down. Ketcbum pushed
a drive to left and Carter, overly anxious
to gather It In, let It go through him clear
to the fence. Ketchem never stopped, fol
lowing Allen and across the plate.
alalia a Battlaa Caralral.
Th sixth Inning was a batting carnival
for fair. Nichols was the first to get In
action, lacing out a two-bagger. Ketchem
scored him on a single to center. Shannon
fell in line with a sharp grounder to
Hlckey. The third baseman could not han
dle It la time to cut off Shannon at first,
but he threw anyway, perhaps Just for
practice. However, It was a disastrous
Tleca of work, for the ball went wide and
Shannon scampered on to third. It was
on this play that Calhoun was hurt. In
trying to get the wide throw he stepped in
th path and Shannon bumped Into him.
Waldron, Robinson and Kemmer followed
with three more singles, adding two rune.
Four more scores wer added In th sev
enth on three triples and two doubles.
Carter was the first to loop the loop "for
the visitor, stretching a base on balls into
a marker on Messttt's wild throw to cut
bit Gen Ins, who was stealing.
Aa error by Shannon, a base on balls to
Stewart and Hlckey' tri-aocker. the only
one of the game, netted two more runs for
Omaha In the sixth.
Ketchem, tf...
Shannon, as...
Waldron. rf...
Robinson, Ho..
Kemmer. lb...
Allen. If
H. O. A. E.
UavG You Got
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5- ,th-v:
4 ,
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of roar, bad Dnaaa, bad Wrrnory . and
lQrn t. i daje trwauaatu tun. Au
Mitt, e I I 1 I 1 1
Nichols, p I 1 I 1
Totsis nun t "5
AB. R, M. O. A. E.
Carter, rf 1 1 I 1
Gentn. cf 114 10
Fleming. If 4 v I ft
Calhoun, lb I 4) 4) l 1 0
Thoma. c I 1 1
Lolan. M 4 1 1 I 1
Ptewart. 2b I 1 I 4
Hlekev. Kb 4 1 ft 4) I
0- ndmg. e and lb ... 4 ft I 1
Brown, p I 0 ft 1 I ft
Allowsy 1 0 ft ft ft ft
Totsis 5 1 4 U
Batted for Thomas In th ninth.
Kane City ft40lft40 11
Omaha ft 0 1 0 I. - I
Earned runs: Kansas City. I Two-bse
hits: Messitt. Nl hi.l. Three-baae hit:
Hlrkey. Hfccrlflce hlta: Shannon. Demontre
vhle. Stolen bae: Oenin (2. Iouble
plays: Shannon to Kemmer. Oenlns to
Brown to Oondlng First bnae on balls:
fifT Nlrhnls. 1; off Brown. X. Hit by pitched
ball: By Nichols, t Struck out: By Nichols.
; by Brown. 1. Passed halis: Thomss, I.
1-eft on bsses: Ksnsa City, ft; Omaha, a.
Time: 1:20. I'mplre: Stearns.
at. Joseph WIm laBKlK Match.
ST. JOSEPH, May 19 St. Joseph won
toiay In th slowest game ever played
"here. Both pitchers were wild st times
and heavy batting came in stroaks. Score:
Ft. Joseph ....I 0 ft ft 4 8 ft 0 015 14 1
les Moines ..flftOlllOft 411 U I
Batteries. Ft. Joseph, Psrvln and Roth;
tes Motnes. Bsrry and Wllkins.
At Milwaukee Milwaukee-Ienver game
postponed; rin. .
.(Hosts Tooaa Will.
PPIORIA, May 10. Colorado Springs won
on timely hitting, assisted bv two errors
by Fimonton and Mahoney and a pass to
first. Score:
Colo Springs. OaiftftvOftl 114 1
Peoria 3 ft 0 ft ft 0 0 ft ft I t
Batteries: Peortu, Slmonton and Wilson;
Colorado Springs, Jones and Hanson.
fttaadlaa- of the Traaw.
Flayed. Won. Lost, P C.
Omaha .. 14 11 t .7
Kansas City IS 11 4 .TO
Ienver 14 I .SI
Milwaukee 12 s 7 .417
Peoria 14 6 ft .SS7
Colorado Springs 15 ft ."0
Ft. Joseph lb ft ( .40
Lw Moines 13 4 1 . S
Games today: Omaha at Kansas City,
Colorado eprlngs at Peoria, Denver at
Milwaukee, De Moines at St. Joseph.
After ) Groat Battle the OsaLtri
Vila by Sorrow
ST. tOriS. Msy 10 After a great battle,
ending In eighth and ninth Inning rallies
by St. Louis, phtlsdelphla won by a score
of ft to i. Attendance, 4.U00. Score:
Thmnaa. cf . I t olpurell. .. I I I 1 I
Txiii:u. lb. 1 e iinnoTan. rf. 1 1
rt ... l s l sraoot. el.... 1 I s e
U.. I
... 1 4 i
Hulawltt. aa. 0 t 1 I 1 Hartmao. la I I I 1 a
H.Uman. lb I I I I Rran. Ik 1 t 1
Bilrta, lh. V. 4 I O.Mcaola. a... 17 1
Mas. 114 1 0!Pnps. a 0 110
Taraea, p s 1 s
vyickar 1 1 4'
Totala . .. V 11 I Totala ..iliril J
Patted for Yerkes In the ninth.
Philadelphia .........0 1 2 1 0 0 0 1 1-4
8t. Loula ..1 0 0 ft 0 0 0 S 16
Earned runs: Philadelphia. 1; St. Louis,
t. Two-base hits: Donovan, Smoot, Doug
las. Three-base hits: Brown, Haltman.
Sacrifice hlta: Donovan, Douglas. Double
play: Mnge to Haltman to Douglaa. Baa
hits: Off Popp, 4; off Verkea, 6. Stolen
base: Barry. Hit By pitcher: By Magee,
1. Bases on balls: Off Popp, 6: off Yerkes,
1; off Msgee, 1. Struck out: By Popp, 1;
by Yerkes, 8; by Msgee, 1. Left on bases:
Philadelphia, 10; St. Louis, t. Innings
pitched: By Popp, J; by Yerkes, bh.
Time: 1:51 Cmpire: Cantlllon.
Claclaoatl Brat Bostom.
CINCINNATI. Msy 10 The Clneinnatl
team developed a hitting streak In the first
two innings of todays game and won .by
making aeven runs. Attendance, 1,200.
B.H.O. A.B.I R H O A
Hot. tt ISIS iLuech. Of..., 1 1 1 0
iHthhs. If.... ISIS Tennar, lb.. It 0
tMrkler. lb. 1 t 11 iMment, lb.. 114 11
Crawford, ri. I 1 I 1 l l'arner. rf . . 1 1 0
Beck, lb 1 i 1 1 Oran'iar. tk 1 J 1
roiooran. aa I I I 7 1'Uons. a 1 1 t 0
Slalnteldt. lb t 1 1 Courtney. If. 1 1 t
bran, c t t 1 Kilt re s. e. S t I t
Halamaa. ..!, p 4
Totala ... turn 4 Totals ... I "l M il"l
Cincinnati S4001000 I
Boston 100004000 i
Earned runs: Cincinnati, 7; Boston, 4.
Two-base hits: Corcoran, Oremlnger.
Three-baae hits. Crswford. Lusch. Stolen
bases: Tenney, Corcoran. Crawford. Double
play: Corcoran to Beck ley. First bsse on
balls: Off Heleman, 2: off Hale, 2. Hit by
pitched ball: By Helsman, 2. Struck, out:
By Helsman, ft: by Hale. 1 Time: lfri
Umpires: Powell and Brown.
Plratea Hla Battlaaj Coo to t.
PITT8BCRQ. Maf 10. Both pitchers wer
hit hard, but the locals hit at the proper
times and profited by the visitors' error.
Keeler waa put out ef the game In the
fourth inning for kicking. Attendance,
4.700. Score:
Paris, rf.... 1 110 e'rwtas. ef.... 1 lis
Baaum't. et. S 1 0 Keeler, rt... I I t I
(onror. sa. .. Sit W art. rf 11(1
'iMT, If.. Ill Sneckar. If. I I 1
KrmnaAald. lb I 1 IS I MrCrearr. Ik 4 11
Rltrhe). lb.. 12 11 o.baklen. as... 1111
Laack. lb.... I 1 I I ljUoo. lb.... 1 I I 1 I
O'Uobm. a. I I 2 I O.lrwin. !.. 4111
Cbaabro, p... 1 1 A bear, c... 1-14 1
,Huha. p... S I
Total ... I U n 11 1 Wbeciar ... 0
' Totala ... 4 u M II 4
Batted for Hughes In the ninth.
Pittsburg O0021220- 8
Brooklyn ft 0 1 ft 1 2 0 ft ft 4
Earned runs: Pittsburg, I: Brooklyn. 2.
Two-base hit: Do an. Three-baae hit:
Flood. Barrinc hit: Beaumont. Stolen
baaes: Da via. Beaumont, Loach. First bae
on balls: Off C heetiro. 1; on Mug ties. 2.
Struck out: Bv I'hrsbro. 2: by Hue he, a.
Time: 1:40. Vmplre: O'Day.
At Chicago Chlcago-Iew York nm
postponed; wet grounda.
taodloa; of Ik Tea ana.
Played, Won. Lost. P.O.
Pittsburg ........
New York
St. Louis i
Gamea today: Brooklyn at Chicago. New
York at St. Louis.
Miller Oooo Beaeoo at Homo hy
DefeatloaT tho LootsrlU
MINNEAPOLIS, Msy 10 Minnespolls
oiHined tne home season today by defeat
li.g Lor.svl)l ft to 4. The dsy wss very
cold i nd errors were excusable. Attend-
uca, 1.0UO. Score:
raab' as 1 I I I I Kara-la. rl . I I 1 I
PkrM. Ik.... 1111 oanaoa. T . s V I 1 I
alumaa'a. I 1 I I f i"r. II. 1 I I S S
Vr.a. Ik.. 1 lit SUanael. Ik... I 114
W'liotoi. rf - 1 I 1 s a sura, a s s t 1
Mrrarl'a, of. 4 I Svkrreer. 11 I t 11 I I
Carliala, If.. I IIS STanivahlll. as 1 1 1
ZalKMr. ... 1 1 4 4 IkVhaub. lb... 114 1
Uilbar. p.... 111 Mahanr. p.. I I 1
Tatala ... I U II II I Totala ... 4 I M 14 I
Minneapolis 4 ft ft t ft ft 0 2 4
ixulavia 0 ft ft 1 ft I ft ft ft I
Left on baaea: Minneapolis, ft: LoulsviUe.
$ Two-haa hits: I uther. Carlisle. 8(bau
2i, Gsnsei, stolen caso: wn
mot. Ist'haub. Double play: Gannon to
ri'i-a. Struck out: by Luther. I; by Fla
herty, t Paaeed ball: Ealurkv. Baset on
t.klla: Off Luiber. 1: off Flaherty. 1. Time:
1. I'mplre: Ebnghu
lata Shot Oot Hooalore.
ST. PAt'L. Msy 10. Desnit cold and
disagreeable weaiher about t.ftno peopi
saw tit. Paul chut out Indianapolis In in
first came ef the season o th h'.!
grounds. Chech pitched a brilliant game,
striking out nine men. . Attendance. J.1M.
IT raru iKDlAKarou
a hoax! h ho a b.
Mr, tk 1 I HoTtevr. rf 1 S
iMltar. If.. 1 I kuka. If.... 1
Sitar. aa I I 1 ( oultar. ef . . I
Kail?, la . 1 111 I Klfcav Ik... Ill 4
Baaaaoa. ef. 1 o brlaa. aa.. 1111
UaKl, rf . 1 1 14 Babk, lb.... 1 I 4
Huasiaa. Ik. M II I x. a 1
Huriar. c... f I Ha4oa. .... I 1
caoca. ft.... 1 I I k mitaa p.
aaOra ..!
Tauu ... 4 an i I
Totala . .. INU 'I
Battod for WUllam In tho ninth.
St. Paul 1 ft ft ft i a ft ft 4
iiiuBpolla ft ft ft ft ft ft ft 4
Em4 rua: fiu Paul, i, Two-keM) hlu
tMllard. Chech. O Prlen. Sacrtflco hits:
Shsnann, IMllard. Stolen no: Shannon.
Flrwt base on balls: Off Chech. 2; off Wll
liama. I Hit by pltrhed ball: By Chech,
1; by Williams. 1. I-eft on bases: St. Psul.
J; Indlsnapohs. ft. Struck out- By Chech.
; by Williams, I. Time: 1:42. Vmplre:
Kaaaaa City Beats tlkUaaa.
KANSAS ClTT. Mar 10 Kansas City
bunched four bits whhh netted them four
runs in the first Inning today snd won th
first game of the season on the local
grounda. Attendance, LftiaX Score:
KANSAS CITT. , coLiktnrs.
R. HO. A B I R H Oil
Naece. ef....l 1 I Hart, ef 11
Rntbfaaa. rf. I 1 Mxaar. rf... I I 1 1
Smith, If ... 1 l 1 UHl,. If 4
Orlr. lb ... 1 I 11 Orlm. lb .... 11 S
Hernia, e .. 1 1 T I Frana. lb ... I 1 I 4 1
O Brles. tk.. 4 Tumor. ... I 1 1 1 I
Leo. aa . . . 1 I I 1 Kattrea. aa. I 4
Bride. b. I 1 4 I Foi. e 1 I 1 1
Well. 1 1 1 funham. ..!
Kdo1I 1 1
Totala ...I T rt 11 I Totala ...4 7 14 11 4
Batted for Dunham In the ninth.
Kansas City 4 1 ft 9 ft ft ft ft 8
Columbus 1 10 0 1 0 0 0 14
Earned runs: Kansns City. 2; Columbus,
1. Bases on balls: off Wolf, 2; off Dun
ham, I Two-base hit: Rothfuea. Three
hsse hit: Grady. Struck out: By Wolf. 4;
by Dunham. 2. Hit by pitched ball: Bv
wolf. 1; by Dunham. 1. Left on basts:
Kansas City. 4, Columbu. 6. Time: 1:4a.
Umpire: Bulger.
At Milwaukee MilwaukeerToledo game
postponed; rain.
fttaodlaa; of the Teaaaa.
, Played. Won. Lost PC
Columbu 15 11 4 732
ft. Psul H . S .M3
Louisville 15 ft ( .S"0
Indlanspolls 14 ft ft .672
Ksnsas City 14 t .(V.2
Milwaukee 13 t t' .!r-5
Toledo 12 2 ft .TO
Minneapolis 14 2 11 .214
Games today: Louisville at Minneapolis,
Indianapolis at Pt. Paul. Tobdo at Mil
waukee, Columbus at Kansas City.
Athletics Take Orioles Dowa tho I.lae
t Colt of Thlrteeo to
PHILADELPHIA. May 10 The home
team outplayed Baltimore In every de
partment of the game today and won
easily. Kelley strained Ms leg while in
pursuit of the ball and was compelled to
retire. Attendance, 6.XI7. Score:
R.H.O.ABI IU.0.11
Hartiel If... 1 1 l 0 0 MKlrmw. lb. 1 1 1 I 1
rulu. lb.... I III 1 kellr. If 1 114
IWTla. lb ... I I 14 0 OHooell. If 4 0 10 4
L. C'roaa. lb. 1114 (treana'a. ci. I I I I 1
Reynold, ef.. 114 O WIIIIama, lb 1 4 1 1
at. (roaa. aa. I 1 I I 1 Be.mour, rf. 0 1 1 0
Steelma. rt. 1 1 0 C WrGann. lb. I
Pooerv a I 1 1 eoilhert. aa... 1114
Huatlbfa. p. 1 I I OIRoblnaon, e. 0 0 I 1 I
IForanuin. p.. 1 I 4 I 1
l a' ' ' r
Touts ...11 15 XI 14 ll Totala ...4 f 14 II I
Philadelphia 0 4 2 1 1 2 2 1 "12
'Baltimore 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 0 04
Earned runs: Philadelphia, 8; Baltimore,
2. Two-base hits: Gilbert. McGraw. L.
Cross, Davis. Three-base hits: Fultx (2).
Sacrifice tl i t- Vtrm n u . u u Prn., ct..i
man. Stolen bases: McGraw, Gilbert (2i.
n a rise i, iavia. M fro. Bteelman. Double
play: L. Cross to Davis. Left on bases:
Philadelphia. : Baltimore, 12. First base f
on balls: Off Foreman, 6; off Hustings, b. I
nil vy pucneo. oau: Mouinn. btruck out: I
By Foreman. 2; by Hustings, 2. Wild '
pitch: Hustings. Time; 2:00. Umpire:
Boatoa Wlas la mm Hoar.
BOSTON. May 10 -Boston defested Wash
ington today in sixty-five minutes the i
quicaesx piayea game ever witnessed in
this city. Attendance, 1,950. Bcore:
Parent, aa... S 0 I Rran. rf 0 0 1 1
Stahl. It I I 0 I Keletor, ef.. 1 1 1
Collins, lb.. I 1 4 OiWolT'toa, lb. 1 1 1 0
Freeman, rl I I I I ftolah'tr. If. 1 4 0 0
Hickman, cf. 0 O.Coughlln, lb. I 4 1 I
LaCb'e. lb. 4 I II 4 Orejr, lb.... Ill
Ferrla. lb... 4 1111 Kir, sa I 4 I 1
rrlfter, e.... 1 I IDrtll. e 4104
Teub. p.... 1 1 0 I OiOrth. p o 4 0
Totals ... I I IT 1 l TotaU ... 1 4 14 11 I
Boston 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 1
Washington 0 0 ft 0 1 0 0 0 01
Earned runa: Boston. 1; Washington. 1.
Two-baae hits: Collins. Crlger. Carey.
Sacrifice hits: Parent, Htahl, Carey. Struck
out: By Young, 1. Time: 1:46. Umpire:
Sheridan. ,
At Cleveland Clereland-St, Louis game
postponed; wet grounds.
At Detroit Detroit-Chicago game post
poned; rain.
taoatloaj of tho Teasaa.
Plaved. Won. jnnl T C
et. ixiuis...
Chicago .....
Baltimore ..
Cleveland ...
Gamea today: Chicago at Detroit, Su
Louis at Cleveland.
IS ft 4 .8P2
15 10 E .fi7
13 8 .615
1 7 .t2
12 ft .rvKi
16 7 9 .438
1 S 11 .S13
16 4 12 .230
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Those Who BrT6 Chilling Wind Eewardod
' frith Good Bport.
Robbie P Piwlshea Fire la Tkree
Mlawte Trsl-BIwem, Lain and
Blsek Hawk Other Wla.
era of the Day.
20 17 S .'50
1 10 I t T
lk 11 1 .til
u t .tvo
Is 8 1 .4 4
it 7 1! .m
1 T 1! .asN
IS i 11 .27
Bate Owt Its Flret Vletary frosa Per at a
Vwlverslty at Lafayette,
I.AFATETTE. Ind., May 10. iBpeclal
Telegram. I Nebraska broke the Hoosler
hoodoo, which for three years hss hung
over and prevented victory In an Indiana
game. It defeated Purdue In an exciting
contest on vthe college campus before a
multitude of cheering patriots, who gave
up only when the last man went out. For
three innings only goose egps were pro-diK-ed.
In the fourth Gaines crossed the
rubber for the westerners on a three-bag-
Eer by Bender. In the fifth Raymond and
oane scored on a two-base hit bv Bell,
in the seventh Bell and Rhodes scored on
hits by Oalnes and Bender and a force on
four balls. In th ninth the last two runs
were earned. Purdue got tw score In the
sixth by a bunch of hlta. the other three
made in the ninth were the result of er
ror by Hood. Kavmond and Rhodes, aided
Dy constant rooting ana aesirtance or the
Purdue enthusiasts. Nebrssks was ahead
at every stage of the came. Pjrdue nlav.
tng uphill all the way. Gainea pitched an
exceedingly good game, being backed by
miseraDie support at times. He fanned
three men. In the seventh lnnlnr Purdu
put In Ruby, but he com id do no better.
Nebraska leavea for 8t. Louis tomorrow,
playing Monday in Columbia. Mo. Score:
Nebraska .......0 01111 J n 'j
Purdue 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 J t 7 a
Batteries: Nebraska. Gaines and Bender!
Purdue, lde. Ituby and Cook.
Oa the Celleaie Dlasawatal.
At lAtayette. Ind Nebraska, t; Purdue,
At Minneapolis Minnesota. 8; Iowa, 1.
At Terr Haute Rose Po!vterhnl- n
Wabash. I.
At Oaleaburg. Ill Knox. 22: Grinnell, T.
At Belolt. Wla Belo t. ; Wisconsin. &.
At Providence. R. 1. Tale, ; Brown .
At Cambridge. Maaa. Harvard, ft: Molv
Cross, k.
At New Haven Tal freshmen. I: Prlno.
ton freshmen. 1.
Treeaoats Flwlah Tr Shy.
At Twentv-seventh and California -.
Saturday afternoon the Omaha C'oimereKl
rolleae teHm defeated the Treronts, IS to
u. i-etereon. tor in coiiegla.ia. d'd great
work In the box. strikinc out twentv men.
Paidwtn won honor with a thct-baer,
the only one. Faber waa umpire. Score:
O. C. C 0 2 0 2 0 4 1 I 1-11
Tremonta I 4 1 1 0 0 0 1 111
Trk , Llaeals Stadeats .
TORK. Neb.. Msy 10 (Special Tele
gram Th University of Nebraska second
team waa outclsssed by Tork by a aenre of
I i L After the fourth Inning Tork ex
perienced to trouble in finding the ball
and piled up seven scores. Fatteries:
Turk,. Jackson and O'Banion; Lincoln. Gor
don and Bender. There waa a good attendance.
Ttaaera Ar faaarl.
The tinner wer canned by th rannera
or the AndreWB-tione Can company, fcloore
by inning:
Carner T I 2 1 12 n
Tinner 1 1 0 I I I a-l
Batteries: Canners, Swift and Felxmann;
Tinnera. Grobe, Ijoo.UH and Engllah. Um
pire: Scully.
At Chattanooga Atlanta, 12; Chatta
nooga, (.
At Littl Rock-Little Rock, ; Bhrev-
port. i.
At New Orlaana New Orleans, t; Meis
phi. 1
At Birmingham Birmingham, f; Niah
vtlle, 1.
Tkrea-I bragaa
At Terr Haute Terr Hauta, ; Cedar
riaptan, a.
At Evansville Rock Island t: Fvanavtlle
At Blootnlngtoo Blooaoingtam, T: Rock
ford, l.
At catur Jecatur, g, pvnrort, t
A chilling wind wept across track, pad
dock and quarter stretch at the opening
matinee of the Trl-City Amateur Driving
club Saturday afternoon, biting to the
bone of horses and spectators, but despite
this fact a fair crowd of borse lover gath
ered at the half-mile circlet at Twenty-
fourth and Sprague streets and the faithful
were rewarded notwithstanding the tem
perature with some very neat and interest
ing brushes.
All the contest Saturday were mere.
half-mile dashes, there being no beat races,
because it was the first time out for the an
imals and the matter waa therefore largely
a trial opener. A it was, however, Ave
events of good character and keen compe
tition were raced and the members of the
club are congratulating themselves on so
propitious a beginning, which eem to ss
ure the success of future matinees, to be
held every two weeks throughout the
season. The next affair is therefore on
May 24 at the same track.
Easily the best race of the day waa the
half-mile free-for-all. the last event, in
which four entrle appeared. There wa
Tom Denlson, with the black Dura da. and
he drew the pole. Then came Buck Keith,
resplendent atop of a swell new yellow rac
ing cart, and be bad third place from the
stand with Llxzle B. H. Q. Dunn had bis
pacer Jeska on the outside in tan hobble
and Dr. C. E. Cosford pulled Nellie Asbe
in second from the stand. Thus there wer 3
two trotters and two pacers entered. It
took e'ght or nine scorings before the bunch
rot away, and then' Nellie Ashe broke at
the wire, losing four cr five rods, which.
the event proved, kept her from finishing
one. two.
How Darada Worn.
Meanwhile Durada pulled away along the
fence square and true, never slipping a
step nor turning an ear. Close to Tom's
side was Buck Keith and Llxzle B. also
stepped beautifully the entire distance.
On their outside rame Jeska of the hob
bles, who was said to have them all out
speeded. But despite the strenuous ef
forts of Harry Dunn to throw the pater
to the gore the attempt failed in the back
stretch and Tom and Buck pulled away
All this time "Doc" Cosford waa push
ing Nellie Ashe up from "away back" acd
the heavv set little bay mare made very
rood In the last eighth, catching the bunch
at the laat turn, when she seemed hope
lessly left for the first quarter. Bo they
finished, not any blue sky between ary
of them, everything lapping, and Nell:
Ashe crying for another eighth In which
to paas the bunch, for she didn't have room
to do tt before the wire waa reached. Kel h
started his base ball bellow on Ulirl B
in th home stretch, but was unable te
frighten her cast steady Durada, o fin
ished aecond.
The, first race, a half mile trot) three
minute claaa. was also go 3d one. Char ey
Moore' Sunllrht bad the pole, and next
came Billy Paxton'a Polly Fox, with John
Bishop Robbl P and P. B. Halght'a Max
out beyond. Henry Thoma , a fifteen-year-old
boy. was driving Polly, and from the
start to the back stretch waa doing the
prettiest racing of any. There Polly broke,
however, and before she was steadied Rob
bie P. and Sunlight went by. leaving Polly
to finish third. Robbie P. took first 'from
Sunlight after a neat brush.
Rare to Mark Tlaae.
Toe third race was a peculiar affair, each
of the three entries endeavoring to flntBh
In 145. C. C. Kendall drove Blugen closer
to this mark than either of the others, his
guess bringing htm in to 1:57. The race
?'as neither a speed event nor slow race,
but cross. In the other events both win
ner drew the pole and led all the way
around, with plenty of room. Summary:
First race, half-mile trot, 1:00 class:
Robbie P (John Blsbopl won. Sunlight (C.
S Moore) second, Polly Fox (Henry
Thomas) third. Max (P. B. Height) fourth.
Time: 1:.
Second raca, one-half mile time event, to
score In 1:4&: Blugen (C. C. Kendall) won
In 1:67, Cedrlc (C. W. Nason) second, Gov
error Taylor (L. F. Croroot) third.
Third race, one-half mile pacing. 2:50
class: L.u!u (W. E. M J lien, South Omahal
won. Poverty fW. C. Russell) second.
Black Kate (W. B. Houston) third. Time:
Fourth race, one-half mile pace. 2:S6
class: Black Hawk (R. A. Thompsoni
won. Governor Tavlor (L.. F. Crofoot) sec
ond. Hobson (H. E. Tagg. South Omaha)
third, Blugen (C. C. Kendall) fourth. Time:
Fifth race, one-half mile free-for-all:
Durada (Tom Dennlson) won, Little B
(Buck Keith) second, Jeska (H. G. Dunn)
third. Nellie Ashe (Dr. C. E. Cosford,
South Omaha) fourth. Time: 1:14V
Starter: William Sapp of Council Bluffs.
Judgee: J. V. Baker. A. W. Wyman of
Council Bluff ft. W. H. Ware. Timers: John
L.. Kennedy, Joseph Cudahy.
Bellern la Jaal la View, hat Ko Mare,
la Game Played latar-day.
The Omaha High school and Bellevue"
college clube played a one-aided but Inter
esting arame of base bsll at the Toung
Men Christian aettorlation park Saturday
afternoon. The game was remarksble for
slusgln by both teams and good fielding
by the High school boys. Soore:
Omaha 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 2 6
Bellevue 0 0 0 0 0 1 V 0 01
Umpire: MiKearns.
Humphreys' "Witch Hazel Oil
curas Piles or Hemorrhoids Ex
tenia! or Internal.
tTOna application gives relief!
aVSampla mailed free.
At Druggists, or mailed for St eta
Humphrey Med, Co., Ill Wliliami Bt.
N. i.
l.aalirraea Beat tkorara.
The C. N. Diet team won from the Klrk-
endalla Saturday afternoon. 12 to 0. The
siiormen lost the gnme by being unable
to aoive Davison's delivery at critical times.
The feature of the tine was the stick
work of the lumbermen. Score by Innings:
R H E.
Diet 4 2 1 0 3 1 0 1 -12 t
Klrkendalls ..22200102O-9S4
Batteries: Dlett. Davleon and Williams:
Klrkendslls, Trobie, Curtis and WUklns.
Miaaasrl PaetSe Ball Game.
Th employe of the Missouri Pacific
local office and general freight agent
office were pitted against each other In a
fast game of base ball at Crelghton col
lege grounds yesterdsy afternoon. Score
by Innings:
Locals 1 2020000 S
Phllllppls 0001000001
Earned runs: Locals, t. Phllllppls. 1.
Two-base hits: Gentleman, Harrison. Three
base hit: Birmingham. Ktulen bases:
Henderson, Hover, Kane, Sprugue, Harri
son. First base on balls: Off Darling. S;
off Sprague, 2; off Henderson, 2. Struck
out: By Henderson, 6, tiy afprspue. 4.
Double play: Harrison to Kane. Time: l:Ji.
Umpire: Lane.
Osaaha Field C labbers Clab Theia lata
Condttloa Tbat'a Worse Than
By batting out sixteen hits off Tltcher
Flttgerald and taking advantage of the
nine error of their opponent the Omaha
Field club team overwhelmed th Byrne
Hammer company's nine, 22 to 1 at the
Field club grounds Saturday afternoon.
Tlppery's batting wa a feature, and tbe
ertlre Field club team fielded like pro
fesalonala. Burns made a running catch
of a long fly In the third which smacked
of Frank Genins. The game ended in the
eighth, when Clarke sprained hi knee,
with two out. The score:
R.H.O.A.B. 1 R H O A E
4 10 1 0 Ovens, lb... 1 11 1
0 Latham, In..
1 rirdn, :t . t
0! Ackerman, aa
Oil), rialta. rf
Hark. Jb .
Orawfora, c
Malnne, aa... I
Tar lor. lb... I
Knox, :b. . . . I
A. C. R , If 1
burns, cf I
TlSenjr, rf... 1
Moor, p I
I It
MrTax rd. of 0
(' Plana. It.
Fltsserald, 4
boar, c
Totala . ..ztltlllJ .1 Totala ... J I M 11
O. F. C 10 0 0 2 6 2 2 122
Byrne-Hammer 10OO000O 1
Two-baae hit: Malone, Burns, Knox,
Crawford. Double plays: Owens (unas
sisted). Malnne to Knox to Taylor. Struck
out: By Moore, s; by Fitzgerald. 1 Bases
on balls: off Moore, 1; off Fitsgersld. .
Stolen banes: Omaha Field club, lb; Byrne
Hammer, 4.
Gaaae Thta Aftrrnowa.
The rame scheduled st the Vinton street
park for this afternoon between the Origi
nals and the Crescents will no doubt be an
Interesting one, as everyone knows that
the old reliable Originals Is without doubt
the strongest team of
this state, snd the Crescents (formerly
I'nlquesi is the only local team of this
rlty since the organization of the Originals
which ever made a good showing against
them. Last year these teams piuyed two
close and interesting games. Th teams
will line up today s follows:
Crescents. Originals.
Hall second base Bradford
Mlnnlkus shortstop.... Lawler
DrlBcoll third bHSe Holmes
Diamond right field Welch
Henry catcher Tracy
Campbell first base Foley
Hoffman left field Jellen
Luehrs center field Taylor
Pitch' rs:
Pa fielder Scully
Email Mcllvaln
Bora! Gaoraje Wla Jafcilee Rssllesg.
LONDON. Msy 10.' Royal Georg won
the Kemj'ton I'ark great "Jublle'r handi
cap of l.Oou sovereigns for s-year-olda and
upward, distance, one mile and a quarter.
t Kempion I'ark spring meeting today.
Wargrave was aecond snd Revenue came
' in third. Seventeen horao ran.
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K. N. O F. garment;
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ult mad in th popular
This labtt (mihj iMflttnem.
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ot to nave au appetii tor aiconuiio
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totatwrewai by aaaaaksra vl W. C 'I: 4.
Mr. Moore, Pre superintendent of th
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